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VOL. XL VI NO. 138.
.. .... ( ':-iv-
8k!iatob Gbokoc'i speech, made
esterdy in the Senate on the qae
tion of forfeiting the land-grant of the
Northern Pacific railroad, is worthy of
85 sturdy a defender of the right) an
property of the peaple. Ilia const it
vtn'.H iM, we feel Bare, read it with
gesnine pleasure. Itiaa thoroughly
Democratic enMch.
If theTaxing District Coandl adopt
ths report of ihe C!a Camn.itteepriut-
ed in another colaun, they will 1
effsit say to capitalists, there is no
room litre for yoa. iMenoph'sbe'ieved
in monopolies. And this unenviable
and damaging repntation will be
earned by free lights far the city, gas
to be furnished to the ci izens at
par tboasand, whereas the new com'
paoy proposes to furnish it at $1
This is not fair, it is not just. Bf sides,
it is doubtful if the Taxing District
can become a party to a monopoly.
Is another column of this paga our
readers will find the poible pro
gramme of the Republicans of the
Stale, on the 15th and 10th instants,
as it was carefully mapped lor our
Ka hville correspondent by a leading
Republican. The names of the probav
ble candidates for Supreme Court
Judges, and the possible nominee for
Goveruor are given, among the former
being two of our fellow-citizen',
Judge William M. Smith and Mr. W,
M. Rudolph. Ex Congressman David
A. Nana of Haywood is prominently
mentioned for the nonrnation forGoV'
Tbb Arkansas Wheel has gone all
to pieces. In convention at Little
Rock yes'erday its representatives
nominated a ticket for State offices
under protect from twenty out of forty
eight counties, and finally Col. John
G. Fletcher, their nominee for Go
ernor, declined athe honor, others of
the nomioeej following his example,
tbns making wreck of a work that had
taken many months of preparation
and a great deal of labor by astute
politicians of the independent sort to
bring to a bead politicians who bad
their own end in view and not the
"good and benefit" of the public. The
effect of this disgrecaful fiasco will be,
as our correspondent says in the dis
patch we publ'sh on the second page,
to strengthen the Democratic lines
everywhere. There is euch a differ
ence between a real and a eham or
ganization. Tbb bloody effect of the brutal pre'
judice engendered by religious fanatics
will at once be tea'ized by those who
read on our third page the third die'
pa:h we have published this week
recoonting the horrible scenes of the
riots in Belfast, Ireland. Savages
could do no worse ; indeed we doubt
if they could equal the atrocities of
these men and women to whom the
only real thing in religion is their
hatred of the Pope as the he&d of the
Catholic Church. The word Catholic
to them has a meaning as full of prov
ocation as the red flag need by the
mstadors in the Spanish bullfight has
for the bull. They hate their Catholic
fellow-countrymen because they are
Catholics, and are ready ta murder
them with or without provocation.
And yet these are the people Lord
Randolph Churchill made a special
mission ti the North of Ireland to
arou e. He has succeeded better,
perhaps, than he hoped to. Is he not
an accessory before the fact to thesi
murders perpetrated in Belfast?
Mr. Seay was nominated for Gov
ernor by the Democrats of Alabama
yesterday on the thirty-first ballot,
defeating Dawson and Clayton, two of
the strongest men in the State. At
the outset of the canvass Mr.
Seay was hardly spoken
of, and was at to time
regard fd with apprehension by either
of bis opponents. But their close
contention made his opportunity, and
his friends availed themselves of it to
make him the leader of the Democ
racy of the State. So true is it that
the race is not to the swift nor the
hattle to tha atronc. That he will be
elected there can be no doubt. The
Democratic party of Alabama is solid,
and will vote for the very excellent
ticket which Mr. Seay's name will
head. All the preeent State officers,
other than Governor, have been re
nomina'ed, and the present Supreme
Couit Judges, including Judge Somer
vi'le, who, twenty-six yearj ago, was
one of the editors of the Appeal, A
special from Montgomery, on the
second page, gives all the facts and
the Breech of Mr. Seay delivered be
fore the convention after his nomina
tion. Onb of the best, points rxade by
Mr. Parnell in ths course ofjhis "mas
terful" speech before the House of
Commons on Monday night and in
course of his criticism of Mr. Gos
chen's speech was as to tbe danger to
tbeTrotastant minority in Ireland from
Catholic bigotry and- intolerance in
case Gladstone's home rule bill be
came law. He stated that the politi
cal history of Ireland since Catholic
emancipation furnished no ex
ample of intolerance where they
were in the majority. On the con
trary they had set their Protestant
brethren many examples of tolerance,
as in the case of the Dublin corpora
tion which, being all Catholic, has
ekctfd six Protestants to fill import
ant officjs, whtreas the Belfast coi
pora'ioo, all Protestant, has never
elected a Ca'holic to any office. Mr.
Alfred Webb of Dub'iu, a Quak.r,
quoted by the New York Eivning Pott,
has collected testimony favorable t'j
the OetboUcB from over fif-y repre
sentative Protestauts in various par:s
oi Ireland Episcopal and Presbyte
rian ministers, manufacturers and
profesional men, some of them En
glish and Scotchmen, most of theuj
living in places in which Catholics are
a large majority oi the population.
The Probable Candidates for Su
, preme Judges and tiOTerior
M hat a Leader Says.
Isfisial to tii ..1
Nashville, Tenn, J3a 11. The
conn y K pablii" 'o" intion will
meat at the C'i..i -.oiise to-morrow
nu.rnirigat 10 o'clock for the imrpoe e
of re'ecting delegates to the Judicial
a id Gubf rnatirial convention;'. The
Bm'ni voti wiil be adopted as the
bests cf reprtseatatioQ, one delegate
for every 200 votes. Davidson county,
nnder this rule, will be entitled to
fotty-one votes in the convention,
ihe Judicial Convention will meet
June 15th, and the Gubernatorial
Convention on the day following.
and a recognised leader of the party in
this State, catd this morning: "For
Supreme Judge, vvm. Baxter of Earn,
Tences-ee, and Gen. Murray ol West
Tenneesfe, will certainly be nomi
nated. The ether candidates will be
selected from among Randolph and
Smith of Memphis, Warder cf Shelby
ville, Sam Wi-tson, John Ruhm and
n. i-ast ot aasnvuie. and Noble
bmithton cf Pulaski. Warder will
probably he one of the men sele tcd
from Midd'e Tennessee. Jndue East
will be nominated if he will consent to
accept. It may be that the conven
t on will agree to nominate W. F,
Ccoper, and if so Coop?r and Warder
will be the nomintes for Middle
Tennessee. If not Ruhm and
"Who will be the nominee for Gov
Toe nominee w.ll be either All
Taylor of Washburncounly, David A
Nunn of Haywood, E. II. East or G,
N. Tillman of Nashville."
Several counties have instructed for
Mr. John Littleton for Governor, but
the friends of Mr. Littleton say He is
not is a condida'e.
this morning at the opening of
the Cumins! Court apologized
to Attorney General Waelnne
ton for bis arrsst yesterday, and the
Attorrey General generously accepted
toe tsnaerea acknowledgement.
rlv. J. c. mundat
An evangelist from Georgia is ere
ating something of a sensation here by
waking a tour of the Jancy nous;s of
tne city and Holding p ayer-meetings.
The women attend, but none have
been converted.
Messrs. A us' in Miller, J. R. God'
in and A. W. Brock way. Buildinur
uommusioners oi tne West Tennessee
Hospital for the Ioeane, with Dr. J. B.
Jonee, Medical Superintendent, and
Mr. II. P. McDonald. Architect, sub'
milted the plans of the asylum to the
governor tins morning lor bis ap
proval. The Governor, iter carefully
examining tne er.me, an 1 having Drs.
11. (Jal lender, W. A. Uheatbam and
W.P.Jones toexamine them as expert'.
approved the plans. The work will
shortly be advertised for letting.
The Relation. Between tke I'olon
and the Knlcbte of Labor,
Pittsburg. Pa.. June 11. At a ses
sion of the International Typograph
ical Union, the special question of the
Union loming the Knights ot .Labor
ptesented a lengthy report, which was
adopted. The report, after compli
menting the Knights of Labor in the
hi a ties', terms and pledging them sup
pott, demands, first, that the Knights
of Labor will not attempt to dictate
the course of action ot d'stmctive
trades; second, that they will not
cover with the ehield of the order any
man who has been lound uiiwottby
to mingle with the member of the
union as a fellow-craftsman iu good
standing. 'Ihe report concludes as
follows: "this is all we ask of the
Knights of Labor. We a?k it kindly
we a-k It nrmly. it being just and
and fair, we csnnot see why it should
be dened. We stand ready now, as
nereiciorp, to loin iorceB in every
feasible mariner ehortof aeurrend-r
of our long established rights or an
impairment ot the integrity ot this
Ihe report of the epecUl committee
on the gift o! $10,000 presented by
George W. Cbilds and A. J. Drexel
was approved, and August Donalt of
tit - ..1 . I i. a T.' 1 1 i m.i
ttBiuuiriuij, r rauft o. x-eicuu ui uui-
cigo, and J. B. Daily of Philadelphia,
were appointed trustees ot the fund.
At the morning session to-day the
newly-elected officers were installed.
The committee on revision of the con
stitution reported an amendment pro
vidicg for the eligibility f.r member
ship of indentured apprentices. The
report was adopt sd, and the conven
tion took a recess for dinner.
It was resolved that the Union would
not purchase hats not made by the
Hat Maker 8 and Finishers' Associa
tion. The report of the snac'al commit'ee
on the use of the plate matter was ap
proved, l he renort recommends toat
the Executive Council endeavor to
union z9 all firms manufacturing
plates, and that, all non-nnion
firms be published ; that the
local unions be required to interdict
the use ot places where a reduction of
the working f rce will ensue. Union
newt papers must be prohibited from
usinu news plates manufactnred in
non-union offices, cr e'se be dec'ared
unfair. No subordinate union can
take any action rega-dinit thse plates
witaont the consent of the Executive
The evening session was taken np
mostly atith unimportant repoiti and
routine business. It adjourned at
11 :1I0 o'clock to meet in Buffalo next
Knlgbl. or Labor and Trade.
St. Louis. June 11.! Mr. J. B. Mc-
Guire, Master Workman of one cf the
largest Knights of Lar-or Assemblies
in New York ci'y, who cgured m the
lat? strike on the Gauld Southwestern
Railroad ys'em as "T. B.Brown."
the Knight of Labor lecturer and ora
tor, was in this city to day. It was
alleged that he was the leader of the
"Home Club," and in that capacity
was the representative of la
bor ideas and methods direct'y o: -rosed
to the policy of Gene-r-d ii-ster
Workman Powderly. In the fibt in
the convention over the relations of
the Knights of Lal.or towaid the
tr.tdes unione, the g-ne-a' impres-tion
jr-vaiei tnat M.Giiire tr.uuiphed
over Mr. Powderly, and also tta' ht
subsequently etieagvheted hi y.c-
torr by electing a Home Club candi
date te a position on the Ueneral Ex
ecutive Committee. When teen by a
reporter to- day be denied in toto all of
the;e reports and aWegiticns and ex
pressed great regret that they bad been
eo widuiy circulated and so generally
eredit-d. In regard to the proposed
amalgamation of the trades nniors and
tie Kn;ghts of Labor, Mr. McGuire
sid: "In the future we propose to
keep the two organin'iors separate
and distinct. I bel eve that the
Kn glits cf Labor are strocg enongh
to fiitht their own ba'tles arid secure
justice fir the laboring marss with
out rs'intance. Leastwise, we don't
care to indorse anybody she's tt-ike,
and will attend strictly to our own
Tribute to
It. I.aie
Naw York, June 11. Tammany
paid its tribute to-night to i's dead
chieftain, John Kelly. Ou'side and
within the old wigwam was draped
with black. Ex-Judye A. B. Tappan
presided. Let'.eraof regret from Hon.
Samuel J. Tilden, Governor Hil',
Judge Noah Davis, white an Kent,
and otheis, were read. Mr. Tilden's
letter read es follows:
"I regret that the delira'e condition of
my healta does not allow me to a?cpt
your invitation to take part in th
memorial services commemorative of
the la'e John Kelly, although I join
in the tribute you ptopoee to pay to
his memory."
W. Bourke Cochrane offered resolu
t'Os of respect to the memoiy of
Tammany's dead leader, and condo
lence to the family, which were tased
by the Tammany Society at the meet
ing of June -d, and delivered the
Mr.Chatles A. Dana said, as follows:
"While be lived the public al
ways regarded him with i&ter
est, and now that he is dead they
speak of him root only with resoect,
but with affection. Jt is eut prising
what unanimity there is among men
of every party in the opinion now
beld that Mr. Kelly was both a great
and a good man. Fur mysdf, I do
not dwell so very emphatically on
tbat quality of honesty which is com
monly put forward among his gifts.
Horn sty, thank God, is not such a
rare thing among the conspicuous
public men of this town. The
exception is rather of those who were
not honest. But while Mr. Kelly
possessed this elementary and simple
virtue and never departed from it, he
p sses-ed also the grander and higher
characteristics of diBinterestednees, of
intelligence, of wisdom cf Democ
racy. With him tbe lest of these
was the great thing. He waa
a Democrat not only in his thoughts
bnt in bis blood and bones. He was a
Democrat morning, noon and night,
and all the time. He believed in the
rule of the people for the people
and by the people, and be had
no sympathy with any device of
theorists to check and etifle the
popular power, whether by prop
erty qualification for tbe suffrage or
by systems of competitive examina
tions as the means of getting olnce.
He approved of one road to office, and
one only, and tbat was the road of
popular elections."
liemarks were also made by ben.
George Raines, Gen. Daniel E. Sickles
and others.
Tbe Iron and 81 eel Workers.
Pittsburg, Pa.. June 11. John
Jarrett, ex-president of the as:ocla-
tion, addressed tbe Amalgamated
Convent!on at considerable length this
morning on tradts unions uniting with
tbe Krjiirhts of Labor and other que?
tions cf interest to the organization
Rou'ine bu-inees took up th balance
of the cession. The scale conference
of the manufacturers and iron work-e-swas
resumed at 2 o'clock this after
noon. If a settlement is not effected
to day the Amalgamated Association
will preent their ultimatum to-mor
row, ihe auditions made to the scale
tbe employes say must be agreed to.
Death of a. Weil-Known Jewl.b
New Orleans, La., June 11. The
Key. J. K. dutheim, rabbi of the
Temple of Sinai of this city, d ed to
night. He was one of the mnst prom
inent leaders of the Reformed Jewish
Church and Jewish orders and charit
able institutions.
Beautify Your Home.
Finish the walls and ceilings with
Alabastine. You can do it; inex
pensive; try it. White and twelve
tints. Cheaper and better than paint,
kalsomine or paper. Disinfects and
prevents diseases. Beautiful sample
card free. By druggists, hardware
and paint dealers. $.50 given away.
S. MANSFIELD A CO., M.mphia.
Tbe t'onolry'. Crop.
Rochester. N. Y., June 11. Crop
reports to the American Rural Home of
his city from every section of tbe
Ucitud States indicate that good
stands of spring wheat and oats
are much affected by drouth.
Twenty-five per cent, of the corn
crop waa put in late. Tbe yield
and varieties of winter wheatare itood.
No increase of insect ravages Is noted.
Ths prospects point to an early wheat
crop and a large home demand. Tbe
yields of sprit) g wheat, oa'a and grafs
will bo much reduced without the
usual spring rains.
After a thorough trid of Tonga-
line, I add my testimony to its grest
effiicyas a remedy in iheuma'ism
and neuralgia, and can heeir;ily rec
ommend it in the above diseases.
A. H. MOSS, H. D., Lake Charlea.La.
Oradnatlon Esercl.e. at Annapoll.
Annapolis, Mi , June 11. The
graduation exercise at the Naval
Academy were be'd to-day. Hou.
John Bieelow d' livered the oration,
and Sectetary Whitney conferred toe
in omsfl. Prince leopoldo Angusta,
of Brasil was present.
Scott'. Kninl.lon of Port
Cod Liver Oil, with Hypophosphites,
in Consumption and Wasting Dis
eases. Dr. C W. Barringer, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod Liver Oil is a very fine
? reparation, and fills a long-felt want
t is very useful in consumption and
wasting diseases.
Destroyed by a Tolranle Eruption.
London, June 11. The latest ad-
vii es lrom Aucaiann, sew .faianu,
ate that the volcanic ernption at
aram-ra destroyed ent.re villages in
re oiitritt by e-wiMy hu.y ng ihem
n ashes 1 h surface of the earth for
many m le around t'ie active v-ilcsn'j
w. s disiurbfd by the earthquake
which aecompunied the emotion.
Twenty-six dead b'xli-s have already
been recovered from the ruins,
Toward a font lined Xaderal
ment Improvement ia
dnstrial Ontlook.
New York, Jure 11. The general
t'ade sitoa'ion is teler.ipke . Jirntl
ttrert's has been irregulxr, w th tne
tendency toward a continued mod
erate movement. This is dus in a
large part to the r-pring trade beirg
over, to tbe farmers being bo v in the
fields, and to tbe fact that the intuinn
trade has not yet begun. Bn tnees at
UUJtitQ and Minneapolis naa li proved
on a favorable crop outlook, at d a fair
demand as well as at Chicago i nd Cin
cinnati, where the total vol me of
spiing trale transaction ia imported
te compare favorably Witi 18S . Gm
eral trade at St. Louis ha o dimd,
as at Pit.eburg and C velaud,
though the aggregate is beli ved as
large as in the eiriier inttnth of lat
yer. The late runs in the 1o er Mis
siss ppi Valley and southwett hereof
were needed, a.d b tsiueee h s been
slimn'ated by t iein. Tt ed'und for
funds it conspicuous in ;rop lion to
the m ney off ring at Dulnt , Min
neapolis, Oin ih, St. Jcs'ph ind St.
Louis Mercantile collections. i i s ow.
The New York stock marki: is ir
regular. Maniu'ation a'on I ai pre
vented uiy decided break, l ut u e
continued pas eoger M'e .wr in the
Northwest is a heavy l-ad t cirry.
Government bon is era etsady, and in
Vdstmcnts firm. In n;eeultiv - bonds
there was a decided atvanue it' Nickel
Pinte lists, based in a i allegt'. settle
ment with tbe Lake Show iniijiany.
Money on call is easy at lj'2J per
cent. Coroine'rial pap r in p r nip
ply, and toteigi ex'-ba-i e a lit-e
easier on the lediiction oi t j llauk o.
England rat-.
Sjecial telegrams to Bradstrtn't, fr in
Minneapolis1, contradict the extreme
statements of damage to the wheat
crop In the Northwest, mad'' public
on the Exclinngu yesterday.. Tne at
titude of wheat exporters, nit h con
tinuod fa von rg prospects for the new
crop, backed by large stocks and fair
receipts, hts pushed prices down 43
es coin oared wi h the close a week
ago. The situation is ra'her better
than worse than at the date of the
government wheat report, lattt'y unde
There are no noteworthy changes
in the iion or steel markrt. Tbe
former rests dull at this teas in of the
The general industrial situation has
improved, though there ate still a con-
siderab'e number of employes on
etiike at various manufacturing cen
teis. Of the 200,000 who received
concessions as to shorter hows with
foil pay one month ago, Bm 1st reel's
reports ebow that less than 110,000 re
tain those advantages, one-half of
whom are at Cbicaiio, and one-sixth
each at Cincinnati and New York.
The pressure of competition of tea
hour workers is breaking d iwr most
of what Is left ot the movement.-.
Dry goods are dull, but holders look
to lrgher prices and a good trade lati-r
in the season. Wool is firm, but man
ufacturers are buying sparingly. Next
week's London colonial tales are of
J first interest to tbe trade as a guage to
The cotton crop is progressing
finely in Louisiana, Mississippi and
Texas. Heavy tains in the Carolinas
and Georgia foreshadow trouble from
Bui ley leaf tobacco is strong at
Louisville, on the face of heavy re
ceipts, while lugs are fractionally
hiirber. The weather favors planting.
Heavier sugar supplies, and better
beet crop prosptcts rather depress
sugar prices.
Coffee is lower on small demand,
heavy stocks at ports and easier rates
of exchange.
Fal I are. tor tbe Week.
New York, June 11. The business
failures occurring throughout the
country during the last sevea days, as
reported to R. G. Dun A Co., number,
for tbe United States. 1H, and for
Canals, 29, or a total of 20!) failures,
as compared with a total of 187 laBt
week and 181 the week previous to
tbe last.
Dry Uood. Import, at New York.
New Yohk, Jurie 11. The total im
ports of dry giods at this port during
the pa it week were valued at $1,728,
031, and the aTtount thrown on the
market at $1,572,001.
Tbe Ht. Loot. Meeting.
St. Louis, Mo., June 11. This was
lay-over day, consequently there were
no races to-dsy. They will be re
sumed to morrow.
Saturday's races.
The following are tbe entries and
weights for to-morrow:
First Jince.Oae mile and one
eighth. Endurer (98), Mo tana Re
gnt(98), Irieh Pat (115), Malva R.
(92), Eschelon (95). Leuian (114),
Flora L. (93), Scottish Lass (87), Jo
qoeta (112), Horteosa (03), Ailee
(112), Freeman (108), Hifl ght (107).
Second Race. Oae mile and one
quarter. Chance (100), Pearl Jen
nings (95), Modes'y (95).
JViircf Race The Bankera' and
Brokers' stake, one mile and one-
e ghth. Free Kniiibt (118), Shadow
(103), Mary Payne (103), Lucas (115),
Boaz (118), TLe Bourbon (108). Sir
Joseph (113).
Fourth Jtact. The St. Louis fair
stallion ftike, three quarter of a
mile. Ban B.idge (110), Beauty (107).
Faster (107). Kedar Kahn (110), Margo
(107), Prr.crestinator (110).
Fifth Hare One mile and a half.
Editr (105), Keene (100), Warrington
(112), Irish l'at(112), Phillips (105),
John Sullivan (95), Rebel Scout (90).
BrlKbton Beach Base.
BBKinTON Beach, N. Y June 11.
The following were the races tun to
day: iirj Hart. iot two-year-olds, sell
ing allowances, five eighths of a mile.
Daphne won oy a length ;.lennie June
S'cond, at Uoodwin thud. lime
1 :0)J.
Sfcowl Race Parse, selling allow
ances, three-lourtcs of a mile. Ubance
won by a short lenirtti: Brunswick
second, Joe Howell th rd. Time
Third Rare. Vane., sel'ing allow
ances, tr,r-.e-furt!is of a nn e. Luu--st
iiig won bv three ltn ths; Poverty
c n 1, Moidaunt tlrrd. Tim 1:18.
Fourth Race. Selling a lowances;
thr. e quartos cf a miln Gold S ar
won by half a length ; Vanlti r tecond,
Mt ntauk third. Tiine 1:181.
Fi)ih Ilact, Purse; handicap, one
mile and a quarter. Falconer won by
onanda belt lengths; King li. sec
ond, Weaver third. Tinie-2:18j.
Sixth llact. For all airs; seven
eigh'hs of a mile Una 13. won by
two lengths; Red Buck second, Treas
urer thud, lime 1 :.2.
Rarlna; In Knalaad.
London, June 11. At Ascct to-dy
the race for the Hard u n ite stakes
over the Swenley coursa was won by
the Duke of Wea'mmstr threevear
old bay colt Ormonde; Lord flaet
invs's four-year-old bay colt M Itou
was second, and inure r-oltvkot: a
thre-v ear-old bay colt Silver third
Tbe oiht r starters were O. .1. Lefevre's
four-year-old brown co't Ducal i ml tha
Duko of Westminster's three year-old
black colt Cura -lo. Ormonde won in
a canter by two lengths; Silver was a
bad third. Betting Three to one on
Ormonde. 7 to 2 atainst Melton, 100 to
1 arainst Silver, 300 to 1 against Ducal
and 200 to 1 against Coracle.
The ra-e for the A'exandria plat,
about three miles, had bnt three
starters. R. Craig, jjr.'a (formerly J.
R. Keene's) tix-jear-old chetnnt
horje Blue Grass won ; Baron de
Hirach's s x-year-old hay celt Uui Go
third. Blue G'ass won "by ahout foity
lengths. Buz t!j was a bad third.
netting Six to one agairst Blue
Gr;s, nine to t wo on Althurp, and
ten to one ag tiuet Bus Go.
lliuiMlrou. Bln.e at LltrhUrM. t.
Watkriiury, Ct June 11. The
worst lire ewr exp-rienced in Litch
field occu-red tire morning. At about
1 :30 o'c'ock tl mhos were discovered
breaking out of tbe rear end of the
stoie of Moore & Madden, next to the
Mansion llou-e. there were tin
proper appliances on hand to atop the
fire and it soon became evident that
all efforts to save the building wruld
be in vain. The tire spread rapidly to
the Mansion House on one side and
to Lord's bui'dingon the other. From
t flatter the courViotiee took fire and
is now entirely burned down. The
following places of business were de
stroyed; Dr. Conk's Weafel's and
SinithV, Mrs McDonald, H. B. Shep
aid, H. B. Graves, E. L. Phe'pe, (too
ley's Hotel, Fred Koehler's Mnora A
Madden s, 1). C. Kilbourn, O. B. Bish
op, E. B. Peck, Cob Marsh, K.
Hall, G. A. H'ckox, tbe Emjuirir print
ing office and J. D. McNeil A Co. Lots,
$200,000. Insurance about half that
Boa Factory Burned.
Toronto, Ont., Jnne 11. First
brook Brothers' box factory was do
ttroved by fire this morning. The Icbs
is etti mated at f 100X00.
Lcndroro's perfume, Kdenle
Lnndborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of tbe
Lundborg's perfnme, Marchal Kiel
LAFKAVV Friday afternoon, at rnaidonca
of parent", No. t'l K flh ttrurt, Chelea, tb,
infant dauthtar ot Mike and Lllli, LaSaw,
ed levan wuel.
Funeral fro h rUin tbu (BAT UK
DAY) morning at 11 o'olork. h riendi of tbe
family invitel to attand.
DONNELLY Friday, June 11, 1MNA, at 2
o'elook p.m.. Rati DoNaai.LY, aced fl fty
rf art. (Ottawa (HI.) pupora plean, oopy.)
Funeral from ranidenoa 307 Poplar itreet
this (SATURDAY) afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Friendi and acquaintance of the family are
Invited to attend. Bervicoi at 8t. Peter'a
"Did me much Rood," laya
Siltein loath,
"DencBtcd me very much," lay
th.n, tanz Niul,
"Fur aupcrlor to the fathionable and lllu
alve preparation! of beof, wine and iron,"
-..,. F. W. Hunt, M. D.,
Honorary Member t inperiiil Medical Pocioty
ot St. f'eterahiira, Huifiu, oto.
"(livea more tone than anything I have
,ver prescribed," aaya
-Prof. II. (lonllon, M. I)., LI..O.,
Physician to the (Irand Duke of Haaony,
knight of the Iron from, etc
Invaluable in dynieila, malaria, nerr
oupneit, nervoua and tiok headaohe, bllioua
nefs neuralgia, debility and weak lung.
It will reoon struct the malt ahattered and
enfeebled. Beware of Imitation. Aik for
LiebigCo 'a Coca Boel Tonic.
Thii oHebrated llolatem-Krleaian Bull
will be at IW JeOnraon atreet lor the nt at
fifteen daya. Hi lire is at the head ot Hmitk
A Powell a herrt, and i regarded a one of
the beat milk and butter bull ever imported.
Oflice Arlington ItiHiiranco Co.,
Mkhphib, June 11.1HHC.
AT a meeting of the Directory of this
Company a D vidond ot Vive (') Per
Cent, from the earnings of the Company was
declared and ordered credited on tbe atock
notre. T. B. hl.MS, President.
W H. KannaPAV, Bocretury.
No. 2M, R. D Cba eery Court of Shelby
County C. W. Harbert, administrator,
vs. L. ri. Bond et al.
IN purauance of the terma of a decree in
the above stated cue, I will, aa Special
Commissioner, proceed to aell, at publio
auction, to tbe highest bidder, at the aouth
weat eorner ot Main and Madisou streets, in
Memphis, Tenn., on
Tnvedity, lSlh day of Jul, !,
the lollowing deac-ibed real eatato. in Shelby
county, namely: Lots Ni. 4 and tl ol the
iiarbert lubdivlalon, aa made in the oaae ot
John Iiarbert vs. R. A. Hicks el al, lately
pending in the Second Chancery Court of
Shelby County, to which reference is made.
Lot No. i ot said lubdivlalon, fronting HI
leet on ssuth side of Jackson street by 150
leet to an alley
Lot No. 22 of "aid subdiviaion, fronting 11
feet on north side of Alston avenue by 150
leet deep to an alley.
Said property will be sold on the following
term, namely: One h tl f of the purchase
money to be paid in ouch and ihe balance on
a credit ol six months from tbe date ol sale,
the purchaser toeiecue noies with approved
personal security tor the deferred payments,
and a lien to be retained on the proierty sold
i a a further security, tbe notes to draw in
terest from date.
I reserve the ri.ht of making oe bid on
cacti lot ao d.
sale to beam at 1 o'clock noon.
Special Comuiisaioner.
mi. it. l. lamki,
rhysielun, Surgeon and Aecoucher,
3 13 Mala Mreet. New I'nion,
Victor Wagon Scales, Wheel and Drag Scrapers,
DesJardins, Miller & Bootes
B. J. Semmes & Co.
Flavoring- Extracts, Sjnipe, fluking Towilern, Toilet Article, Lie, Etc.
J efferwoil Htrop.
N. M. J0NKS. President. I. F. PETERS, Vice-President.
W. D. F. fcAWKIE, Secretary and Treaauror.
(Nneiswr to Peter A Nan rle,)
:I6, 9H Hutl 4U JellVrwou Ntroet.
To Tl3LT:r.tcIo.
a-Wehave told our entire business to the ri l l KK A NAWHIE t 4 , and ask
for them a continuance of trade so kindly attended to
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
I. It. WOUWIN.IWU J.M.ttOOliluV Vlce-Pres't. C.U.JU'K.tMliler
Boaard of
W. 8. BRUCB. M. (MVIN.
arA DeiHMilturr of Ihe Htaite of Teassseeeee. Trnsasmela
Batiaeis Mat Npeelstl
iil. tng or tne latest and onolceat
troduced in foreign mar keta.
K'are ft to ooats and quality
fashionable goods at reasonable prices. I wish to make special men
kion of tnv selection of a larire assortment of the most elenant da.
igns in Kiua.i'ait raoimans, wblch are now ready lorthe
inspection or my mends and
(lor. Neeond and
laEIIOi Hi ikm
Dry Goods, Jotons, Hosiery
Nob. 326 and 328 Main St.. Memphis, Tenn.
WODIIN, whicb i we Oder to the Trade upon the moat favorable terms. Our price
will compare favorably with those of any market in the United Stales. We are Agents for
Tennessee MuuafucturliiK t'o.'d Fluids, Drills, Sheeting, Hhlrtlnr, Eto.
No. 380 Main Ntrcet, Jrleniplilo.
Pianos and Organs
Sheet Music ami BooVs. New Pianos for Kent
J,filGODlAfIili CI
Cotton Faotor
And onralss!cn MerohaiiiB,
J. ft. DAT,
Late of J. U.Day A Son.
Late of Meaobam . liorton.
360-362 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
'IfUR partnership heretofore existing be
1 tween the undersigned undor the name
and style ol UODMi AW A BACH is this day
dissolved by mu'ual consent, 8. A. HOD
tll AW retiring. NATHAN BACH will as
sume all liabilities and continue the busi
ness of a LOAN OmCK at 46 .Monroe at.
Sutacribe fv" IU9 "Anelf"
J. . FAUIitl
W. 1',
II V rtttrvr
rial tfatakhaa
Atteaallra tm Oolleeaini
STOCK la now complete, conalst-
ueslgns In all the Novelties In-
Mr selections are made with irait
In order to offer to tha tiuhlin tha latest
tbe publio, at my old stai,4,
Jeflereosa Ntai,
J. W. Ball. FT.
Late of liailey A Covingtoi.'
I iTFRil. F"rir.HKJ't.4T .MI1VE
lllgbeat jltMlirnl Aulburitioa,
Hole Asents for tbe I'nited States
ii-U'.'tlitfTf Xvik,

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