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The Tltket CempMed by the
Bomliatloa ef All the Old
Madia n eUtj th t 50 11 g baci eUt
farmer named Will an Horn, h ia ao
inveterate reader of id a tional lit
erature, baa bten arretted and lodgd
in jail at that plare for h1(?hay ob
bcry. Bo lw n-ar Dtne fiction,
and reveral nighta ago en'rred the
Mann, equipped with eonbrmo,
mat k and rpnir, ami compel e l the
atrnnt ti deliver the fti enta of hie
money-drawer. Thetreitrc gnir.ea
llou i voice and bad h in arrettad.
liriruL to vaa ArraAL.I
Moistgom bry, Ala., Jnne 11. un vanr la
the thirtv-nrt bal ot the Hon. Ttomaa
8eay of Hale eonnty rrcived a maj ir
ity of all Tote cast, bat before the
count wis liaishrd nearly all the
countiea denned their votea to Siay,
and, on motion, h: nomination waa
made nnanimou, 1 hia en da one of
the hottest but most sentUmaaly con.
tests ever had in Alabama. Mr. Beay,
lor the first time in A aba ma's history,
defeated two noble opponent (Clay
ton and Pawson), who stiod ont to
the last. Alabama, doubtleae, th'ounh
her Demotrary, baa chosen well and
as comlu.U'd to the Fpeaker'a aland
and ii Undine J to a mist enthusiastic:
auditive, whom he addressed in a
trembling voce, full of emotion, snb
Stant allv n follows: "Brother Dem
001 a s lu a free fct.te all inter-st in
the public service ie a duty, and a
williDgnesi ti Horve the Httt is a vir
tue. Tlia propoe'tion presuppones
that a public Dice is a public trust,
and that an uilieial is a servant and
not a master. W.th this respect 1
acccp. your rumination, ard put
in pledge agiriht it my life and what
thete is to me of a sood name. Too
erea' heart of gratitude seems ex
hausted byyonr conlldenc. and her
voice, wbi'ili, resmant with music,
should resound throughout the world
becomta silenced. Th e Hsemblaao
can acircsly be termed a (fathering of
partisans, for tho l)emc crut c rarly of
Alaliama, by its unity mid ext-nt, rep
resent the people, the whjle ptople of
the State of Alabama. It owes its
present suprenincy to ita devotion to
the best inteiesta of the people, to
properly comiderrd it ia toe bst
urancs of a government of the peo
ple, for the people and by the people.
Mnr.li liita been accomplished, miifh
xomaina to be d ins. We have a splen
did bmtorv. and our futa e ia h una
less. There are sectioisof this great
republic which a-enit equally fsvorsd
by nature, ana wmcn yet r ave lar out
stripped us in. material advancement
lAok ti vonr mountaioa that teem
bnrHins with the a'ores of mineral
weal'h: look to your broad fgHcal.
tnrnl distrlcta; loik to your water
ways which have named u tho State
of liven: consider vour cimato and
your soil, and answer If the hun t of
man Lai nsponded to the invocation
of nature. The Democratic party
means to say that all these lona; no
lected treasures s' all be put to p-oUt
able Investment, and that this Hi ate
hall (tand tide by side with the fore
most of her sis'o s. In a republic the
people are the s nrcei of all authority,
and it fjliowu that the icpro entatives
of the people cannot remain above
the constituency. The ratiaat id hu
inanity appeal fir utdveiail rd'iia-
tlon, and irae statesmanship juitlflos
liberal approiiriati'ns In aid of' the
public erhrjoK Fid 1 ty In public
otBce is teqalreJ rf every ofllclel, and
the Damrcatic tarty will em tioue to
require of every public servant a strict
account 01 n a itewaid mp. u sua 11
be noy du'y to car y to the peoi Is of
this H ate tnat which hat been given
me in charge, and es the bounteoui
nimmur ol the South a tvnnoes, put
ting atreng'h into the ro n and the The
treasure hit) tho ro ton plan beneath
the green ttess of cur plea ant Mire,
we sl'iill endeavor belt r tne people
to vindicate the (ieal.ngsof a trium
phant Pemooiacy with th1) aflai s of
the Coniinoowtfll h, Gintenion
Tj! the cjnventi'iti, ene of the
most warmly oonlrMed contr- ver i-s
tor political prf rment has jnst closed.
What a comp'imunt to Ibo tlmrAcUr
of onr entire 1 eople Uv t It Lai been
conducted wlthmt ciinviutlon or re-
crimina'lon, and cone1 ndi d io ab-olute
unity and conenrd. Nnch considera
tions give cntin cuanc to the bjld
claim that tho D m cratio pity r. p
reeenta the Intel i?nce and tie vlnue
of the Slate, and warrants the ex; ci
tation of iti continual triumph. Your
work of the hut fow days lug been
arduous, and nincti m re reuikii s ti
be done. I stiall not, therefore, make
more than this a knowletKe iicat of
the great trmt whicli you bve re-po-ed
in my qiuliiicatl 111 I ir this
work. You are ri8ioii;ijle t) tue
neonle of this KUtto. I can pledgo to
hrlnir to bnar np n it a purprss coa
eecra ed t the pu'ilic weilaie, and the
lutuie wi 1 downtime inegrem rism..
proceeded to nominate the ether Htaie
The Hon. O. C Lngdon, the pres
ent incumbent 8crttary of State, was
F. H. Smith of Dallas was renomi
Bated for Trewurer.
Mai. M. C. Burto (' Marnso waa
renomlna eJ for Au 'itor.
lhoa. W. MiClellnn was renoiuina- !
Ud for Attcrney-GenerJ.
Folomon Palmer of Msrshall was
rennm nattd fr Saperiatendent of
JSjucti n.
The pr.eent Assoc'ate JiiHtice of
the Sup eme Court Somtner
villeand Oloptin) a ere ren"minted
fy ai-dsmatoh, ad Chief Justice
Ktone, re cm lorn i.bent, was nomi
nated over the Hon. J. T. Hctlio. of
adopted ie devoted mainly to State
affiir. It congratd'alea ttie p ople
on lemn racy being Iriiimi lunt for
the fijit t me ia twenty eix years,
en'opz'ng Clev ltnd's a (iniuiet ration,
deecrii.inK amicthle relations exi ting
between tlie tai e, the Unproved s'atu
of finances, the reduction of tax s, ad
vauce in S'ete binds, at.d gxne'al
prosperity throng' out Alabhina. The
ronTTiti .n t itn edjouroed si'ik di.
were received bv t' e H in. Mr. Fesy
from all pane of the8:te. dreei s
boto, Sesy's home, wir a: "H de coun
ty sends her lovs 10 the people of Ala
bama for hcnorii g her dis ingnifnsd
Beav wu burn iu Gieene coun'y,
11a., "NovembM Z0, 18 , wna a pri
vate in t e Contedeiaie aimy, rant-
nred twtc. ered ten eara in the
Alabama Sena'e, and was presiding
etficerlaet seat ion. Hisienatew
Oiana lady, li-rmeily M as Dilre
wanit r.
The tt..te Executive uommmee met
ti-nuht and elected H. C. Tompains
chairman, Tnt nt Lnmax, Secrttary.
Ioalavllle lanral.
Fonndauoua, vUtvr walls and bnild
nee subject to overflow should be con
BtrUCieu Wll-u iAJUinmp vtujvui
the standard.
the PolUh loy at Pllla-
P1TT6BUB0, Pa., Ju e 11. There is
war among tne si colony 011 ia
South Side, arising out of tne orgni
ration of the Polish HiI'sat of Joho
III of Sobieeki in St. Adamr:a
church. Sonth Filteenth s re t, by
Cbas. I). Nowak. Mr. N w k, sf r
obiaining the consent of H ehop hhe
lan, enrolled thlny eeveu members,
but has met with et'enunns opposi
tion from Fathir M'Bkiewis, theprist
of St. Adamerte. II cluiim tha' tt;e
piiust at flrjt gave hi const nt to the
organisation ol the n cie v. t ut af er-
warl. at the instlgiti n 01 some mem
bers, withdrew it.
Father Hmklewls, Do'U If hi nunaay
and tie Sunday previous, rleuounced
the society from the pulp1', sat ing
that the meinheis weie nut Cat ol is,
and warning bis congnirat ou ni t to
ioin it. The irt (eel ng rn high,
father Mibkiewia says tt at re nas re
ceived an anonym at letter ihrattn
ingto blow his hou-enp witudym-
mite f r end his !ite in a iu ay i 0
of his im porters gti r 1 Iih boue
every night to keep aw:-y tin dyna
ni t--rs. Un the 0 nr nn n.eraiwrs
of Noaak'a party clvim t"al the piie4
has armed ti.8 lemale sni pir'en who
knives witi which all tlie Hns an ars
to be awsinnt d at mats Sunday
morning. Father Miskioa i pro"ees
to orgaoizs a rival and ly to ;he ltu
tar a to be cal ed the Kni hts of St
Kairar. which will be c mp eed of
strict Catho
( I pin, TUB BOOH UEVr.
I will not Intirh lova hand (una aald),
Nur will I a hi- ldn . ara;
X know him, fur hla I ia ar radi
He aball not Uka mt by aarprlaa.
I know bin eree mn blue ( be mlled),
I knuw tbo ibern ot avarr em I :
Ab, lova (ha aaid). f uu ara a ohild,
And can't daoaira a Vaaaar irll
bfira aiiaotarled hl miiihlra ejra",
Anddriotad hlmntlf 11 anber black;
bo I (be lauirhrd) In tbla dliune
1 II hue iba arruna on in back.
lie itartad oat in earlr aprin,
And In tha Held the wnlden met
Aa he tripped onwaid. lulieilna
Among tba graaaae luah n 1 wet
With anollni irolatura of tha tUm.
He likened wide a muitr toiue i
I with (he mid) to ehow p you
A parchment biitori of Home j
And here la tlaonn bonnd In ca'f.
And llrownina in a vallum nat;
Ilrre'a Kinorann In theeu at half
The uiuhI prloe-jn 1 all tba rait.
Tba maid aelectad one imal bonk.
And rliuped it whb a tendur touch)
It'a T. B. Altlrlch thai 1 tnok,
Hut, air, I think Jut aak too much I
I do lova booka (aha tinned), and. oh I
How (aw of tneiu I ou ioaeil
Love' heart b-to to Ihroband flow)
lie felt tbe hidden arrowe preaa
till tender teahl he threw aald
the apecieo , hia bail diaiaiaa:
II jou will touch bit hand IhacricJ),
And onlrlook within iny eyea,
Then hooka are youri, fair Vaarar maid I
Oi. do nut tu n away i our head,
And look ao enld I b 1 ot afraid,
Fori am 0, It love I (ha aald).
Tha maiden'a oh e-i were all aflame!
hhe coyly iiro-md h linger tli.
Then down Mia bent (and wno thall btatna?)
And awiftly kiaied hia roa,-rd ilu I
Are Coaceraed The Refusal of Their
Jfomlaeea te Uoa ea Their
Kllllnaor J. K. Aleaander by
rrrrt Coaawi II.
IIihnando, Mihl, June 10. I r-cs
annaniic.ed in your iecu-t otyiBtr
dny's daU the tillii g f J. E. Ah len
der at UrAjBon's I and ng, Ark , 01
the evening i f the tilt) in tnt by
Fred Cog-well, a loritior ri ei.U nt nl
the city of MemphiB. Ti e f.ic:-, as
ancrrlained fro'ii the fatlior of Orgi
well and B Httd by yo t, tend to jnBtiiy
the sc:s ol tl 0 slayer, a-ul your a tirle
fuinitdiea. all the information I yet
have with lolereuce to the unlortuua e
The deceased wns born and raised
in this county, and the wrker ln-.a
known him Kr years. Ii is ein p y
just to ay that np to t e time i f nij
removal to Arkansas, r kuh iw i ytnn
a no. tlmre w.a not a more high-tern d,
moral and Bolier ycung uiau to I e
f.mnd in DBoto touti'v. and if ho
ever hecama dmsipaiod the fa t is a
secret here. Ho belongs to en ( f the
hit faml i- B of Mibs ssippi, and a
more peaiuablH man wks i ever ra-.si'd
in this leotionot li e State. 11 1 wis
trio brave to b i vo'b' aru g It ail . e,
bnt never yrovolili ff diUi 'nltiea.
II the led b tmU of Cog w-11 are
guilJrtss. why s oul l l e evale the
courts ol his country ? II he 1 e inno
cent, why i.ot lot the veuli t i f a Ju'y
vindicate his con iu X and in-tifv tie
deed he has dot e? If he bo Ii df so
bravo as ih man luslew, md .s iu-ttt-
fithle, ho wi i n it fenr to BUbtmr. h B
ou e to tlie proper tribmiol, and, if
necessary, imethemai.er ( assiHi t-pon
hyajuryol hisieniT 11 is rot 1111
fieqtiendy the ca tha n D'aiienc1
makes us lice whtn thorn ia no pursuer.
The aaod mo'her and'a'norof tbe
doofa-ot. wh ae Chn-ittim aid
highly re nectel, and vvio still led.le
in this co inty..imve :hu te'idoreti-ym
pattiy 1 1 tiieir ma.iy ineuds iu tun
dark hour of atll i tn n. 0. a. b.
Cra-w lb ainbj-ct of lllahwey
MiLwarxxit, Wis., June 11. A
Special to the wnmy Huconjin Ircm
Littlb Kox x, Afx., June 11. The
State Agriiuittiial Wheel, which met
here Thursday and pu' a ticket, bead
ed by Cul. John A F'Mclur tor Uoy
e n' r, ia tbe Hold, ia in a bad way.
The session waa st irmy.lt is true, and
twei.ty out of tbe forty-tight c un'ies
rei rxeentea wuuarew m m toe orvaiii-
1 ti n when its oDjec a ana purptset
b"iame known. Tne remainder,
however, nominated their ticket,
and said they bad come to s'ay.
All their plana, however, have
been meet by r. cent deve'opments.
Although Col. John J Fletcbe' made
a si eecu accepting the Wheel nomina
tion for Gjvernor, he hai,recon-id-red
bis action and withdrawn from politics.
He will piint cards to morrow an
nour c ng this fact. Ilia determination
became known this af einoon, and
cra'id consternation amung Wheel
p liticia'is, who elected on his name
to hold other respectable men on the
ticket. Heisoniof the most promi
nentand wealthy men io the State,
and alwavs a ha ling Democrat, and
hU action of laet n ght crea'ed uni
versal su'Priso and regret among hia
E T. McConnell, nominee for An
d to', and W, P. Grace, nominee f ir
A torney Geneia', promptly declined,
be nir Dunoi rats and o.poeod to
U )ied no ni a.
Itlakniwn that Jadgo Jarmon of
PQill-pi and Col. Thornburgn ol L.aw
rente will refuse. They are proml
nLt Dem crate, and not tl e men to
conspire ageinst the Deinociacy,
Borneo! tbe Wheel poitoiamaay
thev will Dut out a ticket ev-in it it
doefn't receive five thousand votes,
hut this is vap.r, and won t material
As a political orgnir t'oo tbe
Whe-1 liai rec ived it e.h-t low. Aa
an ailcuhural Whee: it will brf thor
oouttly re organ x d a1 the annual
meeting In July, by sending th pol
tic ans ad i't. Toe con-piracy taj
strengthened Democra id lints eveiy'
The Republxans have ta'led fie
Sti'e onven ion July 2Jd, end may
put ont a straight ucke llie r btite
Ci mmi tot. now here, ae diegua ed
wlili the Wheel farce, and by a practi-
cdly uuaniiuous Vvte rIu:td to in
doras it.
lb "Wheelera" Platform.
The follnwii g is tie platform of
ptincip'esailoploj by the Wuetlerdon
Thnrsdav :
We, the Agricnl'oral Wheel of the
Hat of Aikansa . in ronvention as-
semb ed, now r con zing thx fut
that, ea the State gr wa oiui r, new ia
Hues are born 0: t me, piogie:8, and all
i:S"es prhh.
B it that ths fundao ental nr'nclplea
(I Demoiraty, ai approved by tie
unit d voioe of the p i pie remain, and
will ever teuuin, as the hest and only
aeciritv for the lon'intiation an
maintenance of a free goveinnn nt by
aid for the people, we neiu n'i, in
ilcg s of the frborir g pe ipl ) shall no
l irger be trampled upon ry m np
o y. but shall be reepe tod by all
clus ea.
l-ei'onu We demand that.- notVlng
eh 11 bn dot e in tiienainet f lal or tor.
will tend t) dufltroyc. p till irii,terfoe
ii any ay witu lU 1 gmma e uso or
Fir t In aneciflc tt rns we drmind
that the pub:io lands, the hLrilage of
lbs moo e. b rew-rveti ror bciuri bop
tltvB, 1:0; tnothfr acre ti r.iiiioids o
. n.Hiiliii n and th,.t s i lands now
hold f ir rp dilutive purpjais be taxed
at t ti ir lull va'ue.
Sue nd Tl'O ft'Togft'lans of all l.iwa
tha' d i not ber cq'isl'y upon cpi:a'
an l la'ior, and ti e n-n.oval f unjust
tt chciortlitiec, delays a id di cimiiia
tior b in the a liu.ni t'nt on of ju.itice.
Third That national banks he abol
id ed.
Fourth Tht tbe governm nt Issui
ita ow n money.
Fifth Wu demsnd that all money
imtied bv 'he aovernment si ail be a
legal tender in payment of all debU,
bolh publiit e.nd pr:Vte.
e-ixtu We demand tiat the ratiora1
debt shall be 1 aid as fubt ai it f Alls
eleventh We dfltnand thut the gov-
erimtit annii a tie legal ten ler paper
mo ey iu anmciei t quant tiestoiran
act tue t us utBS 01 tne country in a
ah b. si.
Eigl t!i We dimaiid that the gov
ernment l-ue no muio InUieAl-b. Br-
ina bnnda.
Ninth We der.ounce thefiaan'i.d
p.i h y of the preeent uti inal almia
rial on in noa u iia u luni-n i k
he i iirrtmyot tbe cuntry, anil U
m jid t.e f ee and nnlu. i ed vn ag-
if elver nl g'd of tue present
weights and nueuese,
of ten dollars not returned in tbe
cbednle be out'awed ; in cate of mer
chandise, tlie total of invoice to be
taken not more than thirty days be
fore the time of aFm ssment; ro-pora
t ona ti b asaeaed at tbt'iost of con
struction, incloding equipment?, oi?
the am aunt the property may te bond
ed and s ocxeu at per m le.
Tw-rt tti W favcr a change in
the manner of aveseing property, so
as to require the avesmecta to be
made by township ofliccrs.
I went y-hist He detnana tbe re-
nral o? tbe law by which tbe convict
farms or s'ave pens were created.
Taeoty-aecond That wa oppose
ths present ays'em of working tbe
convicts ol the Stats, and are opposed
to tbe bringir g of convict labor inti
competition w.th tbe honest or legiti
mate labor of farm, shop ana manufactory.
THOMAS H. OWKN, Chairman.
A. H, HOOAKll. Lawrence.
J.T 11AMBK1, Cl.burne.
J. M. M A LbKTT.Pope.
I) W. IlAtiHON. Prairie.
JUllS III HI. Whit.
A. . WA'ISON. Jackion.
T0)8. J CAKTRK. Fulaaki.
K. H. CAKL hKK. Prairie.
bAMI'KL Ml'KPUY. Boon.
8. t. LANULfcV, Pike.
W. W. HILL, Pope.
Blind. Bleeding- and Itching, Posi
tively Cared by Cntlcnra.
A WARM hith with Ci'TiCDSA SoiP. an
A exiuiaite bkin lleautifler, and a aincle
application of Curicuai. tba great bkin
Cure, will inlntly alloy the InUnae Itching
of the nioat aggravatod caw of Itching Pilea.
Tba treatment, combined with rinall doaea
ol C'UTli'URt K1S01.VIHT, Iba new lllooil Pu
rifler. three tinea per day, 10 reguiata anu
atrengthen th bowela, overcome constipa
tion and remove th eaune, will core blind,
bleeding and Itching i'ilea when all other
nuiediea anaaten pnynci.in tun.
T waa taken for tha flrit time In my life
wl'b Blind Pile, ao sever that I oould
hardly keep on my feet. I uaed Tarioua
remedial lor three weeka. when the diaaa
took th form of Itching Pilea, and growin
won. 1ST ad vi o or an 01a gentleman
tried th CtiTloUBA, Un application, re
lieved tbe itching and 1 waa aoon cured. 1
l.h tn toll the world that in oneiof Itching
Pilea tba price of th Ciiticuka la of no ao-
oount. rrom an uniolicilea iiuaruir.
Concord, N.li. 0. C. KIBBT.
I began the ui of yourCcTtctiaa Rihsdixs
when you Drat put tnem on tne maraei, anu
know f two caxea ol Itching Pilea that have
been eared by th uae, at my suggestion, ol
thee rauiedies.
Virdun, 111. F. N. MARTIN
I have tried jour Cdticcki Rmannts and
In 1 them all that you claim, and tb de
mand for them in thin sction la ire't.
Iliggatin, 0.
Ct'TioVHA Rguauias have given splendid
satisfaction to thus of my customers who
hT had occasion to use thain.
Quiney, 111.
Citticdba Rimtnias ro a positive ear for
every torm of hkin and Blood Diaeasea,
from Pimplos to bVrofnla. Bold everywhere.
Prln. ! riiTinnm. VI cnti: Bor. 26 oontai
Rnm.vxT,$l.'0. Prepared by the Pottei
Dsuu amd LuaatCAL lio., nosion, oiaaa.
Sndfor"HowlwrKkla Dlaraaes
kjIflM Blemishes, Pimples, Blackheads
nil All and Baby Humors, nsaCuTicuBA
TIRttn ajl-LKI Btrength-
ned. Pain Annihilated, lnHam
lation hubdued, and Malarial
nd Kiildemic hiseases Proven
hv that iufallihie antidote to pain
and inflammation, th Cutiouba
MggaBa-M-w h
Forty Tears a Sufferer from
A rreaiek Barber l.ravax Wit
Ibrr Mana rMrty,
With Km
IsrsniaL tu th arrgai.l
Bbownkvilh, 1 bnm , Ju e 11 Tt
was di ovi r- d tni m.n.lug tl.a. lb
man U ft, 1 y Louis L n me in c mrge
of his l arboi eliun wh U absent lor a
Ipk ilavA ia Moinnlii. iiAa laten
Frenihlea e, ta.iyi g otl a lot of
laxor.'. L vune s ,illie S 11 m ni( 1111
is not ki on. and our p m u tve no
meat's ol nl.nmiiw t int of the afTa r.
Th" br iwnBil e Vmocralau.l IStntft
and Erf i ave roiisol d tied, end Will
epp' ar neit week unde' the na ne id
the Browi svi le lire, K. H. Tayl t and
J. K Green, el tus aud pnpr.tt.ra.
Rrforrard barret SywMl.
Nbw BHUhSwtca, N. J , Jnnt 11
The syrot of t ie Re far rue I Church
itiinrn, il at loon to-tt y. to ne
neit y. ar at (U k li, N. Y. The
synod d cUred i 1 (avor of temper
ance, hnt v 1I1 (1 don a rs li.ti n iry
ing to p'H it o;i recotd aa in favo: of
prnbllnt on. A ioni'i,itt e five
was apno'cted 'o ni' ke tAert roiio
the Kef rute I Cl.nr. h f he Uuiiod
States hoku g t w ml a nni n.
Ibejr tn ( aatrry.
There ia oue ti.ii'g nob Jv ever re-
.e'e that i-, tbe dy uey flr taitopt
ed PHrker's Tor'ca their regular Urn
ily medicine Ta mi.ge is ao wutr
and its good effi t s eure. that noth
inn else, except gwitl nnreire, are
m-piioit in avett mid Tity ol raaea
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any p aise rom as.
Ti-nth W t'oim nd tV.a! th tariff
laws I e a am 'nied a t r mcy. a 1
imror; d ie.i oa artnl ev.tirn'g I.ito
. . 1 -. . . j
nur n-an na' tt'ef, ini 1 ai tiiii noe'
be levi 'il mainly u('O i ar'ii ! a of lu!
nil's not at ove ihn imiiort ng roint.
K evenlh Ve ueUiiinu ttiat ai eo
he nrnhimted from owning l'.'nl''in
the United 8 a es, end tiiat af 1 r 1W0
tbe government el a l oy pur nee
ard rio it of eminent domain oh'nln
pweas ion of all lauda now held by
ai m a
Twelfth Wo demand a graluatea
income ttx.
Thut eiith We drra"d the en
fo teme.it ol tie e nstitut oi t f c.u
H a'o in ieirar,l t) f e p m es 01 ia 1
riailaan i uniut a so mii au. ns 1
f (i.htpnl pveengtr rafes, tlie cot
le t un ol b.ick tx ' duu by 1 all 01 li
the enf r ement if He oi'iietitin n in
rigarii t tlutit i ns b u,ds issued by
to-i 0 a 10 ; aa ', thee 'i ct ven o!
law that will eiliice by aii.q ae
tli ea anl t'naltie the iSMu.nt of
m-neyiJiio for siook kill id by rail
Fonr e n h We dema id t' e Ciii
eo'tdati n of tbe Stat- aud 1 a tonal
eltH-t iM'B.
Fit emh -We demand such a-netd
nieu s to the 10 id laars ai will div d
tlin btirileo equai y te ween pro;-e ty
and 1 ibor.
Sixt'ieti'h We fayrrtiie vnbmitaii
(o the tere of tne Mae. for t'nl
attic ti'" or r Jo ton, an atitnd
n ent to th. co, s i'utioa u oaib i! g
hi sa'e of intox.iating lioo a as a
eyeuiv nth We a e unqui 1 6 -Hly
in lav rtif he eda at 01 ol tin masi
bv a we I regulttoit eys e u ol fie
Kig iti enth We demand a n'v
1 w 1 a c nhees ycnf'r -d in
:l a' w 11 e n 1 c es --o a :o vre-
vi.,i I k u "hob nniil rn if o'i
ne '-. ie n d r dceila of t uu t.nl
u.ort.ages, r ot ri-e.
M iete n v it ma d hat t'
e .I'liu law be to a uei de I a to
qii.ro e.hed' l f a t jersm' p np-
1 riv. aud t a, d b a ov r tbe amouu
"VrtR POrtT? YKARSIhavebeenaTlo-
tlm to CATARKU-three-fourthaof the time
suTerer from BAi'RULlAimw rainp
TRILH. The discharge wore ao oDensiv
that 1 hesitate to mention 11. eicepi lor to
good it may do some other sufferer. I have
spent a young fortune from my earninea
during my forty yars 01 eunonng to oomia
rollaf from the doctors. I have tried patent
medicmea vry one 1 oould learn 01 irom
th Inur nnrnnri of the aaith. with BO relief.
And AT LAST lf7 veara ol age) nav met
w.th a rmdr that has oured me entirely
mad me a new man. I welgnea idipounue,
and now weigh 144. I uaed thirteen hott'ee
of the medicine, and th only regret I have
Is, that being In tbe bumble warns oi ni i
m- n. it Vi&v inSunn til nrevall on all CM'
tarrh sufferers to us what has cuied me
Gnlna's I'loneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Second street, Macon, Ua."
' Mr. Tlenrv Chevea. th writer of th
ahnv. formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, Ua., merits the conanenc oi au iu
terested In oatarrh. V. A. H; FF,
n.x-mayor oi nawn.
Gnlnn'a Pioneer Blood Renewer.
Cures all Rlood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma-
t s ii, fcrotula, uia Bores. A perieo. opriaa
Medicine. ...... j x
If not In vour market, it will b forwarded
on reoclpt of prlo bmall bottles, tl, large,
'I J'1 . r.. f r.1 - M.J
ttssay on niooa ana oaia vmmmvm iuni
gs ! , wrorg, uv
And Commission Merchants,
8GO and SG2 Front St.. JfempliU. Tent
ax "1 'm
Chickasav Ironvorks
98 Second St. Memphis, Ten
a.nKlneat, Boilers, Nawmllbt,
Bradford Corn and Wheat lllllx.
Cotton Preua, Cotton tiins,
Shafting, Pulleys, frJf c.
fltrKVlamiai nviu av-ni inpnpiirva io nu oruvrw
notio. for th eel. raUd Medaurt Pateai
Wronibi-oi.. Pulley. W carry ia stock ovar
Two Hundred Assorted wars.
gwHond for Oatatorn and Prlca-llst.
l(, SPEED & GO.
Ohio River and Michigan Halt Companies,
J. Painter and Hons Pittsburg Arrow Ties,
Laflln and Band Powder Company.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
S. ROES CHI-R, Aeent, Memolila, Tenn.
OfflM and BotlllBK Works, H 10 V
Uepol atsid Iccboaa, eor.aaalgt at abiii
BaslM I ISSa. BM.OOO Barrels.... Balm f Hcsssphls Brasieh, 100,000 Met a
W. A. GAGE fc CO.
No., 3QO Front Street.
Went plil . Tern.
ADLEIl DEO. & GO.,261 rtlMN ST
I S - T mtf v 1
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Donglas 13.00 Calt Shoes
In Button, Lace and CongTaas.
Illnatrated Cataloga. and Prio-Llai
Mailed Free od applloation.
Uthie Waters: also Fin Iron Waters).
IlaBBfxhir Co., W. Va. No fogs. Ko mala
ria. M ar th siek and onrworked aoon
rcorr, and tba well ar always happy.
Bend fc.rpamphlet. W. H. HALr . Prop
S Alt OB ttAIBIjl?l A beaotifnl health
resort. Tbawaierrof theseHpringa har.
long beea known for their remarkable aura
tire qualities. The springs ar scran in
namber, ?a spring containing atnerent
enratir power. The bath bona is supplied
with water Iron oar lain niineal epringe.
These 1 a'hs ia eonnaotioa with drinkiaa th
water from ih aprinca suited to th invalids'
ailrnent act powerfully on disea. These -differrnt
atls'i bar no xiual for th ear of
all sidner and bladder troubles, rheuma
tism, paralysis, nearalgia, drspepsia, soro'-
nla, caiir n, in'wnio biciodciio poisone) iv
male weaknesses, all diseasea of th. luer
anil .ulffftn. hetaorrhoida. droasr and all dis
asea of tb abtloiainal and pelvio riscra,.
weak, debilitated eonstilullons, and a an
efficient brain and nrrr tonie this water ha
no equal la tbe worm, inoeeeprmge are lo
cated in C ay county. 111 , are mile, north of
Clay City, a village on th main Una of tb.
Ohio and Misiiiseippi railway, lis miles from
St. Louis, ZiS miles from Cineinnati, 22C
mil from Louisville, Ky. Kxcuraion tick
ts for sal at ail ticket offieu of tha 0. AM.
K. tt., and connecting lines, n nt lor cir
culars and othe-information o
u. h. UlLiiD, rropneior,
Bailor Springs. Clay county, 111.
Hockbridse Co., Va. High up in th.
Vilginia mountains. Picturesque surround
ings, extensive ana Deauuiuiiy saaaaa lawn.
Gas, electric bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily m lis, post, telegraph and
xprass offioes on th premises. Table th.
very best. Luxuriously furnished rooms:
suierbbandnf music. Send for illustraud
pamphlet, unarges moaerTe. upon ior vis
itors, June 16lh. rVutffrs; Alum. I'hnlybraU '
and reeslone. R.T. WILKlNSON.Man'gr.
MnntsrossirrT l onotv, Vit ,
Having been thoroughly repaired and hand-
.mely turn snea, win ne openeu ior vue in
ception ot visit rs on June 1, 1HS6. For par
tioulars applv to URwnnni w ru, jim-
ger, Montgomery bprings rostunio, .uodi-
somery county, va.
Sulphur Springs
TYr.11 V B HUB SI.
Tmmediatalv on the line of the great Ches
apeake and Ohio railroad. The most cele
brated oi all tbe mountain resorts, and on
of th oldest aLd moat popular ol
Will open for tbe season Junelst. Elevation
above tide-wa'or, W teet; surrounding
anonntains, i&n feet, rampnieu ne'crioing
hygienic advantHges can be bad of the agent
of th. v.se.ii n.n.oiii
a. r rintiE.. ospsnnicnncpt.
THESE watera pollveiy cur Indices'
tion, Dyspepsia. Kidney, Liver and Ma
larial Diseases. Kheumatism, bore eyes,
Bkin Eruptions, Dropsy and Caronic Female
Complaints cured or greatly bonefited.
Triograph and throe daily mails. First
closs accommodations at reasonable ratva.
Reduced railroad tare to all visitors, lor
ciroulara, to., address
Prop'r of Hnt.l Bonnett. Searcr. Ark.
Fluegt Hammer Kwirt lu America
MiiinelonhH Bench, 9f inn.
Offers accommodations unequal ed by any ho
tel n the west. Hates, 13 per day: $75 per
month. Circulars and fu I particulars sent
romo lyon application to nuuaisa jaunt..
danager. St. Papl, Mtwa.
Old Point Comfort, Virginitu
TERMS for tb. aeason of 1&6, beginning;
June 1st, reduced 26 to 60 per cent., but
th highest atandard of loelleno main
Send for illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms. . .,
f. d. rim., manater.
Haleigh Springs Hotel.
NOW OPEN for reception of guests. The.
tab:, will be supplied with th best.
The rooms ar. nicely f inished and care
fully attended to. Ratoa per month. tX);
per week. i. na. n. jpuivnvn a. iw.
W Will pay Good
TKA8IIY corrox
Prices for, MOTES, GIN FALLS an!
of all descriptions. Send lor Clrculai
and Prices Paid
1ST. -7V SP3:3E3X.'S. Jr.
WILL be r-pened Jane 1st. This noted
watArinir-nlarA I. R-tuRted six mile
from jf.tna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tusoaloosa rai rosd, in Hickman connty.
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at jEtna,
and will convey guest to springs at a very
low rate.
Board, 20 Pr Monlht tl Pr Day.
fclMH-lHl Hairs lu tHIIBIISO..
We invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant sea on oi ipeir lives to come w
Beaverdam, especially seekers of pleasur.
and health. Uood water and pur. air in
abun lance.
I.ivervuen. Centrevi'le, Tenn.
. TKN. Pron'r Oentreville Hoiel.
K. A.
fsrt IhaUranlaa llcla TIs
popularity of "Wilbor'a Compound of Cod
Llver O' aod Lima" has induced sooi nn
pnneipled prraons to attempt to palm off a
simple arncie ot ineir own m,u...v.u..i
but anr person who is suffering fiom Coughs
fn.t. i w iVniumiil ni. should b CaiW.U
whrta th.v Pur.'has this arliol. Th re
sults of it us ar its best ii-omraendationi
and th prop ietor haa ampi t vineooe ni
HU of Ita era t ucoaa In pulmonary oom
pla nta. tha Pho-i'haU of Lim posssse a
most ira-velous h-aling imwer. as combined
with th pure Cod LtverOil bv Dr. Wiib r
It p'ec-ibd Ky the medical fanu ty. Bold
bv A. B. WtLBoa, Chaiist, Boston, and all
d uggisu.
UaKrhahl H'umlt :m LnnlNimplaiiiUaiin lIlscauM
m a ttran l or Uirpul ruiilo ol tl.. I. hit. a l
.iwi. i.,nwirlh. HiliouNnaN J.iuhIk, HrKilarnt
Wlr..KI"""i "lm. 'io. II r inltThhcn.l,iiir
u.thi. h'.Hl. .trfnrtlM".. th. i'.'rm, .... .IkMfua
rhouaiindnof te.i Imoninl. prove Its niorl
AklTm AlKNT8,M') and Womet
vVAIl 1 tU ,,,,,1 'TUK ClllLU'l
BIBLK " Introduction by Rev. J. U. Vil
n o. (in. ....nt has aold 6n ln a towt
ot 674 pwiple; one 78 la avillare ol 7VS;a
.Bt its u in one 3 in I snccea
lv weeks; on 441 in S days at two diBrr.nt
time. Kxpeh.nc not ncaaarv Mdrw
. CA8HKLL4CO. 'L't'dl,
tu liaaiborn atreet, Caieaco,
Tomlin & Benjes,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Offer special Inducements in Open Buggies
ot our own make, at 116 1 Top Buggies o(
onr own make, at 1120. All work war
ranted. Call before you bay.
V Having disposed of onr entlr. stock 0'
Vehicles and th. Manufacturing Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN A BENJhS, w
bespeak for them a continuance of th
pa ronage so long extended ton.
AMJithvW U.YYHHii Main
mm, mwi i gd
WholesaleGrocers, Cot.Factors
A.Dr.iiv.r Mi'.WAi-:, now oneuu,
M, yOo . wn
VsiJr MaMStrtour.
Eaj Mr4.Mir7ttM
Q litn tftken tfc ItHtl ttt
the tales of that clut $
rfncditj, ttid lias ftctv
Inuiic viUvcml HtiBrfl.0
Parii, TaW
Clltuwofi the Uor ol
thai public and now rank
autMf th leadine Uiy
OI mo Ol luofa. i
uraaiora, r
gold by Drurguta,
nice vi.vuc
STEVMT BROTtlEuS a UUUrfliii 1fisvSSS,S
MKW OWf.RwWN. 14irfsl4-s.
IVboIeMtle Dealers and Pnbllsbers,
Sola Areata following Tlrst-Class Instram.ntat
Writ, for Caralmms. Wwa.9at asnal 991 WVC01 BT StFyffPW
M. aaig.
las. Olssrk.
, J. Clau
Wholesale Grocer. Cotton Factors
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., IJempliis, Tens,
Mr. I. B. RAINET devote, his whole tlm. to th. weighing and sa'e of all Cottoa entmsUd
tA ah-Ah.rr. O. tt.B W .".n. Wn,.rAi. t..
r. m. alstos,
M. W. t KUWEI.L,
lad Commlaaioi Merch-Bta. Hay, Cora Oats, Bffi, Cfcop Feed, OIl-Meal
Ll..tment, Plaster, Baildlnr aad Fire Brick, Etc
Cor. Front and Union. 1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
RiAi- i:statjl
No. 59S5, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
eonnty. urac it. Anuerson ei at vs. oai
lie M. Johnston etal.
BK virtue ol an interlocutory decree for
i , entered In the above caus on tho
20th day tl May. 1H 6. M. B. 62, pageft.
I will sell, at uublio auotinn.to the high
st bidder, in front o tb Clark and Mu
ter' ontce, courthouse Ol Dflfior oonnty.
Memphis, Tenn., on
KMturdHy, Job 13,
within leg. i hours, the following descrlbeit
preperty, sirntra in cueioy couuu, uu-
ns, to wit:
lb certain 101 rio o in oiuca uo .uv
Llano' bouth Memphis on in soutn nneoi
iind n street, tr.'nting said street SO feet
and running hack between parai ei unea &w
feet, apon wnici i erectea v-o-eiorx
frame resi ence No. 279 linden street Also,
the 14 4-lUU acres, being all that part ol a
twenty-acre tract in Shelby Onun y, begin
ning at a stake on tbe can boundary line or
the John Kamsey f000-o grant; then,
south 15 -haics 40H links to a stake; thence
east 12 chains nl 41 links to a slake; th.nc
north 16 chains 7mW links to a stake on the
south aid. of McLemor. avenue; thencj-
south Si" wast with the eouw sine oi sain
avenua U ohalns and SO links to the begin
ning: the whole doecription containing aO
i. mo' rr iea. ana ei-epung mriii
100 acres at the n :rthwe-t c.irner, here-
i old to n. ir. Jonnston, wmon o miw
beirins at the northwest corner of said
tr-ct; thence smith wit the eaat aide or
Kaleigh avenue tOU leet; thence east parallel
with MoLemore avenue 4t0 feel; thenM
north parallel with Kaleifrh avenoe 600 feet
to the south line of McLem re avenue:
thence west to the beginning. The 14 49-100
...a, .n in ha .old will be subdivided ana
sold according to said fuhdi . if ion, a plan of
which will be on file in this office before th.
dav of sal. , ...
Terms oi Hale tine tourtn ti easn; nai
ance in six ana twelve mouths, secured by
nnts with a. i roved security, bearing inter
est fro. date; lien eia -.1 .nd redemption
barrrd. This iay Z', lwe.
B. 1. Mcuua (ui,, lirrg ana aiaster.
By H. F. Wals i, Ueput, Cltrk and Master.
Post' a k Pos'on. M'.Iia tp-s.
at th Cou't-Mi u-e in the city ol Mem
phis, at 11 o'clock, I will Itt tor Shelby
county th- building of TWO WKOUUHT
IKON IllGHwAY BK1UUKS across Wolf
river one near th citv at th head of Rec
ond street 27.1 feet long, 18 :eet roadway,
with 200 fit channel p n, fO feet 1 w tr.ag
approach apan at the north end of bridge
i,i s 79 tet apnr '.cn ai me romn eua o
bridge The ene as h le rh wi 1 be Ti feat
long, IS feet roadway, oith pan acrosa tho
rie si north end o briuge 1 leet long,
and one Inn Ion ecross a iond at son'h end
of bridge, with 407 fe of vi duct intervea
inr. lahtilar t iers will be ued.
ll i.rties hi ijins on this work will b
reqoi ed te b.d ov their own p an. and spei
ficatin . 1h bel i ln 'or be beet price
will be sdopted. A irufile of tbe bpdsea
will be rorri.h.4 any on wi Ding u maaw
p ar s ar d b ds. ..... ..
I re.rv b right to reject all bids if
deemed ncesr.ry. ... .
I will b at the Cou-t-Ilous Void.y and
Toe-day befor. dy f lett;ng to confer wuh
contractors. I menl'on thi necue i .x-
pot to b. nsv ai b other wort until men.
E. VI.i t.LK, Priii. e l-up't,
Boa 17, Gw-wantown, Tenn.

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