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JVItlVAa. A1K.
LO.B.B. rtcnic and Baby Show
TJnder th ample of th oombined
I. 0. B. B. Lodt-e and their ledy
These Picitct ar voUdu beint Sret-elati
sntertainments, and ar in to bandt of our
bm sated butinut men.
has boon entered.
QUASI PlCftlfl
To 1m t irtn under th ausploes of
XeBphto Typographical Union Ko.1 1,
Mewday, Jaas 11, 18SS.
Thil IU b th mit enjoyable afoot oi
the season.
All hid character will pleat. ttay away,
an thr will not b tolerated 01
on th froundi,
will anlrl at anetion at
KTwal Park. FRIDAY. JUNE Ibth, at i
o'clock P rn. Beerernl Tiuneh on band.
nnVV-On MnndaT. Jnna 7th. bai pony,
X Owner can have aanie by provlnc prep-
irtvendtayir-re. T.Wilih.i'nii't st.
A NEW PROCESS For makinf old eol-
XX lart and cam look new. re aaTarviee-
ment nf Memphrs Hteam Laqndr..
X?OOMS Desirable,
ntce'y furniihed,
i with or without board. Is iq?r.M Jrum
Gay oio. at QJ BatL.Pi ai.
Itin HflARTI Ttaatrahla newly
urnisbedroomi and boa-a at 4t Market.
00M8 AND BOARD Detlrabl room
and i.oard at 7 M-oiton street.
ROOMS-One'larK front room with bI
mii and on lane btck room with
lar-dreannc-rcom, and itberi at food ai
e.nb.t.ndlth.o,t,. Tjyipy g,T.
, JAMES HOU8E-0or.8eeondand A
i tniiu. Room and board ID per ws,
Day board It per week.
OOM Furnished room, with or without
soars, at in inrv street,.
BoAKD-with a"axggBnKT.
5 NICE Roomt, forniihed or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Maditon tt,
mWO lare-e nnfornished roomt, with or
X witbant board, at W Madison itreet, eor-
ner Third.
TT(H( -fl ran
lar itreet and 136 Ala-
XX bama itreet. Itquireof
Ji HN hKKP, 320 Poplar It.
X00M8 Furnithed, linale or en suite
XV 130 Maditon tt. Meterencei require
T,0fl-A larte black Newfoundland bitoh
I Tot finder will be reward d ny return
lag her to Mo. no incnanie tireet.
TTQU B 392 Court itreet eitended. Ev
XX erythincr in oid repair. Apply to
N; B. JuUNBTUN. 2fr7 Second tt.
riOTIAOE Th'e roomt, 177 Ron avenue,
q Apply at 74 Mo.-by itreet.
"DOOMS Furniihed, with or without
XV board ; can aoeommodate eiffht youn
Wood lar. pleasant iurrounun.it
Terms mo lerat.
"XTTAOE With leven roomt. near itreet
V oar ine, at M per m;nin. Appiy w
H. F. DIX. 297 Second it,
OW0RSH01TBE No. 9 Union itreet, with
new cotton-room. "MtgAf,nAM,
C0TT0N-8HFD Corner of Union and
Third ttr-eU. K. E. MBACHAM.
RESIDENCE Fcr three or t'x monthi,
m reaideno in Ibe citv of Fort Bra th.
Ark., -with or withou' furniture. Brick
nouiewith ten roomt, in the moat desirable
part oi the city Uood well of water and
hydrant in the yard; bout furniihed with
gaa; aear itree'-oar line; vry conveniene
fah.m..-Addre.. - R. D. SEALS, "
gort Smith, Ark.
H0U8E A new double-tenement bouie,4
roomt on each tide; nicely 6nithed;
large yard; in f.ot, all convenience!, on
Koea avenue. Good cittern. Apply to Mri.
K. 'tjuinlan. ISO Manaaa t.
IMMEDIATELY Shirt-niakeri. Apply to
LEB k MQi'K. a.3 Main it.
LADY' TEACHER In private family;
erperienced and competent to teach tbe
Envluh branches and nuio on piano. Ad
en.1 BOX 75, Helena. Ark.
EVERYBODY To call and ie the cele
brated Oyptr Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
atreet, near Poplar.
MEN To tell our goods in Shelby and ad
joininr counties. Will pay good salary
and all exponent. Write for terms and etat
alary wanted. ,. .
8L0AN k CO .
Manufacturers, 294 Oeorge t., Cineinnatl, 0.
RSE-Apply at
DOOM A cool, comfortable and nly
XV Kir nlthed bed-room. Will pay a good
price lot samething nice,
For an interview
address, eare of tt.ii
t, is
CANVASSERS A few good canvassers.
FIR.1T-0LACS MILLER Who would be
wi'.iog to aatut with other farm work.
Krfece.ce. require... -y FARM.
Lain Btation, Coahoma county. Mill.
LADIES Grnteel emr'oy
X tnent; t od pay.
250 MAIN Bl.
to take an office and represent a
tnanufac'urer: M) per week; ti"an
ma twlfreauued Address, wilhltamp. Box
70 VSeet Aoton. Mas.
1 ADY AQKNT8 For Mri. CampKell't
I j Now Tilter" -a rilV-r, Buitie, tuop.
ikirtaud Underskirt combiner, uoops can
be removed and skirt laundried. Adiusta
hi to anaaiee. Ve fushionaole
' fushionaole, and ellt
fort2to ever; well-dressed 1 djr as toon at
knn ini flnnhlathair monev. Al O
a nil Use of new f urnirhing goods for ladiet
J L LlA.n Arldreaa. with atami). K. 11
CAMPBELL CO , No. 484 Welt Randolph
gtreeUCntcaup,: in.
3A1.BSMEN In every State In th fl
J torettaeser t a PAIN I
1111 EiiTakl.TSHMlcNT havma several
IrMULTUM thatar popular and easy tell-
ng. Can bahanaioa aiona or in eonneoit'i
m;k a,v.m vnnti.. aanrasB inn. tt ji . d
fpO BU'-V.,gooftie genl pony; mutt
A be toetncl ana taie
fur lady to drive.
TJ ORrK OW M ARK-For phteton, sulUble
XX lor ieajdrtdrtve. Call tt ooioe ot
LAKE A DHRI''N. ?"8 Frnti'
iMOi'K A tod, cook to llv on the pre in.
V iset ar. pnvvni
V0U Tt LOOK At th Memphit 8' earn
X Laundry ad. ana learn to kep in tine
"DOflT'ON-'By a gtx.d tteady boy In store
X or emo. Aflarett j.m., Appeal omoe,
FEATHERS Old and new
Hi. heat AAh nrice Itaid t
VAC A I o. kw oeioy sirnr.
Jli mad the great it diioevery of tbe age
in fili ng tee b with go d. For th next
.thirty dan I will fill teth forV 60. .
A. W E -SOU, Main it
YCCl'PASTS For,pteasaat toomi at Ut
' v Main ttreoc near wart rqaere
GKNTi coin monerwith oar Amateur
Photo oa'it.
and oolieetiiji family
.mmi ... .ni.r, aiMcini .u-aav oner.
ret toenlarim.
'"KMM - E COPi Ifrd Ct) 881 Canal St., '.Y
ft N and womea to tti a new4uiinet
it ih ir boue. eaatlv learned in ai
Jdour; J o to 60c an hour made daytime or
.evenl Bend l"e ir paoaage oi aauip.oF
nd 'il-working 1 uu at to ororrenoe pn
AeVdrea LBAN i MjrrLY ,rwW.,A banv n
Xr-To do st tioa warxou aid Snob
JX X. railroad; station work at U to llicutt
Aito. Iitb: keri at 12eeoU. Apply to
ilAKVrY ' MXJfTj lyrontie
Jk ST1.VKR For aiih or ex
chmge. MllLruKU, JewjIer.KH Ma n
TT JU M E Ttash prif es paid Cor old and new
XX i ISA ins.no atsaa main atreev.
i10(l' i l.;-s at onoe, DH SCOTT'S
fLrCTRlit aOoPS. M2 Broadway, New
fork TI.J imLvaen nine.
AOKM'8 In every teetinn of th flonntry
forto Kew BuoiU, just ready. Srioub
Taaaito men f ixueryno oapabl of nll
fui a larsre territory. . biW ipena J.
n territory w anted. CAbbbbb A viO.
(limld. Broady, IS, S- "4 40 Daar
trrei, C'flicnro.
Absolutely Pure.
This Dowder nTr varies. A marvel o)
parity, ttrenath and wholtomeneat. More
eonomioal than th ordinar; kinds, ana
cannot b told In aompetition w:.n in
multitude ot low tit, ihort wight aluip or
phosphate powdert. iiiold only secant. RoiAl
Btemn Pnwnn fin., li W.M mt .W.Vrr
PENCIL OoH and pearl pencil. binder
will be rewarded by returning to 15
Marlteon afreet.
POWY-Fridey, Jun 11th, from louth
ide of Court Square, one bar mare pony,
with laddie on, marked (1.) on left hind leg.
Under will be rewarded Dy returninc vo
II. U. CAMP.iKLl.,
38 Maditon it.
f 10 W Saturday afternoon,
a sow about
W ill yeart old, wnite.
lfh larre red
pott i tmall herni, tnrning in; long and
tall in thane; in good order; branded on
right hand hie, ualeti ruhbed off, 8. P. Lib
eral reward for information, or if returned
to 139 Alabama irtrot.
TT1 0. A. addreta F. A.,
In ttrict eonl-
dence, No. 1 Broadway, New York.
TUB IDEA-Tbat collar! and ouffi cannot
be re-laundried to appear equal to new
work. Bee Memuhii Steam Laundry adrer
titeraent for ptrticulan.
C"tISTERN8 Built and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor o' the 8aniUry Pert-
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick-
layer. Telephone r
lTORSKS A handaome
pair ot hortea, kind, gentle and itjliih.
P. H. BRYBONi 3Jb ain tt.
MARE At auction, In front of my office.
36 Union itreet, Wednetday, June lb,
ItWii, a 12 o'clock m., a bay mare, IS h.ndi
tith, yean old, well built,D,T"1-
T?0CKA WAY Brand new, and cheap.
XV Apply at 8. W. OARKIrON,
corner Main end Maditon ttreett.
PON Y Nice little pony, young and gentle.
Inquire at 75 MONROE BT.
XTAILS-A lot of I'ightly damaged Baili,
XN it good ai oe , for ta'e cheap, at
M Main itreet.
JL 14n rront, cor. Kimange. appiy mere,
NdlSB, Boiler, Tubi, Ringers and a
comoleU outfit for a Steam Laundry.
Will he sold cheap by 8 OABAY, Agent and
Ci mmitsion Merchant, tint aioioy street.
BRICK-YARD-Complete; two Andrewt
Hr rlirt trtn-bammer machinei capao-
i mil in iinii n.r d.v! fnrtv horae-Dower
engine. Holler, tneuii everyiuing reauj iur
buainetli Dlrntuul IUPPI7 oi
termt, ete., tddrt't .
ncuurr An a. vvr.,
274 Front Street. Mcmphii. Tenn
-inilNTHV rJRWSPAPRR Address
J 8 W. BAKBER, Ashlai.d City, Tenn.
(UOnri WILL BUY a new buiineel lor
the dtnta of lenneisee. Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, w aim i'sv
cash profits at once: a monopoly iuiij itu
tooted, farnei wisnin'- agooo ouainrsaau.
reas MAM'rA'auttKiv.tnii omce.
AT N KWPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 loti, sou
U . water fro t. 41 feet deep. For full
inforn.adon addren WM. A. DKAN.
47 l.evtnrtnn srraeT. iiaitimore. itici.
Cur DUeJueflof
Horses. Cattle, Sheep
In nse for over 20 yonrs by Farmers,
Stockbreeders, V-i: K. ., io.
11 sod by U. S. Covcrnment.
JSou-itod on Rollei
& Mailed Treo.
Hatnphrevt'Med. Co
,. IO!r 1'iiiti.n HI., y.r.
H0ri0lM.XIlIC f
wira. Thuoi.
jtfnl rrmtiy for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.
and f iltration, from 'i.Tfr-work or oilier "uia.
al nr vial, or ft vtais ann larno vim M""u.r, .... v
twajCTtr lliiuaoisTa. orsKntponttiiiirl o.i recetptol
prica. UailiLnn' BwlKlat., Ill
a. .
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
a IS Mala St., MemplilH,TeBn
Lacroix'8 Mineral Colors,
Artists' Haterials,
W. U. atATKM.
. . Toor
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 273 Second Street,
(Arm Block).
New and Latest Styles Mtock. Hew
Type, Hew Machinery.
Prices as low as Anywhere, Sorts
or East.
Increased facilities for doing al
kinds tilthograpklag.
Kon Resldent Notlc.
So. 5S4. R. D In the Probat Court of
Shelby County, Tenne.sec Bernard t'au-
eoetalat tbe Unknoao liein of Ara-
. 1 1 M VLAsnm t. dnceaaail.
Itaprearlitf from oricinal bill died In this
cause tbat te nam's and residence of th
heirt alt law .af Arabella M. lisfin',. de
eefeo. are minown, but they are belierad
tob-n'O-res dealt ut thesta eol lenues.ee;
It it, tuerefiira, ordered that they make
tboir apiaranoe herein, at the Court-Uuuae
of ShHlny county, in Meroph's, Tenn , on
er etore the first Monday in July, IHKm, an
plea (I, answer or de ' ur to complainant bill,
or the seme will be taken for confessed as to
them and art for heatinrex parte; and that
a copy ol thi. order be published i nee a
a.k tor four snccersiae weeki in ihe Mem-
phi. Appeal. Tan ithdaypf Alay,
Acop,-Atte.,H j ct'LLET, CUrk.
By O. It. McDonald, Deputy Cle'k.
Jot a lioite, luliciur tot eompl't.
Teachers to Be Paid Public
School Balldinrs-Other
Klnor Items.
The Pchool Biird met yefterdav in
regular nnnthly se8on, PretiIi-nt
Jordan piesidin. aod Mets b. Rhid
baut, Degnan, lligins and Winteis
the supkbintbbdint'i ki-ort.
The minnta of the previous nieet
ing were adopted, and the euperin
tendent made a verbal repoit. He
called attention to the fact tbat the
hoard has two lute which should be
improved at once i! it is Intended to
do so "his aummur, one on the corner
of Jefferson and Third streets and an
other in Chelsea. The build ng on
the lot in Chelsea was in a very dilapi
dated condition and should be re
moved or repaired at once. He a'so
reported iht he EUctric L!gbt Com
pany had furnished a light free for
commencement, and tbat the Theattr
wai als f anrshed rent free. Tbe re
port was adopted.
President Jordan eta'ed tbat tho
abstract to the ChcUea Btieet property
bad not been furnished hiui, but it
would be in a few daya and ho could
then pass upon the title. The pur
chase had not been completed.
At bis suggestion thanks were re
returned to tbe Electric Light Com
pany and to the manager of tbe Mem
phis Theater.
A renuest from a lady to be allowed
to place piano in one of the rooms
of the Maiket Street School building
daring the next setsioa of the school
to teaeb anch of tbe scholar! attending
mi.rlit ilMairtt to take lesions from
her was refused, there being a role of
tha lmaid airalnst aothiu2 of the
Mxrni, Tnk., Jun 14, 16.
To the Board of School Commltiloneri:
G emtlemen Your Finance l omnnt-
tee would r'Siectfully submit tne 101
lowing report :
In bank May 10ih ne-'i
Dep'd by Tx. Dlst., M ay 13i h 10,0110 15
TWM r,v TriiHtna. Mav 13 h. L'.98l 14
TkurnaiiMi tuition June 1-Ul. 100 uu
Total $15,8G4 28
Pay-rolls for Maich-April....tlO,548 80
illa navabla 500 00
Intel eBt 8S00
flnmmencement 70 o
Total $11,212 81
Balance cah lo draw on t 4,651 45
Checks Dot presented.-
Balance in bank
Loan accourjt
April pay-roll
May pay-roll
January bills, approved...
February bills, approved.,
March bills, approved......
April bills, approved
May bills, approved
..$19,723 43
... 4,944 55
... 6,01 15
... 1,202 45
8!0 93
mi 01
424 18
407 83
$33,877 53
.. 2,887 63
Bills payable...
Caih on hand...
Tax. D.st. has..
$30,265 16
.$4,651 45
,. 4,900 00 9,551 45
Total indohtwlness $2G,713 71
Oa motion of Mr. Higsi'ni the Fi
nance Committee was Instructed to
appropria'e the amount lo bank and
iu tbe hmda of tax collectors and raiBe
a balance sufficient to pay the salaries
of the taachera and o.her employes.
The cha rmao. of tbe CommU'ee on
Public Bchooi G-ounds, Mr. Degnan,
repotted that Mr. Keely had ag eed to
fix tbe retit of the Alabama atrett
ichool from tbe lime of tbe expiration
of the present laase at 160 p.-r mooih,
5 a month les than last year. Ha
aiso faid that be beard that Turley
tretwa to be oieued tbrough tbe
Htdrn sfrei-t arounds and that when
be atked Mr. Hadden about it, that
official replied that tho property b
li nutd to the city and the street wtuld
be optned through it. Next day he
saw the fences down, (takes driven
and engineers at work. Mr. Jordan
fa d Mr. Hadden explained to him
that tho work wts purely preliminary,
and that when the itreet was opened
i the proper paitits would be ,pa'd for
latd taken. As they were the proper
! per'ies, be thought no mora of tbe
Mr. Ttaanan wanted to know about
the compiomieeUx out of which be
bad been 'nfornied tne nnara wonia
get tome 17000. Mr. Jordan rep ied
that part o' it had been paid iu the
set. lement with Mr. Co-snlt and with
other partita ar d tr e balance bad not
been letihd. The Finance Commit ee
wai iaetructed to make a repoit on
tbe matter.
Tbe question of readers, continued
from lMt me-tinn. was then brought
tin. The Su:erinUniient a' a ted t tat
tliere wore 2S0J of Sainton's aod only
400 of Applttoo'a in the schools, and
tbe m nutei of a previous meeting,
anthnriiiDB the change, were read.
Mr. D gnan moved to adopt the report
of the eut erintendent and his motion
u arcondt d hv Mr. lligg ns. Ml
Rambnut male a vigorous speech for
Api'leton's and moved in lieu to adopt
Appletoo's, with Swinton's ai a sap-
pi. men tar y reader.
Tne vote wai takeu on Mr. Kara,
hsnt'a ui iti.in in lien. lie aod Mr.
Winters alone suppoited it, and it was
Mr. Twin, renreaentlce ApDleton.
then wauted to soeak, butMr. Dfgnan
r biected. and niil t ihe rule wnca
but that kind of dis;uaeiou on the
ohinetinn tf anr one member, was
nli ir d to ket'D his seat.
Mr. Wintara moved (hat the agents
of both book s be heaid.bat the motion
waa not. (lriisd.
Mr. Deunan's motion to sustain
Buperintend nt Collier was thn put
and carrUd, Mtsiis. Degnao, II ggina
and Jordan vot n i for it aid SaoibaUt
anrl Wint- TM asa net It.
Arph ton's gibt and bis lawyer
stole eibntly aar, tbe good fight
ended and the bad djourntd.
Cnaacery t'onrl BictwII, lmag
CaleLdsr for June 15'h: J5 os. 5219,
Ooonev vs. Lvden ; 52UQ, Ca'awba 0
C mDnnr vs. Milhurn; 6241, Treze-
rant vs. Boyd : 5256, Avery vs. Jorc
dtfifl. Zanone vr. McKnna; 4'ilO
Poindextr vs. CMIier; 463, Wo .d
m. Jamee: 5010. Jones vs I cht'ls
6024 Eaton vs. Zeal; f033, nifort
vs. Wurn'r: 60oo. Lay ton v Harreii
6037, Griffi ig vs. Ba'lnw; 6041. Bains
vs. Chamberlain; 6114, Mtbaoe ts.
133 15
$ 4,781 60
Graham; 5118, Topp vs. Topp; 6Ut',
Ander.on v. Towoer; Bucnig
nani v. Myers; 5143, Pr er vs. Mo
Rue; 51!5, Doogla-e vs. Hcwport.
The above comprise the dropieJ
and passed cases of tbe term.
t'lrraU Cotirt Pierer, Jadae.
To-lay the ourt wiM har any
Tasd jury cases, and Thursday,
June 17th, pass-d noajury cases
where both par:ies aic leady fur
Captured la Rtaodo lata tut
la Jail at Naasivlilo
for t'raad.
Some months ince a yourf? in in
named George W. Milkman spread
bis tent in Memphis and armed with
tailcw candle set oat in teircn oi
ducats. He made some marvelous
flourithts on the mino B of a number
ol leadinc ealoons and hotels which
were much admired. Tne work wis
new and eriict c. Among o'her thingt
he gurn'slied a picture of tbe late
Judue Horrigin wilh ar rjlla and e n-
lUmi. Iisil it Iiamptl ami sjiu it to mo
othua's for a Rood round price. He
alterwa'd wrote visit nc cards in tbo
Dime Mupoum, but was eje tad one
lav for Diiitine an iod-cent word on
one wlnle a y mug iaiy was looaii g
over his shoulder. He went to N.sli-
ville, opened a studio, in idea hitwiin
his arusc sin and wis enabled to
boriovr a good deil of money iu email
luma. II S conqnes'8 alto prospered
in another direct on. He bid t rmtd
the icqnaintaoce of a well-known
South Nash vile jrtrl, and by I'm
charmlnp; manners, handsmie llure
and dashieg s yle bad marie eo favi r
able an impression aa to become, as he
said, engiRtd to her.
0e tUy sbnut thtee weeks ago bis
studio was found locked, and he con
fided to a friend that be bad (rone o
Trenton, Tenn., on bus ne s, ard
would be baclc in a ony or iw.i. ne
failed to return, and inveetgttion
showed he had beat every one win
whom he had businets. Ins ances
were mentioned where he bad been
given money to piy lor ihe snate
r al for his paiotine, and which
he had personally appropra
ted nd bid sVpped with
it. The matter hss been kept
very quiet, but tbe pritoner i now in
jail, and ihe facte can be published
without delriment. He fail d to tell
bis betrothed "good bye," and it was
afterward cUbelieved tbat be bad
aone North. In addition to l hi i it is
slated that he bad a wife at some
other point and tbat be had already
begun a suit fur divorce,
tin Patardav last hewrB captured in
Providence. R I , where be wa living
wiih his mother, a wei toy aid nign
ly r spected widow, and is now in jail
at msnviiie.
Carpenters and Jolaera' Plenle,
The Carpenters ind Joiners' picnic,
which his been potnoned twice on
arwmint of unfavorable weather, will
run i, ff Tiiuradav n eht anre. All
the arrangements for the affair bave
been completed, and t pleasant even
ing it aureu t an wno may ai ei u
No imnroDer chant te a will be adm t
ted, and the gentlemen in charge will
do everything in their power tj make
their gneets Inel at hone.
Jan. C. Brosh. CurhoDdale. Ill : N. h,
Bugbe, Misiissippi.
Wm. K ATzcNnuRtiBR. wife and child
left for New Orleans tUlurday night,
where they take steamer for New
Cmirino nrictfg of Julv options at
Chicairo vestordav: Po.k. $8 80: lard,
6 12Jcjiloar rib 8i'es,6471cj coru,
371c wheat, 74 jc; oats, aoje.
Thc Appsal ve8'eriiy received tie
first cot'on t oll of the sea on, rained on
Arcadia plantation, Bolivr, Bolivar
county, Mirs., by Biscoe A Bpeakes.
It la ladiM-aeal ay Men Wo
See II
Tried la tbe Vivid.
The following indorsement explains
itself. It waa given after a practical
tett in th lie d:
Exslit Placs. Bhilut Co0rr,T'NS.,l
Jus 11, lrWl. i
Capt. B.I. Curry:
Dkab Pib We. the nndersigne',
lake pie a ue in raying that we have
witness tithe woik oi your pun ei,
rotton (hopper and cultivator, both in
its beJdina. pUnting, ch'-ppirgana
cultivatlnir, and find it in every re
spect equal to all you cWim for it.
in tact, we inina n is me greatest, iv-
hor sivinu impiovensent yet inveniea
fi r Bgiku'tural pnrposts, and bel evu
that two mulee and t ne man wnu It
are fully equal lo six men ind n
mules in p anting ana cuiuva ing
crops rf any kind. It dos its wora
very th roughly to an respects.
M ft. aMBiY. JOHM L WKBB. .
J. H. FI811ER, 0 B.CLARKK.
Pittabarg Lamp Coal
At 33c per barrel.
Athletic Ansoclatloa Baieball
The above Dot uUr asoc'ation r'ae.
nrranir.ad a fiawba'l leaine. within
itae ftiheomrosed offoon.ir.es, and
ihe first oma is to bep!aved to-mor.
row at the new ball park. In order
to on antra fine an appearance as
MMsibie. four full s tint aoirs have
been crdored of Loeb & Mook, wl o
a'e tikit a front raik as mmalaciU'
rcrs of bat-eVall uriforms. The ma
lial selected i arsy ilinnel.to be ir tu
rned in four d detent way, eaih o ne
relec ing the co'wnf the trmruinird -
ii eJ lor its own anus, crown, in ca.
blue and white have b' en tl 6 cocm
select) d, and ir ra 0i sample rhon
an Appsal rt-po ter, ths suits r-roiirs
to le very baiostime. Th V hi e
Wtati n Basi-bail C u recently rrac
i;d, lai ala i crlemda f.ll ufit'd
uniforms fiom Lei& Mok, who e
woik in this line ii g.vinggeueia st
laotioo. Snbttcribe lor tlie Appear."
JUK' lOt WI1,
WVmY-V-O -em wOHA
The Memphis Mae Mat Hereafter
riay ball or Walk the l'lank
So More Throwing Oft.
Tbe game between the Nahvill
and Meroph's club, at the grounds of
the former, wai ptstpond ye tenia y
on account of lain. 1'be o her league
gamee came off according to scutd
u i e, teeulted in snrprif.es to
the knowing ones. rJavan
nah los'ng to Augiuta by a icon
of 17 to 2, Macon to Charleston, by a
score of 15 to O.ind Atlanta to Chat
tanooga, by a score of 8 to 5. The off
day f r Memphis gave the baaetiall
pu i'ic ample feis'tre f r thediicos.ioa
of tbe recent fa lina- oft in ihe p ayiog
qualities oi the home nine, and the
impie-sion was genaiat that in
the lat two gms plnytd with
Nuhville tbe Brcwna willully
refund 'o exert themselves, tieneral
apt roval was a'so expressed at the ac
tion of the mana-mint in Buppend
ing Black and the imi.rewon lrt
vailed generally that O'h- ary di s rvel
rimilur tr.atment. He ctrtainly dd
not play up to his If vol in Ha unity's
game no more than Black did,
and be sh uld be given p'ainly
to undors and that the "moukt-y
us uce
he h s rrcantly in
dulved in will no longer be
t iterated. Tbe Appsal h s r liab'e
information that O'Laary has re
ceived an emphitio intimat'on th.t
any mire meh liHt'esa pl'cldrg as
cbartuterized his work in Satnr ny's
game will result In h's suaptnai io.
Tois cannot tail to bave tl e desire I
eQoct. He and Black h va bt th
shown themsolviseiiigu'a ly nrgrate-
ful frr tbe favor shown tham by the
public and management, Black
especially having betiayed a
sprt of ingratitudii that
will lose hi ra mire irieuas mm in
ever made. In Saturday's gara, with
the evis ol 30 0 pe 'Pla up n him. he
duliberatoly refused to g od chances
to DUt men out onnier. ana tms in
facnol ttie fa t that t e ai playing
before an audience to wb we genuiONi
ty be owed the au ti of $150 or m ire,
ma le np for him in pursss in lejs ;h n
a week. Tbe manager, sui.ccting
that soinuthina aai wro.ig,
beaan an invcsttgatioD, and
the fallowirr ve s on. leoaived
from the lips of a director, miy bu io
cept.d rs au htntic: ' We d scover.d
that Black was a confix nt e enniit uf
discord in tbe nlnw, t.ot. only nulling
blmeelfor refuting to play b-dl wi.en
he thtiuht he hud a gnevatice asa ntt
t' e manage i ent, t ut inatigaiing nth
era to do tike a i e. and ke l'u one-
ball of Ibe plavers constantly ar ayed
againtt the other. It appears Mi t An
nf . n ... rnl.,.n nl U'lii a
V J.' .1 T v v. m u W1U .. . v
head botr.l 1 1 Buck's tome on Vane
atreet, while Ptelan, Biougiuon,
Kuouff. ruHsolbaoh and Alcer
ley board at Duffy's Hotel, and
O'Leiry was made to b lieve that
tbe 'Duffy crowd,' as they were called,
would not tupp irt mm. u i.eiry is
quits a I oy, and ws earlly influenc d
to believe these ahsuri sti.ritis, ctui
iighmto play with u' e tinaiaam,
a d making d feu aluio t iaevitkbK
All the mi chief was traced to BUck's
intlutirCK, and, laving it od enoiuh
i, subordination irjm tt a1 qnaner,
we de'ermined to ad.'pt li ro c
treatment, and have d ne eo
111 ck his been eus,enled Ind ti
bite y, ind every mill who exhibit a
similar di'reaard f the club's inter-ei-ti
on the diamoad will s aro bia
fate You may anuounre thtt as an
tt oiiiat.ve We pay our men g io.l
salaries and t ent ilium well, and if
thi'y won't play gt od ba 1 we t an find
men to tike thtir places who will.
We have stood f'olishmRS
en "ugh. Fr.'m now on t'ie aatc -
word will be, "N;netiy Duein a",
and Ihe men who dnlihera'ely thiows
off io bin p ay. i g will find it a i.-rions
pieceof buait, ess lielore we get through
wi'h him. We cinaff rd to loea
g4m or two once in a mine, Dot we
n tailor J t) have lie inayeis nun-
vidiully or co'lctively bowing the
nine, mid we won't have any raote of
it. That's all."
This so t of tslk has tbe trne ring in
it, aod we Lope II wl'l he s riutly en
forced. A nine without iiisuiilna ifl
wrse than no r ii:e at a I, nnd
a club whira a few indivi dual pliers
ornsder ih'rrwn intr 'S's ae para
mount t.i the t lub'n will (a I to pint eg
of is own rotteines', onlfSi prnmrt
and s r.ngent nieaann s are adopto I o
arrest the pmirreiBcf the d eeaso in its
infancy. This iln dirfcios ol t'ie
Mrmnli s club are ne erm md lo do.
and tneir effort' in thai direc im will
h ve the crd al emputby of
admireiaof ihagamo.
Nlandlna: of Ibe Club.
r 3.
: : o
21) Iti .0 9
.6 1 .680
.0 18 JrM
2 20 .623
22 22 .600
i M 2 .403
17 .'4 .4 4
10 20 ,380
Chattanooga ...
Cbarlrslar els Oa la Mr. Smlib
IsraouL to tbi arrtiL.I
Chabi.btom. 8. 0-. June 14.
Chr.rl-eton d. felted Macon to-day
by the di-cisive scorn cf 15 to 7.
CWiestou d aved an errnleai same
W.hni and McVev were th
Charlie on hetterv a.an,s: 8mi b snd
I)ker lor Ma on. Score bv i ininge;
Cl ar estoo -3 5 1 0 0 0 6 0 15
Macon 1 002 (I 004 7
Tbe Baltrrlm at Nasbville T:-Vmj
larioiAL to tss arriAL.I
NasaviLLi. Tin. Jun 14 No
asms be'.ween NS-ivill and M m
Dhis on am u: t of ra n. Fatt ii nio-
mo'tosr: Kn uff and B".uitOQ (or
M.mnhii. and either Dnndon and
Kienmeyer or Baker and Scbellhese
lor nashviiie.
AHaata DlatxaslM.
artouL to tbi srr.AL. I
Atxasta, Ga.. June 4 At a'.ta wa
defe.it d agai i to-iiay by Cm tn.o g,
aod mil' h die a isfaLtlon exis in he
city to r iah. Th" g me waa po irly
j layed on the ari of th Al ii tae,
while C a tanuog play d w. II
ihro. irbout. Bhreve ai d A un lei
wnm the b tiery for the lat er, and
C nwiy nd Map esfo' Att, a. T .is.
olDciel sc'T-r h. s noi b e:i '. .rd of
sine'legne It is hoped Uiat le
i'l urnup O K t -morrow The
folloiug is th score bv i 1 1 g :
A lanta 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 -5
Ghana. oig 2 o 0 n 5 0 1 0
gayaaaali's Wivrlnn.
lerirtUL To TH srraaL.I
Savanna h, Ja , Jun- 14. Savan
nah wis n.dl I'ofeate I by Aug sta
to-i y. N al wai' hi 'or bit en
baoa w ill H d Che' of Aignsti
WS lafely b ted but five times. Ba-
OFFICE Room 1 (new) Cotton Exchange Building. Telephone 69.
Narlh BrltUa and er.
ranitlo (nearly) eit.OOO.eMrO
WevivkifHitrror ar Tarn
l,lea,At I
s mt a .lifsrala.... ... l.iaa.aai
Amerlcaa Marwty t'ampaaj, Maklna; Heads of Bisretyahlp.
All classes of property Insured. Ppeclal Attention vlven to iniurtnc Country Sterol.
vannah ts on a grind disgust with ber
teim. Score by innings:
Savannah 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0-2
Augusta .-..a 2 2 111! 2 5 17
Baseball Natea
Dktboit, 11; St Loui", 6.
Ciiicauo, 6; Kbdbis Uty, 1.
BtasTow, June 14 Wa hington, 5.
Boetin, 3.
Tub Athletic-Baltimore game was
postponed on account of rain.
Tint A'hletie Ass'ciit on Ins etern
ized a biwehall league within iteell,
rompoatd of four nines. Toey play
tbi ir lirst game U-marrow at the new
Nasiivili.b .Immcttn, June 14th:
lbbby Black was left at home by Man
ger rented, itonny is a gciou un i
player, but t-n el tbinka that ma
Hicu'h doas morn harm to the c'uh
than bia playing does gojd. Ue will
e tber be suspended or released.
8t. Loitih. Mo . June 14. Umpire
Tui i-on oi the Aroer can Btseball As
sociation received notice f'om Presi
dmt Wickoff yesterday notifying bim
of his rel. aae. TunUon has given en
tire sattefai-t on in all the games
which be has ump red In, and no
csu e for bis releate is known.
Tas ArriAL does not be'ievo that
Bryniu, the receDtlv-eigued pitcher,
will prove a vaiuaoiu acquis iiun io
the n'ne. Ha wa. hit rather freely in
ilia crimen ha mtctietl f r NaebVille.
Pavanuah git nine hits c IT his delivery
iu one gam. Uhtrleston anncieii
him cut ol the box, with fourteen
hitt, snd a tstal of tenly-two bases.
Macon g tt four een hits, with a totil
ot aix'een base. After (hit ho was
releaso'l. on the pteienao that Nash
ville had too roar-y pitchers. Wo are
vary much f a d tnat we will make
the samo disoovery beftire Brynan has
nlu luid manv aameH. unities tho diss-
bil'iy (run which he w.s laboring
wheu Nashville reltane.l bim no
lunger ex s'h.
I. 0. O. B.
List er Prises t oairlbuted for
llaby Shaw.
Tlis following oris -s have bean do
nated for tbe 1 O. B. B. picnic and
b bv show, for which tne committee
offer thanks. Those who have prom
i od nr i i. and all persons ho are
wil ino to lontribut. will plcaae send
tne in lo Mttrtin Cohen, 210 Mam
tt.ert, and they will be published
next day:
B lvr s t, knife, fork and spoon, 8,
Baby's high chair, Brandt Furniture
B by's cane rocking-cliair, Mitchell
A Brvmn.
Babv'a rncklng-cbair, Armtttong
Furn tnrsO mpny.
Moby a ro k ngc air, u nairia.
Corner bractei, Mr. Fisher.
Bnb'slia', Merlin C dien.
One b Mine doll, P. K. Hopkins,
On cnt ilina uitc'mr. Peres A Co.
One babv'a poadai-liox, B. Bam
baby s liu'ton snoe-, manner io,
Bahy's button shoe-, A. K. Sloan.
liabv s tepbyr sqne, t-am Way
Hh'iv'h I'huia cud. W. 0. Blll'ttl.
B.ttn ' d .11 im aic-box. Mrs. 15nsick
Biby's camel hair bru h, Harris &
Baby's gold bresstpin, N. Bach.
Hahy s gold br ani'in, B. Levy.
Baby's ivory abiln, B rnli 4 Co.
B ihy'a lmecap, Mr. A K. Hlotn.
B thy's la e cap, Mrs. H. Grey.
Seven pi ir baby's hoee, H. Anerbach.
();ie dms n doll-, Ma x A Drejfnt?.
One si vercup, Jxt Palaoe.
One pa r bahy's shows, Adlsr Bros.
O: e :a ' drts, Menken & Co.
Thtee dol s. Mrs Frank in.
H Iver cup, Mulloid A Co.
Kmhr iderstl dress, Mrs. L Bmer.
One minlrttare t'unk, 8. Levv A Co.
K I.,w. ns flu A Rro.. a vun and
fifty addi ioual ftiwt by the commit
Beeoaae a Member af Ihe Hatienai
CanL Orre. a few days since, sent
thM name i f hi rompary, the Chicka
nw (Juirds, to tin Be retrry of the
iNatinnal Legion, of which the follow
ng cimpanus are row members:
(O. mplets).
ChicVaaw UiiHidi, Tennessee.
Mo itg mo.y Greys, Alabama.
Mutiue rifles, I .wa.
lionet m Light Guards, Texas.
1, u : iana K fl- e, New Oileans.
M. bile K lies, Alabama.
Volameer 8 mthrr n, Vicksburg.
Brauch Uuarde, f-t. Louis.
Battery A., D nvd e, III.
Batt .ry B., Washington Artillery,
Batef A., Nt. Louis L'ght Artil
lery. Batiery A., Indianapolis Light Ar
tillery. Bitery B.Iouisiana Field Artil
Ury, New Orlnn.
i iija via.
(Laklng cne (o cotrplete).
Busch Zouaviv, Bt. Louis.
(Lv king two to complete).
It wai rxiHi t 'd in a 8t. Louis da'ly
ai d a New Organs evening (.aperthat
a yndicts i f Sa 1 Frannit", Cal., had
offer Hi the Lg on $30,000 to bave
their Bis arauil dnll at that c ty next
spring. If tb r hai be n bui b a syn-dua'i-
fo.med ti e iecret ry of the 1
vi ru h-is ii' tb en aupns-d of it, nor
has be re. eiwedsny such offar. The
L-aion do not iih env offers, snd
a ill no' re. eiv them undr any eon-hid-ia
ion until et sa h lime as it sm-s
fi to use il e C..1I for bits in the
ai apn f ad er is-meuts in all tbe
1 a i g jour;in'8 thro"gliout ths Unit
ed Sat.e, ihe- by mving any aid
e-61 c iv a crane-- io '.ao K '
dr il w t in its lin.l s. Nn di cdu.i"a
Ii n w II b" mad i unl-ss twj or mor
c ti s bid .ho .a. a t ouot. Tl e i'y
ct o en will re 1 at ofl-nn tne bigU
e ' hut o b. tier I c ities Ti e L g on
wd n t be r. a y o ailver i e for bids
ui 1 1 ab nt tor it of January, 1887.
Dieiux autl I'leauluiC.
f uiima' and imuts' olothes cleaned
or dyed iu any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Lcmis Reigl, n8 Jeflerson street, Mem
phis, lenn. Goods raoeived by express
fqatllable mt Naanvlll ...
Hauaillle of Kmaaatll ..
I'hoieltel Hr.Miailv a iMa
rin Department)...-
Will Adaspt Ihe Sllaadard Uaaae.T
On tho 1st bf Si-ptemhcr next the
6t. Louis, ArkimaiiM and Tens rail
way, formerly ty Texts and St. Louia
railway, will he hanged from a nar
row to a standard gauge railrnad.
When this read was add recently it
was rumored that the Illinois Cen ral
Ka Ircad Company vns tPe purchwr.
This was not really th ca, but there
is no doubt that the Illinois CeDtral
Company ba au intercut in the read.
The narrow aauge rna.i , imnos ir im
Butls I'.unt, oppojlteti.airo, in.,
eou'hwcH'orly to tionHiorsv ami i.m-
nisns. Tex . viaj'me B ult, Ark., lex-
arkuna, Tyler and Coiaicnna. When
the pmito etl change oi gauge naa
beii effect id it w ill glvi Uie illinoia
Central railrou 1 in uubrokea rind di
rect lina t Ibe Uii Grande at Larcvto,
and thence via the Mexican National
railway into Mexico.
Tbe Kael Teaarasee Beeraaailaalla.
Ths F.at-tTenneriiee security holders
who failed to assent to the plan of re-
oriraniiiation will now have amide op-
porlnniiy t repent at th i' leisure.
To them it mint tie peructly plain
now that the reorgapir-at'on will go
through. The holders of $14,570,000
couBilidated bonds, f ti.'.'OO.OOO in
come binds, $14,473,600 preferred
stock, snd $17,0'28,HO0 common itick
bave coneented. All that are lft out
side sre the holder of H8,0l)0conioli
dnted bonds, $260,000 inconus, f2,
O.'O 500 preferred rtock, and J'J.871,400
coinW'in stock. Viituaily all the bond
holders hive come Into the scheme,
and on'y about 12 per cen. of the pre
ferred and about 35 per tout, of the
common stock are excitnieti. rroru
the aisf SHinetits the company will re
ceive on the sicurities a'ruaoy depos
ited $812,500 from the tneomea, tw,
410 from tho pielerredB'ock, and $42 li
ons from tho common stick, a total
ol $2,103,000 outol f2.476,roo provided
f rin the puui by the deposit oi an
secur.ties. The caJ realized, there
fore, ia only $371,l'JO lesi man me
to'al, and the company may j ro'er to
mtaln the securities not Issued in ex
change for old s-curltles In i's tieas-
Kleel I roaatle.
It is possible thst within a few years
the rent of strel ties of acceptable
quality may bo reducod down to $1 60.
or even leia.ana men moy win cmnu
wooJeu lies hard In many parts of the
United B'utos. II their u.u should
ever become gcneralthe market would
be enormous, as not lesi than thirty
two pounds per yard of rail would be
requited, or about half a much again
aa is now laid In track, if ties, such as
that ll'iibtiuti'd, were uncd at the
UHual rats for wooden ties, six'een per
thiity f ot rail. More probably, less
ties would be used, and ten pounds
per ya'd, more or less, adde j to the
rail section, but this would not affect
the aggrega'o increase In metal de
manded, which is Juet fif'y tons per
mite of track, or 8,000,000 tons for tho
railroads of the United Bia tea. ,
(!oal ori'baniluf Usage.
Tub tola' coat of change of giine on
the Lint sville and Niudiville railroad
wea $231,231) 110. This would make
tho total average cost ti the Lonisville
and Nashville for cbnuiiiog gauge of
ens no, cirs and track for 2160 miles
of line", abont $107 per mile. If this
ii a fair average lor a i tne roans, it
would allow tne netcoa', of the change
of gauge on the 12,018 miles of lines
enumerated av,ove to be $1,350,126.
While this is a liuve sum ot money, it
la small In comDarirKU with the bane-
flls which will remit from the expend
iture. This amount would build and
equip only 11 ty-lour miles of new
load, at an avetago cost of $25,000 per
mile, aod yet many limei this sum
Ins been squinuurmi in rjunuing pur
a'lel roada which the country did not
need and whose construe! lon'resulted
In permanent I si to i ittting roads.
Tho establishment ol i pract u nity uni
form gauge throughout tin' i" nitry
will be worth many r.niiions. piirn-u-larly
to the Booth, mid will '. d
Ijr in a compirat vely -hurt tm.f.
Nbw OblbAnb, Jiir" 1 1. N
Arrived: W. W. O'Neill and tow, 'jUj
PiTTPBURti.Jnne 14. Night River 6
feet 10 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and warm.
Whikliko. June 14. Night River 4-
feet H inches on the itauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and warm.
TviuiHvn.i.K. June 14. Niuht River
ri.-ing, withti feet 6 inches iu the canal
and 4 feet 3 inchea on the falls. Busi
ness fair. Weather clear and warm.
Oaibo, June 14. Night River 23
feet on the gauge and rising. Weather
cloudy and warm. No arrivals of re
nlar patke's. Departed: City of Nat
chex, New Orleans.
EvANsviiXB.June 14. Night River
falling, with 0 feet 3 inches on the
gauge. W earner "Del. ine wneei oi
tha Two Statss bat been mored to
shore ont of tbo channel above Enter
St. Lours, June 14. Night Kiver
fallen 19 inch, and now stands 17
feet on the gauge. Weather clear and
hot. Arrived! City of Vicksburg,
Vlckshurg. No departures of regular
Vicksbitbo. Jnne 14. Night De
parted: City of New Orleans New Or
leans. Arrived: Arkamai City, St.
Louis; she re'urns to-ni.ht. Tne old
bailor a at ue'ta is Buna. Atieui'i-
aetis wliannr-ai am oeeu uiuvca irjui
thee ty t Kle'ns'on.
op MUSIC Doston, Mas,f
ilOSLO l1 IiiiraWin,aiuniHlart Iter. The.
Ju.S n.KrlKOun Vor.1 ai.3 lr,4nir..rlal Uuc. riaaoanS
OrianTuninf , Sine Art.. Orl..r.. Llttat.r.. Ii.no. sa
K?Tamon.l'tit';l"rl.iiJrra wth Wm H-.lii
EIrlo 1.1(1 ,l.iuil' prtfnn. fall Tarmtrln. -
ON the '. day of May, 1W, th Irm af
O h K K R A A D A M S, Attorneys, was iia
solved by mutual eonsent. prkpr
K. k.'aiiams.'
I. r. oau3. i.rKCt Last
Attorneys at Law,
.o 10 MadltaaNf ,.trastnls. Teats.
Practice la th St-te snd Federal CcarU el
TenDets, Arkanta and Mu.Utippl.

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