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fcLMUT, t t JULY 4, 1886.
Again comes round the anniversary
that racalls one of tho mc6t faorcd
eras of our national life. Every
patriotic Amercan heart will retail
with vene:ntbn and prido the events
thin day bring ta mind. When was
comp'e'.ed the consummation of the
libert'ei of a young nation entering
upon lis magnillcnit career without a
"King, the revolutionary fatbert cast
I i8-da the glittering baubles of roy
alty and the mischievous splendor cf
monarchical court, the kingdomiand
empires of the world laughed in glee
st what thty thought was the mere
folly of misled theorists. A great
nation with a vast territory ruled
withoa' a ccurt ore monarch! It was1
a dream, a play of human eccentricity
it CQtild not eadure. Sjon disorder
and ctrelevnesi would comptl the de
luded Americans to Bend to Europe
and bfK.esh soma scioa of royalty
tt come and bring with him
the blessings that only royalty
cancor.f;r. L'tt'e thoy ihougut how
grandly Huccefsful tho Amsrkai ft
perlnw.t wou'd provotobe! L'ttle
they thought thatbefoie a centii'y
was psNs:d that experiment wai li
aflect every civil.'.ed people in the
world, a-ouse t!ie nations to a
H'lim that the people ore the
source of all ca'ionul power,
and tLat they, and not the Mugs,
couitH and noblei their money sop
perls, have the right to enroiaetue
power and direct !he policy of cations ;
the legislature giving voicu to tho will
of the people and the administration
executing il. Tho Aimricau It jptiblic
ht.B been the teacher of tho world's
statesmen, and the cnlightaner of the
world's populations. The example of
the United Stales has taught the
. -world that freedom, law, order aud
good government can all exist and
llottriah without klngor noble. As we
compare the way in which tho world
regarded the initiatory steps cf the
revolutionist Americans in the forma
tion ol a Republic .founded upon and
preservative of liberty, and look over
the counry's, sca'terod domains, its
vast couamerpe, its mighty cities, and
its high position among the nations of
the orld j standing as we see it today,
what patriotic hoart can fall to wel
come thu recurrancs of another "glo-
ousAourth?'" With gratitude to
Himwho has so greatly blotaed the
efforts made a roatury ago by Wash
ington and his devoted adherents', the
. -- -1 ti - v ... if 1 1 . u . :
and feel every patriotic impulss in tho
( bosom throb with new force as he
hoists the stars and stripes on the ad
vent of another glorious Fourth.
Taws are sometimes unwise and on
"just; but this is a question with which
an official has nothing to do. A man
elected to enforce the law takes a so
ared and solemn oath that ha will
faithfully dlechirgj his dut'e, and it
be fails to do to he is a pei inier. The
people of Shelby county are law abld
ij,i15y balieve that obedience J.0
"Taw Is the flrat luty of a good citiasuj
and they are prepa'ed to meet th.9 1a-
rTcjeu9 w)iil has been made in the Au
gust election between law and the
lawless. A candidate who boldly pro
claims from the hustings tfc( ho has
heretofore enforced the lawlo suit bis
maudlin sentimentality, and if elected
will a id be Influenced not by the law
but his own sympathies or preju
fiafs, cannot be elecled in a com
nrrffWiy which respects law and order.
. it will not.be long before Shelby couu
" ty lapses back into anarchy if men can
be elected to otlica on the itmis they
boastfully make that iu a spirit o! hu
manity they havo not enforced the
law. Christian civilization is appalled
and the lovers of law and ordur arc
horriQ.'d at the idea of elect'ng a man
to ofllei who boss's tlia', he has not
enforced (ho law. The lawless are in
the minority ia Shelby county, and in
the arproacbing electiou good ritiaeni
will combine for the enbicemont of
the law and the punlahmont of crim,
without which there cai be no good
. government. When a c immunity
fails tj enforce tho law, became euiafd
: 5 with coirupt and peijured oillo'.a'e,
trn', community is at tho mercy of
mob aud the unwritten lynch
taw tikes the pinto cf the
wctlioii law, which is a dead letter,
the project cf scotling aud mockery.
Leanthan tbrcO years ago the ollicials
and tl'i' jury in Cincinnati, O , refused
to Before the law, aduiinintured it to
suit th'-muilves and turned lo se upon
soe'ety' avoid blooled murderer. This
Biyowtftrtrod the law abiding peopie
thnt they lnirssd themselves into a
R$r..t pnb. Tho j ill wa tseu'ted, its
Pi.-iU'n n i dotra broken dom, pc-lu-eiiii-u
wc-e BUta, tin t wli cf the
ji.C tidiitrywai rppliod t tin eouri
lioa'c; time who attsaipKl to ex
t'nguU'i the flinvja weie'kil'ed; a
bui ding which co:t $1,000, OOJ was de
B'rojeJ, and th records cf the couits
connim-'d ht the tl inej ; the list-st
'aw libiary ef tho country wis totally
destroyed by tliH frenzy of the
mob. Scores of paopla were
killed and ma mnd. All thin
was inspired by a pnetic 1
example of the teicbings which
have been boldly promulgated here
in Shelby county. The people of
Cincinnati or a law abldinr, but they
lost all patience with the harpies of
the law, tbe mea who administered
it on principles of sickly sentimen
tality, an1 they cave a stupendous
and appalling evidence of their de
termination to punish the villains
who bad been acquitted by the
oflic'als elected to enforce tbe law
There can never be any safety to bo
ciety nnlesa there be such a rigid en
forcement of ;the law as will be
a terror to evil doors. The great com
plaint of the people of TenneeBse ia
the law's delay, and sorely the peo
ple of Saelby coun'y do not propose
to elect a man to office, who en
forces the law only in such
cases as he thinks it ought to
be eL forced In tbe August
elcct'on on'y four weeks from now,
the people will elect no man to office
who is not pledged t) execute all laws
enacted for the pro'.ec'ion of society.
Officials are sworn to do certain things
and they can no mote excuse and
placate little violations of tho law than
the female can excuse her fall on ac
count of the smallners of the product
There will be an increase io crime so
long as men are elected to office w'agsb
utterances assure law breakera that
they can violate the law with impun
ity. It is a mbs tike to auppoas that
o:ly the rich are protected by the en
forcement of the law. This Is1 matter
wh'ch concerns all alikt. Ia a com
munity where tho law is not enforced
it is the poor, the weak and the de
foufe'ess that suffer because, the
wea'thy ara nblo to take ore of them
solve!. Money ia power. The la i is
tho poor mail's shield, his rtfugo and
projector, and it will bs a wofut day
for tha colored ponplo when white men
can bo ehc'.ed to tllbe pledgsd to en-fo-co
only such laws us they, in their
caprice and par iulity, think ouitht to
be enforced.
Col. It. F. Loonfy Is making a vig
orous canvass for tbe Gubfrna'oiial
nomination, and he is npldly gaining
B'renglh in every part tf the Stats. If
bio friends will uaho in earnest, syj
temat'c work, his nomination on the
11th of August as the Democratic can
didtt'e for Governor will most coitainly
bo accomplished. Wherever Col. Loo
ncy goes he develops amazing
strength, and by dauntless, devotad
work on the part of his friends he will
h crowned with a triumph on the
11th of August, the like of which no
Tennesseean has ever known. Lot
every fiieni of the distingu'shod
W'et-t Tennesseean, enthused as
they ara by the concurrent nows
as to bis gaining Etrungth, go
to work with redoubled seal, and
they will secure a brilliant and un
paralluled triumph. We haveacondi
d.te whose integrity of purpose can
not be quoalljiiod, whoso private life
has been signulixid by tho highir-t
morality and exemplary conduct. Ttie
canvats has certainly opened under
the mcst favorable auspices for Col,
Lootiuy and aho under the ojwuruice
of perfect uni'y for the nominee. All
dltcrrd among Tennessee Democrats
has boen swept away. The nomina
tion of Col. Looncy will load up. to a
still stronger unity. With Robert K.
Looney as the standard bearer for
Governor the Democratic majority
will reach forty thousand.
The river and harbor bill la Con
grers has been so overloaded with job
bery, so vlctim'aod by the log rolling
that par s us fraudulent schemes into,
Uwlecause they ara bound up and
Confounded with valuablo and neces
sary improvements that (earjare et-
prossed In some quarters for the safely
of tbe whi le bill. Is it cei tain that
the Hon e and the Senate will com
promise their differences upon tho sub-
joct io as to pass the bill before Con-
grass clorcs its session T Should it be
passed what is President Cleveland to
do with it? He will seo ia the bill
heavy appropriations made for no ad
equate purpose, a disposal of the peo
ple's money for the benefit of cunning
and unscrupulous rogues that use
power only for dishonest ends for tbe
benefit of agents and lobbyists and
tricky schemerj. Ia the bill will also
be appropiiutloni for objects of na
tional value promotive of commerce
and tbe prosperity of the country. Is
he to sign the bill for tho good
there Is in it, cr t) veto it
bocausa of the shameful abuses
it aids and s motions? The problem
is a hard one for an honest man like
our present President to tolve. The
New York Bulletin well observes upon
this point: " It is about time that the
Chief Magistrate should have the
tame privilego that is reserved for
the Governors of some of the States
to approve such it iins in bills of this
kind as his conscience and judgment
approves. We ara at a loss to con
ceive what possible motivo any hon
est man can have, in Congrrss or oat
of it, in resisting an amendment to
tho existing statutes to that e fleet."
Mr. Hone 1. Tbion' KftXSvllt,
The Koene Dramatic Cln)L' coin
post d of a number of well known
young ladles and gentlemen, will give
a complimentary benefit ti Mrs ltoee
P. J hompsor, nt Eitival Park, Friday
eveuiiu. July titli, on which occasion
ihpy will preeot JuVjr't i)iimion, the
enlt r!iiimnt to conclude with a hop.
Too affair pro miles to be one of the
mat enjoyable of the season. Tbe
following; ia tho cast:
Jeremy Crnw, KuTtiipr Henry Sullivan
AtUluy Morton, K-., ol tin Mull
William ISowen, jr
Jiuiei l'iJKCMO, a V ill rnt lrn ntxr
, KJln Morrlion
ltoland PiJiigun, llii Urutber
. Andy Mnrrlnon
Evlnn, n Exeiar Litwyor... Hurry liolltngir
Daughter, of Crow.
Miaioa Clura llublen and Jennie Fop
,, ., pieno.
Mri. Netwell.of tbe Urtie, a Youne
H 'ilow Mim Nary lUlney
No session ol tho New York Stock
Exchange tomorrow. Holiday 4th of
Vinitom on 'Change yesterday: C.
If. Matthews of Tabernacle, C. II.
Trimble, the Hon. J. Lowenberg and
A. liier of Natchea, Mrs. J. M. Kster-
r'irTn fti Kan Vhp'km irnAmniniail
by Miss In: a Estrldillo and Mias Be.
mo niiKeraon; J. vy. mmoerr, H. x..
Handle. A. H. Foster and R. 8. Dixon
of Na'chw, Jamea E. Worthlngton of
Cedar Hill, Tun.
Iloth Tartles Disappointed With tho,
Ilesnlbjof tbe Elections
Tbna Far,
London, Ju'y 3. Both political
parties are disappointed at the presant
ret u Its of the elections. The Tor es,
to use tbe expression of L rd Ran
dolph Churchill, were "cocksure" of
making greater headway than they
have achieved. Tbe Liberals profnts
to be gaining ia spirit, Tbey point
oat that, although tbe Tories have
made a net gain of two, yet tbe
Gltds'oncites have won Carlisle
and Lstth against ths Unionists,
wh'ch practically makes the bait e,
so far, a draw. M. Edward Ileneage,
one of tbe moat prominent Lib?ra's
wbo (ecoded fjpra lit, Gladstone's
mpporl and res'gned t'ne Ministerial
rffice cf Chancellor of the Duchy ol
Lancaster on April 8th, upon the oc
casion of the introduction of the
home role bill, was re-elected to jay
from Giimaby, Lirolosbire, as a
Unionist His majority wai 300,
aga'nst 814 St the last election.
a DrsArporaTMENT.
The Pall MM Oazelti, point;ng (o
the result tf the eke inns s-i far as
i hey have gone, says: Iheliish vote
in Eng'asd has fi'led to wirk the
wonder prom'Bsd for it by 'f . P. O'Con
nor. Do declared the Iriili vota would
he the decisive fa tor in seventeen o(
tho Enginh constituencies. Y'eetar
doy'a pulling, boever, thow in the
net re:: u I', that tho Irish turned the
clo in but two places in favor of the
l.ibeia'a, leaving the others unaltsred.
In the D pt'ord (Kent and Surrey
eouutios) D strict, wheie Lalmokun
(Itioss, tuo Paraee merchant, iaa as a
(ilu'tstouiin egiinst AVilliam Joh-i
Eveljn, t'onsoivnt've, tbe latter won
by a majority of OL'7. In the lait tl c
lion ttie eeme candidates contested tbe
tlnir.ct and Mr. Evelyn's majoiiiy was
then but 3(17. In the former election,
howevor, the Toiicj polled 3927 votes,
while the Liberal vo'e fill awiy still
more, being this time but 3J05. i r 605
luFBlhm it was in thn lst election,
when it amounted to 35(10. Doptford
was looked forward to by both uaiti s
as the beat test cose in the election of
this week, but bb. with enormously
IrcieuHed intert'st in the grave i-Hiios
at etako, the total vote fell away 740,
tbe general conclusion is that Dept-
ioni proved nothing, unless that
w die a number of Liberals la the die-
tiiol opposed borne rule ia Ireland in
thesnape offered by Mr. Ciladstone,
thoy by no means favor ihe policy ol
coercion propesed by Loid Salisbury
and simply ref.cinod from voting,
the same ns a number ot
Tories did, who are wearv cf
coercion, but n'K in favor of Ir sh in
dependence. At 4 :30 o'clock this
a'tornnon 123 Tories, 23 Unionist', 43 !
Llbeiu'sand 17 Parnellitea had been
elected. The Hon. It. Wynn. Con-
eorvative, hag been elected over Mr.
l-leining, Gladstonun, in Pontsfract
VVeatruiingenl Yorkshire bv a ma-
joiity of 209, an increase in the Tory
niBjoray in me ia i ciociioa ol 173. In
the present election the total vet's in
the district foil away 83 from (he to'al
vole polled at the last election, hot
the Tory voters increased 45, while
the Liberal vote declined 128. The
total number of votes recorded in the
first day's polling was: Gladstonlan.
235,003: Conservative, 227,503; Union-
iBt, 3lpK.ii; nations Itsr, 2911.
Mr. JCifron, (Gladetinite) who wai
defea'ed by Gerald William Balfour in
Centrul Leeds by a majority ot thir
teen, is difleatleflad with the count and
demands a rciutlny of the pool. Mr.
Balfour carried the district at the last
election by a majoiity of 314.
has sent tho fol'owing d apatch to Sir
Charles Knssell, Attorney General,
who is thgGladstonian Pndament can
didate for South Hackney : "I greatly
regret that my strength wi'l not per
mit me to help you in advocating ia
the me'ropolis the g'-tat cause I am
watching with tbeutnioBt interest, tbe
London elections. I trust that Hack
ney will rtturn you and your true
collengue and support Ireland's appeal
to the generoua sympathy and Dense
of justice of Eogliuhruon.
addr.s ed an outdoor meeting at
Hackney tonight ia support of Hir
Ch iiss Rusi ell's candidature. Fully
10,000 peisons were present. In the
course of his remark! Mr. Parnall
stld Lord SiPsbury and Lord ltan
dolph Chuichill etaked their last
ctiAEoo in Novombar las,t. It is now
Raid that tbo Iriili question is not ripe
for settlement. Never wai there a
mere diagrareful inatancs of political
turpitude and trea ht ry. Mr. Glad
stone had been called a traitor, but
Lord Salisbury was surely a greater
trait ir when bo was prepared to do
what Mr. Gladatoue has doo, not bo
cause he (Sallsbii'y) was anxious to
send a mesrage of peace to Ireland
but for the ignoble purpose of catch
ing the Irish vote." Continuing, Mr.
Paruell laid that Mr. Bright's scheme
was grand and masterly. Mr. But ',
bad made a simi'ar proposition, and
when Mr. Parnoll akid him why be
made it, Mr. Butt replied thnt ho did
so with a view of bringing about a
final settlement, becaue every bill
passed by tbe grand committee and
killed iu the Home of Commons or
tbe bonse cf Lords, would be a stand
ing argument ia favor of home rule.
A further indication that Scntlacd is
sttongly GladstoDtan is furnixhed in
the returns from yesterday's election
at Dandee, where Mr. Kobinaon and
Mr. Lsc'ti, Giadstonlans, received,
respectively, 8230 and 8210 votes,
againet 3545 and 3340 for Mr. Nixon
aud Mr. Italy, Liberal Unionists. The
electiou in Dundee was the only one
held in Scodand yesterday. In Bos
ton the Coneeivattvea had a majority
of 50. Stafford gave a Ccnservat've
majorit of 87. In Burnley P. Hy
lande, Unionist, received 4l'09 votes,
and Greenwood, Gladatonian, 4 Kid
In Derby Mr. Hoe, G'adstonian, polled
(57l vot?B, Sir Wm. Vernon Hareourr,
Gtadatenian, 0131, and Mr. Evans,
.Libiral Unionist, 4440. In the Bnr
dilsy division of Birmingham Mr.
Jesae Collin, Unionist, pded 44S3
votes, and Mr. Tait, Gla dsionlan, 1044.
A Kevin ! She Klrrllona From
Amiirlcaw Mlwndpolmf .
Boston, Mam., July S. Edward A.
Perry, of the Herald, cables from Lon
don this evening as follows: "Ihe
election at Bath yeslerday, where two
Unionist', one Liberal aud the other
a Conservative were elected, ia a stri
king example of tbe loyalty with
which the Conservatives are canyieg
out their pledges of support to the
dissident Liberals. At ttie last elec
tion, which bad sent the Liberals to
Parliament with rousing majorities,
turned half way round and elected
Mr. Blaine a Conservative, and Mr.
Weedhouse a Liberal, rejecting their
Hspe ctlve tk'k't partners, Col. Lawrie
and Sir Arthur Hayt, Mr. Woodhone
took an active pait ia the Iiartinutoa
riaing agiicst home rule, and the Con
servative leadera felt bjund to leave
him a clear coarse for re-elect'on.
Unfortuo&tely they hsd promised Col.
Lawrie that he should have another
Clih C3 to mi. Ileie was a position
to try their gcod faith, Two aspirants
of their jar:y with strong da ms t tbe
double taacid'cy one (us fie ol
member, Ihe other as promise
and every ne)ibo)d that to'h
could he elected, for the
Irish vo'e in Ba h is incocai'Ie able
and the Lib ral party was bidly shat
tered, but tbe Tory macagors put tbe
temp'a ioa aside, and Mr. Blaine,
waiving his po'srssor right?, retired to
make room for Col. Ltwrie that pre
venting tbe junior Tory aspirant, from
jostling a Lioerat Unionist oat of his
seat, (o that will bs represented in the
new Parliament by iw. Woodboose,
as a follower of Lord Hartingtoo, and
by Col. Lawrie, of the Conservative
side. At Birkenhead Sir Edward
Hawlty, a bitter citio oi Jdx. Q'd
sVone's Afghan policy, in elected in
thet'mn of a transferred Iiish vote
Over 10,020 itrong. The Irish yoie
indeed lias eadly disappointed tbe
Prime MiniMter. There aie no com
plaints on that ec ra, but unfortu
nately, except in a few c use, it his
been ovei borne by a wavsot Lib rl
conversion and ucs'ention. Thus at
Eoltcn, whera the Na'iora'ists
c'sim 8C00 e'eclois, two Con
airta'ivB, Col. Bridgrniao and Mr.
Khephard Cross werj ehctod. At B is
tnl, iu addition tfl ro-elo -ting Sir
Michael Hirkc-Bcach in the West
Division, ihe Tories won th? South
D vision from tho Gladatonit-s Col.
Hili, wbo hid been e'efcatfld lost ytar
by a mujor.ty of ninity-six, now re
turns tbe co'nplimi nt with a innj rity
rif lO.'4. Hut the Krea'et eui-prite of
this character tarn in Salford, wbvre,
in tbo fica of an Dish vote running
of 911, cow letiirniuit tbo ccnio iocent;
with a ninjoiity cf 1024. Thnt tbe
greatest rurprite of this coaa3ter
camo in Tolf jrd, where, in the face of
on Iiiah vote running up to 2000, tbe
Contetvtives, as I reported yester
day, made a tlenn sweep, re-electicg
treir old mimber and ouititg two
GladstonUns in the other divisions.
But thi Lisa vot9 made its ma k in
some placfB. In more than one piece
the sun phono oa tbe Ministerial side
of ihe he.iue through gars by Nat on
a'ist accessions. In Southwest
Manchstter, it wai Irih support that
elected Jacob Bright, a younger
brother of John Bright, and cneof
the few Llbe!al3, who, from the liret,
advocated home rule tor Ireland. Mr.
Brigbt went to ths froLt with a ma
jority of 111 in the very constituency
whit h ssvan roontis ago left him ia
a minority of 507. In North Man
chester, Mr. Tohwann, another Glad
Bt unite, bal to thank the Itish
vote f Jt a B'ill more s'riking reversal
by a majority cf 875, but noivfce has
won the ssot by a mpjoiity of 90
Fust Loads iienolher constlusnty
wbeio the Gladtoaifes have a marked
improvement to boait of. Iu Novem
ber Mr. Lawrence Gane los". the sett
by 300 votes; now he carries it for the
Ministry with a rou ing majority cf
1110, and it must be remember d tbat
in a good many ocn'titnonci!g the
Irish vote has enabled the Ministerial
cam'iduts to ho d his ground when
but for this aid he would have loet the
BIORBOW. A Uraud DUplajr er Flreworka Ar
ranacod for tbe Oeeaaloa.
A ere it programme has been ar
ranged by tho managers of the tobog
gan for tomorrow, and amp'e accom
modations provided for the immense
crowds which will attend. The fo-tivi-tis
will be iueugurated at 2 o'clock
wiihaift'u'e from tbe big cannon,
which will be followed by a grand dis
play cf fireworks. Tho price of admis
sion has been fixed at 25 cents for
grown persona and 10 cents for chil
dren. Ecb adinittion ticket also en
titles the holder to two tides on tbeto
brvggan, after which the tegular prices
will be charged 5 centB for giown
reople and 24 cents ti r children. The
blowing is the list of flreworka :
A Pnmhi or Saluting Rockad, 1 pound.
12 (i olden bhower i'andlea, 4 balls,
lit Ktual Hnanaled Candles, tf ball.
12 Colored Human Candlei, extra targe, 8
12 Colored Koman Candles, extra Urge, 10
12 Tri-Colorcd I'nion Candles, extra heavy,
8 balls.
12 Colored Pky Bockots, S pound,
it Colored Sky Km'kels, 1 pound.
2 Colored Sky Korkets,2 uounds.
2 Parachute ltockets with Floating Stars, 2
12 Flower Pots with Iland'es. 6 inch.
2 Colored Triangle Wheels, pound.
1 Colored Vortical Wheel, 111 inch.
1 Colored Vertical Wheel. 14 Inoh.
2 Double Triangle Wheels, extra heavy.
3 Minus ol Colored Htars, No. 4.
1 Mine of Colored Stars, No 6.
3 llenenl Lights, assorted colors, X pound.
i I kXi.11 Floral Fountains, large.
1 floral llombiholl, small.
1 Floral Hombfhell, large.
1 Exhibition liattery of Colored Stars,
2 Cans Illuminating Frre, 'H-i."
2 Cans llluuiioating Fire, "Uresn,"
2 Cans Illuminating Fire, "(lold.
2 Cn IllomtDaling Fire, "Blue."
1 Exhibition Piece, "illuminated Bat-
1 FxWWtion Piece, "Diamond Star."
1 Kxhibilion Kieo, "l ninese ran.'
(or fluittituto).
24 Sticks Chinese Punk.
Weattru Union.
List of undelivered telegrams re
maining at the Western TJnion Telegraph
Olfloe, Now Cotton Exchange Building, cor
ner Madison and Second streets. Otlioe
hours from a to 10:30 o'clock a.m., and from
6 to a p.m. :
Cole Mfg Co, Y Vnnderberg,
J C Collins, T 8 Varant,
J l Andes. ia. IIPThicly.
A K Mcl'heron, llartmiis A Co,
J S 1( Co. Harry Walker,
W D Beard, C W Goyor A Co,
I Siunclson k Co, FJAig.
F H Chldcster, J L Augustus,
F Jordan, K J Woods,
Union Planters Honk, J J Taller.
Miss Alli I'owers, Cooper Si Co.
Samuel Kobinson, Mrs J U Collins,
J W Starnes.
Valnnble It Pit I Falnte to De Moltl.
R. J. ItlackA Co. will sell on Wed
nesday, July 7th, ISSti, at corner of
Alain and Madison streets, tbe Left
wieh house, 394 Second street nnd
next to Central Baptist Church. Real
estate investors can gft nothing of
more certain promise. Convenient to
all street car lines and business.
holer In r.(ypl.
Rom k, July 3. Duiing the . past
twenty-four hours tbere were 156 new
cat oi of cholera and forty six deaths
in villages around Brlndiei.
Tha Western f'hnnaanqna.
Attwa, Kas., July 3. This, the
closing day of the Western Chatau-
Sua Aaaembly, was celebrated as
rand Army day. It is estimated
that 60,006 persons were gathered at
Forest 1'ark,
1 Kxhihition 1'iece, i;na, lei oi noses.
1 Kxhibitian Pieoe, "tlallonnde."
1 Exhibition Piece. "Monitor BatUry."
1 Kxhibition l'ieoe, "July Fourth Motto"
Supreme Conrt on a Technicality
A Dcadlf Cattle Disease-Ttie
State I'rintiijg,
Isracui. to tbi trraaL.I
Little Rock, Ark , July 3 The
State fcuoreme Court todav aettkd the
case cf the people of Miisippi coun
ty va W. B. Haekir s, BherirT, by dis
misiing themit agiirst Haakins. The
Couit says the caie thould not have
rome up to tbat body on information
filed in th D s'rict Conrt of Missia
Bippl county by the ProtecatinB Attor
ney of the distiint, but tbat Hasktns
should have been regalaily indicted
by the grand jory. ew proceeding!
will donbllesi tie lit itaicd ajalnst
the erratic sheriff.
deadly Cattle disbabb.
News reached hire tonight from the
ca'tle ranges of Lonoke end Fra'rie
counties, tnia 8 a'.p, that a deadly dis
ease hB just developed am?ng the
rattle there, end stockmen are cons'd
erab'y Beared up. It is Baid the cattle
effected were all brcught to the range
from Texai aftr Ihe tnsa S'a-ted and
nonicftbe native Block ara suflerll g
trom tbe diseaa?. Q'he d'seaie ii saiu
to ba epidem'c, and s'ocktrea ere los
iDg heavi'y from ils influerjcs.
Et de Ti-t osurjr Woodruff and Pttte
Auditor i'Me?, a mpjonty of tbe toird,
opereil fin centnet for tho Hta'e
printing in the Auditor' ( flicB tt the
fetate tlcu e iolcy. Giv. lluhts,
P'csidfnt of tho toard, vai ebTit et
II x e, whre be delivoied a Fonr h
cf July o a'im (o a. l r'o ciosd o!
ptoplott.ii evenine. AU tve princi
pal oflices of tbe city ar,d Mr. liobt
W. L iih, of the Mo'rill'.on Headlight.
preonted bit's nn bcth printing ind
hindmg. Tho Gazelle Company is thn
lowest bidder on tha cla3.i of w rk
named and will dinb'Iesi be awardod
the con'racton Tu8day next. The
work will aggregate $20,000.
A Ornnd Bnrbeeae, t'lrlnir or Unas
anil Reading of Ihe Iseelara
tlon of Indepenilence.
To the Editors of the Appeal:
Youis is tbe oldess ijaner now nnh-
liohed ia Mempbia, but lor numerous
yea's bi-Lro it was start od tbe patri
otic titiz'jts f Memphis regularly
cmimemoiaKU iue 4 to ot July in a
manner creditable t j themaelvea and
turtown. Ob, thesa weie the good
old timec, wh9n people weie hcnet
and virtuoui. " I
l-ifty yeirs azo Memnbii was but a
small burg, and located pretty much
an norm oi Aiartet street. mis?ib
aippi Row (now dubbBd Front Row
for ihort), from Overton to Market
atreet, east side, contained all tie
business housae, whether ciry goods,
Krocerie?, hardware, drugs, etc. Win
chester street from Front to Market
Hquare, was the leading cross street,
bud the Enquirer cflice, City Hotel,
principal saloon, and other public
places. North Mha ts'ppi still had
many Indian tribep, whose trade was
considtrable. Our old friend J. J.
Rawlinga has frequently told all about
tbis in the Appeal,.
My oldest brother, by inheritance
had a natural tact for mechanical
work in iron, whether in forging or
on the turning lathe, although at mat
time but a large bjy. Such a thing
as a cannon of any size was unknown
in the town, hence he went to work
and made one fiom a piece tf an. old
cist iron shaft, turned it of! to proper
siza and shape and reamed out the
bore, about 1 inch, aad Borne 12
inches deep, not- f orgetiing the touch
hole. He also made a little gun car
riage and moun'ed the gun on it.
There weie four brothers tf U3, and
we were the cannoneers. All thia, I
think, it was in the spring of 1837. la
tnose days Maj -Geo. . P. Uainee,
United States Army, was a prominent
milita y pcraoaage and occasionally
visited Memphis, near which be held
some property interests. He first
projected tbe routcB ovrr which the
Memphis and Charleston railroad and
main ceancc.'ione, also the Memphis
and Little Rock lailroad, cow tun.
Gen. Gaines was always a welcome
visitor to Memphis. He canoe here in
Jane, 1837, as I find in my little diary
this entry on June 0, 1837, "Saluted
Gen. Gaines with the caunon, fifty
guns." Our merchants furnished the
powder, and we boys and the little
cannon made it belch from its nczzle.
To say that we felt our importance
would be only admitting tbe fact.
Next entry in the diary reads:
"July 4th (1837) we tirei the cannon
at the natbecue at L. Simpson's spring.
BejaTj firing betweon 4 aud 6 o'clock
In the morning. Robert Lawrence
read tbe Declaration of Ind' psndencs,
drawn July 4, 177(5; John D. Graham
read the oration; C. I). McLean read
about 100 toasts, volunteer and regu
lar: cannon fired about 150 timts."
No dcubt the Enyuirer't next ie?ue
gave quits a full account of the cele
brationa half column or more. The
entorprieiog reporter of today would
fill two or tares columa.
My diary makes quite a leap, for
tbe next recotd raads as follows:
"July 4, 1812. Whew I 4th July has
come at last; went to see the volun
teer companies march ; went to church
and beard the address ; saw the vol
unteer companies presented with flaw
tbe Memphis Blues by the ladies,
and the Kale Rid Guards by Ihe
gentlemen of our pitriotc city. Mra.
Mcintosh addressid the Bluen, and was
replied to by CapU Jeseph R. Williams;
the ladies then presented to them
their rWg; the Guards wereaddnssed
by Thomas Avery, and was replied to
by Capt. E. F. Roth; he (Avery)
ttien presented ttieir banner; they
marched all over town, then
went to tbo barbecue on Court
Square, where we ad ati and drank
plentifully. Oh, that a Fourth of Jo. y
would come once a month, but they
ate few and far between." Don't
criticise the composition, please; the
writer was but a boy of fifteen, then.
About four years after tbat ce'ebra
tion, tbe Blues and Guards (having
preserved their organizations and were
tbe pride of the ci'izens), responded
promptly to the call of tneir country
to give Mexico a few lessons in war,
and quite a number of our brave boys
left their bones bleaching on the
plains of Mexico, others were wounded
and returned home.
Today is another glorious Fourth of
July, but what havo our good-citizens
of the present, with all their wealth
and prosperity, done to commemorate
it? J. p. p.
IIavb given Tongaline a thorough
trial in seven caaee of neuralgia. Se
cured relief in from one to four hoars.
1 W, A. JUnflSTUH, M.U..
f ruMeua, Iaa.
See local tes imoniala ti tbe success
of Dr. Kelsay's treatment.
Mim Maud Scbtjalu iykr. has re
turned from Chicago a'Ur an absoacs
of ten moathB.
Tub many liiends of Joe Henocka
berc! will be glad to ) a-a tha: h'e eye
is elxodt entirely w:K
Miss Lobema Banks, a topul.r
teacher in the rity icbooia, will pud
tbe Bummer a L wkout Moantaiuacd
at Djca' ur, Ala.
Mibi Masy Jack, who received
sOhiJ high compliments at the corn
mencemC't expiries nf Mi;-s Clara
Conway's school; left Wednesday for
Mon teazle.
M ss Mamie FiZER, af.L-f Spending &
we li wl h t e family cf Pn f. Moore
at l'yfti l a, Mira , r t :rjed home yes
t rday n i was wanily greeted by her
nuan rous frinnrs.
M:b L-.u:hk Evans end JViisi Ma'y
Pteduai, two accomplished young
teM heia ' f th-s city, i rr.ved in M )nt-tngl-t(ntr:e
I t of July where tbey
vili pp.-mt te Bjujina.-.
Mrs. Cklia Watekman, wire of L.
Waternan, i-d at 12 lAbck lant
uigbt, aeu 30 year.', her fnneial w.ll
taae pace MonJay m rniuy ut 10
o'clock from her lato rosidtnc?, 398
Mitin ttreet.
Aftek a residence of over thirty
e'gbt years in Memphis, Mr. M. Dau
heieer took lis dspa ture !at night
for Ohicsgo, which will be his future
home, and we trust will soon ba re
stored to his usual good he 1th.
Tdb Evening irisconam, of the 30th
ul imo, published at Milwaukee, fays:
"Mr. and Mm. W. L. Clark and Mi:8
Magg'e Goodbar, of Memph's, Tenn.,
and Alias Laurt Murrey, ut McMinn
ville, Teun., who a e e:aying for the
summer at Waukeaba, dined at the
Piaakinton Ilouje today."
A. II D. Pehkivk is soliciting snb
fCtibra for tie Military Annals of Ten
mmee Confederate, a wjib: tbat is a
monument to tbe valor aiid cuiv.lry
of the bt do. No family in Teanesaee
who had father, son or brother who
ssi id during tbe war snould be with
out this book. It is a memento of
whi m eve y Confederate should pos
Ee;s a cop .
Messes. 1. Sameison & Co., invite
their cumerous frit n is and the public
to at'end their house warming Wed
nesday, wban tbey will formally opan
thair new cigar palac. The cs'ablish
mect is the handEamest place of the
kind sonth of tbe Ohio river, and is
well worth a visit. Messrs. Sameison
and Rcsanthall w ill be oa hand to do
the honors and make their guests feel
at heme.
Citizens of Shelby County:
OKKicy of Tea Exaoi'Ttvi Board, 1
Miupiiia, Julys, 1880.
Tha Executive Board of tha Executiva
Committee of tha Democratic party of Shel
by county do hereby oall a Convention, to
meat In the oity ot Memphis at the Exposi
tion bail ding, on Wednesday, July 21, 1886,
at 11 o'olock, for the purpose of nominatins
candidates lor the following oflices :
Judge of Chancery Court.
Judge of Circuit Court.
Judge of Prabate Court.
Judge of Criminal Court,
Attorney Qeneral.
County Trustee
County Register.
County Court Clerk.
Criminal Court Clark.
Circuit Court Clerk.
Conforming to the usage of the party, tha
Exeoutive Board dire.'t that a primary elec
tion be held in the Eighteen Civil Districts,
end in the ten Wards of the city, on the 13th
day of July, for the purpose of electing
delegates t" said Convention.
Publio oflices are open alike to all, but it
behooves a party to put forward as its repre
sentatives only its best men. To secure such
depends much upon the manner in which
the primary elections are conducted. Tbe
Executive Board thereiore urges all good
citiiens of our city and county to attend
these primaries, and use their influence in
the selection of delegates, and in so doing
will have a convention of representative
men whose action will sacuie harmony and
The primary election will he held by a sub
committee, composed ot throe from each
Ward and District, to be appointed by the
Executive Board. Ihe election will be by
ballot, and the polls wilt be opened in the
city at 6 o'clock p.m., and close at 8 o'olock
p.m. ; in the districts at 4 o'clock p.m., and
close at 7 o'clock p.m. The sub committees
appointed, the number of delegates ap
pointed to, and the places for holding the
election in the Wards and Districts are as
First Ward Number of delegates, 13.
Place of holding election, Main and Jackson
street. Committeeman. A. Walsh. Assist
ant committeemen, J. F. McKeon. Thouiaa
Second Ward Number of dologites, 12.
Place of holding election. Court House,
Committee ilian, Wm. Uuinn. Asintant
Committeemen, Pat Flanagan, Charles
Third Ward Number of delegates, 20.
Plaoa of holding e.eotion, (juigley'a Of
fice, Adamts atreot. Committeeman, S. J.
Camp. Assistant Committeemen, S. W.
Green. Chas. T. Smith.
Fourth Ward Number of delegates, 19.
Place ot holdina election. No. 357 Seoond
atreet. Committeeman, N. Malatesta. As
sistant Committeemen, E. J. Badinelli, C.
H. Stewart.
Fifth Want-Number of delegates, 7. Plaoe
of holding election, Doale Mr cot Market.
Committeeman, Martin Kelly. Assistant
Committeemen, 1. N. Snowden, U. W.
Sixth Ward Number of delegatrs, 10.
Place of holding election. Street Car Stable,
Main street. Committeeman, S. Lehman.
Assistant Committeemen, A. larger, F. S.
Seventh Ward Number of delegates, 7.
Place of holding election, M. Smith a
Urocery. Committeeman, Kobt. Armour.
Assistant Committeemen, K. D. Jordan,
Ben. Binghsm.
Eighth Ward Number of delegates, 12.
Place ol holding election, nenr Poplar Street
Market. Committeeman, M. T. tlarvin.
Assistant Committeemen, Hugh terrain Joe
Ninth Ward Number of delegates 4. Place
ef holding election, Fifth aud tlreelawsts.
Cominitteeman, 1'it Carlin. Assistant Com
mitteemen, Jos. FC'geruld, John Hudson.
Tenth W .rd !umber of dolcgates, 7.
Plica of holdingolcction, opposite Tennessee
l)epot. Committeeman, Samuel J . bolton.
Assistant Couiuiitteomeu, liemy Kocco, Uus
A. Fleming
First District Number of delegates 6.
Plsee of holdingeloctionStewartvi le.Tenn.
Committeeman, tl. M. Thomas. Assi'tint
Committeemen, J. H. McCalla.J. 11. Sink.
Second 1-ntriot Number of delega'os, 5.
Plaoe of holding election. Millwood, Tenn.
Committeeman, John Dwier. 'Assistant
Committeemen, J. Blackwell, Wm. Easley,
Third District Number of delegates, 6.
Place of holding election, Lucy, Tenn. Com
mitteeman. E. Douglass, assistant Com
mitteemen, J. B. Fleming, J. F. Williams.
Fourth District Number of delegates, 3.
Place of holding election, Old Union, Tenn.
Committeeman, W. T. Jackson. Assistant
Committeemen, R. M. Vaughn, John Beek
ner. Fifth District-Number of delegates, S.
Place of holding election, Monaghan'a Store.
Committeeman, Jaa. Monaghan. Assistant
Committeemen, B. M. Stratum, L. B. Sugga.
Sixth District Number of delegates, 3.
Places of holding election, Raleigh and
Point, Tenn. Committeemen, Dr. Taylor,
T. L. Gibson. Assistant Committeemen,
Buck Hodges, Samuel King, M. L. Shepherd,
K. W. Shackelford.
beventU Dutrict-Nambex of delegates, 5,
lowers !
Place oi holding election, Bartlett, Tenn.
Committeeman, Geo. Blackwell. Assistant
Committeemen, W. O. Edwards, A. B.
Eighth Distrjot Number of delegates, 5.
Places ot holding election, Arlington, Log
Union and Brunswick, Tenn. Committee
men, A. E. Cole, 1. P. Adams, R. A. Sneed.
Assistant Committeemen, 11. d. Marley,
Thus. Armiitead, Jaa. Neoly.J. C. Land,
Win. Bond, C. B. English.
Ninth District Number oi delegates, 6.
Place of ho'ding" election. Masonic Ball.
Comwit'cea.an, M. il. Aliup. Atsistunt
Corumutteinen, O. T. Davis. F. Snowmen.
Tenth Dittiiot Number of delegates, 8,
Place of holding e'ection, Colliervllle. Com
miUtemap, J, T Biggs. Assistant Com
niitUoinen, H. L. Bedforij, i Ilby-
tloventh District Number ofdelegates, 6.
Plao of election, Germatitown. Committee
man, J. 11. Alsup. Assistant Committee
men, W. E. Miller, G. W.Jackson.
Twelfth District Nuuber uf delegates, 2.
Place of eleotlor., Grange liall and Oakville,
Tenn. Ccmmiltoeuxn, G, F. Farrow, W.
V,', Alsobrook. As istnnt C minitteo-inen,
W. II. Nelson, John Furke, W. I. Harrison,
W. I- TukkIo.
Th riecnth District Number ef delegates,
3. Placa pf election, Uocgee'e Store. Com
mitteomuu, J, W. 1 evi, sr. Assistant Com
mitteemen, C. ti. Smith, T. V. Heal.
Fourteenth District Aumborot uVlepn'.es,
8. Place of election, South Gate Klmwood
Cemetery. Comui.tteeru!n, Joo Willioms.
Assi tiintComm.ttoemen, E. A. Keeling, W.
N. Hunt.
Filteenth District Number of delogats,
4. Place of election, near Brick Church.
Committcoman, K. F Bettis. Assistant
Committeemen, Wm. Wilkins, G. K. Powel.
bixtoenth liinlrict Sumter of delegates,
3. Place of election, tl hite Station. Com
mitteeman, V. j. Uurvey. Assistant Com
mittet men, G. N. Truss, N. C. Perkins.
Seventeenth Distric' Numbor of dole
gales, 2. Placo nt election, McConnell's.
I ommitteeman, H. R. Stone. Assistant
Committeemen, James Fite, John Hudg
palli. Sixteenth District Number of dolegates.
4 Place el eleotioc, Bunlyn Station. Com
mltteeman, James Young. Assistant Com
mitteemen, J. J. Haley, George Rutland.
The Exccutivo Board hereby declares that
every oititen pomeeaing tbe qualiiications of
a voter, and who dec ares that it ia his in
tention to support tbe noniinoes of tbo con
vention hereby oallcd, ia eligible ae a dele
gate to said convention, and the sub com
mittoea are hereby instructed that no persoa
is authorised to vote lor said delegates un
less he is a resident Democratic voter of the
Civil Distriotor Ward in which he otters his
vote, and unless he, too, dedans that it is
his intention to support the nominees of
said convention, and the sub committees
are to be the sole jud.;es as to whether said
applicant is entitled to vote. The Chairman
of the sub committees will appoint a clerk
to record the names oi voters, und make re
turr sot tbe eleotiona to the Executive Board
with.ut delay.
Membe s of the various committees are re
quested not to exercise influence for or
against any candidate coming before the
Convention, and the oltiaens of the county
desiring good governmental most earnestly
aolicitud to vote lor delegates in their res
pective eards and distriots.
The Executive Board recommends the fol
lowing order of business;
1 Judge of Chancery Court.
2 Judge of Circuit Court.
3 Judge of Probate Court.
4 Judge of I riminal Court.
5-Ceunty Trustee.
0 Attorney General.
7 County Register.
8 Circuit Court Clerk.
9 Criminal Court Clork.
Ill-County Court Clerk.
Chairman Exeoutive Committee.
Chairman Executive Board.
By o:der oi the Executive Board.
JOHN H. ALsUP, Secretary.
L-.ok out for the grand time Mon
day night on the bluff.
Dk. O. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanlbv, funeral director and
emba'mer, 55 Madison street.
Forty cents for the round trip to
Lake view Monday, July 6th.
If you want to see a good balloon
Hscen-ion today, go to West Memphis
Sbnd a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for yonr laundry.
Clkab Water hit and co'd baths,
25c, at the Torkieh Bathhouse, No.
222 Second street, tear Adams.
Why not? Take a trip to Vicks
burg today over tbe M seiseippi Valley
lotUe end leturn Monday. Fare only
18 60.
See the gratifying announcement
elsewhere, of tbe old, tried and suu
oflRffnl Workingmen's Building and
Loan Association.
Tna-Herbal Chill Cure, tho best
tonic nnd entl-periodia known. A certain
and sure oure lor chills. Price tl per bot
tle. Send stamps (or oironlara. Any ref
erence gixen. Address John O. Kuoker.
Lynohbers, Va.
The Carpenters aDd Builders' Asso
ciation will bold their monthly meet
ing at Fireman's Hall, cor. Second and
Adams sta., on Monday Ju'y 5th, at S
p.m. A full attendance is debited.
On Wednesday next R. J. Black &
C will fell the Lifiwich place, No.
394 Second Blrrct. It is desirably
located, and ai property in that
locality has rapidly advancedthe pur
chaser of this desirable boti'eandlot
will realign a 1 aadfome profit, is new
bueinpfs hounes will eocn be extended
rom Union to Eeale slreet.
Mmrius Tax., July 1, 183.
Dr. Kelsay:
Sib My lit'le daughters, whom yon
cured of malarial fever, continue to
improve. I like yonr method of treat
mi nt, and consider my children's rapid
rscovtry as living proof of the effi
cacy of your medicine. Respectfully,
MRrt. A. P. TUCK,
2U1 Linden street.
Bom Aqua SraiNas will have a Rood
run this season. A first class mara
gar is ia charge. Riilrjad fare to go
and return, S8 60. Tickets gord till
November 1 9t. Tbe celebrated Itn'ian
bind will furnieh tbe tannic. Special
rats for board made with fnmiiiee.
See J. F. Key, resident s gent, No. 44
North Court street. Correepond with
W. P. Rns;ell, ca'hier, Boa Aqua
Springs, Tenn.
MrMPins, Txxn., November 20. 1885.
To Whom it May Concern :
I have suffered from nervous head
ache for nearly twentv-five year, and
also from saverea'tacks of indigestion,
to such an extent that I was frequent
ly confined to my bed for days to
gether. I have tried every known
remedy and many celebrated physi
cians, but all to no purpose. I placed
myself under the treatment of Dr.
KelBay about two months ago, and
eince that time I have bad no recur
rence of my complaint and am in bet
ter health than 1 have bad for a num
ber of years, la that time I have
gained eleven pounds in weight. I do
cope all alH.cted and Buffering hu
manity will call to see Dr Ke say. Re
spectfully, MRS. W. H. OOODLETT.
RWArtams atreet.
Sabwrtbo ir tbe "Appeal.'

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