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LoitKTHItJfrw Orn Texa R'j
Miw-iKsii'ri vai mr koitk.
On and afar Mr rtwrttr trains on
this r'.u win run as iNtuin
TasI mail.
buBih. Korth.
4:) p. mi :M a.m
:: p.hi! T:2I a.m
1(1 :P i p.mj :u7 a.m
I a.m 1 :11 a.m
2:44 a.m 11:1a p.m
6:25 a. ml i.in p.m
:14 a.m 7:M p.m
a.m. I 5 :U) p.m
A With all lme ant.ring Memphis.
B-Witb M. A N. W H. K. lor Helena.
C I or Greenville and Huntington, and all
Arkan.au points.
P-With V. it M. and V., 8. k P. Railroads.
t-VViin S ., J. .t C. R. R. for Natcbet and
F For Points on the Branch.
2 With steamers lor Hayoo Bar.
With railroads diverging lor Florida.
Texas and t'oastlpoints.
JAS. M. r.PWAKDS. V. P.andG. M.
A. J.KNAI'H. G.P. A.
Mlealealppl and TfnBMW.-Trnini
move a follows: New Orleans sail arrival
daily ' a.m. ; leaves daily at 5:00 p m.
Sarlis arromiii' dntioo arrives daily at e:5
a.m. ; leaven daily at :'A) p m. New Orleans
mail train will not Mop at any liar station
brtv'tn Memphis and Sardir, or at White
haven. Horn Lake, Xenliitand Love. Freight
trains do not carry passengers.
Newport ft.waaud Mtaaleelppl Val
ley. Trains mova u tollowt: tint Ine
leaves at (':() a.m.! ht. Louis fast line
leaves at " p.. : Faat line arrives at 1 :'M)
p.m. ; St. Lou ii last lina arrival at s05 a.m.
Lonlevllle anil Naahvllle TralBI
nova at follows: Fart mail arrival daily at
6:15 a. in.: laavai at 10:10 p.m. : mail leavai
dully at 10:10 a.m.t arrival at 1:00 p.m.
Browmville accommodation! leaves daily'
aicept .Sunday, at 5 :ij p.m.; arrives daily,
except Sunday, at S.Nt a.m. (standard time).
Mrmphla and I, title Rork. Tralni
ova an follom (central standard time):
No. 1 leaver daily at b.Jti p.m,;arrivea at
V :fVi p.m. No. 3 leavai etn:.5 a.m. : arrive!
at 8:50 a.m. No. & (freight) leavei Hopefleld
dally (except Sunday) a 6:01) a.m.: arrive!
at 7:10 p.m.
Hrmphla and Cbarlreiou Train!
mora aa follow!: Through express leavei
daily at 10:20 p.m. Mail and express leavei
daily at IU:OOa m. bomerville acoomnioda
tlon leavei daily, except Sundsy, at 5:110
p.m. Through express arrive! daily at 5:25
a.m. Mail and expreu arrive! dally at 4 :M
S.m. SotuerviBe accommodation arrival
ally, except Sunday, at 8:1)0 a.m.
ttnir Route INbbmi Clly, Hprlna
rld anil Hemphlei-Tralni leave M. and
T. depot ai foliowi: No. 4, Knmai City ex
preu, leavai at 10:45 a.m.) No. 3, Kaniai
City express, arrive! at 3:30 p.m. No. 2,
Kaniai City mall, leavei tH p.m. ; No. 1,
Eanrai City mail, arrive! at 8:4n a.m. No.
i, Kt. Louil and Cliicaio expreu. eavel at
6:00 p.m. No. l,tit. Louli and Chlcaeoei
pref, arrival at 8:45 a.m. In affect Sunday,
April ID, lHno.
HempbM, rllrinlnaham and Allan.
In Holly 8prlni Route Tralni mova ai
lollowi: No. 1 leavei Mempbli dnlly at 3:4.
p m. I arrival at Holly Hpringi at 6:58 p.m. t
No. i leavaa lMly ?irini.i dully at V-M
a.m., arrival at Mempnii at ' 1 1 15 a.m. I No.
6 leavei Memphii daily at 7:15 p.m., arrive!
at Holly 8priny at 11 :i' p.m.: No.fl leavei
UoMy Sprinci daily at 2:15 a.m., arrival at
Uemi'hli i.t A:4Sa.m.
WiRRiNOToa, June 10, 1HM, a.m.
Indications: For Tennt'iweo, local
raic, f(illowf(l by fair weather;
nenr'y BlaticDiiry temperdture. For
Arkancas, Iwal rairg, slightly cooler.
For Mimittippi, Arkaiwu, Louisiana
und TeuatJJoCul mint; dightly colder; mri
able wiiuh.
For Kentucky, Tennestre, Indiana and
Jllinoui,locairtMU, followed by fair weath
er; variable windt ; nearly ttationary
Mloroloa;leal Kvporl.
Muriil, Tiltx., June 16, 186.
remt'hli . A ...
ni B
Ulead - .C...
Vi-k.hiir. D...
Barrison L
Eitoi lieu... ...)
Ke 'rle'in H
Time. Bar. Ther. Wind. W'ther
7.00 B.m. 2fl. 71)2 75.0 8.K L rain
11:00 .m. 20.KU 76.0 S.E Lt rain
3:00 p.m. '.'9.74!) 83.0 N.E. Cloudy
7:00 p.m. -D 783 81.0 8.E. Cloudy
10:00 p.m. 0.747 74.0 8E Clondy
Minimum temin-rature, 74.0.
Rainfall, .09.
Osone, 1 1 o'clock a.m., 0.
la the Col ton Region.
Signal Bibvici, U. S. A buy,)
June 15, 18865 p.m. J
Division of toleiirami and reports for
the benefit of commtrce and aKrinul
tare. Cotton region bulletin for the
twenty-four hours ending June 14th, 5
o'ciocK p.m
5-? s g
TB1CT. 5 B S f
3 ? 3
Memphis &1 73 .(it)
Nashville 8tl 70 .42
Grand Junction... 88 74 .05
Corinth V0 71
Tnscnmbia fll 73 .50
Decatur 91 71 .85
Scottoboro 87 67 .1.7
Arlington 84 72 .Oil
Brownsville K7 73 1
Milan 88 72 .Of
Paris 87 62 .10
Bolivar 8tl 73 .60
Holly Springs 80 73 .28
Oxford 88 75 .30
Snma 1222 AM 6 02
Means 87 71 36
warier. g " 1 1 f
' 3 s B ,.
WllminRton 88 72 .09
CbarleNion ., hi) 71 .14
AugueU 84 72 .09
Savannah 92 74 .22
Atlanta. 88 71 .24
Montgomery IK) 70 .37
Mobile 88 73 .47
New Orleans. 84 75 1.84
Galveston 95 74 .10
Vlcksbnnr 86 77 .08
Little Rock. 8rt 72 .78
Memphis 87 71 .3(1
Sums 1057 872 4.78
Means 88 73 .40
Gloomy weather dcxn not keep
the people from viBiting the toboggan.
St. Peter's Parish School has its
annual exercises Friday evening next.
The new line of the Citizens'
Company out Hnrnando street is do
iDg a good busintis.
The grand Jury mot yesterday and
will meet again Friday. The Criminal
Court will not meet again until Mon
day. It may be put down as reasonably
certain that Mr. Joseph Uhl will be
a candidate for office before the Re
publican Convention.
Jew Yotk Fahum liasar, Young
LaiHei' Jmtrnal, Ilevue de In Mode, for
July, at Matitf rd's. A large line of
cheap readir g received yeeterday.
Gut away from the city next Sun
day l,y vibitii;g Lakeview. Rope-walking-,
ilanciujr, rowing, fishing and
batbinj! will be lli order of the day.
Tho rain wliiph han Knn.lav
nifc'bt Ifil ahntst a!! day yel-rdny, ard
farmms who were in the rUv declare
that it wi : Ij'.c1 a .'. .-.ay e.!.it ou
John Lai y, a twelve yea' old
darky, was put' on trial in the Crimi
nal Contt vcMerday for killing his
playrra'e at llrn Ijtke. Ths details
wt-r pubiieliHl at the lime.
In ths Clif ncery Court yesteiday
su t wps ent"' by Robert Crumley,
the pafit'r ".'a colored church in
Chelgra, fir divorce from bis mite,
Annie, rgtinrt whom he puts in a
dialogue of fimpla'nts as long as the
mora! law.
The meda! ti be presenUd to the
bfst tirl danc'r under ten years of
age at the picnic rf Memphis Typo
graphical L'ni n Monday next Will ba
a gold ci'ii''ng-t:ck. inst riled:
"The Beat Dacer, M. T. U. Picnic,
June 21, Ion!. 1
Still they comt to the Bluff Ci'y.
In tli" drawing of I.ouiri 'na Hlste Lot
tery Corria'y, t'las , June l.Vh.
18,145 draws 1 150,000, 23.4C8 draws
JoO.OiiO, and sold at Memphis. 70,453
(haws $25,Ui 30,2:10 draw 1 10,000,
40,201 diawsflO.OoO.
The conntj Kepublirans bnv not
yet decided upon a da'e f r their cin
venlion. As a rule the Dtmccrats
have hid th ir's eir'y in Ju'y, the
Republicans follow irg in a week cr to
Tins time they wi'l have but two
weeks to do their juggling aftnr the
Democratic Convention puts forth iti
rami (lutes.
The City Connnil wi'l not be al
lowed to eMahlUh a monopoly with
impunity, if thu tlk on the s'reeti
means anything. Few people stop to
inquim whether the new company
means lniinMS or not. All that they
desire to know h thtt anelloit is being
made to foist a monopoly on the peo
ple fcr ten yeara or for one brief mo
ment. The fight f r Justices Cro w and
Mercer resurrected the ghost of an
o'ber magistrate. The Legii'atiire
abolished the corporations lepieBtmted
by Jueticfs Croca, Morcer and Cocke,
and the latter quietly remained at
home. 'When the rjunreme Couit
went back on the recoiil, however, to
let the two other gentlemen in, ho
quietly came back and took hit seat.
It is probable that the Executive
Commiitue, or more properly speak
ing certain diupyointt'J bo'Blers.have
been entirely to previim in de
nouncing him ai a Republican in De
mccratic clothes. Up to dato no one
huB Leen huird from who is willing to
ray of his own knowledge that the
Capla;n ever voted anything except a
straight Democratic ticket, which he
declares Ih true voting once only for
a Re-pub icao school director.
In a tiuiet, unosteatatious way,
Mr. J. P. uung is moving to tbe front
as a favorite in the contest for the
Probate Judgeship. The better he
becovnes known to ihe voters of the
pir y, the better his chances will be
come, ins membeis ol tlie Mr know
him, and d) not need to be informed
of bis admirable fitness to the position
for which he aspire. The Probata
Judgeship is more of a businesi than
a law ollice nice discretion, clear
judgment and an ability to do hard
and continuous labor being the chief
requires, lis has them all and more
an intimate knowledge of civil law.
He would be an ornament to any
bench in the county. Thousands
more assuming have less ability.
Sole Agents for Horace R. Kelly
l'o.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gnyoso Hotel stand,
reabotly Hotel stand ana 310 Main
Btreet. FreBh shipments received
weekly. i. bahkuon a co.
Dr. Kiviiro, who has been confined
to his bsd for several days, is out
again and can be found at his ollice.
Mhh. Mahtda Savagb and her
daughter, Misi Mamie, are at the Pea
body, on their way to Shelby villa, Ky.
Dr. John E. Pvrdon returned to the
city last night after a p'easant trip to
his place on Lonkou' Mountain, much
improved in health,
Thkhc will he no auction sale to
day of the C aybrook tract on Union
avenue, that was to have bean sold
by Overton A Grosvenor at 12 o'clork,
as tbe entire tract has been said to
private parties
Avsita A, Stiianoe A Co. have been
appointed sole agents of the Memphis,
Birmingham and Atlantic roa I for the
sa'e of smd, which they will handle
in conjunction with their coal buei
nefs. Snccesi attond their energy
and pluck.
At the ridenco of Mr. Napo'eon
Hill last night an entertainment was
given to bis daughter Miea .May, who
recent'y graduated from Mirs Hig
bee's icbtol. A number of her clats
mates were present and acsis'ed in re
ceiving the numerous guests. The
affair was in every respect a dolightful
K AiAOMiNirJa telephone 609, Mc
Neil. Dr. C. D. 8.mitit, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanlkv, funeral director and
emba'mer, 55 Madison street.
Sind a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Thi Herbal Chill Cnre, the rai
tonloand astt-terioJie known. A certain
and sura tare for chilli Price II i er bot
tle. St-I itirrri for 'irouUri. Acy ref
erence (lien. tddreii Jhn 0. Hoier,
Lynebbera. Va,
Thrri will be no auction tale to
day of the Ciaybrook trac on Union
avenue, that was to have been soli by
Overton A Groavenor at 12 o'clock,
as the entire tract has been sold to
private parliis.
Hotel St. Giorok, 51 Clark street,
Brooklyn, tlrepr.iol, best construction,
snlendidly located cn Brooklyn
Heights, clo;e to Bridge, handy to
central points of New York t'ity and
Conev In'and, w ith more luxury at
onts-tliird prions; 4tX) rooms, all electric-'
ighted (100 bath-rooms), hand
somely decorated; very best uphol
stered furnitms; finfst bedding; con
ceded to be one of the finest ho'els in
the country. Transient rates, $2 60
per day, with private toilet. Single
rooms, $1 per night; open all night;
cuisine unsurpassed.
The New England Conservatory of
Music, Boston, Mass., which enjoys
the dibti.icti"n o' being the la-ueat
and bet rquipned in the world, at-
iracitvi 10 m nans iat year iinio s u-
dents from fifty-five S ates.Territories,
province and foreign coi ntriec ith
its corps of 100 teachers, including
such well-known art'B's an Curl Zer-
rahn, Augusto Ro'oii, Carl Faelten,
J. C. D. Parker, xjtiii M;us, Otto
Bendix, Timothu' Adainowski, Alfred
De Seve and Leamlro Camtanari, it
merits for the coming year a still
atgi?r patronrgs.
Onr Great .Hni-lin laderwebr
8Ai. i:t
Owing to the prst two enpropi
lions days, we have determined to
continue our Great Sale of Muslin
Underwear one day lorger. AH
prces named in Sunday's isii9 of
this paper will be maintained.
Embroidery Itcitarliiient,
We offer to day a big drive in
mull embroideries. Tneee goods
have jus' arrived, and we can say
with confidence that they are bet
ter value than any line of nice
patterns that have ben offered by
ui this season. The lot comprises
200 pieces, 2 to 4 J inches wide, 15c.
175 " 24 to 5 " " 20.'.
125 " 3 to 8 " " 25c.
White Goods Department.
We offer one cans more of those
handsoaie large Malacca White
Plaids, fall 32 inches wide. This
cue we offer an tbe came price that
we held the o'ber two cases at 15
ten's per yard.
One case shear mull plaids, very
handsome white plaids, full 32
inches wide, same giods sold all
over the city at 252 per yard, our
price for this cas, 15c per yard.
100 dozen red plaid Turkish tow
els, 18x36, spleudid value, our
price on these goods only fl 50 per
dozen. Cannot be duplicated.
50 d:z m baadsomettrijiidTurk
Ish ba h towels, 22x45, we offer
these a, f 2 60 per dozen.
We place on inle to-dav our
third consignment of thse brace
lets, with three genuine sea beans
and two shells, finer in finish than
.any of our previous lots sold at
three tunes the puce.
Just received a fresh import con
signment of fans in go d and cop
per colors, much prettier and bet
ter va'ua than those we advertised
two weeks ago. Call and make
your selection at 25o each.
SIouoKraui liauglea; Mnlford
Unredeemed Pledgee.
N. Bach, successor to tiodshaw &
Bach, at 40 Monroe street, will have
an auction sale of unredeemed pledges
to commence at 7 :30 o'clock thu even
ing. Bargains can nearly always be
picked up at thee sales. Money ls ad
vanced on superior jewelry, and a
large portion of the pledges are never
redeemed and go at low figures at auc
Call the attention of Indies of
fashion to a new arrival of
Opened to-day, c insisting of
Persian Tatted Crepe,
Ecrn Mousellne d 'lode,
Sheer White Plaid Molls.
All new designs and perfect
beauties. Also choice lot of
At 15c and 18c per yard.
Solid MlTerHr at Mnlford'
Dyeing- and Cleaning.
Ladies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigol,6S Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods rwivd by express
Mnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main. ao
oritg orders from the country.
Owing to change of gauge we are now
prepared to contract for present or
future delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced rates.
Wo In RntltHlge A Lnenninralno for
er Plumbing aad Mae-fllllnc
Drnmmond's atnral Leaf.
The only genuine "Natural Leaf"
tobacco in the market ; "two tin taga,
One on sarh pnil of flip nlno- a mil. I
elegant chew. Dont be deceived into
bnvintr imitjitinna Tuka nnnn hnt flip
original "Drummond's Natural Leaf"
Centra! turnery.
Oil Market street. Telephone 717. Re
duction of prices for taianee of the
Wet Hntletfejt.l l.Mromnratno te da
your Plnmblnc,
At a Great Bargain.
Suburban Mansion
Cbarmini Family Benidence on Cooper
Avenue, with Kitenuve Out
Grove of MovniScent Oaki and Superb
Everrrrein'. All Open Land
in (iran.
4 If I t It H
Choicely Adapted ai a First-Clan Refl
donre fur a Lnrire Family, or a Semi
Country Caarilinirr Cluo-Houie, beui
ioary or Charitatile Inititution.
"Carver," Xow "Cooper I'lace"
Railroad Ftation nd Mnntaomery Park half
mile distant a-d in full view. Situated
near Poplar Boulevard, Union Avenue
and Centrul Avenue gravel roadt, and
three milei due Earn ot the City of Mem
phii and on liigh rolling land.
narThii Ii the cholcect and in out desirable
luburban reiider oe near Meiuphia, and il
worthy the attention of fnveiton for a home
or for Investment.
One-third canh, remainder in one to three
yean at purchateri' option, with intercut at
n p-r cent, from day of inle. PoiveMion
given any day alter palling title. Call on
!l7 KK'ji aTRKF.T.
All prices qtio'ed heretofo;e
will remain in fjics for all this
Our Famous (10c Opera Slippers,
For Misses and Ladies,
Come quick before they are all
We are So'e A tents for the
Just received a new lot of them.
Everything in the house is marked
down. Come and see us.
800 Main Street.
Fine Watch repairing at Mulford'g.
Plttabtirg Lnuip Coal
At 35c per barrel.
Isaacs A Co.'s antiquarian b;ok
etore and circulating library has re
moved fr.ira No. oil) Second to No. 419
Main street.
Mrs. Ilntleuberg.
Awnings, tents, cot, mattrefses and
tarpaulins made at 231 Second street,
OrderuM ulford Made Medals."
ItlaAot IIlKht
For you ti leave for tbe summer
uniil you have bought your trunk and
vnlifo at the rew Memphis Trunk
Factory, 331 Msin etret, Cvoodman A
Barrett. Old trunks repaired promptly
aud ceatl .
Anoosti-ra BiTTEits were prepared
by D.'. J. G. B Siegert for bis private
use. Thpir repu'ation is such tday
that they have become iienerally
known aa the best appelining tonic.
Beware oT counte feiis. Ask your
grocer or lrn glint for the genuine arti
cle, mannfaclured by Dr. J. G. B. Sie
gert A Soria
Naw Oblkans, June 15. Night
Departed : Annie P. Silver, 8t. Louis.
VicESBfRa, June 15. Night Ar
rived: City of Providence, St. Louis
PiTTiBi'RQ.June 15. Night River 5
feet 2 incite) on the gangs and falling.
Weather clear and warm.
Wheeling, June 15. Nigh River 4
feet i inches on the gauge and station
ary. Weather clear and warm.
CmciNNATr, O., June 15. Nigtit
River 12 feet 7 inches cn the gauge
and riaing. Weather clear and hot.
Cairo, June 15 Night River 22
feet 5 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weathr cloudy and warm. Arrived:
Gen. Pierton, Memphis, 1 p.m. De
parted: Gen. Pierson, Ohio river, 1
St. Louis, June 15. Night River
fa len 4 inches, and now stands 10 8-10
feet on the gauge. Weather clear and
warm. Arrived: City of Baton Rouge,
New Orleans. Departed: City of
Vicksburg, Vicasburg.
Preil.lent of the flreat LOUISVlLr. C0U-K1KR-JOI
RN AL CO., telli oat
he knows of
Winter-smiths Chill Cure.
OKfici or thi Corairta-JorFMaL,
L ciaviM.e, Kt.
Dr. Wintmmilk, Sir I aive a rule I have
observed for many yean, the value of your
remedy promtting me to lay, in reply to
four re'iueit, what I know of your Chill
are. Ihe private amuraneei of ita pffiraoj
I had, and the good remits of ita effect! I
had observed on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen yean, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to tent it in
my fnmily. The reulti have been entirely
latirt'aol.iry. The 6rt cae waa of two
yearn' standing, in which I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relict the chilli returning periodically
and with leemingly increased leverity.
Your pure broke them at once, and there hat
been no recurrence of them for more than
ii monthi. The other rate was ol a milder
firm, and yielded mora readily to other
reuiedien; bnt the chilli would return at in
tervals until your medicine wai used, lince
which lime, now several months, they have
ertircly disappeared. From the opportu
nity I have had to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief thai your Chill Cure a
valuAt'le specific, and performi all you
I'roume lor it. Keipe.'ifully,
ARTHl'R PETER Jt CO.. AgenU, Louie
ville, Ky.
JAMES C. BELL, Pretltlent.
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
NAlIL,EIt hardware: ixd igather.
BuT SPECIAL PRICES to Railroad and Levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness t3f
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Do and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
Enpecially Adapted to Mem
phis and Vicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but the man who comes home late at
night with a black eye will be re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnets will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 202 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, continne to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 2G2 Second street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but lalse hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere see the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get the most for your money come
to the
Opp. Court Nqnare,
Open evening-" mi 9, Batnrdnjra
till 11.
19" All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done free of charge.
N.B. We have several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests which
will be sold at 1 25.
Incorporated lOOO,
THE eonraa of .tuly it eitanded, thorough
and practical, anordina nurarior facili
tiea for obtaining a sound buiinasa education.
For Catalogua call at tha chool-room or
addrena T. A. LEDDIN. Principal.
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
Funeral Directors,
Ay I'LL and complete atoox of Wood atd
Metallic Caiei and Clicked, Cloth-Covered
Caketi aad finrial Kobei alwan on
band.jaar Or.lera b telarraoh promptly
iield. IV, , i ?.- u.m s
No. 238 Main Street.
E. F.
James H. Goodbar I Win. L, t lark Eugene J. CarrlnaTtoa I Fraaik . Jomta
IXIaatM.l3llaBli.eca. lOOO.I
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to HEIM'HAJITN OSLYthe largest ard boat gtock of Boot and Shoal wf
havo aver brought to this market, and which cannot ba tarpaaaad in quality ana
itylei br anr houae in thil or any other city. In addition to a complete lina of Eutern
made goodt, including the (ELKBHaTKU bUOUBAK A CO. BKOUaNN, we handle
a large and select (took of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Missel and Children. We
carry a number of tha best makes in tha country, in everv variety and stjle, and amom
them Itha well known Men's Calf Boots and Shoes manufactured by Geo. Hooker for our
Spring Trade. VVa also carry a choice line of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf. Dittinan A Co. Wa invite tha trade to examine
our atook before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything wa sell to give satisfaction.
WSMSf.lt A K '.
MEMPHIS. TENN., June 1, 1SS6.
TBE firm of ESTES, D0AS k CO. Is this day dissolved by limitation. The surviving
partner, Z. N. Kttes, will settle the business at tha office of their successors, Z. N.
ESTES A CO., who will eentinue tbe Wholesale Grocery and Cotton Factorage business as
formerly dona by us. Z. N. ESTES,
. J. DO AN, Executrix.
S. S.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street Memphis. Tenn.
For Jntlae ol' the ajrliuisial loort.
MESSRS. Sapoleon II1I1. Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, II . M. Neely. W. D.
Bethe.R. G.Craig A Co., G. V. Kambaut.
A. L. Lowenstein, J. S. Menken and otbers
In response to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge ol Shelby county, with sincere
thanks for your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce mytelf as a candidate for
the position, subject to the action of the
Democratic convention.
Clerk of tbe Criminal Court.
WE are authorized to announce R. 8.
CAPERS (tor twenty-one years Dep
uty) as a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, subject to tha Dem
ocratic Convention.
WE are authoriied to announce DABNEY
W. COLLIE K as a candidate tor Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby county,
subject to tha Democratic Convention.
County Court Clerk.
WE are authorized to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM Is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to tha action
of the Democratic Convention.
WE are authorized to announce P. J.
QCI'-tl.hY as a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, subject to the action of
the Shelby County Democratic Convention.
Judge of Ihe Probate Court.
TO My Fellow-Citizens of Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge may have
failed to reach many of you. I take this
method also of announcing myself a candi
date for that ollice, subject to the action of
the approaching Democratic County Con
vention, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor tone
your obedient tervant, T. B. MIC0U.
WE are authorized to announce J. P.
YOUNG as a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to the
action of the County Democratic Convention.
For Truatee.
WE are authorized to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subiect to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
WE are authorized to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS as a candidate for
re-election to the office of County Trustee,
subiect to the action of tha Democratic Con
vention. THE Apreal Is authorized to announce Mr.
N. F. LF.MASTER as a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby county, sub
iect to the action of the Democratic Conven
For Attorney-Cleneral.
WE are authorized to announce GEORGE
B. PETERS, Jr., as a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subieot to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal is authorized to announce S.
D. WEAKLEY at a candidate for Attorney-General,
subject to tha Democratic Con
For Kesjlater.
rpO the Voters of 6helby Connty and My
X Friends I hereby announce myself lor
the seoond time a candidate for the office of
County Register, subject to the Democratic
Convention. I am poor and need the office.
Feeling that my past service as a servant of
tha people has given satisfaction, and that I
an come before the people and ask their
suffrages and fupport for County Register, I
am, respectfully, JOHN A. POWEL.
T1TE are authorized to announce N. F. (
v v iDiji'.n.j nAnaiaun aa a canuiaaia
for Register, subject to the action of the
Democratic County Convention.
rpHE Appeal Is authorized to announce
for Register, sutject to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE nndersigned announces that he It a
candidate tor Register, and asks the
support ot the voters of Shelby county. If
electad. will endeavor to aive satisfaction in
the discharge of the duties of the offioe, and
places his claims subiect to the action of the
County Democratic Convention.
Memphis, March 28, 18S6.
Q A. DOUGLAS, of Kerrville, Tenn., Is a
KJ. candidate for KKW1S1 :e,K, subject to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
AlTE are authorized to announce K. A
W EDMONUSON as a candidate for
County Register, subject to tha action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal is authorised to announce
JOHN W. GOULD as a candidate for
tha office of Register, subject to the action of
tha Democratic Convention.
Judge of tbe Circuit Conn.
WM. 8. FLIPPIN is a candidate for Cir
cuit Judge of Shelby County, subject
to tha action of a Democratic Convention.
Wa are authorised to announce L. H. ES
TES, JR., as a candidate for Judge of tha
Circuit Court, subject to .he action of the
Democratic Convention.
JAMES L. G0ODLOE will baa candidate,
before the Democrati.- Convention, for
nomination to the office of Judge of the Cir
cuit Court: and. if defeated, will support
the successful nominee.
We are authorized to announce that JOnN
JOHNSTON is candidate for Judfe of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, subject to
action of the Democratic Convention.
TTT p Instant relivi. Final cure in
A AJ-IA.KJ. tan days, and never returns.
No purre. no salve, no suppository. Suffer
ers will learn of a simple remedy, Free, by
addressing C. J. MAauN,76iifHUSt.,K.Y.
JIEYEH, Kec'y and Treaa.
DURING the season we will receive Ben
Hart'a Berries morning and evening.
Just received a fresh lot of Kennedy fine
Biscuit and Cakes.
Butterscotch, Beatrice, Albert,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drops, Shrewsbury,
Cocoanut Taffy, Royal Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Assorted Jelly, Etc.
Corner hfcond and Beale Sta.
Importers and dealers In Woaia, tmraa.
nltloss and Flablns; Taekle, atullilera'
Hardware, fcleelrle Belle and Aza
nnuclalora for Hotels and Residences, Sea
Main afreet, Hemphle, Tenn. Eleetriej
supplies always on band. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
110,142,144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and the only complete
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Works In the city.
Manafaoturere of heavy dale Iron
work ol every description. Special
attention iee tn nlantation work-
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
eune, Flablnsr Tackle and B porta,
men's (Suppliea. ar Special attention
413 Main WUMemphlx, Tenn
Hans, AmmnnltloD, Fishing TacUe
and Base-Ball Hoods.
ate Main Street, Hesnpbln, Tenni
Manufacturing and Repairing of Sum
UANTPtl AGENTS, Men and Women
TYMii I CJ to sell "THE CHILDraj
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. H. Via
cent, D.D. One agent has sold 65 in a tow,
of 674 people; one 73 in a village ol 794;i n
new agent 66 in 10 days ; one 3 in 4 suooea
sive weeks : one 40 in 3 days at two different
times. Experience not necessary. Andres
40 Duarbnrn atrt. hieaa-o.
P " UnaMiefl Dictionarr
I The Latest ini ludes a Pronouncing
I !if .U'nr World. r
......... .Mw.inpMioiu iNciionary, H7"0
;V. . ,' . '""traiiiinai liN.um Won it
. '' more ,,mn toiin.l in
frh? , DA.m.r,V5 Dlc"ona,T. Cornea with or
without Patent Index. "Invaluable in ev-ry
cho,d and at every Fireside."
C. A C. MERRIAM A CO., Pub'rs.Sprlngficld, Mara.
Mississippi Tennessee ILK. Co.
atlock bolder' Meeting;
Mkiiphis, Tkkm., May 12, llWfl.
nPHE President and Directors of the Mis
A sissippi and Tennestea Railroad Com
pany, in accordance with section 15 of the
charter of said Company, hereby call a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders in this Com
pany, to be held in the office of the Compa
ny, in Memphis, Tenn., en Wednesday,
the SOib dy of Jane, 1N6. for the pur
pose of considering and acting on the con
tracts authorized by this Board on the lltb,
day of May, lfi: As to a Union Passenger
Depot, as to Track on River Front in Mem
puis, as to Gravel and use of Terminal Fa
cilities of this Company.
By order of the President and Board of
8. II. LAMB, Secretary .
Ollice Arlington Insurance Co.,
tMitaPHia, June II, lSSfi.
AT a meeting of the Directory of this
Company a D vidend of Five (5) Per
Cent, from the earnings of the Company was
declared and ordered credited on the stock
notes. T. B. SIMS, President,
rt. H. KKN.EDi.YSeoretary.

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