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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, June 27, 1886, Image 10

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. i.
EiimoAD hue mil
kiMiMfri fiixif wiii.
aad after Ku ..lei, ptmiw trains ea
tbis medwill ma e follow!!
"""TUfTiilE ) Soala. l:tirlk.
4:90 .B
10rM .aa
litw a.a
i:M e.aB
6:25 a-si
:14 a.n
:M e.m
T.-21 .m
i-.m a.n
ill a. a
:1 s.ai
lt s.si
t:ti p.m
ew Wmm
:Q0 e.n
A-WHk all Hum souring Meoar.hll.
B-Wit M. AN.W.R. R-tor II. lane. .
Qgor Greenville u4 Hnntlnctoa, ui all
Arkansas poinu.
P-With V. Mand V., B. A P. Railroads.
-With N.i J. A 0. &. R. for flauhes ul
f For Point the Bruei.
ft With steamers (or Ilayo Sara.
H With railroads diverging (or Florida,
Taiaa end Coeatlnointa. .
JAB. M. KDWA RI8. V. P. ui 0. M.
ATj.tNAPP. . P. A.
ittisal anal Tennesass.Tralsi
iati u follow! i 14. w Orleans mail arrives
illy M OiXa.an.l Imitm daily at 6:00 ) i.
ardla eoeommndatioa arrive! daily at 1:S
a.m. i ith daily at o: p.m. new urieani
fikil train will not ilop at any lac nation
twsan Memphis and Nardil, or at V hi le
aven, Horn Lake, Keebit and Lot, freight
traini do not earry passengers,
ewlftort Krwliad Mississippi Val
Traini mora u (nllowit laat Una
leevee at 10:00 a.m. bt. Lonli fait fin
laarai at & :SU p.m. i Fait Una arrival at 1 :J0
p.m. St. Leuu fait Una arrival at sHUo a.m.
Lealsvllle and Nashville Traini
Piova ai follow! t Fast mail arrival daily at
ilAa.m.t leave at 10:10 p.m. I mail laavai
daily at 10:10 a.m.i arrival at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation! laavai dally'
ioeit Monday, at 6 :00 p.m.: arrival daily,
loeptSuedsy, at 1:60 a.m (standard lime).
Memphis a ad Little Rock. Traini
siovs ai followi (central itandard tlmeli
So. 1 laavai dally at 6:29 p.in.i arrival at
tlMp.m. So. S laavai at o :ft6 a.m.! arrival
at S :W a.m. No. 6 (freight) laavai Uopefleld
daily (eaoapt Sunday) at 6:00 a. in, I arrival
at 7 :10 p.m.
Memphis and Charleston Train!
Jmva ai fnllowit Through aipran laavai
aily at 10:21) p.m. Mail and sxpresa laavai
ily at 10:l) a in. Somarvtlle aooommode
lion leaves daily, aioapt bundav, at 6:W
p.m. Through eipreai arrival daily at 5:SB
a.m. Mail and eipresi arrival daily at 4 :o6
S.m. bomervllle accommodation arrival
ally, sxospt Sunday, at 6 ;M a.m.
CKfiir Home (Haam City, laprlna
Id aad Memphis) Trains leave'M. and
T. depot ai folloira: No. 4, Knnsae City ex
laavai at 10:4S a.m.: No. 3. Kaniai
City aipram, arrival at 8: SO p.m. No. i,
Kaniai Oily mail, Uavai atff:00jn.m.l No.n,
Kama! Oily mail, arrival at :4n a. in. No.
I. Ht. Loon aad Chioaao epri. laavai at
lOO p.m. I No. 1, Bt. l,ouli aad Ohlooai
Braii, arrival at 8:45 a.m. la affaot Buaday,
April IS, im.
Hriapbln, HlrrolaKlianl and Atlaa
tie Uollv Bprinn Kouta Traini mova ai
follow! I No. 1 lnavai Mampbii dally at S:45
e m. t arrival at Holly Bprlnai at 6im p.m. i
lio. I laavai lUilly Bi.rlmi daily at :00
a.m., arrival at Mampbii at II :16 a.m. I No.
(laavai Mamphii daily at 7:1.1 p.m., arrival
at Holly HprlDiri at 11:4S p.ro.t No. (1 laavai
Holly Bpriniri daily at 216 a.m., arrival at
Mampbii at ;4ft a.m.
Waihihoto, Juna 27, 186, 1 a.m.
Indications: For Tonnessee, local
ralnajaliRlitly cooler. For Arlcanraa,
local rains; stationary temperature.
For ilitimppi, Arbuuan, Xouuians
and Texat, local- raint; stationary tern
ptraturt; vi'nia gcntraUy tmUhrrly,
lor Krntw.ky and TenntMtt, local rafw;
taridbfe wimlt; tlightly cooler.
eteoralatrlflal Keport.
Mihpbii, Tim., Juna 24, 1R88.
i. i. .n. .cw
Ickiberg...... D
' JTiQ K .
.is!,,. . ,.,I
Moi lUw i 8
. ew Orleans, ,H. ..
lime. Bur. Thor. Wind. WtUor
7:00 .m. :!0 077 73.0 B.AV. Fafr. ""
11 :00 :W.fl57 8H.0 8.K. Knir.
8:00 p.m. DOOM 88 0 W. Fair.
7:00 p.m. 211.051 8(1.0 8.K. Oloar.
10:00 p.m. 'J!).041 80 0 H.K. Cloar.
lailuium tumpurature, .
Minimum Um)H)rature, ,
Bsinfnll, 0.00.
Oono, 11 o'clock a.m., 1.
la tba tioltoa Kegleai.
fiiOHAL Bkrvici, D. 8. AEiir,
June 2U, 1880-0 p.m.
Division of tolegrama and report for
the benefit of commerce and agriunl
tare. Ootton relon bnllntin for the
twenty-lour hours ending Juno 24th, 5
o'clock: p.m.
MBMPHlB DIB" g g- 1 1 g
f B S
Memphis 88 70 .00
Nashville 85 63 .00
Grand Junction... 8(1 63 .00
Corinth 01 02 .00
Tnscumbla 87 0:1 .00
Decatur ".'2 61 .00
Bcottaboro-....... 87 68 .00
Jtatosvllle 85 08 .00
Hernando . 87 00 .00
Grenada 01 60 .00
Arlington 02 64 .00 .
BrowMvllle........ 01 00 .00
Milan 93 I 01 I
Paris... ............... 90 05 .00
Oovinrton.. 02 08 .00
Dyerahnrg .......... 88 04 .70
Bolivar 8S 64 .00
Holly Hprings 90- - 01 .00
Oxford 01 07 .00
Pnma ... 10'.'3 1213 0.70
Moans 8!) 01 .04
oB e
2 n
? B
3"B B
a o
? B
f "l1 a-mnsta.
r ' Bavannah ,
Atlanta.. ...........
New Orleans
TlcasburR.... ,
Little Kock
Means ..,
Yesterday ws a warm reminder
Of the auUry ilys to come.
A large number of ladies visited
ths tubojitfan laat evenitg.
The Equit title Gas Company cays
it is going ahead with its pipes.
Ibrbocues are bain fixed op in
almost every voting precinct in the
The Torn test Monday night at
Estival Park promises to be well at
tended. A (rnsst deal of public work is go
ing on, as reference to another column
will show.
. The Obra Cmway prty has ar-
riv d m'.e at Qucjustswn all well and
in pood ipiiiti.
There wi'.lim a picnicking at Fitz
g'bbon's pr ve t'x'ay for the benefit of
iuaii ies cf dead firemen.
Tbe toboceun e ar's at 2 o'clock
to-dcy. Eallorn as-.t-ns'.ons during the
afternoon and tirewoiks at night.
A larger park la one cf the thicRS
ith.'ch the geiural j.ub io lmiks lot
whiI to as a cec.s'Jty of tbe near
1bz?a M. Xninjikius and Sarah
Hopkl Da, John L, B arri ia-1 la tbeth
Townaend Were licensed to marry yes
terday. Edward Kelly and Robert Elliott
hsva been added to tba Door Commit
ted of the big I'arliamentary Fond
"When will we get our pro rata of
gas?" inquired Col Jimmie Gallagher,
of Clay street, of President Iladden
The Insurance men look forward
to dividends at their next meeting.
There have been no large and dis
astrous Hies recently.
fVnie Fortune, hr Murray,
Buried Diamond, by Tytler, Popu
lar bcunct Monthly and Si, Nichota lor
July, at Mansford'a.
The mnHu ale at the residence of
Mrs. J.;M.Prasiidge Wednesday night
for the benefit of Grace Church will
doubtless draw well.
Suit was entered in the Circuit
Court yesterday by A. Cohn against
the Factor'a and the Arlington insur
ance companies for $3000 each.
A friendly set-to between John
Carroll, runner for the Peabody, and
W. L. Trice for tbe Gayoso, re-ulted
In both being pat on the police docket
Tbe green car are the only ones
of the Citizens' Company which do
not turn no Madiion to the Cuetom
Bouse. They para it going from Geor
gia street into Scotland.
A leading attorney said yesterday
that the law business was becoming
lest lucrative every year, the grow
ing ftvor with which arbitration is re
garded being the main cause of it.
The charming canta'a, Tlie Fairy
liiidal, which waa to much enjoyed
Friday night that It was repeated at
2:30 o'clock yesteiday evening at the
ball of the Young Men's Christum
Pettr Dauriac, who bad a flub at
the Ptople'sTheater Friday night with
J. W. Biyd, was arrested yesterday
by the police, and a charge of assault
and battery entered opposite his name
on the docket.
The Jury in the Smith vs. Smith
divorce case, which bai taken op sev
eral days of this week in chancery,
agreed yesterday on all points save
one and were continued to report
again at 10 o'clock Monday.
Friday's INashvllle Uamwr siys:
"Win. H. Rogers, ;keper of Comt
Pqiure, Memphis, is in the city. Mr.
RtgeiS wears three heavy gold modale,
presented to him for noble service
daring three yellow-fever epidemic!."
Anyone who remembers the side
walks of Main street three years ago
will notice a marked, almost mag;c,
improvement if be will take a prom
enade any fine day now from the
Louisville to the Mississippi and Ten
nessee depot.
The annuel meeting of the Bar
Association of Tennessee will be held
In Memphis on the 1st and 2d of Joly,
when the necessity of calling a constl
tntbnal convention, the codification
of the laws of the Mate, and the adop
tion of a new system of anersment
laws will be considered by able speak
ers and thinkers.
Ths work of obtain leg the right of
way for the Kansas City railroad is
being prosecuted from this city to the
Mississippi line hr Mr. A, J. Martin.
There Is, of couis?, tome consiporable
difllcnlty in obtaining the r'ghtof wey
near the city, but beyond Konconnah
tbe peoplo are favorably disponed and
will generally givo tlie rigiit oi way.
Dr. Steel will handle a very prac
tical subject th's morning "For
WhomHballWo Vote? or the Intlu
en or) of the Mums on the Approach
ing E'ections." Ho believes tfio pub
lio consciouco should bo aroused to re
alize the fact that tbe government may
fall in the hands of bad mon. lie
rails a spado a spado. Wholeeome
truths about the duties of citizens and
mag'Htratea may be expected at the
First Methodist church this morning.
A musicals for the benefit of Grace
Church will be given Wednetday
evening, June 30th, at the residence of
Mrs. J. H. I'reatiugo, iso. 16 Union
street. Mrs. Harry Trezevant will
conduct the music. Among those who
will participate are Meedames Carnes,
Maneford and Misses Florence Gage,
F.ruma Peaks and Ada Ward, Mr.
Ryan and others. Dancing will fol
low. Tickets f r sale at Mansford'a
and Clapp & Taylor's. . Tickets, 50
At a meelirg of the Carpenters'
and Builders' Association of Memphis
on June 25th, the following resolu
tions were adopted: Whereas, Hav
ing tried the nine hour per day plan,
aad finding that it does not give
general satmfaction and causes a groat
deal of trouble to the contractors:
therefore be it Resolved, That on and
after Monday, Juuo 28th, ten hours
shall constituto a day's work. Re
solved, That all employes shall be paid
by the hour for any time leas than ten
bonis per day.
Goneral Manager Knnpp, of the
Valley road, says the crops are in cx
csllvnt condition along the line of tho
routs with t,o exception of sections
below VickBburfr, which are cons d
erab'y in grars owing to the recont ex
ceapive and continuous rains. The in
dications are, however, that no great
in'itry wi 1 bo sustained. Hum:: ens
along the line of the route, Is increex
ing and the development of the road
is coming np to the eipectations of
tho project'jiH. The company do not
intend to upara any expense to make
it what it should and shall be Ihe
first road oi tho country.
Lovers of good muic will do well
to attend the Hunday atiornonn meet
tngs of the Young Mea's Christian
Association. These meetings aro of
late largely attended and, no doubt,
enjoyed by all who a'tend. Theror
vices begin promptly at 4 o'clock and
adjourn at 6 o'clock, S3 that the most
nervous aro not worried by long ser
vices such as are ceneially held else
where. Prof. W. K. Hughes leads the
chorus, which consists of about a
dozen good male voices. The ac
companiments are Mrs. Hughes,
piano; Mr. Frank Turner, violin; Mr.
Arthur Gibson, jr., cornet; Messrs.
Crook and Jordan, tlutes. Everybody,
snd eipeciully young (whether church
uituiVirrs or not), aie coidlmly luviied
to attend these meetings. Services
this alternoon conducted hy Mr. C. E.
Pate. Services for men Tuesday at 8
o'clock p.m , hold by Mr. A. C. Ray.
Tuoiday evening services last just
half an hour, and are followed by
choir prartio.
Sole Agents for Horace U. Kelly
t'v.'s Key Heat Cigars.
Tlie trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on baud at the following stands con
trolled by na: Gayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody IloUd stand and 310 Main
Street. Freeh shipments received
weekly. i. samkijiqn a oo,
Jeuua laulj
A epeml'y at Thomas Randolph's,
the tailor, 15 West Court street.
Itlonozraui Hiiuelcn Mnlford
IlnberllDs- Huiu'll, SlOeccoud at.
Mies Saijjb MorriTT will leave to
n'ght for Monttagle, to spend bar va
cation. Ammo la directed to tbe letters
from patients whom Dr. B. C Kelaey
baa successfully treated.
Ja.E. Goodlbtt, with bis nieces,
Miaaes Mary Lee and Rebcca Good
lett, left for Monteeg'.a on Friday.
Maa.J. B-McCcmtMandtwodaogh-ters,
Estie anl Emma Dr, have gone
on a visit to Mrs. Blytbe, in M'sils
sippi. Ths wedding of Mr. I. F. McKeon
and Misa Mollis Shea takes place at
6t Brigid's church tamrrrow evening
at 6 o'clock.
Cot. Johk H. Rica, o' til Fort Scott
Monitor, was la the city yesterday on
his way horns after a tonr of several
weeks in Mississippi sod Louis' una.
Misa Besets Akobbsoh, of Hunts
ville, Ala , after a very brief visit to
Mrs. Clill'jrd Bruce, on Linden street,
returned yesterday to her mountain
Ths Rev. N. M. Long having been
given a vacat on of two months, by bis
church, leaves on July 1st for the
wilds of Arkansas, and consequemtly
preachei his Ian sermen previous ta
bis vacation today.
All pupils who have left books, pa
pers or other property at Misi llig
bee's school, or who have bnainesi
with the piinc'psl, are requeued to
call at the school building Monday
morning, June 27tn.
His peculiar qoaUlifS of mind and
heart, and bis lorg experience at tbe
bar and great fami larity wit Tennee
see law, eminently fit Mr. T. B. Micnti
for the pobition of Probate Judge. He
is daily gaining strength with the peo
ple. Chambers Kbllar, of Vanderbilt
University, made distinction in each
one of bis clawe, receiving a certifi
cate cf honor. He was also elected
one of the nianageis of Liberty Hall,
snd is captain of the University base
ball club.
Yesterday morning Mrs. J. M.
Ifenochsbcg, with her two children,
Edoa and Clureuc, lft on a pleasure
t 'ur to the Uzark moun'alns. Mr. Joe
Uencchsberg will meet them with a
party of friends in about a week at
Swan lake, where there are plenty of
lino fish.
Da. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stani.iv, funeral director and
embalmer, 65 Madison street.
Psshoms having mules for sale
should call at Hall's stable, No. 55
Union street.
I h't fall to Utend the grand free
balloon ascension at West Memphis
this eveving.
Sino a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 61 Main street, to
cull for yonr laundry.
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the host
tonlo and antl-portodio known. A eartaio
and inra enra lor nhilli. Prioa II par bot
tle. Band itampi for oirenlari. Any ref
eranoa aizan, Addraii John 0. ltuokar,
Lrnohbara, Ve.
Ths ArmstrongFurniture Company.
No. 272 HoQond street, canit s one of
the largos1, and moBtcomplete stocks of
bed, dining room and parlor furniture
ever seen in this market, and their
prices ar ai low as can be found any
where. They are selling their baby
bugg'os out at cost.
Bon Aqua Spiunob will have a good
run this season. A llrdt chss mana
ger is in charge. Railroad fn'e to go
and return, J8 00. Ticket goad t.ll
November 1st. The celebrated Italian
band wdl furnish the music. Spocial
raze for board made with families.
See J. F. Key, resident agent, No. 44
North Court street. Correspond with
W. P. Russell, cashier, Bon Aqus
Springs, Tenn.
Pbouably few of those who will
attend ths celebration of tbe thir
teenth anniversary of the Knights of
Honor at Estival Park, on the 30th
instant, have any idea of the magni
tude of tho musical treat in store for
them. But snyone who bad bees
nresunt at the rehearsal at Witzmnn's
Hall, laat night, and beard the chorus
of over thlrtv of the best voices in the
city, presided over by Prof. Shultz and
assisted by Arnold's band, could have
approximated to it-
PUtslmrg Lamp Coal
At 35c per barrel.
OrdorMMullord Made Medals."
Isaacs A Co.'e antiquarian book
etore and circulating library has re
moved Iroru No. 310 Second to No. 419
Main stroet. -
Oct Rnlledaa a l,aoiiaralno to !
your Plum blaat.
Owing to change of gauge we are now
prepared to contract (or present or
future delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced rates. . .
Fine Wateh repairing at MnlfOrd'S.
Drumtuond's Matural Leaf.
Tbe only genuine "Natural Leaf"
tobacco in the market ; "two tin tegs,
one on each end of the plug;" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't be doceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummond's Natural Leaf'
llaawrllBS Stenplla, 810 Reeend at.
Mrs. Iinttenberg.
Awnings, tents, cots, mattresses and
tarpaulins made at 231 Second street.
Haberllna riieeka. BIO Seoadl at.
Sniunier lleaort.
Elegant accommodations for f 10 and
$12 per week at the most charming
and delightful summer resort in Wis
consin. A beautiful lake and elegant
mineral spring are attractions. Write
for circular and rate.
Madiioa, VVil.
Haberllna Robber Stampa, SIO M at.
I. O. Ik is.
The next great social event is the
Picnic and Babv Show rf the I. O. B.
B At Estival Park on Tuesday, June
20th. over two hundred prizes will be
awarded t j tbe babies. Each child
will receive a number as it goes
thrnogh the gateway, ineloced in a
eealed envelope, which will designate
a pizi. Arnold's hill band has been
Jaaeafe I'al Bar Cawrt Clark.
In cona'deraMon of his faithful ser
vice and ths efficient manner in which
he has filled the office of Circuit Court
Clerk, we, tbe nndei signed German
Amencan citizens of Memphis, are of
tba opinion tbat he will bo a fitting
person to fill ths important office aba
perform ths duties of County Court
Clerk, and therefore call upon him to
announce himself as a candidate for
that position, and promise bim our
support, if he thinks fit to do so:
Bam Srhloaf, Ed K. Baaker,
D. H. Mavar, S. jaooba.
Jul. Frav, A. M.yar, Jr.,
fteorra Traab, T. Vi ulf,
RukKmniif, R. BrauB,
O. Barwiakla, W, Fray,
S. Liinoa, J. F. Frank,
7. L'nd.man. II. Bnabl.
J. A.Fuhar. A. A. Klaimchmldt,
John L. Kichbarf , Charlfi Kbarbard.
A. i), btalnback, , Frank BcbamaB,
Qai Lanbari. " . Frank L. Staala,
joaarb Burger, F. II. Vann.
Ilanrr Sobradar, ' IHta Zimmarman,
8. hlacar, Frank Z.iianiaru)an,
II. Lerabari , L. O. Friti,
Max Froit, Joi. H. KUlar,
L. Suaui. H. Mivalai.
Fables AKIeiniflbmldtAndraw lucher,
ant. X. b. MonUoa, J. Laiirm,
it. li, (l.o. Murnin(itarn,
Wbi. Haemmerle, Wm. Paiah.
0. K.!'abhardt, John Jobniun,
Oao. W. Barley, K. Aibfurd,
J. Unld-railh, Jolun bchmld,
M.B.Johni. J. Cl.uin
II. Olendkaoip, - Aug unl Kaneri,
A. fchwab, Heo. Katnibatan,
H. Komnbaum, A.Jarobi.
8. Friedlaander, 8. 8 Uambaraer,
R, 11. Cuban, Id. Wit'enberc
P. Iriclm-ndor, A. 0. Berenu,
J. B. (lotthelf, H. K Baiuh,
J. M. Friedman, N. Foil.
Euifeoe Friedmaa, Leon Leopold.
Inane Uotthelf, II. M. Bauaiaa,
J. R. Holder, Frd Baldal.
J. Traxler, L. T. 8eidal,
A. Hieimin, J. Hcharlf.
W.U. Huiith. 8. Kihwild,
J. F.illandly, tieamel A H uetiburger
A. R. Kuril, Mrndel llroi.,
B. Montoney, . C. A. Burr.
Jai. N. Anderaon, J. Ileinrioh,
II. C. Bmch, M. Kp.-h,
Kdward A.Btammler, V. J. W chert,
A. W. Johmou, Friti Walujr,
O. Brbarble, llen.y Woliken,
1. Morrir, li. Ot'enheiiuer,
Frod. Krenkel. KJ Knthriner,
F. 11. Cubbiua, jr., J. 11. Buxliaum,
Henry Remide, Victor U. Fucbl,
Gorge llui'pert. A. Renkert,
J.H. i.lebltemanni bamuel hoheibler.
Jacob Biekart, John llandcarker,
Red Rohertaon, II. Cobn,
jl. 11. Dnrkeurti, Charlei kney,
Paul Uallaat, B. Jiodel,
A. Wainer, Cbaa. Ilenog A Bro ,
H. Jacob, (leo. llextar,
Chr. btaphan, H. Phiiliin,
Leopold Lava, Jobn Colbert,
LouuKrb, A. Weill. .
ltenry Leubrruaon, 11. G. Lipfola,
A. R. Mueller, A. II. Thumol,
A. Kohlbry, Wm. Floyd,
B. Levy, Joi. Windier,
f heo. Fol'f , R. II. Vance,
Wm. Bouhr, Honry Loeb,
Juliui Nagal A Co., Bam 11. Hook,
Harry Cohn, Chin. Dannener,
8. M. RobiDion, L. Bauer.
8. Vendig. Jacob Bauer,
John Uarber, Herman Cohn,
II. M. Malta, Uoo. Boerner,
fum Brooki, J. B. Lerner,
M. W. Abrahams, HanryKahn,
tleury rlaiter, Ma lieatul.jr ,
ionii Seelig, A, 8oheibler,
A. B.Mueller, W. C. Btierle,
Chai. Levy, Wm. Ftrenli,
J.J. Tanner, . Auguit lerber,
Ily Iluntr.ukor, August lloltbofer,
Fordin' nd 8ohm, Harry Drove,
J.J Boll in, Luuli Laorolx,
Jullu 8ohm, (leo. HcmalKreld,
Phil. Dohm. Deo. Scbmaliroid, jr.,
Adolph Kberhard, L'haa. N. Erich,
Krnit Meyer, Chug. Weanondorf,
(leorge Scbilly, John Kant nor,
Honry Riahlinan, F. Felling,
B. Rechtunwald. Uco. Rechtonwald.
Joieiih Bartl.
Tlie Sew UHVoao.
Ratal, 12 0 to $4 per day, according to loca
tion of rooms.
A Choolot Aw, La OK Hooper, Md
8 J tfiiiiileri, Tonn A P rcott, Teno
K 1 Jackion, Me F C Bock. Ma
PLudingor.l) S Miimoi, Ky .
WUAu.lin.Ky Z T Write, Mill
0 h Uurley, Mill V Foot, Mir
T Downey, Me K 1' l.akn, Mi"
R A Uot'in, Tonn W V Atlntna. N Y
A A Collier, Tenn W J Jeflrey, 111
Wm Chmnbleas.Tona II T ilainea Aw. Tenn
T W Ualbrath, Tenn C B Androwa, Tenn
A A Andnrion, Tenn T J Burrowa, Ala
O B Bentley. Ala It J Uuroy, Misa
Itll Hurt, Aiiaa O W Hale, Ark
T B Knox, Ark J B Drown, Ky
W F Urcon, Ky OK Millor, La
N II Hmall, La A J Wilion, Mini
L B Campbell, Misa T E Miirahali, Mo
CTKelley, Mo T B Tburaton, Mo
JJWataon, Ala K K Khnw, Ark
R L Henderaon, Ark L E Ilouaton, Ark
B L Cumminga, Ind TJTenny, Ind
P J WaUenunn, Ark T R Bontley, Tenn
K L Ktneraon, Tenn C E Smith, Tenn
CRWella, Tonn D 8 Harris, Tann
T B Uibba, Tann II M Biinpson, Tann
Oaaloaa'a Hotel.
W. H. BINGHAM Mamoaa.
European plan. Enlarged and refurnished.
Prioea aooording to aiia and looa
tion of roonia.
S B Garrett, Tex J T Ilnyoa, Ark
Mrs Pieraon Sit, La W II Holt, Ark
Ed Weill, Ohio 8 P Dunavant, N C
J A Ruthroff, Mo E Undorwood, oity
T F Turner, Tenn J W Liitle, Ky
A L Little, Kv Rev J Bogen, Miaa
M richwab, Mo F R Holland, oity
B F Peete, Misa W I) Burge, wAo, Ark
Kd M Jonoi, Tenn I) T Porter, oity
D A Menall, Tenn J C Page, Tann
U 8 Jonea, Tenn 8T Wighmon, Tenn
A W Johnson, Tenn M S Jay, Tenn
8 E Eokloa, Ton n W H Holt, Ark
J T Hayia, Ark.
PeatMMlw Hotal.
C. B. GALLOWAY A C0. .....PROPBtToa.
Kataa 8- &l) and $3 par day, according to
1 aiia and location of room Special
' ratea made.
W Panfnrd, Tonn L H Buck, Tex
JOS Chalmers, Va J 11 Martin. T x
E A Dmnprea, Tex Mrs M V Huinpree.Tox
Misa l'uckott, Tox K 0 Horner, Tenn
E K Phelpa Aw, N Y II 0 lloakin Ad, Tax
w 1 1'attr rson.iunn r it craniora, va
B Smith, Tonn
11 li Caldwell. Ky
A V Hart. N Y
WT Forbes, (la
F Giimbsot, Mdsa
U K Whitman, (
1) K Junes, Mati
P S Fiehor, Ky
J Haines, Maaa
M Mem. Pa
j liurao, .vi im
(1 W Ledyard. Mo
11 C Victor, Va
8lg 8 Kalinke, N Y
J 1) Hewitt, Ohio
1C 0 Lewis, fonn
W T Townca, Va
1 W Martin, III
h Katr.enbiirir, Mj
J 11 Bice, Kan
Mi.r K ltow. Miaa
Misa A E!der,Miss
O Armstrong, Con A A M Oooke, Tonn
W U Coleman, Altai m li looeas.nni
C R Morrow. Tonn A Child'ra, Ky
OL Hurt, Misa MSchulti.Ky
B Mackintosh, N 1 Mrs Mackintosh, N Y
Misa J Waltore, Mias D W White. Mo
L White, Ky I Josep i, Ohio
E 8 Castles, Mo A Weyl, Pa
W 11 Flynn, Ky H H Matlaek, Ky
J C Faul, NY ' W S Moore, Tonn.
Daily's Enropeam Hotel,
Coraorof Adama and Main a'reeta. Rooms,
Cso, 7fo and f 1 per day : American Plen,
tt par day.
First-clasa Rostnurant In the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (10 yean with Peabody Hotel)
N Coker, Ton n I. Cope. Mo
W M Cope, Mo C C Williams, N Y
R T Haley, Ohio J Batten, Mich
TP Androwa. Ind MJBeid.lll
O J Maxy, Teen R M Williams, Mo
R H Alexander, Ark J M Byans, Tenn
W M Boborta, Ark H M Goodwin, La
R M Carr. Miaa H 11 Ford, Tex
B J Ford, Tax R T Charman, Ohio
K Scrngk-s. La Mra M hWagg.FIa
HWagg, Fla V Hardy, Mo
UUicko.k, Mo S Clark, Tex
Misa Kuth Rire. Ark P H Prince Ac, Ark
W A Baccus, ienn J r watt, renn
l Kuioin. Tenn
N I Green, Tenn
B M Sowiird, Tens
R T Tokev, Maaa
W TDavia.Mo
M L Anthony, Ark
II J Moritan, Ten a
11 II Vlct'slt, Tenn
W M Ball, Tenn
E J Roche. Mich
T Vnltl. I..
T v wilier, hy
W P Owens Aw. Tex
OC Hedriok. Mo
P E Edmonds, Tenn
A A Martin, Tenn
J M Larveott, Ark
C R Bailoy, Mo
W 11 Barry, N Y
V J Norm, 410
II Williamaon, ienn J t rayior, Ark
GTavk.r, Ark C J Nelson, Ind
I M Nelson, Ind M U Barker. Tex.
Solid NllTenr at Mnlfords'
HaaXrllns Seala. BIO RMonl at.
Fnrulturc and CarptHa
Sold oa Weekly and Monthly Pay
ments at
Mnlford, Jeweler, S94 Stain, so
licit orders from the country.
JAMES C jQEIX, President.
Saddles., Harness,
t&" SPECIAL FBICES to Ballroad and Levee Coatractors for Wason,
What It Will Be Fashionable
To Do and Not To Do.
Sensible and Seasonable Advice
Especially Adapted to Mem.
phis and Vicinity.
Black h' fiery will be much worn,
but tho nt Ji who comes home late at
night wit a black eye will be re
garded witu suspicion. Full particu
lars at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second street.
Many of last year's bonnots will bo
worn, but the owners won't feel hap
py while wearing them. The males
of the family, however, can save the
oost of several new bonnets by buy
ing their Spring Suits at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Second street.
Men who wear wigs need not lift
their hat to those lady acquaintances
they meet in the street during a
wind-storm. The wind is liable to
carry away their wigs. Wise men
will, however, continne to buy their
olothing at the MUfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street.
Curl-papers will bo much worn in
the morning, but false hair should
be carefully hung over the back of a
chair before retiring. Beforo de
ciding to buy elsewhere seo tho fine
stock at the Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Sccend street.
In writing love letters don't call
your best girl a "ducky darling" more
than 099 times. Sho might remem
ber that a duck waddles and feels in
sulted at the comparison. Compari
son, however, is the true tost of
merit, and comparison shows that
the prices at the Misfit Clothing Par
lors are much less than prices else
where. In spring marriages it will not be
fashionable to have a first-olass fight
until at least one week alter the wed
ding day. Brides, however, should
insist upon the grooms buying the
wedding suite at the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 2C2 Seoond street.
It is fashionable garments at un
fashionable prices that you get at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors. If you want
to got the most for your money come
to the
j .Court Square,
3!are till 9, Satnrdnre
IUI 11.
t& All alterations to insure a per
fect fit done free of charge.
N.B. We have sovcral hundred
Seersucker Coats and Vests which
will be sold at. SI 25.
Strike the Iron While It's Hot.
In order to move oar Immense atock wa
make tbe (ollowlni offer:
Good Straw Hats aL....2fie, 3ta. 50e and 73
Kxira Fine Straw Ilata at....4l, f 1 25, 11 60, U
Small Straw Bonnets, an colors-.. ........... 60o
Extra Wide Brim Ilata, for eountrr.....25o
Beautiful Rose", all eolori, per doaan.
V i n ! f n.p Hf..t.n
. oo
Ttn.tAi.Mnn. Timr dm,, 10f)
Carnation Pinks, per doaen .15o
Kleitant Bunohe of Klowera. 25a
Eitra Fini Bonch-s of Flowers. 60o
Imported Frenoh Flowera from 41 to 5
Oatrltth Tlpa (S In blanch) for.....3M
Fruits, Leaves. (Stems, all kinda of ma
terial to make Artificial Flowera.
Bridal and Mourning OsiSUi
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS la the oity.
Bata Reahstpexl, Foathrra Cleaaed,
ljtd and Curled.
Q OLD EN HAIR WASH by the iinall or
iarre quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Kmployini the belt hands In the slty, tve
our whole attention to it, and we defy ooaa-
petition In that line.
Corner Madison and Third Streets.
OFFICE H0CRS-11 to 1J a.m.
Telerhona aa. 4 to t p.m.
F. Fa
I H. daedear Waa. I Clark Eoaena J. ajar r lata: ton Frank O. tm
pnaBteMbllaBlieci 1860.1
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to BEBCHiBTS ONLY the 1 arrest and beat itoek of Boot! and Shoea wa
havo ever brouiht to thil market, and which cannot be aarpaased in quality and
Itylei by any bouae in thia or any other city. In addition to a oomrlote line of aatora
made goods, lnoludini the I tl.kBKal KU SUOnaAR St CO. JBKUfl, we handle
a lame and select atook of Custom-made (foods for Men, Woman, Missel and Children. W.
earry a number of the beat makes in the oountry, in ever varioty end itrle, and amona
thenitthe well known ilen'i Calf lioota and Hones manufactured ky Heo. ilocker for oar
Hprlng Trade. Me alao carry a choioe line of Ladies' and Mines' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Erippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examine
our atook before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
IH'IHiHAK V 4-0.
MEMPHIS, TENN., Jane 1, 18SC.
THB firm of ESTF.S, DOAX i. CO. la thil day disaolved by limitation. The surviving
partner, Z. N. Etee, will aettle the busineaa at the office of their aacoeasora, Z. N.
ESTKS A lC, who will oontinue the Wholesale Grocery and Cotton Factorage buaineaa ai
iormerly done by ua. Z. N. ETK3,
, K. J. DO AN, Exeoutrlx.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Faclors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For Jndite of tbe Criminal Court.
MESSRS. tiapoleon II ill. Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Uillard, 11. M. Neely. W. D,
Bathe .B. G. Craig 4 Co., G. V. Uambaut,
A. L. Lowenstein, J. S. Menken and othera
In response to yonr call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge oi Sh' lby county, with ainoere
thank a lor your kindnesa and courtesy, I
hereby anuounce myrelf aa .candidate for
the position, lubject to tbe action of the
Democratio convention.
Clerk of toe t'rlualnwl Court.
WE are authoriied to announce R. 8.
CAI'ERs (tor twenty-one yeara Dep
uty) as a cimilidute for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, lubject to the ltaiu
ooratio Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce D ABT'EY
W. COLI 1EH as a candidate lor Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby county,
aubieot to the Democratic Convention.
ronuty Co art Clerk.
THE AprrAi. is authoriied to announce P.
M. WINFUKS aa a candidate for Coun
ty Court Clerk, aubicct to the actioa of the
Democratio Convention.
WE are authorized to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM la a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to the action
of the Democratic Convention.
VTTB are authoriied to announce P. J.
VV QUIULKY aa a candidate for Clork of
the County Court, subject to the action of
the Shelby County Pcni ooratio Convention.
' Jndg; of the Probate Court.
TO My Fellow-Cltiiena or Shelby County
Fearing that my oircular announcing
my candidacy fur Probate Judge may have
failed to reach many of you, I take thia
method also of announcing myeelf a candi
date for that office, subject to the action of
the approaching Democratio County Con
vention, and respectfully oak your kind iup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obedient servant, T. B. MICOU.
TT7E are anthoriied to announce J. P.
VV YOUNG aa a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to the
action of the County Democratic Convolution.
For Trnatee.
WE are authorised to announce JOHN
M. URADLKY aa a candidate tor
Trustee of Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, aubieot to the actioa of the
Democratio Convention.
WE are authorised to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS aa a candidate for
re-election to the office of County Trustee,
aubieot to the action of the Democratio Con
vention. THE Appeal la authoriied to announce Mr.
H. F. LKMASTER aa a caudidate tor
the office of Trusteo of Shelby county, aub
ieot to the action of the Democratio Conven
tion. .
For A!!orney-GrnerI.
WE are authoriied to announce GEORGE
B. tKTfcRS, Jr., ai a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, aubiect to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal Is authoriied to announce S.
D. WaAKLEY a a candidate for Attorney-General,
lubject to the Democratic Con
vention. For lloiflaler.
fTH) the Voters of Shelby County and My
JL Friende I hereby announce mysnlf lor
the seoond time a candidate for the office of
County Resistor, subject to the Democratio
Convention. I am poor and need the office. I
Feeling that my past service aa a aervant of1
the people haa given latisfaction, and that I
ean come before the people and ask their
uffragea and nipport fur County Register, I
am, reBpeotfully, JOHN A. POWKL.
WE are authorised to announce IT. F.
(BUNK) 11ARKISON as a candidate1
lor register, lunject to tne action oi us
Democratio County Convention.
THB Appeal la authorlced to announce
JOHN It. MoCALLUM as oandidate
for Register, lulject to the action oi the
Democratic Convention.
THE undersigned announce! that he ! a
oandidate lor Register, and aaki the
aupport ot the voters of Shelby county. II
elected, will endeavor to give aatisfaetioa In
tbe discharge of tbe dutiea ol the office, and
6 laces his claima aubiect to the action of the
ounty Democratic Convention.
Memrhia, March 28. 1888.
SA. DOUGLAS, of KeTTviile, Tenn., ii a
. candidate for REGISTER, subject to the
action of the Democratio Convention.
WE are anthoriied to announce E. A.
EDMONTON aa a oandidate for
County Register, lubject to the action of the
Demooratio Convention.
mnj Api-eal
li authorised to annonnee
OIILD aa a candidate for
the office of Register, subject to the action oi
the Democratio Convention.
Judge of the Circuit Court.
WM. 8. PLIPPTN is a candidate for Cir
cuit Judge of Phclhy County, subject
to the action of a Democratio Convention.
We are authoriied to announce L. H. ES
TKS, Jit., aa a candidate forjudge of the
Circuit Court, subject to the action oi the
Democratio Convention.
JAME9 L. G00DL0K will be a candidate,
before the Democratic Convention, for
nomination to the office of Judge ol the Cir
cuit Court: and. if defeated, will aupport
the lueoeeeful nominee.
We are authoriied to aTourice that JOHN
JOUNaToN ia a cnddte for Judge of the
Circuit Court of Shelby County, aubject to
actioa ot the Democratic CoamUva. E3
KETEH, Sec and jTrM.
Collar s,
Scraper and Cart Haraegg,
a or Circuit Court Clerk.
ITTTE aro authoriied to announce Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clerk, eutyeot to the
cation of the Democratic Convention.
Deviled Craha, Shrimp,
Salmon, Freak Caaa Mackerel,
Mnrdlnea, Loonier,
Brook Trout, Oysuersj,
Mackerel In Tomato Cataun,
Street Mo fled Pickles,
Hour Pleklea by thecal, and In Jars;.
Pickled Onlone, Hot Rellah,
Wooater Nance, Tomato Cataua,
Capere, Maatarri, Curry Powder.
Naiad nreajalnt;, Olives, Olive Oil,
Cream Cheese, Celery Nance,
Celery Salt, Ele., Ele.
Importers and dealer! In HuijAmni.
nlllon and Flablna; Tackle, Bulldera
Hardware, Elecirle Bella and An
nnuclBlora for Hotels and Reiidenoes.aa
Main street, Memphis, Tean. Electria
nppllei elwayi on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA ft MCCARTHY, rroprg,
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in the Booth, and the only oompleta
Boiler and Boeet-Iron Works in the oity.
Manufacturer of heavy plate Iron,
work of every desterlptloa. Special
attention riven to plaatatlon work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
Hani, Flatting Tackle and Sporta
men's nnrpiiea. Bneoial attention
riven to MAiur AUluiUiW and ts.it-
4ia DfAln MMeuiphts, Tenn
Guns, Amrunnltlon, Fishing Tackle
and Itasn-liall HihmIh.
934 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gum a
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass..
WORLD l'Vlnrtnirtort.a'trtNtiidi'ritaUrt yer. Thor
ough Instruction in Vocfti and Innjnifntl Muni r, Pitnj anat
OnranTuoinp, Fiiia ArU, Oratory, LiUrmture, Fnnch, Ger
n&n anrl Italian Lan7iura, KntHlih Bnnchrt, Oymuarttea,
Kc Tu!ttoo,f.ito t.ii board and nom with Strain II eat and
Elortric I.lfrht, 45 to 7.t per term. Fall Term hejtinw Sa
tember9,wl For IlluitratodOleTnr,w)tliftili inflrmHiiia.
dtlr a, JE. TOt?rUKK, l)if.,Froklln .., BOSTON, Mam
Young & Brollier,
Booksellers and Stationers,
a IS Maim SU, nemphls, Tenn
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' materials,
No. 238 Main Street.
Iuoorporatocl 1QOQ,
THE conraa of study is extended, thorough
at) J practical, affording superior facili
ties for obtaining a sound business educaiion.
For Catalogue call at the school-room or
aidro J, A. LEDDIK, Principal,
. : ...

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