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Vexsioas asd the tariff dis.
ctssed is the house.
A Leigtby Debate Without Practical
Result Proceedings, ia
the Senate.
WA8H1U6T0N, Jo06 22. Eoutt.
The Speaker laid before the House
nine messages from the Presi
dent announcing bis disippr
val of a like number of pri
vate pension bills, and they were re-
In.rn.X in V.O PnTTl TT1 1 1 Pfl Oil InVSlld
j I Pensions. Several of the President's
I (terse sentences and ironical sugges-
1 tions were greeted with appUuse and
1 I mrVitar
On motion of Mr.- Scott Pa., a
Senate bill was passed granting the
right of way to railroad companies
through the Indian reservation in
Northern Montana.
Mr. Mation Ind., from the Com
mittee on Invalid Pensions, reported
back the resolution pilling on the
Secretary of the Interior for informa
tion as to the number of persons now
drawing or ginal pensions from the
government by reason of special pen
sion acts, and as to the amount of
money required annually to meet the
obligations incurred by the govern
mfnt to this class of pensioners.
Adopted. ....
in auvocrung me propumuuu, -u.
Morrison argued that its adoption
wan Kan1 III.1!' naPCflrV. linlfRe. Ooil-
gress was prepared to grant pensions
ana leave me govfrnmeiiL wauum
4Ka ma an a r nav t VlATTl. Hfi referred
to the immense aums pBid out lor
iu v uii uuo wv r"J .
pensions since the war, and the large
am:unts necessary for present and
future requirement, and eaid that the
gentleman from New York (Mr. His
Icack) and other gentlemea on both
sides of the House bad predicted that
for the next fiscal vear there would
be a deficit of $1,400,000. For hitn
telf, he thought there would be a sur
plus, but certainly no surplus ti com
pare with the large, number of pen
sions asktd. If his or the gentlemen's
predictions should prove true, and all
these general pent ion bills should
pa's, thre would be no money to
moo. a flof vanv'a nfivmpnt. He
thought tha as a principle in these
, times of reckless appropriations (he
meant other appropria'ions than
"pension appropriations") it would
be safe to incorporate in every bill
making a new appropriation of any
great sura a tax hill, and thus provide
a means fof meeting the expenditure.
He thcugh t that it would add to the
frugality ol' adminhtiation.
Mr. Reed Mo. expfewed surprise
that his iu'i i ww proposed to be con
fined to pe usions alone. There was
not a practii al uian in the Udus9 who
did not kno w that the propcsed rule
would bs apt ilied to fasten upon every
pension bill i Jonie method of taxation
which would prove obnoxious to men
who might b e desirous of voting the
pension me;si ores. Why was this in
vidous dUt. inction mude? The
(purpose was made to saddle on pen
sion bills legist latian which would re
sult in the de feat of the bills them
selves. He, fo r one, was not willing
to enter on l men invidous oourse
as proposed bj r th gentleman: from
III Lois.
Mr. Hiscock i egauled the proposed
rule as more tba in aa attempt to make
an individual d ietinction against pen
sion bills. Itwi m an attempt on the
part of the gentl 'eman from Illinois to
avoid the rtspon Bibility of the defeat
of one pension 1 tgislation by a direct
i 1TT1 ah kill MM VanfIT t.
ltd here and the .gentleman .desired
1 V-t he and his fr tends should escape
ffeue responsibility ' o a direct vote
'igainst tne di is, i w "
imndment Uwin a tar, and the re
mit .mild h that the whole system,
ither o! internal ti vxation or of cus-
loms taxation, wou Id be iorced into
the House and a o endless nepate
would ensue. The resun wou a oe
th.t all pension legi elation would be
defend, and gentlei nen who opposed
such legislation wou Jd avoid the; re
sponsibility of VOtm l aireciiy biuii
it. Mr. Hiscock th en went on to
au-rte from the JJ. unoerauc pii-
jurm wcicn, ne bbiu, i
bv Mr. Mormon in I ivor of dedic-
.1. utAnl ral tl the . relief
.c ,tul,lo,l in the line of dutv
an the wars ol tne tie puoi.c, uu u
' . .T w Mia an Cnn(rjp
may from time to time grant to the
Soldiers. One hundre. and fifteen
.-mm ,iii. V...I Kaon cwaiwd from
Ulllliuu uuimio uau uovu
. .i .n iha i ilrilvn oi tne
Iiemooracy was that this hundred cad
Efteeu millions siiouia o uovomu
the support of a'l foldie te. Yet, in
.v..Arnn-nu. .ini tb adoption
of that platform the earned totinguished
gentleman wno repoivea " re
the platform, was found sa-.ring to the
aoldiere : " We have not monf enough
to pay your pensions and to carry ut
onr pledges; -we repudiate t)e ob.iga
tion that war taxes shall be d Wotedte
this holy purpose."
Mr. Randall conceded the o ther side
- 1 1 n. ra at Taii-int Tom in rhia
H lull U1DWUI. P. I'" """ . , . .
connection, and he claimed for iusside
a like spirit in every parucu bt, uoiu
iodividoally and collectively, rio far
y,a Vnow thpm was no itdntle-
man An th floor who Wl 1 UOt
ready to do ntire justice to th sol
dier. Some might' differ as to the
me hod or the extent to which V?on-
i aress might go; none wouia cine ion
1 li ,:,;?, v.f if nuiomM did
I, isrant pensions it honestly oqght to
y rovide the money to pay t hem. T be
(Tprobable revenue and tbe amount tt
000,001, and this proposition merely
said that if Congress added to that
$80,000,000 it should at the same time
provide a wv of payment. That was
the manly, the courageous way to do
,it .Let not the Hoaee pettifog about
.this matter cr venture in the least
lpon the realms l demagoguery.
ihere had beea enongn oi mis nere-
pfore, and now let Ute Aiou e eay ob-
erately that when it voteu pensions
wju;u aiJ vote wsa.iuu mccv
Mr. McKinley O. thought that
the proportion meant anything it
jiif ant that the government had not
revenue e i. ough now to pay the pen
sion of desorving soldiers. If it meant
anything it was a confession before
the House atd the country ttat the
revenues weie inadeqna'e to met the
fust demands of the eoldiers of the ra-
pnDllC. II " tv.eans. ium, .""
3 conduct of certaia members of this
House was quiteanexplainable. With
f in the last ten davs an effort had been
i made on the part cf the majority of
the leading committee of the House to
3 reduce the levenno of the gjvern-
i ment $t:6,000,000, and immeJiately
after the failure of t hat commutes
even to have accorded h the couttfsj
of a consideration of its ,-neaaure, the
i. chairman of thit commitU e, acting ai
' i on Kules.
p came in with a proposition which was
i a confession that the govf rament nau
':V.aot enough revenue in the Treasury,
that it would not have within
ah weTt twsive months, to meet
honest and jnst demands of the
aoldiers of the republic. If the
government bad net revenue enough
to meet these demands, in God'a name
why did gf n'lemen want to reduce the
revenues $26,000,000? Not only that,
but if the newspaper reports could be
believed, Mr. Randall (who seemed on
this occasion, at least, to be in har
mony with hia party), himself, bad a
bill which he was about t introduce
into the House, reducing internal tax
ation f 20 000,000 and tariff taxes about
$8,000,000. Yet these two leading
gentlemen, each proposing to reduce
the annual iccome of the government,
csme in here and said : "We have not
money enough to pay cur pensioners,
and if you intend to give them pen
sions you must provide a way to get
the money." That was not fair; that
was not manly ; that was not honest.
If there was not enough money in the
Treasury to pay the soldiers, let taxa
tion be increased, and if the govern
ment had to resort to an income tax in
order to give the soldiers of the re
public w hat was pledged to them, then
he was in favor of an income tax for
general purposes.
Mr. K. Jackson Pa regarded the
proposition as a confession that the
gentleman from Illinois had learned
to bis sorrow that for tbe last tinn he
had made a succesjful csnvss before
the people on the issue of an attack
on the indus ries of the country. He
believed that the proposition emanated
fr;m tbe highest authority in the
country, and was an attempt 'o throw
discredit upon pension legislation.
He had beard with sorrow veto mes
sages read from the dtV ia which not
one patriotic expression was made
use of.
Mr Motsnn rind.1 slid that vester-
day when gentlemen on the other side
nnt Innrluitoa nf ttlA fart that the
Committee on Invalid I'enenns had
determined to pass two great pensic n
bills with a provision attached for an
innnm qt atrorv nn of thftm wanted
to go into committee of the whole be
cause they were Btraiu to meet tne
question. He was in favor of reducing
tha tariff tnxaa and takinz a burden
off the labor cf the people, but he was
in favor ot paying me pensions anu
l.ma nf anliliRia. and tie wanted to
levy a tax on the wealthy men of the
country on the men wno goi ncu
when tbe war was going on. Ap
plauee on the Democratic side.l
Mr. Hewitt N. Y. said that the
Republican party had pledged the
revenue of the government to the
kMwlhnMara Tha T)amncratir nartv
proposed to pledge a portion of it to
pensions, mat was ine op;eci oi tne
measure, aou for one he would not
nun ntil a fnnil waa HpHnit 'lv ap
propriated out of the internal revenue
taxes, or an income isx, or some uvuei
just method of Uia(ion, by which the
..onainn hnl.lor nhnnld ha awnred that
an annual income would come to him
with as much certainty as tne money
taken out of the Treasury in gold wis
given to the bondholder. Justice to
the pensioner, honeet treatment to the
soldiers, was the motto of the Demo
cratic party. Applause.
Mr. Burrows LMicn.j saiu toe b'jio
purpose of the proposition under dis
cussion was to prevent action on pen
sion measures.
Mr. Henderson la. characterned
the proposition as a deadly, coward'y
blow at tbe hearts and bomes of the
beet blood of the country.
Mr. Hiscock N. Y sdd that the
Democratic patty had not redeemed a
single pledge it had made, but had
stood here cowering; before tbe coun
try, admitting that it was powerless to
lift any burden from the peop'e; that
it had spent all the money, and that
empty treasury vaults were the fruit
of Democratic victory. Applause on
tha Rnnnhliran side.l He wished to
emobasise that a Democratic Congres
had been in session for s'x months,
that it had atcomplisned nothing, and
that in these last days of the session it
stood confessing that it bad known
nothing about the receipts of the gov
ernment and was incompetent to carry
out any of its promises and pledgee.
Applause on the Republican side.
Mr. Laird Seb opposed the propo
sition. Mr. Cutcheon Mich. characterized
the prop-sit''on as a make-balief, a
fraud and a deceit, a delusion and a
Mr. Brage Wis expressed his de
light at a reference made by Mr. Reed
te the failure of the HotiBe te consent
to consider revenue bills.
"I am delighted," he ssid, "because
it shows what sort o con'empt the
Republicans of this House feel for
those who have bean recreant to their
faith and their pledges. While they
are recrived with open arms and ap
.prabation for the acs they have done,
they are thoroughly despised for their
. political defection." Lond applause
, on the Democratic side Cont i n uing,
be said thar be had seen the gentle
man from Iowa (Mr. Henderson) take
out the old bobby-hone to be ridden
around again and be danced about for
- the benefit of claim agents, and newspa
pers to be circulated among that class
of men whose votes the Republicans
thcpgbt cou'd be bought by a pre--tense
that the Republicans were the
soldiers' friendo Applause on tb.e
Democratic side and snsf ring cries of
'Oh, Ob," from the Republicans.
"Yes, oh, oh," mimicked Mr. Bragg,
why was it when you had two-thirds
majority in tbe House; when the war
watt fresh ; when men were suffering
drom iwounds everywhere i that you
placed a limitation on pensions, and
lrovidad that every claim not pre
sented within five years should only
commence to draw pension from tbe
date of application? Who did that?
Willyau answer it?
"Oil, oh, it was the Republican
party. Oh, ob, who was it that re
pealed the arrears limitation and paid
the soldiers, whose claims are pend
ing frojo the date of disability? It
wssthe Democratic party, oh, oh."
Continning, bo maintained that there
was nothing in the pending proposi
tion looking to a refusal of pensions
to soldiers. It t'.id not refuse to grant
pensions, but it provided for their
p.ivment. When gentlemen sprang
jd fo the fight and cried out that it was
an attack upon tha soldier, they were
,i.imntino nnrior f he inline of friend
ship- for the soldier element, to pro-
tec tne ooncnoiuer, m prote.i muro
men who, during the war, fattened on
the b.'ood of men in the field, and as
coctractors filled their puraes Ap
plause on the lemocratic side
Mt Randall I did not intend to in
dulge in further discusonof this sub
ject, and I would not except for the
language used by the gentleman from
WiscoBtfio. I stand here his peer in
every respect, with conviction as pure
as he can possibly iave ap
plause on the Republican aide, partic
ipated in by the Democrats who fol
lowed Mr. fcUndall on Thursday last,
and I have ihe courage to asaintaiu
them. Hw is this question, Some
years ago we had the samn contro
versy and I oast niy vote then ai I cast
it on Thurtds v from conviction. I re
eis ed anything that tended to free
tride in the Uaited States and the
lowering of wages to American labor
ers Applause on the Republican
H:da 1 I " ws condemned in some
I quarters for that vo'e. I went with
the rest of jou (addressing the Djrno-
craticsu!el t-a National convention,!
where I w t ld that 1 wou'd r ave ,
no Republicans to help me. vht
wis the result of that convention?
Does any man here attempt to say
that the meaure reported to this
Hoaee by the Committee on Waysar.d
Means is in harmony with the
spirit of that convention, or the enun
ciations of those who took the stomp in
its behalf? No. I am jus' today where
I stood then. I am in favor of a re
vision of the tariff and the lowering
of ra'ea of duty and repaal in pa't cf
internal revenue Uie upon which
the Ways and Means Committee of
this House has denied anyone the
privilege o! a vote. Applause. I have
only tosavto the gent. etna j from
WiM-nnsin that he has from me as
much contempt as I can well send to
him launhter and app'ause and lam
ready to discuss with him the pro
priety of my course.
Mr. Hewitt dec'ared the measure
reported by the Ways and Mems
Committee was in accordance with
the Chicago platform.
Mr. Moiri"on The gentleman f.-orn
Pennsylvania claims that no bill is
fair and in the Bpirit of the Chicago
platform that does uot present him an
opportunity of voting on internal rev
enue ta.es, an i agiin and again he
makes hii promise as to what he
would do. In this we are repr oached
by the o ber side because at Chicago
we pledget ourselves againt the re
peal of internal taxes an t in fr of a
revision of the tariff. The gentleman
from Pennsylvania has gone out of his
wav to say that the proposition pre
sented bv the Ways and Means Com
mittee was not within the spirit of the
Chicago platform. He wished to ca'l
attention to tbe fact that in nearly
every paragraph of V at platform the
Democratic party had pledged itself.as
a party, to a reduction of tariff taxes,
and had especially declared in favor
ol the continuance of internal revenue
taxes. The war taxes remain substan
tially estbey did at the close of the
war, and tbe party promised reduc
tion. Yet the kentleman from Penn
sylvania, notwithstanding the promise
of reduction and his des're to keep
fa'ta with the platform, would not
vote to consider the bill unless it gave
him an opportunity to do that which
he had pledged himself not to do.
Tbe genlltman knew that the Chicago
platform required additions to the free
Mr. Randa l asked if the gentleman
believed President Cleveland could
have been elecfed if the convention
had declared for free raw materials.
Mr. Morrison rep'ied that Mr.
Cleve'and would have gotten more
votes than he did. He hau not carried
Ohio anybow, and had not carried
Pennsylvania by 50,000 votes and
would not have carried them if the
tariff on wool bad been piled a mile
After farther debate Mr. Morrison
moved the previous question on the
adoption of the resolution.
Mr. Reed moved as a subBli'nte to
lay the resolution on tbe table.
The yeas and nays were ordered
and resulted in tbe defeat of Mr.
Reed's substitute yeas, 126 ; nays, 139.
Before a vote could be taken on the
original motion Mr. Red moved an
adjournment, ant the R-publican",
by dilatory tactics, managed to con
sume tl e time np to 5 "'clock, when,
under the standing order, the House
adjourned amid an outburst of ap
plause and derisive laughter from the
Tbe Senate.
In the Senate, Senator Maxey, from
the Committee on Nicaraugna Claims,
reported a resolution lequesting tbe
President to bring to the attention of
the Nicaraguan Government the
claims of citizens of the United States
against that government. The reso
lution was agreed to.
Senator Hawley called np his mo
tion to reconsider the bill prohibiting
members of Uongres from accepting
employment from railroads that bad
received aid from the United States.
The motion was debated until 2
o'clock, and then went over till tomor
row, and the Senate then took up the
bill repealing the pre emption and
timber culture laws.
Senator Blair had moved an amend
ment prohibiting the acquisition in
ore ownership of more than 640 acres
of desert lands.
To this Senator Ingalls offered an
amendment applying the limitation to
a'l pub ic lands.
The latter propos'tion, which was
the peudinu quisiion today, was voted
Senator Blair's amendment was then
voted dawn yeas, 3; oayd, 42. The
Senator voting in the affirmative
were Senators Biair, Do ph and Teller.
After some amendments of detail,
and without final action on the bill,
the Sena'e adjourned.
ergnnlinilon or a New Railroad
Bkownsvills, Tknn., June 22. A
meeting nf the charter members of
the Middletoo. Bolivar, Brownsville
and H e man Railroad Company was
held here this afternoon for the pur
pose o' organ'aatinn. A. W. Brock
way was e'ected president of tbe com
pany; Jesse Normeot, vice-president;
George T. Ingram, secretary, and T.
B. King, treasurer. The other direc
tors present were W. B. Winston, J.
R Head, J. W. E. Moore and Sam
Kahin. (Tbe cap'tal stock was fixed
at $l,000i000, to bj divided into shares
nf t25 each. Col. Upshaw. the civil
engineer, has ben in the field some
time with a ful fires making surveys,
There is good ground for the hope
that the work will go on ar once, anu
be rapidly pushed to comple ion.
Tne Bllver Problem.
Tni-rartttR Kv.. June 22. In an
olahni-.t. rnviflinn nf the silver Ques
tion in its recent relation o industry
and commerce tomorrow, the umrxer
Journal will mcie extensive use of a
larira amAnnt nf flrflfl f t efth from the
British India office, and never before
pnbliflhel or used in tins country.
TV, a matter ia nf ruOMlliar Value 1Q
cllns rating ttie damaging- effect of the
silver discount upoa Araercan com
merce as in competition vith that of
r.u'npe ann ahi
d or v
Urt lheinnlo Article Thrar
popularity of "Wiioor a vouipouna i vou-
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n.in.ii.fl ,..,nLona to attempt to pain oft a
imi'le 'articl of their own manulactur
but any pemon ho ia auflering Irom L-otwIir-f
Cold or Conturci'tinn. ahould be careful
where they purcu-vee inn article. ii -ault"
of ita u?e are its boat recommendationa:
and the proprietor h? ample evidence on
file of iu jrreat aucce.8 in pulmonary eom
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koafi praaMiptujQ (at UkM llw saau babOux an,
for Waakaraa. I aaaltBde, l ark of
nera-T, nr.. If II A- M I-"1 la
tiia only Iruo mtMlirina UiU In tiol InluntMia.
It Knrlrh'-a the Hlewwt, lo l.inrMca the
(TMt'iu, Kaalorra Appt-Utr, ALU lllttratisa
It dooa B black or in jam the tootn. cMiat B"l
ac.be or protiucaoonaupath'o ,!cti.Ma
Pa O. H BiNiut, a Utrtim ptuakau of ann-
flld. Ohm. wiya: . . ...
ftrown'. Ikjo Bitten la a thnronirhlT oi Ml
ina. I u it in my praouca, and hud it. a.-tv n -a.,U
all other t.irni. of iron, la wearnii.. or. km co
daionot Uh w.toia. Bniwti . Imn Bitten. l o-u.llr
Kiaitlra Datwaxlt. It M all thv a, dainiad It it"
Da W M. WaTBsa, ui Thtrtf -aaauorf Riwat,
n.TKt.nro, D O.. fit- " BrownV In Blttm u
Ui Tlmio of the a Nothim brtttw. k cnwtaa
appetite, f irea HMJfUl aud iaiprota tiiCMUou.
Ovnnina ban abnr Tmde M .r and OToaapj rt1 Hoe
on wrapper Take aa other. MauaaBb-lT
Forty Tears a offerer from
" FOR FOHTY YEARS I hara been vie
tim to CATARRH three-fourth, of the time
a .ufTerer from EXCrUTlATINU PAINs
TRILS. The ditohiirifee were 10 uflenaiva
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rood it may do lonie other rufierer, I dat
pent a yoon fortune from my earninct
durini my forty year of rufJering to obiain
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medicinei every one I could learn of Irrnn
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ia, thatbeint in the bumble walka of lite I
may not have influenoe to prevail on all ca
tarrh aurTerera to u what haa cured me
(iuiua's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
' So. 367 Second atreet, Maeoa, "
" Mr. Henry Chevea. tha writer of tha
above, formerly of Crawford county, mw of
Macon, Ui merit tbe cont'd mce of ail in
tereated in catarrh. W. A. U''FF.
" El Mayor of Macon."
Hninn's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
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ISaena, irtta.
HAN A. N ) i t-
I: ia
Z "the Hun I.
0 will wrra at;.-f .'.' "
W avi-y eei.-lnnau v.-tc '
perfect art:c. l tra p - i ;.
oianuraoture or theae afccM, th? re f tJ
Z ytara' ex:o:i ulu iua ;uti. i . ..' '' -1
pltftJM,. glv:' t....t?:'.
Z Jai tb: l.'.l -
-i j;-.-..
1 ';- ' '
Clara Conway Institute.
Monday, October 4, 1886.
Enrollment Lat Term, 822.
ASCI100L for tha development of vitnr
oua, thoughfui, noble womanhood.
This result la reached bj breadth and
thoroughness of instruction and the awaken
ing of patient, earneat endeavor. A new
and commodious boarding department haa
juat been completed.
Tha department of dreaa making; and mil
linery ia added for the Drat time.
In the absence of tbe Principal, who it in
Europe fcr tba summer, catalogues will be
fnmi.kul nn atinlicatinn tn Mrs. K. P. Mor
ton, 223 Adams atrest. or they will be found
at any nr tne city poo a ttorea.
Opens 1st September, lRHfi. Closea June, lwi.
Unsurpassed location, buildings, grounda,
appointments, ran corpa irar
walerf aiivantaffna in Muaio. Lan '
cutioD, Art, Book-Keeping. PL
ture. Board, etc, with full Eii
I Ki,,.c. tnurse,
For Full partico-
ara apply to principal mr cataiogpe.
Vaverly Institute,
Mar Khali Comity, JIImkUkIppI
THE BUMMEH SCHOOL, eiirht weeks,
begins Mussday, July S, 16.
T. II. WINST0X, Prlnriial.
GOV. SHASDS, S.natobia, Mi-s.
KEV. N. M. LON, Memphis, Tenn.
1). C. SLAUGHTER, Memphis, Tenn,
GEN. A. J. VAUGHN, Meinjihls, Tenn.
V. o. i H A rt.it, iviemitiis. jenn.
Kolfe Grammar Scliool,
100 WarNhall Aveiiue,
ber ot pupila limited. There are lew
vacancies, and those desiring to enter pupils
should make early application, either U the
"Advisory Committee," nr toR. M. K'L K,
Principal. Luke W. Kinlay. lr I. I).
Saunders, H n. E. 8. Hammond, Advisory
CVH.. MW H tMdLanil trilVIKU
J ..M.I. t.t.KlaW al I lie. K-aaalar
Ily irs-liaal? Inallsnlei, I'roy, N. T.
The oldeat engineering school in America.
4Neit term hegina beptember lSth. Tbe Kcg
ia ter for l'1 contains a lit ol the graduatos
for the p?t HI years, with their posiiionK:
alai, course of atudy, requirements, i
uen.es.etc. Addresa
pen.e, M, QREENE, Director.
lll II II nLat
M-raPITAL PB11 7.00.-o
lira.! only la
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
" W do trrby ccrn loJ x numr At
mmnotmtnf for all On KoaJ ad var.
Ir4 Vranno ol Imimm Stal i.llcr,
toaapaaa. aJ in bm awian aao1 roalrot
tin tArT.crt, anai Mat tA. $timt
art co arlcU mi" o.r, a.raa ana ta
gooamlAtotcn'-il m i nrlw.art aw arortai
1K4 fonpaay to ui lata earetAmaa, wtia !
tint'ea if var .waatarae alMcAaai, iu ad
eerttermcat. t'onanalaatonor.
Wt, Iti MvimijHMt, Bnnkt nail Atalteri,
ei4 jxtK nil PntM irattm ia TKt tunHtaw
a Lotttriet hHkK may k prntnltd al our
J. H.trULKMBT.Pr. La. Bal'l Bank.
J.W.aall.BKCril.Prro.Nlatc Mal'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, Prr. H. O. Hal. Bk,
Incorporated !n lm for twenty-v yeari
by the Legislature for Educational and
Tharitabla tiurposea with a capital of II.-
(,(ii to whic h a reserve fond of over .VI,-
isai haa aince oeen auuea.
By an overwhelming popular vote Ita
franchise wat made a part of the present State
Canalitation, adopted December 2d, A.D.
The only Lottery tree votacl on and indorsed
by lac people of any State
It never eralrt or pnttponee.
Ita ttrand Hlnala NniHter Itrawluf a
take place, nionllily, ami the Hi,
Irawrstluary Ikrawlugta rvanlarly ev
ery three isionlha InalesHl of Nrnil
Annnally as nrrrlolarr, begjlaalaa;
March. IHH.
July 13, ! -lOatU Monthly Drawing.
lOO,(M)0Tlrkea at rive Isollara Each,
rraellona. In rinha, la
I Capital prise I TS.OtlO
Capital prise iiu
Capital prise lo,(ifl
2 Prises of fsmil U."J
6 Prises of as 10.UV
10 Prises of lti Hi.OtaD
2(1 Prisea of 5W 1H.WW
liiO Prisea of l i,(sj
J Prisea of H 3."0
rniO Prisea of 50 .(Hfl
UUO Prises of S,000
9 Approiimation prisea of I7MI (,7V
9 Approiimation prisea of MM) t.MiO
8 Approximation prisea of HM 2.0
1967 Priiea, amounting to t',IW0
Applioatlon for ratal to clubs should be
mads only to tha office of tbe Company at
New Orleans.
For further Information write clearly,
glvinifulladdrene. POSTAL NOTKM, Kl-
ureaa Money Ordera, or New York Exchange
in ordinary letter. Carroncy by fixpreaa las
oureipenie), addressed
New Orlaana,La.
Or H. A. nAI PHIM,
Waahlnnlon. Is. V.,
or at Weal t'oarl Nt., Bfemphla, Tenn
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address RegiHlered Letters to
Haw Orleana. I.a.
Vei. Third mud Fourth
VCermtl. btf rrwUoe will
Cnrei U form of PRIVATE,
nd Imputeuoy,
l lt rtntull l ir bui lb toum. tiuai uoakM ta M
din rtart. or otbn caul, Slid pmdurln MHi 'la.
MTinil flrrta NrriiitafM 8nilnal fcrnifotii .,M(4.af)
1cti-1 lr rail! DttQDM of BiKhl, lttVUi U'ft - ?by
u,ll)rni Pitui.lwioD Ko AvrrvaVoii luRuoiftr 9tTwm
ntiimkm l iAfm, lm ol Hoiua.1 lw. 4 . midrita,)
Darnaf linttT-it- nr nnhappT. r Oiitii(M- d? rmv
..Dilj ciimf SYPHILIS IK-'U'J
ir.lv tratlnp,! f'Oi Uif alem, GoSOrrheHs
OLEETi 8lrtlor irislUi. rni. .of JtuDtwa.
TP ami fth-r privatst dlatMa quirk! j eurtd
H la tWf-H-Bt ibat phj attko who t itaUtMatT
otrtBin rla ot 1iaMaa atil irMtlui Ihouaaodi HiOi
lf oqntrM inrat aklll. PbTal:la iDowlnitiiU ficvrfun
wonnrud dstwdi to mj ear Wbw It ta UtrmaTaDiaDl w
ui tb-cit.. fa Uaalmrtif, intisyrtnot oA U rfl'Uilf
nd wMf in malt or aiprwaa aujtir
Cure GnaraDteed la all CaMt
andertaken. . , .
.'tiari-M -fsuouabla uuJ owrja(H'iiJDi atn n;y NuC JaaUk
ft TOO rtr-) KB ""J" dat 4WcBrr avattj, ftn
Nn oauia Lou Id b nad tit ftil. adtlrraa at alm
fl)oa bar from A. H. f at. aUroUft, t n '
rimavRe, pa.
Counterfeita ate made in Ht. Lonia, Mo.
Win', Nun isdUsiii IssiTirasT,
a gnaranteed aneciflo for liysurla, Dlasj
neaa. Convulaionsi, Flu, Nervous Naural.
gia. Hearfacha, Nrve- Proatratlon, oauaed
' . . , .l.nknl t frti . Wiki.
fulness, Mental Depression, Beltenini of th
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea ing to
misery, decay and deaths Premature "
Age, Barrenneea, Loaa of Power in either
s'V Involunury Loaeea and Hoermator
rhea, oau J by over-eiertlon of the brain,
aelf-abuae orovnrindulgenoe. Each bpicon
taina one mont:. . treatment. II a box, et
six boiea for V, sen' l mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We guarantee Bit Bexel
to cure any ease. With each order received
l . i ' - L. ...nmnanlal arlfl. f.
we will send the purchaser our written
gunrartoe to refund the money if the treat
ment doe ot sffect a cure. Guarantees
. i .-i. . uvMuifur a nr, fk.n..
laauea oniy o t .... r .
gists. Memphis. Ten".
Private Select aohool of Miuh Oradefor
hnrnimi at WoorfUnd, In tIcw of Ht. Louli. Th
JjimiM at rnKi lanu, in ' - - -
nti r mniotntniaiita of thi i.lww roml-r 11 mn KLE-
. . . I -J li7 1 Wnm vauaral aa I I 1-fanrilBl
OAirr Hunt. OruanlEfid
V . i i A.. n I nail nairtinn
buff m0 Han fsuriv. Ynirvaa . --
,ta) hw0 (Hie
rj thvrouuh
Oon'nt of 1 nat portion 1
U7iro-: Ancient ajurl M.d,pn. Art; . Klnting
XIUMIC: K-I MUU lll-uuii niivai,
blifhlTqu.IKi! for thclr iprlldiwrtmfnU.
foiicureroom iu.plioUon omt mndvMrly,
. Ta BttWtTT, tt,P..lnnlng, Mo.
a,l llrHarlnif. Hoarn OI inruciiiij r-i.nu, ...
, A bm( of MO pxei.
JlaWIlUini aVl a ft, " , 1' 1 . 1 . 7
I pi let book ror
llliiuMiDjt ount.ina lie ol
newspaper" and estimates o th. cost of ad
vertising. The adverliser who wants to sind
one dollar, dnde In it the lnlormatinn he re
quires, while for him who will invest one
hut Ired thousand dollars in advertising, a
he!Le isi ndicated which will meet hia
e-ery reuit.-eiuent, or can be made to do so
bysliirhtchanite- easily arrived at by forre
snonlence. One hundred and fifty-three
editions have been issuetl. Sent, poatpaid,
to any addreaelor ten cen.a. Apply to GEO.
VE.UISING BURKAl ,!t; spruce at. (Pr.nt
ng Ji'iur. Bnuare , New York.
Ofteaaaked Bat asldoes aneweeMl saaateawy: U there a levaedt taw is tha avedlaal yeaWcaiaal
-.11 e a.nn. naaaliat to uaaa aa are embiaat lo X)aaMieTaa4 We aneailaail ilaeiaasaraw .
t n. A n.n I y h not tr,ed do AT 0NCE 'gMCAWC'
VvWvS Thef relW for " I t boen found rn ) liXNQVrVVVVVrS
Jteaat srausl an eminent payrtetam hmm H toy weaa (to mnkmtt -4
1 kaea oarrred parttealarlT gratiWn ""s1"' "" the aaa ol Tomralloa ki saeae af PramawaThea ml
na ease of a ladj of rhenaiaua eoa.tiu.rn. aod a alwnnia aaSnrer tnau Uua duaaaa, who bad beea mvea
aiawat so the rem ol inaaiiitf bs bar aithlr auBerwrs. aa aaaea has been e aasanaatery. Hralavvae)
KtV. A. A. MELLIER, Sole PropV..'.r.WJ1
FOUNDRY & MACHINE l)El"T,UH)tol?4 AdiuiH St Meinphi-4
Braaa gats. ( : ; ; K -. I
.aw n j jTl.
Honse p s,
aVratala s l
llnllillUH ,
general WTL.fr " -
1 K i lilil I Ml i, "VJ-VvT' m
IKONIuIlIvAV SITPLYDEPT. 23 and Second St.
(Succeaaora In this levrtnient to JOHN MAN00UK.)
eva-Write us f"r ItifiTinallnn on ANY TIIINO in either line
33G Nero ml Street, Jloiiiphls.
Maleriala. Pumnt, Drive W'ella, Iron, Lead and btone Pipe, Has flitures, Ulobes. KU)
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union Ntreet. i s Memphis Tenet..
g &nnnC2&&
Doors, Sasii, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, fVlllnj? and Cedur Touts.
A. V ACC A3RO & Co
TirOR. Am 3W1 PHOltT Tr .'.7 F.PnT'
SLEDUE BROS., of Como, Mian. F. M. NORFLEET, ttebltlent rartnt,. .
Ho. 365 Front Street Memuhla1 Tenneaaeio
Cotton Factor and Wholesale Grocers
300-398 Front St., JMCni)liI, Teun.
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchant,
11 South Main St.. Wt. L.nl-
ifllmer.Thoraton & Co
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. SOfl Front street. : Mei.nhl. Teun.
. HSilCl iy S Go.
Old Sfmid. No. ft
AP0LE0N HILL. President.
U, J, ljlala.lf VOOUIUI
lllllllllllllll Mill I 1 1 II IA UUU11UU
Ofllfp-19 ItlaHw'i Wtreot. 31 egphie Tenn
37f378-SO-3W-384-3Jtt Secoml street, south ot Uayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
UUUie, tfu'2oaMinm.t Lalha. iesla? Foal, aa.l FleUeU.
Bar Iron,
Boiler Iron
Hoop, Maatel
' an is
.. Nhrvl iron
t Waaben
11 nZZeX0- ""i'.a-
0. E. WITT.
TTnion St.e Mempliis.
W.N. WILKEKSON.YIcfvlTogl.ea

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