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KoiteTflta,1frw Orleans a T "K'j
oad after May 1. peasant" trains on
tbi mad win run as !
' f Abl MAILT
; North.
1:80 p.n
9iS8 !
7:21 a.m
til? I.I
1:IS a.m
11:18 p.m
8:86 p.m
T:M p.m
g:(IO p.m
10:03 p.m
1:00 a. id
1:44 a.m
5:i!5 a. id
6:H .ra
9:00 a.m
LiiiJ-..... c.
B arrisoa ft .-.
Baton Ileo.
Sew Orleans...,.. J
A-Wlthatl lines enterine-il
5-With M.AS.W.R. R.i
O for Ore"nl" and Bunt
lor Helena. ,
tlniton. ana an
fr-th y?y: "d V.. S. P. Railroad.
JPwith L. AC R. i. lor iiatohei .d
F For PtfnU on tbs Branch.
O With steamers lor Bayou 6ara.
II With railroads dlrerginf lor Florida,
rr . .nil P.. tit...i n .
JAtj. M. CP
jv una, v. r. ui . ju.
t H. P. A.
Mississippi TwnM,-Tralnt
or as follows: New Orleans mail arrives
daily at :a.m.s leaves daily at fttCMj p.m.
Bardis seaorainMlatlon arrives daily at 8:i5
a.m. I IcavM daily at 6:20 p.m. Now Orlvani
Cail train will not stop at any flag rtatinn
.aM Mamtihii nml Hardin, or at White
haven. Horn Lake, Neslilt and Loro. Freight
traina do not earry passengers.
ntrllniuil MlwlMlnpl Vat'
y Trains move as follows: Fast 'tne
lii.rai m t ht. Lonla fast line
lsaTeseto.-SOp.m.l Fasl
p.m. I bt- Lou ii fail line
r an line arrive, m i ;.m
arrives at tilA a.m
Louisville ud Waiihrlile Train!
ore ai tollowsr Kat mail arrive dally at
6 :1ft a.m. t leaves at 10:10 p.m. I mall leaves
dally at 10:10 a.iu.t arrive! a 4:1)0 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation! leaves dally
except Sunday, at 6:00 p.m.: arrives daily,
esoeiitBusdav, at 8:60 a.m. (standard tune).
Memphis aud Mills Rock. Tralni
thots aa follow! (central lUndird tliuelt
No. 1 leaves dally at 6:ll ..m, arrives at
t 8 :50 a.m. No. 6 (freight) leaTei Ilopeneld
dally (except Bunday) at 6:00. a.m. t arrive!
at 7 :10 p.m.
Mnir BonteMKansas Clly.Rprlnar
eld and Herephli.) Trains leave M. and
X. depot a follow! t No. 4, Kaniaj City ex
press, "leaves at 10:46 a.m. I No. 8, Kansas
City ipre-a, arrlvei at 8:! p.m. ln. s,
Kansas Oily mall, leavei al:00 p.m. I No.'l.
Kansas Oily mall.errlves at 8:& a.m. No.
f.Ht. Louli and Chloaoeipres, Jeeves at
eiOO p.m. I No. l.Kt. Louli and Ohloa.oei-
Xre", arrive! at 8 :15 a.m. Ia effect Bunday,
prll 18, 18H6.
fanpnla aacl ChnrlMton Train!
nova ai oliowii Thmnth axpreil leavei
dally at lrl:!0 p.m. Mall and axiireai leavei
dally at 10:00 a m. BomervlMa aooommoda
tlon leavei dally, except Bunday, at 6:30
Shronxnexpreia arrive! oanv
all and expreii arrive! dally at 4 :M
p.m. boinerviue aooommnaaiiua arrnvi
daily, axoept Bunday, at 8:30 a.m.
HornnhK, Plrmlnaliam and Atlas
ttwnolly Bprlnn RouU-Tralni move ai
fellowi i No. I leavei Memphli dally at 8:46
p.m. I arrival at Holly Hpringl at o:S8 p.m.t
No. .leavei Ilolly Bprlnai dally af 8:00
8.m., arrive! at Memphli at 1 il6a.m. No.
leavea Memphli dally at Til5 p.m., arrive!
Et Holly Sprlnin at 11 :46 p.m. I No. 6 leavei
loHy Hprinn dally at 8:15 a.m., arrival at
lampb.li atH'
WiiHiaeTox, July 4. 1880, 1 a.m.
Indications: For Tennessee, local
rains, statiomry temperature. For Ar
kansas, generally fair we.thor; station
ary tempcratn'e. '
For lli0ippi, Louisiana, v4rtonai
mnd Texas: Generally fair weather; tta
tionary temperature; tvi'ndt generally
For Kentucky ndl Tcnneuee: Local
rain; rariable wind; Hationarji tempera
ture, i ' ,
tMralatteal Rprt.
Mwrati.!Ttx., July 8, 18M.
7:00 a-m. 30 0D0 T2.0 N.W. Oleir.
11:00 a.m. ; J14 4.0 N.W. Clear.
8.-00 p.m. .10 074 fH-IO W. Clear.
? :00 p.m.. W.04H '8r.0 N.W. Clear.
10:00 p.m. 3i).008 . 78 0 N.W. Clear.
Maximum teruparature, 88.
Minimum fomrarature, 70.
Osone, II o'clodk a.m., 2.
BaJnfail, 0.00.
la Uif Vottoa Hctfloa.
BiflMAL Baavica, V. B. Asmt, 1
a Jul 3. 18866 p.m. I
Dtriaion Of telegrams and reports for
tha banant of oommeroe and agrical'
tare. Cotton nvton bulletin forth
wenty-fonr boars ending July 3d, at 0
o'clock p.m
Memphis 88 70 .00
Baehvllle 86 M .32
Grand Junction... 86 OR .00
Oorinkh 90 64 .f 0
Tnaenmbia 87 85 .09
Decatur ... 81) 59 ..00
Bcottsboro., 80 60 .20
iiateeville .......... 87 67 .00
Grenada a ail tW 63 .vtO
KernaadoM 88 64 .00
Arlington 89 61 .00
Brownsville......... 87 66 .00
Milan 89 64 .00
Paris... 90 f5 .00
OoTington..nnMM. 89 85 .00
Djersbarf .m 88 65 .00
Bolivar-..-.... 89 64 M
Holly Springs 87 60 .00
Oxfotd ............... 1)0 60 .00
Puma........ 1675 1214 .61
Means 88 64 0.03
Wilmington M 6!) .01
Oharlempn 89 70 .01
Angita 86 69 .00
Bavannah... ......... M 72 .03
Atlanta. 84 64 .2
Montgomary 60 64 .30
Mobila 91 64 .06
Kw Orleans....... 02 64 .00
flalvretoa...... 03 64 .00
"Vickabnrg 91 64 .
Little Bock ..M..... W) 63 .00
Memphis 88 64 .03
8nms lOtw; 701 .72
Mean 8H 60 M
. The toboggan starts at 2 o'clock
The tooiitan drew another big
crov, d lat even n. It will rloubtleea
move tlie tu.umcr animement o(
The Ry. T. P. Crawford, D.D
who l:ai beenfoity veaia a m)S;ioiiarv
in Chini, wil ei oa!t at the Central
Baptist Church t might at 8 o'clock.
Monday, July 6 h, will be ob
served as a ho iuay, In tonsiauence
nf which the nwtoflke will close at
10 o'clock a.m., carrirra making but
one delivery and coliei tion.
The follon lug n imed per.-ons wore
irran't morrlcgo lioei.ses yete:day:
Lob Wfcnch and Mrs. I'att e Jum a,
David Tvai and Mrs. Aimiw llatciiett,
O. N. Ilu'cher and Mis T. ltowens.
All colortd.
The srrangements for the grand
excursion to come off abcut tlie I6th
of Aujiunt. via Mn.i)i.his and l.ilt'e
Jio k railroad for Arkai eas nd T.-xa ,
have Uei roipplf ted from M si"Hp',
A!flbanin,Tcr,n. BB.:e, Ken ucky, N. r b
nd B.utu Grohtii,the fure bring pi
at a vri low fate, wi'.h atODOver prlv-'
iletes Bolog and coming. Good (or
thirty days.
The (allowing is the loport l In
ppector Lane, of the Society (or the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (or
Jnne, 18X6; Sore, dirabled mules and
hores relieved, 71 i cunaren proiecieu
1 ; total, 72 : persons arrested, 37 ; per
sons (nurd guilty, 31; persons dis
charged, 6.
The choir of the Central Baptist
Church will be led this morning and
evening by Mr. J. It Iiranliam, ol
Macon, Qa., with a cornet Mr. Bran-
bam ia cornttlst ot consineraoie
note. Aa he will kcita heie he will
load tli 18 cht ir Leieafttr.
The Young Men's Christian Aseo
cintion will have their regular srrvire?
this a'tornoon at o'clock. Bervics
will le conducted by J. H. Thompson,
a'so Taesday evfltiiitK at 8 o'clock, ihe
young men wi'l liave tht-if gocp?l
mto ing conducted by B. A. Jordan.
Mansford's will bo optn tnlay un
til 1 o'clock, and be his a fu l hue of
mapaziucs for July; al'o th midsum
mer London AVw antl Graphic, two
new works, in cheap form; tflie Ogil-t-ie,
by M rs. Oliphant, and a Faire Dam
uli, by Ktewart. News from north,
south, east and west. Mansford's is
the place to gtt your reading materinl.
The Typographical Union picnic
lo be given at li tival Park m xt Too)
day promises to bs one ol the m int en
joyable events of the set son. Arnold's
full band will be in attendance, and
handeoma prizs for good waltzing
and marksmanship will be contested
fnr. As the tveos are famous t)r the
beauty o! the laille that grnco their
picnics, there, wll doubtless bo a great
p rowd in attendance.
The orphans cl Memphis have
rer'alnly ciuee to bo grateful to Emilo
O. LtUarhe, a ss'itint sscretary of the
Cotton Exchange. It was his active
miDd that conceived the idea of a
game of bsse ball f jr their benefit, and
his generous heart that inspired the
co-operation of others In the goid
cause, lie attended to all the detail,
bepgsd the necessary materials from
all available tources, and worked so
(alihfully that no expenses wrre in
enrred. The net proceeds fit else
where published are f 150. All honor
t i Laliache.
The County Couit will meet ti
morrjw. The most important mnlt r
that will engajje its attention will b
the to'.rctiou of a bridge eu oriulen
dent. Too probabilities are that an
nglneor will be selected (orihe pltce.
This is tendered advisable by tl e fact
that the county is going largely into
the bnrintss of building lion bridge,!,
and while Mr. Cole, thspresont super
intendent, has given goneral satlaiac
t'on In anperintending the constrnc
tiono( wooden, It is thought that an
experienced engineer will bo more
suitable to protect the county's in
trreeta In the construction of Iron
Bole Agents for Horace B. Kelly
Co.'a Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full aosortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled br us: Oayoso Hotel stand.
Peabody Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Fresh shipments received
woekly. i. samkkom a co.
Before Stock Taking At
G O Ii 1) S M I T II ' S
All Goods larked Dowi.
40 pes wool Nun's Veiling, re
duced from 20c to 8Jo a yard ; 200
pes Bunting, redurxl from 20c to
8)0 a yard ; 100 pet Figured Cheese
Cioth at 3 jo a yard; 100 la'e size
Crochet Hpreads at 85c; 75 extra
large Ctoohet rtprecda at $1 15,
worth fl 75; 150 Honeycomb
Spreads, fringed, at 60c; 86 pes
French Dress Percale at 6c a yard ;
All onr S tteens reduced from 25o to
15o a yard ; 200 pea Twilled Crash
Toweling at 6c a yard ;100 pes Linen
Checked Towolllug at 7 Je a yard ; 60
Linen lp Robes, reduced to 25o a
piece ; 100 Gross Pearl Dress But
tons at 5c a dozen.
Just Keeolrod I
150 doi Coretfl, at 25c a pair; 50
il l Cora Cone's, worth 85c, for
60c; the Bridal French Woven Cor
set at 1 00.
All goods greatly reduced bo
fore oar semi-annual stock-taking.
Foa catarrh or bd blood get Kit's
Herb Pad and JS'ood Medicine.
Althonuh we have sold an i ru
men a quantity of g ods in the
pest few week, we have still a
1 rge as-ortment of summer goods
on hand, wh ch we wil' rti'l contin
ue to sell at r ea'ly reduced p-lce.
We would advlee a i h?cn-
templa'e leavirg the o ty durii g
the heated trm lo ley In a supply
nf shoes to do them until tuvlr
It Will Save Tad Maaey t
It Will Rave Yea Timet '
I Will Have Taa Trouble t
MiTln a'l your travel, North or
South, you will not lmu a better
shoes:ore, a Uigar stock, norgoods
hi tr adeptod to your WMnta. And
last, bnt nt leant, yon will not dud
auyihing at lower pncae.
COO Hall Street.
You ran her rothit g elsa bnt K t's
Pad and what wonderul cur -s ihey
ar making, in (ant it m ems a if every
man, womaa and cliild ha one.
BIouoirrniH KNiivlea llfnllord
Mm. liuiivulK'rs;.
Awnints, ienlg, c-1, ni' Ureses and,
ta jiaul its inade at 231 8 cond tt eet.
UaberllBg Hteuclla, S10 Keeoatl at.
Realizing the tact that during the
warm tummer montba the duties cf
oar employes are more telling on
them than at other times, we have
determined to put a new schedule
in operation, beginning from this
Our wholesale and retail es
tablishments will be cloeed on Bat
nrdajs at 1 p.m., and on remaining
days promptly at 6 p.m.
We make tnis announcement in
order that our patrons may know
howti time their vis Ih, Thestoret
Will be closed piompty at the hours
specified above.
We commence tomorrow a
thorr ui;h clearing rale of all Ladies'
mitp, Wrp, Jtrseysand Parjeile,
also alii Misses and Ol il.lren's
Bpring Suits, Kummtr o lk fcuiti,
MullLii".etuit, India Linen end
Embroidery and Gingham Suit.
We Cl'J ncv vl. '11 il uuueifLuuu
that we aie golrg to discontinue
this department, tut the object of
this c'.earingta'e is to avoid the ne
caesity of carrying over atrc't until
next seaeon. G.iods depreclete tn
valuefomhandling.cliarigecf style,
e'e, snd it is not iesouable to sap
pose ttutt a ctrisi or garment is
worth ts muca tnuay aa it wai a
month pest, and il canled over
until nextieason the drpreeiatiin
in value would not ha lets than 60
per cent. Then fore, rertiztng tnis
fact, we have made a sweeping re
duction on all garments fully 60 per
rent. Th's ia no innovaiiou, but a
ytarly cuetam with us.
We further wish to impress onr
patrons that this ea'e i not con
fined to a dav or week, bnt will be
continue! until the entire stock is
iliHDnRKd of.
LaJiea' Colore! Ceahme.-e Dresses,
HO 75.
Lsdics' Colored Caahmeie Diesses,
trimmed. 19 75.
Lnllt s Tricot Tailor Male Dresses,
ill 75.
Ldio' Albatross Cloth Dresses,
$12 75.
Ladies' Tailor Made Coetumos, In
nnrted Tricot. S17 00.
Ladies B'ank Bilk DreuBS $18 00,
wer 115 00.
Ladies' Black Silk Dresses f 22 00,
were I to 00.
La lies' B ack Silk Dresses $23 00,
were $50 00.
Ladies Black Silk Dreeses 3G 00,
were J 65 00.
Ladles' White India Linen Dresses
J3 10. were f8 00. $3 85, were
18 00. S 25. wore f 10 00. $8 75,
were $17 80. $9 75, Mourning, were
20 00. $11 00, KHzshetQ, trimmed,
were 122 50. f 12 10. Were TM W.
All Calico. Percale and Sa een
Mother Hubbard Wrappers $1 00,
Misses' and Children's Dresses.
50 White India Linen Dresssr,
12. 14. 1(1 vards. $1 01 100 Wlrto
India Linen Dresee, o'abi-raelv
trimmed with embrotd try, 1, 14,
16 years, $2 25. 100 Ubl en's
Glnnham Dresses. 2 to 10 nars,
$1 65. 160 Misses' Gin ham
Diotee. 12, 14, 18 years, $2 2 . A
few Bummer Billt Jjrcmes, lice
trimmed. 4. 6 8 years. $5 00. Boy
Ti: ir : l e . Ani, K nn
Boys' Liaen B'ousos and Kilt, 2
to 5 yean, $1 55.
Ladies' Fine Cashmere Jerreys
$1 85, were $3 00. Ladies' Fine
Uishmere wool jeweys, Diatuei
vests, f 1 35. were $3 50. Ladies 20
inch XX Ferge Sun Umbrellas,
fine Sterling Si vor Handles, $3 85
Ladiea' 26 inch XX Serge Sun Um
brellas, Gold Knobs, warranted 14
karat fine, 4 75.
Trunks, Traveller Bags Yallses
At very low pneef.
Final Great Redaction Sale in
Comments unnecessary preemi
nent values and extreme low
pikes speak for them
Pongee robes (containing 20yrrts
01 material) at $7 90, $8 00. 0 90.
$12 00. These prices hardly
pay for importation.
13 pieces extra fine grade 26-lnch
India Foulard Silk, at 753 yard
all litrht shades.
Only a fe dress lengths left ot the
big lot ot extra flue grade black
drees silks (18 aud 20 yards
rai'M at nrlrna that would ius-
tliv vou to purchase, even it
not needed for present use.
07 Je. 35 niece", very fine Quality
imported satin tueot'nes. lull 22
I 1 : . ..l ni.ia
incuvs wiuo, vwniiiDu Dmo
rior finish and all mire eilk. em-
braoiDg all tha leading staple
and fancy shndrs of the stason.
f 17 50 dress patterna, L".i comtjina-
tion drees leni;th, cf giur.,
Porir?e or Corah silks, nana
somoly embroidered in the very
ne went deal gns and colors. Thes
are th beat fubilcs ever pro
due'd for summer wear.
Wash Dreis Goods Department.
Just H ceivtd One case oi,Deau!i
ful fliriired linen lawns, new sty-
1 sh pn Wns, worth regularly
174c a yard; but we bought
them under market value; we
thereto e g ve our patrons the
beneut ol this lucky purcnaie,
and tffer them at lOo ya d.
We etill have a few plects tf those
rich, handsome figured, real or
randie lawns, price reduced to
25o per yard.
WhiU this is a bargain month, we
do not forgot tuat many ol our
ens oners wnt every h ng 'htt
is new and stynan In trie tutst.
em markets. We a e jutt in
recalnt of a nw line ot tan and
dark ground French la'.ims and
crmtioJ teorsuczers.
Button Dpnartment.
100 gross white ball pearl buttsns,
a b'.a baiudn. on'v lie dozen.
200 g oal plain white pearl bmt.tnr,
rama as 101a last weea, at 1 tc
100 gries fancy b'aok and metal
but ons, all reduced to 10c dozen
Iloaierr Denarlment.
Great clearing ra ei of odds and
ends, the accuniulati n of the
pas: bnsy two months, c na si
Ins tf broken lines, which we
filler a irdleflB nf coot.
Lot 1. 3 naira f.ir $1 00 Several
br keu hi es lal'ea' ttnpcd and
solid col; red (Otion hose, fine
gang s, light weight-, gi nu.ne
L'mrih and Fench gious
Amoi gil tni lot will bo found
ho- worth 60. 65 and 7."c pnir.
Lot 2, 25e p.ir r?ever.il broken
lines thl'dren's Frt in h ribtwd
cot'oii hose, dark eolid crlore
and black, worth not hss than
4l) antl 5i)c all tizi s.
Lot 8, a' 2io piir Keveral broken
linee meu'e f lnio fancy ami eilk
clorked nublea' lied balbiiiigin
ha f hose, worth 35 aud oOc
Let 4. a' 25? A eniuU qn-ntify of
lailioi' extra flue gaugi nn1
be c'"ed btlhriggm h e, full
11 e la- m do, wo t'a 4"c pur,
II. 1,0 WE.TEI. afc linos
Morning We
Never seen before In Memphis.
Novelties in Millinery,
Novelties la White Good?,
Novelties In Flonncings,
Noreltles la Fine Laces,
Novelties In Ilandkerc'f
So cs tJ interest everybody In our
sale 01
We offer tomorrow the following
special drives:
At 50c the celebrated
Boy's Baseball Hat.
A splendid dollar straw hat and a
baeeball (good one; in earn oat,
all lor 60c.
At 12Jc, beautiful new crinkles,
worth lac.
At 15c, genuine French India linen,
worm 20c.
At 14c, elegant white Persian mull,
glossy as eilk, sneer as is maae,
woith 25c.
At 50c, choice of 1000 ladies' beauti
ful English. Milan hats ana Don
neta. We will trim to order
during July at reduced prices.
As before advertised, we are giing
out of ladies' and children a
Net one shall remain. We have
snrely pnt the knife in them, for
they must go. race is no longer
a question to be considered.
Fine Mall Dresses, $5 00 to 9 00.
Children's dresses $1 75, reduced
from $4 00.
500 children's calico diesses at 25o
Ladies who contemplate spending
the summer away will una
! .
All our spring Newmarkets, Rg-
l.ns and jackets marxea uowu
to a mere trifle not more than
ball cost of material.
Elejrant laced trim'mod and beaded
wraps will be ottered tomorrow
At Half Marked Price.
Wraps marked
,125 00 will
$12 50,
Wraps marked
$15 00
$10 00
$7 60.
Wraps marked
15 00.
Wraps marked
lis 00.
'$50 00 will be
5000 canvas belta 10c each, worth
20c. j
Come Early In toe Morning.
we brgin
' sle of
a clearing
Parasols, Fans
I Kilts.
and Lace
Paris novelty fans, $3 60.
Japnnrse pairtd fans, 60c.
Lai trimmed ptrauls, $3 75.
Kaiiu cochtng paravls,l 25.
Lai e covered parwo's, $5 60.
Sun umhreilB, ail sizes, $1 00 np.
A I alia Ifli fi mitts, zoo.
And 100J other bargains in thos
Jaet Received la China Dep't
The celebrated mountain freezers,
The renowned Arctic ice cm at.
The nnrivaled Polat ref.igiiator,
N. B. American flags and
a reamer, in any qnaniivy, at 011
a vnl. Yon ail know iho vtdue,
Vou can ant em uca to utcoiaw
house for a dollar.
fi Cents a Yard.
SViTCoine oatly in the morning.
JAMES C. HELL, President.
Nos. 290 and 292
Xew Loan Office.
S. A. Godehaw, 208 Main, lends
money on easy terms, and sells unre
deemed pledges at low prices.
Solid Silverware at Itlullord'a
Racli's Lon.n Office, 40 Monroe,
Has many bargains ti offer in fine
iweliyaQd other unredeemed pledgee,
le desires to call attention to a set of
resrls which originally ccsi $1500.
They are otlaied very cheap.
I am cored of the roost terrible trou
bles of muscn'nr rhcumrthro, iodlges
t'on and kidney dis.-as by B. O.
K 'lssy, the natural doc'.or of this citv.
Afttr years of sufidring, and tne fa 1
ore of eminent dectors to relieve or
cure me, Dr. Kelt ay has cared me, and
I am t'uly thankful, through the mer
cy of Gcd, to recommend him to all
eufi'aring one".
McLemore avenue, MemiihU, Tcnn.
Special Sale Monday.
17Jc, reduced from 30c.
10b, was 17 Jc.
at 27 le only.
35 and 40c a genuine ba gain.
$1 23 and $1 75-worth $1 75 and
$2 25.
at $3 25, were $0 00.
Other Clooda la Proportloa.
267 Haln Street
Oth kb bnsinecs requiring my undi
vided attention, will sail at a bargain
well fs'abllthei business that is
paying $3000 to $4000 annually. But
little means necessary to carry on the
business. Addrecs
F., Appeal Office.
For the best Schmierkaie, Lsger Beer,
Dinners and Lunches in the city.
Corner Main and Poplar.
This week, this warm wea'her, no
long proclamations.
25e,xtlong silkmitt,25c and SOc.
15c finest pure white linen lawns,
10c, 40 inch white finest lawn.UOc.
15c, 40 inch d iniaik towels, 15c.
35o arid 40c, 64 inch red table
damask, 40c.
best red oil calico, Cjc.
Mecklin, Chantilly, Baabant,
Fanders, He.ligolhnders, Brussels,
Point Applique at a song if yon
will call at once ere it is too bite,
In flouncinuB and skirtirgs from
the gret Philadelphia tale.
We have fine sales ien in this
depa'tmeat. Gentlt-men wishing
floe ilk, mohair, lu tre, alpaca,
seersucker or cniks'-reff clothing
have o.iiy to call and make ui an
offer and they get tlie goods at any
price. We bought them almost at
a s ng with "ciari."
Fine Golds A fine rair of dip
rersgiven with every $10, $12 and
tlSsuit, csiing double elsewhere.
Corner Main and Popbr.
Thousands C'itlierd on ths b'nff
acain :aat r.igiit ti witness Yellowstone
Kit s grand tntertan msnr.
Ann TRCsr i eifasi,
D. P. HADPKN, Vrealdent.
7 JAVE8 aATUAH. Caahler,
Tnt wt at the rat of 3 ter cent
per annum h"s been dec:arcd by the
Board of Trustees on an ancounia ou-
litli'd hro:o, pavable oa aemana
rt. v antl. i, iant 'Tutermt not drawn
will be credited to tne aopoaurrs
ain. nnt. anmn br a new diPfit. Ve
no itii mad-4 nn to July 5th will bear
In'ereat fri rn lr. . . ..
J H.a 111 n, vaeniex,
Miarnis, Tana., Jane 30, lHHti.
Tnt Huff being lii-uo by Yei:ow-
'niiB Kit with e efitricliv la fast be-
cf mu c then mnlar Place ti roto ior
our best people.
Great Itacw at Chlcau.
The racing at Chicaco h attracting
oannial altont.on. us the record IS
broken evry day. Tomorrow there
nn aiit nv ii;b on the card, acd the
wirm-ra wi 1 l e bard to pick. Among
oil er ha-d ihrai to boat will be.lhe
miinaml ah.ilf pvnt with Warrnton
Buchat an, Volnute, Myrtle and May
l.mlv kit in it. alao.lhe Wiwrirtenataaes,
miln and aniur.'rT. with El Orr gin
Jmi Gr y. Nlyer Cloui (the Drrhy
K-irnrV Pnr Kve aud Kaloilan
W nU ami 1 o.r htta Ol b11 the event
at the Tnrf Kz.banse. where full tt'lo
grapiiia information is furnislifd on
nil net s. L b: ral odd uUo off 'red on
hahll iai.es. and resul s received
by innings.
E. Fe
and Levee Contractors for Wagon,
James M. ClotMlbar Win. Iu Clnrk Kngene J. eJitrrlUKtoa Frank 6. Junes
3aastAlllaBlxecL 1860,1
319 Main Street,
WE offer to N F.KCH ASTTR OS1.T the lariroat and best atoek or Boot and Bboet wa.
havo ever brooeht to thii market, and which eannot be (urpasied tn quality and
itylei br any home In thii or any other oity. In addition to a eomplate line of Eaatera .
made sooda, including the i!E.a.BltT;i BOODUAR VVO. UKONM. wehanilla
a lina and aolaat utook of Cuitom-made floodi for Men. Women, Miscea and Children. We
carry a number of the beat makea in the oountry, la ever, variety nd atile, and amona
them .the well known Men'a Calf Boot and 6hnea manufactured by Geo. Hocker for our
Spring Trade. W alao oarry a ohoice line of Ladiea and Mines' Cuatom Kid, Uoat ana
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman It Co. We invite tha trade to eiamine
our Itook before buying elsewhere, and wa guarantee everything we aell to give aatiafactioa.
Z. 1. ESTES & CO.
Wholesale Grocers and Colton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Latest Style?,
Best qnallllep,
Lowest Trices.
219 MAIN.
Habcrllna; Bobber Stamps, SIO 8d si.
8. L6TJ
Is the o'd reliable trnnk manufacturer
of the Sjutb, whe-e a 1 good work can
be found at low pri es, and repairing
done without delay at No. 318 Main
street, opposite Peabody Hotel.
Baberllaa; Seals, SIO Second at.
Hotel de Corzellns,
Sltua'ed at Tollahoma, Tenn., sixty-
ine miles from Na hville on a bench
of the Cumberland mouutalns, posses
ses sup. rior advantages as a summer
resoit for persons i-i search of ha th
and recreation. The hotel is finely
locat' d immed atfly on aline with the
Nushville and Cnattnooa railroad,
with quite a no ruber of nicely finished
and furnishf d coitagf s, witu beautiful
shade tree; and wa'ks in every dlrec-
OD. The wa'er splendid, and the
fare the beet the country can afford.
Itsronvenienceletnperipr to any re
eo't in the S(ae. The climate is mild
and invigorating. Boarders in direct
and close communication with their
families arid friends, with iti tele-
gnph expicss and telephone offi
ces and laciLtits. Patrons exempt
from hack hire and trnnk handling.
For further pat;cnlars would refer
you to Mr. T. ti. xuriey, uoi. Jill
liayner and col. Ham late, oi Mem
phis, Tenn., and others acquainted.
Haberllaas; Cbeek. 810 Second at.
Should stop at the Peabody, (he most
convenient aad best mantgsd hotel id
the Suuth.
Haberllnat Stencils, 810 Second si,
I. O. I. Excursion to Topeka.
Leaving Memphis 5:25 p.m., 8nn-
dav.Ju!v4 h.v:C..O. & 8. W. R. B,
ai d 8t Louis, Mo., arriving Topet a
Moidiy Bkl.t Tickets $10, goad
twer.ty da s. Tickets on sale now
under Peb ;dy Hotel aud depot foot
of Poplar street.
X. jn, vuairiuu
Habcrllas; Blabber btasans.SlO Sd St
Arrived per Steaimdilp Hntchinson
Under I. T. Bund to Memphis. Tenn
88!K impoitd Diligetieas, Henry
CUy. Oprolion. Alvaa and Afri 'ana,
consigned to I. S iuipIb in & Co. Theoe
fine cigars are on rale at fcamelsnns
G iyoo and Pfiboty Ho'el etands, as
we es at tn- tJU'ar raiace ui tue
Kouth, No 310 Mtin stet.
Faruiliire and CarpeU
Sold on Weekly and Monthly Pay
ments at
Waicou Work.
TV, a r!nrniniham shoD. corner of
Monroe and Desot, is the place where
wngonuorkind neinthe best Btyle
anu at tow (mure.
eet Kutlolaset ainaaralntdo
Jur yiasabl-s- p
Suuinier Report.
T.l. aritius'onimoJaiion'r for $10 and
112 per we k at the m at cna'mmg
,! Anliohtful snnimer lesort in Wis
cousin. A beautiful lake and elegant
mineral FD.inu are a'traaions. rrme
for circular and le'e". .
TON Al WAtUA brtUKU nviu,
Madison, W is
Mnlford. Jeweler, 894 Main.
Holts orders from the country.
Owing ta char ge of gauge we are now
nrntiarnd to contract for present or
future delivery of A'abama splint coal
at reduced rates.
r. m. r n I IfcROVfl m MM.
Order MIil itltortl Made Medals."
lsascA A Co. ant;quarian biok
Co. a ant'quarian
store and ei cu'atu a ;n,arv has re
moved ir m No. 316 becond to No. 419
Main s eet.
Fine TVaUb repairing at Mulford's.
MEYER, Sec'y and rent.
Scraper and Cart Harness. St
Memphis, Tenn.
yr. b. doan.
He Played Baseball
Ills Home Ran Hit Captured
the Heart of an Heiress.
It iu a oloae and exolting came. Eight
inning! had been plarei, and tha isora ftood
tie. Memphli had retired iti opponent ia
the ninth inning without looring. Uemphis
was at the bat. Two men were oat. Two
itrlkei had been called upon tba man at tha
bat. Tho next ball pitched came itralght
toward him. Then it took a inddea curve.
He iwung hit bat. Would he miss it? Tha
exoitement waa painful. There waa a quick,
ahortatroke. Ah I he haa hit the ball. Away
high in tha air it aaila. See, tha center -Solder
la i basing It. Tha apeetatora hold
their breath. Suddenly there ia one tumul
taoua ibont. The ball haa gone far over tba
head of ihe Holder, who ia chasing It.
Around tha basea ipeoda the batter. He
touches tho home plate and tha viotory U -won.
Bouquet aro ahowored upon him.
Ho looka up ju t in time to aeo a lovely girl '
take a bunch of roiea and throw them at his
feet. A' he graoefully plcka them np their
ayea meet. A bumble baie ball player hag
captured a rlco. heiresi.
" Go," aha aays to him two weeka later, -
'go to tho Miifit Clothing Parlora, 262 Sec
ond atreet. and order your wedding inlt. '
She waa rich in common aenas aa well ai
If yon want tho boat of clothing for tha
leaat money, onme to tho Miifit Clothing
Parlora, 262 Seoond atreet, opposite Court
Extra Attractions for Summer
Great Bed actions la Salts,
Great Hcdnetlans 1st Panis.
The beat elothing in tha world for really
leia than othera aak for poor ready-made gar
menu. Thia la why It pays to buy at tha
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite Court Square Hemnbla.
ur-Frr SO Java the entire atock of Fins
Custom Clothing will be sold at a tremendous
aacriftoe. .
as-All alterations to Inaurt a perfect fit,
done free of chTge.
Deviled Crabs, Hkrlmip,
Salmon, Freeh Can Mackerel,
Sardines, Labsters,
Brook Trout, Oysters.
Mackerel In Tomato Catsnp,
Sweet btolTed Pickles,
Sonr Pickles by tbeaal. and In Jars,
Pickled Onlone, Hot Bellsb,
Wooster Sauce, tomato Catsup,
Capers, Mustard, Carry Powder,
Salad DresalUK, Olives, Olive OH,
Cream t'beeae, Celery Sauce,
Celery Salt, a.te , Etc.
Building & Loan Association
lat Series matured In 130 months,
aa Merles matured In lie months.
Profit In ll Series, 7t per share.
ProUl la ad eri, $n per share.
Theie two Series pnld esT In fnil.
NewSerlesepened. Hoaeytolean.
rr farther tnf .rmntleu, call an -
Secrelnry, 9ttH Main street.
Jf. W. hPKEtiS, Jr , President.
T. H. RirK, Wecretary.
-V N the 1st da of May, 1886, tha Urm of
J UhKKR A ADAMrt. Attorneys, was dU-
solrsd by mutual consent.
Attorneys at i.aw,
Ha. 10 MadleonSt., Memphis, Tenn.
Praotlce in the 8t te and Federal Uouru ot
Tennessee. Arlr.nssa and Mis issippi.
Miss. & Tcnn. K.U. tos ifonas.
CIOI'PONS of the Missislppl and Tennei-
see TKailroad ton.panT'a Bonds, aeries
B " due 1st July. lnW, will be paid at tha
ofiioe ol K. 11. Harriii an X W., o. u nan
Orrrca or "1
Mimphip Citt Fina aud lianrtaiL Iw. Co.,
Ofliee. I Ma.ii-. a Street, )
Mkuphis. TKNS..July ., 18H6.
AT a sieetinn bl the Board ol Direejnri,
held this Any, a Ca.h UivuUnd of le
Ier tent, on Ihe epiil etnok ol tlie com
sanrwai deolared, pur ble on demand.
By order of the It. ard ot D re--tors.
' NAl OLtON HILL, Pr.iident.
A'test: Uknrt JLtnm Cashier.
Crab Orchard Springe
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The exfellei I
ol thecui ine. and a.-nmai"lations h
a'teristi.'of tbi holel du'ina the pt three
years, shall be lu ly maintained this n-atop.
Kxi-arsiun tioKet o ihe rir nas by lb b.
and N. Ki!evere rood via Munvil e, botn
guik aod retnrain., to iti.o ed on first train
seoceed n arr ai in Loui-ville.
W. X. WHAM, lWt. i. C. KINQ.Sup't.

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