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. 4-
i ?
4 ;-
l i'
ar lata D FlreweeB,
To b firtn at
NUN-DAY, June 27,
Ticketa , SO eeote, IncladiDf Railroad Far.
aK-Trali.aleareat.Oa.il... 1:30. 2:30 and
4:U(ip.m. Returnine at 11 a m ,
end 1ft:3" P m
LADY'S HAND-BAO Owner ean have It
by callina at 160 Adama atreet.
A NSW PROCESB-For makln old eol
lara and euffa look new. l-ea advertiee-
ent rt Memrriie Btwm Latnidr.-
T1 OR8B One brown or dark bay horae,
a I i iic i i . i. ; u a ii i H h.
turn to Br.T. L. Baoiuea, Third and Walker
atreeta, fort Y icaering. ana n mwv.ir
TJOX On Heraeado road, email box, enn-
Can be idant'Sad by nam on jawalryand
notai. Finder will ba ceneroiuly rewarded
by "'"j LKE ELLIS, 145 Madiaon t.
RIN8 One plain oU rint. In
alley between 59 Madiaon atreet and the
Clarendon Hoiel. Finder will return to
Un. Willi!. Uentta raturaon e uuce. bum
be linerally rewarded.
ROOM Handaonia with
board fur 2 tingle gentlemen, 606 8 he I by -
00M8 AND BOARD Dealrabla toomi
and loard at 73 Mnunon atreet.
ROOMS-Ona lane front room with bal
cony and one large baok room with
lers' flreaaiDg-rroiB, anu ttuera m aw-i m
can batounam .aeon,. ral0J(
CIT. JAMES HOU81l-Cor.8aeoodandA.d-
O amaete. Room and board to par week
Day hoard 14 per week.
nOOM Fnrnlrhed room
iv board, at lit) Court atreet,
with or without
ft NICK Roomi, furnlahed or nnfurniahed,
U w
ith or withoat board, at 137 Madiaon it,
J BOYALflWal- sj
Absolutely Pure.
Tblt powder never Trlee. A "arret of
parity, tronrth and wholeaomeneea. More
oonomloal than the ordinary kind, and
..hhk K aMit In AnniDetition Wh the
multitude of low teat, short weight aluv or
nhnaiihata nowderi. Sold only mama. Ko.iL
B.H1I.O Pnwnea Cln.. inn W.ll .
DO A lane hlark Newfoundland bitch.
The Under will be reward -d by return-
Ingber to No. W Kni-harre wreet.
-m a ITI CS V.nm mf Warflnld nlaee.
JVL Caitella avenue, ihree milee ea-t of
M.tniihin. two arar (nearly white) mare
narfinni .i.A. .nii in fOOd Order.
Anr one returning them to me, at 310 Second
atreet, will beeuitably rewarded.
Jone'ii, D. E. MTFR9,
13 AY MARK MUl.lt From
C. F. Smith.
Horn Lake Landing, one bay mare mule,
about eight yeara old, fifteen hand high;
mane recently trimmed. Bring to jr. A
JoneK k On.' etwhle and he rewarded.
Lirre and RfprwentatlTe Andleoce
kt the Theater Dlplnmas aid
Hoaorg Conferred.
rpWO largo unfurnltneii roomt, with or
J. without board, at OS UadlroD itreew cor
ner Third.
HEIRS WANTED William Onttia died
in Orange county. North Carolina, in
1844, leaving a traot of land of 240 acret.
near Cedar Grove, to hia wife, Rebeooa Out
tia, lor life, who ia dow dead, lhelanaba"
been aold for partition, tubllcation beidt
made for known and on' nown heiri, Th
children of John Uuttia were i 1. !chii,Wno
I nnknown. a.
neaeee or Oeor-
that on waa
Ttxaa. a.
France!, who married Jamea iate, anu
tnovd to renneiiee uerj L.I1UA , v .t ,
10W8 PONY 1 good acclimated milch
coea one, a nan tfersor, uu
- I tnOTfi U l!'-hi. Kra nn
( orae, E& iuoeu to Tennen;
' I gia hii heira unknown, except tl
wi.liam Guttia, whn moved to
Franoei, wuo marriea mn
-- .1 A T. n H Vl i T not
eeptthaton waa named Waehington late.
4. Ane fluUia, who man led Wm. Hughea
n L. aun .t 14(1 llninll Itrnnt
Vance atrtet corner lot. Aaure-i
L.. Appeal office.
)IAN0 A fine pt-no, mutt be lold
once. Call at lfi Deaoto atreet.
ETC Haying concluded
grocery part ot our nuameaa
our entire atook oi uroceriea, rixiurea,
ik.v. and md m are for aaie. Anyone wiaa-
ruuerj uuaium
ft CO.,
No. iW Front atreet.
VI to quiet the gr
our entire atoog
flritTa and Mulea ai
log to go into the wkoleaale grocer:
can aeoura a bargain by calling on
her heira are Known, o. rwm u.
who married William iDompKDira""
to Indiana ber heira are known. . Jtliia
beth Outtia, who married Wm..Ector, and
whole h ire are known. Fina distribution
of proceeda of aale will be made on Novem
ber 1, 18i, at which " me lam required to re
port the nam! oi an wno may uo
Hilliboro, North Carolina.
EC. A. addreaa F. A., in atrlot conB
. denoe. No. 1 Broadway. New York.
THE IDEA That oollara and ouffa cannot
be re-laundried to appear equal to new
work. See Memi'tua oteam ijauuury auvei
titeaent for rarticulara.
JUNE 2.. 18S0.
etation in life and future coenpation,
bat lr beyond and abora thte, a
and cheap.
Applyat S. W. UARKlfOH.
corner Main and Madiaon atreeta.
1 APC 1W. V Itrarnl new,
Xl Aoolyat S. W. UARKIf'ON.
C CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. OyntrMtor and brtoe
layer. Telepnnne ive. icmiipninn..
ESK Uandionre office cylinder deak and
child', crib and mYogM ADISON ST.
C CHICKENS Seven yarietiea young fanoy
J ehickena. In paira or trio. Alao, gga
for aetting. Greenwood Poultry Yard, ciiy.
"TCTO. 1 double aurfaee matcher an I n-qulder
i ...n.kit,J. iih kalia and everything in
muI worklnr order, cheap for eaah. . Ad-
3reaa M ATCUER, Coldwater, Mi-a.
'fvl EW COTTAOES-And beautiful build
JZN ing lota, lor aale on monthly pa.menta,
two block! iroin atreet eara, near ovaie i-
VI ale College. Apply to
, T. A. LaMB, IP Mad'aon atreet.
XJ 140 rront, cor. r.cnange. nwn
"DOOMS With privilege.! cooking ttorw,
XV at
No. 20 Linden atreet.
Y RESIDENCE 409 Vance atreet, from
the let ot Beiiwmner. Arniy io
DR. OVERALL. 381 Main at.
OUSB-75 Adama atreet, corner Third,
m uly leti eianieen Toome.
J No. W. CKRR1N , 19 Madi.on at.
C0MS A auit of room" In Maapnio Tem-
Aonly to SUN J-K1UK.
HOUSES 318 Foliar atreet and 1 Ala
bama atreet. Inquire of
J l, n m tt &CI. dtv i opiar at.
OOMS Furnlahed, ringle or en aulte.
1.1 Madison at. neierenoea reguirea
A B W. BARBEt. Ahlai.d City. Tenn.
dPOnn WILL BUY a new buaineaa for
IrSyjlMI ,k. itiLf nf TenneaRee. Ala
bama, Miaaouri or Louiaiana, to make larga
eaah profits at once: amonopoly fully pro
tected. Partiea wnhin- a good ouainejaao-
flroaa MAWUfAUiuriivn., Mia omce.
A T NEWPORT SEWS, VA. 1000 lota, 600
1 water iro . l. . ieev ooep. r "
Information addreaa WM, A. DEAN,
47 Lerlnfton atreet, Baltimore,
TTOU.E 392Couit atreet extended
J.L erytnin in goia repair.
Aimiy to
N. B. JOHNSTON, Hii Second at.
COTTAGE With even rooma.near atreot
car line, at t per mnth. Apply to
i '
D new ootton-room, 1 0x36 feet.
T0REHOtISE No. 8 Union atreet, with
C0TT0N-8HKD Corner
Third atr-eta. B. E
of Union and
, Md.
fyONSORIAL If you wantagnod ahavsfor
a in centa. or a au nia nir ou iwr wmum,
and aclean baih for 2benta.nall at Commer-
aial Hair U tilini Halonn, B jenorson atreet.
bath privilogeaj win pay a gopu price
)r an imorviow, b
for a
drea, care thia paper,
"X T AN Who la a. good milker ajd under-
XVJ- atanua aeiiing uiiia. erovt.uiw, .
would take amall family, ihe women to cook
or viaah and iron. Ad"?," , .
XI A tv u Cj lv ,c are n i ..cm .
n oorre'pond-
ma ,i if a fAKIMr-.n: Bll n an If f II BUU
Eoutberu conuee ionf made; buainena East
...,. lanthanLinH ltla.lf.! location UOBt
LWl,DV" ' ' " ' . . . i
town in Miai'aippi. Kelerences required
and giien. ddrea P:.1?- b,
care Hermitage Club, Naahville. lenn.
RE3IDENOE Fcr three or a montna,
my reaidence in ihe city of Fort Smith,
Ark., with or without furniture. -Brick
house with ten roomi, In the moat deairabie
part ot ttte city ooq tvbii oi wir u
hydrant in the yard ; houae furnlehed with
gaai near atreei-ear lines every oouveurouue
olanome. Auaro.a .TO
XV. J'. CinAlaO.
Fort Smith, Ark.
HOUSE A new double-tenement heuae.4
roomaon each aide; nioely finiehed;
large yard; in fct, all oonvonienoee, on
Koae avenue, wooa cistern, nvvij w w....
K. Qiiinlan. 1HI MrniMim at.
XX Controlling go id European oorre!
.1 mnriA ivini GROCERY.
Addreaa Appeal office.
- ktonk CI!TTKRS On building work;
J will pay good waaes to No 1 nieir : none
othera neeu appiy. k'J.'.y"'c,' .
1X1 Main atreet.
nnM-n mnt. lt of July, furnlahed
room, witn or wituom noaru. un"
J. , Appeal office.
tvvuvunni Tn and see the cele-
Jli brated Gyp'l clairvoyant, at I'll Third
atreet, near Poplar.
Mnnoli.cturing Co., ZVI lain at
T AIlTRS Twintv-five
I i emwloynitnt at your homes
C1LAHSES In embroidery and art tieodlo
J work ore now hing Inruied undur the
eupervmoo of Mra. .Samuel May. Al the
naunat ei..i...ni il..iirat i v o I u n c v wnr k a n d
niatorial. Mnuuiing and embroidery toordor
JL ForMi-aiaMi.pl. Appiyto
MAN to take an office and represent ft
manufacturer : 0 per week; a.a..
rap ttil reqirred. Adireta, wilhitamp, hnx
70J eetAcionM.-puN .
SALESMEN In evo-? S'ate In the U ion
to rci.rei t a PAIVT MANUFACTl'K
ING Ki'lA tl.ISHM KMT hving aeveral
Spaui.riaa ihatare r-opular and enay ami-Ink-.
L'im be handled alone or in connect!" n
with othrr sooda. Addre'.THii W M, . It.
OU TO LOCK M -tho Memph'a Steam
lnund'.v in. ana l-nn awip in myo.
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot
In order to move our Immenae iteok we
make toe following ouori
Good 8raw Hata at -25c, 35j. ISOo and 75o
Ex'ra Kine Btraw uata ai a, ei oi
6mall Ftraw Bonneta, all oolora... ol'c
V.itra Wide Brim Uata. for country 25c
Beautiful Rosea, all colora, per doien.
Violet", por doien
Buite'cupa, per doien -
Carnation Piuke.per dnaon ....
Klc.rant Bunche- of Flnwera
l tr;na. llnMK.a nr Klnwnra .
Iuip rtf d French Hovcra from- .11 to 15
aiktrlf-n '! Ot in btiurli) fur 35c
fruits, Loavea. riteni", all k'nrla of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowera.
Rritlitl and Slournlns; Ontllt
The Fineat Aatortraent of DOLLS in the city.
Hata BawhBiK-d, I'pihpi- ;iRBot
l.yaxl ami urlnl.
GOI.DF.N HAIR WASH by the amall oi
large quantity.
We .Make a Spriulty of Millinery
Employing the belt handa In the eity, give
our whole attention to it, and we doty oote
.etitton In that line
... 5e
made the greatest diacovnry of the age
In filling tcoih with gold. For the next
thirty daya I will fill t.-eth f'T II 50.
A. WE."bON. 24S Main at.
AGENTS coin money with our Atnatfnr
I'ho'.o outfit, and collecting f.imlly
picioroa t ienlt.rjM. apeci'-l 311-day ofler.
EMM' E COl'. IN' Ci.. Swl Canal at.. W.Y.
GOLD 4 F1LV4TP. For caFh or ex
s t.r
VJ cb.ng. Ml 1-Kt.Pl
HIGH ETraah priceapaid for old and now
FEATU Kl!S at 4tS y..in Mrt.
rSH )J d'-. at on-e, hi SCOTT'S
fiLKCI'lMii hOl)S, AZ fcroaJway, hew
ork The r'lly aen ue-
JADY AH V.STS For Mra. Circint'
j New " Til ior' a '.i;ir, BaHie, ii .op
akirtard Vai r.-Hr combined. 11 mpscan
be renio cd and 'kirt laon tried. Adjiiatt
bie tn anvtiie. Ve y fnahionaule. and ro.la
torKto every weil-4re. fed 1 y aa aoon aa
ahoi.n. Aa-nta c.ouhle the r lui'iifT. AI o,
a lull line of pew trnp bing gooda (or ladiea
end rji'l l en. .ddre, wild atamp, V.. 11.
t'A.Vrl Kl.l, A CO , o. 4S4 Weat Randolph
aTreei.'r'i'-'-r(, TM.
Aijtf-.Ij In every seeti' n ol the country
foro New Booka, juat ready. Sp-il
Taaiia to men of experience capable of fill
ing a :arge Usritory. buta ei erience, age
and territory wanted. CA&bLL A CO.
i limited). U Broadway, K. Y.i and 40 Cear
ifffS Veet Chicago,
impiirtko prATi'K!, rrrrtTTs-
ajrwa viintat. thi. tmw
HlghtwC Slullral Autborlllea.
Sole Ant ff.r Mcmr.1!;".
jtHlkS A UA Kit i:tt.
k or s
sale j
A larco aui: k af inmiima I.l MBEK
at 10 er IO0O fvrt.
lrir.MA.N at ro
nnnn P.nnM-1 AND B'lARDfnrthe aea
It am cn be hi linol -t he Nolan IJoure
mond, M'mihia. Tenn For terma ap
WliU to W. fl. JIcCLTCll KON, Prop
Wavcrli X
lieferonre. B. Rich
For terma apply or
Ona of the most Bnccess'ul c'rs'nfts
of the Ccrtsiian Brothers' Uo lose
took plic at Leabrie'ilheatf r yester
day allerDOOD. A lara iuu mcvi
audience one in fact ab'e to appreci
ate the exTciBM we aithurnl, and
maaifesttd in ir good tMte ana jum
ment by the fiequency and manner of
applause. The Kt. Kev B nhop Rada
macher pweidtd, and the fo lowiBg
reverend genuemtn agnru moi-n vy
their prsence tj the occasion : Fath
er! Lilly, Flood and M:ran of St. Pe
tor'a, Fa her Veale of Si Pat'ick'a,
Father Netnc siua of St Mary'e. Father
Waleh of tt Brigid'n, Father Louieelli
of 81. Joseph's, and Father Ahbt t of
Jackson, Teun. Among the prominent
gemlemen who enioje'l tke eiercieva
were not ced the lion. E. 8 Hammond
of the Uniied bta es Citcuit Cou t,
Presidents Chuse and Crawford of the
C ttm and Merchanta Exchanges,
ChancrorMcDowell and their friends,
for whom the piofcen'utn boxes were
reserved. The lUic and at'ire Com
miseionerB sent regrets that I hey wore
ncable to at end on amount o'. ttie
prAesu'e of public business.
The music of the college o cbettr
-aa nmRthlnir batdlv to be expected
f nm anch Tnune p(rlormer, while
tiia ma inna nf the graduate, both in
a literary and elocutionary point of
view, veie of a nature that indicated
close study and application on the
nort nf the vounir 2ntlemn. 'A
half Century," by William. F Thomas
was well rete ved, and Cha. O'Neil a
wtnnlaon "Thrill" aliowta me. me
nim trentleman was thoroughly coi
vinred of ita neciBJitv forsuotow in
life. "The Yonih of a nation are tne
Tru tees of Poster. ty" was the subject
whicb, much to the delight tf all, a at
admirabW tnaei by V7. Garland
Jo eph B. Babbellciled nsiderable
pra'fe for the mancer in which fe ex'
pdsed the lack Of tiioro tgh moral pr!a
cipltsin same of cur novel readers
and novel writtrj. The tit'e of his
nraiinn waa "Ti e Novel as the Ex-
ponnt cf Our Morality.
From n elocutionary sUndpoint
Ed L Bnlb's "Madera Idolo.iy A
Medley" "was the master effort of the
evenirg H s delivery waa suUicient
in itieil to teenre the attention of hu
audienc?. The young gentleman cer
tain y has Ulent
Marshall 0. Adimi bandied hia
subiec, "A Quarter cf a (Jentu-y in
a a .a . t. 1 . J I M agh fAVf
the Kou D," very amy anu m -
pagea showed rjeyonu a a.uu. iu-i im
provement which toe Southern peo
ple have made daring the past twenty-
five yeaa. Thomas J. Semaies was
the vale lic'.orlan of tho claw of '86.
t .iiiin. aa tha anhieot of bis ora
tion "eif Contnl, the At ribnte of
True GreatnesV'the yonng gentleman
... Klmoolf an nnnoitunitV to Sum
up the leseons of the past, and in a
moat practical manner to give mem
a a larv to his fullow graduates.
This he caitainly did, and moreover
tkotie who heard and saw him were
convinced, both by his manner and
tha ,iib nf hi voice, that he felt and
meaut what he said. The following
was the order of exercises:
Mule-Qulokatep, College Band.
A u ..It i .ntnnr. William V . Ihomaa
u ii......... Pni iia. College Oroheitra
Miiip-P.ano ISooturne, ' Langa," latdora
rru-:r. rK.. n'Nnil
Muaio Medley uveriure, vuiiogo uia- .
Ihe Youth ot a n tion are ine iium u
n ,....w W ll.rlitnd Slreatt.
Muaio-Orand March Potpouri-"The Oper
atio Dude," Second Musio Claaa, Orchea-
tral Aocompaniment.
The Novel aa the Exponent of our Morality,
Joaeph B. uaoo.
Muaio Violin 8olo-"Near my God to
'ihee, Air vane, nm. barter.
Muaio Ouitar-Manpoaa. Wm. F. Thomaa.
A Quarter of a Century in the South, Mar-
Muaio Leonora Sehottiiehe, Third Muaio
Mu'atoFlute Solo Bohemian J irl,"Balfe,"
Joaeph B. Babe.
Modern Idolatry A Medley, Edward L.
MuaioTraumbilder Fantasia, "Luinbye,"
College Orchestra.
Valediotory-Self-Control the Attribute of
True wreatnens, Thoa. J. Semmea..
Muiio LaSouveraine, "Herman," College
Afmr the lait orches'ra piece tho
dHtit of the college proceeded to
confer the honors of the college, ai
follows: The decree ot Mastr-r oi
Aris was conferred on Thou. U Bjyle
and Ma colm K. Patten on ; the degiee
i f Bicfcelorof Arts wai confe'Md on
Marahall C. Adams. h,Jward L, Boyle,
Joaeph B. Bahb, W. (jUila'id Streett
ar.dTbos. J. Semmee; the degree of
Master of Accounts was tonierred nn
I murlol .1 O'Koil ami Wra. F.
Tcomas. This teiog done, tne to low
wtsdi-livon dby the K'.v. John Veale,
of St. Patrick (Jhurth:
nf .hn vi.tiBB (indents of the Christ an
Brotlie e co lege ano icuir utvonu
teachers, I thank you for your pres
ence. Your ittendan.ee Id such num
bers has to a 'arge extent, I am surf,
encouraged our young tiiemls in their
effLTW, and h.s impart -d an adJitional
charnn to the fati-faction already es
surtd for having achieve J euccesa It
is an evidence, likewise, of your gen
erons endoraeuient of an institution
whilM, locel in iis endeavors yet uni
yersal in itl blesaingn end nsjiira i in,
and of your npprcciaio of all that is
noble nd su'iliine end beuetic tut, in
that watchword of tie cintury, edu
cation. ,
Elma'ion! It is a ward with a
eitiiilu nieanirg; and jer, strange to
eay, it is eo dia.racted. lU trtu, and,
I might add, ita ouly aim ia tne en
nob ing, phyicHy, tut 'llfctually aud
mora ly, of ihat beinz created t) the
imngi" and liiene-w of t ie Trinity.
It is tde derivative of the ait of
drawing foit'j Irjm the child all ita
combined worth; the development ot
the youth to the higheet perltctton of
which itfl natnre is capahle.
To edncitemeans.tooBo the words of
a ureal authority. t-J "unable a man to
fulfill juatly, Bkil'fully and maanani
monslv all the cffinf, pnbiic find pri
vate, of peace and war," thereby ftirm
ing not only a go.d citizen, but futih
ioning also a good m.n.
Thus far I have spoken of education
in ita .brcadert sanse. bat in a more
r,r:et"d sense education bnsftr i'a
oi'jeU the foroia'i'in of the will tfce
tM''.ina of tie ch M. youth end rcn-t
to love whf t ehould be loved and to
hute tliot which Bt:onM le hat d.
Wlat. ntv I fcrk, itoeH a BiMtible
part-nt rr,03f dei i'e to find in the child
j'lnt ficiit.ed nch ol-liie? Wirt tio b
the C: ris iaa parent demaml ai tan
uioit pro mnent trait in ttie ciiarrc er
of its son or (iaghtor jn. t esra;eil
from the wholetoma eercitae'e l4 the
tc'inolioom ? What run any, evtnt'ie
purely natural and rational parent cx
tect after the lacrifiie and iavi-h ex
nendituro cf time and mor.ev 0:1 one
. ... at - - I 1 . ,'o
wno is to eiy mo uui 1 1 ma iit-rri. i
iadgtnent qnick to ditcera troth from
itlBahcod.a iadtmeot clear in anal ra
Btgicious aud broad In view; and be
fore even tbn, a will atmnaiy ana
firmly beet towards everythirg right
and good. I (aid b;f:re tt at educa
tion is onwbrthy the name if it only
furnieh the good citiun; it mnet alro
fashion the g od ma a. To ha a good
citixm Batisties onr natiinal
aspirations only by half, bacau-e
a mn inav be vury loyal
and since rely devoted 1 the Ineti.
tutiona and traditions of his country,
and teady to abed hia Mood at auy
time in defecae of its flap and may
yet ba a very bad citisen. It ia quite
poreible that a youth may have the
greit-st esihmiasm for repnbli an
ptini iplea; he may despise every acci
dent ot a despotic rale, and yetbj a
(candal to these who are bora uader
what ar called tyrannical mvera
menta. Thia it ia that makes this great
question so grave and so. thoughtful.
Yea, it is the question of quest iooa in
Senat', Home, in Chnrch and SuU.
All agree that a people uneducated
ia a people vainly c eated;
that education is the fint, tho
primarr, the mot i ntcmsary
want rf maa; that withoat it life is
lobbed of nearly all itj awte'neea and
more than half iti eiht-acy ; that a maa
uneducated sinks to the level of the
biute and beneath it, and if that man
hopes t be ever raiatd from this de
grading position he caa a'tain the eu
jnyment of his in'el'ectoal and hi
bp ritual and his moral power only by
the bleesng of education and in
Btrac ioo.
iSvange question to ask in thia nine
teenth century of onre, and yet I am
farced to put it: Whrradoesa boon
so neceaarv. S3 tsjential. bo exten
sively and ao intensely sought find ita
true tXDresaion?
Man, as you know, ia made up of
two elements, body and (oul thsone,
created for time, to wither at the
breath of death the other to live an
immortal life that can never perish,
This immortal principle '.he eoul
haa not onlv the intelligence of the
mind, but it his alao la it the affective
power, cr the spir.t, as It is called the
seat of love, the aett of affection, the
teat of desires. There ia, morever, in
this soul the atill hither a'.tiibute of
freedom of wil'. by which it can detei
mino i ,or Rd Of evil, f r Qod or
Wow, tUe purp.ae Oi euucauon is iu
meet th? wanta ol tola soul, man a
more important element, to Dring lonr.
every faculty that la the and U) give
proper direc ion w eveiy inectton oi
tie Heart aaa to every mouoa oi me
From th a we cn easily sse that
education ia a ppliitoal matter, for as
man's soul la hianoalt-et part what
concerns it mast take prec. denes of
all else.
People generally cB found knowl
edge with education. Hence the de
traction. The educhtli'O which His
philosopbera of old, an l loaeea tne
stitesmen of our own tim, proposs
to give ail fall inti the Intellect Just
only one of the powers of the soul.
Kiow'edge alone, no matter bow
clearly imparted, no mtt'.er bow ex
tensive in Its range, oniy lorms arm
informs the intelligence. But knowl
edge does not toacb the heart nor in-
finnce the will. It mar make a man
clever.it may make lnu learned; it
mav make bitn instructed. But we
look for m-re than mental cleverniss
and intell'gmce ia thnss with whom
we as-ociste. We iriae much mow
ntliBr oi'ts than the mere gift of
knowledge; we love him far bis heart.
If wa want truly to pra'se a man we
conidder it much higher praise to say,
"He is a kind hearlel man," than io
siy, "He is a well In t'ueted and
lenraed man." KnowUdg', there
fjre, no ma ter how var cd and
profound, gives no tea', viviiymg
lttluence. Even in our day it Ib not
mere knowledge that the woil 1 io
much stands ia need of. We have
abundance of intellectml light; bnt
what we want ifl that powr which
makps a man chante and honf Bt. and
kind and dutiful that grace which
makes a man a faithful fiiend, a re
liable fervent and a trnatworthy com
panion. These are the faculties that
we demand, aod thete are things that
make life pleasant and sweet, that
lightens its burdens aod enhances
ils Joys, and these are ihe things
that no knowledge can mpply. No
wonder that the world around hp,
in iti falsa idea of education, glories
in ita intellectual excellence alore,
that it boieta of its scientific tucccHS;
that because it can summon the light
ning front heaven, and can make it the
mensengtr of ita thought into ihj ence
of the earth in one moment of time;
tha, because tho sea bus no longer any
iri)st8ruB, nor theeaitii any S3crtta.
nor the stars of boaven anything in
explicable; and becauBa it cunaaalysa
the air we breathe and Wtitfh the sun
beam that sends its rays upon us, that
tfcert f. re it is the all important guide
and teacher of man. But back of all
thii there a id remains tha knowl
edge that Gid lives in this world
that He Ins crea'ed, and amit'st ttiis
people He haa redeemed. To Impart
this assnrancs, and to apply tlrs truth
is the undirgni-ei reason for jour
presence tomtit, young irienns io
mane you equal to the lies', and to in
sure yoD, beeiiie"), an aDluing nope oi
haing perloct y fululleJ your amy ro
your parents, frit-ruls and t'acho'S,
vim have bfen led to the Chriitian
B'others' Collejie. Yon of tin railu
ating cla-s go firth fic'vhted wi'h
heavy rdeponstbihtifs. Youwilnot
merely reprmeat yoiiiselves. bnt you
will bIho rvpreHent ttie unimpeachable
adsncrsd character of vonr im'.iuo-
You will be admitted ti raOmcn thoy
mtv neter e: t-r. Y'.u vhal. hceatig
in a eocirtty where thev cnu never have
an opportunity ti explain nor apMo-
gu for your conduct. Re'ti-mher,
the wor'd is erit'ial arid hvpvnT.t ca',
and toward the edncitcil ru.ui it
scrupulous and exat tit g.
Th world expects mu Ji of yoiJ,
votir lovir.if rureiits have high iio;mu
of veil, vour teachers will remombcr
you with much intrist and anxiety;
tneea'reu cauee oi tu'jctt'ion win
mand a a'rict account at your ban.ln
Will you disappoint all tLci-o antici
nat ona? I Irut not.
In your privn'e life be hormt, fa'th-
ful and acrUDuloualv true in de d and
word, and yet more, strive to cultivate
the natural virtues f.f purity, gentle
teas, humili'y and clia'ity, wh'ca form
the crown and perfect. on tf li'n.
In yo ir pnbhii life ba evr uiimsted
by a strona lovo of your cotmtry, and
by that t'tii pat'Dt'snn which cos-sis-B
in a deep and earrH's': d. Viro that
iti cot)i89 thou d ever r e nr. rci-tl hy
tiie pur -ft loni of jtiHtie iindmtB1.
s riimilous evil iai'h. C :rcli as
t o most nre.-'ou of yon- rol''c
pKg- aors ti nt wid-a and o!l or
dered f ei'tlom whi h you- for --fa h?r6
w.n, aod always rem' rnier t a ih-ee
are in rustad to yon to hv hr.mlfd
down ouircpiired and undira i.it heil.
And l.tat, but mot of all, n in- tncr
the words of w'loin atp-ikentt you
from timn ti time at the college.
C-rrv awav wi'h yell fnm the tca-h-
injis of the colh'ite a Htioug and anient
inatractions you nave
word and example.
In all the itniag viciBHitudea cl me
cherish thetu, aod to secure their re-
alirat'on be ever ready to give np
wealth and ambition, and even life
itself. Trmt me, they are worth them
a'l. Ho d fast to tbeae 1 inna; ihey
will auiile you In every difficulty,
strengthen yon In evtry temptation,
console you in every sorrow, nphold
yon in tint last hour, w hen all out
ward things shall fade from youreloa
ira eve a. and oh! what a grand as-
anrince, if by jour own example yon
will have charmed o neis witnta your
influenre lo the p'tha of rectitude, to
know from lips that cintiot deceive:
-Those who instruct others ont jus
tie shall shine like stars for all
The Boll Llao-Ooltlaac Bttady tor
Kcvelaaaaat t'raaelae a4
arlHa Oilier Hole.
A Thine That Looks well on the
Ontslde-The Details or
the Djal.
The Lealelative Council met in
special seasion yesterday, with Preei-
dent liadden la tne cnair ana ;uir.
Monttromery, Handle, l'atteraon, Kney
and Wallace present.
Chairman rioudflt, of the Ocmmit-
lue an the Protection of the booth
Memphis Bluffs, asked for Ihe use ol
the levee (or a distance otru reel eoutn
ot Be tie street, no botta to land there,
and the engineer In charge not ro oe
disturbed in ths prosecution of Ihe
work. Keferred to the President, with
power to act.
Frrntitrect sent in a petition ask
ing that no earth box cans be driven
thrjtitrh the atreeta In daytime, tit
ftrred tn rreaidett Thornton, of the
B.ard of Health.
Edward Goldsinltb, ra hier ot the
German Bank, called attention to the
fact that the German National Bank
had been nut on the tax books nearly
a vear after it caaied to exist. On
motion of Mr. Montgomery the Coun
cil expressed ita belief that the assess-
ment waserronecu',
ckoeslNos WANTlO.
A nct.iiinn ti have croesings pro
vided at the west crrsinga of Main
and Bsale, Linden and ftia'n, rontoioo
and Ma'n, the east cro.-sing of Linden
and Shelby, and the wett crossing of
Vance and Shelby itreeii, waa reierrea
to the President and Engineer.
A. W. Brown protested against the
driving of piles oo hie property at the
corner ol Vance and Echola streets.
He offered to sell for f 4000. Keferred
to Messrs. Montgomery, Patterson and
8amuel BchuBter offered to pay t400
per year rent for the om e ot tne oiu
Rnard of lleal'h. 37 Adams street.
Keferred to the President wit1, power
to act.
rou a inch chairs.
The Memphis City tailwaf asked to
be permitted to put in fonr inttead of
It inch chairs from Hernando to
Wellington on Vance, where they are
pntlingin a new pinna iraca. uranveu.
The Union Railway Company (Belt
Line) which asked light ot way as loi
inwa: llpiriniiina at tne point ol inter
action of the eaet and southern
hnnndarv lines of the city, thence
wpRt arardiv along and over said Broid
way to FiLh, Bnd thence on the moet
feasible lino weet of Fifth atreet to tho
Misjhsippl liver, and whoee peilt'on
was repoitsd back by a committee,
then came np for disca'sion.
rreeident Hidden said the cily
could rot grjnt more than one track
on Broadway to any one company.
Gen. Wright laid the object of a
bolt railway was to do the hauling of
all the railroads.
Granted to Fifth itreet from Wal
nut street, if the north eide is chosen ;
front lt.yburn avenue if the south
tide; the city engineer to loc.ts the
An ordinance wes read providing for
a fine of f om $1 lo $50 for the viola
tion of the ordinauce pissed last week
to regulate sireet railroads and toe
tea-ing up of streets. Also aa ordi
nance providing that theCouncil (hall
decide between street railroads apply
ing for same turritoiy. Rules sus
pended and uoin aiopiu on uuai
Ttv n-Holntion It wah dee'ared that
no raft rr saw l g, dr fi wood cr bire
should be allowed in the bayou abuve
M il atreet. Parties are in tne Iianit
of anchoring logs and wood above tho
bri'lg-i, which in case ol a ireanet ib
liihle t do conBidtrahle damsge.
Mr Uinfllx mov. d that the repo t
of Ihe lias Uomtnl tee he received and
adopted, and the Conned enter in
cont'act. The mo'.ion wta unani
mously adop ed. Tne report is pub
1 Bhet el-ewheie.
OpiMtalHoii In raaH-rprlam -vpIoiiIdk
t liluatn.
Ttie fo'lowin;? telegraphic ror-e-flocndemie
he two n'lC."''eeernan Zach
Taylor and r-'ecr. I y K eling, cf tne
Merchanta' Exuha-ge, explain itself :
WASHiNiiTiiv, D. C, June 21, 180.
Kd Keeling or II. Hotter, Meuiiiliin:
What am .u.'it .f work hs been
done or money expended by the
c'mr'md htiilg company toward
htiilding h bridge ? Anevver at once.
Mkhpiiib, Tasv, June 21, INK),
lion. Znch Taylor, Wn"liin tfton, I). 0. :
Notawaioo'.v:y ork hav ng heen
d. ne or nion 'V i xptn led by harmed
coinpaoy. Ths Kaorns City htiilnmd
Curnpjuy his xadi) jr-liuiiua'y tiur-
Secrotary Meniphia Marehauta' Eaihauat-.
Aftr bavins btushed ou. ol the
way the aocnmulettd ral biah ia tha
slop of pttitionf for curb-at mas and
crocsirga, the Legislative Council,
which met io called seealoa ysu-rday
evening, got down to tha i iportant
bnaineae lor wbicB it naa a nnuu
the consideration of tlieieport of the
Gaa Committee.
Pieeident Jones aarl Mr. Henry
Ctaft of the Memphis Goaligut Com
pany, who were tirteem, ehpretsed
themselves sat iefled with it except in
one pwiticu'ar. They objected to a
clause written upon the marg n, which
provided that the pay rone anouui ds
approved by Ihe Preeldent of the
Board ol Mre ana rum uomm a-
sloner, the reaam bsing tint tne
company wculd be so nvscu harnpe'ed
by It tnar It would n'.i os ,p iwuhb to
hire a man to wheel a barrow of coke
without coDHulllng the Preeident of
the Taxing Diatiict. The objection
able c ausa waa finally sun ken out
and another lubetl n'ed. t
Mr. Kindle then moved that the
President be instructed to enter in'o
contract wi'h the company, and those
members ot the Coonnl w ho were
Jrceant voted for It anatiibioaaly. Mr.
ones said enough of the f t x kbolilers
had been teen to carry the thing
through; that tha cin'rmt would be
legal if aigned by the Board of Diiett
ore, but io mike as-irance doubly
sure, all the stockholders woald sipn.
The report aa adopted is given below.
The Beporl la I wil.
The Taxing Dhttlot of Shelby
county and the Memph'a Gas'ight
Company, by iheir duly constituted
and legnllyictitig o.l.car, do horeby
contrectand agr.eeach with the other,
and upon the mutual concideritiocs
hareiualter rerited, as follows:
First -The Memphis Gfs'ight Com
pany agrees and bindB itself to furni-h
said Taxing Dittrict with gas for ths
puiyr-M ol its public lighting for a
enaa Of ten yens, to uegin on vue ibv
of July, 1HH Tlis Betvee istoin-
n n,i tha iitrniircr oi Biree-a. uaias,
al'.c y, otlloia, eogioo houses and a'l
other public uses tl the ex'ent ind
lo If nnl ciirplv anrh know), ilfrn and
acconiplishaeiat aa bicome Lis or hn ( attachment to tho wholesome moral
Imitations have been ft.h'ed upon
the market so e.aVy ns mibling All
cock' Poroui Plasti r.s in g' n r ,1 n;
n armco ai 'o be well caku nt d to
dec -iv It is, howi-ve', in cen' r I p
pKufnen ooly h t : htv c nip. re w th
A'.lcock'a for f.ev are w. r o than
wort'ili'HB, ini ni'o h ai t' ey i"na;n
cie'd ri ui in edisi':- whi h a e a, t
t- cure icr ons ir ju y. R-ine'n'er
thtt Alco k'H are th crily gen- ine
pormiB pl B'B-tle bes. exir.ml
rerre iy eve-Miown ; a- d w! en pur
cltu'ing pleat -is l no, oily a k for
but s- o that yc u g-t "Ai'eocit's Por-us
P.as'erd " i he popularity wM h
lb ao plaitirs lavi afatrel dtr ng
the rast toiity i has no parallel,
so It is no wouder that imitations and
coanterluita ibouud.
for the pnrposoa of the p csent pid
-! nf aald coin Dan v to slid Dis
trict, and may be, on the demand of
said Diatiict, increased from time t
time to an extent not more man sev
enty-five slraet lights per annum, me
discontinuance ofja burner on our plan
ent tling said district to a like burner
or some other plan.
All burners heraalter usea in toe
public service shall be of s a to bnrn
not lets man uve ieoi ui jjcr
Second The Memphis Gaslight
consents and agrees lo an
ordinance to be adopted by said Dis
trict cieatlog the olllce of Gas lnpec
tor, whesa. com pen-a' ion shall .be
ii t ait nnn lijiu ov att'.ii jjinirte', auu
whose duties and powers shall be de
fined by the ordinance creating the
office, subject to luture change and
amendment. Amoug his poweis and
.Int. na mav ba enumerated full au
thority to eee that the gas furnished
by taid company is, In lis manufac
ture, nf standard ourilv and nude up
to fall Bix'tun-candle power; and to
U st all mttera to ascertain ti.av tney
are crrcc!; to examioe moteri when
ca led upon by couaumo s, and to
know that al gai bjIi! is conoct'y
measured; and, genoially, to have
an per vision ol the manufacture ana
sale of gas in said District.
The said comp my will supply tho
city and its inhabitants with coal gas,
1 .11 1L LI. I - I t
unless and until me kidu oi gus iur
nished is changed by cona.nt ofssid
Third The MemphiH Gadight
Company agrees that, at the end of
taid peric d of ten yeara, aud at the end
of each period of ten years during tho
continuauue of ita charter, the raid
Di trict may, at its own op'iou, renew
thia contract ia all its parts, including
the obligation for llgnting the city;
andeoloug as the agreement for thia
service shall be thus kopt in force, the
Memphis Gaslight Comrany wil nt.t
charge Ihe it zoos of raid J Btriet for
gasconBumBd by them nviro lhn $2
per 1000 vub'c feed. Provided, that
mid company may charge $2 60 per
1003 feet if I lie conmimor nvla to pay
therofor within ihe dhconnt days as
hereto! re adopted by said company.
Fourth The Memphis Gai-lignt
Company nraes and contiactt to
t'a'-.sfjr, BBHn and del vxr lo the said
Taxing District, and does hereby trans
fer and atsign t eiti 1 Di-tric:, all the
net incoina and pniit thatilnll, while
ihe foregoing and the huicinefter
stated agreements and premises shall
be in force, arcrue to la'd company
from iia'upe.a'loiiB in the manufacture
Bnd rale cf ga, provided that out of
said income and profit aha'l be fl'S'.
pp. id the necesHary and reaionable ex
pense", of ( partition anil repairs, and
the care of uiaintaining thecfli'e aod
paving tho salaries of officials, and
also a dividoud of 7 per cent, par an
num on the present rapitil Block of
snid ctinpany, and th interest as It
ahull accrue upon tho 12 10,001) of bonds
now outi-tnniii' g or any renewals of
il titn; m i prov.de 1 furtrier, that all
no dful t xp nditar-'H bIihIi bo made by
i ail ccnipiiiiy In order ti exieiid its
iimi'8 and pips BLd eiilargt i sia
p ciiy to mo. t the grown (Iciniinila
ui a trowiig city; mid there ' he
i oBiirp'ua to en ue to the salil Dist'ict
u..t 1 ih s rnit the of erf icgoii g pio
viBtors under the head heve been
io:Dpli"d wth. But the laid
Menu his Gn-tl ghJ Cotnpa iy docs
also ex oe fly c mlmct anil luren tha
an "iitiprov- n,o:it account," eepnrata
fr tin the expo' si account, shall be
kept, whi h wliall nliow a'l money ex-pt-ndid
in i ho txtont.iou and enlurg"
rnetit cf rnaiiiH. pi,.oi a id works; and
tuata' tito tndo' miy peri il of t n
yt.;:r-, uniler it.e ubove pr ivi-ioiiB, th-
sai l Taxing Die net ehull have tin
priv ltve of buying and owning the
virkM cf t-io c miDtinv. aa then exi t-
icg, by paying tho face vnl ie of tne
cap'tal sock at that line, aid an lit
inLftlie bonds of iho company ihcn
nn-tandiug. and payirg ta t ie oin-
Daoy one-l nlf of tho ainonnt shown
company, aod that laid company shall
renew said bonds at tne lowest practi
cal rate of interest when they shall
mature, or, failing in that, or, prefer
ably, if that course shall appear t) be
mors advantageous, a'lall provide for
tbeir payment in each practicable
manrer aa ehall beat promote the wel
fare of said gas company.
FitthtTUo Memphis Gaslight Coia
piny agrees and undertakes that while
this contract (hall remain in force it
will cart fully keep the expense
account, within the arualVt limit
that will enflice f r the etlLvent and
proper conduct of its business, aod
that tha aggtega'e of the tala
ri.'B of the p-es elect at-d bjc
retaty shall not exceed annually the
mm of 5l00; and further that, it will
not creato other la'.a-ied officers with
nnt ths consont of the raid Taxing
Dis'rict, firet ti theoreitiou thereof,
and to the salaries to be paid therefor.
All purchtu-ei by and pay rolls of
tho co in pan y rh'all .-ce submitted
monthly to the Pieaidentol tha Board
of Fire and Police CommiaeionerB for
examination and approval. And if
he, the stid Piesideni, and the officers
of said company sImII not be able to
agrjeupon the propriety antco rect
nessnf any ote or m'ireof the It-ms
of sail expense account, the matter
shall then be that referred by raid
Pie blent In tho Legislative Council
of said Ditrlc And if. tip'n coo
lidtra i n thereo', the aald Council
cannot arre wi h the officers of said
company in inspect to tuch it m or
items, 'lie same entail u siimmariiy
SPttlt'd by three arbitrators one to be
appointed by said company, ons by
raid Dis'r'.ct aod the third by those
two eaid arbitrators to act promptly
npon the uiaf er or mattars ref rrej
to them, and the award of a majority
to be conclusi re. If either party ehall
refuse, upon rtquo-t, to appoint an
arbitrator, the other party may jp
point the entire number.
Sixth The Memphis Gas'lght Com
psny agrees and utid-rluko) herdby
that the said Taxing Dietr c', fjr the
prjttciion of i s interests under tuia
contract, may appoint two suitable
persons who ehall ho notified by said
company of the ni'e'.ing of Ms boird
of directo'B, and have te privilege of
attending thnre meetings, and taking
part in the deliberations and diaeua
slont theraof and rnakiug re out
therojf to ths laid Taxing
District; and that . s.id perrons
shall at a'l tiniea,wit)iin business hours,
have the privilege O access to the
books and accounts of said company
atid the right to Investigate its opera
tions; and . the said gs company
undertakes aril agrees, turougn ttie
pe sonsso appo!nted, to fnrniBh to
raid Taxing Dint-let semi annual ttite
ments. coiuoldoot Willi tne senn
anuuil regu'a meetings of ita
direotors. of theatTairs and operat'ona
of the company, and showing every
fact material to tin interests ot said
Taxing Dis'tie1, under this contract;
and, In addllion.ahat it will, at any
time when so reo nested, furnish to
sa'd Taxing D'stnict any particular
statement that may be called for, and
any spociflct lufnnnation as lo tin
affairs and operatic of the com pan j
which said Dis'rict may oillciali)
(Seventh It is further a treed tha.
B'd Gas Compsny will at any time, at
the requset of the Taxing Dis'rict, re
duce the price of gas to such figuiaa
as that the profit will only amount to
so much as will be nuluoiont lo pay
ths interest on tha bonds, 7 par ceut
dividend on thu Btock, salaries, oper
ating expeucca, and ccstof improve
ments and extension, as heroin pro
vided for. . .
Eighth In tho event the laxioir
Dktrlct should become the owner ol
one-half the Improvements, as pro
vided in paragraph 4 htreof, it fa
agteod that laid company will pur
chase, and ihn'l have the r'ght to pur
chaas tho same, by issuing to the Tax
ing DlBtr.ct ao amount of ttock equal
to the book vlin thereat. Butltis
bslieved th it legislation Ie, or may le,
neciBStry toenatile said Gas Company
t iasUB and stid Taxing Dittrict to re
ceive and bold said stock. In the
event such leg'slation ia necesaary,
and eanuot be or Is not bad, it is
agreed that Ha'd Taxing Dis'rict shall,
in all respocti, as nearly is prac doable,
linvn thu name riirhts and bo put upon
the tame footing sail such stock was
ac'ually luaued tilt. That is to say,
sa d DiBtrlut shall, for the use of said
intere t, receive a nominal per centum
on the book amount of said lot rest
equal tdtholper centum ol uivmeuu
pa d by aald company on its stock, to
be paid at the tame time with thethvi
do'.ds. B'lt such right shall be co
ordinate with and not superior to the
right of the stock holtfe s to dividends.
And at theflnal winding up of tho
all'alrsof raid corporatkn the Taxing
District Bhull't e ent tied, on account
cfsad inteie -t,to receive Just si u.ach
aa it would n cia've if I1 held an amount
of atix k equsl l the hrok valut of ita
Ihter.-et, this r'gh,t ulto to be tqualaad
nn-o dinate wim nnu not in uy rrrt-t;t
Bipiri rcr prefeird totheiighti of
lliiiBiOclthirilere. imiuia saiu com
pany ehall bare the like right to issue
to its stockholder Btock lor the oae-
half of the lit ttermenta si-cured to it
undur this contract, or, failing to 'ssue
the stock to trtat its half thereof as is
ln.ri.in nrovidel for. the one-half th.re-
of goiog t r fe Taxing District
Ninth 1 uib conirani is ninue in uuai
adjustment aid Btttlemcnt ol tin nil
ftrnnces beret jfore -existing between
said company and the Taxing D Btrict,
touching the (innl.ty of gin Inre'ofnw
uppli"d and hen after to be tupplied
by tail onipnny, tue iniiigiuii ut
Hit d company io nii'ply ailUie innao-
itatils ol uio iriHiri i applying luerui ir
w th gar, and as t ) the power o: s iu
D s rict t r.'gulnte uad coitrol the
rir oe of tho K h furaiihtd by said
company, and the opeiatiot'S of eald
to'iipaiy; arm .no b.iiu juihi
trior, in co:ihiilination of tho premises,
ajrtrs ur.d oh iunt-a itaelt to pay aid
g's company the S'am of $ 00
BLimiilv lor Ihe g8 to be
trnpp nil to fie Di edict, und' r 'he first
B C Ion OI HUB tonirmi. it"- t
f jrt'it r ngrmd and underdto.d th it if
any o:hcr corr-oration or iudiv dual,
or a'so.itt ion o' corporuticru or indi
vuliiHl.t, oh .u'd lit re if ereattibli.h the
i n ine -a of minufunnring and selling
lltimi at i CKiH, will. iu ice co"p rt e
y sai l irp Ovent' nt account to have
beencxpeiid"d while tnieco tract ws
in f tv for the pnrporei eiubiatwl aa
afir.aaid in 8 I'd imp.ovfri c t a -
count; and if ttie nud Tuxing Di-tru t
sha lrot c'-.ooio tt buy nn l own trio
,,,r.a .Lo'-. an Ii t r at of oif-lulf in
tl.n iniiiro' emt i ti an I nxiciioi 8 of
I'll. Wil . H. nf r l a ini t) tlui crtn
na no 7 I, r I flit. IP -t 811111111. ill Call
i.r )i t HM.i'M.ta iu Ih wav of d vili'i di
in mitt laiinl Bto-k, and ' pey
i; g in'i'ro.i', at tfocs.nl, cn us
roels. eli 1 he'ong lo ths Taxng
ni.tr , t It is. niuieovor. ci'imo' v
nnde'st od, airrt-eJ, atd made pa t of
thiflfont a t, 'htt tin Infer st on ti e
hrmlB of Hi MemtililB oaiiirri voui
pany is alaayj to be provided for as a
final charge upon the net income of eaid
liti iu o! wid D.ulriC, by meats of
pipis hid in the B.ietUt, a 1 ys or
iitirliwavs thereof, in competition with
B.id -M-nuiliis Gslght Cunpny,
ts t er said Me iiplila tin-lixht t'om
paue, cr Bad Taxing Dittr c', may
wli 'llv reef nd or abandon th e on
irac . a i't ip.it.her va-t erlo will
t c o' titr ui)''crt kd to clam or en
foie its proAwtous, to loni a id
c iom etii on mav continue Bu' tinch
io liM-tun oi a1 an.1o:imeiit s'ui 1 'are
LO.Il'ct i -pon tho r'ghs of eifter
I a t lu".'.o. i s toe SAihO slull l ae
al:e dy th hi i ecru (!.
Ni-nlt'a rmnlslon ef I'nr
Cod Iiver Oil, with Uyroihospliitea,
in Cnri"iiiiiption iinl Wast ng Da
eases. Dr. C W. Barringer, l'itt
burg, Tn., says: "I think your Knur
sioii of Cod Diver Oil is a very fin.
preparation, ami fills a long-felt wan
It in very useful in cotiBitmp iou V
wasting diix'Jet'B."
SnbacrlUe lor the "AppeatU"

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