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a v ..4
Cotton Firm-Middling. Oe Sales
Testerdaj, 1C00
Money in fair demand at 8 per cent,
local Becurit ea dull.
The cotton market closed fl-m;
middlin?, 9c. Sales, 1600 bales. At
New York spots were firm; middliug,
C. L. Greene & Co.'s report on C5t
ten futures siys: "Oiieratiins hye
been liberal, with the demand mainly
Irom the short side covering on ths re
mainder of the present crop and to
some extent oa the next, but the ad
dition to prica was light, owing to am
ple offerings. Indeed, towardthe cl. se
the supply appeared to exceed tbe de
mand, and rates were only barely
steady, with life difference ai com
pared with latt evening. There is con
siderable bujing of fall months, with
prices comparatively firm."
At New Orleans (pots were nominal;
Jc higher; sales 203 ba'es; middling, 9c.
Futures steady; Ja!y,D.40()9.41c. At
Liverpool a good bus'ness was re
ported in rpots; midd ing, 5 3-16d;
ntores steady; Jnly, 5.11d.
Hog product) active and advancing
Other articles unchargad.
Fortv-four pkgs but'er, 10 pkw ba
con. 1500 bu corn, 1950 ska oltoo
red, 5 pkgs dry eo ids, 27 pkgs eeps,
640 brla flonr, 12 pkr hat-, 23(Thd
sheep, 125 bd ciltln, 43 hd hones nd
mule?, 865 pkiis iard, 36,0(K ft !u iiber,
150 brh med, 25 br:e mula s b, 370
kegs nails, 59 brla onions at d 119 pkgs
The following ehowa tho amount, of
grain rectivod, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Kxchango to-day:
Corn received, 7T!) l.u ; withdrawn,
9772 bu ; in tre, 42 709 bu. Oats re
ceived, 740 bn; withdrawn, 1885 bu ;
in store, 13,808 bu.
9 Madison St., Menipliip, Tenn.,
axekm'an ronoy,
Money in good demaad at 8 per rent.
The C. earing House report is as fol
Tharcdr.y, July :lat, T;f 2,00,318 47.
thus fart nil we.itr, 772.107 0; same
time Uat week, $321,339 Ail; cjrro
sponding time in 1885, 4722 401 24;
correspond;::;; time in 1884, $497,
219 36.
Thursday, July 1st, 141,028 99;
thus far t'lia weex, $244 812 14; same
time Uet week, $194,559 25; corre
sponding time in 1835, $219,275 22;
corresponding time in 1884, $135,
133 30.
New York sight on all points, par
buying, 4; premium selling; New
England denvind, discount buving;
HUw England sight, discount; New
fleane,! discount buying, ar selling.
nk of Oommerce..l49 bid, 152 anked
tut National 149 bid 155 asked
rmnn Bank 192ft bid, 200 aked
fete National 145 bid, 150 asked
kiion and riantein..ifl bid. 15 anked
Jorcantile. Bank... 135 bid, 137 asked
uff Uity 100 bid, ... aiked
ernando 102 bid, 105 asked
ome 72 biJ, 75 asked
emphia Uity 102 bid, 10t asked
eoplei 82 J bid, 86 asked
hoemx 10 t oid, 103 rwkeil
lantern 105 bid. ... anked
anrterbilt 21 bid, 22 aiked
Arlington 30 bid, ... axked
actor j 20 asked
M. and C. R.R. ahares..37 bid, ... anted
M.& T. R.U. eharea ...47 bid, ... asked
M. A O. cons-ils, 7s. ..12 bid, ... aaked
M. & L. R lit m. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss. AT RR.cr,A..117J bid, 119 aked
Miss.&T RR.c,B...110 bid, 111 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. 0 97 bid, 9S J axked
Tenn. wte. iter. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Go. 6 107 bid, 109 naked
Tax. Disk 4, 6 4 hiri, 94 asked
Tax. Diet. 6 103 bid, 104 asked
Mem. Gas bonds Kid bid, ... asked
Mem. Water houd 90 hid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 65 axked
Am.Cot Oil trusts 31 bid, 3J ttbed
Pioneer Ont! on Millp 22 bid. 21 asked
Mem.S'nr.Com.Oo101 bid. 104 aked
Mem, Gas stock 80 bid. 84 at-ked
New York, Jnly 1. Money on call
ranged frjui 3ft,9 t er rem , closing
at 89 per ceot. Pim mercantile
paper, 4(5, S erb'np exchange duil;
actual raw 4S8'if.4S8j for sixty day
bii's aud 4H8(a)48j for demand.
Bonds Government bonds wee
dull and Jc lower for the four
and a halls, Sa;e bonds were quiet
and firm. Railroad boaria nvra a
shado ruorfl active; salec, $l,082,'i0(.
Oi this Erin reeond cotisnU c n
t'ibut"d 315,000 and Indiana,
Blooniinctrm and Western in
coms, $l80,0f0. Th n:arket was
BroiJgeraiJd doling j r'fes gene'a ly
show advxnres. Th- lndianapoln,
BlonmingU n and Wiv U'rn iHHin-c, on
the contiary, Wf-rd f.dverHely hffecied
by trie application for a receiver for
the com!'ary, th incomes being 4J
lower ai 27. thtt teconds 4 lowr at 81
and the a;tern Div.sion six s, (;J
at 94.
Stonk(i- Stocks opene 1 witharro e
deeded ton. '1 lie ns-ws was of a
ratlier mn;e 'avmaV.e cbaia ''e', imli
catirg that th' T:-w.-s a ba n e f ir a
sceedy fet lement of the in e war a' d
that tli.) railroads t) Ch.cng i we e d
termii ed to mair'a n teir Ktand
agaioct t;:e s r'ter1, a' d d- c s le a r
a ly weru st:omr aid a'tove tin do- in
figure f lt i i't. and bu'ircs' a
to i.ewli :t i. cli d t move. Hut dur
ing tun ufte. i o in V Hiuf eelnvof
"wii'iug fr i"-vt lorn:ent.-" a i iw -1
its f, and ljiine-8 b-tu mo l.eavy.
Tt er w s ro v r' d -c I -d moveiun
ma' ifie 1 in any p. rt.cn-a: st cf, rx
c 't, p -ilia ", in Lo. .i vil e ai d Nam
v in wh c i it was t :at a fool
had bee i o f a ing md ta- t uu
loaihid t d y. ldiju.(, Boun
intjton aaii Wett in a to cro p d
qui'e heavily, losing 2 fromj last
night's clos'nc prlc, on tie annoonce
ment that the diieotira had applied
for receiver for the road nrer a
friendly eait by one rf the creditoia of
the rotd. 'J he d rectors issued
a ti'iul r to bcndboldera ard
s'ockbold- rs announcing the fa it
and t-xpla'n ng that the b st
in e ests of the company, in their
opin on, would thereby be served and
t at the su t between their com
pany ard the Cincinnati, Pandusky
and Cleve'and read could be taken to
Fi-derd Court! tt bet'.er advanttga by
suctiam ve. Tliera wai a gtin in
priccsa'l along ihe lire. The g an
gers nd Vanderbiits were especially
favored. Noithwettrn gained 1;
Omala, l;Ht. Pul, J; Cleveland, Co
lumbus, llincinna'i ai d Indianapolis,
1 ; Lae fto e, i7; F.iie, l.and cocsili
da gas, 1J percent. There wa fur
then rdxiiugof tome 760,009 gold bars
for shimmer t, most o( which is for
Brlin, as the exebauge rata ia higher
in that city than ia aay o her ci-y in
EuTpe. Heiddacb, Yekleheimer &
Co, who haveordi r-d most of the go d
recently, intimate that it la used in
Berlin for Ru siaii 1 ans. Call money
again made a epurt, und rose to a p r
cant, ranging bitween S the lowest,
and the first mmed figuie. The
m. vemrtt.t waa a tr.bu ed to the fame
mauipolxt rs whobaviiofluenrel tbe
price similaily oa several recent occi
bions. Tr.e to'al sa'es of fto'ks tortay were
242,4)0 shares, including: Da awnre,
Lickawa .ni and Western, 167,0Kt;
Ere, 21, 50; Lake bh re, 10 225;
LouifvillH and Nashville, 21,8K5;
Northwestern, 17,280; New York Un
tMt, 5025 ; Pacifl i Mail, 525i ; St. Paul,
33 490; (it. P.ul und Oiuahn, 349(1;
Union Pa-iQo, 12,850; Wrstern Uoion,
10,8.10; No thern Pa'ifi -, preteTtd,
4019; O-riton and Trin-c jntineutal,
17,750. Cluwtiguuotitions:
U. 8. 3s, Wl 4, coup, VMi. ,
Vfa, ooup, 11154. Faoifioliollifi,12(;.
La. itamni, 4, 80 MiiBonri, 6i, lfll'S
Tenn.tis, old, 6il'. Tenn. tw, new, tO1.
Cent. Pas. liHVi . Den. k K.U.la'a,121.
Lmn&R.U W.l ti-.V-tJ-iKne econd, 108.
M.K.T.,i4en 6,. North. Pao. Ian, 119
North. Pao. Wa.llll. N. Weitern eon., 14t
N.We-t. deb. 6a, Ki9. St L.S.F.Oen.M, 112
St. Paul, cun , St.H.,0. & H.lsU.iat
T. P. laud irrama.Wi.T.P. R.O.excnu 67.
U . P. lu, m. Weat bhoro, 1047-g.
Adams Expreaa, 110. Morria A E., offd 112.
Allenhenj Ceu., . Nanhvllle C 5rt
Alton A T. 11 , 25. N.J. Central, 6l.-
A Ji I. 11., Pld.. 83. Nor. A .,
American Ex., 1(17. Nortntrn Pac, -Vt
i. C. K. & Cs., 56. Northern P. ptd.,0Sr.
Canada Pao., oli'i. C & N. W., U4.
Canad.iSou., 42!. C. N. V i.M.,142
Central ParMllc, ii h. I . t'entral, Vxi-h
Chesaneake Ic O , S'A N. Y. C. 4 6t. L., Ht'A.
C. 4 0 ,U' pld, Iti N.Y.Bt.L,.40 .p ,21.
C. 4 O., 2d ptd., WA. Ohio Central, .
C A I'1. Ohio & Mix.. 2:lVi.
C. & A , Pld.. 10. 0. 4 Miaa.. nfd., H".
C, U. 4 (j . OnU'io 4 West
C, St. L. A N. o., . Oregon Nnv., 1(8.
C, St. L. 4 1'., 11 '-4- Oregon Truna.. aaVg.
C, M. L. 4 P. p.,28. Oregon Imp., 21.
C.,8. 4 : . 27. Paoiflo Mail, 54.
C.4 C , 53!i. Pana na. 98.
Del. 4 dad, 99 Poona, D 4 E.,
Del., 1 . 4 W., WZ Piitnburg.ini.
Den. 4 Rio U., byt. Pullman P. C, Kb
Erie, 28;-8. Reauing, 24'4.
Erie pi i., 6.1. Rok la and. 125.
Knit. 'rn St. L. 4 . V..
East Tenn. pid. 1. bt. L. 4.8. F.,p.,4J$.
fort Wayne, 1444. bt.L.4 B.F..lat r.Ulft
Hinnibal 4 St Jo., U. M. 4 Bt.
U. 4 St. Jo., pld , O. M.4St. P..p. 123
I'arlom. 2:10. St. P.. M. 4 H 115
Hnu.ton 4 T , 33 St. P. 4 Ottiah. iM
Ulinoie Cen , W'4. Ht.Pul40.ufd.. UVA.
Ind , B. 4 'V.. Texaa Paoitfo, W
Kanaaa 4 T., 3tSV, Union Pao fio, 5S?-h
Lake E. 4 W., H'A. V. S. Kxpreaa, B3S-,
Lake Shore, 84'4. W., St. L. 4 P., iVA.
Lou. Naah.,4 4. W.,st L. 4 P., p., SO
Lou. 4 N. A., 4414. W. 4 F. Ex.. 122.
M. 4 0. firt pld , .W. U. Tel , 65.
M.4C. pfd., . Colorado Coal. 24;u.
Mem. 4 Char., 37S. Hoiueatake, 21.
Mich. Cen , 73. Iron Silver, ls)5.
M., L. B.4 W ,61. Ontario, 2.
M..L.S. v W..nfd.8D. Ouickailver. i.
Mih. 4 St. L., 21. tlu'ckailv.r.ptd, 22.
Min.4 -t L.pf.l,46!.Souta Paoitio, .
Miaaouri Piitto,107. Sutro.ll.
Mobile 4 Ohio. 14.
Londo-j, Ju'y 1. Conpols, 101 5-16
for bo h m.n-iy, and the account.
United t-tui s bonds, 4s, 1281 ; 4Js,
113i Bar silver, 44jd per cz. Tue
amount of bullion gone into the Btk
cf England on balance t:day is i7( 00
The bU'li-m in the Bunk i f Er g and
increaied 232 000 during the pa-t
we-k. Tl.e prupi rlion of tne Btnk cf
fciiwluml rn-rve to unci lty, wnicn
lai-t week was 41 3-10 per cjnt., is now
37 per cen'.
Paris. Jnlv 1. The weekly ftate-
muiit uf the BanS of Fr.ince shows a
decrease of 7,275,(l)0 francj, gold, atd
2,150,!00 fr.-nc-s f-il ver.
bank clearings.
Chicago, III., Ju'y 1. C.earirgs to
day w. re 9,8 jo 000.
New Oklbans La., Jnly 1. Clear
ings of tho l.;nk, J902..30.
Baltimokk, Mn.,Ju:y 1. Iimk clear
ing', $2,20.),S.j2 ; balances, o84,r19.
Puiladsli'iiia, Pa., Ju y 1. Hunk
c'ea-ii.gi, il2,liG 050; biiauco-.f 1,507,
917. Nhw York, Ju'y 1. C!erinof house
Ba'etiiOnt: hxcliniges, tlll,838,909;
balances, f 7 0 8,344.
B'.'stos, Mass., Ju'y 1. Clearing
hniih'; i-t:i Bii e:it: 1'jX tutnges, fl5,o00,
0i9; balances, $1,391,653.
Kt. Ijouih, Mo., July 1. Bank clear
ings 2,58,2il; balances, $550,542,
ex'iifng ou New Yora flrui at 90c
The 1 cal co'tnn market opened
firm, end close 1 firm; middling, 9
8nlg, 1000 bales, of which 1200 to
spinner Hi d 4 0 to exporters.
Yester lay. Wedoesday.
Ordinary 71
11' i
tiood tinlinarv.... 8
Low Middling 8
Middling 9
Good Middling.... flj
Middling Fair 10,
Fair Noin.
Dusty ti3'' i
tjtuiiis,tir:g- "
Mkupbis, Jul; 1, 1886.
S;.ck IScpt, 1, 1885 1,392
Received to-iiav r.O
Received previcutly ...C42.448 543 88S
Shinpeil to day 722
Hl.ipped previonsl v....S22,lo3
Hoiin-c; n.iinp'.;on to
dhte 135 5:2,090
stock rnnningaccnnnt 20,898
Thin fa- this week 383
Tij 'us fur la-t wefk f.5tl
Si.vce 8 -ptemOer lot 542,491
M. and C. R. U
M. .p'1 I. K K. K
v;., n. A B. K R
Nt- an. or
Wagons aud ''tuwr buiucim ,
Tot-.l 50
I'liim r tins weir-i 2 212
Ttnw f.tr l't-i w.ek 3,' 93
Khico i p' mri r 1st 522.8)5
M A f! K. R 70
M A i . R R 271
C., O " it S W. R. K 37!i
r.t.; ; 722
hw Yurk hp ti opened firm, and
closed film. Bales, 1952 bales. Quo
tations aa follows :
Yesterday. WednesJaj.
rdinary. 61 Oi
Good ordinary. 8J 8J
Uw middling. 8 15-16 8 15-16
Middling.. PJ 9j
Good middling. 91 9;
Middling fair. 10 9 10 10 7-16
Fair 11 3-16 11 316
New York futures onened tirm, and
clrjgd rteady and 2 lo 4 points higbc,
Sales 101.200 bales. Tbe closing quota
tions were aa follows :
July 9 40(S) 9.41
Aogust. fl.4fi; 9.47
8eptember...9 35 9.30
October 9.22 9.23
Novemner...9 19 i
December ...9 22 S 9.23
January 9 29 9 30
February 9.38 9 39
March 9.4S 9 49
April 9 57 9.58
9 3G($ 9 37
9.45 9.46
9 h2 9.33
9 2.1
9 10 9 17
9 19 9 20
9.27 a) 9.28
9 30toi 9 37
9.45 9.4ft
9 55 9.5(1
The New Orleans sot market ripened
quit, and closed nominally Jc h g'lor;
middling, 8Jc. Sales, 200 oaiea. Quo
tations were aa follows:
Ordinary 7J
Good ordinary., 8
Low midd, ing 8J
Middling tt
Good middling- 93
The New Orleans future market
opened Ftady, and closed firm.
Hales, 26,500 bales. Quotations were
as followa:
July 9.07
Augnst 0.12
Sapteuiber .8 92 8.93
Octobr 8 8ia 8.81
November ..8.76 8 77
December .8 79 8 80
January 8.89 8(0
February...9 0l) 9 01
March ll'-a 9 12
April 9.22 9.24
9.00 9 07
9.11 9.12
8.90 8 91
8.79 8 80
8 74 8.75
8 77 8 78
8.87(a) 8.88
8 98 8.99
fiOWdl 9.11
9.20 9 22
DAILY port and intrrior markets.
N Orleans.
Mohile ....
New Yi rk
St. Louis..
Bt ady
qn et.
8,(11 IS
, 85
84 8
24 9
4 8J
170 9 J
8 93
2 8i
I net.
h in
RAceipts at porta, this day, 18S0. 5931
Receipts at porta, this day, 1885. 214
R'ts U. 8.
p'rt-Od'vs 16,7!i
201,82 4
Kx. Ur. Br 30,t(i5
Stck 353,268
R'ta SapM 5,306,9 -9
4 705,81 4 1 4,738,7 43
For'gn Ex .OHS.liliO1
lucruae ol raueipta this year.. ,.U0, 125
At noon Liverpool spot market re
potted good business, at hardening
a es; middling. 5 316 1. Kales, 12,000
bales, of which American 10,OJO baltM.
Rece'pta, '6,000 bales, of which Ameri
can 10,000 ba ee.
The following are the clos'ng quo
tations: Ordinary, 4 5-led; good
ordinary, 4jd; low middling, 4 15-Hid;
good middling, 5 ; middling uplands,
5 2-Hid; middling Orleans, 6d.
The prim art given m penct and 641m,
ihiv 4 63 meant 4 63 64f; arxf 6 01
means 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures were
. . j ... T.-l.. c i,.m:i..
qiliei, a', ttiivmii-o. uui, J
Ju y-AUiiust,5 105 lid; August Sep
tmincr, 6 125 11d; Soptembur-Oc o
her. 5 08d ; O.t ibei-NuVi'mber, 5 03d;
November-Ddtember, 5 02J ; I) hcqi
terJa'iuary, ; Jmuaty - February
February, ; Fepteinbcr, 5 12d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures wre
ft m ; Jmy, 6 12d sellers , July-Augunt,
5 12 J selWrs; Aniiu-t-eptemlior, 6 12d
RelleM; Kentemher Octoher, 5 OSd sll
eis; October November, 6 03d buy
eis; Noveuiher-Dccember, 5 03d spII
lers; December-January, 5 03dsUrs;
Jantury-Febfuary, 6 03d buyers; Sep
tember, .
At 4 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; July, 5 lid buyer; July
Auntst, 6 lid buye's; AugnstHep
t mb-r, 5 lid buveis; Septeuibbr-Oc-tober,
t 07d buyers: October-November,
5 03d value; November-). eecn
W, 5 031 .value; December-January,
5 ( 2d buyers; January-February, ;
September, 5 lid huyera.
Corn White, 47c ; mixed, 46c, from
store; fmm levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c; in packs, in round lots,
white, 42c: mixed, 40c.
Hay Choice.frnm store,85c; primo,
7580c; piairie, 50s; round lots from
levee or dpot, choice, $1414 60;
prime, $1313 50; prairie, $S8 CO.
Oats vShite, 40c; mixed, 38 Jc,
from store; round lots frrn levee on
track white, sacked, 37c; mixed,
sacked, 35 Jo.
Bbam From stire, 85c per cwt.;
round lots from leveo, $14 7515 per
Bkanb Navv, $1 752; medium,
$1 601 75; German millet, $1 20
1 40.
OoHXMEAL Standard, f2 252 35;
pear), $3 253 50 from store,6c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Kics Louisiana, 46c; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Flour In car lots, double extra,
f33 50; triple extra, $3: family,
$3 7o'M- choice, f44 25; fancy,
t4 254 50; extra fancy, $4 604 90;
patents, $" 25fa5 65; from store
family, 44(S4 25; cbnice, $4 254 40;
funcy, $4 654 90 : extra fancy, $5
5 25; patent, J5 50Coi6 25.
CaACKKo Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 2 ' from tiJore.
HoMtiJT and Grits From store,
$3 15(o25.
Cbackebs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4Jc; lemon crackers,
extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snap?, treble extra, 6s; as
B3rttd jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., July 1.
Wheat lower ; Nn. 2, i a h, 57c bid, 57Jc
8f-k"d; Augcs, 5''jc bid, 5!)gc Biiked.
(torn loer; No. 2 cafh, 25c; August,
(i Jc. Outj nrminal; Z2c tsked.
St Louis, Mo., Jn!y 1. Flour quiet
mbt a .'y;XXX,t'2 402 50;family,
f 2 O.VS)2 80 , ctK'ice, $3 25(a 3 40 ; fancy,
3 ()53 75; extra Jaccv, 13 854 10;
pa e.it, $4 404 8 1. Wheat active
and strong; tbe mat kef opened dull
and eaiy an 1 declined JJc, but re
covered and alvaoced J . c taeed off
agiin bnt ttret gtened jear tbe clnte
and fiaihhed liljc high jrthan yes
te dHy: N. 2 red, cash, 74'i; July,
73jj74c coding torn nal at74o; Ali
gns , 74 K76'!, cloning Vt 76c: Sfp'un
r.r, 7t)S77ic. (I n n? at 70;o hid.
Corn dull and 1 wer, cl' sing J' 8t un
der yester'tav; Sj. 2 m X:d,rah,3'.ic;
Juiy 3 JW30, clos ng at 3t)Jc;
gu ', 3232ic, closing 32f; ; Bcplemfoer,
33) c hid. J.ns veiydiill and bare'y
steaily; No 2 m-xed, rah, 27(W)283,
July, ;4c b;d; Angus', 24Jc bid. Kye
htro'-g, f5t. Barley no n a ktt. Hay
fairly Reive and Hb tut tady: pranie,
4 5J7; titnot y.Jfei0. Flaxseed
nominal, tl 01. Bran firm, 4.5c. Corn
nral teadv, $1 85l 90. Receipts
Flour, ?00() brla; wheat, 21,000 bu;
corn, 35,000 bn; oata, 16,000 bu; rye,
1000 bn; barley, none. Shipments
Flour, 9900 brls: wheat, 8000 bu ; corn,
5000 bu ; oata, 6000 bn ; rye, none ; bar
ley, none.
Chicago, III., July 1. Tbe session
of the Board of Trade wai brief today,
beginn'ng at 10:30 o'clock a.m , a is
csual on mcntbly ssttlement days,
and closing at 1 o'clock p.m., toe
ai ernocn ersjions having ben d s
ennt'nued Ou'ing July and August.
The session made u. ia spirit wlui. it
Kcked in lnngth. In botu (ho wbeit
and provision pits sharp activity pre
vailed, and values were all tiigner.
Angus', delivery of wheat started in
stronger at 751 f, rcsa a fraction and
ruled s'ady until near theclose.when
tbe buying became geneial and the
price advanced to 7(lc in a law
minutes, clo.-itu at outiide prices. In
the aft?raoon ou tie curb, large sales
of whsat were reparted with ttie prico
np t) 77c. No special camo was
a s'gneil for the sudden advance, be
yond a ftnedy demand and decreasing
stocks C hd and oati ruled strongjr
in sympathy and closed a fract on
higher. Flour steady and nnc: anited.
WUat active aud s'r.iDgir, cljeing
lii higher than yesterday. Siles
tanged: Jnly. 7374c, closed at
74c; Auiut,7ri7(!Jc, clod at 7t;jc ;
September, 7(iJ775c, c'osed at 77fi J ;
No. 2 soring, 741c; No.3 spring, 66
69Jc. Ccro fairly active and firmer;
rash, 35 l-16c; July, 35 l-10c; Augus",
3ii3(ljc, cloned at 36 5 lOr. Septen
her, 37J39'2c, closed at 37gc. Oats
tinner; radi, 27gc; July, 278s; Au
gus', 2filra6j", closed at2(U(j; Sep
tember, 2626, clofed at 2(i j. Rye
sieirly; N 2, 5Sc. Birley ncniiDai;
No. 2, 5053l Flaxseed 11 m; No. 1,
$1081 Reoeipts-Flour, 14,000 brls;
wheat, 15,000 bu; c-rn. 198,000 bu;
oats, 74,000 bn; rye, 1000 bu ; barlev,
1000 bu. Shipments Flour, 16 000
brla; wheat, 21 000 bu; corn, 241,000
bu; ati, 83,000 bu; rye, 1000 hu;
birley, 1000 bu.
Butter Creamery, 3034c; dairy,
1520c; butterine, 1315c; country,
12J18c. according to condition.
Ciiekse Prime flats, 7c; New York
factory, 8c; full cream, 12 Jc; Y. A.
Hog Products Meas poik, new,
$10 5010 75' sugir cu ed hvns, llj
!2c; brfakfjst baroa,8J10c; cer
edi n rk, 77Jc; clear rib sido
pork, 6J a (lie ;long clear pork, O.Ogc ;
pnrk shoulders, 6c. Baon Clear rib
ei.io, 7J71s. Lwd-Tierces, "Jwfijo;
half-barrols, 6j7c; kegs, (ijc; pais,
71"' 7c; half-pails, 77Sc;60 lb tins,
lW(H;c; 2il-!h t n, 7ru7ae; 10 lb tins.
7JvT.7Jn; 5 lb tins, 727Jc;3 1b tins,
7j7jc; choice kett e, tiercf s. 88Jc.
Frksu Meats No. 1 boi)f,8Jc; Mut
ton, 9a; hind qtinrters of beef, 10c;
lambs, $34.
St. Louis, Mo., July 1 Prjvi
fi, ns active and higher. Pork very
trcng, $10 50. Linl 2025c highor,
$6S5. Bulk mea'B firm Inote lots
long clear, $6 10; thort rib!, $6 20;
short cler, JO 25; boxed lots long
clear, $6 12 ; short ribs, $0 22 ; ehort
clear, JO 37J. Bac n strong; long
clear, $ 75 ; ehort ribs, $0 87 ; short
clear, $6 90. Hams firm; 1112c
Chicago, III., July 1. Mess pork
active, ttrong and h;gier; cash, $10 15;
Julv, 910 15, closed at $10 15;
August, $10 02J10 42, closed at
$.0 27 J; September, $19 1210 45,
c'oted at $1037. Lard firm; ca b,
$6 60; July, $6 60(6 60, closed at
16 60; August, JO 60to0 70, closed at
at $6 80.. Short rib sHes firm and
higher; cash, $6 10 Bixod meats
steady; dry Baited shoulders, $5 40(i)
5 45; short char sides, 16 400 45.
On the Produce Exchmgo butter
ruled fliiu; craamery, 1316c; dairy,
1011 Jc. K)tg8, 10a.lic.
Cokcek Ooramon,91 9Jc : ordinary,
9j10ic; prime Rio, 10llc; choice
to fancy, ll12a; old governmeut,
2425u; Cevlon, 20s.
Soap 35c per pound.
Sugar Pure white, 6jc; off white,
66c; yellow, 668t; open kettle,5
52c; refined A, Ojc; granulated, 7
7 Jrj ; powdered, 7c; cut loaf, 77jo.
Salt $125 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 451 60; coarse, $1 15 1 20; pock
ets, bleached, 2j7c; cor loads from
levee or depot. 5c cheaper.
Canbibs Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
paf'e and barrels, 738c.
Candlh-Fu11 weight, 1010c.
Canned Goods, Kto. Prices perdoz
en : Pineapples, 1 35:'i)l 05 ; poaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 55; second?,
$1 101 15; tomatoes, 2 lb, standard,
$1 25 I 35;3-lb, $1 151 30; straw
berries, $1 351 40; rapberriei,
$1 151 25; blackberries, $1
1 15; ereengnges, $1 60t 75;
pears, $22 25; plums, $1 60
1 70 ; anparagus, $2 60tf4 ; green corn,
$tl 35 ; green peas, $1 55 1 65 ; cove
eysters, full weight, Mb. $11 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oystors, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk-Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 76; Swiss. $0.
Molasses Louisiana, common to
fair, 20S'tc; prime to choice, 3040c ;
svrup, 2040c ; common to fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3033c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3234c.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 25
30c; other grades and styles, 3585c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 &5 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Havana, July 1. Sugir firm; at
Cardenas todoy 2500 hags centrifugal,
92 to 96 j lur'za'ion, were sold at
$2 75 gold per quintal.
New Yoke, Jnly 1. Coffee spot
fair Rio linn at S; options stronger
and fdr'.y active; tales, 32,250
hugs; July, Au-rnft, Sep oinber and
Octo'xr, 7.8"i7.90c; November, 7.t5
7.95e; December, 7.8i7.9()c; Jan
ua'y, 7.90:aj7.95c ; Fetruary, 7 95c.
Hiuarstsady and in moib rite demand.
Molaises finn. Rice steady, fair dd-
Apples Dried apjiles, 3lo per
pound from store. Driod peaches, 3
4c from store.
" Peas $1 601 75 per bushel.
Vegetables Oiions, $3 from
store; 2 50(n)2 60 from levee or
dpot. Cabbage, $2 753 p.er crate.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
Fbuit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Cali'ornia, $7. lemons, $07 per
box. Banana", $1 502 60 per bunch.
Oocoannts, $6 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7; Tennessee, farmors' stock,
34c; roasted, 2o highor; shelled,
Kic. Almonds, 18?0c.
Pickles In jarm, pints, 95c; qnarti
$1 60; ball-gallons, $2 75; gallons
$3 75;lo se, barrels, $6: half-barrelH,
$3 8; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
hoi tarrel?, $6.
It :sri London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
PorAiOKS New, $1 752.
Pecaks Texas, 8IOo for small to
medium, 10 11c for large; Arkansas,
Walwutb French, 12c; Naples, 15c
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 50 per bar
rel and $44 60 per half-barrel; Vine
gar, ll16c per gallon.
Pocltbt Old hen, $275; mixed,
?2 60; young chickens, $1
2 75.
Fian Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 05; No. 2. $3 253 60; No.3,
2 763; 10-lb kit, No. 1,80c; No. 2,
70c ; lo-lb, No. 3, 60c. Dry herrings,
family, 3(c per box.
Gaiib Game flnh, ll12c.
Eooa Quiet at 11c.
COTTON sr.Ell Oil,. FTC.
Seed Deliveredat derhit and wharf,
$8 per ton ; wagon at mills, $8.
C-rload let. Prime crude C. S.
oil, 22'.;c; off crude, ItitoVlltc; prime
inmu.er yellow C H. Oil. 2729c;
oil summer yellow O. S oil, 252tSc;
Mintr's Mimirier yellow C. S. oil, 2S
30c;Cnoics cooking summer yellow,
2930c; prime cotton seed meal, (f. o.
b ) $14 14 50.
Less than rn--load lota Prima
snmiiitr yellow O. 8. oil, 283iV;
choice coaking summer yel ow, 30
Hides Dry flint. 1215c; dry
salt, 10(M2c; greonsalt,6Sc; grwrn,
6t!c; deerskins, 1517c. Beeswax,
2021c; tallow, 33o.
Bagging Jute, 9llc; flag, 9f?
10c, according to weight. Ties, $1 20.
Nails $2 252 35.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6'16; ryo, $1 756; domes
tic, 90cf 1 60.
St. Louis, Mo., July 1. Whhiky
sti ady at $1 10.
Chicago, III., July 1. Whtaky
firm at $1 14.
Cincinnati, O., July 1. Whisky
quiet at $1 10. Sales of 447 barrels
ui tiuibhed goods on this basis.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, ()., July 1. Petroleum
qni-it s. w., 110, 7 Jc.
FiTTHiiiiRG, Pa., Ju'y 1.--Petroleum
act've but weak; Na ionnlTiuntdt cer
tificates opened at 67 jc; clostdat 60, c;
highest,.6Hc ; lowest, (iOjc.
I.. VK l'K)A.
Cattle Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4i4Jc; good,
3J(uV41c; choice g-ass-fod, 33jc;
good, 3(ii)3Jc; fair to medium, 2
2jc; common, l(A2c.
Hous Choice, 84c; good, 3
3Jc; common, 331e.
SiiEiii'-Choice, 3ilc; medium. 3
Hlc; coiiimon, Jl(ol 50. Choice
lambs per pound, fiWftjc.
Kansas City, Mo Ji.ly 1. Thoi'tw
Stork Indicator reports: Cattle Re
ceipts, 480 head; shipments, none;
good Cit 1-, firm; common, wiok;
good to eh jico, $4 504 8O; common
to ii-dium, $2 904 40 ; stockers, $2 75
3 25; loaders, $3 404; cnwi,J2
3 30 Hoas-Roeiptfl, 10,218 head;
ahipniems, 1487 head; market stea ty
anil 5c higher; good to choice, f4 86
4 50; common to medinm, $3 9.i(u)
4 25. Sheep recointa, 258 head; ship
ment9, none; giodto ch'iiffe, 2 40
3i5; common to men um,i oiyj zo,
Ciiicaoo. Ill , July 1. The Drovers'
Journal reDorts: Catlls Rscoipts,
6600 head; shipments, 3200 head;
market stronii. 5nl0c lilglier; stun-
ping steers, 950 W 1500 p imdp, $4
5 60 ; stockers and lei ders, $2 504 35 ;
rows, bu ll and mixed, $1 753 90;
bulk, $2 503; tbrongh Texas cuttle,
grais cows, $2 60'a)3 05; it ets, $3
3 80; era U,d, $41 25. Hogs-Ks-ceiuls.
24.000 head: shirmni s, 7000
head; market sir ing, rH)o higher;
rjiiL'h Bud mix.(i. $4 264 60; pack
ing and shipping, $4 504 75; light
:... i )ik....l rr.. Ll.:,u 7.V..1.1
Slieep Receipts, 2600 head; ship
ninniB, 500 lioid; mark t s'ow and
weaker; tmtives, J2 20(.i)4 70; Texans,
$2 25'A 325 ;lnmb,$l 25ft375 per head.
New York, Ju'y 1. There has
been a vey eteidy reqiwut for all
cLipsoi and B'vhs of goods, with a
good volume cf inloB, and the tonH of
the market very strong, prices haid
ening. and Mammae shirtings ad
vanced to 4 ic.
( HA NA N )
It In
..ertaln l!r 1
"tho llumin" llr.1
Will provo aatSBfuctor- U;
Bontlomnn wlio wanl!i a
perfect a
!rl. We oro TMi'tlnir litu I -
Z yaart' espprlcnc and ituity. of wlir.t W!l
pluoao. Klvft ronil.irt n-'il v.'t..r
Z nltlifullv. Try tlion.
Kvcry "-,
X ilo.i..r l' ia
II 13 AI. 12 WTA TIC.
No. 5t2l. R. D.-Chnnnery Cnurt of Bholl.r
county. Hinto of 't'cnnoaHoefor uao, etc.,
T. J-ifr.h llliinis n' si.
BY Tirluo ol hu Interloratflry decree lot
ulu tint-roJ in tho uliovs ntuas on th
22l ilk orJunuiiry, IHJi, M. 11. Til, naita livi,
1 will noil 1 t ituniio nuotton, to too hiifh
ont,bicl'lr, in Iront n tha Clork and MnMr'
olin o, oounbouao ol hue by county, Moui
Ibia, Xnn. on
Nnturdny, Julv 31. ISSd,
within tonal bourn, tbe" fll"Win do-crihod
proporty, aituatod in fabulby county. Ion
neaaoo, to-wit :
I.ot 1! ami 'i), Itaml'ort anbdWlalnn, front
tn 7r lootflach ftn Ihe wei-t niila ol' lto-a hvo
nuo. and runniiiK btck HM! leo. Sld ua
lniiert y of Aait belby, Juunie Talbut anil
Lot. lit, E P PUwnrt'a auhcll'rlalon, front
liiK OU feet on the eait aids ot Miiii'.i av
ouue, and runniiiK i a k between iarall-l
lu e-on the north line 2M leet, anil on tho
otith lino 2'J'i 'ret to an all y, being tbo
third lot north of Ctiapin avenue.
Term of Sule ;' a ore itot aix mnntha;
nolo with aeru'ily, licanng internal reiiuired .
lien ret lined; redumption burrvd. Itiil
June IH-ii.
H. I McD'iWKLL, Clerk and Maater.
Py II. F. Wnl-h. Ilanuty Clerk and Maater.
F. 11. aC. W. lloii.kel,.Hrili'itra.
A book ot iaea.
it- beat book lor
nilve tiaortooon-
l"t CaalTiSIMG"10'1 otherw
r 'It ounuini liata
ault, bo be o peri-
i ot
newpapera and eatiinalea o theooatof ad
Tertiaing. The adverliacr who wboI' to aiiend
one dollar, fin la In it the information h- r
ijulrcn. while (or hlin who will In r oat one
hut dred tbouaand dnllara in advertiami, a
fbau In ndicated which will meet bia
every reur. einent, or can he made to do ac
by aliKht cbanv- eimily arrived at by corre
aiiomlnnca. One hundred and fiftr-tl)l
aditiona have been iaaned, Went, poatpai
to anv adrlrnaa lor tBo.teni. Apply to 0 H'
VKKTISINU BUH1U ,10 ripruoett. U'ri(
B Uouit bqaare., a tort.
, II -' V I
v y j . i
Friari Point.
St. Louia
Whits River.
WhIU River ,
Ktw Orloana
-Jamiti L, 5 p m.
.CoBiiUA, 5 p.m.
....City or 6t. Lucis, 6 p.m.
....Faionn KiiBixauN, 5 p.m.
.... Alrkrta No. 3, 5 p m.
.... tikimiii Citt, 6 p.m.
....City or N iti uiz, 12 m.
4rn'ifa Kat Adam, Arkansas
City; Uayoso, Tiptonville; Uolden
Ru e, Cincinnati.
Departure. Uoldea Kale, New Or
leans; Knts Adams, Arkaimaa City;
liiivoao, T p'orvilie.
Jit xiln Due Ihum. Coahoma and
Belle M"inplu.
i)'iHi( Due I'p. James Ix'p, City of
Ci.iro. U, I. Siherck, Alberta No. .1
and Freddie Robinson.
Hrrrlpia Ttwlerdny.
Cayoao 2 bgs seed otton, 14 aks
sed, ll'O sks corn and It) pkgs sno
drirs. Kate Adaun :)'i btle cotton, 6 bps
teed cot'on, 10S8 sks eeed, 1 cow aud
calf find 42 pkgs sundrii s.
Thb A h'r a No. 3, Capt. Albert
Smith, is the packet tomorrow even
ing at 5 o'clock fjr White river.
Ths Anchor Line packets Saturday
evening are the ArkniisM Oily lor
Vicksbu-g and tlie City of Yickehurg
for Me, Louia.
Tin Coahoma, Capt. Henry Cjoper,
ia tho picket this ev ning at 6
o'clock for O renla and the upper
bend". Win. Hnrittor is in hor ollic?.
Th J' nits LfP, Capt. Thcinai Clan
ftntt, is tha pneket this evening nt 5
o'c'ock for Helena, Kiiifa l'.riut and
all n y landiuKS. V'iii Aoiilurd ia ia
hor ollice.
TnR Anchor L'nn staaraer City of
Nutcln t, Capt. 11. K. llixby, will pa-s
down tomorrow at 12 o'clock f r New
Orleans and all way puintu, Or en U.
Cctos ia tier clerk.
Tin Milt 11-ir-y Lino a'eatner Fre.l
die Kobiusnn, C.ttt. Mill H Harry, is
tho pa 'ket torn rro ev. ni g at 5
o'clock for all points oi. IVhito rivo,
Rolrg throngh to Nowpnrl, nvd mak
ingcjni oi tii-ns with p' ciitU (orupper
White and ltluck r vcic. A hjrt Mc
(ihee has clinriiu ' he1-1 Dice.
VunINKS! quiet.
Wkathkk clear and warm.
Tua G 'yoo wai in and out on titna
yoeturday wiih fair t ips.
Cai-i'. Wm V.ki.Ij, of Terrene, Mits.,
was in tho city ytstirday.
Tns Ircns (Its returned to the Ohio
river yo.-to:dy with empty harlot.
RHi'miTS by river yesterday, .'15
bales of cnt'on, 8 bags of eoed lo.ton
and 1102 s cks of seed.
Tn k Golden K ilo from Cincinnati
PBRSttd down yest riUy evening for
New Orieaos lonieJ Hat without land
ing. This Ohio deported last evening for
Cincinnati w.th 280 ba'es cott in.and a
Hood lot sundries and a fair list of
Law I'lticv, bill clerk of the steamer
Kate Atl. iih, let yistordy miming
for Clurltflville, Tenn., tj onjoy a
couple o( weeks recreation.
Tub Kut Adann arrived yesterday
morning from ArkaiiSas Ci'y with 115
bales colt in, 6 hugs Betd c tton, 10KH
(ksscod, mid returned last evening
with a fair trip,
OKKiog Signal Skiivick, U. S. A.,
Mami'His, Jily 1, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 7f meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Ah'vo Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOlhs KHIih lOtlia
Cairo 20 5 1
Cliuttanongu ... 7 2
Ciucitinnti 23 i 14
Davenport 4 2
I)iibuiiie till
Fort Smith 5 4 1
Helena 4 4
Keokuk 28 2 8
1 41 CniKHo (i 2 1
leaven worth... 11 0 3
Littlo Kock 0 5
liouisvillo 10 4 1
Memphis 22
Nanhvillo 12 5 17
New Orleans... 12
Omaha 10 I
I'ittabiirg 2 7 5
St. Ixruis 10 7 11
St. 1'niil 5 1
Shreveport 3 .'1 2
Vicksbnrg 28 I) 1
ItnuKor l.lan-Keet and tou tht of a foot
above snroof gnuire:
I'mri), 40 font. OhattanooKft, 33 teat.
Cincinnati, fail. Davenport, l,r.
Jlulnniuu, ID. Kurt Uiuilh, i2.
Keokuk, II. Iltilena, .
La (,'roaae, 24- Iavenworth, 20.
Little Kock, 23. Luuiaville, aft.
Msmphia,:i4. New Orlnana, 13.2.
Naahville, 4(1. l'ittiburir, ii.
Omaha, 18. Ht. Paul, 7.
Ht. Louia, 12. Vlckabura, 41.
Shreveport, 28. Yankton. 1M.
PiTTHBORH, Jnly 1. Noon River 2
feet 8 inches on the gauge and 'ailing.
Weather clear and warm.
Cincinnati, July 1. Noon River
22 feet 5 inches on t ie (laiiKeand falling.
Weather c'eir ; thermometer 80.
Nsw OuutANH, July 1. Night Ar
rived: Annie 1'. Si. ver, r-'t. l)iiis. De
parted: 1'aris C. Urown, Cincinnati.
Whbklino, W.Va., July 1. Noon
River 6 leet 3 inct.od on ttie gengn and
falling. Weatliwr char and plaHnt.
Evanhviixb, Hn, July 1. Noon
River rHit'ir, i li 111 hi-1 1. n the g-nig".
Departed: llucticye fctatu, t iucnibuti,
0 a.m.
Louisvii.i.k, July 1 Noon River
rising, with 10 feet 4 incl.tn in tbe
canal and 8 ftn t 2 ircii-H ou the til If.
Weather clear ai.d pluuraut, Ihuiuess
St. Irois, July 1. Night Rivr
fallen 1 foot 4 iiictn s, a .d ainml 10
feci 7 iii' ties on t:ie g.iuitn. WeHllur
cleir and warm. Arrived: Henry
Loureyaud biugieai.d City of Ratou
Rouge, New Orleans Departed: Ar
kamasCity, Vicksburf;.
Caiho, July l.N'w.n River 21) feet
0 incliet ou the gHiiue hiii) lising
Weather cloudy a d mid Artvwi:
Belle Memohie, St. L in", Bum. De
parted: 11. lie Mfrni.lim, Vic kotnirg,
liiid.iglit ; Joi n F Wnlt n Hi d t"W,
New trr'eanr-, 10 a.m. Niglr Kivt r2)
fee! 6 itici.ts on th gaily ami rl ing.
Weall'tr dear aud h t. Arrived:
City of Piovidi net, Virkpiiurir, -no m.
Departed : City of I'iovidrtiiCi,S'.L huh,
1 p.m.
Xhia o ehr.ilcl II il.tt-i i-Krra'an bull
ill hi at 1HI J Dcann atin-t ior ha n xi
flttcen duva. Ilia .ire ia a:. hehed t Nuijtr
k 1'ow ll a hi r , unit la roil .r . . aa e. oi
tbe beat uiilk and bitter bu Ireveri in r ed.
K. liitUuWAl.
Memphis & Cincinnati Fk't Co.
Bxourailon XI.ja,teaat
Commencinf . ( a. The Eleraat
May lat. f W Stearaera
Kockeje State, Ohio Jan. W. UaB
tar Tht iCotnpany will Dell R0DND TEH
TICKET.- from Hemphta to Louiavilla,
Cincinnati, and all Kaatern Uitiea, ai
really Keduced Ratea.
ar Tickela Include Meala and Ht ite-ronmf .
Keturn tickela (ood on any boat in tha Una.
Kacb boat carriea a Fine btrin liand.
Mondays and Thursdays at 5 P.M.
For information inquire of C. B- RVS
8KI.L, Aaent, 12 Madiaon atrret, Mempbii,
Tenn. H . W WISH, Snp't.
HI Irfkiita nul Nw llrlin anrhor
i.iao-tt. n. mmii-cihoi oi. l.oiaa.
City of St. Louis, . SEr.
Jaa. O-NeaLmaater. JfJs&3i
Will leave Hi Klevator THIS DAV. July
Vd, at l p.iu For freiaht or niaaiue apply
C I. Il.n., Ai't. Al STQHM. Sup't.
ttt l.oau kiiiI New Orlvnn Anrhiir
l.lu-l'. . IHnll.-FUK VlL'Kr-UI'Rli.
Arkansas City,
Brolaskl... maater.
Will leave the Elevator SATURDAi . July
SI, A at p.m. For freight or pnaiaae apt l
O. I.. M ai.l.. Pma. Art. A I) STURM, Arnnt.
HI. I.nnla mtl New Orlfitna Anrhar
l.lnr-II. H. Mnll FOR NEW UlU.KANd.
City of Natchez,
II. K. HiitiT tna-tcr.
Will leave tho Elevator KA'tl' HUAV, July
.'td, at lira. For treight or pnaaarr apply
0. L. IUi.i , Pana.Aa'i. Al M'oKM. Mip't.
for uaoeola, noiea t-olnt, Carutherevtll.
Uaynao and Tiptonville l'he new ateamar
W. P. Hall maater I B. 0. Mii-h.ll...ol.rki
Wilt leave a above, and all war point.
p.m. Forlroiiilit or pii aaa: apply on hoards
feavukiiia.l'riiara Puim ana Miai,iiaaal
li ml Oac.Mli aaM'tat Vmn7.
For Helena. Hlendnle, Frinra Point an-1 all
Wai Landlnia Steamer
al HIIlt'.H ,Cvr.jS
J. B. 0ooier, maater....J. W. Sunt . clerk
will Uave aa above on every MONuaY,
WBDttKBDAY and FRIDAY, at A o'olook.
for Randolph, Fnlton, (isneoH anil Way
Landlnn HtaAmer
1oaliomii, ia5
R. T. Clauatt...mtnr I I'latl t'ho iitoirJ
nvn Monday. wklo;-la4
and FRIDAY at S p.m. Tho bottU of thU
line rnaerve the right to pva all lam!t'JM
the oaotin may deem nnanfa. Offloo. N )
Wn.ii.o .i JAMKR t.RS. .Tn ll.ii ':.
Arkansas Iti ver Yk't, Co.
Str. R. L COBB,
K. B. Bmlth... .maater. &J&Smm
Leavea Menu bit Every TllKSDAY, at 6 p.u
U.O. LOWK, Agent.
OITlce, No a Madiaon at. Tolmihone No. M.'
Memj!his& Vhit;iiT"errkt,Co
For Inrruilon, ItcVHlla II In IT. Utm
Arn, AuuuKta. Keurcy. Newport, Jackaoa
port, llittnaville and all Way Landinaa,
Hllt IHHKAHaW, r -ft
K. 0. I'ollal - ,r;-7.' nffBK
Will leave EVERY WEDNEHDATf ml 5 p.m.
htii. amikbtaTko a. I' IPj
Albert B. Hmith master .11 , itilfg
Will loan hVKHY HAIIIUDAY at & p.m.
Through ratea glvon to all pnlnta. F'raight
nonaignod to tho Meuaiihia and While River
Packet Co., at Meiiiiliia or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion npi.l at officii, No S Madiaon at., ort
Call Telephone II. O.lOWH, Ag't..
Freddie Robinson, jbtdEma
M. R. Harry ...maater
For Helena, Terrene. DeValla UluS, iMa Are,
Auguata, Hoarcy, Newport and Batavill.
Will leave aa above SATURDAY at S p.m.
Through ratea to all nointa. Freight coo
algned to Milt Harry Llne.Memphia. will be
promptly forwarded. W. J. V. HOY LB. i
(IWice VI Mmllaon at. Tolephone tn
i'lin M.traucih Itivei iiuunuorlaUoa
Co.'a Ftnt Hl le-W hl t'. B. Mali 8nia)
Rfitifl Macreadv.
ir.:ri JOPlin ..uiai.(r,
at ft o'o'ook, for Marlauna. IheCul-Otl. anj
Intermediate landing on Ht. r'ranoia river.
Tha naptain reaorvaa tha right to raja ai
landlnga he deema nnaafe. JAS. LEE, Jr.. .
Hnne-I"tn.ln IWi. Vo. 4 Madiaon at. r
Meuipiiih and VlckMiiurK Packet CoiaS
pany V. N.Mali Line.
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Ark an
laa I'Hv Tho elegant paaaenger itoamar
M. R. Cheek...maater I W. (J. Blanker...olarh
Leavea Moinrhli
the ouptum may doom unaule. For general
information apply at ofilce, No,4 Madiaoa
atreet. K. WALWORTll. Agent.
IlillV 0tl. Pm.'r ir-n. Telephone sna;
tuiroyifn-umiiig o '""'iii.ia'
arWUITK XIl t'ATM.rMJl K. -
No. 17 Jefferson Mrtct,
(Botwaen Mnin aud Front.) ri'.EMl'UIS.
IE-tub I iahed In l.KiO.I
I kR.JOIINSilN iaai'kiiowlclK. il by all par
L' tiea iotorratod an by far Lho most uo
cena'ul phyaician in tbe treaimaiitnf privata
or neeret ilmeitaei. Quick, perunitiont curea
guarntitei'd in overy caae. mute or rn'onlo.
Recent caiea of tlonorriie and Hrchilia
cured In a f w dnya without the tine of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrnnce Irota
bualnaaa. Secmiilary Svi hiiia, thelwtvea
ti, e iTHilirnted without the ii of mercury,
luvolunaary loaa of neiuon alopped in ahort 4
titoj. fulfnrera fnuu inipotency or loai i of
aexual p" wera roator eto Iree vigor in a low
vieoka V'icliiiia of o-itbue and eicosaiva
venory, autlurirg Irom apenntitorrbea and
loaaof pliaicul i nd mental power, apeodily
ami porumnently cu ed. Parti-ular atten
tion paid lo tho Diacuaea ol M omen, anil
curi'i guarantetiil. file" and old aorea cured
wiiliou the ur of CHU-lioor the ktiile. All
o nau'tiitiona atrii tly confiilon'iHl. .Mcli
ciuea aeot by eipreaa to all pirti ol tua
oountry ..... .t
arWorkingmai curea at nun me uui
rote-. (Mllce hou-a from H o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. It S IOIIXIN. vi. ii.
Elmi'a College, For Women,
Ural lied forauch altmitid numlior thutatu
dento limy enjoy the p eaaai.t a.-uciaiioiia ot
o mo. lei hri tin 'on-. It b ui auueri,
('nitric ti..r il' Mini 1 1 alao, r.lc.
tiv ami I'r.-imril wy dc ii tiuenta.wil
eiifi.lional ndvanlawea in iih' and i
The; buildin bin el modern iiuprot,
mi ula, including ateam heating . and '
ae t r Mnnr. Ad I'eaa RKV. A. 1
COWLES, D.L., ?:csiJkut, blmira. K. I
f ' ' '

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