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Bishop Hath Miller Thompaoa's 8er
mom Meeting" af the Alumni
Stabkvillk, Miss , June 15 A
large number of visitor are in town
to attend the sixth annual commence
ment ol the Agr cu t jral and Mechan
ical College of Mis'i-sippi, and the
crowd is incretsit g witb every incom
ing train. tBbrdiy the Immeaie
and ba'itifnlly decorated chapel was
crowded with expactant ci izens and
d'st'Dit'i'shtd visitors. Bishop Hugh
Miller Toomp on delivered ihecoin
menteiutnt terrain. The Episcopal
service was ib etveJ !n a Bo'.emo aud
impressive mannf r. Trie cho r wai
in perfect training, and dispensed
moa.c which ciptiva'ed tbe audience.
bishop Thompson's skbmin
was fjtind d upoa the teit, Gen
esis ii. 5: "Ami Uod if ok. man
and rut him in (he Garden of
Eden Ij keep it and drtss ir." Tttii
was an earnest, eloquent discou se.
The grand object of the sermon went
to prove that (iol created man ti be a
co-worker With Him, and that ill ton
orablelab r in ail agei had been and
was now intended w tlevate man and
honor Gid.
There was no lessen inn of ths crswd
in the chap 1 at Iho 8 o'c ock service,
when the Biiboo preached rgtin.
Every one of the thres trips made by
the train ponn'd la crowds Hit
text was from Jc liu iii,17. In this dis
course he proved tint God did no;
condemn sinnera, but that linntrs
condemned themselves; they, and not
God, were te-pons b e for their own
condemnation nnd eternal rain.
To-day in tbe forenoon, six of the
most cistiiiguisbed members of the
jnn or class delivered plbio, practical
discourses, mainly on agncu tural
subjects. Thtjir etJorta vieie highly
creditable. These yonng men Lave
led the target junior clas the college
has ever hud.
of the Alumni Association was held
to-night. The young men camposing
the alumni ii'e employed in various
places, yet they have assembled in a
few meetings
The Hon. T. B. Carroll, a prominent
citizen, membfr of the Legislature
from Oktibbeha county, dlivered ttre
address of welcome in aa eloquent
speech of twn'y minutes, t wt ica
George T. Ham l'on, from Holmts
county, reeponded on the part of the
J. J. Hugirs Irom Olttnbeha recit
ed a poem in which there was a g'a e
ful blending of the sublime and the
W. A. Evan, M. I)., a prominent
young physician Ir m Aberdeen, de
livered the hienniil aidless in a
thoughtful and d gnifled tpnicb, elo
quent in veibinje ii r one so youMiful.
All these execi'es bora evidence of
the s'erling development cf the first
principles cult'va'.td within the walls
of this institution. They were mo t
creditable, and rep'ete with saund
sense and appropriateness.
After thr s exercises a grand ban
quet WD8 given in honor ol the alumni,
where all was innocent j y and hearty
fellows!, ip.
Owing to lain this afiernron the
dress parade had to be pcstpcin d un
til to-morrow.
It is feared that the sickno'S of Dr.
H. E. McKay, president of the State
Horticultural frociety, will Cause thir
meeting to bs dispensed with this
The annual Stock Exhibit will take
place Wednesday, when a still larger
crowd of vi-itors are expected.
In the Soulltern Bivouac for July will
be published an article on "Old Timn
Service," by Maj. J. M. Wright, of
Gen. Buell's ttatf, whose article on
West Point, published last year, was
bo well received.
The opening article in the Southern
Bivouac for July fa an account by F. G.
de Fontaine, now on the s:afl of the
New York Star, o' the bombardment
of Fort Sumter. The iilustra ions are
from photographs taken at the time.
Thk Quivkr fur July has been re
ceived. It is an especially attractive
number, and, at tha price, fifteen rents
per month, is the cheapest magazine
published. For sale by ail booksellers
jfnd ttat oner'.
D. Loth hop & Co. have in prepara
tion forearly publication an illns rated
volume by Mrs. Mary B:adford Crjw
ninthield, the wife of Commander
Crowninshield, ent tied "Among the
Lighthouse s," (I tailing 'heexperienc9
of an Inppectrr with two lively boys
among the ligMhouses on the Maine
In America thera are cn'y two
monasteries mnintiiued by the Trap-
Sist monks, and no monastic or
er has more singular his
tory or follows more rigid cus
toms. Oi,e of these monesterha,
in which the vow of perpetual silence
is enjoined, is loca'ed a-, Dubuque,
Iowa, end the sscond is in Ne son
eonn'y, Ky , a short distance from
Louisville. This second is called the
monastery of Getbsomane, and is the
subject of a niausiine article by Mor
ton M. Casteday. The article, well
illustrated, wi'l appear in the Southern
Bivouac for July.
Thk July Wide Awake is enriched
with a group of delightful Indepen
dence Day articles. Mrs. Demi-rut
contributes, under the title of "The
First Blow for American Libjity," an
account of the attack upon Fort Wil
liam and May, with a view to the
capture of ammunii ion, resulting in the
supply cf powder soon after need at
Bunker 1111; E S. Brooks, in h;s
story "Whea George the Third was
King," shows that originally we bad
no less than four ''Independence
Days" instead cf one; aid Margaret
(Sidney's ballad of "Tne Minute Man"
paints a pictnre of still another of the
"beginnings" of American liberty.
The Cosmopolitan is the title of an
ambitious candidate for favor with the
readers of monthly ma azines. The
June nnmber is at hand, and it com
pares well with the best publications
of the country. The prig work aid
paper are of the best, aad its copies
from noted paintiogi are much finer
than the engravings usual'y found in
periodicals of any kind. The articles
are attractively wnt en, many of them
in the best style of favorite writers.
The Cuinopolitan is published by
Schlight & Field, Rwhfster, N. Y.
"A Vital Question, or What is to
be Done," is the title of a novel by
Nicolai G. Tclemoii'hevpky, translated
from the Russian by Nathan Haskell
Dole an! S. S Bkideltky. This '8 not
a novel in the ordinary same cf the
word, it is the peisonal history cf men
and women striving for a belter life
and li'ingonj ofoapreesive and re
pressive condtjoos It is a hUtorr 'or
the aorkingmn to read snd pender,
and for the wtnen who, true at heart,
arestrugglinglo tree their sex from;tbe
slavery of cenorie. No work of its
cltss, no fanalatloo frrm the
Ruian yet given the public baa
more of the mgnetif m of a great sool
than this. Iteeerves a wide-spread
circula i-w. Thomas Y. Crowe'l 4
Co, 13 Atoi Pla, New York, are
the pabl'shsa. Manefjid, on Main
street, will orler it
Thi Brookl Magaiine is growing ts
stnrdy as an oak, and each number
stems biighto and more instructive
than its nredcessor. In the June is
sue Mr. Wil ira U. Rideing continues
hii highly erte taming contrasts be
tween "EngUh ana American Rail
ways." MisEdith M Thomas baa
pom on "Foodc aft," which Mrs.
Jane Ell s Jo follows with a sketchy
nnd bright piper on "The Decollete
Gon." A paceful dsc iption of the
paet Bryant' Ros'yn hrms is appro
priatelv'pnnid it the favod'e niln'h
of te'"Prie4 of Nature," which Rev.
S. J. Doug'ai p-ehces with a pcem
oa "Ixlgewod," the home of ' Ik
Ma vel." Tie fiction of the number
is represntdl by the opening cho
trif a delijitful etory ent t ed "The
Slave's Diujhters" by Flnrecce L.
Soow, a ycuig and unusually promie
ing writer : md also by the concluding
chapter of Hre. Admiral Dablgren's
novtl, whiih is broug'it to a close.
E tna Dean Procter has an exqu!si'e
poem on be' deoea-ed friend, the late
Charles Sic s, which eerves ts a con
c'mion to araviewof the Storrs gene
alogy by It's Lama C. Holloway.
Mrs. HenrvWard Beecher's "Talk" is
on "The fervant Gi-l Problem" A
lorg and temiiting array of miscella
ous reading matter tul owe, after which
come verbiitim and authorised reco ts
of the senior of liev. ll-nrv Ward
Beecber aid Rev. T. De Witt Tal-mag-,
prwehul by th'm dnnng May,
and rev sed by ti e prrtecr.ers for this
publicatiori Muns'ord, on Main
etreet, L as It for sale.
A. 0. V. W.
Deleaalea Pmeal Frniu All I be
Alates and Territories londl-
) of the Order.
Minneapolis, Minn., June 15. The
Supreme Lodge of the Anoient Order
of United Workmen began its eeesim
here this mornirg. All of the Su
preme Lde representatives, btad d
by Supreme Master Woiknun John
A. Brooks, sre oreaent. De'egas
f'om the G'and Lodges of thirty one
S.a ei and Territories and Omaria, to
the nuiubir ol 240, are in at endancs.
Mayor Ams welcomed the visitors
to Mini eapo is and t ndered them
the fief doai of the city.
He ws followed by GfO. B. Arnold
of Kiirson Grand Mattsr Workman of
Mirn-eo'8, who gave the bretbren
from abr ail welcome to the S ate.
r-'upreme. Ma-t r Workman John A.
Brinks rf Kan aj City extolled the
merits of the order.
The rcjjurt of the Supremo Mester
Workman showed the hmltby condi
li n of the order.
The Supreme R corder and Secre
tary exbioued the following financial
statement far 1885: R ceipt',1331,000;
disbursements, ti25,349; bilauce on
haod. !5ti3i ; relief fund receipts, f(i5,
341; d sbuis.'men'p, $til,E5!). The
beni-fic arv fund s'uweJ a totil of
12S4 derfthB during the yea', New
York and California being first and
second in magnituJe; ana a total of
beneficiaty aaesMnents durirg th
year of f 2,580,4(58 5 ; losses paid 8
f2,5d6,458. Tha total number of death
los es paid sicca the crganiiVi3n are
7009, and amount to $13,875,147.
The report of the Supreme Medi' al
Examiner emphasized and rsktd legis
lation on the lollowir g points: A uni
form medical examination blank,
suhmise ion of all proofs of dea h to
the Grand Medical Examiner, and re-p-iting
of causes of d?ath in Eng'ish.
Peabody Hotel.
C. B. QALL0WA V 4 C0....!....PaoeaiiTOi.
Katea ti 50 and S3 per day, according to
it snd location of room Bpeoisl
rstsi made.
V E Lnwry, Miaa J W Jamei, Mini
R H Humes, Tex Mrs J A Ilratoo, La
H S Kamsaur, Cal O li Pitta. Kv
R D hawrenoe, Ala J M Wooilroff, Ala
T tinodnraxi iw.Uhio S N Lee, Tenn
J J Vnroy, Ark H W Ureoo, Mi
J J AJhihh, N Y W B Pollard, Ark
MUl A ltuird, Ark Mrs Matthews io. Ark
Mrs J Eubunm, Ark J W Anderson, N Y
J Miller, N Y W M Hobesoo, Tenn
K E Kundle, La T L Ilnrinon, lenn
E Howard. Teun P B Mnsby, Tenn
C A Stninbaok. Tenn 0 B Kose, Ark
( W Ainnions, Mo EC Curroil, Miss
VP MoCormick.Ohio J M Youdk, Tenn
M V Sullivan, Miss J L Fletcher. Mi's
Mi,"A H lliillisMil MiasLulaWbitter.Mias
Mrs MBSHvane, Tenn Mies M Savage, Tenn
C L White, Mo 11 C Fiher, lea
F H UuVale, Tex LCBilch, Ark
Misf.SnllieWynn,Ark T HHrtiniin, Ark
A K Fisher, DC J M Brown, N Y
KK Horn, Miss C B Eddy, Miss
J E Boiwell, Tenn J L (Iraiier, Ky
J F Kieiiper, Ky E W Morasnthsll, Mo
W B Hill, Tenn II H Wators, Mo
W Hariis. Pa W R "ady, Mo
H G Scndder, N Y KD Black, Wis
l S Knell, Ohio J P Cannon, Tenn
D J Roberts, Ohio R H Lacy, Tenn
J Clint, Mo W S Moore, Tenn
E F Marshall, 111 W llrinael, Tenn
T Freeman, Miss 8 W Giirrison, Tenn
J Bailey. Ky Master Tobin, Tenn
CO Holland. Va.
Samton's Hotel.
European plan. Enlarged and rofurniahed.
Prices acoordina to sine and loca
tion of rooms.
W C Pearce, Va J 0 Gray, Ark
J F Oil'ett, Tex Gi'orw W Waif. Tenn
Mrs llumbrirk. Mo T A Mifflston, Tenn
K O Bean, city Knbt K Luckit Aw, Ark
J T Stanford, Ala J M Davis, Ala
J B Chaplin, Ark Lem Banks, Mis
W Duke, La EG Kankio, Tenn
J W Garrett, eity G G Taylor, city
Mrs L W Patts, Hiss Mrs R 1" Houston, Misa
E F Sisson, Tenn L B Lowo, Tenn
John Monan, U T M M Hawk n, III
Frel Hawkins, Ky Thos llolman, Venn
J Wier. Tenn E K Bomar, S 0
Thos P-rks, Tenn C C Foster, Miss
Jno Wilson Aw Tenn Mrs the'l, Ga
P Berlin, Ark JBDodds, Ark
N N Campbell, Mist KD While, Ala
G W K Corliss. Ill Fred Berendos. Ky
II E Petius. Tenn E I) Doherty, Miss
T R Maxwell, Mist Jas W Allen, Tenn
J W Harrison, Tenn 1 M Moore, Tenn
Jas Odonel, Tenn J B Blaokwell. Tenn
11 O'Donnoll. Tenn B L Rankin, Ohio
i Thompson Aw, Miss I W Lake. Miss
J N Patrick w, Mo J P Boneeoran, Ark
C B Muliltn, Tenn V R Harris, i en a
WPOibbt, Ark 1) u Pepper, Ky.
Duffy 'a Enropean Notol,
Corner of Adams snd Main streets. Roomi,
50c, T5o and 11 per day : American Plan,
t2 per day.
First-class Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. H. DL'FFY (Id years with Pesbody Hotel)
G Noble, Miss W C Hall, Tenn
JJ FranklynAw.Ohio Mrs A C Kins, Ky
J F.llison, Ark E P itodan, Tenn
F F-aerty, Tenn J60benshein.ini
W H Burnett, Ark E L Joyal, Wis
J T Castles, Ark G Y Seals. Tenn
W G Allen, Tenn A 1) ckinsoo, Tenn
R P Toole, Tens I i E Bufcoe. Tenn
F Murphy, Tenn C Hoi Iol, Tenn
W R McDouaal.Tenn E M Jones. Toon
J 11 Beckler, Tena A Yelland, Mo
W r Ilatss.SC T P Price, Mo
J J Hartnat If, Tenn E M Murray, Tenn
W U Salt. Tenn J Doxy, Tenn
& 8 Kinsall, Tenn G G Taylor, Tenn
A C Welborn, Tenn C G Huithes, Teun
W D Horns, Tenn T M Bland. Tenn
PJQuigley, Tenn W B Glison, Tenn
J 11 tiub jr. Tenn D C Plaunhter, Tenn
G R Powell, Tnn J M Fleming, Tenn
C Jones, Tenn C B Guthrie, lenn
A L Coleman, Ark M P Btoddard, Mich
W fi Holmes, Mo R L Holmes, Mo.
VAJCOUYER w ashes.
Over Three Thousand I'ersoaa Ren
dered Horueles-Hear
Loss f Life.
Tobokto, Jane 15. The following
telegram hes been received:
Ksw WriTai3Tii, B. C, Juns 14, 1886.
To tha Mayor of Toionto:
Vane inveria in a -bee. Three thou
sand peoole are fcomele.s. Pleaee send
us aia at once.
M. A. McLKAX. Mayor.
Dletolls sf the IMsssler,
Westminstsb, B. C, Jnoe 15. The
city of Vancouver, s tutted at the Pa
c tic end tf the Canadian Pacific rail
way, is in ashes. Not half a dcien
hous;s remt;n, out of 500, aril, woist
of a'l, thera is a large loss of lile. T n
bocien have thua far been recovered,
and a number cf persona are missing
end are suppesed to have periibed.
One short hour did the whole work.
Tne property saved is ineigniticant; a
"clean sxetp" describes the si uation.
A thousand men are at work cleaning
up the debiia for the railroad com
pany. Twenty contracts for rebuild
ing have been already let. Many men
lost their all, but ars determined to
stirt in again. The property loss
falls directly on the pioneer
elemoot of tbe city. Hundreds of
pe pie are camped out. Thera sre
mcg-r faciliti-s for relief of the suf
fer. rj, but the people of thiscitv are
is, cri l!y open-handed inlheir effjrta
t relieve the distr8i. Prompt a:d
from the Can tdian Pacific rai roid is
expected. Families wera compelled
to abandon their homes at a moment's
warning and tlee for their lives. Busi
ness men in neareh of valuables were
forced to ru-h through llainei and
rmoke or perish. The whole p puluo
were panic-s r cien. A number of
persons s Uaht relnga in the w ater.
One man was found in a well, where
he had low red hi in so l to escape tbe
Harms. Fcw cf tbe people Lave more
than the clothes they stand in. Of
the tan bodies recovered only three
have been identified. Most of the
burned frame buildings will be re
placed with brick structures. Con
tracts for a large hotdl and other ex
tensive buihliugo, representing .j0,(,
000, were lei just before the fire.
Another Aeeonsit.
Portland, Obk , June 15. The 0r
gonian'i Victoria, B. C, special sajs:
''All day Sunday there had b'.en
steady wind from the northwest, ana
the brush clearing fires on the Cane
dian Pacific railway lots were funned
to such an extent as to fill the termi
nal town of Vane uver with smoke.
Noobdy, however, had any idea of dan
ger. Shortly alter 1 p. in. eeveral per
sons bg in to consider the tituation
threatening, but the smoke w s 10
dne that ihey found it imprsjible to
direct tbeir steps to the exact location
of itifonr.H'. Soon a stable tear 'he
Colonial Hotel wai teen to be on flro.
The a'artn w as given, but to skeptical
were peoplo tha. tbey piid no a'.ten
t on for some time. Tne wind by tnis
tiui hail increescd to a gal?, and
fanned the Ilames to a mafs cf raging
fire. One of the first buildings to g
was McCartney's drug ftore, followeil
hy th ollice of tbe raiKwitrr Aettw
TneUmn s sbot scros? Abb tt street
with a t wishing rapidity, and almrst
bef re poopie t ould reiliz it the whole
cf tha wistern toriion cf tbe city was
in a blrze. Tne excitement was
tow intense. Water s'ru't was
filled with dense f moke and flying
cinders, end people wera hurrying
with what effects they could ga'her in
their has'e to a place of satety, the
general direction of tbe ri ght being
east, though many ran to the elevated
ground owned by tbe Canadian Pa
cific Reilroad Company. Others a.ain
made for False cresk. These who en
deavored to sive the'rgorits wera to
wrspped in tbeir object as to appear
heedless of the dsnger they iao, and
itwtS found especial'y necessary to
compel many women to relinquish
their effects to save their lives. In
some casi s there was only just time
to place them on improvised ra'ts,
wtrch were pushed out from the
eboie beyond the resch cf the flames,
which h erally seemed to fill the air.
In less time than it takes to describe
it the fire bad reached Carroll street.
Kome merchants in this vicinity and
Fermsm blick engaged in conveying
their goods to a place of rafety, hut so
rapid was the Citifligration that be
fore their horst s were ready tbe team
etsrs themselves were ob'iged to fly for
their live". All hope of stving any
considi rthle asiount of propeity was
now aNnd ned, end each conten.ed
him-o'f with hastily putting together
what he could carry in his hands,
without iranrdit g hi" speed, and hur
ried from the rpo'j but even after
leaving tha tous-8 the dinger wai net
over, for every road had become an
avenue of fire, the falling timbers and
stum i s on each tide of iho roid glow
ing with fire, and p-oving as serious a
mer ace to the fugitives aa the burning
houses of the doomed citv. During
tbe confusion which prevfii'ed, when
rowdit and rongbs saw that every
one was leaving, they entt-red the fa
loons, which had I em left entirely
unprotected, and commenced drink
ing. Many a one was seen staggering
at ;M tbe s reet with a keg of betron
his ehouM-r, or carrying as many
bottles of liquor a hs could appropri
ate. Men were leen completely
r enmed in by tbe fire and apparently
oblivi-us of their surroundings drink
ing liquor. Tbey were of course then
slreatty partially intoxicated. A large
rummer of the fagitives nolUcted at
the Hastings Mill Company' wharf,
but a lame majority collected a' Fabo
creek htidge. Notaing was to be seen
from ei her of tbise points but a lurid,
roiling bank of smoke hanging over
the e shes of tbe c'.ty, fr m which
st sgglers could bo seen oicas'oually
fisting. Tne steamer Dui sinuir was
at. tre wharf to rfceiva people, and,
wi:h several other steamerj, conveyed
a I'rge numbr over ti Mondyville.
T-ie dropping- of the flairs was as
sudden as i Loir rise, and by 6 p.m.
pome adventitious spiriM had already
ma le their way a'ong tbe roads of the
destroyed city, and before dark the
work of searching for the bodies of
thos overtaken by the fii-ry e'ements
l adbejuo. In short time the in
cineia'ed remains of revera! persona
had bfea discovereif. Up to 10
o'clock Monday morning nine bodies,
some of wh en were burned beyonTl
ncognition, had been found. There
is some uncertainty abiut the exact
number already fi.und as in some
caees a handful of charred bones was
tbe only indication of a human life
being li st. One of the tesrehers said
he thought the nnmber could b9 truth
fully es i mated at twelve. Ths gen
eral sentiment of the people appears
to he one of hopefulness and determ
ina i n to at once begin tbe recon
struction of the city. Sjme have al
ready got building material on tbe
Subscribe for the "Appeal."
Ths ratvlasr sT Bsls mm Tklrel
To tha Editors of ths Appeal :
I would desire to call your attention
to Bsale (tree. I live about twa
miles out on the Pigeon Rocs' road,
and attend the Beale st'eet market to
sell mv vegetables, (lour, etc., on
which 1 depend for the support of
mvsslf and family. But often last
winter to get to tbe Bsa'e Street Market-House
I had ti go out of my way,
and leave oot some of my cu tomers
on that street, on account of the very
bad condition of that street. And to
me this is the mora snrprisiog, seeing
tbe improvements th tt are and have
been nisde on other streets of much
lees importance aa business street.
I see Orleans street paved or graveled
a'l ths way. Poplar it reet paved out
ts the Bou'evsrd, and now I see they
are raving Third street. Cit sens of
Beale street, what have you dons
that the autboritif s are giving you the
cold shoulder? Uulets you want to
lo-e the trade oa your street, yiu
had better he np and doing Call Mr.
Hadden's a'tention to your street.
He mint have fo-gotren von.
tiermnay snd Ssliirilaad.
Berlin, June 15 Germany has ar
fented t 8i zerlaod's prop iil It 10
viee and nnew the commercial treat
between the two countries, w-mh
otherwise was destined to be annulled
it the expiration of its term.
Krotl's Kmnlslon of fare
Cod Liver Oil, with llypophosjiliites,
in Consumption and Wast ng 1 s
easos. Dr. C W. itarringer, Pitts
burg, Pa., says: "I think your Emul
sion of Cod" Liver Oil is a very line
f reparation, aud tills a long-felt want
t is very useful in consump ion and
wasting diseases."
I'rodure l'.xiorla HI Mew York.
Sw Yi iik, June 15. -The tot.tl ex
ports of pr duce from this port during
ti e pis', wick were Viiud a' J7.07S,
Combining IR0S wil Tt BB TK0CT1BI.R
TONICS, qntrkly and coniplptty CLEINKIX
and ENBHUK8 TUB BMtUU. qilckena
ths actios of tha Llrer asd kldaeya. Hears the
complexion, mails the sain smooth. It does sot
Injare the teeth, cause hesilsrhe, or prod se con-atlpatloa-ALL
Fhjsloluia and DroitJ mrywoere rooomiuenil It.
D N. B. HnooLl8, ol Wurion, Mass., ssrs: " I
KHHimmMiil Brown's Iron Iluum mt a nliisliln timlo
for onrii-tiirm the bliwxl. snrl n-nuivlnic ul tlnlivoUO
nnim. If iIimm mil. Ulirt llui toutll.
1)8. R M. Deizfij, RmhiiIi1s. Ind , mn' I
he rnwiilMMl Umxn'l Ir"n Bittars In cam "I
annum and lilnod diiioam ! wlwn tiHiio aa
m eanil. and it has pnid tiinmustilji aatlnlai-liiry.
Ml Wn Bthns. UU Ht Mar) S., Niiw Orlnans.
sav; " Hnmn's Inra Biltom mhi-ved mn In a calm
of I.IomI iKilminlnx. aud I bnartlljl suuuuend It to
thw nfmling a IiIimkI purifli-r.
Mb W. W. MnsaHAN.Tusi'iiniM, Ala. sav: "I
iae beun (nmhlml fnirn IiiI.IIiiukI with Impum
IIIimmI and eruption on my faoa two ImtllM of
llrriwn's Inin Bittsrs Soct.l a rwfBCl. cni. I
oauuot spoak too bmhlr of llus valuable lutKllciua."
CiTiiiliK Inui abnviTradi Murk and cniwud r1 linas
on wrapper. Tnkn MS olhi r. MJn onl li
Forty Years a SnfTerer from
"FOR P0HTY YEARS I hava been a vlo
tlm to CATARRU-thras-fourtbs of thotims
a snflerar from E.Xt'RUClATINU PAINS
TK1LH. Ths discharges wers ao offenslvs
that I hssiiste to mention it, eioopt lor ths
good It mar do aouie other Sufiorer. J havs
spent a young fortune from iur earnings
during mj forty rears of suffering to obtain
relief Irom the dootors. I have triad patent
medicines every one I could learn of from
the four corners of the earth. witi no rslief.
And AT LAST (57 years of age) havs met
with a remedy that has cured roe entirely
made ins a new man. I weighed 12Konntla,
and now weigh Mi. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
is, that being in the humble walks of li e I
may not have influence to prevail on Ml ca
tarrh sufferers to use what baa cured me
(lulnn's Pioneer Blood Uonewer.
" No. 2T eoond street, Macon, On."
"Mr. Henry Cheves. ths writer of 1 r.
above, formerly of Crnw ford county, now f
Macon, (in., merits the confidence of ail i i
Urested in catarrh. . A. II' KF,
" Ex-Mayor of Macon.
A Rt rtKB
GD.nn'8 Pioneer Hlaod lUnrner.
Curefl all Blood and Skin DiceRn, Hhetiinn-t-iin,
Scrotulu, Old burt-s. A perfect iSi.rinii
If not in roar market, it will b forwarded
on receipt of prices bioall bottles, tl,Uutre,
t 76
Konay on Blood and Skin Di'eaaei mailed
Nitron, wJMrl.
O hit uhn the Uti ta
tkstlr ml that clitt f
re-DcdiM. and Hit ftrtm
tWic mn4 now rtukM
f tne istkdinc MMt
o theovidnm.
NATI Ktl. rrrrBErtsjT NINE.
Illarhoat elicl Aalhorlllca.
Pole Avents for tbe 1'nitcd States,
KKt.lt'K OL' NIt.K A III.,
116-119 Elm st . New York.
Manhood Restored
Kemildt h iulk- A riiHtmiif voullifnl niiunidonoa
eaaung FretnatQre Lo, Iru IMI-Uit;
nmidj,kaart iMorared ft Nimple OMftmoI ajif-ctiH,
which h t.ll Mr-) FKKK to hi f.ilow-anffftrw
J.B.iika VLh, 3.aTw.iainfiu,Jty VorHv
Win'. Niiti asd Baaia luitiilt,
a amsranteed speeiflc for Hystsria, Disai
ness. Convulsion's, Fits, Ker"os Neural
gia, Uesdaohe, Nerve Prostration, caused
by the use of alcohol or tobaooo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression. So'tening of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and les ing to
misery, . decay snd dsathi Premature - io
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
' Involuntary Losses snd Spermator
rhea, eaaK 1 by over-exertion oi tne brain,
self-abase orovetiadalgenos. Ksch boa abs
tains ons montL'r treatment. II a boi, 01
six boiea for H, sent t mail prepaid, oa
receipt of prioe. We goartntcs Six Uoiss
to cure sny ease. Witb esok order received
by as for six boxes, scenmpanisd with m
we will send the purchaesr oar written
inarantss to refsnd the money If the treat
ment does ot effect a core. Guarantee,
issaed only kv A RKNEKUt A CO., Dra-(-gisu,
MempkU, lean.
f UiuUii
m w 1 to & mn 1
J0rltin-l ii
fZi MralrsySat
m. waaiwoi us. . aaiai
fmr Sol'"'
For Toilet Use.
Ayer'i Hair Vigor kivps the hair anft
and pliaint, imparu to it the lustre and
(rmhneaa of youth, cau.vs it to grow
luxuriantly, rradioati n IiamlrurT, cures
all . alp dlaeasea, ami U the moat clcanl
of all hair preparations
VCR'Q ,Iair Vir',r ' Rlvf n ma
MIC. II O pcrlct oatiifiirtinn. I was
nearly haUl for aix yi .iri. duriiifr which
time 1 uatnl many liair ri iaratiiiiis, but
witbotit auooetta. luiltcil, wliat little)
hair 1 hail, wax frrowiiiK tliitmer, tiutil
I tried Ayor'a Hair Vie.ir. 1 used two
bottles of the Vicor, atul my ln oil is now
Well covered with a 11m urnvttli of hair.
Jiiditon il. C'kuiH.'l, lVuUHly, M.ivi.
II AID that hits Ivcoiue weak, gmv,
nMlll and fuib'il. muy lmve ne life)
and color reMored to it by llin lino of
Ayer'a lluir Vior. M v liair wits tlilu,
failed, and dry. and fi ll tint in lurtia
miniititiea. Aver'a ll.iir Vijjor atopMil
the fiillutu'. and restnti d my liair to its
oriKinal color. An a ilrrsni for lbs
liair, tlila pn paration luca lie eiiuitl.
Mary N. IJuinuioiid, tstilluuter, Minn.
VIPflR '"'"'' H1"' lx'antv, iu the)
llUUrij miih'.uuiii'i' of the luilr, tnay
lie preaervi'd for an null Unite xrind by
the nan of Ayer'a lluir Vinor. "A dis
ease of the aiulii caused my huir to b
voiiui liursll aud diy, uud to full on
frifly. Nothing I tneil Heeineil V f 1
any toml until I loitiiueineil I'jtinJ
Ayera Huir Vigor. Three hittlen of
I liia preparation restored my hair to a
liealtliv eondilion, and it 1 now soft
nnd pliant. My aealp la cured, and It
li also free fnmi dainlnill. Mra. K. U.
Foas, Milwaukee, YVi.t.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
rMd b) Prugglau and Prrfumars.
PitrtFRcT aarr.TV, prompt action, anil
wonderful curative properties, easily
place Ayer'a Tills nt the head of the list
cf popular remedies for Sick uud Nerv
ous llcadui lies, Constipation, and all ail
ments origitiutiiij! in a disordered I.lver.
I have lieen a greiit sufferer from
lleinlm he, and Ayer's Cathartic: Tills
are the onlv meilieino that has ever
(liven me relief. Due dose of these Tills
will quickly movo my lam-els, nnd freo
my head from pain. William L. Tune,
Uii'huioud Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr..I.C. Aver Co., Lowell, Mass,
Bold by all Dealers lu Mmili'lue.
Electric Belt Free
TO introduce It and obtain stents wa will
for the nsit siaty days (ivs away, free
of chame. in each county in the U. H. a lim
ited nu 111 her "1 our Hrriusa fcleolro tial
vnnlc SuruiHry Hell a. Pries r! a
Eositive and unfailina curs for Nervous Ds
ilily. Varicocele, Emissions, Irol'olency,
etc. 1'Kl.lll Howard isid if every Kelt ws
manufacture does not aenerats a aenuins
electric current. Address at once KLKC
TK10 BELT AGENCY, P. 10. Boi :i7,
Drooklyn. N Y.
HI a 1" ...r. 'Uf f no t
iti Market Surrt. I nnv
t rhinl tii-' F.'urii. uUlll
. -f,i-if-'T rlsi'iifa1 ni itrll iiiiliirv ohfalctu n1 Ll
i..l 1. sa-titi. t i-ravisve "fi've
nil tovm "t PRIVATE,
Spormtatorrhoi- irt liupuienoy.
;s r:.r-uM i n !f itDiie 111 tixll.i IMtii lis ai
'irrx H-if til nt'twt Ciliiirt stlltl (H 1ie tUf tutM 0 1 tin I':
oxiiifc, 1 t'rvt .N'l villi 'U.'" fir l r lulaiii.Jiav, likl
loi.ri lr"itn). Ditnni'U nt f'Ulii U-Iw live Ut-ra lit;
: (tiW.t l'l1UtttJ4 0U "' V ti Ki it'll IT "t Jfilllfl'T
iiifi ntuli of :raf (. t 8c nun I t 4k . fTliJ- iii
T'Mtitt'j 'iiiT.i -''f "t iiotmtip? aMt t rtiKUch' l" Cn.
vn:', .'ur -I SYPHILIS 'ln " ",iml
ir 'v '..n fT.-niti.. ,t.-ii Gonorrhea.
UIjKK'F. Niri.titit) ixJilit Jrt.i uj HlviM;)
;i 'S ..nd "tt. t irlli .!'Ma tn.-Hh nts-ri
1. rvM-ul III, a fUj nelan nriaa iti-lai
.. wr'iih f .Jf.RHa--' ani irra'itii lL-iisinrlt am. i!
UIt i-'Hillt PriTidlnaa ktnnrliia ihla fiu-t ti:ti.
c -.".ni.'ii't I'M 'ma to in, nar- Wlmi " iimnivaiiir-t)'. U
tl 'h,- itt fr trpB(n..l I'tMl'lllxa . ' c : ffTlX
nil "i ;.lv Iit 'I oi iitw Ltnn
' i-n-nll.atl-.it- iianKll Mr hj Wtsj fl- IM Inrliti.
iharai 'anoijabl ami -vrrjjiitni'onsJ auiuU ill1 dtUaC
.-I Mti ff, mm to aits-t. Mraty aMW-i.thrlliirtk
11: '111 Should to ml br aiL AdiImM a, aiio4
Mli Aiiui ha h a. M il. ewi-Uf a. Ila T
Anions the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of delightful places where one oan pass
the summer months in quiet rost and enjoy
ment, and return horns at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Kach
reourrine season brinaa to Oconomowoo,
VVaukesha, lleaver Dam, Frontenso, Oko
boji, Minnetonka, White hear, and Innu
merable other charmina localities with ro
mantic names, tkouaaoas of our best aeoiile
whose winter names are on either side of Ma
son and Dixon's line. Kleeanoe and com
fort, at a moderate cost, can be readily ob
tained. A list of summer homes, with all
neoessary Informs ion pertainint thereto, il
beint distributed by the Caicson, Mii.wau
isb and Ht. Paul Railway, and will be sent
free upon auplicati n by letter to A. V. II.
Carpenter, ueneral Vossetfor Aaent, Mil
wan keeLWls.
MKMlMIIf, T -'V., lHis.
STOCKMEN, farmers, dairymen, and nil
fanciers of this fatuous and favorite
breed, ere Informed that the above shipment
will comprise a very choice assortment of
KM t.S MR months nidi i YFART.INU IIKIF-
!..".- -.to calve onrly In 1SSV) 1 C'ALVKS (of
1 ioies and dropiied this spring).
j All !uri' 1t land st-locted by noted iudires
1 v.itt. 11, i:n. 1 : " Irom wop known but
. ti - i 1 in. In" ivilri hi-'h-daaa nulking strains.
! 1 1 1 iw it 11 1 i j strictly Arst-cloas animals
I fi.r f.,u;..i.'."ti '" 'I' ' ' suo.o'slully ef lalilish
.1 In r 1 1 , h : 1: ' hiilly iovited to correspond.
rur i ' 11 '- ill Im, I nti-1 reasonslile special
ti.ro.i. tri-rit r-. A it'i tor full inrorniatiun
, t, All AM mi.N i HO vALHStlN,
t I, "rul ,!,. II street, London, England.
j " '"ilAKwERY SALE
No. V'2, K. D. Chancery Court of Bhelliy
county rjtate of iennessee vs. Liuie II.
Taylor at al.
BY virtue 01 an Interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the aoove cnuaeon the
day of Jnnunry, lrV, M. II. 61, pave
In", I will sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master's otl ce, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Teun., on
Nntarday, Jstaie l, IHHO,
within logat hours, the following de-f-rlkad
ninnertv. situated in Mielhycounty,
Tennessee, to-wit: Let (i, block lfti lie-
ginning Us teet east or tne nortneai in
tersection ol Desolo and Elliott streets, on
the north side of Elliott street; thence
north lis! feet; east 32 feet; south KM feet to
Elliott street, and west with said street .12
feet to the beginnini. Sold as tbe property
of Noah Partee and others.
Part of lot 14. blocs S, west side of Walnut
street. Hi lVi teet. Sold aa tbe property of
Kichard Lane. ,
Lot ft, block 5J. west aide of Rnth street,
Mili9 t. Sold ma tha nrotierty of 11. llor-
ton, James Hunter and others.
Terms of bale Uo a credit 01 six raonmsi
notes with security, bearing Interest, re
quired; lien retained redemption barred.
lh"n. Y. MoDOWELL. Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Depu'y C. and M.
F. . and C. W. Heiskell. Sols.
TJfwspapeT? -
A book of 1U0 cages.
The best book for
anadvei tiser to con-
fV -snadi
alt, be ns eiperi
moed or otherwise.
. 11. i.
newspapers ana muiuii"
yertlsing. The advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar. r,ds in it the information he re
quires, while for him who will invest one
hui dred thousand dollars in advertising, s
scbeoe let sdicaUd which will meet his
every req i' -ement, or ean be made to do so
by slishl change- easily arrived st by corrs
spondencs. One hundred and Bfty-thres
editions have keen issued. Sent, poitpaid,
to any address lor -n f ''.'17.t? "fX1
VEhTISlNi BUREAC.lOprueest. (Print-
1 . 1 ... . U.I r.1 A.
na nouse c-quarw . "
HWIIKLTN, W. V. Board oa the Dill.
Park. Rooms large; location aelighifuli
... ... U..I..II.I. 1 (. . r I . .
convenient mi car w
I lion C 7 isian , 1 . ,
, also to New ork placet ol aaiusement.
Tborurh TMtlnAd and weartns; tlnvwt heynofl
enduronoe, a not on tlicural'lc'lim-aac If treat
ed In time. Pcrhai no other itlMoe bos so
baffled the sfliHUi iat ai'vncv and mnhcini an
this, but st lasts remedy ho tM-vuduu-ovcnit in
Ve whli h CUKbS RHEUMA-
snd is hoarlllv en
dorsed by many of the Lesdmg Physiciana.
"rowutimwding all that is. I.vmed 1!1 ito "
U. O. HounuiT. M 1).. Oaouau. Li.
A.A. MELLIEW. ttoi. ly-iirvto -no -
Iroa and J
a"laes, jfZ "
Grist- Mllla.
Haass I
traexa .
CIrnrrsI "C9
Rr pairs.
ami,- aiiM!
si . V i -'.-
IKON & RAILWAY Stri'LY 1)EL"T, 2,'( and 228 Second St.
tSuccsasors in this lepsrtment to JonN MANOUUK.)
arWrlte ns for infoririati.in on ANY TII1NU In either line.
:,: Nt'coml Ntret, 1 ompliU.
Materials. Puiiipa, Drive Wells. Iron, Lead and stone Pipe. laa bixtures, lilohes, Kle
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union HireeU : x 3Ientplila, Tern,
rjU (. . . ' I li .' vW, .'"
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Sb.ina;le, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar routs.
I - -3
L YACCAii, fc Co
SLEUGE BK0M.,or Como, MIbr. F. H. N0KFLEET, Bouldent Partner.
Ho. 365 Front Street
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
SOG-SD Front Ht.9 f9eiiihl, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission erchanb,
Fulmer.f horntoa Co
Cotton Factors, Yholesale Grocers,
Tin. SOA Front ret. : IIeniihif. Tenn.
Old SiaiKle No. 9
S AP0LE0X HILL, 1'ret.ldenU
ii, J. lililii) vaauinia
ia tilt Fire km
Oniceltt STatlUon Street, emplila, Tenn
JOHN Run).
37(W78.380-i-384-3Stt Second street, 80Hth ot Uayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingle
' HooldlDC, Laths, Cealar IM.ta mm rietteta,
"Rsal e eaae of InlUfBJsatory
' All thm lam liana. Oava
ew-daj soy patient m oot eaid duiag weaL1
W. W Baxtxo. M. D,
"la oayeciuiion TnKOAUinJ
o-eaiiad rfiaiiMi .In rKOMMlMas.1
8 O. Woaoaoai, M. D,
I -rtWi! Tiimuma falrtrfal, oarftbtaktl
lUa bU nuiMMli 1 Ua n avar tosad Sua mtMmmtalMm.
B. f. Davis, atsrsra. Ms.
rRirR ojtk rvn.LAR prs bottlx.
H'0t 174 Adams St, Memphlf
VsV Ira'
' Bslla-Iw
... C. sua
. . jataseit Iron)
Vtaifl way TBJ
- - 1"' - " ""u
i .rufsorasl
a.3STX i , .
MemDhis TenneHwe
Union St., Mompliis. ,
W. S. WILKEIWO-1!, VlcfwFrellea
K. B. LKB,
Is. Co.

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