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i i
FRIDAY, t : JUSE 25, 18M.
Th, Taxing Diattict Council yester
day entered into new control with
tL, Memphis Gaal'ght Company by
virtue of which tbe latter rurniahes
the fotnaer with gas tor s pariod of
ten years for all puMic purposes for
$500 per year, tbe citiaens to be fur
nUhsd with gas at present price,
'$2 10 per thousand, 00 centa to be
deducted for prompt payment of bill.
There are ejme ttipala'ioni sbsut
hare In the profits for the city after
th, expense are satisfied and the in'
tertst on the bonds and 7 per cent, on
tbe stock is pa d, bat that la
very haty to y the least. The
rloiinir claure contains the ethte. It
is a very plaasib'y worded stipulation,
wlich plainly fays to the citynow
that von are a partner of th gas com
nanv Ton are btnnd to do all that
la nofs'We to prevent rival com
vanioi from golting the right of way
through the street. Bat even this
adroitly framed contract will not
bold. Tbere was na advertisement
made for bidi for lighting the city ai
is provided for in wet ion 7 of the
TaiinK District act, nor did
the Fire and Police Comraissioaeri
submit to tbe Brd of Public Works,
s is alio provided for by the same
tic Ion of the same act, a statement
in writing with eitima'e of cost
the proposed service to be ren
-dered. But, waiving all this, we ssk
in tbe interest of tb, people if any
other Ri company Is to be prevented
"by collusion and deity frjm putting
down mains and furnishing the
people sas at ft 7ft per 1000 feet, or 75
cents per 1000 lets than the price stip
ulated by the Memphis Gailight Cou
piuy In the contract entered int3 yes
terday. Ara we to have competition
or monopoly? Is Memphis to be
bought with a price or In she to be fro, ?
'BY. Tbe contemptuous conduct of Con
gress In relating ti give the Morrison
bill for the reform of the tariff even
as much as a hearing, is hat toning tb
Deinocia'lc party toward a crisis.
That th tariff needs reforming is ac
knowledged by the tariff advocate
tbemtolvea, and aven Randall bai a
measure for making bad worse under
tbe name of reform. lie wants, nnder
tbat namo, ti take the tax off th
dude's cigarette but retain it upon the
wool the working man' clothes are
made of. This I bad reform, but It
shows how even a supporter of mo
nopolies fool j that reform is demand-
ed and cannot long be delayed. Tbe
labor of the country demands tb tree
admission of raw material in order to
supply emp'oymeot Tb merchant
demands that the tariff shall be har
monized part with part, and not be
J allowed to remain unjust In lta work
ing and an obs'r action to tbe growth
of the country. The government offi
cials themselves Renounce tha want
of malhod in our tariff system, and
declare that it is Impossible so to ap
ply its provisions ai to make th m
operate justly, and advantageously.
I Tbe fact that wb,on all our manufac-
turlng appliances are in full operation
I we can produce mora than our own
; country can consume, and that a for-
p eign outlet for tbe Burplui must bo
found, is another fact that demon'
j sjates coming change la our tariff
laws. Added t3 all this li tbe to'eiim
I pledge of the Democratic Presidential
! p'a'form pledging tbe party to give
the country a reformed tariff if iti
candidate wai elected. He was elect
' ed, and tbe pledge mutt be honorably
redeemed. The) conduct of eoma
Peniocra'a in violating that
pledge, and so disregarding the
Interest! and prosperity of
the country, bai led to the
Initiation o( a movement in fav.r of
requiring thoso who hold their pes'.-
tioos by the votes of the Democratic
paity, to be true snd fiitbful to tbe
public and author tativ pledges of
the party. As political matters stand,
complaint is mide that there la no
substantial difforenra between the two
parties. What truth there is In this
must exist no longer, and the object
' t)f iheliiorenient that is becoming i p
parent, is that the Dimocratio pary
holding sacred its pledge, shall hoist
the standard' of "tariff reform," nail
that principle to iti mast, and with
reform ai tfe war ciy, by tbat pledge to
go to'ore Jhe poop'c, leaving the do-
lensoof an onrelormed tariff to tlio
opponents. Undar such a standard a
.real and df finite policy would bs de
veloped. The rapidly increasing a I
vjcates of tariff reform will ra'ly t) i
and life and spirit and energy will bo
infused into the party, atou icg us
victory in 1SSS.
tut PEOPLE urn to xr.i:
Amidst the ionu oierable ( nver
Cleveland Las been faithful found
lie has been trus to all Lie pled
has not been swerved from civil err
vice reform either by the solid rpp:
aitlon of the Republican party or the
abuse of renegade Democrat, and .e
cently liaexprtsjed grett disappoint
ment over the defeat cf the mot o.i to
consider the tariff bill; faid he had
doue a 1 be could, centigtently wi:h
thedigiiiy of his oflice, t) intltiecco
the pivotal VJtea of the New Ycrk
del.iKf.tion, and exniestcd surprke
th t Di in x-rati v-ted against coubM
ering the reveuue irfonn nvuiuri.
Mr. Ifo'man, 01 li s receat return to
WfS'iington f.orn Inl ana, rny t'n't
the senLtscnt in his Ji.tr: ot is v.ry
fvo:ab'e totbel'r.sideat. "laiited,"
he remarked, ".t is much muri- ilian
that. Mr. Cleve'ani is s'ronger vi h
tha meBKB than any man ci our
time, except Lincoln or G mil. They
lojk on him as hoatst, fail h
iul aid lear'efli. I wi mY
for myself tint if the Presi
dent continues ti administer tbe da
ties cf his office is he is doing he will
retire at th end of eight years the
most popular of American Presidents
and the most irjcceseful statesman of
hie country." Jlr. Hoiman thinks be
ill certainly be renomioatad ind re
elected in 1888. He exprersue the
conviction that there is ro o!her
rarse open : to the Democrats cr
probable to be pursued by the people.
In these utterances Mr. Hobnan
voices tbe sentiment of the whole
cinntry. Mr. Cleveland has, by bis
ability, vigilance, henrs'y and fidelity
to hi pledge, worked himi elf into th
confidence and affections of the Ameri
can people, and in 1888 be will have
no formidable opponent in th Na
tional Democratic Convention. In
tbe face of many obstacles, h bas
steadily pursued lbs promises made in
bis letter of acceptance, in bis inaugu
ral and by his paity platform, and the
people, admiring bis benesty, wisdom
and firmneea, will stand by him.
The people era condemning in th
severest terms the recreancy of the
35 Democrats and tbe 122 Re
publicans whose voUs prevented th
promised tiriff revision and redaction
of tbe burden ol I ax at on. Botb par
ties pfodged themselves to reviae the
tariff. On this pledge the members
of the present House of Represents
fives were electod. Tbe promise was
one of tbe west (olemn ever made to
the people. And In th fac, of these
mpha'io and unequivocal pledges,
122 Republicans and 35 Democrats
combined to defeat any sort ot refor
On the other hand 130 Democrats, or
more than four-fifths of the party, and
four Republicans voted tbat the
promises of both parties should be
honestly carried out. In other words,
more than four-ftf tbs of th Democrat
tcod by. th party's pledge, while
sixty-one tixby-th'rdt of tbe Republi
cans treated their party promlteai ao
much waste paper. Tbere never was
such a brazen confession by tbe Re
publican party that when it said
to th people that It favored tariff re
vision It was telling a deliberate false
hood and committing moral perjury
It la no answer to say tbat they are in
fa fir of tariff revision. Tb fact that
they are against any tariff revision I
shown by their practically solid vote
againet any consideration of tbe sub-
act whatever. They mastered up
thirty-five Democratic allies and
wouldn't even permit the tariff qnn
tlon to b debated, They will attempt
to excuse themselves by asserting tbat
the Morrison bill went too far, but
thoy took good car to present no plan
Instead. Tbey offered no scheme of
tariff revision ai a substitute for the
Morrison' measure la fact, they bad
pone and never attempted fo forma
late one. The Republican promise to
favor tariff revenue was a cheat,
fraud and a lie. The question I not
ono of free trade and protection. No
ne proposes free trade, and those who
objected to Mr. Morrison' bill could
bave proposed amendments. The
issue Involved was: Shall this Demo
cratic Home, elected on tbe pledge to
roducs and roform the exieting tariff,
redeem tbat pledge? The thirty-five
Democrats who united with the Re
publicans voted in direct opposition to
the doslres of the people who elected
them and the demands of the conven
tions that nominated them. Tbe Mor
rison bill presented an opportunity to
consider a bill on which all might
agree. But thirty-five treacherous
Democrats refused even to permit the
bill ti be debated or amended. These
ptolesBed Democrats bave put them1
selves on rrord as being opposed to
the principles of the Democratic party,
If tbo Demccratlc party expects to re
tain the power it has won, it must be
tuie to lis pledges. It is not inrprising
that the Uepublicins applauded when
Monism's bii. was defeated, for the
present iaiqu'ticus and oppressive
tariff is one of their orn ret mowurcs
and they sre anxious to perpetuate it
the interest of the monopolies tb n'. it
has so long favored at the eipensa of
the people.
Unless Congress change some of
their ways ot doing bntiineis the occa
sionsof its assembling will be regirded
as apprehensively as lln entiance of
an invadirg army, ' Such an army
taker, r'ght and lc't, silver spoons and
whatever is po:tiMe, and ca-ries them
awny. ConRr8i le!s the spo mg alono,
bat it tikes the nioniy with which
citii in should be able to bny spnois
and 81)11 itide-s and lavishes it, without
the least mercy nron thoe to wlmn
the money btlo;i);s. Fit ren votoae in
ons dy of CoP!rMioaa! a:'e, with
g Nol -u2d reasons for the vetoes, is uu
nr.iiniuont aud j.nt copdoumaticn of
Contreiu ss stvt.ing tint it isarous
i"gt'io kesn utVutijn of the people,
fir nil i1i"bi ll'toin ac's of C.nxre-s the
Preid3iit luis eo properly and pa'ri'Mi
cally Btt eeide, were for tbe im
proper or unmcesry t xpoaditun
cf m?ney tukru frm the
litJOC'S.-.io.is and earnings of the Amor
i ttii eitiztus. As republican citizoR
wo lcok with amaiinient at the vasl
Biinia ths mouoicliiial gavernineo
fcvkd wiihout scrnp'e or conniaios
fiom their sahjecta to ruaintiii tte
luxury of t':e r mon.-rclis. Yet eur
fpnbiican V ngre.-a is 1 .vij'.iin ih
nuuey of .lu p rp'e with equal p o
l.ui vjsiiil ex r.Vi pinco. Tie nun
u t in whirh CoiJirrvm d u-o of t'n
m vi y itRi7. npo i is dille-ent f om
tli.it i.:ch prja' a w! ere mo; a c t
t. it, but it sad 8i(iiaa.lrs
with crre(pn'.!inJri.dilr. c oj to the
welLri of ths p op'.o. Six v mo me
fnijstotLe 8eii e nnil nine to fio
lluieia cne day! tnd all fo' ilie
ws te'nl aid nnju t apprpriniion of
tiriiuy, is a not.b e ai d ( i' oradl i
fait tbat rannnt fail to meet with
pub ic iz.d goation.
The MlMiulppl Hirer and Hennf.pra
Canal Appropriations A Net
Increase of $2,807,775.
Wahiktoh. Jane 24. Th Senate
Committee on (Jommerre nas nearly
v.nintl the river and harber bill.
It is possiDle, DM nor. proDaoie, mei
few unimportant changes may be
murln at thi meeting tomorrow. It 3ms
. - .. . . . i Li a. .i -
in th Hmm but een increased
la tha airirreeate of f3.683.275 and
others bate been decreased to the ag
gregate off H15.000; net increase. 12,
667.775 ; total appropriation by Senate
bii la, fl8,04,7&.
The following; are some oi me more
tant cbanir.es maue in we xioose
hill tha amount riven being theto als
of tha appropriations recommenaea oy
tbe senate uommitiee:
Pennsylvania Allegheny nver, lor
Uerr'a Island dam, $50,000.
West Virginia ureal ivsnawua
rluar f'l) IK Ml.
Ohio Ashtabuls, $40,000. The
Muskingum river appropriation is
Mtricken out.
Indiana Michigan Uitv, J7S.UOO,
M-nnminta Du utb. 175.000.
Orcuoa Ysquina bay, f 100,000;
Cooi Bav. 14500: Portland barbo-,
$5000: Cascade, $250,000; Columbia
liver, 1250,000.
Michigan Portige lake canal. $350,
OOO S nreoon bav cana'. $150,000.
Louisiana Byou Terr Binne,
$10,000; Red river, $05,000.
1 l no a Uennepin canai, sjuu.uuu
Arkansas Fourcbe river. $5000;
Arkansas nver (snags), $75,000 (de
crease). The Red river appropriation
utrlckpn out. the Little Red river ap
propriation is stricken out ana iub
White river appropriation is atr.ckea
Mississippi River (Surveys) in
crease, j-o.uuu.
M seissthDl Tbs Uk macs nver
apmopriat oa is stricken out
Tennessee Cumrierlaod river (de-
i.ro-. fiiOOOO: Hiawasee river is I
ri.bn ont; imntri fork of Forked
Deer river is stricken out; ju inset
nhala filarroaio V'!fn nnn.
Knnmckv Djutn lorK oi tne uum-
berland is stricken out; Kentucky
river (decrease), $200,000; Green and
Barren river is stricaen out.
The nrovleions for tbe Michigan
and the Hennepin Canal, after many
amendments, stands as follows: tbe
grant of the Illinois and Michigan
Canal Its rinhts of wav and all i'a ap
purtenancea and right, title and inter
est which tbe State of Illinois may
bav in any real estate heretotore
ceded to the Etate of Illinois by the
United State for canal purpose
mad to ths United States by an act
of tha General Assembly ot the State
of Illinois, approved April 28, 1882, be
an . herrby accepted on toe terms
and conditions specified In Bald act of
tbe General Assembly of tbe Slate
of Illinois for tbe construction of a
esnal from tha Illinois river, at or
near ths town of Uennepin, in tbe
State of Illinois, to the Missirsippl
river at the mouth of Kock
river, or between it and tbe
city of Rock island, in said B'ate, to
gether with such feeders and other
works as may be necessary to supply
add works with water. $300,000. S.id
canal and branch canal or feeder shall
be known as th Illinois and Miosis-
siuni River canal, aud shall be con
atructed on tuch route as may ba de
termined by the Secretary of War,
provided that it shall be the duty of
the Secretary of War. in order to ae
enre the right of way for such canal
and feeder, to acquire the title to such
lands ss may be nectsary, by agree
ment, purchase or voluntary convey
ance liom the owners, if it can be
done on reasonable terms, but if that
shall be founi impracticable, then tbe
eecretsryof War shall apply at any
tnm of the Circuit Court or
D strict Court of the United
Sa'ee for the Noithern District
of Illinois to be held thereafter, at
any general or special term held in
said district, and in tbe name of the
United State 8 institute and carry on
proceedings to condemn sush lands
as may be necessary fur right ol way
as afore'a'd, and in such p ocecdings
Btid court shall be governed by the
law of the State of Illinois S3 far as
the came msy be applicable to the
tuhfect cf condemLing private prop
orty for pnblio use; provided, further,
that sa d raual shall bs eighty feet
wide at the w a'er lino and eeven feiet
deep, with a capec ty for vess-ls of at
lea-t 280 tons burden, wiih guard
sates, waste-weire, looks, lockboussr,
bntine, bridKos and all oimr enc ions
anil tiiturjs mat msy oe necessiry
for the safe and convenient n tvigution
ol sai l canal and bra ich as epec tied
in said survey.
The House provision f ir the tin
provemeot of this Miseoari from it
mo'ith to Sionx City, which was to be
expended "without tbe Intervention
cf the Missouri River Commitann," is
chsnBO'l si as "t j bs expended under
the direction of the Seerala'yof War
in nccordiiuci with the plans, rs i
mates aud recommendations cf the
Miaiouri River Cjrnmi-'Bion,"
Miftsismrri river imtiovbment I
Tht following is the form of appro
pria'ion for the improvement of the
MlFS'.gMpiii river: "luip-oving tin Mie
pisilppi liter f om Des Moinea KapidH
to the ui'iuth e.f the Illinois river, in
cluding the river at tjuincy aad the
'ernival if the bar at the mouth of
AVinpple rrerk ; ino'udina alsi tho
etrength-ni-a; ot Sny irland leveewhro
it rrosnt-s lvea tii slough and ether
so-n''", e'ontiuuing iinprovfimint,
f'JiM.iiiH) Improving tha M usisippi
nver tr m the month of tte lll iiius
river to tm in?r.t'i of ti e Ohio river,
liuiu )ir g the comrlntion of ti e wo'k
t Alton, and at tre direr i n of the
See'etny of War th pr-teot on of the
lliin n ro e oppvi'e the month of
ilu Mi'a.'iiri r vi", cintinu:n im-'
provement .J'nO tXtii; ol w hich I.V.fX'O,
o' eo n ii 'h it ereof as may be ni e
rarv, to hi exrended in extending the
work fur tlnv proeti.in of the eaat
wa'dly barAo! the Mississippi river at
Ciii'o, nn.the p:eventioa o: itis sa h
orer.-s'ini, (onimeucing nt the sooth
erlv end ol t'te prevent government
wo-k uli.l pon'.inilinj down e'resni,
and $:ki,i 0 foe rontinniug improve
nier.t t Cain Uirnrdean, Mo., ani
Mo'.teouet lMiir, 111. ; nnd the Ser
tiry eif r iubv. in h'g elisor ti' n,
n.-e e imeh of A;ii 1 m u of ir- iV 'M
utii'J'.o nit s'j- to corect ; lie
c ir e .1 ol it e riv r ami ij. prove
t 'f c'l.iim I t S . l.o.vs. Iui
irovi.g in i b i si-pl iivi-r fjTm
h'al ' 'lis p, sb ti t!: mon !i
of i In OHio riv-', c')n iiMiing i n
pMVim ii', J2 2O,0('O; w! ie; mm
ilia 1 he eipti:d.'d ui.d.r tlie direction
of tt.e S-tr.t.ry of V a-, in a-cirdaneo
w ti tho pi'n', ep.ciii iS'iona and
MH-orrm 'ni'a i i s of the M es ssippl
River Conun ss'on, provided tha' no
torsion ef this ar prorriation shall bs
expended to repair or build levees lor
binds or
or private
peperty by overflows ; provided, how
ever, that the commirs on Is au'hor-
teed to repair ana bona levees
if in their judgment It should be
done ss part of their plan to afford
ease and eale'y to the navigation and
commerce of the river and to deepen
the channol. Of the amount heie'n
appropriated for the lower Mississippi,
f 100,000 sre vo De expn3?u id conuo-
niog the work in progrets at aew ur
leai s, $150,000 for the rectifying of the
Red snd Atr.hafa ya rivers by prevent
ing farther enhvgemeot of the latter
stream and restricting the ontlet ca
pacity and for keepirg open a naviga
ble channel through tbe mouth of
Rod or Old river Into the MiseissiPDi:
$50,0u0 in improving navigation in the
Ureenvme leacn Dy preventing iub
bank atU r nvillefrom furtbercaviog,
and $110,COO in deepening the channel
at Virkfhnrc bv dredu'iDS through tbe
bar existing there; bat this last earned
sum shall not be expended unleae,
alter another examination or survey,
the commission shall deem it advisa
ble, and if thev sba'l not then $50,000
shall be emendsd in the improvement
of navigation at Vicksburg by con
structing suitable dikes and otner ap
propriate work, and 175,000 in com'
DietiDir tbe wore in tne river at mem-
Dbis. Also. $25,000 for work in the
r.ver at uuxuian. anu izo.miu lor
work in the river at Columbus, Ky.
ratal Sawmill Kmplonloa at Atklaa
-larNin hiiin.
laraoiAL to tbs ArrtAL
LiTTicRoee-K. Ask .June 24 Infor
mation waa received here late last
1 ght of a fa' al explosion in tbe s lwmill
of T. R.Adame, some three miles Horn
Atkins, a atitionoi the L tUe K ck
and Fort Smith railroad. Mr. Adams,
the nroorittor. John Wilson, the en
gineer, and N. L. Clark, a helper, were
all instantly killed, wuile ten others
eus'ained serions injures. Tbs en
giro burst its boilera. Ibe mill was
entirely demolished, pieces ot engine
being blown ai'U uet irom tne Duua-
Gov. Hushes today settled the Mis-
eiesippl county, Ara: , muddle by ap
Dointina the lion. Vhu. Bowen. a
dark hone in tbe race, for Coantr
judge, judgn i-emmes, mao sea oy
tha Ilaakina f Action for the meitioo.
is a son oi tne Aumirai oemiues, ui
Confederate fame,
Few men in Ar
kansas are better known to the peo
pie than Judge Uowen. He was
Sheriff of Mississippi county for six
teen years, uounty judge tour years,
and one n Died a consoicaous position
in the Constituti inal Convention of
1874, Both factions express them
selves as satisfied with tbe selection
Aatar aarse Cootrlbotloa to She
Parllaaaeatary Fnad.
Dbtboit. Mich.. June 24. The Rev
Char'.e Reilly, D.D., treasurer of the
Irish national Lengus ol America
today remit ed 12,000 to tbe Hon,
Justin McCarthy and Joseph G. Big
gar, treasurers ol tbe Parliamentary
Fund. This makes in all come 45,000,
or $225,000, sent by Dr. Reilly since
the Boston Convent on. eji tins Bum
$25,000 were in Mr. Parnell'a hands
bef ire the laet election, wuen tne lrisn
naitv elected eluhty-B'x mambers. Air,
Parnell de jlated Immediately after the
election that the party cou'd not have
succeeded withrut this aid. Ihe lar
gest cont'ibutl'.ni to the League thus
far come from rnibdelpbia and cos
ton. Among . those wbse contribu
tiorm go to make no t 'day's remit
tance is Cardinal U, boons, of liutti
The followiag cablegram was sent
from here t dsy:
Detbhit, Mich., June 21, 1886
To Parnall, Hnueof Commom, London i
The Irish National League of Amer
ica transmit ou this day by cable
12.000, and bids you "faire to the
onset" Bt ex cnt've order,
CUAS. REILLY, National Treaiurer
Speeches by Carlbrl, Pierce,
well aad Bond.
laraoiAL to ths AreaiL.I
Bhownhvili.b, Tbnm., June 14. A
large crowd w. b here to-day to hear
the speeches announced ti be made
bvlCarthal, Pierce, Caldwell and Bond,
candidates for Congress. All the
speeches were good, and the candi
dates were well received. The ta
seems to be between liocd and Pierce,
Haywcod county will support her ow
son, Frank 1. Bond, who certainly got
away with P.erce today in debuts
Tbo ra'?e is watched with much inte
et, and it Is hird to tell who stand
the best chance of surcsse.
The Mlnnrapolla Floor Outlook
Minneapolis. Minn., June 24. Tbe
Northwrttrrn Miller fays: There was
falling olTof 28,000 barrels in the out
nut of the mills the last week, hot
was not unexpected, there having
ben a totil idleneaa ilrouphout the
milling district S.turday. The fluir
produi tion for the week wai 117,200
barrel, aver.-cing 10.200 bsrre's.
ana1 ont 145,200 the preced ng week and
851.200 ba-rels for the or.snonding
neriod iq 18.3. Wbila the a me i.um
ber of mills ar.i running, the output
lor tne enrrent week w H har.tlv equal
that of tffo weplis e Cooler wea li
has prevailed f rieveral davs, mnkin
tre wh?at grind freer, but some in Us
loe-t a e'nv or two end tnts win uc
etoubt Jdlv keep the output from going
atjnve Hti.tKi'i tmrrela.
Thi ex(o-ta wjie cut d .ira another
notch iaet wek, end at pr"fent era
compieod of b.ikrB' grades. The lion
market is Divot, with prii'es rat' e
lirm. A 'e'adinff rr.i ler s'f.ted th
nioin'rig tiiet li'-Hvy lines of fl ur hid
bten s iiit (lining tlio rast few (tars,
ad the mills give no more ovid .nce
of ant inij down than they did s mosth
ai;". iS'ivfrs sec ma to bs in ait'.ve elC'
mind, end eo;ne mills ere sild ahea
en this hmiIo. Pi'ect exportioftr
fnr thfl wee ending June 19 h we
41,400 bar lilr, auaiot BOOtHl for the
week ending June 12 h, t)7,!.'i0 'or t'
week eO'l tu Jii'ie fit n, Rnd Oi.SlO I
the wrek end ng Mav 2t'th. The re-
ci-ipts tile psBt week were whoa1
041,150 himl els. Stiipments whear,
SMHfl Drnhe a; tlnir, 109,5( lurrels
mill watt, 3Sj tons.
Khnrp Pans Athwart lht I'orf hriwl
And In thf irutolts of llienrck nrft chnuldor
Ufuaiiy mi.it vioimi". ntlir ii'kMKI!, r
KHtoiif fhn rn ttil nninito-hitt. q. nf nia
rutin. I: imii Hllf.'tion ol tho nerve inun
Finr.l liv.nlil. lUi'O--, I'-'Htsirr with
pi.-;tion "t . in , i. iniiu I liy Ho-tc.tor'ii
I yunniic'h ! tirr , hu h if .i fm norve tonic
I n.l trn i ' li-.T, It i lx re in lo iiicuns
oi c-prM-i( T'.v lui.-HiMii .a R.'Ut. 1 ee
mlmit h we nlwnj more l.rn -o il-- with
ti ki !.. thui, hcn hn-tive, mil t.,
throw ojl the ttiii'iiritit s whii-b fnK'ou,ler
thetii. 1 lit'.-ri onn be ri aol upon 1 1 rc
ritw I f Ith; unl I'uriflinn I'l iin of the
riMittl orT,". lt thif. it g.rrt ton to
th n.iuiu. h, livjr an 1 liowcl.. anil enrii ho
ths firc;:l mon. ..tite m.ij r I c . i,,th
l.ri-St nj it, an. It in well '"rfidi'ni mein
of forttf) ing tne tyttira ns:iinst tnnUrtn It
DRten the rcoovtrT of etn-npth by coavifc
lecent, nv'.ifnir. the Infi-ni ititis ol ue,
and beli't the comtilutinnall; leeble.
feubsHTibe for Ihe "Appeal."
JUtfE 25, 188(5.
As t Memphis Battery by a Over
whelming: Tlctory Over Cnatta-nooga-Oiher
laricui to tbs appbal.I
Chattanocoa. Jane 24. TheCbat-
tanooiias were defeated in a doll and
very poor game by Mempais this
vening, tbe score stand' n 9 1 J 1. Up
to the eighth inning tbe visitors bad
only secured one bit off Khreve, but
tbey scored six runs on two bases on
balls, three passed, three strikes,
two fielders errors and Gal
lon's rotten work behind the bat In
tbe fourth Peak was hurt and Mc-
Clung went in to catch, Gallon going
to left and Dickerson to second, where
he played miserably. Brynan was bit
bard but no bits were bunched until
tbe ninth inning. Official score:
Graham, c. f- 0 2 3 0
Dickeron,2dtlf 0 2 2 1
Cross, s.
Kent, r. 1..
lluozmsn. 3d b...
Lewis, 1st D
l ullen, L f. a C
... 0
... 0
- 1
Peak, 2db.
Sbreve, p...
Total. -
7 21 8
B R. P.O.
Black, 1. f
Sneed, r. i
Mcoorley, 3d b...
Bronghton, c. f....
Andrews, 1st b...
arle, c - ,
Y nssellbacb, a. B
Phelan, 2d b
Brynan, p ..........
.. 9 3 27
Chattanooga 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-0
Memphis 0 1 4 0 0 1 0 3 -6
Summary Earned ran Chattanoo
ga, 1. Iwo-bese hits Graham, 1;
Mbreve, 1. Wild pitches-Shieve, 2;
Brvratr, 1. Passed ba Is (Jnllen, 4;
McOlueg, 4; EarVe, 3. Struck out
Sbreve, 7; Brynan, 6. Bases on ba Is
Ghreve, 4; Brynan, 3. Leftonbsstfl
CoatUnooza, 10 ; Memphis, 2 Time
of game 2 horns. Umplie Henklo.
The Orphans Maeai In Need.
To tha Editor! of the Appeal:
In your ytsteiday'a issue in con
nection with the gams of baeball to
be played on Saturday next between
the cotton factors and cotton buyers
for Ihe benefit of the orphans, yon
state: "The orphan asylums are
sorely in seed, and the people of
Memphis cannot a si it a mere worthy
The writer desires by this commu
nication to confirm your aeeert'on re
garding tbe Leath Orphan Asylum,
where tbere are at the p esent time
forty or more yonng orphan children,
many of whom have no relatives
whatever, and for whose care and
daily sustenance tbe several gentle
men composing tbe board of trustees
nave to labor Irom month to month in
order to make oib ends meet. What
is trne of the above institution
is, no doubt, equally true of the Church
Home, St. Peters and tbe Uebiew Or
phan Asylum, lorat-d elsewhere, but
wbicb onta ns quite a number ot
orphan children seut there from Mem
phi?. Let a'l, under whose notice tbia
communication comes, firmly resolve
to help this cause by buying es maiy
ttcKots as trifir means win allow,
whether it will be convenient to at
tend and see the game cr not.
The two street car lines will no
doubt buy liberally cf tickets, if ap
proached by tbe Pinencs Committee,
lor.witu air weatber, their income can
not be less than several hundred dol
lars each. As Memphis never does any
thing by halves, let all, all resolve that
tbls move for tbe poor htt e orphans
shall be made a gr ind eurce s.
Charleston Him Secured a Beal
Fllc-herat Last.
Israelii, to tbi irriiL.1
Chabliston, 8. C., Jnne 24.
Charleston andSvannh are certainly
playing tool ball Tbe foreit city,
howevir, got her firstshut-outtoday,
lrsing by a score of 1 to 0, and losing
exsctly in the manner thai Charles
ton lot-t yesterday's eame, viz: a wild
tv rjw to fi st. O'Day and Gill?n. yes
terday's battery, w-re presented by
ths visitors, while Charleston put np
with ber new pitcher, titiilivan, w.tu
McVey as a backstop. On tbe part of
tue locals it. was an er or'csi game,
There were 4001 people on i lie grounds.
Allnnta Hleadllv I'orglBa; Ahead.
Israelii, to thi ArraAL.l
Atlanta, Gi.. Juno 24. Today's
game between AtUuts and Nsshviile
resulted in the tecond defeat of the
visitors. Tbe game wts a goxid cns,
and wss largely attended. Score by
A fait- 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 1-6
NashvMe 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-3
Anemia Meema to Be Rnlljlna:.
sraaiAi. to thi ArriAL.I
AuoueTA, Qa., Jnne 24. Ausu ti
played ell eround Macon today, and
woo with eae. Hie gme was core
menctd in a drizz'ing rain, which
eoon eeestd, and wss succeeded by
surshiro and spletu d ball wea her,
Tie MnciriH made agtandkickagn'nst
Brennn's doei'ions. Auans'a won by
hTy hittintt and Macon'a errors, as
e 1 ai enhnilid lio'dwcrlt. Kwdon
was in for Aunnsta, and though hit by
eye'v man bnt two, only kix hits h
marked against him. Scoie by iun-
Angnsta 0 0 2 0 0 0 2
Macon -.0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Hanrbtll Nelfa.
PiTreiiuBo, 1 j St. Louis, 2.
BaoeiKLVN, 2; Baltimore, 1.
CmcAeio, 9; Washington, 8.
St. Louis, 2; New York, 10.
Kansas Cirv, 10; Boston, 7.
Cincinnati, 12; Louisville, 5.
ATiiLsric. 6: Metropolitans, 7
twelve iunitiB.
PiiTLAnBLrHiA, 3; IHtroit, 2 game
called ia eooond Inning on asconut o:
KdR-Haet sold 150 ticketa f r the
o-phnas' bMeball gane aud E. L.Topp
li ty.
Tiik IfdiPB are al! gci'gto the Co'
ton Fac'ois' and Boyers' gaoie on Sat
iKvireei Mcl. Marshy ha 1 the Cotton
Buvtrs on the diamond practising
yes t'-'dav.
T. II. A1.1.BN, jb., say he is good for
foir Lo ne mus. Four colleCions for
ths ortluns.
Ati asta eeenis eletfrmined to keep
that llac Bjt for Conway she would
do iu lid a pie.
Atlanta CbiutiVterion, June 24th:
Manager Sneed and the meuibats of
(ill BROTHERS ft
Pumps, Machinery
tbe Memphis Club bave conducted
themselves most gentlemanly during
their stay in Atlanta, and bave made
a great many friends.
The Christian Brothers College band
bave tendered their tervicee, and will
play on Mad ssn street entrance cf the
Got to a Exchange Satnrday evening at
2:30 o'clock, and from there will have
at 3 o'clock for the Citizens' Railway
The Browns and B'nes, of the Ath
le'ic association League, played
another game yeetet day, resulting in a
victory for thu formsr by a score nf 13
to 5. Bit eiies Morgan and O'Neil
for the Btowns, and Nichols and
Treadwe'l for the Blues.
The Kalchfa Templar and Their
Families Bojally Ealerlalned
The barbecue and basket p!cnic,
complimentary to Knighta Templais
and tbeir Mmuies, given yneterday at
the country residence ol Uapt. w. A.
Collier cn Union avenue, was voted
by all who were present as tbe most
thorongh'y enjoyable affair of tbe
kind thv had tver attended. The
arrangements for the comfort and en
tertainment of the invited guests
were perfect in every detail,
while the commissary department,
nnder the management of Col.
Dck Mason, was bountifully pro
vided With tha beet of good tbirigs,
barbecued meats of all kinds and de'
b riptions forming the feature of tbe
bill of fare. The festivities began at a
very etrly hour, many of the male
suests takicg an early breakfast on
the grounds and tben returning to Ihe
city to onng oaca tneir lamuies, ana
the fun aid not ceese until the
shadows of evening began to fall.
The morning houis were spent in
diversions of various kinds baseball,
croquet, football, swinging and other
forms of amusement dear to tbe picnic
over s beart being freely indulged in
by men and women alike, with a',1 the
joyoosnees and zsat peculiar to school
days. Everybody seemed bant upon
enjoying himself to bis heatt's
content, and there was an
exhilarating influence in the fresh,
pure atmosphere of tbe place that
lent Itsell kindly to aucn a scheme,
The spot chosen for the picnic is ad
mirably adapted for the purpose. The
long st'etch of cxil, green sward, the
thick and welcome shade of countless
trees throuith which the son ran only
peep with s olen glimpres, the sweet
ana invigorating Dreezs mat p ays
perpetually among the leaven of ti;e
tall pr p a b, the wide stretch
of green lands aoa that greets
the ej e with refreshing novelty
on every Bide all, corubi ie to n ake the
scene of yesterday's picnic the very
snot of soots for a day ol rretic en
joyment, where the cares and worries
of every dey life are brushed re de as
easily as you flick the city's duet from
your coat, alter the pleasant ride that
brings you to Capt Collier's place. It
waB worth a day's journey to swe the
smrit with which everyone paitici
pated in the various epoita and
pss'imej that made the da'
a day cf unalloyed and glori
oub fun. Old and middle-aged
men laid aside their dignity for the
nonce end romped and shouted and
laughed snd darced and a'e and made
merry like a lot of rchool bo.ts on a
summer vacation, while comely ma
irons looked on with armi ng ap
proval and yonng girls tcok tb n
si are, in a quiet way, of ell the fun
tbat was goicg except the ataletic
snorts of a mauly nature.
A ter dinner, which it took two
hours to diicuts, end which embraced
every known f mi of barbecued mest
from bullocks tj lambs, tt.e Dauu
(truck up a tune and dancing was be
gun. 1 he band deserves special men
tii n. It wan not a liiirh toned, swell
eocie'v-Mikado-music etrirg band of
fifiv mus cisns. hut a good, eld frsh
joned colored country band, composed
of three little tuldli b i nd one big one,
a baud thoroughly in harmony wi h
tbe scene and the occasion, and that
cculd Dlsv old-fasbioced melodies in
an old-fashioned way. Tbat band was
the feature of the occasion, ard it
fitted inti the surroundings ss nst
urally cs one cf the old t:ees that has
stood gUhrd there for deeades. And
such music es they did play the
tunieet of old dance tunes tucea that
made the feet move by an impulce of
their own, and made Iheir oaners
dance whether or no. The leader of
tho band, who presided at the tidd e,
wea a jewel one tf the old time,
sood humored plantation kind, who
enioved eeeina tt.e "white foikseni y
ing Messolves." He bad a rich bass voice
that did splendid ssrvics in calling
out the fiimies, a. id at times, when
the dance Demii'.t'.'d. would sing met
rv Braiiis from the eongs that leut
their melody to the sirs be was play
ing. It waa good to hear biw, almost
amrLoda8 Ukina nert in the dar.ee
and makira the sawduit fly to the
nmsin nf ihe fiddle and the bow
Knuaie dances were the favorites, but
ronnd dances were also indulged in.
hnt the ciowninsr feature tf fie
da wes the "Virginia Keel"
that nnded the dav'a entertainmei t
All the avai aUle dancing material
was preseed in'o service, even Bn
Price, the life and Boul of the oi a-
inn. beinir consciipted unwiiling'y,
Hnil In enlle of leoe-aied protee-ta, to
repeat tin toreichorean triumphs of
earlier year. OihorsoHdeld .citizens
were aiM caned inu reqoieinem. m.u
tlm Seciet re of ilia Uiniclere
Kxchmce end the Si.oiiff
f ihe ennnty were corspicuotiH
for the nimblcneps and gree w
which thev skiird thronau thu lig
ti fj. It w. aad.nc o bs run ni
b-r.d. Ycnng en I i Id to k pn t, tho
a 's oi the d ncrs rantiirg tr.mi 'x y
to teD, wh.le thoee who were to
fatigu-d bv t- e day's pleasure to take
active pait, stood crta around in a
cire'e and enjoyed the fan. It was b
mtrry scfne, thoroughly rutis in
every particu'ar, an 1 n,aiy who were
present were ctried bck by it t ("ays
long goud by, wum time was yo n g
and life a joyous dream. But
it was over at last, tbe last
Fittings and Pipe.
notes died away, the old fid
dler sang out, "Promenaae all,
snd the tho ouirhly exhausted dancers
repaired, some to their teats,
ot hen to the beer keg. Soon the sig
nal was given for breaking up, the
buggies and backs and 'bus'es bearing
in many cases p recious fre ght, rattled
gaily back into tbe city, and the picnic
ui iub A.uiguia xewpiar naa mug uv
th past.
If Cant. W. A. Collier con Id nave-
heard the unqualified terms of praise
tbat fell from every lip, on the way
home, extolling bis royal hospitality"
and his assiduous afention to tbe
comfort cf bia gueite, be would have
had rea:on to feel p ond.
Antotg tto:e present were: jienry
Canton, Pop Cannon, J S. Drake and
family. Dr. D T. rorter, E. A. Keei
irg and wife, P. M. Stanley and fam
ily, Jcb names and lami'y, a. v. ai-
ln and ftmily, A. F. Davis, G. F..
Ba'sett and family, Garter Oliver, T..
J. Barchus and family, Watkins Over
ton, L. B. Suggs ai.d family, rank
Turnbull and family, B. F. Price and
family, J. J. Mnrpby and family, U
Lawhorn snd family. Rjv. Sam Wat
B'.n and family, M. B. Tnzevant and
family, P. B. Jones and family, Egbert
Smith and family, Geo. Budis'.ll and
fimily, J. W. Wavnesburg and
f-mily, A. J. Holrojd end family,.
A. B. Mussoo end family,
George Byrne and family, Aics'ey
Arnold snd family, Dr. A. L. Kim
brongh atd family, J. M. Trezevant,.
M H. Price and lamily, O. M. Espy
and fam'ly, W. J. Brown and fn-nily,-Jesse
Sbin way and family, Mrs. Henry
Mert'n, J. A. Harpbara and family,
Jbb. Grossman and family, Keller An
cleiBon and family, J. W. Bruce, J. W.
Garrett, Albert McGehee, Cbas. Eber--hsrdt,
Prof. Jonrs ard mo'her,.
K. D Groves and family, Mrs.
H. C. Na'l, Mies Lillie Nail,.
Ed. L. Topp and fmi'y, Mai: Minor
Merriweatber, A. F. Dav.B ana family,
A. P. Taylor snd family, O. B. Coyle
and laoV, Mrs. Judge 8wayne, MieB
Marie Hitzfield, Col. Dick Mason, R.
D. Jordan, Maj. J. T. Pettit, J. K..
Speed, H. B. Brown, Piof. C. P. Wink
ler, A. M. Neal and family. J. A. Bai
ley and family, O. R. Pollard, Capt W.
A. Collier and family, Dabney Collier..
Vicxsbubo, Jnne 24. Night De
parted: City of St. Louis, D. C. Fcgle
and tow, New Orleans; Joseph B..
Williams and tow, City of Natchez, St..
Oaibo, June 24. Night River 2&
feet 6 inches on the gauge and lising.
Weatber fair and mild No arrivals or
departures of regular packets.
St. Louis, June 24. Night River
falling, and stands IS feet 4 inches on
the gauge. Weatber deer and warm.
No arrivals. Departed: City of Cairo,
Cincinnati, O., Juno 24. Night
20 feet 5 inches cn the gauge and
rising. Weather clear and pleaoant.
Louisviixb, June 24. Night River
stationary, with 8 feet 5 inches in the
canal and 6 feet 3 inches on the falls.
Business du 1. Weather clear and
pleasant Arrived: Buckeye Stat?, Cin
cinnati. we
Thia famona remedy moat happily meets
the demand of the are for woman a peculiar
and multiform afBiolioni. It ia a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one SPECIAL
CLASS of her dUeiuen. It ia a apeeifia for
oerUin diieaied conditions of the womb,
and propose! to to oontrol the Menatraal
i'unction m to reitnlate alt the derang
menta and irregularitioa of Womaa'a
Ita proprietora claim for It no other medical
property; and to doubt the faot that thia
medicine doea positively powta tuoh con
trolling and mutating powera la aimply
to discredit the voluntary tetinony of thou
lands ol living witneseea who are to-day
exulting in the restoration to aoand health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
la strictly a vegetable compound, and ia the
product of medical aoience and practical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
It la the studied prescription of a teamed
physioian, whose specialty waa WOMAN,
and wbose fame became enviable and bound
lesa because ol his wonderful success in tha
treatment and cure of female complaints.
HEM GUY known, and richly deserves ita
Because it controls a class of functions th
vnrioue derangements ol which cause mors
ill healtn thun all other cause combined,
and thna rescues hor irom a long train of
alnictiiins which sorely embitter her lile and
prematurely end her etftnci. Oh, what a
multitude of living witnessor can testify to
its charmin efiecUl H0H4X, take to your
confidence this
It will relieve yon ot nearly all the oom
plain'a peculiar to your sex. Hely upon it
as ynur saleguard for health, happiness and
lonp life.
riold by all drugRift". Surd for onr treat
ise o the Health and Ilaniine el Woman,,
ui'lnl free, wbi -h give" nil rnrticuUrs.
IloxliS. Atlanta, eta.
Waverly Insiitnte,
SInrslia,l County, J iHKltppl
THE fCMMFK PCnoOL, eittht weekly
begins Holiday, Jmy S, l-0.
T. B. TVISSTPV, rrlncljal.
I O.
ti fc M
V. B
SHARDS'. 8 nn'nbia.
. M . L"N . Mi uipl .s, Tcnn.
S'.AlfllTE". e i.his. Tenn.
,A J.Vl!'HN Memphis, Tenn.
THAYER, yomphi--. Tenn.
WIPKS Sntnn (the first alnlitionist on
record) from aovemmeiiL, s.-ciety and
religion. The world need? one political 0r
gsnita'ion and one church 1h flank the old
nar and murderer. B..- seut by mail in
mediately on receipt of ord-rs. 12 rer op:
HnMnl rrder best. Wri'e distinctly tn F. I
McCALL, 1'ub r, 10 Cast Ulh St., New York.

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