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Accession of His Imbecile Brother,
Otto, to the Throne Prince Lnit
pold to Bemaln Beg-eiit.
Munich, June 14. King Lndwig
yesteiilay took his de'parturs lor Berg
cattle, on Like rjUrobeni. The scenes
aleng the rante of the. journey were
very aflectinj;. The peasants knelt in
the roods weeping. The King re
sponded ti their greeting monrntolly,
but kindly. Ila looked rale and
weary. The utuoft pre;au iins have
been tikeo lo prevent Lim from com
mitting suicide.
Later. Ludwi)?, who was recently
deposed from tbe Bavarian tbrone,
committed tuic'd at 6 o'clock yester
day evening. He had gone out f r a
Sromenade in ih park of the Berg
as'le, accompanied by Dr. Gu lilen,
his phvsici n. The K ng suddenly
threw himat-lf int 8 araterg lake and
was drowned. The physicUn jumped
into the water tJ res tie the Ktcg and
'Was also drowned.
The medio! commissi' n which ex
amined tbe hve King Ludwig report
tht b had crd-red the memhers ol
the mi' iuterial deputation, headed by
Count Ho'stein, who called upon him
to procurs his onuent to regency
to be tl L'id until they bled and
then to have their eyes ennc'ed. Be
fore his death trio lelief was Bpreti-
Ibi amonz the c immon peop'e ut Ka-
varia that the King's deposition was
illegal. The people d.d not believe
he was Insane. Precautions had been
taken to prevent thn people from riS'
ing to rertors the Ktrg.
and which was on bis pe-son when
his corose wai recvwed from the
lake, had etonoed at 6 45 o'clock last
evenins. Dr. Muel'er and Hub'rt,
the King's stwartl, had the bodies of
Ludwig snd Dc GueHen conveyed to
the Betg Castle and p'aced on beds.
Althouch tlura was nn.tier any per
ceptible respira ioa nnr pn'se move
ment in either of ths boiiic, Dr.
Mueller and Lis atsietai.t of the am
bulance cerps attemp'ed It restore
animation in btyh, and only ceaei
their efforts at muscitation at mid'
night, when life ws proaounced ex
tin t in both cases.
Kiue Lndw n's suii ide has cast a
deep gloom over Munich. Now
it is teen plainly that the peop e
were deeply at'ached to the King, Hnd
evidences are evirywhe.e rramfett f
the popular eotrow cusd by bis
trade doth. The pol cs have iefued
the following bulletin: "Ihe King
miietlv nhmitlett to the nicies of tbe
Medical Cimnrss'on, and 1 ft for Berg
Ces le. Yesterday evening tiis niajes
tv went out for a walk in the pa'k in
company witti Dr. Gu dcn. Their
prolonged absence cau ed anxiety at
the caBtle. Tt.e pukand the shores
of Lake Stanabent aeresntrr.liei. The
bod es of the King at d Dr. Gndden
were foucd in tha witer. B i'hehowed
Blight sisns o! animation. Efforts tj
res'ore life", tosev.r, wira unavail
At 10 o'clock ihie morning the gener
als of the Bavarii n army m t and t ok
theoatQ o! a:ltganc9to King Lud
wig's brother, Otto, who at. enca
assumed the tit'e rf King urilsr the
name of OUj the Fiist. He is three
years younger than Lndwig, hav.ng
been born April 27, 1813. Ot o, how
ever, will be simplv nominally King,
as he is mentally inr apaMe of govern
ment, and Prince Luitpold, r.is une'e,
will remain recent. Tbe generals of
the army have takn the oath of alle-
5iance to Prince Luitpold es regent,
he Bavarian troops took oaths s milar
to thoae sworn by the generals.
Tbe re are tvidt-ncss tbet a violent
struggle occarr-d in the lake between
the king and Dr. Gudden, in tt-e en
deavor of the latter to rescue his
patient. Many footprints can be seen
in the scil at the bottom of the lake
near where tbe bodies were found,
and thai a nrrt ttvrl bruises (tl Dr.
Gudden's face which were probbly
rnnde hv the Kina's fireer-nails- The
marten ennnint nl two large and two
small scratches, on the light side of
the nose and forehead. Thete signs
show beyond djul t that a struggle
took place, The King, before plung
ing into the lake, diverted himself of
his two costs, which were found on
the benk and led to the discovery of
the bodies.
According to the constiiut;on Trince
Otto, although dtran ed, becomes
King. Prince Luitfold remains re
gent, and will adminibter the alla-rs of
the government.
The church bells have been fending
forth mulll'd pea's throughout the
' day. Kxciied end lorrowinsr crowds
of people throDged the streets d-spits
the heavy rain tbat has been falling.
Thousands of people sui rounded the
palace awaiting the issue of prcclam
tions in regard to the succession to
thw throne.
Mes.rs. Herren, Cailshim, Fa.us
tle and Von Riedel, Minsters of
State, have gone to B rg Castle to pre
rfficiiil minutes recording the
mrnmetnres in Cr nnectijn with the
Kind's ddhth and the ditcovery of his
tha rarrao of the monarch will
shmtlv he hroucht to iMnnich and
Uiit in at.t in tne eld cast e chapel
The chuiches of the city have been
rrnsr.lnrl all Aav. The town is drapcd
in mournine. The troc ps were held
within their barracks tuay.
nrnmenaded Sandav mcrning, and
oiiittlv conversed w th his attendant
on a bench in Deer Paik, near the
mint of the lake, where a plaeard is
prs'od foibiddirg perrons to land.
Lndwiir and Dr. Gadden d'ned tO'
gether in the evening. Tee King was
compes d in d' meatior. He eta lapid
1v fininhinir the meal in half sn hour,
Afterward the King and the pb y4-
cian left the Castle tcgrtber. lbe at
tendante were ordered ti remi n in
the Castle. At 11 o'clock last n ght
the two bodies wera fonnd in tbe lake
fifty pacts from tbe shore, in five fet
of water, near the tench upon which
thto sat in the morning. Dr.God-
rtan mns; have been forced btnath
the water daring the struggle, as the
King's footmarks were uaced fu tber
than the doctors. Tbe nmbrel as of
both and the King's coat acd over
rnL wheh had evidently been
nr from hisbodv. were lyini on tbe
h.nk of tbe lake. Tbe dead King's
fingerna Is ex'ctly fi' the scra'ches oa
Dr. Guddeu's face. Io a swor j rfcp
eition, dated June 8,h, the tour pbyst'
cians who examined I.ndwig nnni
mooslv dec'ared tnat Lidwt was
gravely derarged, bis affection takirg
the form known to lunacy eiperts as
uriMii which is in urabe; tbat
fnrtber cecay as ce tAn; lhat the
malady depri ed the King of free
Toliticn, and that it wou dpievent hia
overningfor the remainder of hl
fa. This deposition was signed by
Drs. Gadden, Hagen, Grashey and
bas been issued "la tho name of the
King, the royal house and its people
who, through gtrd and evil fortune,
have remained fai'hfal." The pro
clamation ays: "Ihis bouse hs sus
tained a severe stroke oi aeerny. cy
God's inscru'ab'e deciee King Louis
bas depsrted this lile. Uy bis decease,
wh nVi hmi nlnnoed Bavar.a into eiiev-
ons sorrow, the kingdom bas passed,
in pursuance of ihe constitution, to
oar well beloved nephew Otto as he,
by a long-standing maiaiy, is pre
vented from governing himself, we,
the nearest agnate, will administer the
government in Dtuait oi utts. we
summon liavanan. wunngy ana
dutifully, to acknowledgsUitjas tne
rightful sovereign, and to tender to
him. and to us as regent, inviolable
loyalty and unswerving obedier.ee.
We command all officii s to diechargs
their functions as heretofore until
they receive more precise orders. "
The proclamation is signed "Luit
pold," and is rounters'gned by Btron
von Lntz, the President of the Cjnn
cil, and by tbe rest of the Cab net
An hour before his death Dr. Gud
den sent the following telegram to
Baron Von Lutz: "Dcc'ors Hagen
and Hubrich bave been summoned
for Tueeday at 9 a.m. to give an
opinion respecting Prince Ott). Tbey
will probably be able to give the;r
decision on Tuesday evening. Here
all is going wonderfully well. A per
sonal examination, I may add, lus
only confirmed my written opinion.
Attacks on Uranirrmen bjr the Cath
olics. Sligo, June 14. The rcidence of a
leading Orangeman was burned last
night by a mob. The mi i ary charged
and sbot some rioters. Extra police
have been drafted. The town has
been quie" to-dny.
The rio'.ing was originate! by Cath
olics who wera argry becacss some
tody had de-troyed the ri!la surround
ing the Bishop's palace They gath
ered in thoueands and attacked nnu'es
of Protestants and molest' d ar.d mal
treated many pent ns. The windows
in every house in which it was known
a ProUstnt d we t were smashed. The
County Club Hcusi, the Constitutional
Club, the Method'st Manso, the mi
dence of the Congregational ministsr
and several chapels weie attacked and
wrecked. The Orengemen made no
attsmpt to retaliate. The Mayor, a
Na'.ionalist, and several Ca lnlia ma?
istrates penetrated to the front of tha
mob and tiied U apreass the riot rs,
but without avail. The riot art was
then read, and the soldiers were cr
dered to clear the streets with fixed
bayonets. A general etampede en
sued, during which sixteen riotera
were arrested.
Incendiary fire.
Lark Hn.r, June 13. A houss
belonging to Matthew Smith, an Eng
l'shman, a large manufacturer of bosts,
was des'royed by fite to-day. The
fire was starte-l by incendiaries with
parafline.'the key holes having been
previously stoned by the miscresnts.
The family, including five children,
were nearly burned to death before
they could be rescued. Mr. Davin,
Crown Solicitor, fired a revolver and
dispersed a crowd tbat was afempt ng
to wreck his residence. Large mili
tary end police reinforcements have
arrived. The, town is now quiet.
Ihe Conine of the .iiarket ml London
aud on the Comment.
Lonoon, Jnne 14 Discount closed
at 1 for three months and J for short.
The reduHion of the Bank of i neland
rste surprised the market. The Econo
mist considers the reduction unwar
ranted by the bank's positioa and
likely tn produce trouble later, ana
that it will only benefit borrowers of
mosey. The outside market followed
the downward movement, but main
tained some disparity with the Bank
of England rate. English railway and
European securities were inactive dur
ing the week. There is little prof p'ct
of much business bing done during
the elections. American lailway se
curities were firm and active. The
good crop prospects and improved
businers in Ameiica in Jucetbe belief
that there til be a general revival in
the autumn, with higher price.
Canadian securities were firm. The
Mexican Government bas dep-sited
funds here to pay bondholders one
ha'.f of one psr cent, in cash and tho
balance in strip. The new issue bonds
steadily improved. Jir. funenons
argument bffore the House commit
tee at Washington has been used to
stimulate dealings in Confederate
bonds with small etlstt.
At Pari.
Pahis. June 14 During the past
week the movement to confiscate the
Orleans property dis'.uib.d other
nmnnrtv h .filers and caused sales oi
rentes the proceeds f om which were
inves'ed in fo-eicn fund-r. Panama
canal shaies closed at 46J.
At Berlin.
Bkblin, June 14 A great trans
oceanic banK 18 Dfing iormou ui-ic.
The Bou-se was qu'et during the pust
week, but prices were urm. oiisj.h
closed at 2.
At Frankfort.
Frankfort. Jnne 14. 1 rices
the Bourse during the past week were
firm. United SUtes funde l 4s c'osed
at 123, and exchange on New Yorx at
Bnbenateln Coming to America.
London. Jnne 13. Rubenstein, the
distinguished pianis', will shortly
make a tour oi Ameiica.
Panic In an Engllth Theater.
HAriNns.Jnne 13. At the Pavi'ion
Theater last n'ght. while Dion Bouci
cault's play, Tlie STiauyhraun.was beirg
produced, one OI toe spec:atorj imiiwu
w hen "Con" fired the gun. An ahrm
of fire was given apd the audience be
came panic stricken. A number of
women fainted and were crushed. No
lives were lost.
Death of a Noted French Author.
Paris, Jnne 14. Diendonne Alex
ander Panl Boiteau, Frenth author, is
dead. He was fifty-six years of aga.
Xotqnltea Pan per.
London, Juno 14. Qu-en Victoria
hss offered tbe Comte de Par s, daring
bis exile from France nndr the ex
pulsion bill, the ue cf C.aremcnt
lastle, where Louis Philippe found a
home and where be died. The Comte
de Paris declined tbe Queen's offer r n
the gronnd tbat he dots not in'end to
reside in England permanently.
LcxDBOBo'a perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine v iolet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of the
Vlle7. . , , ,
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Niel
The Growing Crop Already Serlomslt
Injured -The Harvest la
Chicago, III , Jane 14. The follow
ing crop summary will appear in this
week's Farmer? Review :
The greit fear of dronth, which has
been threatening the wheat sections,
still continues, and has become in
come respects a serious menace to the
growing grain. Dry, hot winds have
prevailed in Dakota and Minnesota,
adding to the already serious outlook
in many portions of that State and
territory. Theeflec's ol the drouth
bave begun to be seriously felt in Wis
consin, Iowa snd Nebraska, and tery
fewtf the reports received down to
Sa'urdav night dwell upnn much but
this subject. Many fie ds of oats are
reported tnrnirg y llow, and injury
to that creal thieatensnewtobe more
severe than ever to whoat itself. The
rains which have prevailed in the sec
tions named, while saving many fields
from ruin, bave not sriven the relief
which, according to.nine-tenths of the
reports from correspondents, would
appear to be imminently needed. The
reports from Faribault, Goodhue,
Maeker snd Mower counties
in Minnesota, all indicnte
serious ned of rain. Toe
presnnt pro'pect in Meeker county is
for not to exceed one ha'f cf the
av r c crop.
In Dunn, Harrow, Monroe and Sank
count es in Wisconsin, tbe fields ara
dry and parched, and all grains are
looking tadly. Tne repoits f om Iowa,
particularly 'rom Adair, Cherokee,
Mahaska, l'o tawattamie, .Winno
sheik and Norman, indiea'e that many
of the advanced fluids of graioa'ready
show signs of turning yellow, and are
bad:v ia netd of iroirture.
In'Otoe and Platte counties in Ne
braska the wheat crrp will be "5 per
cent, below at average, while rerorts
of serious diouths come from Douglas,
Hai'ilton and Webster counties.
Good rains rains would insure a full
average yield in the Inrger portion of
tbe eotire spring 'het belt. But
without them, and the continuance of
the p esent hot and dry weather would
und'iubted y prove fatal to the out
look for the entire crop, as the situa
tion bas already become critical.
The repoits of damage cont:nue to
come from portions of Iowa, Illinois,
Indiana, Ohio, Kansas and Michigan,
but none indicate tbat any goneral
iniury is to result either to the winter
or spring wheat crop?, and that it is
to ho confined in the main to isolated
The section mos' ssriously threat
ened is Southern Illinois, where the
early prospects of a large crop yield
has been lessined very considerably
from the ravages of the chinch bugs.
Gresshopper are reported in lergu
numbers in Hamilton county, Ind. ;
Fayete and Lognn counties, Ohio,
ami in Wapella county, Iowa.
The reports from Indiana indicate
that the yield of winter wheat will fall
slightly below the average. In some
of the counties the wheat has pone
back during the pa.t thres or four
weeks. In Gibson county ihs fields
do not promise as much as one month
airo. owing to dry weather and rust.
In Lagrange county wheat that prom
ised twenty bushels to the acre will
not produce to excied fivj. The gen
eral pro.'pects in Oliio continue good
and the S:ate bas prouiiee cf a full
averags yield.
In Kansas and Michigan the pros
pect has not changed, the official re
port indicating tbat Kaneas will not
produce to excied an 11,000,000 bushel
yield on the report of tho widespread
injury inflicted on the crops early in
ti e season. Harvesting is prcgrss'ng
in Mis ouri, Kentucky and reones'ep,
and the general tenor of the repoits
continues very favorable.
In Southern Minnesota and Dakota.
St Pacl. Minn., July 14. The Pio-
neer Prettt bes crop reports from about
150 points In southern Minnesota and
Dakota, showing the condition np to
Saturday. Eighty per cent, of the re
ports show considerable damage irom
drouth. Tbe rain of Friday n'ght in
the north and of Saturday night in the
siuth bave mtter'ally changed the
situation, punirg the crop in the
north in excellent shape and improv
ing the situation in tbe south, though
in parts of southern Minneso a only a
light crop can belrpfd for with the
most favorable condit'ons. Repoits
from all points along the Minneapolis
and St. Louis rai road and Minnesota
and Dako'a are very discouraging
Special telegrams from Fort Kergh
and Bcz-mab, Mont., report soaking
rains, insuring good grass crops.
The Wheat Crop Kxnected to Be a
Large Tleld-Peraonal.
Nkwbrhs. Tes.n., June 14.-The Rev.
J. N. Ha'i. pastur of the Baptist
church, baptised seven apnlicsntsinto
t.e church last night alter services
Tiere havs been aout thirty mem'
hers add.d to the church here in ttie
last few weeks.
Miss Belle Fortuna, who has been
at ending the Mus cal Conservatory at
Kn t n lor the nest vear. ictnrued
f-a urdsy for the purpose of teaching
inpr-Hl p.lawt in music.
The wheat croD is nearly harvested,
on it n fthundent vield is anticipated.
A. R. Pare has purchased a haif
inteiest in the livery stable of Hurt,
Yncv it Co.
Cut Jack Tace and G. M Keenan,
who witn their families m .ved away
ei met'msago, have returned, and say
thy have rt turned to stay. Mr.
Keenan hps contracted for the erection
of a lare brick storehome and dwell
ing. , .
Newhern hes many signs of pros
peritv and indications of permanent
growth. w. n.
Rceel vlng the Attention of Jfew York
Theatrical Managers.
Kiw York, June 14. The "window
elvertiain" question is now receiving
the a teution ol New York theatrical
managers. As a general rule thtre
appe s to be only one opinion regard
ing the matter, and tbat is, that if tt is
po-sibie to carry out the scheme in its
entirt-ty it will save an immense
amount of money to Chicago mana
gers. To this was add.d the rider
tr.at if the same thing were at'emp'ed
here it would probably receive the
cordial suppoit cf all tne New York
York ma'-aere. It must be r;rafin-br-red.
however, tbat experience has
lepe-Wly tauibt that to lnuuca tne
tr ol managers to move as nnit in
ai y qnestiin affi-clirg their businfss
ints.esra is almost an impo;s bility.
The Tribune this morning prints, a
nntnber of interviews with leading
nunagtra in this city. Manager Pal
mer of the MadLsju Square saya: "I
merely nse a plainly pnotsd
bill, setting forth tbe title of
my att'action, and not many of those.
Tbo trouble that will be fonnd in
Chicago, however, snd In New York
among tbe so-called combination
houses will ba with tbo managers of
traveling companies. These people
bave laid out many thousands of dol
lars, maybe, on their "paper." as it is
called, and there bave indeed been in
stances of shows which reliad more on
the'r litbog-aphs thnn their play or
actors. Now they will taturally ob
jt when tjld tbat all this outlay
must go for nothing. However, I
should be glad to see anything done
which wou'd reduce the measure of
the evil B it is nowad ys tto man
ege r of a good attrafion relies more
on newspaper than lithographic ad
vertisement, the matter may r'gbt
itself." Other managetB who were
saen approved of tbo plan to s'op the
show card advertising, ana h was evi
dent that it would not be difficult to
duplicate in this city tie movement
set on foot in Chicago.
Sketch or HUCnrrer Ntrady Urowlh
In Public UonMdeai-e and Ad
vancement In pnblie Life.
Selma (Ala.) Thnt$: Thorn js Seay
was bun in ltvtti, iu what was then a
pcrticn cf Ureeue county, an t in what
now fonstttutes a part ol the county
of Hale. His father w.s a man of to
bust native etrougth of miud, and ha I
brougM to the mamgeinent of hii pr -vat
a Hairs so much of business eg t;
ity tt at he soon accumulated a la go
fortune. This fo'tune wt s fresly used
in beslowiog up n his children tho
advantages of the best edu'raiion fiat
could then be had by tin v mnu men
of Alabama. Thomas k ay begun his
schcol course under l'r. J. W. N.
Meart, one of the ein'ricnt teacher t cf
his day. Tho quiet ol sc hool hours,
however, was disturbed by thoa'anfis
of war, and the boy shouldered his
mu ke' when little nine thnn
seventeen years of age, and
went out to tlie defen o
of his country. He left S-lmain June
1S64, with the Sixty-second Alabama
Regiment acd was engaged with this
re.iinent io the figM at Cbeehaw.
From Cheehaw his 'egiment was
transferred to Spsnish Kort and from
Spanish Fort lo Blakely, Tom Seay
being in all the engageinsnts of these
days. At Blakely ha was cap'ured
and sut to Ship Island, from Ship
Island sent to Vicksbur, from Vicks
burg to Big Black, where he was pa
roled and when he returned home.
He resumed his ichoul course at the
Southern University and was grad
uated io the clessot in attlis head M
it, taking tbe degree of A. M. He
studied law B a profusion and legm
its practice in 1M8 He has been a sig
nally successful pra titiouer. Ho le.s
the reput.nio.1 of beiuga case winch g
lawyer, and a', tbe fume time tt.e
so'iditv of tiis mind ami the judicial
habit hava been so marked tint bis
se ec tbn a', various tmi'S as a Sp c al
.Iinlfe of the Nupienie Court h's been
accepted by thcs wrio kiu?w him as a
deserved i r.ljuto ti t e trained ai i ty
of tt e man us a jurist.
Ho entered po itics as Senstor from
Ha ein 1H71, acd hes remsii ed c u-
tiuuons'y a- ssrvics in u ni a-e
eiccs tbat time la 1884 ho was
elected cliai'inan of the Dcm.c atic
Stite Convention, snd in the ensuing
session o' the I.gislf.tu'e by a flutter
ing vote he wits elected president of
the Senate. Tne fio courtesy, tbe
nnbendirg impartiality ot an ideal
parliamentarian, and bis work thoie
as a presiding oilie r, fitly crownedhis
seleciion as permanent chairman of
tbe Democratic f'Ute Convention.
Mr. Seav. while trained under tbe
influences of wealth, is pre-eminently
a man c f tbe peop'e. His heart knows
no beat tbat ia not in svmpatny witn
the welfare and tbe highest fortunes
of our great State. He Is a young
man, and he will carry into the execu
tion of the trusts the pecple will im
pose opon him a perfect comprehen
e on of the pres ing needs of the hour,
and at the same time he will cherub
tbe sound traditions of the pa-t. He
is one o! the ablest ol the younger
trenc ration of men In tbe State, and
? .... .. s i .1 . it.
ne Will DO accapieu uy ureal as uirir
rcreditetl leader ami spokesmBn. As
we feel no doubt of his election, to we
fet-1 no doubt of tbe perfect success of
h's administration. He wi 1 mak it a
memorable one in tbe his'ory cf our
State. Few men have ever entered
an ex-cu'ivo t flic under the same
great promises to bis friends tint ate
held out uy ins past career, nnu lew
promises ever held out by a past
carter ar so cer:am to be redsemeu,
In addition to beirg traiued in a pro'
fss-on fist has lcn siuce the foun.
dntinn of our government the high
road to D"llic! Iiooor and difctmc-
tion, he has had tbe (raining that
comes froniawido and varied bini
nnw and rolit cil experifnc, and
he now eni'Vii tto comma' d tha'
'liHt-e iiivfj. He will be in every sense
a genuine Goveraor, and iu tlie stain
Uhs i-lmra ter of the man. in his per
fect brjtd'pg ai l gnit e ecu te y, and
in his reHlly commanding nlu itien,
e t'.irik tlie good purple of c ur sute
will take a la-gor ami :B'ger incasare
of sa' s ection as Mr. Seay comes to
be hett?r and better known among
tVm. .
Every 9trn or mid attvlm thit weak bvk
Hlemdlre Ike Nerree,
Fnrirliee tlie Blen. ilra New bjar.
Pa J. L. Mtibs. Farrtld, lows. a.ra: -
- Brown's lros nw is th. b
k. a,. h,m, nr omouo.. 1 ha loond it
.. . -ii .....k.rip.iaiiiinMtMin.
on the areleni. IJ.. " rrlr "J own fl.
Ma W F Bsown. WI Main St.. OTiiUnVn, 7-.
a." w-pl.l'IJ r.en d.n b. jb". lb anJ
triuhwtwith paioiiis nrba.k Browns bva
fciiux entiralr rWOJ o asslth.
Oennin. haa aboTsTrao. Mark dcr-!r Itaet
mnuiar Take SO etbrr. Made enl M
persoas lesklne aorernment Kn.l
eloyraent in any ol the departments
WsshiBgton, or any other pontioai nadeJ
the Government, I will sesd lull isttrnot ionl
si to how to pr"" ie ooisie . "
end Blank
krm..r Applleail'.s. oa
, Dollar. AdVrees .OH
, tooai4o; ssa,0iasit
rseeipt ot One
u. uKsa
i ifi iri iEi i i-i uuti:
For Toilet Use.
Ayer's Hair Vigor keeps the hair aoft
and pliant, imparts to rt the lustre and
treahneaa ot youth, catUN-a It to grow
luxuriantly, eradicates lmlnifT, cures
all iical p illaeaaea, anil Is the mrat cleanly
ot all bair preparations.
VCR'Q 8,T 'P'r ha given me
HI Lfl O Mir(ert aaiisfartton. I waa
nearlv bald (or aix yarn, iliiring which
time t used many blr preiHrtiD, but
without ucrM. Imleeil, what little
hair I had, was growing thinner, until
I tried Aver's HairVictir. 1 ufd two
bottles ot'tlie Vigor, ami my heuil to now
well covered with a new eiowtli o( hair.
Judaou 1). Clmpel, l'eahody, Ma.ts.
II AIR 'hat has Woiuk weak, gray,
nMIn and fuiteil, muy have iikw hie
and color restored to it liy tlie um iI
Ayer's Hair Vigor. Mr luiir m thin,
fatloil, and dry. and fell out in large
epiantities. Ayer's Hair Vigor stopped
the fulling, and restored my hair to tta
original color. As a dressing for the
hair, this preparation has no eiiual.
Mary N. Uiiimuoud, Stillwater, Miuu.
1IPHD voiitli. and beaut v. In the
t lUUIIj Hi'pctuunec of tlie hair, may
bo preserved tor an iiiiletiniio )criod by
tlm uso of Aver's lluir Viiior. "A dis
ease of tho aealp caused my hair to bo
couin liarsti and dry, and to fall ou.
freely. Nothing I tried seemed v.
any "good until I commenced rsinj
Ayer's Hair Vigor. Three bottles of
this preparation restored my hair to a
health v condition, and it is now soft
ami pliant. My sculp Is cured, and It
Is ulso free from ilaiidrutl. Alia. E. U.
Foss, Milwaukee, Wis.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Hold by PnitfiiULs and Perfumers.
T'krfwt safrtv, prompt actlou, anil
wonileitul euriitlve properties, civsily
pliu e Ayor"s Tills at the head of tho list
cf popular remedies fur Kick anil Nerv
ous Headaches, Constipation, and all ail
ments originating In a disordered Liver.
I have liccn a great sufferer from
Ilenihiehe, and Ayer's Cathartic rill
are the onlv uiedleinn that has ever
given ine relief, line elosn ol tlieao I'illn
will quickly move, my howels, and freu
my heatl from pain. William h. laj;o,
UiiluuouJ Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Preiisreil by l'r. .1. C. Ayr Si Co., Lowell, Ms,
Hvld by all Dnlcn la Alvdkiut.
Forty Tears a Suffprer from
"FOR POitTY YKAK8 I have lissn a vio-
tim lo CATAKHH- lhri i-fnur" nf the time
a joifrror from K-VKIVIaTINU PAINS
TH11.S. Tlie ilisehsrires wnrs so otTninlve
tlmt 1 bsailstn to monlMin it.xxespt lr the
trooJ it may do some ether PuSeror. 1 havs
spent a youns lortutio I'roin my earninvi
ititmiK rny forty yer of rullerini to ohtnin
relief In.in the duetors. I have tried psient
ineilioines every nns I could lonrn of Irom
the four corn on of the earth, wits no relief.
And AT LAST (.'7 years of site) hnve met
with s remedy that hua curnd me entirely
iniido me a new uiao. I woishel I'H ouril,
and now weigh II". 1 uaod thirteen hittles
of the medicine, and the only rrijret I have
ia, that beins in the humhle waiki of Ills I
..ue n..t hm- inlliinnnM t.n lirnvnil on sll Oft-
tarrh luDurori lo ue whui bs' cured Die
Wulnn'n 1'lonear Illtiotl Kcnewer.
"No. 2fltSscond atreeti Macon, tl."
" Mr. Hsnrv Cheves. the writer of the
shove, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Macon, (Is., merits the conftdenreof ail in
Uretted In oaUrrh. W. A. II 'KF.
ux-Aisyor oi maoon.
Gulnn'g Pioneer Rlooel Kenewor.
Curat all Blood and Skin Dlseaisi, Rheuma
t'ain, Horoiula, Old Sores. A perfeot tjprini
. if -i
If not In your market, it will be forwarded
on receipt of urioe. Small bottles, II. larse.
ttii s ay on uiooa sna okid vihmh maii.u
narnn, unriis,
del theUennlne Art lele The area t
tnpuliiruy oi "nuoor a k. imni -tvnr
Oil and Lime" baa induced aotne un
lirinnipled psraona to attempt to psl in off a
simple srticle of their own- manufactures
but nnr pernon wno i Hiincrins iiom hiim.
Colda or Connumption. should be earelul
whfre they purchsae this urtielo. 1 he re
eulta of ita ue sre ila het lerommendntiona i
and tho proprietor haa ample evidence on
file of itajrrmt success in pulinonnry com
plaint". The PhoM'hale of Lime poaasfacs a
most marvelous halin power, a eoniliineil
with the pure Cod Liver Oil bf Ur. W Htmr.
It ia proscilied by theinsdicnl faculty, hold
by A. H. Wii.miR, Choxiat, lloatun, and all
- 'I iIBtillv,
a4 1.
LurrTiTTtjiuina or " c.a-
Mf warns roa catalooms. k
Electric Belt Free
rpOintrnduoeitand obuiu agents we win
L for the nest sixty days five away, free
.l' ...h Hn,it,t In th. It. h. a lim
itadl nu"i:.r of our Vrru... Klratr. .l.
vanle Hnseiiry -lt. I rice sn:
noaitive snd unfailins cere for ervoua Ue-
bility. Varicocele, bmiaMona, irnl"Honcv,
..o n wA t.mlii If .v.rT ltelt WI
msnuisoture does not renerate a n,I1'n
electrio current. Address at once Lhl,-
llrnoklyn. N. Y.
S...IM -i I hit cluS
aad kaa (ina
aimou anlMnal mnns
puUic aaS sow r.
IbMlhcd. fta
ggMr t".:'MS. I
rr. ai.uu.
v k uii.iu a. v w. si w iinuru on um uhi,
" .. 11 !ll
J Mrs. U. C. Howard, Wssbiniton
Park. Koomi larira; location
ooa0,1" .tOTa"'i.t0cK J rf.nu.l Tsrk
1 Coner Lland, "i'lt 1
, alio W rk pUoea of amtuemont.
) V'tlTtaiOksabslSt.
a m
Th Hrdieat Pri't, published at 8t LonU, aar
7"L. VV rL.' 'll . - Uuir h... hMvm.a 1 !
wixllan ti thaw
um of ttluaQ or nmritbtM, tnim
h. )lu. nf thM ilrun lir lb
mim. It In tcnuiiyuiK U ottnr Uil rirb l-ui-erouf
nuuniueiK niy I vrrti-d by iln-
UMOf TONUA LIN K, VlUU U 1 ftillliMt ft ppvCUM
In the acute tunn of Nriiralfl."
ts rA 1 1 " J "A" : P H Y S I C I W S
r ttih'i oi irurai
v'Nx-gaatsita i r i
A A.MFtl.lPW. HoU Prirt4. 7H .ml Ttl WSSIIINOTO! AVKHtlKJiT.
ron.-d -T".'rr:
1st- Mllla.I
neral 315
IKON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 22B nnd 258 Second St.
(PucoMiori In tht lotTtmerit lo JOHN MANOUUK.)
-Writs ai lor infuraislum on ANV l lllWel In either lins.
33G Seonl Ntrecf., Jfemphln.
A Materials. P?-Vai UrW. Wll.. Iron. sn,l ton Pi,. Us. Fistar... fllob... Kk.
Cotton Factors, Yholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union Nlrnet,
H ff I rRa,..lftJBrJW-li--.,.l4J. js-i-w-iai ,i,--"i,r V?vv.i
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Khliitrlen, I-looriug, CeilinR and Odar Posta.
SLEDGE BROS., of Conio.Mlsi.
No. 365 Front Street
Cotton Factors and
S90-l3 Front Wt., ISfemplilv Tenia.
hill, nwmm
Cotton Factors, Commission c;ii:rciiants,
Cotton Factors, Vholesale Grocers,
30 Front ulreet.
(MJCCElsNORs) Tt at
Old Stand, No. !
rul'lv" " ' a. J, LISS, I'ashioi.
8. MAiisiriabu. - -
19 MfMll""1'
3?64t783 Second r.tt, sonth ot Giyoso.
Door Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilino, SWmy. Shin...r
" Vmi T7nMaT to " S.
toa. which b nuMmi all I
ILL. Hom, M. l.. CbU7D- M
H gm Tcalin fclr triftj tn IfamlfK
Trt usw mf M
t plawnt' imp ii
llim merit
isi foa
" I Fonaldur TnnrllrM tbs I
K-tf ralgi 1 bs i-wr ua." .... J
O V. UvfiL, at. D.. PiMTilto, Ma,
HM)to A Hams St, Memphis
. - ,-l ''-.
" . at
JllempliU, Tenau
. J3
F. M. N0RFLEET, ltesldent Partaer,
Memphis Tennei
Wholesale Grocers
71 em lib 1h. Tenn.
3F-A.OT,H.l3 J
Uninn fit.. Mrmvms. t
V.N.WlLKEKS03ll.lctrrei ;
- - . rponr,
Wireft. Jjs;ajiHaaaa
R. R. It ft. !
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