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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 23, 1886, Image 8

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tonlnTlf ,w Orleans tmi Tia R'j
aiNMMtirri vallbw koctb.
ud ilnrNilt peiMnier tralni on
thiiyd will ran l"llot:
TihT MAIL. boat, i.aoria,
4: an p.b
:M a.ta
7:21 a.m
4:W km
, 1U:W .
1 ) a.
1 :13 a.
J:44 a.aa 11:16 p. a
5:2 a. ml I:' P.B
..( 6:14 a.m 7:M p.a
.H I :' a.pil : P-a
A-With ell lima entering Mempri a.
fi-Wiib M. A S. W. R. R. lor Helena.
C-fot Greenville and Huntington, and all
P-WrndV.. 8. P. Railroad.
I-With N-i J. A C. R. H. for Natcbei and
F For Point OB the Breach,
e WlthiUmur- (or Haynu Sara.
H With railroadl diverging ior florid,
TexM end (WUpointi.
JA3. M. KDWARfiS, V. P.andQ. M.
A.J KNAPP. 0. P. A.
laalaalppl and Tenneeaee. Tralni
move as follows: New Orleans mill arrivel
daily at a: a.m. I learei t"r at !:W P-an.
Gardia accommodation arrivel dally at8:46
m. ; leaves daily at f:ai p.m. New Orleans
mail train will not stop at any flag itatioa
between Memphis Hnd Kardis. or at White
haven. Horn Lake. Keiliit and Love. Freight
traini do sot carry passengera.
trwaortNrwatnil MlMllpl '!
. Trelnl noil f lollowi: Fast 'la
leave! at 1:J a.in.i ht. Louil fat line
leaves nt 5:.H(t p.m. I Fait line arrive at 1 :M
p.m.! Bt. Louis ft line arrival at : a.m.
Eoulavlll anil AjaaltviHe Train!
rove ai follows: Kant mail arrival daily at
IS a.m.! leevee atlutlll p.m.: mail leave
dtlly at 10:10 .rn.l arrive! at 1:00 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation! leave! da ly
except Kundny, at f:iiflp.m.: arrival dally,
inapt Bandar, at 8 -Ml a.m. standard time).
emphta and Mill Rnrk.-Tralni
move ai follnwi (central itand rd time):
Ko. 1 leaven daily at 5:at p. m, i arrive! at
t :M p.m. N". S leve at W, a.m.: arrival
at I -Ml a.m- No- n (freight) lea vet Uoneld
dally (except Sunday) at 6:00 a.m.; arrival
at 7:10 p.m.
Meraphla nl Charlrnton Tralal
move ai loiiowa: mroiign express leavea
daily at ln:H" p.m. Mail and expreaa leave!
daily at 10:il a in. Snmerville accoinmoda
llon leaves dnlly, except Sunday, at J :M
p.m. Through exprasi arrives daily atn:2f
. m. Homervltle aooi'mmodetion arrival
ally, einrpt 6unday, at 8:30 a.m.
Waif Ronto (Hmnm 'lljr, HprinaT
flll and Hlpmphla) Trnlni leave M. and
J. depot ai follow.: No. 4, Kuniai City ex
pren, leave! at 10:4n a.m.! No. 3, Kaniai
City expreiii arrival at S:SH p.m. No. 2,
anaai IMty mall, leave! emrti' p.m. i no.u,
flilw mall, arrive! at H:4S a. 01. No.
M Lnnia anil Phinavn el-ereKI. leave! at
6i00 p.m.! No l.St. Lnuil and Cbloanoex-
Xre, arrive! at 11: a.m. U effeot Bunday,
prll 1K.1HM1.
Monaphta, Hlrnilnaliam and Allaa-
lev Ho Mr Pprinn Knute Traini move ai
(ollowil No. 1 leave Meinphil dally at 3:45
, m. t arrival at Holly biirioai at o :Vt p.m. t
ho. 9 leave! IMly Hprlnn dolly at :00
.m., arrival at itiempan ai m :in a.m. i no.
Iavi Mmnhia dailv at 7: IS P.m.. arrival
ft Holly frrlnr" t H'4 f i N"- leavai
tloUy hiirliiK" daily at 2:H a.m., arrival at
Meaipbil aJBjnajvi
For iWiwi'iny;i, Arlannan, Ijouitimia
and Te.iai, lutol rni'rw, Jollouxd by fair
Vfnlhr ; rttititmary temperttiiire; variable
for Ki-nliulr! and Trnntmee, tUyhtly
warifier, fair weather fvaritthU wintlt.
?wKl4oralHilcnl Hopori.
Mmran, Tms., June 22, IRKfl.
M.Bphkt A
f.nla , B
11 .D d...-.' M.-.C.
fiekiburg.-. D
Barriaoa.. -g
CkiAt Kura
aw hrlatm....
Bnr. Tlmr. Wind. W'ther
29 Hm i!..t N. Cloudy
W.Vll 7.r).H N.W. Fair.
'.l).8r0 81.9 N.W. Fair.
2I).k:i 81 .H W. Fair.
i 8,V-'i 75 0 8.W. CUmr.
7 :00 .m.
11:00 A.m.
3:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
10:00 p.m.
Maximum tmporature, 81.0.
Minimum tmpraturo, 08. 0.
Rainiall, 0.00.
Ozone, 11 oVIiwk a.m., 1.
In Ilia t iillno Maalon.
Hignai. Sbrvic. U. H. Ariiy,
June 2-', 1880- 0 p.m.
Division of tdlntirama and roporte for
the benefit of commercn and Bgricul-
ire. Cotton nvon bulletin lor tha
twenty-four hour endinR June 22d, 6
o'cI'tk p.m.
Memphis......'..!.. 84 68 .03
Haubville 80 (13
Grand Junction... -Hl 06 .00
Ooriuth 83 03
Tnecnmbia 83 04
DecMttr 811 01 .27
Hco'ttboro 81 68 80
BaUwvillu 82 68 .07
Hernando 82 08 .24
Grenada 8n 03 .22
Arlington K 04
Hrowuaville 84 0& .00
Milan 80 64 .00
Pari-. 84 62 .00
Oovinnton .4 67 .1X1
Dyernburg DO 60 .CO j
Bolivar 82 05 .00
Holly KprinirA 82 85 .(!0
Oxford 80 60 .00
8 n ins 1553 1215 1.03
MeatiB I 81.2 f.3. .00
i 1 f
Duriuci. agge-
y a b p
Wllmmuton ....... ' 84 04 1.20
01iarleion 80 70 -7
Aaubtn 00 .31
Savannah 80 0!) .CO
Atlanta 7 01 .(0
Montgomery W 01 .14
Mobile 87 03 .
New Oiltmns 87 08 .14
OalvWon 1HI 08 CO
Vickshnrft 80 08 .00
Little Kork 85 05 .13
Memphis 81 04 .011
Sums 1015 787 2.80
Mesne M 0 OS 6 .23
KAlnrnll In "Hon H. I
l:nillBK J linn
AiiK"s', Ga
Charleston, 8. C
Cbarllotte. N. C.
Jacksonville. Fit
Bavannnh, G
Kmithville, N. C
Atlanta, Ga
Cedar Kpvb, Fla
Mobile, A'ui
Montg.imtry, Ala.
Ts'ew U lodLR, La
P(-n acol. Ma
VK'kMmris, Wis'
Fort fcuvtlt. Ark
OalvtBton, Tex
Indiauoli, Tex
Li!tle Ku-k, Ark
Paleatine, Tex
fchreveport, La
Chattanooga, Tenn
Cincinnati, O
Co'unibui, 0,
InHiiKpo'ii. Ind
Knoxvillo, Teen
L")uiville, Ky
Memphis, Tenn
Kai-hville, Tenn
rittatnire;, Ta
Ciiro, 111
i for
.... 0.40
... .2.10
0 20
0 80
0 05
3 01
2 8:1
.... 5 38
, 0 IK)
1 17
3 02
6 50
2 41
0 72
Isatcs & Co.'s antiquarian bcok
ftore and ci'culatirg library bas re
moved from 'o. 316 .Second to 'o. 419
JMain btreet.
The polif have little to do.
The Lrgialatlva Council meet
The new electric light company is
booming things.
The Criminal Court will not meet
again until Monday. 1
The Scotland ronteof theCit'iena'
Railway ia in operation.
The Republicans, as naual, ill
bold their convention after tha Demo
crats finiih.
In tbe Probate Court ytstarday
B. G. Hncirg wis made guardian of
D. M. Halt.
Tbouhandi of pedt!e visited the
blull last niy'it to eeo Yeilowttone Kit
and bis Japanete troup.
Tbe Typographical Union picnic
has been po-tponed to July Gth on
account of bad weather.
Angelina Blown sues FoUr
Brown for divorce ia the Circuit
Court. Tte parties are colored.
A fine of 150 was impon? d on
Sam Winf ey yeeteiday in the Crimi
nl Court for assault and ba'.tsry.
Tbe race of Annie Mielton,
charged witli f uibau'ement, was die
misfed by Judge I)oulas yesterday.
The cVsinn firclsfs of ihe
Chriiitian Brothers' College wid be
beld at I-eubrie's Theater Ti u sday
Deputy HhfrifT Ingram returned
from Piii-k Hill, Miss., yrsterday, in
charge of an rscsped convict named
U. II. WlHord.
Litensol to mmry wore iwued
yisterday to Frank Onterhant nnd
Alary MtCormtck, Louis Baker and
Floionce Diwy.
The CitlzcnV 8troit Car Company
bad hru'his Btt .ched between tie
whfuls jeHterduy to clfan the tr.ckp.
They worked apleudidly.
A ditliculty occurred on Canney
itrett yes'.enlay between Clmrlei
Thoon and Charlua Brown, both col
ortd, which ro tilted in Brown's be
ing cat in the a'ui Theetabbor wai
Mr, Hurry Hill is reported as be
ing sanguine (A ntininaiion by the
Republican pary f r the otlbo of At
torney General. Mr. Bella Ktheridge
Is making no effort to recure it, and
don't know tbat he will do so.
Suit for divorce was renewed ia
the Chaocary Court yes'oniay by Mrs.
Kate Slom against A. K. ISloun. The
charges are a repetition of thoee con
tained in th former bill, and cover
teve:al p'g's of closely written legal
There is not a neighborhood in
the city where improvement is not
going on. Hinall cottages are lii-lug
built every where, there are few plates
to lent aud the natural inference is
tbat the population is rapidly on the
A telegram wis received by rrfi-
dent Hadilen yesterday from the Hon.
Zach Taylor, sUt:ng that the Housa
bad pa sod a resolution to give the
ciiy the we of the t-nvrnment plant
for Its work in protecting tbe Houih
Memphis biuil.
Attorneys having tie followirii
pspew will p'ea?e return to Chanctry
Clerk's ollice at once: No. 4H54, Htnti
of TennaBaee vs Chambers; No. 4!!85,
8tte of TiinncsHeo vs. Urogan; No.
6019, State of Tcnntssoe vs. Arm
strong; No. 5017, 8ta'e of Tennnacee
vs. ilorgun; Ho. 6U:;I, Mute of Ten
ntssee vs. Church ; No. 52U1, State of
Tennestee vs. Colin r.
"Shot Twelve" writes the Appeal
as follows: "I am weil Rn'isfled the
dove is a spocies of pijieon, and
hatches nlinobt every moivh in the
year. I have seen tiieir nes's when
quall-shonting late in winter, and a
fanner and his son tell me they saw,
two months ago, nes's and yourg
d'.ves in a plum orchard. They are
like squatis a delicacy wnen young,
and tough ami dark when old. Fire
at a flock of doves in the full and alt
will fly miles away; the summer is
the only time they can be killed or
are excellent lor food."
An A'snc'nted Press telegram
from New York tells a ead story of tlio
ravines of Mrs J.W. Richardson, whose
husband is a member of the firm of
Arbuckln A Richardson, rf this city.
8he loft here a few days aiio with tlio
Clara Conway party, intending to stop
in New York and pay a v sit to rtla
t'ves of her husband, who lived there
before coming to Memphia, The tele
gram 6Aya:"Mra. RichanUon registered
attheFif'h Avenue Hotel, but had
been in the bouse only a short time
when she acted so strangely that the
attention of the other guest was nt
trnclod to her. Her friends called ia
medical attendance. Yes'erdny her
malady took the form of acute demen
tia. It was deemed best to remove
her to the New York Hospital. 8he
reistei), and heugod her Irimids not to
allow her enemies to kill her. It was
s'ated at the hospital by on of her
friends that her trouble is duo to the
habit she termed reveral years tan of
laklng opium to relieve severe pairs
in her bead, probably Cntarih " Mr.
Richardson said yesterday that bis
wif was iierfrctly well when phe It ft
home, slid he nniicif a'td notliirgtf
tlm kinil.
Hole Agents Tor Horace R. Kelly
t'o.'s Key West t'lgars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on liahd at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
Btreet. Fresh shipments received
weekly. r. samw-son a CO,
Kmtc Aims A Co., No 330 Front
strict, will receive this morning the
urn comignment of Georgia water
melons of the eaon. Mr. Allen is
tbe pioneer of the melon bmir.e s in
thiscity, and ta bni't up a tine trade.
He always baa the finest and lust
melons that come to the Memphis
Ul A' not.
Ci.osino prices of Ju'y options at
I'Mcreo yesterday i ork s w. lard
tl 17 J, clear-rib sides $5 OS, corn 35c,
wnoRt (Hjc, cats U jc.
Vikitohs on 'Charu yesterday : W
W. Cnnirs of Macon, Ga. ; Mi's Jrsie
altonvf Sera'olna, Mrss. : Mrs. I
A . Carter of 8enatdia, R. A. Williams
of Atlanta, J. O, McKay of German
town, W. McKay ol Germnntown.
First National llnV, of "rinphis
to Hngh B. White, toie 23. 24 aud 25,
H. M. Gates's subdivision, west side
G.tes street, 60xl!K)J feet each, for
Gear ce R. B'and ti Otto Jensen
eas.erniart of lot 3, Hannah Shauka'a
suhdivrslor, for f 100.
O. to H. Jensen to Mary A. Bland
rame as above, for 1100.
First National Bank to Annie E
Bonner, lot 20, 8, M. Gates's subdivi
810D, for $18 50.
We place on sale THIS MORNING
our Entire Stock of
These ire beautiful fabric, very
sheer and fine goods. We have
old tbem throughout the entire
season at 45o per yard; we now
oiler them at a price tbat must soli
tbem rapidly,
aoe Par Yard.
We have so'd an unusual quanti
ty of
Rich Pci-elan Gingham Robes
tbe past two weeks. We have bnt
a limited quantity of these stylish
robes on baud, aud wa propose to
sell tbem quickly. The reiore we
oiler tbem
At Each.
Just think of it ciyht yards of
str ped goods and Haven yards of
pla n, enough fcr a full coetume,
at the above price. Why, tbe raw
ma'crial, siy nothing of tbe wejv
Inc, is worth more, but they must
lo fold, so call and make ycur eelec
Shirting Percales.
We aleo offer 60 pes of bee.utiful
Shlrlirig I'orca'es, white ground0,
neat figures, fuil yard wido, fresh
and clean gcods, only
loe Yard.
Beet bargain in this line yet
We place on sale TODAY 60 pes
Sheer 8tripod Lawn, 32 icc&es
wide, very pretty white stripes, a
bargain anywhere at 10c a yard,
our price on this lot
8;c a Yard.
50 pieces Sheer Whits Persian
Lawns, bcokfold,33 inches wide, To
talis everywhere at 20.r and 25c a
jard. We have placed these at
I J'te Per Yard.
Handkerchief Department.
Ltdies' Whi'e Sheer Hemstitched
Handkerchief, nothing like tbetn
ever i old at the price before, only
l.),e Kacli.
Ladies' Co'ored Bordorei Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, very nice
gooda, at
Se Facta.
50 dor Gents' Colored Bordered
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs at
10a Each.
Niiheicrilte lor the "AppMalV
Rkmemiieb, the bint? will he made
as l'ght s day by electric lights t
mgm enu every nigni. jonug your
wife and children to see tbe l ttle Jap
And Norman, the Spanish wonder.
1 ree to all at 7 :30 o clock.
Georgia Melons.
The first car of the season received
this morning and for sa'e by
U.1KK. AbbKtN UU..
No. 33U Front itreat.
Malford, Jeweler. 294 Main, so
oclts orders from the conntry.
It in Not Itlglit
For yon to leave for the summer
until yon have bought your trunk and
valite at the new Memphis Trunk
factory, :1 Alain ttreet, Cioodinan &
Barrett. Old trunks repaired promptly
and noatl .
Ho to Kntledare at Latomnnlao for
your Plumbing nnd Waa-l'lttlnaT
Owing ti change of gauge we are now
prepared to contract for present or
futnre delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced rates.
Ktoiiot.rtt.ui ItaiiKlen; Muliortl
1'rHlt Gin Co,
Attention la rJirected to tho cvJ .of
Smiloy, Smith A Co., manufacturers of
tho celebrated Pratt gins. Ibesegins
are made in Memphis, of lest mate
ria', by a reliable tlrm, and can be re
litd on to prove eatiffactory.
NoIhlNlltreriiiire nt ltInl.oriV
Tnstlk cf the town Kit's ILrb
Pad' Go ree him and his Japanese
troupe on the bluff tonight,
OrdurM91uIlord Made Meitta!."
Niw Oklians, June 22. Night
Departed: Future City and barges,
and City of Natches, 8t. Louis.
Cincinnati. O , Juno 22. Night
10 feet 4 inches rn the gauge and
lalling. Weather partly cloudy and
Vicxsbcro, June 22. Night Ar
rived: Pe'le Memphis, St. Louis; the
returns during tbe night. River rose
0-10 indies.
Cairo, June 22. Night River 20
feet on the gauge and stationary.
Weather cloudy and mild. No arrivals
cr departures.
EvANsviixE.June 22. Night River
nearly stationary, with 12 feet 5 inches
outhegaune. Weather pleaoaut; ther
mometer 07 1 3 81.
Louisvilli. June 22. Noon River
rising, with 8 feel 3 inches in the canal
and 0 feet 1 inch on the MK Buti
nese dull. Weather clear aud pleasant.
St. Locis, June 22. Night River
falling, and stand. 15 fett 5 inches on
tbe gange. Weather cloudy and
threatening. Arrived: Oakland and
barea, ard Annie P. Silver, New Or
leans. lVparted: Port Eads and
barges, New Orleans; City of Provi
dence, VickBburg.
Subncrlbe lor llie MApil,"
'a Halel.
W. H. BIHOHABI . M Klin.
Xoropeaa plaa. Enlarged and refarniihao.
Prioaa aeaerdiai to lite and loca
tioa of roomi.
. r . a - ( : -. T U I a
m A ocreaa", an'-." . vubhiiiiii.i.,
J Cunninihaa, win M Cunninf bam, Mul
Jennie Arnold, Mm J W Iliiin, Mm
I . I W T. I L' .1 T"
iaiary i.ainn, xenn r. miwu, ieun
Jimn Sullivan. Ark Mn W Murdock, La
J rjJameion.Le F M Fmith, 111
Ed M Iroherty, Mill Mill Hayae, Ark
Com modoreroo'e, Mill H H Hooker, Mill
ill meriwemer, aa n n neaie, an
M L Pope, III J R tiorton. Mill
J II ''ompton. Mill J B Franklin, city
t) Miller Aw, Ark Jim Moore, Ark ,
TCaiberhonieAn.Ark.Vli.i barter, Ark
Mini M Dorter, Ark Mi'i L llorter, Ark
Willi D'irtar, Ark A 11 Swift, Mill
W A Todd, Mim H O W etherby. Mill
M H Jay, lena J II Howard, Mi.i
F llunter, lena J R liurton. Mm,
Prabody iVotel. -
C. B. GALLOWAY A CO -..Paoraiaroa.
Katei U ' ar.d 13 per day, aeeorint to
lixe and location of room Special
ratal made.
Ony Pattiion, Tinn BRNanb.NC
F 1' Weill, Ark M L Thonipion, Ark
W II rjibion, alirl B bwiUK, lenn
I W Baird, Ten J O Mimpon, Mo
J Laurenent, lenn E VY Urove, lean
John L Cocke, lenn V. B Boyd, Ky
T U FlipKn, All W W'irren, Tenn
W S Thouipion, Mo 0 II P Catron, Mo
II F l-'imlli, Mo 1) L White, Minn
J hn C Darat, ('bio Gen U (i Dilireil.Tenn
THStaart. Mo W A Uill. H V
Mil' E I'erfran. Ky B Kei'ur, Ala
W Williamr. TX J V Willianii, Tox
T B Jonea. Pa N H Lamiter, Tlx
P 8 Jamea, Tenn J (1 Walker, III
B Montgomery. Ky W F -Neibit, Mill
C M Simpion, Okio F C Davenport, Mo
C B KeavUt, Mo W E Klynn, Mo
8 P White, Pa J A iluiton, Ohio
0 A Eldor, Ohio J B N'a'ei, Tenn
W II Flynn, Ky U II Matlack, Ky
C U doFrau-e, NY J B Dayton, Tenn
Loe llirich, Teen W V Payne A w, Tenn
J W Vick, Ky MO Andiewi, Ky
Hie N w Uavoio.
Ratei, 12 SO to U per dy, according to looa-
tion of roomi.
Wm Warner, Jr, Mo J W Barhanan, Miti
0 Preble, Ind J Wvle, Tenn
T 0 Urodaeforth.TenaW II Converse, Tean
J Bovonnholt, lenn A I) Auluul Ma'
C Lindenuain, N Y W U Leonard, Ky
II LCRiojehill.N t H Ayen, Tenn
SMPhelan.La F A Scott, Mi'i
JMKir,Mi- . 8 R Wilcox, Ohio
W C Dickev, Tenn J B Booth, MUl
M Booth, Min A I Uwynn, Ter.0
M 1) Thoinpion. Ark J C Johnion, Ky
C B l'mton. Ind B J .Maxwell, Ky
J It Allen, Ky BJBroki, Ark
P 1.' I.rflhun. IrV T.I Kimn.on. A rlr
FKrammall, lli; 1 D Mctnery, M)
II II WilliamioNMIn W J Nenbit. Mm
WJCannon, All IJ j Clark, Ala
M II Dexter. l,it J D l.i.u
S J Foiter, Tenn F T (Jriiiith, Tenn
FKJaokaon, Tenn JJ Kennedy Aw, Mo
RJhuKn,Mo EC Duncan, Mo
E .1 Smith, Ark W E wUon, Ark
C L Weill, Ark 0 W (Ireen, Ark
JU Carter, Ark S J Miller, Ark
JSOwena. Ark R W Sullivan, Tenn
B II Tate, La UP Lung, La.
Drtffy'i Enropenn Hotel,
Corner of Adami and Main atreeta. ltoomi,
6Uc, 7So and 1 1 per dny : American Plan,
f2 per day.
Firt-claM Keitaurant in the Ilotel.
J. M. DL F1 K (M yean with Peabody ilotel)
L P Williami. Tenn L (1 Cleory, wAo, Ark
W L Deven, Mia W C Hall, Tenn
J B Franklyn, Tenn ADUreen.Tonn
L Hill. Tenn Mill L David, Tenn
W Elliott, Mi' W C Saundera, Tenn
M L Shepherd, Tonn ) Blank, Ark
UB Paul, Min J J McCnnnell, Mm
J McDulT, Tenn M W Sadler. Miaa
.1 L McCullora, Mifa C Vinder Hot
F Miller, Tenn S Fort, Ark
V A Freeman. Tox JSIilenn. Ky
Mn Ellison A c, Ark J P Smith, Tenn
N Coker. Tenn
H AdMllI, Miai
II II Withe a, Ark
C J Wiutera, Mo
II Cope. Mo
R K Wilms, Ark
W II Jamison, Mich
C M Abrnma, (ia
w 11 Tnylur, Vn
CO i ildiniin, Mo
M Haley, r'la
R H Southwick, Tenn
PC Kelly, Ala
H M Miller, Ky
P L Adama. Mi-s
L M Tate, Ind
K L Wintori. Mo
M T Coie, Mo
C M lV.en, Tenn
L M Coyne, III
W L Taylor, Va
PM Andrewi, Ark
C M Williami, Mo
L I'ennyman, (ia
M C Dunn. Ill
C M Miller. Ky
J T Thorn, Ohio
I in jonei, -iias ' . .
J M Lamott. Ark.
Kalsominino' telephone W9, Mc
Neil. .
Dr. C D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
goon, No. 61 Monroe street, j
P. M.Stanlrv,' funeral direct :r and
emba mer, 55 Madisoj8tfwt.;i .
SNu'p')HiaI"-be MjmphiJl Collar
and Cuff Irtiundry, 51 Maia istrfeet, to
call for yoiu laundry. '
Little Allrigiit, the Jnp, makes
the children luugb, and Norman, tbe
Span'sh wender, aitonishes everjone.
Go see tbem on the b'uff ton'ght, free
to all. ,
Tua Herbal Chill Curt., tiie'tiost
tonioand antt-pariodio known. A crrtnin
and ure otire lor ihil I'cisoJ1. pot bot
tle. Send I'amia 'r ruiar. Aiy ref
erence gixen. Addrnai Jehu C. KuKer,
Lynqbberi. Va.
Dr. John H. Cooper, lato of Beer
abeba Springs, is no inclnrgoof
Ban Aqua ' Ca'l and sno local agent
JOHN F. KEY, 44 North Courtatreot.
And Keep It I his Week Only!
Summer Good H ive Got to Go!
We are determined to clean then
cut and V gin tha next season with
Read and wondorl Com erly and
get yonr choice.
500 pre Ml s 8 Strap sandals, wcrt'ti
1 75,sis.sll to 2, for 90c
$1000 prs LadieV Kid Oj era Slip
purs, w. r h$l, for ODc.
500 p s Miises' Kid Opera S.ippi rj,
worth $1. tor 00c.
200 rrs Ladies' K d Oxford Tes,
pnmii eole, worth $2, for 125.
!K) prs Ladis' Kid Fancy Or ord
Ties, ptitnp sole, worth J2 50,
for 1 50. '
50 P'S Miss a' Alligator Oxford
Tiee, v ry Btyli"b, pump eiiles,
wrrih $2 .10, lor $1 25.
A lot of Childr n's Pobb'o Goat but
ton Newporls.worth f 1 50, for 75c.
A bt of 11 1 st quality High Cut San
dal Button Shoes for LidieBand
Miwes, wor h 14 60aad upward,
for the email sum of $1 50.
A lot of Ijulieb' Button Nevpcrte,
pump 'oles, worth f 2, for $1 25.
lake Yonr tholce. A lot of
Children's Shoes, Infan's' Shoes,
Infants' Sandal", and otirer odds
nnd ends, tome co-ding an high a
i'2 and morrt take your choice for
only 40c. Cut this out and keep it
this week only.
Pittsburg Lump Coal
At 35c per Iwrrcl.
10OO Illlr4ieU
New Early Rosa Potatie, at 50 cents
Pef bushel. .
Fine Watch repairing at MnKord's.
Wrl HalloOa dt Laarnmiareln to da
yonr V ' " bJ B
Mrs- Itutteiiberjc.
AwDink'R, fpnts, cots, mattreeseaand
tarpaulins mrvle at 231 Second street.
. f
JAMES C. BEIX, president.
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
txjr SPECIAL PRICES to Railroad and' Levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. i
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Co and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
Especially Adapted to Mem
phis and Vicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but tbe man who comes home late at
night with a black eye will be re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnets will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, continne to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lot s, 262 Second street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere see the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Sccf nd street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test cf
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get the most for your money oome
to the - i
Opp. Court Nqnare,
Opco vanlBr till V, Sntnrdwya
v till 11.
Hop All alterations to insure a per
feot fit done free of charge.
N.B. Wo have several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests which
will be sold at $1 25.
No. 238 Main Street.
Incorporated lOOO,
muv Ae.t,iv 1. attended, thorough.
1 and practical, affording aueeripr facili
tiea for obtaining aaound buaineaa education.
Hot Catalog ue call at the ic boo I -room or
addreai T. A. LKDDIN. Principal. .
J. F. 1I0LST &Mi0.,
. ; ; .-k v ,r."
Funeral Director-!
FULL and eompleta itoek of Wood and
ared Casketa and Burial hobaa alwaya oa
v a m 4 1 . w . - k tut mntll
Ee F.
James at. Good bar I Wm. In Clark J. Carrlna-too rraak 0. Jaoea
3BlamtcaaOlllX9Cl 1000.1
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MEBCHAKTK Ail. tha Urgent and beat atock of Booti and Shoe we
havo ever brought to thia market, and which cannot be aurpaaaed in quality anj
tylea by any honae in tnia or anr other city. In addition to a complete line of Eaatera
made goodn, inoluding the El.fcBKav 1 Kl tllMIUHAK Al'O. BHUuiaN. we handle
a large and leleot stock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Miiae and Children. We
carry a number of the beat make! in the country, in ever! variety and ityle, and among
them tthe well known Men'i Calf ISoota and bhoea manufactured by Qeo. Hooker for our
Spring Trade. We alao oarry a choice line of Ladies' and Muses' Custom Kid, Ooat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittiuan A Co. We invite the trade to examina
our Itock bofore buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we lell to give latisfaction.
444MMSHAK T I'!!.
MEMPUIS, TENN., Juna 1, 185.
THE firm of ESTES, D0AN t CO. ia thia day diaaolved by limitation. The aurvlving
partner, Z. N. Estee, will aettlo the buaineii at the office of their aucceaaors, Z. N.
ESTES A CO., who will oontinui tha Waoleaale Grocery and Cotton ractorage buaineai ai
formerly don. by ui. . i' OANExecutrlx.
S. S.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For ladga of the Criminal Court.
MESSRS. apoleon Pill, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Uillard, II. M. Neely. W. D. !
Bothe'. R. O. Craif ACo.,U.V. Rambaut,
A. L. Lowenatein, J. S. Menken and others
In response to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Jud.e ot Sh -lhy county, with aineere
thanka lor your kindnesa and courteay, I
hereby announce myself ai a candidate for
the position, subject to tha action of the
iremocratio cononM. LAMBEIH.
Clerk of the 1'rlmlnnl Conrt.
WE are authoriicd to annpunce R. P.
CAPERS (ior twenty-one yean Dep
uty) aa a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of hhelby county, aubject to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
WE re authoriied to announce DABNEY
W. CULlTEH as a candidate ior Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby oouuty,
ubieot'to the Democratic Convention.
Corstilw Court Clerk.
TBE Appkal is nuthorixed to announce P.
M. WINTERS ai a candidate forCoun
ty Court Clers, subject to tie actios of thl
Democratic Convention.
WE are authoriied to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM la a candidate
for County Court uicra, auojeci to me auuou
of the Democratic Convention.
CTTK are authoriied to announce P. J.
W oliliil.vv .. a ..aniliflute for C erk of
the County Court, (uhject to the action of
the Shelby County Democratic Convention.
Jndfre of the Probnte Conrt.
rpO My Fellow-Citixena of Shelby County
X Feiringthat my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge nnjyhavo
failed to reach many of yeu, I take thti
method alao ot announcing ui;etu i.um
data for that oflioe, lubjeot to the action of
. . 1. 1 Tan.Ann;A PAimtv f!rn.
ventin, and respectfully aak your kind aui-
. i .. kAnir T k.v. the honor to ha
your obedient servant, T. B. M1C0U.
WE are authoriied to announca J. P.
VdllNIl ..anandiriata for the office
of Judge of the Probate court, aubjeot to the
aotton of the county iwmoorauc vouvvuuu.
.. For Trnalee.
WE are authoriied to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY aa a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subject to the action of tha
Democratic Convention.
WE are authoriied to announce AN-
I . L - . il'. - C r.nnl. Trmfaa.
re-eieciion wi mo uuic. ui u -.'
ubleot to the aotion ol the Democratic Con
THE A preal la authorixed to announce Mr.
N. F. LKM ASTER aa a candidate for
the oflioe of Trustee of Shelby oounty, aub-
leot to tne aouon ox uie uouiwi.wo vvuw
tion. .
For Attorner-Oencral.
WE are authoriied to announce QEORQB
B. PKTKRS, Ja., ai a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, aubiect to tha
action of the Democratic Convention.
THE Appenlts authorixed to announces.
D. WEAKLEY ai a oandidate for Attorney-General,
subject to tha Democratic Con
vention. m
For Koalator.
TO the Voton of Shelby County and My
Frienda I hereby announce myself lor
the aecond time a candidate for the office of
rnnn,i, V.nirtutAP. aiihieot to the Democratic
Convention. I am poor and need the office.
Feeling that my past lervice as a lorvanv 01
the people hai given satisfaction, and that I
tan oome before the people and ask tbeir
lurTragei and support for Oounty Reft"'". I
am. reaueotfully, JOHN A. POWEL.
WE are authoriied to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARRISON aa a oandidate
for Register, lubjeot to the aotion of the
Democratic Oounty Convention.
THE Appeal la authoriied to announoa
JOHN F. MoCALLUMai a oandidate
for Regiater, lutjeot to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE nnderaigned annonneea that he ii a
candidate lor Ragiater. and alki the
lupport ot the voten of Shelby county, it
elected, will endeavor to give aatiafnotion in
the discharge of the dutiei of the oflioe, and
plaoei hii claim! aubjeot to the action r the
Memphia, March M, 1UB3.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Karry"'. T,e:":'
. candidate for REGISThR, aubject to tha
aotion of tha Demooratio Conventica.
WE are authoriied to announoa E. A.
EDMONDSON aa a oandidate for
County Register, aubjeot to the atton of tha
Demooratio Coavention.
rpHE Appeal l authoriied ta announce
-a. (li'Uij r, uir - -
the office of Regiater, lubjeot to tha aouoa of
tbe Demooratio Convention.
.Indira of all CiM-taM Conrt.
WM. S. FLIPP1N ia a esjndidata far Cir
cui' Judge of Shelby County, aubjeot
to tbe action ol a xiemoerane
We are authoriied to aanounoe L. H. ES
TKs, JR., a a candidate for Judge of the
rir.ni, rn-t. inbieri to the action ol the
Demooratio Conventiea.
JAMES L. tlOODLOK will be a candidate,
before tha Deaiocratt- t oavenlion, for
nomination to the office or Judge ot the tir
ouit Court: and. if defeated, will lupport
the luocesBful nominee.
We am authoriied to announce that JOHN
JOHNSTON ii a candidate forjudge of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, subject to
action of tttt Ptmocrauo CqbvbbUoB:
METER, ffec'r and i"rea.
Vr. B. D0AN.
a or Circuit Conrt ClerM.
WE are authoriied to annoonca Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clerk, subject to tha
cation of the Democratic Oonventton
DURING the aeaion we will receive Bea
liart'i Berrien morning and evening.
Just received a fresh lot of Kennedy Una
Biicuit and Cakei.
Butter Scotch, Beatrice, Albert,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Dropa, Shrewsbury,
Cocoanut Taffy, Royal Mixed,
Vanilla Cream. Assorted Jelly, Eto.
Corner Second and Iteale Sts.
Importeri and dealer! in SaiijAmna.
nil Ion and Ffatalnc Taw hie, Bnlldre'
Hardware. Eloalrla Bella and An-
nn Delator lor Batelaand Residences, 88
Main atratat, Heniptala, Tenn. Electric
oppliei alwayi on hand. Repairlo neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCABTHT, Propr's,
110, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the South, and tha only eompleta
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Worki in the city.
Manufacturers of heavy plate Iron
work of every deaerlptlon. Speotal
at ton tip rlv nlaatation work-
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer in .
dn no, FlHhlna; Taenle and Sporla
xnen'MNnnullea. mr Syecial attantion
PAIRING. 4ia Wain M.,Wemiplilw,TenM
linns, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle
and Bane-Hall Hoods.
934 Main eitrevf, Meniiihla, Tenn.
Manufacturing and Repairing of Guns a
Sti ike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move oor Immense itock wa
make the following offer:
Good S'raw Hati at .25c, 35e. SOo arA 75fl
Extra Fine Straw llau at....4l, II 26, II 50, U
SrnaU Straw Bonmia, all eolora o
Extra Wide Brim Uata, for oountry....Jfc
Beautiful Rosea, all oolori, per doxea.-....t0e
Violeta, per down oe
Buttercups, per doaen , 10a
varnaiion riukitvni urnwu..... ..h.mm..aw
Klerant tiuncne- ot riowen ano
Kxtra Fine Hunches of Klowers. ...... ....0
linporiea rrencn riowri trom9..,.H.i w
ONlrlcli sipa 1.3 In awna b) for .S9
f rilu, uomvm. otvms, ail ainu. ui wai-
tarial to make Artificial a-'lower.
Itridal and Monrolng Ontflta
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS in the olty.
Hata RenhaptMl, Feafhera Cleaned,
1 cd and Corlrd.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by tha imall or
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty or Millinery,
Employing the beat hands Is tha city, give
our whole attention to it, and we defy eCB
petition la tkat Ua.

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