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0 ,,-.- - .,..,
Mempliis vs. Xashville.
Clubs will play
"Wednesday. June 9th: Thoredey, JunelOtht
Fridav, June llths Saturday. Jan 12th.
Take Madieoa street care. (Jama called at
I o'clock. .
jytTlVAL, PA Kit.
1. 0. B. B. Picnic and Baby Show
I'oder the auspices of th combined
I. 0. B. B. Lodge and tbalr lady
Theee Pieniea ara noted aa being firat-claea
entertainment, and ara in tha handi of our
moat noted buaineaa men.
haa been ngad.
ill be
Macular. Jaaif I4tn. at IS Bin.
X' i
To be given under the anipicea of
Memphis Typographical Union 5o.ll,
Monday, Jan SI, 1886.
Thia will be the moit enjoyable vnt of
tbe eeaaon.
All bid character! will plea atay away,
if they will not be tolerated
I on the grounda,
vBui.) Kid. for nrivileres will be re
eeived.bv HENRY P. HANSON, at office of
Record Publishing Co.!
antil June intn.
25 Second itreet.
A NKW PROCBSH-For making old ol-
XI lara and enna look new. cee eaveruse
ment of Memphis Hteam Laonrirv.
WATCH Near the Kanaaa City Junction,
Monday, May 31st, a aiaall lady a
watch, engraved 8. J. O. Return to G. W.
Jones Co. ana Be rewaraea.
T-sFNCTT. llnU and nearl nancil. Finder
XT will be rewarded by returning to 145
Madison street.
rpilB IDEA That collar! and cuffa cannot
JL be re-launarma to appear equal to nee
work, See Memihie Steam Laundry adver
C. A. address F. A., in strict eonfl
. dence, No. 1 Broadway, New York.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inyentor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pomp. Contractor and brlck-
layer. Tergrhone m. THOH. Cl'BBINa
TlllNV-A hMKin noun white Knot in
I t.,,aad . K-and V C an shoulder and
thiah. U reward if delivered to U. F. CAV-
ANAQHi WcLemore are., near College.
C Saturday afternoon,
J six vaara old. white, w
epotat amall horns, turnina
a eow abcu
ith large red
inr in: lonr and
tall in shape ; in good order : branded on
naht Kami hin. un till mnbea on. B. r. 1.10-
oral reward for Information, or if returned
to ITO Alabama street.
Absolutely Pure.
ever varies. A murel ol
purity, strength and wholssomenes. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot b. fold In competition wi.h the
lultitude ot low ten. snort weigniaiuir or
boaphate powdera. Sold only tacaaa. Roiai.
Iaiimo Pnwr.ve Pn.. ym W.ll t .W.wYcr
" n n a
JSZUUU auit partiea having notea well
Indorsed, rent notea, chattel mortgages or
other reliable accurity. I",, pT.
ROOMS - Furniahed, with or without
board; can accommodate eight ypuDI
men. Good tar., pleaaant eurroundmga.
Term moicrate. 2UH UNION BT.
ROOMS Single or in suit, at
COTTAGE With seven rooma. near itreet
V car line, at J per mnntn. Appiy 10
H. F. DIX, Second at
A. COKDE j. 17 Talbot St.
NICE COTTAGE Three rooms on College
street, near south gate of Elmwood.
Apply at 36 Union street.
STOREHOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
. . .n'c r
IOTT0N-SHKD Corner of Union and
Third ttrets. E.. t.. MBAViiam
RESIDENCE Fir three or s'x months,
my residence in the city of Fort Smith,
A.V . with nr without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirable
Eart of the city Wood well of water and
ydrant in the yard ; house furniahed with
gaa; near atreet-ear line; .very convenience
of. home. Address R, D, BEALS,
Fort Bmith, Ark.
Apply to
itreet, Chelsea,
83 Filth
J. C
AtWm. R
Moore s.
After Ihe (iame Had Ef en Won bjthe
Loral-McSorlf j' Contly Error
Saeed's Monkeying on Bases.
HOUSE A new double-tenement house, 4
rooms on each side; nicely finished;
lara. yard; in fact, all conveniences, on
hoss avenue. Good cistern. Apply to Mrs.
B. Quinlan. 13(1 Manassas t.
FUkNISBED ROOMS For genu and for
hoa.cticcping, at 11 Court utreet.
BABY BUGGY V.ry Bio. on.,
Apply at Ml Madison atreet.
ROOMS AND BOARD Desirable newly
furnished rooms and boa-d at 4it Market.
BOARD Desirable rooms
and hoard at 72 Madison street.
ROOMS On. larg. front room with bal
cony and on. large back room with
lent" dressing-rcom, and ttheri as good as
.b. lound the dtf. 75Ut?Toy8Tj
At 49 Market street.
, JAMES HOUSB-Cor. Second and Ad-
l ami its. Room and board to per week.
Day board 14 per week.
OOM Furniibed room, wiuh or without
board, at ire uouri street,
SARDWith eacellent room,
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison St.
TWO large nnlurnished rooms, with or
witheut board, at m Madison street, oor
ner Third.
Ml Oil HUB I cr.
property -without remcvul. Addre.s
P. 0. BOX 1".
MOOD COOK White, at 161 Second star
reference Tequired.
to take an nfiiee and represent a
nanufacturer: (W) per week; sff-all
capital required. Address, with stamp, Box
70 west Acton. Ma-s.
XVX ma
us and Iron, the other for housework.
for family of three; rtejmmendations re-
qnired. Apply at 135 Tennesioe street.
LADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell'i
New " Tilter "a 'filter, Bustle, Uoop-
akirtand Underskirt eombinea. itoons can
lu and akirt laundried. Adius
klato anvsise. Veiy fashionable, and sells
hown. Agents double their money. Alio,
lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
nd children. Aaaress, witn stamp, u. n.
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 4H West Randolph
street, Chicago, III.
ALESMEN In every State in the U' ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
G ESTABLISHMENT having several
SracULTiu thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can b. handled alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
STOVE One large al cooking stoves
cheap far cash. Apply at 63 8n,h st.
M ARB-Bay, 15 handa high. 8 yeara; fin.
animal. Apply to Superintendent
Elmwood Cemetery, at norm gate, or at in.
office, 36 Union atreet. ,
PAYING BUSINESS To some good phy
sician, for AW; notrouble in controlling
bnilness. B. C. B.. Appeal office.
146 Front, oor. Bvehange. Apply there.
OLD PAPERS-Cheap. at T
good condition, cheap. Call on
F. A. J0SE3 A CO.. 61 Monroe st.
Ringers and a
comoleta outfit for a Steam Laundry.
Will he sold cheap by S GABAY, Agent and
& mmii'iion Merchant, 409 Hhelby itreet.
ljNGINK, Boiler, Tubs,
RRICK-YARD-Complete; two Andrews
tirv ilirt trln-hiLmmer machines, capac
ity 30,000 to 40.UKI per day ; forty horse-power
engine, boiler, sheJs: everything ready for
business: plentitul supply of dirt. Sot
terms, etc, addrc.s
terms, etc., McGOWAN A CO.,
274 Front Street. Msmphis, Tenn
TTORSK A gentle horse and a stylish
iJ. new light spring wagon, cheap.
WM. LUNN, 143 Madison street.
TMIIPTnM Dn. Inw nhaatAD and har
AT ness, both in good order: will be sold
very cheap. Address PHAETON, Appeal
office, or call at State female uonege.
J- Receivable or any and all dues to th.
J 8 W. BARBEB. Ashlaud City, Tenn
J W. R. LARKIN. LarVinsville, Ala
00D RUO cards of wood in amounts to
su.t purctascrs. GALLOWAY
flPOnfi WILL BUY a new business for
J5.0UU th. otate of Tennessee. Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make larg.
tec ted
.O K LABORERS A.ply at M., B; nl
IAO R. K.. corner Broadway and Main sts.
rpO BUY A good-si, gentle pony; must
X .be sound and aaf. for lady to drive.
OUSE OR MARE-For phaeton, suitable
idy to drive. t,'aii at nmce or
LAKE A DORIoN. 268 Fr"nt st
COOK A goad cook to live on the prem
ises at 806 SKCOND St.
EVERYBODY To caK and see the cele-
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at T.7 Third
street, near Poplar.
r0U TO LOOK At th. Memphis Steam
Laundry ad. and learn to keep in style.
"DOSITION By a good steady boy In store
XT or etSoe. Address J. 0., Appeal office.
JCJ made th. greatest dicoovery of the age
in filling teeth with gold. For the next
thfaty days I will fill teeth for 11 50.
A. WESSON. 243 Main st.
CCU PANTS For pleasant rooms at 121
Main street, near Court rquaro.
A, CENTS eoin money with our Amateur
rnotvo sutnt,
iniHnui toenlra-e.
lEMPI KB COPlfN'Q CO., 381 Canal st
and owiemng lamuy
special 30-day oner.
p. i.
J? Ilichest eaah price
and sew feathers.
aid at
GABAY'B, 409 Shelby street.
MEN and women to start a new business
at their homes, easily Itemed in an
kouri 10c to 60e an hour made daytime or
ening. Send 10a lor a package of samples
.mi 2a working asmples to commence on.
A dares ALBANY SUPPLY CO., Albany N.Y
MEN. ETC. 200 station men,
DO tie-makers,
60 teams.
25 teamsters,
V choppers,
en Batd Knob .xtensioa, 25 miles frosn Mem
phis. Apply on work at Tyronsa river, or
to loof. McGowan A Co.
"A TEN To do station work on Bald nob
xJ- railroad ; station work at 11 to 13 oenta,
tie-D niters at 12 cents.
Apply to
SCOfT, tyrontie.
LD GOLD A SILVgR-Forcash or.i-
change. y L LrUrtU, Jaweier, an Jiaie.
,1WUU drei at orce, DR. SCOTT o
ELhA?rRIG (HJODS. M2 iiroadway, Aew
Yor. I he only gen uine.
IiH E-Tca.h prices paid fur old and new
r KA1H hKS at Main stroetj
OHMS In everysection ot the country
-cV forta oNew B(ks, just ready, trinil.
Tnvato .ten of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. Sute eiparience. ace
and territory wanted. (.AhtfkLL A CO.
(r.mited), i3 Rrosdwsy, ti. f., tot 40 Pear-
borD Itreet, Cbigago.
rofits atonce; a monopoly fully pro,
, ! 1 Ln.l ... .J
rames wipnin- a
ood buainesa ad
AT N KWPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 lota, 600
U.. water fro -it, 4C feet deep. Tor full
information address WM. A. DKAN,
47 Lexington street, riaitimnre. mn,
C. W. Roberta and wife to S. A
Pinner, trnatee. to wcore Jobn Brad
ley in tbe sum of 270, lot on east aide
Orleans atreet.
A. 11 Mol'sr and wife to Minnie H.
Jamee, acu:h5J feet of lot 10, Sleppy
Bubdivisioo. uorln aiae Auanas :rce'.
for 1375.
O. W. Chancellor and wife to Jno,
Johnson, lot 6. block 2r Butler'i addi
tinn, west aide Tennessee atreet, 62Jx
150 feet, for $1500.
Julius A. Tavlor and wife to C F,
DeGaiia, lot e, block 26, south side
Linden street, ioxloo lfet, ior oouu.
Clralt Cosscl-Plcrew, Jadce.
Calendar for to-Hav: Nos. 8930, W,
8 Rjbinaon va Williams 4 Co; 8931
Wm. Fowrty va G. P. Mnnch a
8932. Wm. Fpery va Ed Stsck; 8935
H. B. Winn va 8. P. Raad : 8941, R. T,
Bettia va Memphis City railroad; 8948,
C. M. Waldran vs U. E. Waldran ; H9.i
and 892. Meachaia A Horton va J
Hnmphreys: 80, Bowdre Bo. 4Co,
vaBtewartGwyniveACo.; 8H61, Bow
d.e Broa. & Co. va Star Oil-Mill et al
8972. M. C. Redman et al va J. H
Cocke et al; 8977, Selv & Atorda
Jamea Robinson ; 8v7,Wm.Cazimng
ham va N. K. fcledge.
Intt'alof winning the game from
Naahville vesterdav by aacore of 2 U 0,
aa they might have dons on the face of
the return, the Mempnis u-iuo agaiu
humiliated tbe grandiairand by throw
in? away victory a'tir they had it
fairly in their grasp. In permitting
tbi lesu'.t thev have earned the dis
gnet of every "lover of the game in
Memphis whose sympathies had not
been enlisted on tbe side of Nashvilln
by wagering that tbe home club
wonld lore. There were a few such
on tbe grand stand, aDd feeble ap
plause could be faintly distinguished
whenever Baker struct a man oat.
It is pleasant to note that their
number was limited and that
they looked decidedly lonesome in the
vast multitude that was quivering
with excitement, and throbbing wi h
the eger hope that Memphis might
win. l5ut Memphis didn't win ; Mem
phis couldn't wit in the face of the
miserable exhibition that some of our
nine made ol themselves yeitstdy.
Some of tbem played aa if they were
scared, others as if it were a mere ex
hibition game. In the latter particu
lar Manager Sneed has laid him
telf open to the severest cen
sure lor reckless playing off first base.
Twice wis he caught napping, and oace
under circumstances that furnish no
palliating features. It was In the
ninth inning, when Sneed got bisbsse
on balls. McSorley ra at the bat,
Andiews having been put ont, and
Bneed.withoat waiting to see whether
McSorley would attempt to hit the
ball or not, although he saw that Ba
ker was wa'ching him, and not profit
ing by tbe fact that he had been caught
before in the eime way, began
monkeying ofl firat base no other
word expresses it and was
again caught in the Mikado's
trap. It was utterly inexcusable,
aad measures should ba adopted it
restrain c'need's impatience when
on first base. He has been doiog tbis
thing too often lately, and the ex
perience is too costly tobeencouraged.
In lace of the fact that Kreh
meyer ia suffering from a very aore
hand, he should rot have been put in
to catch yesterday. It waa trirl ng
with the audience to do eo
Krehmeyer when at his bset is a soid,
faithful, hardworking and skillful
oateher. but the condilion of bis
hands make it ncsafe for him t? play
behind the bat at present. The man
ager of the club must have known thi,
and there ia no doubt that he did not
think it advisable to put Kiehmeyer
in, because be informed the Appkal
reoorter Tuesday night that tbe bat
tery would ba O'Lea-y and Brough-
tnn. and made Dublin announcement
ts the same effect yesterday morning.
The arrangement was not carried into
... , mi . J lrmnr
nnrr. ids jlitk&l, uucru v .uu m. v
is responsible for tbis error of Judg
ment, but every man who taw tin
same will cheei fully ts ify that at
Unfit one run was made on an error
by Krehmeyer, and tbe applause
from the grand Biana wuea, in mo
fourth inmnp. Brouahton was sab
stituted for Ktehmeyer, who
was accidentally injured, allows
hat the audience thought of
the prior arrangement And right
he:e it may be as well to repot what
1ms lieen said ooce neio e. mat lue
Memphis public, who pay their moni-y
lor Case ban cneeriuny ana wim u nu'
eralitv that is nnequaled anywhere,
have a ritrlit to demand that the hesi
available materiel be p'aced in te
field at all times, unlets there be satis
faetorv reasons Kr a contrary course,
It will, doubtless, be urgtd that
Brounhton was being reserved t
catch Knouff. That is not a satitfac
tory reason. The game yesterday
was of more importance man
anv that win iouaw it.,
and the moral effect of victor yester
day upon tbe spirit) of our nine can
not be overcstimaW, and in order to
achieve that result extra piecautions
should have beea taken to leave no
weak point uncovered. 1 hose precau
tions were not taken yesterday as far
aa Krehmeyer is core rned, and tbe
game might have been won but ior hii
erior. liut it was not aione in mose
already referred to that defeat is due.
In the fnuth inning, after two men
were out, Marr sent a gronnder to i lgbt
field which Snsed sent lo Andrawe,
who fumbled. Marr afterwards waa
caught in cbase but a wild throw to
second gave him another life, but
neitner of these errors were cistly.
Bittman bit to riuht field and the ball
was sent to home pints in time to cut
Marr ofl, who was midway trie naes.
Krahmever threw wild to tmrn in me
endeavor to cat him off. The bail
went over McSorley 'a head and Marr
scored. In jnstica to Krehmeyer it
must be said that in catching the ball
thrown in from right field, he fell oa
his knes and received an jnjuty tear
compelled his retirement, and it i
not unlikely that that accident may
have influenced tbe acourary
of his throw. In the
seventh inning, after two men were
ou', Biougbton showed the boys how
to rap tbe Mikado by knocking the
ball to center field for two bags. B'ack
followed him, and afttr two ttnkes
lifted the ball over r gbt field fence
for a home run, buoging in Brough
ton. ami making tbe score 2 to 1 in
favor of Memphis. The feat was re
warded with a tumult of app'ause,
the cheerins lasting at least two min
ute1, and the waving of handkerchiefs
on the ladies stand showed that toe
enthusiasm was not confined
for the nine if the medils wers
dumped into the Mifaisaipoi river, or
melted into a lump cf gold and tie
proceeds devotsd to rhirity. There
are too many men in the nin playing
for ruedala and not enougn fitio pi ay lor
the club. Baker pitched agr at game,
atrikiog out eleven men anii only al
lowing three hita, bat when he wis
bit he was hit hauler man u L,ary,
and if 0'Uary had been so ported aa
Baker was the ecore would lave ben
two to nothing in favor of t' e home
nine. The Najhvilles play el without
an error, the tieldipgof Sowiiera bring
particularly brilliant. lie g)t every,
thing that cams his war. Billy
O'Brien at first. Beard at euo't, and
Marr at third, also covered tbemeelves
with glory, playing probaoly the
greatest game of their lives.
For the home nine tha honors be
long to Fusselbach, O'Lesrr, Brough
ton and Whitehead, the latter putting
oat three men cn very dilticult tl:es
Phelan plaved poorly and ought to be
charged with at least one ro Oace
when a man was on base Phelan was
not on the line and the runner slipped
bv him and got safely to second.
These i hi oga count in a game like yes
terday's. Tne battery for Memphis to-day will
ba Knoutl anil Broughton. If they
are properly supjio'ted and there isn't
t jo uiuco monkeying on nrst Dse tne
home nine may win, or, rsthe, will
not lose after liavintr won. which is
about what they have been doing
steadily for nearly a week.
MEMPHIS. A.B. B. B B. P.O. A. B.
Sneed. r. f 1 0 0 3 2 0
Atdrews, 1st b- 4 0 u 12 l 3
McSorley, 3d b .. 4 0 0, 1 1 1
Krelimever. c z u u z z i
Black, 1.1 -4 110 0 0
Fussellbach, a. a. 4 0 0 1 tl 0
Phelan. 2d b aoooao
Whitehead, c f... 4 0 0 3 0 1
O'Learv. n 4 0 0 1 4 0
Brouuhton. c.... 2 11110
,.32 2 2 30 20
Powders, c. 1 5 0 0 4 0
Beard, s. a a u " "
Goldsby, 1. f 5 12 10
O'Brien, 1st b 5 0 1 10 1
Ma r, 3d b 4 1 l l
Bittman,2db 4 0 112
Karl,r.f 4 110 0
Baker, p 4 0 115
Scbellbase.c 4 0 10 4
Total 40 3 9 33 10
Momnriia ...0 0000020000
Xaahvi ft ...I) OUIOUIUOUI .
Snmmarv Earned runs Memphis,
VaahrilTa O PI nit hasA on rrnr
ifemnhis. 0: Nashville, . First base
nn railed bills Memphis, 3; Ivash
viMe. 1. Irtruck out-ly O'lary, o; by
Baker, 11. L.elt on Dasea-raempnia, i i
Nashville. 5. Two-base lata Brough
ton. Three-baee bite Earle. Ilome
runs Black. I ouble playa Sneed to
Phelan. Passed ba ls-Hi hellhase, l
limes stolen Earle. lime ot game,
2:36. Umpire h. Henglo.
Cusiway Aasiist Knoehed Ont of (
-rioiil To tbb irriAL.I
Chattanoooa. June 9. TheChatta
rn iff as won to-dav'a game fiom At
lanta easily. Tbe game was brilliaot
lv nlftved on both sides, the locals win
ning by knocking"06nVy out of the
box and in the fifth Inning making
five earned runs. rUiicker waa
then substituted. Tbe fielding on
hoth sides waa fine. Tbe visit
ora hit Uatt well, but failed
to bunch their bits. Graham's run
nine? catch of the two flies to cente
field, both beirg at the gtound when
can irht. was the fielding feature.
Cnattanoo.a's six consecutive hits in
the fifth inningwas the bat ing feature.
Score by innings:
Chattanooga 0 0 1 0 5 0 0 0 0-0
Atlanta 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-2
the Jewish Temple
r Twelve Bojg
to a
OFFICE Reo in 1 ;new lotton Exchange Building. Telephone 6fl.
Nsvaunab Itlacnattxl Willi Bad
Ibpboui. TO tub irrs.L.l
Savannah, Ga , June 9 The first
of a eeriea ot games between Macon
and Savannah opened this evening
with a fair attendance, bavannan was
badly beaten, and dissatitf ction was
fxpiessed among the epectatiiu, who
If It they COUIU and scouiu nave uone
better. Intenst in games is decreas
ing, and if playing is not
improved will die ont, ennriv nere.
People are willing to snppoit Rood
games, but ara disgusted whtn tney
are lott thioiigh bad and careless
playing O'DayJaod Gillen were the
Savannah bitter? and Chamberlain
and Daniels for Macon. Base hita
Savannah, 6; Macon, 4. Score by
Macon - 0 0 0 1 4 0 3 1
And it stimnlates and promotes vthe
growth of the hair.
Bnrnett'a Flavoring Extram are lbs
Djelnc and Cleaning.
Ladies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, a'eo kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigel,58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods received by express
Tbe Ktifhanlrii Nnmmerlasid.
A book descriptive of the summer
resorts of the Northwest will be mailed
to you free on application to U.S. Hair,
general pasaen.er agent Chicago and
Northwestern ra''lway, Chicago, 111.
to the male sex. me usual
collection was made, realiziog
$75. This is tbe third home-run to
Black's caedit within a week. In the
same inning Fjirle hit to thiid, where
the bill w aa fumbled by McSorley, al
lowing Er!e a life, who afterward
stole second, and scored on Baker's
hit to center field. This tied the ecore,
and no more runs were made until the
eleventh uimng, when Goldsby sent a
lone and rdiflicult fly to center
field, which Whitehead got hia hands
on after a long ran but waa unable to
hold. Go dabv 10108 to second
O'Brien tben bit safely to right field
for one base. Goldsby eoing to tbird
and scoring tbe winning run on Marr'a
two-bagger to right field. So that the
lost ot tbe game ia chargeable to Mc
Sorley, but for wbc.e fumble in the
seventh inning the game wonld have
been won by the creditable score of 2
to 1. There was tome prowling about
Andrews last nisbt on tbe streets,
bat it was not justified by
tbe facts. It is t.ie he .made
thiee errors, but they .did not lose
the tame. Andrews takes chance
that few ball players take, and h;s
frdom from error is remarkable
fJa does not play for a r.cord, lik
others whom wa m'glit name, and it
is utterly immaterial to him wiio gts
tbs ao'il meilaw that are beirireis
played in a Main ttreet window. We
believe it wonld be a healthv tli'ng
10000100 1-3
Haaeball Matss.
Naw YoitK, 4 ; Chicago, 1.
St. Looib, 7; Louieville, 16.
MarmroLiTANs, 5 ; Brooklyn, 1.
Memphis now stands fifth in the
league after having been third, with a
fine chance for brat place, but the
pennant is bv no means oat of sight
even now. If somebody will dump
those medals into ihe Mitsistippi river
and trive the rescri plavera no induce
ment to play for themaelves instead of
tbe club, Mempois may Dag mat pen
nant vet. rne aitbal naa ita leie
BcoDe'leveled on tha record players,
and the firjt fair opoortnniiy that
offers will cubliBb names in full in
ste-dof allowing ita readers to guess
who the record playeis are.
The r'.le of confirmation waa admiu
tered at tbe new Jewish temple yes
terday morning to twelve children ol
the llebtew faith, eight girls and four
bova. Tbe temple was well tilled with
members of tbe congregation, qnite a
number of Gentiles, whom Kabbt
Samfield always makes welcome, oc
cupying conspicuous seats The in
terior ol tbe cnurcn waa nanusomeiy
decorated for the festal tervice. About
the vestibule few luxoriant flower
ing plants were placed, giving to thoee
who entered an earnest of what war
ilhin. Baskets filled with delicate
(lowers and trailing vims depended
from tbe chandeliers on either side.
of the main altar was elaborate and
very beautiful. Around the edge of
the platform luxuriant ra'ms were
disposed. In froot, over the center,
rcae a slender arch of evergnen
trimmed with magnolia. Similar but
emaller arches appeared on either side,
and were so placed tbat tnose ascend
ing tbe pla' form were obliged to pans
undsr them. The choir a as strength
ened and supported bv sevetal mem
bers ol Prof. Arnolds liana, me
musical service was superb, surpass
ing in significance and grandeur any
similar services) at tbe Temple in the
began shortly before 10 o'clock, the
way being prepared by degrees for the
entrance ( the confirmants. A little
after 10 o clock they appeared, march
ing down the central aisle toward the
altar. They were preceded by a little
boy and . a little girl, who btreweJ
their pathway with Hoaera from bas
kets carried on their arms. The con
firmants walked in pairs with meas
ured tread, keeping time with the
g'and march which pealed from tbe
choir lo't. The bovs wera neatly
dieseed in black with white gloves,
the girls in puie white with flowing
veils of tulle and sprays of orange
fl iweis in their hair a juvenile wed
ding party in appearance. They all
carried bouquets of exquisite do wets
in their nana, fgpaiauog in
half of them took seats upon ore side
and half upon the other. The Uabbi,
after delivering a brief addrcs to the
class t:ok his seat, and for nearly two
bourathe ceremony was carried out
without promptirg.by tbe confirmants
individually and in concert. They
d splayed the keenost intelligence,
fateful and admirable training and
self po'sessior, repeating maxim after
maxim in Hebrew and English, in no
instance hea'taling or faltering for a
single moment. The beauty of tbe
service waa enhanced by the concerted
a ngingof a class of about fifty little
children. Tbis gave a sweetness and
charm to the ceremony impostible to
describe. Tte last lite concluded,
the Habbl
to them npon their duties as member
of the congregation of Israel. Thirty
five hundred years ao, whea
their foiefAthers on Mount Sinai
were asked for a pledge tbat they
wonld keep tbe;rBolemncovenant,they
had declared that thei r children should
h their uledcc. Itwasniilorious priv-
IIih. and one which could not be too
h'ghly estimated. Now those who
are bom within the fold are not rscrg-
n'Z'd aa llehrans uaiil they nave
huen confirmed in the faith. For a
long lime, coutir.u':d Ihe Rbbi, none
xcept boys wero a'lmnitm. un
were tt- tiressnr, uowever, ui runm
power with them in the congregalK n,
and it was fortunate for religion ev ry-
wherc tbat this waitrue.
To his reatet. lie noticed that ihe
men of hrael were becminglax in the
di charge of their religious duties. He
conjured those who had just be-n
coofirrucd to enter zealous'y into the
work they had 10 well begun, thai
they might do honor to him, to their
rarants, to God and to theuieelv s.
They were fortonu'e in having been
ti allied ana eaucaiea ia a rnugum
which did not oblige tbem, like a'l
others, to believe in thiegs which were
irconsleti'nt with reason. At the con
clusion nf hia lemarks he ssnt them
to search out their parents in the
audience, receive their blessing and re
turn to him for his. There was
scarcely a dry eye in the audience
when they arose irom meir seam to
obey his behest. The congregu'ion
tt .1 fPl.
was soon altsrwarus aismiswu. mo
names of tho'e confirmed are Missea
Hosa Fuld. Fannie Wolf. HattioGold
orlh Hrttlala and .
"..ills, tn.arlyl W i.3V T-
virbtrr of sa Vark l lll
l alua ar alilorala l.iaa.waa
Amrrlraa Haroty ompaay,
riiallahlr r hvlll I7.
kuaiatlllf. ur Knoxtlll... MS,
rhiwais tl lirtM.kljti tMa-.
rina l.artmnU-. 4,aiO,4HS
Slaking Bauda of Narrtyahlp.
All classes of property InsureJ.
Facial Attention aivea to ineurlnt Coantrj htnres.
aTSM K HH4"H.' ' .
S. P. C. A.
Krparla af lha IraasBrst aad la.
prlora-Wbat Haa Boaa Arcom
pllahaa Itarlnc th Trar.
Tbe sixth ann'vemary of the Ten
nes ee Socie'y for the Prevention of
Cruelly to Animals waa celebrated last
night at Mrurt Hall. Wuite a !i g
audience were in attendance. Tne
following africive proarjunne was
carried out under tha direction of
Prof. Winkler, and waa thoroughly
enjoyed by these present, Piof. Bar
ney Hughes's lecture on tbe mule
being especially good:
Opening adilrc's........... --- Rev. N M. Lnnf
Trio, "l'raiw Ve,,,......Mis L. Mnabreoher
Mewrs. Bearlus and Wrialit.
Presiclrnf. Ad.lress and Olivers KaP'.
"If I Could OnljrTell."anlo.Misa L.Thumaa
l,,(,tura .. l'rol. Barney Hughes
Duo from Martha, for Tenor and ,,.
Mi'srs. llearfus and Wrlsht
'Daei In Mv Heart" Blo for Sopraao
Miss U. Rtelnbreoher.
"Not Ashamed orChrit".iolo for Baritone
Selection U.......-Mra Care
lr.,f. Winkler Musieal Uireitor
lNSI'inolt's HKWIBT,
Tn lha President. Board of Directors and
Mambara :
Tim i.illowinir is tbe work of this
Society from the 1st of May, lHS'i, till
tho 1st of May,18l:
8 .re. disabled horsei
and mules
Cos relieved
Sheep re'ieved
Dors relievnl
Overloaded vebiclea relieved
llorss, mules and cows shot
Children protected
Al -oe nf Bnalarao, Hay W, 1h;
,ana and Discounts .'. 1,1K.B
Meiniihis l'oiuprotniia Bonds. . '6,00 00
CiiUnn Kichentfo Moinberahip .... 2'" 08
lUnsioshou.o and uflioa nature' So Oft
Kxoeniios ; ' t,764 f
hiaht Kichanae IH.irj4 OS
Cah on hand JtW.lt to- fi.M 73
l."i.M4 74
CaplUl Paid up.
Undivided I'MtitS
Interest and Ksohil
. t S:l,0f0 DO
.. lit 77rt M
ii.fr.N W
,. l,Ul:l,12S SI
$1.77J..V4 74
Vi.A. WilllarnsoB,
UViMilmin Hill,
A. Vaccaro,
Jn.eoh liruce.
K. Uuiiny srayser, ru.uaier,
H. I". K-ad, B. B.hb,
John K. I'epper, JaH. McDavitt.
Isaas N. Snowrsa,
on n ehnX
NAPOI.KON HILL ,i..President
8. P. KKAK ..."ashier
rtraons arrested
Found guilty and ilmd
Persms diecbarged
Cases appealed
Piitonsis e'caped
S. At fin.ia aM HHSll
AllllUU. v. "' .r
ro.t IMS
ResMo'tlully. T. II. LANK. Insictor.
Balanesoo ....tt.'l'l
Annual dues and oonlrlbo
tions ti ll 00
Fines and penalties from
eourts 685 00
II, HO 00
Total H.WI 4
Salary, T. It. Lane ..m 7!1
Ha'arr, J. 1. Hunan 404 OU
Kspenses, olline rent, oonrt
coata, aUtionery , SH
llalano an hand r M
Kesnectfully submitted,
W. L. PAKKKK. Treasurer.
Memphis, Tenn., Mar I, IKWi.
Sti ike the Iron Uhllo It's Hot.
In order to nan oar Immense stock w
make tha following offer:
Good Straw Hats at 2'. X. M)c and 7to
Klira Fine Straw Hats at il,ll, tl iO.
Small Straw Bonnets, all colors M
Ksira Wide Brim llaU, fur oountry &4
Iteautilul Roses, all colors, pardosen 40a
Violets, per dosen J
llultercups. per doten 0
Carnation Pinks, per dosen..
Kle.ent Uonohe- of Howers....H...
Kilra Kine Buuobes of Klowers.H...-... ....M
Imported French Flowers from 11 UiA
tsalrlrla ' Ipa t baaehl lor SOel
Fruits, Leaves, Steins, all kinds of ma
Urtal to make Arlillcial Flowers.
ItrltlHl nul MwiiriaitiK OutilU
Tha Finest Assortment of DOLLS In tha city.
Hata Rsshansil, reallitra f 'leaned,
Itjrnd assd Curlvd.
OOLDKN 11AIK WASH by tbe small or
Ursa quantity.
We Make 4 Specialty ef Millinery,
Kmploylnt tit best hands In tha city, ffva
onr whole attention to It, aad a defy oeia-
letitlon In that line.
BMOllfy Tons Home.
finish the walls and ceilings with
Afabastine. You can do it; inex
pensive; try it. wnite anu iweive
tinto. Cheaper and better than paint,
kalsomine or naoer. Disinfccta and
prevent diseases. Beautiful aample
card free. By druggists, hardware
and paint dealers. $ii60 given away,
B. JaartDriClil a w., jnempnie.
Famine la 1'oraa.
8am Fbabcisco. Cal., Jane 9. The
ntnarr er Oceanic arrived this morning
from Hong Kong, having sailed frcm
there May 15, and from Yokohama
May 25. Her Ceylon advices state mat
a famine orevails in Crrea. Fivs
hnndrnl DersoHS starved in Seria. It
is stated that Co ea has not had a
good harvest in seven years.
Tasey Am Bat Marry.
There ia one thing nobody ever re
gretsthat is, the day they first adopt
ed Parker's Tonic aa their regular fam
ily medicine. Ita range is so wide.
and ita good effects so sore, tbat noth
ing else, except good nursing, are
needed in a areat majority of cases.
Boy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise rom as.
Anoo.tcra BmaBs do not only dis
tinguish themselves by tbe:r flavor
and aromatic orior above all others
urnerally ummI. hut they re also
mr rireventire fur all dUeafea origin
atinz from the digestive otirana. Be
waro of countwfeita. Ask your grocer
or drnseist for the genuine article
manufactured by Dr. J. O. H. Su-fjert
til SOES.
ilo lo Ratlrdgr et Lagasnanilna for
yaar Ploaaa'DK iaaJ (laa-flitlitii
Is. B. Alcaandeir'a Vcralon of
(he Hllllna al Uraysaa's.
Mr. 1. B. Alexander called at tbe
Appeal olllco ves'erdav anu com
plained that tho published veision of
tha manner in wuicn uis iirmner caino
lo his death was calculated to injure
his brother's memory, and was not in
accordance with the facte. He made
tbe following statement as a correct
acconnt of what oe trred: "My
brother, J. K. Alexander, was at my
stoie at :i o'clock p.m. Hunday. He
was not drinking tint 1 know of.
He left and went to Mr.
Coggswells about one fourth of a
mile diet int. Just at dark a young
man nein-)-imith cane galloping up
and laid Coggaweli had shot my
brother; I went with him and found
my brot er lying in Ihe roa l clo e to
Ihe store. Hi) remarked: "Brother,
CoggHwoll shot me down like a dog "
He lived nntil until 5 o'clock p. m
Monday. He said that he used the
following language to Coggsaell:
"Fred, don't kill nie, I am not armed
I have nothing In the world." It
appears that they were quarreling
and C iggsweU ea'd: "Everytudy get
out of the store," but Jim and the
negroes who were ptesont had no
annner rot oiiIh'hIo thi-n they heard a
pis'ol fired. When the shot waa Bred
... . . , 1
witness ne aru wy moiiier ray ; r ,ru,
Itrllahirul Hnai'. Boa Hue;, riahltar
ana Kowliar on She Lake,
1 m.-i n,f. twa Kamtnr. don t kill me, and ne rep 101.
u.uui, . Miumn ,oa. I have had it in
1 nrriH Diurr. r uicikd ,
Leonid, and Mows Hitsch, Leon Mor
ris, Henry Lerner, Kdward Maus.
Powdcrly'a Kealacaallon.
PHii.AnitLpniA. Pa.. Jans 9. Fred
erick K. Turner, Secretary of the
sTninhtfl nf Ijihor. said to-day tbat on
account of the prat sure of duties and
the unjust attacks made upon Mr.
Powuerly, the latter gestleman had
offered his reiignation in earn
est at Cleveland, and bad laid down
his aavel. The General A sembly
arnuld not accent the resignation, and
offers were made to increase tbe Gen
eral Master Workman's salary from
$1500 to t'VOOO, or even fOOi'0. After
much persuasion Mr. rowderiy waa
Iniincpil to withdraw hia reiignation,
but would not acept the increase of
fered. A DruKKlHt'a Mtory.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., writes ns: "1 have
for tbe 'past ten years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balsaa for
the Lungs. I can aay of it what I
cannot aay of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it bnt to praise ita virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
cough, with the happiest effects. I
have used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in tbe medicine closet ready for
Psttl and wteollal a Last Iaally
KtvANHKA. Wai.bs. June 9. Tbe
civil marriage ot Mme. Adelina 1'atli
and Kig. Nicolini t ok place here to
day. The ceremony was performed
at the r (lice of lbs French Consulate.
The cilice waa tunounded by a trowd
who enthua ically cheered the tride
and groom when they entered and
when they dopartel.
Nrott'a Kmnlnlon or Pore
Cod Liver Oil, with llytvopboHpliilea,
in Consumption and Wanting Us
eases. Ir. V. W. Barringor, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "I think your Kuitil
sion of Cod Liver Oil ia a very flue
preparation, and tills a long-felt want.
It is very useful in conauuiption and
wastirg diwaien."
for yon some time," and kept en
ihootirg, wben my brother whiihd
around and was shot in the lack.
Tbis report can lie corroborated by
the negroes who wera there. 1 l
positive my brother was not armed.
As to his being a desperate charai t"r,
there ia no tiu'h in it, as can be
proven by the cititens ol Col iervd e,
where he rcided up to two yiarn
au'o. Ok-well, on the other band,
when In liquor, is considered a din
gerous man, having abut at a negro
not very . long ago. If my brother
ever shot at a colored man, aa is
charged in I1m ArraaL this morning
nnhn.lv in lllift country ever beard I
it. 1 deny tbat we shut up tbe sto e,
aa al pund. (Saturday maul uni:
o'clock, when the Jim Lee came, an I
. I i .U.. A .i....
nor, BS Biaieu iu hjb arriui"
that 1 had to shut np shop while pay
ing off my hands Saturday n'ght 1 e
raose mv broiner was wuu wun urin
That is the true vers'on of the stoty,
and I am responsible fur it.
Advice to Mother.
Mrs. Winalow'a toothing Hyrap
ahnulil alwavs be used wben children
are cutting teeth. It relievea tbe little
anfforwra at once; it produces natural
nniet Bleen bv relieving the child
Irom pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright aa a button." It is
very pleanant to taate. It soothes the
rliil.l softens the mims. allays a
pain, relievea wind, regulau-s the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
fnr liarrl,iea whether arising from
teething or otlier caium'h. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
In She Dear Old ISaye.
We differ in creed and politics, I nt
va ara a nnit a 1 the same on tne
irablenesa of a fine bead nf bair If
yon mourn tbe loss ol this Dieasinu
and ornament, a bottle or two ol
Parker'a Hair IVsam will make yon
bok as you ilid :n tho dear old davs.
It is worth try'FR. Tbe only standard
50 cent artitie '.at the hair.
proved an Invaluable joiedyloM ,i
ebiel Uirney.'ili Washin' n stre t, .Mera
I bis, Tenn., f r diarrhi a anu dy.peps.a. a
says it eels like a barm wtiea other medi
cines fail.
TBAINst Him AN roLLnwaii
10 :.'t0 a in.
2:110 p.m.
4:W p.m.
f : 10 p.m.
S:0nk.m. '
11:10 a.m.
11:: a.m.
H:4A p.m.
7 iisi p.m.
i p.
a- Tickets on ailo at Depet. Fare for tha
round trip 40 con. Purchase tickets before
.otlilil on train id save money.
A. 4. SMrri UM I I a... AH.11I,
m f asa- . M rm w ,
No. ?S8 lMin Street.
luoorporntod lOOO,
or "J Till Kl f IKK TEAR.
Til E co'ur of study eitendod, Ihnrouth
and practical, affoillinf suiierior facili
ties for obtaining a sounl business education.
For Catalogue call at the scbooi-room al
addressr T. L 1 'HIN. Pnnolp.l.
I WssssK I.Y N, N. T.- Board oa the BUI.
Mrs. U. C. Howard, M Washingtoa
Coney Uiaad, Lon Bochsnd Central l'ara:
also 10 New 1 ork places ni amusen'ent.
Park. Kooln
convenient to
larea: lecstion
cars to Tslannattan
.oa-KfHiilent Jiotlce.
No. B170, R, D. In the Ckancery Court of
hbelhy county, Teun.Hm. U. Wood va.
Henj. Wadeetal. '
It appearing from affidavit herein ia thia
cau.e thl tbe defendaut. R. Tresevant and
Sallia Tretevant are residents of the Hula of
Louisiana, and non-residanta of the Stale of
Tenne.seei Uen-y Lathrop, Lelia LaUiroe...
K. K. Harnett, Lucy W . Harnett, 0. t. Mer
rick. M L. Mrrri.k, B. W. Iluntinstoa.
Kin W. Uuntlnaton, Benjamin Waele,
i an nie Hose, Monroe L. Wade and C arena
W ade sra n n-rsidcnts of the Slate of Tea
nes.ee, end that thoir residences ara ea
knnwa and cauaot bo asoeruined after ails
gent inquiry I .,,,. .t .
It is tberefifre ordered, That they mala
thoir apiiearanre herein at the Court-Uousa
ot Shelby e unty, in Mensphis, Tenn., on er
before the fill Monday in July. 18So, and
plead, answer or demur to complainajl bill,
or ihe sauie w ll be taken lor con essed aa
to them and aet for bearing ei pirte; aad
that a copy vf tbis order be published oaea
a week for fi ur successive wee's in the Ap
peal. Tbi 14th day ol May, lwtj.
A c-ipy Attest :
8. I. U HOWELL. Clerk and Master.
Dr H. FWalsh, Depoty C. and M.
Hill A Wllkar,on, Solicitors for complaia.
ant. ,
bted Mrs. flattie W. Miller, Ho. Mar
shall avenue, Memphis, Tenn., after aa at
tack of dysenury. and asain assisted her
recovery from malarial fever, bhe eaaii
ra it a most valuable medieine.
Ken-Besldent Notice.
Ne. "I'd. R. D. In tha Chancery Court ef
Shelby County. Tenn. Hebecca Lowea
stine vs. l. C. Lowcnstine.
U apiMiuring from bill sworn to In thia
raus. tbat the defendant, llavid C. Lowea
sline is a resid at of the Htat. of Minnesota,
and a noa resiUent ol the Stale et Teoaea
,et, and it ton nor apix'H ing hatsaid David
I? I,.'we st't',e is imtebted to oouipl',inmt in
the sni of v-',fl't with interest thereoa from
F- brui. ry 1. Jsl. uiuking ii all l,ft, and
att ichmeut buvmg Kan lasucu ana reluraM
Irvitd upen proi-erty nf dutendaot;
It is therefore ordered, That he maka
his appearance hereio.sl the court-h'ose in
M, ni,M9, Sbolby county, Tenn., on or betor
the 6r-t -Monday In Ju y, and plead,
in spr or demur t-i ouplsiiiant's bill, or
the same will be taken lor eontoesrd as to
him and sol f r bearing sipane; and that a
copy of ti. is order te publish., 1 once a irek
for li ur su-'cesfive weeks, m t'ae Mi : .phis
A('l'o.i . l'b'i 4i h day of May, IS. .
A copy ettet :
ft. I, MrUOWELL. Clerk and Msstry.
By U r. Wilrh, Iievuty Clerk ant Us tr,
ii. a E. Lehuiaa, Scis. for eompl '. -
: $

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