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Bow They are (Jetting; oa ia the
Scramble for the Cdantr
Offlees The Crop.
'. looiKtaroxotHCi or tbi ArriiL.l
Somkrvilu, Tasm., Jane 30. Crops,
rain, grass and pontics Stat, district
and county are snbi sets that now cc
' cupy the thiwihts of the average citi-
yen of the go. d old county of Fayette.
At this season of the year oar mer
chants, lawyers and "tow o!k" gsn
cully have but l.ttle t J da beside read
i ing the Appeal atd discus ing the
'. prospects f jr good crop and the mer-
l its and demerits of the numerous can-
' ' djdatee now before the paople for their
support. As but little nas been said
' by the papers of your city about our
V "patriots'" I will give you a list of
them and my opinion as to the
chances of their carrying this county:
We have as candida'es for Chan
cellor of Ih's district H. J. Livingston,
of Brownsville, the present incum
. bent, and' Judge John Sjtnera, of
Dresden, ale 3 Chancellor of hie old
district. Both are Democrats, but the
, fast oi Judge Livingston being so well
known to our people, and having given
satisfaction in the pat, while Judga
Bomers is a comparative strarjger,
gives the former a better showing
' than tbe latter, though there are quite
a number of warm supporters of
Judge Somtrs in our county.
For Judge of our Circuit Court we
have as candidate, Jodie T. J. Flip
pin, who has occupied the position to
the entire satisfaction of his circuit for
sixteen years, and who is alto one of
the most popular men personally in
our county, and the lion. C. B. Simon
ton, of Covington, former member of
Congress from tbe Nitith District, and
a very Able and ponular sen
tleman. This being Judge Flip
pin's county, I feel safe in predicting
for him a good rxajority suae think
as high as 3500, and my own opinion is
near that figure in fact would not be
surprised at any majority that he
might get.
We have for Attorney General A.J.
Coates of Bolivar, Harry Young of
Covington, and 8. L. Cockioft of
Byer.iburg. Messrs. Young and Coates
have devoted coi siderable attootion to
our county, and both have ardent sup
porters. Mr. Cockroft is compara
tively unknown to u, though he is
. strongly indorsed by his friends in the
neper counties. The race is between
Young and Coates so far as Fayette is
concerned, with the chances about
Coming to home affairs, that is,
county offices, we have three candi
dates for Sheriff W. A. Koonce. F.
M. Knox and W. H. Fenick. Mr.
Koonce is known to nearly every man
in the county and has many friends
and, I may say, no enemies. He has
filled many important pot Mods ia onr
county and no one can be found who
has aught to say against him as man
or official. Mr. Knox Is the deputy of
onr present efficient Sheriff, Bob
Stever, and though not so well known
as Koonce, he bas made many friends
in bis present position. As to- Mr.
Penick, 1 cannot speak knowingly, as
he is a new seeker for public position.
Should either Knox or Koonce be
elected we will have a gocd Sheriff.
For County Court Clerk the present
incumbent, 8. H. Morton, seems to
have the inside track, as he cer ainly
is one of the best, in the State, and has
ga ned the respect of our people. His
opponent, Mr. W. M. Morrison is a
new man, and while many of our peo
ple think the offices ought to gj round
and give new men a chance, jet it will
take a strong man to beat Morton.
Dr. T. G. McClellan bas as compet
itor for the office be has filled eo long
and satisfactorily Trustee Mr, M,
A. Gober, former Eepreteuiativeof the
county, and a very ponular and esti
mable gentleman. Toe election of
,. either would give satisfaction to the
There is mo.e feeling exhibited
in the race for Circuit Court Clerk
than for any other office. Four
,' Very worthy gentlemen offer to "sac
rifice tbemstlves on the altar ot their
eonntry" by serving in this capacity
CapUO.A. 8. Shaw, Matt Khea, J. II.
Wheeler and J. K. Gates. Shaw is
Mayor of cur town, a member of our
County Court and proprietor of the
Eagle Hotel. Mr. Rhea has also been
a member of the County Court for
several yea's, is a prominent farmer
and a clevergantleman. Mr. Gales in a
farmer, but ws for years deputy coun
ty coutt clerk, and while in that posi
tion made many friends. Mr. Wheel
' er:.is from the southern part of tbe
county and has qui e a number if
friends. The adherents tf Shaw and
Khea have worked up cor siderable
excitement over the prohibition quf s-
emu, fcuuugu jruui liuiiCDiuuuoui ifliin
, to see wherein this question cuts any
figure in the preasnt csnvass. Messrs.
Gates and Wheeier are pursuing a
very tiuiefc cauvKBt), auu wo wuuiu uui
be surprised it one or toe other proved
ti be the winning core . We will be
eurecf a good officer in either of the
cand ditee.
So far everything looks lovely for
old Fayette Democracy, as all tbe
above candidates claim to be-
Vlong to that party. But now
comes the "tug of war." For
tKa flffiu TOamatAi VTA fi n .1 sir
candidates five Democrats and one
Republican the latter the "king bee"
of nis party in our county. The Dem
ocrats offering for this position are
Maj. E. W. Tatum, present incumbent j
W. A. Elam, County Superintendent
of Education ; Justice J. H. Hamner,
an 'active member of the County
Court for several years ;B. M. Stephen
ion; formerly a Justice of the Peace,
and Mr. R. L, Parker, a young man
who came from Mississippi a few
years ago, and who has been taacbing
school since that time. Dr. A. D.
Lewis carries tbe Republican banner,
' - and with five candidate to divide the
Democratic vote there can be but one
result, the election of the Republican.
jAs".the five Democrats announced
themselves befoie tbe Republican
.made his candidacy known, I suppose
they are unwilling to set le between
themselves as to who shall be the
'bearer of tbe party's banner. It
naturally rests with the Democratic
Executive Committee to settle the
nnmiion. hv rillino a convention or
, it 1 j c - -
, by a primary election. A con-
f .xention would probabiy be tn.
k "mere satisfactory way of disposing of
; ttoe matter. As I bave said, Lewis
will 'be our n?xt Register unless the
'; committee take the m-ttter in hand.
" This fact is recognized by everybody
who has given the m itter a moment's
'thought. No good Democrat can ob
ject to a conveution, and if there is
any other before us claiming . cur sup
port we want to know it.
;T see Attorney General J. J. Du-
puyfe name mentioned in connection
wi'h the Judgeship of the Criminal
Court. If you went a rain who knows
the law and will enforce it, yon can
not do better than spied him. He bas
mada excellent Attorney Qascrtl
for th . intu District, neither looking
to the right nor the left in tbe pursuit
o' h a doty. He i a finerpsaksr, ard
wui mate a v gorous, earnest canvas!1,
carrying tbe Democratic banner to a
enrta'n victory. Nominate and elect
bim. and my word lor it, tha law
abiding psop'e of Shelby will never
Live came ti regret it.
Mr. Jamei Poelan was in town last
week extending his acquaintance
with our people. He was serenaded
by the Somerville bra s band at night,
and made a shirt sreecb in thanks
lor the compliment. He made a num
ber of fiends, who wH vote and
work for h'm should he be the nomi
nes for Congrtss. In th s connection I
will say that Mr. James II a iris baslost
none tiom the number ot his friends,
wbo am earnest in the wish that he
mav again have the opportunitv of
being our congressional standard
The asajori'y of our delegitei
to the Gubernatorial. Conveiition
are for Bcb Looney, though those
who know Gen. Dibrell, both as
soldier and citizen, wid support
bim as long as be ii before the
convention. ' ongEavKB.
Imn. Whitney and Vilas, of tbe
Cabinet, Entertain She Prnlltnl
and Hra. Cleveland at Dinner.
rcoKBisrosiDixci or thi apfial.I
Wabhingtw, June 39 Tbe Presi
dent may be a man of destiny, but
when betook bis fate into his own
hands long nough to mnrry a wife he
showed conclusive'y tint Le was
able to manage dorrtf stie as well
as political aftinrs. When the Repub
lican grumblers wanted t make a f a s
over trie appropriates iir the White
House conservatories and new furni
ture, a loyal Democrat at once hasten
ed to sty that they would probably be
less iu the future, "as we have a good
house keeper there now." - Marabal
Wilson rays that many ludcrous
things cccurred when be was nuking
the prisentit'ons at the last re
ceptioo. One immeuse female passed
tte President without even a glance,
and fairly pounced npon Mrj. Cleve
land, snlatmiDg, "Oh, you darling I"
Another rural sister paused immedi-
a'ely in front of ber and d-opped a
stiff little courtesy, reciting in a high
sing song a (peach which she had evi
dently prepared lor the cccasion:
"May you be as happy as your station
is exalted." The truth is that
Mrs. Cleveland has so com
pletely taken ell hearts by storm that
we shall probably son have a
transformation scene in which all Re
publicans have changed to Democrats.
Especially may this be looked for in
tbe case of of the Rev. Byron Sunder
land, who could not sufficiently abuse
and villify the Democratic pari? dur
ing the last campaign. The Presi
dent's course toward bim reminds me
of the story of the unhappv wife who
went to her pastor for advice as to her
course toward her wicked husband.
"Well," said the minis'er, "bs kind,
and heap coals of fire on his head."
"Ibave tried b'ilin watir," was the
placid reply, "but. it didn't do a
ycatbly bit er good."
Both the Postmaster General and
Secretary Whitney entertained the
President and wife at dinner last week.
Such oriental luxury and opulent dis
play as the Whitneya indulge in bave
not been seen here for tome years.
Some wonder and many envy, but
nobody ever tries to imitate. Their
last dinner party wai a sort of
naval affair, and the officers in
vited appeared in full uniform. Mrs.
Cleveland's gown wai of Chauiilly
lace, embroidered wit a jet and decollete.
She wore a diamond necklace. Her
school friend, Miss Greg, of Buffalo,
wbo has been visiting at the Wbi'e
Home for some days, wore a white
silk, with long square train. She is a
pretty girl with dark eyes, quite
petite and exceedingly bright.
Washington continues to be in a
quiet way very delightful, socially,
i he weather has been so exception
ally cool that the summer begira has
scarcely commenced, and, of course,
we could never be lonely or dull or
unblessed, so long as congressional
effulgence remains. r. l, c.
Lt him listen, who would know,
Concerning1 the wiidom of Kins Tea
Fair ia Pekin, with round It roll.d
Wave on waro of ita rirer of cold ;
They bird ita walka with their ninefold
And the bridges that oroaa them ax ninety
and nine;
And ao toon aa the wind of morning blows.
And the tray in the Kaat takea a fleok ol
Upon each brldgo 'gina the fhofflo and beat
Of hundreds of noofi and thousand! of fo.t;
And all day long there is duat and din,
And the ooolie elbowa the mandarin,
And gibe ia airen, and oath and blow
'Xwas thus in the time of King Tee Poh.
It grlered the King that it should be ao;
Then out of hia wisdom spoke King Tee
"Build me a hundredth bridge, the beat,
Higher and wider than all the rest.
With posts of teak, and cedarn rails
Andplanr-aof sandal, with silver nalla; .
Oild it and paint it Termilioii red,
And over it laoe the dragon's head:
And be it proclaimed to huh and low,i
That over this fortunate arch shall go
Passenger none that doth not throw
Golden toll to the river below.
And when the pieoe of gold is cast
Thrice let the trumpets ound a blast,
And the mandarin writes with reapeotful
Tbe pasaenger'a name In a silken book,
So that I, the King, may have In hand
The list of the wealthiest ot my land."
Straightway the bridie waa budded so
As had spoken the wisdom of King Tee
And every day. from dawn till dark,
They who watched the lortunate arch could
Ltke a oloud of midges that glow and gleam.
The gold toll east to the hurrying stream I
And all day the trumpet sounded loud,
And the mandarin of the guard kowtowed,
Aa he wrote the name, wito. respectful look,
Of the pasenger high In his silken book;
And all the while grew the renown
Of the fortunate arch in Pekin town,
Till of the wealthiest it waa told,
"Ha spends his day on the bridge of gold."
And whon a month and a day were spent,
The King Tee Poh for his treasurer seat.
"Go to the bridge," said he, "and look
At:the list of nam a in the silken book,
And of all that are written, small and great,
Confiscate to me tbe e.-tate;
As the sage Conlucius well doth show,
A wealthy fool ia the etata's worst foe."
And the treasurer whispered, bending
"Great is the wisdom of King Tea Poh."
a (io. T. Laniffan, in Ltntury,
Bent to aa Inaane Aaylnm.
BprrAUj, N. Y., July 3 The Hon.
Frank Sipp, ex-member of Assam
bly from the Second District of Erie
county, has been sent to an insane
asylum. Tbe death of his wife two
years ago and the conduct of his son,
who is a defaulting mail carrier, caused
him to lose bis reawn.
SiiWribeforitoe "Appeal."
Lifos, misj:
One of the Most Memorable Ooca-
clou lathe History of the S:ate
Dlnaer, Dance aad dames.
IcoaaaaroxDBifci cs thi irraaul
Lvov, Miss., July 2. It would take
ths fertile imagination of a thoioughly
equipped newspaper correspondent
and the pea of a ready wtiter to. give
in detail the lights and shadows, inci
dents, peculiarities, surroundings and
effect! of tbe great barbecue held at
tuis place on tbe 1st of July, fre
quently has this community been
called unou to evidence its hospitality
but never before Ins such a hearty re-
spocge been made, and now tbe morn
iug "after ths feasi'' not a whisper of
regret ia heard for all the trouble, ex
pense and labor tint has been mag
nanimously devoted the past two weeks
in preparation for the event by the
ladies of Lyon and surrounding
On the evening of June 30th your
correspondent strolled towards the
beautiiul grove opposite town to view
ihe preparations and he was surprised
at their extent and magnififecce. As
we entered the portals of tbe beautiful
sylvan tetreat we no iced overhead in
emblematic des'gn the word "Wel
come," indicative of the sentiments of
tbis happy and contented people in its
reception of their visitors. Wending
our way we came across the music
s ands, creqnet grounds, dancing tlocr,
cozy seats, all clean and neat as the
appointments of a well regulated
home. Ahead of us we saw tongues
of tiimo and c ouds of smoke reaching
even to the tops of the noble trees by
which we were surrounded, present
ing a grand and weird spectacle.
Tot re we found Wi.l Cammack, ths
prince of bsrbecuians, and a host of
stalwart cooks, the ground being liter
ally strewn with well dre sed caictsses
of beel, mutiOD, pork, kid, etc., in
such profusion as to make oa hesitate
to leave the cbarmed spot.
The weather has been so fickle of
late that tbe minds of the various com
mittees were full of apprehension as to
the fruition of tbeir hopes, but on the
morning of the 1st we breathed the
bracing atmosphere and gazad upon
the brilliancy of the rising sun, all
hearts were filled with g'ad thankful
ness, for we felt that all would be well. .
And all was well; for very scon after
sunrise happy groupB of elegantly
dressed ladies and gentlemen thronged
tbe town. Memphis, Hollywood. Tu
tiica, Evausville, Austin, Lula, Helena,
Delta, Glendale, Jonestown, Friars
Point, Clarksdale, Belen, Husb
puckena, and other places contributed
thtir quota of visitors, strains of
sweetest music filled the air. The
colors of the la jits' dresses blended in
exquisite harmony with the regalia of
the Lyon Rsds and the Friars Point
Blues, and. forgetting what we are so
often told from afar of the swamps, we
believed we were on fairy land, for
every neart seemed light, every step
elastic, eyery tongue 1oyou, every
ouotenance Bmiliug. Verily, we were
ia for a day of "merry making."
But why conticus. Every feature
of tbe diy's proceedings was a success.
The tab e was exquisitely neat, and ',
groaned under the pressure of every
viand that the most fastidious could
desire, and the cooking and appoint
ments could not be excelled. We can
scarcely bust ourselves to enumerate
the number that ate, it being com
puted that from 800 to 1500 persons
were present, and ths news goes forth,
far and wide, all had "enough."
Dinner Loing over, the dance com
menced, stately quadrille and fastastic
waltz followed each other in rapid suc
cession, making a joyous scene long to
be renumbered, but, like all our joys,
it was too nesting and the comber
BliaJes of evening broke up the en
chantment and group after group left
the ground, leaving the trees of the
forest and the vacant seats a'one in
their glory. .
During the day there were several
games of baseball which attracted
crowds of spec'ators, the chief contest
being between Friars Point and Lyon
and the youths oi Clarksdale and
Friars Point. Ia the former game
Friars Point gained the victory, and in
tbe Utter Clarksdale. The gentle
manly deportment of tbe visiting
clubs was warmly commented npon.
About dark t is band struck up
again, Bereoaded the different families
in town and finally halted at the resi
dence of G. P. Graham, which was
brilliantly lllumi tated for tbe occa
sion, and where, until daylight, a
large and happy throng of people
"tripped the light fantastic toe."
So ended one of tbe happiest days it
was ever our good foitune to spend.
Not a jar or unoc ith expression, but
the whole machinery cf tbe proceed
ings wound i'se'f up with ease and
gracefulnens. I We are proud of our
vimtors, proud of ourselves, and we
hope ere long to m 'St again, embrace
the right band of fe lowahfp and puh
forward on tae path of 1 fe and duty.
A Strong Probability of the Number
Beta a Iaei eased.
Baltimorb, Mo.', Jt ly 8. The Cath
olic Mirror in this wee 8 issue prefaces
it! Introduction to t e repot t of the
elevation of Archbii lop Gibbons to
the Cardinalats as fc lows: There is
little doubt that Car Inal Gibbons's
appointment is the fir t of several tbat
will be made in other i ees as biou rs
tbe oppoitunity offers At a consist
ory held on the 7th ul; , at which Car
dinal Gibbons was bod inated and con
firmed, Leo XIII stid : "The flourish
ing stst of Catholicity in tbe Unitsd
fctat?s, which develops daily more and
more, and tbe condit'oa and form ac
cording to which ths ecclesiastical
ennons of that country are formulated,
advise us, cr ra'her demand, that some
of their prelates be received into tbe
Sacred College."
In the editorial on "Ihe Significance
of tbe Event," the tfimr says:
Whether this meant tha the number
will be raised above its present stand
ard of seventy in order t accomplish
the end in view, or vrbotior vacancies
shall be waited for until tbe desired
number of seats are prep tred for the
new occupants, cannot be said. But,
however that matter b sett'ed, it
seems certain according to authentic
rumors in tbe best Inf rrr'ii circles of
Rome, that the United Sates are to
have raoie Cardinals. ' t
Baltimore will celebrate tbe centen
nial of tbe foundation of tl eflnst Cath
olic see in the United States on the
6th of Novomlier, 1891, and it is
thought bore that bofore that time
Boston and San Francisco, as well as
Baltimore, . will have representatives
in the Sacred College of Cardinals.
The Amende Polaon (ass,
Jibrby City, N. J., July 3. 8ince
the fatal bluoderof Chemist d. Amen
de, of Hoboken, in compounding doses
of morphine for quiniso, rj:;;!;iuj in
the deaths of Marguerite and Ella
Ho sT DrAugu E." LowentheL; the
dance of the elder- Mis Hois, has
b en the sub jo; t . cf much anxiety.
For a long time he suffered fium ner
vous prostration. Several months ago
an article appeared in tna ruarmactv
deal Gaetle reviewing the trial of Dr.
Amende. Tha writer took the grounds
ha'. tbe evidence at the trial ehowtd
q lite cono'uiively that Mifs Margue
rite aiea, not irom morpntne potton
ing, but from the effects of atropis,
the antidote administered to her.
Since the appearance of the article
Dr. Amende has seriously considered
reopenipg the ctss and applying for a
new trial. Theae rumors are siid to
have reached Dr. Lowenthal and to
have hd a very denre'sing effect npon
him. He his confined himself to the
house of 1st1 and studiously shunned
society. A New York physkian Ins
oeen in attendance upou him, and ru
mors have been circulated that Dr.
Lowent al was insane. This morning
representative of the press met Dr.
Erntst Lowentha', fatherof the yeuog
man, and inquired whether the rumor
was true. Toe dovtor courteously but
nrmly declined either to deny or a!
firm thernmor. ' "
DOC. BISHStP, THE Mt KDlstt.lt,
Hanged at Plttaboro on Friday Laat
-Nketets efHIa farcer Wbat lie
Raid Before Dying.
IcoaataroxDiaca or tbi arriaL.l
Oxford, Miss, July 3. Doe W.
B shop, wbo was hung Friday last at
Pittsboro, Miss, lor killing W. T.
Pries of Dallas, Texas, in Calhoon
county, October, 1884, was taken from
our jaii on Friday morning, where he
had been confined for tale keeping
eiuce his trial, to tbe place of execu
tion, going via Cjffeeville. The his
tory of tte trial and conviction of
Bieutp, was given to tbe readers of
theArt-SAL by its correspondent at
Pittib.ro, immediately af:er his trial.
We do not therefore deem it neceesaty
for us to give the circumstances of tbe
killing. We will state, however, that
tbe evidence was altogether circum
stantial. Doe Bishop was . born in
Manor county, Alabama, on October
27tb, 1857, consequently is twenty-
nine years oi ate. us is a splendid
spetimen of physical man, weighing
when in his normal condition a trifle
over 200 pounds; he is s:x"feet two
inches; he wears bis coal
black hair carefully parted - in
the middle after the lateet dude ago.
ny;hiseyei are very dark acd rest
less, seeming to take in everything
around him. His complexion, natu
rally dark, has become bleached and
somewhat sallow from his long con
finement In his movements he is
qu'ekaud nervous.. He has had tbe
advantages of a common school edu
cation, and bat been spending bis
last few days reading the Bible and
writing to his friends and relatives. It
was reported here that tbe condemned
man had ben guilty of a number of
murders before coming to tbis county.
All such reports ha denounces aa false.
He denies having killed anybody be
fore the difficulty with the Harrison
brothers at Dallas, Miss. Says, how
ever, he did shoot a negro in Lowrd s
county, this 8 ate, about ten yeitrs
ago, but tbat the negro recovered. He
was shot in bis arm by Jim L?e in
Calhoun county dining the summer of
18H.J. tie claims tha. be was never
drunk but a verv few times in hie lifo.
and the day of his difficulty with the
Harrisons he bad only taken but one
small drink. He says he had spent
several years of his life in Tcxis, Ar
kansas and the Indian Territory. Dur
ing his wandering he was engaged in
a number of personal difficulties, none
of which, however, he considered se
rious. Bishop cro tea's that te is in
nocent of the crime for which he suf
fered the penalty of death: swears
tbat he never saw Wise, detd or alive;
Bays he believes he knows who com
mitted the deed, but that he and Bob
Lamar are innocent: he further in
sists tbat he naver enjoyed the privi
lege of a fair trial, and was very hotter
aga'nst Judge Roan for not granting
uim a cuHiigeoi venue, waen ne,it-an,
knew tbat tbe sentiment cf tbe county
was almost unanimous against him.
Bishop was married to Miss Lamar
December 19, 1883. She is a sister of
Bob Lamar, who is to bs tried at the
cext term of tbe Circuit Court in Cal
houn for the same crime for which his
brothiir-in-law now suffers the penalty
of death. He leaves his wife and two
children in destitute ciicumstancee,
or, aa he expresssd it, to the charities
of an uncharitable world, he having
exnsusteu nis resources in supporting
his family and trying to escape the
gailows since his surrender.
He profess;d religion yesterday
evening and joined the Episcopal
Church. Thinks he can go before nis
Maker with a clear conscience. To his
fiiendn for their many kindneiHSS to
him during Iii'h troubles, to tbe minis
ieiR of Oxford for tbeir interest in hie
bahalf, to bis jailor, to the Sheriff and
hlH deputies, aad to his attorneys,
Messrs. Sa'livan & Sullivan, wbo have
exerted themselves to their utmost
having done all that IriendH and coun
sellors could do 1 1 one and all he re
turns bis heartfelt thanks. BLIP.
The Hew Cincinnati Bridge.
Cincinnati, O., July 3 The Cov
ington and Cincinnati Elevated Rail
way and Transfer Bridge Company
has let the contract for the masonry of
their bridge across the Obio river at
this point to Mason, Hoge A Co , of
Frankfort, Ky., and D. Snannahan, of
Louesville, Ky., to be completed Feb
ruary 1, 1887. The who!e bridge,
which will be one of the best in the
country, is to be floishrd within a
year. It will have elevated approaches
in Covington and in Cincinnati. It is
not yet determined into what depot it
will lcai in Cincinnati, but it is
thought, as Eugene Zimmerman is
president of the company, it will be
under the control of the Chesapeake
and Ohio management.
Settled Their Differences.
New York, July 3. The old and
new boards of exciss have at last
agreed to settle their differences. The
settlement was made today, but rot
until aoth parties had appeared in the
Supreme Court to argue upon the mo
tion made at tbe instance rf tbe new
board to compel the ousted commis
sioners to deliver over the books and
Eapers to tbem. Counsel for the new
oard slated to tbe court tlml tbe
other side had offe ed to put the new
board in poeser nion of the office pro
vided that it stipulated to agree npon
a case to be presented to the general
term and Court of Appeals. This
offer wss accepted, and l lis new board
will enter into possession Tuesday
More Money for Ireland.
Boston, Mass., July 3. The Parlia
mentary Fund Executive Committee,
in addition to the $15,000 already Bent,
will forward $3000 to tee Rev. Dr.
O'Reilly, the American national treas
urer, for immediate transmission to
JULY 4, 1886.
Prof.Chs. Ludwlg Von Seeger
Prof or of tinivint at (As &tat Univerrityj
Knigkl of the Hnval Austrian Order of (A iron
(rovn; AH Cvmmmndrr of tkt foyai Dpm.
ia Orin of Iwbrlia; KxiiiH of Ik hoynl
Prunia Orrfrr of tht Jirei .'.!,- (TUroiwr
of tin Lfffion of Honor t Ktc.t AVo., says t
'I.IF.Itia t o.' t'Ot'A HEEF TONIC
should not be confoundod wuh tha horJs
of trashj onre-alls. It if in no sons ot tha
word a patant rtraedr. I am thoroughly
conversant with Its mods ot preparation,
and know It to baaotonlr a legitimate phar
maceutical product, but alto worihr of the
hinh oommendatinns It has rareivrd in all
parts of tha world It eontains erstnee oi
lleef. Coot, Quinine, Iron and Caliswa,
which are di'solved in pure aenuioe Span
ish Imperial Crown Hherrr."
Invaluable to all who are Run Down, Ner
vous, Dyspeptic, Bilious, Malarious or af
flicted with weuk Itidnera. re el
Urr Majeety Frlie foamelle
Uly serine.
V-d 6y Brr Royal Uigkntu tA Print of
Wales and the nobility. For the Skin, Com
plexion, Kruptions, Chappint, Rouihneea.
I OO. Of druiiists.
LIKRIO'SO.'a Gennlae Srrnp ol
NraaiMtrllla is luaranteed aa tha bast
Barsapartlla In the market.
!, Y. Prpot. itl Wl'MBAT BTBEKT.
DR. J. BRAD Flf ID S j
Thia famona remedy moat happily meets
thedemandof the are for woman s peculiar
and multiform aflliotiiina. It ia a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one BPKclAL
CLASS of her diseases. It Is a speolAo fir
certain diseased conditions of the worn s
and proposes to so oontrol the Menstrual
Vuuotion aa to reiulate alt the deranvt
menta and irregularities of Woman's
Ita proplatora olatm for It no other medical
property) and to doubt the fact that this
medicine does positively possess auch con
ooBtrclIln and resulatlnt powers is simply
to discredit the voluntary testimony of thou
sands of livinr witnesses who are lo-dar
exulting in the restoration to sound health
and happiness.
Female Regulator
Is strictly a vegetable compound, and la tha
product of medical science and practical ex
perience directed toward the beneflt of
BurrEBinq womabi
It la the atudted prescription of a learned
iihviielan. whose aneel&ltv waa WOMAN.
and whose fame became envlableandbouatl.
less because of hia wonderful aaocess In the
treatment ana enre of female eomnlainta.
ttKMKUx known, aad rloniy deserves Its
name .,
Woman's Best Friend
Because It controls a elaaa of functions the
various derangements ot which oauee more
111 health than all other oauses combined,
and thus rt sones her from a long train ol
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existenoe. Oh, what a
multitude or living witnesses can testily to
Its oharmlnr effects I Woman, take to year
confidence this
rBKVious booh or healtiii
It will relieve you of nearly all the com
plaints peculiar to your aex. Holy upon it
as your saleguard for health, happiness and
long life.
Bold by an druggists. Bona for onr treat
ise on the Health and Happiness of Woman,
mailed free, which gives al I particulars.
iu a iittAijfJim.i Kbit ii la run w-,
Boi 28, Atlanta, tfa.
Mo. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 1860.1
1 VR.J0IIN80N Is acknowledged by all par
JL' ties Interested as by far the most suc
cessful ohvsician in the treatmentof private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent eurea
guaranteed In every ease, male or lemaie.
Keoent cases of Gonorrhea and Bviihilhr
cured in a fw days without the as of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, thelast ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in abort a
time. Sufferers from Imootenoy or loss ol
sexual powers reator eto free vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of a e-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea ana
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseases of Women, and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured,
wlthouttha use of caustic or the knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to ail parts of tha
axrWortlngmea cured at half tha usual
rates. Office noura from 8 o'clock a.m. to (
o'clock p.m. D. B. JOHNSON, M.D.
a guaranteed speciflo for Hysteria, Dull
ness. Convulsions., Flu, Nervous Neural-
Eia, Headache. Nervors Prostration, caused
v the use of alcohol or tobacoot Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Battening of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and leading to
misery, i decay ana aeatni rremaiure "in
Age, Itarrennesa, Loss of Power in either
seat Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, cans, i bv over-exertion of tbe brain.
self-abuse or overindulgence. Kaoh box con
tains on month s treatment. 11 a boi, ol
six boxes for ti, sent by mail prepaid, on
raeelnt of nrlce. We euarantoe Hlx Iloxel
to onre any case. With each order received
oy ns lor ail Doles, accompanied wmi so,
wa wlil aend ihe nnrchuer onr written
guarantee to refund the money if the treat
ment does not enect a cure. Huaranteet
Issued only be A. KENKKHT CO.. Drua
yl.t.. Mawnbts. Tewil.
lllaheat Bedlcal Aalborltle.
Sole Agents for Memphis,
Non-Resldent Hot lee.
No. 820R, R. D. In tha Chancery Court of
Dheiby county, ienn.-i.ouis a xioeaier
vs. Fannie Boebler.
It annearin from bill which is sworn to In
this cause that the defendant, Fannie Boeh
ler, is a non-resident of the State of Ten
nessee, and that her residence ia unknown :
It Is therefore ordered, Tbat she make
her appearance herein, at the courthouse
ol Shelby county, in Memphis, Tom., ts or
before the first Monday in August, lsj jsnd
plead, answer or demur to etmiiein
ant's bill, or the same will be', (ike I for
confessed as to her and set for hetrla ) ex
riartet and that a copy of this ordet bet b
ished once a week, for four scsoeseive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal. This HA
. ii, ill pioui,ui, ni'vn..
dav of .tune. 1WS. A conv attest
B. 1. mouuw JtLiLi, iiera aaa metis
By J. M- Bradley, Deputy U. and M.
T. B. Edginaton. Sol, for compl'nt.
Peirtchnle Inaillale. Troy. M. T.
The oldest engineering school in America.
Next tsrra begins September 1Mb. The Reg
ister for lwtn oontains a list ol the graduates
fur the past 61 years, with their positions;
also, course of study, requirements, ex
penses. etc. Candidates from a distance, or
those living In distant States, by special ex
aminations at their homes, or at such achools
as they may be attending, may determine
the Question ol admission without visitine
Troy. For register and full Information. ad
dress DAVill M. (JHKKNH, Director.
Electric Belt Free
TO Introduce It and obtain agents we will
for tbe next sixty days give away, free
of charge, In each county in the U. S. a lim
ited number ot our Ufrinnu Kirwiro s.ai.
vanle Nneponaorr Bttlt. Price 16: a
Eoaltive and unfailing cure for Nervous Dent.-
,7-. I L' ... i ..... I 1 .
UiiliJ, f.iiuuuvi.i uwin.iuuii iwiui.uu,
eto. fcOO.OO Reward paid if every Belt we
manuiaoturo does not generate a genuine
electric current. Address at once ELKO-
TH1U UfcLT AUUJNt'I, r. .V. tlJox ,17V,
Brooklyn, N- I.
And All itehlBf aid Scaly Skin aad
Sealp Diseases Cured bj Catlcora.
PSORIASIS, ma, tr, Hlngw-u,
Lichen, Prn.ltua, Sea 1 Bead. Mila
Crust, Dandruff, E a-bers'.B ters', Urocers'
and Washerwomai s Itch, a (every speoies
ot Itch nr, Burnii i, Scaly. I Imply Humors
of ths Skin and j sal p. wi I Lou ot llair,
are positive!) cart t by Cm Ivai, the great
Skin Cure, and Ct nouai Si ir, an exqu-ite
Skin BeautiAer externally, and Ci'Ticiia
Knaot.vtNr, the now Blood 1'uriS. r, intorn
ally, when physicians and all other remndira
I. John J. Oae, D-D. 8., having practiced
dentistry in this county for thiny-Sve years,
end being well known to thousands herea
bouts, with a view to htlp any who are al
Dieted as I have b.en lor the part tnolve
years, testily that the Ci'TlortA KimMr
cured me of V'oriasis, orSoaly Skin, iu i.lu
oar s, alter the doctors with whom 1 Ua nm
suited gave me no hrlp o- encouragement.
Newton, N. J. JulIN J. CASH. D.D tf.
Tour CuTiot SA Rau aniaa performed a won
dcrlul cure la tsummeron one of our custo
mers, an old gentleman ot seventv years of
age, who suffered witbafearlully distressing
eruption on his read and taoe. and who bad
tried all remedies and doctors to no purpose.
J. F. SMITH A CO., Texarkana, Ark.
II. X Carpenter, Henderson, NY., cured
of Psoriasis, or Leprosv, of twenty years'
standing, by Ct'Tivt at Hbmsmbs. 'Ihe most
wonderful cure on roord. A dustniinful of
scales toll from him daily. Physicians and
his friend- thought hs luuxt die. Curesworn
to before a Justice ol the I'ence and llender
son'a most prominent citiaans.
Are sold everywhere. Price: Cl'Tiavaa, M
cents; Kssoi.vxst, 1 Oil; Soap, i' cents.
Prepared by the PoTTaa Dm J and Chxu.cal
Co., Boston, Mass.
Send for "How to Care ain niaeoaea."
DCAIITIFY the Complexion and Skin by
DaiflU using tlieCimiH'RA Soai
i hiih is a lit: BAt-u,
Sllloh in tha 3ido, Cramps, Sh ot
ing and Sharp l'tnt, Itheumalio,
Neuralgic snd Sciatto PuinsanJ
every estetnal Pain and Aclia
oureil by the Ll'TH-l ka Anii-Pain
A new and period antidote to
pairr r omits.
Counterfeits are made In St. Louis, Mo.
l5r?I'&laI3an ft.
a 2
2-2 rirl ?Z2V
JOHN E. B1NDLE & CO., Afentr,
Itenerihle, Tenn.
Notice to Contractors.
St. Loo ia, Ariahsas ard Tatts R a aw at, 1
Orrioa or THa t'niar Kkiikissr, t
TsiAAaA, Ti., June ltf, lMfl.
SEALED proposals addreaaed to the Chief
Engineer ol the St. Louis, Arkansas and
Texas railway, No. 404 Market street, St.
Louis, Mo., will be received until 12 o'olook
noon of the 7th of July, 18m), for the con
struction of a Roundnouse and Maohiuti
Shops at Pine Bluff, Ark. Proposals to bave
the envelope iudorsed, "Psoposals for
goundhoune and Machine Shops at Pine
luff." The following is an approximate
statement ol quantities:
4,IU)eu. yards ol Excavation.
210,000 ft. B. M. Lumber.
1,3oO,isO ilrlok.l
000 Squares of Gravel Roonng."
Plans and speclScations can he seen at it
general ohVe of the Company, corner ol
Fourth and Market streets, St. Louis, Mo.,
at the office ol P. 11. Houlahan, Master 01
Transportation, Pine BluOYArk.i andat thia
The Company reserves tha right to reject
any or all bids. . ,
R. L. VAN SANT, Chief Engineer.
W. R OatiMPTOg, Hen. Sup't.
Ho. 5.122, R. D.-Chancery Court of Shelby
eonnty State of Tennessee for use, etc.,
vs. Wary K. Ashford etal.
BY Tirtue ol an interlocutory decree for
tale entered in tbe above csuse on the
4th day of January, 1HHII, M. II. 60, p?e
637. 1 will sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in tront ol the Clerk akd
Master's on.ee, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
(Saturday, Jul SI, IS,
within legal hours, the following de-
...Ik I .1 .H..I.J I. Lk.lk. .nnni.
Tennesaee, to-wit i The south pert of let fi.
biocx m, irontifig aa tret on me -aei siue 01
St. Mariln street by a depth of 2! feel, said
lot being 1M) feet north ol Linden street.
Terms of Sale On a oreditof six months)
douh w 1 in securur, uvaruie
quired: lien reialnedi redemption barred.
anis june zn, iwi.
S. I. Mi'DOWELL, Clerk and Mtor.
By II. V. Walsh, Uepu'y C. and M.
F. II. and 0. W. lloiskell, Hols.
A Valuable Patent.
Dancy's (Hone) Corn and Fen Flare,
HAVING perfected my Invention, I wish
0 pi iice it before the public, especial!
manufacturers. As a Corn Planter. II is a
perleet success opena the drill, distributed
the seed accurately, nniniured, and oove J
tha same, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Thev have been used Is
this section tor over a doson years with per
fect satisfaction. Can give responsible testi
monials. Address
JOHN 11. PANCT.Danoyrll 5,
Mmvmnnil noun. T.w
BTKK'S BKAJlll KLIXIB 'TTlr:'!!!."!'
ran fi B 5 B
fi e a 2. H o
yya.aoa. m
Tleketa ely S
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
1 We ate Aerefty esrnr Utrtl tse
arnsaeseweu for all tAe AfewlAly and inmr
IsW iram oIAs Iiiuism Stmt AoUerw
Coetpaav, aad i perse mane and eoatrol
Ue Vnatnot llnKna, and (Aol tie saeie
ore ton d rlcrt unU konmty, airne and in
inod fattK toward all part,.,, m awltenee
tAe Compant to u Uts en-iaAeass, arwA fac
iisw of our stfwalwreo wioeaed, m ii. ad
W, IA animiantd. Bank and Banker,
trtll pny all fru drawn ia fee Lonutana
Moss Lotttrit tsAtcA emy oe areseaAsot ol onr
Co latere.
J. H.tXJ LFNRT.Fm. La. JlmVi Bank.
l.W.KILBBRTII,Fra.Ntat Nat'l Rat
A. BALDWIN, free, B. 0. Bat. Bk.
Incorporated In loot for twenty-lve years
by the Leglsloture for Educational and
Caarttablo purposes with a capital of II,.
tHUKKV-to which a reserve fund of overlWK),
M haa tlnoe been added.
By an overwhelming ponular rota Ita
franchise waa made a part of the present Stat
Constitution, adopted December 2d, A.D.
fas only tottery ever voted on and indornd
by th people of any Mass.
It emr eealss orporspoase.
Ita Uranil Nlnal Nnsnbeir Wrawlnsra
taka nlaoa monthly, aad tha Ka
tranrtflnary llrewlois rvcalarly ev
ery three mom I he tnatswtd of heniU
Aiinnally as toorolofarei. bealnnlna;
SfHrrh, INNH.
July is, ififto-1941b Monthly Drawing.
eJAPITAL ritlZE, 975,000.
100.UOO Tickets at rtwalsolIarsKaob.
I'racllons, in riftba, In
1 Canltal rrlie.,
I Cauitml prise...
1 Csjiiul prise ,
a rrisee 01 em"'..
... 12,000
ft Priaee of amil...
10 ('rises of loul ...,... li),(iJ
l Prises oi M). lo.non
lutl Prises ot ).... SO.Ont)
) Prises of 100 .. SO.tsHO
MO Prises ot tM)............ j,ono
KApVixfMAtf6N PRiiii3;
9 Approximation prises of I7.V) 6,7V)
9 Approximation prlses-of 6oO.., 4, MO
9 Approximation priseof S50...... - 3,360
1WT Prises, amounting t..-... tatiS.tSOS
Application for rates to clubs should ba
made only to tha office of tha Company at
New Orleans.
Iror further Information write dearly,
giving full address. FONTAJLNOTkei, Ex-
rress Money Orders, or New York Exchange
a ordinary letter. Currency by Express let
onr expense), addressed
By Wrleaas,I a.
Washlnaton. D. C,
or at West sjaurt Bl Hompbls, Truss
Hakfl P. 0. Money Orders parable
end address Kegintored Letters to
Hew OrlM. Im.
Ho. 2SM, R, D -Cha eery Court of Shelby
County 0. W. Herbert, administrator,
vs. L. S. Bondet al.
IN pursuance of the terms of a decree la
the above stated cause. I will, as Special
Commissioner, proceed to sell, at public
auction, to the highest bidder, at the south
west corner of Main and Madison atreeta, la
Memphis, Tenn., on
Tneaday, lath day of July. IHM.
the lollowing described real estate. In Shelby
county, namely 1 Lota Dos. 4 and 2a of tha
Jlarbert subdivision, aa made lathe case of
ohn Uarbert vs. A- A. Ilicka el al, latoly
pending In tha Second Chancery Court of
ebblby County, to which reference la made.
Lot No. 4 of aaid subdivision, fronting SI
feet en seuth aide of Jackson street by 160
feet to an alley.
Lot No. ti of aald subdivision, fronting St
feet on uorth aide of Alston avenue by 1&0
feet deep to an alley. '
Said property will be sold on ths following
terms, namely: One-half of the porches
money to be paid In cash and the belen oe oa
a credit of sli months from the date el tale,
the purchaser to execute notes with approved
personal security for the deferred payment,
aid a Hen to ba retained on the property sold
as a further seonrity, tha notes to draw in
terest from data.
I reserve tha right of making ont bid OB
ach lot sold.
Spoclal Commissioner. '
No. MHfl, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
orAinty. Stat ol Tennessee vs. L.
C0UI1 et al.
By virtue of interlocutory decrees for sale,
entered in tbe above cause on the Wtb)
day ol June andtHh day ef November, 1SH6,
M. B. 48, p. MU), and M. 11. 60. page 111, I will
tell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
la front of the Clerk and Master's oBoe,
courthouse 01 Shelby county, Memphis, Tea -nenee,
on ...
Saturday, July 94, ISM,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby oounty, Ten
nessee, to-wit :
Lots, block M, fronting 60x170 feet, south
side ol Georgia street.
Part lot 1, block 4, beginning on south
aide of Vance atreet 80 reel east of the corner
of St. Martin atroett thence east with Vanca
atreet 70 leet; thence south AO feet; thsnc
west 70 feet; thence north 60 feet to the bo
aide of Hernando street at northeast corner
of said lot; thence aestwardly with the lint)
of J. M. W ilson'a lot 1M leet to the east lias)
ot 8. Mnsby'a lot) tbenoe scum wun sair
line 21 feeti thence eastwardly with Henry
No'an'a line to Hernando street; the do
north with aald atreet 21 feet to the begln-
Ter'mt of Rale On a oredlt of all months,'
note bearing interest, with security, re
quired ; h,n retained; redemption barred,
Thia June 18, IHHH.
S. I. MoDQW ELL, Clerk and Master.
Ky II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.'
F. 11 A 0. W. Helskell. solicitors.
aiuafa.Su ImJ an
ttieMiM ef esat elue eJ
eeaMeiaa, aiS ae, gea
aJwet salwsai nil I kg I
'ZSZrtZJ-V "V.uityHYSi.nsLj
lesiH.g st Mer
A. a. DM I
. 6M1 Til.
r rnurf lit
SoldnyfSurslua, .
riKvv.v. r
n j .-..
V eTiaiuaaBUiSlaa.
V Clacliiaitl aY""""a
No. 5.121, R, D. Chancery Court of Shelbf
county State ol Tennessee tor use. etc.,
vs. Josephine Vienna et al.
BY virtue of aa interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cause en the
!d day of January, I880, M. B.51, page lo,
1 will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master's
ollioe, Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Hatarday, Jnly SI, 1K80,
within legal houra. the following described
property, situated In Shelby oounty, lenn..
iTie 'north part of lot S, block 3S. fronting
2S foot on the east side ol St. Martin street,
and running back 2lt feet, more or less, tbe
north line of said lot being Ml feet south or
Beile street. . , . , ,A
Part of lot 3, block 87, 40 feet front by M
feet deer, northeast corner ol Main and Lin.
VerDjJ'of'Sale- On a credit of six months,
note with security, bearing interest re
an'reds lien rstajnad, rsdoaptloa birrsd
This June 'Jfi, 1 s"S.
8. I. Mi POWELL, Clerk and Muter.
By U.K. Walsh, 1. C. and M.
S. II. aad C. W. Ileiskell, aohoitors.
-eaJ '

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