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To be riven under the aospiees of
Memphis Typographical Union Xo.l 1,
Monday, Jnae 91, 18S6.
Thii will be the moit enjoyable event of
the season.
All bad characters will please stay away,
at they will nut be tolerated on the grounds.
tar Privilege will be told at auction at
Estival Park, FRIDAY, JUNE IHth. at 2
o'clock p. m. Beer and Lunch on hand
Tuesday, June 22, 1SSO.
smr Procession at 1 :30 p.m.w
At 49 Market itreet.
"DOOMS Desirable, nicely furnished,
Gayoso. at
or without board. 1 aquaraa troin
OOMS AND BOARD Desirable rooms
and board at 72 Madison street.
ROOMS One large front room with bal
cony and one large back room with
large dressing-rcom, and others as good as
can be found in the city.
ST. JAME9 HOUSK-Cor. Beoond and Ad
ams sta. Room and board 16 per week.
Day board t per week.
00M Furnished room, with or withont
board, at ilV Court street.
OARD With eieellent room.
' NICK Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
wttn or wilnont Doara, at uv maaison si.
rTIWO lane unfurnished rooms, with or
j. witneui noara, a ov maaison street, car'
tier Third.
ROCKAWAY Brand new, and cheap.
Apply at 8. W. GARRISON,
corner Main and Madison streets.
ESK liandsome office cylinder desk and
child's crib and mattress. Apply at
C111ICKEN8 Seven varieties young fanoy
J chickens, In pairs or trios. Also, eggs
for setting. Greenwood Poultry Yard, city.
"VTO. 1 double surface matcher an I moulder
XN combined, with belts and everything in
Sood working order, cheap for cash. Ad
ress MATCHER, Coldwater, Mi-s.
K EW COTTAGES And beautiful build
XN ing lots, for sale on monthly payments,
two blocks from street oars, near State fe
male College. Apply to
T. A. LAMB, 10 Madison street.
1 hotel in complete running order, cheap
for cash; eleven bed-rooms, office, dining
room, dish-room and kitchen. Building tor
rent. Good location, near L.. N. 0. and T.
R. K., in town o Clarksdale, Miss. Apply
0RSE8 A handsome close-matched
pair ot horses, kind, gentle and stylish.
P. II. BRYSON, 308 Main St.
14o Front, cor, mcnange. Apply mere.
LD PAPERS-Cheap, at .
appeal urricis.
8 W.BARBE8. Ashland City. Tenn.
H?OPifi WILL BUY a new business for
SiJJ the titate of Tennessee. Ala
bama. Missouri or Louisiana, to make large
cash profits at once: a monopoly fully pro
teoted. Parlies wishinr a good business ad
dress MANUFACTURER, this office.
AT NEWPORT NEWS, VA.-1000 lots, .
U water fro 1, 4C feet deep. For full
information address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Lexington street. Baltimore. Md.
OUSK 75 Adams street, corner Third,
from July 1st: eighteen rooms.
JMt. w. ttiKKlJN.ia mnuison at.
ROOMS A suit of rooms in Masonic Tem
ple. Apply to BUN F. PRICE.
OUSE9-318 Poplar street and 136 Ala-
JCHN KKED. 320 Poplar st.
OOMS Furnished, tingle or en suite, at
135 Mauison si. neierences rewuireu.
DOG A larre black Newfoundland bitch.
The finder will be rewardtd by return
ing her to No. 86 Exchange street.
OUSE-392 Court street extended. Er
trything in good repair. Apply to
N. B. JOHNSTON, 7 Second tt.
COTTAGE With seven rooms, near street
car line, at $M per month. Apply to
11. F. DIX. 297 Second st.
yTOREIIOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
O new cotton-room, r0i35 feet.
OTTON-SUKD Corner of Union and
Third streets. m. E. mbauhaji.
RESIDENCE For three or tlx months,
my residenoe in the city of Fort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. Brick
house with ten rooms, in the most desirable
part of the city Good well of water and
hydrant in the yard; house furnished with
gas; near street-car line; every convenience
of a home. Address
Fort Smith, Ark.
HOUSE A new double-tenement house, 4
rooms on each side; nicely finished;
large yard; in fact, all conveniences, on
Koss avenue. Good cistern. Apply to Mrs.
K, Qnin'an. 130 Manassas st.
For Mississippi. Apply to
MEN To sell our goods In Shelby and ad
joining counties. Will pay good salary
and all expenses. Write for terms and slate
aalary wanted. . . .
Manufacturers, 294 George ft., Cincinnati, 0,
property without removal. Addre
P. 0. BOX 18.
A GOOD MILKER Who would be will
ing to assist with other farm work.
References required. Address w
Lnla Station, Coahoma county. Miss.
EVERYBODY To call and tee the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 117 Third
etreet, pear Poplar.
MAN to take an effioe and represent a
manufacturer; tVU per week; small
capital required. Address, with stamp, Box
70 West Acton. Ma's.
LADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell'i
New " Tilter "a Tilter, Bustle, Uoop
tkirtand Underskirt oombined. Hoops can
be removed and skirt laundried. Adjusta
ble to any site. Very fashionaole, and sells
for ti to every well-dressed lady as soon as
hown. Agents double their money, Also,
a lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, E. II.
CAMPBELL k CO., No. 48 West Randolph
Itreet, Chicago. III.
SALESMEN In every State in the U'ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
BrioULTias thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in oonnection
with other goods. Address THE WM.' B.
YOU TO LOOK At the Memphis Steam
Lae ndry ad. and learn to keep in style.
JJJ made the greatest discovery of the age
in filing teeth with gold. For the next
thirty days I will til tooth for II 50.
A. WESSON, 243 Main tt.
AGENTS coin money with our Amateur
Photo outfit, and collecting family
pictures to enlarge, t pecial 30-day offer.
KMPIHE COPtlNG CO.. 381 Canal St., M.Y.
MKN and women to start a new business
at their homes, easily learned in an
bour; lfo to 50c an hour made daytime or
evening. Send 10c lor a package of samples
and 24 working samples to commence on.
Addres ALBANY SI PPLr CO., Albany. N.Y
OLD GOLD k SILVKR-Foreash orex
change. MT'LFuRD, Jeweler, 4 Ma n.
HIGH ET carh prices paid for old and new
FEATUKRS at 44 Main street.
illnjVJ dreM at
onoe. 1K. SCUT I'd
iTl KCTRIG GOODS. Mi UroaUway. New
1 ojk. 1 he only gen nine.
A ORVTS In evarv aeation of th couotrv
il fr two New Books, just ready. SrinaL
Txaueto men of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. Bute experienee, age
and territory wanted. C'ASSELL k CO.
i limited), fc2 Broadway, N. Y and 40 Dear
idin itreet, Chicago.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel ol
purity, strength and wholesomenets. More
economical than the ordinar; kinds, and
cannot be sold in competition wi.h the
multitude ot low test, short weight aluir or
phosphate powders. Hold only tincans. HoiiL
Bum PnTnm Cn. . WW W.ll .TwYrrk.
ANEW PROCESS-For making old col
lars and cuffs look new. f-ee advertise
ment of Mpmphis Htpam Lsnnrlrv.
HORSE-Dark bay, 15X hands high. 12
years old, heavy tail, sway-back; last
seen akout noon on 15th instant near Base
ball Pirk. A suitable leward will be paid
for bis dalive'vat the Jockey I lab StaM.
HORSE One brown or dark bay horse,
about 15 hands high, 8 years old. Re
turn to Dr. T. L. Bauguss, Third and Walker
OLD RING One plain gold ring, in
alley between 5U Madison street and the
Clarendon IJotel. Kinder will return to
Mrs. Willis, Gantt & Patterson's office, and
be liberally rewarded
PENCIL Gold and pearl pencil. Finder
will be rewarded by returning to 145
Madison street.
0. A. address F. A., in strict confl-
dence, No. 1 Broadway, New York,
TUB IDEA That collars and cuffs cannot
be re-laundricd to appear equal to new
work. See Mem? his Steam Laundry adver
tisereent for particulars.
C CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump.' Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone few. TII"S. CUHBISS.
At a Great Bargain.
Suburban Mansion
Charming Family Residence on Cooper
Avenue, with Extensive Out
Grove of Magnificent Oaks and Superb
Evergreens. All Open Land
in Grass.
Choicely Adapted at a First-Class Resi
dence for a Large Family, or a Semi
Country Bearding or Club-llouse, Sem
inary or Chnrituble Institution.
"Carver," Now "Cooper Tlace"
Railroad Station -nd Montgomery Park hall
mile distant a"d in full view. Situated
near Poplar Boulevard, Union Avenue
and Contrtil Avenue gravel roads, and
three miles due East ot the City of Mem
phis and on high rolling land.
e-Thls is the choicest and most desirable
suburban residence near Memphis, and is
worthy the attention of investors for a home
or for investment.
One-third cash, remainder In one to three
years at purchasers' option, with interest at
6 pir cent, from day of tale. Possession
given any day alter passing title. Call on
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
3 IS Maiu HU, Memphis, Tenn
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' materials,
Strike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move oer immense stock w
make the following offer:
Good Straw Hate at 35o. 50o and T5c
Extra Fine Straw 11 aU at....4l, tl 25, II SO, li
Small Straw Bonnets, all colon........ 50e
Extra Wide Brim Hate, for eountry.....JSo
Beautiful Roses, all colors, per doien...40e
Violets, per doien 5e
Buttercups, per doien l"o
Carnation Pinks, per doien -Is
Elegant Buncbe" of Flowers Xe
Extra Fine Bunches of Flowers 5nc
Imported Frenoh Flowers from.. 41 to to
omricta 'I i 13 In bssncta) for ... ac
Fruits, Leaves, Stems, all kinds of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowers.
Bridal and Mourning Ontflta
The Finest Assortment of D0LL3 in the olty.
Hula Benlinped, freitriera Cleaned,
lajreel aad Curled.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by the small or
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Employing the best hands in the city, give
onr whole attention to it, and we defy oon
petition in that line.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALEDtPROPOSAL'i for theereciion of
the West Tennessee Insane Asylum will
be received at Bolivar, llanitman county.
Tennessee, until 12 m. Julyfi, 1HM Thoy
must be addressed to Al STIN MILLKH,
Cb.irman, and 'uiUbly indorsed.
Proposals will be received for the wbol-i
work or for the work of the several trados
Pians and speci6catinns may be seen and
any oilier information obtained at the office
of AI'STIS MII.LKK, IMivir, Tenn., or
the office of McDoNALD BhOS., Filth and
Market streets Louisville, Ky.
I he rig t is reserved to reject any or ail
bid. and to waive tLER
Building Commissioners.
AnotUer Louisiana Hranih Tarions
Georgia Enterprises Spikes
and Sparks.
A. J. Mart n hea been appointed
Tenneswe right of way afnt for Uie
Kansas City, Mempbiti and Uirming
bam road aid will begin work at occa
at this end of the line. A big batch
ot abstiacta have already been ordered
and it is stat id that the contract for
that portion of the road between
Memphis and the Illinois Central will
be let as eoon as Captain Grant re
turns, lie h ezpecttd the first of
next week. The paiuanent survey
plAces the right of way in the eoutti
eaetern suburbs, adjoining th8 Mem
phis, Birmingham aud Atlantic right
of way, which it parallels to a point
abont two miles beyond McGee s tta
tion. Then it braocbei off to the
toath ward. As stited by the A itkal
a day or two since a contract baa al
ready been let for eight miles on the
Birmingham end. There will be very
little difficult work for that distance,
bnt from that point on the line passes
through a rugged country through
which the cost ia many plact s will be
150,000 a mile. The course parsued
is su.h ttint at any time until it
passes a point sixty miles this side of
Kancae City a Joining with the Mem
phis, Birmingham and Atlantic will
be easy and natural.
I'Btoa Depot.
Texarkana is experiencing the rnme
trouble over the location of a union
depot that Memphis and Dallas are.
The people cn tbe Arkansas side of
the line, like the East Dallas people,
are fully persuaded that the depot
ought to be located in Arkansas, and
the people of tbe Texas side, like West
Dallas cit'zens, are of the opinion that
it would be a high handed outrage to
locate it over the Rackensatk line.
Braaich From TallnUh.
A prominent Louisiana planter says
be has good reason to aeee t that the
Quen and Crescent railroad managers
contemplate building a branch rail
road 1 1 run south from Tallulab, Ia.,
through the Koundaway bayou, via
Xewell's K'dge and Lake St. Joseph
county. If built, ibis road will be
about thirty miles long and will tap
one of th.e richest cotton regions in
Louisiana, reaching the entire route,
except about three miles, through well
improved and established plantations,
and it will be not only a great feeder
to tbe VickBburg, Bhreveport and
Texas road, but of great value to
Spike anil Npark.
Rumor is rife that the Columbus and
Western people have decided to lo
cate their line f rom (ioodwater, by tbe
fcfhelhy Iron Works, Columbiana, and
tap the Louisville and Nashville at or
near Siluria, Ala,
Cait. Hill has resigned from the
Georgia road to puBh the work of the
Union Point and White l';a;n3 rail
road. The withdrawal of the Queen and
Crescent from the Southern pool is
provoking some comment among the
lines in tnat association, bat the ac
tion seems to be a source of more sit
ififac'ion than regret to them.
St. Louis Rn.ce.
St. Louis, Mo., June 18 Weather
very agrtesble; track good; attend
ance very large. The fact that Tyrant
was lame from the efl'octa of a curb,
which obliged Mr. Hapgin to pay for
feit in the match race betweten Tyrant
and Volant", was a grett disappoint
ment to tbe large crowd present.
Firtt Jlace. Three-quarters of a
mile. Truant (107), Sloval ; Gr&cie D.
(102) . Fuller; Krait (102), llollis; Pio
crostination (110), West.
lieUing. Truant, $15; Procrastina
tion, $:10; Grac:e D , $18; Visit, $4.
At thestait Visit was first away, but
sfter they pa'sed the balf-mile pole
she dropped back, Procrastination 1.0
ing to the front; Truant, second.
There was no change to the end, Pro
crastination winning easily by five
lengths; (Truant second, Gracie a bad
third. Time 1:19.
Second Race. One mile and a quar
ter. Biddy Bowling (90), O'Brien;
Jim Nave (85), Narvis; Sovereign Pat
(105), Stoval; Ella Glenelg (88), Ball;
Kildare (74), Hollis; Lslnod (83),
Sodgely; John Sullivan (92), Coving
tonfFloraL (91), Fuller.
Betting. Flora L, $50; Sovereign
Pat, $30; Jim Nave, $23; field, $25.
For tbe first half mile Ella Glenelg
was several lengths in the lead with
Biddv Bowling, Sovereign Put and
Jim Nave close together on the back
stretch. Flora L movtd up and took
the lead on the lower turn, followed
by LiB and and Sovereign Pat. There
was no change of position to the end
and Flora L won easily by two lengths ;
Lihland second, two lengths in front oi
Sovereign. Pat third. Time 2:12.
Thre was no advance on the entered
selling price for the winner.
Third Race The Koyal Sec pnree,
mile and an eighth. Binette (102),
Kelly; Alfred (90), Covington ; Hilar
ity (112), L. Jonts; Lizz'e Dwyer
(103) . Fuller; Hertogas (93), Hollis;
Fnnio B. (102), Corbett. Non starter:
Betting. Lizzie Dwyer, $100; Bi
nette, $38; Hilarity, $12; field, $5.
Fannie B. and Hertogas in front as
named made tbe running for three
eighth of a mile. Hilarity, Binet'e
and Lizz!e Dwyer then went to the
front. The three ran very close to
gether to the end, Hilarity winning
by la f a head; Binelta second, a
head in front of Lizzie Dwyer, third.
Time 1:58.
Fourth Race. The great match, one
mile and a balf. As Tyran'-. bad been
lame, Mr. Uaggia paid a forfeit of
12500 to Volants, ami the race waa of
ficially declared ofl.
Fifth Race. Steeplecbase.full course,
gentlemen riders.Adagio (149),Primm ;
weorge (149), O'Fallon; Foxhall (149),
Farrar. Noi..3Urters: Nancy A., Car
rie B., Adele and Jack.
As there was a long delay as to who
would start, the book-makers betting
in tbe meantime aa if the seven were
in, the bet'ing was declared ofl, the
book makers opening a new book on
tie three starters.
Betting. George, $25; Foxhall, $12;
Adagio, $10.
George waited on Foxhall into the
rt gu'ar race track, where he went to
tie front, winnins ewilv bv seven
lengths; Foxhall second. Adagio
would not jump, did not finish, and
was not placed. lime 4:49.
I satckuay's backs.
Fairies and weights for to-morrow's
First Race. One mile and onef-eix
; ieenth. Logan (103), Gold Flea (98),
I Ailee (117), Joquita (122), Boaz (103),
Harefoot (118), Revoke (H9),Leman
(119). Malva U. (981
Second Rare. Tbi Adolphus Basch
stakes, one mi'e land one-eighth.
Kaloolah tllS), Estfel'a tllS), Mamie
Hunt (113), Maeola (113), Ada D ,(1131.
Third Rat. Tha wranite Mountain
Mining Company s s.ke, one mile and
one-eiBhh. Freemsn (US), F.ora L
(!S), Wants (118). Bu. hanan (1221,
Po-ter Ar-he (103). Editor (115),. Grij
ma'di (103), May Lady ( S).
FourVi Race. Tb St Lonis Brew
ers' cup, two milel and a quarter.
Mo 'rsty (109), Editff (1 ia), Clay Pate
(108), Lut ky B (118).
Fifth Race. SteepUcha ie,fuU course.
Foxhound (140), Tara blanket (140),
Kan O'k (149), KuiLbro k (148), Hop
Sine(135), Aureliao(150 , Aacol: (152),
Myst.c (130), Harry CruM (130).
Brlghloa IfMB aeei.
Brighton Biacb.N Y., June 18.
FirM Race. Fi ve-eithtl of a mile.
Compsneate won bya length; Lelagrir
seomi, Belinda third. Time 1:07.
Secmd Race. Seren-eighths of a
mile. Bohemia wot :y three lengths ;
Saniloval 83cond, Westfull third. Time
-1 :3T.. I
Third Race. Stren-eighths of a
mile. Berlin won by a neck ; Weasnl
second, Ha oline third. Time 1:35J.
Fourth Race. t'eren-eighths of a
mile. Ked Back won by two lengths;
Gold Star second, Malaria third. Time
1 :35.
Ffih Race Ona mile and three
eigh'ts. Referee1 won by a sboit
hi ad; Windsail Beoond, Change third.
Time 2:37. i
SUtli Race Cjnoy Lland s'akes for
three-year-olds, one mile and one
quarter. Paekskiij won by balf a
length ; I. H. V. second, Ariel third.
Time 2:18.
Setvnth Race Oat Hi le. Santa Claus
won; Harry Mann itcond, Poverty
third. Time 1:621.
Match Race. O. e quarter of a m'le;
Ella II. and Queen of Hearts. K'.la H.
won. Time-0:3J.
Dpllahirnl KaivriHlasancnt I.Mt
fcweniuK at Msslninerj I'ark.
Everything eombiimd to make the
ente triinmont at Mintgomery Park
last night one of the most delightful
which has been given there since the
erection of the club-house, which
grows in favor and populanty every
day. The necessity for postponement
r n account of tht rain during the first
three days of the week prevented tha
a'tendac'ce from being aa large as
wnu:d othorwi e have been, but
life of real enjmnent was lest
on that account. What was lacking
ia numbers was mote than mado up
in congania'i'y. The gathering wa
more truly a social one then any of
the formal fashionable events of a
more pretentious character. The
n'ght was ss delightful as Col.
Montgomery himself could have
des red. The ' stars twinkled in
a eloudlers sky, an lata little befoie
9 o'clock the moon r;s4, bathing tbe
landscape in a foil light, lending to
the scene a charm lovelier than that
which could be lent to any aiiff gather
ing o( the city by artificial means. The
roads were in excellent condition, the
favorite drive being out Union avenue
to McLane, then to Central and out
Central to the park gate. This route
U now macadamized nearly all the
way and all the heavy grades have
lisen cut away. The tally-ho coach
mado excellent lime, doing the entire
rlistanee in twenty-five minutes. Col.
Montgomery held the wins
and the dozen passengers held
their breath. The coaching party
was the first to arrive on the grounds,
but by 9 o'clock dozens of carriages
had discharged tbeir burdens of love
liness at the club-house door, the ve
randas were well fi led with little so
cial group', and within dozens ol
dancers w heeled to the music of an
excellent string band. The tinkling
of glasses kept time with the twink
ling of toes on the sanded floor, and
at 11 o'clock a light, delicious supper
was epread in the diningroara. The
evening was thoronghly enjoyed by
all who were present, and the success
of the club-house entertainment la
from this time forth assured. Among
the ladies present the following were
Miss Kate Thompson, Miss M Thompson
Miss In Hemmcs, MissCarriellrosvenor,
Miss l'ot Uallowa, Mis Mottie Humes,
Miss Mamie Seaife, Miss Uerlrude Alcorn,
Miss .Jrsflie Alcorn, Miss J Montgomery,
Miss Fontaine, Miae Cochran,
Miss llnnt. Miss torn ban),
M as J Fontaine, Miss K Kentres,
Miss Lilly Hill. Miss Kannie Falls,
Mrs K F Patterson, Mrs R U Vance,
Mrs Fred Anderaon, Mrs John Falls,
Mrs T J Latham, Mrs N Fontaine,
Mrs C W Schulte, Mrs I W Cochran,
Mrs. Julia Uoyl.
A C lored Church at Dnllna, Tex ,
All Urolsesa Up.
Dallas, Tex., June 10 The Dis
trict Court for two days has been the
scene of excitement and tumult. An
order of injunction waa sought in or
der to res' rain the colored Antioch
Baptist church members from "shout
ing, t creaming and yelling at the top
o! their voice), and running np and
down tbe floor, and jumping np and
down on the same." Tue whole
neighborhood abont thechu'eh, white
and colored people alike, poured a
volley of stories about diabolical noises
and ecenta into the judge's ear. The
Court has been wrestling with the case
diligently, and to-day granted the in
junction of restraint in tbe following
"The constitution guarantees per
fect freedom of conscience. No court
of law can dictate how a man shall
worship, bnt the exercise of that right
mu tnot Interfere with the rights of
another. A man baa the right to en
joy, but not to injure; the right to
maintain, but not to treat asi. Shout
ing in religious worshlp may bs a mat
ter of conscience, bnt it doea not get
beyond State regulations by reason of
that I do not tbink that noise is a
part of religion, but I may not be a
good judge of tbat. It seems to me
to be only the result of emotional ex
citement, each as may be fonnd at
conventions or theaters. It may or
may not be neceary in religion, but
it can also be a nuii ance. A man has
a right to shout as long and as loudly
as be pleases, provided he does it
where be will not dstorb others.
Bleep is essential, and to rob a man of
sleep is aa much aa infringement of
his tights as if he were robbed of his
chattels. The order of the Court is
that npon petitioners giving bond in
tha sum of $500 the Clerk of the
Comtwill issue a writ of injunction,
restraining tha defendant from dis
turbing petitioners or permitting same
in said church, by loud and unusual
or unreasonable noise.
ew Saloon,
T.m C . .. . 1 1 a n n 1 ! 1 mi n Vila nAW
if JU j7ufl'iv will v f" ' ' 'J -" "
saloon at the corner of Fourth and
Poplar street) to-day. He will cele
v,n .vunt with fmAlnnrh. with
mocaroni in true Ita! an style, from
7 o'clock to 9 o'clock this evening, and
invites bis friends and the public to
1 Tl.o hoof n( winoc liniinrj
BlKliii. . " i. v vj i r- ..... , -
an d citais will be dispensed ann every
. It U- I 1 I. a
euou win no maun io ji.cboo iu
. . . i .
patrons oi iue new couse.
Resolutions Against These Impedi
ments to Navigation Adopted and
Forwarded to Washington.
At a joint meeting of the Merchants'
and Cotton Exchanges held in the
rooms yesterday, W. J. Crawford as
unanimously elected cha'rman and
Henry Hotter secretary. The chair
man announced the object of the
meeting to be to take action with ref
erence to tho propieed construction of
low bridges across ths Mississippi and
Ohio rivers. On motion of Mr. R. C.
Graves the following resolutions were
adopted and ordered forwarded to
Senator Harris:
Whereas, We. the merchants and
citizens of Memphis, see from the pub
lic papers that certain turtles are en
deavoring to bridge the Mississippi
and Ohio rivers with what are termed
low bridges with draw span. Now
we b?g leave through you to protest
against tbe United rstats Government
granting charters for such purposes,
r-aid bridges are an obstruction to nav
Ignton In all its branches ; for instance,
a towbea! with an ordinary tow of
barges entering a span of 200 fott
would have only about thirty cr forty
feet to si are. lloats with extraordi
nary tows, such as coal tows, would be
compelled to break up their cargo and
take them throngh in detached por
tions. A span of 200 feet with Ita at
tendant cross current caused by the
proximity of the piers, and more
especially in windy weather, would
not admit of an ordinary steamer
heavily ladened passing through with
out extraordinary hazird. Again,
suppose yau pla?e tbe draw over the
channel luis year ana me. vnannei
changes to the other shore,
or even to the next 200
feet scan, why the who'e river wmld
be utterly blocked against navigation.
Kafta and tutboats. in windy weather
espec'allv, could with difficulty runthe
spans. Thus yon see that the low
bridge is a nuisance and obstruction to
the na'ural chean mnde of water
transportation ; and as there is but 10
per cent, dillerence between a low ana
high bridge it seems to us that the
projectors of the low bridge system
place a very low estima'e on th com
merce ol the waters of the United
Remhvd. That we earnestly protest
against the erection of any bridge over
the Mississippi Uiver, south of the
mouth of tbe Mis-tour i H ver, with a
less hieht or width than the channel
span of theprcsont bridge at St. I -on is,
There being no further business the
meeting adjourned.
At the RMidoar of Mr. I.onl I'.rb,
on Ileranmla Bond.
The residence of Mr. Louis Erb, on
Hernando road, was the scane last
night of a most enjoyable lawn party,
at which the elite of Uerman society
in Memphis were present in large
numbers. The spacious grounds sur
rounding Mr. Erb's rcitlence were
brilliantly lllumlnaied for the occa
sion, Chine;e lanterns in countless
numbers sheading their salt
light npon the smoothly-cut lawn.
Arnolds band aiscoursea sweet
music, and thofe who were so in
clined tripped merrily In the dance,
while others strolletf on the smooth
sward or chattod in pleasant groups
seated on the rustic benches that
everywhere abounded. Ice-cream,
lemonade and oilier damr.es were on
band in unlimited profusion to tempt
the palates of the fair sex, while tho'o
of ftrner mould were enabled to
quail' the na'Kinal beverage to their
h art's content Singing by the
Casino Liedertafel jfaa of the
pleaeant episodes ofthe evening.
As a token of the esteem in
which Mr. Krb is held by his brother
members of the Casino, a bsautiful
floral tribute was presented to him on
behalf of that organization, and Mr.
Erb accepted tbe compliment in brief
but eloquent words. Altogether, it
was a thoroughly enjoyable affnir, and
all who were present were loud in
tbeir pralees of the admirabls manner
in which they had been entertained.
Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Joeeph Specht, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Voegeli, Mr. and Mrs.
John Ksid, Prof. H. Hchu'ze and wife,
Dr. West, Mr. and Mrs. II. Keiler, Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Jordan, Dr. Deuteeh and wife,
Dr. Kenkert aud wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Finley, Mr. and Mrs. K.
C. Moeller, Dr. Latkl and wifo,
Mr. and Mrs.G. Hubner, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Hebolt, Mr. and Mrs. Theo
Krekel, Mr. and Mis. Sig. Koeseberg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Moeller, Mr. and
Mrs. O. Z'inmerman, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. H. Vrgel, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Pastel. Mrs. Elbe Morrell, Mrs. Heinz
and Miss Bob Hi-inz of Now Orleans,
Misses Ixrena Spocht, Emma Vo-sell,
W. Hobson, J. Hobson, Effle Erb, Ida
Frl, n'nra Acker. Ida Sunns. Lottie
Cook, M. Jordan, Addie McCroakey,
Annie Kted, May Mcurosxey innary
Meiner. Carrie Ulieson, Mary Ritter,
Leonard Frank, A. Ozanne, Lula Phil
lipre, A. Grosvenor. Alxe O'Noil,
Lula Renkert, Mr. and Mrs. A. Reis,
and Messrs. L. Kettman, George
Kettman, Henry I'etersen, Otto
Zshn, Edward Voegeli, W. Stnrnm
ler, F. Ozanne, Christopher Wilms,
Karl Drolft, W. E. Rollins, H. Luehr
mann. Smith Davis. Chas. Eberhard,
Finnie, L. McCroskey. J. Ritter,
B L. Bridges, U. uanin, Aiuan inu
mel, M. C. Renkert, Chas. Barlein,
Mr. Godwin of Richmond, Ky., Capt.
W. L. Trask, and J. Irving Crabbe,
Adtloe to Mother.
Mm Winalnw'a Sootllintr SvrUO
should always be used when children
are cutting teetli. li relieves mo uum
snflerers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as orignr, as a Dtuton. n in
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
-l.lf.l -nflona tltn m.mo allaVM nil
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, ana is ine mm smu u romuuj
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
t.u.thinir or other causes. Twenty-
five cents a bottle.
A DrngKiHt'o Mory.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., writea us: "I have
for the past ten years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balsa'O for
tbe Lnngs. I can say of it wbat I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never beard a customer speak of
it but to praise ita virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
congh, with the happiest effects. I
hav used it in mv own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Mra. nutfenlMTK.
Awnings, tents, cots, mattresses and
tarpaulins mads at 231 Second street
OFFICE Room 1 (new ) Cotton Exchange Building. Telephone 60S.
N.rlh Hrlllah sdI Mr-
renlll. (nearly! , ill.VOOO.OOO
WMrlmtfroraswIerk l.leH.IMiH
I silo of liloreili. . I,l4a. I
Ames-Iran Barely 4'oinpsissy,
All classes of property Inmr.J. Pierlil
While Onr Men Allow the Nlrlpllna
Wrll to Hold Thorn Down to
Seven NrMlerlna lilt.
IsranuL to th rriiL.l
Atlanta, Ua., June is, To-day's
game between .Memphis and Atlanta
was a cbxeiy contested one by both
rid-a and was interesting throughout.
Atlanta seemed to lie in luck, how
ever, and downed the vis tors, though
they played a magnificent game and
showed up strongly at every paint
Atlauta's tielding and base running
was never shown to bftti-r advantage
lhn to-day. Tho olhcial ecore is as
ATLANTA. R. 11.11. PO, A. I.
Cllne, , s 2 2 110
l'uicoll, 1. f 2 13 10
Lyon?, Mb 0 2 12 0
Lynch, 1st b 0 0 8 0 0
Strieker, 2 J b 1 2 6 5 0
Mappcs.c. J. Ac... 1 2 0 0 0
Williams, r. f 0 0 110
tiunson, c 0 2 8 2 1
Wells, p 0 0 0 1 0
Canway.o 1 0 0 0 0 0
Total 0 11 27 13 1
MKMI'HIH. ft. B.H. P.O. A. B.
Krle, c. f 0 0 2 0 0
Stioed, r. f 0 2 0 0 0
Mcf-'orley, 3d b.... 0 0 3 2 0
Uroiightoii, c 0 0 10 0 1
Andrews, 1st b.... 118 0 0
Hhea, I. f 0 110 0
Kuswllbaeh, s. s... 0 113 1
Phelan, 2d b 0 2 12 2
Knoufl'.p 0 0 0 2 0
Total 1 7 1!0 15 4
I'nradl out for not t inching llrat.
Atlanta 2 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0-
Memphis 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1
nummary Karned runs Atlanta,
2; Memphis, 1. Two-base hlta Unn
S3n, Mappes, Andrews, Hhea. Three
base hit jl.yoii" 2, Kneed 1. Home
run I'urccli. Double plays I'urcell
and St'icker. lttaes stolen Cllne 1,
I'orcsll 2, Strieker 3, Mnppes 4, Will
lams 1, Kneed 2, l'helan 1. Irtriickout
Ity Wells, 10: by KnouO, 10 Itases
on balls lly Wells, 3; by Knonff, 3.
Passed bails Hroughton, 3. Wild
pitches Knonff, 2. Left on bases
Atlanta, ti; Memphis, 7. Time of
game, 2:20. Unipre Burns.
The) Avnlnuch ( Ink mils to Ava
Israelii, to Tin irrni.,1
Ghknada, Miss, Jnne 18. The
M iuphia Avalanche Club received a
Walarloo defeat this evening at the
hands of the Grenada Athletics, the
ecoie (tanding 14 to 0 In favor ot the
latter. The Memphis club in the last
inning threw up the game in disgust.
Gerard made four runs, which mado
hira (luitu famouB.
A Kin Unino al Macon.
Macon, Ga., June 18. Macon do
tested Angus' a in an eleven inning
fame to-day. Augusta scared in the
fifth inning and Mucin In the sixth
and neither did anything morn until
in H e eleventh inning, when Macon
inndo two hits ami aided by an error
tent a man across the borne plate, the
srore standing 2 to 1. llolacher and
Kutclifle were Augus'a'sbat'ery, Hmlth
and Dfcker for Mucon. Base h ts
Macon, II; Anginln, 3. Krrors-Ma-con,
2; Augusta, 4.
Savannah's i:wy Victory.
Ibpioial to tbi irraAL.I
SAVANNAir, Ga., June 18 Kavan
nah beat Charleston without much
difficulty to-day. Weybing, the viel
tora' brag pitcher, was knocked com
pletely out without dilllcuity. McVey
was hit on the finger and retired,
Hint taking hi place. The crowd
was the largett since tho Chicago
games. Up to the ninth inning only
five hits were made off Monarty.
After this lis got careless, ami with
two men ont four runs were made.
The batteriej for to-morrow are War
ner and Hines snl O'Day and Gillen.
Score by innings:
Savannah 0 0 3 1 3 0 0 2 2-11
Charleston 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 40
They Conldn'l Hit on lo Ntirevo.
lanoiAL to Taa irraAL.I
fillATTAMOOQA. TgrlH.. June 18.
Chattanojga won to day's game from
Nashville by bard hitting, earning
four out of the five runs made. The
irame was a brilliant one for the locals
and created the greatest enthusiasm
among Ihe spectators, ine aanviuea
played a magnificent game, having
only two errors, but failed to find
Hhreve'e curves. The game wis
in evarr way satisfactory and
to morrow 1500 people will witness
the gams, the Nashville team con
ducting themselves on the field in
such a way as to attract people again
to see them. Dundon and Kreh
meyer and Shrsve and Arundel were
the batteries. Score by innings :
Chattanooga...... 2 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0-0
Kaahvule u o u u u u u o
HaMhall Note.
riTTBiiURO, 4 ; Liuiaville, 9.
Philadelphia, 8; Boston, 2.
Kt. Louis, 11; Cincinnati, 0.
New Yobc, 10; Washington, 4.
Brooklyh, 5; Metropolitans, 3.
Athlbtic, 4; Baltimore, 5. Ten in
nings. ni..n.. nn, Vir.o nit'her fels
to have a kid like Wells win a game
from htm.
Admibkbs of baseball can see icore
by innings of all league games at
Chas. Myer's, No. 35 Monroe street
Whks will Umpire Burns come this
way? He seems to be pie for the
home nine and we want some of it,
and right quick, too.
KNorrrwas bit very hard yester
day; eleven hits with atotl of twenty
baee is rather ateep for a ciacB
pitcher. What was the ina'ter with
you vesterday, Mr. K nouil? Its
dollars to cente that if Dan O Leary
pitches to-day he will make a better
At a meeting last n'ght of the Bhel-by-street
Baseball Club the organiza
tion of eaid club was completed. Mr.
K C. Ellett was elected manager and
Mr. Henry Wade captain lor this aea-
gisllitblo er hllle .. l7.
HuoaslIlK of Haoavllle...
Flioaalm ef lirouklyB (Ma
rine Deeartinentl. 4,IO,sl
Mnhlua liosstlw of relyehlp.
Attention given to lnsnrinc Country Stare.
s m. Thv will probably play a game
with the Vance Btrdet Stars Monday
next. Kllutt and Kogra will be the
ba'tery for the Shelby atree's.
Tub manner in which Fnrccll,
Lyons, Slr.cker and Mappus acted with
the bat yesterday convinces us that
they are unblushing toughs and that
it would be to tbe intercs sof all cl.irts
that visit Atlanta to Insist upon t ieir
relea;e. The way they knocked the
ball abojt yeettrdav was a aharueful
breach of hospitality and cannot ba
loo severely condemned.
A ittsPATcti from Cincinrnti states
that the .'ri'iiirfr this morning devo'es
two columns nf ita tiret pnge to an arti
cle charging tlve players of the Cin
cinnati has-ball club with "throwing
game'." Tne only player against
whom direct evblence Is offereil is
Tony Mullane, one of the pitchers of
the team. In support cf the cbnrei
twoailidavits are pre-fonted.
In the fourth inning yesterday
Mappes got to first on -a hit to third, .
stole second, and acortd on Phelan'a
failure to atop a ball thrown by
Hroughton. The Atlanta tcorer
thought Phelan ought to have at
lejst stopped it. It was a law bull,
and passed through his legs. Phe'au
never fai's to do that sirt of tt ing
when the chance offers itself,
and it is becoming tiresome to
heir of It- Wa fear that eld mini
Phelan is behind the age and rat't
keep np witi tho buys nowadays.
He hits tho ball soniulimes and runs
basea well, but all that doesn't com
plu'ea second buinnnu'a requ're
menls Tho question was nsked
on tho Teriace yeetcilay, who is
the weakest tecend basiunan
in the Southern League. Tho follow
ing li.uroi (ram the olliciitl record np
to No. 28 will tell tie ta'e: Hresimn,
.1)11; Geisj, .918; Strlcksr, .01(1: Peak,
.(Mil; Manning, .110(1; ltittmnn, .8'JO;
Collius, SS2j Phulan, ,RH8.
Mkmcuib has at losst one club that
Is holding up tho name of tint city.
The Kclipso Club.of the Southern Col
ored Busehall League, Is plByirg giod
ball in New Orleans Oi their p ay
ing the New Or.eans Ricayviu siys:
The Ellipse bovs all fielded well and
threw tbe ball like the best profes
sionals. The only weak spot was
Joiner at second base. Slotter, tho
first baseman, is great, and Pointer
played a good game at tltsv. The
Kclipse Club got its thro runs in tha
first inning, Newman aud Joiner get
ting basts on mimed third strikes, and
scoring with Joiner on wild throwa by
the catchers nnd two passed balls.
Several times a little hit would have
won the game for the Uuions, but
Konfroe was always there wnen need
ed, nnd the little hit waa not forth
coming. Score, 3 to 1 in favor of tha
Kclipse. BasehiU Kclipse, 5; Union,
3. Struck out by Kan'roo of Eclipse
Club, 13; by Arnold, 7.
The Great Natural Blood Purifier
Ad Iron Tonic free from Alcohol.
An Infallible llosnedy In
Dysucpilii. Mvit Complaints, ,
Chronic I iliirrhn'tt, liiiersl Debility,
ANtllina, Feiimle ("ompliilntsj.
EryHiiiliet. all Skin Hlioasea
Cliolrra Morbus, l
Bore Ey", Nlulit Hweals,
IIIIIoiih Colic, Cnti, llrulsos, Catarrh, 1
UlcvroiiH anil ( iinceniim Aftoctloua,
ItliiMiinathin, Hounry,
Weakness (rom IIIiicsh or Over-Work,
toaa ot Appetite,
Klik llcailiii'lip.
pprainn. leiier, eicviet
Hort't)Ri:s and (IHTIIIDATKI
See free piiuiiilet.
i:i:r estate.
No. 5"(. R. D. Chancery Court of Bhelhy
eounty. Stut ol lunncssoe rt. L. II.
Cobb et al. ...
BV virtuoof interlocutory decrees rorsale,
entered In the above oause on the Hb.
.l. nl Juna and uth (lav ef Norember. IS.
M. B. 4, p.fxio.ana M. il. 50. (' llb'Ul
sell at iioljllcauciUun, to the hlvhest bidder,
. . . . . 1 L. nJ l .. I ' -SIM.
in ironi ui V7 -Vr '
eourthoase ot bhelby county, Memphis, lea
nonet, on
Hntardny, July 94, le,
with In legal hoars, the followina described
property, situated In Shelby county, Ten-
""ot'V.'bl "k 5d, frontina 5017U feet, south
side of (Jeorgia street, ...
Purt lot 1, block 41, beginning on south
li Jo of Vano street 8 feet east of the cornor
of Ht. Msrtin streets thence east with Vano
street 7u teetl thence south 60 feet: thenoe
west'7U feet! thence north 60 loot to the be-
Lot H block M, beginning on the weel
side of Bemando street at northeast cornel
of said lot; thenoe nestwardly with the lint
of J. M, Vi ilsou's lot 1116 fet to the etst lim
ot 6. Mushy' lot; theno south with saw
line 21 feet; thence eastwsrdly with Henr
No en's line to Hernando street; then.
north with said street 21 feet to the begin
"'lerrus of Sale On a credit of six monlhi
note bearing Interest, with ecuriiy, r
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
Ibis June 1, 11.
V I. Mo 16 WELL. Clerk and Master.
Py H. , W.ilsh, Deputy Clerk and Maet
F. 11 k 0. W. Uelakoll, solicitors.
A book of 100 pur
l'h beet book f
anadvei User to ee
suit, be he er
newspaiiers and estimates 1 o-thj eoet of I
Tertisim. The advertiser who wants vc iv !
one dollar, nnds in it the information he s
quires, while for him who will Invest c W
hui.dred thousand dollar In advertising --(
aheu.e 1st ndicuted which will meet
e7ery tei lreuient, or ean b made to do ,
by eliulit ohausw easily arrived at by onr
spondenc. One hundred and filly-tli.
editions hnv been issued. Bent, postp I ,
to any sdiireaaloy ten oenis. Apply to ti 4 f
VEKTISIfctf BUEUT,10Spruest. tPri
a Home Squar) Kew iork. - I

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