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ATE, Jitwltligtndinj His Wiener Poi-lDir
the CampaiKB f 138 Iu
Effect I'pon HI Party.
Saw Yokk, Juno 22. Tha Burling
ton, Vt., ro r. sponilent ol the Evening
! says th t i tn Legislature ol Ver
mont, which niett'i once In two yeara,
will o nvme next time during the
first week io Odobtr. The ions
usually last Irom the first of Octoher
till ThnkKviiu Diy, but thore is no
detitiite limit to the tartn. The most
iruportatt ihiug the m x aesHion i 1
Lave to do b to I' ct a Unlifd Ktafea
Kiuttr to ancieed S, in tor Klmunds
Ttat Sir. Eiluiumla will be returned
t)ire is net auy ieson tuloub'. The
Utate U nvenii in of the KepnbHcat 8
just beM wax, iu no Ijt m it bore on
tbeeulject, forecatt of hia re elec
tirn, tu it no such public expreetlon
Lad betn omit", rni ccu'd avly dis
cover by talking with Kepnblicaua
anywhere in the State that Vermont
wag as likely to act-de from the Union
as it in to tike its senior (Senator away
from Washington. The exprdneion of
the convention wa negative. By
consult of both the friends aud the
enemies of Senator Edmunds, the sub-
ieci ct the Bitnatorehip was let a'one.
t wts larve y discuss d on the
ground, which was natural, the He-public-n
politicians not Laving been
together oof r awica Knator Ed
munds committed the ofleuae which
gave riss to a disrnsilon of his fitness
to be returned. That offence was Lis
refustl o do campaign work for
filaine in 18M
It carina bs denied (bat Mr. Ed
munds has loat poliiical ground in bis
own Htato by his rouise in that cam
paign. Ilia indilleience to the fute of
the Republican ticket was felt as a
shock. Republicans up to that time
cherished toward their tmty a loy
alty like that wh'ch the Kate folt for
the Union when the civil war broke
ou". It bad not occurred to them
that the party could nominate a can
d date for the Presidency who was
not e&tt'el to the support of
every Vraiont Republican, jut t as the
State believej that the command
er of the Union Army during the war
ciuld issue no order that should not
be obeyed with alacrity by every Ver
mont soldier. The supprrtof the tick
et was fipected from Senator Ed
mund', not locauaa Mr. Blaine was at
the bead of it, byt because it was a
Republican ticket.- The active party
men tad beard si disaffection, and
bolting, and otber species of indepen
dence in other states. Tnuse a flairs
Lid not disturbed them, however, be
cause they occurred somewhfra else.
Such a thing was thought to be be
yond the p-s lbilitiei in Vermont.
When, therefore, the chairman of the
State Committee, going lo the Senator
and laying before him the campaign
work be w as expected to perform, was
'told that Lis services were not at the
disposal of (be commit'ee, the chair
man was much surprised.
If Mr. Edmunds was lees prominent
in national aflaire, it might be (aid
that the chances of bring returned by
the text Legislature were against
him. A mere politician in bis shoes
would s'aml a good chance of having
tie lex taliw.it applied. If the Legis
laure bad met last year instead of
thi, there would have been undoubt
edly a stray effort to defeat even Sen
ator Edmunds, for at that time the
Vrrmonters were still daaed by the
shock of bis refusal to speak in behalf
of the Republican candidate, regard
less of who the candidate might be.
A loyal supporter of Mr, Edmunds
aid to the writer that when the
canvass for the recent State conven
tion set in, be was alarmed at the
tart which the opposition to Ed
monds gat i his friends. It was not,
he said, till rcntlment on'side of the
State began to be quoted by the pa
pers within the Sta'e that the party
began to realise what a stupendous
blonder it would make by laying its
great leader on the shelf, Papers, he
said, like the Boston Herald, the
Springfield Republican, and the; New
York evening Port star ed the demand
for the Senator's re-election, and they
were followed by some of the most
( ronounced Blaine paters iu New York
and New Eng'and. Thrse Vermont
pnpeni which were not controlled by
influences personally interested in
pulling Senator Eilmun's dwn, tiok
np the subject and effectually wiped
out anything likeorgnniz?d opposition
to li'iu so far as the State convention
was concerned. TI Are. are only three
Republican papers of coircquepce in
Verrvont which oppi achis rv-ec'ion,
and they do not Um1 a iy force that can
be organised. These are the tt. Al
bans Uewnger, wkrse editor, Mr.
Gibbs, ie chirm mi ol the St ile com
mittee; the M .n'pelier 11 'atciiman and
the Rut a d Teh gram. The llrfit l 0
aro said t. be controlled by ex-(iov-ernor
Kmilu, whree friends say there
are ou'y tro rosit'ons in puMic life
that wo'ili confer on bun dwiri'd
r hon if, these being a Hutted fwtes
S i.at rsliip and tut' l'realilency. Tliero
are Vermontere, however, who tny
tha a ticket In I8S8 i f Somebody of
Somewlicra end Smilh of Vermont
w u'd not be b ilUl iy tlio ex-tiov-6i
uo -.
Io the question whe'her in the ap
1 r 'i' hing cnnv,iHS for luombere f the
I. x latiun 'lie question o! re-ilocting
b'en-.ier Ediii u df wi'l be piominent,
tl eierier d 'e,ily iithatit will be. The
oppoi e t'i.( He S -nntor sy that they
abiUii ei f in inaiiinR tbm matter en
irs'.ie kt Mi ll ,.t In r the other day be
cante they wanted to r-rv thi ir tire
for a time when it eou'd he maile most
effectual, uiHBniog tht when ihe cu
vaes for mmteis of the L'g s'atnre
s ta in they wi 1 put in their wo k. In
a fw districlH it may be etTectunl for
electing and Ediiinr.iis repiciienta
tivep. the Stve Senate, it is Kenera'ly
conceded, wi'l bo s'rongly for A
mnnilH, end t tm cliB.iees are "tun ti one
that the popul ir brauoh will be equally
united b f 'r the lime conies for vot
ing for a 'eratir. At all events, if
iher ehall h developed any con
siderable support .f any o'her man, it
will have i's niHpira ion not from Ed
munds's sympathy in the Blain cam
paign, but fnmi p-igmal rivalry
cloaked by pio'ugn worship of paity
loyalty. Mr. E.irtunda ti.tered the
United State Sennte twenty yeaM ago
last Apr 1. Is it n t a r.mce fiat in a
State where nominations uro equiva
lent to eiedion theie should be men
who, growing in prponnl itfluenoe at
l.ora" wIiiIh the S'nator n been
engaped at the capita1, bslieve they
arc c p Hj of gmti g a Legislature
eli c 'iat will rt :aa br.-ak the fo'id
fiont w ic- i hh t ', Hi; Btoo-1 f t this
one m m.
rt'LiJe the relectiTt of Si'natoi I
Edmni ds is su e t take p ae.e, ai d it
likelv t he tffe t '.i un.ti imotir'y in
the L' g:sl ''ure, h - n ep ndet c in
the campHL'ii of Ims pobah1y
tnade a I i-tirii imn eBion on Ropub
lioan noli 'ice tu Vermont. It lias ef
forited ce ta.n pohticians ano' hsion
Jot makii g u,auif -tt fsVtlor.Hl !eel-
iait lht LuiUevuaeptback byasaper
abundance of loyalty to party. Be
coming ccuBtomed to apeak aod act
in tbe line of their inclinations under
the disguiw oladtsiie to diac'plin
the Senator, they are nncinsciooaly
drifting toward something like the in
dependence they so greatly deplore
and denounce in him. Other ques
tions than the Senatoruhip are press
ing to the front in the State, among
them bsirig a Cemand f ir a Railroad
Commifs'oi. Without being e'ear as
to how romaresion will relieve tbe
people from the hardships complained
of from the Central Veiratnt monop
oly, the people talk as if they were
determined ti make this mat'er an
irsne at no distant day. They ray
they ar going backward as a 8' ate be
causs they camo'. ava;l themre'ves,
in corape'iition witli o'.her Sta'es,
of their rources of prof peri ty.
Tbeir mountains contnin thn test of
marble, ganite, rootlog elate, and
otber materials which are in demand
out-ide, but which are shut in by
rates and conditons on transporta
tion. The dairymen are also excited
ovi r tbe oleomar.arice qupst:on.
Thfss internal affairs tend to dis'ract
attention frcm pnre politics. It is no
unnsual thing to bear men who have
ben Rapiihliias li'S'. and Amer cans
afixrward to bold as to ssy that if Re
publican I. gi-iature will not afford
the relief domandud it is about time
to sea what Deuiocra's woald do if the
opportunity were given thrm. The
excuse which Senator Eimunds'i
courae la 1S4 gave certain poll ieians
for disaemiualiog factional sentiments,
ciupled with the growing dieaattefac
tiou that has been mentioned with
Republican msn'gmnent of Stats
aff.irs, leads unmistakably toward
g eatfr boldness and freedom In politi
cal action, even in Vermont.
powtal ci.i:rh on TUB L., Jf. o.
A ABll-Clvll-ajers'lee Rvrorut
M blrh Faalaimtar orl Vllu
I Faalaliaall Deaervea.
To tli Editors of the Appeal :
VicRiiiURO, Mink., June 22 I en
close you an ed torlal from tbe Ray
mond, (Mis1..) Gaietle. of June
ll'th in legud to our m it! service.
I'leaee do me the kindness to repro
duce it in your columns and give it
benefit of a large circulation, espe
cially in Misiissiopi, as well as show
the rascals still in office up, and
oblige yonra etc , o. a. sands.
Illnatratloai of Civil Mervlee Reform.
A hornet's nest has been stirred up
8'jong the R publican postal clerks
over the removal of A. F. Tipton,
postal clerk on the couthern division
of the Louisville, New Orleans and
Texas railroad between Vlekshnrg and
New Or'eans. Ihe fac's are thise:
He ran for some years as postal clerk
between Chicago ar,d Dubuque, la ,
and made for himself a good record.
His wife's health failing be was trans
ferred at his request to the South,
thinking the milder climate would
benefit Tier health, and a'signed to
the Valley route, then just ready for
tbe mail service. He ran about
eighteen months and was kicked out
by Chief C'erk John Day prefer
ring charge against him that be was
incompetent and not working his
mail, but when asked bv Tiptou if it
were true, replied no, that Mr. Van
Eaton had him removed for being a
Republican. Mr. Van Eaton was
asked in Washington if he had Tipton
removid; be said: "All I know
about it is that I received a note one
morning from Qon. Jameeon, super
intendent of the railway mail service,
asking me to name somebody tt fill
the place of Tipton, removed, and I
did ro." Senator Allison of Iowa,
who had Tipton appointed, then
waited upon Uen, Jameson and de
manded to know tbe reasons for Tip
ton's removal and in answer, turned
over to him four letters written by
John Diy, aleo a Republican, to the
department, saying Tipton waa incom
petent and not workirg his mail and
nrglng his removal. Then Tipton gets
the certificates of the mailing clerks in
the New 0 'leans and Vicksburg offices
and postal cjerka on connecting lines
testifying that he was one of the best
clerks in the service and al ways worked
his mail, proving thn charger) fa'se,
and the department is investiga'ing it.
Tbe postal clerks are enraged at the
active part Chief Clerk John Day
took in the matter, brcanse whde
Tipton was Republican hi never took
any part in politics and it is charged
that John lay has in the pist if not
recently. L. M. Terrell, RenublioBn,
enperin'rndent of this (the f until di
vision) railway mail service, enmp ired
of the I'eiiHK'iatic States of Alxbama,
Florida, Georgia, Loii'Hiant, Missis
sippi a.id Soit'h Carolina, and John
Day, h;s cH' f clerk, virtu illy superin
tendent of the NtRtoi of Louisiana and
M'supsippi, ao diing all tiny tan to
unli.irr. a the new Democrat e postal
clerk", ihr, by the adminihtrat'on,
havnit dow.i-d V n on ti e Lonitvil'e,
New O Linn-; and Texa riilroad in the
lt eipit"' imi ths. Th"ir t eit iient
ot-Mr. T iit n allows how t'ipy di to
iirooniplMh their end. UnlefS you
are en' iipfr vi a cme, you can't et-ty
in. Tliero can he ro evmnathv be-
twohntliH Republuaii HUnerintendent
ami ma dork, an t tti new IVniocra'io
poeial c'.o.'ks Tho teit civil rervioe
reform under l'L-h heaven is "lo turn
the riin a out" a :d put giod Demo
crntti ia thdr phi 's. The piopln r
afkinjr now if l- tinster U.neral
Vili-s is gVng to let L. M. Terrell sty
in t.lli.io forovvr. He I as hen in
oifi.e twinty veare, and there are
p enty ol good D miocn.tic clerks who
by reef on of their long and Ml Mill
irviceand good record are enti led
to it, ai.d ttiere is very l.ttle luturo be
fore the mad seiviee, anyway.
Viirltt anil Hirer.
Effinuham, III , Jn-i 2i. Over the
Narrow WHiiire, at tur.lnv evening a
niau about :o or 40 yei-n'nf age, hy
tbe mine f i,n Iledy, arrived in
this ctv wiih a ynuug girl about 10
years old, nanid S..rah Umckett, and
reiiis'ered hi the Partridge Ibmae as
Hail and wife, of Litchfield, 111. On
the rame evei.ing hbont 10 o'clock, a
telegrrm was received by N gilt Police
man O-e-n. o' this ci'y, Irom Sherifl
Trayncr, ot Newton, Jasper county,
deHnnbinif th" p.iriiep, which led to
tlie arrest of Herfdv, who was hold in
custody tint 1 the arrival of the Sherifl,
ho to k thm hack to Newton,
III, Sniid-y morning, and plaiwd
them in ji). This nirrninn tliey
had an exan i'i io , an't Heady was
bound over fir h appearance at
court in tin fum f $."i()0 Heady re
sides ah n:t a x mill', -onth of Newt n,
is a ( , ir iv t.i iiiv,t'.i-i. nia'rietl.
end ha iWD or h.-. e otiildren. Miss
liraoi-ett is a l ie o of H.'udy. Bith
parti' 8 liel. nir to i oi d f nniht.
Yoc'i.1 find her snrling niubt audday,
A!thi"'gh "i tiroes s: e is not ygy,
A mi s'wi d yo'i w ride hv y a n.eet
Ti.ia ens'ant aniile. regard l;er teetti.
ni OIHT HllillF IllO e g' lllS io s ow,
Which SO.OIXJ.Nr u.akej white as
Indepearleut Ticket la Phillips Coun
ty, ArkA Negro Tbief Whipped
by Colored Vigilantes.
Israelii to rat irriiL.I
Helena. A hk , June 24 Last Sat
urday while Henry Jones, an indus
trious, honaeit (oLrtd man, was at
work io bis field, a negro preicher
named Wn, Lyle went to his house
and carried awry all of t he movable
property there was in the bouse and
concealed it in an abandoned house
r ear by. Tha theft aroused a giod
deal of interest and a posne of neuro
men set out to find the culprit. Cir
enms ancrs po n'ed to the preacher,
but it was not proven on Kim until
some of the poese traced him towhera
the gcot's had been concea'ed. Th
discoverer immrdiat ly no'ified bis
companions, and tha' night a body of
them masked, went ti ths preacher's
hnu-e, took him out and came very
near beating blm to death and gave
bim twenty-four hours to leave tbe
neighborhood. The abovo facts are
significant from tbe fact that it is the
fi st ins'ance upon re:ord in this sac
tif n wherein the colored people have
takun upon theaselvea the adminis
tration if ju-tioa of one of their race.
aie anain at fever beat and more
inteieHt is being manifested in the
same than is usual. A big barbecue
today at Trenton, given by the Masons
and Kn:ghti of Honor, was well
attended dv all tbe politicians, who
were eagerly d scuseirg the poesibili
ties of an independent ticket Up to
tho piesent time Oapt. E D. Pillow,
the present efficient Sheriff, has had
no oDposhion for his ree'ention, but,
it was developed today that Capt. J.
C. Barlow, a prominent hardware mer
chant, would oppose him for the Dem
ootrat c nomination, though be has
not announced hiintelf as yet.
at the Sacred Heart Academy laat
nigbt were attended by a vest con
course of people, and the students all
acquitted themselves with great credit.
A Rlrh Indiana Farmer Stung lo
Death br Cross Bees.
MrjNOiB, Ikd , June 21. Benjamin
Zt-hner until nioin'ng was one of the
most active and prosperous farmers in
Delaware county. Lie owned several
hundred acres of land, valued at $o0,
0( 0 He was 05 years of age. His
chief delight ws the care of
bees, many colonies of which he
had about his premises. These he
looked upon as his pets. Early yes
terday morning young colony of
bees came fonh. They were ob
aeived by Mr. Zobnor. who, calling
bis w-i'e, proceeded to place them in a
bive. The bees were cros', but after
some difiicu'ty were soon secured. In
the operation Mr. Zohrer was stung in
several places.
Two lighted upon each side of his
cose and limultaneously inflicted the
litt'e wound so familiar to bee keep
ers. Mr. Z-hnerat once complained
of ihe pain being unusually severe
and different in effect to any he Lad
ever before experienced from the same
cauee. He became deathly pale. His
breathing was labored and difficult.
His aged wife, the only person
about tbe premises, hastened to
the ahoure to bring camphor, hoping
its application might give relief to
her suffering husband. He sat in the
shade of an apple tree to await her re
turn. Her absence was of but abort
duration, but wben she came she
found him dead. He had apparently
died in irnat agony. Medical aid was
sum none 1, but too late, ft is the
opinion of the phys!cians that the
bee stings caused paralys's of the
heart, resulting in bis dea h.
The Satlrll of Mrs Thnmpaoa.
New York correspondence Balti
more American: At the Sturtevant
House, where tho Thompson tragedy
took place, the room occupied by the
ill-fated girl and her .i.urdi rer remains
as it was when the shooting took
place, Mr. Yard, who became recpon
cib'e for Thompeon's icdebtedness,
had not yet called to settle the bill,
but there is no uneasiness felt on that
There was a Spuitualistic feence
held last uight in one of the parlors of
the hotel, at w hich the spirit of the
murdered bride appeared, and, it is
paid, deecribed Ihe trag.'dy. A person
who was present gives tlie following
account of what transpired:
"When it became known to a num
ber of ppiiitualitts that Maud I.oid,
the we'l known nie.iiutn, wasstnpping
at the Sturtevant H. no, a seance was
suggested and immediately arranged
for. Besides the medium, there weie
s xteen other m diums pre.-. nt. The
spiiit of the dead hridewassummooed
by a well known g'ntieiiuu who was
presen', and with very Lt'l heHa'ion
replied tlitongti tho medium. Iu re
p' v io qu 'Ftii ns, thi apirit sa'd :
' 'My hns'uu.d eliot me wliilo my
b .ck was tinned aud on tho emir of
the momnut. As I wai looking in the
kHiM I taw itis hand on the i i,tol he-
f re l.e tirrd. The ded was t ot pre
meditat' d, t nt ho he sane terriblv ex
cited, ami mid 'enly re-mod to realise
tlie lact that he hid deceived me as to
his financial allairs, and t!it be had
ro reason toexptvt any further assist
ance from bis father.'
'This w b ail the information
gleaned, but theie will probably be
anotrer eeanc at winch the mystery
which Thompson ha thrown arouoil
the affair wi I be dieipnt-d by his
murdered wife's spirit."
Maud L'r.l, the medium who pre
a:ded, is the tie lighter of ihe Rev. Mr.
Lord, the ra-1 iona!ra clergyman of
Buffalo, ami is oi-e of the few medi
ums who has never been delected in
frutd. She is cr.di-ol with having
done some wonderful things.
Drain or a Wsll Knnwa ('Ultra.
St. Lns, Mo., June 24. Isaac
C' ok, the president of the American
Wine Company of this city, died at
Eureka ."'-.rings this nvrning, aged 74
years. He had been ill f.ir some time,
suffering frrm a c implication of dis
eases, which reii lied fatally today.
Mr. Cook was well known throughout
t he conn' rv. bavina ItAHn intimniolir
associated with Steihen A. Douglass
dnrn g the lalter'a life, and at one lime
the poetoas'erat C'dcago. Healso
served a term as Sheriff of C:iok conn.
tv, III.
Ritbbl NrnnrM'belu Irpoarl.
St. I.ocis, Mo., June 24 The trus
tees of h S a m Eineth Temple at
i he leading Jew itih Svnatfogue of the
Wet-t, at their meetiog jeeii niwb', de
posed th ir rabbi, S. 11 SjrneHchin,
by a vote of8ti4,on account ol his
lnving ubin.ion d, as the charges
fctutud, Judaism lor Uuitrtanlsm.
Mnl r the lor f he ApieaIV'
AVCD'C Sugar-Coated
M I Cn O Cathartlo
IX the Liver be- Ql I I Q
comet torpid, if tbe I I Ls Lv)e
bowels axe constipated, or If tha stomach
faila to perft rm IU f unctions properly, ns
Ayer'a Pills. They are invafuable.
For aome yearn I was a victim to Liver
Complaint, in conwsiuence of which I
suffered from General Debility and IudW
geatlon. A few boxea of Ayer'a Pill
restored me to perfuct health. AV. T.
Brlb'btney, Hendernon, W. Va.
For rears I bare retted more upon
Ayer'a Pills than anything else, to
my bowels. These Pills are mild lo action,
and do their work thoroughly. I have used
them with pood erlect, in cases of Kheu
matinn, hiiloey Trouble, and Drspepala.
U. K. JIIIL r, Attlcborough, Mass.
Ayer'a Pills cured m of Stomach and
Liver troubles, from which I bad aulTered
for yearn, i consider them the br.t pills
made, unil w ould not be without them.
Jlorris Uutei, Dowusvillc, N. Y.
I win attacked with Bilious Fever,
which was followed by Jaundice, and was
ao (iancrerou-ily ill that my friends de
spaired of my recovery. "I commenced
taking Ayer's l'llls, and ioon regained my
customary atrrngtli and vigor. John C,
1'attiiiou, Lowell, Nebraska,
Lat spring I auffered greatly from a
troublesome humor on my side. In spite
of every effort to cure this eruption, it In
creased until tbe flesh became entirely
raw. I wo troubled, at the same time,
with Indigestion, and distressing pains In
The Bowels.
By the advice of a friend I began taking
Ayer's Pills. In a short time I was free
from pain, my food digested properly, the
ores on my body commenced healing,
and. In lens than ono month, I was cured.
Samuel D. White, Atlanta, Ga.
I have lonir used Ayer'a Pills, In my
family, and believe them to be the beat
pills made. S. C. Darden, Darden, Miss.
My wife and lit lie girl were taken with
Dysentery a few days ajro, and 1 at once
bcpin Riving them small doses of Ayer'a
Tills, tliiukiuu I would call a doctor if the
disease became anv worse. In a short
time the bloody dfxoharges stopped, all
pain went away, anil health iv restored.
Theodore Eiling, Uichmond, Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Frapsrrd by Dr. J.C. Ayvr a Co., Lowell, Mats,
Bold by all Dealer In Bledlclne.
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 18W. I -I
vR. JOHNSON ia acknowledged br all par
J ' ties interatted aa by far the moat suc
cessful nhysician in the treatmentof urivate
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
guaranteed in every case, male or female.
Recent cases of ' uonorrnea and Syphilis
cured in a fw dars without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
buaineis. beoondary Syphilis, the last ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
timo. Sufferers from ftnpotenoy or loss ot
sexual powers rastor eto free vigor in s few
weeks. Victims of a a-abusa and eioeasive
venerr, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss or nhvsioal tind mental Dower, aneedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseases of Women, and
cures guaranteed, riles and old sores cured
without th us of caustioor th knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi-
oines sent by express to all parts of th
atsrWorklne men cored at half th nsnal
rates. Offio aours from 8 o'clook a.m. to t
o'clock p.m. V. P. JOHNSON. M.D
And Iron Roofing.
Fire, Wind Water and I Ig-htnlna;
proof Suiuhle for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory rates,
oall en or address
138 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry at.,
Headqusrters for Iron Fenees and Cresting,
Oalvanised Iron finrnico.Tin Roofs A Ktovea.
The Great Natural Blood Purifier,
Aa Iron Tonic free from Alcohol.
An Inrnlllhlo Urmody 1st
Dyspepjla, I. Ivor ('empliiinls,
Chronic Dlurrhira. tieneral Dehtllty,
Asthma, Female ( oinpliihits,
Ery ;ipi'l;is, all Skin Diseases.
Cholera Morbus,
or Ryes, Nlt;lit. Sweats,
Bilious ( 'ollc. Cuts. ItniNes. CBtarrli.
Ulcerous mid Cancerous Affections,
Rheumatism, Scurry,
sYeaknMS from Illness or Over-Work,
Loss of Appetite,
Sick Headache,
Sprains, Tetter, etc., eto.
rorrenrs and n:ii i ihcates
See tree pamphlet.
ari. proriktof:
a. noDi.IT raiTsta.
Owners and Proprietor,
On Horn Lake KoatI, 8 Miles from i'A
SUFFICIENT pasturage for 500 he 4
stock. Charges Irom tl SO to So If
month, nccordlng to care and kind of past
urage. Ucgti, cattle, calven, sheep and
lamb for sale Parlie desiring patnrage
for ititok, or to purchase or sell slock, will
oorreMund with
w. S. JACKSON, Agent, on th Place.
Telci tione AM or LIS.
Electric Belt Free
rTSO Introduce it and oMain agents w will
X I t the next sixty duyn gie away, free
of ebH-ge, in eaeh county in the It. S. a lim
ited n'i inherit our Ufrmaa Sloefro SJal
saair Nii-.i.-iry Helm, Price ': s
poeit 0 anil unfailine cure for JJerrous De
bility, VHnrocele, Koi--ionf, Imootcncy.
eti. iio.io Reward l'i I if every Celt we
Dianii:aiture does not generate a genuine
elecirir i-urrent. Addros nt once KI.KC
THK' UK1.1' A(JhCl, P. ;o. Uloi JIT,
ifreokljn, . 1.
U Jii I'C!. )h j
Lazarus levt. f. h. mixbuhn, james a, omberu,
ar Depoittj roelT4 la auma of tl sad apward, and Interest allowed on asm Semi
tor W bay and sell local InTeitmsnt Bonds and BecsrtUea generally, pay tax, set as
trnsteea. and, in general, xout any financial business requiring s safe and raaponaifeis
aar w iain drafts, In sums to salt purchasers, en all parts of Enron,
as W hay s oom ro od ions Vaul t for th deposit of Tslnables, which la at tha serrio t
oar customer!, rr of C'tusrsjs.
D. P. 1IADDEN, President. EWD. GOLDSMITH, TIce-PresltlenL
Sicceeson to PORTER, TATL0B t CO.,
Cotton Factor!
BO. IOO FRONT STREET, i t MEMPrllw . 'rm,
L. D. MULLINS, of 1st J. R. Godwin k Co. JAS. Y0NGB, laU ol J. W. Caldw.U k 0'
Cotton Factors &Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howard'a Row, Cor. Front and Union. Memphis.
IRIt'IIARD A. McCURDY, : i I t : President.
ASSETS, :::::: $100,000,000
Sorreaidor Value) Indorsed oa PollelM. Ho Forfeltnre. Obespest
In tbe World.
No. 2 foil on Fxctniinre Rnlldlng. Meniphiw.
Still in tbr sssnrket,
nient of
cb "N&rv&Ll. Stores
Office, 349 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. trJ Main Nltwi. Oaro Kltrk.
Itrlnkley, Ark., .HauiiraftiirtTS ef "
Doora, Sasli, Ulimlf, lrosscil Flooring', Oilinp, M'entlier-Boardln
jIroM 5ihlii);l0H, l.aibM.
"Our facilities are nnsnrpassed by anT sawmill in the Sonth for 61 ingordors promptly.
Floorina. Ceilini. Sidinn. Stun Lumber and
Lumber of all dimensions. We make the
solioited and
No. 124 Jefferson Street
C. C. UKIlt.
WhoSesak Sneers
S69 Front Street, Mesujphlit, Tona.
Cotton consisted to ns will har onr careful attention. W carry stall time a wall
selected stock 01
Stapl9 & Fancy Groceries, WSnas, Liquorsjcbacco & Ciga
4ntl wIM .ii m
WmC Fearoe & Co.
Cotton Facte, s & Commission r.lerch'te,
(lias Wanhasr-NM
v "" v ' . wi-"-
R. G. CRAIG & CO., 39
wllb a fnll assort.
New ami
i Harness.
C?nress hhinitlei a snooialtv 1 also. Fraiuin s
Wholesale llusiness a speoial feature. Orderi
promptly filled.
Memphis, Tennessee.
& CotSoa Factan.
l.nm mm the Lowest.
H ;, Tlsiln PS'es
Onion st.,nemphis
HOTEL, AH " HPBlMtjiai, '
Roekbridi Co., Vs. Uigk ap in tha
Virginia sionntaina. Pictoretqueaarroaad
ings,xtDive and beautitully haied lawn.
Gas, electric bells, and alt BiodernimproT
meats. Two daily m.ils, oat, telegraph sod
expre.s offices on th pre m net. Iabletk
yry best. Laiuriou-ly famished roomst
surerb band of siusie. Sesd for illn.traied
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Open for tis
itors, Juns 15th. Waim: Jivm, CAalyOeoM
and trrtmttm,. R. T. M ILSJSON.Man'gTy.
Mealgomrry snsly. Vm
Hsring been thorounhly repaired and hand
aomsly fnrn'sked, will be opened for tbe rs
caption ot Tiiitirs nn June 1, 1M. For par
ticulars apply to UEUHGK W. tAQQ, Mans
ger, Montgomery Springs Postoffio. MonU
aomery county, va.
Sulphur Springs
Immediately on the line of tbe great Chit
apeake and Ohio railroad. I lie most cele
brated or all the mountain resorts, and ona
of the oldest and most popular ot
Willoptn for the season Jnne 1st. Elevation
above tida-water, 2000 feet; surrounding
Kountains. 3oU0feet. Pamphlets Ce.crib.ns
hygienic advantages can be had of th agent
of th C.4S.W R. R , or ot
B. F. EAKLE. bnperlntcndent.
Finest Sammer Rpgort in America
Minnetouka Ileach, Ninn.
Offers accommodations unequaled by any ho
tel in the wel. Kate, 13 per day: 175 per
month. Circulars and fu I particulars sent
prom p'.ly on application to EfJUENK MEUIi.
Manager, St. Papl. Mntw. . si
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of lm, beglnnlig
Jnne 1st, reduced 25 to 60 per cent, but
the highest standard of eicefleno main
tained. Send fo? illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms.
F. N. PIKE, Msnager.
East Tennessee.
1BLEBRATKD as a cure for Dyspepsia,
V J thionio Diarrhea, Indigestion and all
Kidney Affections, lieautifully situntsd oa
tb banks of s errata! mountain stream.
Fine nhinr, bsautilul driven and romantic
scenery. Climate unsurpassed Hotel and
cettoges remodeled. Jfxcollent garden,
flenty o' fresh milk and pu butter, fifty
miles north ot Cnattanooga. Only seven
hours run from Atlanta. Alo loirs, malaria
or mosquitoes. Board reasonsble.
T. B. GORMAN. Proprietor,
Formerly of Warm "prints Botel, N. C.
aySend for Deacriptive Circular.
Hurricane Springs
THESE fprinrsare situated on Hurrlcsne
Creek. Franklin County, Tennessee, and
upon the western bench ot the Cumberland
In nyapftl), Dlnrrtipn, lysrntrw,
X.lverMuU Hidnev Trouble ia founded
upon actual cures. It is against these dis
eases that the conquering influence of ths
water is directed with perhaps the best suc
cess. It relieves with Ortalnijr and C e
lerity inflammation and ulceration of tbe
bowels, and removes all likelihood of their
lis asyapepsla, it oarries off the accu
mulated mass ot acidity.
Iu Liver aad Kinney Complaints the
water has a specific action . It eradicates all
malarial poison from the system, and la a
certain specific for all diseases having their
origin in malaria.
tend for pamphlets containing analysis,
Four daily mails. Telegraph or elephone
and express facilities pereot.
MILLER ABRO., Proprietors,
Resident Physician.
Hurricane Springs, Tenn.. via Tullahoma.
IS formally opened, under the new manage
ment of A. W. King, of Columbus, Miss.,
assisted bv Col. H. C. Hatcher 'and la-ly, lata
of Alexander's Hotel, Louisville. This well
known watering place is directly on the Una
of th Louisville and Nashville R.R., thirty
three miles north of Birmingham. Hot
Baths and Sulphur Baths a special feature.
These waters are too well known to need
further notice. For circulars snd further in
formation apply to General Manager, A. W.
KINHj B"ard reasonable.
WILL be opened June 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated eix miles
from .Etna Furnace, on th Nashville snd
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman county,
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Aitna,
and will convey guests to springs at a very
low rate.
Board, 920 Per Month ( ftl Per Day.'
tsnerlHl ttntea to tasulllea.
We invite all who wish to spend the most
pleasant seston of their lives to oom to
Beaverdam, especially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pur air In
Liverymen, Centrevllle, Tenn.
K. A. DKAN, Prnp'r t'cntreville Hotel.
OMmssioi:irs sale
It estate.
No. 2855, R. D Cha eery Court of Shelby
uounty u. . Haroert, administrator,
va. L. S. Rnnd At nl.
IN pursuance of Ihe terms of a decree in
the above stated c .u e, I will, as Special
Commissioner, prc ed in sell, at publlo
auction, to the highe't biiidor, at the south
west corner ot Main nnd Madison streets, in
Memphis, Tenn., on
TnMilav, 13th ilar "I Jnly, 1H.
the following dxsc ibed rial estate, in Khelby
county, namely: Lots N". 4 and 22 of the
llurbert .iubiiivision. a? umde in tbe case of
John llarbert. vs. R A. Hicks et al, lately
rending in the Second Chancery Court of
thelby County, to whi'h ro!erence is made.
Lot No. 4 of said snh livlsion, fronting HI
foot on s uth side of Jackson street by 150
loet to an alley
Lot Nn. 22 of said subdivision, frrntinst 81
feet on north side of Alston avenne by 150
leet deep to an alloy.
Said property will be sold on the following
terms, namely: One h ilf of the purchase
money to be paid n cash and the balanoe on a
s credit of six months from the date of sale,
the purchaser to execute dii with approved
personal security fur the deferred payments,
and s lien to be retained on tbe property sold
ps n further security, the notes to draw in
terest from date.
I reserve the right of waking one bid on
each lot so d.
ale to begin at 12 o oiock noon.
Special Commirsioner.
Mississippi & Teniiesseelt.il. Co.
Stork hol.lern' Meeting;.
Nt sarHiR, Jns . May 12, 1886.
IHE President and Directors of the Mis
Ki.sipwi and Tt-nno-'ee Railroad Com
pany, in aocnriiance with section 15 of the
charter of : aid Company, hereby call a gen
eral meet na of the sto:kh'lders in this Com
pany, to be held in ihe oflice f the Compa
ny, in Memphis, Tern., n eliiesnliyf
she 80 1 h 1hj nljniie, 1MB. for the pur
pose of conaiderine and sctinr on th con
tracts authorised by Ibis Board on the 11th
day ot May, 18Mi: As to a I ninn Passenger
Depot, ss to Track on River Front in Mem.
as to Gravel and use of Terminal Fa
cilities of this Company.
By order of the President and Board of
S. It. LAMB, Be:retTy.
Mon-KcMlileiit Notice.
No. 554. R. D -In the Protmte Court of
Shelbs County, Tenne usee. Bernord Dau-
riac et al va. the l:nknon Heira of Ars-
l ella M. Bacqip t, decessod.
It appearing from original bill filed in thi
cause that the names and residence of the
heirs at law of Arabelt'i M. Baoqnet, de
ceased, are unknown, hut ISey are Relieved
to be nonreaid.nts ol the ?tae of Tennessee;
It is, therefore, ordered th.it they make
their appearance ber.iin, at the Court-Iluuse
of fShcl 'y county, in Veuph'S, Tenn., on
or before the first Monday in July, l&Sn, and
ple;i d, answer or de - ur to complainant bill,
or the same will be taken tor confessed as to
them and set for hearing ex parte: and that
s copy ol this order be published once s
week for four sucre'sive weeks in tbe Mem
phi Apeal. This li th day of May, 1886.
A copy Atten:
By;L. fl. McDonnW. Dc jiut. Cle-k.
John LoaKue. s l citor for oompl't.
tmmni.TN, T B 'ard on the Bill.
Mrs. II. C. Howard, IMti Washincton
Park. Rooms lare: loeU'on deiichtfult
convenient to cars to Manhattan Beaoh.
Coney Island, Long Beach nd Central Park!
also to is xork pisoes ol amusement, -

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