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.iMTHHTll (WW.
Some Prof r88 a the Sundry Civil
Appropriation Bill Proceed
logt In the Senate.
Washington, June 24 JTouar.
M Long Ma s., rising to correc
tioi of I lis Record, raid tha. in
Speech made eom weeks ago the gen
tleman from Ualifivnia (Henlf-y) bad
chaged that Charlts Franc's AdaruB,
of tne Union Pacific railroad, had
commitud grow Tiulations of law,
lie bad asked the gentlrman to specify
wl at these violations were, and the
only rpecifh reply nude by the gen
tleman was that Mr, Adams had him
self etit d that the mutter cf frne
paars aiven by the Union Pacific
cret th government some $-000 a
day. lie (Mr. Long) had denied the
correct ni as of this statement, and be
fonrd that his denial was altogether
tco broad. As it appeared from his
published speech, Mr. Henley had
said that it coat the company $2000 a
dav. Mr. Adams, In his teetimony
btlo;e a Sanate committee, Lad attUd
tli t free rafM'B coot ibo ompany
fL'i'OO a day. Hit this was not a vio
lation of Ihw, aud Ihe sta'ement was
act-inipunied by the modifying re
mark ihat many r.f the pneces were
toner! to the railroad t mploye. In
extnmling his remarks in the Record,
lit. Ilen'ey had triage what purported
to be a quya'jou frim Mr. Adiuus
hinr elf, conei-ting of some fifty-rig'it
linns and containing me very severe
retletti ns on tk Union Paciflo
and on Mr. Amos and the gent'enien
cornei t d with him in the construc
tion oi tne naa. it sjeins to be a
qu otation from a br.ok or mmphlut
written by Mr. Adams In 18(t!. He
found liiiou exjminntion that t' e (I ret
twenty fur lines of tl at alleged quo
tation were words which were taken
from that book or pamphlet, but the
' remaining thirty-four lines were words
which Mr. Adams bad never uttered
and never written and which were in
correct y and improptrly attributed
to him by the gentleman from Call
fornia. About eighteen inon'h" ago
an enormous pamphlet had been nub
lished containicg a revere criticism
on Mr. Adams. In this pamphlet
appeared the first twe nty-f iur lines of
the quotation. Then followed In dif
ferent type certain disconnected pas
sages which raa now been put in Mr.
Adams's month. lis knew that the
gentleman from California was not
guilty intentiona'ly of putting in Mr.
Adams's month words be had never
Uttered and be knew that the gentle
man would have no objection to hav
ing the correction made in the Record,
Mr. Henley said that the gentle
man was right in the ttotement that
be (Mr. Henley) had attributed cer
tain language to Mr. Attains which he
bad never uttered or writ'en. When
lie prepared his speech he rouiem-
Ibered that a good many years ago, Mr.
Adams had written a scathing arraign
ment of the Union Purine, its direc
tor, the Credit Mobillor and Oak
Ames. Buf ore the Heuhte Committee
Mr. Adorns had become not only the
apologist but the eulogist of the Union
Pacific, which he had proviouHly de
tounced. He (Mr. Henley) bad
i ougbt it a fair matter of criticism
rblm to oritictae Mr. Adams past
w)d present utterances. Not having
T Tkt' Adam? pamphlet at hand, he bad
S een obliueii to rely ou what tur-
ported to.be a correct copy of it in a
newspaper, end he had used it, not
dreaming t' at there was anything in
it that could not be properly attrib
uted to Mr. Adams. lie would make
the correction but he wanted to call
attention to the precise injury which
Mr. Adams fancied be bad eustu'nod
at bis bandB. In the part of
the quotation which was conceded to
be correct, the eeutimcnt and dentin
citt'lon was in exact accord and entire
harmony with that part which had
been Improperly attributed to Mr.
Adams, lie could not e nceive that
thatgontlotnan had sulfered Injuries
at hiB hands. There were other things
in his speech to which Mr. Adams
could address himself and complain
about If they woro not tiue. The log
leal result of the cotnpla nt Mr. Adams
had made was that he ba l no denial
to make of the charges.
Mr. Long tben took op the cha-ges
made in M r. Henicy's published speech
and denied thorn all in detail. The
first charo was that Cliarloe Francis
Adxuis aud bis co-directors had crim
inally violated the law in insuing .r,
000,000 6 per cent collateral trust
bonds in 1883 Thet transaction bad
Uko place b. fore Mr. Adams became
even a dirt ctcr. The em-ond chnrge
wa' that Mr. Adam" and the dirtc'ors
had violated the law in pnying divl
dendi in 1SWJ and 1HS4, in the teeth
of the exietenre of a flouting debt
of $13,000,000. It was rot a via
la'ion ot luw to pay a dividend when
there , was a H jat ng debt, ihe
thifchaige wes that Mr. Adums end
ditcVor IiihI violated the law in pkc
iflg the indorsement of the Union l'a
clfionai.tiitfirvX0,aX of bunds of
the O: eg it Short Lira-Company. 'Hut
wn poifectty legitimate, and had oc
curred Urea jcars before Mr. Admin's
connsetinu with the company. The
fourth charge was that Mr. Adams
and the directors hd deliberately de
traiuled the asseta bc'org'ng to the
government lien by anticipating the
Pyniont of tho third mortgaio bonds.
The answer to that was, that there
were no third mortgage lundsat all.
Mr. IUnley "Everythirg I allege
there can be proven."
The matter wai thea dropped, and
Mr. Randall 1V.1 moved to diBpeu'e
with the mor jtng hour.
Mr. Heed I Me. J -nqu red sarcastically
whether it was the intentiun to can
up the sun Iry civil bill.
"You will s e in the rfgn'ar coatee
of business," replied Mr. Randall.
"The other wing of the Democratic
part? b ems to have tiken charge to
day," observe i Mr. Kcetl.
"Oh, both wings will tl ip together
afer awhile," retorted Mr. Kanda'l,
amid app'auae oa tha Democratic tide.
Tee motian having been agreed to,
the Uouhs went int Committee of the
Whole (Mr. Reagan lei. in the
chair) on the sundry civil bill, Mr.
Rced ramerking that the very sensible
wing of the imcca'io party bad
control tody. Ttns was grettd with
Toad applause ou both sides of the
H ?use.j
The pending araemlmert was that
offerdd by Mr. Warner O.. providing
that co money appropriated for the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Bhall be used in printing United Mites
no'es of large denominati m in lieu of
notes of small Henominntionn can
celed or reHred. Tee amendment was
agr-cd to -99 to 78.
Mv. Cannon A 1 offered a snbxti
nti for the Kngiaving aud Printing
liur en pa'aimph, whicb would have
the etlut:t of placing twenty-fivo. addi
tio'al emp'oyes under the proVwor.
oi the civil ecrvire law.
Mr. Ho'.inan Ind. tai;d a ioi
, order.
Mr. Cannon Iil.1 said he knew tin
tbe civil service law hurt, but why did
not gentlemen repeal h. instead of
coming in wiut irunts oi order ana
pettifogging on tLese pointi to evade
the law. He was speaking to tlie gen
tb man from Indiara.
Air. II jlmaa I obterve nothing to
Mr. Cannon He is not the only
animal who bides lis bead in time of
dHiiger and thinks bis whole body is
1 idueo.
Mr R nda l I have bo reply to
make. I will not vo'e to put any ad
dit'onal oHicerj un ler the civil service
to long as the age of limitation exists.
Ttie point of order was sustained
a d the substitnte ruled out.
Mr. Oibsin W. Va. off-red an
an endment that nothing in the sec
tion shall be construed as subjecting
the appointees in tbe Bureau tf En
graving and Print ng to civil service
rait g. The object of bis amendment,
lie eaia, was to give a chance to tbe
party in power to control to some
extent the offlcne to be run by that
party. While he repudiated the doc
trine thet to the victors belonged tbe
spoil, be did claim that to the doini.
cant party belonged the light to rnn
an administration, for which it was
responsible. Ka sensible people ever
sent out an army otn.-erfd by the
enemy; no basinets man eer under
took to ran bis bueinets under the
control of bis ilval.
K B. Taylor O repudiatsd tbe
djctrlne that to tiie victor belonged
the spoils. It wns born of corruption,
u begat corruption, it was u'.ell cor
runtion. JNo cbizea of the Union bad
a right to dom i&d an ollice b ouse be
ws a Democrat or a Republican. He
only had a right to demand it buciase
be wis an Ameiicin citizen and be
cuuao be was honest and competent.
Asa politician he wished i uch unwise
men us the iii'nileman from West Vir
gitiia should beve aecendancy in the
Democralio arty. No party in this
country tould hvo with such avowed
Mr. Adams N. Y.-Did not your
party rtouriah?
Mr. Taylor It did, and it died be-
cauie it conunucd to liold that doo-
trine too long.
Mr. WarnerHow long wai the Re
publican Governor of Ohio In ollice be
fore he turr.oj every Democrat cut?
Mr. McKinloy The Democrats all
crossed over the Ohio river and Wc'ie
out of the State.
Mr. Warner That was the Benate,
not the ofllcers. Thy stayed as long
as they cou d.
Mr. Milhken Me. If they were
Demccrats they sttyed as long usthey
could. Tbe o is no doubt ab iut that.
Mr. Taylor said no political party
could grow which avowed the policy
liiBt to the victor be'o -.gol the spoils,
and as a patrot lis dopl. rod tho anxi
ety of the people to got at the nVsh
pos of Eypt. ,
Mr. Warner tema.ked thut it was
one uiuig 10 preaco and anotner tiling
to practice. I he R publicans preached
well, but their practice had been vurv
different. He believed in civil service
.afi.m Vi i, I t V, .. v., 1 . ) l .
uii wub liicTic I. r , ri nuuiu UO
state of icstiutlie civil service until
a state cf equilibrium bad been
reached, in which the ollices should 'ou
shared between the parties.
J lie amendment ws r. ccwu.
Tbe section of tha- bill concernine
the coaet and jreoilutic survey having
been rtaohed, acrording to previous
agreement the gennrel debate was In
urder, and Mr. Ryan I Kos 1 proceeded
to criticise the bill. He said that there
had been no diminution of expendi
tures thus far by the Democratic ad
mlnietiation, while the expenditures
ior ii ie next hhchi ymr wnnid not be
loss than $300,000,000. In that esti
mate he took no account of the navv.
const defuners.an educetional bill, the
removal of the limitations on arrears
of pencious, the Mexican pension hill
and other pension bi 1 1. W bether the
revenues would suffice to meet the
expenditures would depend upon the
degree of general prosperity of the
country. Wbht lUHnrancs hail the
people tbnt the administration was
making an honeat effort to curtail the
expenditures when the House had de
elated that more then $30,000,000 of
the eetmutes wers not needed.
Mr. Herbert Ala 1 turned his at
tention to the ooeBt survoy. He eald
mat tiie survey had not completed
its work not from a want of labor
appropriations but from a special
which had prevailed in that bureau
from tho bewailing to procrastinate
aud continue indefinitely this work.
io gi t at tho lentfth ot time necessary
to finish the work exp rience ohoweu
that the calculations of tbe superin
tendents must be multiplied by lour,
and applying that tnlo t Piof. II 11
gard s calcu ation, it would take fully
twenty nix j esn from today, or 115
years from ihe date of organization
of the survey to complete i's work,
tor nltv veais Ihu survey had been
under civilian manage nent, while in
his (Mr. Herbert) opinion, it should
never have been taken from the con
trol ol tho navy department. He be
lieved that the bureau wished to spin
cut its eui vcy until it wrts given an
other clttsi ol w. rk tiut might be con-
iii ued indefinitely, lie severely criti
cised the Inrge amount expended, for
ui'ti.oe s ry topogtaptucal work.
The cimiiiitttt" then arosn and the
Home adjourned.
The tHtaMttt.
Alter routine morning business in
the iSeiiato tho bill rpcating the pre
emption and timber culture laws was
lata tietoro tne eena'o, ana, on tl.e re
quest of Senator Pugh.it was infor
mally laid aside to permit considt ra
tion of tho bill providing compensation
for the District Jndgo It r the outheru
Dietrlct cf A'nhatna.
Senator Losan moved as an amend
ment the provision of the bill hereto
fore passed by the Senate, fixing all
Diteria JuJges' salaries at $."0O0 a
. Senator Kenna and Senator George
opposed the amendment so far as it
related to the increase of salary, Sen
ator Grorge maintaining that when
cotton whs down to 7 cents a pound,
wheat 'o 70 cents a bushel, and all our
industries depre.wd, it was no time to
increase the salaries of gentlemen whs
bad life places.
n.u&lor Uonger inquired: now
much longer are wa to wait for the
great benttits to busincea prophesied
from the change ef administration."
Senator Ueonre replied: "We have
be tn very sick, aud are endeavor-ng
to lecivor.
S-n a tor Lean advocated tiie
amendment, wnich was agreed to,
the first division (relatieg to salaries)
by a vote of 32 yeas to 20 nays, and
the second division (prohibiting nepo
tism) by a viva voce vote.
The bill, as smonuea, waa mm
pa Bed.
The bill repealing tne pre-erupuun
and timber culture laws was iu.-n :
procouled with. ,
Sena,.irltrr(!' addiesseutbe Senate
on ihe bill. lulhecjnrre of his .e-'
marks Senator G3orge denounced Ihe j
fraud i committed on the public lands, j
Nenater Mitchell though', tho do- '
partinent bad ben mistaken lu many
c?ses as to what was called ''fraud."
S ,-.t,.r lMiimb rit4d ficures to ft'iow
the eoormmis transactions in pnrilic
hind. In lSf0 thure were 5o,94ft entries
under tiie boaof stead uw, eiurfacing j
wmphts mi
nearly 8,000,000 acres. Tb I flunrfs
for 1885 were nearly the tarn. I In this
enormous aggregats of entrjs theie
bad no doubt been some frauds
meaning thtrehy a failure u make
strict technical compliance with the
regulations by the government. In
referring to tbe reoent orler oi lbs
Lsnd Depaitmeat su'penJing execu
tion of the pre-em pt oi and t mWr cul
ture laws .Senator Plumb remarked that
whatever purp sa there was, that
in order was the purpcp of tha Land
Department and not of tbe Secretary
of the Interior. With rmaid to tbe
absorption cf tbe public Units in the
South, Senator P,umb inquired why
tha Land Departmeut should ting'e
out tbe poor settler in tbe w.lds of
Dakota while igro i-g the organiza
tions that ate abashing the pnblio
lands in the Southern States. It
seemed singular to Senator Plumb
that an officer of the government
should be so seriously affected by
what Senator Plumb could only da
nominate a "political, geographical
and isothermal strabismus."
Senator George said the "absorp
tion" referred to in tbe South, so far,
at least, as Miaai'sippi was concerned,
was not in y o'aiioo o! tbe law, but in
pursuance of the law.
Senator Stanford stattd that the pro
visions of tbe bi'l as amended in tbe
Senate wculd abrolu ely prevent the
reclamation oi the deport land).
There were enormous quantities of
such hnda, he said, nut worth a penny
an acre and they could only ie re
claimed by the expenditure cf large
sums of monry. In order to mike re
clamation possible he moved to rt store
ceitain words already struck oat by
the Senate.
Sttnatcr Plumb feared the amend
ment might leal to fraud and opposed
Ho unto: Stanford's motion was re
jected. The bill thou came to a vote and
was pas'eJ yew, 34; nays, 20.
On motion of Sonut r Dolpb a com
mittee of conference was o-dered on
the disagreeing votes of tbe House and
Senate on te bill.
The Kiiz John Porter bill wa then
laid before the Senate.
Senator Sewell said it wai Ihe same
bill that had passed befuie. There
was nothing to be ta d now that would
throw any new light on its subject
mat er. A mere statement of the fac'a
would he sufficient. Mr. Sewell then
recited the salient facts in the military
hietory of Gen. Po ter.
Sena'or Sanell bad tbe Cle k real
a number ot rtsnlntionB of Grand
Army pcst. union the Damair of tho
bill. Tie people, ha continued, bad
finally come to see that instead of
being a criminal, Gen. Poiter was a
martyr. "He comes now before ytu."
said Senator Sewoll, in conclusion, "I
trust tne last time, to ask lor lu'.ttoo;
nay, Mr. President, to demanl it. Tho
time has gone by to ask that lavie
may be granted to this man that bag
been wronireil. 1. who knew him
as a ci ii n of my State at.d as a inun
wboral hav seen in the forefront of
many a flght, now demand justice of
the Senate of the United States for
tiila man who bes been to grossly
wronou ;
Senator Logan obtained tho tlwr to
reply to Senator Sewe 1, and after an
executive stssion the Senate ad
journed, i
Commencement Kxerelnea t (be
' Pnblle firhool.
louBiisroNDixca or tbi arriAL.I
Grrmamtown, Tbnn., June 21 Tho
public school at this place closed on
last Friday. It has ben conducted by
the liuv. S. T. Lane, principal, as
sisted by Miss Jeseie Williams, who
are wor by of the highest praise. Mr.
Lane, as an educator, bos few equals
aud no superior. His bri .llant mind,
life with education, coupled with his
great ubility t) jmpart to others what
e himself knows, makes him a perfect
teacher. He has at ih's place prepared
three young ladies for teaching, all of
whom hold high grade certificates in
this and adjoining Sta'e. Of Miss
Williams we may simply say that she
is a voting lady o( most brilliant mind,
to whiob is added all those beautiful
cbaracteriatxi which tend to make a
pe'foot lady, just such as we need to
educate tbe mind and morals of our
children. The school bos had fifty
regular attendants, and has been con
ducted to the entire satisfaction of the
patrons. Putting two such educators
as Prof. Lane and Miss Williams in
this cbo3l speaks very highly for our
bosid of directors, and is tbe best
proof of their ability, sincerity and
honesty of purpose. Germantowa
should have a permanent school of a
high order, ana with two such teachers
if there is not such a school it will be
the fault of the citizens of the town
aud the suirounding country.
Terrible Holler Csploatou.
Mo.huii.lt )N, Ark., June 24. A ter
riiile liisaH -r trom a boiler explcsinn
occuried in the sawmill of T. R.
Adarue, three miles from Atkins, on
the LI tie Rock aud Fort Smith ra'I
rond. The boilt r exp'oded, instantly
kil'ing T. R. Adnms, the proprietor.
L. N. C'ark and J.diu Wilson, and
serieiiR'y injnrlr.g two others. The
cause of the explosion is supposed to
have besn from allowing tbe water t
?t too low in the boiler. The build
ng was completely wrecked. Lots
about ?15Q0.
The Texas 1'iwilflc Hoal Holder.
PiiiLADKU'ntA, Pa.. June 21. At
tliu mettin r ot the Eastern division
bond holders of the Texas and Pacific
Railroad Company yesterday, an or
gaulsetion was effected of Eastern di
vision bond holdxra. It was unani
mously 'oncluded tl accept the plan
of the Western committee at once, and
that all necessary support to the reor
ganization propositions therein con
tained should be given if they are
generally accepted. If not accepted
by the other divisions, or either of
them, it was agreed to foreclose and
reorganize the Ets'.era division on a
etr.mg and separate basis. The limit
of time fixed by the plan is July 15th.
The French ranndlna CoBvenlloa
Rutland, Vt, June 24. Ti na
tional French Cn o Convention
cnsed i's business sesuon here yeeter.
daT. The nxt gathering will be held
at !tashun, N, H., in Jane, 1SSS. Rs
olntions were passed demanding tbe
division of the State money for the
maintenance of parochial schools, and
that prisoners be allowed Catholic
worahip. A com ni'ttee wo appointed
to consolidate all French societies in a
national union.
Thrr I SKoaltlac Nnrprlnlnc
la tha fact thut l)snn'l Capcina Pliutrrt
arawidalr iimuttd; Ibateheau and worth
Ism j.lnntert, uli namal of aimilar Hound,
ami aimilar Hpiwaranc in type, ar frealj
unarfii for aaia. Artirlaa ot araai and onp
nal merit alwayi have to comietf) with
irathy imitaiiunn. but M Ihcy tiaouma
kui'wn the dio out tUrouh deferred nK
lari. Meanwhile wa warn the utilie aaainut
Ihe no-called "('aesieum." "Caixicin,"
"I'apucio" and ''Cai'aietBo" Blaster,
whether "Bentou'a," "Burton's." or ethnr
wie. Thy hnra no niedicinal or curative
viriuea whatever, and are made to felt on
:he reeutation of lleuaon'a. Vhen ur-hafi-irif
aili (or Uenson, deal with reMe-Ulle
riruitKisU onlr, and rou rnnnot be dnoeived.
I he genuine ban the "Throe Seals" trade
mark on the cloth and thwori "Capciuo"
cut ia the center.
Freight Traffic Effi dually Blockaded
Not Meg Bcls Done Looking
to a Settkmeiit.
Chicago, III., Ju :e 24. The s'tu
ati'm in the yards if tbe Lake Shore
railroad in this city remains un
changed. The tefcu ar passenger
(rains are moving a ueual, but an ef
fectual blockade of fieigkt t'ailio has
occurred. No freig) t trains have been
moved, and up to 8 o'clock no attempt
of any character bad been made to
make an any 'r ins. Tbe Incoming
freight trains have all been (topped at
Englewr.od and at ttber stations out
side tbe city, and, judging from the
former experience of tbe railroad com
pany, unlets tbe Stite affords pio
tei t on lbs company will be powerless
against the silken. Tbs Town of
Lake, within tbe rrecincts of which
tbe strike is conrliud, has a very small
colics force, unable to cope with the
crowd of s rikers aid their adherents.
The Sbenfl of the county during the
former strike made no serious tfT.rt
to disperse the crowd ' and in
his published intorvlHW todsy, con
demns the railroad company and de
clares that it has rot lived np to i's
agreement, imimatiig tint it offered
to discharge tbe no. union men.
What basis he hat' for this assertion
has not yet been explained. His atti
tude, however, tilen in connect'oo
with the experience in the former
etiiitH, bss occasioned surprisi aud
subjected i im ti co,omout. A few of
th own of Like pcHice are at Forty
tlii d street this luorniog, where a
lervH crowd bal a'ready gattiered at 8
i 'clock.
One A the paptra ttais morning says:
"Tt'C imly attempt at an explanation
of t ie, cause of tne stiike appeared
in a rumor thbt it wis t-e result of a
free mcerted stock lobbing scheme,
It was alleged that a party in the town
of Lake, and stock y'd speculators,
had Hold short a hei.vy block of Lake
Sh ire stock. To betr tba market in
tbeir own interest th
y negotiated with
a few of the leadera
in the town of Lskc
strike, with tna re;
y it rday afte'noon
it is not likely t!ia'
Kit the switchmen
to bring abnut a
ilt that appeared
If this bs true
io s'rike will cin-
tinue for an leogtli
of time."
la tho district
ofiic Mc Amsien ws busy with rou
linn nor' at 0:J0 o clock a.m
"Have you lerfecttd yeur plans for
ac iau today I lie was asKeu.
"The f ict is," he replied, "we have
not had time. It wjh ,11 o'clock last
night before we wer.e rdally aware
that there was a strike, aud nothing
has besn arranged."
L ter one of tbe ollicisls of Ihe rail
way com pit ny stated that the company
would attempt to move some c-tra th's
Tne engineer and firemen express
no sympathy with the strikers, but it
is thought by parties in the neighbor
bo d tint when they are called on to
take out their engines they will bs as
reluctant tn r"fpoml to the eu ninons
tti they were during the Int t tiotible.
Sheriff ilaLc' ett has gone to Iowa.
Deputy Sheriff Matsjn sa:d this morn
ng ttiat the company had net aiked
for any deputiei tj protec'tbe prop
erty of the road.
Mr. John Kewell, president of tho
Lake Shore, pubiis'iei- an open card to
day, in which he rayp, rewarding the
8Ut nii'tit tiat th i coinia ix had
agreed to discharge the nonunion men
in its employ :;"Ide8iro to say that no
such agreement was over made by me
with any person, nd I never made
any promise, expressed or implied,
that the eight men in quttion should
be discharged, romoved to other
places or transfer! od t another posi
tionj nor was any such promiie made
on behalf of the Like Shore Company,
but on tho contrary I positively re
fused at all times to make nny such
promise or permit any such under
standing." In connection with this a ehnit
band ecc, imt of the conference bs
twren Mr Newtll and Sheriff Han
chett is published, wbich tuppirta
Mr. Newell's statement. . It is alsn
Bboan that Sheritl Hanchett signed a
paper pledging that the men w uld bs
discharged within sixty days, and
that when he endeavored to Induce
Mr. Newell to sign this paper the lat
ter dec'an d that he wculd not be a
party to any such compact, and re
newed bis statement that the men
conlil remain as 1' ng as they chose in
the c, mpany's emp oy.
Whitf Ihe Worklnarinen or Maine
Lkwintom. Ms., June 21. Th
Kaiiihts of labor in thin State pmpcrc
to address open Itnt-r.s to tha candi
dates fr the ollice cf Gcyern'rand
to ail enndidat'a for the lgi-la'nre
demanding a decided "yes" or "r.o,"
without nny "g'itturing aeneralizi
t;ons." Anting other thing in the
in're-itH nf la'or tliey will demand
tlu.t the camlidites pledge themselves
to vt fur a ten liour law, emp'oyers'
liability law, repeO of the Ihw of im
pii onuienc for debt and the abolition
ol tie irus ees process.
llannai of oil Kioaso:,
Br r. itraPHRKva, a. d.
airiiLI BOl'NU IN
CLUTli ruul UOL.L)
Mlld Fpoo.
r ft,..
liKTfif MQTcilTi.n. T-rxla. raini.
revere.lJooaMtion, lutlammlltloiM...
SlWorma, Worm (Vm, Wormivllo.... .tl
iorilia. W.rm inff. WormOollo.... .
Inu rllo. or Ttwihlnf oi lnlanU. .23
lllarrlieaof Children or AdulU., Hi
llvaenlery, drlua. Hillooa Ctollo.... .S3
t'nolers Morbue, Vomiting ........m .9S
t-otlgha. (Atld, llninchitia. .35
Seuralaia, Tortiiarhe, Kaceaphe..... .91
Hi-edarnpa. Kirk UiiaiUoha. VertlfO.. .34
llr.prp.la. Lilu.".lU'"J1.-
Jnpnnswd or talnfiil l'rlo4a..m w
OroOrrtwhJ I rttonll UrMthinf.. .
U Bhrum.EriNp.laa, Krnptiaiuu
klalana..... J
1 ,limi. IIIL'lll.l lHU III WW IIMIfc pi
WhiHiplna t'onah. Violent l oathe.. J
tirnrrel IVrMiuv Jhjawal Wealaa J
atanry l"rae ,
i.f?une IJrhimy.. . ........... .....J.(
I ruiery 'MitM.i.ei wn. ...
I nl.ra.c 't U'f Hear, falpiutioo-1 i
fckiki riy minHi.1 ornl pn.tp.u1 on reoelptof
nrk-hi WMaais' mih.i lua ".a. a.s
Siockliolders' Meeting
NOTICE is berebT (Iwn that the annual
meelint of the n"kh'l(ior "f the
Memphis anl Sonlheaern Kniiroad Com
rany will he hold at tho otflee of the Kanras
City, rprinif.eld an,i .Memphis KiulMad
I -. 1 1 . l: f . r..:
iMupaiij. ..ladiHon f eo lifting iMsmci
ot Shelby eivinty leoimonly known a Mera-
kl., In lhlihl.1. ... II L ...as ... If, -l--
,-n.o, ii. -"-I in (niuwrvi in ti (inica
a m , July st., for i he purpose ol eleotini
Vireetnra afiit lor tr.n tranaae'ion of sm-h
other bus. K s as maj proi'erly come bolore
the meetirt '
, c ',K''-,I KRTTLETON,Pr-t.
J. S. roan, '-i.-'y. ,
r.' riSTi A.,ri. ..n. lOrvn.l
jE 25, 188f.
Treftivd wftb fpeoJul rard to beoJth.
No Amnonia, lima or Alum.
cmicaco. t. i nun
Tjr BOOO 3gJ33ai.
" tba creit of tha Alleihaniea, within tha
famoui Ulade Section, directlr on the line ol
tha B. and 0. No Stare Ririea or 'Baa Trana-
lerf. All Limited czpraaa Tralna atop.
With the lit and nnDaral eled fant nohed.
ale on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
these lore!; twin reiorti are beyond all oom-
nariaon tha moat adrantaaeoaaiy located,
both aa to (rain service and surroundings, oi
any east ct tna nooKies.
Ncaaua Oprns Jane 93d. No Flies,
No MoMuitoea. No llav Ferer No Malaria.
Deerl'ark and Oakland, the one being but
alx milea distant trom tha other with the
most charming drives connecting them will
be tuner tne manaveinent ol Air. w. j.
WAiikLK. who. id bi three seasons man'
asreaient.haa made many enthusiastic friends
of lha glorious resorts. All communiontiona
should be Rddressed to W. J. Walker, Queen
Cty Hotel, Cumberland, Md, up to June
iUh. Alter that date, either Dcr Park or
Oakland, M(l
RATKS (60, m and ttXI per month, ac
pordiDtt to locations.
The B. and O. Company has spared no ex-
tense In rendering leer rark and Oakland
Ue leading Mountain Resorts of the Kaat.
and for tha saaaon of 18H6the attraotions will
bi of a character not hitherto equaled, and
toe caistne ot both, houses unexcelled.
first-cl" Laundry. Fine Liverr. Kl6'
gnjt new Bathing Pools.
lha finest place for Children in the land.
Crab Orchard
rtii: 1.IVKH.
Sick Headache.
Pom: One to two teaapoonfuls.
tiHlctl ,arkai(a at Inc. and2Sc. bo
Kt'uuuii oaun atiiu iu uuia.
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop'ra.
S. N. JONFB, Mmiig-r. LotilBTllle. Ky.
A Valuable Patent
Banty'l (Horae) Cora and Pea Finn.
HAHNQ perfectod my lnYention, I wih
otiliicio it before tha public eneoally
munnfatturers. As a Corn Planter, it is a
f erleot ocoes opens tba drill, distributed
he seed accurately, aniniurad, and ooverd
tha same, therot.v ona t an performing tha
wora oi uroe. Tne na been naed in
thisaeotion for over a don't, years with per
fect satisfaction. L'an civs raanot sihle tAii.j
monials. Address
JOUN U. DANCy.DanoyrUle,
Ukywoo.l flonntv. Tetn
Most Perfect Cooking Stove
H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
Among tho Northeru Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnrsnta and Iowa, nre hun
dreds of doliirht lul pinocs whero one on pasi
the nuuiro-r months in qniet rout and enjoy
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term complete y rojuvcnaicd. Knoh
reourrinjr aeaaon brinca to 0conninowoo,
Waukesha, lieaver Iiiu, Frontenao, Oko
boji, Minnotonka, white Dear, and. innu
merable other charminK lonuhties with ro
mantio names, thojnndii of our best people
whose win'er heme nreon eithor aide of Ma
on and Dixon's line. KleKnm-e and com
fort, at a moderate oort, can he rrailily ob
tained. A li't of Kuuimer hou.es, with all
nooesnary fnforma ion pertaitiim thereto, Is
being distributed by the Cmrijuo, Milwad
aia and bt. Paul hailwat, and will be sent
free upon applioali. n by letter to A. V. II.
Carpenter, General Paster iter Agent, Mil
waukoe. Wis. I
r.-.,. v Ni'.lMp. lllii.trat'd GilalOKlfW
nirwiii uroru ew, Oril.
um myieaoT urioe a l.lhmry
aieaaa, lamei, vnalra,
Dnnkr.... t -
eii-or i reaaeayaouieta
Ladles' Fancy Doska, Ao
; frteatGuBi-antewl. OntakMi
free. ro.Uj.to. poMala,
WANTED Als,TS,Men and Womet
nnnitu to i, -tub child,
BIBLE " introdnctloii by Rev. J. II. Vir
cent, D.D. One aaMt haa sold Ids towi
of 674 jieopl.i onaT.'in avillartol r.M;ni
new aaent 95 in 10 dart; ono ViS in iuece
sire weeks: one 40 lull days at two dirorent
time.. KiMrienoe nit necessary ddret
, I; CA.SKIA A CO. (L't'd),
.0 Ih-.rY" tTot. ''Monro.
.im nm Id f tt p, . Ii. r.-,
tiUpTtltni r vfiy bi)iL
Hir 'I i-ttvulai
"London" Trouser stretcher
I'atented In KurVe and Uni
ted States. NoIvAitomIm In
nllr.l Miiaira f,V celebrated
John Hamilton A ftn. Stretch
er. Takes bnaitlriir out of
knw restores panValoona to
original shaie. Onlyvtented
Stretcher oombinina strew rod
in combination with damp.
All otherf intrinitetoenta.
Ilriirin.l .nil TlrVS4klOr
En rou securely packed. Price fi f. rita
for circulirn. Ascnta wanted in evory city.
nm o.. Hoon.ii.M.
DEXOrttATS TtTfUK KH0NT-,llii if
prrtone seekin' (JoTernment hml
rloynient (in any of tha deprtmenU a
Washlnrtin, or any other rositioat undei
tbeUoTerntoetit.I wlllarnd full inatruotiont
aa to how to mesrto obtain the same,
and Blk rormaof Arptt1!0"
rrcxipt of 6a Dollar. A.I.I re.a JM
C. VTKU1, Locit-box , II1CX
- toa
I.-.-. .i.All'
v - f RI
And Commission OerchanU
SOP aud 263 Front St.. Memphis, lean
k mi . T m : t . tr
Ohio ltlver and Irllohigan Salt Companies,
J. Painter and Soun Pittsburg Arrow Ties,
Laflln and Hand Powder Company.
In a 0al.li4 npmifirifv OrtmnAHii
juo. mM m iing uuiiijjdiit,
W'E'llf'nTIIW TiniTCPTI I Olllaa and Battllac Works, I 16 Oa
S. ROESCIIIiR, Agent, Memnhis, Tenn.
Halm In 1S3, 390,000 Barrels Balm of Hnnaphia Braaeb, 100,000 Mais
aalM In 1SH. ano.OOO Rarrels.
W. A. GAGE & CO.:
Cotton F'istotoirsa,
No. JSOO Front Street, : 9f emulils. Tha. .
ADLEE BRO. &G0..261 mMN ST
i9-Will pay Good Prices
TJIA8UY COTTON ol all detacriptlons. Send for Circalar
and Prices Paid.!
nXTa. -ViT- S ESIESXt'S, Jr.
75 Vance Street.
STEIRT. Gllit d CD,
WtolesaleGrocers, Cot Factors
nm asv aw rtuwr htsxxt, Memphis, testw ,
Wholesale Dealer and PubUshera,
2SfiI"o.iB3.o "House
BolaAaenti following VirtV-OIaii Instruments
PIANOS "A",CB Avfipm?iilfit2- PJEA8K CK
lll(2 A WSLmmmmAm'' HAM1S, '. l u'u ' WAKKEM, CHI
IHtwAXia" CACIO corrAdji OKUAN.
Wrilfl (or Cataloono. pVo.aa.l and aa.t NF, WI NTU MKNPHfk
aa. uail.. Joaa . SoJiiwasa.
ISM, O -
tuoieiaie jtroceri. toiios jc'aotox
And Conmissicn Hercnti,, ' 1
232 aud 234 Front
aKTWKU ADAMS A NO jErnuutoii.
Mr. 1. N. RAINEY derotea hla whole time to tha weighing and sale of all Cotton entrusts
tnonr charge. Cotton Warehoque. 9o Waahington .treat.
K. W. tROHtU,
lad OwmmiBaioB Merchants. Hay.Coru .nt,HU!, Chop Feed.OikXMi,
Uirh, Cement, Flaeter, BuIliUnt aaJ Flro Brici, Etc.
Cor. Front nnd Union. 1 laOwardRow.rSIeiur'hl
FlaTorlutj Extinctg, Syrups, Bakinj Powtltr, T.-let Articles, Etc, Etc.
f"3 n JifT.ron Bti-cfjt.
Lata of J. 8. D.-vy A Son. Lata of Meacham A llorton.
360-302ZFront street, Memplii8,iTeim.
Chickasaw Ironvorka
98 Seoond St. Memphli, Tert
.ngloefl. Boilers. SawmllLa,
Bradford Corn and Wheat 8111 In.
Cotton Presn, Cotton tilns,
ShafllnK. Pnlleyg, tic.
SPECIAL BOTICB-Wa'ar prepared to 111 orderi,
on f nor notioa, for tha celebrated Mdart Faleal
Wronghutei Falley. We earry in itook oyer
Two Hundred Assorted biaef.
ay Hand for Cataloane and Prloe-Hrt.'
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas f 3.00 Calf Shoes
In Button, Laea and Congress.
M-Illn.trat.il Cataloane and Prloe-Ual
Mailed Free on application. ai
Memphis, Tenn.
, rnoe. Jlar, Ml. cia,
SE s C?D.
St, Hcmpkis, fc.
J. W. BAI1.KT.
Lata of Bailey A Covingtoil,

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