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iostli McCarthy OB the Parar-ll Car
Barron Interview a Letter
From the Earl.
London, June 14. Mr. Gladstone
bis'.issned the following manifeets to
the elector cf Midlothian:
Blr. tllasUtoar'a MaBlfoat.
Gkntlkmbn In conarqaence of tbe
death ol the bill f r the bvt'er govern
ment of Ireland tbe Minietuts advised
and Her Majrutj wa p'ea e4 t J aane
tion tbe diaaolution of Parliament for
the dccisinn by tbe nation of the
gravrxt and likewiaa tbe aimpleat it
sue that bai been inbinltted to it for
ball acaniury. It ia only aenie of
tbe grav ty of the itatie which indued
me, at a period of life when nature
criea aloud for repoae, to geek, aftrr
and involved in it: "Hwar England
and Scotland ti b goYamed?" Yru
know, for tin laa' aix yeara espacia'ly,
tbe affair, ol Kngland and Hro lairf
bare been impeded and yinr it perial
parliament daersdted a'id rliabed.
All this occnrrtd while'lieoati) nli'ia
were but a itnall minority ol the Iriah
tnembera; ny, without arpp rt Irorn
ao much aa a t and'u' of m nibr no'
Irian. Now they approach ri' ety and
aie entitled to av : "We are awak
ing the view of the Iri-h nut en " It
is impossible lo deal ai'h thia auhjeit
by half meaeur.. Tney ere itring in
their Dumbt-ix, atrong In Britah tup
port, which brongU 313 nn-trbeta to
vote for tbe'r muniry; atrongiatof all
in the aerae oi being light Bn', gen
tlemen, we hve loie rur (art: tbe
rrat remains (or yon, elec era of tbe
oonn'ry. May yon ba able to lee
th ough and cint awy a 1 delnaiot a.
Itrfnaa evil and c Iio'im- go d. I hare
the honor to be, geLtlem n, your faith
ful and sra elul awrvant,
Bitting n thirteen Parliament, a aeut
In the f inrtemth, and with this view
I solicit I'T the tilth time tbe boner of
Jouro. li ence. At the laat election
enle vnd in my addresees and
speed. et impriai upon von tbe
fact tint a (.Teat crisis .hid ar
tivid in ttie afla'ra of Ireland.
Weak hh the late givernment
was I r ordinary purposes, it
had grett aJvanttgei for dealicg with
that crisis. A cmipreheneive mcia
nre proceeding from that government
would have ri reived warm and eitun
eiva support from within the Liberal
paitv, and wruld probably have clout d
the Irish contriver.-y within tbe pres
ent sestioo, and have lef, the Parlia
ment of 18H5fieo op osecule thenow
atignnnt work of oidiuary leg'sltton,
with the mu tituds ol que tiocs it in
clndes. My earntst hope was to sup
port the late Cabinet in with a oniae
of policy. On tbe -titti ot ia-t Jii un
ary the. opp site pol cy of coe'rlnn was
declared t? hive been the clioiei of
tbe f overnmcnt, the Karl of Carnar
von alone refuting to share in it The
Irish qucntion was tl.ua p'actd in the
foregoimd to the exclusion of every
other. Tbe hour, as all felt, wasrome.
The only point remaining to deta: mine
was tbe manner In w hich it was to he
dealt with. In my judgment, the
propcal of coercion was not jiiatilled
by faeta, and w;s droined to certain
and diaftracctul failure. Hime met hud
cf governing Ireland other than co
ercion ougut, aa 1 thought, to be
soogtit for and f Kind. 1 here! ire I
viewed mi'h regret the full of the 'ate
Cabinet, and wnemunnrmnol hy Her
majoity to fo in a new one I under
took it on the bs sof tinii cierclon
policy, wiih tbe frllat exiilauations
to those wirse aid I son lit ai ol
leagaes. When 1 proposed toeximine
whether it n iglit not be pveitilu it
grnt Ireland a doiwa'io legialn U'e,
and mi in tain tho honor and conli
date tho unity of tbe empire, a gov
ernment was formed and the work at
once put in hnd. You will now, gen
tlemen, unders and bow and wny it
ig tint the affairs of Ireland, now for
the flrat time, have withstood every
other subject and adjou nod onr
bob, or L ami pior;!r? i:;!:-
la' (on. As a question of the first
necessities ol social order it forces it
self into the Van. Tbe late Cabinet,
though right in ' giving ' I in
that place, wer, id we thought,
wrong , tn 'heit manner of
treating it. ' It wai onr absolute
duty on taking the government, II we
did not adotit the r me hod to nr pout
another. Thus, gen lemen, it ia that
this grant and atinplo inane I as roino
upon you and demands your drola'on.
Will you govern Iretnnd by court Ion
or will von let Ireland manage her
own afla'ra? To debate In thia ad
dreer, tliia aad that detail of the lately
de'eatel bill, could lo as.futilo as to
discuss the Imltiriif, etiimbliiu, evar
ahifting and evi r vanishing projects
of an intermedials claaa which linve
proceeded from the seceding Liberal.
There are two clear, po.-iiiva and in
telligible plans before tho world
Ybere Is the plan cf the government
and there is the plan of Lord Salis
bury. Our plan is mat Ireland should,
under well-cons dared conditionr,
transsct her own attain; his plan is to
aak l'a ilieini nt to renew teprrsslve
taxes, and enf rce them resolutely for
twenty vca b. by (he end cf
which tune he rstjutes ua lro
land will ba lit to accept any
government ia the way ol a local
government on the tcpal of the
coercion (axes you may wieh to Rive
he. I leave thiaToiy project to speak
lorn o f in its unaJornaa tiaipiicity
and I turn to the prcgresive po icy
the government. Our oppwoals,
seotleinen. whether lories or Liher
bIm, have laiumuxl the namo of uuion-
lets. I d n v them the trio to it. la
deed, we are all nnioniets alike, but
the nnioo they tefuae to modify is in
its presenti aliape a paper nnioo, ob
tained hy f irce and fraud, aad never
sanctioned or accepted by the Irish
nation. Tbey are rot nniouiats, but
papsr nnionlita. True unionirm is to
be testtd by the sentimeuta ol the
human beii ca to be united. Tiiedby
this eii'erion we t ave less union be
tween Great ltntain and Ireland no
thai we hid under tbe ict dement of
1782. Enfranchised Ireland, genilo
tnen, asks through her lawful rejire
tentative for the revival of her domes
tic hglilaiire r.ot on the fare of it
an lnuovating, but a rcetorrtive, pro
posal. She u pes with truth ibat
the centralize ion of Parliament
baa been tbe diviaion of people, but
ehe rorogoisaa tho fact that tbe union,
lawlessly at it wai obtained, tainnt
and ought cot to be rei nled. Hbe is
content to rexeive her leielation in a
lorm divo:tid of pre ogativi s which
might hive impHireii her imperial
Interests, and b tt"r adapted than the
settlement ot 17S'J ti aevore to her
rasnlar control of bar own atl'ilra
8 ie has not tepolled but baa wo c nifd
the s inulation for the protection of
the minority. To euch prov sloni we
Lave given and irull give cretul
heed. Lut I trust Kiotloud will con
demn attempts bo singularly made to
import iuts the routroveeey a veno
mous e'ement of religious bigotry.
Let her take warning oy the deplora
ble note of Belfast aud other p'aces in
the north. Amorg ttie twueti's, gen
tlemen. I amicipe from the accept
ance of oar ooYct are these: Tue
coneolidttlon of the United Knifdie
and greU additions to isttreuath;
the s o.ipae of the heavy, cons ani
aod domo aiiiing wa-te of the publio
tica urejfie abttemoat and aredual
extioc Ion of cuoble fends in Irehrid
and that dcv.!opm"nt of ber reenu cea
which exyer.enre abowa to re a nat
oral conseou'-nce tif free and o l riy
aovernmnt: the redemption of tin
honor of Gr-at lritio from tho et gnia
fastened upon ber almost frm tune
imtnoffi ra ia respect to l'eland by
tbe jadgment of thewh le civil r.ot
world, and histlf ths resto'n inu i f
Parliment to its dignity aud etlicnry
and the regu ar ;progea of tne bu l
Bess of thecoun'ry. Well.g n'leni'n,
thefiret nug iou 1 mw puitijou is
"How ehill Ireland be gnv-r e.l?'
There le another question behind it
Pfwaa ('mmeala o the MaBlfealo.
Tlie AVu-j, cornimnling npon Mr.
Glndat ne'a manifesto eajs: "The
c cur, aharp, deiii ve aet'encta hru h
aaide with renmrrel as crmmonan e
tbe cibwehi an indu-trlou-ly ,S r ad
to confuse and emanitle t e queg
t:on, and the people will ra ly round
the ata'earcHn who Ihs the ennraje
aud (iipac ty to lead them to a lu p
and bonoratila se'tlement of .hie grtat
domest c quarrel."
The Standard this morning says thit
Mr. (i ailatone'a maoifeito 1 .bo a un
(lr a dii advmtae, appetil' g rs a re
ply to that ii sued by J aph C . amber
berlaio. The manner of it is g o(t, and
it is bettt-r than Mr. OhamLvrl itn's.
It is clever, concise and lo the uurp ss,
and each thctr will ator.ca u J r
stand what Mr. (iladstone nicaus, but
will, if be understand! tt e ret of tbe
con rover y, pr .noun e it inadequate
Tbe Trlegnxih avs Mr. Olulstme'a
extraordiuary address ca-inot be pe
ruaed without admirttion for the Pre
mier's power. Blenrii' g himatilf to a' I
his past di app 'intmenti, h i preeent
argumeats thow prudent an I mod
era ion onder ai impus of pnaiionate
Ihe Pott cunmenliog on Mr. Glad
stone' uasnileito to hi constituein y,
anys the dx ument bridles with imi.s
I arent pophlsniHan-l is ba ed tbruh
out upon obvii in lil at'fli.
Tha ChnmkU s ys : "The address ia
disappointing. It la noed'eiato sry
th it it la abletnd ingenuious, I u it u
by no mears up t the high stun laid
( f Mr. Gladstone's former uun fel
loes." Tee Times pronounces Mr. Glad
stone's maoileat'jargu net. tativ.lv and
hia or ca'lv weik. ' It dots n t ff r,"
lays tbe Timet, "a guig'e arKiim -nt to
prove that coercion is th o ly al e'
na'ivo policy to home nil 'or Ir. land.
Mr. Ci.amberUin cave' no alr.rntlive
other than cosicion, and Mr. John
Morley suggested a (ounh by id n it
ting I lut it wai pos ible togoveru Ie
land as a Crwn colony. Wiun the
worrt cornea to the worst, It i always
open to Knghehmen to fay tlnv pre
fer repa-at on, pure and aimpe, ti
yielding to tie iut jlerab e dcmaudl ol
the home ru'e f ctlon. It must be
made clear that lli're ii an thoraltr
naiive, namely, to givelnltnd lo a'
control ol ber loed tTiirai n the sme
scale ft given toE iglend ai d tcntland
and on prtnuiplea asaop'icohle to ttnsa
countries aa to Ireland."
The Scoliman says that Mr. Glal
stone in bis niaailmti mitre tesen s
the issue. Parliament, the Scotsman
con inuea. never voted on the q ie-
tlon ot coercion vs. borne ru'e. If
it had, it would never hav d. feted
the govern in nt on this Is no.
The iiiumitun aaya that ol Ij'a t
stone, Snliebury and Chamberlain Mr.
Gladstuie aloi e seea the despite e
circiunatnnces in which the coon r i-
nhiced by trie mistaken pol cy on tho
Iran (ineiti in. aua inH no alone per
teives huw these circnuistiriceai an ho
t e-t dealt with. "We are ronfidtnt,"
adds the (ViKirdiVm, '"that tin country
will iod rse the Premiers dpgiosis
and proposed ruaedv, fr they are
based on rgorous c limon s ne.
Ttio UiDHisrvat v-s iirovincit.l papers
hitter ly cr.ticise Mr. Gladstone's man-
The Ir'sh papers di not make th tr
comments on t' e ninnuesto ittlmr
lesuee, but oriticiHi it, as a mat er of
courss, according to tlieir paityiein-
and was moth a'rack with tbe bold
ness and wisdom of b a views. He
aaked me to explain to I im n.y views
and tbe views of Mr. Parne'l aa to tbe
patur of borne rule. I did ro.
dwrl ing especially on the fact thit
no eysem of mare lo'a' bonds
onld evr satiefv the Irish peo
ple, and it would be only a
was'e cf time to tru' I - himst II about
any sucb scheme. When 1 had ex-
pan.d al thia fullv te sad tka'.
speaking f r bimieil, he w u d be
prera'ed to to at far oward horn rule
as Pa ne l or mys-if. He gate me to
nnueratand that the e wie i nil. ulties
in i he way ol some of his rolicau-e,
who were n.t vet educated up to trie
mark, but I certain. y ouCeratood f.om
him tbat an endeavor would be made
to complttt tlulr eduction.
We bad a long ta k on ver ous Irirh
questions, and I prim.se 1 to as Pir
n -II to arrange lor an in erview with
Carnarvon. I sw I'arne t and told
him my ttory. The wlHe thing was
entirely new lo him, but a t. r a s'.ort
consideration he de erinined Ibat be
would aee Caina-von. I wrote to
Carnarvon, and Carnsrvon replied,
eucwtiog tbe t me and p are
of an interview. The place
sugg B'ed was ti e i ouae of
the lilcod I bave mentioned, in one
of the great, fashionable Wert Knd
squares. 1'arnt II deuiurn d, a id sid
that II there was any lalk to be n.ade
about alibis here alt r be cou'd not
consent to have any arpjaia c f
mjsU'ry or s crecy about r, ai.d if he
atomot Uarnarvon ne would go
p lily to Carcarvon's owa housa. To
t- is U-rnarvju at on e agreed, and
tl.e interview Irok plare in one tf
Carnarvon's town hoi.s s a' the West
End. I was not pre e it at th inter
view, and oolr knew what hap ened
here from what Paruell to d me,
which he has now bid tbe public.
Bat every one knows wht a cool bead
and cleer m-mory be ha, and tbe
world will take his word.
Myitory is imno'tanl, chiefly be
cause it gives tho fall et and d it-st
roiitrailutioi to trie eta'ment which
I r.gret to ih nk Cart arvon has made,
t at Parnell i ought tie intervie.
Pa-nill did not reek it. lie never
knew anything about .t unt 1 I to d
him nf ( arnerv in's d s re I rii ln t
seek it for h m ; 1 as ai.ujht on', and
ihe p'opo a1 was ent r. 1 nn-xi eived
by me. There w.s rothing in the
whole t'ansct!oa tha' would net ie
doiind to Carnarvoi's i relit as a
s aiesin m and a man ol idas f x opt
'or tin cur ous at nip", to back out
Now, the tnrh is that when th elec
ti ns csmo on ant d d rot giv. the
Tories a in j rit, evei will o .r he p
the Oonte v t ve goverumt-nt were
a'ia;dtotake the ju up. Ca narv n,
I be'ive, did his v-ry b at,, an i, f nl
ing, res'gned h's oflic. I n.e. him in
O-nemb r,aftertneel 0 i ns, ft em 1
dinner party at ihe h-uise f a f i n 1
not the f iend who arranged the
former Int-rvHw end wa hid some
frank and friendly c inve-s ticn. Ha
neve me to und.r ta .d ihat uo'bing
was la be hoped for j.iBt th' n from
his party. He certain. y did not s y
one word lo me which impl.e I thet
throu.h the whole tra sa t on be bad
ben aciinij merely for I im elf alone
Toe wbo'e te lor of what be said
teemed t i rp y q i t th cor. tra y,
and in wha' I said to him I lojk this
as a mat'er of c urae.
I have not the a 1 litest doubt in my
mind tbat. up to this Ute elec'ions,
the leaders c f the C mservative Gov
ernment wer rating int c ns d ra
ti, n the i do oi ol preparing a home
rule mea u-e; tha ii. a done under
the Inspiiatioa of Car-arvon; t' at he
was etronglv sii por ed hy Lord Kin
dolph Churchill ami L rd Ashbourne,
tl en the Ineh Lord Chancellor, end
tliat Lird .Salisbiiy wra h. gini ing to
aee his w.y to it wl.eu ihe elections
kn- ckel all tl eir ealunlat ons to
pi-ies. If he co ill 1 ave rnti i to the ir
tarty: "We can g ve Ir hud lnme
rule a:id kep i Hire oureWes," then
the ediica'i nof the patty would have
bcea easily accomplished. Ii it to
say, "We cm prepare a noma ruie
scheme but we are n. t sir.ini enough
lo curry it and keep in ollhe," is qnue
a ditl'er nl t'd'ig. bo : hey t al to balk
the jump, an i tbcih nk the best
thing the; can do n iw ia to say tbey
nevtr intend . d to make it.
enormous liability, fciacb treasures
would, be aaya, it-salt in separation,
which conld be avoided il simple lo
cal government was extended to Ire
land in accordance with the well
known principles. Tbe opponenti of
the bill he decla'ed to be perfert'v
consistent with true Libaraliam. Udi
Vfreal experience ahows that if we
give Ire'and a separata Parliament
and an independent extcn ive, at tie
same time compe ling ber to pay into
me criiien tiensory several mu ioa
pounds yearly, tbe rertaia result will
be a separation niovemi nt, which it I
will be ioip-a ib'e to resitt.
Will Baport llamo Rwle.
Wilfred Blent hiisar nounced t the
National League ot Liverpool tbat be
is no longer a Cjnsf rvit.ve, and tbat
be will suoDort home ra'e to tbe at-
mo-t of his abilite.
And Commission Merchants,
20 Or and 202 Front St.. JIeraphI, Tent
w cDrriAi- V
Chickasaw Ironworks
08 Second St. Memphis, Tenr
i .nglne. Boilers, NawmlllH,
Bradford Coru and IFtaeat MHIm,
Cotton Pretss, Cotton OinR,
ShafllnK, Pnlleya, h,ic
SPECIAL HOTICB We ara prepared to Cll ordsrt.
on lour Botio, for tha cat, ritod Medart FKbI
Wnnitii l'pllc. Wa oarrr la itook ovar
Two Haodrad Assortad mbi.
a-Hand fnr Ontnlnma and PHi-a-Hnt.1
Pur-tt and itroar NaMrat Fnitt Ttrmn.
Vm.lU. Ltinoa, Oru.se. Almonil, Koa. alc-t
Btvur at d'licatelr and naturally aa tla bulU
Ohio ltlver aud 9IiclilKn Halt Coiupunles,
No. 2&r5, R. D Coa- eery Court of Shalby
County C. W. Harbert, admiultlrator,
vi. L. 8. Boad at al.
IN purimncaof the termi or a darrea In
tha abora lU'ad ru-a, 1 will, ai tipac'.al
Commmlonar, pr.rntd to nil, at publio
auction, to tha hiichait bio dor, at tba "utn
vaat eornar ot Main aod Madiaoa tlreati, lo
Memphia, Tenn., on
TaMdtay, ISth day of Jnly, DSNS,
the lollowini daaclbad raal aaUte. In Shelby
pnunty, namely i LuU Nm. 4 and 22 ol iba
Harbert luboirilion. aa made In the caaa ol
.lhn lUrbert . K A. Ilii kl at al. lately
penrlinir ia tha Second Chancery t ourt ol
hhelby uountr, to anirn reierance maue.
Lnt Nn. A nl aaid lubiivtf ion. frontina HI
teet on nuto tide of Jaokion itreet by l!0
leet to an alley
l.ni N 21 nl aairl nubdiTlaion. Iron tin a HI
feet on north aide of Aliton avenue by 150
leet deep tu an alley,
tiaid proi e'ty will be told on tha following
termi, namely: One hill or tha purobaaa
money to be paid 'n ravh and 'he balance on
a oreUll 01 III llionini iroui id uiw I vniv.
the purchaner to aieru'e note with approved
personal aeeurity tor the deferred payment',
aad a lien to ba retained on the property aold
i$ a further tecurity, the noUa to draw in-
ra. t frnm rlau.
I reserve Iba rli ht or making one Dia on
each lot to d.
tale to benn at ii o 'doe noon.
u. n uanoeni,
Special Comminioner.
J. rainier and Hons Pittsburg Arrow Ties,
Lallin and Iiuul Powder Company.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
S. R0ESCH1.R. Agent, Memnlili, Tenn.
SadM la 1U1, 8M,0Ow Brrla.....Sitla of Memphia Braaen, 10O.OO0 Mcti
in ". v-ir '-rw
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Ko. 300 Front. Ktrt.
int'ai flprinfe).
fAII OR a.aBtlBlUai-A beautiful health
raaort. Th. waive of tbeta eprinia hay
long bee known for Ibair remarkable eura
tlTe qaalitief. Th. an-ingt ar. aarea la
Banner, each ip'tnt cnniainmg different
eurmtive powera. Ibe bath bouaa ia
with water from certain mina'ai
These ' a'hi in connection w ith drinkin
water from the enrinai auited to tha Invalid!
aluent aet powailully on diiea'e. Thesa
different wato't hare no .guai lor tba ear. oft
all kidn.y and bladder troubles, rheuma
tism, paralyaia, neuraUia, dyipepiia, cro(
Bla, eatr b, thionie alcoholio poiiona, fe
male weakn.Rsea, all dit.aaea of th. liver
and spleen, beuorrboida, dropsy and all die
aaeaol theabnommai and pelvio ncera,
weak, debilitated oonstitutiona, and aa an
efficient brain and nerve tonic ibia water haa
no equal in th. world. Tbwe springs are lo
cated in C-ay county. 111., five mile' north of
Clay Ciiy, a villHia on th. main line of tha
Ohio and MiMtseippi rnilway , liO miles from
St. Loan, V,i miles from Cincinnati, 220
miles from liouii.rill., Ky. Kxcursion tick
era for aala at all ticket offices of the 0. A M.
R. B., and ennecting lines. Writ, for cir
culars and other information to
C. E. HILTS. Proprietor,
Pallor Pp'ingp. Cla- county, III.
Hoekbridte Co., Va. High up in tha
Vilglnia mountains. Picturesque surround
ings, extenaiveand beautifully haoed lawn.
Gas, electric belli, and all modern improve
ments. Two dully m ill, post, telegraph and
ei press offices on th. premises, fabl. tba
vary best. Luxuriously furnished rooms:
aui.rb band nf music Send for illustrated -
r.mmphlet. Charges modera'o. Open for vis
tors. Jun. 15th. Waters: Alum, Ckalybeati
and Jrecston. R.T. Vt ILKlNciON.Man'gr.
Hnntgamery (onaty.
Having been th. .roughly repaired and hand
s.tmely furn shed, will ba opened for the ro -eeption
ot visit rs nn June 1, Hg6. For par
ticularsapi.lv to UEUHiiB W KaUG. Mana
ger, Montgomery ciptings Postoffice, Mont
aomery county. Va.
Sulphur Springs
Immediately on tbe line of tbe great Char- -apeake
and Ohio railroad. Tbe most cele
brated oi all tbe mountain rrsorta, and on
of the oldest ai.d mot popular of
Willoptn for the season June 1st. Elevation
above tide-wa'er, 2t(MI feet; surrounding
mountains. 3oOII feet. Painuhleta ne-cr.b.ng
hygienic advantnges can ba had of th. agent
of tha C. 4 8. W it. K. or of
B P EAKLK, HnneHntendent.
Finest 8nmmer K'-mirt la America
Miunetouba Beach, Minn.
Offers icenmmodations unequaled by any ho
tel in the west. Hates, 13 per dnyi $15 par
month. Circulars and fu 1 particulars sent
promp'lyon app lld'inn to EliU KME MEI1L,
Manager, St. Padl, Miaa.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 18 beginning
June 1st, reduce t 25 to '0 per sent., bat
th. highest standard of axoellenoa main-
illustrated descriptive pamphlet
F. N. PIKE. Manager.
Send fo?
and termi.
Iffemvlilg. Ten
ADLER BRO. &G0..261 lilAIN ST
b w v w i rt n r r si
J ,Kfo
f aTTti' a 1 I r '
Latest Novelties io Footwear
W. L. Douglas $3,00 Calf Shoes
In Button, Lace and Congresi.
Illustrated Catalogue and Price - Llii
Mailed Fre. on applisation.va
TkTnW DPRN for recent I on of auests.
IM tnhla will ba sum. lied with the best,
Th. rooms ar. nicely f.rnisbed and care
fully attended to. Katea p.r month. 130;
per week, IT. M. U. BCRHQW A CO.
East Tennessee.
(CELEBRATED as a our. for Dyspensla.
J Lhionio Diarrhea, Indigestion and all
Kidney ABecti. na. Beautifully situated on
irm k.nV. ut a orvatal mountain stream.
Fine fi-hing. beautiful drive and romantlo
scenery. Climate uusur passed Hotel ana
cottages reinoileioa. lieneni garaen.
Monty o' fresh milk and pu butter. Hiftr
miles north ot Chattanooga. Only seven
hours run from Atlanta. So fogs, malaria
or mosquitoes. Board reaeoosble.
1, n. uurtaaAPi. rropriemr,
Formerly of Warm cprings Hotol, N. C.
awSend for De-riitive Circular.
'Will pay Good
rrlceti for MOTES, OL FALl itad
ol all descrlpllous. Send for f 'lrrnlar
and Pricea Paid.!
75 Vhtica Street. MtstwpMw. Tenn.
Mtory of tha Origfiss nf Ilia Inler-
vivw Hfiamn I'arurii aua nr
Jns'ia MrCnr hy tok'iirapl's the
New York Herald I ova Ixiiul, n aa lo -Lwa:
As the prl a iipntn'y bat'le is
ovt-r (or tha present, anil tha t-lcci nl
battla la not ytt brgun, I 'ate tdvtn
tauool the t in uoi a y lull t toll ai.ma
lliirg aliou' t .0 atoiy of tie arranuo
niont beta can Lirtl C r. arvon and
Mr. Painll. In his pimc1i Id iha
Hours of Uoromma i n Monday Inn
Mr. famuli allutled ti t' e 'net that
belom tbe Us' cl i tl ins In hi.dgiod
reatoa to belit-va tbat tho lYry nov-
emmnt Intemlod to g ve a B atutoiy
railiamant fo Irtland, With tie riiilit
ol tbe pr.Vert'nn of tutiva induViit'S
Ihlawa lUllydoniid by S r Michael
llit ki liach, Uadtr ol Ilie o p vl Ion
Wbcreupon l'.roe!! a kd ii Hirka
Beach m anr. to dfny tint a meaib r
oi the l-te Coneervatve Cabinet baa
made a'unti an otf r. ll cksFWaih
Khalluosed him to irivo ihe i aino, but
rrnell vtry pro,eriy rv luted U
pive the name without the por-
m twion oi uia man to Da nammv
Many in the Ho as thmiu:' I
L- nl Rtm'o'ph Chu'ehdi the peraon
al udi'd io, but tho e who knew I). tUir '
knew it was a mau il more ie ions
cha art r ami pisinon, and tba nama
of L.ml Carnarvon roea to many I pi.
It wat lxird u.iranrvon whom Mr. r T-
nell nn a nt On 1 bu a lac L rd Car
uarvrn a.wptod tl e oha Ioup, and id
t ie lloua 1 Lord-i aim Ud ha
had an iuteryiaw wilb-Parnell, lut
aud the intarvirw was aought l y ra ¬
il el, ai;il thnt lio (UorU ta nrvo v)
tildl'aiui l h only oe iu tuiiiwn
name, and bad ivit tb n .leen ton
tu txl. and did Lot atUirward , naull,
auy of bis rollaut4 lu tl e 1 tU n
b rrative giTeinmeu. Mr Vmiil
writs to t ie pip ra yts'erdty d ming
that it was be who toug t ill inter
view, and giving it to benn ertool
that L rJ Cr arvon I al allowed him
to believe ttuit ne iuaina:v m) aaa
speaking on bebalf ol u s noverniueut.
I w'sb to toll my etory, fir the in
trrview was ananged thronvh me
Ab ut the i d nl la t Jun or t b-
irlnninK of Ju y, t e Co' aervaiivei
having jmt tome i. to or, a Co
anrva'.ive, win is m.w but was not
then, In the House of Oomino s, a
frifnd of L rJ Car iai von ai.d nine,
tjld ute tli-t l o 1 u nnvoi war an
i" ui to be V'tt in cominu if t on oit'i
I'A lie I, ai:t iske.l me w ail I con 0
and see V rnarvon in iih nr' iu-
s ance. I di t a", and I thoulit 1
wife aod 1 1 ti-m u li e o la n rvon
ta the new L nd l.ic iln a " of lr
Und, to break away from r. e tnp d
old track of Lis I r do. m ore atul ak
c onwl w ith tii I iiti le dra. 1 bad
a long coavertatlcn with Carnaivoj,
Ear; faraarvou a.d Mr. Pisrwell
Erl Carna'von haa w iitei a le''er
with rafirme to l it interview with
Mr. Patnel'. In whioh I e Biya that
tha1 nimt ng wis due n ltber to b s
ror Mr. ram. li s iidtia ive, rut w is
brt light a-ou pyo'hir p tr ies. I he
Ea l co.tinnes: "I am u"aMe to
undo stand h w Mc Pa-nul mistp.
t r ilieud d my con I ti ns of tbe inter
view. 1 ncobett pero tlv ettiiig
them. Tin pari ort aud t-Dor of the
couversttion leftn e itlrr. y d ff ient
impreision on my mind. 1 iromsed
nmhinir. Aa Mr. fa noil talked I nil
qu8li ns, rurgxa'el dillionlti a and
r .i-ied bj ct o a f r h'm In a swat or
expla n. H. de t upo i t1 e character
and fin ctu n of a coutr I L g ela'ure,
the nrcesailT of devel ui g I Isn la
t'uB ii-e, th- cong it on ol po, uiaiion
In part of Iirlaid. th) comnif n i il
d-H.rea ion and tbe re'a i ins and diffl
i n ties between l.inul t laxnd lenai.ts.
I rmi mb, r h i alluding to som kli.d
I thu.k torn' liiil.id kind -of
proteo ion aa neceBsnry to p omnte
I Isb industries, low .i hl rt plied
thnt. whatever in ! v du. l opiuion
in glit he aa regards, pmtei tion, am b a
pr po al must aroua g eat o j-ction
among mny claw e.s. 1 atid nothing
initilviiiu the concur encn of tbe o'
t-rnmo it in a v au to give wiKi.a a
Btit.itorv Parliament w in jowtr o
o'e.it Iriari inditrlos. I rvurot trat
mv morBtsloa wai ro dittirent lr m
Mr. Parnell'a. 1 do no wiah to im
nur aov unfairness to hm. I fouud
lillll tinriuv uunvri n n.ii t m
and Bt'aubtfo-wa d I i nly regret
that ha a vta lv mii-u id.iratoo t me.
1 nu t rfafll'iu tha' 1 nrver B i I any
thing on thee bubjocta inanywi.se
co.i.m tt ng othera."
Am Appeal tke Worklsicsnea,
MtBiia. Joeepli An-h and J iss-ph
1. ic.ater. Lberd mom I ere if th
Hon.-e of Co nnio ia, on N a 1 of trie
libor eetneit ci the lloi e lave
signed a msnife'o ad lr,a d ' To the
Boi sof Toil a id Art Bins f f Knul nd."
Ti e d. cnm.nt denounce I: unholy
r. a it on between thidr To'? io s, the
WitB'.a'idihe oo..l'el Rui alae
eer. ad Imn'or Hi worlinumeu to
aut port Mr. U.i.daxTl's ai-d 8 0n
aorvativts who a e i ot m 1 v.r of co
ero on. I be d'.e'i'f t of J.wi h
Chambor'ain ani the Varnn sof Hart
I. irt in h. ve ia -Ii aitiff r ut pUr. fay
the duoummt, r n I i' t'lt-v re .e unit d
io P er t .ey i I joint y a ten pt to
t'iri 1 t-i fo ' 1 el n , iIm reault ol
wh.vb would Lo pu demon nm.
Jndlsputed In the BROAD CLAIM of being fa
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
Wsrnplsla. Tenn
Among the Northern Lakes
f Wlsnnnaln. Minnesota and Iowa. are nro-
dreds of delunttul p'aoes wne. one o y.
the summer n.oams in quiet reo aaucuivj
soent, and return boai. at th. and ', aa
heated term eemplet. j rejurenaied. baoh
reourrini soaaon hrlnal to Ooonumowoo,
Waukesha, Heav.r Dam, FrootanM, Uko
k..u Mi..in,li. Wh.u Rear, and Inna-
meraole oiner charniini locautiee wuu ru
tnantio rjam.s, tkoasands of our best hecrle
whose win far hftinee axe on either aide ol Ma-
eon and Dixon's Una. tleaaoo. and com
..- - - .r. . Mil. un h read! Mr OD
tamed. A list of summer homes, with all
n .n..i.,v Inionna Ion narta'nlna thereto, il
h. n hv Lna LI Oiyu. v bwtu'
ana and ot Piol Rilwt, and will hjsent
r nnli..,l, n kv letter to A. V. H.
rarneniar. General Pusei far Aient, MU-
wankre. Wis.
Tomlin & Benjes,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Offer special Inducements in Open Bonles
of our own make, at tii6 Top Buiraios oi
oar own mike, at 1120. All work war
ranted. Call before too bur.
sr Havlna disposed of onr entire stock oi
Vehiclti and the Manufacturing Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN A BENJ ho, wa
besiwaa for them a continnano. of tha
pa ronaft. so lone extended to us.
ANDREW tsTEWABr, 'ew 0x!sa3, AOKKW 1). WWlfHS Mara
iYlE & CO.,
WILL, be . pened Jun 1st. This noted
waterlnir P'ace is situated six mile;
from Aetna rurm.ee, on tue nasnvuie ana
Tuscaloosa rai road, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Back will meet all trains at itna
and will oonvey fuesla to (prinia at a very
low rate.
Borl, B'JO Per Monlli t Pt Day.
hpm-iKl MHlea lo r'auilllea.
We invite all who wish to spend the moat
Bleasant sea on of their lives to com. t
eaverdam. .specially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pur. air in
Liverymen, Centr.vl'le, Tonn.
K. A.PKN. Proi.'r Oentrevllle Hotel.
CAN fu nifh good pasturage at mv planta
tion e even wiles from cry on Hernando
rod. Kuning water in pasture. Will take
.took ver, low. Addr.,a p
Whi'e Haven, Tenn.
Manhood Restored
Kkmiuy Fhke. A riotim of youthful iinunidpno
eiuiiDf trntar itcy, nerroutiwoiuij,
M&nbood. Acbarinc tried tn vmin evvry knowa
rnid7,taM diaoovro! ft atmpls mniof flf-otnig
which h w ll mr .1 FRKE to hii fellow-wiffrf
tTnriruicv h,msrt. dAirvmen. and an
l" i.ni.T. f this famnna and favorite
breed, are informed that the above shipment
will comprise a very cnoioe aisoriui.u. u.
turn a it ...iv, .Ml. VF ART.INU TIEIP-
Kns lU. o-l e early in ismi uhm voi
b..ta aeies and dropped this aprlng).
an nnni.ltred and a looted by noted i id ires
with the greatest oar. Iromw.l' known but-
... . -,ih kiffh.rlass mtlaitia StlftinS.
Parties want ng ainctiv nrst-oiais eu;nii.
for l. uodation tock to sup e sfuily erlutilish
a held, ar. o rdlally invited to eorren.ond.
Our prices will b. foand reasonanle , eclal
trma lororae'a. apixj .or tun id.w"uih
to AUM0 Itu Al,iMii.
74 Ueadennil streei. tonann. Birnsna.
A book of 100 ratal.
Ir.e best book for
anadra. tiser to oon
I suit, be he apert-
,enod or otbarwii.
Ill Anntaitia liata of
B.wpapert and .stimates o the oostol ad
vertising. The avertierwnowant wap.no
... ,.11.. n,l.ln It tn. information be re-
quir.s,wl.iU lor bias who will iav.tt .a
burdrod thousand dollars in advertising, a
.k.,e ia, .Hieated which will meet bis
vr rq .".meat, or oan b. made to do so
k. -i.-Ki .h...... .uilv irrtTBU at by eorra-
apond-noa. 0. h.ndrad and nflx-thre.
editions hav. been iasaed. Bent, poatpaid.
WMesaleGrocers, Cot.FactoK
b. wiTSEaAimrs Co
WholeJtI) Dealer and Pnbltoken,
Bol. AgaaU ' ' IoIIowIbb Ilrtt-Olaaa InitrumenUt
pianos ACSjaViL&i?:
WHta for Oaflom Ti.9i1 nd 9M rrnJl ST.. Bf FTWPWir.
at the Conit-Hous. in the city of Mem
phis, at 11 n'cock, I will let for Bhelbr
oounty th building of TWO WKOUOHT
IHON U10HWAY BK1DUE3 acri.as Wolf
river one near the oitv at the bead of Sec
ond atreet ilt feet long, 18 toot roadway,
with V00 feet cnannel fp.n.SO feet kw trust
approach span at the north .nd of bridga
an t a 75 leet approach at th. south end of
bridge. J he one at tinleian wt i n. lav ieei
long, 18 feet roadway, with span across the.
rive at n.Tlh end oi bridge lt36 leet long,
and one 166 long across a pond at aoa'h .nd
of bridne, with IU7 feet of viaduct intorvea-
ing. Tubular riera will ba used. -All
parties binding on thia work will ba
required to bid on their own plans and rpeei
Bcalini.a 1 b bast plana for ihe best prio
will be adopted. A proBle of th. bndgea
will be famished any one wishing to maaa
plats and b.ds. .
1 reserve the right to reject all blda if
deemed neees..y.
I will be at the Cou't-IIouie Monday and
Tuerday before day of letting to confer with
contractors. I mention Una because i ,
ptot to be ! nsv wi h other work until then.
Ai. VI, lube., Kinase pu" W
Bog 17. Qt -qantown. TePB.
JebB M. Ili.
laes, Jlailt.
at. a. u
to any ad dress ior t.a t"1-
P R(1K1.1. A OL. MivtbrAi-bP AI-
Wholesale Oroeer,1 Cotton Factor
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St, Memphis, Tenn
Mr. L N. RAINBT davotos his who!, tiro., to tb. weighing and sale of all Cottoa antraat-
VEKTlSlNif BURxtAll.lo prttoest. Urin-
. m Mn.. onee . r,w , nrm
revel, "' Manliexilo.
Vr. Tit-vol n.in l is 1 lo 1 rranl-
onto, Biya lie ' m iilf H -ek' to
put ti e ix uto.i o a 1
pnaovai 11 o r tr I no liamln in
whii-ii they w til I b i a i-ur. m h
miTni e "nv Ivea i ' ."I'M 'i m o h
lit tl , ureha ti p8 re, w' ich would
p'aci upon the Biisi taxpayer an
T. B. AlNTOlt,
HtTI Kti. ryrratrirrnir Mi;i.
Has. r B.r".i wilt n r.MC 'tin,
UNK.t'KI.I.K KO'i r M I L USK.
U.I ..J vlKM tU HV Till
llltheat jsrOrml Aalhunlln,
ti- .... rr tb. I nitril Rates,
FKt ll'l. rs i.K to.,
115-llt Kim St., tiew xora.
Aad Cmml8gioa Merchants. Hay, Cora Oats, Bias, Chop Feed, Oil-Xeal
l.iM..imHt. Piaster. BalldljiK aad Fire Brlci, Etc
Cor. Front and Union. 1 Howard's Raw. Memphis.
A Valuable Patent
Daacj'i (Horae) Sorii and Pea Plata.
HAVTNO perfeoUd my invention, I wish
o place it before th. publio, especially
m notaoturorj. as a uorn rianter, it is a
Krfeotsaooeo orana tb. drill, distributed
. seed anri.rat.ly, aniniured, and ooverd
th. same, thereby on. man performing tba
work or Inree. 1 he' bar. Been useu in
this lection for over adnaeti years with per
fect aatiafattion. Uaa give responsible taati
monlals. d dress
JOHN il. DANCT.Danoyrille,
Havwoorf sosntv. T.ie.
"London" Trotiser stretcher
Patented in Eu'one and Uni
ted Stales, tint Agrntn la
I !( tl laM for celfbrated
John fiamilton A Co. Stretch
er. Takes burning- out er
kaere restores pantaloooa to.
or ginal shape. Only patented
Stretcher cumnining screw rod
m eombitiatton with clamps.
ll others inlrinvemenU.
iHWinaJ and sn-y lr Icber
fur irsilrmri'- nK B
xt ress seouraiy pecked. Ptioe 12 SO. Writ
or crculsr. Asents wanted in every city.
U MMaO'K '. B.ls.li .
Valley Lands for Sa's Cheap
I OWN about fifO acre of TIMBER.
LANDS in Biliver cn.mty, Missisaii;pl,
on and near the line of th. Louiivd'e, New
Urleens and lexaa Bailroad. I will either
sell in a bodv or in small tracts to suit pur
euasers. Pa tiea Aeairing 8ne timber of
good lands f.ir agricul ural purposes are la.
vi'.d to examine ths. lards before buyinf
elsewhere. Pricfroml to$10(er acre. on,
third cash, balam . .n easy teraa with 8 pet
eenU per.annum interest.
CiiAti. boOlI. Bxsedale, Mil.

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