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oeibiuken ol nc,nyaoua eominanioa-
I.nrdering pepera ebenged from on. poet
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Baiineat leture ihoald bo addreased i
M. 0. OiLi-iWita Second
SATURDAY, I : JlE12, 1H6.
er, and proposes tint she shall ron 47
miles per hour, and erOfB the At'an'lo
ia 83 hours at an expense ol 3200 tona
rf coal per t'uv. The weight of fuel
and machinery will bs 18,000 tma,
leaving 20,000 tons frr weight of ahip
.,l .,n Ho tiiriires out tint such a
'.icable. tbat all
that in nc?'led i business enough to
susVn it. Tiie engines would really
hare the powe r of 1 ,000,030 horeoi. The
cost of running such a ship hs esti
mated at :5,000 lor each voyage, re-
ntiirlna- SOI tiaHSengeiB at $150 BRlll to
t B i , , ,,
nav -.menses. Such a BUip wouiu
i. i.. vet Ut-i lonzer than the
'Great Eastern,' and would not be o
: o.u.n.e of the 'Etruna as
UlUtU iU -
that ahip is sn alvancs on the old
Rrltonnia' which made thevcyaga
in nun" These figurea furniBbed
bv Mr. Dykes will be Interesting in
view of the fact tbat there ii a con
sUnt flow of pBople between Europe
and tha United Statei, The day if
not far dia'ant when there will be a
nuillv a flow of milliona of people
i..an Piirnnn and America. Tbe
niiMtlnn of a'.eamera and Bfe rapid
. . . -r
tranHpor a inn ia th'rolore one ui
Imn.irtince. wnen we bbb
b.t...b .... r
what lma hiea done in uity year?,
&lf turirn rnnv hn exoocted within
fifty yeaTB mon.
Ihe Former' Wutement t orroo-
ratd by Jontln McCarthy-Pro-
eetdlnjg In tbe Comuious.
Losna. June ll.-Mr. Olaa-ione
waabke.iinlhe House of tommona
this evening bv Wm. John'ton, Con
mt a'We, if it wai trae, ai reported,
tba-. t je fcrl of Abe detm, IrHa ice-
roy, during his recent vim 10 voi.,
had ktelt t the aliar of the Catholic
Cathedral in that citT.
Mr. Gladstone repliea vnai n mo
Earl cf Aberdeen hud done the kneel
in. ni whinh hi u accused be (Mr.
ni,utnr n not aware of it. He
added: "We mut dtcline tu ina itute
. r, mnnlrr Intn HllCb QUeSUOn. It
lights the fire of religious discord.
(lur Wf ahinaton enrrest-ondeut env
phasizeB in another column what the
A I'l'KAL has already fliid of the ability
an.l uiefulnetB of the Hon. I oiiniex
ter Dunn us a membf r of Congrese
and the duty of retaining hie Btrvicei
in that body. Mr. Dunn is regirded
. ...nHihle. honeat and eafe
HI m 1 1 v. , - .
i,.i.l,i'nr. sincere in all his convic
tw.n. n.l tms to bis constituent and
rim lf. He his broadened in mind
by bis long experience until he is
' recognited as one cf the ablest and
n,'Ht useful members of Congress.
QmiVi a matt alionlil be returned to
Congress without opposition.
IrrlnrKlloa of Prlorlploa Adopted
tvj the E-ntl 4 amrol(ee
of Ibe Parly.
U Boeme that the wor'd is trying to
solve that dlmcult problem, How ta
obliterate space? In this fast age
time is valuable, and in me rui. u.
business there li a universal demand
for rapid tmnsit. In tho sme pro
portion that the schedule time is
shortened betweon dis'ant cltieB the
greater is the desiro for elill more
epeedy travel. If the time bttween
New York and Chicago could be re
duced to three hours, the unsatisfied
public would want the epeed of elec
tricity. Everybody travels la this
fart age, and to economise time is the
desire of travelers on the railroads
aidocein stesmers. On account of
cheap rapid transit, as many psop!o
now visit Europe ae formerly viBiUd
Boston and New Vork. It is Imposii
ble to further increase the speed of
the railroads of the United H ates, but
0 great is the travel to Europe, and
which largely Increases every year,
that the ableHt men of Europe and
America are comparing note witn
tho view of reducing the time be
tween New York and Liverpool.
In the June number o! tho Fortnighlty
fairw Thomas Dykes has an article
on "Ocean Rteemeis," full ol interest
ing fact", from which wo leirn that the
first aUamshlp ("Bavannah") crosesd
the Atlantic Ocean as early as 1815),
but most of tbe voyage was ty sau,
steam being used only when the wind
failed nd the sea was calm. In l&H
the "Royal William" crossed over
from Quebec to Liverpool in twenty
five days, relying more upon tteam
than mils. In 1838 the "Serus," 440
tons and 178 feet in length, made the
from Koglnnd to New York in
reventeen days. The "Great West
ern" sailed from Bristol, England,
threo days later than the "Serus," and
mrdo the voyage in fifteen days. Tho
Cunatd Line was put on in 1S4-, and
Mr. Dykes, in his Interesting article,
tays: "The flmt ship of that line wbb
tlie MVitinai,' which wss 207 feet
in lene'li. X feet broad and 22 feot
deep, with Blde levcr engines. The
ui.tn mmln e'ffbt snd a half knots an
hour. Ten years la'er the four Collins
ships, of' MM t?ns each,
wore put on, and tho swiftoBt
voyage mads by any of them
was olevsn days anil eleven
hours. Tno 'City of Glasgow,' 1000
tins, the first soiewstesmer to cross
the Atlantic in winter, wa put on by
the Inmaa Company in December,
1885. In 1856 tha Allen and Anchor
lines were put oo, and the Cunaid
Company built their first iron steam-t-r.
the 'Persia, with engines of :!000
tons hoTso-power, and consuming 150
tics of coal per diy." Mr. Dykes con-
tinof s his hittory of each new venture
by showing that Ruesell built th
"Great Eastern," which was a failure
except as a cable-layer. In 1S61 the
Cunard'a steamer "Scotia" reduced the
naejace to nine days. Next the In
man Line built the "City of Rome;'
then, as a rival, came the "Servia" by
the Cuoard, 530 feet lorg, 8500 tons
and 11.000 horse-power. These were
followed by the "Greyhonnd" of the
Atlantic Line, which cro-sed over in
six days eighteen hU'S and thirty
aevn minutes. The "Servia" made
the voyage within hull an hour"
of the sme time. Then came the
"Oregon," and she reduced the record
to six days eight hours and twen y
two minutes, The last great shirs
were the "Embria" and the
"Etiuria" of 15,000 horsepower,
thirty-eight 'cut deep, and over 500
led long. These tremendous ehips
did nrt py on account of the cost of
running them. Ships about i'M Vet
ianp, ae.ording ta Mr. Dykes, rny
moro thai any o'.l.tr bnglh. Uut tins
asneil'on is denied by IW. Thuiston,
who plais tbe steamship of the future
ar.d nnkts it "800 feet long. 80 kit
be mi, with 2i feet draught of M
, j 0j h.'O t"?!". Ile.prtipmes to
Ata mieting cf the Executive Com-
uiitUe of ihe l.iUar neir.rm pari,
i.. .,Mmiilnn anno'ntcil at a pra-
kilo v ...'. , - - - t t j
vious meeting to diaft their views sua
.i... i,:....iu v..,w auuk tn ohtiin. ra-
iim u i crm nivj bvu- .-- .
ported the following
It being apptt'ont that ths relations
between capital and lobor i s at present
ctrried out consiituts a bargain by
which labor always suflers, and fully
...i;in tli t rjeiHUttsion will avail
..,,1,1.,,. an, l ,t,.iiriciil.inff acts of ViO'
lenco us unwise, futile and criminal,
4 l.ik ul torrid ivA ttlonw remain" to ull
Lack upon our inherent right, the bal
lot, to maintain ana aeieuu um cwu
to a fair f hare of the proilucis labor
We therelore demand,
), il Mt ulaco. tho purity of tho
ballot is the true sad-guard of society
.n.l ,i,r arr(l LbtriitB. and to this
end we InsiBt he eafU'r on the imme
.tiuta nnnishment to the full extent Oi
the law as laid down, o all peisons
buying cr selling votes, lniinnua'iiig
voterj, forging ticket, repeating, frau
dulent counting, Umpenrig with ballot-boxes
or any criminal ollenee com
mitted against the lreedom of the bal
lot, and this to be without distinction
ol any pereon or political paity what
soever. ... . .
Wn ilemnnd on the DSlt OI
UUVViu " v ,
the State Government that eignt
bouts shall be leconized asslegU
day's work in every cibb wheie the
. 1. n:i.. in mna, tr Itlfl
conuant in mil'" - - ---- .
number of bouis roquirtd, thereby n
ftving woraingmeu wimo -oy
lite, and employing numbers of
men that will otherwise remain in en
forced idlenetB. . ,
Third We again alllrm onr deter
mination to secure good, practical me
chanics' and labouri' lion law ai a
much needed protection to the labor
er, securing the p ompt payment of
his wages, his only means of exist
ence, such lion to also cover the
cost of all matoiial supplied toor U'cl
for tlin tint 111 irff.
Fourth Weadvoiato a liberal sys-
Iaii, nf AillK'fttion that tha children cf
the pwr may be trained to become
good citiisens, with an advancs aystem
.it thram wlllins or capable of re
ceiving it, and we aro opposml to the
...ninvmint nf children under tbe
age of fourtton In factories or shops.
Fifth Ws demand the abolition ol
thoie taxes, privilege and otherwise,
that act ss a restriction ou lueuuo
.l.im nf trado. and are. theroforo, op
posed t9 the progress of the country j
in.i id lflLiencv to be supplied by
a nrailtmt.P ,t tiinnio tax. thus placing
the burden whoro it properly belongs
on tho weaitu, and not ou tuo pru
ductivs energy of the country.
KiviiiV helieve in the establish
inentof co-operative societiee, libra
ry", bath houseB. and an rauonai
ainiiBements calculated to advance the
moral and physical condition of tho
laboring manses. ... ,
Seventh We connder ths employ
ment of women at a lower uta than
men are paid for tho same dims of
i. ili.irrnnfl to our civilization,
anitherefore advocate rqmtl pay for
the same cUss of woik, no matter by
-linm nnrfnrmnil.
Knnth We believe that our fire
and police departments are.accoiding
to tntur si!, as i uicieui a "
country, and that tbe way to secure
the hist men is to promp-.iy pay u
employes ol the city a fair salary.
Ninth we iemann au eqnsi iocn
ment of all property, improved or un-
mproved, and ttie prompt collection,
ran aav. bowever. teat j. u
known better tinriBuaa uw a mio
norfat PrntmiRnt than tne r-ari ui
Mai. Edward James naunaer'on,
Cowervative, asked whether a sworn
inqu'ry would be Had concerning tue
cause ol tns ueiiast nou.
Mr. Gladitone answereu ma', mr.
Morley, Chit-I Secretary for Ireland,
wai at present m I'uoun mt mo pm
posa cf inititing an inquiry intothofe
grave occurrencts. Tt,e government
were unarjie to anticipiie wu ui-cki-.h
they might arrive at when Mr. Moriey
linitiied his cxammku-ju. r
Mr. Thomas hexton, nsuonaiiBi,
number fortouth igo, asked: 'Are
the government possessed oi auvices
thjwingtnar orangnr.en commenced
tne bullest noting I
Mr. Chllderp, Home Becrerury. re
nlied that tbe only telrgrnrns rectived
from Mr. Morley were these slntiog
il,-, nn fu'nl r. nil s hud oneuna wnen
he telegraphed from the rif.ting of
last eveuing; that bnt ono policeman
lim tieen reported Blot; mat mere
era now NKK) constables anu -ju bji
t R tiif. A later te egram
-iQte.l i hoi I lie no ice had tiei-a ODi'tr-in
to lire on tin mob, of whom several
were senonsly wounded. Ihe taverns
in Rlf.nL Mr. Chiblors Slid, would
be closed iu the evening during the
excitement, and orders had ben
given ti prevent assemblages In the
The Ilotre aitrted to glvo the gov
ernment business precedence during
Dm remainder of the sesbion
Mr Nin'Htitie. in anawer to are
must for a intre exp'ieit sta'enient
concerning the reaHembling cf Par
liament, fa'd: "I wish to re-
wliat I fliitl veBter-
iiv rfi-nectinii the reasBemblirg ol
l'RrliamHnt. If when the elections
itba found that the country
does not approve of tbe policy of the
irovernment respecting tusiuiure gov
ar-nmMnf ft I Ireland, or if there re-
muinn room for rloubt in toe qne uon
then li new Par iamsiit will be as-
H.'mbled forthwith."
The House of Commons last night
voted Ibe neceseary snpp'ies anu au
iourned nntil Wednesday next,
was made public this evening. It do
.u.u iluit ilm irnvnrnment's Irish pro
Wtt'W , -
potalH hae bean cmdemnea
advance by every nu-
eral s'atesinan ol ibe cen
tury." What the liberal leauera iaav
November soiemniy anu lonumij
dared unsafe," continues tbe mauifea
ti. "the Premier has now undertaken.
The Irish landlords of the
classes affected are a'one subjected to
exceptional consideration. English
men aro tola tne act oi uinu w
to shameful corruption. It was to re
hoped that the ant of eeparation is
I 01 to D6 purcnaeu uy mo
gant c bids ever offered to
the opponents of any legisla
tion, The alternative propuBmo
Increase the numhor oi occupying
owners ol land, establish a complete
system ol popular local government
alike in its main ieaiurro iui i.uBiru,
Bcr.tland, Ireland snd waies, enauuiig
each to exerciae greater in Huence in
its local administra ion and in legis
lation for their snecial needs and re-
qnlroment", with the imperial Parlia
nieit supreme over all. This will sat
isfy the natlonul aspirations of Eng
land and Scotland; Ireland's national
aipim'.ions are not stronger, nor ore
they entit'ed to ncore sympathy.
Mr. Chamborlain dwells upon the
fact that the government bos made no
attempt to deal with matters which
Mr. Glads one's election maunen uo
clared were ripe for legislation. ' Ihe
government," Mr. Chamberlain con
4:a. "a,,ia into office nnon a reso
lution' that immediate legielttion
...!.! t nnacted for the benefit of
..l..Ui,il lahnrurs. but it has not
tried to fulfl 1 its pledges, and Par ia-
ford and fi r Charles Dilke parties to
the pr jctoi's suit t j eiabie them to be
beard by couri-el.
la riqueeted the publication of tbe
following: "I pns't'vely d ny that I
south' tQH inUrview with Earl Carnar
von. I .leo differ with the E.il as to
twocotduionH upon which be alleges
was baited liie interview, namely, tbat
liviiir !n entirely on bis own
Tt-spontibihty, and tbat be declined to
bear cr say one woid to ioe oeinmei.i.
of tbe union. Earl Oarnnrvon d d not
laydoan ary tondiiiors previous y.
1 admit th' re was lonnuauou iur "
third condition mentioned, tbat is,
that ha l.nnnil it was ucaer
stood that be was not engaged
in ni.Vincj anv treaty or ca
saias. E.rl Carnarvon laid be
eonght the interview to ak my views
aa m a rnnat itntlon for Ireland It
was sorn obvious that be wished to
give hi own views. Rep'ying to sn
.. r, nirv i, rmrit tn the nrODCsal tl
ettabhah a central legiflatrire, lonnded
f v hoards. I said tbat I did
nottbink Ireland would accept tbat
as a settlement; that the central body
onoht to be Parliament in name and
fo. t hairinv nnwer to deal With ttlS
Wnl onvaroment cf counties. Earl
Pnrnarvnn ft. ted that Ih'S
hit own view, adding gr atly
tn iha . urht o! irieh opinions, no
.1 o Buimsied bas n the Parliament
at IhiliMi. iinnn the ccloiual raniti
His opinion upoa tlrs pointstruck me
as being tie le.-u t of much thought
and study, i lemarat j tuat iw i""-
taMir.n nf CHrtilin lllSh indUSTlCS IIOH
Vnoli.ti anil fnriMtrn Clltlt PtltlOO WOII1
i. ahaiinte v necessarv. ihe J-ari
replied: "I entirety agree wun ycu
hut what a row iters win ue i
v.,.r!n,l " I then ett. bflhevin
that we wera in complete acscrd upon
tha main out'iuea of a plan for ths
se-.tletnent of the queetion of the gov
ernment of Ire and. l have rea'.oo t-j
believe tnat the Iiarl impressed ins
views uion the Cabinet, and that
inaiy of Im colleagues shared niu
views; al-o that ths Earl ret-igoed the
Lcrd Lieutenancy cf Ireland because
we did rot give the Conservatives a
majority at the pons, i spjae ai
Wiuklow, and ac ed during ihe elec
tions nndar ths impresnon that I had
gained from that interview.
Mr. rarr.e'i, in au iueiiov mm
evening, said ne aia not luwnu
iesue a maniles o, but atter tne uits i
lotion of Parliament he would deliver
addrefses at Dublin and Cork, in
which he would tuny etnnc a e n b
his furnished fjr publication a wu
n which he says: A. uuna
Carnarvon's came to me and lo.d
me lhat Lord Carnarvon was am-
imia t- learn Mr. l'rnell s vnas
roa Foreign Powers to His Bride
Suutbern Potal hasges Mght
Setslou of the House.
sraciAL to thb irrni-.l
Wasiiimutox, Ju.e 11. Fourth-
... . :.. Tnltn
cla s l - stmasiers Appoiui "-
E. McKlesky. Kedbad, Aia.: dii.i u
F. Diihngs'y, Franklin, Ark ; Beatrcs
it Wi.v Kmte Line. Arx.: cnrift.-
..w n. 15 inks. Ha ey. leno ; r.a.
V. ..... 1 :,.1 V..winr Ala
K.ir (irHnea John J. Pat'ersm,
Ma. .halt. Ala.: David S. Miller, Rug
by. Washington county. Ark.; Mane
A. A. Koo, euimroci, vmu" ""j i
Ark.; Benj. F. Farlow, Uptonvide,
Maicnn rntint. TkDD I Tboma W.
Ill BROTHEHH h 06.
Pnmps. Machinery Fittings and Pipe
Meadows, Uriel, Tipton county, Tenn. ;
Mollie L. Bower, Nankipoo, Lauder
dale county. Tenn.
Star Service unangee
MarhU VTallv to Traveler's Rest, state
distance as ihiity miles, from July 1st,
-t.il In .nil at uo lir, vuiiv
,n. TrovoWa Rpnt. 1 reating dis
tance ten milt s ; uariseii s ta Deou.m
Gup, from July Ut, inorei.se service to
three times a week. Arkaisse: tfait
man to Heber, from July let. embrace
Waco, between Peareon ar d Heber,
incrcasiug dUtance one and one-quarter
mi es ; Conway to Pinnacle Springs,
frm July 5'.b, extend teivice from
hincaule Springs to Caderon, in
cieifiirg dUtance; Clinton to Heber,
from July 10th, omit Wa-:o and per
form servicsdirectbetweenShiloh and
Hnber. decreasing dis ance six and
thta.!natar miles, then in:reas
service to twice a week between Shi
ih .n.i iui.r. Tnnefsee: valley
Home to Morris own, from June 4tb,
tor clianuB of aite ct ya'iey nomr
innuiA Hiutanpa nr.e (bird cf a miie
Maryville to Cdee's Cove, f.om June
4t.h. for chanee of site of Cades 8
Cove, increase distance three-quartere
nf a mile. Cookville to Quizi, from
June 8th, for supply of Irby, incretse
.1 '.,( nnnu nno mi iU
ut.. ...nit. uttjliliflhod from SvUo
I to Choble, Tenn., and bauk once a
Will Sol Accept Any Preaet,
w.uniMnTnv. June 11. Tbe Hecre
to... nf H at a recently re2fived a cable
messege frcm Minister Cox, at Con
ftar.tinople, saying tbat the Sultan of
Turkey deeiied to ssnd a wedding
presact to Mra. Cleveland, and asking
that it be revived. The President,
...kilo .nnraxiatinO thd ITlO'iVeS Cf th
Sultan, folt that its acceptance would
h in v n ation OI toe BOirit, ii uui
ability and statesmanship ol wr.
UDD' Kbwbbrbt. 8. C. Juna 4. 18S6.
Tho Hon. Polad.itor Dunn, Mombor of Con
fraif, Wublmton:
Dbab 8ia-Our troa trad and tariff roforia
uiociati.o of South Carolina ""lint held
a Boctina at Columbia, t hioh I raad a
paptron ''lb. D.oad.no. oft P"'00"""
iial Marina; Ita Came and tha Bemady.
At tha cIom I introdoo.d a "ol"tloni
favor of l ihipi and froa ahiibuildins
malarial, which I undentand to bo tha
i . . tin .
Rrtolved, At tha lanieof thia atinoiation,
.v.. ,...r... nn.ht. In ordsr to make pottl-
blstho roitoration of our (oinm.roial ma
rina, ta raooanit. mo priuoipw ui
and tha antry fre of duty of all ihip-build-
0i.Ww2,That thin boina tha principle, "
w. undontand it, of Mr. Dunn bill now
pending belura fongrenn. w. "i"
rratifiration that o onliirhtened a moMora
huuld originat. witn a ouuiuera
man. Sir. unnn mu"" . .,...-.
Special Notice
a wenNKSDAV. JUNK 16.
J will fell for noa-Miidont ownori,
I a oroDortT known aa the "Claybrook bah-
between Poplar etreet on th
.l ..j lUinn .vanua on tha Bontn. ana
luit beyond tho re.idenc of John CnrtoJ,
Jr.. on Union avenue. Tba property haa
bain divided into aora loU ao aato auit th.
wanu of purcbaeera Duyiua
It iaeonvinient to theatreet ".on PoplM
.treet, and the r.d. and road bed i. be n
prepared lor graveim - ZTICZ
it on Union avenue, tfe believe it to be tha
moot tuiUbie properu ic r..iuu-.-.--
tropeny ! u - r u
eing rapidly iold for te-idencea out of tha
city, becaune it ia not cat up by railroadi aa
in tbe ntrthern and aoutbern port oni of
those Incurable old f.iaa who would hav.
l,ly.e ttid luDi in hn tent inetead of tak
ing an active iiilereat in the lemaliition of
. - . . l'k.nk.AMUS.I.,.,.l..aiL
bin country, nir wunu u. A
Th rerolulion waa unaniuiou.ly adopted,
and a. it may interest you in W
huld come up i.i the llou.e. I ake the lib
erty of aenditg you a ci py of it n" "
will tend you a copy oi
pr ntod. 1 may treuiHru iui, u...... ----
uTany year. In cur Consular -ervico and
given much atteniion to tail i ubjec', I 1"1
!- vi,l cr it' svui r hi.i
Mr PerVv or.Mr. Tiihiri. can inloru. you who
I... V,ryreM..cttui.yyour..DijsCA!I
a nnirinvil. Ik ETA I Lie OF THE
Obslarlra Thrown In the WT of Ibe
Pollre-rik-litlns for Tneir
TiSrl.na udb-uuiu
balance in on
and two yeare. witn o per oeni. inwrmv.
Mapa cun be een at our iffic onltl day of
aafe OVEKmjt GH'isV KNOR, Agta.
l. ..-w " " I UQ I.. .IHIH'.,'.. - - J .
. . t 1 1 . . . , . i, , ii , i , ( . i .;i..... nriji b , i r 1 1 -
on tne budjoci oi iMguiwuw"""' iciier, oi uiarouuiui)ii,--
Ireland. Ho asked if 1 wouiu se e me mgly taleg-aphed nis oecuua iu
tha proptsed compliment.
Indian Depntnllona.
Washington, June 11. The Houte
Committee on
' Indian Affair to day
i,'..r, firui At hln instance 1 saw anu
held a long interchange of ideas with
Lord Carnarvon. It would not do him
the slightest Injury with any class of
Enalisbmen if every wo-d of our con
versation were placarded in the pa ace , . f,vorablv report Dalena e
yard. The resu't was that I promieed . authoring the ai point
to ask Mr. r.rnell to meet Lord car- ment'0j a board of commissioners to
navon. Mr. Par n ell preferred not to exBmine adiU8t gnd report oa all
meet him at an intermediary "home. , . Browing out of Indian depre-
T.- i l ; ) ...antul tn Mr. Par- 1 . , . . . . c hl.
ira m" Hnuii .. i Haiions and treaties, a mvuinuio
neli's wHiesand a meeting loiioweuai Bl80 ord,.red on the b'.ll au-
the former's residence. I wasabsent.but
Mr. Parnoil e deecnption oi tne inter
view exactly corresponded with my
clear recollection cf tbe conversation
which I myself had had wbhthe Earl.
I explaired to him clearly that Ireland
did notdeaire the repeal of the union,
but would not ha eatielled unbss she
was granted her own Parliament.
oo as far la tlie direct on uiuuiu. .u.u '----r - HUnateb
cent uq iraui, iuo " .- p, "--i
thorizing the Becretary of the Interior
to negotiate with the Shoshone and
Bonnnck Intlians for the reLnqiiish-
ment of a pait of their lands in the
Fnrt Hall (Utahl reajrvation, for rail-
read purposes.
The Society of Vincent e Panl
Washington. June 11. Ketoreiue
- ' I . ' .1 r, ,
as r amen or my;e i oc-
The Earl naked for a second interv.ew
withPamell, but I learn that they did
not meet rgin.
sent a deputation to the Marquis of
Hartingtou to-day to ask him to isnst
thsm in putting forward a Unionist to
oppose Mr. Gladstone in the coming
election. Lird Hartington replied tbat
be would rather see the Liberal Un-on
split than bar.BS the Premier.
The Bill for the F.nnUlon of
Orleans Prince.
d..,u innaii In the Chamber of
Deputies to-day, M. DeFreycinetetated
the action of tbe government in intro
ducing the bill for tho expulsion of
the prinCBB. XIIO yicmua - . i --
ti nders, he said, was a perpstuai men
ses ol a change of the lorm of govern
ment, end tended to throw uioxreuit
upon the existing government. All
regimes had acted simiany as
regards the expulsion m i-cn
enem esnd the lepublicwas in no-
i.a Tmnt Irom the same neuewuy.
Tho Prime Minister blamed the Count
uf Par s for having invited the dip!o-
was sent to HiB Holine s the Pope
Wasbisgioh, Juna 9, 1886.
To His Holineis Leo XIII:
YnnrHf.linew The General Assom-
I ho f!nnference of the Society
of St. Vincent De Paul of the United
States and Canada, now in session in
Ufa - tii not rut n. f!.. wish to exnrtss
thir gratitude for the elevation of
Archbiehop Gibbons of Baltimore and
Archbishoo Tascherau of Quebec to
tbe Holy R nun Ca-du ala'e, and ask
yttir Ho'inem to bliss ue laoom ui
theconf.r no-. cORRIQAN,
Hi i Ho ia ss e it this rep y:
Rom a. June 11, 1H86.
H s Kol re's is mu h pie sel w th
V .r.r exp esa o s tl n i l grain ue,
i,d blesses from t i i hen t ho Conf -r-e'.,-f
of fie Sooieu of St. Viiuen. De
Paul . f th : U-Jte l Sti es en t Ca la.
i. iui, un. I,. CAhD JaCOBINI.
Bklkast, June ll.-Ths rioting last
night waa lees disastrous thsn on
Wednesday nigbt. Ait-r their day s
labor ended thousands of workmgmen
gathered in the vicinity of ths Bower
mu n..a haFrjnka. '1 hev execrated
Illll M. . - ..... "Il
the police, and cried our, "We will
have ten lives ior evci uo -wounded
girls." The county police
were then withdrawn and soma well-
i. inx.i pnnarnn if-H were eeiik iu
reafonwith the mob. The latter de
manded the withdrawal of all the
police. Archdeacon L,ever ana severm
Presbyter.ars impioreu wo "
ji,;., Tlmir alitres Droved al-
IU UlTpO'DV- " . " ...
tnot.hpr nseless. and even wbile the
-ft ' L : 4 V, a .intalB
f urevmnn were BDeainK ""'c
kepi up a desu'tory atone-throwing at
the ponce, uqb Biiuua i
squarely in the face and hurt him se
verely. Capt. Lestrange, the resident
mag'strate, who wss present to coun-
sel order, was Btruca ou "i -
biick. When the preacners ceiBu
tbe mob tinged up to the gate of the
ba-racke and denea tne pouce t j wmo
and take
. . ...
Thinirs went on in this way unui
about 10 o'clock, when two troops of
dragoons gallrped up. iney were
fnl lnP(l hv300infantiv. These men
,a,l hn nn ier arms eleven hours
Tne mob was for a moment powerless
with surpriss, and dieparsed. The
.. linnrar llPI JlfTlO
ashamed of themselves snd uturnsd
to the scene, warmly cheering th9
.ni,iia Tha latter bad taken com
plete posiesaion of the ttreeta around
the barracks and cordoned them ef
fect vely. The mot), resiiz ng tne im
r,wnnhii;tv nf the Dolice's position
now departed in sec ions, cursing the
Pope, denouncing home rule and
si .ging "The Orange Lily" and "Rule
Brntauia." While Ihis was going on
at tbe Bower Hill barracks a mob
had taken postession of Vork street.
They first toncentiated in front of a
wire store kept by a Cathol c named
McKenca. ine building ws toon
r.-il and wrecked and allMcKenna s
stock of wines wera emptitd into tha
Bt-ett. The mob tl;ea proceeaea to
McC oikey's tavern. 1 He ponce nau
taken warning and had got there first.
Indlsputed In the BROAD CLAIM of fcehrfti -
Most Perfect Cooking Stove '
H. WETTER fit CO., Agents, j
MemrtiHw. Tenn. J
Of Bo-lna-, nay ,
At Close
Lan and Diaconnte....i;........
Mempnia tompromi"
Cotton Exchange Membership
Bankiognouse anu ouioo un.i..
11,180,399 36
, 25,0o0 00
250 00
30,000 00
8,764 6S
bxpenjes.......... -Smiitr
Mgnte.xco.Dge "r . o coa ton
Caah on hand .1 68-WW20j .
11,772,534 74i
Capital Paid up j.0
Undivided ProfiU 'SS
TniaMRtAna bionanite
. i,oi3tia
59 .
11.772,531 74.
Wm. A. Williamaonl
.ti, nrm tn the receDtion given by
ment is to be diBinisiod because a ma- f0Unt ,)t t J thedepaiture of his
jority of the English and Scotch mem- hteI priace.;8 Amelia, for Lisbon.
1 . nrnnnaaln which ".,!. I .1 : -1 .,.,.' - Ku,l
bis ruiuuo i'i a--t, .v,- - . .lLt rnat several uiinuiuo .
not soppoiveu uf auj ?""V",
House of Commons outiide cf tbe
government, and th-ne lush membera
v,, M (ilaiKtone recently ut
scribed ss marching through rapine
to the disintegration oi tae xMiif.no.
ured h:m pnvately that tae
inviiatlon had canted them raucn
embarrassment. In conclusion, the
p,am bt m il it was necessary n prove
Maht SeaBlonoriho.Houae.
Wabiunqton, June 11. When the
House met this evening it lmmedi
ately went into committee of the
whole on the legis ative appropria
tion bill, but owiug to the email at
tendance of members the civil service
rlnnae waa nassed over until to-mor-
On motion of Mr. Holman Ind.
ihoaaUrvof the Public Pinter was
-.l.l Irnm fUflDO tO (4000,
XCUUWVa aavua - - . ,
Ia order to attain some conoiuma-
j 1
....v,.r nf Part ament tor iyueiiea,
hM issued a manilesto to his constUu
u..(arrino to the Irish question,
according to law. of .11 taxes when he eays tbat he believes neonoic...
due, without unjurt discriminauon in
l.unr nf WAall.riV OWIlCrS.
Tenth Weadvocatethelconfiscation
.,. .n l.n.la lw.1,1 h eornirations. non-
' .
.i.l.n aliana. ttnftrulH'ors ana an
o'heis not occupiers and cnlliva'ots of
our soil. , , , .
w. fri.rn.i v Biinmii mrse priuti-
pies to our follow-workers cf Shelby
.ni.ntv. without distim tion of race,
color or noiiiicai aiuunv, jcuci...b
them to be for the good of all.
! A 1 N A Kll U. Bi uniiuaiyvx,
to the wor d that there was only one m ' . ,u wfi ii ain-eed
government inFrance and thstlimitcd
S.nlnainna weie necessary in order to that any P8PQ . ..mil
I .. 1 . I A. Ua
o.-r-nmiiiieii tnati onu.
did not
wish to banish all the memoeis pi
former reign ng lamuie mu cuiy
the chief pretenders. Applanse from
A ae I'liauiufx
. . ' . . Ur..o ninaniire iha l ilt and Ctnttr.
Deiween cotreuu - -"-v - k. , s,n tn tiMn.
of autonomy tor ire anu, anu iiinv u ro'oiveu vj . - . -
nrofers the latter. "Although," he eider the cemuiittee's clause enact ng
proiora "' , . rfillj nff immad ate expulsion of all the
says, inner-, TI "nf r r wirt. members of the Lett
FllUVCOt a-a-J
. iii. a i .ln.U TVta nhom .
nn mudii flhonia tZO over uuui
mnrninr. ft rid the Clerk proceeded to
rn.H - auses to wnicn vuato
J. . - MmantttiAa. rnoA
At II O ClOCfc UU11Jah,ww
and the Houbo aajoarnea
u uiutitnr fVYATKS.
After consideration, the report wa
adopted by the Executive Committee,
ami tha awretarv was ordered to fur-
nlah a copy to each of the daily papers
for publication.
Ti. IIVTTKNBKRO. Chairman,
d. W. HILL, Secretary.
of the home rule bill, I do not agree
:h tho i,nma cletAUS OI mr. vtinu-
stone's scheme. Still, I believe that
the Irish ars entitled to m-cu y
trolof Irish afiairs. UnUl ths Irish
nnaal nn has boen Stl lea proKrooo iu
1 t i 1 ..man! rHfc.
the direction oi ioci u...v .
from will be iuipoesioie.
a A U ak iaana
maa. i Mrti.it oiratn rn-iiH v uu iliv id'u
of Sir Charles Dilke's right to have the
k. .i,V odiii-nt v relected me nisi
clause cf tbe commlttoe's bill enasting
a general expulsion, im vuwj bo
314 to 220.
Afier further deDaie ino ituamuer,
by a vote of 3io to zj-, aoopwu u
amendment making tlie expulsion of
the chiei prswnaers compuuury, mo
nuleion o! other memDers oi nmu
" , i a. 1. .ntiAn.l witn
Polndemter Donn Inaoraed.
araciAL ooaaiarosoarioa o tib aeraxL
Washington, June 9. In urging
tbe election of the Hon. Poindexter
Dann to tbe Fiftieth Congress yon are
not only serving the people he has so
i ..Dniai. hnt the wnoie coun-
.... inr b in now regarded as one Ol
the' ablest and mostetficieat legislatcrj
in the Congress oi tne uniieu oin.
As chairman of the Committee on
Naval Affairs he has made a national
reputation. His speecnes are iuB.ti,
Joieph Bruce, 5,apLole?n
R. Uuuiey traysor, ""f r
JJDUJi udvu
Ju. H. McDavitt,
aaas N. Snowdon,
KAPOI.nnK HILT, - Preside
8. P. Head.
John K. I'eppor,
i.vuiii.n. nr.vKi.oel
- '.lr IKNrtll. ! ' " i i.l-r.-lin n.lwrli -i-n
,;u:.-.:i..-ti .-r. I- " "'''- '-'""
;'h.rc I. no ul ..re ..r l..iml,.n M.n.l ll.lv On tlif cnalr.
J,e .J.cnlr, rf v.r, UM3 In I..... J. 1..U .. .l.-J
t.l !. -1 rlr. ulm Inn llprllrul',br ''"
tm M.i.i .i . ii.ii' v -tdIxi. t .rniin ru.
The Snnday Law la LoaUlana.
Niw Oblsans. La., June 11. The
Slate Sena'e to-day passod the House
ihitinir the onening of store",
saloons, etc., cn Sunday. The amend
ments will probably be adopted by the
llnnaa in a lew days, ine oiu e-
smnta newsnacers. drug stores, com
mon carriers, places of amusement,
dairies and Ice houses, but absolutely
prohibits tho carrying onoi oineruuB-
A Mlataka Corrected.
Wahhindton. Juris 11. The elate-
n,cTit mada yesterday that the Senate
ha. I rt.,v)n.i dereil the vote by w hich
the bill was pus ltd prohi! iting mem-
lii rjof Congress act ng as attorneys
laml oinnt nr siibsidiaad tailr.iAits
was erronto'ie. ecntor Hawley's
n.ntinn to reoiitiiliT wf.s epteioJ but
not acted upon.
t.ill.a tn ha nntinnal with
" " ... i i reiirumK nuu.n. vw r i "i v . . , j ,
Queen's proctor re-open ine c. u the'g0Verna,ent. After a vigorous pro- pointed and puny anu ue "'"J";;"";
order to enable the member for Chel- ' f M Ornano, Bonapartist, m8ds the afention of the House,
, .....i n in hla nwa I " . . , tu. l.j....1. n th moat com-
toato prouuee lesiiuiu-j clanees s and 6 were aiiopmu. wnicu ouuy . . r-" ,
vindication. , , t . eBJpower the government io nyJ p umentary toiim. "-rT--
Mr. Crawford a'gea tne cou-v -. - th p,,nces not aneciea dv tne directing general i ipi" T;r,,i
fuee to allow the proctor to intervene, , , pena:ties of two .nd eeptcially of his work and uaefu -
T, ! .u.t K. nn EitnBSPS who ur0V ' 1, i :...n.nl Ihn ....nnnnini the lmnOrtant DU81-
auemuK tuat tu v., . . . . , i r, nvo veatB imiu iou..". ... - j uwa : ., .
ha nroduced to contradict uie ., Franc. .nd disfranchises
... a- I a-.A V a. I ITJ.aa ' . ,
fesslon of Mrs.uraw ioru ""7" ths nrinces remaining in frencn
Charles himself, whom that coniesjirm
i w .1 .ml hia servants. Mr.
Criwford contended that unless it
could be proved tbat the divorce was
.l.inl.,,,1 hm n.-il llHlon. wumu
alio,,! the nroctor bml no right to
i ui. -.hnrlojt D.lkes in-
in Sir Charles
The Judge decided that the proctor
i.-j . . ..hi tn Inlnriere 11 iu
evidence now offered by Fanny Slack
ki..i, iirav ma.niateiialevider.ee,
showing that the pininUtt s charges
were untrue. Continuing, the J ndg
....i.i .hot tha ilnaan'a nroctor mu t
1, 1..,.. .11 anlttiir the Bucaeit-on that
in Kir Charles Dilke's in-
Tha.in.lj.Miil hehimeelfdid
not be'ieve the suggestion. He
.. .. .i., il.a nroctor would nrt so
violate the duties of his ctbee.
The Judge refused to make Mre. I raw-
i ter-
. , l : 1 1
litory. Finally, the wnoie om
ca'sed witnouia aivimuu.
, . A W ah .linnmAn nnt.il
IDe viiamoet mtu ""j""--"-
Tas Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bkits and Electrio Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Uwg oi
Vitality, Manhood, etc. illustrated
pamphlet in scaled envelope with lull
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
lv ben.flted Mra. M. C. uekley. Mem
Phia, Tenn.. when troubled with liw dn
Srder and indigestion, rihe rerdl it u
tlandard UuiUy mediciae.
neas brought to the conaideration of
his committee. In everything he says
l. i .tirArt and incisive. SiO
man is more industrious and devoted
i. hi. lof. olat.ivft duties, snd look
ing after the varied interests
of his constituents in the de
partments. Mr. Dunn believes that
: ...t innn.trv and thorough
CUlltjr nn w v. j -
investigation are the only reliab a
means of securing praeiical results
. h a rna-iinanis. iib io "
working, neeful member, and the peo
ple of the Firt Arkansas District will
subs, rve their own interest by "turn
ing him to the position he so ably nils.
The defeat of such a man won d he a
loss to tho country. The loowin
letter from B. Odell Duncan, la e Con
i -t .v r;i Ktat.a t.i Naoles, ana
BUI Ol mo i-"" 7 . ,i T,.:T
the resolut ons pessed by the TV iJL
Keform AsacKJiation at Hew berry,
South Carolina, is a high tribute to the
which was weged with df spsra'ion on
bith sides. Tue police firdd twenty-
six rounds of buckshot at tne rioters,
bnt the mob finally drove tnem away
and smashed MeUlosicey s tavern to
piecss, distributing tbe liquor to an
who would urina or cany nuui ;.
Several of the rioters were wounded
in the fight and were lcit neipiess iu
the street by their comrades, who,
maddened with liquor and excitement,
lushed to the work of wreck aud pil
lage. A number of taverns were de
stroyed, and an their BlOCaflOl wiuo,
whisky and beer thrown out to the
crowd in the streets, who drank
it or carried it away in jugs
and buckets. In the latter work
scoreB of women and children were
engaged all the time the rioting
lasted. Toward midn'ght the mob,
after having wracked and looted alt
thetivernsin the vicinity, rtturned
to McClo-key's and set it on fire. The
a'!. attract. d the police, who re
formed and marched down thereto
nut out the fire and a ave the town
Irom a connagrauou. xuojr nun w
they made. At times, when the flames
... i. r.v... :i..M.
Hired nign, me signifi i" uunuimra
officers scattered ameng the mob, fill
ing the street from house to Douse,
each officer fighting on his own ac
count, and ail in ths lame direction,
every man shouting or cuib dk, iu
women and children at the windows
shrieking and gesticulating, was terri
ble. Finally the ponce got i -gemer
and carried on their battle with the
buckshot. Th 8 eventually scavereu
Kak mrtVa nin ,1 the fire at McCloskev s
was put out before it could extend
further. McCloekey and his family
.,i annmhnrof his Catholic neigh
bors were rescued from the fury of the
mob by sn Orangeman who took ihem
to his house and there gave them a
sife refuge.
Later. Th streets are filled to-night
with excited people, but there hue
been no further riot. In the coroner s
innuett it was proved in one case mat
tha police had fired before the riot
a3t was read, and verdict of man
slaughter was returned. The other
ca'f s wera adjourned.
Ths mayor baa issued a proclama
tion declaring tbat all persons in
fusing to disperse are liable to arrest,
ami also risk being charged upon as
riotausmobs. Ihe maycr presided at
a meeting of m?cistrtes to-night, at
which it was d idwi to take summarj
steps o stop the iiot3.
No. 4864, R. D.-Chaneery Court of Shell f
oounty.-Aaa Belby et al vi. H. J. He
lingaworth et al. r
li)V virtue of an interlocutory decree t ,
rS .ntarad in the above caoae on t
6th day ot May, llWfi, M. B. 52, p. 6lUw ;
tell at publio auction, to ua
in front of the Clerk and Ma-Mr'a offlc
courthoueo oi Bhelby county, .Vempbia, l.
neatee, on j "
Saturday, June IS, 1S86,
within legal hou-.. the following deacri
property, eituated in Shelby oounty, H
nesBee. to-wit i , . .
The remainder intereat of the hejra v
Louia Selby. ar., deceaaed, in and to lot
and 20. of block N, on the plan of the eitl
Memphia, on Koa avenue, north of roj
at-eet, each fronting Koaa avenue 75 Ii .
with a depth of WW feet. ....
For fuller deecnption of the above proi,
erty ref.renoe ia here made to the reoorda
thTerinarof Sale-One-fourth cah: balart!!
in aix and twelve tnonthB, aecured by notf
with arproved aeeurity ; hen retained a
redemption barred. Thia May 21. lSHS. .
a. I. Mr DOW El L. Clerk and MajU
M II F. Wilfh,lepnty Clerk ana flia
Poaton A fo'ton. Solicitors.
Sti lie the Iron H hil H'J
Ia order to move oar imm.oae I
make the follow! offer :
flood Straw HaU at JXo, 35e. 50c
Kura Fine Straw HaU at...4t, II 26,
Kmall Straw Bonnet, al) eolora-
Extra Wide Brim llitta. for oeuntry.
Beautiful Roaea, all ooLara, per doaea.1
Violeta. per aoien .. .
Buttereupa, per doua....
Carnation Pinka, par dosen
Eleaant Bancbe ot Floweri...
Extra Fine Boncasa of Flowera
Imported French Flowera from-....-UMtrlrn
I Iph IS In bnnrb) for..
Fruit. Learu. titemp. all kinda ol
terial t'-make Artificial Flower!
Dridal tkud Monrning Oi
The Fin'Att Aasortment of DOLLS in the
ReahaiMMl, Feather Clean
Dycxt and Curled.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by the am:,
large quantity. t
ffe Make a Specialty of MUlIu-
Employing the beat handa is the oity, f
our whole attention to it, and we defy 4
petitiea in that Una. I
,'r iTvu.'e
of 250 f '"e pow

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