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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 25, 1886, Image 8

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toikrtlle.Wfw Orliwai aal Tim Rj
u4 after Mil 3 1M, passenger train. oa
hi. mad will run aa followat
nSf ItAlL
cWk. I : North.
Men phi.
4:) p.m
: p.B
10 :W p.B,
l.n' a.m
7:31 a.aa
4:17 .
1 .1.4
arriaoa .
i M a.
11:18 P
Rta tUu
Few Orlein
6:S a. ml l:SS p.B
6:14 a. ml TiM p.B
:00 .m! 6:(l) p.m
EWHl all Hdm entering M.mlhta.
Witk M. k N. W. R. R. for Helena.
For Greonrill and Hietlngton, and ail
Ark.nsae polnU.
P-With V. A M. and V., S. k P. Railroad..
1-Wlih N J. k 0. K. R. lor fletohei and
Jack son.
f For Point, oa th. Branch,
w With iUnn lor Bayou Barn.
8 Wkh railroad. diverging lor Florida,
Toxa. and Coestlroint..
JAB. M. KDWAKItJ, V. P. andO. M.
A. J.KJAPP. a. P. A.
Btawlaatppl anal TraaaaiM. Train,
agor a. followat New Orloan. nail arrire
daily at 9:2.m. I learee dally at 6:00 p. an.
Cardie accommodation errlrei daily at 8:46
a.B. I leaves daily at ":' p.m. Now Orleans
Bail train will not .top at any flat station
between Memphl. and Hardis, or at White
haven, Horn Lake, Nesbltand Lor. Freight
train, do tot carry punnnri.
Rwartlwiaad Mlaalaalpnl
7. Train, mora a. lollow.i Feet In
laaTM at 10:00 a.m.) Ht. Looli fut Una
leave, at 5:80 p.ai.i Fast line arrives et 1 :30
p.m. I St. Louis faat Una arrive, at 11:05 a.m.
Lonlerlll and tYaahrlllo-Train.
r oTa aa follow, i Fast mall arrives daily at
:1ft a.m.: leaves at 10:10 p.m. i mail leaves
dWilv t 1(1:10 a.m. i arrival at 4:00 ii.m.
Brownsville accommodations leave, daily'
aiMntRnnrftT. et 6 :f0 a.m. i arrives dall
arrant Sondes, at 8.60 a.m. (standard time
neseeaphla and Llftl Itork. Train.
ova a. roiiowa toenrrai atanatra time):
No. 1 leares daily at 6: p. m.i arrives at
tinon.m. No. 3 laara. at fi M a.m. I arrire.
at 8 :W a.m. No. (freight) learea Unpefield
dally (aioapt Sunday) at 8:00 a.m.i arrive,
at 7:10 p.m.
HXnpblej and Charleatoa Train.
jot al follow! t Through express laara.
dally at 10:20 p.m. Mail and express leare.
daily at 10:00 a m. Som.rvIM aooommoda
tion laara. dally, aioapt 8undar, at 6:30
p.m. Through eipres. arrire. dally at 5:2ft
a.m. Mall and expres. arriros daily at 4:65
S.m. Somerrllle accommodation arriraa
ally, aioapt Sunday, at a:30 a.m..
"air Kanlo (Kanaa fllw, Rprlnar
rid aad Mxmplila) Train, laara M. and
T. Hannt ai followat No. 4. Kansas t'itv if.
eras., laara. at 10:45 a.m. I No. 3, Kansas
City aipraai, arriraa at 8:30 p.m. No. 2,
Unaa. City mail, laaraa at:00 p.m. I No.11,
Canaa. City mail, arrira. at 1:46 a.m. No.
1, Ht. LouU and Chloaao aipreaa. laara. at
tiOO p.m. I No. 1, St. Loula and Chlnaaoai
praaa, arriraa at 1:46 a.m. In affeot Sunday,
April J8.1SX6. leio
ompbla, Blranlairliam and Atlas.
tie Hollr Sprin.a Route Train, mora aa
fellawai No.llaaraa Mamphl. daily at 8:46
B.i arrire. at Holly Spring. at5:58 p.m. I
No. 3 laara. Holly Sprlnva tally at 9:00
8.W., arriraa a4 Mampnia at 1 il6 a.m. I No.
laaraa Memphla dally at 7:16 p.m., arrira.
Ik Uolly Sprlnra at 11:46 p.m.i No. 6 laara.
loMySprln.a dally at 2:15 a.m., arrira. a'
lamphl. t a.m.
Wn.iaOToa, June 2S, ltW, 1 a.m.
Indications: For ' Tonncase, fair
-weather; stationary temporatare. For
Arkanaao, fa'r weal her; alationary
temperature. ..
For MMmipi, Arkatwu, Louiaiana
and Texai, gmrratly fair weather; sta
tionary' U-mptrrfure; variatile windt, gen
trolly Kxithnly.
lor Kentucky antt Tmnensee, generally
fair weather; $l(Uionary temperature; va
riable windt.
Moorolocloal Kport.
Maarmi, Tim., June 24, 1HS6.
Time. I Bar. i Ther.lWind.lW'tLer
7 :00 a.m
11 :00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m,
10:00 p.m
19 007
Maximum turnpumture, 85.0.
. Minimam temtwrature, G0.0.
Rainfall, 0.00.
Osone, 11 o'clock a.m., 2.
la th Cotton Ra;laa.
810NAL Saavica, U. 8. Abmt,
Jane 24, 18806 p.m.
DiTulon of teleKrams anil reporta for
the benefit of commerce and aurlo.nl
tnre. Cotton reion ballntln lor the
t-wenty-lonr honre endlng.June 24th, 6
o'clock p.m.
"8 ft S 6?
ShS 5 Ho' fe.
Taicr, Ifim g
Memphis M 66 ,00
Kaahville 81 62 .
Grand Janction... 82 63 .00
Corinth , 85 61 .00
Tnscnmbla J - 84 62 .06
Decatnr 8(1 6:1 .
Hoottohoro 82 63 .
Bateaville X. 82 66 .06
Hernando.. 83 62 .06
Grenada .
lrlinKton.... 84 61 .00
Brownsville...... 8:1 6.1 .00
Milan - 85 62 .00
Paris 85 60 1.45
Covington.... 85 61 .00
Dyersburi 85 63 .00
Bolivar 84 02 .00
Holly Rpritige 83 611 .03
Oxford 84 63 .00
BnnjB ... 1508 1117 2.10
Means 81 H2 .12
? g
rVilminnton ....... 00 70 .07
Charleston 00 70 .10
angusta 87 U3 .04
Savannah 00 70 .44
Atlanta. 84 (!0 .88
Montgomery 85 63 .S3
Mobil 80 till .21
New Orleans 8S P9 .00
Galveston 90 65 .00
VickabnrR 86 68 .22
Little Rock 80 61 .03
Memphis 84 62 .12
Sums 1047 708 2.24
Means 87 60 .20
Grand jury meets tody.
A delightful musicals was given
' last night at the fiiink'oy place.
Hlas Barr, of the Corinth Sub-
souer and Dtmocral, is in the ci'y.
The Gas Company got Its work in
at the Council meeting yesterday.
The contracts for the two iron
bridpes for which Iho county appro
priated $25,000 have not been let yet.
It is inroored ti nt Gen. Dnpuy
will te called upon to become a can
didate for Judge of the Uiiwimil
. Court.
President Hadden hai lectin a
rgbteous war on the big mouthed
negro shyster lawyers wholaunt the
magistiaten' courts.
An entertaining lecture wfS de
livered last night at the hall of tbo
Yourg Wen's Chjialian Astoo!ation by
Mrp. Lide Meriwether.
The alarm of fi-e at 12:40 p m.
toiiav was caui,by the burning of a
mal'l portion of the roof of iso. 67
Exiharsra Street exUnded : loaa about
$15, Tba Cra was caused by sparks
from a stovepipe.
A lanrs vartr of del2tes to the
Mormav and Klpley, Miss, pwaed
throngh the city yesterday.
The Tarn feat al Estival Park on
Mcnday nrxt promises to be a suc
ceiBfol affair. Tickeu sold for the
date fliat annonoced will bold good.
Licenses to many were issued
yesterday to Btmuel Dean and Johan
na Brown, RoM. Jarree and Celis
Robertson. J. W. Canady and A
A tailroad picnic for (be benefit of
the families of firemen lately deceased
win db given at fitxgibbon'i urove
next Sunday. Trains wi 1 leave at 10
o'clock a.m. and 1 o'clock p.m.
Miss M.ry Savior and Miss Nelly
fin miners, both graduates cf the La
Balet'e Academy. The subject of
Miss Say lot's eesay, "Tba Ureful and
the Beautiful." Huhject of Mls Rum
meis, "Life Without an Aim." Both
yourjg ladif s rrceivsd gold medals and
whole crowns. Mis Parlor was pres
ented with a book of poems by friends
and Miss Hammers was presented wltb
a pair of gold bracelets.
A party of ladles who vitited the
Poor and Insane Asylum yesterday
were lar.'sh In their praise of the clean
liness of the building and the beauty
arid loveliness of the grounds. An In
mate who mce eDjoyod nulte a repu
tation aa a ire'eo an'BT, dbs Deen si
work on the wills of the reception
room. He has pictured Dr. Duncan
on the wal's of the drug shop, with a
Goddeaa of Liberty placing a crown
on bis heid with one band and point
ing the other to a Pandora box. Un
derneath is the legend, ''Science con
quers tnakta i lie painter baa teen
Sole Agents for Horace R. Kelly
te.'s Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by as: Gayoso Hotel ntnnd,
fcabody Hotel stand and S10 Main
Street. From shipments received
eekly. I. SAmtmoM a co.
J. II. Thompson and wife have re
turned from a trip to the North.
Miss Lilly L. Laski, of Ennis, Tex ,
1 1 visiting her father, Dr. R. L. Lsski.
J. N. Mt'i.roan, who has been en
joying ColliervlUe's noted hospitality
as a guest of J. B. Fisher, has re
turned. Cards of invitation have teen is
sued to the wedding of Mr. J. F. Mc-
Keon and Mss Mollis Shea at Ht.
Brigld'a Church at 6 o'c'ock Monday
W. W. Hum trrrys, saluaman or
the Pamuel Cnpples Woodenware
Company, Ht. Louis, leaves this morn
ing tor a short trip on the river, but
will return Monday.
Invito public inspection to their
unprecedented, nnequsled and un
rivaled bargains.
Don't Oiiss the Silk Bargains!
Don't mlts the Lawn Bargains 1
Don't miss the Gingham bargains!
Don't miss the Glove Bargains!
Djnt mits the White Giods Bar
Today We Offer All Our
12 yards Plain White Lawn and 9
yards of Embroidery
Cheap at $3 00 each.
Today, also, 1000 pairs Ladies' and
Worth a good gold dollar.
250 pairs Lidies Genuine French
Kid Shoes, opera and common
sense shapes, at $2 05 a pair.
TncY ARB worth $5 00.
Men'a Low-Cut Shoes reduced.
For lOo you can got Colored-Glass
Pitchers, Sugar Bowla, Preorve
Stand, Decorated Vases, Butter
l'la'o", Cups and Saucers, Mtijts,
Ice Cream Dishep, Bisntio Figurep,
and over 100 other artfles at 10c
N. B Just received new Em
hr.iidi red Swies Skiiting and
Flonm in. Skirting, 1) yunU wide,
at i be.
I. . it. it.
rii-nie and Babv Show td the I O. R
11 At l'tivsl Park on Tueedtty, June
20th, over two hundred priHfa will he
awarded ti tr.e battles. Kicrt ctiiltl
will recetve a rurLber as it goes
through the pnteway, inclosed in a
sealed envelope, which will designate
a pruo. Arnold s lull t and bas been
Fine Watch repairing at Mnlforrt'H.
lMtlabnrg Lnmp Coal
At 33e pr barrel.
Knight ol Honor Privilege
Tor Mle.
The picnic privileges wi'l bo fo'd at
the Torrare Garden, over Lut-hr-niantiV,
Friday, June 25th, at 3
o'c'ock p m., to the highest snd best
bidder. By older of the commifee.
Kolld Silverware at MuIioruV
Drummond's Katnral Leaf.
The only genuino "Xa'ural Leaf"
tobacco in the market; "two tin tairs.
one on iach cud of thep'ng;" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't be deceived into
btivinu imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummond's Natural Leaf'
aar4 Ckansaa Take Plaee
Blg P la rr atla-aplal
aua4 B parka.
A lonrof Inspection of the Newport
News snd Missisrpipi Valley railroad
la being made by the general ctiidra.
They arrived bere yestetday and were
reais'ered at the Peabodv Hotel last
night, as follows: John Muir, general
tr.lfio ananager; Geo. John Echols,
vine president; J. L. Tray er, anperin
tendcrjt, snd B. F. Mitchell, general
freight and pawenger sgent; alsoll.
W. Falter, gnneral passenger and
t'eket sgent of the Chesapeake and
Obio, snd Col. H. D McHonry, a large
stockholder and director in that csor.
piny, snd the owner of the McHenry
ccal mines. Mr. Muir was appointed
general traffic manager June 1st,
and aa soon aa the detd's
can be arranged the Chrsapeake, Ohio
and Southwestern, the Chesapeake
and Obio and other divisions of the
system will all be Uased to the New
jtort News acd Misiissippi Valley
Company, and it will bc me in form
ss it now is in fact, one syttetn. Noth
ing has been heard laUly of lbs
project to base the Louisville, New
Or'eana snd Texas, but it is under
itood tha, Mr. Wilson does not care to
f:o into the arrargement as he thinks
te bas the bert piece of property. It
Is generally believed, however, tbat
within the next year the Ntwport
News snd Mississippi Valley Com
pany wi 1 cnntrol the entire line from
Newport News to New Orleans-a
grand trunk line. It is reported on
what teemn to bo good authority that
the general psseerjger depaitment f
the Chesapeake ana Ohio U to be re
moved to Louisville, aTid the Jurisdic
tion of Gent nil Passenger Agent Ful
ler ex'ended over all the Huntington
lines eaht of the Mlssirsippi river.
Should "Hany" Fuller go to Louis
ville, and h's power as a thorn in the
side of competing lines increase in
ratio to the distance covered by the
removal, there will be lively times in
east-bound passenger sffalrs, for, es an
ornament, Fuller regards agreed-rate
sheets very highly, but for everyday
use be generally ants as though he
thought them a bit cumb- rsome.
A Bit; rarlb,
Railioadmon say that on July 4th
tbere will be lomeconeiderable chang
ing around in railroad circles. Gen
eral Manager E. B. Thomas, of the
Richmond and D.nville, is But down
as a mover, snd his object seems to be
to rob the Atlantic Coast line of aa
much of the through travel between
the North and South ss possible, It
seems to be a positive fact tbat double
daily trains are to be put on the Char
lotte, Columbia and Augueta road, and
the track between Charlotte and Au
gusta is to be put in first class order,
new s'uel rails having been ordered.
When the double daily aervice begins
on this road, the trail s will be run
through from Charlotte to Savannah.
tianue of Uanae.
The St. Loui;, Arkacsas and Texas
Narrow Gauge railroad, wh'ch is rap
idly changing its gauge to standard
width from Cairo to Ga'esville, over
700 miles, Tuesday commenced the
woik of elevating lis Iron bridge across
the Braios river at Waco, Tex. The
bridge Is an Immense structure, and is
to be elevated six feet higher than
now and made broader. The work
will, be costly and will require some
Splhnanil Sparks.
John T. Fltnk, formerly connect
ed with the Louisville and Nashville
raihoad at this city, now ol Jefferson,
Tex., was in town yesterday.
Fhkiciht solicitors of Western lines
are packing their "grips" preparatory
to a trip to tbe watermelon eoc'ion lor
tbo purpose of looking up business.
A cumber of railroads are compet
ing for the immense amount of liquor
that will bs shipped out of Atlanta
when prohibition goes into effect.
Some ot these shipments will go to
Cincinnati, Macon and Louisville.
It is suggested that the Memphis
and Little Rock would make alien
strike by extending its line to Paris,
Tex., snd connecting there with the
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe(now con
solidated with the Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe), ard the Houston Texas
Oent'a', muking a line to Dallas, Fort
Worth, Waro, Houston snd Galves
ton. Sdpbrintindfnt Dunn, of the Mo
bile and New Orleans division, Louis
ville and Nashville railroad, made a
trip recently over the lines. Hs re
ports the benellta ti the canipony by
change ol gtiage extremely gratifying
to all cot cerned, and aa mateiially in
creased between Mobile aud New Or
leans. It is reported thut a new through
fast mail and pssserger train will be
put on the line between Chr'otte and
ViHfrliii gton, making thre treins per
elaionlhn Richmond and Danville,
two of these ti be through paescngi r
and muil and ore lorr.l. It will not
surprise us to sie nil ot these minora
cm lirnied, for the Richmond and Dir.
ville i8 n t only teaching out far bus
iness, but int nds t;) hive it.
Aud Keep It This Wee k Oul)!
Summer Oondt Have Oot to 0)l
Wear determine d to clean them
out and begin ih nextseason with
Read and wonder I C me early and
get your choice.
500 pr Mioeert'StrspSnndals, woith
$1 75, s'lesllt, forOOo.
1000 pra Ladiea' Kid Opera Slip
pe, worth $1, for 60c.
500 prs Misses' KidOpera Slippers,
worth $1, fortlOc.
200 prs Ladifs' Kid Oxford Tiee,
pump B 'les. worth $2, for $1 25.
90 prs Ladiea Ki 1 Fancy Oxford
Tits, pump sale, worth $2 50,
for $1 60.
60 prs Mistes' Alligator Oxford
Ties, very stylish, pump soles,
worth $2 60, for $1 25.
A lot ot Childien'a Pebble Goat but
ton Newport, worth $1 50,fi)r75c.
A lot of fl si quality High Cut San
dal Button Shoes for Ladies and
M sees, worth f4 50rnd upward,
for the small sum of $1 50.
A lot of Ladies' Button Newport",
pump soles, north $2, f.r$125.
lake Your Choice. A lot of
Children's Shoes, Infants' Slices,
Infsi.ti' Sandals, snd other odd'
and en d8, some costing as high es
$2 and more tke your choice tor
oidy 40a. Cut th's out and keep it
this week rnly.
Central Snrtterj,
99 Market street. Telephone 717.;Re
duction of prices for balance of the
Pdy Hotel.
0. B. OAIXOWAT k CO Panrarrroa.
iUUa V 9 aad 13 par dar, aoeoroin. to
aiaa ana location of rooaa btwoial
into. made.
WEPIthd.Kt L Hunt, Tana
WLMcl'b.raon.Mlch H McCain. Mia.
AWayl, Pa O P Uoo.toa, Mo
J. Crawford, Va J B aaa, ill
P.rea, T.an D M Lida, Tens
FL Mitchell, Ark W B Parka, Oa
W Wood. K WMcLain.Pa
nllr. K I JU rarri.k, Va
u niiuii, va x va
A U-T.-...L V. V I . J W fl
v a n kiouc tM. va munvtri v
air. U V HroU, Mill Ml.a Heott, Mia.
14 la. Baldwin. Miu R D Kwall, Tana .
0 A Stainbaek, Vana 3 A Tipton, T.nn
M Bar... Mui H H Mattaek, Kj
H W liradl.r, Ky MP (iradr, iy
bPEv.na, Br J R Kaaa, Pa
H M Udn.r, NT C Mor.un. N T
J PSharidaa, llo Oeorra Nath, Tann
BOMaro, Ark 8 0 Drown, Mia.
Wipreat er, Mia. Wm M .fainter, Ora
D HoKamia, Mia. Mra D MrKenil., Mia.
Miaa (1 A loom. Mia. Miaa J Alootn, Jatica
P H gimma, Oalo T J Newell, Mu.
C W fiimuaon, Ohio 8ol K Jonea, Mich
J P R.m.r, T.iaa II MePkoraon, K
SA Warner, Ark J J Pearry, Ark
K Crawford, Tenu E P fcmith, T.nn
COffult, Ky NY Hattaraon, Tana
W A Himmera. Ark M 1 Howell. Mo
ti V latum, Ky W B Itoyd, Ky
a. v., a a. r. a. a.
John Minor John Echo).
H W Fuller II 1 McHenry
JaL Frailer BF Mitchell
Tbe Blew Uavoao.
Rata., 12 80 to 14 per day, aocordln. to loca
tion of room..
J H Webb, Ky ASMeGhea, Ky
J A llari'b.m, Tenn Miaa F Coobran, Ky
C Prune Aw, Tenn J C Frrauaon Aw, Ark
II B Ahernittliy, Ark J 1) Purker, Ark
J M Kirk, Miu H D Bethel, T.nn
II W Hennepin. Ark C H Law, on, Ohio
J II Freeman, Tenn tl U Saundera, Ark
J MrAlaater, N Y J B Ihom-eon, Vt
1 T Thnraton, Tex R I) Ml, Chicago
A V AUma, Maa. Q R Lyndon, Mo
R A Coi.lll C R Pitner, Maa.
OLGurler.NY K T Harrie, Mite
W II Kaland, Ark R L Lampaon, Ala
C K Thompaon, Tenn 8 T Simmona, Tenn
RBWilliamaon.TeDn T J Ltndaey, Mia.
B li Finley, Mia. A (i Krana, Ark
11 A KnyliT, Ark I- E Hopkina, Ark
A U Woodson, Tenn S B Jonea, Tenn
Vaaton'n llotol.
W. II. BINGHAM Makaorb.
Euroiwan plan. Enlarged and refurni.hed.
Prioe. aooordina to aiaa and loca
tion of room.
J M Little. Mir. J A Avery, III
H M Ho-. worn.. Ill O W John, on, Tenn
Mi" A Dance, Tenn Mia. Nina lioline.iTez
5 J Frtderiok, Mias B M Hterns, Mis.
W Frederick, Mia. Mi's Nora Lowry, Tenn
Mra M 8 Jay, Tenn J 11 Arery Aw, Ark
W II Batea, T.nn P M Blacn, Mis.
J W Benaa, Mis. Rer R A Venahle.Tenn
lkaOoha, Miaa B C Dunoan, Misa
Win Wainwri'ht.Ark R D Pulliam, Va
Miaa Daridaon, Tenn II Davidson, Tenn
Miss R Terrell, Tenn T C Lone Aw, Tenn
C D Damon, Mo Colton Greene, Tana
J M Carew., Tenn J W James, Tenn
J C Milon, Mo HP Ambray, Ark
0 W Burford, Tex L Leateryitt, lex
J M Battle, Ark A L Hmith, Tex
WAJopMn, Mo BHStelia, T.nn
MaKleWilburn,Tenn T P Chambers, Ark
8 VanWyck. NY C R Uatwood, III
J Mendall, fll A W Uloater, Tenn
II M Rica, Va Mr. M O Perkins, Mlri
J P Learelt, III Mrs Jenkins 42 c, Miet
Walter MoLaurin, Mia.
Daily's Enropeaa Hotel,
Corner of Adam, and Main atreeta. Rooms,
SOo, 75. and 11 per day : American Plan,
ti per day.
First-clans Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 years with Peabody Hotel)
It T Taylor, Ten n MM Monk, Tex
P J Randlo, Mo R M Andrews, Mich
ti u uuiiiiiukvi 11 A n v " 11UII1I.U, JOUU
L T Roberta. Mis.
11 J I'etors, Ara
M Robertson, Ark
(1 0 English, M.
C P Warner, Tenn
W R Roers, Ark
P M Morris, Tenn
F MuruhT. Tenn
RF William., Ark
W L Cherry, Tex
BBCewia. Ky
II LClay, Miaa
Mrs 8usin Baer, Mo
c Uoetei, ienn
W I. Reddit Aw, T.nn J A Martin, wAo.Tenn
Froi'rty, Tenn 11 Mcruwell, Tenn
Mra LFIynn.Cal Misa M Talbot, Ala
E J Low.mlein, Mil. J U Powell, Ark
J M Ritnhie, T.x W E Nelson, Miaa
A 8 Kerr, W V R C Kcklea, Miaa
W 0 Uo.ard, Mia. Mrs Uiluiore Ac, Tex
Mra Mowers, Kr H w ilouaton, lenn
J J llnrtnott, Ala
E C Hudson, Ala
J H Bnyder, Tenn
T B Hnrouse, Ark
M J Norton, Ark
K M Jones, Tenn
P M Ambrose, Mia.
jt Miirpny, lenn
J F Heard Aw, Miaa
J M Genea, Miaa
H Mulholand, Ark
J W Burlord. Tex
J B Hudson Aw, Ark
W G Miller, Oft.
Kausominino telephone 609, Mc
Neil. Dr. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
emba'mer, 66 Madison street.
Bind a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
call for your laundry. '
Tbi Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonloand antl-perlodlo knowu. A eartain
and sura enre for chilli. Price II par bot
tle. 8end atanira for oiroularo. Any rer-
Iranre .Ixen. Addre.. John 0. Rnckar,
,ynohhert. Va.
Tin ladles of tbe Alabama Street
Presbyterian Church will . have ice
cream and cake from 4 to 9 o'clock
this evening in the yard adjoining the
church. Cream, JO cents per ssucer.
Ir toub complaint is want of ap
petite, try half a wineglass of Angos
tura Bitters half an hour before din
ner. Beware of counterfeits. Ask
your grocer or druggitt tor tbe genuine
article, manufactured by Dr. J. G, B.
Siegert & Sons.
Malford, Jeweler, 294 Main, so
OclU orders from the country.
Hot Hut ledge St Jicomnraluo lo do
yonr rinmblnar.
Isaacs fe Co.'s ant!(jnarin bcok
ttnre and circulating libiary has re
moved Ir.im No. 316 .Vcond to No. 419
Main street
Owing to change of gauge we are now
prepared to toutract tor f rsent or
future delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced rates.
A llriiKKUt'i Mory.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
New burg, N. Y., wries us: "I have
for the past ten yeses sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balsa'n for
the Lungs. I can say of it what I
cannot nay of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
eet manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
cough, with the happiest effocta. I
nave used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet' ready for
I KalltIa lJucomaralBO for
ranr PlarabtBK ! a- tHli
Mra. Battenbers;.
Awnings, tents, cots, mattresses and
tarpaulins made at 2S1 Second street.
Sniumor Resort.
Elegant accommodations for (10 and
$12 per week at the most charming
and delightful summer resort in Wis
consin. A beautiful lake snd elegant
mineral iptlng aro attractions. W lite
ftr circular and rate..
Madison, W is.
Order "Mullonl Made MeriaW
It In Not Hlght
For jon to leave for the summer
until you have bonpbtycur trunk and
valiee at the new Memphis Trunk
Factory, 331 Main street, Goodman A
Barrett, Old trunks repaired promptly
and neatl .
Monogram Bangles; Blnliord
JAKES C. BELL, President.
Saddles Harness Collars
I6T SPECIAL PBICES to Railroad and Levee Coatractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. -t
Spin FasniODs
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Do and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Adrlce
Especially Adapted to Mem
phis and Vicinity.
Black hosiery will be much worn,
but the man who comes home late at
night with a black eye will be re
garded with suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnets will be
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
cost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 262 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, condone to buy their
clothing at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Seoond street.
Curl-papers will be much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Before de
ciding to buy elsewhere see the fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Secsnd street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 999 times. She might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true test of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-class fight
until at least one week after the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suits at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Seoond street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to get the most for your money come
to the
Opp. Court Nqoaret,
Open evening:" III! 9, SHlnrdaye
till 11.
la?" All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done frco of charge
N.B. We have several hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests whioh
will be sold at tl 25.
No. 238 Main Street.
Iuoorporated lOOO,
THB course of study 1. extended, thorough
and practical, affording superior facili
ties for obtaining a sound baaincaa education.
for Catalogue call at the school-room or
address T. A. LKDDIN, Principal.
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
(guocseaoBS to o. h. hoijst a bbo.
Funeral Directors,
530 MAIS ST., MEM Til IS
A FULL and oempletej atock of Wood and
Metallic Ca.ee and Casket., Clfth-Cor-ered
Casket, and Purial Roba. eJ were pi
hand aeg-Ordert bj ! va promptli
e Y71 M
I Janaoa . Saoalbar Wm. I Clark
319 Main Street, Memphis. Tenn.
TTTE offer to M R'H ANTS OSLT the larteat and beat atock or Boot, and Shoe, we
VV haro ever brought to tbia market, and which eannot be snrpaaaed in qaalHr ana
styles by any honse in this or any other city. In addition to a oomyilete line of Eutara
made foods, Including the t'El.t.BU&TfcO UUUDBAH CO. HHWUtAN, we handle
a lar.e and aeioot atoox of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Missel and Children. We
carry a number of tbe best makes in the oountry, in arerr variety .nd style, and anions
themtthe well known Men'. Calf Boot, and Shoe, manufactured by Geo. Ilocker for oar
Serine Trade. Wo alao carry a choice line of Ladiea' and Misses' Custom Kid, Qoat and
Calf Good., manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Ce. We invite the trade to examine
oar .took before baying elsewhere, and we guarantee everythin. we aell to giro .atiafaction.
imsoiuxiox NOTICE.
rpHK firm of ESTES, DOAN k CO. ia this
-a. parmer, u. . nsics, win seme ine
uiM m w., who wilt continue ma n noiesale urooery and Cotton
formerly don by us.
Z. N. ESTES. B. S. 8PICER. W. B. D0A5.
Ybolesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street Memphis. Tenn.
For Jadge of tbe Criminal Court
ESSR8. Napoleon Mill, Henry J. Lynn,
John w. uiuara, u. m. neeiy, w. v.
. v . ti n n : . l n . i .r u i ,
A. L. Lowenstein, J. B. Menken and others
In response to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Jnd.e ot Sh.lby county, with .incero
thank, lor your kindnea. and courtesy, I
hereby announce mytelf as a candidate for
the position, subject to th action of the
Democratic convention.
t'lerti of tbe Criminal C'onrt.
WE are anthoriied to announce R. 8.
CAPERS (lor twenty-one year. Dep
uty) aa a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Khelby county, subject to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
WI are anthoriied to announce DABNET
W. COLLIEK a. a candidate for Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby county,
lubiect to the Democratic Convention.
County Conrt Clerk.
TBE Appkal is anthoriied to announce P.
M. WINTERS aa a otndidate for Coun
ty Court Clerk, subject to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM Is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subjeot to tbe action
of the Demooratia Convention.
K are authoriaed to announce P, J.
iitii i. v - - ,. 1 ; .1 .. .... ri 1 t
th County Court, subject to the action of
th Shelby County Dmnocratio Convention.
Jndare or tbo rrobsete Conrt.
rpO My Fellow-Citiieni of Shelby County
X Fearing that my ciroular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge mayhava
failed to reach many of you, I take thi.
method alao of announcing myself a candi
date for that office, subjeot to the aotion of
th approaching Democratic County Con
rentien, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to Be
your obeaient .errant, X. B. MIC0U.
WE are anthoriied to announce J. P.
V0UN( a. a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to th
action of th County Dcmooratio Convention.
For Trnateo.
WE are anthoriied to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY aa a candidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subleot to th action of th
Democratic Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS as a candidate for
re-eleotion to tbe office of County Trustee,
subject to the action of th Democratic Con
vention. THB Appeal la anthoriied to announce Mr.
N. F. LEM ASTER aa a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby county, sub
leot to the action of the Democratic Conven
tion. For AHorney-tJenernl.
WE are anthoriied to announce GEORGE
B. PETERS, Jg.,aa a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subieot to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal la anthoriied to announce S.
D. WEAKLEY as a candidate for Attorney-General,
subject to the Democratic Con
For Keg-laterr.
rpO the Voter, of Shelby County and My
JL Friends I hereby announce mysolf lor
the second time a candidate for the office of
a 1L.J ir.
County Register, subieot to the liemocratto
Convention. I am poor and need the office. I
Feeling that my pact service as a servant of)
the people has given satisfaction, and that I
.an come before the people and ask their
suffrage. and support tor County tWister, I
am, respectfully. JOHN A. POWEL.
WE are authoriied to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARRISON aa a candidate
for tWister. aubject to the aotion of the
Democratic County Convention.
THE Appeal I. anthoriied to announce
JOHN F. MoCALLUM as a candidate
for Register, .uljeot to th aotion oi the
Democratic Convention.
THE undersigned announces that he 1. a
candidate for Register, and aaka the
anpport ot the rotew of Shelby oornity. If
elected, will endearor to give aatiafnetion in
the discbarge of tbe duties cf th office, and
place, his claims subject to the aotion of the
County Democratic Convention.
Memphis, March 2S, 1886.
SA. DOUGLAS, of Kerrrille, Tenn., 1. a
. candidate for REGISTER, subject to the
action of th Democratic Convention.
JTS are anthoriied to announce K. A,
'V EDMONDSON aa a candidate for
County Register, .object to th nation of the
Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal I. anthoriied U announce
JOHN w. GOULD aa a candidate for
th offlc of Register, subjeot to th action
th Democratic Convention.
Jnrfa of th t'lrentt Conrt.
M. 8. "LTPP'N ioer.didntefoOir
rni. Judre of Shelby County, subieot
to the action of a Demecrati Conrenti.n.
Wa are anthoriied to announce L. H. ES
TB, JR., a. a candidate fot dude of the
Circuit Court, snhjoct to th actioa of th
Democratic Convention.
AMES L.O0ODL0K will kea eat)!'.
hf,,r th l.mt,ti Co!.l"n, for
nomination to the office n( Jodreot the Cir
cuit Court: aad. If aettoted, will anpport
th auoeesaful mwmiaea.
We are anthoriied to announce that JOHN
JOUNSTuN ia a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Court ot Shelby County, lubject to
action of th DemocraUo Uonvanuoa
Fe METER, Btfj and Xreaa.
Kaaeaaa J. Carrlma;tai rraak B. Jomttm
MEMPHIS, TENN., June 1, 18SS.
day dissolved by limitation. The surviving
uusinees at the onice or their ancoessors, z. fi.
Factorage busineee aa
li. J. DOAN, Executrix.
lor Circuit Conrt Clerk.
WE are anthoriied to announce Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clerk, aubject to tho
cation of the Democratic Convention.
fATJRING the season we will reeeirBk
U Hart'. Berries itiOrning and evening.
Just received a fresh lot of Kennedy lino
Biscuit and Cake..
Butter Scotch, Beatrice, Albert,
Lemon Cream, Jelly Drops, Shrewsbury.
vocoanm Aaoy, noyai jutzea,
Vanilla Cream. Assorted Jelly, Eta.
Corner Second and lleale Sts.
Importer, and dealer. In Onaaj, Ammah
nlilon and Fishing Tawkle, Baildora'
Hanlwwe, F.lewlrlo Bell and Am
n a oolalora for Hotel, and Residences,
Haln atreet, Hunphla, Tenn. Electric
aupplies alway. on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Worts.
140, H2, 144 Front, Memphla.
In th Honth, and th only oompleW
Boiler and Sbeet-lron Works In th city.
M anofactarer of beary tlat lro
work of ewory donerlptlon. Special
attwnttca giraa to nlantation work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
Gnn-, FlNblnar Titnklo and Sport,
ineia'a b.iibIIss. - Speoial attention
113 WltiVn N...Mmih1iih. TVn.i
,f t
ttung, Amninuitioii, Fisblng; Tackle
and ItiiHi-Kall (vimmIx.
Jit Halsi ijircet, Wttsupbla, Tnn.
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gun. a
0F MUSIC Boston. Mass.
WORLD lWliistrurtor,yHStiidpiiUltit yw. Thof.
oukI lnnrurtion in Vocsiand Inriniinenul Minlc. Pl.no nO
Ortcan Tuning. Fin. Art. Oratory, Liternir Fmich, (iff
mui .nd lUII.n L.ngu.)rM, KoKtiiih Branchra.eiymn.rtic
ffuu Tuitton,to.'J(lbo.rd.iidroomvfth8te.m Hratano
ElwtrtcI,lBht,.4.M.i.75 pr term. Fail Termtffin Hrp.
Imt)er9, lllW. F')rTlhmrtl Calendar, with ttitHnfttrmstiim.
addnu, K. TOUKJKE. Dir., FnuiUm Bit-, UQH 1UN, Mm.
Non-Ret-ldcnt Sothe. ,
No. 6197. In th Chancery Court of SWiby
County, Tenn. Daniel Wilietu et al v.. .
John Hunter et al.
It appearing from amdarit to ths bill ir ,
this cause that the defendants Willi
Martin, Thomua L Martin and John : '
Hunter are non-residents of Tennessee ia
resident! of Lonisr'lle, Kentucky; .
It is therefore ordered. That tbey F
their apearance herein, at tb Court-lJ
efSholby county, in Metaphia, Tenn..d
or before tbe first Monday in July,
Elead, answer or dftnur to complauaed
ill, or the same wi'l be tsken for co and
aa to them and set for hearing ex pance a
tbat a oour of lhia order be Duhlishn tbe
week, for four eucoessive weut day
Memphis Daily Appeal. This
June, ItWrt. A cepr attest : .Master
S.I. SicOOWtLL.OlerkndM.
Ry B. F. Coleman, Deputy frl't. .
Poaton A Po.ton. Sol, for r- leinr
Youiio & oUier'
Lacroix's peraJ Colors,
Artists Elatenals,

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