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A TOl'M MtiRO.
1 Xta Shot and Klllrd bj a Womaa
Whm He Had Tradnced
Strange Suicide.
PkntosJ, Tlx., June SI. At 2:45
o'clock tbin I einoon five distinct
p'dtol totg v,re heard on the squire,
grid it u t nes gnnniswl somebody
being-k lW. Tins, upon lnresti-g-aticn,
proved to b only too true.
K. B. Kobe, deputy sheriff, mm
ittinft in the front of Ball St Poas
livery tatl, on Locust atroet, abnit
one hundred yards nirth of the public
Bunara, wren Mm. liid Win Mepped
up to him and iaid: !r. Kolwrte, you
have triduced rre at:d I want you 'o
sign a libel, and if Yrn don't you w ill
be sorry for it." He etfrntrerriHliat be
cool ) cr would to: do it, whereupon
ahedrewa thirtyeiht-alibr revol
ver and a1 ot him five times, every liot
bittinu him and three of them being
fatal. The lira' ehot entered ou lha
rldhtBide of the iierk, the second
above Ifce rli-lit ear, the third in the
neck rangir(f downward, the fourth
in the left and the fifth in the rik'ht
Bhoulder; both of these shot rang n&
It is rumored on the streets that
Robert? hud openly stated that be had
bad crim nal intercou'e with her,
which ah branded rb a falsehood,
and, several weeks ago, went, in coin
party with her husband, to Roberts,
asking him whether he really had
add s'. He did not deny having said
it at tha. time, and the bu band of
tbe woman that killed him, then at
tacked Mm tb a knife, intending to
kill, but wi prevented by bystander,
bine then the matter has been brew
ing and growing worse, and when she
wint to the stable to see him today, it
. ma she w anted him to sign papers
totbeeuect tiiat tie naa toia mife
Loi)s, and be was net willing to do
this. Thij then led her to tb nnfor-
, tuna'e act. ConstabV Janin Bill, who
wajon the way" to the etftble. waa
j stopped by Gld Lilts, liunbiuid of the
woman, while she was ta'king to her
' tictlm, not ovr 100 yards dmtnnt, and
when she bad done the deed Bhe
calmly handed' him tfce pis'ol and
gave herself up. fShe wee asked why
ahe did it, and lie answered: "He
traduced me and told lies about me,
and no mn that dues that can live.
I t'i d to hit him about the region of
the ear." Khe succeeded too
effectively. The coroner's verdict was
that N. li. R iberta came to his death
; by shots tired "with a pistol in the
nanus oi ly.'oua l.hob. i (piciiuihibij
tr'al is (et for next Wednenduy. In
the meantime she is allowed to bo at
home under fjtiprd.
Took Hla Owa IJfr.
' 8t. Lows, Mo, June 23. J. L.
Pmksy, an old man aged seventy-five,
who recent')' came to th'i city from
Fairfield county, Ohio, committed sui
cide at hia room at the St. Cieorge's
Hotel, this afternoon, by taking car
bolic acid. He had been engaged In
speculation and at the real estate busi
ness, and had met with serious loaaes,
which are aligned as the causa of hia
tiking his lifo.
Among tha dead man's elf.tr' s was
found a letter requesting that the fact
of bis death be telegraphed to O. H,
Given, of the Warren Cuaiitur of Ma
sons atNewark, O., who would take
-trabattfe of bia remrins. M-. Kerkey
had at one time been powBsed of
considerable wealth, having been for
nine yean a director of tha Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad Company. His
wife is the niece of Henrj L. Stan
bom. Attorney General under Presi
dent Lincoln.
The Belleville llaiubllue; t'ae.
8t. Louis, Mo , June 23. Mayor
Maurice Joyce, of Eait St. Louis, we .
ubpeanaed an a wittier in the gam bling
cases for last Monday at llelleville, but
tailed to appear, and the Cnuit lamed
an attachment for him. Tha Mayor
was present in couit y itorday, and
explained that hia non attvitdi-'iua wa
because he had frequently appeared
as wiiueea in the era-, which bud been
continued, and be did not nppoae
that he wou'd be wan'ed on Moi day,
and did not know anythn a'oout It.
State Attorney Holder t ilu ttie Couit
that the Mayor cou'd ted age.tdeal
if be waa so ) no 'nod, and insisted
upon his being bold f r contempt of
court. At the time of tha mid uuon
the garableis, Mayor Joyce exprei ed
1. 1,.,-. .If 1. u a ft i I .. I.. (.... .( V, .-i.l
uiuioi'ij no iirnnii, m ivtuivi inc mi".
- and bad previously called upon Sheriff
Kjpieiiuet and asked bia aemstance to
lid the city of the eaiubling men.
claiming that he was poweileas to en-
loice tbe law. Judge pnviier lined
him 15 for contempt of court, which
the .Mayor at once paid.
Tbt Nllwtnke (am.
Milwaukee, Wis., June 23. The
consnlaary raws growing ont of the
recent latii r riots (.till occupy the t
tention of the Municipal Couit. Thus
far nothing new has btten elicited
Mayor Wilber was one of the wit-
nos'ea this morning.
A Bomb Maunfarleirer Located
Chicago, III., June 23. C. T.
uuultman, mentioned in tbe am-
patches from Ot'awa, Ont., last night
ai Having writt n to a circle ot an
archiHts regarding the manufacture of
dycaml'e ooml), baa been located
here. He worked for a shoemaker
here at No. 13 Chrk street, and lat
teriy bss bi-ea working at a ebon on
We t Madison street, but left sudden
ly this morning. He is a Swiss, and
is represented as having been quiet
ana studious ana tiot g neraity su
pected of being an anarrhbt.
Hilled by nu Kx-4'onvlrl.
PiTTanuso, Pa , June 23. During a
quarrel at tlm Walton House, Lttrobe.
Pa. law', evening, Frank Keenan, a
weil known resulent of (treenslmrg,
atiot acd inttntiy itireil Mac 1'ixnn
also proaiinent'y connected. The
shxiting was the retult of an old
grudge. I xon liad a bad reputation.
having Berveil a term in ttie reuiten
tiary for ki"it g a man. Keenan was
eubsequent'y arrea'ed.
Mhol by aa ONirer.
Vobk, Pa , June 23. John Hood
colored, aiied thirty three years, wa
shot and killed by Officer George
Powell ibis forenoon. Hood ws
, drunk and had threatened to kill his
; wde. He charged her from the house
with a knife and wa beating her in a
terrible manner, when some one in
terfered aud t ok hiin away from her.
When the tlficer arrived Hood reigt
I ed arrest, saying that tbe officer would
nevr take him alive, and that it was
eiib"r hiin orthe officer that mutt die.
lie then seized the officer's revolver,
an i in the BCulJle the fll r ahot him
thro i n the heart The bdi ioi'ged
: node' the skin in t' e hn' k.
A Vaol ramllj loloa-l.
Paeih, Mo., Jnn 23 nford Bryan,
colored, of 'hia phwa and hia whole
family, ciniat ng of hie wife and
three'chil lrn, Iwive been poiaoned by
drinking water from a barrel in wblcu
Lai been p'.a.td auwe po.sonoaa aub
tutce. The symp oms are those of
arsenical poisoning. Suspicion points
very Btrong'y to young dsrky with
whom the Bryan bad a personal
difficulty Sunday, and who waa Bfen
in the vicinity of ilereeidence of the
stricken family a short time before
they were taken ik. The children,
not having taken so freely of the water
a the parecta, were scon relieved, bnt
at this time the men and woman are
in a critical condition.
Marderr for Ills Mob.
Detboit, Micw., June 2.1 Vester
day a Pole from ToWo, named An
drew Wiart, arrived here and waa met
by two men who uiidir.ook to show
him the city. They took him to the
suburbs, w'hera In wai knocked
down, and hia rerney, f35, taken
from him. Hia aisai'anta escaped,
leaving him for dea l. His skull was
fractured and his rtovery is d iubt
UEiDKirrmi at iiokekck,
forly-flve Conaliea Reprn-ll-Maar
of lha Leaillng Tearbera
of tbe Htaie Preaeul.
looaaaaroaDaaca or Tin rriL.I
Florkkcb, Ala., Juno 21. A few
weeks ago circulars were distributed
containing tho following announce
ment : "Stat Normal Institute, Flor
ence, Ala. Tbe Horence Htste Nor
mal Institute, undtr the managament
of the S'a'e Super. atendent of Kdu
ca'ion and Prof. T. J. Mitchell, will
open in tbe Norma: School liuilding,
Monday, Mav 31, 18Stl, and con'inue
three weeks." The institute wai
opened Monday wi'.h devotional exer
cises and miiBic, afier whith aldres?e
of welcome on bidialf of tbe Normal
School were delivered by Ur. James
A. Heard, and on behalf of tbe ciii
na ot Florence by the Hon. R. T.
Simpsjn. The e addresses were re
apoudrd to by State Snprintendent
Palmer and the members of the Insti
tute faculty. Tbe tcope of instruc
tion iocUi'l'd all tbe branches of
study required in the public schoais
of tbe 8 ate, conducted by a faculty
co; aisting of the followiug prominent
educa'cra: Science and art ol teach
ing and snhool mangoratn', Prof. T.
J. V itchell; aiithmetic and a'gebra,
Prof. J. K. Powers; g ography nnd
hlftory, Prol. J. A. B Lovett; gram
mar and rhetoric, tbe Rev. M. L.
Frieraon; orthography and reading,
Pof. S. L. Robert wn; natural
sciences, Prof. M. 0. Wilson ; history
ot languages and literature, Prof. E.
K. Oarieholl; penmaliamp, rroi. m.
A. Kirby: model class and calisthen
ics, Mies Julia Scurry; vocal music,
Mihn W.M. Allen.
Officers and committees of arrange
ments for varioiiB purposes woie se
lected from the faculty of the normal
school and from tbe cit aens of Flor
ence, all of whom leadeied mo it effi
cient services in decorations, music
and every awrance poisible lor the
benefit and promotion 01 ttie lend
ers' Institute. A large number of the
district teauheiB wore persona ot lim
ited menu-. Board in pi ivate families
was provided for them. Ths Slet of
Mav heralded the first arrival of the
expected vWtois, and by tbe 2d of
June the spaciora cnapei oi me otaie
Normal School waa alien wttt inxion
lac s, eagerly lHt'ning to the instruc
tion of teachers of ability ana ex
perience, whose addresses on tbe var
ious brane.hea of education were to
many of them as praclona jewels, the
value of which conld not be estimated.
During tbeseadon of tbe Institute the
students of the Normal College in its
ormal department were examined, a
large majority of whom reflected
much credit on the profe wrs of the
college and their adjunct teachers,
Mirs Jennie 1 hompson ana Mia. Mag
gie Brock. The Teachera' Institute,
bo productive of valuable and lasting
results tor t lie promotion oi euuea-
tion. is miulv Je to ttie trustees o
the Peabi dy fu d, who were not for
getful evon of us in our obscurity,
rnd the dona'ion for this collego was
admirably appropriated and menagei'
by our worthy State superintendent
of Education, Col 8. Palmer, of Mont
gomery, Ala.
oriv-nve couutiesot Alabama were
ri presented at tbe Te'cbers'I nstitute.
During lue acssion, tUilreases were de
livered by Prof. T. Q. Lamar of Pintt
vllle, Rev. J. I. Burclay of Wheeler
S'.Htlon, Prof. J. D. Anderson of Hunt
ville, Ala. Friday niglit, the letn
inHtant, the t oni of tbe session was
announced. The evening exercises
opened with an inetrument.il over
tare, piano, violin, cornet and troin
bone. Prof. Roher'ion was requested
to read an Impromptu poem written
by him on the occamou of the recent
Mussel SIioaIs picnic. Miss Fannie
E. Payne, of Anburn, Ala., a graduate
of the Normal College at Tennessee's
beautiful capital, rencored ith touch'
Ing pathos an exquisite recitation.
During tbe en'ertainment Mies Lemon,
ol Montgomery, Ala , and Miss Lula
Merrell, ot Tuaenmbin, sang several
At the clone of the exercises of tbe
ISth instant Prof. Mitchell, the pre
siding genius, came forward to address
his ai'prr-ciative audience for the last
imp. His whole manner indicated
that it was no easy task to ray fare -well
to th ae who had so earnestly
litteued to hia instruction for the all
too brief term of the Inati lite. Prof.
Mitchell paid a glowing tribute to the
citixiMis ol Florence, their hospitality,
th' ir unt'ring iuteresta. the kindness
receivid by him and hla co-wnrkers
by tbe faculty of the H'-itu Normal
A copy of resolutions win read by
Mr. Potts, consisting of thanks to the
trubtoea of ttie Peabody fund, to Col.
Palmer, Superintendent of KducatioD,
ard others.
Prof. J. K. Powers delivered a short
addri-eainterspeiaed with extracts from
a letter received fioin Col. Palmer.
The benefit of this Institute to the
teachers in remote dietric s time alone
can reveal It was certainly a meet
ing fraught with tbe kindliest feelings
an t deepest in'erests. Au excureiou
on the steamer Jor.nson, Capt. Jack
Sleath in charge, and a trip acroesthe
country to tbe far-famed Misael
Shoa's were some of tbe pleasing inci
dents oi me enrertainments p aimed
for tbe visiting teachers.
Ttie Female Ins itute of this place,
Miss Sallie Collier, principal, gave its
closing exercises Fevfral days ago.
The eveninit er.tertainmenta of that
institution, r c mling calisthenics,
drills and r-adings of tweays by gradu
ates, wereveiy cre ii able. The inntru.
mental music rendered by tho pnpi!s
of Miss Clav"n, weie just'encomiuins
of the rilfp' t '.eir worthy teacher.
The examinations and exhibitions
of tho colored schooiB taught by Prda.
Wrlliceand Snippen were worthy of
notice, and pava evidev-e of decided
talent and improvement in many of
their pupils.
Flnrein.0 h proverbially healthy,
the peop'e hoapftable, and we are be
ginning to think that as an educational
community we know "no such word
as fail.'t g. s. r, n,
The Letters on Which Hla Alleged
Heresy Is BaaeJ-The Uoxtllitj
. Growing More Tloleat.
St. Louie JifjniUkan, 2l'd instant!
The hostility between Dr. Sonne
Bcbeln aud bis friends on tbe one band
aud his enemies on the other con
tinues to grow more and more violent.
Hia friends aver tbat no formal
charg'B have evr leen made against
tbe rabbi, and that the proceedings in
tbe case thus far have been bad at tha
iostancs of the rabbi himenlf, who is
not wiling that a cloud of suspicion
should hang over Sbarra Emetn pul
pit. The 'latter, on the other band,
aay tbat tbere is no disposition on the
part of Dr. Sonneschein shown to Sib
mittoar, investigation unless tbe de
cision cf the majority of tbe investi
gating committee is to bo final, which
they bold is contrary to tbe constitu
tional provision for the investigation,
of charges against talaried officers
of the church. The former
hold tbat the proposed investigation
is not formal not in accordance with
the constitutional provision iu that
written chargc4 have never been
brought against the tabbi, and conse
qumt y it would be no erett disre
gard of the chnreh constitution to
empower a committee of investiga
tion to make a final dispoaition of tbe
When Dr. Sonneschein was seen
yesterday by a reporter of the Repub
lican, lie declined tt sneak on the ac
tion of tho Board ot Trustees. He
will send the following reply to K.
Haa, secretary of tho board, this
MyDaARSin I am in receipt of
your official communication of today
containing a copy of the letters and
resolutions btnrlrg on my visit to
Boston during the drat wvek in April,
and I take ploamir.s in stating that I
will appear on Wednesday next, the
23d iiist., before our Board of Trnttops
in special meeting assembled at the
temple. Respect ml ly,
The following are tbe letters re
ferred to :
lloBTOS, June 3, 18S6,
My Dear Sib I gladly state the
facts of my two interviews with Dr. H.
Sonncscbein :
1 have had some acquaintance with
him for several years, and my impres
sions of Mm have always been of the
As I understand it hla position when
here waa this: He was doubtful as to
whether he would be able, con
scientiously, to remain in bis position
aa a Jewish rabbi. Tbat is. he ie'.t it
a question as to whether bis people
would eo far indorse bis views as to
make it possible for him to do so aa
an honest man. If not, then it be
came a preffling and practical question
aa to what be wou'd do. He seemed
to be in much the same position
which 1 occupied when I was able to
leave tbe orthodox church.
In bis conversations with me be
wished to find out the positions and
tendencies of Unit.irianiem, bo tbat
if driven out ot the synagogue be
might know whether there would be
any other field loft him as a preacher,
lie was also considering the pot-si-blli'y
of leaving the ministry alto
gether, bnt felt that ho did not wish
to if he could belp it, as both love
and training were still tbat way.
Tbere was nothing in hia words and
manner that was not manly and
straightforward. Whatever he finally
does I can only wish him all prosperi
ty. Sincerely, m. j. savage.
Rooms or THa Amhican UmTmiiH )
Association, No, 7 Tbkmont 1'i.aci,
Bobton, Mass., Juno 3, lSNi), )
Dear Sib 1 have been asked to
s'ate. what relations I have had to Dr.
S. H. Stunt nebcin. This 1 am very
ready to do. They have been the
simplest. He waa introduced to ma
when he was in Boatnn by a letrer, as
I remember, from Mr. Eliot', but of
this lost 1 am not sure. 1 conversed
with him ahnut an hour, possibly two,
on the views of theological positions
of modern Judaism, and also of Amer
ican UniUrianiem 1 got .the idea tbat
he wished to ascertain whether, in
event tkHt his vews should be too lib
eral for his own people, he should feel
at home among uj. But ha made no
application then, and hai cot, to my
knowleige, made any aince,and I had
long since dtopped the whole thing
from my mind as an interesting inter
view which had, and probabty was,
not expected ti have auy practical re
sults beyond better acqunintonce with
our position and spiritual tendencies.
Very trulv,
bto't of tho A. L A.
"I am surotlsed to notice in the re
port in the iffpnWicoii of yesterday on
the Sonneachein alTair," said a friend
r f Dr. Sonneschein, yesterday, "that
reports had been given out concern
ing the meeting of the Board ot
XriiHtees Sunday that were incorrect
and apparently given to prejudice the
public. The board had no thought of
removing the rabbi at that mee'ing.
Tbe statement about the re-olutions
was correct, but ths final paragraph of
the report as to Dr Sonneschein be
ing displaed is en'irely unfounded."
"Uuder the constitution the b ard
has no power in this case to call Dr.
Sonneschein befoto them tomorrow
evening," observed a member of the
bnard yesterday, "but I do not think
the doctor would stand on a technical
ity like that. He will surely appear
before the board."
"Will he consent to the investiga
tion as proposed?"
"I do not know tat he will not.
He will probably object to it on the
same ground that the former commit
tfe refused to serve. Those on the
committee who would not be iriendly
to Dr. Sonneachein would without
doubt hand in a minority report. It
is well known that the majority of the
Board of Tr.istocs are anxious to con
vict him, and if they have a voice in
the matter they would adopt the mi-
noiity report- For that reason I think
the doctor should refuse to allow snch
an investigation as waa proposed by
the board.
"But the reeolut'oa providing for the
Investigation was carefully piepared.
AU of tbe memlirr', with probably
two exceptions, thought the commit
tee of five provided Tor would, if the
proposition to investigate Sonne;
chein's record in that w ay was kindly
received, report the result i f their in
vts'igation to the Board of Trustees "
"I do t ot think Dr. Sonneschein will
opprs this inves'tgAion," said one
member. "The ies duMoo, lam quite
sure, does not etipula'e that tbe com
mittee sliab report to the h ard. Con
sequntly, if they inv. stigate the mat
ter, they can finally dispone of it."
fropa In Vlraluin.
Lynch iivro, Va., Juue23 Answeis
to iuquiriea by the 7)ii7ry bfuoric
throughout Southwest Virginia report
nnp ecedented wheat and fruit croa.
Hcrvesting has commenced.
Sore Eyes
The fe are always in aympatby with
tbe body, aud a:Tird an excellent Index
of Ita condltn. 'h n tbe eyea become
A-eak, and the lids lull inied and aore, It Is
an evl'li nee that tba ;tem baa become
ilisorJi-red by Scrofula, for which AVer's
Saraaparilla Is tbe beat known remedy.
Scrofula, wbich produced a painful In
flammation iu my eye-, caused me much
kiirturiiig for a m'nnbVr f y-r. Iiy tbe
advice of a phynlriiin 1 commenced taking
Ayer's Surwiparilla. After using tbia
luldlclue a bbort time I wa completely
My evci are now iu a splendid condition,
iiu'l 1 am as well uii'l i ronir a ever.
Mrs. William Ciayc, C .neoid, ". 11.
For a number of yiars I win troubled
with a humor in my ee. mid wiis unable
to uliliiin any relief irate 11 I coiiinieueed
usirii; Ayer'i arapariila. This medicine
lias elfei'ted a complete cure, mid 1 believe
It to lie the tiest of blood purillurn.
C. K. Lpton, Nashua, X. II.
From childhood, ami until within a few
months. I have been .dlljeied with Weak
and .""ire Eye. 1 hive u-ed fur these
complaints with beneficial reults. Ayer's
ur uarilhi. and on.-M.'r it a preut blood
purilier. Mra. C. Phillips, Olover, Vt.
I nuflercd fur a v ir with inflamma
tion in my left eye. ''1 liree tilct-ra formed
on the bull, deprivlUL' me of si'lit, and
ciiiisimr treat pain. After trying many
other remedies, to no purpose, I' waa finally
Induced to use Ayer'a Nimiipurllla, and,
By Taking
tbreo bottles of this medicine, have been
entirely cured. Jly sitrht bus been re
atored, and there is no of hirhunma
tlmi, sore., or ulier In inv eye. Kendal
T. Ilowcn, Sugar Tree ltiIye,'ililo.
My daughter, ten years old, was afflicted
with scrofulous Sore Kyes. During the
lust two vein s she never saw llht of any
kind, l'liysielaiis of the highest atunding
exerted their skill, but with no permanent
success. (In tho recoiniiiendalion of B
friend I purchased a Imtile of Ayer'a Sar
anparillu, which mv daughter coiiinieueed
taking, before she Inn) used the third
bottle her sight was restored, nnd she can
now look steadily at a hi illlant light with
out pain. Jb-r euro is complete. W. E.
Sutherland, .Evangelist, Shelby City, Ky.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr Co., Lowell, Man.
Bold by ill DniKijiiU. Price tl ; ill bottle, th
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEitabllahed in 1&10.I
1 VR.J0HN8ON la acknowledaed by all par
ties interested ai by fur the roost auo
easeful physician in the treat men tof private
or secret duenses. Quick, permanent eurel
tuaranteed in every oare, male or female.
Recant cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured In a few days without th uie of mer
cury, chanfte of diet nr hindrance from
bueiness. Secondary Syphilis, the last vea
tliie eradicated wilbontthe use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time, bu Merer s from itupotonoy or loss of
sexual pewers restor at" tree vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of s-abuse and exoesaiva
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of pbysioal and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to tha Diseases of Women, and
oures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the use of canstic or th knife. All
consultations strictly conSdential. Medi
cines sent by express to all part of th
-Worklngmen cured at half th usual
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to S
o'clock p.m. I). S. JOHNSON. M.D.
HEAOitiaauKt roK
And Iron Roofing;.
Fire, Wind Water find I iKhtitJuK
lirnof Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
call on or addresi
438 1 UO Main St., and 21 23 Mulberry st.,
Headqunrters for Iron Fencs and Cresting,
(ialvanited Iron Cornice. Tin Hoofs k Stoves.
The Great Natural Blood Purifier,
An Iron Tonic free from Alcohol.
An Infallible Itmedy In
DyapaP'ia. Uvr Complaint),
Chronic Diarrhoea. General Debility,
Asthma. Female Complalnta,
Erysipelas, all Skin Dlseaaaa,
Cholera Morbus,
Bora Tyt Night Sweata.
fillliuia Colic, Cut. DnilnesCatarrli,
Ulcerous and Cancerous AOectlona,
Kheumatlam, Scurvy,
Weakness from Illness or Over-Work,
Loss of Appetite,
Mick Headache.
Sprains. Tetter, etc., t.
rorCUItr.S nnd ( tllTIIICATtJ
See tree pamphlet.
j. w. coohrs. a. nt'Dt.KT raiTsxa.
Owner anil Proprietor,
On Horn l.nWe Roarl, 8 Miles from City
QVFFIC1KST pasturage for 500 head of
i3 .took. Charges trom II So to tS per
ibnnth, s.-cordlng to care and kind of paat
uraie. link-, .-at'.le, calves, sheep and
lamoe for fsI Prtiedesiring pasturage
for stock, or to vurchaM or sell stock, will
correspond with . , ,
W. S. J ACKSON, Agent, on the Place.
Telephone SSI or tV.
Electric Belt Free
TO Introdue it and ohtain agents w will
fur th. next siary days give away, free
of charge, in each county in the 0. B. a lim
ited nunil-i rnl our W.rman IJrrtro'Wal-
tted nuuii'iTnt our s-rf""i r.in-iru m.
vsiilc NiipruNry M-lt. Price a
Cositiv nn J unfailing cur for Kervous D
ility. Varicocele, Emissions, Impotency,
etc. ' 'i Reward paid if every Belt w
manuim iure ures n'H ip'tho hiiuii.
electric evirrent, Addrcwe at once ELKC
TRIC I1ELT AOENCi'i V.'.O. Boa l7t.
11 LJ IMJiJuJiw
Lazart s levy. t. h. mtlmjhn.
r Deposit rolrd in lama oi fl and
rWt buy and sell loea. Investment Bonds
trustees, and, In generai, icat any ananoial business rtatnni a sal ana responiini.
r We i.sn drafta. In snm. in nit tnreli&.era. a all narta of Knenne.
sr We have a commodious Vault for the deposit ol valuable, which U at tha aervio
cor customer., roe oi t,iar(e.
D. P. HAUDEN, Prealdent. ETTD. GOLDSMITH, Tice-Presldeit
JAM F.N 1KA1HAN, rahlT.
Waceesaon to PORTF.R, TAIL0K C0H
Cotton Factors
wo. joo front street,
L. D. MULLINS, of lat J. R. Godwin k Co. JAS. T0NQE. laU of J. W. Caldwell 0-
Cotton Factors &Commission Llerchanh
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and rnlon. lfpmph.a.
IRK HARD A. McCTRDY, : t t t i President.
ASSETS, : : : : : T $100,000,000
tSnr render Talnea Indoraed on Pollrlea. Ko Forfeltare. Cheapest
In tbe World.
A TtHX.. 33IT.f3I3C.I3rH. IVI.P.. I I I Eiamlnor,
o. 3 rotlon Fnoliaiige Itiillnic. lvtemphlw.
Kllll In the murker,
meat of
Oils dS3 3XTctT7-eEtl Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
o. HhIii Ntreet. UaToao Itloek.
BrinflBT Car Woris s MaEnfact'i Co
Rriukley, Ark JtfHunfactnrerts el
Doors, Sanh, Blinda, Dressed Floorlnir, Cellluff, Weather-Boarding
e-Onr facilities are unsurpassed br any
rloorinf , UeiliDx. Sidinir, bten Lumo
CeiliDa-.Sidini.8tei Lumber and
Lumber of all dimensions, ne make ttie
solloited and
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
J, T. FAR6AS0N & GO.
Yholesaie Grocers & Cotton Factors
If9 Front Street, Memphii, Tenn.
Cotton consined to ns will have our careful attention. W carry at all times a well
selected stock ot
Staple & Fancy 6roc8ne, Wirus, Liquor8,Tobacco5t Ciiar
4nd will Low ae the lowest.
MC,Fearcec!c Co-
cotton Factors & Commission Merch'ii,
('lives Wskretumer tin
R. G. CRAIG & CO., 39
upward, and Interest allowed on fame 8em
and Securities generally, pay tales, acta.
t i MiMPrn. T:wy.
with n fall aeeort
New and
sawmill in th Bontn tor ni.ina oraersprnmpiij.
Cypress Shinalet speoialty: also, Framlni
promptly filled.
n noiesaie uusine.s a speuiu vruen
R. A. PARKER. K. L. W00D8C
Union st.,Hemphis
- -
Hockbridae Co.. Va. Uiah in th
Viriinia mouDtaios. Picturesque surroond
Inga, eitensite and beautilully shaoed lawn,
(ias, electrie bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily mails, post, telerraphand
eipresa oScet on the premises. Table the
very best. Laiuriou.ly furnished rooms
superb band of tnusie. Send for ill nitrated
fanipmet. (.Darter moderate. Upenforvia
lors, June l&th. Watm: A'm, Cknlybtaf
and Irrriw. R. T. w imj SON.Man'fT.
Mentaroinerjr t'oaaly, Va.,
Having been thoroughly repaired and hand
somely furn shed, will be opened for the re
eeption of visitors on Jure 1, 1S. For par
ticulars apply to OEWhtifc W F AtitJ, Mna
ger, Monwomery springs Poitoflice, Mont
gomery county. Va.
Sulphur Springs
Immediately on the lino of the craut Chm.
ainke and Ohio railroad. Tbe uioBt cele
brated ot all tbe mountain resort, and on
of the oldest and niovt popular ot
Will open for the season Juns 1st. Elevation
above tide-water, IAXHI test; surrounding
acountains. irAM feet. Pauiphlets rie'cribing;
hvaienic ailvantanea can be had of theaa-ent
of the C. Jr. S. W U. K , or of
H. r. EAKLK, Buperintendcnt.
Fluent Sonimer llcsort In America
M luuetonka Beach, Nino.
Offers accommodatinna nnequaled by any ho
tel in the west. Hates, fl per dayi 175 per
month. Circulars and fu.l particulars sent
promp'.ly on application to KUUEMi alKUL,
Manager. St. Papl, Mihk.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
rpERMS for the season of 18S6, beginning
J. Jur
the big
X June 1st, reduced 25 to to per cent., but
the highest standard of eicellenc main
(Send for Illustrated dercriptiv pamphlet
and terms.
F. N. PIKE. Manager.
Itnleigh Springs Hotel.
""OW OPEN for reception of guests. Thai .
-i- lauie will uo Bupi'licu 1,1m mo unt.
Th rooms are nicely furnished and enre-
luuy anenaea io. ivaiva imr uifiniu. a.;!
per week, 7. M. 11 . 1) OKBOW A CO.
East Tennessee.
CELEBRATED aa a cure for Dyspepsia.
V J chronic Diarrhea, Indigestion and all
Kidney Affections. Beautifully situated on
tbe banks nf a crvstal mountain stream.
Din. A.klnn hAunlifial itriv., anil r.ni.nH.
scenery. Climate unsurpassed Hotel and
cettages remoueiea. fxceueni garuea.
f lenty of fresh milk and pu e butter, fifty
miles north ol Chattanooga. Only seven
hours run from Atlanta, fio lois, malaria)
or inosuuitoes. Board reasonsble.
T. B. OORMAN. Proprietor,
Formerly of Warm springs Hotel, N. C.
awSend for Dcsfriptivp Circular.
Hurricane Springs
THESE Springs are situnted on Hurricane
Creek, Franklin County, Tennessee, and
npon the western bench ol the Cumberland
In IsyapepMlK, Dlnrrhen, Dyerntery,
Liver a ml Kidney Trouble is founded
upon actual cures. It is against these dis
eases that the conquering influence of the
water is directed with perhaps the best suc
cess. It relieves with 1'erli.lBly and '
lerlty inflammation and ulceration of tbe
bowels, and removes all likelihood of their
recurrence. ,
1 h tiyapepaln, It oarrles on the aocn
mulated mass ot acidity.
la Liver and Kinney Complaints the
water bas a specific action. It eradicates ail
malarial poison from tbe system, and is t
certain specific for all diseases having their
origin in malaria.
bend for pamphlets containing analysis,
Four daily mails. Telegraph or telephone
and express facilities periect.
MILLER A BHO., Proprietors,
. Resident Physician,
Hurricane Springs. Tenn., via TnllahomaM
WILL be opened Jane 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated six miles
from tna Furnace, on th Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at ditna,
and will oonvey guest to springs at a very
low rate.
Board, 20 Per Month 91 Per Daw.
hieelal Kate la fainlllee.
We invite all who wish to spend the most
Bleuant seaion of their lives to come to
eaverdam. especially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air In
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
E. A. DT.AN, Prnp'r Centreville Hotel.
No. 2855, R. D Cha- eery Court of Shelby
County C. W. Harbert, administrator,
vs. L. S. Bond et al.
IN pursuance of the terms of a decree in
the above stated oause, I will, as Special
Commissioner, prooeed to sell, at public
auction, to the highest bidder, at the south
west corner nf Main and Madison streets, in
Memphis, Tenn., on
Ineaday, 13th day of Jnly, 16.
the (allowing described real estate. In Shelby
county, namely: Lou Nos. 4 and 22 of the
Harbert subdivision, as made in the case of
John Herbert vs. R- A. Hicks et al, lately
pending in the Second Chancery Court of
Shelby County, to wbich reference is made.
Lot No. 4 of said subdivision, fronting 81
ieet on south side of Jackson street by 150
leet to an alley
Lot No. 22 of said subdivision, fronting Kl
feet on north side of Alston avenue by 150
feet deep to an alley.
Said property will be sold on the following
terms, namely: One-half of the purchase
money to be paid in cash and the balance on
a credit ol six months from the date of sale,
the purchaser to execute notes with approved
personal security for the deferred payments,
and a lien to be retained on the property sold
ns a further security, the notes to draw in
terest from date.
I reserve the right'of making on bid OD
each lot so'd.
Sal to begin at 12 o'clock noon.
Special Commissioner.
at the Court-House in the cityol Mem
phis, at 11 o'clock, I will let for Shelby
oounty th- building of TWO WROUliHT
river one near the city at the head of Sec
ond street 275 feet long, 18 leet roadway,
with midfeet channel span, 50 feet liw truss
approHcb span at the north end of bridge
an 1 a 75 leet approach at the south end of
bridge. Tbe one at Raleigh will be 73t) feet
long, 18 feet roadway, with ipan across the
rive ar north end or brii'ge l"t feet long,
and one li'ib long across a pond at south end
of bridpe, with 407 feet of viaduct interven
ing, lubular riers will be ued.
All parties bidding on this work will be
required to bid oo their own pians and speci
fications. The best plans for the best prioe
will be adojited. A profila of the bridges
will be furnished any one wishing to make
plans and bids.
1 reserve the right to reject all btds if
deemed necessary.
I will be at the Court-House Monday and
Tuesday before day of lotting to confer with
contractors. I mention this because I ex
pect to be usy with other work until then.
. E. M. CULK, Bridge Sup't,
Box 17. t.-!antown, Tenn.
Mississippi &Tennessee R.R.C0.
Moek holder' Meeting:.
McarHia, Tnieii , May 12, l&fi.
rpHE President nd Directors of the Mia
1 sissippi and Tennessee Railroad Com
pany, in accordance with section 15 of the
charter of taid Company, hereby call a gen
eral meeting of the stockholders in this Com
pany, to be held in the c.Uce ef the Compa
nv, in Memphis, Ter.n., "n edneiidRy,
the 30th day of J nne, 1HS6. for the pur
pose of considering and acting on the con
tracts authoriied by this Board on the 11th
dayol May, lvi: As to a I nion Passenger
Depot, as to Track on River Front in Mein
phis, at to Gravel and use of Terminal Fa
cilities of this Company.
Py order of the President and Board of
Directors. . .
S. H. LAMB, Stsretary.

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