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A Bill Tuwti tke Dotse Prohibiting
Pool Selling aid Book Making;
la tke DktricU
Washihoto. June 14. Haute. Mr,
Cobbflrd rilled op t ha report of
the Uommiltee on ramie Lands,
re'omninnJiDR concurrence in ti
ISerats" amendment to' the Atlantic
and IVitio land forfeiture bill.
Mr. McRk Ark.) vigorously op
nol the Senate amemlmentB. con
tending that notsiitJHtamling the title
01 It e bill, the ailofition cf the amend
mts would convert the bill into a
confl mnU ry act The report ol the
commit1! ws then agreed tj and
the amt'nilment ccn lined in.
Under the oall of rJUUs, a number
of bil a were introduced and referred
A bill nHed prohibiting bookmak
Infr of all kinds and pool soiling in the
UlHtr ft. ;
A hi I to incorporate the Washing
tou CaMti Kulaay Company of the
V mi ict ot Uominba gave liss toenn
ideralile diwnfwion, being advocated
bv Mr. Uea'd Mo.j and opposed by
Mr. tiibion W. Va J, hut no ac'.ion
was taken.
The II iuhb then adjourned.
Tke Sstaate.
lniniediatoly after routine bus'nrss
lnti.e heha e. Senator Dolph movei
that the Northern Pncillc forlulture
bill be taken m.
Senator Heck urged that the Senate
take up instead the motion cnterrd by
Sei ator Ilaw.'ey, prr Minting lunrnbers
ot uongms rrnru accenting Iftvsor em
ployment from railroidcimpanUsthat
!,.., r.,. .) i,i f,. ru. .. u. ...
ator itfca thought tuia a privileged
qrr s ion.
The Chair did not think it apiivi
leited qufs.ion pending another mo
The forfeiture bil) was taken up
and S na'or Cull took the lloor and
re -tuned bis remarks, in support of tho
proposition to forfeit all lands not
earned it)iin tho time piestribed by
.Hingreis. -Senator
Mitchell offered an amend-
tnont to exclude from forfeiture tbe
laniis communing witb tbe completed
pom n oi inn uauarta Branch. If the
company cou'd not complete the Can
ada branch the farmers and producers
of the Pacifin Northwest wou'd have
to remain at the mercy of the Oregon
Railway and Navigation Uomnanv.
f-'enator Mitchell ditcuiced the pure
ly ieui m.i oi me (iieHtion ol tho
light of tht Hoveroment to forfait.
In this dfsi'UMlon Hoi atom George,
Ens is, Van Wyck and Coke partlci
pate?. Senator Hearst raid that sinne the
railroad company had taken all the
jpv.nl land, and had nfod it, they
ehould not ho allowed to I brow up tbe
ponr 'and and thns relieve themselves
of their irwors biliti a. There mtuhl
to he m way devjrod to compd
them to fullll! thvir obligations mid
coin, let the rond,
Smiafor Van Wyck, rtfarring to the
aigunieut of t!ie c(jmjany'a friends,
that Congress had Do right to forfeit
thofo Undo, si d that whenever a
question of forfeiture came before
Coi.grew we were conhvinled with
n'-vel and st ir'Mng propositions. Our
friends, the r'eualor from Oregon,
i-i.M.mp'i, out u uiignt no thought
uii-j (Mines i'u mo niiicli.
Seimlor Milct ell Haul ho was not ar
guing the mutter from the company's
B.nimjiuiia, uui irom iueBtaniIjointof
the people from the section of couutry
Senator Van Wyck said we had
'nilt three linea to the Pacific, and all
"patriots" who came to Congress
propositions to build those lines
we 1 to b a tnated by a desire
e "compftition," first with tho
Ine and then with the railmad
The first thing the companies
wevr, was to combine with
lother to destroy the railroad
titiou, and then combine to buy
1 corrupt the ocean lines. Sen
an Wytk held that If Congress
right to forfeit the land for a
tu.-cu oi inecoD.titions under which
It was granted. Conumu in.) .;,.i,t
to date the forfeiture from the date of
' oii-scn oi int. conditions, only tak
1?" c V?,0' tbe rihu 01 " tiers, lie be
lieved Congress ought now to forfeit
everything which it had a right to
forfeit on the 4ih of Juy, lH7l. Ho
referrod ironically to thet'hiirh-ouud-lng
resalutions" of both political par
ties pa wd every four yeais about
railroad orfcitures and "rfservinn the
public domain for actual settlers,"
and contras ei those res ilutions wHi
what he dcc'arud to he the fact, that
thin r,"'ty eVt"r ri'aml,Usl'J "y
There being a difference of opinion
in the t-enat a to what should be for
felted, S.na or Van Wyck would be
prepared to take Ihd larK.t mensure
of forfeuuro that tbe Senate was pre
pared to piss, '
Senat. r McMillan', raid he would
vote BHinst the amendment of Senator
Van Uyck for the reMtns stated by
Senator Sherman aud others. Ho
(Sena'cr McMillan) raid that the
pa saxeoflh.t amendment would be
(lor u aprrtut iojusti. e to th- people
of W.btiinntin Territory. Wnoev.r
made the mi-UJi of forfeitirg the Car
ca -enrant would Booner or later dis
cover thtir erior.
Si.at ir Br ;wn a, id the inovoinment
had inspected this road as eseh twen-tv-nve
miles was completed ; and on
the favorab.e cet ficat of tho sovern
ment s aK.n's ( avh s.ction was accept
ed Mfomplrte accordicg to the con
tract. Whether there was a legal
est"PpM or not, it w.s very clear to
bena:or Brown's miud that there was
an equitable s'o;.pel. The govern
went save to m. tiee that it would in
sist on forfouur . aud the uovernment
acci p ed the road in seetions m coai-
P'hiki. i ne SKventr-five unconip eted
mi es of tho Cascade grant const tuted
a in-st imporlant section of tho road,
wno e compleiijn was of theotmoit
C"nse,,nercs to tie people of tho
Senator Gor,8 desired to speak, but
tii hour bomg late a enpirelion was
made that be tieft r his epioch till to
mnrro,v. A motiintotjo into executive ss
sif n was d-fested by the ltt pnbliu
ar.s, ai was tho a uictiiin to aoionrn.
Senator George, therefore, hea n
his remarks, Int. had not pioceedtd
far when acother motion U go into
ex cutive s'Mton woa made, but met
tbe 'a'e c f the f rmt r motion.
Several mo ions to aJjonrn then
alternated with untiona to gj into
executive sHion, all failing.
8 nator EJoiaot' sugj-tslsd tbat
the Senators who prohascd most anx
ie'yto have a forfrtiture bill passed
seemed meat dtlemiiaed not to come
to a vote on it. '
Senator Gorg said tho c iticiBm
cr.uld not applv 10 h;m. Whi'e pro
ceeding with t ii itm rks, tbe Senate
be ng in get ronfusir-n, Seoator
Oeoige remited that if Sena'oi in
sisted on his prccoediog with hiA re-
marks at this late hour (be bad a
doten law books on bis desk), be
thought it doe to him tbat tbe Ben
atora abnnld lis'en to bis remarks.
Any Senator who did cot wish to bear
wbat Senator Ueorge IiaU to lay could
ret re from the chamber.
After aome further Droareas wrh
his argument Senator Geo ge was re-
nevra by a new mo ion to aojou'n
wh ch seemed to have better protpects
or succi as.
In tbe course oi tht debate Senator
Plumb offered a ieolu'ion,whirh was
agreed t. cal'ii g on he Postmaster-
General for information as to the ex
pense of the inland water rou es of
the United Sat sand tbe amount of
mail transported over them. Senator
I lamb a'ao gave notice that on Kr day
morning ne would (an up ilia conier
erce report on the poetofG :e appro
priation bill.
Senator Edmunds said it had been
thought by many Senators advisable
to have acou le of davs Thnridav
and Friday for the cousiderutian of
anon case on tne calendar.
Senator K lmunds offered a risiln
tion for refwrence to the Committee
on Kules and it was so refrrred. nro
viding fcr a change in the rnla of the
senate, ao as to make it aflect'ng the
question in reference to which Ihe
motion is mad. Senator Kdojurida
said that by some inadver!ence the
ruteanow tornado derate on a motion
to reconsider, whereas, above all
things, such a motion, if uude in
g od faith, ought ti be open to ex
A 0 o i lcclt, Sena'or Georiro havinir
the floor on the forfeiture bill, the
senate adjourned.
A Waal of DlMlpllae lodnrea ( on
tfllloa Tbnl IIk for the lalerTrr
ease of Ihe Urand Jnrjr.
t'OKBiuroxpixca or thb Arpni..!
uxFcai), Misa.. June 12. In vonr
i-Bus oi i) to innaiii vou nun Ps ied.
over tbe signature s f Mr. W. S. Pettis
of this place, an "answer" to a squib
from Slip re'ntive to the State Ui-iver-sity.
My language in your is ue ol
1st lRHUiit waisiiLplv this: Jtisex-
peittid tint the trubtes will tave an
opportunity of accepting the resigna
tion of Uen. 11. P. Stewart as chancel
lor of tho university at their meeting
in Jane. It is oupccttd, too, that
there are other profe s jrs who will re
sign the profneBor of Latin. of Greek,
of niatht unties, and probably of En-gliah.
"Slip made what m'ght apnf ar an
attack on our mdile, able educ ator and
Christian gentleman. Gen. II. P.
Stewart, chancellor of the Uni
versity of Mirsissippi. and the.
faculty generally." Fur her on he
says: "This a1 tack iinolies that
charges can be fnade agMust the pro
lessors." What bosh! When didSli
attack any of them through the co
uiiiiib oi me Ai i iiAL or any news
paper? It lias been a common rumor
n our a'reets for three months that.
uen. Miewart was going to resign. A
least throe mombtri of the board of
trubkies luil htard r f it. It seem
thai about tlm u in mths ago Gen
Mtwart was stamped down in tho
ha pel of the uuiversitv bv thebova
the chancellor then remarked thai be
WJUId not make nnv more announce.
men Is from the rostrum, and wethiu
in in ibiu uay to tuts ho has n t
mado but few, if any and we thin
men a eta e c I aitaira cannot exist
However that may be, it was a rumor,
aim ue lias been expinited
resign. no-, was tliro anv
thing in my ar'icle, either by word
or implication that would load tho
readers ot thu Appeal to infer that
charges could be preferred against any
of theee profot-sors. It is a had policy
for Mr. P. to judga the other readers
ui ine Ai-i-KAi. uy nimseii mey are
uui ru oniuao. w ould It not be Well
lor Mr. 1'. to wait until an attack is
made before lie at'emp'sto defend tbe
meuiDera oi l lie laciu y ayainal the at
tack? Wait nntil after this issue of
ine AiM-iAL for intsncs, whoa psit
ui uiu uarunra win ue lurown on ine
overgrown pony and bis big feet will
Pave something to kick auainat.
will explain, however, in the begin
ning that I don't like newspaper noto
riety and that we are loth to enaaae in
a controversy about an aflair that does
not toucern ua personally. But this
is a f tate institution and wo are going
to take the responsibility of saving
mm uib uiBuipune oi tne uni
versity at p-f sent is simply wretched.
j no sjianceiior nas even reported
to the grand jury of the coutty to
break up certain practices nmonii tho
niuiienie, panning in over e'ghty
nanus, mere than one-half of the
student body, to be summoned beforo
llie grand lury. We are not ariirir to
ny uo is responsiDie lor tue de
piorati u condition of aflairs here,
uui mere is something radically
wr'iig with a univtr.itv lin u
(lianctllor (an't make an announce
ment in tno ctiaptkl and the professors
are hung In i-fllgv on its campus. Hor-
riidc s ate of ailmrs, all mrn-t admit,
and no hoy or set of boys should bo
gll Ity ( I SU li acts. I he oro eKaoru im
u i, mini luHTiuiorN, arm you (liulenta
Miouui reverence their gray ha ri and
lenpi-ci IIHir pOMUOII. II 18 lUUloreU
ilmt vou s v tliev nn anl'mut,,! i
their method of inttriietion". that
other schoo's nra chaiHnir w ith Ihe
times, but that Ihev sre not: that ihev
are fosailiie.l, having bean here too
long, and that a set of yonng, live
and energetic inst nc ora are .
quired. Then you should mate your
cotnpla'nta to the trusttes and be pre
pared to euhi-tant ate what you say at
their meeting in June. and do not nnr.
sue the lawless cdi so that some of
you have hem gui ty rf within the
paHt few months. It iniKht be that
all this trouble mav he traceable to
the clamor of a few bad bojsand Slip
mty be a ' Ut piau dreamer " for not
believing that it is. Slip would like to
believe that there isperf.ct harmony
existing between ihe chancellor, every
member i f his faculty, the etudent
trustees. He wiutd like to believe
that there was no jealouey or rivalry
existing betwepn them and that they
were pulling tngehtr trying to tight
the hard t mesand working for a com
mon inherent, supported by the etu
dot ta and by the public. But be
doesn't. He csn't believe anything.
But he d ea believe thai Gn. II i
Stewart, a'so the pn feasors who, it is
rnmgred, were goin to res'gn, those
who fill the ch. irs of ltin, Greek
stid mathematics are all tin rough
Chris ian g-ntlmen, an't aa for their
intellec'uki abilitha, we don't believe
they have any up riois wifjin the bor
deraottheS ale. The-eforetur charg
agiicstthe Sta e University isa nip y
this, ih-re is a lack of discipline. Who
is responsible for it ? Let the trustees
Development aad Orcwlh tbe Car
dlaalPrlaclpleilpoa ishlchThhs
School Is Coadneted.
looaaisroxDaics or tbs ipmal.1
Iiia, Miss .June 12 Are school
notes aver welcome? If to, then jot-
urgs oncernir g closing exercl es ti uly
a e. Special exercis s are profitable
bnh to pupil and vi i or; to ths for
mer a arm, to tbe Utter inttructive.
So, seeking instruction upon the eub-
j.t cf independent normalism, no
better placs waa thought could be
visited than tbe clo ii.g txtrci-tesif
the first and leading insn u ion of tbe
kind In the S uth tbe Iuka Normal
Imtitute. The prrgramme, extending
th'ouuh almost all the last week, con-
s sted of the regular echool work dur
ing ihe day, witb musical and forensic
effort by the pupils at night.
ins nst EtBlit. Wednesday, was not
attended. Tho second was 'Chil
dren's eight." Tbe little ones fcouit-
ted themselves excellently and won
well-earned applause from their ad
miring ard Inti-rested audi ors. 1 hey
presented the juvenile opera, The
JiaUi in the Wood.
The l.iat nigbt we s aiven to niemViPm
of the advanc d classes in the prepara
tory departmout They cams prepared
to ent-rUin tbeir audience with orig
inal speeches, and succeeded band
er mo'y. fiiey were young ladiea and
ge tlemeo of emrgyand talent, which
nicy mai manilesi t y both de iverv
and eubject matter. The first wascon
sidetabiy varied in die ion and man
ner, but waa Utilormlv earnest. Tho
second was at t mes amusii gand thor
oughly ins ructive. Wo were treated
to an ethical locture based upon Torn
ii' ..ii ' i i i . .
eoiapaue wi ii Dig raranic
majesty : to a lovelv nktur ol l.h
lovely life of Cinderella: to a descrip
tion, elegantly wjrded and forcible ia
dowry, of "Kastern Splendor," aa
exemplified In Lalla Kookh ; and to a
disser at on upon the "Feudal Byatem"
whiih, although prefaced hvan amus
ing stutemtiit concerning the speaker's
timi titr, was a-gum' n ative acd impressive.
the pupils all showed the nnw
given them by the lmthodof teach-
ing pursued in tbe netitu'ion. TI.pv
exhibited the power to become prac
tical, woiking factors 'n wha'ever so
ciety tbey might be thrown. They
pOFBBiwd that happy combination of
son con ii.ietice and modesty which a
consc ousne s of real power alnava
gives. The peculiar methods pursued
a c'a s work are especially ricMlimml
to give speed and accuracy in fnrmn.
la'iug thought and a forceful precis on
in ctiil iciaiing it. It is a pleasure to
sit and listen to the manipulation of
claitus nndar ''Normal" teaching. The
teacher, directing the vonthfnl miiwla
bef rs iiim into any ill's red channel,
ia in ercitod as any. The c'ass, hav-
iug us uiernai totce in town now
against one knotty problem and then
nton a second, eooa not merely knows
but aleo (jnmui and rtalizei the line of
trutt's, and has mentally assimilated
them. Tho dais may thus, and doet,
go from recitition conscious of an in
tellectual vict ry which mere instruc
tion can ni ver ive.
Mornial'sm believes in development
in growth by exerrvse. It accepts
the mind as it really ia a living,
groathful entity. Its sueciss lies in
the fact that its method of proceidure
is in ac rdnce w.th the r quirementa
of the mind. It recogo zs that the
I et success can be attained only by
understanding tl e intellect with which
it npeintes, and then directing its ac
uity into poner channels. It is the
tru systwn, because it follows tho
leiding of na'ure. It ia growing.
What wonder I this is a progressive
age. It will continue to grow. It
must be accepted, and that quickly.
We mnat kep abreast of the times,
and "independent normalism" has
made itself a part and poition of the
times. visitor.
and aucoewors. The terminal of ths
ro?d will be at Fourth street and For
est Park, the distance being about
ioor ana a bail miles. Tne bill pro-
ij . . . , . . -
yiuea ioat ins roaa snail pe constroct
as nearly as possible over tbe middle
of tbe streets a ong which it aball be
npon wrooght iron column, and tbe
motive power shall fee electricity
ooiy. jar. u Ktiiiy says mat eastern
capna'ista will larniah the money,
ana mat be win commence tbe con
struc'ioo of the road within a week
afier tbe passage of the bill.
Pa-ovlalsa for Bepalra of Damage
and far ralnre PraCcctloa bj
tbe I'pprr Board.
Greenville Timet: The board to
equalize the ais'ssment of the levee
tax on land in the Yaaoo-Miis'ssippi
Ievte District met in Ciarksdale, June
7tb, and made the assessments opon
trie cuue ana county valuation as
Tunica, raisn, 25 per cent.
Yazoo, no change.
Sunflower, decrease, 30 per cent.
Leflore, do change.
DeSoto, decrease, 45 per cent,
(juitman, ra'sj, 10 per cnt.
Coahoma, rise, 25 per cent.
Tallahatchie, ra'se, 15 ter cent.
The a'sessmeot of the Louisville
AewOileans and Tens railroad was
equalized at f 10,(XX) per mile through
tne a nr.i t.
We will ptibl'sh the nroredirim in
run next weec isiarnsiiau Manner.
Mr. h. K. Smith, who. as President
of its Board of Supervisors, renrea-
.! .1 . 1
emeu ounuoaer cooii'v at tne equali
ion, urn riueu us mat toere was
much difliruityln conanmmatinir the
object cf the meot ng. Tholaw under
which tbeeqiialiMre proceeded proved
erode and defective when tetted ln
operstion. It did not provide for nee
o sary data up-n which to bass the
proeedings. And while Sunlhwer,
lAuu'e ana izoo provided tula uat
be other counties did rot. or that
provided was obviously defee ivo,
Still the decieion attained, as above
shown, is a psrtial accomplishment of
tne correcmn oi the evil aimed at,
Ihe .Executive Committe of tho
Upper D.s'iiC Lsvee Boa'd was aleo
n session at Clarksda'e. We are in
i .i . . ...
lorniMi i nai tne commit'oe was en
pa, oil in devising ways and means for
tne repair oi damages, for future pro
tection. Ita conclusions and decisions
we will publish when p.ocur. d.
The Kedsklna Mill Marderli g HeU
Hers la Arlaona.
Who Had a Head ! Her Own for
St. Louis. Mo.. June 1.1. M. Ram.
uel L, Vining, residing at No. 3613 St.
Louis avenue, baa received from Sec
retary of Stste Bavard Information
to the effect that Blie is abnnt to re
ceive from the United States Treannror
fi uuu.uoo awarded by the Court of
uiaims under lliejtornn of the French
spoliation hill. Mrs.Vin no- has orovi.
uently retained possession of her
clniniB during all tiie uncerUinty of
Its ever being paid, and now corgra'u-
ihub nerro i that sue lias not d sposed
of it, as some others have theirs, for
what shrewd lawyers were willing to
I'l KANl K1S OF BlIKa A t'OXNI'u
On of ihcto (Icml beats who liva by
iMuiKin on mreiun connun turneil up at
Urnttil hnirhknil. unilor thn a I inn nf K.iwUr.
and ll.eoe.l lha Consul thara till tho Uttrr
ioiiiiu rum nui aud aenl aonie Hues of warn
na arounil tba i-ircuit f lunautatai Oa
nt'ir rpuoliina Ilrot llnrta nt. HUH.iw. h
uiii-ii tua louuwiuaij
I'm aiialntoil with affliction,
Chit-Hv in Ihii form nf fi.-tmn.
Aa it'aoltiireil mi by lranri at the conaul'a
open nuori
And know all klml? of inrrnw
That relief wmlhl tr in Ki.rri.w
With various iuu i, irom liipioce uoward to
a pun or more i
And I think I know all funcy
hlvlM4 ofttPtivM mMtlillf-BtlMW
From the holplem Irinh soldier who mixed
id our country s war.
And who taut in Libby a prinon
In A War that lin'l hla'n
And 1 rent back to. the oounlry that
never taw before-
I know the wretched teaman
Who Wat torturaii bv a Ham.tn
C plain till he Hed in terror witb his wacea
in arrear:
And I've given him mfliclent
To tllilt as an alnciant
And active uialofaclor with a aentle prlva-
Oh, I know the wenlthy tourist
Wild Ithrnllah acttiilanl (Via ..iiraatl
Loat hit letters, watch and wallet Iron) the
coiii neca coining o er,
Ard I herded that preamble.
And lent him eno-lirh In aamMa
Till he won hack all hit money on a "cold
deck hero ashore.
I hve tickets bonght for mothers
And thair habias llhat arara ni.lht.'il
And their husbands (who not alwaya oould
ns riaimea as ioirs aione) ;
Till I've come to the conclusion
Thai for eihic 4 rnnfnsinn
ad liuinorial contribution I hav little left
unanown 1
Our Urea t Merit
Of that beaulifier of the teeth, SQZO-
-"i s tiikt us euect niKin tbe
ths breath, it Mauls alone,
But I never, never, never 1
in beneDcent enueavo-.
Fell into the meahee by the Saxon Fowler
spread ;
And it sennit to me a pistol
Used judiciously at ltri-tol
Would have not too prematurely brought
this matter to a head.
Brtt EarH.
Elevated Kail way for HU Lsali.
St. Lons, Mo, June 14. There
will ba in'rnluctd in the House of
De'egsies to-morrow evening a bill
au luiiaiog the construction, main
tenance and operat on cf an electric
elevated railway, double track, stand-
mourn is retrtj lurg, while aa a mean ard gauge, with a dii g tnroou's and
o-cieansirg iie te. tli and improyinii buildings. Toe tranches will be
i asked by Thomas O'Reilly, atsigna
New Yobk, Jnno 14. A Tombstone,
A. T., special to the Herald rays:
"Two men weie killed by Apaches on
Wednesday on San PeJro, ii Sonora,
fif e?n miles be'ow the line. Advices
from Derniug announce tho finding of
the bedy of a man on the Florida
mountains, dead some time, the feat
uns onrecognizab'e. In the pockets
were letters addressed to Charles 'P.
Wiener. AD the Yeqi chiefs and Bub
chiefs who have eurrendered to the
Sorora government to date number
eixteen. Local papers here advised
Ihe people to march on tbe reserva
tion, clean it out, and to spare neither
men, women nor children. While
this is not the sentiment of a maiorit v.
the people of that eection exprta
somewhat similar views. The resi
dents of Southern Ariz inn do not
want the Apaches duven into Snnora
as recommenueu ry uen. Miles in
a rfcent telegram to the War Depart
moot, aa Sonora is entirely too close
to Ar zona to render this section
safe from future depredations
should the hostilee finally fly
to the 8irra Mail e mountains. Gen.
Miles Will not hesitate to employ a
strong force of Sonora Pimss, mostly
natives of the Saliuariba district, and
in that event a speedy extermination
of the hcxrtiles will be inevitable, for
tne sierra Maure 1'imaa are Infinitely
more cunning and courageous than
Apscbes, and better vers' d in wood-
craf'. can run filter and further, live
on less, and are all fine markimen
aad born strategists. It is reported
mat Mrs. ueorge Sli ppard, whose
husband was killed by Ape.-hi-s be
fore tbo Calabaras raid, has since died
from Brief and from the etTec'a of tha
shock and exposure she underwent
.1...: 1 . 1 .
uiu ma; ner nigni 01 capture, Iter
first huebaud, a Scotch-Canadian, was
a companion of lieronimo in younger
days, and after Ueronimo ascertained
who she was he gave her bis serape to
put around her shoulders, for the
night was cold, and stid: "If I had
known that nun belonged to you
would net have killed bins. Yon can
go, hut 1 i 1 continue to kiJJ whites
till my wife and child are returned
from the far off country to which
w nites tent mem
Our Worst Enemies,
Next to our vicos, are our follies. Among
them la the imperiling of future bodily com-,
tort, and tho average tenure of life to which
persona of moderately good constitution! are
presumably entitled, by imprudence In eat
ing and drinking and the reckless use ol
drugs. It it one of the happy rapabilitiet of
Ilostelter't Stonim-h It tters that It can re
pair damage thus intlh-ted. When the blood
is Ihin and watery, the bowels out of order,
the complexion and tongue both giving evi
dence of biliousness, there is a necessity for
repairs upon ihe human tenement obvious
enough to startle its possessor. A course of
the Pnters, the abandonment of drugging
for relief and a common-sense diet and
mode of life these will speedily produce a
change for the better. What nuinine for
fever and ague, and mercury for hiliouanea
and con ligation won't do, the Bitters will.
It also relieves rheumatism and neuralsia.
and inactivity of the kidneys.
Tha Maxwell t'aae.
St. Lons. Mo.. June 14 When the
Criminal Court opened this morning
Mr. rauntleroy, attorney for Maxw-ll,
convicted of the murder of Charles
Arthur Preller, ssked that he be
graoted more time in which to file af
fidavits, etc , preparatory to the argu
ment for a new trial in his client's
case. Mr. rauntleroy says he has im
portant fiesh evid nee wuich he is un
able at pJrtvsunt to in: reduce and which
be feels confident will convince the
Court that Maxae 1 was unfair'y tried
and ought to have areharing. The
Court 1 x tended the time for argument
on tbi8p int until Thursday next.
Isrowaed Shll Asleep.
St. Loi is, Mo., June 14. Patrick
Stelman, a your-g man about twenty
years of age, was drowned at the foot
of Cnrr street about 11 o'clock last
night. He was in company with
Frauk Walker and James Cannon,
and sat down on a pile of lumber at
tbe edge r f the river. In a short time
he fe'l asleep, toppled over, dropped
in'o the water and never aroee to the
surface. The young men who were
with him n ada an ineflectual attempt
to ruscud the body.
R. G. CRAIG & CO., 39 Union st.JJempIiis
YhoIcsale Grocers & Cotton Factors
2SS Front Street. Memphis, Tenn
Cotton contlgned to ns will have oar careful attention. Ws earrr at all timet a well
selected stock ol
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Li quorsjobacco & Cigar.,
. Aad will sell aa Law aa the Lowest.
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'te
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Lumber cf all dimensions. We make the Wholesale Business a speoial feature. Orders
eS"0ur faollitiea are unsurpassed by any sawmill In tlie South for dlilng orders promptly,
solicited and promptly filled.
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nisnnn r cia Gu rri m
UF ' ft MM
Millln 1hmRrket,
witb n foil aeaort.
Blw and
Ho. 17 JsffenoB 8tst, ;
(Batweaa Main aad Freat.) M&ltPHIS.
D . nIKsUklUhedia 1860.1
R. J0HN60N is aoS .oarledred by all par
ties interasud aa by farihe most aaa.
eesalul physieias ia thelrearm.nUjf privet
oreewet diseaaas. (Joiek, permanent cures
Karanteed ia every ease, maJ. or female,
oent eaaea of Gonorrhea and Syphilia
eared laaf w days without tbe us. of mer
cury, chanp of diet or hindranoe front
busineaa. beeondary Sychilia, thelaatvea
tiae eradicated withouttne us of mercury.
Iavolunsary loaa of somen stopped in short a
timo. Sufferer, from impotenoy or loaa of
Hiua p.wera reator eto free vior in a few
weeka. Victims of a a-aKn.a anH .rn.iiiv.
enery. SufferiDC from anarmaturrhaa and
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cu-ed. Particular atten
tion paid to tbe Diseasea of Women, and
euros guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of eau.tio or the knife. AU
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines aent by .zpr.sa to ail parts of the
aarWorkinrmen cored at half the usual
rates. Offio. hour, from 8 o clock a.m. to I
o cmea p.m. ll). X. JUMNKUN, M.D.
No. 4R52, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county Bute of lenneasee ys. Lissio B.
Tailor etal.
Y virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
aale entered In the above fltnuni tha
2Sth day of January, 1884, M. B. 61, paaa
is. 1 win sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in front ot the Clerk and
Master's otl.oe, courthouse of Shelby county!
Memphis, Tenn., on
(satnrday, Jane 1B, 1886,
I thin lenl hours, the followina de
scribed proierty, situated in hhelby county,
Tennessee, to-wit: Let 6, block 16: Be
ginning 118 feet east of the northeast in
tersection ol Desolo and Elliott streets, on
the north side of Elliott street: thenco
north 100 feet; east 32 teet: south lOd feet to
Elliott street, and west with aaid street 33
feet to the beirinnins. Sold aa the nronertv
f Noah Partee nd others.
Part of lot 14. blook 6. west side of Walnut
street, Ms 150 leet. Said as the property of
Richard l ane.
Lots, block 5S. west S'de of Hath street.
60il4. test. Sold as the property oi 11. Ilor
ton, James Hunter and others.
terms ot bale un a creditor six months:
notes with security, bearing interest, re-
uired; lien retained, redemption barred,
his May 20, IKttt.
8. I. JlcDuWELL, Clerk and Master.
By If. F. Walsh, Dei.u'y C. and M.
F. H. andO. W. lieiskell. Sols.
And Iron Roofing;.
ar : : , 'ifek
I iPffiCTrn f
-'p ' lilil'jlj
Fire. Wind. Wslsr and I la-htnlnsr
prMr. Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For Drices and estimates at factnrv rata.
oall on or address
438 A 440 Main St., and 21 k 23 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
Galvanised Iron Cornice. Tin Hoofs 4 Stores.
Oils cfi? UNTsEtTTctl Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
L. P. MVLLINS, of laU J. R. Godwin k Co. JAS. YONQE, laU oi J. W. Caldw.ll A C
Cotton Factors &Commission Merchant!
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor. Front and Union. Memphis.
: t t t : President.
Srsirsnder Talams Indoraed an PoIIcIsms.
In tbe World.
Wo Forfeiture. Cbeapeat
I Hjccarkilxi.eir.
No. 3 CoKon Exolinnge Riillllng. TH einphlx.
ti. W. MACRAE.
Cotton Factors
Laalavtlla temesl.
Foundations, cellar walls and baflj-
BKS subject to overflow should ba con
structed with Louisville Cement, It ia
t&e standard.
1 V 111! L' 11. II 1 . V 1 ' T. T) "V
n.ii'cvan i a iv r. n x
aar Deposits reoslv.d In sums ol 91 and upward, and interest allowed on same Beml-
T Wa'kay 'and sell local Investment Beada and Securities ruerally, pay taxes, act as
trustees, and, in leneraj. eiecate any iaanciaj aoaineaa requuina a sale and raspoaaibls
issoe drafts, la soma to salt parotaaere, o all parta of Xoropa
er Wehav.aonmrrodioas Vault (or tke depo.it ol valnable. whioa is at tha serriee af
oar eastom.r. fro af t karyss,
D. P. HIDDEN, rraidMiU E WD. KOLOSUTH, Ylce-Preijldent.
JAHES 51TUA5, Ckler.
No. 4fiM, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
county State of lennessoe vs. Emily
Sarke't et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory dee7ee for
sale, entered in the above cause on tbo
14th day of Mxy, 1885, M. B. 48, pair. 105,
will sell, at public auction, to tbe highest
idder. in front of the Clnrk and Maitnr'a
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn , on
Natal-day, Jane 19, 1886,
within legal hours, the following described
livioifcj, bjiuswu mioueiuy coumy, aenn.a
Lot 13. block 5, Brown's subdivision,
fronting 80 leet on the east side of La Rose
street, and running back 175 leet. Sold aa
the property ol Emily Sackett, W. W. Luok
ett and others.
Part of lot 7, block 63, southeast corner of
Gayoso and Hernando streets, 25x63 feet.
Boid aathe property of the Workingmen's
Building and Loan Association, E. Buohig-
Part of lot 9, block 63, east side of Her
Eando street, adjoinina Carter, 45x135 feet.
Part of lot 9, block 63, east side of Her
nando street, north of Maydwell's, 35x115
Let 2, block 45 : Beginning at a point on
the south side of Beale street, 52 feet east of
the oorner of Beale and Causey streets:
thence southward with Johnson's line 78
feet: thence eastward 25 feet; thenoe north
ward 78 feet to Beale street : thenoe west
ward with the south side of Beale street 25
feet to beginning. Bold as the property of
Rocoo Bogsiana and otbera.
Terms of Bale On a credit of six months;
note with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
This May 20, liwfl.
S. I. MrDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By H.F. Walsh, 1). C. and M.
F. H. and C. W. Heiskoll, solicitor.
on. mcE,
f or 15 y?ars at y Court P)ac, now At
'Jet Third and Fourth,
rrirnltrls dtKBUd nd leslly nukiiBM phrumu and tlM
osi tuo-Mful, u hi rirKticts will nrove
Ciirs aU forms of PRIVATE,
Spermatorrhea nd tmputeno7(
antlis-mult oflf bu to font!., texami icaae in a
.uret ye ix or other emtiavt and producing omf e. Jh fcaV
owing fttfcta. NerrousiDCM, Scniinfil Kruliuiuai. m'-i iui
H'tiui by -Ireann), DitunM of Ulhu Defcctivsj Uvn' . Tliy
4"tlOcy. funleiuD Fac Ar?n Uifcocietv sfFomi'ta,
'onfAifiioa of .'dat, of Srxual Power, 4tc.. rendering
rwrriafp lmrroir rir nnhiiipfr ftr tboroufrfet. inj perm
awiuj i-an-d SYPHILIS po-tUTely cured aad
ntvtromlh J'1?? - Gonorrhea,
Li-Lab-Tal, Strict urtj, OrctuUi, leroia oj ftupuu),
f:i.s r1(t ii;,.r private ill mm ijulchlj oartsi.
H In tir-evllDt tbtst a phy iklaii who paje spesnal ktteoOoV
eertAiD oUm of diMtatkea, ui UTilu Usiutwi.ti tnmi.
ally mciuiraa (trrtilil. PhjaHitui Unowla thU tswtefltxi
ocorntftfud Htrtni to my Cj- Wbtl It la (nXineiiifBt U
Mil th- cttj fo Lrwalmrat, medkilDM oaa U ats4 pnittim
-aJ uraly bf nail ot eipraaa an; w bora.
Hnre Onaranteed in all Ca
undertaken a
riu.aultatiu poraonaU or by intm frc aad tirHsA,
Marcf.. reuooabU wd 9omapoiideaoc MrtcUj ft.ia
f W rrafww, wnt to may aAJ-a, orourery osmWso, Tr tfeirth
I'ffloa dour mm B A. r M. afWOaja, 9 ia p f
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 6170, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
Mielhycounty, Tenn. Wm. 11. Wood vs.
Benj. Wade etal.
It annearin. from afflilavU liarain In t.lm
cau'e that the defendants, K. Treievant and
Sallie Treievant are residente of the Htate of
Louisiana, and non-residrnta of the State of
Tennessee; Ilon-y Lathrop, Lelia Lalhrop,
K. U. Barnett. Lucy VS. Barnatt, C. F. Mer
rick, M. L. Merrick, B. W. Huntington,
tin. W. Huntinaton, Benjamin Wade,
rannie Rose, Monroe L. Wade and C arence
Wade are n n-residents of the Stat of Ten
nessee, and that their residences are on
known and cannot bo ascertained after dili
gent inquiry;
It ia therefore ordered, That they make
tboir appearance horain at tha rnnrt.u..n..
of bhelbv enunty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the first Monday in July, 188ti, and
plead, answer or demnrto complainant bill,
or the same will be taken lor confessed eg
tl Ihftm .nil Bat tct t...ri.n i
that a copy of this order be published 'onoe
a week for f"0.r successive wool's in the Ap
peal, inn mo aayoi nay, looo.
A copy Attest :
T,B J-P9h- dork and Master.
a7 n. r . tt Hiua, ivepuiy u. ana HI.
Hill t Walker on. Sohoitora for anmt.
H,:ilT,,IJ F" ""H.-Ds. B. 0.
a guaranteed speeifis for Hysteria, Dit.i"
ness, Convulsion.s, Fita, NerTons Neural
gia. Headache. Nerves Pro.tration, caused
by th. use of alwhol or tobaeoo; Waka.
fulness. Mental Dapresslon. Serening of tha
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea la. to
misery,. dy and death: Premature !fd
Age, lUrrenoea.. Lo,, of pow j jth
rhea, e.n. i by ov.r-exertioa of tnV brainT
se f-aboseoroverlndulgenoe. Each bai eoa!
tains on. montb s treatment. II a box 5.
six bote, for 5. sent bv mail prapaW 'ai
riptof prie.. We anarsntc. nf2
Wi,h "oh rder reoeiv
i.1 -;f'Ii,bo.l !'Pnied with
w wUI send the purehaaer oar written
FZ&r&ste: SSL aS

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