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MDabTtD,' Orlat. 4 Texas B'j
Ob ud alter My t !K pi train! oi
jit "MAIL, boata. I Kor-T
j ki. A " l:V .
ulT. T:21.
jlanj .. ... -, - 4:1" a.n
Tek.barg. --0 B.m 1:
amaoa ,.. : "'J P-
thl ' : P-
alca iUi... 8:14 a.m 1:51 p.l
a-Wlth all liteienurtngMeerb.ii.
8-Witb H.MS. Ml. R. tor helena.
0- ror Greenville aodHantingWa, eadell
D-WrrtV.. B. P. Mlr-da.
1 With N., J. AC. R R. for Natchoe and
y-For Point ob tbe Branch,
ft With !temeM lor Bayou Sara.
fi-Witb railroad! diverging for Florida,
Teiai and Coastliointi. '
JA8. M. EDWARDS. V. P.andO. U.
Mlaalealppl and Traa.-Traint
tnov.es follows: Nut Orlaani nail arrival
daily t 9:2i.a.; leaverally at 5:00 pa,
Bardii aceomniiMlatinn swivel dally at 8:45
a.m.; leaves daily at5:p.m. New Orleaai
mail train will not itolat any Baa station
between Memphis eod,ardis. or at white
Baven, Horn Lake, Naif it and Lou. Freight
traini do not rarry pyssngers.
url BjaVil Miaalaalppl Fal
lay .-Tralni moi,i tollows: Fait Ine
leave at 10:iXI aJn-: . Louli fait Una
leave! at 5: p.p.! Fart lino arrival at 1:30
p.m.: St. Louis t lina arrives at v (IS a.m.
loalevlll SJaehwIlla Train!
rove a follow! Fait mail arrival daily at
IS a.m.: leaves at 10:11) p.m. I mall learn
daily at lflrlS a.m. I arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsvilieaoconiinodatloin laavaa daily'
loapt SuaJay, at 6:00 p.m.: arrival daily,
except Snvdar, at .11 a.m. (itandard time).
Me ptilo and I.ltlla Rorb. Train!
mora aa follow! (central itandsrd tima):
Mo. 1 laarai daily at 6: 2ft t.m, ; arrives at
:ho p.m. SiO. 3 leave, ei . ;t a.m. i rriTtr
" t . ' : t I L . 1 II -I 1
ally (aioapt Honda) at 8:00 a.m.) arrival
17:10 p.m.
Mfnaprtia aud t'berleeloa Train!
ova ai follow! : Through aipraM loaval
daily at 10 p.m. Mail and express laaval
dally at 10:ii a ru. SoioerviMe aceommode
tion leaves dally, except Sunday, at 5:M
p.m. Throagh exnreei arrival daily at ft: IS
a.m. Mail and all"' arrival daily at 4 :6ft
S.m. HomarviHa accommodation arrival
ally, aieapt Sunday, at 8. JO a.m.
Hnir Imla-IHnu' City, Rprlnar
aid and Hrmpblil-Train! leaveiM. and
X. daoot ai folfcwa: No. 4, Kansas City ex
praii, loavaiat 10:4n a.m.: No. 3, Kama!
City aiproii, arrival at 3:30 p.m. No. i,
KaniaiClty mail, laaval alfliOn p.m.t No. 1,
Saniai City aiall, arrival at K:4n a.m. No.
, Ht. Loaii and Chiraao anrei. laaval at
i00 p.m.) No. 1, Ht. Louli and Chioaioai
prai!, arrival at 8:11 a.m. In alaot Sunday,
April 1H, 1HKA.
emipblB, Blrinlwhar and Allan,
tie llolly Sprinn Houta Tralm mova a!
fallowit No. 1 liavai Woml hli dallv at 8:4.
m.l arrival at Molly Bprinn at 6 :t p.m. I
Bo. I laavoi Ikaly (it.rinii daily at V:U
rm arrival at Maniiibil at II :15 a,m.t No.
laaval Mamphil daily at 7:16 p.m., arrival
at Holly Hprlnai at 11:4" p.m.t No.laavai
Hotly Bprlnai daily at 2:16 a.m., arrival at
Mauipbu at 8:45 a.m.
WiBimsToa, Juni lft, 18HA, 1 a.m.
IntliiBtionB: For Tennessee, local
ralni, followed by fair weather;
lightly cooler. For Arkansas, local
Tains, followed by fair weather; nearly
Stationary temperature.
For Mumiimippi, Louisiana and Ark
ttruai, fiitvif rai'ifl, folluwfd ly fair wathtr;
nearly ttationary lemfxrnlHre; variable
For Textu, gnuraUy fair umthtr;
nearly Unlianary Irmprralxtrt ; variahle
Fur Kentucky and Ttniwtnee, load raini,
followed by fair uvathtr; nHghtly roofer;
mriable wind
niitrolaclal Kopatrt.
Miamii. Tina. i June 14, 1H8A.
" Time. I Bar. 1 Ther. 'Wiiul.l W'ther
7:00 a.m
78 0
U rain
U tain
Lt rain
11:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m
7ft:00 p.m
at) 7f8
'axlinum temperatur, 82.0.
ilmnm temperature, 72.0.
-fall, .97.
11 o'clock a.m., 1.
(a the (toltoei Roaioai.
lioKiL Bbbvk i, U. 8. Abmt,
Jane 14, 1886. p.m.
sion of teleKtauis and reports for
"(tent of commerce and aurlcnl
Ootton region bulletin for the
ly-lour hours ending June 14th, 6
TRicrr. S t 5 S T 5 E
Memphis 8:1 72 2.08
Kaahvflle 78 70 1.43
Grand Junction... 1K1 72 1.02
Oorinth 83 71 .10
Tnscnmbia 88 71 1.12
Decatur 02 71 .40
Boottstoro 8S 8 .41
Batesvllle 84 74 1 00
Hernando 88 47 1.85
Grenada 88 74 .18
Arlington 88 71 .11
Brownsville..... IX) 72 2 lft
Milan 8tt 73 .61
Paris 8ft 2 .45
Oovinuton.. 87 73 .70
Dyersburg 78 73 .83
Bolivar 71 71 2.05
llolly Springs 87 71 165
Oxford 80 tit) 2.00
8nm lfl.r0 1344 21 04
Weans 87 71 1.11
3 5?M 3 5?5 B
DiBTBicm, IfJglfB
3 ' a a a w
Wilmington 01 09 .01
(Charleston VI 68 .00
Augusta 92 70 .01
Savannah 03 70 .00
Atlanta. 00 72 .11
Montiromery U3 71 .19
Mobile 89 73 .1(1
New Orleans. 87 74 .34
Galveston M 74 .20
Vicksburg 87 75 .41
IJttle Rock 8C 72 .!)
Memphis 87 71 111
Bums... 1077 859 3 2
Means PI) 72 .27
Circuit Cou't opens to-day.
The Cycle Club meets to night.
The rain did wonders toward
cleaning the city.
The Callicot killing caio will bs
tried in the Ciiminal Court to-day.
Tbe German Casino wilrglvea
lawn party complinienta'y to Mr.
Looit Erb at bi residence Friday
Tbe closing exreiei of Bt.
Brigid's school take place at the
Young Men's Hebrew Acsociation
Hall to-night
Lawyers having the papers in the
case of the Slate for cse, ttc., aoaicst
Thomas Clumbers are requested to
return them to the Cuaoce y Court.
A.C. McKinney aid J' ss'e Annie
CI amberlain, Wm. Waiflold and Ella
French, J. H. Gray and G acy Cop
land war licensed to marry yesterday.
cJ--The Bret part of fhs cloalng exer
" ol 8t. Agnes hare been pott-r-ooed
until Wednesday. Tbs eer
cists to-ni.ht will bs Urgely attended.
The amaUur athletic entertain
ment which wan to bavt ocme off last
night at E.tivsl Park, has been post
poutd on accrual of the wet weather
until Friday, the 25th kst.
Mr. John J. Welle r, formerly at
Blatant postmaster, says be will not be
a randidste for Sheriff on the Repub
lican ticket. Tbat is not to say he
will not shy bit cist or at the Trsstee's
A number ol Republicans ltft last
n'ght to atteed the judicial and gu
lxrmtoril convention at Nashville.
Tbey think the Hon. 1. A. Nairn will
carry their standard in the race for
Governor, but none of them seem to
be very enthusiastic about it.
Mr. Turner, editor of the Watch
man, oraan of the colored people of
Memphis and vicinity, declares that
he is not in favor of a third or inde
pendent party movement. He is a
Republican, and will support the
ticket put forward by the Republican
The ladies of the Birtle.tt Temper
ance Alliar.ce will ente'tsin their
triends and the public tt the ('timber
land Presbyterian thtuch, in liartlett,
on next Friday evening, at 8 o'clock,
with refreshments, manic, etc. A
large attendance nod a general good
time it as so red.
The picnic given by the K r ights
of Innisfail Kunday wa well at
tended. All of the candidates were
there. A number of people were
obliged to remain at farm-honscs in
the neighborhood all nltilit on tccount
of the storm and the dangerous con'
dition of biidges.
President Hidden dnlivered a lec
tute on larji'atiiQ to the people of
Memphis yrs cr.lay morning. The
doir public was represented by four
plain drunks, an opium ea'er, a street
walker and about a dozen sweating
darkies not qmte as gord a represen
tation as the average political conven
tion. The farmers who have boen pray
ing for rain lo these many days got
sll they wanted and a good deal rr.ore
Handiy night, Monday and lait ninbt.
The water fell in bucket fuls whn
the storm began at about 7 o'clock
Hnuday evening, and the rain was (till
falling at midnight lat night Now and
then the sun pierced the clouds (or a
few momenta only. The damiga rjnut
have been considerable in tbe country.
Nearly every itteam was bank full
long before daybreak Monday morn
ing, and they were all oveiflowing by
oniise. Many small biidges were
washed away. In the city many of
tbe streets were miniature rivers, and
an immense amonnl of sanitary work
was done.
Hole Agents for Horace R. Kelly
O.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full awortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Uayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
weekly. I. samkiaon a co.
M im Claiu Conway and a patty of
ten toting latliis, who were attend
ants tt ber Rchuol hiHt sersion, left hint
night lor a trip to huropo.
Mb. Autx. IIauf of Pocahontas,
Ark, is here on a pleasure trip and
stopping with his uncle and sunt, H.
Welahnupt, No. 40 Monroe street.
Tits children and teachers of Grace
Church Huniluy sehool are reanes'cd
to meet at tbe Louisville ami Nash
ville rillrotd depot at 0 o'clock a.m.
Saturday, June 19ih.
Da. R. B. Madrv left lait nlaht on
the Louisville and Natdivllle road for
New York, and will sil on Saturday
morning next per steamer ruria for
Kurope. He will return about the 1st
ol (September next.
Tut address of Mrs. Bowles in Bun
day's Appeal on "Modern Education,"
at the closing exercises ol ber scbout
contains the most advanced and
tboiongh scientific ideas that we have
yet read.
ZELLXEll ate CO.
All prices quoted heretofore
will remain in force for all this
Oar Famous 10c Opera Slippers,
For Misses and Ladies,
Come quick before they are all
We are Sole Agents for the
Just reieived a now lot ol them.
Everything in the hoiife Is marked
down. Come and see us.
800 Mala Street.
Monogram llnnglen; Mnlford
Mm. ltutfeulM'rg.
Awnings, tents, coM, nitttrerses and
tarpaulins made at 231 Btcond street.
Mnirord, Jeweler, 294 Main, so
oc Its orders from tbe country.
II lAotltlght
For you to leave for the summer
nn'il you have bought your trunk and
vallfe at tbe new Memphis Trunk
Factory, 331 Main ftreet, Goodman &
Barrett Old trunks repaired piomptly
and neatl .
Solid NllTerware nt Mnlforda'
Isaacs ft Co.'s ant qtiarian hook
store and ci'cu'atirg ltW ay hat re
moved Imm No. 310 Stcond to No. 419
Main street.
Jw to Stntlrdae dt Laawmaralao for
rw rial ' aad Uaa-Flltlaa;
lawn Party Friday ISIght.
The Ladi's' Aid Socie'y of the
Stranger's Cbnirh will g've a lawn
party at the Llillsm-n place, on Lau
derdale street, next Fiiday evening.
There will be a liberal supply of re
freshments, with niU'io and other
a'trartiooa. A r a ooahle charge will
be made at the p.rty.
t BaUawlB-w dt lromaratao t da
year rim
Tbe rain yesterday debarred a
large numb-r ol ladies from
attending our
Although the attsndance was
very satisfactory, in order to give
all our pa roDs an equal opportu
nity tt secure some of t tie very best
bargains ever oflered in tbia city,
we have extended this
We would advise all ladies, in
thtir own interest, who have not
Oar Big Advertisement
in Sunday's Iraoo of this paper to
da so. All prices named therein
will be strictly maintained to day.
We positively aestrt that ro tuch
values weie ever cfi'trfd in the
South, and the ladietof Memphis
have an opportunity TUI8 DAY
to purchase
made of tbe very best American
and Foreign Fabrics at less than
50 cents ou the dollar.
Kalsominimo telephone 609, Mc
Neil. Dr. O. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanlxy, funeral director and
emba'mer, 55 Madison street.
Paint your carriage for 75 cents
with Neal s Carriage Paint. For sale
by A. Reukert.
Send a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Ths Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonioand antt-pariodio known. A certain
and lure onre tor chilli. Price II per bot
tle. Send itanipi for circular,. Any ref
erence aixen. Addren John 0. Hacker.
Lynobbera, Vs.
Anoobti'RA Bitteks were prepared
by Dr. J. G. B Siegert for his private
use. Their reputation is such to-day
that they have become generally
known as the best appetizing tonic.
Beware of counterfeits. Ask your
grocer or druggist for the genuine arti
cle, manufactured by Dr. J. G. B. Sie
gert & Sons.
Hotel St. Geo roe. 61 Clark street,
Brooklyn, fireproof, best construction,
splendidly located on Brooklyn
lle'ghts, close to Bridge, bandy to
central points of New York City and
Coney Island, with more luxury at
one-third prices; 400 rooms, all electric-lighted
(100 bath-rooms), hand
somely decorated; very beet uphol
stered furniture; finest bedding; con
ceded to be one of tbe finest hotels in
the country. Transient rates, t2 60
per day, witb private toilet Single
rooms, $1 per night; open all night;
cuisine nnsurpaesed.
Tni New England Conservatory of
Music. Boston. Maw., which enjoys
the dietincti n o' being tbe lageet
and best equipped in tbe world, at'
trarted to iU halls lat year 2005 s'u
dents from il'ty-flvo 8:ates,Territorics,
firovincts and foreign countries. With
Is corps of 100 teachers, including
such we 1-known art;sts as Carl Zar-
rahn, Augusto Rotoli, Carl Faelten,
J. C. 1). Parker, l-ouis ' Mats, Otto
Hendtx. Timothio Adininwski, Alfred
Do Suvo and Lsandro Campanari, it
merits for the coming year still
latger patronega.
Owing to the inclomeut weather
of yesterday many were deterted
from coming out, consequently the
veiy attractive bargains advertised
will be oUtred TO DAY. Tbe Spe
cial Sale of Matting, China,Glas8
ware. Jerey Jackets, Lad es' and
Chi droit's Muslin Underwear and
fine Summer Dress Goods will bs
We would also remind the ladies
that rednred prices for making
dresses will prevail for the present.
N.B. We open to-day a new line
(conxis ing of 200 pieces) of
Swiss Embroidered Skirtings,
1 yards wide, at 75c. A 'so a great
variety of finer Skiitinga and
FlouQtings in Lace and Swiss
Drum-ond's Matnral Leaf.
Tbe only genuine "Na'ural Leaf'
tobacco in the market ; "two tin tags,
one on each end of the p'ng;" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't bo deceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummond's Natural Leaf'
Ceutral l'urry,
09 Market street Telephone 717. Re
duction of prices for balance of tbe
At a Great Bargain.
Suburban Mansion
Charming Family Beiidenca oa Cooper
Aveone, with Kitaniira Oat
Bail diaii.
Grove of MacniBoent Oaki and Superb
Evergreen!. All Open Land
in Orau.
Choicely Adihted at a Flrit-Claia Reit
denne for a Large Family, or a Hemi
Country Bearding or Club-UoaM, bem-
Inary or Charitable Inititation
'Carver," Now "Cooper Tlace"
Railroad station -nd Montgomery Park half
mile dimant ad in full view. Situated
near Poplar boulevard, Union Avenue
and Central Avenue gravel road, and
three mllei du4 tiat ol the City of Mem
phis and on high rolling land.
aarThii ii the ehoioeit and moit deiirable
luburban reaidei ce near Memphii, and il
worthy the attention of inveitori for a borne
or fur Investment.
Ona-third cash, remainder in one to three
yean at purchaaeri' option, with interest at
6 pr cent, trom day ff sale. Possession
given any day alter passing title. Call on
PeatMMly Hotel.
C. B. GALLOWAY A CO Paopaitrna.
Kates 2 50 and S3 per day, aconroing to
aiie and looatinn of room Special
rates made.
W urady, Ky W Bailey. Ala
11 P Aubrey, Ark T N (lorinley, Md
A K Fuller, Ky J T Harris, Tenn
KM UuVall, lenn O A Martin, Ark
K Ber"hnld, Ark C W Parker, Tenn
W K Walpley, Ohio A J Leidbetter, Mo
TU Stuart, Mo FKHmlih, Mo
Ueo WbeAtly. Mins B W Deutioh, N Y
W E Uauiiaun. Ohio J R MoNairy.Tann
II Ii rtV- 11 i U.. fT
J T Lii tie, Tenn R T Tobey, N V
J R Scales, Tenn F G Millette, Tenn
M O Andrews, Ky W J Kobinion. Ky
J ' Uarold, Miaa MrsJC Harold, Mill
u w t urns, Mo J M uoourun, Ala.
J P Sheridan, Mo X C Perk, Tenn
bow unams, Aitia A 1, Krewion, xnd
(1 W A in moos, Mo K B Long, Mo
A Martin, Ark C V Reynolds, Mo
KJH.rrii, Mo Mrs L Bleek. Mo
W Ugieibv, Tenn A K Hume, Mais
R DaitrorT, Ark 8 K Montgoinery.Tenn
w wood, Ky A M McMillin, Tonn
H J Manning, Mo Mrs R Manning, Mo
W M Kames. Mo Fied Orzill. Tenn
J K Uillinisly, Mill K b Cat' cart, Tex
u w H Heed, Pa r Merigo d, Mm
K Horner, Miss II L Coffin, Misa
W V rlullivan, Miss J K Harrington, Tex
W 8 Moore, Tenn J l Jordan, Tex
J W Hancock, Tenn J M Kob-rtson, Tena
Li a mv;onn ico, lean J li.ivii, x onn
11 I L- .. I- 1 I !'.... 1.
. uni-uvi.nj ntf ioeiier, jnu
PB Hill, Tenn Mrs P B Hill, Tenn
WKMudd, Mo MD Howell, Mo
U V Aubrey. Mo ti M tiarvey, Tenn
L White, Ky A M Jaikson, Ky
B I Jennims, Ala A U Jones. Ala
DC Jones, Ala J II Phillips, Xcnn
N II Moight, Ky A K I anison, Cul
11 Kiinball. Ark J L Lntt. Mo
C B Fly, Mies W II Flynn, Ky
a u ttuny, lenn.
Oaaton'a Hotel.
W. H. BINGHAM Misioii.
European plan. Enlarged and rofurnished.
f ricei according to me and loca
tion of roomi.
P J O'Launhlin, Ark I) Hyman, Mo
L It Mimtrvine, Jliss II u Myers, Mill .
Mrs Henry, Miss K Opperihoiinor, Ky
II 11 vans. NO N T Tavior. Miss
T Moroney, La E H Jones, Miss
w tt laitry, tonn t r Douslass, lenn
J Flynn, Mi
s IS Houdy. Tenn
w Uaiesby, lenn
h uolloway. Ark
11 Davis, Mo
V Amnions, Ark
W O Flynn, Mini
LDHIann, Ark
J Kline, city
S Uaiim. Jackson.
W O WeUhorby. Ky
W M Lcaiuun, La
R Cheatham, Ark
J A Gray, Ark
F C Jones, Miss
W F Lucas, Tenn
J 0 Trson, Tenn
Mrs Moore, Tenn
Miss L Coffin, Mis!
W A Todd, Miai
Albert .McNeill, Tenn
J V Vi-C'nllum. Tenn
J P Bond. Tonn
M W Rhodes. Tenn
Miss Moore, Tenn
1) M Mayers, Mill
II B flallen, Tenn
U B I'sUirs, Tenn
J W Kobertsnn.TennN 0 Dickinson, 111
M " Jsy, lenn B r iiane, lenn
W PGiblie. Ark Lee Barton. Ark
D McCrackcn, Ohio Mrs A R Smith, Ark
I, hi Krowa. b u llllouos, Mill
K O Kaokiu, Mo W T Chattnao As.Tenn
A Lowensteiii, Tenn RW McGuirk, Miss
Mn A Mullikin, Ark 3 B Maoen, Ark
L A Able, Miss N C Harris, MD, Tenn
LC. Kckless.Tenn W H Burnetii, Tenn
il ii I.ipicomrj, lenu L a lalar, Ark
A L Clark, Tein
WO Kelly, Tenn
G B Msthii. Mis!
Geo Arnold, oitr
R 6 Mesohsm, Mill
A Murray, Tenn
WD Cannon, Tenn
V J Mis.
w il Irbv. Teas-
JL Kindell. irt
W James. Mia.
G W Smith, Miaj '
J M Culeman, Tann
Miss Beaton, III
T B lUneri, Mi
J M Prewltt, Tenn
Mn Stereni ,V.,TennJ Weir. Tenn
N F Harris. Tcaa Oliver Martin. Tonn
JRMcCiarty. Xenn K D White, Ala
inai Degarir, miss.
The New Jvaao.
Rates, 12 80 to tt per day, according to loca
tion uf rooms.
R H Neal, Ky. H McPherson, Mo
J Gaiurs, Mo CCMmrn,Tex
B Johnson, Tex J C Mitchell, Ohio
W C Cohen, Mo F A Montgomery, Miss
II A Washburn, Mo W R Keller, Mo
G Preble, Ind L G Muimoni, Tenn
0 J Miller, Miss C R MoAdains, Ohio
R T Harris, Ala W 11 Coleman, N C
E II Dickinson, Mo Miss M Cooir, Tnn
28 Moses, Ky R F Sledne, Misi
J Mcltejnold, Tonn I Altrumn, Tenn
1 Thompson, Tenn K ilawkins, Tenn
E L Smith, Tenn C E I'enton, Tean
M Ii Utinthor, Ky J Johnson, Ky
W G Lee, Va T L Bramlett. Miss v
RJ Andorron, G W SonDeld, Tenn
it D'UUs, Tenn FR King, Ala
Mn (Jicnn, Tenn Miss Glenn, Tenn
Mr McMaster, Tenn It Smith, Tenn
I llar'on and w. Ark Mrs Collins, Ark
Miss Burton, Ark J K Freeman, Tenn
J P McLows. Tenn G il Quincy, Mass
T Downey, Mo F Hejiuenburr. Mo
W R Linn, Ohio K M Howard, N Y
W R Sledge Aw, Mils Miss Leftwick, Mies
Miss Heath, Miss Miss I Sledge, Visl
J F McGregor, NY FN Woodson, Va
G F Rockwell, Mo 1 C Priti hett, Miss
F Bardint, Tenn O K Joplini, Tenn
J M Heed. Miss II G Barrow, La
II T lUini, Mo M M Gilchrist. Tenn
J W Byrd. Tena J P Houston, Tann
J C Ware, 111 J t! Bryan, Tenn
R W Brooks. Tenn B F Hicks. Ky
A L Foster, Ky C B Cornod, Tenn
L 8 Harvey, Min H B Oliver, Miss
J L Nance, Mii H A lluys, Tenn
C B Mitchell, N Y Thos N Norton. N Y
Dnffjr'a Enropeaa Hotvl,
Corner of Adaini and Main atreeti. Rooms,
&0e, 75c and tl per day : American Plan,
ti par day.
First-class Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 years with Peabody Hotel)
DF Brown, Ohio JCNolen.Ky
J II Snyder, Tean Ii Baura, Tenn
S B Wilier, Ark J T M.urninc, Ark
TANseley. Ark 8 P Henry, Tenn
W F Hrdee, Ala 8 M (Jans, Ark
O M Spearman, Tenn R P Walt, Miss
GSPocser, Mo W T York, Tenn
W K llarrell. lenn F J Caldvell, Tenn
G NobK Miss C C Bowen, Tex
W Norihrnp, T nn G W Humphries.Tenn
C II Davidron. Tenn 8 M M"Clanahan.Tenn
8 B Stewart, Tnn W H Hall, Tenn
C B Guthrie. Tsnn R B Mercer. Tenn
CU Lovelace, tenn JSGIenn.Ky
BB Macon, Ark F Fnrr y, Tenn
J B MrKlveen, Tenn ti T O'llivir, Tenn
J J ShoriiUn.Tenn 8 C Smith, Tenn
A J Mclienderi, Tsnn C 0 Nansen, Tenn
D M Stewart, Tenn D H Boone, Tenn
P Kearas, Mo Phil Kearns, Mo
W It McUougat.Tenn C N Mil's, Tenn
M T Merchant, Tenn K M Murray, Tenn
J D Costs, Tenn T Morehouse, III
P L Williams. Ma R R Hobbins. Ky
II M Hunter. La A R Fadga. Mo.
Fine Watch reuairlna- at Malford'a.
0 ing to char go of gauge we are now
m-mnr.xl In poii.i Inr nraasiTit rr
futnre delivery of Alabama apliut coal
ai reuueva intee.
Order "MnUorU Hade Metlal."
JAME8 C. BELL, Pretildent.
Saddles Harness Collars
t&- SI'ECIiL PRICES to Railroad and Levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. "Si
Onnannr Tlnnliinnn
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Do and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
Especially Adapted to Mem
phis and Vicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but the man who comes home late at
night with a black eye will be re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnets will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-Btorm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, oontinne to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere seo the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Sccand street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get the most for your money come
to the
Opp. Conrt Square,
Open evenlaa-si till Sntnrdajre
till 11.
All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done free of charge
N.B. We have several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests whioh
will be sold at 1 25.
No. 238 Main Street.
Iuoorporatted lOCO.
THE course of study Ii extended, thoronsh
and practical, atfordinf superior facili
ties for obtainina asound business edueation.
For Catalogue eall at the school-room or
address T. A. LKDUIN. Prlncip.l.
J. F. HOLST &BR0.,
Funeral Directors,
A t U LL and eompieta itoek ef Wood and
Metallio Caaai and Casketa, Cloth -Covered
Casket! and Burial Robe alwayi OB
hand.ava- Orderi by talacraoB promptly
Held. ... tt
bK .
E, F.
Janaea U. eoxxibar Wna. I Clark I J. Carrlmartam rrauk . Jaaaa
txaaaitaollflajca. 1860.1
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WI offer to MEKCHABTTaj OHLT thenar ires t and belt atoek of Boot! and Bhoel wa
have aver brourht to thii market, and which eannot be larpaaied in quality ana
itylei by any house in this or any other city. In addition to a complete line of Eastern
made aoodi, including the t'Ur.BKiTiiO UUOIIB1H !U. BKiHiASiN, we handle
a lane and select stock of Custom-made Qoodi for Men, Women, Missel and Children. Wa
carry a number of the best makes in the country, in avers variety and style, and among
them ithe well known Men'i Calf Boot and Shoes manufactured 57 Geo, Hooker for our
Spring Trade. Wa also carry a ehoioa line of Ladies' and Mines' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippandorf, Dittman Co. Wa invite tha trade to eiamlna
oar itook before buying elsewhere, and wa guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
MEMPHIS, TENN. 1 June 1, 1886.
THE firm of ESTKS, DOAN k CO. Il this day dissolved by limitation. The surviving
partner. Z. N. Ktes, will settle the business at tha office of their successors, Z. N.
ESTES k. CO., who will eontinue tha Wholesale Grocery and Cotton Factoraga business at
formerly dona by us. Z. N. ESTES,
K. J. DOAN, Executrix.
S. 8.
YIiolesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For JatlsC of tbe criminal t-oart.
MESSRS. Napoleon Bill, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, II. M. Neely, W. D. 1
Bethe . R. G. Craig A Co., G. V. Kambaut.
A. L. Lowenstein, J. S. Menkea and otheri
In response to your eall upon me to be
some a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge oi Shelby county, withiincera
thanki tor your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the position, inbject to tha action of the
Democratic convention.
Clerk of tbe Criminal Conrt.
WE are authorised to annonnce R. B.
CAPERS Cor twenty-one yean D -p-nty)
as a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of shelby county, subject to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce DABET
W. CULL1EK as a candidate lor Clerk
of the Criminal Court of bbelby oounty,
subject to tha Democratic Convention.
Conoiy Conrt Clerk.
WE are authorised to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to the action
of the Democratic Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce P. J.
OUIHl.kYas a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, subject to the action of
the Shelby County Pnniocratio Convention.
Judge of the Probata Conrt.
TO My Fellow-CHUens of Shelby County
Feiring that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge my have
failed to reach many of you, I take thii
method also of announcing myself a candi
date for that office, subject to the action of
the approaching Democratio County Ci n
ventien, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obeaient lervant, I. B. M1COU.
WE are anthoriied to announce J. P.
VOUNd as a candidate for the office
oi Judge of the Probate Court, lubjeot to tha
action of tha County Democratio Convention.
For Troatd).
WE are anthoriied to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the aniuing
August aleotion, subieot to tha action ot ine
Democratio Convention.
WE are anthoriied to annonnce AN-
re-election to the office of County Trustee,
uoieoi to wo acuun oi me Aeuiuurabio vuu
vention. THE Appeal Is authorited to announce Mr.
N. F. LEMAaTEK as a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby county, inb
tect to the action of the Democratio Conven
tion. For Atlornfiv-flesseral.
WE are authorised to announoe OEORGE
B. PETERS, Jr., as a candidate for
.. . fr llln,n.,.IJ.n,r,. .nlnaM In thm
action of the Democratio Convention.
THE Appeal is anthoriied to announce S.
D. WEAKLEY as a candidate for Attorney-General,
lubjeot to tha Democratio Con
vention. For Rea-later.
rpo the Voters of Shelby County and My
X Friends I hereby announce myself lor
tbe second time a candidate for the office of
County Register, subject to tbe Democratic
Convention. I am poor and need tha office.
Feeling that my paat service aa a servant of
the people baa given latisfaction, and tbat I
ean come before the people and ask tbeir
suffrages and support for County Register, I
am, respectfully, JOHN A. POWKL.
WE are authorised to annonnce N. F.
(BUNK) HARRISON as a candidate
for Register, subject to the action of tha
Democratic County Convention.
THE Appeal ( authorised to announsa
JOHN F. McCALLUM ai a candidate
for Register, lutject to tha action of the
Democratio Convention.
THE undersigned announce! that be la a
candidate .ior Register, and aski tha
lopport ot tha voters of Shelby oounty. If
elected, will endeavor to give satisfaction in
tbe discharge of the duties of the office, and
B laces his claims subject to the aetioa of tha
ounty Democratic Convention
Memphii, March 28, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Kerrrille, Tenn., is a
. candidate for REGISTER, subject to tha
action of the Democratio Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce E. A.
EDMONUSON aa a eandidata for
County Register, subjeot to tha aetiou of tha
Democratio Convention.
THE Appeal is anthoriied to announce
JOHN VV. GOULD as a eandidata for
the office of Register, subject to tha action oi
tbe Democratic Convention.
Jedge af tbe Cirenlt Conrt. .
WM. 8. FLIPPIN ia a candidate for Cir
cuit Judge of Shelby County, subjeot
ta the action of a Democratic Convention.
We are authorised to announce L. H. ES
TES, JR., aa a candidate forjudge of the
Circuit Coi't. mbjeet to tha action of tha
Democratic Convention.
JAMES L. G00DL0K will ba a caadidate,
before the Democratic Convention, for
nomination to tbe office of Judge oi the Cir
cuit Court; and. if defeated, will lupport
the successful nominee.
We are authorised te announce that JOHN
JOHNSTON il a raid'date for Jadge of the
Circuit Peart of Sbelbv County, mbjeet to
petite of tn. rVmpcratT Conv.wtlon.
pu Instant relief Final cure in
lllLu. ten days, aad never returns.
No pnrge.'BO Salve, no ranaoiitory. Suffer
ers will learn of a limpie remedy. Free, by
addressing C.J. MASOS , TS N assaa it. . N . Y.
MEYEK, ec'y m.m4 Trcaa.
URING tha season we will receive Ben
Hart a lierriei aorning and evening.
Jnat received a fresh lot of Kennedy Una
Biscuit and Cakei.
Butter Scotch, . Beatrice, Albert,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drops, Shrewsbury,
Cocoanut Taffy, Royal Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Assorted Jelly, Eto.
Corner Second and lieale 8ts.
Importers and dealers In Gnaa, Ammtl
nltlon end Flablna; TsMtkla, Bnlldeira'
Hardware, fclewirla Blla and la-
nnnlalssra for Hotels and Residences, StU
Main atroct, Hempbla, Tean. Eleotrio
luppliei alwayi on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
140,142,144 Front, Memphis.
in the Houtb, and tha only eompieta
Boiler and Soeet-Iron Work! in the city.
Hannftaetarars of by Plata iron
work of owery eteaerlptlon. Speolal
attention given te plantation work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer la
Gone, Flablna; Taxible and ajporta.
men'Bttuppllms. aver Special attention
4ia lrf ain Nl.. Memphis. Tenn
ttiing, AmmnnltioD, Fishing Tackle
and Kane-Hall fioods.
S34 Main attreet, Mmphla, Tumai
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gnna a
UfaNTPli AGENTS, Men and Women
WArl I LU to sell "THE CHILDrt
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. H. Via
eent, D.D. One agent has sold 65 In a towt
of 674 people ; one 73 in a village oi 7M ; ) nt
new agent 8S in 10 days: ona M in I succes
sive weeks; one 40 in S days at two diderent
times. Experience not necessary. Address
i" ICAS8ELL A CO. UL't'd),
40 Dearborn street. Ohicaaft.
PVI MMM Dictionarv.-
"A library IN ITSELF."
The T,atp.t In. .1,..).... - T
Gaaettevr nf ,h U'n.i.l i
titles: itlo.pnnhln.l IM,.ilnn.n OTlH.
nou-u persons; 3WM tllUNlrations; ll,nt) WonN
in ita vocabuUry, being aimo more than found in
any other American Dictionary. Comee with or
without Patent Index. "Invaluable la every
School and at every Fireside." a
6. A C. MERR1AM A CO., Pub'ra,SpdnEeld,v.a.
Mississippi & Tennessee R.R. Co.
Bttork tioldora MoMIng?.
MiurHia. Tikh , May 12,
THE President and Directors of the Mis
sissippi and Tennesiee Railroad Com
pany, in accordance with section 15 of the
charter of laid Company, hereby call a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders in this Com
pany, to be held in the office of the Compa
ny, in Memphis, Tenn., "n aednseilay,
she SOtb day or Jaae, 1. for the pur
pose of considering and acting on the con
tract! authorised by this Board oa tha 11th
day of May, lsiti: As to a Union Passenger
Depot, as to Track on River Front in Mom
p is, ai to Gravel and use of Terminal Fa
cilitiea of thii Company. . .
By order ol the President and Board ot
8. H. LAMB. Secretary.
Ofllce Arlington Insurance Ca,
MmmiH, Jane 11, IMS.
AT a meeting of tne Directory of thii
Company a D vidend ot Five (5) Far
Cent, frnui tbe earnings of tbe Company was
declared and ordered credited on toe stock.
noti. T B. HI MS, pTMViettt,
W. H. KiitMtDaT, Secretary.

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