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Chairman Boyle to 3Iuke lIis"Koicrt
Tuurtdar What the i:tuUi
ans Will Sny.
WA8HIX0T0N, J ' 9
-Th"-e r'-cu-cprt
ti v '
ba prV-ntr d 'n . e lio
Yi'. F.ct ic "cV: '
bi i li i' tec i. I s g
Eiiritv of 'li ' '
h i-
c !...-' 'n.-raHM ,
"r-ror" l' .'1'.r': t ii
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TO, o.n'
' ni::i, v,i I t;. s
o , J - a . . .
. D t-. li-:. 4 r 11 . i-..
ti ' . i . hi : r . i i - i' . " 1 '
II III mi: ,.11 . i V. ; ' '
'cm -to h ' ro n . ; 5 c
a 1j n vra', ii Bp ." ti t .i, ;: '
' in n i in .; h h- i' v . ran
1 yltitii'iiO't v.ii. ..; , V i :
b.l" I'd 'lliu-. iiay. . ... , .
H;u !i!ilTu:.!C.Jf Ui.!'!liT-
la I be rep ))t ' i: n In' t . ; ll'-'1';',-lici."
ineiiibcrs t o u-:i ;i -V i t 1
to show bow. tin; i'.iu-i; cirij C 111
parjy wru orei'H i J mid ; '.'i,!iii,0 0 f
it) k'.rck jjivea 'o t o n i -r t ,v
we of tin. ir Danes ad s'tati.-'ii.
Ihe ojriniin of at or Gi 1 i'i', d
clft'iiig that tLe K turs psiun d ilo no'
indioKe on the 15 II v en i-t ouo i'U,
. w.t'i Uiesliitew'nt. tbtt t. tad Ini.n
gotten beciuse ihe IVn-I'lect !c coi'd
no' t t'li lixhta wi'hout i:, and it was,
' is it wts iiitdodtd to be, lb. 4 induce
' meot which, led lare numberi of
- persoca lo psy in monry, a pari; of
. wh ch was divided among Mr. Gar
lard and liia a'gnoifctm. At tiio ekiub
time tbe Pan-E'ectric knew th-.t ihir
inRtrumeom did iufiings llu Bill
patent. .
The report then refers ti the po-Ul
telegrapti bill ts eipWning the nio-
tsvei cf tbe Pan-E:ectrie o.gir.iio'g,
and Btits that f2.000.UUJ nf ihe stock
Wis teld by memi erscf Ooogre fl
when it waa fxpct?a tbat tbe bill
won!d be a subject rf legig'avicn. It
ia charged that Ihe PdD-Electiic peo
ple, iocludloK Mr. Uirland, tried ta gt
- Congre.'sional icdonemeiit for their
Mbeaie, and tbe evideoc U cited
where it touches aeon the effort to se-
- cure the appointment ofyoong Rogers
i llouse ehcrician. it is alleged
that tienttors Gailand and Harris and
Geo. Johnetin buBied tbemtelv per
aond.y to accomplish this. Mr.Yonng
put up teleph nein his committee
room, and this, siys the report, was
"pretty near t a Congreuional in
doremeiit." The report then trea's of the sale of
S at r'ghts to sub companies, and
Bays: "1'beBcll .Company eued the
eubcompany. The Pan-El ec trio de
clined to defend, on the ground (hit
it bad no money. The stock bcldcre
would not refund wbat they had di
vided, although it was the money of
these very companies. And then they
went to toe Department of Jnetce, at
tbe hfad of which was one gen tk man
who tad some of this money in li
pneket, and asked tha goverrmpnt to
take up and cairy on the litga ion."
Continuintr, tbe repirt ttnes ilia'
after tbe failure of toe l a'i ntc ira
paay to difeod tbo Phihdci( hia tuit
toe Eubcompaniee beunone elarrred
and refusf d to pay any more money,
end tbe biisincfs came to a itiind till.
Thereupm thr y d9'erra:n:id t fecare
the came cf tbe United S r.tes to
bring suit against tie Ileil Cornpinv,
to frijih'en it and d ive it to hny
peace. So ihey obtai :ed j erm ssi mi
when they wanted it ard as
tbry w.-nted iu, w', hnul any
preliminary t xamivatii u worthy of
trie narno, wilbout ite nMrl investi."i
tion, and in (kliuncn (f rll the ru es
ad prai liiit) of too d p rt'eut . : d :u
;ir. tt (lifrar.l of divii'o-; ma 'e
witbin a nioiith by i: bend W"on
fiie r:cul: tnd tl.e a tp r oral i t-v-e:t
of t' o Attorc" O ri'r.il 1 c lne
known, Uicra ; s a r ub.i : i t - y, rot
became tbo publ.e k (nv t f r cu -i d
who had iIo;ih iliist t.rin.', 1 nt. l i n iKj
the pubi c knew il nt h c:i tli'iii; .
must not l dont Ht nl! t': ' fai 's
developed be.'o e tbe coin,' i :te ! e n
kcowa at that t;ni. sua ths r-port,
the Dpa'tmeut of Jiutice w.-nld litiVa
drivtn tliesi p ti'inneis from the
doorj, for the pub ic sentiment would
have constraint d it to ('o so.
The nvestizations of the commlit?e
have demonttratsd tbat the pietersi
that the Pan-Elctrin penile a psar-d
befoie the Interior D.'i artnaent aj pri
vate citizens viB false; tbey wtre
merely stalking horses to cover the
real purposes of tbe raal parties, and
wera used lo blind the pub'ic.
The ogre'menta betureen the Paa
Elec ric and Naiiorul Improved Com
par.y are quoted ith ttber ovidencea,
and it is CDarged that the suit w is iiot
wanted to be tried, butlobe"s ttM."
They were so sure of this that they
agreed beforehand about the div sum,
and the opinion each bad about the
readinefs of the o'her to accept "his
price4' was euch thst Ihey e ipula'ed
twice over tbat neither should bi tray
Li rival.
Kaferring to. the Washington con
ference of the two ranks it is a l(d
tbat they wished toiecall their fi'st
application to the Department of Jut
tice without leaving a "trace" end
then -to get the Attorney General,
either in ptnon or by one of h's snb
ordinateB, to order the euitwilh ut
jny reference and without any more
than a pro forma inquiry of officers
likely to be quite ign rant of all tele
phone litigition. Tbie was their ob
ject. Thevnet about it and they ac
comp'ished it." But if they concealed
tbolr ways from the public they did
not dipguiee them fiom Attorney
Ireneral Garland. Here reference is
made to bis leiter to the President to
support the assertion.
Touching the interview with the
; Attorney General, the report finds
tbat "aom.eth.ing took place at that
interview which left all parlies in tbe
certainty that a new applicition would
be made; that it would be made
through the District Attorney; that it
would be pressed by Mr. Goode when
it came there, and tbat he would pass
' on it promptly and without a refer
ence to tbe Inferior Department.
That was wbat the parties, by thtir
own statements, went to Mr. Gar'acd
on tbe 31st of July ti obtain." It is
stated tbat the :Pan-E'ec'ric and Na
tional Improved Companies stopped
their efforts tu secure a government
uit lor three weeks, nniil Mr. Goode
returned to Washington and Mr. Gar
land was about to leave. According
to Mr. Young, tbey did not want to
come to trial even if tbey bad a de
fense which would succeed. They did
not want to break the Bell patent, bat
to bleed it ; cf course it wts the dnty
of the Department of Justice tortop
Bach a sobeme certainly not to let it'
Eelf be dragged into it.
Touching the AtterneyGene ra', the
report holds that it wts h s duty, ron
viuering how much be was interes'rd,
19 make euro by tailing Mr. Goody's
attention tj ihe application,' tbat
whenever it did corns it should re
cei'e the fullest and 'most impartial
inveaiigai-on, ' accirdina; to all tue
usages nd practice of the office. Tbe
ret ort ys that be should htveberi
b il.ci'otis eternal of the honor cf. the
dHpartaett to tiave made cut-in that
this was done, but he did n t
The report thn rcfedi to com
mev.t npou Mr. G. oJ t'e h-e in tbe
tr nac i id, and d la-B ih .t if he
-uia'e trie ini'iir hsouettlo
hf.ve ni de he could cot have gr.n id
t'v ijip iction wl'n n ttr-i tr four
h u s i .nd vi houv a ref rtio. It is
a ; t'd il a s 'a- f o u tt aMm; a cup
ful extm.nati-.-i oi t e g-.lj -, t e
v p r . il ta 1
t t ins 'o.
1' i. m
t (i.-
.i: 1 1 -1
lie ,"m"W
'il o P II t I. ' i i t o'
; t
v s 1 v f nil'! :
:i n i - 1 V
c or iKp r.
i i'ii. t ii
: -f A i O -
., - f I )
.'' Il: J
v. i bo
ex. i !
" . - 1 in
I 1)
i : I
v.'U I ''
i r ! e -i t
) :
d-;. r,
k. c a
! 1) iV
of f.r !
1 1.
u 1.
t !..;: s - vo
i i i ate
. t ' f a
tlur.ks r
H i-m.i'ot
tr g .1 tei
Bl Ullfill'
j vi
11 . 1 : 1
h" "
1 1
t '.1
.i on
i ; i c,.,:
t ho r ;
i it ' and
iu! i n t
! f r: nt,
i i 10 i x
o i.in' i'
,' a r oi lit in v; i -i.
li a I of -.l.e D. ; ' it n tit o: Jiw ice
and a Se ,. ur a th U. i i-l Stat s
hi oia'iii in pc J 8)1 ti t ie So ii' tor
(ten "i I to iinjpi'e abfir.t it, ends- em
ingly urg 'd s.ited, uud o hr givirt
me ,t cilit'i:U fur to yen's 1 u I, an 1
bid uototi iis'y hid u v st pcuuiaiy
iiitrest. Upoa tl esp f.ct', no one or
wtix'i can ha dirpu i d, lio jury wou d
h"r..ta'e. It is enong'i, however, to
(ay tnat !' c uinot bj tolerated that t'ie
businisd cf the govemment cm be so
conduct d, It c.nnot encape observa
'on tbatt-'ecat r Uanis and Unaey
YuUDg actoi just ai mtn would act if
air.ady asmrei cf what was beiug
ai-kcd; and that the conduct of tbe
Bidicit r General is mott easily ac
counted for on tbe assumption tbat be
uniertdood tbe matter In advance, and
had prede:ermined upon his cju.ee of
The report then recuis to the sub
ject of tbe opinion fumisbed by the
Attorney General.. It charges tbat it
was written with a view to deceive the
peop'e in tbe Southwest, and that it
wasashrevd view; that tbe peop'e
so believed, but he, the A'tamey
General, did not. The report goej on :
"The but that can be said of bim is
thst he lent himself to this scheme
because be got bis stock for nothing
If he was not active in it himself he
Buffered his name and influence to be
u ed by others. He was then only a
Senator of the United States. He was
next placed at the head of the Depart
ment of Justice. The man from wtm
be bad received the half million of
stock wanted now to borrow the name
rf that depattment and get its in
dorsements, then finally aa -dfarit;
then the offlc al raprestntaL.e of bis
company asked for It. tome men
would easily have found a course for
tbemselvts. lie took one a so; but
his associates, who knew him and
speculated on his character, were cer
tain they would get what they wanted
and ihey cid. His intelligence
told him there wera two thirgs he
should not permit ; and then his Vic
ci'lat'ng will let him argue that be
might- stand aside and see his office do
them for his benefit. He had not the
streusth to deny what hia assoc at s
asked eo: ti retain tbe stock ami
cbjsh to bs a paity to it. He had ndt.
tob ldnws to do peisonal'y wbat
they tlioncht was b fa'r eervice for
i tie ft clt he kcp'. Put it was done
by h'8 di paitmt-nt es micb a thinij vtvs
nevc-r dope rehire. Ttio tv dence is
in :ro pgg essivp, howevc, and tlii
fams, Hi:(onliig lo ordinary rules of
law, ardirtct and pnativo tnd unlais
c ntroll-. d aie co idns.ve p oof ilmt
nil ex p'rii g.'iwinint nt i ct on at
lo st aiiH afie' tud 1 y the inllai nee of
hos int icH s or n')kdi.'aY)t t'.eni
O. tli'- tcpii ts (if ths h' a'ing bid in
t'ie e v.."a y of the iLt r o: the re-
ort in. b s that tin fjoeiet rry'B C n
clu ion win uuvi s) a .d t' at it d d
no- j .if t fy tbo faction if tbo Depart
uitut oi .Iiatice. il I mi;;ht iuvo
awaited ths conc.ns on of tbe
Nt-w O 1 a-.s suit aid n(.t hfive
t ken tiio ex'rurliiiary ttip h
did. He -ds, l.ovovpr, but; a
fri ndly ailvher to thii Dep utin ii t of
Justko, and tiio le poin t. ili y rests
ni on the head of that Depa tment.
Thera is g.o.l renaon to litlieve, says
the reporr, and we fed cir strained to
ficid, that in our judgment the rra
ceedins would r.otluve been ntked
or allowed, as they werp,h d it not
bven for the relations of the Pan-Elcc-tric
Tclerhono Company wi h govarn
ment oflieials end fir the interest
therein, especially h d by tbe head
cf 'ho Department of Jualii o.
Toe plea is that the parties con-.
cerr.ed did not think they were doing
wrong. But a government which
txptcU to be respected, cannot roimit
such thirgs to be done, such influence s
to be sought for, or tuch personal in
taiets to exut and avail. It is not
erouiih that thosa penonilly inter-e-ter,
who ought tihave pievented it,
tay they did n othing and meant to do
The rpo.t e3timatid the expense
of the suit if tried on its merit;, at not
less than t!00,COO.
Mr. Ha'e Mo. makes a minority
repoit in which he says tbat, while he
concurs in many of the stttementjand
conclusions of that portion of tbe com
mittee repressnted by Chairman
Boyle, yet he cannot concur in every
thing it conairs. "Touching the for
mation of the Pan-Electric Company
the evidence shows conclusively," says
the report, "tbat it was sparely spec
ulative adventure, and there is no evi
dence to be found tending to prove
that tbe gentlemen connected with the
Rogers ever anticipated or ever Intend
ed tbat their official position would or
should be used in any way to affect
legislation or otherwise to further ad
vance their enterprise. It is not be
lieved tbat tbe immense mesa of testi
mony will show that there was any
thinir In the obiect. motive or intent of
any of the gent emen, which was in
any sense immoral, dishonest or in
consistent with ths duties of public
men cr citizacs.
As to the opinion of Attorney Gen
eral Garland, it is held by Mr. Hale
that it wa like that of any other attor
ney employed by an individual. It
does not appear that it was intended
to further the sales of stock without
dibcloaicg his relations to the company,
nor inai any pemou waa uei-eivcu vi
misled by it.
The report finds tbat the President's
order dismissing tbe Memphis suit
was eminently proper, but at tne same
time it is said that there is no evi
dence even tending to show tbat the
Solici or General was tctuated by any
impulse or nnwoithv motives, even il it
it be held tbat he was mistaken as to
fine cf tbe legal questions Involved.
His mistake In ordering the suit witn
cnt referencs to the Interior Depart
ment was one wh'ch tbe ablest and
moat onecientious oibVials might
make, and doubtlees have made.
. An to the Altoroev trenerai s con
nection with tbe euit, the report finds
tbat (the evidence is overwhelming
anal eoacinaive - in showing thtt be
hall noihirg whatever to do with it
Ato tbe c inclusions roached by tbe
Detriment cf the Interior which
for Bed li e bars cf the order fur tl e
C luiubus suit, the r poit holds that
it wou'd reeui imterucet.t, d not
i bin the coupe cf the inveitiyatijn
f r tbe c luuii't e to ex-rsarv op'n
in. liut tie public demand
should le veiy etn-ng end
e Tphat c, ml tt-e mbuo i-te"eRts
Tfy (tr a to jtisti y t'i ; irs i'utiou cf
aiui i.c'iy 'oc t-talargi su'n.cape
(a I - w ' i t ere nl! a-e ut end d
u si mno i i". o t in'v, ssr-d lien
;t a1-,
ns i a
i srs tin t e
' v t A'.i.: i o:u .
a .i mi a ion ws
ii s i.i t: e si -V-i.b!
e i ; ,r-.'',.
t Ii 1 1 e f." r.-.
Mvii ' d i; inf."
I. ii t tl,.i .1--
;.( 'it a
Hi' i.la i
.ii 'i. a
c s s b 1
'.. ' 11 Ml '
- . -n r ri
a k .i
t b l 11
j I i u
lit hauy 2;ot:
Iv ' J .'y
of A. ! ' lV "l li
V .'.i v 11 t'.l '
!;," V J
.1 e. li' t' P V :r
t'.O :.! ,
t v ot t; e Via .
; ,Jd ,"i d '.!ii.
I) U
li i i
bu !i r i p nor of ''" i.i
sac a t r vie i i; e
jl.'M g ftua i t ri ifji.rd i our
tn iik'i t i.iu urjth'iii Lo.ctofo e
pub i lied.
The w. r pa nor in Uif ilmiitM of
Am ricna JI tt'ry t r July iri tvo i't
uummr, m I cx rem' y re id. Id j a:ul
in-'ruc iv. ticn. A f ed K. l.co
wiiliwof "Ct'dar Mount. i.i," and Dr.
Jo'an Hbra'y tami'l ea a graphic hnp
ter of t ia 'lleadnifcuices of Liiiby
l'ri oo," with an illus.ration of the
old prison bui ding.
Tub Ju'y r icr of .St. Xicho,.u
r omej fn ijhted iiom cover to cover
w th gr.od things not only for the little
ones, to whose tetder tat-te it is so wi ll
adupted, hut for the o'dor head, wbo
roignt karii many a valualila lexa
from its teming pug-s. 'i'be illuitra
ti ns 8T unusually tine, and many of
the articles are worth a place in the
most exclutivo scrap book.
Mabion Harlanu has been experi
menting upon the tO'kicg of a few
of tho bait known infants' foods, and
fie result is a demons'ration of the
t r ner method, in each case, tf putting
the food in a suitabln condition for an
infant's ttomach, independently cf
the printed instiuctiors This makes
the leading subject in tho July Baby
hood. Thk July Magazine of American Hit
lory opens with the editor's delightful
" H it tori c Homes in Lafayette Plane,"
under the 'general title of "A Neg
lected Corner of the Metropolis" a
chapter as Informing ai it is t-ntertaln-ing,
and of national as well as lecal
interest ancompan led by r early a
sci re of noique historic iilnstrat oni,
ThiB magazine is doing a great work
for Americin history.
Amonu the shorter articles in The
Magazine oi American History we have
the btory of "An Old Mormon City in
Missouri," by William A. Wood, and
some timely and interesting data con
cerning "Daniel Webs' er," by William
L. Todd, of Newburyport. The let
ters of Gibbcn, tbe bietoriar, end the
varied and attractive mater al of the
several departments, complete a very
a jrongand valuable numter.
Tug icholarly paaerof the Hon. Ja?.
W. Gerrard on "Tbe Dongan Charter
to the Cityrf NewYcrk,"20J y ars
afo, in the Magazine of American Hi
tory for July, ia peitinent.ly idustiated,
tho p c utes tl at will at ret the mott
noiue being t-ie old Donyan manor
housa on hiaten Island, and a queer
pin trait of Lor i Or rubury in f imiuine
afire. Tois in followed by an fgrte
ab:c paper on "1'be Spcecbej of Henry
Ciay," by Cluiriis il. Peek, and nu
able essay o.i'Tcryi ni iu ih1? CmIir
dum 0 'iitedt ration,'' by John Can i:k,
of Chath m, Out.
In Baiiyhood fur July Ihero is a
ti'ne y i ti e on ilie "Vmuo ot Wter
in Kariy L f -," by 11. 1) Onapin, M.D.,
wbii Ii s t'xt'em. lv himpl-f and pri t.
ca1, and rughttn bu ttu. lied by eveiy
in ither in tie lan I. An iiliiftiatnl
ntc'e on t io "Ore if C.nMrea'e
l'cct" eciua;,y in Ini' tive. Tin ilo
p -it iii-Lt ot ''. ur.-eiy Prublnirs" cou
tiiiiS much of tiiiiiiy iuicr.'tt, ninl
thero arrj t e mual u eial Inn b all
Ibroucb tho micnzmo, notibly ojnby
M es Ju'i t Cuts n:, t'je well kr.own
inst tifttor in cock try, on llu impor
tipcoof wat.r flliraiion; nlso Uahy
Imod's p'izi a'tclo on "'Piolractod
Co ing Soeih."
A sai'Kna picture, four by two faet,
has b'.cm ordtred by the Circinnati
Cnambsr of Commerce, thoBrardof
Tiurlo and the Exposition Comrais
s:one:s to ba given ajvay to anyone
wbo will eend his or her add rets to h.
H. MrCammou, eecritiry, Cincinnati,
O. This picture will be published as
a great (iipplomciit to the Cincinnati
Illustrated Ntvi, early in August, 150,
000 cipieB of wnich have been dderod
by the above boards, to send f eato
anyone who will ask for ic. The pic
ture will represent a bird's-eye view
of Cincinnati and suburbs, and will bs
taken by artis s and pliotoirapheis of
the IlkulraUd News, Cincinnati's new
illustrated paper, from a captive bal
loon, which will ascend to a higbt of
600 feet.
Tna New York Key Note will shortly
begin the publication cf M. French
Bhe'don's novel entilled Our Fanglcd
World. It ia a modern story of fasci
nating Interest, and characterized by
all the higher attribut s of the re
allelic school. It will institute, in
fact, a good nntured but pungentsatire
on tbe foibles and ebams of our
modern life. The undeniable psycho
logical Influence that domina'e the
currents of bo many lives, will aldo be
Incidentally demonstrated in tbat
keenly incisive fashion peculiar to
this new and accomplished writer,
who, like a bril'iant meteor, has sud
denly appeared in the literary firma
ment and created so great a sensation.
For power of language, perfection of
detail and marvellous insight into tbe
mystery of human life, M. French
Sheldon BtandH alone; dramatic, in
stinct, fertility of invention, and in
structive ingenuity also distinguish
the labors ot this exceptionally gifted
Tna North fltiieriean Review will be
ready tor delivery on Monday. It is a
superb number, judging by the fol
lowing table of contents; "Moham
medan Marriages," Ministers. S. O'x;
' Letters to Proirinent Persons. N o.
3, to the Eev. Dr. Daxter,;' Arthur
Kichonoiid; "Chinese Emigration,"
Prof. E. W. Gillam; "Should the Gov
ernment Own the Telegraph?" Wm.
A. Phillips; "Dalenie of Charleston S.
C," Gen. G. T. Beauregard: "The
People's Share iu Wealth," Edward
Gordon Clarke; "Wordp," Gail
Hamilton; "Import int Historical
Letters. Introduction," George
8. Bontwell: "Latter to Gen.
Ord and Augur," Gen. W. T.
Sberm.n ; "Lotieri to Gen. Sherman,"
Gen. U.S. Grant ; "Letter to Presi
dent Johnson," Gan. W.T. Sherman ;
"Letter to Gen. Grant," Gen. W. T.
Sherman: "Jobs in Cities," Dr. Fer
dinand Sseeer; A Mistake of Gen.
Baaurezsrd." Rear-Admiral W. R.
Taylor; "G"ld end Silver Money,"
Cass us M. Uiny; anarchism jjennea
by en Anarch. at," C. L. James.Ort
it at Mansf 'rd's on Main st.iwM 1,1
u i awiaiaiiaiiiuTy'wrggiaw
Eloquent Orilina by the Uoa. Cha&
E. llooker The Piarlbutlon
cf Trlxes.
iKrtciit to Tua jrruL f
Cn.fMiu-'s 'Mi-s., Jinn '2 Im
I'.cne rj.v' Lavrt j our 1 in frm
cvii y d ic''m ttibiv. Tii' T knew
:1-: ."i- ii ; ei' i ' e- !.-n u d r U r
ft tvl H
:i .' n
". i a ly
I ) n, i
. Tlrn w s 'li gfi nil at
o bo y " janin e 1 :
i'"i U v. Wit v i-.
r-n I
o '
v 1 1 io, i: t . due
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lit i i
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;e " o . tiv I yp
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,ri i..t
;i XI t.. 4:4
C ;1S) I I ! ii f ,)i .
(A I., l'o.'t:
Fp k' ;.t li -. t n n Vt l- .
sitli1, but .- I c vnir.i.ci
' i s ..n ' h ,i:.U :s 'r.
1 l'..fl. I I J:ii i..ii-
I io', il'i.'ll-
ill 111 I'. '.til
: ul ni il v
Hi: 11 l II ' H i
iht, tin u. h le b . t In; u i i i il to
tit. 'iver tiinilr.r nbl-tsia ut u;brr i.i
siiutio.s, Iu i cu t r.id fed g (f
iia ur.d priue ioiu, t :d l.iiuioc me
Litr.i to ieo Rti I tomtcfiid tl.o iie.t
worliirns o: t'.is new .iJini;e o! i)i
B'?iippi's ed iiatioaul prove s. 1I!m
bp,raring ba cre trto sc:.o)l on its lir. t
a.iiunl c:uini'nc innt occiwion tilled
him nit.1 mucht'inbairas!ueiitbi't'aii8)
he hated he could not coaie np
to the d gni y ot the oicas'oo. He
was gratified asd tilled with piida to
learn Iroin theprei-ideiit and teacher I
what prosperity Lad exuted within
the w.l s of the institution tlii'ing tbe
past year. He alluded in ll.terin
tirm to Mr j. Peyion of ll.ze huist as
lending the power of hnr inllii?nc9 in
the esiahliihm.nt of thia institution.
He said that while his speech nvglit
full short in lime raepoiU it would
have tli merit of being f.om the
heart. Ths speaker then went into a
review of the past, coming down to
the present day and thowing what Ihe
educational advancement bal been,
particularly among the women of our
coun'y. Hs Mid tbat our county had
nc t escaped till dsvsstiting Influences
of the recent rtvo'ution, as had no
country ever done. The effects
of the war wou'd never bs
eiased. The people of the South
ought not to apologise for it, nor for
get it, but thst we should not
engender nor keep a'iva thatteotional
prejudice which were ths results of
the political person in our land. Ha
was glad to know that Mississippi
now possessed an institution where
our women ooald be educated like our
men. Tbe women could now help
our men in building up the waste
places in our South land, help to en
gender right principle and rUht
thought throughout this country.
We, as men, had yielded to the mer-cile.-B
tide of ill fortune and had in
the recent war been outnumbered, but
we still poessised a consciousness of
the rtctitude cf our couree. Sires
this reversa a new order had been in
trodncad and now we would have to
depend fcr awistmica npnn the
wouim. He had not despaired of tbe
Kepublie but we would have to re
cover from tfe war's demoralization
nndagin raine Ihe standard lowered
by its devastating inlluenco among u i.
Io carry out this end we would all
have to eombii o and raise the s and
urd of cduca'ioii to restore riht p in-
cpio aiiu mouirtu oiu;'! :ha
mnssos. This depend 4 upon the
teachers, prosit'cut and ' nift ji s of th 8
institution, a trust to bj i.nrli d an
holy ur.d inrdcd down U'lturii'flied
t) dt'ier gi nein ion?. Thete louhe-s
Uiustbii'gto tiio btnte, in tbo eJu
cited yi.uag v linen, ihe Iru.ti ol tim
nitiutii.il. AH the prom n nci tbit
Miy 1:11:0.1 lnd ever (u'.Urved bad
b.-viii Ihrith ths Uirci't ct.atir.ttl of
e.l.na ii , : d Uih . 0 : i I ajiprbicii
ir-t; a..Uii -g iika pe.f ototi in tl is
l'.hj l a i to.iiiii'iiiieJ in t ie early a.-eii
whtn mnii li 3.-1 to 1: il ;d to wuiiiiiri
t'.erg'.tof an cdvuuL'i.'d e(lueat:on.
Mipiiaiip; i noiv stm il on a f oting
wi ll the cl 1 wotid in tlie eilviin'iiL' s
of ti e e lu.iit 011 of her dati ;b 018 tie
spoke tben of how miicii eJutat'.on
cuii'd do in fi.ting woinen for their
spetral du'ins io liib. What is said of
man might to be eai I of woman. In
strong hittirioal rcftrncei the elo
quent speaker then corrobora ed his
concept'on of 1 ha tine dignity and
spirit of educat'oa, as pionounced by
' men of Europe ami Americ, to wit:
Lord Paeon, Burke, Cnriylo, Maciubiv,
William Penn aod Wastiicgton. He
claimed, with the elder Nepoiojn, that
tbe on'y true coDquoat was that
ashicved by kuowledge over igcor
ance. Hete wo hava an army, nut
beAting guns and bayonets, bat iu
comfoittule scLoolroou.s, bnar'ug
speii, ng hooks, gtammais and jiibtBtr.
Ho then spokerof wbat wnn:leirfiil
advancement had been made within
the past forty year a in nil branches cf
Bcieutiuc reeearoti and discovery; that
morality and roliubn were now ad
vancing side by side with science. 1
After the speaker urged upon tho
young Indies td live so rs to make
homo and friends happy, Ji com
mended them to Him wticie all seeing
eye guided tbo sparrow's couiso and
who would guard and protect ths in
nocent alwayp. He cloeed amid loud
and prolonged applause. The speech
was earneet, eloquent and piaotical.
then rose and thanked the audience
for their attention upoa all ths eier
ciees, and tbe prets represented, whose
influence he greatly appreciated, in
behalf of the college.
The following young ladiee received
medals In the following branches:
Miss A'ldie Gordon, ia normal studies;
Miss Mollie Goar, general rcholtrship;
type retting, first. Miss Kallie Woods;
second, Mbs Johnnie McFarland;
phonography, first. Miss A.dele Hamil
ton ; second, Miss Mary Wttkins; frae
band drawing, first, Mine Emma Ham
ilton; second. Miss Mill e Woit; de
signing, Miss Charlie Gr'oer; domes
tic department, Miss Lot is Cook ; de
portment, Miss Emma Tl ipperi ; chem
istry, Miss llastio JI. ticCabc; dress
making, Misses Bus'.iQ and Collins.
For carefully tending gi den spot, six
young ladies received candy. This
fine climax of pleasantry broegbt roara
nf laughter from the and-"Mice, and Dr.
Jones's speech here was the hit of the
A beautiful table tcarf made by tea
girls was presented the honored presi
dent, and tbe lady teachers presented
iiiia with a beau'ifnl pold headed
cane. The president was taken to by
Burprlss that he could I ardly spaak
hia thanks.
isinsusion. The grand annual con
cert to-nigbt will close one of the most
elegant commencement ot asions that
has ever occurred in the 8 inth. Hun
dreds of viators are prepar eg to leave
this evening.
biibMerlbe lor
anuikiMiAU m i iih - .-wr
talr terlile iaslllalts Tr, N. T.
Tb olitMt rritlrio. rciioil ta Amtrtc..
Nrxtttrm Kinn .viptnntr l''th. Th ll"
l.ler Ini l-io-nuini a h ol tb trmtutf-i
fcr th. psl i: yr, Willi their l-iFitiuMi
alio. idn o' .in lr. rimrai.nu, x
(HDlM.eto. Ail'rrn
NllV I ttjttit RFKXE, Pi'i'-tof.
Yaverly Institute,
irurhliu'l roanty, IIINfpiil
rpi'R HTMMt-'l SCI1 C'T., 1
J. titiiioa jiiiimI.ij . J u jr !i. I '
T. P. Wl". TOV, IM .
h I-"-'. N. -I. I,'
i '. A I i i i:
1 1; t:
I.V'f It'
. i..
,.1 1.
Cisir.; CtJinv.-.y I.i:
tllll, i i: il'D'
.... ov-iiy, c oyi-sjie
V, tr 'lltiii'ir 1. 1 1 'i'ii m,
S'.V.IO: l. f..' 1' r
i V. uii". tliiiti .h 11 .
t -5M.ct.t i'T r -or
I'll. ouinnliiMiil.
i hm r i't ts r. n bfd (y r nun dm!
r.Hir.'lMlint' '-11 t'i tit In c i i,n n titi ho w; kiii
lis r oi (til ont, s.i r t enti(.:iot . A n.'W
mitt roHKiii .ttitti ''arauiK ili-,.irt:ueiit bus
jiL-t t'trnri riMiiuli.t.
I he t)cp4'ntfnt f drvii irsvU-nR nl mil
linery irt ml I- il ior il ( rit ti.n.
in trio nb'cnrd if tbw IVii'p pil- who U In
r'uroprt f r tlifl nitam r, p,t('ltut will lie
furiii he ! no iitioi;itu to Mm. t, V. Vo -ton,
A -l uii' ntroll, or tltry will bi (uuni
tttjiny of thw city bonk gtoro.
Otm Int Rftiit.mber, IStM. Clni Jun., 1SS7.
Uonuri aKeil location, bulliltn.i, aruumli,
aiipuialm.nU. till! mryl tiohen 1 unit
nleil .dvantairea in Muma. Luniumro, Kin
cutlon. Art, liook-Keoiiint . Phricl Cu1
tnra. Buaril, .10., wilh full Knalith Court.,
430 par .utlr. nwiUn. For full putiou
an auplytd prlnMwO fur o.tnloni..
Koiro Grammar School,
106 Marshall Avenue.
b.r ot pupili limited. Thar. ar. law
TMBDeiM.nd U101. dmirloa to.nter puplli
hould uik..rlr .ppllontioD. lthr to th.
" Advl.or CJommlttM," or to R. M. KLFK.
PrmclpU. Luk.W. Finl.r. lr. D. V.
8uodr, Boo. I. 8. Baaaoad, AdiUorr
Com mitt..
Prlvat lot School of Wish Crnd. for
ftllmltodnumbcrof YOUNQ LAOU8.
UA tU Woodlsuid. In wiw of Ht Lout. Th
nUro AppoluUnanta of Lho ilec rwooer It n U
OANT H11KI. (rantad 1H7L For ytjam all naouiat
Imo bsjon Ukaa wtrlr. Uourm of liiart ruction la
mtv uuirotuth.
ihtroniin. Maaloi Yowl aod InairpmanUl
101 ycMi ooa inaupmanwi.
nnt ana Brloclaru. Am r aiuutia
foci am.
inst rod
on (HUM
ma Iirawiny
Itoara of loNirudtlont Roran, oil
LUhty quail for thoir rpeci I w dnri ruerota,
J oBwmiraroom appiwanon
Tnr rWLnlritMi adilrfMH LhffPl
ut b Oiavia omriy,
Jennlnf t Wo.
Elmira College, For Women,
D.nlanad for tuch a limited nnmb.rthftt.tu
d.nli in.jr .nluy th. pl.aiant MiooUUuni ol
ft model brl tUa bom. It hm tuiirrlnr
C olloa '"' ofmnrtjl ftlno, Ki'loc
ll and Frnirfttr.T dnpnrtin.nt., wllb
iio.ptionl adv.ntaa.. la aiimlo and An.
The! buildlni hai all mmlern 1 111 prove
uientx, InnluijinK atcain h.ntmi and a -nnif-r
H'lulil'. Aildiemt REV. A. W.
C(IW I.K. 1 H.. Prnl.l.-i. Klnii.o, M. V
Ht:Aitii&KTJiKi run
And Iron Roofing.
xi ir sV' 'v
l'lr Vlnl, 'iilirunit ! lKlit"lia
pruor Fuit.il lo f ir nil klnili of tinildin.;.
Fur i.tK-oi iin .1 otiuiulo ut liii't.iry rutoa.
o.ill uu or ajil.". ra
4.18A410 Wuin Kt., and 21 A 2:1 Mulberry t.,
Hi,nil.iMrt'rfl fur Irnn Fi-no n mid P'otln?,
IjnluiriitMl Iron it'iroli'nl'in Hii'i'n ,lr -t'ivi-.
Oh arm ami I'roprlnKu-a,
On Horn Lnke Itoad, 8 M lies from C'.C
St!FFICIET paaturitK. for W) hen. I
took. Cham.. Iroiu ft to fit II
monlh, aoitoriUiic to oaro ami kind of panl
urHire. IIoith, rn'.tle, cnlvea. flinop and
Inmli. for salo. Partial d.iirinff pniiturHiin
fo-itock, or lo iiuroku. or .oil Hock, will
oorreniioud with
W. ti. JACKSON, Aaant, on th.PIao..
Tolontion 3H1 or ZVS. .
Ml. I). S. JOIlNSOM'ri
'o. 17 Jefferson Street,
(n.twe.n Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKttnbliahadln ll
1 R. JOHNSON la aoknowldirid by all par
J.' ti.i intorented aa by far Ui. moat uo
caaful phraioiun in tha tr.atiuantof urivat.
oraaor.t dlf.aa.a. Quick, pariuanant our.a
uaranU).d In evorr cne, male or fenial..
lacnt oaaca of Uonorrhea and Brphili
ourad la a fw darn without th. ua. of m.r
oury, chanK. of di.t or hindrance from
hanondarv Brnhllia. thelaatvaa.
ttm nraililatd
lihoutin. aa. 01 marnory.
Inrolunaary loai of aaas.n atopp.d in abort a
tiiuo. buDarora from iuiiiotsnoy or loa. ol
aeaual pow.ra raator U tr tIkit In a f.w
w.akt. Vintimaof. a-abuie and .ioa.l.
vanary, ufl'erlni from aparmaturrbaa and
Ion of phyaioal and mental poorer. tiedily
and permanently cured. Partlnular atten
tion paid to tli. Diaaaaea of Women, and
eurei 1 uaranteed. Pilea and old aorea eurad
withouttha uaa of oauatioor the knife. Ail
oocaultationa atrlolly eonndential. Medl
einea ..at by .ipr.ai to all parta of th
men cured at half th naaal
rntea. Offloe boura fro
a 0 clock a.m. to a
o'clock p.m.
D. H. J0I1NHON. M.D.
No. 6321, R. D. Chancery Conrt of Bhelby
county. state of Teno.aaee for uao, etc.,
va. Joaeph llainaa at al.
BY. virtue of an interlocutory decree for
aale entered in the above cauae on the
22d da) of January, 1bM, M. 11. 61, pare lvl,
I will (ell at Dublie auction, to the high
est bidder, In front o the Clerk and Maat.r't
oftrc, conrthouae of bba by oounty. Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Matarday, July 81, 1M,
within loial boon, th. following daacrlbed
property, aituatel in bb.lby counly, X.u
neaie., to-wit t ......
Lot. IW and 20, Kembert lubdivlalon, front
In 75 fet each on the weat side of Koa ave
nue, and runnint back W'i ee. Hold aa
property of Asa balby, Jonuie Talbot and
Lot 31, E. P- Stewart's .ubdiTlslon, tront
inic t0 feat on tha east aide ol Miaaianippi av
enue, and running lack between parallel
linai on the north line 251 Inet, and on the
.outh line 21'JS laat to an alley, being th
third lot north of Cbapin avenue.
Terma of Salo Un a or.uit of aiz montha;
note.with security, bearing Interest required ;
lien rotainod; redemption, barred, ihia
June Si. Ini.
B. I. McDOWELL, Clerk ami Master.
By il. F. WaUh. Deputy Clark and Master.
V. II. AC. W. Heiskell.Bilicitors.
K. M. JQXKS, Pre-ldenl.
1 W. D. J?, dAWRIE.
(Bifcaeaora f Pelf r Basvrle.) - ."
i r n l "ti n ? 1
i 3.1, 3S aul 10
a. sjr.'-i, J ;o. k. ?.:a.o, i. .
... ' - -
1 i ir . 'i n-iT ; 1.4. ,...
-r t' .1- i a c ' 'iti 1 i -1 of tr .! .' : 'f ' ? c
'. Il- V. i' IM ' "
1 .. .1 ik -... ,
14, V. ii . ..
' . h! j M
two a wsv.r.&i. i'i.r
8. ,MA.6: lELD, D. .. JIYt l.ij. W. D. tKTUELL.
t?.!l' 1'J Wadlfion Mlrcot, jffesanlils, Tcnn
EaUT "MM. 13 El
M m.f uri. VIMI I'.aa vaf A'ja. r aaa.e) a
Matril. I'unun. liriva Wells, lion, Uad anil Hone Pnx, Oaa Kisturaa. globes. Mta
- - : -
h b Tor
Cotton Factors. Wholesale Grocc::,
No. 11 Union Street t t flempliU, Tcv.r2
4 -rs 5r?if: -ft ' " 'fill 1 (
B 1 fiffii 1
O -a...- .. " -1 '-''aisii
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lmnbor,
Lnthand Shingles Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Fosts.
f-l.lilWi: BKC8.,r Como, ai8s
llo 365 Front Street
La Zm LJ Vil list HUUl- fc
aimer. Imob &
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Gror
W. 300 Front street. : nenT
11 rziniTniRir sni .
SI I llkll I
iiLLa ruw I
Cotton Factors and
SOO-C 93 Front
Cotton Factors, Commission Qerch ;2
Wo. 11G Month Unln fU., fit. lunula.
vic m --gr.c' w.S'". 1 hi. a isns jjim
rrrOld Stand, No.(.) Unionist, Mompliis.
f?:"'J Wlaoleaale Dealera and 1'abllahers, ' '
Bol Ag.stj
Stoinwav nd ESLxxo,T30 1
UAU&il Kesw DAtlO toi l 44 K UKUAK. (
er A RIW T-0CTAV3 PIANO FOR ie.-wa
Write for OnWoirniw. KatuSatt mtd 85 fcV.riaJilT NT ItfmPHI
378-378-3S0-SSi-3!it-3S6 b'ecoad street, soHth ot ajayoso.
Uoors, Sash, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shing!:?,
Mauldlnc Latba, Ceilur.PoaU Mil floksls. - '
I. F. FKrE'-lS, Vice-President. . '
Parstary and Ireasuref. iiU .
Ji.'ria ! frccf.
': . ; ; i. a:i.:old, w. i. f. sawki'D
-1 . B
- .'. . .. t..f
, , . d :i l'.v t'. , and a
v : " I
.1, I.
i; ) -Wis f.ij
ir-.i.-'w r-r .t,ti::v
. E. WITT.
a 1 - i
1 1 ;
irtrar-fiV ,?J-f'' 't-"'-" r 11
f. O. HOm LLLT, l.'etiltlciitrartiier.
r b
files La
IIczuDhls1 Toxmefusee
H 11 ,.i .-1. f-
mm. so
t.f Hemphly,rje 13 coA
. . Kelly, li
" ' DebattllP
ted thin,
lest tbea
Vlrat-Clnaa Iaatrnm.ntat
i I fl

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