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Hostile Criticism ef the Sew Peitloa
fiaHdiiK The Hot SprUji
Ust night theie were three kini bo
Louis Jinn and Mane Wainrgi
are at their lammer home Id Nabant
deep in the nysteriM oi cobiudjw.
r . .1 1:1.- i
UOffi&n togal ma uia uao. i
Claba MoMisbu jastilgned a col
tiact to play twenty weeks next eej
eoD under tbe management ol Frar
L. Goodwin. This make" Mr. Gool
win'e lourth leiaon with Mite Morrp.
Washwotow, June 26. Houte.
Mr. Crip enbmitted the con-
ierencs repart on the till requiring
the land grant railioida to pay the
cast of telecting, conveying; and or
TeyiDg tbeir lands. (Aa tue bill orig
inally fussed tr.e Hjuto it applied
only to tbe Ucion Pauttc syateua, bnt
as amended by ibe Beoate aDd agreed
to by the Conference Commit '.ee its
provisions are eit?nded tj all land
grant roidi) Tfte repot t was
Tne Hours then went Into Commit
tee ol the Whole (Mr. Reagan Tex.
in the chair) on th sundry civil ap
propriation til.
On motioa ol Mr. Randall ra., an
amendment was adapted mute ing
the force ol employes in the Bureau uf
Engraving and i'rinting ai)d increasing
the appropriation thenar, ihia bsing
made necetsary by tbe provieioa
placed in the bill for $1 ai.d J2 grean
hanka an i fur smaller certifita'.es.
The amendment t ffered yesterday
fcw Mr. Krman trout fPa.l for tbe re-
coinage ol trade do'lara in'o standard
silver dollar was ru ed out on a point
sl nr.lnr.
Mr. Lorg Mebs. offered aa amend
ment apDropdHiiu $25,000 for the
education of children of school age in
Alaska. This was lott by a vote of 82
to 82. ,
Mr. Viele N Y. offered an amend
ment appropriating $10,000 for the
sa'aties and expanses cf the Na ional
Bo rd ol Health. H-jected.
In a diflcussi in of the paragraph mak
ing an appropriiion for the toaiple
tion of tbe Pennon OUUe building,
that structure cam in for a good
deal of hostile criticln, Mr. Dunham
111., remarking tha; it was an archi
tectural monstrosity, Mr. Rogers Ark.
chara.tariz ng it as a crots between a
horse car stab'e and a union depot,
.and Mr. Springer III. d 'daring tnat
it was offensive to the vision, and sug
gesting that some of the present orna
mentation should be blown up with
Mr. Cannon I!l mainta ned that
the building was commodious, well
ventila'ed aud better adapted to its
purposes than any other public build
ing in Waehingt-n. , ,
Mr. McMillin Tenn also spoke m
bigh terms of tne commissioners of
.the building, and maintained that for
its cost it waa very tatisfact try.
In debating amendments prescrib
ing the nature ol the freicoea to be
placed in the ro'nnila of the Capitol,
Sir. Grosvenor 0 1 took occasion to
Jnnr iha nnhlisned rertsrt that he had
assailed the people of New England
in a speech recently delivered by mm.
. Ha dm- tared that he had never named
iha npnnl j of New Enulacd at all in
flint, annprh.
Mr. Ttnaih TN. Y.I. movel to strike
oat the clause approbating $20,000
for tbe continuation of the lmpiove
mont of Uot Spring Creek, Ark.
In snnDoitiiiittho m.)lion Mr. Payne
of New York, r.dicnied tie p:si ion in
wlilnTi fi onverr.nnint had placed it
self in connection with the Hot
Springs reservation.
Mr. Rogers Ark., sat forth in same
; detail, the na.ee' sity for the appropria-
tion aud opposed the motion. The
motioa was defta'ed.
The committee having completed
the consideration of half tne bill, ro;e
and the Houee adjourntd.
Cloaed With a Orud Ball-Eaei.
PrraeBt, Wllh DerlpU.ei ol
Jjhi Merley on Jefca Brlght'i De
fectloa The Germaa Empire
Forelga Notes.
Abase fttie Prli of the Floor
by Ex Member.
The committee appointed under
Delegate Voornees's rts dution to in
vestigate allegai jcs of iha abuse by
ex-members of the rrivileses of the
House met this morniog. Mr. Voor
hees made a statement to the commit
tee substaatiaily tbe fame as that
made by him in the House in April
last, to the effect that be had repe&tfd
y encountered on the fl jor Mr. L. D.
M. Sweat, an ex-member from Maine,
who had appeared before committees
as an attorney for the Northern Pacifio
Kiilroad Company. He insisted that
it was not in conteuapla'.ion of the
rules extending to ox-meinbsrs tha
privileges of the Ibor that attorneys
should be allowed to receive their
clients there. ,
Mr. Sweat waa tbon examined. Ho
snid that he bad been a member ef
the Congress that had granted tbe
Northern Pacific charter. For about
two years past he had been employfd
as the agent ot the Northern Pacific
Railroad Company, to look after their
interests inthev.-rious depsitnaeuts.
He declared that be had never vio
lated the letter or spirit of the Houbb
rule extending the ilior tJ ex-members.
When a resclu ion propounding
mrinin inmiiries to the Northern Pa
cific Company had been intr duced he
had gone to .ueit'f aio v o. n en u
' noVori him frr information touching
the scope of the resolution (as it had
' not been printed) in order to facilitnte
iha mpnaratinn cf an answer. Mr.
Stt-Pftf. admiitei that be had made a
' atntniiient concerning tho Northern
' Pacific bef.re tho Honee CDmm'.ttee
and had been on the floor. Oa one
occasion a member hud requested bim
to furnish some aiatistical information
' touching the Northern Pacific, bnt he
har iWHneil to da B3 while on the
floor, although he hd promised to
give it to him at his (the member s)
room. Mr. 8weat also etatedthsthe
had given some employment to Mr,
Dunn, and ex member from Minne
sots, who had prepared some papers
for him.
The inquiry will be continued next
Oivnnn. Miss.. Jnne 25. The ton
mencement exercises of the State Uni
vcniitv closed (a it nisht wiih one of
tbe grandest and most successful balls
that it has ever been my pleasure to
witnss. The beauty and chivalry of
Mitsissippi and neighboring SUUs
were never better represented, Tne
mar! Ml 1 hull nf the nnw public school
hui dine was beautifully liabtid and
di-rota ed for the occasion. The de.
iightful musc that wis fnrn;sbed by
Croix's excellent band of Memphis
which struck uo at 10 o'clock and
continued until 5 o'clock. Toe refresh
ment room was thrown oren and was
accessible to dancers snd ppectut rs
throughout tbe ninht. It was indeed,
a giaod affair mcs5 successu'ly
conduct 3d. I will here mention
as one of the incidents of the
the O'casion the presentation to Mr.
J. Lehman, of Memphis, by a large
number of citizens of Oxdrd, with a
$i7 medal, es an appreciation of his
Buoerior excellence in declamation, as
evidenced by his speech on Monday
last In tho eophomoro priie con eit,
Mr. P. A. Rush presenting the medal.
Toe following is a part al list ol
nam's and a description of the cos
tnniPH w.irn hvtha ladies who attend
ed the ball, lor which the reader of
the ArrKAL are indebted to flius
Pauline V. Wood, of Memphis:
Miss Gasue Tomlinson, fcu l.-uih,
p'nk brocaded sstin, pas amenterie
iront; ornaments, piumca mu ua
monds. Mies Effie Falkner, Ripley, Mijb.,
blue satin en train, Bpanish lace over
dress, made at Worth's, in Paris; dia
mond ornaments.
Misses Tomlinson and Falkner were
rtArhAnn thaiicheet and most hand
somely diessed ladies that graced the
Miss Mary Lou Green, Aberdeen,
cream silk, train; ornament, di
Mies Annie Sims, Oxford, blaesatin,
train; f jr ornaments, iDwers.
D. C. c i earn colored silk, diamond
Miss Fav Haughton, Aberdeen,
Mibb.. nrinritil lace. Dearl ornaments,
Mi Annie Weaklev. Florenca.Ala ,
whi'.e eilk raseamcnttrie, diamond
Miss Marian Durkins, Aberdeen,
Miss., mull and oriental lace, diamond
Miea Ka'e Thompson. Oxf jrd, mull
urn! p.mbioidorv. cold beads,
Mhs Moll'.o Clark, Memphis, Swiss,
rrpAni Bilk bodio?. pearl ornaments,
MiesBrtsie Ma-.ting, I'lorence, Aia.,
bi'GBilk. Diuk.tanu, dumonaorna'
Miss P;arl Strickland, Uolly Hprings,
red mull, oueuul , rce, peat! orna-
Mirs Julia Steel 'luicumMi, Aia.,
ream eatin, oriental lace ovuruieaa,
namAn firnamenta.
Miss Charlie Weru.aw, uxtoru,
wies cream eatin bodice, pearl orna
Mies R. Ileiskell, Mempnts, wn.te
Wwiaa rlinmnnil ornaments.
: . ' , , i. ii
Miss riddie wneiess, wain muu.
lope, ticirl ornaments.
Misa Belle Kenner. Flora, Miss.,
cram satin, ornaments, Mowers.
M sa Brewer, iamar. muu, eiuuroi'
dery. white satin bodice, gold beads.
JYI It H aJHlun XXIII. II luuufti "
veiling, cream-coloied satin bodice,
nrient&l lace overdress, no ornaments,
Mins T.izzie L. Cook. St. Louis.white
mn'l.embroidery, diamond ornameiitjl
M.ss Uliae iJryant, water vauey,
nink silk, lace overdres?, diamond or
Miss Corrisnne Abies, Uxiord, ori
ant.Al lAre.
Miss Annie Black, Swiss trimmed in
lace, . ......
Miss Allie Young, Kosuito, Diue
eatin, lare overdresi, peirl ornaments,
Mia. W. U. Chil.on, uxtora, cream
f-ninrfd Att n, train, diamonds.
Miss Susie Kaundars, Memphis, Diue
pa'.in. lace overdress u:apea wim
mniiidn hAir. resrls.
Miss Daisev McKie. uxioru, muu
and nripntiil lae.
Miss JJaiey Haughton, ADeraten,
Swiss white satin bodice, peail orna
Miss Bsttie Hebron, ureenviue,
nink ilk. tra!n. pearl ornament),
Mies Nina Alvis, layloia, pink silk,
pearl ornaments
Miss Bessie Pillow. Greenwood,
Swisp, oiiental lace, Batia bodice, dia
mnml nrnamen'B.
Miss Mamie Jenluus, uxioru, onen.
al In on tmarl nrnamoiitj.
"'"'"'::. ... ...i. -t
Mits Allie i'owers, swrasvuie, pini
aatin. Km. diamond ornaments.
Miss Ida Hicks, nun's veil ng, while
striped satin front, pearl ornaments.
MlflS MC83U0OK, uxioru, muu, auou
l,lo,.k valvHt. nporl ornaments.
Mies Jessie Wardlow, Oxford, mull
and embroidery.
M m Bru hq Alvis. xayiors, tan coi
ored eilk. Spanish lace overdress,
cameo ornaments. citizen,
London, Jnne 26. Mr. Richard
Chamberlain, member of Parliament,
attempted to addreta tbe elector ol
Weetlsletan laet night, but was not
allowed to speak, lie was met by
nil a of "traitor." and the platform was
ktnrmed. Mr. Chamberlain and bis
frinnda enraned throuah a back doer,
Mr. John Morley, speaking at New
casde 'at niht, said that the defec
tion of Mr. Bright was the most pain
ful incident oi the electoral campaigo.
While he would ever revere rur.
Ttriirht aa one of the Dorset of English
ttatemen, he raid that that gentlr
min'ii dtfuction would not abate one
jot or tittle of the policy adopted by
una intellectually as great as. and
in political grasp and foresight greater
toan, jur. urigni
tin ApprdlfS MIlk; iJ"?i'" u4
It d.M not ilm jHlcb..
pruduc rtipK-ol
&. E1.IUMTB Biimn.14 Frl A..
- IU.T. uJ Br..u' lrj Hill- ! rt"""
son th. duct. to n. k.rt. uid th.
Z. .v..,,.!....! u,d now m ouwluiun ! clou to
oud. UmM alu bn bnflol to W uhildl.u.
Mia. LomaA O. Buuiw, UKikponJT.
rpl.int. d Hl3 obUi mW from WtUlu
i fnint iVm)
E. E. Kidder is reconstructing Sis
for Myra Goodwin.
J. B. Folk's company next season
will contain four well-known come'
dians besides the star.
Ormond Tkahlb's new drama, in
which he stars next seaon, has been
finally renamed Ttmptit lotted.
Frank Mayo opens his next season
at the Grand Operahou'e, Chicago, in
. JfoTdeck and The Three uuartimen.
Th scenery and mechanical effects
for De Mille'e p'ay, The Main Line,
are to be painted by Philip Uoakher,
Hbnbv Hallam, tenor, and Henry
Peakes. bss-o. will be with the Alfa
Norman English Opera Company next
so aeon.
It is said that wh'le Be1ao was
writinfflfat MoMom. he had Ben Ma.
ginley in his head ai the ideal "Uncle
Ma. W. n. Veknos. a London actor.
'famous for his performance in th" play
. Mammon, will star jointly wun uent
Tieve Ward next stafon.
Roi.Asn Reso was recently invitsd
Viv a Western call n,!st for a diive to
see the bluffs. "Ex, u.o n.e," said
Clnditona at UaarhMiler.
HdvTPKTtn Jnne 26. Mr. Glad'
stone this morning appeared to be
touch exhjusted as a result of yester
,im' itrAin nnon his nowers. His
vni.-a, viii hnarun but hisBoirit spemed
asBtrongaaever. He received a dele
gaiionof Liberals from Salhrd across
the Irwell and made a speech in re
sponse to their addiess. In this be
said, among other thing?, "There is
today but one auciniauieu piunu
in the whole Britieh Empire, and that
piovincs is Iieland. It la time for
Eoglsr.men tj end mis oiBgrac-e.
After this Mr. Gladstone paid a vint
ta the Mayor of Manchester and sub
sequently t jok tbe train lor Liverpcol.
Affair. In Ilie Ueriuan luiplre.
Berlin, June 26 The final ait cl
tbe Reichstag, before tbo Cose oi tne
session today, wae the rejection of the
b andy tax bill. Be Diu lor ioanuicR
a semioary in Berlin for the tt acbiog
of Oriental langmges was droppsd.
The only other measure under dis-
cnEs'on, a bill to f arm a literary con
vention with Ecg'and, pa' sod the
RAinhatfff vesterdsv.
-d---- . ' . r t
Tha Kiuirmn I hlllllDBr Ol U0PUUDS
held a session today to discuss ine
commiesion's repoit approving the
.nn.n.v Af.or t in rnoi OEBsea tua
deputies the ministry will resign. It
Is certain mat tne uuuinu;
reconstituted under Baron von Lutz,
the present Prime Minister, Prince
Luitpold having given the minieters
an assurance that tie hsd no Intention
rst mn v n (lift ttOllCV OX IUB ROV-
einment. The Vaterland, an Ultra-
montano orjnn, praes tuai pny io
raise the queetion of the continuance
of the Liberal min's'ry on tbe debate
rn Iha r-nmmiflfif n'gruOOrt. The iCSl'
Snn nl mainritv nf the CutUolicS is in
. 6 w. - j -J T,,i,l,l
lavor oi permimiig """r"'-
t. be iostalled as regent before ere
aitnif a minintorinl crieis.
Th manilHRto OI 1119 oouni oi mm
meets with adverse criticism frnra the
Liberal press. The Vosieclui tenting
nv the nretpnslon8 of the i'nnce lui'
tily his expul;ion. The Aorth Oerman
(lazelte cills auenuon 10 me wnc
the lraniferto, whtcb.it fays, mows
tnat the Count is confident of victory.
The B.iune, taking tne same view, is
depressed, under the fears of an early
Orleans accession, an evei t which, it
is thought, would be attsnatd wuu
grave clangar of war.
A conference of bishops wlil be held
at Fu'da on August 10th. A letter
from the Pcpe will be read on the
occasion congra'ulalingthe biehopson
the renewal of friendly relations be
tween Prnssia and the Vatican, and
orderin that measures be taken to re-
organizs the diocesss.
'the Berlin municipality has voted
8,COO,000 marks for the exhibition to be
held here in 1888. . ,
A wanant Ins been hsued against
Krazewski. the Polish poet, on ac
count ol his failure to return to pneon
at the expiratioii of his leave.
The Ktupps cave oD ainea gifcuu-
tio contract to establish a cannon
foundry at Nikolaleff, Russia,
it is rumored that in deference to
the Czar of Russia, the name of Pince
Alexander of Bulgaria nas Deon strucx
off tho German army list.
Tbe French Deputies.
Paris, Jane 20. In the Chamber of
Deputies today M. Blauquiers pro
posal to abolieh tbe use of titles of
nobility was rejected by a vote of 242
to 210.
Toe Rsdical press demands, as a
reply to the manifesto of the Count of
P.nis. the immediate expulsion of all
theOrleanist Princes and the Beizure
nf thf-ir nrnrorrv.
. . r.
The commutes oi me unamutr oi
DdDuties oa the usue of the Panama
lmtprv loan has decided to closely
Amu nisi tne bin autuorizinK uie
lfAn. Tho committee will demand
access to all the actounta throwing
light oa tbe condition of the canui
M. de Lesseps, Bausseaa snd Bai
hault will be examined by the com'
Bbussblb, Jane 28. Prince Victor
Narolton has gone on a trip to Italy
and Switz srland. He will return here
in a week.
limtLiK. June 20. The statement of
the Imperial Bank of Germany shows
an increase in specie oi o.o-u.uuv
Birlin. June26. The Crown Prince
and Prioce-s and their daughteis pa-
tronizsd tbe Ariists' fete and exbibi-
tion in the Park today. The fete was
a grand success.
Winnipbo, Man., June 28. Reports
fmm all nar s of Manitoba and tne
norihwtst territory give assurance ol
abundant crops and harvest, two weeks
earlier than usual.
Valparaiso via Galveston, J une 20
The elections for President ol tbe
Republio pa?sed off quietly yesterday
T. i- v.l:n...l tl.nt th. flaii.nla am
onit Brown". Io BitUn."
UoulnhoTrTid Mrntlrllln
Forty Year a Siffercr from
iinnii vnnTv vitks I tun been a vie-
ttm to CATARKU thm foorttx of thttlrnt
il "ufferrn from BXOUiClATINI PAlNt
ito uv trnuKllaCAD ANUMYNUS-
TRILS. Tba diaaharaaa wor to ofTniv
tbatl beallate to Btniioa ii.,oii'
1 1. ,1 . i.h. nth.p auffflror. 1 Dara
tixnt m jouna forUa rrem mj
.....! 1 -.... Af .nftitrins to obtain
r r lroin me ooown. i k-
mdioinei-vrf leoald larn ol-irorn
tha lour oornera oi ia o.riu, mv
And AT LAST (S7 ara of ) hay. mat
w th a remedy inn "TUS .
i . man I w.l.hed 12H POUCrti.
nd I nowVeiyh H.J Imrni thirteen bottle,
of th. medioiue, And the ony rerret l bar.
i. In iKa liiimhle we ka of Jit. 1
m'r not here lnfluenoe w prevail on all o
Urrh auflarera to aw whalhaa oui.d me-
oninn'a Pioneer Blood Renewer
" No. 267 Boeond atreet, Maoon, tie.
"Mr. TJenr- CheTta. the writer of the
.h.... fnrmrl nf Crawford eounty, now ol
Maon. a.. uiorita Iha eonadenoe of all la
Ureated in eaurfa,fc
Gulnn's Pioneer Blood Ilenewer.
Curei all Blood and Skin Dlieanea. Rhpuma
tiam, Korolula, Old Soree. A perfoot bi'rmg
Wif not n your market, It will he forwarded
onreoeiptof prioa. uaau outtie.,
Knaay on Blood and Bkln Diieaeoi mailed
emu as rilMPANT.
JHitvon, (Minla
TOCKMBN. fnrmera, deiryman, and all
i funoiera of thii fuuioua. and fiivorite
breod, are informed that the above ahlimient
ill compriae a very onoice .nui hum v.
VVU.S (18 montha old) ! V B AKhlTNil HEW-
Kilo lio oaive eany io mi j i .
both aexea and dropped till ipring).
All rnre-bred and .elected by noted IndKea
with the areittost pere from wol'-known but
ter familie. with hiah-dlaaa milking atraina.
Parliea wanting atrlotly Brat-olasa animal!
for foundation itock to auo?eafully entabliao.
a herd, are cordially invited to eorreapund.
Our pricea will be found reaaonable apemal
termi lororuera. i.r.y u"
AUAinsuii a. iiu'iiiiii"w.
34 Leadenhiill atreet, London, hnaland. .
I'lti John Porter'a Oratltade
Nhw Yourc. June 26. The followlni
telegram was sent todav by Gen. Fitz
John Porter to Benator Wni. J. fc'ewell,
nf Nbw Jeraer. and explains itself:
"(iod bless you ana your asBociuieo
nnn. Viflil opTiAiniifl and earnest
efforts in my behalf. Now I am in- u is believed that tbe Clericals and
deed happy. You have snslained tne
acts of my army comrades and other
friends, dead ano living, wuu.-c uu
wavannr an nnnrt tlironsb these many
years has ever warmed my heart and
brightened my nopee. ion navo inn,
tha a1 of commendation on the und-
incr o! the Advisorv Board, so honor
able to its members and so just to me ;
and at last, thanks to you and my
many friends in and out of Congress. ftSTS5t
I can enjoy a triumph so grateful ana ge", "
o complete." chateau at Cier,
Louisiana Crops.
Nbw Orleans, La., June 26. The
that tha rrnnn in the vicimt V Ol
Alexandria, La., were almost total y
destroyed, and that the people would
requirn assistance, is now contradict
ed. While much damage was done,
there is still an outlook for fair crops.
HercnaadlM Import..
Vnnir. June 26.-The totl im
ports of merchandise 8tlh:spnrt during
.he. wrwrB Vllnp.l a! $6.500.95 ; of
,i, onfi.la mt l.745.809. and the
amount thrown on the aiaiket at fl,-
t'oilirnla nhntained fiom voting, and
the popular candidate, Sanor Balma
ceda, is elected.
Pabis, Jnne 26. The French nig is
not hoisted officially over the New
Hehrides islands. It is simply dis
played over a French storehouse on
one of tha islands. A British flag
floats over another home near by.
RnnMRLS. June 20. Tne King 01
Das onered to tne uount
residence the royal
Cieraenon. The offer was
declined, but the Count promises to
nav a nroloneed visit to Brussels in
the autumn.
Para ma, June 17. Advices from
Chili show that fifty-one persons in all
have been killed in tbe election not),
rpnnrln of which were cabled to thi
TJuited States. Oa tbo first day
eleven persons were killed and several
wounded. On June 15th forty more
were killed at Santiago and tbe hos
pitals were filled with the wounded.
Clear Wateu hct and cold baths
25c, at the Turkish Bathhouse, No,
222 Second street, near Adams,
,' .
i r
fh': .
We onld M.st roMo unlly h1I INe n or njo.. XUor
1 U)f '0(l 11 try IO OUT -
With eltlt r Plain or Patent llaNkel..). all and examine our STOCK before pnrcLiul.g
(Mliueimtr ; u ,,, (jiti.a ii.v favour lutereHtto oeso.
aava i7 w .. . w -
3HE. "lESTPIEBEa cSs C Q w
Waverly Institute,
Nnrahatl County, MIhmUhIppI
NAPOLEON U1LL, PresldenU W. n. W1LKEBHOS, lcfrmiae
II. 4. iiiniii vnauioia
Mfiiis i te mi m co.
r j
fcUMMEK SCHOOL, elht weekl,
begina Mondey, July 0, left".
T. B. WINSTON, Principal.
OOV. 8HAND9, 8natbia, Mlaa.
REV. N. M. LONil, Meiiihia, Tenn.
D. fl. SLAUUHTEH, Me unhla, Tenn.
UKN. A. J. VAUUI1N. Meiiiuhia, l.na.
V. It. THAYER, Menu'hla, Tenn.
, FTJItBTKNHEIM, "11. I. OOLB. JAMK8 .fc"4"1-"
JIIoe--ll 5IilIon Street, Memphis, Tenn
Monday, October 4, 1880.
Enrollment Latt Term, 822.
A SCHOOL for the development of vlfor
ou, thouh:u', noble eninmnhimd.
Tlii. rn.u
uf Instruction and tho awaken-
inir of patient, eiirnent endeavor. A now
iind comiuodioin boarding doiartuient hue
1.. .. I Inl.l
Ine uepiiriincni ui ur.M.',
llnerv ia edded lor the drnt liuie.
" IT .... T.i . l i,. i,innii.l. who la in
Eurore f r the auramer, om.iKun. win
i i 1 ....llflKl..m l.i Mr.. Hi. P. al(ir
lurnirneu ou ..hii.... ... , , i p
inn. iil Adnma atreet. or they will be iuuniT
at euy of the city book torej
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DKFT.lGOtom Adivni8;St., Memphis
notice or
tStockliolders' Meeting
OTICEia hereby givon that tha annual
meetini of the atookholdera of tbe
Memnhia and Southeaatern Railroad Oouv
... ,A u nn.n.
rany will oe noiu ei in. ;'-- "T",
City, Bprinafield and Memnhia 1U Iroad
tomnany, 81 Madison atreet, Taxlnj Ulatnot
1 lu.iU. ....I. (Mimmnnlf known M d Tl -
..ui.t i. thm Hint nt TfinnAi.ne. ml 1U o Clook
a.m , July 7, ldHH, for the purpme ol eleotina
Uireolora and lor the tranaaotion of auoa
other buaineaa ai may properly om. belure
th. meeting.
J. S. Foan, Seo'y.
Valuable Second St. Troporty
Iron and jmmr .,. ( y ;
..,.- e.- jTSSrV f .riiaiia.i)S. VI y i
a. rial- nuw
U M. iM. Vtl v 7 - ' -
Cloaea June.lW.
roula c
Bar Iroa.,
JHtieet krom
Hnta.ll .
. EU..EUJ.;
.jw-lrv-.-'- j
IltON & 11A1LW AY SUPPLY DEP'T, 22G and 228 Seconds.
tBuceeaaora In thla lenartment to Ji JllM -AKUUUB.)
W-Wrlte oa for Informntlnn on ANY TH I Nil In either line.
a. X. WITT.
n 1.. o...l.mli... lima. rln.M'
urneaaed lonfttion, buildinaa, grounda,
lointinenu. iuii corp. imtm-i -ed
advanUaea ia Muaio. Languagea, Mo
i ... ii..ik.Ut n. I'hva oal Cul-
. hoard, eto.. with full Englih Ciiurao,
nit .nilr. Ion. For full pi
era amdy In prlnelpal for catalogue.
On Wednesday, Joly 7, 1880.
WE will ell od corner ol Mnln ana ainu
ifon atreote, the Leltwich houae end
lot, eituated lunt north of the Uontral liup-
t UBuron, ironung iuin ui
Tr.,, im.-fourih oiahs baliiaoe la tlx.
twolvo nnd eiihtoon montha.
June in, ikw ii. .,. .11. n -
. . r . 1 .... n a1
ilOHC urumunir otuuwij
100 Marnhall Avenae.
tsii t. TRHM OPRNS SEPr. 27th. Nun
j? ber ol pupila limited. There are leer
vaoanei.a, ana thoae deairlng to enter pun la
ahould make early application, hrnV,vVn
At a .1-1 . flnanm Itna." flf In R. M. KULr Ni
Prinr l"i: Luk. W.' Kinlay, lr. D. I.
S.ndera. Hon. B. S. Uaaiuiond, Adriaory
.wia nri'H tnll'Al.anil NNN
y KNIJINKilKINUal tb" Uriiw'lr
FolHe.lmlo lamauuin, aruy, a. ..
The oldeat engineering lehool In AJimia,
u k..lm Hanlaulhsr lflth. Th. lleg-
i.... f. iHxii mmtjiina a liat of the graduatoa
r... .k. ai vAir. with their noaitiunai
alao. eouree of atudy, requirement, tx-
r OOD ROOSia AND BOATtD forthe aea
aon cn bo obtained at 'he Nolan llnuao,
WAVKHI.Y, TKNN. Koferenoe, ii. Kloh
mond, M"ii.hia. Tenn. For larma apply or
w.if to W. 11. w'r,n.
P B-iTU EC IB 13a ?
330 Nccond Street, Memphis.
- .... nnnc ..a AUr. DT.1U VrTTVnH
MaSrlala. Pumpa, Drive Wella. Iron. Lead and tftone Pi.e. Uaa yinturea, Olobea. Hut
Cotton Factors, WMcsale GrocerLV
No. 11 Union Street, t i CTemphU. leas.
- . mm iaaa KM M M M Xm
lm I - ttlRJTA mu Iff
i h bt n m m m m m m u f? w jt m m m
Bi tm Lo H !. CD B V(l B I a H Ba 1 B n di arB
i El
3 -
. " t f L -afc, (' .lr
Cotton Factors and VhoIesala Grocen
Front St., Heaplil, Tenm.
Cotton Factors, Commission Perchants, nEMMtiH,
a ' M i .
ill I
1 . .. .1. h rs
tr1 Or 1
.... ......
111 V. ..
.;:-;.v:;r:;vt1 1
ISo. HO nt1i Slain St.. St. IabvU-
Old Union Si Memphis.
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Llording, Lumbc:
. . . a- .A
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, telling ana ueaar rosu.
SLEDGE llROSof Como, MLsa.
Wholesale Dealer and rubltahera, ,
Sol. AianU ioUowlM nnt-Olan iaram.Bui v -
rCjAinwav nnd KllaADG
. nnrivi Ptarcn for ioo.-wi
Wrilo (or a,,': -- nd HVVnnn NT.. IHV W
Tl? TTT. T jiL5Li d? CO-
376-3?8-380-3S2-384-3 Kecond street, south ol Uayoso,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Fleering, ceiling, bluing,
wwuiv, Bfanldlns, Latba, Cwlar Fen ana alrtala.
F. . N0BFLEET, BeBldent Partner.
ACH, BABI.BR, C. . l-avai m
aaaautaj jk HAH Jin, iioix"
Uo. 365 rront Street iemoa-
oker.f homtoa 6
Cotton Factors, Tholssalo Grocers
No, 300 Erout street, i 3Iciihls, a
Kafd: "no mere biuflB. I caw one

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