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Cotton Steady Middling-, 8 7-8c-Sales
Yesterday, ISO
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent.
Local securities dull but steady.
The cotton market closed midd inp,
8Jc. Sales, 160 bales. At New York
epots were ec-y aad 1-lds lower; mid
dUna:, 91c.
C. L. Greene 4 Co.'a report on cot
ton futures eays: "BusiQess wse liht
and retarded by the absence of id
tices from Eu-ope. Genera!! the
tone continued weak. Abcui 34
points "were lost, with oulyxx barely
steady feelin z, at the decline. New
cropte'weak bnt s'ow, awaiting the
reopening at Liverpool."
At'ew Orleans spot 'c'osed da 1
andxasy, middl ng 8Jc; futures quiet
and steady and 1 point higher than
Saturday, June 8 ;6S.78c. So tnar
ket it Livertool ho i47.
'lion products atromi and higher;
clear side rork, Cj'iitijs; cle.tr rib sidu
pork, CJQi,63cj pork, 'houiirr., M
5c. l-Jggs quie', rXtSiia. Utner arr
'ties uniitanged.
im poors.
Fiftv-trre nkes but'er, 844 rls baa
' girg, 385 pks baoon, 30 pkg boota
and shoes, 35,0,0 but corn, 60pkKS
cheese. 38jses cone, 3 ran co ton
eed, 15t8 fks co ion-teed, 213 bdls
cotton ties, 24 p'gs dry goods, 70 pkgs
etrRS, 1197 brie tiour, 483 bales hay, 2
pkgshat't, 44 hit bS, 13) hd cheep. 59
Ed cattle. 3(1 hd hme and mule', 789
pkgs lard. 155,000 'A lumlier, 110 pkus
liquors 385 bbl ureal, 1110 kgs na l-,
9500 bu oat, 12 -car pork sides, 2t 0
brls siigir, 555 pkgs toiacco aud 1000
bus wheat,
The followinc ehows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 80H5 bu ; withdrawn,
6732 bu : tn store, 3ti.73a bu. Uata re
ceived, 8100 bu ; withdrawn, 3493 bu ;
in store, 6550 bu.
9 Madison St,, Meniplila, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at 8 per cent
The Clearing-House report la as lot
Monday, Ljnne 14th, $249 590 50
same dylast week, f 2 1 2, . 1 7 00; same
dav in 1885 13,5,180 39; same day in
1884, IbbjSW 89.
Monday, June 14th, 13,244 2G
same day lust eek, 154,4-19 34; same
day in I85, 141,718 40; same day in
1884, 27.'l 51.
New York eight on all points, par
buying, t premium selling; flew
England' demand, I discount buying;
New England sigt, I discount; New
Orleans, i discount buying, ar selling
Bank of Commerce..l49 bid, 152 aeked
First National 149 bid. 15o asked
German Bznk .1924 bid, 195 aeked
State National .145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planter..! 49 bid. 151 asked
Mercantile Bank...l35 b.d, 137 J aeked
Bluff City- 100 bid, ... asked
Henando. 101 bid, 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis Citv 102 did, 10 aeked
People...- 85 bid, 86 aeked
Pbceoix 98 bid, 10) asked
Planters 10a I id, ... aeked
Vanderbilt 2 bid, 22 aiked
Arlirgton 30 bid, ... aeked
Factors 20 asked
M. and O. R.R.sharee..29 bid, ... aeked
M. A T. R.E. shares,. ..411 hid. ... asked
M. A C. consols, 7...1:8 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. lt m. 8s... li'5 bid, ... asKert
Miss AT R R.cc,A...119 bid, 121 asked
Miss AT R R ca,B...lll bid, 113 asked
. Tenn. wts. ser. 0 97 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. w's. sr. D to J..82 bid, 85 aeked
Bhelbv CovCf -100 bid, 108 asked
Tax. D st. 4. 6? 93 bid. 93 asked
Tax. Diet. 6i 102iWd,10ii asked
Mam. Gas bonds it'5 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Watr hoodn 96 bid. ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b d. 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trueM....30 hid, 31 k"d
Pioneer Cot'en Mills i'l bid. asKed
Mem.Stor.Com.Co104 bid, 105 aakeri
Mem. Gui sto 78 hid 82 aeked
Nw Yonr. June 14 Money on ca'
easv at 1 (' per cent. P.iine mer-
ca.tile paper 4C)5c. Meriing e
change dull; ac ual rntP8, 48ij487J
fot 60 days Oil s, aud 488(489 ljr d
mai d.
Bdi d Government boi'dj were
dnllai.d fteadv to-da. 8 ata bird
wir9Quii;ti.d,a'io. Rdiroad bend'
werci in god dera.nd and string
Bales, J?,81 1.4 O, ot wUicti tMK leu
nfs;eo Income Tiuit receipts con
triftr.tte j 58i 1 0 JO, with an advanoe
of ljat 9 ; E.if s tonds, $L2 0 0(i0
a f n advauce n ( at owf 1,-riic-tMJ,
Bur nut.in aod Q iincy seveai re up
2 at 1371: Nw Je;sy B 'nthfM nnt
2ist98 Norfolk and Wr-stern Ino
provi merit sixes, 2 ht 96 : OreO'i Tin
prcTtm -nt 8 xe, J af t-9. ar.dVWa
basn aud Jbouis tevvLS, i at its.
B orks D-al'nii8 in ftjeks were
mt fined chitfly to rtm t'aieis.
Ttero U Bm ta k on the it-eft of n
rrai gen'.en' by wh ottha New Y :ik
and N w E 'g'aiul wid sum an m
trarre into New York rityovertie
Elovat-d railr,-ad, and New Y--r!i par
t ei have beHn henvy nrchaeeis of
the a ork of late. Jos y Cen'ral was
a?ain a feature cind-r g i l buiiig for
fofri :n at count, whit h was acuompa
nied (y r n-'wed t' i4 th i Bal.i
jnofe a;.d 0 o ivotiHtioijihe iory
jun: ing t' at iht B Otiinore a;d 0;.io
wru'd roiiie.ia o Ne Yor July 1st
.over the Jer-ey Ce:.trai tracks, aud,
a'po, that neg.'tidti.ns for pa mg a
Dw b n 1 on th o'lier side bad b en
AUCtesfcfu'. Thi ma ke; opmed ta her
l.ev a' 1 1 pir cni. b io r-a ur
da'' t 'os': g p'ip s. I: 'ecme
strong lmos i ii media y, a-d pri e
coi U u 1 to i e a ii os wi'.h oi ij
tertiiton uu ii I pui, w:eu ihe't
astlwtt rem-io , o'uwed bv a
h avy mark t u ti the last hi U',
h-u th re w.'e rKain niriiH heavi
n - s, lut t n.a k 't aga n rlos d
s tady na' t the be t fi us o' the
dy. Fi'': 1 pr ies tie e illy ;h w a I
Taucea, alttiOiifth Jiutki'g V ity ki.
1 and Consolidated Gas 1 per rent.
Nnithwestern and M. 1 W and ua-
lath are ea:h op 1 and Oregon Navi
gation 1 per teat, ins remainder oi
the list is up f rational a-nc tints.
The total sales of rtxks to-day were
244,141 sba es. inclsling: DeJiwa'f,
Lackawanna and Wtetero, it.iw;
E ie. 18.360: Laks btinre, 12,00;
Louisville and Nashville, 75-J0; Ntrth
wettern, 17,745; N-w Jersey Canral,
54,540; Readier 6310; bt. Paul. 34,150;
Bt Paul and Ormha, 8630; Wtera
Union, 14,182; Northern Pacific pre
fened, 3.115; Oregin Transcjali
nental, l.',3r5. C osing -quotations:
u.b.si.mi. 4, -p.
4Si, coup, lUV,. Paofic M ol 18a5. 125.
La. lUmK, 4, T?A
Tkiib. Aa. old. bK.
Mtnoari, , 101
Tenn. 6, new, M
Cenl. Po. liu.ll ka. A K.U.l.n, la).
lenaK.U. W.l-u,7XKri oona., uis.
UK.l T., Jen 6i.5North. Pu. 1U, 118
Nnrth. Iu. 2,1a. Wi'CM. Wastarn eon.. 142
N.Wt. dab. 6i, luft. 8t L.ti.V.Uen.M, UA
St. Pal, son., 133. st.e r. liu.izz
T. P. Imnd (Tnn,3fi T.P..R.U. ex cott. bDi
U. P. liu, lis.'-i. meet enore, iwv
Adami EipreM, W. "Morrli A E.,112.
1 u
Alton A T. H , II.
A AT. H..pld..
American Kx., 1U7.
K. C. R. A N...M.
N.J. Central. h.
Nor. W.,pfd.,34.
Nortnern Pac. 7,.
Northern P. ptd.,50',.
Canada Pao., v:-.
U a . w., ll-.
C. 4 N. Wptu.,14;H
N. Y. (Antral, ll)l.
N. V. C. k M. L..7'i.
Canada SSa..li.
Central Pacitn,
Chetapeaka A 0-, '
C. At).. 1st Did. 17.
N.I.M.L.&U .p.,18'4.
C. A O., 1A liia., W f Lino central, .
C. A A., 140. Ohio A Miu., tV.'.
C. A A.. Did.. lr0. 0. A Mi.m.. nfd.. tm,
C, B. A Q.. 1.MH- Ontario A Went . Ik.
C, Bt. h. A N. O., . Oreton i.av.. Uy,.
C, St.L.AP., 10'i. Oregon Irani., W.
C, Kt. L. A P, p.,l.,'i.Orevnn Imp., U.
C.,8. AC, 32. Paoiflo Mail, 53.
C.AC.M. Panama. W.
Del. A Hod., 9S. Penria, D. a E., TJy,.
Del., L.A W., im. Pittiburt-.lSl.
Den. KioG.,lo4.
Erie, 2!4.
ruuinan r. v., 107.
Head in 1, 2V't.
Hook li and. 124.
brie pl.t., j-f .
EaatTenn., .
EutTtnn. Did. 2M.
8t. L. A . iVA.
bt. L. 8. F.,p.,4S
8LL.A8.F..letD.llU rort warne, ito.
Hannibal A St Jo.,- C. M. A bt. P., W4
U. A Bt. Jo., pfd , - 0. M. A St. P..p.,121M
Harlem, &. bt. r., M. a M., 110.
Unntton A T.. 30. Bt. P. A Omaha. i.
Illiacil Cen., 13. Ht.Paul.k0.lifd..lll.
Ind-, o. A W., 4)4 Texai faciDis, 11
Kaaeaa A T.. 2H Union PaoiAo, MVi.
Lake K. A W., 12. U. ti. Kxpieaa, 65.
Lake 6 bore. M'i. W.. St. L. A P.. TA.
Loa. A Nath., XV. W Ht L. A P .p., 17.
Lou.' A 1- A., 42. n.tf, KtZ.t Vm.
M.AC. 8rt ptd , -.W. II. Tel., 62.
M.AC, pfd., -. Colorad Coal, '..
Mem. A Char., 32. Homertake, 21.
Mich. Cen., 12. Iron Silver, 1&.
New Orleans, La., June 14. Clear
iirof the bank, J938.451.
New York, June 14. Exchange,
1112,545.385; balances, 4,04i,17S.
6t. Louis, Mo., June 14. Bank clear
ings, .$2,431,465; balances, 1322,594.
Chicago, III., June 14. Awrciated
bank clear nks to dxy were $9,157,000.
Philadelphia, Pa., June 14. Bank
cloannvs to-day, ta 70d,9U4; Uaiances,
Baltimore. Md.. June 14. -B ink
cbaraiiioirs to-day," $2,172,646; bal
ances, $201,671.
Boston, Mass.. June 14. Exchange,
$13,821094; balances, $1,487,527
Mot ey 2 per cent. Exchange on Kew
York 10 cent) to par.
wekklv clearings.
Boston, Mass, June 14. Fhe fol
lowing tible, compiled from special
disp tches to the Font from managers
of the leading clearing-houses in the
United att'S, snows the gross Dank
exchange at each point for the week
ending nne l n, 1880:
New York, $592,494,680; inc., 46.5.
Boston, $73,433 536; inc., 17.0.
Ctiicaa'. $53.388.iH: inc., 27.2.
Philadelphia, $ 3,00 1.0U0 ; inc., 25.2.
St. Louis. $14.972 645; i-ic. 17 4.
San F ancisco, fl',919 231 ; inc., 14.9.
Baltimore, $11,754 073; inc , la 8.
Cincinnati, $9,450,0H0; inc., 11.8.
Ptteburg, 47,123,389; inc., 3.3.
Kansas Citv, ifi,lttt.332; inc., 27.0.
New Orleans, $5 942 6 0; inc., 22.4.
Louisvill-, 4 75 m'l ; incu, 12.7.
Providence, $,537,0H0; inc., 27.9.
Omaha, $3,891,694; inc., 18.0.
Denver. 3,529,045.
Milwaukee, 3,4I4,000; inc., 10.2. 1
Detroit, $3.082,191 : inc., 26.6.
Minneapolis, $3,009 738; inc., 37.0.
Cleveland, 2,472,110; -nc, 13 09.
Hartford, $1,676,4-4; dec, 38.2.
New Haven, $1,211,180; iic, 18.8.
Indiannpolis, $1,191, i71; inc., 2.9.
Memphis, $l,094,8t:8; inc., 8.6.
Portland, $950,000; inc., 10.6.
St. Joseph, $958 201; riec, 1.8.
Worcester, $832,795; inc., 15.5.
Peoria, 5809,252; inc., 14.1.
Springfield, $853 148; inc , 24 9.
GalveHton, $719,433.
Lowell, 1580,335; inc., 21.9.
Kviaijuee, J577.18V; inc., 30.2.
Total, 1.073,429 592; inc., 30 e
Outeide of New Yo.k, $-'80,P
495; inc., 19.5. '
Denver and Galves'on not inc'u
in totals.
The local cotton markot opnr ;.i
ett-ady, ami rlosel (teady; middli'iK.
8J". Salef, 150 bales, of which all i"
Saturdu .
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling...
Good Middline.
Middling air....iu
Fair.- Nom.
Dusty 68
Stains, tirgHS....78
Mkhphib, JoneH, 18.
Stock 8ept, 1, 1885 .... l,3t)2
Received to-day 222
Received previously ...640,599 542,213
Shipped to-day 1,437
Shipped previously....611,476
Stock running account
Thusifar this week
Thus far last week.....
Since -September 1st
M. and C. R. R
M and U. R. R
L. aud N.K.R
M. and L. R. R. R
C.O.&C. VV.R. R .
K. C, fi. and M. R- R.-
S' earners...
Wagona and other sources.
Thus far thisweek
Thus far last tveek
Since SeptemWu 1st
M. and T. JB R
L. and N. R, R
CO ahd 8. WE. K
L , N O and T. R.(R
.... 600
..... 130
... 3 456
... 4.834
... 4X)7
... -50
. 102
Sttatnera north.
Total 1,437
New York sp ta rpned quie'. and
rlo-ed easy and MGe .loser. Sales,
375 bales. Q ioiati ma as follows:
Yes'erday. Sitnrdaj.
' rdinary 6 1
Good ordinary. 7 7 15 16
Low middling 8 11-16 8
Middling.- 9J 9 3 16
Good middling 9J
Midlling fair-10 5 16 10J
Fair 10 15 16 11
New York futuree opened steady
and closed steady, and 1 ta 5 po;na
lower than hiturday. bale,
bales. The closing quotations were as
Yesterdav. Satnrday.
Juna, 9 02 9 04 0 07(A 9.09
July 9.11 9.12 9.13(9.14
Aojrnst v.WM v v.-'am w i.n
8eptmber...9.10(5 9.11 9.13 9 14
October 8 99 9.00 9 OxKi 9 01
November...8.95? 8.97 8.9tK. 8.97
December ...8 9S 8 99 8 99 9,rt)
January 9.05( 9 OS 9 05 9 06
EebruaryM... 1.H3) v.li V l- w 10
March 9.23 9.24 9.2.5(a") 9.26
April 9 32 9 34 8.35 9.36
The New Orleans spot market opened
drill, and closed dull and eaey; mid
dling 8k. Sales, 5C0 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Good ordinary...
Low middling.
Middline -
Good middling..
The New Orleans future market
opened steady and closed quiet and
stray and 1 point higher. Sales,
5800 bales. Quotations were as fol
Yesterday. Satnnlav.
June 8 76 8.78 8 78 8 80
July 8.82 a 8.84 8.82 8 83
August So:a) B.w
September. 8 66 8.67 8.66
October....- 8 A6M 8.57 8 00 .oo
November- 8.53 8.54 8 62 8 53
December 8 5(1 8 67 8 55 8 56
January 8 66 8.67 8 65 8.66
February... o 70m 8 n.dKn) o ii
March 8 88 8.89 8.87 8 88
April 9.00 bid 8.99 9 00
Rec. Prices Stock.
53 8J 15,147
6!I5 81 67,899
183 8 13,043
1030 811-16 10,674
673 9 11,180
6 8J 863
863 9 14,300
170 91 14,615
94 268,333
452 9 6.310
9J 13,983
6 8J 26,431
64 8fr
N Orleans.
Mobile ....
nom 1.
New York
St. Louis...
ReceipU at ports, ttiia day, ltb6. 4,iHJ
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 422
R'tS U. S.
p'rt8 3d'js
402, "i89
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
3 087,S9.V3,059,236I
3 610 233
Increase of receipts tbis year.. ,.561,008
No market at Liverpool holiday.
The following is the record of the
bids and offers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchants' Ex
change yesterday:
At null!, f I . " , J w
40c: June. 4()c asked: July. 5 cars sold.
first half at 40c ; August, 39c bid ; year,
n ,1 A . I, . I 111. T
aoc Dia; no. z, spot, joc uiu: judh,
38c asked: July. 37a asked; August,
36c bid, 38o aeked; year, 35c bid,
36jc asked.
No. 2. white, June, 35b ssked: year,
34c asked; Ne. 2, spot, 31c bid, 32c
askf d ; June, 31c bid ; July, 32c asked ;
August. 271c bid, 28Jc asked; year.
26c bid, 28c asked.
June, 19 bid, $10 50 asked ; July, $9
bid ; AuRiist, $9 bid ; year, $9 b;d, $10
Spot, $2 lOasked ; Juno, $2 15 asked ;
Julv, $2 05 bid, $2 10 asked; August,
$2 05 bid ; year, $1 70 bid, $1 90 atked.
Corn White, 47c ; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c : mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice.from Btore,85c; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lotu from
levee or depot, choice, $1414 50;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $88 60.
Oath White, 40c; mixed, 38c,
from store; round lota inm levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 c.
Bran From stire, 85o per cwt.;
round lots from levee, $14 7515 per
ISsans Navv, $1 752; medium,
jl (!0(M 75; German millet, $1 20
1. 40. .
Cokn"k.u. -Standard, $2 252 35;
pui'.il.iJ " :; "0 from store.oc cheaper
Irmri mill, lafee rr track.
Hi- s l.nu'.daiia, 46cj Carolina,
(r ''::.
'xi m:cm. In half-barrels, $33 25
Ir.iir store.
l-'buOR iu car lohi, double extra,
? '3 50; triple extra, $3: family,
$3 75'4: choice, $44 25; fancy,
$4 254 60; extra fancy, $4 604 90;
patents, $5 255 65; from store
family, 44 25; choice, $4 254 40;
fancy, $t 654 90; extra fancy, $6
6 25; patent. 15 606 25.
Cbacked Wheat In half-barrels
$4 2) from store.
Homint ano Grits From store,
$3 153 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4c; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 c; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extia, 6c; as
sarted tumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., June 12. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 red, cefb, 64c; July,
and Augu t, 68Jc bid, 59c akd. Corn
quiet ; cash, 24 jo bid, 25c aeked ; Ju y,
26 Jc bid, 26jc asked; August, 27Jo
bid. Oata August, 23c bid, 16c asked.
Chicago, Ili., June 14. To-day's
grain market wa vnry Hat, with no
a'tisle In the speculative li-t fluc u.it
ing within very wide limits. There
was n'thirg in tbe situation Haoll to io
doce trading with an idea of miking
anything on either an advance or a
decline. A little strength, that ordi
nary would have coir.e f 10m increased
exports frjm the pr nclptl Atlantic
pcrts, was woolly count ractod iy es
t 'rnates of a very small dectetse in the
visible supply s sternest to be pub
lished to-morrow. July opened 4c off
at 74c, eared back within half an hour
to 73c and then p'eked np on local
buying to 74j'-4, around which
finrej K remained ib balance of the
mrrning session aod drsid steady and
ftatu e'ese. Tr era was a shade more
a-rength io. cen, July making a re
covery to about 38b fium 3 ijc. Flour
dull and easier; Wircon in winter
aheat flour, $3 751 25 j M chi
gtn, H4 25; patent', $44 75,
Wheat, saes tanged: June, 72
t73i",cl selatWs; Ju'y,.73J' 74J-,
cied at 74 ' 74j:; Angus', 7o!(0)76c,
rinsed at 75 j75ic; Sepiember, 76
77c; closed at76jc. No. 2 spring. 72Jc
for ear lota. Corn sales ranged: June,
34j(3.5s, closed at 34ic; July, 3;S
36 , cio-edat 35 jc fdd; Anguat, m
3llc closed at 3tj36c. Oats s les
rang d: Jo'y, 28()-'81!, closed at28Je;
Auitoat. 2tl273,c, closed at 26Jc. Kye
duU ; No. 2, 65c. Parley-No. 2, 50
Mi riiTwiul.Nn 1. $1 CHI. Re.
wipts Flour, l00i brls; wheat, 31.-
0UUbu;oorn, i'.',ia.w; oa', ioi.iw;
rve, 500; barlev, 5000. Shipment
Flniir. 1!) IKW: wheat. 6000: lrn. S91.-
000; cats, 161,000; rye, 1000; barley,
T .M Wheat a phli es!er:
73e June; 74jc July ;7575, Auuu t;
7tijc September. Corn quiet; 31Jo
June: 35(a:H)ic July; August.
Oats firm; 2sc July.
Sr. Ioria. Mo.. June 14. Flour
very quiet and unchanged. Wheat
irreRtiar and higher: the ma ket
opened weak and fell off 5'" !e, recov
ered sbarpty, but weaceneu tuain ana (
etrengthnned near the clcee, and fin
ished M&lc higher than Saturd-yj
Nn ' r-,l PMth. 751c bid: June. 75c:
July, 73j74jc, closing at 74(c;
Augast. 74jC5e, closing at oc;
September, 76377c, cloning at 77c.
Corn very dull and s'eadyj No. 2,
mixed, caih, 31J32o; July, 32c;
August, 32jc; September, 34c. Oats
extremely dull and nominally steady;
No. 2,' mixed, cash, 26(52tijc; July,
24c bid ; August, 24o. Kye Steady;
62c. Barley no market. 11 y
steady and unchanged. Flaxseed
nominal at $11 01. Bran fitm at
45c. Corn-m'al eteady at $2 05. Re
ceiptsFlour, 2000 brls; wheat, 18,.
000 bn ; corn, 77,000 bu ; oats, 19,009
bu ; rye, 1000 bu ; barley, none. Suip-
manli Klnnr. iniKMI brla: wheat.
8000 bu; corn, 25,000 bu; oats, 24,000
bu ; rye, 31 IKl bu ; oaney, none.
llTnooii Board. Wheat easy, and
lr.tii lwpr Corn weak, and 1c
iv- - . -
lower. Oats nominblly nnchangtd.
Ttrrr-riTH (Irnamprv. R0tai34c: dalrv.
15(i20cj butterine, 1315cj country,
U'ji'iuac. accoru ng u conuuion.
Cheese Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12c; Y. A.
Mess Poek-Nsw. $9 9010 per bar
rel ; sugar-cured bams, packed, 10J
11c; breaktast bacon, 7j9c; clear
rib bacon, 6J7c.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 626c;
clear rib sides, Ol 'iiOjc; long clear, 5J
5Jc; shoulders, 4J5c.
Lard Tierces, 6(i6jc; half-barrels,
6JJc; kegs, 6Jc; buckets, 66Jc:
half-buckets, 77c j choice kettle, 7
Fresh Meats No. 1 bcef,8jc; Mut
ton, 9c; hindquarters o( beef, 10c;
lambs, $34.
St. I onia, Mo., Juno 14. Pr
visi ns firm and higher. Pork duU,
$11,9.25. Lird niminal,5jo. Bulk
mmia utrnnff- lnnan Intp. nnchanffod :
boxed lota long clar,5.6f'c; short nb,
5.70c; short clear, o.ooc. ihc n n'ni;
Ln cl,r roup: rhnr: ribs. 6 20c:
short clear, 6 30c. Hairs firm, 10J
12c. liut'erduii ana auoui hishv;
creamery, 1416c; dairy, ll13c.
EgKS lower, 9c.
nnirinn. Tr.i- June 14. Pork mar
ket wa quiet and prices declined 10
(alio on tne wnoie ramie., juun nu
July, $8 808 82: August. $8 87
(o8 92, closed a $8 87j8 90; Sen
tember, $8 959 02, cloned at $8 97
rMI Tjirrl aaleatanced: June. $6 05
(a007; July, $6 12; Augutt, 1620
6 22. Short rib sides lower, o o
cash. Bixod meats, dry salted should
ers, $4 854 90; short ch ar sides,
$5 80(5 85 Butter firm; fan y
creamery, lSJl6c; choice o line
dairy, ll13c. Eggs rasier, 10l lc.
Afternoon Iioard.-Potk dull; $8 80,
June and Juy;$8 90, August; $9,
September. Laid attady.
OoinrEE Commonllicrdinary,
9j10J!j prime Rio, lllc; choice
to fancy, ll12n; old government,
2425c; Ueyinn, -uc.
Knp R5Jo ner round.
SnoAR Pure wliite, 6c; on wnue,
68o; yellow, 66ji; open kettle,5J
5ic; refined A, Ojnj granulated, 7
7c; powdered, 7jc; cut loaf, 7'i67Jc.
Salt $125 per barrel; packs, fine,
$1 45(1 50; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
eta, bleached, 2"a7c; car loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 203 c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2040c; common to fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234o. -
Tobacco Common, lllnch, 25
30c; other grades and styles, 35(o.85o.
Snuff Garrett's, 10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 26 per case; R. R., $9 60.
CANDiBs-Stivka, all aiaes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7j8Jc,
Candlis-FoII weight, 1010c.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dot
en: Pineapples, 1 351 65 ; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 65; seconds,
II 10l 15; tomatoes, 2 lb, standsrd,
$1 25(01 35;31b,;$l 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; ra-pberrie,
$1 151 25; blackberrian, $1
1 15; ereengnges, $1-601 76;
pears, $22 25: plums, $1 60
1 70 ; asparagus, $2 604 : green corn,
$11 35; green peas, $1 55(3)1 0; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-lb. $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 86; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 76; Swiss, $6.
Baltimore, Md., June 14. Coffee
lower and dnll ; Rio, cargoes, ordinary
to fair, 89c.
Baktos, June 12. Coffee Good
average Soto,3800 rsis per 10 kilos.
Receipts during the week, 13,000 baj
purchases for the United States, 2000
btgs; clearances for the United States,
18,000 begs stock, 230,000 bags.
Rio db Janeiro, June 12. Coffee
Regular first, 4100 reis ner 10 kilos;
good second, 3400 reis.i Receipts dur
ing the ptat week, 39,000 bans; pur
chases for the United SUtfS, 7000
bag1); clearances for the United States,
54,000 bags; stock, 255,000 bags.
New York, June 14. Coffee spot
fair Rio steady, 9c : options modera e
ly ac i ee ; 'ales, 20 00 J bags : J u ne, 7 i
July, Anguat and September, 7.65
7 70c ; October, 7.70c ; November, 7 65
7 70c; D.-csmber, 7.70c : Januuy, 7, 5
7 70c. Rovar quiet ; fair to good re
fining. 4j4jn; refined steady; off A.
5: cut loaf and crushed, 6Jc;
cubes 66 16 16c Molasses steady.
Rice qniet sod firm.
Havana, June 14. Sugar Oiring
to unfavorable news fr.im abroad the
marktt during the week hes been
weak, ne ther buyers nor bolder
showing any disposition to operate.
The tales cors qneiitly were nnim
po:tantand pr.CrB nominal. Tbe a m
conditions existed at tbe oat port'
Stosks in ware h"uee st Havana and
Mantaias-81,000 bixes, 809,000 batrs,
20,600 bh ls. Iieceiptl of tbe week
23)0 b )iee, 24,0(0 hags, 1900 hhdi.
F.xports during the weea 1250 boxes,
55,000 bags, including 4I.B00 to the
United 8t4U s, a-,d 10 0 hhds. M -lasws
sugar, regnlar to good polprira
tioo, $1 52J2 gold per qoiLtil; Mut
covado suga, f ir t) ijood refining
pola-'ntiou, 85 to 90 , $1 62jl 87 ;
rentrifunal sugars, polarisation 92 to
90 $2 252 80.
Apples Dned ariples. 34c per
ponnd from store. Dried poaches, 3
4c from store.
Pbab $1 601 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753
rom store ; $2 502 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 753 per crate.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 50c
per bushel.
Fruit Oranares, IouUiana. none:
Cali'ornia, $4; Meeaina, $3 505 per
box; Impenas, fi& M) per box.
Lemons, $67 per box. Bananas
$12 60 per bunch. Cocoannts,
4 ner 100. Peanuts VitEinia. 7ic:
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34e;
roasted, 2c higher; shelkHl, 10c. Al
monds, 18.'0c.
Pickles in iara, pints, ti.c; quartt
$160; half gallons, $2 75; gallons
$3 75 ; loise, barrels, $6 : half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
halt-barrels, $6.
Raisins London layers, id 40; lay
ers, $2 75 j California, ; Imperial,
$3 60 4.
Potatoes aew, ..' o.
Pecans Texas, 8 10c for small to
medium, 1014c for laige; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts. Pic
Cider Missouri. 17(47 50 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
gar, lll6c per gallon
Pooltbt 01dhenp,$273; mixed.
$2f2 60; young chickens, $1 60
3 60.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1,
$4 f 05; No. 2, $3 253 50; No. 3,
$2 75(n3; 10-lb kit, Ko. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c ; 15-lb, No. 3, 50c. Dry herrings,
familv, 30c per box.
Game Venison, whole, 36c; sad
dles, OOc; bear, 68o; wild turkeys,
6075c; ducks, $3; squirrels, 75c;
quails, 75ctl; prairie chickens, $5;
game flab. ll12c.
Eoos-g iiet at 12l3c.
Baooino Ju'e, 9llc; flag, 9
10c, accordingto weight. Ties, $1 20.
Nails 2 2a(2 35.
Seed -Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Prime (f.o.b.), 1414 60 per ton. Lcbs
than car-load lota, $16. From store,
90c per sack. Cake Nominal, 16
per ton. On. -In car-load lota, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 22c; prime sum
mer yellow, 2627c; ofl-suinmer yel
low. 23a)25c: miners' ; choice
cooking summer yellow, 28300" ; off
ciule, 182lc.
New Orleans, La. June 11. Cotton
seed products tti sett ed, bu fenera'ly
h'iihrj irimec'iidnoil 23 24c; cake,
3031c; meal, $ 9 60 per ton.
Hides Dry flint. l'.'15c; dry
salt. ltKit12c: Kreensnlt.tHWc; green
5!; deer skins, 117c. Beeswax,
2021c; billow, 3(3c.
Horhks-Gok1 driving, $150225;
good saddle, f 141V 300; plugs, $35
80: good mares, $85 1 40.
MiTi.m-14 to 15, $U0136; 15 to
15, $125140; 15 to 16, $16017&.
Good demand; supply tir.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6 K)6; rye, $1 756j domes
... OiWJt Ul
Chicaoo, III., Juns 14. Whisky
steady at$l 14.
St. Louis, Mo., Jnne 14. Whisky
steady at $1 10.
Cincinnati. O.. June 14. Whisky,
In grind deuiand at $1 10. Sales
of 1013 barrels of finished goods on
this basis.
Coal Oil -Pr me white, wholesale
lots, Uc per gallon.
Cleveland, O., Juno 14. Petroleum
quiet; s. w., HO , 7jc.
r., I . l.tnAli Pulrnlnnm
1 iliniiuii'i. i n,, u iiuvj .. iv.",. ......
active; Naiional Tiainit c rtillcates
opened at utile; closed at osjc; iiign
est, 681c; lowest, 6Jc.
live ro K.
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4Jt 4Jc; good,
3f'a4lo: cbo.ee grass-fed, 33ic;
good, 3(MJc; fair to medium, 2
2jc; common, l2c.
Hoos Choice, j4cj gootl, 3
3jc ; common, 3.llc
Sheep - Choice, 44c; medium. 3
3c; common, $11 50. Choice
lambs per hea 1, iMmi cu.
Kansas CiTY,Mo.,June 14. Tbo Live
Stock Indicator reports: Catt e Ke-
ctipta, 1901 head; shipments, 483
he id; fnt ftulT atendy, gwBers aid
common weak choice to fancy, $5
5 20: 'air t uoid, $4 6EW4 90; coa.
moo to medium, $4(i4 60; stackers
and feedem, $3 254 20; cow, 2 40
fa3 60. Ho 8 - Receipts, 10,456 head ;
shipments. 6268 bead; the market
opened 5(nM0c lower, cltwl 'g s r ner
and T'C higher than the o eim g pr ces j
good lo choice, 3 e03 90; con,U;Ou
to medium. 3 50(o 3 75. Sheep
receipts, none; shipn ent", no"e;
market auiet: exidtoch i ie, 2 75
3 60; cumaiou to mtdium, $1 60
2 40.
Chicaoo. III.. June 14. The Drovrn'
Journal reports : Cat' le R-ce p', 6.KX)
bead: shipments, 2' 00 head;mark"t
slow but stead? ; sHipi"g ters, 050
to 1500 p muds, $4 405 65; siockers
and leedere, 2 75(04 00; cows, bnlls
and mixid, $2(3 95; bulk, $2 70
3 10;tnrongb Texas cattle, $jzdm;
corn-fed, f44 90 Hogs
cl nls. 44.000 head: shipments.
7000 head: ma-ket fa riy c.lv- and
10c lower; no go, and mixed, .i oo
'M: packing and snipp nt, 4
2; liirht, $3 WXaA 2o, tk p,
$2 603 75. Sheep Receipts, 1800
bead ; shlpmen's, n ne;wiarket8tei-dy ;
n tives, $24 60; Umbs, per head,
Spi c'al cable, ram to the Drovrrs
Journal from London say : With
tevy r-H'elpts liom a l quart-re to
dey the market is wek, end p-icei
have d cl nd lc per pnund s nee la t
we"k. Bo h AmeHran and home b ed
ra't'e are in arge sui ply, and the
dei and is we k. Pest Amerhan, 13o
New Yohk, June H. A se ere rain
etirin dampet ed the ar or of buy-'is
generally, but nf b eai lu d ehirtiuiis
the "alts o e la'g i, aiti n.or doing
in wide shi et't gs and i olmed couon",
also iu brown d ills an i sheetings I t
expnt. F annel ar 1 avinn indorsed
niten' on, and bnyere, aep'' c at nif
the reduced rrc a id sa rfled tba
oo auction ea es will occur, are nego i
ntii g u. - ym ti f ir ea ly ri-pm"ni.
Pennyroyal Pills.
mit-fl EMI KK'S) EN CI LIN H
Tba Orlirlaxl ana Onlf beanis.
Bale and alwan Reliable. Beware ul m.
I - Imitation!. Indmienall to La il ta.
i your lrol lur lillnlrr'
Enitli ' anil Uke no other, or incline 4r
(iutpk) to u fur iartioalar m ltt b
rriara mail. . - PArtH. Ikl
rlieHr I lieiulenl Co.,
11114 !Wittln rMinnre, fhllndn ,
TKAOKiunplieil br QK0. C. (100DWIS
Wkeleule Ai'ila, Hoaloti, mm
Thuo fl.r-l-i l .l.le,--Kr f i an Uull
ill b at ISO J. fln'loo it, art 'o- he n xt
rlltoen dun. Ilil !re In ai ' ne bend Biul"
t PiiwH'i hr ,and Ii t(,M', iin'l of
lb bait milk aod butler bo lierer I in "or ed.
it. (ialiljOWAY.
Arkanim Uirpr. ...R. L. t'ona, S p.m.
St. Franrii River. ..Rana Micaaaur, S p.m.
Kew Orleani C;tt ok Stobii, 12 m.
Frian Puint.....J amis Laa, 5 p.m.
WhIU River CHirkisaW, 5 p m.
Oaoeola. ...........CciiHom, 6 P m.
Arkaniaa City Kits Anaaa, i p.m.
Ttn,Akvlll HirMn. n. tn.
Cincinnati ........ .-Bcckari Stiti, S p.m.
lm'm U'li Mi'mnhia. Virkn-
burs; City o'. Providence, M. I.iu s;
Kate Aduiii, Arkansas iity; James
lee, Friais Point; KeneMicreidy, St.
Kranria Uiver: Coa'irma l:eollt:
Oavcso, Tiptonville; James W. Gall,
7VtMrtir.a. KAl'e Memnlua. St
L ntis . City of Providence, Wkflmrg ;
Kate Ada.na, Arkansas City; James
1 Fr,,u l'.int (iahoma. Ofirenla :
UoyoMo, liptonville; James V. Hatr,
7iHil in Tort Rene Macrendy.
Bontf Ihif Poicn Oil y of Cairo and
Ci'v o1 N.-ti h a.
ifixirt Ihit f'p.R. L. Cobh. Golden
Ru!e and Cbl k an-.
Keeelpia Yratordnr.
Citvo! Ua on Unige 45 brls sngar,
50brs cinient, 60 emptf lilidc, 88
boxns tin p'ats and 20 txix-s liotilea.
James l.eo-54 ha!e co tjn, 16 sks
sped and 21 pkgs sundries.
Kate Adams-57 hales cotton, 8 baas
seed, 380 sks seed and 50 pkgs sun-
dr es.
Ciahoma 1 bale rot'on, 468 sks
Seed, 2 hd stick aad 42 pkg sundries.
Kiiio MnortMuj 2 bili-s cotun, si
ks seed, 2 hd horsrs and 2 pkgs sun-
Gavoso 1 ba'e aid 3 bam seed cot
ton, 203 sks corn, 28 hd hogs and 42
nk urs sundries.
Uit ot rrov.tisnce io ions msr-
James W.Gttfl 3050 pkgs merchnn
d se.
Tiis lluckeve State. Capt. H. J. Vin
ton, is tlio Thursday packet for the
Ohio river.
Tiik Rene Macroady, Cuut. O. K.
Jopl n, s tin patkt t this evening at 6
o'clock for 8t, Fraiuis river.
Tag Cayoso, 0 pt. W. P. Hall. Is
the packet Thurwlay evenlnn for Tip
tonville and the upper bends.
Tub Lee Line packets tvmor ow
evening are James Les for Fiiars
Point and IVan Adanis for Osieola.
Thb Cn'cka aw, dipt. Kd 0. Postal,
is the Wednesdty packtt fjr White
r.ver. C. M. l'os al s in ber i filcs.
Tun Amlr r L(n steamer City ol
Na ill's, Capt II. 10. B xbv, will paw
d iwn to day at 12 oM ick for New Or
leans and all ir tirmed ate landings.
II. K. Corbya Is her clerk.
Thb O, Lire eteamer Golden Ru'o,
Ctpt O. P. Hhinkle, is due up to-day
bound tor Cincni ati and all interme
diate points en tbe Ohio river. Frank
lloiiduiant is in chargo of ber ottke.
Tub Kate Adams, dp. Mark R.
Chnek, Is the Unt-d titalea mail
packet Thur dny Dvening, at 6 o'clock,
f r Hilcna, Arkansas Ony and all way
Inndinga W. C. Blanker has charge
ot bur olllce.
Tub Kate Adams arrived Bumlny
n ornirg from Arkanaaa Cl'y with 67
I alfs of cotio i, 8 bags of saedno ton,
MSOs. cks see l, 50 packiues of nier-
ci.Biuliro, aad reiurned again lut
eveniig with a fair trip.
Thb R. L. Cdib, Capt. E. B. Smith,
will be found in poit this morning,
and leaves icn n this eveni ng at 6
o'clock for all 'pnii tt on Atkanaa.
river. Bo na thri uirti to I'.no llliiu.
Ct'ailes Mu pcIii.hu has clutre of her
office, ssai.-ted t y Kumh rojter.
Buhinb's fuir.
Weathkh c'oudy with hfavy rain",
Tub Ony so whs in and out yester
day wr.li a lair tup
Trk 1 e Line packet were in and
out jc t'-rday on time, with fair trips.
Thb Henry Lour, y at il barge pared
down yejtaiu iy morting I it ew Ur'
le .ns.
Rbckiitb by rivor yoatenUy, 115
bales cotton, 11 bkS send cotton and
1245 acks si ed.
Tub R'no Mnrrady arrived Sun
day ii'ght from Ht. rrlmcis river, and
r, tu ns th 8 evening.
Thb Henry B own, with s tow of
empty ci al b ird's, puso 1 up yoater-
dy moraing lor th t uiilu rivr,
Tub Belle M-n ph s pasied up eirly
SiMdy mori'lng fir Hi. Louis. She
ad 'ed Iibio 189 bales eastern-bound
co ton
' Tub towboat Jo. 6. W l'amepafod
Ui buu lev i ie t for Cairo, and goes
from lb t place w.ih a big low of coal
lor New Orleana.
' Tns river at this pr int marks 15
fem 9 t nths by th ga 'ge, or 17 t
alove luw-wnter mirk, a rise ol 4
tenths lo the list iw nty-four hi urs. -
1 Tub Jame VV. Q ffar ived Nunday
niuht I ota Cimiinaaii win 3950 p ck
sues o miHielh no uifieiiiht for tb's
place and ie uned last uuht aitl 133
blea of cottjn and 60 tons of sun
: Orrics Sional Hkbviob, U, S. A., 1
Mskti'iiis. June 14. 1 p.m. I
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which Is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. K'tliH lOtlm lOths
Cairo...- 2 4
Chattanooga ... 14 4 -
I incinnati 11 3 9 -
Davenport. 3 5 1
Dubuque 5 2 -
Fort Smith 6 3 8 -
Keokuk 4 7 1
Helena. 22 3 -
La Crosse 5 -
lA'avenworth... 14 1 1 -
Little Rock 3 5 2
Louisville 5 7 - 1
M'tnphlx 17 4
Nashville 12 0 2 -
New Orleans... 13 2 3
Omaha 12 1 3
Pittsburg 5 8 4
St. Umis 17 1 I
St. Paul 4 6
Shreveport 1 8 1
Vieksbnrg 28 5 16
linKr Lle Feet and tenth of a foot
above ro of gauie:
I n pi, 411 fe-t. rhatta .ooa. 3:1 (eet.
Cincinnati, W. Da. en nor, IS.
liulimiue li. fori Muiuh, ri.
Kenkuk, 14. Ilnlena, .
La riM, 24 Leaven worth. 211.
Lut e Ruck. a. Lou ville. 16. ,
,i,euiib , M. New nrl-ana, 13.3.
"-hvie. 40. Pitt-hurg. 2i.
Omaha. 18 M Paul 7
Kt. Louia, .12. Vick'burg. 41.
bbrevtport, M. Yankton, 24.
LomsviLLB. Jnne 14 - Neon River
rieinir, wit'i 6 feet 7 iuchesin tbe canal
and 4 feet 6 inches on the falls. Bind-
nese fair. Weather cloudy, mild and
raininir. Departed: U. P. Schenck,
New Orleans.
EvAwsvitXB, June 14. Noon River
falling. Weather warm, with good
WiiKKUNa,W,VAnJane 14. Noon
River 5 feet on the gauge and falling
Weather cloudy and warm.
Pitthbdbu, JunH. ??oon River 3
feet 10 inches on tbe gauge and sta
tionary. Yi eather cloudy and warm.
Cincinnati, Jane 14. Noon River
11 feet 2 inches on the gauge and (all
in . Weather eloudy; thermometer
Cairo. June 14. Noon River 21 feet
8 inchts and rising. Weather cloudy,
warm aud mining. Arrived: City of
Vickaburg. Vicksnurg, 7 p.m.; tity of
Cairo, Ht. Louis, 3 p.m. ; City of Baton
Rouge, New Orleans, ti a.m.; City of
Natchez, Kt. Louis, 11 a.m. Departed:
City of Vitkstnirg, St. L'iui, 7 p.m.;
City of Bat u Rouge, St. Louis, 7 a.m. ;
City of Cairo, Yiokaburir, 7 a.m.
MeinphlsiVl'inciitnati P'k't Cow
Bxourailou XlMteawt
Commencing . ITJi, Too Ktegant
Muy Int. ''-f atcameri
ltnckeje State, Ohio & Jaa. W. Haft.
Thin Company -till ll R01T!D TRIP
I'lCKKr-i from Moiui'hii to Loaiiville,
Cincinintli, and all a:titern Cltlel, at
greatly Reduced Hatel.
ar Ticket include Miala and State rooiaa;
Return ticket! good on any boat in the lino,
Kach boat carriei a Vtue blring Uand.
Mondays and Thiirsja)s at 5 P.M.
For information Inquire of 0. B. Rl'8
PK1.L, Agent, lit Madiion etrcet, Memphig,
Tenn. R. W.WHK. Sun't.
HI. Lout anil New OrlAitua Aurhor
City of Natchez, .
11. K. iligbr matcr.awSMCrS3
Will louva the Ktevator 1UKVAV. Jun
1Mb, at 12 m. lor height or iiiev' apply
0. 1,. Ilii.i.. Pam.Ag't. Al BT iRM. Sar't.
Ht lAtula null Nw Orienna anchor
Llue-l'. f. Mull -C'1KU4 ST. LOUIS.
Arkansas City, f7S
llrolaakl .mauler. Wa(lK2
Will leave the Ktevator W EPN KVUA V, June
liilb. atd p.m. For freight or lounge apply
C L. Il.i.i , 1'im, An't. AP STORM. Siii-'t.
far Oioeola, ll.ilei I'elnt, Carulherivilla,
dayimo and Tii'lnnvllle The new ileamar
W. P. Hall mailer I J. t- Fuller clerk.
Will leave an above, and all way iioinU.
iy. K Ll N K.
hru,uui,rrii'aVrai nu.Stemliia
ml omIii " ltj-nmiy.
tor Uelena. Hlendale, Vrtara.w aad all
Way taudlngg titeMMr
JameM Jee, zdSr'S
J, B. Cooper, metr....J.W.Bumn.ri.oHwk
Will leave ai above on every MuNOAr,
WKDMKriDAYand FRIDAY, at & aolook.
For Randolph, Fulton, Oineola and Wa
Landing Steamer
Coiiliomn, J&Emt-
S. T. Claigitt ..mailer I Piatt t hodeia.alevt
Uav.i every MONDAY, WaVON. t'AF
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. the bonU of tkU
line raierve the right to pan all landlaa
the naptain may deem aniaft. Offloe, N.', i
M.l.nn.t JAMKM I.KK, J . Nnrl,
Freddie Robinson, jLaxSfi
M. 11. Harry............ ...mailer
For Helena. Terrene. DeValll Bluff, Del Ara,
A ugueta, Searcy, Newport and Uatenvllle.
Will leave aa above SATURDAY at ft p.m.
Through rate! to all oolnti. Freight eon
igned Ui Milt Uirry Line, Memplili, will b
promptly lorwarded. VV. J. P. DOYLH. 4
Offlne I? Madlm Telephone t.1 .
Memuli is & AV hite "lYlrer 1'kt.Uo
B. 0, PoiUI.-meitar I 0. M, Poital eil
I'larindon, Ituvnllw BlolT, Da IN,
Aatnata, Jokeoniorl nod loirry.
at 5 p.m. Through raiei to all pointi.
Freight oomlgned to " Memphia and Whlta
lllver Packet Company" "ill befnrwarde
promptly. II. u LOW H, Agent,
Arkansas lllvcr 1'k't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, aTSEv,
K. B. Hmith....mater. fISmnm
Leave! Meal big kvery Til BHl) A Y . at 6 a.ga
Ii. 0. LOWS, Agent,
Office, No SMedliion it. Telephone No.
The SUFrancbi Hirer 1 ranHOortntioa
Co.'l Tine Hlde-W heal U. 6. Mall btoamat
Rete Macready, rnr
0. R. Joplln niaiter,
wiu lmv MKMeiiiM Kvatii
at 5 o'slook, for Mirianna, the Cut-Off. aad
Intermediate landing! on bt. Franoli river.
The capUin reiervel the right ty pan ai
landing! he deenil nniafe. JAB. LEU, Jr.a
Mnorlnww nm. No. 4 MwHiion it.
Memphia aud TIcbHbars; Packet Com
puny U.H.Mali Line.
For HetenaiCoaeordia, Terrene and .rkaa
la City The eletant panonger U" ef
M. H. Cheek... mailer I W. 0. Blanker ...eleti
Leave! Membhlt
p.uj.,reiervlng the right to paaa all landing
theeapUia may deem nniafe. For generaj
Inforuatloa apply at olllce, No, 4 Maliea
miet. B. WALW6RTU. Agent.
KlIIN f!A DR. P..'r rnt Telenhnna
MKM. young or old.
Innd tne nneirii
Shield and Suipenao
ry cure every itage of
Weaknen of th. Kli
ne i, beiual byiumi
Varicocele and loll of
enfeebled power!.
I ' PYr: i : I an feebl
llai.-U"'JVl M Money
refunded U
ord re Dnii b., mat to Anirrlraa (JaJvaaw
l to , 7SS IllWHdway. New Ynrk, af
all our We'tem offieei wm diiwowilwiHl.
rM4fMMfM b4ii. UliiMtral'il Cntlog IfSS
l - ' tlni..t err prune,!, now reeOK,
IT ' " r1'" rnureMntji nvArn Nmw. OrlMk f
.1 Wulf (llti,4 Llhmr
Deiki, Tatilei, Chain,
Book Caaea. Lcnjir.
tatter Prenei, Cabmeia
Ladlei' Fancy Degka, ttf
PrtcBs)GusrHntavtl. Vi4fJsissj):
Klntwt Goods and jLriasst
tras, jynaUTa. hoposrteJjsv
Private 8alot School of Miuh Orndefor
a limited number of YOUNO tADIIS.
totmtM l Wrscxllnnd, Id tUw of Ht. Tonl. The
iitir Mi'iMtuttn nt" of lh4j'lncrtuci4r it tui KUB
11 A NT HuM. Oiiruil lKil. Fur Vfaur ttll rnut&e
tiMTs lrn ultsu c.irlj. Cnunw of In-trurtum ie
?rr tli(a4uilti- Mu-ic: Vin-nl tutd Inatruronti,
LMattunH: Aueint nd Mtxlorn. Art: I'-inlin
ni IrriiPHnf. Bri of lntrutluii rUwiu sUl
bltfhlr giiavlilisM. lur lhnir rMt't'ti9lPrtDinUw
To wure ruim Hili4.ititicn tuuatt mtvl mtxLy.
For I'ufjilotfijfa silri'Mi tlil'rlucivl.
B, Ta BUS WITT, LL.P., JennlftaA. Wt
i-. r.
1 cr'- . '.-
Tt- T'.K 111 M t N It M I ' V yM.Qt'it 'V I'Mf"
iH, Mil II A KD, !' i. uu u.li-r. ti t 1 v rt: 'fir
v i. in ' .r it,-r. Ii i, u.'hfi'.v int, lur
,.-,, i, -Ml i " ' Iiii.i'-iis a'-.ii I ll IIiIi-,miiI'
Jir- a l ni:" n in 1 ? Ii-1 'f 1 ! 1 i.i ft - J fX- ...
Mat r-t S' 1 !'' " f " "'j J: 1 ar'-lon 'r. t'7 aJ I imlitj
r.MMi.i ' It S X -T vIMo iMealnf
KubMcrlbelor the "AppeaL

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