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Consldfi-itloa of the Ntj BUI Cod
timed rrofprdinys Id the
Washington, Jun IS. Hate Mr.
Belmout IN. Y , from the Committee
oa Foreign Afl'airn, reported back the
consular d1 d p omatir niroirtation
bill, with rC" mnienilation that cf r
tain of the Semite amendment there
to be concuned in and othera non
concurred in. The report was agreed
Mr. Printout alio reported ack the
inefwue of the l'i'iilent on tbeeub
jc ' f the inauguration of tint Statue
of Lire'ty Knli(hteniii(t tlie YVorld,
in New York, harbor, and it wna re
ferred to the Cjnjiiiittei on Appropri
ate iig.
Mr. Anderson Km offered a reao
lu ion providing fjr t'ie final adjourn
ment of Commas at noon Satuidity,
Ju y 3d. Keftred to the Coratiii'.ttie
on 'vVnyti and Mtars.
Mr. O'N'til, Mo., for tliBcomuiitteo
on labcr, reported tlieill' granting
le4vea rf absence to einpiiyeH at
United Slatei navy yaril. lloum cal
i endar.
Alio a hill to amend the act prohib
i'init the innx ration of contract labor,
lloii-e call ndar.
1'iivae liUMness having been dig
penwJ itu, the i House went into
cmtnittee of the whole, (Mr. Crisp,
Oa in the chair) on the naval ap
piopiiaiion bill.
The Stanton debato tarn continneil
by Mr. Heoburn, la., who severely
critic eea Mr. v heeler s apeocli upon
the lat H c e'ary of War, and dc
claredtt nt lie could not tamely sub
mit to have the men who were em
balmed in the bea' i of their country
men, ai d whose nitmcry we rivered,
dt-ridej by muh as t tie ftontleuirn
from Alabama.
Ho then yielded the floor to Mr.
Kelly Pa., who read the following
letter wr.ttenbyMr. Stantou to the
Kev. H. ler under duts of Novem
ber 18, 18(12:
"Your tote of the 11th instant hn
lemained uiui sirered because of the
prersu'e- of bumnts-i, which le.t me
neitt er time nor strenKth to reponii.
When Hen. MiClel'an failod to obey
the cider of the I'resldent to move
iRjins'. the enemy, given on October
1st, 1 thought he otiKht t be removed
uron ttie siiut. Nearly a month ime
tnoufeu to have bai'. a victoriom citn
pa'gn was loit by bis disobedience
of ordere. When Irs rreatun j and
thrss who are enemies of the country
undertook to ap3lng t for his delay
by the fnl-e pretensn that he needed
suppiit'H that were held fioin him by
tlie War Depaitment, my duty t t Vd
country required the exposure of the
falsehood, and I demand d a report
on the subject from the Gcnert lin
Ot ief. It is cot my fault tint ho was
to" rsrnoved bef. ra the Ntw York
election af er Ira disoboJieuce of or
ders In erect to any combination
by Mr. Cluse, Mr. r-caarj aud myself
ag di S'-Uen3lctlellan,it is utterly false
lor. reasons not reces ary to meiition,
Firri and water wouldn't toon combine.
Etch dots his duty as he deems r'j-ht.
In reaped to the imputation of selfish
or amLit ous motives, den'al Is need
le!. Thine who mske tbe impiitv
tron (V) it ignorant c f my ptlndples of
action or with prejudiced feelings,
and, like i.ll other public men, I mutt
exp.ct aid iMticutly heir miscon
Btiuc'ion and Tiilss report. In respect
to the present condition of atl'iirs, all
I can say la that the whole power of
the government ia being put forth
with more vigor and, I think, more
earnes ne i oa tbe part of military
commanders than at any former po.
riod. Treason ib encouraged in tbe
Northern 8'ates hy the just d if content
of the people. But believing that our
national dtwtiny is a? immediately in
the hands of the Most Lligh aa ever
were the children of Israel, I am not
only undismayed, but full of hopo.
For mjse'f, turning neither to the
Tight hand nor to tho left, serving so
man and at enmity with none, I shall
strive to perform my whole duty in
the great work before us. Mi-taken
and faul's I no doubt may c inmit,
but tlie putp 8.i of my aching shall be
eiliffle to tbe public good."
Mr. Wite Va. regre ted that tbe
ceutleman lam AIhIihiiu (Mr.
Wheeler) had 'tirnished thegHtnleman
from Iowa (Mr, Hepburn) with an op
portunity t i tight overseain the ieeues
of 1801. He only w'shed to remark to
the gentleman ijom lown, who hud
sought many occasions la in ke tlings
at the iSjutli, that brave and honorable
men never s'ruck a proHtra e foe. He
did not know wl, at part the geutle-
man too in tbe L, ton army except
I as he found it in tbe Cnnresional
j IHretto y, but i ne thing was ceita n,
: that the gi ntleman bore ou his bo y
no proofs that he bad ever led a des
neiate charge, and he did not think
from the gentleman s couduct here it
: was likely he ever would.
1 Mr. Uendtraon la.J My colleague
j may bear no scare, bin no ioldier who
I went from Iowa wai more at the front
thai he.
Mr. Wiee I take his history as
written by himself, aid certainly his
biographer was part a!.
Mr. Wire then procteded to speak
oaths bill and eirmsly Impressed
apou the majority the propriety and
necessity for a rehabilitation of the
Alter c mpleting the consideration
of one half of tbe bill, the committee
rose and the Houe t ok a recess until
8 o'clock, the eveuing session to be for
;he consideration of p.iDsion bills.
Tbe Nrnnle.
After tbe morning business in the
Senate, Senator Be--k desired to rail
ip the Hawley motion t rfconsider
be vote hy which the .S'nte pps ed
.he bill pr.ihibiiiug members from av
;ept fees or employment from jail
cad compa'iies that have revived
tovernmecit aid.
Seiut ir liualls thought lis re.'o'u
itoj of je torday, reques'ing the Prts
ient to hun'sh inlur nation as to up
tointments and removals under the
;ivil ervic law had prrcedence.
The Chair s decided nd the reeo
nt oa ws placed before the Neiia'e.
. Senator Vance offered an aniHiid
beut rrqiett ng information as to ap
ointmxuis made wit iin the 8 -ope of
be civil service act beteen January
3, 18S3,wt en tTe a. t pa sed, and
u'y 15, 1883, when it went into effec'.
. te resolution as amended was agreed
; O.
Senat r Bck said he had ben try
foj Un isys t get up the Htwley
Uiti n to recir.si ter the bill af
y'y referred t by him. Tbe bill
4dasel by a vote of 37 tt 11.
be'e must be sime means of gettiug
j Bach a motion, otherwise one man
mid tie no a bill indi flni elv.
Senator HawUv said be wai pr
ircd to tike it up artr time, and that
i pr positions for delay had come
, ia Mr. Beck.
x-na-or Beck said be bad waited to
n whether the Committee on Kuhs
would so report nerm't dehs'e
i.r exiii io. a io tuotioos 10 re
consider. He was now willing to let
the niatt-r gi over nntil next Tueeday
in order t) near front tbe committee.
Senator Hear asked unanimous con
sent that whenever this mo'ion to re
consider shonld come it shou'd be de
bata'le. Senator Ingalla objected.
Senator Beck then said he wonld
call it op on Tuetday next.
Senator Ingalls entered a motion to
reconsider tie bill iastd yeftrdey
recu ring to tba Chtrokee frcedmoo
their proportion cf tbe proceeds of
'an''s sold under the set of March 3,
A lesohition oflVrei by Sen at or Saw
yer was agreed to calling on the Secre
tary of the Treasury to furnish the
Senate information ai to ch ims for
adjubtinent of ostmr iters salsrits not
lieret,;foie reioited.
S'lia'.or Cbace ctlertd a retolution
olbng ou the I'ostmanter-tieneral f r
lnlo'inmion aa to tbtt amount of audi
torial competition a lerted to be due
postuiasteisaud late posime ters under
the act of March 3, l), for the pay
ment of which no provision has been
made. Agreed to aft -r debate
The Senats then proceeded to the
censiderat'on of bills on tbe calendar
nnder the five-minute itiK
Ou reaching the l i'zJohn Porter
bill itwnsgeed that it be iniiJo a
sppc'al oidrr for next Thursday.
Soiiut,;r 1'iatt'i re olution providing
for open executive seesions WtS ol
jmled to, and went over.
Among the bills passed were the
following: House bill reduc'ng from 8
cents to 6 cen's the fee on domestic
money ordeis f ir sums not exceeding
f); a bid prohibiting the publication
of lotterv advertisement in the Dis
trict of Columbia and the Territories;
a House bill to mate tbe al!cwances
for clerk hire to pottmastcrs at lirst
and sec ml-clas postotlices cover
c erical labor in the money order bind
nets; a bill for the encouragement of
the Ameiican merchant murine and
to promo'e pistil and commercial
relations wub foreign conn'rlci.
(This is tho firxt bill jirovid
ing for tho payments of 50 cents a
mile for carrying the foriign mails o
tlie United 8 atrs. (Tbe eubs'ani e of
tho bill hes been already attached as
a Senate amendment to the pos'.ollke
appropriation lull )
A bill authorizing the freo transmis
sion of weather rejio ts tliiougli the
mails. A bill to increase tnei effi
ciency of the army of the Uni.ed
Sta'es. (Ibis is Senator Logan's amend
ed hill. The original bill providtd for
an increase ol the army, and tints tiro
vision gave rise to a pro'racted debate
in the Senate tome weeks ago. In its
new 1 mi that feature ol the original
bill has beenoiui tod from the amend
ed hill.)
Senator Vance's hill to repeal the
civil Bcrvica law wa, on motion of
eiiBtor llawley, indefinitely post
ponedyeas, 33; nays, 0. Tne Stria
tum voting in the negative were Beiry.
Call, Kustis, Harris, Jones Nev.l
Va - ce.
Afier an execuiiv- smslon tho Sen
ate adjviirned until Monday.
Tbe Invratlvntlon In In Their Con
il'llua oa I bo Keaervnlluna.
Wasuinoton, June 18 Sena or
IlarriHin, from tbe Committee on
Indian Affairs, to-clav filed a supple
uientaty report regarding the Investi
ga'ionof tbe condition of the Indiana
in tbe Indian Territory ami other
reservations. In the report the com
mi tee tay, regardiog the Crow. Uieek
and Winnebago reservations in Da
kota Territory, that there are about
1050 Indians drawiog rations there.
The ttouble which a subcommittee,
consisting of Senators Harrison, Ii galls
nd Jones of Arkanaas, who were sent
to inquire into it, grew out of the throw
lug open to settlement by order of
President Aithur of certain lands
embiaced in thia reservation, and the
BubRf( nent revocation of that order
by President Clevelaud. On thia sub
ject tho report siys: "The commit
tee are of the opinion that the reser
vation is much larger than is needed
or can bo wts-ly usid for the Indians
residing thereon; but if tlie lands
are covenanted by a treaty with them,
we cannot rpog?-e?s them without
the content of ti e Indians We be
lieve it is entirely pr4ct;ca,hle to p'O
euro the consent of the lndinns to a
reasonablo reduction of tho risirva
tion as well as of the great area lying
we-t of tho Missinri river. An at
temp' in tbat diree'lnn has already
been inaugurated, and the ni'cessry
legislation hss been pained by tho
Senate. But the committee believe
thnt tho settlers who went upon the
lands thrown opBn to s.tt'ement by
tbe exectl ive order of Ke' ruary 1,
188"i, and in good faith made settle
niont then on, are entitled to be pro
tee'ed as fully auou-ib'e fn m ihe
consetpiences of the unf rtuuate torn
plication." In regard to the Crow reierva'ion in
Montana, the report recommends that
it ba rpdnced ti mch limits as will
enable the Indians to me wht they
retain and vst tbe tiths in indi
vidua s. In the opinion pf the com
mi teethe consideration of f;0,(KK) a
year given by .Messrs. Blske & Wibon
for tke reiital of between 250,000 and
1 ,tK'0,t)t D acres of these lands was vei y
inadeiunte, an i the report says:
"Chariree ot fraud in the ni gotistion
of the lrasn were made. It is
enough," the report cont nueB, "to
say that the Indians are In apsble of
the intelligent transaction of such
business. If leases are to be allowed
at all the department should have
taken entire supervision of the busi
ness." Ibry Are Not Norry,
There is one thing nobody ever re.
grets that is, tbe day tt.ey flint adopt
ed Parker'a Tonic as their regular fam
ily medicine. Ite rauge is so wide,
and its good effects so sure, tbat noth
ing, else, except good nursing, are
needed in a greet innjoritv of esses.
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise mm ns.
i:mnncla on I tie Huller ncllon.
Boton, Mass. June 18 A special
to the .t(cThr from M mtnelier, Vt ,
eays the following reply was sent by
Senator Kdmunds 'o a letter of inquiry
from a Vermont fanner:
, Sksati CsambkKi 1
Wii.HIK.iTo, DC., May 11, lxV. (
1'KAR.SiK I bave voiusof the 8th
instant, I have for a I irg time be -n
saying and doing what I c uld iu favor
of taxing biigns buiu r unler whatever
name it may go, so rg to give tbe
makers of tlie real butter their fair
rights. I have been in conference
with the Nenate Comniitte on Avri
cuttu'e and with tbe oflicer.i of the
New Kngland Dairymen's Aisociat on,
who have bun lee on tbes'lbj'ct.
You may be sure i hut 1 did not need
any u.ging to look af or tlie intere ts
of our farmers. Sincerely vnun
OneWrritl .Sfcrlt
Of that beanlifier of the teeth, SOZO
DON I', ie that its etl-ct upon tbe
mouth is refre-hi. g, while as a means
of cleansing the teeth and improving
the breath, it stands alone.
Tbe Customary 3fId-Summer Dull
esa Only a Moderate Move
meat of Merchandise.
Nw York, Jan 18 Special tele
grama to llraditrtrt't report, with an
unusual degree of unanimity, only a
mooeraie activity in general comiuer
cial and industrial lines. It is ton
spit nous at Kansas City, where a check
to the late heavy movement of mer
chandife Is visible. Exceptions are
noieu at uuicago, bt. Louts and Mil
waukee, where tbere is a fair business,
as well as at Minneapolis. St. Paul and
Dulntli. New Y'oik and Boston each
record a full average volume of trans
actions. The approach of the em
ternary midsummer dullness is re
ported to cheracteiize general trade at
iiios". interior point'. Tbe domestic
m-mey market", wi'h lew ex eptione,
are nnchang d, funds offering being
in exciss ol the demand. Money is
active at Duluth and Milwaukee, only
modeiately aoat Chicago and notably
le s io at Kanras City.
The New York stock market contin
ned to exhibit bullish tendencies this
week, and pikes generally advancsd.
Bonds are unusually strong Money
on call is eaiy at 1J2 per cent. For
eign exchange is strong, with contin
ued gold shipments, and commercial
papf r dull and scarce.
Special wheat crop repoits to Brad
utrtit'i continue favorable, the excep
tions being in Kaheas and Michigan.
The plant has been delayed in North
ern Minnesota, but the outlook is for
a fair crop. Hie wheat market cm
tinues dull and depressed.
The first signs of firmness in hog
products are observed.
Abundant rains in the cotton
regions can e trouble from grass iu the
Atlantic nnd Eastern (iulf States and
to a unaller extent in the Miisilppi
Wood etoitks of tobacci at most
pjints and generally fur crop pros
j"cts deprtbs prices of leaf.
Haw wool is from 2 cents to 3 cents
higher at interior markets. The late
London sales, tanging from 5 percent
to 15 per cent, higher In price, stimu
latd tbe improved feelinu here.
The diy goeils distribution for six
months will compare favorably with
the early half of laft year. 1'here is
abetter tone and a slight advance in
some lines of bleached rot'one. The
next opening of woolen giods is ex
pected to be at higher figures.
t'Mllnre at lloalon.
Boston, Mass., June 18. Davis,
Packer & Perkin, wholesale dealers In
codecs and spies, have made an as
signment. Hie astets and liabilities
are not stated.
FitllurvN for tbe Week,
New York, June 18. Tbe business
Ui lures throughout the count-v dttr
ing the last seven days, as reported to
K U. Dun & Co., number for the
United States 144 and for Canada 11
total 155, againtit 200 last week and
187 the week before. The large de
crease in the nuiiibar of casualties is
fpr.ad over all sections of the coun
try about even.
Ureal Damage at Iteulon and the
Adjacent t'onulle.
Dbhtok, Tax., June 18 This and
Adjacent ciunties were vifitsd
Wednesday afternoon and niuht by a
cyclone, which did g'eat damage. In
this (Denton) county the storm de
molished the house of Mrs. Prigmore.
who, with her daughter, was buried
inthorulrs. The mother was fatally
injured, but the daughter will r?cjver.
Tne residence m Dr. J. W. Ruther
ford was blownTjodily from its foun
dation and turned over on irs s'de.
The family craped, havin fled to
their storm cave. Many barns, sheds
and outhouses were blown djwn and
the school-house at Stoay was com
pie ely wr.cked Scbo.il bad been
disnueeid, however, and no fatalities
At Pilot Poinls sign and awniegs
were carri(d away and bouses were
nnr ofed. Willi ims A Newbury's
wirehousa wai moved by the force of
the wind futyhet (remits founda
tion. Kendall's grain warehouse whs
unroofed, and a large amount in te
'anions varde washii'led Diomiscuous-
ly about.
At Bloomfie d stmi ar damage was
done, and Dr. Ruey's dwelling was
blown to nieces.
At MeKinn y the bridge over Wil
son creek was completely wrecked,
(jullett's g'ocry store was 'badly dam
age d, the no! b ing tarried ott and the
Iront of t!,e bulhling I I iw n in. Corn
was laid low and cotto i st v re v dam
At Pltasant alley tbe wind was
moie violent and blew down the Prec
bytr:anitnd ove turned the Metlio
diet cbnrhe-, competdy wrecking
bo b.
At. Waco J. C Shaefer was f t'nek by
lightning and seerelv injured. He
will ototmbly die. The storm is ie
gatde.l as the mo t seri ms ever known
in tb's n g'on, a' d the da age to
crops, it is leered, wss very great, and
further repor s of the lo s if lifeaie
Wel Iheliennlnr Artlrle Thrsreat
popularitvof "Wilbnr'a CompouiKl of Cod
Liver Oh and Lima" ba InJuoed aoiua un
ennotiiled ce r.on to atWiupt to slm off a
iroiile article .f thoir own iDanutartura)
but anr irn who in tulTerina Uoia Coughn,
tolda or tonuni.t:on. ahoiild be oreful
whfre they I'lir-hnne this article. The re
mit of itr use are ituhut teenmniendntiona;
and the proprietor haa ample evidenreon
file of it ret pureeaa in pulmonary eom
pUinla. Tbe rhoaphute of Lime pooneMei a
Bt irarveloua tiflin power, aa combined
with the pure Cod Liver Oil hi Dr. Wilbur
It ii preimbed hy the medicnl faculty. Sold
by A. 11. W ilbok, Chomit, ltoiton, and all
hi tie- u.liU U l, .... i .
N MarniitcM l.rtr.lf.tuhv.m.itu.ts .,vr, v Dti
Li 'Ve7- iJ -'". ni'i- i.. . .i,,,,,,,!,,, Ht-iMl-
ta-a 1 1 I i . 'V ' ' '' ' e"'Vrn IU- otnven, pur
riJ?..J-HL"."1 E !' Mi'l'ToiNK
1 .vV? """"of teslimoninls oroe it nvrl-
KoK.T5i. V T.-Bo'ard o7th. Uill
" .Mr. H. 0. llWHrd. W whimrtot
ram. Koomi lariie: ..ction delightful
conrenient to cr to Mnnhatthn llr.ch
toney I.-lund, Lona Bech nnd Central Park
alco t ew lurk placei ol amuaeinent.
Midicai. aid StauioL LiapfaaiT
luto tiasT A vi., aw loaa
". have had the moat srttifyini reaulta in
the many end varied raiea of Kidney and
t.rinary affection which iaily come to my
depariment, from the ust of Liebif Co. a
Coca Beef To"tc "-L. Bunnell. M. I).
"A ladyUiad ai haadinbetea. Hincetakini
Coca Rha has imuroved aonderfullv." uri
Ir. W. S. Searle, A.M.. VI. D..K.llowof
the Medlco-Chnuriical ISoiety of New York.
Ilr. Searle write! to the Liebig Company :
"I conmler yoara tbe Ixat iireparation of
tuca which baa yet come ti my notice.
"Aa a nerve tonic, Lieli;g Co.'i Coca Beef
ionic la without equal. J. Leo-ilirale,
ai v., newoerrytown, V.
D. TUTUILu wASSKV, M. 1) , L. K. C.
P., M. B. It. ti., Manchester, Knaland,'yt:
"Iheelfect is Fonietbina aonderful. From
beini dereae l and very Uw apiritf d, eaaily
tired, I cjn now walk any lenith ot time
withont feeling fatigue. Before takins the
tonio my nerves teemed io unslruna that
when 1 read a pathetic Ule I could not re
f-. ... l. ; . . v .ir , .. i
although 1 tiied bard to oicome 'ha absurd
looting. ow 1 am in"soM Rirain.
hi K JAMh PAlinT, President Britlnh
Medical Association, says tint 7U,UiU deaths
are annually caused by nervous disease in
Kngland, and that there is to more powerful
and agreeable nerge tonio than the Liebig
Co 's Coca Beef Tonic, is evidenced by the
eiiii'h.Uio testimony of tin uiott eminent
PROF. C. A. BRYCK. M. D.. IX. D..
editor Southern Clinic, says: "Really a won
derful reconstructive agent, bu Iding up the
system and supplying lost nervous energy,
lor broken down constitu lions it ia the
D. dean St. Louit (Mo ) Clinic of Midwifery
and Diseases of Women and Cniloren, says :
''It is also a most powerful and agreeable
stimulant to the brain and aervous ays em,
and it ia especially useful to counteract la
tiirue of mind and bodv."
i)K. 11. F. STIMHON, In the Tbeuraputic
Oaiette, saa ! "To say that I am surprised
and astonished at the wom'erlul effects of
the Coot as a nervous stimulant, would not
adequately express my opiniun ot it."
"Icannot do otherwise than to hiirhly rec
ommend Liebig Co 'a Coct Boef Vonio in
cases of general dob'lity and nervous pros
tration among men. women nnd children."
J. C. .Saultainun, t. D., Wbitewnter, .Mich.,
Uraduateof Bellevue liospitil .Medical Col
lege, New York, etc
Ii t readme to ih Aaeii ami Infirm.
Dr. F. 0. Cook, of Kocklnnd. Me., a nht-
sician of racognited eminence, writes that,
''notwithstanding the tact that the Llebic
Company's circulars bear the impress of
nonesty and trutniumesa, 1 Dad my misgiv
ings; but, after a faithful and conscientious
trial, I gladly bear testimony in behalf of
the great value ol its Coca Beef Tonio I
prescribed it to a lady 85 vo ir old. who was
completely broken down with the inlirmii es
of years, unable to leave her bed, etc. She,
aoon after taking the tonio, was able to leave
her bed, to be about the hue, and has so
tar recovered her pristine health as t be
able to travol a distance of iiaty milea on a
visit to her daughter." Liebig Company's
Coca Beef Tonic haa been imitated. Be
ware of imposition. Prof. Van Tshudi (sea
"Travels in Peru," in Astor Library, says :
"It is conducive to i.enlth and longevity.
Its u"e Is very beneficial. Kxamplsa of Ion
gevity are numerous among the Indians,
who, from hovhood up. have used it. Casea
are not infrequent ot Indiana attainirgthe
great agent 1 10 tears. ' Ihr Journal ol the
Royal fociety of Vienna iJuly number,
lKHII.Isavs: "It is rnmarlmhle that the Pe
ruvian Indiana never suffer from consump
tion, nnd the cause of it is the use nf Coca.
'1 hoy also never sutler from si'rotulnsis, skin
diseases, rheumatism, headai-hos, nor caries
of the teeth. Tbey reach a very old age, and
frequently pass their full century."
MU'k (or Billon) mikI Sirrvona Hen.fl
itclie. DR. R. L. CETLINSKI, Staff Physician
to the Northeastern Medioal and Surgical
Dispensary, H'Jo First avenue, New York,
To the Liebig Company:
Gentliiiin Since my attention was called
by a brother practitioner to the excellent re
sulu be obtained from the me of your Coea
Beef Tonic in sick and natvwas headarhes, I
have, thanks to your generous response to
my reqnes) for a trial lot for our poor pa
tients, used it quite extensively. Its steady
and persistent use, especially during the in
tervals of the attacks, has cured many of
our most inveterate and old standing cases,
and in eve-y caae so far its use has been fol
lowed by the most gratifying reliet. How
gratifying thia must be, especially to the
poor ana needy class who come to us, and
whose time and faculties are of the utmost
importince to them in their struggle for sub
sistence, you can easily infer. Again I
thank you for ycurgeneront donation. Re
speotlully yours,
DR. W. S. SEARLE, A. M , M. D., Fel
low of the Medioo-Chirurgical Society of
New Y'ork, says: "A lady aufferad for 13
years with severe Nervous Headaches. They
at first recurred even two weeks, and finally
every two daya. She describes them as ao
violent that she would rather die than live.
Three weeks after beginning the Coca she
reports: 'I have had but one slight attack,
and I am ao much st-onircr and better that X
It 3l sure I shall becureu."
Among; several thousands Indorsements
from eminent Physicians and Surgeons, the
Liobig Company select a few at random.
James M. dully, M. V . Licentiate Royal
College of Surgeons, Kdinhurgh.
Dr. Rafael Dial, Santiago do los Cibilae
ros, St. Domingo.
Dr. Praecado Mora, Panama, Isthmus of
Pan: ma.
Dr. A. K. Hills, 605 Fifth avenue, New
York City.
Dr. W. Hanford White, 437 Filth avenue.
Now York City.
Ir James Kni iht, Surgeon-in-Chief Hos
pital for Ruptured and Crippled, New York.
Dr. Jaine J. Yonltn, President Board of
Health and Vital Statistics, Jersi yCity, N.J.
Dr. ('. Ii. Mastin, Hurgenn-in-thiot Provi
dence Infirmary, Mobile, Ala.
Dr. 8 S. llerrick. New Orleans, President
State Board of llealih, Louisiana.
Dr. M. W. Noxan, 80 Fifth avenoc, New
York City.
Dr. Tulio S. Verdi, Washington, D. C,
Commissioner National Board of Health.
Prof. A. C. Cowptrlhwait, M. D., of the
8tate University of Iowa Iowa City.
Prof. A. P. Throop M. D.. frofessor
New Yo k Medical College and Hospital ft r
Women, etc.
N. C. Wiems. M. D., Washington, Dak.
F. B. II. Wing, M. D., New Tacoma.Wyo.
T. Docking, M. D., Oakland, Cal.
F. F. Tuber, M. D., Ailanta, Ua.
J. W.Oilbert. M. D., Verona, Misa.
F. W. Shaeklcford, M. I)., Medical Di
rector Dispensary of the Michigan College
of Medicine, Detroit.
J H. Brewer, M. D. Jackson, Neb.
H. R. Stout, M. D., Jacksonville, Fla.
R. P. Ransom, M. D., Curdxville, Ky.
ii. R. Reinholi. M. D., Sauk City, Wis.
Prof. C. U. Wilkerson, M. D., Ualveaton.
J. lewis Dorset, M. D , Petersburg, Va.
Prof. C. A. Bryce, M. D., LL.D. Rich
mond. Va.
W. H. Maydvld, M. D., St, Louis, Mo.
Ed Urahn, M. D., Indianapolis, led.
John M. Miller, .. D,, Springfield, 0.
C. U. (luihon, M. P., Beloit, has.
S. P. Colling!, M. I)., Hot Springs, Ark.
F. J P. Rohuier, M. D., Spring Hill Col
lege, near Mobile, Ala. I
Be lure to ask tor Liebig Co. ' Coca Beef
Tonic. II iiiheit medals at loading exposi
tions. Price, II. Sold hy druggists gener
ally. Prepared only by the Liebig Labora
tory and Chemical Worka Co., New York,
Paria and London. New Y'ork Depot, M
Murray street.
Electric Belt Free
rpo intmdue it and obtain anenti w will
aV IIT U9 DVIt BMiy any 9 flVV l"7t ITOfJ
of charge, in Hoh county in the l'. a lira
net! nuiii"(trni pur nrrmnn ts"- '
Eositive and unfailing cure for Nervous De
ility. Varicocele, Emissions, Impotency,
etc. t,MK).iKi Reward paid if every Belt we
manuiaciure does not generate a genuine
electric current. Address at once ELKC
TRIC BELT AGENCY, P. .0. Box :i7).
Brooklyn, N. Y'.
g ! K ., ! 11: V l.i',
A Valuable Patent.
Danry's (Harwl torn l1 P
EAV'lNOperlecttd my invention. I wish
i plnoe it bclore the publio, especially
nxrotacturere. As a Corn Planter, it is a
perfect -ucaoietis the drill, distributed
the seed accurately, nmniured, and coverd
work of thro. 1 i . haro ben aej in
thi5tion tor over a do ten yeafi with t
tct aatiifAtion. I an giv rpocihl tcaii
tronial. iiire
JOHN 11. DANCY,DanpyriI!.
Uaywooi oounty. itnn.
And Commission ftlsrciia.'.fc,
SGOnnd 1202 Front HU. !9ImphU, Tens
Kilt '1 C a ' i bitf 'r
Ohio River and Michigan Salt
J. Painter and Bona Pittuburg Arrow Ties,
Lafllu and Rand Powtler Company.
Jos, Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
MFlVfPlITS "RHAIVrir Oma.inlBollllaiWoi.,a10II
S. ROESCH11R, Agent, Memuhis, Tenn.
0 "-
Halea im 1S83, 890,000 BarrtU Hal
mira in ii-t4,
W. A. GAGE & CO.
No. SOO Front Street. : Memphis.. Tear.
ADLEE BRO. &C0..261 &2MN ST
sf-Wiil pay Good Prices for
ft J W 1
( D r-A hi NL '
TRASHY COrTO ot all descriptions. Send for Circular
and Prices Paid.'
INT. "W. SPS:E3R.S( Jr.
75 Vance Street.
AtfUKJiW JI'WAK'J, SewOrieam.
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
Wholesale Dealers
Sol AtenU lollowlng
A0 1
Writs tor rntnloiM. Aos.ajl rand
H. WaTlB.
JloiiB S.Salllaran,
And CGmmlssisn RSorcSiEfitc.
232 and 234 Front
Mr. I. N. RAINKY diyotea his whole time to the weighing and sale of all Cotton entrusted
to nnr chri. Potion Wrlmn. W.tiin.on str.ot.
P. S. ALMTOif,
Aim Commission Serchanla. ilay, Corn Oats, lii-ati. Chop Feed, Oil-Xeai,
Lint , Cement, riaater, UnlMinsr and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
Chickasaw Ironworks
vl 88 Second St. Memphis, Ter.v
Kradford Corn and lVbeat SI11J-,
Cotton Frem, Cotton tlliis,
Shafting, Pulleys, Ulc
8FCCIAL KW'IK'E-W are prepared to fill orders,
on sour notice, for the celebrated Medwrf Ptinl
Wrongrhi-- Pullwy. Wo carry in atook over
Two Hundred Assorted Mara.
a Hon d for Catalogue and Price-list.1
of Menipbli Branch, 100,000 Kc.i
koimmmf nnrrrii.
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas 13.00 Call Shoes
In Button, Laos and Congresi.
Illnstrated Catalogne and PrlM-Llai
Mailed Fra. on application. ai
Memphis. Tenn.
Tomlin & Benjes.
170 Main St., Memphis.
Offer special Inducements In Open BuKgiet
of our own make, at 8"5; Top Bungles 01
our own make, at 1120. All work war
ranted. Call before you buy.
av Having disposed of our entire stook o:
Vehicles and the Manufacturing Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN A BENJES, we
bespeak for them a oontinuanoe of the
patronage ao lona extended to m.
and Publishers,
Flrat-ClM! InstrumenUi
a,ul KLia.ctT3e
PIANO FOR l0.-wi
ruo. Clark.
M. J. Cta
St., Memphis, i'ent
H. H. MarRT'.
hofkbndge Co., Va. High spin th
Viscinia mountains. Picturesque sarronnd
inis.eitecsiveaDd beautilullr ahaued lawn,
(ias, electric bells, aad all modern Improra
ments. Two daily mails, poat, telegraph and
express offices on the premises. Table the
Tery beat. Laxurioualy furnished rooms;
auierbbandnf music. Send for illustrated
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Open for tU
itors, June 15th. Waiert: Alum, t'knlyliati
and r-rn. R. T. WILKIN(ON.Man'aT.
sl.algonirrj Cooaty. Vs.,
Harint been thoroughly repaired and hand
lomely furnished, will be opened for the re
ception of Tisitr! nn June 1, 1'Vi. For par
ticulars apply to OEUEUK W F.Mid, Maoa
er, Montomery t-pringa Pos uffice, Mont
aomery county. Va.
Sulphur Springs
Immediately on the line of the great Ches
apeake and Ohio railroad, tbe most cele
brated ot all the mountain rsurt, and on
of the oldeat acd most popular 01
Will open for tbe season June 1st. Elevation
above tide-water, ;Sut)fl feet; surrounding
mountains, liou feet. Pamphlots ieonbing
hygienic advantages can be had of the anent
of the C. Jr S. W R. R . or 01 ,lue"K"""
B. F. EAKLE, Bnpcrintendent.
Fioeet Snmmer Resort in America
Miuuetonka Ileacu, Minn.
Offers accommodations nnequaled by any ho
tel in the west. Kates, 13 per day: 175 per
month. Circulars and fuI particulars pent
promp'.lyon application to KfJUKNEMEHL,
Manager. St. PaCL, Minn.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
fTERMS for the season of 1a. Uvtnnt.
J. June 1st, reduced 25 to .'(I peroent.,but
me uignesi sianuaru oi ezoeuenoe main
tained. Send for illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms.
F. N.PIKE. Manager.
lialcigh Springs Motel.
NOW OPEN for reoeption of guests. The
table will be supplied with the best.
The rooms are nicely furnished. and care
fully aKonded to. Rates pr month. f30i
perweek,f7. M. H. BIRaoW A CO.
East Tennessee.
1ELEBRATED as a cure for Dyspepsia,
J Chtonio Lliarrhea, Indigestian and all
Kidney Affections. Beautifully situated oa
the banks of a crystal tuouutain atream
Fine fihing, beantiful drive:- and romantio
acenery. Climate unsurpassed Hotel and
cettagea remodeled. Hxcslient garden.
Plenty of freah milk and pa e butter. Kitty
miles north of Chattanooga, only seven
hours run from Atlanta. No fru s, malaria
or mosquitoes, uoara reason itile.
T. B. GORMAN, Proprietor,
Formerly of Warm upringa Hotel, N. C.
arSend for i'es 'riptive Circultir.
WILL be rpened Jnne 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated six miles
from .tna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all tr ins at Jitna,
and will convey guesta to apritu at a very
low rate.
Uorl, 20 Per Month ; ftl Vrr Day.
ttpvetnl Hates t f-HUilllna,
We Invite all who wish to sind tbe most
pleasant season of their lives to oome to
Benverdnm, enecially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air in
abun Jance.
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
E. A. TKN. Pro(irCentrTille Hotel.
cowmsioxEir.s nale
UIAjL. estate.
No. 2855, R. D.-Cha- eery Court of Shelby
County C. W. Harbert, administrator,
vs. L. a. Bond et al.
IN pursuance of the terms of a decree in
the above stated cause, I will, as Special
Commiasioner, proceed to sell, at publia
auction, to the highest bidder, at the south
west corner of Main and Madison streets, in
Memphis, Tenn., on
Insmlay, 13lb day of July, 1HH,
the following descibed real estate, in t-helby
county, namely; Lots Nos. 4 and 22 ol ihe
Uarbert subdivision, aa made in the case of
John Harbert vi. R. A. Hicks et al, lately
pending in the Second Chancery I ourt of
Shelby County, to which reference ia made.
Lot No. 4 ol said subdivision, fronting HI
leet on south side of Jackson street by 150
leet to an alley
Lot No. 22 of said subdivision, fronting 81
feet on north aide of Alston avenue by 150
feet deep to an alley.
Said property will be sold on the following
terms, namely: One half of the purohass
money to be paid n cash and the balance on
a credit ol six months from the date of sale,
the purchaser to execute notes witb approved
personal security for the deferred payments,
and a lien to be retained on the property sold
re a further security, the notes to draw in
terest from date.
I reserve the right of making one bid on
each lot eo'd.
Sale to begin at 12 o'clock noon.
Special Commissioner.
817 and 810 fST I GUIS
X. Second St. bEuE'
XAirnTacTTrnini or
wood-workinq MACHINERY
4N wi dmudai, jrsE as, inns.
phis, at 11 o'clock, I will let lor Shelby
oounty th' building of TWO WROlKiliT-
inun uiuun.i hiiuul3 across Wolf
river one near the city at the head f Sen.
ond street 27 1 feet lona. IS 'o.t ran.im.
with :XI feet channel ipan, 50 leet li w trui-a
appro.icW span at the north end of bridae
an a 75 tt approach at the south end ol
uriue ne one ai naieirn will Oe 7.5ll feet
lour, 18 feet roidway, with span across the
rive a' north end ot bridge 1H5 leet lone.
Mid or.e loo long across a pond at sou h end
of bridce, with 407 feet of viaduct interven
ing, '.'ubular piers will be ued.
- II p .rties binding on this work will be
r qured to b'doi their own plans and speci
flciitio. s Th- bti plan, for -he be.t price
will be . dotted. A profile of the bridges
will be furnished any one wUhing to make
plans and bids.
1 reserve the right to reject al bids ii
deemed necessary.
I will be at the Court-House Monday and
Tuesday before day of letting to confer with
contractors. I mention this because I ex
pect to be husy with other work until then.
b. at. LOLb, Bridge Sup't,
Box 17, (n--sntown. Tenn.
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of delightful piaces where one can pasa
the summer months in quiet rest asa enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Each
H anVI-h. 'Ta bUD" Uconomowoo.
Waukc-ha. lieaver J)nm, Frontenac, Oko-
i'.M",t0nku' Wh'te tear- and innu
merable other churming localities with ro-
whose winter hu.es are on ith. .1.
foM ".,;d.Di0"' lin- Elegance and coin-
leot Ma-
.,.i . ,. r"." can re readily ob
tained. A ht ol summer homes, with all
necessary inlorma ton pertaining thereto, ii
being distributed by the Chic.oo, Mn.wlrj
jaa and br. Paul Railway, and will beseSt
free upon applicati. n by letter to A. V. H
wukeV.".""1 run,ft Agent. m3:

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