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Tk bvi!j wsssaltUn M tttt
Fig Eaoti rcai t&3t aUht to M at
tbs Boat acrrSUa that bar been
clll upon a Maori la yean. Both
JaaU and hi wife had their akaBt
bsatrn in with a hatche4, ths
wounds being of tht nrai hor
libit claraetar ind the bloody icene
the most rsyoltinn; potsible. The
crime was nadonbtodly perpetra'ed to
shield a robbery, by fienda whose
b'oody pnrpoee eno'd not be tayd
ten by the ery ba'ra and appalling
cries o( the poor old woman.
BasRirr BbcK, of Vicksbutjr, Mi -,
ia now before the graad jury of War
ren county, charged with speculating
in county warrants, which is, by the
code of Mississippi, declared to be a
crime. Tbe Vicksburg Herald, com
menting on the fact, esjs truthfully
that "the violation of law by offioialt U
"the crying eviU of popular govern
"ment, and the court (hat does not
"csmbat the evil ii recreant to one oi
"(he moat important trusts imposed
"upon it by the soreraiga people."
Those who doubt tbe ability and de
airs of the colored people to work
their way, noir that the white people
have given them "a start" in the race
of life, will fiodau argument t) con
vince thorn, in a letter frjm Tmkegee,
Ala., printed on aao'.hr ra?e aad
copied from the New York Tribune
It tells a most gratifying story, and
one that every good maa and woman
.at all concerned for the advancement
of the black race will read with pleas
rje. It is the story of a wiselydirected
baud and the accomplishment oi a
-grandly philanthropic purpose. All
honor to Mr. Washington.
A rrrinoN is in circulation, ad
dressed to tbe president of the Mem
phi) and Charleston railroad, by the
people who reside near Bnntyn Sta
tion, asking tbat a platform and depot
building be erected for the convenience
nd protection of paaeengers and ship
pers. Seventeen years ago the people
erected such structure, but five years
Ago it was destroyed by fire and has
net since been replaced. Greatly
needed as it is, we hope Mr. Fink will
promptly accede to the prayer of tbe
petitioners and order the building and
pla'form to be eree'ed at once. As
much as 50,009 barrels of potatoes
have been shipped from Bnntyn in
one st aeon, and the daily passenger
1st is very large.
The two-thirds rule haibten a prin
cif alone with tbe 'Deffiorj atio party
for several generations and it has been
found to be a safe one. It comes as
near aa is possible to reaching the
whole vote of a convention, and sit s
fies.aa the majority rule never can,
the rights of the minority. It ehould,
therefore, be adhered to as a safe rule.
Ia the county convention which is to
meet on the 21st of next month, it
should be strenuously adhered to.
There is no urgency for a departure
from it and nothing but the necessi
ties of place hunters will suggest it,
and these, where the whole body of
the people are concerned, are un
worthy of a momert'a consideration.
The convention will, we trust, stick to
the time honored two-thirds rule, un
der and by force of which tbe Demo
cratic party has won so many victories.
A MAKurACTCBiR of engines does
not employ a nailmaker to he'p him ;
a shipbuilder does not employ a brick
layer to assist him in his task ; nor
does the shoemaker the tailor. Bridge
building is as diet'net an employment
any of there, and therefore requires
a technical skill and ability peculiar to
Itself. Men are trained to it, just as
they may be trained to house build
ing, to bat making, to cabinet making,
or blackemithing. ' Such a man, an
expert having knowledge of VriJga
'Construction and a practical civil en
gineer, should be employed by tbe
County Court fB' Superintendent of
Bridge Building and no other. The
court in this matter should follow tbe
example of the rai'r. al companies,
who would not think of employing
any other than a civil engineer, a
technical expeit, in the construction
-of any kind of bridje, whether of
i wood, iron, ttael, atone or brick.
J'E very man to his trade," in such a
tase, is a very safe adage.
1 A jfonoN prevails with many per
- sons that the worklngmen's nnions
ud the Knights of Labor are prepar
ing to take an active part in the
.August election?, and that they have
special candidates for two or more of
the offices to be filled at that time.
Nothing could be farther from the
truth. The wjrkingmenV i"ions and
-the Knights of Labor organizations
exist for the opecific object of main
taining agreed rates of wages and
hours 'of labor, and they have noth
ing to do with politics or politicians.
The members of these nnions and
labor organizations are sonn of them
'Republicans, mostcf them Democrats,
-and tbey will vote as their political
principles may lead them. It is safe
ito say, therefore, that every man who
proposes to carry tbe workiegmen's
'vote to either ticket is a fraud who is
n entitled to credence, as one speak
ing wholly and altogether without
.authority. The workingmen have no
t'eketnor will they have any, nor, ad--diliona'Jy
let us say, can they be in--dueed
iy their organized capacity to
have any'liing to do, near or reuiot,
with eitheV political party or with any
politician or cmdklit
Eee'rwtloa of the First Assistant
Secretary of the Treasury
Capital Bote.
Israelii, to Tif arrnai.l
Washington, June 29. William .
Smith, Ai Blatant Secretary of tbe
Treasury, has been offered and will
accept the position of a'.torney of the
St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba
rti'road at a salary cf 810,003 a year,
with headquarters at tit. Paul. Uis
ti signatioa was a source of great stir-
trriss bera totbess who knew that Mr.
Smith had made plans to stay be-e
during tbe present year. It was
hastened, so reonrt eays, by the disap
proval of the President with Mr.
Smith's course in regard to appoint
ments ana aismimais in tne Treasury
It takes tflec: July 1st. Mr. Smith
will leave at once for St. Paul Gov.
Thompson, of South Carolina, will ba
bis successor, whose name will proba-
Diy De sent to tne senate tomorrow.
At a meeting of the Democratic
members of tne Pao-Elecirio Con
ruh'es list night, it was impveible
for Mr. Boyle, the chairman, and Mr.
Ha'e, the dissenting . D. mocrit ic
meaber, to come to any agreement as
to the union cf reports. Mr. Boyle
said the reports would not bs sub
mitted to tbe House until tomorrow
Tqi re will be three of thess, one by
the Democratic chairman, Mr. Boyle,
which fully exonerates the stock
holders fiom. any impropriety ; tbe
second by Judge Banney, Kepublican,
condensing the trana t on as danger
ous for public men, and a third by Mr.
Hale, of Missouri, a Democrat, taking
middle ground. Mr. Ha e'a report is
perhaps the most significant of tbe
three. It acquits the otlicials impli
cated of aay dishonesty, bat says their
arceptince of stock waa aa impro
priety. Tbe strongest part of his re
port is his conservative criticism of
tbe bringing ol the Government suit,
which, he says, should never be
brought except where the publio in
terests demand it. He sees no neces
sity for bringing suit in this case. His
criticisms upon the large expenditure!
in which tbe Government bas become
involved by not adopting some
such sa'ejnard is the saverest part
of tbe document. He sab
mits tbat it was upon th s
point bs bad his most serious differ
ence with Chairman Boyle. In speak
ing of the opinion of Attorney Gen
eral Garland, given when he wc s a
Senator, as to the validity of tbe
Rogers patents, he saya: "It is only
necessary to say thr.t the opinion of
Attorney General Garland was like
that of any other attorney employed
or retained by an individual. If the
opinion were given or intended to bs
wed in any attempt to sell tbe stcck
cf tbe company and induce outsiders
to become interested either in th?
original Pan-Electric organization or
any of the sub-organizations form 'd
in the different States, without dis
closing at the same time tbe relation
of the author to the company,
it might be heid by many attorneys
to he unprofessional, but certainly it
hed no reference to or connection with
bis then status as a Sena'or. It does
not appear that it wes so intended and
used, or tbat any person wen deceived
or misled by ic In speaking of the
first Memphis suit, afrrr reviewing its
incidents, the report says: ''Wiihout
entering into the merits of the con
troversy it is sufficient to say tbat the
order of the President, nnder all the
circumstances, withdrawing a suit
was, in my opinion, eminently proper
from almost every view that can
bs taken of the law involved
in inch suit." The report ac-
qoita the Solicitor General of any
improper or nnwortny motives in
ordering the suit or of having any
knowledge of Garland's interests in it
or of the interest of the Pan-Electric
Company. Upon tbe subject of the
A'toroey General tbe report says:
"The evidence in my Judgment is
overwhelming and conclusive that he
had nothing whatever to do with it.
On the contrary it is conclusively
established, and without any compli
cating testimony, that when similar
applications were made to mm be tore
he left for his borne in Arkansas, he
emphatically and even sternly re
fused to have anything to do with cr
even talk about the in, giving as a
reason that tie was interested
in the Pan-Electric Company, and
Ciu'd .not in any manner
bs connected ' with such a
snit. In fuct the evideace shows that
after he became Attoinay General he
bad practically nothing to do with the
management of the Pan Electric Com
pany. He says further, that any at
tempt to connect the Attorney Gen
eral with legislation in tbe interest of
a gove romeat suit bas failed. Mr.
Hale says that there is no evidence to
show that any of tbe companies,
through their agents or otherwiae,
sought to influence any of tbe officers
of the government through tbe public
press." For full report see third page.
interested in the recent purchas9, un
der foreclosure sale, of the East Ten
netses, Virginia and Georgia railroad,
passed through here today. Tbey will
inspect the road, take poseeesion of it,
and elect a new Board , of Directors.
Among the party were President
Tboma'.CaWin S. Bruce, Frederick D.
Tappan, E. W. Corless, George War
ren. Smitb, Frank Work, John Shaw
and C M. McGhee.
W. T. Dryden, Memphis, Tenn.,
car fare box; Caleb B. Iebester, Chat
tanooga, Tenn., device for forming
beads in rand mou da; Tbos. Brant
ley, Eufaula, Ala., valve for steam en-
olnui .Tntin R. JnVinnnn. Hnllv
Springe, Miss., jack for replacing ties
on bales.
arrived st the Arlington last nisht
from ner home at Naaoville, with her
little son. Her husband, Maj.
Whiteside, Seventh Cavalry, is now on
leave from his station at Fort Mead,
Dakota, but will not be here during
Mrs. Whiteside's stay.
Fourth class postmasters commie
sioned Maggie Redd ng, Elanville,
Ala; Wm. F. Torrans, Hooketm, Miss.
New Offices Established At Alpika,
DeSoto countv, Mies., Junius Watt,
postraafler; Coffin, Knox couoty,
Tenn., Wm. F. Hathaway, postmaster;
Vannata, Bsdford county, Tenn.,
Christopher C. Vannata, poetraeBter.
Poetofficeat Saakey, Hawkins coun-
tf, Tean dJaconUaud ; mail 4Lm
Star 8trvice DiaoonHnied Mini
aippit Nittayuuta to Paaaaibera. horn
July 1st, railroad aarvict established.
Alabama: Woodstock taBlocktouby
the Cahaba Cotd Mining Company 'a
railroad, from Woodstock to Biocktoa,
eight miles and back, twelve time a
week, or as much ottener aa trains
may run.
btar Sarvloa Changes Mias'sdppi:
Cold water to Arkabutta, from July 1st
increase servioe to thes times a
week; Aberdeen to Smithville, from
July lt embrace supply of Green
brier, Monroe county, next a'ter Aber
deen, increasing distance three miles
and a half. Tennessee: Compensation
to Lone Mountain from Jape 23d, fo
change of site of office at head of B
ren, increase of distance thne-qrurte.
from June 22d, for charge of site of
Miller a tore, increase distance oi one
half mile,
Vetea t-r turn PrwtdeaS.
Washington, June 29. In ve'oicg
an act today granting a pension to
Newoomb Parker, tbe Pretident says:
''Bsfcra the pas-age of the bill here-
witn returned tne uommis oner oi
Pensions, ia ignorance of the action
of Congress, allowed bis claim nnder
the general law. As this decision ol
ths Pension Bureau entitles the bene
ficiary named to draw pension from
the da'e of filing his applicntion,,
which, nnder tbe provisions of tbe
special bill in h'siavor wculdonly
accrue from the time of lis par sage,
I am unwilling that one fonnd worthy
to be placed unon tbe pent ion rolls by
tt e Bureau, to which he properly ap
plied, should be an actual loser by
raaioo of a special interposition ol
Oongiess in bis behalf."
norrlsoa en Kaadall's Tariff BUI.
Washington, Jane 29. Mr. Morri
son says that Mr. Rtndall's tariff bill
will increasi customs receipts more
than 5,000,000, and decrease internal
revenue receipts at least 930,000,0 0.
When ssktd what would be the fate
of the bill in tbe Ways and Means
Committee, he stid he did not know,
but presumed that the committee
would treat it aa it bad treated bis bill,
tike what it thought wj8 good out of
it and report it to the Hour e, and
leave oat what it thought wis bad.
Tendered Bis BaalarMtlo.
Wasbimotok, June 29. Mr. Wm.
E. Smith, Assis'ant Sece'ary of Ibe
Treasury, has tendered bis resignation
to the President to take eff.ct July
1st next, in order to accept the posi
tion of solicitor for tbe H . Panl, Min
neapolis and Manitoba Railroad Com
pany, with headqaarteis at 8L Pau',
Minn. The President hi selected as
his successor tbe Hon ingh Thomp
son, Governor of Boat i Carolina, and
will send bis nomiuat on to the Sen
ate tomorrow. Mr. Thorn peon is said
to be a man of ability and to be In en
tire accord with the President's policy
on all public auewions. He has been
Prominently identified with the educa
tional interests of his State and is now
serving his second term ts its Gov
ernor. He has rcs:gaed that office
and expects to asaume the duties of
his newoflice as soon as be shall have
be -in confirmed.' Mr. Smith said to
day that hs te'inqnished his present
position voluntarily and with the beet
of feeling towaid tbe Preeident and
his as'ociates, solely in his own inter
ests. Ha is a young lawyer s'ar.ing
out in bis profession and itels that it
would be a disadvantage for him to
remain in the Treasury for three years
longeron a small salary when he could
do so much better outside.
Becrctary Haenlna'a Health.
Washington, June 29. Secretary
Manning, who is still at Hot Springe,
Va.. telegraphed to his -private secre
tary in Washington today as follows;
"Contradict story in New York Herald
of Sundsy about my health. I am
much better than when I left Wash
ington." Approved kjr abe President.
Washington, June 29. The Presi
dent has approved the act to legalize
ths incorporation of national trades
nnions; the act granting a franking
privilege to Julia D. Grant; the act to
remove the political disabilities of
J. G. Flourooy, of Mirsitsippi,and ten
miscellaneous bills, including the bill
topaneionthe widow of Commodore
A. A. Semmes. The President also
vetoed two priva'e pension bills.
The Ueaeral Deficiency BUI.
Washington, J une 29. The general
deficiency appropriation bill reported
to the House fails to appropriate the
$1,503,000 estimated aa ceceesary te
meet tbe expenses ot government
transportation over non-eubsidizd
branches of land gaut railroadB. Tbe
estimate under the head of the Central
Pacific railroad inrtluded an item of
$735,160 from the War Department for
the transportation ot troops and sup
plies during the present nical year
over the non-sutsidized branches of
that railroad, and an item of 3,171,153
on tharame account during tbe next
fiscal year. Tbe Poetoflice Dep-rt-'
ment aleo sent in an item ot xuio,-
714 for mail tranepcrtaton over
the same branches Auditor Williams
appeared bffore the committee and
explained that these appropriations
were made neceseary by tne decision
of the Supreme Court to the effect
thetcompensntion could not be with
held from t' e railroad on account of
service performed on non-tub ldizd
branch lines. The committee, how
ever, bas disallowed the item on the
ground that the real issue has never
been inveatigated in court and that
the government bas tbe right to set
off as against these claims of the
companies tbe millions of dollar an
nually paid by the government on ac
count of interest on the railroad bonds.
The President's Pcnslen Vetoes.
Washington, June 29. The Invalid
Pensions Committee nf tbe House to
day considered ths Pres dential veto
messages. They were referred back
to subcommittees, and it is the pres
ent intention to select the strongest
and moet meritorious casns and make
an attempt to paes tbe bills over the
Hew Hampshire Denaeerata.
CoiicoaD, N. 1L, June 29. The
Democratic! Stats Convention today
on the first ballot nominated Thos.
Crggswell, of Germantown, tor Gov
ernor, be receiving 346 of the 432 votes
cast. The nomination was made
unanimous. A resolution was adopted
indorsing the efforts of President
Cleveland and Congressmen Morrison
and Carlisle and their Democratic
colleagues to revise the existing tariff
laws. A resolution expressing sym
pathy with Mr. Gladstone in his home
rule struggle was also unauimoue'y
adopted and it declared home rule
and the right of States to regola'e
their domestic affairs to be the Demo
cratic doctrine upon which 'Ms nation
is founded.
la the Mstck Kace at Skeepaheal
Bay Ik Secon Day ef the
Csieao Races.
Chicaoo, III. Jane 29. This wis
another day of delightful weather.
There was a very lare attendance at
Washiretoa Park attd the racing wia
firjt class in every particular on a fait
irac, ins va j mciiw.i ro mar me
day baisg the fall of Forest and Kan
sas In uie fourth race, resulting in
Forest breaking h s leg and having to
be shot. Gcwae Withers, who role
him, was badly stunned by bis fal ,
but it is cottbougDt tbat bs la injured
nisr RACE,
one mile and one-eixtcenth. Wan-
deroo (103), Covington; Sir JcseDh
(102), West; Alfred (100), Fuller: Jim
Gray (103), O'Hara; Exile (113),
Green; Han-foot (113), Withers; Fi
nality (122), L, Jones; Gleaner (110),
Stoval; Jim Donglai (122), Dufly;
Lepanto (108), Tompkins; IlettieS
(98), Richie. 5
belting Jinn 'Douglas, $100; Sir
Jcseoh, 175; Fiaality, $50; field, $14.
Alfred led from the start, Increasing
it to three lengths, wiih Warjdfroo,
Finality, Gleaner aad Leptnto at ths
head of ths field bunched. This rr
dercov.inued pacing toe' half milo
pole where Sir Joeepli moved up even
with Alfred on the loiter tiro. En
tering the etratch the two in front
qo.it arid Gleaner followed by Jiui
Donglas, Exile and Jim Gray were
almost even. Wall op In the stretch
Jim Douglas took the lead acd won
easily by half a length; Jim Gray
second four lengths in front of Exile
tbiid; Gleaner a very clrss fourth.
Time 1:17). Mutuais paid $20 50.
. second bace.
One mile, Bob Kerr (110), Burlaw ;
Kannebeo (108), Fuller; Dora (108),
West; Typo (HS), O Hara; Richball
(113) . Covington; Wyandotte (113),
W, Johnston; Reverie (108), Stovai;
Eil Gilman (113). Withers; Unique
(110), W.Jones; Prsbas (110), Joan
ttoa ; Jo Lodge (110),Stroncham ; Mary
Ellis (108), Kelly; Warfellow (113), T.
Kiley; Lewis Clarke (113), U Jones;
CI nee (110), Tompkins; Bastante
(108), Cooper.
lietttng. Kennebec, $101; Ed Gil
man, $100; Mary Ellis, $85; field,
From the start Kennebea was in
front, e'osely followed by Cons',
These two gat clear of the field, and
ran nearly even to the half-mile pole.
Here Clonee went to the front and led
into the sttetcs, with Kennebec and
Unique olese together. Clonee wu
not again headed, and won handily by
one Teneth; Warfellow leoond, Ed
Gilman third, three lent ths cff. Tims
1 :44. Mutuals paid ths field $13 50
Ths Lakeside eiakes, five-eighths
of smile. Vara NU), Kel'y; JSelhe
B. (107), O'Hara; Rose (102). Coving
ton; Oracle D. (102), Fuller; Jennie 3.
(114) , Murpby; Nellie O. (102), Coop
er; Lillith (102), West; Pomona (102),
Weaver; Grissetto (102), Miller; Mar
go (10), Johnston; Wary (110),
Htovall; Cualpa (102), Hathaway;
Kenie (102), W. Jones.
Betting. Conigau's entry Rose,
Gracie D. and Jennie, $100; Wary,
$35; Nellie B , $20; field, $75.
Gracie D, in front, made the run
ning, with Veia and Kepie, as named.
Theie was no change into ths stretch,
where Wary came through, and, tak
ing the lead, won easily by one length;
Gratis D. second, Nellie O. third, very
close up. Time 1:21 J. Mutuals paid
$20 90.
One mile heats. Billy Gilmora (117),
Stoval; John A. (117), Morpby; Boot
black (113), West; Forest (114), With
ers; Sovereign Pat (114), L. Jones;
Kills H. (112), Gibbs; Kansia (112),
Covington; Tommy Crnse ' (100),
Kelly; War Sign (117), O'Hara,
Firtt Heat Betting. FotoSl, $100;
John A., $S5; Billy Gi'more, $80;
field, $200.
Sovereign Pat at once went to the
front, followed by Etlio H., Bootblack
and Billy G .lm ore, As the field rounded
the upper tnrn by the clubhouse.
Forest and Kansas fell. Sovereign
Pat held bis lead thre quarters ol a
mile. At this point Bootblack went
tithe front, followed by Billy Gil
more. Boo b'ank won easi'y by four
Nngths; Billy Gilmore second, Sover
eign Pat third. War S gn fourth, John
A. fifth, Kflie II. s xth, Tommy Crme
seventh, Forest and Kansas distanced.
Time 1 :4"J. Mutuals paid $27 80.
(5 Second Ileal Betting. Bootblack,
HOO; John A, $00; Billy Gilmo.e, $25;
field. $50.
EfiieH. t-ok tV If al, followed by
Sovereign Pat. When thny bud run
half a mile Bootblack and Billy Gil
more drew clear and a clow race fol
lowed, resulting in Billy Gilmure win
ning by six inches ; Buoiblack second,
two lengths in front of Sovereign Pat.
third. Timo-l:42i. Mutuals paid
tbe field $9 50.
Third Heal Betting. Bootblack,
$100; Billy Gilmore, $75.
Bootblack two lengths in front for
three-quarters nf a mi e mado tbe run
ning. Billy Gilmcre then' took the
lead and won easily by two lengths;
Bootblack second. Time 1:44, Mu
tuals paid $11 30. t
Steeplechase, short conrs, Enasar
(147), M. Dsly; Encephalns (152),
Downlcg; Hop Siog (136), How
ard; Chan tidier (137), Wbybern;
Ruhbrook (152), M. Kenn '; Rock
(133), C. A. Brown; Mr. Is o (120),
Hos'on; Worth (137). J. Kenny;
Disturbance (157), Pope; Wsllingiou
(157), Griffin; Riry O'More (152), D.
Wynne. .
Betting. Ds'urbance, $50; Rush
brook. 30; Worth, $28; field. $05.
At tbe start, Wellington, Buceph
alus and Rock drew clear end went
several lengths in the lead. Welling
ton and Bucephalus were tbe ;:aly two
that were ever in tbe racs, hs Rock
aoon fell. Welling'on was not headod,
and won easily by four leugt is; Bu
cepbatos eeond, Worth a bw' third.
No time. Mattmls paid $12 . The
next race day w.ll be Tbartda; .
Sheepakead Bay Bars
New Yoke:, June i9.- The lai st at
tendance of the saion at Shoe sbead
By was that of today. Thert were
fully 15,000 people present. Th- grsat
attraction was the race for t K' nJ be
tween 8. 8. Brown's bay colt Tiouba
dour and Dwver Brothers' brown mare,
Mis Woodford. Tbe race vas a
splendid one, and was won by Tr. iba
door by a length and a half, in the fast
.Firaf Hare. For three year olds and
upward, three quarters ef a talle.
P atiae wea by twe lenpthtt Little
Mlack tecoad, Btadala third. Time
Stotmd JZaaa. For three year elds,
(even-eighths of a mi a Refrain won
by three lengths; Pontico second, Ka
bila third. Time-1:28.
rird Root. For two year olds, sell
Ins sweepstakes, three-qaarters ot a
mile. Electricity won by a head : Nat
Gcodrnm eeoond, Al Reed third.
Time 1:18).
Fourth Jfcu. Special ma'ch race for
a purse of $3000; utile and a quarter.
Troabadoar took ths lead at tbe a'art
and had It to the finish, winning by
a length and a half. Mias Woodford
second. Tlme-2:08i. The bettirg
was 4 to S on Miss Woodford and eveu
money against Tronbadi ur.
Fifth Root. For non-winners, one
mile anu one-quarter. Arettno won
by three lengths : liaffalo second, Heel
and Toe third. Time 2:09).
Sixth Rai. 8all!ng ' sweepstakes,
one miie and one-quarter. Ilerbert
won by half a lengt t; Una R second,
War Eagle third. Time 1 :54 1.
An rer VerrecSesl ay She Mtaaler
New York, June 29. Soon after
the Cleveland Convention of the
Knights of Libor.thore were published
In eeversl papers what purported to be
interviews with Powoerly, la which
he was reported as commenting in
sevsre terms on the Associated P.e-w
reports of the convention, and a
holding Jay Gould responsible for
them As tue reports did not contain
any of the objectionable things of
which Powderly complained, and ii
waa evident bis mind was con
fu ed between tbe Piess and
by special correspondents, an
opportunity was given to blra to ob
tain correct in format on on the sub
ject. These leporta having been
brought to the attxntion of Mr. Stone,
president of the Now York Asociatea
Pnss, that gentleman wrote Mr. Pow
derly explaining tbe difference be
tween "special" and ''press" report,
and asking him to put ibe Associated
Press in Its proper light. Mr. Powder
ly bas answered this letter, retracting
what be said about tbe "press" re
ports and acknowledging hit error.
Billed by n railing Bnlldln.'
Nashville, Tinn,, Jane J9. Four
inen were engaged th's afternoon in
raising an old frame dwelling whan it
o llspsed, killing Abe Tucker and
fa'aiiy Injuring Chas. Ransom, both
colored. Ths other two men soaped
eld for ahlnmsnS.
NewYobk, June 29. Tbe engage
ments (or gold in shipment this week
have already reached $2,211,000.
MOSBY-Oa Tuidy, Jans 29, im, at 1
0 clock p.m., lira. Harris Mcwar, wits of
Cms Moaby.
Fnnaral will txka ptaea this (WKDNK8
DAT) afternoon at ta'olock, from ths Sea
ood Oonrrsf ational Char oh. Frlsla si ths
family ars inrttad to attend. . ...
' WALSH-Juoe 29, 18SA. Kdwaud WiLas.
Funrl from J oh a Wabh'a, 80S raeoond
atroat, thla (WEDNBJDAY) morclnt at 10
o'olook. Frianda ara Inrlted to attend.
LATHAM On Tnetdar. Jane 29, 1886, at S
o'olook p ia.. " Kimiiiiii." aired fouryeara,
one month end four daya, youBteetaon of
Pinokaey and Mary H. lielham.
Fnnaral from retldenoe, eorner ot ITenry
andBellevas avenaea, thli (WEDNESDAY)
afternoon at 4 o'olook, ' Irtenda of ths iftm
lly ere tnvlMil to lnd.
Greatest Part Of It!
a-We hare Jul t taken atock, and hays vol
untarily come aoroaa many and yarioua
pieooa af Qoodi that ehould ha ye been aold-
We hays them, and are dealrons that you
ahoald hive them. Whet ia the reeton to
price? Well, we hays divided. ths prlos in
two will that pleaas you?
5000 Sprays French Flowers?
at 10s a Spray. Such bargain!
nerer before and never acain will
be offered.
lOoa Pair for Real Hid Mlovas for
1000 Heal Linen Collars ( 8 Cents.
For $23.
A nobby Kramer Dreai In red, whits or
ereem, made to order, r It ana ityis
perfeot. Uet one.
Bargains la Laces Innumerable.
Bee Kremer'a aerlea of ahort lenetha. Bee
what yea can buy on Monday al
Kremer'a for little money.
1-2 and 1-3
rapreeent the proportionate amount of
money you have to lay out to gat value on
Miss. & Tenn. U.K. Co.'s Bonds.
COUPONS of ths Mlulitlppl and Teanee
it lUllroad Companv'i Bond'i. teriea
n." rln. I.t Jul. iHrti. will be riaid at the
ofliee ot K. II. Ilarrlman i Co., No. 17 Wall
atrset, New York olt.
B. H. liiuin, rrm-urrr.
mi. 11. L. LASKI,
r by sit Ian, Knrgeon and Aecoucher,
313 Main Street, Wear Union.
Telephone' No.88.'
notice or
Stockholders' Meeting
N0TICR la hereby riven that the ennual
meetint of ths (tockholilere of the
Kaniaa Oily, Meinphli end liirmlnrham
Hailroad Company will be held at the offioe
ol the Mioiiialppl and Tennensee Kiilroad
Company in the towa of Hernando. De-ote
county, in tbe Htatt -f Mitaiaaippl, at U
s'clook, noon, July) ,.8Hfi, lorlhe purpoee
of elentini Director! and for toe tren'Mllon
of each other buiineea ai may properly eoua
before the meeting.
J. S. Fuao, Seo'y.
OFFICE Boost 1 (iew) Cettoa Ezckaace BnUdlss;. Telepbo. Cti. t
"w sts an aiwwiT,iyu.
rln Urialeh mm aler."
. . 1 . . 1 1 et
L I.I44.US
leaiesMwrer now tera
Vaisa sr 1J (!. 1.1M.SS4
Anaartexan Bnrslj Cnaannny, If ah las: Sanaa mt Bnratyanln.
All alaaasa of property Inanrsd. Bpsolal Atteatloa tlven to Iniurln Cosatrf BtsratV
New York Life Insurance Go.
ASSETS $68,000,000.
' 'V ' w '"
HON k WM 08G1S
a-IERMS-Caih. or eaiy Monthly Inattllmenta. Writs tor IUuatraUd OaUlotne.-an
rsle aoBsn roa the southwest,
No. OOO IVIaIix t., Saotssxk&splxlaB), Tonn.
Km 1SI !'.. enrM. Kaihyilla Wo. ln Ollwa arrwl, na. lnla.
CAPITAL ,. $350,OO0T
). B. BOlllNboV,
JOHB W. OOCMEAW, PrMeat. w. . MrLCBK, TleePrailnt,
r.rtwiKii 4a.irrniTii, i rr.
BrJ.' Setxuri&'M Co,
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
j. K. GODWIN, Prea'U J. M. COODBa'k, Tlcrregn. CO. BAIJiE, Cashier
XloataarcA of
Ah A tif ITU
J. iTle 13 . J 1 1 l a Yunnun-
Hnneac eil tlvM Slie)licl
FOUNDRY k MACHINE DEPT.lGOto 171 Adams St,Memplil
Iron and
a- ft i
Clrlaa- HIllsT
II ! I
front A
(Hnoeemiori in thla I-twrtment to JOHN MANOUDB.)
erWrlte aa for Information on AN V 'JillMd In either line.
ffillO I Ik IMS
Dry GoddsJMons, Hosiery
GEiiTLEiiEirs FuninsnniG goods,
Nob. 328 and 328 Main SU Memphis, Tenn.
OOO ON. which we offer to the Trade
will Mm pare favorably with those of any market la the United btatee. Ws are Arenta for
Teanessee Maniifmtnring Co.'s Plaids, Drills, Kheetlng;, Nhlrtlnf, to.
And Commlsslcn lierch&ntSs
Ho?, and SO Madison Street, riemplsls.
I ranlfabla af Waahw4lla....n iarr.M
KMaavllla mt eaaaawlll.. 10S,e
rtMeli at HrMklie (Me.
Has Department) 4,10,a
Manulaotarar'stAsenta (or
Daniel Pratt Cotton Glnn.
Pratt Ecllnaa Under alias, Faext
ere and Win nrnalreira.
08 to 104 Poplar St., Memphb
a a-Pratt Bevolvlnr-Head Gini nm
- - Jraducd, Corra
i. . ill i-
now oompiets, rrx
innndenoe and orde
.w lolloued. Hid Uine Hepaired ia a'ira
elaea I rder. All work ruaranteed.
BilJIIPLVS ....e110,00
DinxioTonii 1
i. W. FALIil
w . r. dun
ah ni n, affa V unv rva
A ttta
m 14 SJ j eysMeaeMbBBBB
", ' i ' Boiler Iraea
I' '"' ' - B.. tee
.- -. " - "
DEFT, 220 and 228 Se
upon the molt favorable ternae. Oar dfIm.
TeTqTVrTVrrTT ewe O-ATjII.
Tomlin & Bcnjc3f
179 Mala St., Mempbla,
Offer trsoial Indueenenta ia Open Borates
nf nnf nl make, at ftAi Tnu Uti.iu a.
our own make, et tlA). All work war
reuted. Call before you buy.
er ltavint dlinoaed of our entire atook St
Vehlolea and the Manufaoturinr DeparS
ment to Meatra. TOMLIN A BkNJW. wa
keepeek for them a eontinuanoe of ths
patronage to Ions emended to aa.

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