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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 16, 1886, Image 2

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iMiMirriT4i .
tin read will nU
LS rr
MO! tUlf.
A-irrUhra u to HU Iiiaanlti
gZmfl Curse-Ill Many
-l. June IV Th remain, of
nv amvtNl tiore nn mve
a -nriiited is id Mar;er kapelle
t'rot.l lirtrir nill hold nest mor
tem tf i-ation to-flar. Ttn funeral
will p Vly lake plate on Saturday
The AVormntu ZeiUung bivi it i Im
poflillilc, wtihont a violation of the
respect due the dad Kirn, to poblitth
the otrt cula'i of lilt miUdy. It a!
Visot tbe nltraruonUne prrai to defer
( Judgment anl eayg that ihe DVt will
not vmDiuer me anna ion needlessly
tras pnvaicua ptra nolko iit thi
'it ia now auppraed that Dr. Gad'
den, who wai puny man, was
atraoQlfd in the water by tbe Kins.
wbo n n Kint In strength. On tbe
dorter a tare nrar one o( h a ryoa was
blue i ling, ajrfrgetting a heavy
blow. Tlir wag a mild exprewion on
Uie Kirge lace.
who la aijnniniog on the o'her aide of
Kla nlitTif Lake, onprwito iturg (jagtle.
zcbaPKtd many fc-legatns with the
Aoa'rian Empeiror inferring to Lud-
WlgaBtiicide. Special editions of the
newiiiapcru, giving; full particulars,
were pnrcliaerd wi I) avidity bura.
DR. VON frrlll.IIIM,
who was formerly King Ludwlg'a phy
aicicn, rieniea 1 1 1 t fie King waa in
aane. He maintains that Lndwlg waa
eccentric only. Tim doctor ad.li tbat
though he (liwigreed with the official
report of tiia ciaminatkn board fif
phraic ana dec'n'ing ih King ioame,
till be ft'lt romprlled to keep hia
Tiawa ti hlmaelf, ' for," laid he, "if I
had nl)li"hed a ttatr-ment in opposi
tion lo that of the conrt doc oh I
wou'd have almred the fats of cerlaln
other pennrg and bivn a', lait con
fined lo prison. My opin!on aa to ibe
King's condition is baud on my x
peiience aa hia phym'r'an alnce his
birth. My colle'gue, lr. Oint', igreta
with rne.rt
At 8:30 o'c'ock last cvet ing IVin
Turck, aaslatfd by the court clergy,
rad the funeral e'rvlcea over the re
mains of tbo lte King Ludwig, which
wer lylm in the entrance couitof
Itsrg L'aal. After the aervlroi tbe
body wa p need In a plain coflin and
conveyed to Munich In a hearse
drawn by four boreee. Three rariiageH
conveying tbe e'ergy followed tbe
h earns. A detachment ol heavy
cavalry met the htario at 8rndling,
eubnrbof Mmdcb, and eccarted it to
the city. The remoina reached the
Reaide.Eichliei at 1:20 o'clock a.m.
Tbelr arrivnl waa nnexpeo id, and
nobody wia it ntttndaine ti receive
them. Tbe Km press of Auilrla sent
ap'eodld Wfe.th to Data Can la to be
pl'Ofd oa the oollln. .
Til family cvwt.
Much sympa by ia felt for the fallen
monarch in the Imperial family of
lie BU'te J in life with noble aspira
tions, aed but for Ibe hereditary cimo
might paveaocsmpllthedoobla things.
Ilia ailment, however, were bjth
physical and luoral-vanity and Wng
nerola.tr Hulttlitd w hat physical braia
8lcknai bad begun. "Tbrra ia always
something wrong about conllrnwd
woman hiitsr," sild a lady of the
conit with whom 1 ws ta king about
the poor wonid-ba "H)l Holeil" at the
opera the other night, and Klnglinig
disliked all woman, even bla motli-r,
wiih two l(iglit eio ptloni, tho I'.x
Knipreta Kugonie and the Pr.nntM
OiBl, wife of bis rouiin, l'rinoe Leo
pold, t .' lie near y cried hia eyei
oat when lie left Paris afler a
vleit to tbe TuilerUa yeaij ao,
when Napoleon and bla beau itul con
sort ware in the sunshine of Ihoir
g ory., His attn'ioni to the I'rinceia
ajiaela were so e iMiitrlo and pointed
that thev were hardly appreciated,
lie would aend ber bouquet! in the
dead of tin idgbt and wake her up a,
untimely hours lo receive h a vaiia.
Hut tbia waa nothing to tbe ca is be
made upnhit M niter's puimies.
One gay old Tilonitis had his life
made- wiet h-d by tne sadden mid
Bight lavl atioua to g-t up and plav
bll.iards, which Ue dnteutud. Kti
quttie, of couno, ahaoln'ely forba le
hie ever winoiny. aotven the slitrlit
exc temoi.t of flaying a bona tide
game was dnilrd to l.i-n.
Wfcat la Tboaaha ef tb Salrld at
London, June 15 Tho S-inf(ird'i
Vienna corr -epsedpnt te crapint that
it la imp rs b e to concial the mirgiv
intB generally lull ia that I'iiy mat
King l.udig wa insnlliclently
guarded on Sjnday even'ng. "A long
time," tho onrrep'nd jn a B,"ebps.. 3
before s-ari hers w ra a nt out to 11 'id
out what detained tbe Kng. It is also
felt bee tbat bad gro,t-r v g lance
ben exrtd, the brdy ef the King
miiiht have bcrn reanimilel." The
cortefl-windent mainHns thnt when
Klrg Lad wig's financia1 extraragance
first begn to make trouble in Bava i,
no hiut wai given tlut he wa atlected
with it sanity, and adds: "the real
truth, 1 lea', ill sever bo knows."
The excitement at Mnn'c'j and other
Bavarian town orer th at ange m(i
ner of the King's taiiug off tnreateus
aerioos coneq'ienr.
The rliHit hi aarrlla.
t jiiKLin, iidqs in tioiti neie ana in
3 Vienna a p.ii i'n liiinresiin waa
j omnsed by the if ws rf King Ludwig a
auiicidt. f.:nr' ror Wi.l'am wiis de-r-
i ij iinotri. iW' i.' 'in n'-oewitlK
lo mniiicn lo r. prib-ni nia utner. A I
the German ronra h'.vn gouo into
i mourtjiin f r the dend Kirg. It is
stated tht Lnriwig bad for a 1 ng
J time cai.templatet su cide. He lild
I his mo ter of hi-t inteutton and aeked
the rcyai (jhveician o live Lam some-
thing sWr. wou'd quix ly urmina e bis
' existence Ibe Bivaiian MiniaUra
were iul y c gn xan. of tbete reiiueata,
i THE Xil) Kise.
' reeaallarltia t tat Lata Balar ar
i Harper Batar: Many accounts of
'the eocntri 'lie" of Ludtig, tbe
! "Mad K.ng'' of Bava ia, I ave fonnd
thiir wav into print tlunn- tbe past
-. four monf a but much ruo-e of an
: luteie t ng na or yt rn.a'na un
knon tn si e t'.e cty of Monica,
and alino t 'A t e wslU ( f tie roval
pnlce iiref T .at p ttr mona ih's
prorl iacy, w in", hat ex e .'e t f o o
tne e;y' i egi nini of t'a r. in till a
f-w we k a o, i.as finally endel'ii
hie bank u c-' an. i 0 a calcoupse
Jtmjyj,r v. of Lite' s 'o u.quire
in'" 'be cs 'd b veioti, ri',d
to brni a on t ia a a e ' f alfairs
mrr tsp-ialv a mi ( thi m re
ol an ntcrtdti in; aud nov 1 cbirac
tir. Ten years ago I was fcr three month
a r.-siJaot of Munich, and among the
many acqnaintancM formed during
tbat nerlcd I b'came quite intimtte
with the Kina'a uocie. Count Oit),
11 -lore enterioR din-ctly upon the sub-
jet ol tins artfcls, let ma fay a wor.l
rs to this nncle Otto. He was a "char
ee'er" of Mnnicb, aid hia nitu-al pe
i uliaritiea of person and drtsi were
renJcred tbe more compicuoui fiom
the fact of his roya! c n nee ion. To
ere this man over six feet tall, and
weighing not mnrs than '-" poanda
a king down Maximilian it'is e, waa
a aght which, ftr- beheld, wonld
never fade from memory.
Hia "Bhape" win a rource of ex
ceeding roncsrn to It ms-l', and a per
fect "orcua" to the oo looker. His
upper Ud anppoitt'il un imnmnee mus
tache, dyed n ebony black, and
waxed out to needle pointt at either
aide; a beavyeho k of curly black
hair, long aud well oiled and per
fumed, covered a narrow and small
bead, and in turn waa iu mountsd by
a very diminutive dark sreen fait hat.
aet jauntily on one aide of the bead;
the shoulders padibd out square; the
frock-coat drawn tivhtiy witn one but
ton at the waip-l'ke waiat; while the
lapels wer thus f .reed aside, ieve.1
ing an elaborately mill id shirt-bo'om
net off with dfamnnd studs. Add to
this a heavy gold-lieadud cane, Bwang
ttb wniit in carelcs iitsi. and a satt
in walking which 1 cannot bett-r de
scribe than ai the "liiwery swagger,"
and a faint idea of Otto can ba gu h
ered. Despite these odditis, however.
Olio was a kind-hear ed fellow, and,
with a 11 t'e humoring of his w hi mi,
one foil' d him far from an undesira
ble companion. II a was a patron of
the different cafe', und it waa in the
billi'rdroom of the Maximilian rnfe
that I made his acqtiain'aiKe. At first
I rather experienced a feeline of awe
at bslng introducel t) so great a b'ue
blood, but the perfect nonilulance
with which he conducted himself
hile we plavtd our flint ffrne of bil
liards lovether Bppcdi'vaet me at ease.
and it soon came ta be part ef our
every day's programme to have three
or four games of billiards sfter dinner.
Ttiroush theee mans I btcame well
acqudnted with thil quaint character,
aud I have gina ai much into dotail
reirartliiiK bun because ue it was who
enablod me lo sacertain tbe pecnlur
circumstances relating fo h'a royal
nephew which foll iws. During this
Intimacy m it eh of the domestio life of
King Ludwig, pist and present, waa
It apnea's that the vouna klnsr. earlv
In life, deveb ped ptculinrit ea wbic'h
set him apart from the avernga of chil
dren ol lus ag. ttom hia earliest
boybood he manlfetel an aversion to
tbe companionship of other children.
g ving evidence of an exnlusireneBa of
disposiiion th't developed until be
became a conllrmed hermit
Aa a boy be was sickly, peevish and
headstrong, but not in the sense of
b aio-p-jwir, for In tois reapect he wai
peculiarly deficient. Ho would Bit
lor hours at a t int as in a brown-
tudy, si a rinir vacantly inti Bnaoe.
from which condition nel her thtcatj
nor coaxing could arousj him. lis
manifeited assiduity or Interest in
nothing save music, and one nets
from a musical instrument of aov do-
rcriptlon would create a change as if
by mngio. His mcs'cal int tractor wsa
ia raptures over bis pupil's aptitude
and progress, but thnso in chnrge of
tbe other branches of learning were
iscouraged, and it was only after
years of patient toil by the liittar, and
w hen be was far beyond tbe age of
tbe avemge chtld, that Ludwig mas-
"red the rudimentary educational
eleiiif nis of reading, writing and arith
meiic. Onco master of the first of these
thno areoinplUhmer ts, lie devoted
himself to novel resdirg, and when
sufficiently advn'icud to niako hi" own
feloi'tioni, chose the lightest, tta hifst
and niDtt scii'iitioral literature oh
la nable. All eff rtH of bis parents
and tutors to Interest him in matters
of atnte craft, a knowledge of which
his prospect ivo inheritance of the
kingdom demanded, wore futile. Ho
doitgidly refined lo even Hi ten t) anv
ins ruction of a Bubetintinl or practi
cal nature.
His only Bubaquiit arqnUiiion in
learning was a knowledge of the
French language, and tbe only use to
which ho put i hia was to read French
notion. At this educ.tional stand
po nt he baa remained ttationary to
the pr-aent dy. At the age of eight
een yara, ih ugh bit body continued
to devt b p, his mind cea-ed to grow,
and excritiofar aithe Int er bat been
directed in ttie cnannol of mueio, of
which ha is a maeUr aa well ss lover,
it hrw bsan practically dormtnt
When, at tbe ag cf twenty three,
hs t unceded 'o tho thrvw. tbe tension
aud checks npju hii yii t i'uI ecc n
inci'ies wra dimioiahed, a ad the
na is tendenciia of an unevenly bal
anced mind becamx sreetly ex ger
ated. Ho lmroed ately Uuched cut
upon the career which has led to the
apparently intx riiab'e financial con
dit ot with whLh all the world ianaw
One of bis first ads a'tr becoming
King ws ti ordr an elaborate re
modeling of V e Ilof Theater of Mu
nich. Vo n this work be lavished
money wiiitut s int. Then he bad
Bime of h'a favorite novels dtama
t xed, and hired an extenaivecompany
to internet them. One cf thn literary
pioductioni which t -ok bia fancy waj
f om tbs pen of RichanlWaner. The
late giett ma'wirj held no obscure
P ace aa a lib rry author, but his re
eminent gtni "is aa a musical comprser
o overshadowed his literary labnU
that the world is not very familiar
with the feet. The King waa so well
Pleaeed w th the prjdiution of this
first of Wagntr's operettas tbat be bad
nrre of tbem prepared for the stave;
and b' c.iroing m ue and m ire emap
lured with them, finally soul for Wag
ner hirns. f.
Vv.ntv t V roM' patioia.- ,
and dcnhlVna largely due to ii t uil
Wag nee came fo rap'd'v aud com
mandingly Inio public notice. What
ever mav be laid of the fau'Ui of the
"Mad K ng," lii 4 name must ever be
commeniiably a s ci .tsd with iha oi
Wagner in c. nueitioa with establish
ing a ne a h ol r f music.
The K ng pi ced the sompoeer in
charge of the Hot Tneater, and the
lat er's indomible en- rgy, allied to
hia innati sen us, aoon arought a rev
olution in the mus cal wond, ai d pro
duced numeiois opTas, any one ot
which w u d place trim in t'ie fore
front of the world's gre t composers.
Toe King cont ilmte d yea.ly tn the
anoport of this titatrthe sum ef
VoO.OOO guldens-alwut 11'.' OW aid,
it is aa d. paid Wagnr asilrrr of UK).
1)01)0 uldenbeiib a Tneon y individ
ual return exacted forihieprii celvout
lay wai a special nivtd r'"Nr ng of
a y cp-ra at li s Royal HinbuHes's
id aure. Km b xcluaive prloimaucea
w- re iven three or focr times a week,
wi b i he Ki g, C"en d lom view in
his p'iv t-t hi x, as s 'le amliti r.
King Ludig nukes it a rnle never
toebow hims'if in pu l c if he ran
P'BHiily av'.id 't. ard when cutler
an air.ng invariably g es al. ne in a
closed earring, lbs pa'pc and the
ater cl8 y adjoin, and the passage
f-vm cne to tne other ha'a tbioogh a
covered way. Hia recent firanrfal
t'oables, however, have forced him
from bis shell, and tbe legal agents of
bis many creditors have feasted their
eyes on bis bighneaa' my-t-'iious per
ron. t?o mac h for one ef the ext-av-agincaa
which bave put Ludig "in a
bole," so to speak. Kimultaneoualy
with thn alterations made in tne the
ater, radical changes wore uiafeul. o
in tbe Koyal Pa a?e. at a coet, it is
said of 3,0,10,000 guldens.
It wa my goxl fortune ti inspec'.
the royal paiac, and lo uive for my
gu'de my good bat e centr c friend
Otto, tbe Kng's untl. of whom I
have written above. Indeed, it was
only tlirougli Mm that acce-BCou u be
gained to thia builning, and not one
in 10.000 of those who v sit Muncb,
and probably not more than one in
;0(iu ol toe popajKtion of the city,
have ever Ironed inside the wal's of
their sovere an a home.
The royal palace ia a white marble
structure ot plain architecture, with a
frontage of M) feet, and the deptb
waa informed, was two thirds of the
length. 1 shall never forget the day
when Otto, in a mysierious whisper,
siid to me: "Tbe King has gone to
the counlry f jr a few days; let na take
a iiok at nis nest. Trie mcrning iv
lowing this suggestion was eppointed
as the time for making the visit, and
all tbe night intervening I lay awake.
fluctuating between anticipations ot
pleasure, curiosity and fear fear lest
1 should be caught treapaes'ng by the
King or some rl bis mini ns, ana
thiust into borne ncdrgronnd
dungeon, there to pine aay. like
the martvs of old, and die. Never.
ttu'leae, the auspicious day arrived,
and an hour bsfor tbe appo'ntei!
time 1 waa on band awaiting my
royal guide. He waa prompt to the
minute, punctilioui in this as in all
e'ss that pertained to him ; and alter
coffee aud rolls, supplemented by a
poay of cognac, I and my curiously-
appearing companion sot out upm
our tour of explr ration. We bid not
far to go, not more than a five-mia
uteV wak, but our way lay acros a
large open piaia Maxlun iau rintr
and the) contrast between my bumble
self, short and stout, and my royal
companion itruck n e as comical ia
the extreme. As familiar an object
aa the King's uncle wai upon tbe
street, everyone we met turned to
glance npou bis person and ti lift I hu
bat ai a mark ol ncocr.i ion.
It seemed to me too that th's mora
ing bis wa st was mora waip-1 ke, his
Biiouiuers mo. e squire, bis shirt mine
more mill id, bis muttache waxed to a
II m r point, h:a hair curled, o led and
perfumed to a higher degree, and big
bat set more jauntily upon bis head
than ever before. Taken all in all, he
was pre-eminently the "pink cf psr-fei-tinn"
In h'a on estimation.
"We'l, here we lira," sa d O to, as
the gnto swnng open in answer to his
pummriiK. "Don t be at a 1 afraid lo
ask all the questions you wi-h, and
ream aiioui wnera jou pieise."
After suitibly acknowledging this
proffered kindnts1, a tiur of the in
terior ot the palace and grounds was
mado, during which the following in
formation was elicited :
The center ol the In'erlor oi the
pa'aco, for 200 feet of its 'ergth and
embracing the entire w dth, was lorn
out toon after the present King
mounted the tbrono. A glosi noi
wai planed over this space, and the
cellar filled with ri.h earth op to tbe
ground level. Trees, shrubbeiy, ferrs
and rlosierlng planta wera pat In this
mammoth hoi-house; aa irrcguhr lit
tle section in the center was dug out,
cemented, filled With water, and be
hold! a miniature lake. A network
of walks wcti ad Inand out amongihf
trees, an endleta biitlh-roid found its
devious way about tbe grMiadt, a lit
tle boat was placed upon tbe hoacm cf
the lake, and a small milk-white hoisi
was etabled wi hin easy call.
Ordinary mortals might think Iho
estabiishm nt complete now, but nil
si the "Md King." Whi e "Old 8ol"
shone radiantly enough through the
ciysUil of this min'atuie park by day,
what was to Illumine the daikutsi i f
the nigtit, aud cuupltte the romance
of the aituaiioa is Ilia Koyal HighnefB
11 tated out upoa the besom of the
lake in hia f iry boit, serenading some
lmaginaiy Dulcinea with voice and
guitar, or as he rode swiftly on bis
white charger to meet bur at some
tryaang-piaca? Tj mpply tnis want
wli ei w t re si retcbo J about ibe garden,
and npDn these a suspended crys'al
gl ibe contiinirg abinliant but sift
light, was slowly propelltd by clock
work. This is, or wis, the King's
moon, Mid it completed tbe furnijhing
ot bis win'er garden.
All these eiguta I saw, and it thera
ba a ma eria mtion of "firv.laud"
any where la existence, It Ib t'uiispot
of bich I write.
"Now, let ns go up and see where
His Majesty Bleeps and lives," said my
royal guide, as he lc 1 tbe way to one
eud of the garden tierutrolo sttir
way by which the Kiig's private
apartments are re..ctied. Ascending
th ee sups one finds himself at lha
iop d r.c.ly ia tbe royal bedchamber.
Tu.s apaitnittnt is a marvel iu eviry
respect, and though not large it la ia d
to have cost, with all iti foroieihir g,
the p.incely mm of l.tXO.OOO gulden".
Ibe floor ia laid ia moeaiu of the
most coidy s one, representing some
soenes ot ancient myihilogy. The
su base ie pit' down in a similar man
ner to tbe Moor, and ia composed of
mirb ea of variega cd hues, while tbe
wal.s are faced with a gieat variety of
tbe mist coitly wool, in which san
dal and ebony end miakte, and tbe
ceoirg la ningi,iaoLt!y paint d and
deCT.ted. .
The bed, not rema-kable fjr iti
sixs, reposej at tbe cenu r of one end
cf the aparimect, over wtich the
licbeetof s iks, satins and 'Ci dnpend
in g aceiul drperv. The red itaalf is
marvel in elm: e, repreeent.ng a
nan ilus alio 1, its outside a Vina the
hprrnce of havu g heii w ili 'd
with in;u w,;', i, ,-nd bfinsj dun d
witti diaiiunj po..!.r, while ciei.'v
I jewel w. :u tain ib b.dyo.'iiin
shell h' urcgaar miurvlsof I setir
face. This ia the on'y bedchkmber at
this end of the pa ace.
Ti e King is a ba he'or and a wo-raan-battr,
and ihe only female resi
dent of tbe pal ce ia bis aged met ler,
whom be re ogetcw title extreme op
posite ei dot ihe building f om that
o copied bv bin Belt, ai d be maintnins
the; Mlecf womn-bater with euch
rigiraato giant h a mother bat a
hml ticur'a aud eu.e w.tu bira tnce a
mouth. ,
In otbr anar'met t tha King p-asa
biida a nadng novels, npping and
druaming Ihese inne cc upat.ona,
lo.iuLer w'.th thoae of eat.ng and
s eep ng, make up the sum total of
bis I fa, ,
has a'ven caet'ie and pa'aees
sratt Jted over hii ktr g lorn, which he
nuintans unint-rrnpierly, but ee!
dom v site, and the 1 ao I e n. and
SU 1 ara, a h avy erain iipoj hie tinan
c P, and m la gely respjnubla for hia
eu"ir. ssmenl.
It ai Luow g'g cuoom to see his
Miuit r of M ,io i s ittie ss poesible,
and be took nul th- a iihieet part c r
care as t the goveri in -nt i f his king
dom. Speak ng ol this w.th Count
Otto, the l.tUr Biiid 1 1 me:
"So; I am tbe only one whom Hia
JHtes'y wi!l aiifjer tn b's presence)
willingly, and I bave to bring t bim
such decuments is require bis sis na
ture, in tat nd well do I rem.
b r bow the susceptible count puffed
oui wua a nense oi conscious lm
poitancs ai be sa'd it "in fact, sir, I
am thn f o e connecting link between
His Majesty and Lin sanjecti and the
ontrida world; bntfor me they wculd
know nothing.
For years Ludwig has been leaning
npon his uncle O ti for advice and
other aid to extrica'e him from bii
financiul difbcuties, but bow weak
reed this ancle proved to be has bfen
demnnetra ed by the facta. Ludwig
baa been declared a btrkrupt, and
bis relat'ves and mi a 1st era of eta e
bave at last been obliged to acknoal
etge to the wcrld the bniniliaiing fact
mat ttieir tovereign ia indeed a "Mad
Ho rnrther MeniiBtlainal Featsirea
la tne City C'vaiaiell.
Cbicaoo, III., Jane 15 Public ex
pectatlon wai wrought up t) a bfgh
pitch yesterday in the belief that lest
night a sees on ol thn (Jity Oooncil
wou'd be of an exciting character.
President Ytrkea of the North Chica
go Rsilway Company bad returned
from Philadelphia, and it was under
etiod that aa attempt w( uld be made
yesterday evening to g -cure for hia
corporation the free use of 'he LaSalle
B'rtet tunnel lha sniainnal inci
denta at'ending previous leg elation
upon mat'.era interesting the cjmpaoy
were, however, noticeably absent laet
nignt. ineexiieRtru tunnel ordinance
was introduced, but then was no en
cleavor tn push the malter nut of its
regular routine. No veto of tbe ordi
nance granting the company tbe right
to charge from bore power to tbe
cable system wai presented by Mayor
H rrisoh. At the Mayor'! tuggoition,
a stinplementil hill was parsed except
ing State and Division etree'a from
the provision ot tbe original bill. No
farther attempt was made during the
meeting to deal with the subject cf
street car franco's s.
farewell l Mnlonry.
Mr. Wiirnm H. Ma'oney, who ie
cently left Oansda at the request of
bis pals in New Yoik City, was a ci'y
official who is said to possets ccrtria
docunen's that, if produced in cntt.
would send a gieat many more alder
men to t lie punitentui'y to keep com
pany with J neon in tne laundry of
Sing 8ing. His eilo-c is necessary to
their aafa y, and a rejidnrc abroad is
neceseaty m h s own. With this ex
planation tin following ode will be
utt er appreciated:
Billy, farewell!
Tia absence, to we read in ar.oient song,
Doas nerve to make aftt'ctioa ttill more
0 1 do not fail to let thia pointer atrike rou,
Tbe Innier ou're away tho better we like
Billy, farewill!
Dillv. far... II t
He careful what yon drink beyond the sea,
The fureinn wbieky'a bad, aa all auree;
Wbate'er your lideboard hulda of rarloua
Be lure you keep a good am ply of mum.
limy, urewell!
GillT. faeawllt
Ol do not hurry home, you're not a noodle.
We know you'd fain enjoy your hard-earned
And o'en the very Ihouiht our feeling burti
The tbnunht of you up thera-alauod'ring
Billy, farewill I
Ttlllr. fr.ll !
Take a aood rest nu nted it. nra h inm
To make a long, eihauative io'eian tour s
uo up and ioe old Uioenlnd a mount
And giee lomt yean to Afrio'a tunny fount
Billy, farewell!
TliMT.rarani.il t
We nhall toraet yi u never, Uav hy day
lurlher Irom our tide you fadu away.
'II haiinier irnw : O ! In L in viiinn hm.
But atill to memory and to Jiko an dear.
iiilly, urewell I
TbrealeueU Inrtma Oatbreak
1 Hlllornlit.
Nagni.Es. Cal. June 15 An on.
bteat ana ma sacra is threa'ened
among the Huilaoe Indians t King
man and Peach rp'inps, Ar'x-na.
A be ti", ten days auoatu k named
Pist, in a jealom rrg-, shot li s squaw
and sevn othrtr burl's aid euunwa
and killed bimee f In revenue thn
trib according to their cuitom, were
alriut to lmssecre the ftmt y and reU
tivesof Pita, but weie D even.ed bv
whites, whi tent tbeui bete f jrsafe'v.
ThiB grtnt y enraged ttie remainder.
who openly thteuen to take the war
path. Ihe Huilaoes number about
500, with Kcbaum aa chief.
The Wlaana.O'aierla) Divorce fae.
Kew York. June 15. The terort of
tbe referee in the aitioi ftr divorce
brought by Mrs. Alice O'Ke fe
winanr, agoirBt Kosa K. W innn. the
millionaire, is now ia tbe hands of
J udg Iflgrnham of the Superior Court.
It wb Buiimittod to the coti'ttxlay
on a motion made by count el for Mr.
wioans lor toe conn-ma ion The
referee's rpoit is in favor of Mr.
Winans, who claimB that t looch he
lived with the woman he waa never
mairied to her. Plain ifl'a counsel
oppned the motion. The mat er waa
Buomitted without, ariomont, and de
cision wis rest rved.
Died of Starvation la HewTark.
New Yok. Juno 15 Last night
Ellen Hen nan wrs found ia starving
ond tion in a miserable garret aad
was taken to tbe ba pltri and cat d
for, but she was too fai a ne and died
roan aderwanls Sie bad been of re
Bpecttblo Blinding through life; being
unable to work and too prmd to
beg, bad crawled where fhe waa
fouad . to die. Hue bad been
there tor five days without fo d.
alrldod fcy Taking; Parlaereea.
St Louis. June 15. A sntcml from
Chattaiio ga, Innn, t.. Iho Pout Dr.
ptitcAtta oit'iat Ca)ii. Will, rim Dfivis,
i r u.any reara epnr.;t!Mn K nt of ;lie
Wea'ein at.d M'.at t c rrilri. n 1, c r u
in. i'l-J suii iil? on the iisiil .si..ilhern
r,i;i 1 uin.l trx'n 1 nt u'gl't by 'ak'u.'
p-.t u-ieeit. lli !f ' a '.ni-ff tiftpv
nl,.n;i i a-i.ign aai-i s for tbe deed.
Are Horrj.
There ia one thing nobody ever re
grets that is, the day they firet adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular fam
ily medicine. Ita range ia so wide,
and its good effec ts ao euro, that noth
ing else,, except gaod nursing, are
needed in a great majority of caaea.
Hay it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise rom ns.
Weal Dow a With All V Hoard.
Pt. Johns, N. F., June 18. News
conns from 8t Get rge's B y of tie
lca of a fle-h ng s-hoouer end a l on
board no :r Sr-ai Ko ks. The ech xrner
was I ead ng 'or land when e lie wa
struck by an off-st o e squall, wh ch
rarr ed away h r u ireefed raiU. Sha
kotloi over a id sank ini media ely.
Ullletl Ilia Wir.-a Nlrtr-Father.
llnrsroN, Tr.. .1 m 15. Atwnst
PI a per, at K':;iO ii'c'ock 1 Bt nig it,
bIi t en I lnttant y killed I w wif -'s
et p fa ber, Jos ph E gomhe. on
IVesion itreet. K,v b 'lit w rj ll d.
Mnrper eurr iitleretl h;mself The
ho ting wai t.ie outgrowth cf a fam
ily qiwrrel.
SutMorlhe lor.tbe 'AppeavlV
Two Tonne; Girls Whom They Had
Bused An Almost Unprece
dented Crime.
New Yokk, June 15. -A Washing.
ton special says: Detail of aa al
most unprecedented a'tsmpt at a
doable marder by to youog girls
the oldest e;ghteen and tbe second
naroiy in ner leers, cave been re
c ived from Frederickebnrg Tbe
victiocs were Mr. W. E. 8. Waller, an
old gentleman sixty-five yea's of a;e,
and tissiiter. Alias Jane Waller. Mary
and Jennie Green, sisters, were the
ssiailanti. A dispatch sty that Mr,
and Miei Waller res ded in a stately
old mans'on on a farm s tua-ed about
twenty-five miles from Fredericks
burg, near the little village of New
market. Tbe extens veoesa of ihe
Waller estate made the house some,
what remote from thrss of themigb.
bora. Here Ibe oop'e bad lived to
gather for years, maoaging their farm
and depending solely for assis'ance
about the house on tbe two Green
girls. They had been reared by Ihe
Waller familv, a matter which in tbe
eyes of Mr. Waller wis anfflcieni to
guarantee their honesty. Las Friday
Mr. Waller received quite a sam of
money, which he kept in bis r.toar,
aru tne gins were aware of th's fact.
They waiteJ unlil atout 11 'o'clock
that night, wben, feeling sure that
Mr. and Miss Wa ler were aeleep.
they quietly armed thems Ives with
stout clubs and descended to tbe old
gentleman s apartment As they en
tered tbe room Mr. Waller awoke,
and, teeing wbo it war, demanded
angrily wha'. they wanUd. Wi hout
waiting to reply
Though aged, Mr. Walker waa ttill
quite an active man, and springing
from trabrd, beie ced tke elder and
wonld have disarmed ber bad not the
other bit him over the head with her
club and knocked him senseless to the
floor. Not confer t with th a. tbev be
labored tits sent ele 8) form witb blows
until, believing that life was extinct,
they left him to rearch for Miss
Waller. Bushing fnta the old lady's
room, iney arrsgea Utr Bcreroing
f om the bed and w'th one tavage
blow f orr a club laid her Nenelcsi.
and then tbey beat her about the head
until the blo-d guthed foitu in
itreams and nnril all vestige if ber
features were beaten ont of recogni
tion. Finally, satisfied tbat both tbe r
victims were dead, the girla 8 ctved
about J.SoU in money a'dhid. beveral
hours later a cnWed boy, cne of the
tenants on the farm, v h'i'e passing the
mantuon observed that tbe coor was
open and s'opsed to mveetiga e. Ou
entering the boose he discovered the
of Mr. and Miss Waller on the floor,
and immediately rushed to give te
alarm. By 5 o'clock in tbe mornirg
tbe whole neighborhood was arou ed.
and hundreds of people florkrd to tbe
nouse ti learn toe nmicuiara ol toe
affair and ti offer their im a aite in
capturing the asal!ants. With the
arrival of the physician Mr. Waller
was reftor;d to c nsciout ne s, and
though in a very precarious condition
wai aole to desert ilae the occurrence of
(benight. Pr its were instant lv or-
ginizel. and the leirch f.r tbe two
g:rls waa undertaken witb ardor. Miss
Waller cannot tecover. The Wa'ler
family ie one cf tbe most t omit eot
in the 8 at..
A Child's Suffering
From Eczema. Ears and Scalp
Covered wit b Scales and Sores,
Cored by Caticnra.
My 1'Ule ton
, aged eiaht yearn
has been
afflicted with Kocemi
na ol ibe acnlp
and at
times a great portlnn ot tne body, ever untie
ha waa two veara old. It began In hiieari,
and extended lo hia scalp, which became
covered with 'cubs and sores, and Irom
which a sticky fluid poured out, cuin in
terne itching unit di'tresa, aril leaving hia
hair matted and l feless. Underneath these
scab, the 'kin waa raw, like a piece of beet
steak. Gr dually the hair eauie out and was
deetroyed. until but a small patch we lull
at 'hebaok of the bead. My friends in Pea
body know how my little hoy has suneied.
At n'sht ba would -cratch his head until bis
pillow was covered with blood. I u-ed to
tie his handr ber.ind him, and in many ways
tried t prerent his scratching; but it was
no ure, he wutild scratch. I tr.ok hirn to the
hon . iul and to the best physician in Poa
b'uiy witiout success. Aboutihis .iniesome
trUn-. who hiitl b. en cured by the CcTii'ua
l(FUlilS8 prevuiled upon tne to try thorn.
I btgun to u?e ibein on the 15th of January
but. In teven months every partio e of the
disease wee .emoved hot a si et or soab re
mains on his scalp ti Ul the ttoryol his suf
fering. His hair has returne I, and is tbiok
and strong, and bis "aip s seet and clean
as any obi d'a in the world. I en not nay
. nouth 10 express my era itude or this won
derful cure by th Ci'Ticuaa K'Msnna, and
wi-h all similarly nflli. 'tod to knowth.ttmy
statement ia tiue and without exa. erntion.
October (, mr. P.aboay, Mass.
I bare seen Mr. McKay's boy when b-dly
aaTecud with the Eciema. He waa a pill ul
si.ht to look at. I know tha be haa tried
our best pha oiana, and d-d all a father
eould do lor a utTering child, bui availed
nothing. 1 know tbat the etateuianta he haa
made yon as retard, the mrinw of hie boy by
your Cotioii4 KrtutDiit a e true In every
parUcular. WILLIAM J. McCaHTUT.
' . 33 Foster st , Peabody, Masa.
Sold ererywhere. Prleer Citici ra, fMlii
rcTioBRa Boap, 2Sot Crricnas Rcii.vt,
II Prepsr. dby tbe PorTaailBuaaiDCHaa
iCiL Co., Boston, Mars.
Head tor "Haw a rare Bkla Bla
easea "...
piHPLBS. Blackheads, gkln Blemishes
r Irel tDj Baby Humors, usCutici'a Soar.
.Bet I INr. or Strain, or Mueular
'vVeaknera, but yielda to tha new,
orlriital, and infallible pa-n alio.
. viaUne pi" ertiea of the Cotici ra
IAkti-Paik Plistib. A curative
. .. iNcw.Orli
."' V t.
ul ateittNiof Oltive I.tbrni-f
Deaka, Tablea, Chaira,
Pr, ."''?'; i-fcsrf Book Caaea. Lavngsa.
e M Letter Prea sea. CabioeU
-r a i.aaiea'raacTUejKa.M
., a 1 1 nt Ceoods Kaa Lwwvm
. 1 rrianGoaraaUMd. Ctet4Ua
I - " trae. iMMasrao. Mopoataia,
Dlt.,1). J UU SOS's
Mo. 17 Jefferson Strvet,
(Between Main and Front.) M EMPHI3.
IRsUblUhed la 1860.1
1 kR. JOHNSON Is aoknowledred by all par
J I ties interested a- hy farAthe most sue
eeaeiul physioiao in the treat meutof private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent euros
guaranteed in every case, male or fen ale.
Heoeet ca-es of Oonorrhe and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, chanfre ef dirt or hindrance Iron
Dullness. beoondMry Sti hilia. the last ves
tne eradicated without tne use of meecurv.
lovolunsnry loss of ealen stopped in shtrt a
tiino. Sufferers fri'm impoienoy or loss ot
sexual p-weee rector e to lre vivar in a few
weeks Victims of a e-abuse and excessive
veuery, aulTri"g from sperroaton hea and
loss of physieal nd menul power, spe dtly
and permanently cu ed. Particular atten
tion paid to the Uiteaees oi tc omen, and
curve g uaraoteed. Piles and old sore cured
withou the us ef eau ticor the knile. All
co nsultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to all parte o. the
arWorklngmen cored at naif the usual
rates. OlViee hours from I o'clock a.m. to
o'olookp.m. 1. 8. J011N60N, M.O.
Rr G. CRAIG &C0.,
YIiolesale Grocers & Cotton Factory
Sti Fron
Cotton oonslg ned to aa will havl
onr careful
Staple & Fancy Groceies, Wines, Llquorsjobacco & Cigar.,
Aad will Mil aa Law aa the Lowmi.
Cotton Factors Si Commission Herch'b
Clattaa Waredsossr-IIeMi M auewUtte. Calaa atrsMk
Brinkler. Ark
Doors, Sash, Bllnif, Dresed Flooring, Ceiling, Weather-Boarding;
Cypr38ei (shlngler, Latba, Etc
erOur facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill In tbe Booth for fil ing orders promptly,
glooein. Ceilina. 8idina. Uteo Lumbar and CvDreas Shinalea a specialty : also. Framin a
Lumber of all dimensions. We mike the
soliclaa and promptly nuea.
No.'124 Jefferson Street
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Wo. Jtoa Ivffailn Strait.
Still la Ihesaarket,
meat us
Oils cfi? nXTTTaEtl Stores
Offlcft, 349 Front Ktriiet, Mpmphin. Tenn.
L. D. MULL1N8, of let J. R. Qodwtn Co.
Cotton Factors &Commission merchants
No. 1 Howard's Bow, Cor.
' oar M'xa'vvr
ASSKTS, : : : :
arraader Talaea ladaraed aa Pollela.
la tha World,
No. 3 Col Ion KTOhmritre Unlldlng, lrTemphlw.
Siccot3irB la POBTEB, TATLOH ft CO.,
Oottois. Factors
L0Vl lUNAVV.a,
aar Deposit raeeived la
sams ol SI and
aa-We bov and sell local Investment Bonds and fteearitie aenerallr, par taxes, acta.
unsteea, and. in general, exeeute any Inancial baainew rxjumoi a sate and responsible
anr v. . .m ae drafts, ia saas to suit parehaers, en all parts ef Bnrnpe.
aa W. bave a eossmnri'oae Vault lor Ibe deposit o vaiaables, which la at the aarrioo Of'
oar customers. I'ree t karate.
D. P. Hiillin, PwMral. E V I). HOI.nsxlTUe Yicre-Preslirtwt.
James situaji, Cawv
39 Union st.JJempIiis
8treet, Memphii, Tena.
Wa carry at all times a well-
stock ot
Manufiwturcm el
Wholesale Business a apeoial feature. Order
Memphis. Tennessee.
with a fall assort
New and
JAB. TONQB, late ol J. W. Caldwell A Oo
Front and Tnion. Memphis.
: t i i i President,
: :
a Forfeiture. Cbeaaaal
2VX.X3.. i a XJar.YXa.lx&oar
upward, and interest allowed oa seme Semi-

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