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Cotton Steady-Middling;, 8 7-8o-Sales
Yesterday, 500
Money in f tir demand at 8 per cent.
Loca' bei arit'e3 dull.
TLe cotton market closid quiet,
middling?, 8Jc. Sales, 500 bales. At
New York spoti were eteady; mid
dling, 9Jc.
C. L. Greene & Co. 'a report oa cot
ton futures fays : "Most of the busi
ness was confined to putting forward
July contract into August, and the
market made no important fluctua
tions throughout the day, c'osing
somewhat nominal at about Satur
day's rates."
At New Orleans spats closed steady,
middling SJc; futures quiet and
steady, June 8.83c bid. At Liver
pool spots were steady and in fair
demand, middling 5Jd; futures dull,
Jnne 5.03d.
In the produce market eggs are
dull at ll12c. Other articles un
changed. IMPORTS.
Five brls apples, 340 sks bran, 129
sks beans and peas, 45 pkgs but'er,
11 rls baling, 303 pkgs bacon, 34 pkgs
boots and shoe", 10,500 bu corn, 504
sks coflee, 1550 sks cotton seed, 46
Ekgs dry goods, 101 pkgs eegs, 1110
rls flour, 445 bales hay, 45 pkgs hat',
3 hd hogB, 4 hd sheep, 26 hd cittle, 24
hd horses and mules, 38,000 ft limber,
18 pkgs liquors, 146 brls meal, 99 brls
molssse, 250 kegs nails, 1600 bu oats,
6 cars pork s'dfs, 132 brls sugar, 251
pkgs tobacco, 5000 bu wheat.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange to-day:
Corn received, 9911 bu; withdrawn,
8043 bu ; in store, 42,766 bu. Oato re
ceived, 9717 bu; withdrawn, 1043 bu ;
in Btore, 19,855 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.,
Money in good demand at S per cent
The Clearing-House report is as fol
lows: CLEARING".
5 Monday, June 21st, $171,008 95;
same time last week, $245,693 58 ; same
week last year, $127,228 23; same
week in 1884, $04,964 16.
Monday, June 21st, $67,538 20; same
same time last week, $38 244 26; same
week last yesr, $40,257 83; same -week
in 1884, $10,382 96.
New York sight on all points, oar
buying, J premium selling; New
England demand, discount buying;
New England sight, J discount; New
Orleans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l49 bid, 152 asked
First National 149 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192) bid, 195 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters.,149 bid, 151 asked
Mercantile Bank. ..135 bid, 137 asked-
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 101 bid. 103 asked
Home 72 bid, 75 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples 82.bid, 85 asked
Phoenix 98 bid, 10J asked
Planters 105 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 21 bid, 22 asked
Arlington 30 bid, ... asked
Factors - 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. share? ..31 bid, ... asked
M.& T. R.R. shares.. ..47 bid, ... asked
M. & O. consols, 7s. ..118 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lat m. 8s. ..105 bid, ... asked
Mies.&T.R.R.cs,A...119 bid, 121 asked
Mis8.AT.R.R.c,B...112 bid, 114 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. 0 97 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
8helby Co. 6s. 107 bid, 109 asked
Tax.DiBt. 4, 6s 94"bid, 94 asked
Tax. Dist. 6s 103bid,104 asked
Mem. Gas bonds 105 bid, ... asked
Mem. Water bonds 96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 65 aeked
Am. Cot. Oil trusta 30 bid, 31 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills 22 bid, 25 asked
Mem.8tor.Com.Co..l01 bid, 104 asked
Mem. Gas stock .78 bid, 82 asked
New York, June 21. Money on ca'l
easy at ljfejJ per cent, mme mer
cantile tmDer 4(3)5c. Sterling ex
change dull at 487 for 60 days' and 488
lor demand.
Bonds uoveroment bonus were
dull but strong, and the 4s ire i and
the 4 Is 1 hinder. State bonds dull
and firm. Failroid bonds were fever
ish, the speculative isues being espec
ially weak. Sales, $2,090,000. Final
crices show irregular changes Nickel-
plate firsts are up 2, at 98 ; Great West
ern seconds, 2, at 100 ; and Lake Erie
and We tern incomes, -J, st Ltj.
Stacks Today brought the first de-
cided reaction for soma time. Stocks
were weak almost from the opening,
the only notable exception being
.Woetern Union, in which there was a
a all squeeze In the nrst hour, but
stop or Jers lor the short account soon
checked the rise and later selling by
insiders brought the price back to
Ofeniag figures. There were more
bear rumors on the street than for a
long time past, and the passenger rats
war in ths Northwest, according to re
ports, loims up inti large proportions
and from all sccoun's is extending to
freight rates, with little or no prospect
of set'lement. The remarkable weak
ness in Lackawanna is attributed to
manipulation. The market opened
strong, generally to per cent, high
er. i)t)laware and Hudson was
up 3, and Western Union down
per cent. Prices began to de
cline immediately after the opening
except in Western Union, which ad
vanced sharply duricg the firs', hour,
but later joined the general list in the
downward movement. Considerable
feverishnees characterized the deal
ing, and there were frequent email
rallies which were almrgt invariably
followed by larger declines, and the
lowest piices of the day were generally
reached in the la?t hour, final prices
being at or near the lowest of the day,
the market closing eteady. Thre was
considerable activi'y in Wabash
slocks, London being a heavy seller.
Every tiling nti the list is lower to
night, tlockieg Valler and Lake
Shce are each riown lc; Missouri
Pacific and New York Central, each
Je; Omaha preferred IJc; Lacks wauna
1 per cent, and the remainder frac
tions. The total sales of sto-ka toay were
390,6:6 (hares, including Ielaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 8-62; Del
aware and Hudfon, 8750; Erie, 8;i35;
Kansas and Texas, 25,095 ; Lake Shore,
17,955; Louisville and Nashville, 6330;
Northwestern, 10,110: New Jersy
Central, 5900 ; New York Central, 8i50 ;
Pacific Mail, 7175; Reading, 23,300;
St, Paul, 29,525; St. Paul and Omaha,
4250; Texas Pa ifie, 18,130; Union Pa
cific, 24.205; Western Union, 19,565;
Northern Pecific preferred, 8t15;
Oregon Iranscontinental, iU,90o.
Co.ing qaotbtions:
V. S. 3, 101i.
4i, coup, m.
4s, onp, 1&VS!.
Paoifiooaol 1SS6.125X.
La. atamia. 4a. T9. Miaaonrl. 6. 101 S.
Tenn. a, old, oU. Tenn. tis, new, 60
Cent. Pae.lata, lWi- Den. k K. (4. lata, 120!
UonlK.u.vt .l-u.it. trie eeconaa, ina;.
M.K.AT.,Gen.t,;I.Norrh. I'm. lata, 118?
North. P.o. Ids. Ui. fi. Western oon..'H,t
N.Weat. deb. 5a. Ida. St.L.S.F.Uen.M, 110.
St. Paul, con., iU. St.P.,C. A P. lata, 122.
T. P. landranU,40S T.P..R.O.eicott. 6H
U. 1'. litt, 11.'. weal onore, lua.
Adama Expreaa, 140. Morrla A E., offj 143.
Allegheny Ceu., . Naahvllle A C, 4.
Alton & T. H., 30. N.J. Central, 54.
A A I. ll.,j'fd., 85. Nor. A W., pfd., U'i.
American Ex., IuS. Northern Pao., b.
B. C. R. A N., M. Northern P. jld.,6u;.
Canada Pao., twvi. CAN. W.,
Canada Sou., 43Jv C. A N. Wpld.,HiM
Central Pacific. 4F N. Y. Central, Vtii.
CheK.ake AO., S N. Y. C. A bt. L.,
O. AO.,lJtpld,17. N.Y.St.L.AC.p.,21.
C. A O.. 2d pfd., Ohio Central, -.
C. A A., 144. Ohio A Miaa., 2t'-4.
C. A A , Ptd., lr0. O. A Misa.. rfd., HO.
C. It. A O.. l.Vi'i. Ontario A West.. Uli.
C, St. L. A N. O., . Oregon Nay.. 108.
u.t si. Li. X f., 114. urexon irana., . i-'4.
C, St. L. A P, p. Oreon Imp., 2).
C..S. AC, 35. Pacific Mml, 55.
C.A C, !-M'4. Panama. iW.
Del. A Uod., 100 Peoria, D. A E., 23S
Del., L, A W., 131H. Pittaburit. 151.
Den. A Rio Q., la,'-.. Pullman P. C, 136.
Eria, 2S. Keadinir, 214.
Kris Ptn., t-"-i. noca laianq, ui
Eaat Tenn., . St. L. A S. F.,
EaatTenn. pfd. 2. St. L. A S. F.,P.,tl.
Fort Wayne, Ui'4. St.L.A8.F..lat p. Ill
Hannibal A St .lo.,- C M. A St. P., Vb.
U. A St. Jo., pfd., C. M.ASt. P..p. 123.
Harlem, !5. St. P.. M. A M., 115
Unaaton A T., 32 St. P. A Omaha, Wt-
Illinoia Cen., WA. St. Paul AO.Pfd., 114i.
Ind., B. A W 2)i. Texaa Pacific 11.
Kanaa A T., 30J-8. Union Pacific, 67!'4.
Lake E. A W., Wk. U. S. Expreaa, 65.
Luke Shore. 8.V-4. W.. St. L. A P.. V'A.
Lon. A Naah., U. W., St. L. A P..P., 17.
Lou. A N. A., 44. w. x t . tx.. 12).
M. A C first pld , -.W. V. Tel., Mi.
M.AC, pfd., . Colorado Coal,
Mom. A Char., 3. IlomeKtnke, i".
Mich. Cen., 73. Iron Silver, lil5.
M., L. S.A W ,69K. Onturio, 30.
M.,L.S.W.,rfd, S3. Quickallver, i.
Min. A St. L., 2i. Quickailver.pfd, 23,
Min. A St. L.i.fd,47'.8outh Pacific -.
Mlsaouri Pncilic,1074.Sutro, 12.
Mobile A Ohio. 15.
London, June 21 Contois, 101 318
for money, and 101 for the acconnt.
United States bonds, 4i, 127J ; di. 4 js,
1'arib, June 21. I Dree per cent.
rent.'8 88f, 21c fcr the account.
Boston, Mass., June 21. Exchanges,
115,694,546; balances, 2,193,651.
New York, June 21. Exchanges,
$130,590,563; balances, $4,989,572.
Philadelphia, Pa., June 21. Ex
changes, 19,182,103; balances, $1,378,-
Baltimore, Mn June 21. Bank
clearing, $2,058,000; balances, $214,
420. Chicago. III.. June 21. The Asso
ciated Bank clearings for ths day were
St. Locis, Mo., June 21. Bank clear
ings, $2,420,417; balances, $250,442.
Exchange on New York, 7590c pre
Boston. Mass.. June 21. The fol
lowing tsble, compiled from special
dispatches to the Post from managers
of the leading clearing-houses of the
Lnited S atus, gives ttio dealings lor
the week ending June 19, 1880, in
comparison with these of the corre
sponding week last year:
.New ork, f i2ti,9ti4,MU ; inc., i-'.o.
Boston, $78,220 -'29; inc., 32.2.
Philadelphia, $57,189,931; inc., 25.7.
Chicago, $52,879,000; inc., 15.8.
St. Louis, $14,192 330; inc., 2 8.
Baltimore, $11,118,095; inc , 2 7
SanFtancisco, $12,905,277; inc., 10.0.
Cincinnati, $10,209,000: inc., 14.6.
New Orleans, $5.624,7C0; inc., 13.5.
P.ttsburg, 7.4(J3,651 ; inc., 2.6.
Trovidence, $1,451,100; inc., 7.7.
Louisville, $4,217,902; inc., 14.3.
Kansas City, $6,230,941 ; inc., 37.7.
Milwaukee, $3,832,000: inc., 29.5.
Columbus. $1,805,917: Inc., 11.6.
Minneapolis, $2,656,444; inc., 11.2.
Omaha, $3,742,056; inc., 6.0.
Denver, 13,525,691.
Galveston, $1,058,620.
Detroit, $2,932,836; dec, 17.4.
Cleveland, 2,530,r35; inc., 27.9.
Indianapolis, $1,475,408; inc., 38.7.
Memphis, $1,045,145; inc., 42.2.
Hartford, $1,469,881; inc., 1.7.
New Haveu, $1,073,555; inc., 5.5.
Peoria, 1601,243; dec, 13.8.
Portland, $859,544 ; inc., 12.0.
Springfield, $855 303; inc , 17.7.
St. Joseph, $1,029,900; dec, 4.0.
Worcester, $252,912; inc., 20.1.
Lowell, 1557,549 ; inc., 8.9.
Syracuse, $571,183; inc., 8.3.
Total, $919,510,411 ; inc., 34.19.
Outside of New Yo.k, $282,545,
881 ; inc., 17.19.
Denver and Galveston not included
in totals.
The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed stead v; middling,
8jc. . Kales, 1200 bales, of which all
to spinners.
Yesterlay. Saturday.
Ordinary 74
Good Ordinary.... 7
Low Middling 8J
Middling 8i
Good Middling.... 9J
Middl'jtij Fair 10
Fair.- Nom.
Dusty 6j(a
Stains. tinges......7JW8J
Mmrms, Jane 21, 1896
Stock Sept, 1,1885.-... 1,392
Paaivoii rwlav 339
Received previonsly...541,530 543,261
Shipped to-day 864
Shipped previously.. ..517,742
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st -
M. and C. R. R
M. and T. R. R
L. and N.R.R
M. and L. R. R. R
0., O. andS.W.R.R
K. C, S. and M. R. R
M., S. & B. R. R
Wagons and other sources...
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
L. and N. R. R
C, O. and S. W. R
Steamers north
,. ' 426
.... 23
.... 10
.... 3
..- 279
.... 339
. 1,200
. 3,456
Total 864
New York spots opened s'eady, aud
clowd steady. Sales, 1010 bales. Quo
tationa as follows :
Yesterday. Saturday .
Ordinary.- M
Good ordinary. 7 1 7
Low middling, o 11-16 8 11-16
Middling.- 91 91
Good middling. 9 t
Middling fair-.lO 5-16 9 5-16
Fair 10 1516 10 15-16
New York futures opened ouietand
closed steady. Sale', 42,220 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows :
9 08r.i) 9.10
9.1 4 9.15
9.26C4 9 27
9.i(.i) 9.15
9 04 ' 9 05
8 99fo 9X0
9 02 9.03
9.09 9 10
9.18 9.19
9.27 9.28
9.37 9.38
June 9 0s(a 910
July 9.14(5 9.15
August. V 2Wa)
September...9.13(3 9.14
October 9 03 9.04
November ...8.9H' 8.99
December ...9 02fli 9 03
January P.0y;.i 9 10
ebroary aisfj) .l
Marcn a.L'S ai h.-.k
April -9 3Sfi 9.39
The New Orleans
spot market
opened quiet, and closed steady;
middling 8c. bales, 110 J bales. Quo
tations were as follows:
Ordinary 7
Good ordinary 7i
Low middling 81
Middling 81
Good middling- 9i
The New Orleans fntare . market
opened s'eady and closed quiet aid
steady. Salt, 23,100 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
8.84 bid.
8.89 8 90
8 9 J 8.94
8.73 8.74
8 63 8.64
8.59 8 60
8 62 8 63
8.72fi 8.73
8.83 8 84
8.94 8 96
June 8.86 bid.
July 8.91 8.92
August 8 940
September . 8 740
October....- 8.640
November- 8.6f
December - 8.630
January 8. 36
February... 8.84 ak 8 8a
March 8.95 8.96
DAILT port and interior markrts.
h 8.95
d 8 65
K-0 8.61
& 8 64
ik 8.74
Rec. 1 Prices block.
158 11,483
686 8J 56,061
"i'595 S 7,723
6 85 793
15919 9 835
29'9J 12,161
91 263,434
191ilj 6,310
9 14,350
103 81 22.8S5
N Orleans.
Nsw York
nom L
St. Louis..
Receipts at ports, tins day, 18S6, 41HU
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 217
1886. 1885. 1884.
R'ts U. S.
p'rts 1 day. 10,805 1,549 1,053
Ex. Gr. Br 19,335 7,170 6,820
Stock...'..... 401,218 340,709 357,759
R'ts SBpt. 1 5,279,899 4,703,820 4,729,504
For'go Ex 4,032,011 3,600,049 3,654,760
Increase of receipts this year,. ..576,073
At noon Liverpool spots were steady,
fair demand; middling, 6d. Sales,
10.000 bales, of which American 8800
bales. Receipts, 17,000 of which
American 15,800.
The following are the closing quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-18d; good
ordinary. 4Jd; low middling, 4 15-16d;
good middling, 5; middling uplands,
5Jd ; middling Orleans, 5 3-1 (id.
The pnfie are gum tn pence ami t4li,
lAta; 4 63 nvma 4 63 64f; and 5 01
meant 5 l-64f.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
3uiet. Quotations were as follows:
une, June-July, 5 04 ) ; July-August,
5 04 1 : August-September, 5 05 ;
September-October, 5 02d; October-November,
; November-December.
; December-January, ;
September, 5 001.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady ; June, 5 Old sellers;
June-July, 5 Old sellew; July-August,
5 Old buyer ; AugustrSepteniber. 5 0'd
value; September October, 5 02d sell
ers ; October-November, 4 62d value ;
JSovemher-iiecemoer, 4 bid Dnyers;
December-January, 4 61d buyers;
September, 5 06d seliets.
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool ininres were
dull; June, 5 03d buyers; Jnne-July;
5 03 buyers; July-August, 5 03d buy
ers; August-September, 5 04d buyers;
September-October, 6 Old buyem;
October-November, 4 62d sellers; No-vember-Djcember,
4 61d buyerss; December-January,
4 Old buyers; Sep
tember, 5 05d sellers.
The following is the record -of the
bids and offers at the session of the
Call Board of the Merchants' Ex
change yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 38o bid, 40c
aeked; June, 38Jc bid, 39jc asked;
Angus', 38c bid; year,3jc bid No. 2,
spot, 36s bid ; June, 36c bid, July, 3Hc
bid ; August, 37c bid ; year, 36c askod.
No. 2, white, June, 31c bid ;". July,
30c bid ; August, 30c bid ; year, 29c bid.
No. 2, June, 32c ssked ; July, 30c bid ;
August, 29c asked ; year, 29c asked.
Spot, $10 bid; Jnne, $11 asked;
July, til asked; August, $11 ajked;
year, $9 75 bid, $10 50 asked.
OoRHWhite, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 42c; in sacks, in round lots,
white, 42c ; mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice.from store,85c; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lota from
levee or depot, choice, $1414 50;
prime, $1313 60; prairie, $80j8 60.
Oats White, 40c; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store; round lots from levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked. 35ic.
Bran From stwe, 85c per cwi;
round lota from levee, $14 7515 per
Beans Navv. $1 7552; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
Cosnmeal Standard, $2 252 35;
pearl, $3 253 50 from store,5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Rice Louisiana, 4J0c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra,
$33 50; triple extra, $3; family,
$3 754; choice, $44 25; fancy,
$4 254.50; extra fancy, $4 604 90;
patents, ' $-5 256 65; from store
family. $44 25; choice. $4 25034 40;
fancy, $4 654 90; extra fancy, $5
5 25; patents, J j auiixo zo.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels.
$4 2 from store. '
Homint and Grits From store,
S3 153 25.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 71; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, treble extra, Sc ; as
sarted jumbles, 9a.
Kansas City, Mo., June 21. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 red. cash, 5Sc bid;
July, 59c b d, 60s ssked ; August, 69Jc
bid, 60jc asked. Cora quiet; No. 2,
. ArPEAL TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1880.
ca'h, 24ls bid, Site a'kel;July, 26c
bid, 26;'c aaked; August, 27c bid.
Oats nominal ; July, 22c lid.
Londdh, June 21. Ti e Mrk Luie
Erprtti, in its weekly review ot the
British gta;n trade, svs: The wea'.her
hai beu variable. The wheat crrpi
are fully three weska lati-; barley aud
oats are als3 backward- Trade favored
buyers. The sales of KnplUh wheat
during the week were 4:!,176 quartets
at 31s 4d per quirter njainu 3S.1S4
quarters at 33i 2d dil'iri; the corres
ponding week last yar. Flnur was
dilhcult t) sell and weaker. Foie'ga
wheat was unimproved and burt-rj
were ecrce. FJour and barley were
netikc'ol. Oats were in large supply
and 3d cheaper. Six cargws
of wheat arrived otf the coast, three
were sold, five were w.thdrawn and
three remain, of which to are Cali
fornia. New crop California was of
ftrid at 33J0')34h, Today ths market
was slow; most grades of wheat
showed a decline of sixpence cn ths
fortnight, other articles were soma
wba' steadier.
St. Lons, Mo., Jnnn 21. Flour
firm; XXX, $J452 60; family,
$2 752 85 ; choice, $3 253 35 ;
fancy, $3 653 75 ; extra fancy, $3 95
4 10; patent, $4 404 80. Wheat
lu rly active, but lower; the ma ket
opened steady bat eased off small frac
tions, ruled steady at the decine until
near thecluee, when a farther decline
of J) coccuired ; later recovered, and
clcsdil firm, loojc lower than Saturday;
No. 2 reel, cash, 78c; Juno, 77Jc;
July, 745 bid: Augist, 7475,
closugat 751c; September, 76i773c,
closing at 76 Jo aekd. Corn very quiet
but firm, and J'Jo lumber; No. 2,
red, rail), 30J31jc; June, 30 je; July,
3K.i31Jc; tloi-ingat 31t'.-3ljc; August,
32c: September, 33Jc. Oats firm but
veiy dull; No. 2, mixed, ea?h, 201c;
July, 24 Js bid; August, 2IJc bid.
Rye easy at 52Jc. llatley no mar
ket. Hay h'ow but ab:.ut steady.
Flaxsoed, $11 01. Bran firm, 45c.
Cornmralesv,tl 95. Receipts Flour,
4000 brls; wheat, 15,000 bu; corn, 43,
000 bn ; oat?, 6000 bu ; rye, 2000 bu ;
barley, none. Shipments Flour, 14,
000 brls; wheat, 4000 bn; corn, 41,000
bu; oats, 6000 bu; rye, 1000 bu; bar
ley, none.
Afternoon Itonrd. Wli'at eafcy and
HWc lower. Corn ek ad Jc lower.
Utti unctianged.
Chicago, III , June 21. On 'Change
today the c nditions wttte mora or lo s
unteltled, wi u prices at. era buoyant
openirjg tend ngsouiewimt downward.
Tne snnouaceiuent of a decrasa of
1.503.000 bushels in the visible sup
ply wai mKlo during the sjSjion,
and was ondderably larger than
had baen counted upon by the trade,
but was not sufficient to mainta'n
prices. TbesUrtiug pries fjr August
was 76c, an advance ol Jc over the
ollicial close on Sat unlay, and sold at
once to 701c, but began to break off
under free offerings, and continued to
decline, with a few fluctuations, until
74 jc had been reached, rallied and
closed at 1 o'clock at 76 Jc. Ia the af
ternoon the feeling wai a?y, and Au
gust cloged at 75 3 16c. Both corn and
cati ruled very slow, wits a somewhat
easier tone, and closed a tritie lower.
Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat
fnirly activo and irenera ly easier.
Sales ranged: June, 72j0')73c, closed
at 7:'jc; July, 73d'al74jf, closed at
73jc; August, 74i!'u76tc, cloesd
at 752c: No. 2 sorinir. 721c: No. 3
b. ring, 72c. Corn dull and easier;
rash, 34 Jc; June, 34J(n)35p, closed at
344c; July. 35 351c, clossd at 35c;
Angus', 36 3 lf;3ilr,-closed at 30
3-16c. Oats dull and eaiy; rain, 27c;
June, 27f')27Jc. clcsed at 27c; July,
27 5-16'-'75c, closed at 27Sc; August,
26j26jc, clcsed at 20 J c. Rye steady;
No. 2, 56c. Barley nominal ; No. 2, 50
53c. Flxeed tt 'ady.No. 1, $1 08J.
Receipts Flour, 12,000; brls; wheat,
16.000 bu: c:ra. 203.000 bu; onto,
131,000 bu; rye, none; barlov, 6000
bu. hhipmants riour, -tlHKi brls;
wheat.41.000 bu: cirn, 350.000 bn;
oti, 00,009 bu ; rye, 20JO ba; parley,
1000 bu.
Afternoon Buan.-Wheat easier ; Au
gust, 75 3 16c. Corn essy; August,
36 1-1 0c. Oats easy ; August, 26c. .
BrTTEB Creamery, 30(34c; dairy,
150)20c; butterine, 1315c; country,
12J18c. according to condition.
Cheese Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.
Mess Pork New, $9 9010 per bar-
rel; su-jsr-cured bania, narkad, 104
11c; breakiAst bacon, 7 J 9c; clear
nt bacon, ttj(ajic.
clear rib sides, 6J(a6c; long clear, 5 j
fa5ic: shoulders. 41 5c.
Lard Tierces, ftatOlc; half-barrels.
6Jc; kegs, ttgc; buckets, 6g6c:
liaii-bucaets, v (a 1 c ; cnoice aettie, i
Fresh Meats No. 1 beef,8)c: Mnt-
ton, 9c; hindquarters of beef, 10c;
lambs, f J4,
St. Louis, Mo., Jnne 21. Provl
innsauiet. but strone and hieher.
Pork, to 25. Ltrd, $5 85. Bulk meats
strong; loose lota long clear, $5 55;
short ribs, $5 65; short clear, $5 80;
boxed lots strong; long clear, $5 60;
short rib, $5 80; short clear, $-i 9U.
Bicm firm and higher; long clear,
$5 155 20; short rib, $5 256 30;
Bhort clear, MkUnb 00. iiaroB hrm
at 10J12c. Butter creamery, 14
15c; dairy. 1113C. Kggs at 8Jtoc
Chicaqo. III.. June 21. Mess nork
steady and firm ; cash and July, IS 85
8 90, closed at hu; August,
9 02i, clossd at $9. Lard steady:
cash, $6 15 ; Jnly,$0 20; August, $6 27
0 30. Short rib sides steady; cash,
$5 50. Boxed meats in fair request
and steady ; dry salted shoulders, $4 85
4 90; short clear aides, o IHXald 85.
On the Produce Exchanee butter ruled
quiet; creamery, 1316c; dairy, 11
13o. Eggs,910c.
Afternoon Board Pork steady; Aa-
gus-, 9. J-ard steaay; August, o w.
OoFPBaCommon,919c: ordinary,
9i10ic; prime Rio, 10iUe; choice
to fancy, 1 1 jdy lL'jc ; old government,
2425c; Uejlon, zoc.
Soap 3i51c per pound.
Sugar Pare white, 6 jc; off white,
68c; yellow, 6i6tc; open kettle, 6J
5jc; refined A, 6jc; granulated, 7
7ic; powdered, 7Jc; cat loaf, 7J7Jc.
Salt $125 per barrel; sacks, fine,
tl 451 60; coarse, $1 151 20; pock
ets, bleached, 2 1 7c; car loads fronii
Iavoa nr rtennr ftn rlieaner. "
Molamks Louisiana, common to
fair, 2030c; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2040c; common to fair, 2O0j)
25c : prime to choice, 3033c ; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 25
30c; other grades and styles, Co0i85c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per ratm;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. P.., $9 60.
('and iKs Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7j8c.
Candles Full weight, 1010Jc.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per dos
en: Pineapples, 1 3"1 65; peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 55; seconde,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 25 1 35;31b,;$l 151 30; straw
berries, $1 35 I 40; raspber'iefl,
$1 151 25; "blackberries. $1
1 15; greengages, $1 601 75;
pears, $i2 25; plums, $1 60
1 70; aparsgns, $2 6V i.4; green corn,
$11 35; green pear, $1 55 1 65 ; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb. $11 10;
cove oysters, full weitiht, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, lu-ht weight, 1-lh,
65c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk-Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $ti.
Havana, June 21. Sugar firm with
out transactions.
Santos, June 19. Coffee Good
a-A. ICOil -ula nc, lit kiln 1 ' . .
ceipts during the week. 9000 bairs;
purchases lor tne 1 nited state, anaj
bags; clearances for the United States,
10,000 bag; stock, 2.0,000 bags.
Rio de Janeiro, Jnne 19. Coffee
Regular first, 4100 reis per 10 kilos;
good second, 3400 reis. Ksceipts dur
ing the week, .i4,tsH) baira; purchases
for the United States, 23,060 bags;
clearances for the United States, 3000
bags ; stock, 259,000 bags.
New York. June 21. Coffee spot
fair Rio dull at 9 Jc; options a shade
higher and moderately active; sales,
17,000 bags; Jnne, 1 (c; July, 7.0c;
Augnst, 7.05 7.70c; September, 7.70c;
October, 7.657.70e; November, 7.65
7.70c; December and January, 7.703.
buear steady and quiet ; fair to good
refilling quoted at 4 13 16 4 15-163;
retined stdv; oil A, 5 t-165fc;
Btandard A, 5J.:; confec.ions' A, Oje;
rut loaf and crusbod, 6'Cv6 13-16j;
piwderrd, 6807c; granulated, bjc.
Molssres steady and qtret. Rice firm
and in fair demand.
Havana, June 21. Sugar The mar
ket was quiet nntil the middle of the
week, when, owing to the receipt ol
favorable news from foreign markets.
the tone improved and the market
c'osed firm ; molaaaes sugar, regular to
good polariaat:on,$l 62J206gold per
quintal; Muscovado, fair togood refin
ing, 85 to 90 degrees, $1 752; centri
fnital, 92 to 96 degrees polarization.
$2 37 J 2 75. Slocks in warehouses at
Havana and Matansas, 31,000 boxes.
838 000 bags and 22 001 bhds. Receipts
for the week, 1000 boxes, 48,000 bags
and 19110 hhds. Exports dnrini the
week, 2800 boxes, 15,000 bags and 707
hhds, of which 12,600 bags aud 492
hhds to the United States.
Apples Dried apples, 34o per
pound from store. Dried peachos, 3
4c from store.
I'eab $1 60l 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Onions, $3 from
store; $2 602 60 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, $2 750u3 per crate.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none ;
California, $4; Messina, $3 505 per
box; luiperia's, $55 60 per box.
lemons. 16(47 per 'box. uananaa
$l2 50 per bunch. Cocoannts,
$4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia, 7Jc;
Tennessee, farmers' stock, 34c;
roasted, 2 Jc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 18'.'0c.
Pickles In lars, pints, 95c; quarts
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; gallons
$3 75; loise, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 60; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
half-barrels, $6.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay-
era, $2 75 j California, j Imperial,
$3 604.
Potatoes Now, fl 75002.
Pecans Texas, 8 10c for small to
medium, 10 14c for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,16c;
Grenoblos, 16c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 60 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel ; Vine
ear. 110'Mtiu per nation.
Poultry Old heus, $275; mixed,
$22 60; young chickens, $1
2 7ft.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 MM5; No. 2, $3 253 50; No. 3,
$2 7603; 1Mb kit, No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 60c. Dry herrings,
family, 3(in per box.
Gave Game fish, ll12c,
EGOS-Quiet at ll12c.
Seed Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat), $6; wagon at mills, $8; Meal
Prime (f.o.b.), $1414 60 per ton. U'ss
than car-load lots, $16. From store.
90c per sack. Cakb Nominal, $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lota, prime,
crude O. S. oil, 22c; prime snm-
meryellow, 2t(')27c ; oil-summer yel
low. 2325c: miners' ; choice
cooking snmmer yellow, 2830c ; off
crude, I8zic.
HinKs Dry flint. 12j(a)loc; dry
salt, 10(n)12c; groensalt,(ijHc; green,
5(ic; deerskins, 1517v. Beeswax,
202lc; tallow, 3tt);ijc.
Bagging Jute, 9llc; flag, 9J
lOJc, accordingto weight. Ties, $1 20.
Hails n 25Z 35.
HoRSES-Good driving. $150225
good saddle, $14O(A3O0; plugs, $35
80; good mares, $85 140.
! Mui.su 14J to 15, $110135; 15 to
15J, $1251I0; 15 to 10, $150175,
Good demand ; supply fair.
Wiiihkv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, fl 606; rye, fl 756; domes
tic, 90c$l 50.
tl 6O0J3 60.
St. Louis, Mo., June 21. Whisky
at II 10.
1 Chicaoo, III., June 21. Whisky
steady at $1 14.
i"hiriwATi. O-. .Tnne 21. Whrnkv
steady at $1 10. Sales of 773 barrels
of finished goods on tins basis.
Coal Oil Prima white, wholesale
lota. 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, 0.,Jane 21. Petroleum
s. w., 110", 74c
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4itjc; good,
8J41c; choice grass-fed, 3J3Je;
good, 30il31c; fair to medium, 2J
2jc; common, l2c.
lloos Choice, j4c; good, 3J
8c; common, 33Jc.
Sheep Choice, 3i4c; medium, 3
31c: common, $KU 60. Choice
lambs per pound, 5045 Jc.
Kansas CiTY,Mo.,Jone 21. The Live
Htork Indicator reports: Cattle Re
ceipts, 1125 head; shipments, 899
cx.d grades steady; common, weak
and slow; choice to fancy, $55 25;
fair to Kood, 14 6Xi4 9U; common to
medium, $4 4 05; Blockers and feed
ers. S3 25MJ4 20; COWS, tz 40003
HoiiS Receipts, 6147 head ; shipments,
3644 head ; market firm, active and
60d0c blither : good to choice, 14001 a'
common to medium.- $3 60053 90.
Sheep receipts, none; shipment?,
noDe; market steady; g-od to choice,
$2 73 50; common to medium,
$1 5O0.J.2 5O.
Chicago. III.. June 21. The,' Droitr
Journal reports: Cauls Receipts, 5t00
head: sliipmeu's, 1500 head; market
nna-isf -ctorv, undesirable grades 10
15c bwrr. S -ipping steeis, 950 to 1500
pounds. $3 70('05 4 ; stockers and
lef ders tirm and a sbadx higher, $2 70
(y 50; cows, bu'ls aud mixed, $2 50
4 00; tbrouirh Texas cattle a shade
higher, $3 103 10, llogs Keceipts,
27,000 head; shipmen's, r.00 had;
market active and ll)c h:.L-lier; rough
and mixed, $4 4 25; lnuking and
shipping, $4 20(4 40; lil,t, $4 l.'
4 30; ekifs, $2 5t(')3 ."m. Sheep
Receipts, 264X) held; shiiuuenia, 600
head ; market steady for wud (trades;
common weaker; ntuven, i ih itr.
Texans, $2 403 40; lanil.g per head,
New York, June 21. With Inroe
nnmberj of buyers present there was
a w ide inquiry for tlanne:s, blankets
and other tyie of woilen goods,
while in cotton goods nioie hs been
done in sales Ag n's hav advamej
the pries of Lawrence LL ti".e brown
CJttin 2J per rsnt.
To all who art aufferlm from tha arrora an
Indiaorationa of youth aerToua weakaaaa,
arly daoay, loaa of manhonJ, ate, I will
aand a raclix that will oar yon, FRKE 01
CUAROK. Thil traat nmaily waa dlaooyar
d by a nilialonary la Booth America. Sand
ll-addraaaad anvalaix to!th KT. Josiri
T. Twwi. Sfntirtn f), Sr.Mt To
Memphis & Cincinnati l"k't Co.
Bxouralou Xlntoaai'.
Commrnclni " 1 .
1 ,. 1 . -
The Elcnant
Buckejo State, Ohio k Jas. W. Uafi.
r- Thin Com van y will aall ROUND TRIP
llOKUls iriim Jieuipnia to bnuiivun,
Cin-inntl, and all Kiutera Citiel, at
uraatly tUduoad Ratol.
ar Tlckata Include Meala and Stote-twma.
Katnrn tirketa tuwi on any bunt In tna lino
ach boat-enrriaa a Fina titrlna Band.
Mondays and Thursdays at &
For Information Innulre of C. B. Rl'l-
SKLL, Agent, Vi Madiaon atreet, Memrhla,
Tenn. H W WISK, Snn't.
HI. I.011U hikI New atrlenaia Aaaphor
Mutt-H.N. Mnll-CAIHU i ST. LulHtf.
City of Vicksburg, tjTTt
! Able mauler, ijftiwa
will It tun Mevatnr llf.fUl, Julie
at n i.ni. For Irelaht or 1'HMiiita apply
C. f.. Ht.i,.PM. Aa't. At STOHfl, Siin't.
M lAtatn ami sew Orleana Anchor
l.tno-I .N Mull-FOR NKW UKLK ANs
City of St. Louis, f
Jua. O'Neal. ..maater.
Will leave tbe Klavator 'Tl' KSUAi , Juna
Zid, at VI in. For freight or paMniie apply
('. II. IHr i Pna Aft. a l r IOKM, Mip'
For Uaoeoln. Ilnlea Poll
at, CarulberevUla,
tiavoaoanil 1 mtonvll e-
-lb new ateamar
W. P. Uall maater I J. D. Fuller clerk,
1 leave aa nhove. and all way polnta,
lnht nr pmtunire epplyon board
Jnvai. Min, riarTaHlauM iea4Tduai.uM
nml UMieola lerlaraUtkiMnjaay.
For IJalena, Ulendale, Krrej-VolK and all
Wu La,ndlne tiununar
I 11 niea JLec, .lu&fcl
J. H. Uoopar, inaawr....J. w. Biuitnera.oinri
win leave aa above on every alUMOAY,
W KPN KSDA and FRIDAY, at 6 o'olork.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Uieanla
and Km
Lanulnia steamer
R. T. Olaarett... maater I Piatt flhoneioierl
Uavea every MONDAY, WKDKKoUAt
and HI DAY at 0 p.m. The boata of th
line reaerve the riant to paaa all landltei
the Aptkin txms deem nnanfe Offlae, Ms.
M.H.r.n . .1 A V TS I.KK, Ja.,Hnr'
MomphlsA White Hirer FktCo
Tor t'lnroniloai. Ienlla lllnir. Ilea
Are, AummU, beiiroy, Newport, Jaokaon
inirt, llatnavtlle and all VVay liandlnia,
M. UK KAMA W, m ,t
K. 0. Poitnl maaier. In, 1 iTiB
Will loave EVERY WEDNESDAY, at & p.m.
NTH. Al.llt KTA MO 8,
Alhert II. Smith niANtor
Will lenve It VERY BAH KDAY at ! p.m.
Thmuiili rutoa ilven tn all pointa. Froight
cnnalmiod lo the Meiuphia and White Itiver
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For iieneral Informa
tion apply at onVe, No. Madiaon at., or to
Cull Telephone W. II. C. I.QWK, A't.
FOlt WU1TE ltlVKlt
MILT lliltUY'N
METiriUS ti VyillTE ttlVER P'K'T
Freddie Robinson, f Q
M. H. Harry.......... ..ru.iater
For llelena, Terrene. De Valla Illnff, Dea Aro.
Aaauata, Searoy, Newport and Bateivllle.
Wiii ieave aa above S AT V KDAY at!) p.m.
Tbroaah ratea to all nointa. Freiibt con
alaned to Milt Ilarry Line, Mem phia, will be
promptly forwarded. Vy. J. P. DOYLK.
Oflloe VI MaHlaon at. Telepbr"1 'M
The St. Francis KUer 1 ransporUtlvt
Co. 'a Fine Hlde-W heel V. 0. Mall St."
Rene Macready,
u.in.. tropnu M...HiKiir.
at 5 o'olook, for Marianne, the Cnt-Off, ana
Intermediate landlnaa on fit. Franola river
Tbe oaptain reaervea Ibe riant to raaa al
landlnya he deeua nnaafe, JAS. LEE, Jr.,
HntMcinti4-a omiHi. Ve. 4 MadUon at
Keniphltaod Vlckshnrjr racket Cow
panf U. Hm Mail Line.
For Helena, Conoordla, Terrene and Arkan
aaa 'Mtv-The elerant paaaenger iteamer
M. B. Cheek... maater I W. C. BJanker...olerk
. Leavea Memphla
p. aa., reeerrlnt the right to paw all landing!
tbeoapuia may deem tineafe. For leneral
informauoa apply at offloe, No, madieoi
aireot, Bj W ALWORTU, Agent.
.I11MN CARR. Paaa'r Aaent. Telephone It"
m tatea rtx Iae4 ea
Mm sf Owl ciMa m
emrltae, ana aaa g Ivaa
ainoM eatMittl a
rutt. Teat
Oaeewna tka ra.oa el
!A public ua tuia
g vne iMawg
Prt.)r .1,rj
J-rtc. Siuia, )
It i: A la ESTATE.
No. 4M. R.-Chanrery Court of Shelby
connty-State of Tenneaaee ti. Emily1
barkeit et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
rale, entered in the above cause on the
14th day of May, IStf. M. B. en. pair luTi,
I will aell, at public auction, to the higheat
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master I
ofllce, Coiirt-bouae of bbelby oounty, Mem
lihil, Tenn-, on
v H.lnnliy, Jane 19.
within legal houra. the following deacnl.eil
proierty, aituated IntSbelby oounty, Ienn.,
Lot 'l3. block 5, Brown'g eubdivlalon,
fronting 8) feet on the eaat aide of LaKoae
atreet, and running back 175 Icet. Sold aa
the property of Emily tiackett, W. W. Luok
ett and othera.
Part of lot 7, block SI, aoutheait corner ol
flayoao and Dornando itreet, i''J'3 foet.
Bold aa the property of the Workingnien a
Building and Loan Association, E. Bucblg-
Part of lot 9, Mock 61, eaat aiite nf Iler
lando atreet, adjoininr Carter, aAgl.M feet.
Part of lot u, block ti.!, eaat aide of Her
nando atreet, north of .MiiydweU's, ;Vxll9
Let 2, block tl : Beginning at a roint on
the aonth aide ot Beale atreet, M feetoastof
the oorner of lleale and Causey stroeta;
thence aouthward with Jobnaon'a line i
foet: thence eastward 2Sfeet; thence north
ward "! feet to Beale street: thence west
ward with the south aiJe of Beale atreet
fcot to beginning. Sold aa the property of
Rocco Buaitiana and othera.
Terms of Sale On a credit of ail monthai
note with aecuriiy, bearing interest, re
quired; lien retained; redemption barred.
Thia Mayi, t
S. I. MrDOWELL, Clerk and Maater.
By U.F, Walsh, D. C. and M.
F. 11. and C. W. Deiikall, aolicitor.
t fl TO i DlTaX I
ttiMieiil mm M fi
f a emarlilMi w
," atrial tyete
V OUutaoaaljl' "3eJ
ArkHDftia liivrr ...H. L. Corp, S p.m.
bt.Frunoia ltliar...RitNi MacariDT, 6 p.m.
New Orleana -.Citt op St. Locts, 12 m.
St. Louia Citt or Vicaani'io, 6 p.a
White KUer Cy:rnsw, 5 p.m.
Friara Point ...Jaa Lit, 5 p.m.
Oaeeola Coikiihi, 5 p in.
Arkivnaa City Kat Antva, 5 p.m.
TiptonTilla (JaTaan, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati Jims W. Dirp.S p m.
.4mW. Jamos Le, Frisrs I'o'nt;
City of Cairo, YLksburj;; R. L. Cobb,
Arktmsaa River; Chickasaw, White
river; Coahoma, O'ceola; Gavcso,
Tiptonville; Ohio, Cineicna'i : Belle
Memphis, St, lxiuis.
Dtinirtnrf City of Cairo, Pt l.-uls;
Qayojo, Tiptoii ville ; Coahoma, Osceo
la; Otiio, Cineinnali; Bctlle Memphis,
Vicknlinrn; Kite Adams, Arkansas
Citv; James Kriari l'ulnt.
(Mitf in Port R. U Cobb. Chicko
raw and Kene Miu-ready.
Boat Ihie Jknrn. D. R. To well and
Citv of St. Louis.
InxM I ut (p. City of Vicksburg.
Kerolrn TMlrrlnr.
Belle Memphis 50 tons nierchm
disc. (Ihio 150 tons nieichnndise.
Jn hum l.e 14 bales cottton, L'31
sks seed and 22 pkgs sundiies.
lisyoHO 34 pkKS merchandise,
Chickasaw ''! sks seed and 3D
pkgs eumlriee.
R, L. Cobh-'.'Sl bales cotton, 2 hd
horres and 7 pkt;s sundiies.
Coahoma 1 bag seed colton and 9
pk?4 sundries.
Kate Adams 12 bales rot'on, 1 bag
seed eoltaii, 057 sks seed and 50 pk(?s
Tub lNne Matitoady, Capt. O. K.
Joplin, is ths packat ilii-i eveuiiiK nt
5 o'clock for St. Francis river.
Tub Ia-s Lino packet tomorrow
evenlnx sr.i the James Leo for Friars
Point and Coaborxa fjrt.-cooln.
The Chickasaw, Oapt. E. C. l'tutal,
is the packet to-ilioi rovr eveiiini! i-t 5
o'c'ock for Whlto river. CM. l'osial
and John Childress are lit r cliirks.
Tim City of Vickslmrir, Capt. lnu
Able, is the Amdmr Line packet
this evening t 0 o'clock for Cairo and
8t. Louis. UKir?e Walton is herelork.
Tub GayrH Cspt. W. P. Hull, is
the packttt Tlnusility evening at &
o'clock for Hales Point, Tiptonville
and all way landings. 11. O. Mi '.shell
is her clerk.
Tiib Anchor Line stamerCity of HU
Louis, Capt James O'Neal, will 1 nsa
down today at 12 o'cl ck for Nuw
Oileans and all intermetlia'u po ntj.
Owen O. Catee is hor clerk.
The H. L. Cobb, Capt. K. R. PuuHi,
is the 1 ncket this evenlns at 5 o'clock
for all points on Atksneas river.Knlng
thronRh to Pine Bluff. Charles Mus
selroan has charRO of her otlic, as
sisted by ltufiis Foster.
The Kate Adams, Capt. Murk R.
Cheek, is tho United Htates mail
packet Thu sday evenirR at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and a'l way
landings. VV. C. ll'anker has charge
other olllcp, assisted by Lew Prico
and Morris Cians.
Tub James W. Oall, Capt. Joint 8.
Jones, Is thopacktt Thuraday evon
Iiik at 5 o'clock lor Cincinnati aud all
intermediate points on the Ohio river.
II. C. llrtice and Lew Prixifs are hor
clerks. The Uafl will give chf ap ra'ea
to a'l pcinls North and Kiurt.
a Kill A I. N KWS,
Bi'MNiisH fair.
Capt. 8am Shock is iu the city.
Maj. John L. Adams is in t'ja
W'katiikb cloudy, with showers 'A
The Iao Line packets were in aud
out ou tiiaa ycsteulay.
Tiik Uayoso arrived and departed
for the upper binds on time.
Kkckiits by river yesterday were
277 bales of cotton, '2 bss uf Oetd
cotton and 12:0 tacks of seed.
Tin City of Cairo passed up Sjmlar
forKt. I-ouis. .She added here 100
bales of Kastern-kound cotton.
The Itelle Memphis pawed down
Puntlav for Vicksburg. Hlied sohnrged
hero 60 tons of freight and added
Tim Chickasaw arrived yestarday
evening from White river with t)U fck8
seed, I!!) pkgs sundries, and goes back
tomorrow evenlnij.
Tub river al th's point marks 19
ftet 1 tenth by the gunge, or UO foot 2
tenths above low-water mark, a rise
of tl tenths 'n the pat twenty-four
Tub It. L. Cobb arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas river with 231
bkloa of cotton, 2 horses and lot sun
drip, and returns this evenin(j,at th
usual hour.
Tbb KbI Adatns arrived Sunday
morning from Arkansas City wita 13
bales ol cotton, 1)57 sacks of sped aid
60 package of sundries, and returned
last evening with a fair trip.
The Ohio arrived Snndsy rurrninsr,
from Cincinnati with 160 tons of
freiirht for this place and re:urned
again last evening with 800 bales
cotton and a good lot of sundries.
Okficb Signal Sebvice, TJ. B. A.,
. Memphis, June 21, 1 p.m. f
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
stations. "
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths 10thH lOtbj
Cairo 25 9 3 -
Chattanooga ... 10 6 2
Cincinnati Vi 4 17 ........
Davenport 3 4 - 1
Dubuque 5 3 ........
Fort Smith 5 5 8 -
Keokuk 4 - - 2
llelena -
La Crosse 0 2
lieavenworth... 14 3 2
Little Kock 6 8 -
Louisville 7 8
Memphis 20 2
Nashville 17 3 3
Now Orleans... 12 1
Omaha 12 2 ........
Pittsburg; 4 3 1
St. Louis 16 5 - 1
St. Paul 1 2 .
Shroveport 3 ti 3 ";"l
Vicksburg . .."' a 6
lliiutcr l.lne Foet and tentha of a If
above zero of gauge:
Cairo. - i feet.
Chattnnnoira, XI !et
Cincinnati, iO.
L)ubu.ue, lo.
Keokuk, II.
La Crosse, 21.
Little Rook, !.
Memi'his, .i4.
Nashville. 4U.
Oinnha, IX.
tit. Louia, 32.
Shrevefort, J8.
iiavenport, 1-..
rort Smith, H,
llelona, .
Leavenworth, 20.
Louisville, &.
New Orleans, lS.t.
Pittsburg, Si.
8t. Paul, J.
Vicksburg, iV
Vanktoa. U.
. i
. I

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