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the mmma over.
Tbelr Rrefptloa at the White-Home
So Cause AMlrnrd for Their
Sadden Ketura.
Dker Task, Md., June 8. Early
tliia morcing Mr. John W. Davit, who
bis Lad ihiirgft o( tho Picfl diritiat
party, was notified that tbo Pr doDt
ilcoi.'ed to make the t-ip to Wishing
ton, nod that ho would like to hive
bia dfierial f.il'ow cloecly after the
nii'ldajr train, known ain ng railroad
minaiNo. tl. An rngice waa at onre
ordered from Grafton, and the palace
car Baltimore and IMawara mere
fint In re it1 in us fir the rpctt1on of
!.t-1 arty. Wiia' cauied bo t nddf n an
alum ion of the p'an is cot known, aa
it wai thought laat night that the
liridt1 nd grcotr would remain in the
mountain a ilny or to longer. Becro
fary I.imort may have com idcied his
prcu'i cB in Waol.inptnn iml'Hpemnbln
and worki'cl upon the fet-ling of his
inptrirr. But Mr. l.amont lias not
hlniwn himarll to the neanpif pr men,
aiid nothing ran ho learned of his
cnmpl city in his plan to cut short tho
IVouUntial lions yoioon. At 10:30
o'clock this morning the carriage w.-8
lire iiht t therot'ORO, and 1'iesident
and Mrs. Cleveland and Secretary arid
Mrs Lainont started out for a drive.
They weiit to wl nt is known tn Ob
Bi rvii'rry Hill, shout twomihs from
the executive cotlnife, whero a mag
nificent view of theHiitroundinj couu
tiy is oh'ained.
Arrival af lh lrellrnt nl Wanh
IukIou. Wamhi.nuton, June S The opecM
train hearing thn l'loaiiVnt and Mm.
Cleveland and Col end Mih Lain ii.t
ariived at the linltliuorn and Ohio
slat'on ot 7:1'0 o'clock ill's evening.
Tiie rriHidi'iit win the fl'Ht to alight
fr in the cur, and aieii-ted Mrs. Cleve
land out, Col. Lam nit pfrfo'ining a
similar tecvire f-r Mre. Lamont. Tho
party pr weeded it their carriage in
conples, the President and Mrs. Cleve
land leading. Tnere wai no pait'en
lar demonstration on the part cf the
few ptoiile prejent, except that they
crowded as eh so as ttio police would
permit in ordtr ti Ret a giod look at
the President's biidu. Several gentle
men took off their bats to the Prod
dent, and he acknowledged the com
pliment by railing bis own hat. Home
startol a cheer, but the. President had
entered bis carriage an) driven away
before it could he generally tiken np
by the crowd. The cairlrgs" was driven
directly to the White Hons, where
lbtre were perhaps a hundr d per
aons, mo tly Indira and newsiaper
men, on the portico awaillng the re
turn of the bridal pa'ty. The crino
drove up to the main entrance, and
the iniiidltw speodily nliglitsd and en
'tered (tie hoii'o. Mrs. Cleveland
s,irarg out light y and was on the
portfro liu( ro tho other.) had It ft their
eea'k in the etiriage. After diverting
tlit-m elves of llimr wraps and ipiiiov
ing the s'ains of trvel, tho party sat
down to supper.
lonxplrary Simla at lMltabnrsr,
Pitthih'H(i, Pa., June 8 The Oak
land istiPKl Car Comjxny nrdrtreil units
in the United Ktaii a Coitt today
eiiuBt Kirhanl Campbell, Mau'er
woikiiisin of the Sirei t-t'nr AnepiiilVy,
Knights of Labor, and Messrs 11 1 mini
Woul, Henry (imnhlo ami Koheit
Klnrhaidt, charging tlimn with con
fpiracy. t'he Bct'iia"! wore in the em
ploy of the ecm,,iitiy and struck re
cently for tho twelve hour schedule.
Piesident Itordnn of the company al
leges that they conspired to prevent
the running of cars and interfered
vita the men who wanted to work.
''oods and (iambte were arretted and
Id for a hearing in I'HK) ball each.
arranta are now out for Campbell
id Kheihsrdt, The suits were en-
red nnder section 511,507 of the laws
- t the United Hinted, which provides
hit two or mere parsons who con
spire, oppress or threaten a ritiien )n
the discharge of his duties or pursuit
of business, shall ba subject on convic
tion to a fine of $100i) or ten years'
Mlret-('ar Tranhlea al Krw York.
Nrw Yona, June 8. James P. Gra
ham of I ftrict Assembly No. 75, end
Andrew V. Best, aerretA'y of the Kx
ecutive B:ard, visitttd local Asxemhly
No. 4103 Inst night, ami explained
their motive Inortleiing ell the "tie
tip" of Kiturday. Their reuinrks
caused a lively ditett ion. The men
weto indignant. The meeting broke
np In a low. On the aidewulk a
crnvcl of B'tiUcrj collected and in
duWd n a warm tiklk. One of them
said; "We will apply for work tomor
row, nnd plulgs ouiu'lves to have
ii..ih;i f more to do with the Knights
'f la1, r." There pre iii'lii at onsihiit
ci.' i-itinpni.le liuve de'erniined to
vt t nil nl the Kninhisof Labor. The
iieud staiter tit tliB Kait rivrr end of
the (Sniiid Htreet noil lry Dock '0ds
v.-is din hs's il on Saturday hrcft'ise
l.e r, filled to tnke out a car. This
may lei'd U a etrike on thosi roajs.
The miKnaliee Klolrr.
Mii.wai-kkx, Wis., June 8.-This
mnn ing fo:tv-nine of the reeei.tly ar
ret ted men indicted by the giand Jury
fur rioting nnd conepiwy were ar
raigned in the Munic'pul Uni t. All
pleaded ni t guilty, ami were hold for
lril, the hail rarging from $1000 to
$2000 each. The Impencliment t'ial
of Alderman Ku lr.einKki has been ad
journed till Friday, whoa the defense
will begin.
TUe Iron and Nlrrl Worker.
PiTTKiii-Hti, Pa.,. Tune 8 Thereion
of the Amalgamated Aao.iat on of
Iron art! St el-wcrkers was taken up
tt:i mo-ning with the t oi sideratioa
of the 8' ale of whcc, with- utc inclu
sion. From annnoilic'a! aoii-ca it was
leiirntl tint the toiumittte recom
mended the scle ol 1SS4.
Piesident Wuhe h been asked to
appoint a committee of live to dnift a
bill to he prte nted in Conurem estab
lishing the Birmirgham wire giiiieas
the nuiotn'. staLdnrd gunge of the
Unit .d btiitt j'
la in 11 cur Old Days.
"We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the csme on the de
sirableness cf a fine bead rf hair. If
yon mourn the loee of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Baipam will make you
lortk as you did in the dear old days.
It-is wo.-th Irving. The only standard
60 cents artit lw lor the hair.
utidra Dralb of Val. Rlrliard M.
Naw York, Jnns 8. The cable this
mornirg br.nis the tid'ngs fiotn Flor
enc, Inly, f the sud'ten tlenth in
that city of Col. Kicbard M lire of
New York. Mr. Hoe had grn abroad
for rfst ard phne ire, inc. nipany with
Ids wife and daughter, and was appa
rently in hi dui1 go.il health hen
.fluddenly ttrxkn down last evening
with heart -c! is a e. Mr. Hoe was tha
teoior membtr of the firm of R. Uoe
4 Co. lis i a mt fa inseparably con
nee'ed with the development of the
printing presi in this country.
yellow" fever.
aeeranral laoralalloaa lo Fraveat
Us abroad.
In a letter dated May 20,1886, ad
dressed by Dr. Domtrg-a Freire of
lt'o de Janeiro, to Dr. Jo-eph Holt,
IVesident of tin Louis;ana 6tata
Board of Hfa'lh, the following inter
eating Mat -meet is made: 1 havener
form d over 7010 inocuV.ious with
full suciess ; the immunity wat almcet
ab'olut, notni'het mding the intensi
ty of ths rpiden in th'a year. More than
30C0 jHrrons who were not inocola'f 1
died ef yellow fever, while amrng the
7CO0 ini en a ed, inhabit rg the same
infected I al ti ee-, subjected to the
a me mo'bi J condition, but seven or
eight in -ii vicinal', whr 89 di-eaee was
diagnoied b jellow fever, died. It la
hudly nerewary to ray that I have
taken n"Us of hut one of these cises.
My confreres here have the a oniine
l lo habit ol not giving no'icaof the
fact until after the Intirme nt of the
individual-, and cor8"qutn'ly accuse
mo of being un ucicsslul. You there
fore ree that in spite of a 1 this bad
will my doctrines cornea out v:c'ori
oua mice nioro by the teat of this
ytar, when the epidemiccharac'erizetl
itself by energetic inUnsity of infec
tion and coutug en.
Peabodj Motel.
C. B. OA1.LOWAV t CO PaoriiKToa.
Haton 1 'M and $.1 par day, acour iog to
aita aud location of room Sfaoiiil
ratal made.
J W Viok, Ky
H II Kvani, l 0
1' llnllnrau, Tar n
H II Hu-I.y, Tenn
A H.'hn.ldl. N J
W J llorir. Ky
K llailcy, Ky
il H Karrnn, Tann
J M llnrriiiKa, Ala
8 N l.na. Tann
T K Kmldii'li, Tann
Clt Crri' itun, Va
K M Williumii.Tann
W U Andrawt, Taun
J I) Oliver, Ark
V A ApplrKate, Ind
C .Morireniliaiinar, Mo
W V.,d, Ky
M M llnrvoy, Mo
K U Kylo. Ala
W I' Adamt. MiM
C A Htainhlark, Tann
Mra B I'ultiam, TeUD
Matt Martin. Tann
r r. 1 1 1 , vn
t W Auiiniini, Ky
8 UnKKiiheiiuar. Tann 0 D Cula. Ilia.
K M riuipln, Ky J C Urran ly k w, Miai
J II M-Ur7l a Minn M iluunar. Ark
W K Woltlay, Ohl.i C K lloy.r, Ky
JJ Mamllab'ui.tw.Ark LuiKuti'b'ii.twArk
J K M,'(lra,(,r. N V
T llMrlinan. Ark
Mia Kautuian, N I
FA Kai ar, In.l
HTMrUuiihlin.N Y
II II Waten, Mo.
J L Bhal rroaa, Ky
Ilnrman 1'lnfl, Ohio "
W 8 M era, Tonn
0 U Jonnlna, Ala
W Wwliburn, Tann
8 n Jcihmton, Ark
II I'erkint, Tann
V M Whiteside, Tann
B I' Mitvh-ll, Ky
L While, Ky
J O 'luit, Mo
Jainpi Hall, Mln
t V Tatuiu, Ky
J Andrawa A t, Tenn
A II Laneataff, Tenn
J 11 JaokHon, Teao
C Crr, Tann
C M Ana ey. Ala
A I, Itlanki. Tann
Jai It Cloud, tt V
C L White, Minn
Tke Xiw Uavoao.
pKoraiBToKa. 'uirt!
Ratea, 12 CO to II put day, aoconlinf to loca
tion of noma.
P Norton, Iml A Norton, Ind
A J I'aae, N V H V Medau, MiM
M II Oliver, Ky 0 K Mili hell, N V
J V M'huinanAar.Ark J Kintnio, N
K h Ilia. Ion, Ohio A Montgomery, Col
K M I'olliurn, Tenn W J Uoodl.ar, Tenn
It II Talilord, Tenn T Dottninc, Tenn
C Chrifiiian, MiM W K H.'liulUa, N I
R S Rickey, I. a Mim SleiUo, I'onn
K M llr.iwn, Tenn Mr ll:iley. MiM
MiM Kva Harvey, MiaaJ C Priichall, Mo
11 N'horke.lmiumore J J Lac, Mitnt
J II tiorth, Min
A .1
Alvia. Mina
J M Mend, Mie
E 1' Coleman, M m
J I' Vt ullare, M im
K I, Hume. Miaa
K K Fid. , Jr, Mo
Mra K J Martin, Mo
W V Ilawaon, Tenn
W P IVrkina, MiM
N II HuilKon. Tann
O A lllion, Mo
HlM'mne.Mo ,
T.1 Hia. y, Ark
DC W heeler -,NY
It J Sleitrn. A In
K II bane. Oho
11 C Rowley, Tens
j II Kurlcv. MiM
W W Moa.iick, Tonn
W I) Sled.c, Miaa
II T Ib.uiea. Mo
Mra LW M'Kinnay,Mo
Mra K Jener, Mo
Walter Hardy, Tenn
J Kenton Krwin, Tenn
II V It i.-ko, Ky
Y W Lonir, Mo
til l'.uk.r, Ark
T U Wllaen, MiM
W T Williama. N V
I E Wilaoii. Ala
(1 It Oailon, Ind
W llbtone, Tenn.
iaalou'a Hotel.
W. II. BIN(I1AM Maso.
Kuroi'ean plan. Knlarged and refurniahed.
l'rioea toonrdini to aiie and loca
tion of ronua.
D A Femuton, Tana Mia N Annnt, Tenn
MiM La in both, Tenn MiM Ellio Koao, Tunn
Vt in lludnon, Tenn J W It mo, Tenn
E 1. l'erkina, Tenn K V llrown, Ark
J W bona Mlaa H (1 Coleman Aw, Ark
Eva Coleman, Ark 8 b Thoinpaon, Ark
S II llradfurd. Ark W H Koott, La
LKtlill.lenn K By num. Tenn
J L 8 Travii, Tenn Win Murdock. La
M J McNuil, Miaa Jnn A llrant, La
s Knufman, N V 11 M McVeigh, Ocenla
W 11 lUakina, Oceola W A Cunnmsliaia, Ark
J WiMlmiia,,Vd,Ark HF MiUroy, Mlaa
C W McUroy, Mna K I) Johnaton, Mill
Ily Lawrenoe. Ark H U Mua-rove, La
8 D Herman A w Ala (1 A Hill, Nardil
Mrn C I, Jonoa, Mlai Mra N A Dixon, Mill
J II Urubba, Mlaa D Miller, Ark
Chaa K Owena, N Y Kuiene Conway, Mlaa
lli-o f Hartley, MiM 1' J U'Laughlin, Ark
W F llainiuar. Tenn W J Chaae, Tenn
W P Admuf, Tens J l Dlumenthal, Mill
M (larin, City N K Olcott, La
Di'dley e'beck, La MraJK feil'ok, La
T t'ullierh'ae A a. Ark I l' Trotter, Miaa
Ct'ltnn tlrena, Tenn 1'oter Traov, Tonn
M8Jay,laun llorman Cltrohn, Pa
D M Rmaell, Mihi
Dnfljr'a' Enropeaa Hotel,
Corner of Adama and Main itreeta. Rooma
otic, TI'O and II ear dayt Aiuerioitn Plan.
' Wl lr day.
Firat-claM Keataurant In the Hotel.
J. M. Dl'Fr'V (111 yearn with Poabody HoUl)
,1 Bcvrta A w, Oal W P York, Tnn
P ti Edmund. Mill
J W Jamoa. Tonn
R Millt-r. Tenn
J hn Curr, Tonn
W J llftine. Tenn
M Mtchaela, lann
Cimnon, Tenn
E N llengle, III
II F Strand, Tenn
J Kit nton, Ark
Mil.'8hannon,Ark j II Comiiton, Mill
u .i nriiD, ris
L M Tatnut, Tex
11 M Carpenter, Ky
M t' Hamilton, Ark
L M Cmni'ton, N Y
R II Wit tam, t'oni
t M Rulle.v, Ark .
W II lg, Mo
W V Aleiandrr. Mill
11 M Seward, Tenn
11 J iVyne, Mim
J M Taylor, Ohio
W M Meak, Ark
W P Petxra. Vo
T L Keith, Tenn
1 ll II ....:- -l.
W C tloodwm. Tann
t L Jonea, Tex
E J Knchn, Tenn
W W Andrewi, Mo
M P WHller, Conn
R T Hutley. Tenn
P C Mclntyre, Mo
M C Carter, Tnn
I T J Mcilate, Tenn
J K tlilhert, Onto
, 11 T Harbin, Oh o
. C J Blarklitirn, .11 0
1 C J Uulta, MiM
R N Jord-n, Ark
II J Adaim, Mich
Vnlnnble lllalorleal Papera Ilia
rovereU. Nkwnt'RO, N. Y, June 8. Maj. E.
O. Htiynton of Ibis ci'y. authrr of the
"History of WeM I', in"v' and formeily
Ailjut mt General of the Military
Academy, litis discovered all the origi
nal copits of the otlicia! onleis to tho
army instied at West I'oint tluting tho
ietiliition. They throw luht on
many dispu'ett qtiehti ms. Compa-a-tively
ft-w of them have ev r been
I u ished. Maj. Hoynton found them
in the prsae sion of a V rmont family
who attachrd no pur.icular iinpof
tuaco to tliem.
'nl II U Throat With a Kaaor.
St. Lot'iK, Mo., June 8. George Kt
ling, a barter, committed suicide this
mi ruing at his home at No. l'.'S Broad
way. While his wife was preja'ing
b'ekfHt he went to the bureau, ad
jus'ed the 1 inkmg-g'am so as to get a
govl view of bis threat, which he
gushed reveral tiinis with a rzor.
J'eath reeulted in a few niinutts.
Melancho'ia is s'atd as the motive.
forger te.pl ared.
Cikvkland, O., Jnne 8. Edward
McManus cf rmitiac, Mich., was ar
retted today on the charge of fiirgry,
and will betaken bak to Mchigan.
He is a real estate ag. nt, and, it is
el arged, made imau bor zed land
dt a la to the amnunt of f :t0,000.
fatal Kaploatoa at t'larlanatl.
('iscinsiati, O.. June 8. By tlie
explntion of a b iler at the Marine
Ka lay and ly Dck Cnnpany's, in
the eastern part ol the city, yefterday
evening, Chr s 8chatr.nian waa fatally
inj'ired aud two others were sevtrely
A PJala SUtemeat of Facta at
tke Performance ef a Dot
He Could Not Shirk.
Vickabu'g Herald: The attempt
is being made to injurs Gen. Cater
ings with the penitentiary question,
and we are gratified that ws can cruh
It S3 effectually, that it will rebound on
th' S3 making i'. The attempt comes
frim a eoriesnondnt of the Suord and
Shield, and cf tb Evening Port of this
city. The Srrord and Shield retnn to be
eiceedirgly anxious to injure ths Con
grtsaman from tliii district, and who,
or what la its insp'ra'inn, fs not vet
known. A direct c mnection itn o her
aapiranta, or another aspirant, in tbia
district is not at all impo-sible. It is well
known tLat the I'ont't fight on Citch
lns is not one of principle, but one
cf reveng,aiid rf ciuire the people
who own this district will not laid
themselvts to ary such pti'pose.
Tne letter of Gen. Ca'chtiigs, fully
expiates the ponitetituiy matter and
auowt-rj tbe interroyatorioi pro
pin ml ad, and we herewith print it in
Urn. aalehlaa-k' Letter.
WaaniHQTON, May 2(), ltWti.
Rev. R. D. Harobrell. Editor Sword and
Bhield, Jaoaion, lliai.:
Dkab Pia I have your letter of the
17th irjutint, aikirg me to reply to cer
ta n questions prupoutided ti me in
au anicle which apptared in yrur
puper rf the Kith ins'aat, entitled
'Hhould Explain," which you kindly
If the author cf thn' article had
really detired to know the truth' he
could and would have made inquiry of
Gov. Liwry, who wcu'd have tunpfied
him with all Infoimat on needtu. Al
though the efTurtto injure me is utter
ly absurd, I have concluded to give
jou (not the au'hor of Ilia, article) an
account of my course in connection
with tho matter mentioned.
Tneactof March 21, 1884, required
the A'tmoy-General, upnn being no
tided by the Governor of the fai'ure
or refusal of tbe ltsiees of the ptni
ten'iaty to pay into the Stata Treasury
the amount nus by tbom, to institute
auit agaiuat them and their sureties.
The object of this waa to compel
payment by them, cf course.
'f be Governor notified me some time
in the spring of 1H84 that the letsecs
were in arrears in a certain sum, and
calif d my attention to this act of the
I immediately Informed them that
unlrs they arranged the matter I
wou'd cue them.
They proposed that if I would not
sue them tbey would give tne perfect
eeturity for the payment of the
amoutit due, in December or January
The securities offered ware exam
ined and found to be goad, and with
the smc'ion of the Governor I ac
cepted the proposition, received the
lei-unties and at onco deposited th?m
with the fctnte Treasurer and the
i nnunt owing by the lestees was paid
int'j the Trf osury in Dece mber, 1S4.
Tnis wf s iLllnitely better than a suit,
for this re as an :
As every lawyer knows, the term
of court to which a suit is brought is
kmwn as the imparlance term, and
the defendant Is entitled as a matter
of right to n continuance until tho
next term, that he may have time in
which to prepare his defense.
Tie an roths reeided in verious
1' entities, and it ii very, doubtful
whether I could have had them all
ptnejiially summoned for the Julv
tim, w hich was the first to be held
alter tbo matter was placed in my
bands. If I bad euccenled in this,
however, it is almost certain that with
the means of delay so easily invoked,
I could not have obtained a judgment
at the December term followi eg. This
would have postponed the case
until the Ju'y term 1885, and pocsibly
still longer.
Even after obtaining judgment there
would douhtlo's have been still further
dolay in realizing the money by execu
tion. No means known to tbe law
could have secured the payment of
the sum due as speedily as it waa col
lected under the ariaegements made
by nie.
Under those circumstances my duty
was plain, and I did not hesitats to
pursue the connie most beneficial to
the State, and which any lawyer of
decent ability and judgment would
have adopted. The object of the law
wa? speedily and effectually aecom
pliehed, and I most certainly wou d
puraue the same cotme under the
same circumstances, even at the rick
cf being regarded by your anxious
correspondent as a "contemner of tho
While asking ytu to publish this, I
nius! apologize to your roaderj for oc
cupying so much of your space in re
plying to an accueation founded in
gross and unpardonable ignorance.
I appreciate your motives in giving
iiib the ocpoitunity toexiosetbe lit
tleness ol tho as.ault made upon me
in yrur paper, and thank you therefor,
KtSpOCtlully, T. C. CATC'HINOS.
A I.ncky Man.
Loyd Fiench cf Coleshnrg was in
town Wednesday, and called at the
iVcuv cilice. His good nuttned face
ws enwreathed in emilee, and "he
seemed just as hapny as a big eun
ilowerthat nods and bends on the
breer.es." Loyd has just received
$5000 ss the result of tl investment
in the April drawing of the Louisiana
State Lotteiy, and no wonder he is
happy. Mr. Fiench says he has
drawn several snail prizes in tlrs lot
tery before, but had not bought a
ticket for several years nn'il January;
since then he has a dollar in each
monthly drawing, and the fourth
tirao he hit it lor an even $5000. The
number of his ticket waa 11,645. Mr.
French has a wife and five children,
and is a man in modeuite circum
stance. The money he bas draw n in
the lottery will put him tqunre on hi
feet, and give him a start in the
wtvid. Eliiabfth (Ky.) JVVtca, May let.
Iniaajlaea That Khe la the Preal
deal's Urtde,
Galveston, June 8. A special to
the Arm from San Antouio says:
Aurie Breen, the wife ot a once noted
gambler of this city, was brought from
K.I Pas) list evening in an insane con
dition, she Imagines that she is the
bride of President Cleveland, tells her
fiiends tow happy ebe is with her
dietirgti'shed how'jai.d, ai.d says they
are now enjoying the honeymoon.
Hie inaane woman brars traces of
former beauty. She is a woman of
The Train Dispatchers,
Chicago, III., June 8. The annual
session of the American Train Dis
patchers' Association began here to
day. Two hundred and fifty members
are present. Mayor Harnsjn we!
crmM the members to the cil, Preji-
deot I.ynal'ao dAWning. N. Y., maa
icg the reply OHlbehaU of th associa-
tion. Ths only business of the fl at
aeeijon waa tbe election ol new mem
ben. Vrodae Ixports at Hew York.
flaw Yobx, June 8. The total ex
po rig of produce from this port during
the past wtek were valued at $5,041,
634, Win Teat the Matter la the Ctarla,
Cincisnati, G., Jane 8. The
saloon keepers bave decided to not
pay their tax under the Dow law un
til the ma ter has been te.-ted in the
I do not believe that
Ayer'a tSuraaparllla hat
an equal us a remedy
for .Scrofulous Hu
mors, it ia pleasant
to tnke, gives atrengtb
and vigor to the body,
and produces a mora
pcriiiniiciit, lastinir, re
sult tliiHi any ini'tiieine
I ever used. K.
Iuinea, No. Lindale,U.
I have used Ayer'l
8ara:ipurillu,in ni fam
ily, for Hcrofulu, and
know. If it is taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly eradicate
this terrible dlacaae.
W. F. Fowler, 41. D,
Greenville, Tenn.
For forty years I
have sutlernl with Kn
slix'tim. I have tried
all aorta of remediel
for my complaint, hut
found no relief until I
commenced using
Ayer's Siirsiipitrilla.
After ttiking ten hot"
ties of th in medicine (
am conihletelv cured.
Canker, and
Mary t'. Amcsbmy,
Itockpni-t, Jle.
I have aurTered, fo(
years, from Cutnrrh,
which waa so severe
that It destroyed my
appetite unci wniketH-i)
nivayatem. After try.
I.,w tt.m II...
I in c-iii,uirsj
ftnul getting no relief,
M.Atrtit, tn ti.L'n 1 ra.!
Caj be
cured by
8aiMtparllla, and, in a
few inoutliH, was cured,
Susan L. Cook, 909
Albitny st., Boston
Ilighlunda, Mass.
Ayer'a Sarsnpnrllla
la suncrlor to anv blood
purlner that I have
ever tried. I have
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, and Salt-
It hen m, and received
much benefit from it.
It is good. also, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane Pelrce, South
Bradford, Mass,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prapand by Dr. J.C. Ayar k Co., Lowell, Vaaa.
I'rl.B alz bottlea, B.
KBowA's iito itirri:itM it i:k
a ted Mri. Iluttie W. Miller, No. 49 Mar -altall
avenua. Memphii, Tenn., after an at
tack of ilynentery, and again aMialed her
reooverj from malarial fever. She eonaid
eri it a mnM valuable medicine.
fP "VanadTeitiaertocon-
AljDYERTlSINQnnoe'd or othorwi.
' ' It oontaina liata ol
newrpaper and eatimatea o tbe cost of ad
Tertiilni. Thenjvorlinerwbdwaril- to ipend
ona dollar, finda in it the information br re
quire!, while lur him who will invest ona
hur.dred tbouaand dullara In advertinnr, a
aoheu.e In ndinated which will meet hit
evorv reiiot. ement, or can be made to do ao
by alight chana easily arrived at bv enrre
apnndnnoe. One hundred and fifty-three
edition! have been isaued. Bent, poatrmld,
to any nildrcai lor ten Cnrus- Al l'ly to GKO.
VEKTISlNt BURKAU.lu eruoeit. (Print-
n House Kou-ire . Naw York.
HOWK'SIKOV Hl l TKHS Strenirth-
--...J Kt.. V t TkA,n.nn 'I1AM..;..,H
. , xi . i. : . t.'- I. .. n rAaitn ...l
BVrV-IV. ,'IUlll I'lllB, AOtlll., -.uoa, iigini. nvmm
and in need of a tunic and wonderfully im-
prnveu nor
Trr booo Fxixao.
the crest of the Alienhnniei, within the
famous Ulade Heclinn, directly on the line ol
the B. and O. No Si use Rb'oa or 'Bui Trani
lers. All Limited Kxpreia Traini Stop.
With the new and unparal eled fast sched
ule on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
these lovely twin reiorta are beyond all com
parison the most advantageously located,
both aa to train service and surroundings, ol
any east of the Kockiea.
SeniHtn Open Jane Stlil. No Flies.
No Mosauitoea. No liny Fever No Malaria.
Deer Park' and Oakland, the one being but
aix miles distant from the other with the
moat charming drivel oonneoting them will
be under the manaaemant of Mr. W. J.
WALKKR, who, In h a three season!1 man
agement, haa made many enthusiastic friendi
ot tbe glorioua reiorta. All communication!
hould be addressed to W. J. Walker, Queen
City Hotel, Cumberland, Md., np to June
l.'ith. Alter that date, either Deer Park or
Oakland, Md.
RATES tt'ii), 175 and $10 per month, ao
pording to locations.
Tbe ti. and O. Company haa spared no ex
pense In rendering beer Park and Oakland
the Isnling Mountain Resorts of the Kast,
and for the season of IMtti the attraotiona will
be of a character not hitherto eoualed, and
tbe cuisine ol both houses unexcelled.
First-clKsi Laundry. Fine Livery. Ele
gant nee Bathing Pools.
The finest place for Children In the l"d.
unuYVN'N ikok itrriT:its i Ki:i
Mrs. A. Muller, No. 537 Main' atreet,
Memphis, Tenn.. ef chills and fever. Since
taking the remedy she has had no return of
the malady, and she consider! it the beat
remedy in the world.
Valley Lands for Sa'e Cheap
T OWN about 6500 acres of TIMBER
L LANDS in Bolivar county, Mississippi,
on and near the line of the Louisville, Nee
Orleana and Teiaa Railroad. I will eithel
sell in a body or in small tracts to luit pur
chasers. Partiea desiring fine timber toi
good lands for agricultural purposes are in
vited to examine these lands before buyinf
elsewhere. Prioe from Ss to flu per acre, one
third oaxa, balance on easy terms with 8 pat
cent, per'annum interest.
CUAS SCOTT, Roaedale, Miai.
U peraoas seeking Government Km I
toymont in any ot the departments a!
t'uhinirtan. or any other noiitiona und
theUovernment,! will send full Instruction!
aa to how to lirawl to obtain the same.
and tunn lormiol Appllcanna on
recalut of One Dollar. Adrfrwia JOHN
It. miihwk. iMia-kai mm. aUstonara
Krowx's most hitters r.sr.
tirrly cured Mr. S. A. Corks. X9 Main
street, Memphis, Tenn., of a lever eat of
chilli and fever. He believes in it.
TO wayt maiTMVMt tivts atiT jt im eanij
Ii KerlifM HfniewJy lor Liver OomttlaiHtaaiHl illitwiia
ht iltnittrHl r lrtnd nmthtKHiof Hi LtTr. In
PPaliV, l'iiiiitiplltnie, Hiliuuwnr, Juiiirtric), Hfndwnt
Malar u, Hhruu twin. eti. It rpTntiit?th how el spur
rn the ti'.xWi, wtTftict nn tttf rttm, Baai'tw dt.'tlioi
thounnrtof tetlmontot prove lt morl
' AS I 1'HUUtifT WUJ. TKIJa iH' 1TB KKPI'T tTl"H
.I..M.1 tnh.Rtth and nn.r.v Mr. K. M.
Avery, No. ! Madison street, Memphis,
Tenn., after an etuck of malarial (aver
which left him ao feeble that he waa oonfinea
to his bed .
NutRAL rrrr.RWKwrFsiT misk.
lllKbeet alesllral Aulherlllea.
ole Asents for the I'nite 1 States,
IK it HOLiiMii.aato.i
lir)-H9 aim st., vr York
R.G. CRAIG &CO.,39Unionst.,IJemplils
J. T. FAR0AS05. J. A. HUNT. C. C. HEIM. R. aJpARKKR. I. t. W00PBCB
Vholesale Grocers & Cotton Factor:,
J Front Street, Kemijiis, Tenu.
Cotton consigned to ni will have our careful attention. We earry at all tlmei a wali-
lelecud itock Oi
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wirm, Llquars Jcbacco & Cigart
Aail will aeill aa Low aa she Loweet.
MC. Pearce& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Llerch'ts
Cattoa Warehsnsr-Naa
Ilrtnkley, Ark.,
Doors, Sash, iund, Dressed Fluorine, CelHnir, Weather-Boardlni
vjprena BuiuK'es iiaiua, j.iv.
W-Onr faollitlel are uniarpassed by any sawmill In the Sooth for fllilnf orders promptly
ajieruur laouitiei are uniurpassea or ssr'""'" iii iiiiii..i.K...r-i'
Floorlne. Cellini. Sidine. Bteo Lo ruber and Cypress bhinglel a ipeoialtyi alio, framing
Lumber of all dimensions. We make the
lolioited and
No.124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
Irocers & Cotton Factors,
No. SOS Main Nrl C1mtmo Itlo?k.
Mill In the marfcel,
inent ir
tSo ISTel-xt-blJ. Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
L. D. MULLIN8, of laU J. R. Godwin Co. JAB. YONQB, lato ot J. W. Caldwell A 0-
Cotton Factors & Com mission Merchant!
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union. Memphis.
Snrremder Talneai lutioreed on Pollelee. So Forfeiture. Cbeapeat
Im the World.
AIjSX. BH.BIIIPJB. IMC.P.. 1 I 1 Examiner.
Xw. 2 CoHob Eehaug BiilMIng, KfeMipIitB.
saccessois to POBTEK, X1IL0B ft C0n
nun a u ART It SON. W M. KATZbrnclItmSK.
-DepoiiU reoeUed la aumi ot 91 and upward, and InUreit allowed on urn Bemt-
a-Ve"i1and tell loeal Inwutment Bondi .and Seeurltlel renerally. par taxet. aet ai
trosteei. and. In feneral. exfieule an flnanoial bujmeas wiinni a late and responsible
a-Va'ane drafta. In iini If, init porchaaera. on all PrU of Knrore.
! h"Iaeommodiooa Vault for tbe depont el Talaablei. whioa il at the aerrioe ot
oor eaatomera ft'ree of Uliarce.
D.P.HADUES.Pree'ideaU jJJJ c2K?llTH' Tlce-rrCRldeBt'
Ha awlioe. ratoB?)lrek
Manufactarers !
Wholesale Business a ipeoial feature. Orderi
promptly filled
Willi a fall a.aort
New anal
t Harness.
: : : : President.
a gym a
Ho17 Jefferaoa Street,
(Between Main and Freat.) MKMPHI3. '
I Eitaeliehed in 1980.1 f
DR.JOHNbuN iaaokaewledted brail arJ
ties i n t. r.i tmA aa be CiMlhe moat aae4
eeaeful phrsician ia thetreatnientof priralev
oraeeret diseaaea. Qaiek. permanent en ree I
enarenleed in every eaae, male or female. I
Recent eaaea of Uonorrnea and Srpailia I
cured in a f w dars without tbe use ef mar- i
-1 . i .
eurj ooaon oi aioi or di.ot.bd. iruia
business, (secondary 6rphilia, Che lait eee
tiaeeradieated without the use ef mercury.
Ineolunsary loaa of semen stopped in abort a
time, bufferore from impoteory er lesa ef
weeks. Victims ef a e-abuse and eaeeaaira
enerr. sufferiof from spermatorrhea and
loaa ol pbyaieal md mental power, epeedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Disease! of Women, and
eures a uaranteed. Pilei and old loree eared
without tbe use of eaastio or the knife. All
consultations itrictly eonndential. Medi
cines sent by expreaa to all part! of tho
asvWorklnimen cored at half tho neuel
ratea. Office boon from 8 o'clock a.m. to t
o'clock p.m. D. B. JOHNSON. M.D.
Mr. Uodfrey 0 Kubler, 412 Main street,
Memrihii, Tenn.. of dyspepsia when all other
medicines were powerless to relieve it. He
recommends it.
No. 4ft2, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county State of lennessea ti. Litiio
Tailor etal.
BY virtue ol an interlocutory decreo for
aale entered in the above cause on tho
2Mb day of January, 18X6, M. B. 61, pace
1H7, 1 will sell, at publio auction, to the
hiahtst bidder, In front ol the Clerk and
Master's ol1.ee, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Halarday, Jane 10, 1HH,
within lee&l hours, the following de
scribed property, situated in bhelbycounty, I
Tennessee, to-wit: Lot 5, block 15 1 Be
ginning 118 feat eait of the northeast in- '
tersection of Desoto and Eiiiott streets, on
the north side of Kllioit street: thence
north HO feet; east 32 leet; south 100 feet to
Elliott street, and west with said street 112
feet to the beginnini . Sold al the property
of Noah Purtee and others.
Part ol lot 14, blook 5, west side of W alnnt
atreet, 14tl50 loot. Sold aa the property of
Kicbard Lane.
Lot 6, block 51, west s'de of Ruth street,
60x142 leat. Sold as the property ol H. Uor
ton, James Hunter and others.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six monthn
notea with security, bearing intereat, re
quired; lien retained, redemption barred.
Ibis May 20, 1KM.
S. I. MnDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Denn y C. and H.
P. H. and C. W. Heiakell. Sols.
And Iron Roofing;.
Fire, Wind, Wafer and IlKhlnlna;
proof. Suitable for all kindi of building!.
For urices and estimates at fuctory rates.
oall on or address
438 A 440 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it.,
Headquarter! for Iron Fenc a and Cresting,
(galvanised Iron Cornice. Tin Boots & ?-toYos.
rwiWfirnv gitt
OF "
No. 4W4, R.-Chancery Court of Shelby
county State of Tennessee vs. Emily
Sacke't et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory dec7ee for
sale, entered in the above cause on the
14th day of M..F, 1885, M. ii, 48, pare 106,
I will sell, at publio auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Mastor'l
ollice. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem- I
phis, Tenn , on
Natnrday. Jnne 10. 1886.
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in. Shelby county, Tenn.,
Lot 13. block 5, Brown'i subdivision,
fronting 80 feet on the east side of LaRoso
treet, and running back 175 leet. Soldaa
the property of Emily Sackett, W. W. Luck
ett, and others.
Part of lot 7, block 63, southeast corner of
Oayoso and Hernando streets, 25x63 feet.
Sold as tbe property of the Workingmen'i
Building and Loan Association, K. Buchig
nani. Part of lot 9, block S3, east side ofHer
tando street, adjoining Carter, 45x135 feet.
Part of lot 9, block 83, east side of Her
nando street, north of Maydwell'i, 35xllS
Let 2, block 45: Beginning at a point on
the aauth side of Beaie street, 52 feet east of
the corner of Beale and Causey streets:
thence aouthward with Johnson 'i line 78
feet; thenoe eastward 25 feet; thenoe north
ward 78 feet to Beale street: thence west
ward with the south lide of Beale street 25
feet to beginning. Sold as the property of
Hocoo Boggiana and others.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months t
note with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
Thil May 21), 1S8H.
S. I. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By U.K. Walsh, D. C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiskell, solicitor.
lv benefited Mrs. M. C. Yuckley, Mem
phis, Tenn., when troubled with liver dil-
order and indigestion. She regards it aa a
standard family medicine.
m i vars ;tt yj C-iH P.ac. now X.
.et. Third and Fourth,
o.l uot!si1ul, i nif priwueo! wi prorr
Cnrc all forau of, PRIVATE,
Spermatorrhea mud lmptenoyT
t' reault of Mir-baM IB ouUi, trTU. Mccmti IB in
iirr rears, or clticr cauiip, and prorlacini nice aist
Awiaa rflMtn ScrvouaiieM, &mio FniUtioro. Jiii
ttoim by drjam). Uimm-w of tiht, Dcfpctlve Her-. . Tiij-iv-mllT
Pnui lesoa ftco, AwnLon In Hocmr ot Ftmi,
Vinfri.lon' ct Meu, lt at Beiiutl Power, ate., rrnderiog
Rrri.L imptuptr rtr anhippy, r thomifrMt ni pna
lin lv ert.'lkttay rma lb atm; CrOBOrrlieaW
GLFXT, Strktlurw, OraUtii. btdi., &uVUinil
't Us an J uLh-r private dlMM qutcklj eurtd.
It it srlf-vMant ibal ft phy IcUd who pays iperial ttnQaif.
y tt oe?fla elm f Jiaw nl trMtlnt kh'iURndt aOQQ
lf, mfuTM kti stilt Phyil ittrn ktiowlTn tbU frt ofieai
rvoomatrnd perMDi U n er When ll to tnoooTwtiiit U
lail the? city ftT iTwaUaont, medHnewOaM IM Mot pvtUlf
nl tMj by mill or etprcw aorwhtr
Cnres Ouaranteftd in U CaMfl
i.'ufulUtiiu rBti
Of WO rmf. svnt to any tVf-M, Mtrtti tntad, for ttn)
'30, 7d(i. Should b ra( bi aUL, Ad4reu torf-
Aoo boor rtav h t . M 9 P. V. atnnrig, 1 1 r
lllOWS'l IRoy 1TTER1
proved an invaluable ymeilytoM .Mi
ohael Birney, 212 Washini son stre t, Mem
I his, Tenn., fir diarrhi a anu dyspepsia. He
says it acta like a charm wben other medi
cines fail.
No. 2tf, R. D.-Chaneery Court of Shelby
county. Harriet E. Smith vi. M. 0a
et ei. .
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered In the above cause oa the
17th da of May, IS, M. B. 52, pegs 597,
I will sell at Publio auction, to the high
r Atlder, in front o the Clerk and tfseter'i
a courthouse el She by oounty. Mem
m aallenn., on
Mnlardey, June 13, ItlU,
within legal bears, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lota 1, 2 and 6. of the subdivisioa made in
this eause in the year 1878. as shown by re
port filed herein April 12, 187K.
Lot 1 fronts south side of Hayaso street 33
feet, with a depth ot about 120 leat.
Lot 2 tronts same street 33 ftet, with about
the laas depth.
Lot 6 fronts some street 30 feet 9 inches,
with a depth of about H5 feet.
To the plan of subdivisioa referenoe ll
b are made.
Terms of Sale On a credit of sii, twelve,
eishteen and twenty-four months, purchaser
executing notes with approved security bear
ing irterest from date ; lien retained and re
demption barred. This May 21, it,
S. I. MrDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By U. F. Walsh. Deputy Clerk and MwtM,
Poston Jt Foiioa, Solicitor.

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