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? ti Kbitui or lai ArraaL, Memphli,
Weeamot, M a ralo.aadortaae to retnra
article" sot found auitable lor pnhlisation.
Our nail booki art kept bj poetoBoea, and
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Ivan be aooompaaled by the nam and
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rood faith and roiponiibilltr. Mo notice
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tlneia leturi ihould be eddreiied I
M, C. DiUifiT, I Second itreet,
J. M. KiiTiKo. I Memphii. Tenn.
WEDNESDAY, t t JUNE 28, 1880.
TWE'TT.t'orit vrroEa nr Pitts-
lill.M I.t.t .LASM.
Mr. Cleveland, in bis position as
President of the United States, still
continue! to win "golden opinions
from all torts f t men." Continually
we have instances developed of his
watchful care for the Interests of the
people. 'We call Congress tho assem
bled wisdom of the nation ; Congress
bas a private secretary to each Sena
tar, each bousa has its messengers and
ushers and doorkeepers and commit
tH's, and auxiliary aid from every de
partment of the government whon re
quired. Delibcra'bn goes on from
day to day, and with all formality and
tolemnity laws ara pawed. These iro
sent forward to the President for bis
confirmation tli ink heaven and the
makers of the coiiB'.ttution that they
are and tbon Mr. C eveland is com
pelled by hii oath of olllo and incited
by bin own intnurity t perforin
bis duty, whatever Congress may
have dorio or neglected fo do. Anl
bow tb's one man shines and soars in
comparison with tbe army of Congres
si oral legislators) This one man by
enre, iudiutry and tbe ne of true
business qualities, thaws himself qual
ified to act discreetly and efficiently,
where the totea and vigor and wisdom
of Congress have been so directed as
to expose that body to the nation's
disapprobation. Hio Uleg-aph yestei
day told of fifteen veto messages stmt
ta Congres', sad this morning it tel's
of nine more. We all know the
feeling of the boy at school when the
ill-per'ormed lo;son is put back for
coriect'on. This is the present posi
tion oi Congress, a position tho cari
es' wrist could present mo it effectually.
The two classes forming ths Congres
sional ech do 1 ara told tbnt the head
t itchor bas pointed out their blunders
until he is tired of the tnk,the conse
quence of their "pramismous and 111
advised" way of performing the lee
eons imposed upon them. In fact the
greater part of the bys never attend
ed to the lessons at all, and those who
did blundered to excess, owing to
their inattentiun and "heedless
new." The Congressional boys are
a poor figure aa they receive salutary
rebuke from the bead master. An ex
change paper said a few days agJ that
Mr. Clevo'and was taking no steps
whatever toward securing bis own re
election as President in 1888; but the
tact is, Mr. Ceveland is taking tho
most effectual steps that any man in
bis position can take to assure to him
self a re-elec'.ion if be should desire
it. lie is making himself a nest In
the hearts of the people. Standing as
be does, a practical man exceeding in
solid well-doing tbe deeds of that dis
appointing body Congress; mani
festing usofu', evoryxlay-wear quali
ties, such as are sadly wanting else
where, be becomea magnified in tbe
.people's eye by the small-sited utility
of oar legislators. The very detrac
tors of the President belp to exalt
him, by letting tbe public see bow
poor and puny and defective Is their
own work compared with bis. The
lull tell what the trees are. The
soar, bitter, warm-eaten, cankered,
shriveled, musty yield oflared by the
President's opponents make the tidy
basket of trash, sweet, aromatic, Bound
and wholesome fruit offered by him
self only the more appetising and de
sirable. President Cleveland is win
ning tho hearts oi the people. -Le(
him go on as be Is now doing, and
keep bis two Congressional classes to
their lessons and see that they study
them properly, and, as tho time goes
on, tbe louder and heir tier tbe people
will exclaim: "Well done! thou good
and faithful servant "
The world has been laughing ainoe
the year 35-8 B.C, at the grief of Al
exander over the death of his fiery
horse, Bucephalus, and it is now laugh
ing at the grief of all Bavaria over the
death of an animal inferior in Intellect
and usefulness. Lad wig was indeed
Jung log. lie was nuttiing but a
block of wood, and his head as devoid
oi bsatne as an oia anoe. lie baa no
sympathies, hatel men, Jeepiaed
women, even li;a motner. Me never
did but ono commendable act in hii
life, and that was t) kill bimsslf, and
the world is glad tbe pojr wretch did
the right thing to gracofivily. He act
tied bis own troubles and tho'e of his
country by committing suicide. II
h.d so intellect, no Sonne of ju'
tice, no patriotism, no K.ve of
bis people, and wfcen ho died
be should have bean quie'.ly buried
and the clurlty of oblivion thrown
over bis name, Bat strange tj ray
a 1 of the Bavarian people went iaia
mourning; Munich wu bung in crap,
universal sorrow pervaded the wbole
c unt y. Tte beauty, wsa'th and
fa Lion of the cities, the peasantry on
the hilltidea ami in the valleys of the
Kingdom, (urn e l ont li do honor to
lh dead idiot. Mea and women were
I trampled uodr foot in tbe eager de-
tire to gut a view o! the) creature whose
life was a shame to the Expire. Lad-
wig bad made them tbe jest of the
world for ye ara; be fobbed them, lived
tbe life of a recluse, ba'ei evey thing
aod everybody, st ll the whole King
dom piincsaanl peaaaota join tbe
frarjtic mob to do honor to his memo
ry. A people who can worship at anrh
a (brine are indeed loyal ti tbe crown.
The Democrats who would make tbe
civil service hill Inoperative and vo'd,
justify their recreancy on the ground
tbat no party can tucceed unless it di
vides the spoils am log the victors
Experience has slnwn tint the distri
bution cf the offices is the greatest
sjnrca of weakness tt the party in
power. This is accounted for by Jef
ferson, who Buid tbat the President in
appo:nting a nun ta ofllce made
eleven enemies and one ingrate. The
history of tbe conntry shows that
party proscription doei not strengthen
the party that makes a clean sweep.
In 1810 Van Buren was backed by the
army of ollijeliolderc, as there was
not a single Whig in office.
Still be was defcg'ed tor tbe
Presidency by oi overwhelm
ing mejuity carried only four
States. In one month's t'me Ifurrisoa
mide a e'ean bwerp, but in 1841 Polk
was elected, notwithstanding the fact
that all the offices were held by tbe
Wbigi. I'jlk made the proverbial
clean sweep, and it Is ta'o to sty that
there was not a single Whig in cll'iea
at the Presidential election in 1848.
But the Democrats wero swept out of
power by the tidal wave oa which
Taylor was carried into the I'rea
denry. The Democrats wero not
becked by tho otli ;ehohUrs la ls52,
but Pierce was e'ectsd President by
an almost unanimous vote. The Re
publicans seen red control of tbe
National Government in 1800 without
even a It spublican poettnaiter in ofllce.
Cleveland was elected President
when all the office! were filled by
Republicans. Io five of tbe Congres
sional elections since the close of the
war the Democrats have secured tbe
control of the II o use without a parti
clo of Federal patronage. And there
is today more danger of a loss of die
trie's owing t J disea'isfaction at the
distribution of the ofllce! than there
ts from disappointment tint mare
have not been distribute!. No ptrtr
can afford to rooks the cinfea-ionthnt
it It "hero" mainly for the enjoyment
of tbe oflicss. The people expect
something else of them. The Demo
eiatlo pa'ty is not bo'd together by
the obesive power cf public plunder.
If it has no other object in view it
will die and It ought ta die. President
Cleveland is appointing Democrat to
otllce as rapidly as tho civil service
bill and bis pledges t the people will
permit. At the end of his term there
will be no Republicans in office. Ho
will have miuoyo! thnn, slowly it is
true, but according to law and the
pledges of hini'clf and party and
those Democrats who predict defeat
in tho next Presidential election be-
C'Use tnere nas not been a clean
sweep will discover that nearly every
office bas been filled by a Democrat,
and that the Democratic party will be
lacked by a (olid array of Democratic
Among the numerous s'gns which
si on that a reform of our blundering,
unsystematic tint! must come, a no
ticcahle one appears in a quarter of
all others probnh'y the least looked
tor. It is in t ho sugtr trade of I.ouisi
aoa. R?cently the New O leans nres
announced that one of the refining
companies In New Orleans bad pur
chased 5X)0 tans of sngar from tbe
Sandwich Islands for the purpose of
refining it and putting it upon tbe
market. The Louisiana crcp of sugar
a mere fraction of the amount the
United St ates consumes afforJs but a
vory brief season for tho operations of
the sngar refineries. By purchasing
liberally of the sngar of the South sea
island that is admitted free of duty
Into tho Unite! 6tstes,tho refineries
ma-indefinitely ex'end tbe sea
son's1 operations, keep their nit-
chinery at work, and give
employment to labor with giod op
portunity of permanency. Tho ad
vantage of such a proceeding must be
apparent to every unbiased mind.
Even the Picayune, obstinate stickler
as it is for the protection that docs
not protect, says: "Any lmporta'ion
of foreign sngars to this city for refin
ing purposes, after our crop is about
exhausted, is a decided benefit ts this
city, increasing ita Importance aa a
sugar mart, and giving employment to
a large nnmber of people and indus
tries, whe would otherwise be out of
employment at the close ol our usually
toi short seasons." This purchase of
Hawaiian sugar is a practical carrying
out of the principle upon which Mor
rison sought to construct the bill
which Congress has treated ao con
temptuously. This sugar is "raw
material" to the refiner, and to pre
pare it for market employs the refinety
and i's laborers. If wool, and bides,
and lumber, and othsr raw material
the Morrison bill wonld have ad
mitted free of dmy, had been allowed
to reach tbe hands of manufacturers,
bow many sufierint laborers now
withon. wo'k wonld be plenti
fully supplied! It is a icmarka
ble thing to see lbs Morri
aoa pricc'ple cairied into piaetice
by a Lonia'aca Migar mauufact'i'er,
. bile C'.-ugre! declinoe even to uJih
tbe Morrison bill to discussion and
vote. A number of occurrences and
necsseities are developing themselves
that gives practical and quite unde
signed proof tint the era of tariff re
form is approaching. There is one
consolation for the tariff reformer the
longer the reform is postponed by the
inaction or the adve;se actioa of Con
gress, the more thorough and sweep
ing it will be when it coies, for as the
time e'apres the vicionsne3S and com
plicated errors of our present tarff
develop themselves and arouse antag
onism against evils that never ought
The ArriAL bas a liking for Sam
Jones and brs frequently expressed
its admiration for bis evangelical la
bors. But like a'l reformers be is aa
eitremeist, believe! what is worth do
ing is worthy of being well done, and
hence be frequently (lops over in
criticising worldly pleasures. His de
nunciation of round danc s, progres
sive euchre and baseball, are nothing
but low, vulgar tirades, offensive and
insulting. One of the pos'.t.ve binder-
oces to the spread of the gospel, is ta
be reckoned just such intemperate and
unqualified denunciations as Sam
Jones is constantly burling at
everything in the shape of
amusements. Instead of warring
on tbe abuse! of tin social pleisures
and customs of the present day, an
unrelenting and wholesale condemna
tion la lauched fourth, distasteful ta
many ai humble believer who thinks
differently, and repels many an
honest man of the world from
a cans! which calls to its
aid such ill tempered and insolent ad
vocates. No doubt all these worldly
ploasnres and amusements have their
evils which should bs avoided ; but so
have revival meetings, camp-meetiegi,
the church sowing societies, picnics,
fairs and festivals, their snares, their
excesses and their follies which beguile
maoy into the commission of tin
Tbe highest ideal of Christian'
ity is not in an enforced
abstinence from what is in
nocen, which may have been abused
and perverted, bat self-control in the
use of it. There is as little judgment
and consistency in denouncing in un
measured terms all the pleasures of
the pressnt day, because, foraooth,
somebody has corrupted tbem and
others have been injured by them, as
to denounce religion because there are
villains in tbe church. Mrs. Molloy,
ce'ebrated revivalist in the West for
the pant five years, overshadowed Sam
Jones in abuse cf worldly pleasures.
Tbe idea tbat a progressive Christian
could sit down and play a game of
progressive encbrs fi led her with
horror and disgust. And yet she is
now indicted for crimes, com
parad with which tbe wor.t
phase of worldly amusements
are agreeable diversions, and the evi
dence shows that at tbe very time she
wus nSusing her neighbors she was
trembling lest the skeletoa In her
closet should et ilk forth and with its
bony fingers point to iter as the guilty
wretch she was. So It did at last, blow
ing her saintly ropntation to pieces as
if it wero the flimsiest cobweb. There
is no law in the Scriptures prohibiting
even Christians from having pleasures,
Indeed, the whole tenor of B.ble
teaching is in the opposite direction.
The Gospel is the tidings of grea. joy
Tub I'u itiin is no longer the ideal
Christian. The world is adapted to
the enjoyment of pleasure. Albert
Barnes, the eminent preacher and
commentator, at the ace of
seventy yars, said lrom bis pulpit:
"This world is very attractive to mo; I
am sorry I Bhall have to leave it so
soon." There is far more merit in
each honesty as that than in ths cant
which makes young men say in prayer
or song tbat be wants to leave this
world and longs for heaven. He does
not long for any such thing and be
lies in saying so. Assailing worldly
pleasures because there are excesses
is as sil'y as a proposition to abolish
all literature because there are vile
boiks, and all art bsrause there ire
bad pictures.
Sp te and bitterness is pouring out
like myriad streams from Alpine
snows, because the Morrison bill was
called up for inttial action in Con
gress. The monopolists make tbe
tariff as it s'ands a fatish. It is some
thing too (o'emn and too sacred to be
appioacbed with other than reveren
tial st-ps. Tbe protection press is
pouring out bitter anathemas upon
those who favored tbe Morrison bill
with their votes. Is tbis because the
monopo'is s real'y believe tbat our
tariff as it stands Is perfect? They are
not so ignoiant, but tbey know that
when a cause is to weak to be sup
ported reasonably, the only course left
is bullying and bluster, and the
church in the middle ages could not
outrival the buret of anathema now
issuing from monopo'ist councils, con
siatories and inquisitions. Why this
outpouring of unrighteous indigna
Hon T Because the monopolist knows
that the tariff, as it stands, is a row of
brick set endwajs. Touch one brick
and on the movement g8. There is
no foundation, and the crazy, toppling,
bhaking, quaking, unbalanced mo
nopoly tariff will, a! the la bors sty,
"came down with a run."
Rftloon Klot at ( llntoai, Iowa.
Ci inton, Ia., Jmis 22 A mob ot
salooutsta attacked tbe jail alter mid
a J n:g:n its- diiim, lntemttug to lynch two
,t l'iohibit:oniets Wio are under sriest
i . -
i r alleged parniption in Monday s
riot. I'tie Stieritl and deputies ti ed
into the mob, wounding finr men
some of them seriously. Most of
the crov, i were d.unk, and all ran
when I tie shooting commenced. To
day, sb a precaution, the two Prohibit
tionm; prisoners were removed to the
St te's pii" . at Annmoea.
The Eutlre Day Takea Up la Secur
ing a Jury The Milwau
kee Cat en.
Chicago, Iil. June 22. For the
first time since tbe trial, interest in
the anarchists' esses causel crowds to
roogrcpate in front of the criminal
court building A mnscular bailiff at
the door barred tbe way to a'l mere
curiosity teekers. Should one of them
gain an entrance under the cloak; ot
bavins "business" upstairs, another
muscu ar ta.lifl makes him explain
wbat bis bntiness is, and finally a
ih rd man is stationed at the door of
the couit room with positive oiders to
let in no strangers.
An extra venire of seventy five men
was in waiting, but nearly one-ball of
tbem were excused by tbe court for
valid reasons.
Tne work ol obtaining jurymen was
then resumed.
The court adjonrned until 2 o clock
this a'terncon, wi hout any jurors
having been accepted by the dtfeoss.
Tbe Hllwaakre Trial.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 22. Many
legal questions were rai ed today
upon tse resumption of the trials of
the Milwaukee Garden rioters tending
to dispute the jurisdiction of theconr.
The entire forenoon was davo'ed lo
arguments on the point. Ju'lge
Moan unary earn he was
not clear on the point, but would
allow the trials to proceed, leaving the
Supreme Court to deride tbe nia'ter of
jurisdiction. Had Judge Slcan sus-
ta net! tne points male oy tne duiecse
their d'scharge would have resulted,
as the cases could not be sent back to
Judge Mallory. As it is, a'l the law
vera confessed that the cas?s
bad become involved in so
many complications that they
were utterly confused. Further
evidence was taken tending to show
the inflammatory character of tbe
speeches male bv John Pralzmsn
snd in rebuttal. Toe esse will prob
ably go to the jury tomorrow, when
tnat of Robert Schilling, State O'gao
izee ol tbe Knights cf Labor, who is
under iodictmeot for conspiracy,
growing out of boycotting casts, will
be taken np.
Would Bo Happy Willi Either Were
'Ihrr Ufir (banner Anar.
Eljiiba, N. Y., June 22. Gossips
are wagging their tongues over the
story of a broken engagement, the de
tails of which ara slowly coming to
livht and interesting everybody in the
city. Cards have been out for some
time announcing that Istdor Sebersky
and Miss Ash were to be married next
Wednesday, but no v it is thought the
ceremony wfd not take plate. Se
bet-sky, a tall, good-looking man of
twenty eigh. up to a vearsgo was a
member of tlipfitin of Saberiky Bros.,
clothiers, in Wa'er street. Siocn then
he ha! removed to New York ani
gone into tbe wholesale clothing busi
ness in Broadway.
An aoqua'iice sprung up between
him aod Miss Ash, whoe fntber was
a member of tha lirm of A-h Bros.,
dry goods m rchant-, at No. 27 J Sixth
avenue. Seberskv's attentions son
became marked, aud t-e couple were
engagxl to be ma rird. Kverything
seamed to be toing on mcs- smoothly.
Oa iss; Monday, however, Mrs. Se
beraky, Is do'e's mother, died, and he
came to E mira to attend tbe funeral,
Miss Ash and her lather eccompany
irjg him in refo'fiires to the funeral
made by the local pper, the fact of
the engagement w. published, and
out of this raooe a thumlerholt; for it
appears that it attra;red the attention
oi Miss Thompson, who lives in the
Fourth ward, to whom, it ia said, Se
biiflky has bteo devo ed.
She had had tioabie w t'i FeWoky
three or four ytaro ago, and attempted
to shoot him in the oi erahou-e hall,
but they had made up their quanel,
and were as devoted as ever. Whoa
she read cf the approaching wedding
she informed Sebersky that if it came
off she would shoot him. She also
wrrts to Miss Ash, saying that Seber
sky had wronged her under prornije
of marriage, and that if tbe wedding
took place she would be present ai d
make as eue. She threatened shooting,
a breach o( promise and several other
thing. Tbe letter was placed in tbe
bands of Inspector Byrnes, of New
York, and it was decided that the
girl's brother should visit Elmiia He
did so, and bad no trouble in finding
the woman. After talking with ber
awhile, Mr. Ash told h'g object, and
the woman then produce J a large
packet of letters written by Sebersky,
somo of them dated as late as three
weeks ago.
In ono of tha letters, it is srid, the
writer told cf his approaching marring-,
but assured the woman that it
need make no difference as far asehe
was concerned. She could come to
New Vork and live in good style, and
he would manage to be with ber a
part of the t me. Ha would furnish
her whatever she wanted, and all
would go on swimmingly. Mr. Ash,
armed with half a dozen of the most
damaging letters, called on Sebersky
and catechised bim moet therough'y,
but Sebersky denied that he knew tbe
woman, tbat be bad ever s?en or
wii.ten to ber, or that he bad ever
had anything to do with her. The
wedding, however, wis declared off,
and Mr. Ash has returned to New
York bearing ta kis lister the evi
dences of ber lover's unfaithfulness.
The father of Mifs Ash, who lives at
No. 230 Weit Fifty-fifth strest, refused
last night to give any Information
about the mat'er.
Weathetford, Tex, June 22 Tbe
damage done by the storm of Saturday
night in this county to crops, stock
and houses is now estimated at
Ottowa, Ont, June 22. The police
have discovered the existecce here of
a band ot anarchls s. So tar no ac
tion has been taken against them.
Tbey bave a meeting room hung with
Incendiary placard,
Litt'e Rock, Ark.. June 22. Yfster
day afternoon the Maiquand Hotel," t
Texatkana, was deetioyed bv fire,
which also consumed the Western
Union Telegraph Campany's office
and the railroad platform. Loss, $20,
000. Blocmirg'on, 111., Jnne 22. Judge
Davis was fee ing a little better today.
Tb-s morning he ate two eggs, the
fir.-t nutriment be has taken for sev
eral day. Howe-er, no hope of
permsnebt impiovement is enter
tained. Boston, June 22. The Parliamen
tary Fund Oommiitee today transmit
ted" 110,000 to Treasurer O'Keilly of
I'e'roit, to bo sent immediately toMr
Pamcll in the came of the "sympa-
thizers with Gladstone and Parnell in
their great struggle.
New Orleans, Ls., June 22. A
spec'al to the Picayune from Monroe
says: 'An official statement cf be
condition of the Bank of Monroe
gives the assets at f 4t,CS7 and tbe lia
bilities at (55,552 Tbe su pets on
ma! raossd bv a slrady jun on the
bank by local depositors.
New York, June 22. Judga Done
hue, in Ihs Supreme Couit tuday, de
cided the tew law in regard to impris
onment fcr debt constitutional, and
this afteracon A. B. McDonald, Ter
raa'e Monnett and Ju'es V. Chatter
ton, the first of whom h s been coo
fined (s a debtor since March, 1880,
were ra'eaed.
Albany, N. Y.. Jnne 22.-Judge
Nolan announced in tbe Albany
County Conrt today he had been ap
proached by Superintendent McEwen,
of the Albany Penitentiary, with an
offer of 50 apiece for each long-term
prisoner sent to tht institution. This
attempt at bribary bes created a pro
found sensation.
Muscogee, I. T., Jnne 22. Gov.
Wolf, ot the Chickasaw Nation, today
Issued a proclama bn ordering the
immediate removal of all cat le from
the Nat;on, and imposing 11 per head
for grass consumed by said caul a.
Many of these cattle bave been pur-
ch sed by Chickaaw citizen -, but ill's
proclamation nullifies the purchases,
New York, June 22. A rumor was
current in polit'dl cire'es tonight tbat
Mayor Uioee nas preferred charges
against n. si. isquire, uommiesioner ot
ruhiic Works, growing out ot an in
vestigation as to tbe manner in which
be conducted bis office, with a view to
his removal. Tbe Mayor was absent
from the city and the repot t cou'd not
be verifitd
Tbe Letlera PabllaheHl In tbe Appeal
Withdrawn, and Peace Again
Helena Snprenic.
To tha Editors of tha Appeal:
Oxford, Miss., June 21. Inclosed
find ai ait'cle for publication that ex
plain its -If Tnis is the end of the
Archirald-Pt i! controversy.
Please give it a prominent place in
your columns, with such beading a!
you think proper. Respectfully,
A Carl.
Oxford, Miss , June 21,1886.
We, the uodereigned, lo whom as
mu u al friends to the parties has been
submitted h misunderstanding be
tween Mr. DdWitt Archibald and Mr.
W. S. Pettis, on account of articles
recent'y appearing in the Memphis
Ari'BAL, decide that the entire corre
spondence in sa;d newspaper be with
drawn, and that this sbalt be a final
settlement of the difficulty.
Klnlh Aannal Voavestlon at Deer
Park, BM.
Dbkb Pabe, Md, June 22. The
fourth annual convention of the Na
tional Association of Mastar Plumbers
of tbe United States wss commenced
bere tbis morning. Abnut 150 dele-
gitee were present from all parts of
the country. President James Allison,
of Cincinuat, presided. The Com
mittee on Credentials included J. J,
Wadonnd Jamts Reagan, of Chicago,
The session was cbiefly devoted to
hearing reports from the various local
organizations, and those of tbe
officers. Among 'ho3e who made local
report were W, n. MatlocK ol Louis
ville, J. J oiey of Kanas, J. if. jai
lsgher cf St. Louis, E. A. Futerer of
Columbus. O.. Jro. P. Rennecker of
Pirtsburg, and W. E. Goodman of
Milwaukte. The address of President
Allison was received just before tbe
afternoon tes-ion ended It was a
vprr able address, dwelling at Unxth
on theaciantiiic cendit on of plumb
ing, tbe leg slt on it needed and the
reintiona exis'ing between master
plurobrr?, journeymen and appren
tices. Papers wer read at the even
log sofBion.
TAms, June 22. The Senate, it is
believed, wul pas the expulsion bill
by a majority ol ten.
BKRLiN.Jnne 22. The Crown Prince
of Japan yes'erday had an interview
with fnnce liismaick.
London, June 22. Dai iel D iuglss
Howe, tbe spiri'u-d st. is dead, iie
wa! sixty-tared ye us cf age.
Madrid, June 22. Congrecs, by a
maiori yof 200 vo'es, h-s rienlaied
tbat no govern in nt of Spain will ever
give autonomy to Ouba.
London, June 22. Dispa'ches re
ceived this nf ernom Ir m WtimHr,
w he -e it was reported the Abbs L'szs
was ill and dying, s ate tnnt be ls im
proving. London, June 22. the Hoods are
increasing at S..eia, Bohemia and
Hungary. Some deaths are reported.
The dauiag is enormous. Kain is
sti'l falling. The Prussian Landtag bas
voted 37,000 f. r the relief ol tbe sul
ferers by tbe Vistula floods.
Montreal, June 22. The larne na
val stoie of Wils n, Patterson & Co.
is on fire. Over 1000 barrels of tar and
oil ara in the building. There is no
bopeof savi'g tbe place. Tbe st ire
is sitna'ed in Grifiln'own, the heart
cf a very popu'ons section of ths city,
and great fears are entertained tor the
bonses in the neighborhood, tl e occu
pants of which are bufily engaged in
removing their edicts. The loss wilt
be very large;
lanranc la New
Mancbbstbb, ". H., June 23. Jere
miah J. Horai, agent of the Metro
politan Lile Insurance Company cf
New York, bas been bonnd over to
the Supreme Conrt here tor forgery.
Detectives bave discovered a system
of graveyard insuiance in practice by
which the companies bave been swin
dled out of large sums. People who
were expected to live bot a short time
bave bten insured without tbeir con
sent, the policies innning to
parties in cjllcsion with the
sgr'n'j who wonld pay the
pre'Mums. Ths name or mark of the
insured party would be forced. Some
of tte be;t known people in tbe Srate
have been ope wtud on in tbis manner.
Horan says that hundreds cf applica
tions have been made, the insurance
placed, and in many cases the in
surance paid at death. Matiy a'res's
are expected ti be made on charges of
conspiracy to defrand.
Drlnwiare Prohibitionist.
Wilmington, Dit, Jnne 22. The
Hate Temperance C invention met at
Piver today. James R. Hofleeker, of
M'ddlttown, wi:s nomicated for Gov
ernor, and Richard M. Cooper, of
Moorton, for Congress.
Pumps, Machinery Fittings and Pipe.
Aa Accident Which Will Probably
Result la a Jockej's Death
Match Race.
New Yobk, June 22. The day at
Sbepsbead Bay wss wet and gloomy
and ilie trick heavy, yet the atten
dance was very fair and tht racts all
that c uld Le desired. In the fouith
race As oria swerved ansmit the wire
fence on the back Btietch, fell through
and threw her tider, Mta'on, heavily
on his head and then rolled over him.
Whenexamined by thedector, Meat in
was found ti be suffering from con
cussion cf the brain with probable in
ternal injuries. His recovery ia a
ma t r of djubr. Jnst before the firt
race Antbony V. Comftovk snd tbe
Sheriff of Kings county made tbeir
appearance on the be' ting ground and
immediately all the betting cards were
pulled down. bhenH tar ey said be
had several wa-rnta forJobnDjeand
Richard Roe, and under thm David
Job&Bon, Jiseph Cotton, Hermann
Trant, Ar hur Hackett, Henry Sttd-
ecker and U. Hi. McDonald gave tiiem
selvss up snd we it to Brooklyn, where
they gave ba-1 in $20f0 each for their
appearance when wanted to answer a
charge of selling pools. After Farley
and his posse left up went tbe signs
and bet.ing went on as usual.
fYrat Race Weltir stakes, one
mile and tbrAe-sixteentbs MarklaDd
won by a balf length ; Referee s cond,
Endym'on third. Time 2 .04 J.
Second Race Sfriog stakes forthrea
year olds, three-fourths cf a mile.
Tremont won by four leng'.Ls, Lizzie
Krepps recond, Brilliant ns third.
Time 1:16 J.
Third Race The Stud stakes for
three year olds, one mile and tbree-
eightbs. Inspector won by four
lengths; The Bard second, Bau Fox
third. T.me 2:233.
fourth Race For two yesr olds,
tluee-fourtts of a mile on the turf.
Jennie June won by two lengths; Mc
Ltugh'in second, Hannibal tnird
Tims 1:193.
Fifth Race. Handicap, one mile and
three-eighths, for all ages. Favor
won; Tecumseh second, Windsail
third. Time 2:25.
Sirth Race. One mile on the turf,
War Eagle won by a length ; Duke of
Westmoreland sec jnd, Banana third.
Time 1 :44J.
The mntcn race between Miss Wocd
lord, Troubadour and Barnuni is ex
pected to be run on this tiack on
Thursday next.
New York, June 22. Jobn L. S il
livan will a-rive bee tomorrow and
will at once g into tr.ioioir rua' 'his
c ty lor bis glove tuht with diaries
Mi'chell cn the Polo ground? Julv 5'h.
Mitnbell is here and will tr-io nt Fiir
Rockaway. There is tdk of a mji tir-g
between MUivan ana nana rieiolu
after tha Mitchell fight. Put Sh edy,
of Chicago, who maong's Sjllivan,
says be will back linn agicst steroid
or anybody e se forloUiiO.
The Jbwish Altar, bv te late John
Leigbtoo, I' D., ie a highly valuai le
work on Old Testament typolcgy. It
is wr-ititn with singular clearness.
ccncievnHS and pa n-takinir care. It
is a timely and Scip ural coutr buti in
to tin bet er understanding of the rit
ual of the Jewish altar service. Tre
anther's views confl ct with t'ie com
mon interpretation of much cf ihe
Mosaic ritual, and h, supports tbem
i:h rea-c iug und Scripture tha; it
will be difficult to r-fute. Pub ished
by Funk & Wagi alls, New York, and
for sale by Grave & Mahatfey, this
Thb Dbath op Hbwfik Pa sua is a
story that d ims to be based on fact.
Whether imaginary or essentially
trathfnl, the nrntive, or "Confes
sion," as it is called, is highly inter
eating, not to say exci ing. It will
serve to recall the mystery and excite
ment caused some years since by the
assasination of Hewflk Paaha, ex
Prime Minfs'er of the Sultan. This
claims to narrate tbe circumstances
which led ni t the murder and to be
the confession of the person who did
tbe deed. Published by Funk A Wag
nails, New Ycrk, and for sale by
Graves & Mahsffey, tbis city.
"Tub Vision of Goll" and other
poems of Lillian Rozell Masseng r
nave been published in very hand
some style by G. P. Putnam's Sons,
New York. Of Mrs. Messenger's abil
ity it is not tee weary for us to te'l the
readers of the Appeal anything. In
these columns she firat eesayed tbe
flights of fancy tbat bave culminated
in this volume so rich in tbe fnifi 1
ment of the ptomise of ber earlier
years. The fnenda of the fa r poet,
who are a host scattered ia all tbe
country round about Memphis, should
possess a copy of this volume as a re
mind r of one whose genius for verse
they encouraged to soar to tbe heights
it bas r.'ached and beyond. It may be
ordered of Mansford, on Main Btreet.
"Octino," not content with eending
Them as Stevens on a bicjele to "cir
cnmwheel" the world, has just dis
patched ano her special correspondent
to the Arctic ocean, for the purpose of
traveling through the heart of Russia
from Archangel to the Crimea. James
R calton, iir this is the name ot this
venturesome individual, bus made
many extraordinary journeys in a'l
comers of the wcr.d, but ibis trip is
likely to eclipse tneni all. Re bas
coostri cted a species of tricycle which
can be converted ia:o a bed at night,
ana can carry him in most difficu't
places. One of his objects is to shjw
bow cheaply long journeys can be
made. He is to be gone 100 days and
his traveling expenses are to be with
in $200.
' Tbe Dwellings or the London
Poor" are made tbe subject of a sug
gestive aiticle in 'he J uiy Lumber of
Cat-vll'M Family Miyazine. ba-ed upon
informatioa from a well known worker
among them. "Ths Gaiden in June
ia lull of practiea' bints, bnt nas no
ideally pret y illns'ration. Tbe legend
of A Dauisn Heio" is given with
music for it. A Family Doctor writes
of Climate;" A. Z. S. of "The Ameri
can Office-Seeker;" end Edwa d BaJ
bury o! "Biauty in Unlikely Piaces,"
taking Ruskin to tisk for bis looiisb.
objection to pre'ty railway stations.
There ate belplul suggestions abmt
dress and the dinner table, and "The
Gatherer" teems with discoveries and
inventions. The fiction consists of a.
"Willnl Young Woman," "Gideon
Grasper's Temptation," and "Har
lowe'a Helpmate." John Stmrt
B aok'e contr.butfs r-ome good verses
on 'Atbe'srn," and all the illustrations
are pretty."
Thb niece of Thomas Car'yle, Mrs..
Alexander Carlyle, dissatisfied with
Mr. Fronde's work as her uncle's liter
ary execu'o'-, entrusted all the Carly!e
papers to Prof. Charles Eliot Nonon
of Harvard College, To dispel false
opinions of Carlyie'a nature aid tem
per, which he thinks were mifreire
se ted by (be ouree which Fronde
fo'lowed, the American editor has
published two volume! of Carlyle'e
correspondence and now completiS
his work by a collect;on of bis per
sona' remiuiscanres cf Carlyle and an
arraignment of Froude. The temper
of tue article is calm and judiciou",
but it certainly sets foith Car yle in a
lig it which will be new to many, and
places Mr. Froude in an nnre iable
poBitioa. eo grave are toe cuarges
t'tat they must be refuted by f-.-cti
LOt now known to the general public,
or Mr. Froude must sutler great'y in
his reputatiou for cacdor and iiteiij-y
honesty as a friend aod edtior.
Hnlclele of Yonna- Girl-General'
News Notea.
Newbern, Tsnn., June 22. Mils.
Owens, a young lady aboil 15 or 16
years old, committed suicide yester
day morning by banging beraelf with
a rope in the barn. No cauBe is re signed
for the deed except tbe cruel
treatment of her lather who whipped
her brother yesterday morning, and
as be said be was going to leave borne
and tbeir father bad been very cruel
to both of tbem tor esmetime she
S'ems to bavedecid d to er.d ber life.
Her father lived about three miles
southwest of this place. It is rumored
this morning tbat tbe father tried to
commit suicide jetteidey by getting
on the railroad, but as be bad made
threats to tbat efiact be was de'ected
in the act and tbeteby preveLted.
Mr. Carpenter, who has been living-:
near here for several years and whose
wife is in the asylum at Naihville and
has been there for some time, left a
few days ago, taking with bim a young,
lady who, 'tis lumored, be has mar
ried. No effort has been made to in
tercept them. It is ruuoied that be
ta? gone 10 Arkansas.
Tte ful owing teacbeia lave been
elected to pes. 1:0ns in the school for
the en utigyear: Piof. B. Alooie, of.
Union Cty, principal; Profs. Fiazter.
and Crenshaw, and Misses Ma tie
Hamilton and Mltio Soul wood, as
sistants. Tbey are a.l teacbeis cf ex
perience ad rputation, and it is be
lieved ihht a new impetus will be
g ven to the school mterst of our
Miss Bell For un", of the Boston
Musicul Conservato y, bas been ten
dt red the music das?.
Crop prcspects wero never better at
this teaaon. The whtat ciop, which
is now bsirg threshed, is very fine,,
though injured some by tbe continued,
ra ns for several week. J. w. b.
Straightening- Vp the Bnalneas
llae Dead Monarch.
Munich, June 22. In tbe Bavarian
Obeihaus yesterday, ail tbe Princes
and Ministers being present, II err
Nenmyer leadthe select committee's.
report 00 the career ot King Louie.
The report is a repetition of the details
already published. It was proved in
tie report tba. Kinu L0U18 wanted to
Bell B.varaaod buy a kingdom where
of be could bs ab.'Oiute monarch. The
committee did not lead the diary of
tbe late King, becKu;e, as tbey report
ed, there wesiufiic ent evidence 01 the
fac s al reedy prevented without tbe
necessity of tunher elucidation on
that particular subject.
Ia the upper Route ot the Diet to
day, Count Orlcnberg, Liberal, criti
cised tbe government for its de'ay in
dealing with tne qucs icn cf a'lowirg
an insane monarcn to sign e'a'e docu
ments. He concluded by expieaiing
confidence in LuiiLold.
HerrLutz defended tbe conduct of
the government, saying lhat it won'd
bear the leproach of bavir g acted too.
late, rather than too ear y. In any
case, the affairs of tbe Kingdom had
not suffered. He desired to deny the
false reports tlat had been spread
abroad respecting the death of King
Louis. He defended part cularly the
conduct of Dr. Gudden.
The motion express ng approval of.
the government regency was carried,
Expnlaloa of the Orleanlst Prince
from franco.
Pa ais, Jnne 22. In the debate oa
the expulsion bill in the Senate today
Prem er DeFreycine t said that his
government wou.d lo'. tolerate another
gove nmsnt in France, and would
take ths full responsibility tor the ex-
puli ion of the Princes. He refuted
tbe charge tbat the government was
jielding to the irrecoucilab'es. He
declared that order was being main
tained throughout France, even at
Decaztville, where a recurrence of the
recent disotder bad been prevented.
Tbat was not tbe rase in Belgium or
in G eat Britain. In tonclui ion ho
cbprecattd tbe coLliec.ton of tha
piopeny of tbe Princes, insisted tbat
tr e common Uw wcuiu no: apply to
fi Princes, and urged ihe necessity
of Republican uuiou ainteofsncreme
iLt-rt-ct to the republic. Finally a
8ciet ballot was taken, and tbe bill,
as it came from the CLamber of Dep
uties, WrS adrpted by a vcti of HI to
107. Tte aniouoctniett of the re
sult was leceived with greet ap
paue by the meiiiVe's ofthel-ft.
Tbe Cl amber of Drpnt ee tonwht,
notwbBt ndiny ihe rbjectioLS of the
government, decu r. J by a vole of 302
to 327 in favor e a tax'on cetta's.

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