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Te CatrHBtere frrMioi4
Oommsnloetlcni for publication matt be
written aa an lid of tha page only, and!
with all otbar st'-ers connected with tba
ditorial departmunt, should ba addressed I
?i tii Ksiroir.r In ArraaL, Memphis,
Wa cannot, as a rnle, undertage to ratura
articles lot found tallabla lor publiealioa.
Oar mail books ara kept by poetomoea, aad
aol br Ihdividaal names.
Wa 10111111 lattan and aommanleationi a dob
lab aoU of general Interest, but such must
always aa eoeompaated ay tne name ana
address of tba wrltar, aa a i aarenlee of hta
tood faith and re'ponaibility. No aotloa
an ba takan ol ancnyaoua eommnnioe
tione. Il ordarinf papari changed from ona post
office to another, the of both pott
omoee should aa riven,
pact men copies aant fraa of charge.
Business leturs ihould ba addressed t
O.u.iwsT.l BHle Second street,
TIISDAY, i i JUNE 15, 1886,
Tbe crop prospect is generally a
good one, and bnsincM II steadily im
proving in all pat Is of the country.
Tbe striken are nrar'y all at work,
and tbe aumnior, owing to the Inactiv
ity of the winter months, prom 'en to
bt a busy ono. Commercial affaire
lire alio in a most promising condition,
as is evidenced In the s'eatly increase
in the weekly clearing), which last
week, outside of Now York, were 19 5
per 'cent,, and, Including those
of that ci y, IWl 8 per cent, more
than for tbe corresponding week
of last year. This encouraging
Condition of things accounts for the
' better tone in the New York money
' market, renortrd at the cloie of. last
week by the Chronicle to be "without
essential change, a little firmer tone
at bank and on th street bslng ob
servable, but no Bub Untial Improve
ment iantM. On Tue'day bankers'
baUncrs at Hie Mock Exchange wero
.sIorrceJ up to 7 per cent, j it was, how
"ever, a mere spurt, wholly excep
tional, olTuriiigi becoming immedi
ately liberal, and since then the rate
has fallen as low as 1 pur cent The
vetaga for the week has not bern
above 2J per cent., with renewals at
21 per cent, litnks have been asking,
as heretofore, 3 per cent, and have
probably come a little nearer getting
it than last week, business having been
done somewhere bttwoen that rale
'and 2) per cent. Cominorc al paper
is la only fair supply for tbe season
and rules low, 3J to 4 per cent, being
the rate for Indorsed bills, 4 to 4 J for
commission house names and 4) ti 6
lor good single names. Time loans on
choice stock collateral have been mado
within a few date at ,1J per cent, for
three mouths, and this rato Is bid for
the remainder of tho year." Foreign ex
change was easy but by no means weak
at the decline of Friday of the previous
week until Wednesday, when it again
went np to 4.88 for long and 4.00 fir
short. The ga'n of gold and currency
to the bank of New York during the
week was of currency $,W,000, and tf
gold $1,000,009, total, $1,80(1,000. Tl e
Bank of Kngland gained MI,:00 bul
lion during the week. This repre
sents 284,000 drawn from abroad ami
222,000 from the in erior. The Bank
of Franco loft 5,250,000 francs g ld
and 2,100,000 francs Bilver, and the
Bank of Germany ainco the last re
port gained 180,000 marks.
"Tbe grand old mau" has issued a
ringing and eloquent addr ess t the
people of England, and has entered
tbe new struggle for home rule with a
seal which presiges triumph. AfUr
all it may be that Q'ads one's recent
defeat in Parliament will prove a
blessing la di-guise, for it is probanlo
that tbe people la the approving
lection will pronounce f ir a strong' r
ana more sweeping meisurs of home
rule than was propoetd by the bill le-
oenuy aeieatoa. in lrs drat great
jpeeoh uvoung boms rule Gladstone
aaid that tha flowing tide was with
him and the ebbing with bis op
ponents. Diecus ion and reflection
trenglhens tho fcome rule cmie, and
witn earn now election it will gain,
as It did In Amer ca, until tbe people
of Ireland will be permitted tl trans
act their own dome,tlo aff.lr
In their own way. Gladstone
baa forcibly sta'ed tbe issue
In a few word. He inks: "Will you
govern Ireland by coercion, or will
you let Ireland manage ber own af
fair?" and c'oses his addrem by declar-
lng that the acceptance of the home
ru.'e policy will ba followed by "tbe
consolidation' of tbe united empire
and great ad litions to its btrength j tbe
stoppage or tbe heavy, cons ent and
d9moraliiinj watte of the pub la treas
ure; tbe abatement and gradual ex
tinction of Ignoble feuds in Ireland.
and that deve'opmentof her resources
which experience shows to be a
natural consequence of free and
orderly government; the redemption
of tbe honor of Great BriMn from
tbe ttigma fattened upon her almost
from time immemorial In reepet t to
Ireland by the judgment of tbe who e
civilised wo-ld, and laatly the rea
tora ion of Par lament to its dignity
and effioiemy, and the regular nr ij-ress
of the butiine-s t:l the count. y." With
- Bach an i -sue before the p opt-, the
right will prevail. ButGhdttiuc is
placed at great di advan'nge In his
artruogle to gradually educate the
Eoglish people to justioe for Ireland.
He and his followers are without
money. They need subs tnt'el aid,
hot to debauch the electors, but to
of the fortaneleas
their time to tbe
other band, the
rale 'e rich in
resources, and they will pour out
money like wa'er to perp-tuate tbeir
despotism in Ireland. Tte Aour'can
prop'e who sympathize with I 'eland
should contribnts at once to aid the
cause of home rula in the great and
supreme hour of med. Memphis has
already contributed more than her
proportion of means to the good cause,
and every city in the United 8tates
should contribute something, and
tnose wbo give quit kip will give
doubly, for means are reede 1 to inau
giirate tbe canvais with that energy
and entbuslaHoi wh'ch gives succ-ss
Msny Americans oppose contrib itlor s
to Ireland, alth ujb sympaihising
with Gladstone, op .n ;h ground that
England is a friendly power, and
interference with bur dome t c afl.iis
by the people of the United States
would be aa offeos ve biea.-h of lie go
borly comity. But this sympathy br
lrtiaiu is not mrpirtd by an
unfriendly spirit toward Eng'and.
In his late speech closing the
debate, Glads'one tare the chief
reason for American sympathy
with Ireland when he s rid : ' G into
the length and bnaathif t'.e w rid,
tar ack the li;eiatu e of all coontr.es,
and find, if you cat, a single voice, a
ling'e book find, I would almoi tay,a
single newspaper art'ele in which the
conduotof Eng'and lowsrl liolai,d is
anywheretreattdexreptwi bprof und
and bitter condemnation." That is
the simple truth, and It alone would
Justify America's tympatoy. Our peo
ple merely join la the ver.iitt of civil
ized mankind agains' the s utility and
brutality of EnglaiuVs poll :y toward
Ireland a policy that tbe English
Parliament has juit vo el toe mtinue.
Tbe New York Star pla ei tbesmpt
tby if the Am-rican people f.r the
Jrleli on tbe ground that wa krow
them and underst nd tht-m f ir I e tor
than the Englt h do. We bavo wel
comed them and trusted them. Tbelr
chlldien tnd grandchi dr. n ara Amer
icans, and among oor mo it ushIuI ant
honored cit ce us. We hav.tou this side
of the Atlant cdum u strat d wuat the
Irish race ;t rajtaile of sihen no
longr gron nd down by povertr or im-
bl tend by ditt'Ust aid oppression.
The history of the I is i and their de
scendants in America offer -a triumph
ant vindication of th i race from the
English libel tha' it it unfit for self
government, and it is but i atural tbut
Americans, of whatever oiig n, s ou d
sympathies in the indign t on of tt eir
neighbors of Irish bir h or decent
over the spect cle of a continuance of
tyranny ia Iie'ard."
The New Y, rk Chronicle publ'shes a
very clabora e and ca'f'ully pr pared
review of the Cjtton acr ag anil con
dition bf the cro in t e Uu.tsd B ates
on the 1st Inetan', trim whl h we
learn that the rp ii g has been late,
ins putming late and llo weatli r, up
to t tie 1st of June, t ot fav -r ble to
germination or rapid development,
and replanting bas c nroquon ly ben
more widely netesxary t) a i ayoar ago,
Thla stateuient a; p ies In its entirety
more dei idertly to the Atlan'io r-tate
except pior.it Carolina, and arg-iy to
Alabani', a little ltss toM si'ssiopt
and tti 1 less to Louisiana Tlie o h
States would moit likely have male
up fur the late start had it nt t beun
for the dry weatht r la Vay. We do
pot, however, b.ok np, n the My
drought as a bad f.a ure. It stas
broken soon sfe: the Id of June;
and as a const quenc fie plant ia
Texas, Arkantas and Tenntssee is
now, we judge, in fin con
tli'nn, fmrly well advaicd,
vu tivauon nas nr en ca-reil on I e;ter
than last year up to tbe I t of June
except In ihe At sm lc 8 :,tes It will
be rameuthered that the rains the
last half of May In 188 pu'. the crop
in grass badly at tbe close of t at
month last tpring. Bu Ihe ba:k
ward state of the phv t, In Sou h Oro
1 na and Ge r,ia par i mi ar.y, m.ikee
tbe record of the tarly mltivatlon
there this year ess ot af atu e than
unl, moto depending uiou future
develrpmeot. Tue tonlition o! the
pb nt on the 1st instant wat 1. ss 'avor
at e than lat year in t e Atlantic
States, with the ex eptioa of North
Carolina and also i i Aa'moa; it is
not unprom slag, but mr r j depend
em tnao a year agj on future g owth.
wnorethe plar.t had taned w-11 we
cocsider its condit oo as a fmit bearer
ery s t sfact ry, Hie doubt being
with r ftr.nce to the l.t plmted
and to that po tiou which was s alow
in germinating on ecooaU of tt e
cold. The Jane weather and d. vel
uiuiiuv ib moro luipjrut ii tula year
man tsot-n tbocas.
rwwaiy far
Daaai for
laraouLTOTua arritL l
j-orr 8T Uir, Ark., Jun 14. Phil-
P" rouuty, Art,, wit ri Ueu. D. U.
Govaa thonght hn had a wa k ov; r Irr
0 rrgress, bas none for the H( n. P.
Iunn. This 's c ns deiefl by Dunns
mmmecB wi ricO. Tin re is now
nodo'ib', if tbe eev r I as bteu aav.
a v .'uuu a f- Its. llOll.
Tour Have n PrrfVcf MlB;hl,
Whan r i d.macd a Battaoa'a Cat oloa PIm
ter oi a druint, t, aapaot to noelva ona.
et than are, rk-rot ti iy. Mi . ru-
...... . vui-ap d on ar nr wno wl t
to panuade ou tv aroaft auroa wortblria
""'7.""" uirir aou dint nau.e,
"? V!,;1 l'tln. urn," "Caiia-
?. Ift'Tl0"'"" " "" J ""-
. ", mi!r nau.a "liurtun" or "Han
ton. LhfHp Ji, wi a.r - u on,f
thora wrat. hod luiUati ,v, f r hull iha ,rlca
;r tha tnnuina, bo ran w.ll rlord to a,
lr rl v.lue Uin, no'bi s a d il. o..t but
lit . more. Honn.in'i ar- lb, onl. . vua
lilatten thit ran h .1... .1 .. ..."
everr ailu ent uljaet tu ax n I tr.atu .nt.
. ucj.r. pr,.ni.i UM ai,d tlioMmnh. Prn-
.11 ?,ur!"" ""in 1 iivtu wa hy nuyina f
rellahle drnv ia Yk l
L 1 7! ..'.''." tradrmar- and tat tha
word Capcine eut in i a oant r.
fsibx-ribe lor ilie "Appeal.'
par tha expenses
men who will give
canvass. Oa th
(roomies to bom
Tbe Visit of Dons Pedro's Urandsoa
Bills or Iaterest to tbe
lariOTiL to ma arraiL.t
WaMHiNOTOM, June 14. Priace
L'opolde Augns e, tbe g andeoa of
Emperor Dnm Prdro tf Brrt 1, who is
now mxkiog a cruise in bis character
of midshipman in tbe Br nlllan navy,
arrived here to night The Pncident
will receive tbe prince at 11 :3D o'clock
to-mmrow. Toe pribc will a'eo at
tend tbe B'ate reception at tbe WnUe
IJouss to-morroiv eveoiog. He will
remain in the city three or f jur days.
MUMT of the steambcat innpactbn service
has iaeued an onl -r lixirg the office
hours of Inepectc rs, exetpt when on
actual inspection duty, at fioin 9
o'clock a.m. to 4 o'clock p.m.
ministeb winstom's pboiuiili sic-
It is believed t' at Mr. E. Spencer
Prat of Mihil-, Ala, late United
Htatue Ocmrn ss oner for Alabama t)
the Worbi's Expos tioa at New Or
leane. wnl r-e appoint -d to succeed
Mr. F. H. Wins on i f Cb'cago as Min
ister oPrs a. He bas beeo s'rongly
indoreed for ihe appointment bv t ie
delegation from Alabama and Louis
The following hills of interest to tbe
Son to were ii trrnl'tced to-diy:
By Mr. J. M. Ta,lo. : A bill to is
lus 60,000,000 si ver certificates of the
c euomiuaiions of It and 2; a bill to
abolish pension agencies; also a bill
to provide fir the pavment of
tbe surplus mm-ey in the Treas
ury upon tbe bonded inleres -bearing
debt of the Guveinmi nt. This meas
ure provides that wejever the sur
plus moi ey in th Trestury exceeds
$.50,000,000 t y any a tiount excading
th 000,(100 suco ex. e-a th-.ll be paid in
lh reduc ti in of tbe bomlef deot. Of
ti is $ 0,000000 rerv- fund, one-half
a to Da go a and tne-b.ll tilver. Mr.
T y.or also introduwd a bil tomv
Howard T. Bu-ch of Perrv coont.
T nn , $000 for property taken during
iue war.
By Mr. WheUr: A bill to nav
Andrew J. Kirbv $-r 0 for servicea as
army surgeon at bCitubcrj, Ala., in
By Mr. Dunn : A b 11 to nv R'ch
ard D. Lamb and Ira N. Lamb 114.
8!K) for property c mfisca eJ in he war.
at Ite mealing will report adveiBS'y
i n b lis cnnl. nip at ng repfal or re
duction cf tbe t 'X i d lobitCJ.
Frank Ho's h. Meridian. Mi s. : H.
N. Buy 'er, Ch t ar o Te n.: VV. 8.
Rute. Mon gomxrv. Ala. : W. L Ch am
ir ra, Mon'gomwy. Alt , T. J. Pe'ere,
A 'a.; lieu y T. 1. mown and wife.
Meophis;J.E K K y, Mimhis.
Ihe Frtaldeat'a Ploma fr the Baiiu.
WAHHiNOTON.Ju.'.eU O 1. Lamont
said today that th ubli bed reports
oi int-1 e laent i p a s lor ilio dam-
tn r ar i-. cote-1. The PresiJt nt has.
not as y. t decid -d on any patt.cular
pr. g am are lor 1 it vaiatiju.
Tbe PiMldoai'a Koreiillon Daya.
Wa hi not in, June 14 The fol ow
ing is furuMed to tbe Asouiated
I'reis whh a reque t lor putr ha ioii:
t- Kx'CVTiti Manerns, f
WaaiiiNUTiia, 1), t,., June 14. (
No'witbtt Hiding the ant o inc ment
hert- o'o t made by the I'rtmiilont re
st rving Monday in etch week !oi tin
tr-tn-aetion of , uch public bttmnegs as
abs 'lutelv reqn res f.e. dom l-o;n in
lerrni t on, he fi .de tl.nt tbr ugh ig
m ramie of the rules adopted, or fiom
ottier ca-ieet, tb time he thus seeks
to r-trve ie, to a great extant, en
g oseed by thoif wI.osa cnl's are ( f a
per-ii'ital nntu-e, or hy the ores -nta-ti
in ot business which iniht easily
be p'Htj oni d t r not'rr day. At half
pttit 1 o'c o k very Moudby and at
ihe same hoti' oi Wvdues'iays ard
Fi rliysof each w. ek, the PrisMent
ill meet ell who ilw-i e to pay their
teepee s. He e-.rnettly reqiiests that,
i:hthe exertion aVve specified,
ihe temi iui'er of Monday and t'ie
attrrn'Mins i f the ottier rays in the
w k, may b allowed him by the
pub ic, not for his pi a lire, but f r
Ihet erfo m ni-eoi Hi i.ii liuties and
the traneaiti in tf t ie public bus.
111 st.
Mirlatiaa Taritr BUI.
Washoom, Jii ih 14. Mr. Mo
r's'in, in en Hit- rvu wwrhi repr rter
ot tit aesocia id Pres-i to-d.iy, aid he
w uld surety ru ve to consider the
taiilT hill nn Thunitav. He si d, very
caudi-lly, th it h - ou d no s eik p
itrvey a to li e ha nn s of sitm-s it
a 1 depn.de 1 on ttie v. t of t'.e New
York Deuio ri'ic m nib us, and had
from the firs. Tie towudt'te of
Wave and A ea ih mrs en'ir ly bar
nion ous andc uld have br tight in
o-calld pp a b.ll t nv time alnte
February, but h h d deemed it un.
a e 10 i o o, kno-timr thrt le coi.l l
not uneit ed wi hout New Yurk. Tne
fact that the b 11 wat f vo ed by rhs
admlni t a io i ba t iel h m lo expect
nearly a unaiura ut vote of l a friends
In t1 at H. t. , I ut he iid fi.aly d -termiuid
to call np the bill wtrt out
knowing more i n the nnbjt t tl an te
did at firs', nc t th.it l e was eu
course 1 l y H e 'ate corre o irtence
n.iwen v: e ithii n; and r-ecntiry
Manning. Ifti eim ti m is d-f-ated,
he eaid, it Wvul I be bv the vo;e- ol
tl e Democratic m mb-rs tr-m N
York, where be m g!:t reesonab'y ex
pect them t be with the aO mi uiat ra
Anelhcr Itnalafna s aaeaaaf Renab-
vassal Ew-a litres
Wasuinomn, June 14.-Repnb lean
eenaimt nad antitttt r older of bns
nesx rau - nn ihi. n orni .g. They dis-
crs td tbe i opo':t on of ihe Iemo-
ra'i to pit' (he Aiexuan pees on b it
and the Ho. Ni iu.s bill nron the
1 t ol m aeurej t? b-t eoneidi-r. d th 8
8 "eiri. Ttre n ono i ion fomid i n
ttdv.n a es, b t many opp'r e' ts lu the
can 'ue. wo I'e e.n i ihUou as
rea.hxd. T i Hur. H h..i.. . s.ti
'he tiarerf itt con-id ' a ion, t'ie In it
wit'un a lih ,t was best 10 k.en i a
agg eae and rt? pr l a e f ti when
ir ric' a tint rri en'aa in, l Uni.
al y dm u vetl el so r e lergth.
fttnnlril N.lv, r Uvllars,
WaSHINO'ON. Jjii 14. Tna knna
i f tr-ndur.l til.ir d II tr Ir. m t'n
mlnt . urin i n e k en li-d Jn ie
:2t-- av511,8 9. Ihe Uue dn i g
ne c r p i.ui ij P' i oil of ast vear
was toll,5(HI. Tru shi. unt ti . f na
lio ,bI sier nn en.ue Ju.o 1st
imonnt. t ".2 07H
Iloara !
It iiMni
('a. loan
WAsHHaTN, June 14 Act ng 8- o
etiry Fa rat ild I i wrlr e i t tbe
Culleit r t f Cue ouij at B.lt.moi6 in
regard to tbe recent depart men t circu
lar nxiog tbe nouri ol business in
lusiom Ho usee. He approves tbe
collector's suggestion that one-ha'f of
the force be required to rema n on
duty dunng tbe ha f tour recess at
noon. He also says tbat the limit of
otnctai Don re preecribtd by the circu
lar, via.: o'clock a-m. to 4 o'chek
p-m , with a recces of half an hour at
noon, does not mean tbat tie Custom
House shall be kept open to the pub
lic ouriog tne period irjm 3 o deck
p.m. to 4 o clock p.m. unlets the col-
lecior cocs ders such conree cecee
sary. The colle tor is given full au
thottiy to close tbe doors at 3 o'c'ock,
but thee flicerp, clerks and employes
of the Custom lftuse are eipectel to
remain at tbeir desksduring tbe hoars
epecined in tbe circular.
7mVJZ?!Jn r!atrio'rrrams!1
WAaiiiHGTON, June 14 The follow
ing ia the text of tbe tetolation offered
in tbe House tdy by Kepreeentative
Hewitt to provide for a celebration of
i tie anniversary of the foundation cf
the Government:
Whereas, The centennial anniver
sary of the organixttion of the Con
stitu ional Government of tbe Un ted
Brates and of tbe first meet:nsr of Can-
press and of tbe Inau ora'ionol George
weenington as I'resideotof the United
States in the cby of New York, will
om ur r n the :10th day of April, A D.
1881); and, whereas, it ia p oper that
tbe anniversary of this great event
should be properly celebrated; and,
whereas, tbe Chamber of Commerce of
ttiecity oi Hem ork bas already taken
action tooaing to me celebration in
tbe c ty where the Fedral Govern
nient waa eetabliehed; therefore be it
Ketolvfd by the House of Kepr -Brutal
ives, tbe Senate concurring, That a
joint epoclal committee, coneieticgof
three Senators to be named by the
preeiuiog o nicer oi tne senate and of
five ltepreeenta'ives to be named by
msisptaier oi tne uoure. be consti
tut d, whose duty it shall be to con
sider in what manner the centeoary
anniversary of the organlzst:on of tbe
government sha 1 be ce'ebrated at as
lo preserve to succeeding generations
tbe memory of ihe wisdom and pa
triotism of the fathers of the Republic
in f aming the cons'itution which has
teemed to their descendants the bless
ings of liberty, under wbich tbe per
petui'y of the Federal government
as bern firmly established through
the indissoluble nnicn of sovereign
S ate?, caoahle of indefinite exptn
tirn without impairing the right of
local se f government for which
other people bad smugled in vain.
The Imarovemeat aribe Hlsalaalppl
Washington, June 14. Senator
Gibs-in submit ed in the Senate to-day
fir reference t r the Commerce Com
mit te, a letter from Gen. Gilmce,
Chief of Eoginee's, in Matim to the
liver and harbor bill as passed by tbe
House for Mississippi r ver improve
ment. Gen. Gdmcre ears the provis
hn appropHaiing $2,20,000 for the
stork below Cairo Is lett in a nio4
awkward aud impracticab'e shape.
Tbe money is to be expended under
di ection of the Secretary of War
without the Intervention of the Mis
sissippi River Commission, provided
tbat tbe wo ks on Lake Providence
reaches are to be completed by whom
it does not say, and provided that the
Commission mey bu Id and reratr
leviea ts hereto'ore, as (art of the sys
tem of improvement. Gen. Gilmora
says there can ba to want) f harmony
b twten the Secretary and tbe Corn
mi s on, yet be argues that the dunes
of tr.e Comra silou should be mire
sharply d fined in the bill, othtrwire
tbe frienlt rf Improvement may be
disappoint) d in the w -y the money is
allotted. H says it s neither drs ra
tle nor ex:eiiett ih-t the plai
of the Commirsi .-n should be further
"t s'ed" as tbe Hou e b II d rcte.
The plan hesbren tettml alie-dy with
amply succesrful r sil ts. There are
fit y per cen greater low wat-.r deaths
now over etr-icbes covered by the
works i ban th Commistion at first
premised, and quite enough 'o secure
tran-p r atiin at the lowest water
wheuthnwrrk thll lave hesn ex
tended ro Ue shoe 8 above und blow.
The tb oiigU uaviga ion has i ot vet
nceived any prrctical benefit for the
simple le son th'it the iuiprovmnt
is reetne'ed lo luca'i ies hemmed in
by bad river above and below. Geo.
Gilmo'e (bei-la ms any dot re on the
part of ilio Cotumirsi n t) reia'n on
t'ol of the improvement. He ex
presses a fear hat the outlet fallacy by
which it is partis'eutly claimed ht
Ibe destructive floods can be pre
yeLted by d aaingofi the flood wa'era
and ccnvyirg tbem by eepu att
routes to tbe Gulf is di stiued U h vo
a coet'y and abur ive Ir al. Gen. Gtl
roordwells op n th's io nt at conB d-
eranie ierg'b, de' lming H to be luev-
i'able that the eff-ct of a new on l
to bis to r.-dnce the velocity of tbe
str- am b.l w it, resulting in shoal. ng
end ultimate disaster tnhe reg-nns
tb ve He resards tbe Lake Bovih
ou'let aolenie a viiona'y.nnd caii tot
oi ii-ive teat a untile l.yd auiic en.iu-
eer f rtspctable sUrdtgln ha
proles i n can be found amoug its ad
EnlrlM for Ta-dav'a laeea at St.
St. Licis.Mo June 14. Tbe fo'low-
lng are 'he entries and weights Lrto-
mi r ow a races:
FtrM Ram - One mile and en b"x
t.entn. Gol Iflea (98), Faochette (113).
Freeman (118), P. r er Ach (103),
Annawan (103), Bootbbck (1.8), War-
'ei ion i no), K:n no (103).
Second Kact The M chanics'ttake.
hie -f urhs of a mile. Rose (102).
mere jt-rome ilio;, sjarey tioo). ru
Y- (105), Jpnbert (110), Montrose
(0U B xhy (I0i), La edo (110), Pro
crastlnatnr (U0).
7Aird Race. M;le ard an eighth.
Bid ly fowling (102), R-rvnke (112),
tnnan vi teen vwij, Keoei kc ut (HV),
I.emnn (112), Blneetone (90), Sovereign
Pat (109). Hiariiy (112).
FourthRaoe. Tbe Krai E tste Agents'
s ake, m le and three-quarrets. Alta
(118), O ay Pete (118), Lucky B (130).
V'AfiiY 8lcepWha&6,lu)l course.
Anri-litn (151), Fox Honnd (140),
G orge McCnloogb (14N), Hop Siog
(13 .), Jadge lt rrre't (J40).
raliaaei4 an Aemaal af atahi.
Kaw York, June 14. Theraiing at
Brighton Ba h to day was postponed
on account of bad weather.
Hale af Taaronah terra1 Yearllaga at
at. laila. " '
Rt. Lorn, Vo., Jnno 14. The first
annual saU of tbe K'nlorh stock farm
t'lor n.hhr.d yeariiugs t rok place at
A n-Mt's s aMe, oort er of Ninth and
Ca. stnut ste.-ts, at 11 o'c oc this
mntni g, aid wr-s well at end d by
repreeeutHtive turfmin. Thes-lewis
conducted by Cayt, P C. Kidd ol Lex
ington Ky. Tl e thirteen hoad real
ised $10,155, anave sge of $7S1 a head.
And it stimulates and promotes tha
growth of th hair.
Mnrnett's Flavoring Sxtraeta ara tha
The City Saved From Ianndatlon by
a Shirt la tbe Wind-Damage
to Railroads.
Galvehtow, Tex., June 14. This
island was visited hy an exceedingly
neavys-orm lart night. A gale set in
at sundown, blowing from tha Hint.
It leached its Unlit at 4 o'clock io the
in-.roing, when the wind registered
velocity of tirtv miles an hour. Tor
tents of rain fell at da j break. WaUr
oo all sides was surroundirg tbe city
with an alarming rapidity. At9o'clocK
a.m. the wind shifted to the nor hetst
and the city was saved from being
rl odad, as the wa'er had risen above
iue docks and was
Communication with tbe main land
was cut off until this af ernoon, when
iue Missouri raciflo railroad git a
train. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa
re railroad track for marly two miles
approarhiogtbe long bridge is washed
away. It will require nearly a week to
repair Ihe damago. In tbe meantime
tbe Santa Fe will eater the city over
tbe Missouri Pacific track. Tbe dam
age on the gnlf s de of tbe ieland will
reach seveial thousand dol'ais. The
uaiveann Hreet tail way ib wished
away. Fronting tbe Beach Hotel nu
merous small bath-houses were washed
out to sea.
no ignore damage
is reported to shinning. The foralin
vestcls lying ou'side weighed anchor
ana moved lurtber out to sea on tbe
approach of the s'orm. Dispatches
from the interior and down tbe cast
indicate tbat tbe s'orm was local to
tnie tmmed ate vicinity. Orange, on
the Satine rive', reports au extraordi-
nary rainfall there to-day, end a htavy
lure iroui iue souineasr, wnitn canted
tbe liver to rise fuur fee ilnrinir th
aay. jjio appreneDston is lelt lor :h
vetsels which put cut to sea on the
approach of tbe sxrm.
several Kala-Nlorm Known far
a van an auinole.
Ohicaoo, III. June 14. A PDerinl
to the Daily News from Virden, III ,
says: At 2 oVock this afteinoon this
city was vteited by the sever-st stind
and rain-etoim known here for vears
Umiuous-looking clouds appeared in
tbe North wet, tbe heat was intrnse.
nuuuouiy me rain av canned in tor
rents, and the wind, with a rum
bling noie, blew a perfect
gam, lasting ten or nftei-n
minutes and doinor much di-mnim.
The tin roof of the Mts- nic Hall ws
rolled up snd thrown In o the mr fit -
also a portion of the limbar wh ch
supoorted the roof. The ttorerooro
ol Norton & Fur-y, grocere, in the
ssme building, was immediate v
noouea and tne goods badlv rinmaur
The front of another building was
blown down, and t r;,ughout the
town trees were twisted ott and dwel
lings mjund.
Mrs. Bowlea's S'ommeneement Ek.
Misses. Editops Memphis is dto-
grersing not only in populat on arid
trade, bat in the number and char
acter of ber schools, public and pri
vate. It was my nrivVce. Tbnrrulnv
Inst, to attend tbe closing exercises of
the ichool of Mrs. Bowles, No. 155
Adams street. This is a mixfd seh ol.
and I was impreestd at fistsuht
with the unusually brght and intelli
gent faces of the children, and not
less so with the qui t, dignified
teacher. The exerc'ses were conduct
ed with order and elecorum.
The children's exercises in
arithmetic were admirable, and
the recitations and choruses siven
in a natural, imprefsive snd interest
ing manner. I know I speak tbe
ent ments of all Er sent when I rat
it was an enjojab'e exhibition. This
cannot be said of all school exercist s.
Tbey are erme imes spun out to such
length as to become weariwme. In
this caie the chldrm themselves
seamed to eiit'tr fully Inti the spirit
of their piece, and 'sj captivated ihe
audiencH. 1 buie no hesitation in
ssyiog that here is a school in which
thorough in-traction, nnnretv of
ennd :i-', Hiibni'ioi vj t r authori'V. and
the i ir-i-t intdreet
th- cutidren
a e h:ii.. i
at ard in-it- il upon. I
nbt this tcbool wllon
in ftvor frni year to
l av, liu J
t Hi ;o j;
Si , l
t'on re
"CKeatetf for
To tt
of i in: A i pe.it :
Hi h Srr.iv Ma., Juue 12. I
saw i;i i u.i.- it i . ,i i. jour back num
bers ; y-:ttr .inly a communication
'ro a a cciiir- J Uo;" ublkai suggt-s ing
a c rriuiiUie for each Ovingrtssioniil
Diitr ct ia the State. I, ss a colored
Republican, bave witnessed theciun,e
of both par. ies in the State and gov
ernment, and I c n frankly siy there
is very 1 1 ct le to hope for fro.u either
pa.ty. I know of but one gent'enun
in tbe State whose views di
represent the interts's and the
future welfare of our Sa'e. Hs
is no Republican; he acted w th
the Democrocy from the sumnder up
to a period, making eff"ts to
componise with tbe different
factions, to reconcile and
brirg together for the good of the en
tire peopls in whxh efforts he fared.
I refer to Gen. A. M. Wes,
I would suggest him as tbe
proper man to represent as in tbe
Second District in Congrees. I do not
know tbat he would enter! a n the
subject. I do hops there is patriot
ism enough to rally to such a man at
eucnatme. ibis is intended o c til
him on', and I do hone every Demo
crat and every Greenba -ker and every
Republican will give tuii communica
tion an investigation and join me in
Inducing Gen, a. M. Wett to tei.ome
the people's cordida'e in the Second
District. Respectful y.
A Very Oaed NagWMtten.
To tha Editors of tha Appeal t
While ihe euject of lighting the
city is under d scuseion and a new
contract likely to be entered into
wonld it net be advisable for Ibe city
to. stipulate for the lighting of all
lamps every night whether ihe moon
ehioes ot not? We all know how dif
flrult it wis to see one's way Sunday
night la;t. u.
Water Napaly,
To tha Editors of tho Appeal :
SuporsTg it to be assumed that an
aqueduct to the Tennessee r.ver to be
out of the re'eh of our ability to
acroroplieh, at lest in the nr ar future,
might it not be retarded as more
fe.sible to cut a cnnal as near'y d root
as possible to ihe river? have its
bed graveled and the nn-raach ta it
by ea'ile, e c , protected by a birred
wire fence on each a do. and nee the
canal for trans jortai ion of me'ehan
dise and a feeder of tbe revenue of
the Water Company by canal boats or
Pumps, Machinery Fittings and Pipe.
small steemers from the Nortweat, via
Savannah, to Memphis. Might net the
whole force of tbe penitentiary bs
obtained to dig the canal and prepare
it for nee, thereby avoiding the com
petition ro much c m lained of for a
time between convict and honest
labor, and the S ate bs requeued, if
it might not be ie;ardrd as class legis
late, to apply the taxes of Memphis
ard Shelby county and other conn ies
through sthii h it would pass to its
construction for a term of yea's?
Factory Burned Wlin. Serious Loaa
of Life.'
Chicago, III.. June 14. Tavne.
l'enin & Mer ziu's mat re's facicry at
lweniy-tourta ai d Uutler s'reeta was
tota ly destroyed by fire this af ernco,
atd it was reported at the fie alarm
ffliiie that ihneofthe female em
p oyes bad lost. I heir lives. Tbe build
i' g is a tires story frame structure t f
fliinty build. It was filled with the
most ibfinmmable ma'erial, and the
flames spread wi h f-arlul rapidly,
The blaz originated in the machinery,
Wben tbe eogines got to thetcenetbe
vl' Jat v wi'uiuuioib ffcioillin
unib r, had lo flee for their lives. A
nuu ber of girls were in a room 10 one
corner ot tbe building. Finding
e cape snui en, mey bad lo tump
to tave themselves. They were ve-v
eeriously hu.t. The'r names are Mi s
Vioa Chilson. 317 Wst RandolDh
street; Jennie O'Hara, fou-tt-eo years
old, 108 Tsrents-eecond street. It is
great y feared tha a large number of
employes are in tne turns. As soon
as ihe fire was under control tbe fire
men commenced a eearcb. .
Viral Reanlar aeeNtaa of tbe Con,
, yen (Ion at Boston.
Boston, MAf 8., June 14. Tbe first
regular ression of the tonr days bien
nial convention of tbe North Ameri
can Turner lliind oremd at 1 o'clock
a m yesterday in the Town Hall. Al
ber' Gutbe mut of ihe Boston Turn
ye.n exiendud a greeting and Intro
duced Jobn Teutfelrlt of tbe Nor h
American Turner Bund, who d-tliy-
ered an a 1 dress, In wbich be raid that
tbe object of the orgtn'zitioa was
mail ly tne furtherance of the physical
edutati'.nal syst-m of people number-
itj 6O,0O0,U0O sinls by carrying inti
effict tbe piinc pie tl at the body bas
the satie r'gut to culture aa the mind.
Spea i g of tbe re'u al of tne nnion
to allow Ararcbitts and Socias's tbe
use of its hall, be said: "We ma t
t-ch lh:se who do not inn to know
in our midtt that every friend ot hu
manity who is capiib'e of sympathy
with the sufiVrivg mil, lone of brothers
and w uld make eacrifices to he p
them, is a socialist."
Thb Voltaic Blt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celnbruted
Voltaic Belts and Electri.: Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debi ity, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Iilus rated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailtd free. Write them
at once.
Adi ice to Mothers,
Mm. Winslow's Soothing Svrnn
should always bo used wben children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferers at once; it produces natural,
qurei. Bleep uy relieving me crilltl
from tain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens tbe gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
NuMSRors te-t monia's Drove be
yond a doubt that A le ck'e Po-ous
P'aterg cure parslystB, nervcuB de
bi ity and lo s of memywhtn ap
plied ti the epiue. They rmove
kidney difficult when worn on the
sraU of tbe b uk; applied to 'he pic
of the su mach, oysp psia and iudi-
gM too disappear. Coh.-s. c luetn and
asthma no onger trouble the saffciirg
i : . , . , . i
pHueut wuiu ne uses mem on li e
ch-Bt. If yoa have a headache r
want to sleep put an Alkock's Porous
Plaster on ihe nape of the nck the
work is not only done, tut well done.
This tem.dy no' on'y cur.jeagne cke,
liv-r complaint and malaria, but is a
protect ou agiiobt fever?, sma'.l-pox or
sewer gas.
To all who are lorTerlm from the errora an
Indiioratlona of youth aarvona weaknaaa,
early daoay, loaa of manhood, a to., I will
and a reel pa that will care yon, FREE 01
CHARGE. Thta great remedy waa dlaoorer-
ed br a miaaionary la Booth America, Sand
lf-addreaaed envelope tolthe Rev. Joeapg
T. Tww. tinn ft, Itm Ym
up aooo vsmvp.
tha oraat of tha Ailiuh nle, within the
famnuaUlada Peori- n. directly on the line ol
tha B. and No8ia-e Hi ea or 'Bua Trana
lem All Llmii.d Expreaa Train" Btnp.
With tha ne and uo pari! a'ed ft chad
u'a on tha Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
theae lovely twin reaorta ara beyond all com
panion tha moat adyantageoaaly loo tad,
both aa to train 'ervioe and aurroundinca, oi
any eut of the Rockiea.
eta-awMtai fn Jaa 9!td. No Plies.
No Moaaiiroea. No U y Fryer. No Malaria
Dear Park, and Oakland, tha ona being but
all milea diitaot trom the o her with tha
moatcharminr drive" connecting them will
be under the mana.ement of Mr. W. J.
W ALKKR, who, in h a rhree aeaaone' man
ace mant,haa made many enthu-iaitic friend,
or the glorious resort" Ail comninnio-'tiona
nhnuld he addreaned to W . J. Walker, Quean
City lloiel, Cnuberiand, Md , up to June
1Mb. A ter that data, ettl er Deer Pvk or
Oakland, Md
KVtEi-W, 175 and 140 per month, ac
cording t locations.
The B. and t). Company haa spared nt ex
panse in rendering te-r Park and Oakland
t'.e Lading Mono ail, Reo ta n the Ent.
and fur the s.aaoo of itihe attra -tinna will
be i.l aehtracier not hitherto equaled, and
the cuisine ol both bouses unexcelled.
Firat-clss Laundry tine Livery. Ele
gant new Bathing Pools.
Tha Unest place for Children In thei ud.
Bbowjcn iwo Birrr.Ri
nletelv aradii-tAit m.l.ri.l
from tSe system of th. liliU .nn nl Mr.
Pe.rce, 4S) Poplar atret, Memphis, Tenn.,
when tafJVtriog from chills and lever. Qui
nine failed to bsneut biia.
Praaldarrt of tha Oreat LOUISVIUL C0TJ-KIKB-JUURN
AL CO.. tella hat
ha knowa of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrica or thi Coraria-Jocaaat,,
Lr oigviLLi. Kt.
Dr. Winttnmuk, Sir I aivoaruls Ihava.
oDsaryaa ror many yeare, tha TaJua ol your
remedy prompting- me to aay. in reply
jour requeii, wnai k
know of tout Chill
Van. me I
t L.J J .1
Cure. Iba private aaaurancea of ita efficac
I the good result of ita effects I
had obfarved en Mr. R. W. Meredith, who.
iur mure loaa aiieen yean, oaa Dean lore
man of my office, induced me to tat it In
my family. The re'ulta have been entirely
atiafaotory. The Brat cue waa of two
yeare' atandinir, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief tha chilli returning periodically
and with ereminaiy iroreaied severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there ha
been no recurrence of them fur more than
an montha. Tha other raaa waa ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to orher
remediea; but tha obi 1 1 e would return at in
tervale nr til your medicine waa naed, aince
which time, now leveral months, they have
entirely diaapnaared. From the opportu
nity I have had tojudire, I do not beaitatoto
expreaa my belief that your Chill Cure iia
valuable epeoifio, and per forma all yoa
promise lor it, e,,. j' 'kpg
ville, Ky.
U Ue liable) Hexntnj tor LiTerr Corapiaiuu aod llitcmuM
Of denruml or torpid oomlition of tit Lirar, m Dn
pApfJia. Contipttiotla fit liouMiffca, JntinsJic), He.vidar.Iil
Ualana, Hheaoifitifm. etc. Il r"nktM this bowels, paB
lea tha bintd, ilnsnrtherig tlie vtim, airtii d1e!tioi
an invAluablb family medioinb:
fhousandsof testimonials prove fte meril
ounrertem are made in Wt. Lnuia, Mo.
It la
. certain that
Z tha Han an" shoe
O will prove eatlst&ctory to
O rrery g-entleiaan who want a
4) perfect article. Wo ara putting- into tha
manufacture of thcae shoos, the result of SO
Z years' experience and atudy. of what will
give comfort and wear
faithfully. Try them.
Every flrst-claae
X deialor haa
is eat bknt friendi
Female beoulatoU
This famous remedy moat happily meetg
the demand of the age for woman a peculiar
aad maltiform affliorinns. It ia a remedy
7 aM,s 2hy' "d ,f0 spbia
CLABa of her di.easas. It ia a siieaifie for
certain diseased conditions of the womb,
and proposes to eo control tha Menstrual
Function as to regulate all tbe derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Ita proprietors claim for It no other medical
property! "d to doubt the facr that this
medioine does positively possess such con
trol ing and regnating poware la simply
to discredit the voluntary testimony of thou
sands ot living witnesesa who are to-day
exulting In tha restoration to aound health
and happinau.
Female Regulator
ia strictly a vereUble compound, and la tha
product of medical science and practical ex.
pertence directed toward tha benefit of
tsurrEBiNsj wosiaMi
It ta the studied prescription of a learned
physician, whose specialty waa WOMAN,
and whose lame became enviable and bound,
less because ot his wnniUrrm .nn.... i. .u.
treatment and cure of lemaJe comDlaintT
RhMBDY known, and richly deserves ita
Woman's Best Friend
lCtUff itOOntrftla a nlaaa Aar fu-.a: - it
. wi luui'tiuui ma
fnT" r,.v.nra,,?',t J" wnioh mora
ill hea th than all other causes combined.
.51"" er rrom a long train oi
afflictions which or.l euihittar her life and
prematurely end her aiistanoe. Oh, what a
multiiude of living witnesses can testify t
Irs charmine affects I Vtoaraii. uke toyeur
oonSdenoe this jeur
It will relieve tod nt .11
plain's peculiar to your sex. Rely upon It
"n.0l"e". "Wd f' h"llPP'eaa!n4
riold by all druggists. Bend for out treat
ise on tba Uaa rh .n.l H...i. ' , ,J rw
V s it- . a a
saailed fre. which giva. all paMllar. '

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