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Base Ball
ON JULY 5th, 6th AND 7th.
Colombia RcmN, of Columbia, Turin.,
Athlrtlre, of Memphis.
as- Gam called at 4 p.m.
Irish Home Kule Picnic
To Raise Fund for Aid of
Parlioruenlary Elect! hi Expense Fond
Admlnfn, BOf.
Executor's Sale As Executor of the f i tJrj-J lilf Lali U
estate of the late Mrs. Kata Donnelly. I 'n' mr r aw
will sell to tbe highest bidder, for cash, her m a 1. t
t 07 Poplar street, laentlaj, Jul 6, MOWlxiv.j
itW o'clock e.m jil, powder never wrles. A marvel of
w m jj j . KKILLY, Executor. pnrity, strength and wholesomoness. More
A. M. Htodinri. Ant'oneer. economical than the ordinary kinds, and
'm! cannot bo iold in competition with tbo
REWARD. multitude ol low test, short weight aluir- or
phosphate powdori. Sold only means. Kof At,
Od-A law black Newfoundland bitch. btn Pownr Co.. inn w.fi .t ..WowVrfc.
Tbo finder will be ro ward id by return- H!
ins licr to No. KK K.tchnTigo street. . 1'EliSOJiAL.
TAKFV I'P. TP 0. A. address F. A., in strict conS-
. L1 ill, dene, Mo. 1 Broadway, New York.
COW-On Pigeonroost road, fonr miles .-;,, , ... ,ij t w.-
from town, one cow. 0ner can have nMOTS-Boi! jaj E1?,?.",
nine hv m-ovin ironcrtv and mying W ranted. Iuventor ofihe banitarv Fort-
cWgc.by P Vt0l". TuaWy. r.d torrent I'umn. Con r..lor and hr.ok-
MUwMwwwtjjwMi 8i i layer. 1 elf I'hono sm, 'i ii 'JJj
CtOW One red, mullty cow and one yellow .ni. ,,, ., , im ii.,m iimi
steer, lrom BainU-r Ji Co.'s dairy, on CECOND HOOMo, l(b Market street,
Pi.con Roost roid. A liherul roward will bo tLBlyjXS?.-
paid. Leave information at o SPLENDID BOOMS SuitaMo for liiht
NO 11 AUA.Yla pi. ,) housekeeping; references required-
BAY MARE MULE From C. F. Smith, 81MUI,BEKltY hT.
Horn Lake Landins, one bay mare mulo, r ROOMS AND KITCHEN From Augut
about eight yeare old. filteen hands lush; l8ti furni,hed or uofuniehed, at 158
'mane recsntly trnnmcd. Bring to r. A. jjernando treets references.
Jonos A Co.'s ftnblp nml be rewsnlcil. ,
!. I1 1 11 11 . 1 "YTTCE COTTAGE Three rooms, on Col-
KOOMTOne elej ant front room, first Boor, rTWO-STORY FRAME 17 Turley street, in
furnished or unfurnished, suitable for good ronnir. Cull nt m Front stteet.
two; and one front rouai, second floor, fur-
niched, auitable for one, ith boird. rpiIH n-w and nioe Wilton Cottage, on
115 SECOND ST. L Waldran avenue, and other residenoea.
-. r "7 I " L. B. EATON, Vi Madison.
ROOM A nicely furnished front room, :
outhern exposure: first-olasa table TJOOMS-At
bor.rd. Apply at ii Madison street. XV 23 POPLAR ST.
ROSWS With or without board; terms "DOOM With privilege ol conking atove,
reaaonable. 140 MADlSON ST. X at No. 0 Linden street.
ROOMS-One large front room with bal- Ti RESIDENCE 109 Vance street, from
cony and one large back room with 1VJ. the 1st ol 'September. Arply to
larg' dressing-rcom, ad ethers as good as DR. OVERALL. 3S1 Wain at.
can be found in the city. gT ttoUSH-75 Adams street, corner Third,
. 1 JUL from July 1st: eighteen rooms.
ST. JAMES HOUSS-Cor. Second and Ad- JNO. W. CHHR1N. V. Madi'on st.
nJ&lldh wSSweek',0rd 5P" W"k' T?OOM3-AsuitofroomsinMaonioTem-
Dayboard3 50perweelt. J pie. Apnlyto BUN F. 1'ltICK.
ROOM Furnished room, with or without TToliSES 318 poplar streot and 138 Ala
board, atlWOourt street. JZL bauia street. Iniiuireof
TJOARD With excclnt r,, JCHX hKKl, S20 Poplar at.
J3 124 ADAMS ETRKET. -OOOMS-Furnished, finirle or en suite, at
K NICE Rooms, furnished or nnfurnished, V 138 Madison st. itoferonces required.,
t) with or without board, at 137 Madison at. "COTTAGE Wl-h (evon rooms, near street
rpWO large unfurnished rooms, with or f.P l.
X without board, at ti'j Madison street, cor- , lnx iJ1 OTPa -
nr Third. UTOEEIIOUSE No. 9 Union street, with
'' "" O new cotton-room, t(ix35 feet.
If A MS 1 RRSS Immediately, a (rood seain-
treat or dressmauer tnsro out. Aaaross
WALTER, thla office.
wholesale grocery business. None other
need apply. Address
X. Y. Z,, Appeal office.
room two squares' walk from southern
termir.nsof new street car lir-e. Referonoe
required and given. Addrcas B.. Appeal.
BOARD By a young mant private family
preferred; no objection to uniurniahcd
room. Address, stating terms,
BOARDING, Appeal office.
ROOM A cool, comfortable.well furnished
bed-room. For an inteiview address,
iirfi this Daner
" AftlCO xeuow. lAnawer
to this advertisement about
ten aaya ago
will please repeat.)
practical en SsHwn , and can furnish
the ver; best of oiS Terences as to capac
ity, habits and chartsseer. Address
E this office.
VERY'BODY To apend th summer at
Gravson Spring , Ky. Jfor catalogues
. n.i n.r.;uinr. enll nt. ticket offiua off Chesa-
.peake and Ohio runte, under Peahody Hotel.
quainted with the Stove and Hardware
Trade, to sell Mica, wholesale and retail;
liberal commission paid. Address
B. Oppkhhsim K g A Co.. Ptarl at., N. Y.
YOU TO KNOW-Tbat ' m
is a'postive cure for PILES, Try it. Sold
by all druggists. ,
ITUATION By white woman as cook.
URSE GIRL White pteferred.
At 1(16 Adams street.
OSITION As oollector by a man thor
XT oughly competent, an I reliable, who can
give satislactorv relerences and security, if
necessary. Add'tsa A. A. A., this offi
C100K Only FIRST CLA"S and experi
J enced hands need apply; work in the
kitchen only. Apply at 269 Poplar atreet.
TJOSITION Young Scotchman, 21 years of
X age, desires a position on toe roau as
"Drummer" for Memphis house; knows
both river and raU trade of Mississippi. Ar
kansas and North Louisiana: well reoom
mended. Address Box 362, Vicksbnrg, Miss.
C COTTON 8TORAGE-Mercbants desiring
J ootton storage for another season will do
well to address or call at Merchants Ware
house, If 5 Jefferson st. ; warehouse Al, and
the best of city references given.
nniBli ANT) PjfinMS Tn a strintlv nrl
JD vate family, centrally located, board
and rooms for a lomily of four: a good table
necessary. Address immedutelv.
BOARDER, this office
EVERYBODV To call and ree the cole
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at Til Toird
Street, near Poplar. ,
next thirty days tor tl 60.
243 Main sreot.
I ADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell'i
I i Hew lilter" aiiwr, uustie, uoop
skirt and Underskirt combined. Hoops can
u wmnvmA anA .kirt lanndried. Adiusta-
bleto anyeise. Ve-y fashionable, and sells
lor 2 to every well-dressed Udy as soon as
shown. Agents double their money. AIo,
a lull line of new furnishing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamp, K. H.
CAMPBELL A CO., No. 4a4 West Randolph
-Street, Chicago, ill.
- r wi t. vnnvisiltfn BRD.ROOM With
W bath privileges; will pay a good price
for something nice. For an Interview, aa
dress, care this paper, A GENTLbM AN.
Controlling good European correpond
. a n ma f,,p PahTKKK.? h ktmtjirn and
Southern connecionf made; business East
pastseason ten thousand bales; location best
town in Mississippi. References required
and given. Address b. tf. b..
cre Hermitage Club, Nashville, Tenn
BTnKH OIITTFRS On buildina work:
d will pay good wages to No 1 men : none
others need apply -
4 M
nin street.
"ITOOM-Bv gent
1st ol July, furnished
room, witn or without, board. Address
t a . .fr..
CLASSES In embroidery end art needle
work are now being formed under the
supervision of Mrs. Samuel May. A 1 the
newest styles of decorative fancy work and
material. Stamping and embroidery to order
Tff AN to take an office and represent a
ivx mannracturer; per "J"
.nitnl reamred. Address, with stamp. Box
70 West Acton. Ma-s
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
6M01ALTIKB thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connection
with other goods. Address ihk "v.S
LD GOLD A PILVKR-For cash or ex
change. W ULruttu, jeweier,i "
4h Ul .1UV Til i 4KN n SD
51UUU dr.MatoncS.DRT SCOTT'S
EtECTRIG GOODS, 843 Broadway, New
fork. The only gen utne
jfA. for two New Books, Just ready. Srict al
?:iui to men of experience capable of tili
ng a large territory. State j experience, age
ud tarritorr wanted. CASaKLL uu.
ijicnT In varraeetloB or tne oounu-y
llimlUJ), 2 Broadway, N. Y.. aad 40 Dear
Ark., with or withost furniture. Brick
bouse with ten rooms, in the most desirable
Eart of too city Good well of water and
ydrant in the yard; house furnished with
gas; near street-car line; every convenience
of a home. Address
It. 1. BMlD,
Fort Smith, Ark.
HOUSE A new double-tenement house, 4
rooms on each sidei nicely finished;
large yard; in fact, all conveniences, on
noes avenue, uooa eisiern. Appiy vu iuto.
ft. Oiilnlan. mi Manassas st.
CtART-Nearly new village cart, Wood
J ruff A Oliver make, pony and horse
ahsfta and obild's lent, very stylieb, with
Indian pony, harness, saddle and bridle.
Good for bunting or pleasure.
W . W AJ.tt.lfl a, ia main sireet.
LOT-60xltiO feet Cheap North side Mad
ison, half a square eaatol Lauderdale.
Graded. Apply to .....
S. W. UAKK1HDIN. BH wain street.
VAPOR STOVES At cost to make room
for new lot. A.HITXFELD, 233 Secend.
HORSE-A stylish and blooded buggy
horto. Appl to. . .
M. L. lYlPiACiAAji, v union st.
brick store, centrally located, on Second
avenue,' between Twenty-first and Twenty
second streets, lot 24Sxl00 feet. This prop
erty is worth today SO 0, but can be bad for
a fow days only at J6S00. No better invest
ment can be made man tnis. nenu wen.
w ni.n nffnr lot on Kiirhth avenue and Sev
enteenth street, South Birmingham, lOOxl'.iO
foot, with Improvements, renting inri-iuper
month Only 25C0. This property has never
been offered before, and will not remain on
the markot. For the most profitable Invest
ments that can be made in the South, buv
Birmingham, Ala., real estate, as thousands
will testify. W. E. BKRRY A .CO.. Agt s,
fostotuce t)ox oirmingnam, Aia.
( lONFECTIONERY-Well established, on
vy a paying basis.
Other businosa to look
IminirA of
, 136 Main St.
A PAYING GROCERY Owner wants to
move away. 73 MADISON ST.
QTOCK and Fixtures of a retail grocer',
n enrnnr Monroe and Wellington streets. J.
SIMON'S stand, doing fine business. House
can be rented. Inquire on premises.
mWO COWS With young calves, cheap, at
X :vm liauaeruaie street
O FINE Jersey Bulls, at a bargain.
I dress Joseph Goodman, Hernando, Miss.
HORSE A good saddle and harness horse,
suitable for a lady to ride or drivel also
Dog Cart and tlarness.
V. n. Dl)riJ.m. Jiernaimu v urvp
lOWS-Two splendid
milk and butter
J Jersey cows.
Also, a pair PEA FOWLS.
Apply at 538 Main street, or northwest cor-
nerol nayourn avenue auu jaexson street,
Hi. n . LUJU,
TRANSFER BOAT As she lies at Little
Rock. Ark., the transfer boat HABOLD
B., 116 feot long long, 26 feet wide, 8 feet
hold: good engine and fire-box boiler; can
be altered Into a ferryboat at small cost; is
in good condition, aad will be soiu cnean,
A i ol v to Little Rock and Fort Smith R. W,
Co., Little Kook. Ark.
k flOO, tl2n, uu cash or installments
Also, one Chickering Square Grand.
u. A. uvih;a a uu
3S Main street.
Vanoe street corner lot. Address
L.. A p peal offi oe .
TiIaNII-A fine uino. must
be sold at
X once. Call at 169 Desoto atreet
f ROCEKIKS, ETC. Having concluded
lX to quit the grocery part of our business
our entire s'ock ot Groceries, fixtures,
Drays and Mulea are for sale. Anyone wish
ing to go into the wholesale grooery business
can secure a narenin oy cn nog on
No. 268 Front street.
JL 146 Front, eor. Kicharge. Apply there
H W. BARBER. Ashland City, Tenn
d'ClVl WILL BUY a new business lor
?TAili tl,,, HtAtA of Tennessee. Ala
bama, Missouri or Louisiana, to make large
oash pronie at once: a monopoly mni ,uu
tooted. Par'ies wishing a good business ad
dress MAM'FAPTI'HKH.this ofn-e.
A Call.
Messrs. Matt Monaghan, John Cubbios, Dr.
Loomis and Olaf Johnson :
Ohktlemks We. the undersigned
citizens and voters ol the Fifteenth
Civil District of Shelby county, being
fnliy alive to the importance of ap-
nnintlnir rpnrpsentalive men as dele
gates to the County Democratic Con
vention, to be held in the city of
Memphis, July 21, 1886, earnestly re
quest that yon allow your names to be
brought before the primary election
to be held near tne wick unnrcn,
Jaly 13. 1886.
We accept the above call.
Nominate Their Best Men for
Several County Offices After
Session of Fourteen Honrs
Thej Bernse to dominate Turner and
Thus Decline to Endorse His Un
blushing and Impudent
The Way Open for a Democratic
Clean Sweep at the Polls
In August Next.
No- such cantinuous scene of wild
confusion has ever been before wit
nessed in Shelby courtly as that which
diBgrjced tbeExpcshiua Building yes
ter Jay. The opening chorus of discord
was sung at 11 o'cloek when Oon. W.
J. Smith mounted Ihe 0atfo;m and
rapped with a piece of stantling upon
the table. The first order of butineES
wss the selection of M. A. Fielth, a
yellow darky with mild mainers and
a black alpaca coat a terrpr.vy chap
man ovr On. AV. J. Saiith. J.
Thomas Turner was elects J temporary
secretary, and au eflort ai made to
But the lion. CU-'t s Wilson, who
Lad made li s orit,i!il eppea'im.'o in
a tall silk hat only ouo decree blacker
and g'os-ierthan his countenance, d
furiLireJ to make up in noise what
jirominmice ho bad lost by being
obliged to stow it away nndera beech.
IntiJo the tailing the space was
densely packed, uoi cuiy with black
Kepub icitiiand their whits friends,
hut with a lot of hoodlums from tbo
four corners of tbe county. In the
galleries tbe smiling faces of a small
army ol amused Democratic voters ap
peared over the railings. There was a
general disposition ti make a day of
it, and tbe initial proceedings gave
promise of an early split.
A mcticn of Gen.- Williamson! t3
appoint a Committee on Credentials
finally renewed the ears of the Chair
man, and he named the following:
First Ward, Bob Washington ; Second,
M. Sheridan ; Third, tian. Wiiliamton ;
Fonith, J. H. Hudson; Fifth, J. H.
Howard; Sixth, S. Stockell; Saenth,
Ii. H. R deout; Eighth, J. II. Savior;
Ninth, A. D. Dickinson; Tenth, John
Matthews ; First District, L. BMden ;
Second, John liinth; Tnird, II. Bol
ton; Fuuitb, Mr. Chandler; Fillh, A,
A. Dickinson; Sixth, K 0. Tyler;
Seventh, M. Jones; Eighth, II. J.
Ilania: Ninth, C. D. Fields; Tenth,
T. M. Hurd; Eleventh, W. G. Foster;
Twelfth, J. A. Holmes; Thirteenth,
J. L. Scruggs; Fourteenth, W.
W. Wiley; 1'ilteenth, J. A. R'ch.
ardaon; bixteentb, T. W.Patterson;
Seventeenth, O. A. lioitoa; Eigh
teenth, M. Pigga.
Tlnrtncr tk moresi (if aiiDointinir
the committee tbe hall was tilled with
bis veils and little veils, whoops and
earns, ana a mg-mouineu Dromer
iom tne rural., uis'ricts, wno saia
something about unity. He was an
swered by a howl with an echo which
sounded something like unity be d d.
While the Committee on Credentials
were out. calls wers made for Mos?,
who assured his fellow citizens mat
ha hid not changed his views again.
Ha was particular on that point He
suggested a tune on the harmonicon.
Ai be bowed his thanks there was a
general bowl which was construed as
a can upon enaw, wuose cuum
figure lest little time in reaching the
platform. From the deliberate way
n which he went about it, it was at
once plain that he meant to keep the
audience nnlil the Committee on Cre
dentials bad time to report. He ad
mitted tint he had g" over to tne
Democratic natty, and said lis wai
ashamed, not so much for himself ns
for the psrly, intimating mat uenouiq
have rewarded mm witn an omce,
He touched noon the charge of per
jury wbioh lie said had been
falsely nrougat against mm in
ihe Ciiminal Court and epoke bitterly
of his martyrdom. He had always
been in favor of nominating colored
men for office on scciunt of their
color, but hs denied having said in
a speech at Ham's II ill tbet he was in
favor of a ticke t composed entirely ci
colored men. He thought the way to
splnnt a ticket we a to choose the best
men who offered, irrespective of na-
tionalitv or mevious condition, lie
became personal at times uisj uh-c.
- 1 : I! 1
when he spoke of the Democratic
party, ( miming an express on, ol
the bittei't hate. Five or six times
he itopped from sheer exhaustion
and whenever tbere wai a moment s
Dsnre the veils and calls for others
was lurr,nc. xiio cntN muie iuuduj
from the outside, however. 1 lie ma
jority of ti e delegates realized at oncd
that CIS anon was to snut out lurner
and they were numeions enough to
keep bim tbere. At last the martial
(ten of Oei.. Williamson, the chairman
of the Con mit'.ee on Credentials, was
seen, not beard, approaching the
etand and Shaw withdrew, trembling
with exhi nation, the sweat pounog
ficm his f :e.
But for sod time it was impossible
to make t report. The Chairman
wan Hexed md General W llliamton in
desnair. J. Thomas Turner, the
secretary, made an effoit to run the
machine without any outside noip,
but failed, and it rsn ilsslf beau'ifolly
for half an honr. A motion wa? finally
carried to have tbe delegates mount
the big Btngsj under the sounding
board in orJer that they might be
free irom oatside influences. Haters
tbe manner in which it was to be
done was ss1 tied, there was a general
break for tbo stage, and the combined
efforts of the two marshals snd four
policemon w ire neceseary to keep them
on until tneir names couia ce taiieu,
It wan about this time that th
Hnn .Trhn Vfaftlinws. a little black
darky, with a coat which be kicked
with hia hee!, began to make himself
felt. In a voice wholly out of proportion
with his stature, he "moved motions"
nntil hist own brethren ol the convex
linn Rfiiionalv thouiht of nutting him
out, a conclusion it took them a long
time to reach in any case. At last the
spece between the platform and the
railing was clt ed and the convention
announced ltseii ready tor dubjuubb,
A Committee on Permanent Organl
(Inn rnnnrLBil in favor of M. T. Wil'
liamson, chairman ; E. O. Tyler and
J. T. Turner, secretaries.
Messrs. Bigelow and Savage were
appointed by the Chair to conduct the
Cnairman to his seat, the entire work
ing convention, reporters and all, hav
ing by this time crowded npon it.
Gen. Wi.liamson had very little to
say. He said the convention had met
for business, and the sooner it got
down to it the better.
He appointed a cvmmit'ei of dar
kioj and white men, headed by Judge
Bigelow, to leportupm ths permanent
order of business, and they made aie
pott for whiih a substitute by J. T.
Turner, as follows, was made,
First Probate Court Judga.
Second Chancellor.
Third Circuit Court Judge.
Fourth Criminal Court J udge.
Fiitn Trustee.
Sixth Circuit Court Clerk.
S 3 venth County Court Clerk.
Eighth Criminal Court Clerk.
Ninth Register of Deeds.
Tenth Sheriff.
Eleventh Attorney General.
This wis in pursuance of a policy
secretly announced several days ago,
the idea being to pu', Attorney-General
last on the list, in order that the con
vention might adjourn if it becane
apparent that Tu'ner'a heelers were
in the majority. The move was ap
latently not understood in that way
rind there was no opposition to a
motion to adopt the order of businees
ii4med, wbich wss in all raspscts
like tint reported by tbo committe.
A dis?useion then sro?e as to wheth
er or not the vote should be viva v ice
or by ballat. Tho Chairman dc:dcd
that when there wes but one nomina
tion it might be madd unanimous by
rccliimn'.iun, hut when two or mora
names were before tae convention a
vote should or ought to bo taken.
It would be impossible to give iu
detail the hundreds of idiotic motions
the odd positions taken by dele'
gams and the little ins and out) of tbe
processings. In a word, they wers ot
Uefcrinuon uwcriceiiu to modern
vilisitlion. The air W3s sit-
ra'ed wKh the fumes of mean
hisky, stale smoke aad tho Uuid
liich ot:zes from the darky skin.
The Chairman wasutttrly coxer'.efs
to control tho delegates, and the pro
ceedings had to be stopped every fow
minutes in order last tlie piattorm
might be oleared of outsiders. Tho
rule that candidates must keep away
from the delegates was Incessantly vio
lated. They "worked" tbo conven
tion for all it was worth, with what
success will be shown further on.
There were at all times from
ve to ten men oltimloir the
floor at once and if the Chuinnan rec
ognized one, tho others united in a
general howl. The leading d.sorder
lies were a small black named John
Matthews with his incessant "now
gentleman, let me move a motion,"
wben he had nothing to move ; .Sway
back Charlie Wilton, ex-policeman
but now a back driver and profes
sional politician, who proposed "a
man, a nan, a man," whenever he
could get the tioor, and mo redouDta
ble Ham Gordon with bis inumerablo
pints of order."
Judge T. D. Eldridge was nominated
for Judge of the Probate Court by ac
clamation and made a speech of
thanks, declaring he would do every
thing in bis power, if elected, to help
the men, women and children ol tne
Chas. Wilson, colored, nominated T.
W. Brown for Chancellor. M. Strick-
line nominated Judge W. M. Smith.
The former withdrew and Judge Smith
was nominatsd by Reclamation. He
briefly returned thanks.
J. W. Vernt-n ws put In nomina
tion for Judge of the Circuit Court.
John Mattaews, coloreJ, aroaa to
nominate KJ Shaw. He said be
wanted to see his color represented on
the bench. Tie nomination was ro ed
out of order, and Vernon was nom
inated by acclamation.
Charles Weion, the same sway back
Charlie, nominated John T. Mobj.
"The County Workhouse, Charlie
wisely rema'ked, "is fi led with men
as good as I dm, and I want to see a
friend cf the colored man on the
bench of the! Criminal Court." W.
H. Cole, colored, nominated J. E.
Bicelow. whorl Strickland declared,
in eeconding tie nomination, was tbe
oldeBt Democrat in brieioy county,
and. nerhans. n tbe Unittd Sia'es.
A ballot was taten wiucn rejuiiau in
the nomination -of Moss by a vota of
65 to 43. The nomination was made
unanimous. A motion to take a re
cess for twenty ninutes was lost.
For County Trustee, the next office
to be filled, tl. H. Kamsey snu it.
Patterson were nominated. The "doc
tor" had been waking like a nailer,
while Ihe "genera." depended entirely
nnon his friendorwho had printed
tickets on theflooi but got only teven
in the hat. finltv-e'ght votes be
ing cast for Kaujstjr, whone nomina
tion was made unanimous.
The mcst unanimous action of the
ennvnnt on was taktn when it was an
nounced that the dice ot uieric oi tne
Conntv Court came aext on the list.
Some one made a motion to nominate
H. B. Oulien bv acciimation, and it
was done with a yell that shook the
building. I
Thare were throe nominations for
dlorlr of the Circuit t'ouit. I. F. Nor
ri. H. C. Tate and to W. Urown, an
colored. The nsuit ol the first ballot
waa Nnrrls. fi!) : Bron. 13 : Tate, 20
Norn's made a speech of thanks, and
nramissd to pull th whole ticket
nimrlin Wilson, aiain the sums de
lectable Charlie, nominated T. J. Bro-
gan for Clurk of the urumnni uonri,
onnf Visrrnl irod man urging the claims
of J. M. Griffin, both white, the latter
from Brunswick. Brogan took the
rake on tbe first ballot by a vote of
01, against 37 for Grflin.
Six colored brothers reached out for
that choice little plum known as the
Register s clue, and tney wers a'l so
1V..1I snnnorted that it was difficult to
guess who had tho longest pole. Tbey
were uranvuin a. inaiuuo. j. u.
Inn. L. H. Fields. S. D William'.on
H. Trobridge. Green E. Evans and
Lvmus Wallace.
Virti Ballot. Thavo'e stiod: Wil
lac, 19; Mrcu, 2-'; Braxton, 18;
Fields, 30; Williams, 7; Evans, 6. No
8vnd Ballot Wallace, 12; Marcus,
31 ! Brax'on, 17 ; Fields,31 ; Wil)iams,2.
Third Ballot. The votes ran about
even for Marcus and Fields wben
being counted out, and Wallace then
withdrew in favor of Marcus, and
rir.Ttnn in favor of Field. The next
was a foul ballot, 56 votes being cast
!or Fields and 53 for Marcus.
Another ballot waa then taken,
Marcua receiving 32 votes and Fields
6.1. The friends of the former tried
to claim a foul ballot, bnt with com
mendable good sense he declined to
al'ow them to use him as a means of
splitting the party and withdrew his
lurne. The lorus's, he said, had no
king, bnt by working together were
ahle to destroy woodland and meadow.
The It publican party by uniting its
sttPDiith could dfs'ray the Democatio
par y. Therefore he withdrew ia f ivor
cf I armonv. Fields was rionrnatsJ by
a cat nimous viva vece vote ar.dn.ade
a sprech, bisretirlrg bting the riunal
for a general 1 owl in favor of ekip
tii'.gthu Sheriff and bringing up tbe
Attorney Geueral matter.
Mr. Strickline moved to suspend
theiule, and go into an election for
Attorney General. Uained.
M. Sheridan, a white man who
keeps a boarding honss on Poplar
slree', near tbe Couithouse, laid he
had been a Republican for itventeen
ycarj, and wanted Turner and Turner
only G. P. M. Turner. Tbe grocery
men and the workingmen would sup
port him, he declared, mors unani
mously than any other man.
StrlckLne, wlio is a tall, good looking
co!orad nun, made a bittor speech in
oppoei ion to Turner. He said he had
m claim on the Republican or any
other puty. "He comes here,
Strickbne wanton to ray, "with a few
cormr itroc?ry keepers and besleriat
his bJtk and tries to force bimsell upon
us as a candidate, when, as a matter
of tact, he has no rights among us.
So brg as I Lavo a scintilla c f com
mon dowDcy, 1 cannot vote for Mr.
Inrner." lie put in nomination H
H. Ilayne, whom he docUreJ to be a
Repnblicitv, ttitd and tnio.
Charlin Milsjn, our Uld unarne,
sa d r "I have come her and 1 Lava
bejn her.i all day, end I intend to
inv hote nil nicht if nejefsary. I
iko Mr. Tu ner personally, but is it
to the bmt itit 'rmtsof tbe Republican
patty to nomirats him? I do not
thiuk it is. Cries of no! Men came
my waid last tigtit and t'iod to
r.'at me with moony because 1 was
against him. Notwitlietniding my
e sonnl legard for t ion. 1 urner, my
lova for the parly. which is far s rot g"',
teaches nto ihnt I nmot voti agaiimt
htm, and I ask you all to do Ihe same.
tncreinre second me nomioaui n ti
, II. llnynes, a man a man a
litre theie wes more order, and a
loDg darky with a voicoliks a rasp,
wno was introduced as u. . rcrry,
put Mr. T. W . Brown in'nominati u.
G. YV. 1'erry, colored. propoBtu mat
all candidates come bolore the con
vention and plodgo themselves. If
Gen. Turner got btat, then be would
nave to sunt ins moiuu, iirui u uo
won lie would receive tbesuppoit of
the party.
This was Ihe signal foe every dele-
pate to got on his feet and howl, and
Mr. Turner, wuo unu maue ins way iu
the platform, got up on a bench mid
could be seen wildly gBeticuliiting, but
not a word he ultoreu could be heard.
For the forty-filth time a motion waa
riut and catried and Mr. lurner ie-
tired to the main floor of the building.
Sir ckline said ho would he willing
to accept tho pledges of some men,
but Gen. Turner broke a plei'gs hs
made some years ago and ho was not
inclined to accept any pitagene migui
make. Ho eaid he hud been asked
what he would take to snonort Mr.
Turner, and he had replied that he
would not do it tor iooo. -Any man
who would vote for him for fhat otlice,"
h rnntinued. "would Ihe re
mainder of the (entent e was lost in a
general howl.
A motion to hear the candidates was
then put snd loat.and a ballot was taken.
When the votes were counted llaynoa
had 34. Turner 27. and Brown 22.
The latter did not withdraw his name,
but did not receive a (ingle vote
on the next ballot, which eloct
ed Haynes by a vote of 61
to 28. Haynes mountod the stsnd and
made a ringing speech, lie was
honvod un bv excitement and his elo
quence struck fire to the datky heart,
tbe cheers which rewarded his effort
being loud and prolonged.
The on v remaining ollli'S on tne
list was that of tUerifl, and John C.
Hook was at once put in nomination,
A paper signed by the Bricklayer's
Union Indorsing George Silvers for
the place was read by Strickline. The
following resolution was submittod,
Hook and Silvers were withdrawn,
snd Cannon was nominated by accla
ma'ion: WmtitiAii. A large and llaltoiing
call has been made by citizens ol this
city and county, Irrespective of poli
tics, npon onr present Sheriff to be
prima a. candidate for re-election to the
office be now holds; and whereas, the
nmt administration ol tlin ollice ol
stlinrtfr haji been fair and impartial, as
well as to tbe general satisfaction of
thn onnd neoD o of Nhelbv county, we
therefore indoise him, the sold W. D.
Cannon, as our candidate for Sheriff.
The convention tnon aujournea.
Bldl I.lKtlU.
Hook will now lay for the next con
Fields claims to be a rural rooster,
but teaches school in town.
MnsT of the howling for Torner was
done by a lot ol noouiums on me out'
Okn. Williamson couldn't keei
order, but he got his work in, just the
Ths maddest man in town would
have been easy to find about twelve
o'clock 1'st night.
Bell Ethehiikir managed to get a
proxy, but he didn't got to vole or to
second a nomination.
The stentorian tones of Capt. R. T.
Brown did not wako the echosyesler
day for the first time in years.
The ceneral opinion is that the
ticket is the strongest which the Re
publicans could have nominaiod.
The uofortunate ten are Eldredge,
Vernon, Mots, Smith, Brogan, Nonis,
Fields, Cul'en, Ramsey and Haynes.
There was no contention to amount
to anything except over the nomina
lions for Register and Attorney Gen
eral. Tim ilarkiul But their USOal OUOtS-
two out of the eleven offices, their
white friends reaching out lor the
other nine.
Ths: standard of colored county Re
publicaniem seems to ba tbo ability
tn make the mott motions. John
Henderson is the comiog leader.
Tub white Republicans who wero
nominated yesterday ere unanimous
in thnlr enthusiasm. They say they
feel good and look as if they meant it.
twinan was on the floor, and it was
generally understood tnat he wanted
to be the nominee for Clerk of the
Criminal Court, lie did not got
Cannon's name was not mentioned
on ths 11 xr until the resolution in
dorsing bim was read. It waa an as
tonlaher. and another proof of the
skill of Republican wire pullers.
Mr. Joeipn Uhl 1b laid to have
thrown certain fat in the tire at Friday
night'a primaries in the hope of being
the nominee for County Court Clerk,
It Is said that he spent 1400 to carry
various wards. He was on tbe floor,
but didn't get a smell,
Norris formerly kept a wood yard
snd now has a grocery on Baale street.
He is a big mulatto, rather intelligent,
with bittr partisan and race preju
d ces. He wis a member of the Leg
islators in isso.
Williamson's nomination s perma
nent chairman at once destroyed the
hopei of Tnrnpr's heelers and of the
great mass of Democratic voter j, who
hoped that they would put him up so
that a goid square whack could be
made at him.
The bosses tun the machine yester
day as usual. The darkies thought
they were doing It a'l but the way the
strings were pulled by ths white ma
oipulnt'rs wasenough to command ad
miration. Never wts work more
adroitly done.
One of Ihe Moat Itellcbtmi Affaire
Bob Gallaway's barbecue at hia
beautiful country borne, St. Elmo, yes
terday, will go cn record In tho mem
ory of all who a' tended It as one cf
the most delightful events of a life
time. For several years ho has given
siuiilfr entertainments at his place;
but yes'erday's ws the most exten
sive alluir of the kind ever arranged
by a private citizen in this vicinity.
All the grown people enjoyed them
selves thoroughly, snd tiumy of thein
had pleasure added by Via pretence
and hnppiuees of their children.
Among tnoee prenont were Napoleon
Hill mid wife, 1. N. Snowdon and
vti e, Juhn Overton and wife, R. M.
Drake and wife, A. B Sugga un I wife,
V. M. Stanley and wif;, Joe Haines
and wife, John Garrvll unl wife.Uenry
Kl.ii and wife, A. K. Ward and wife.
U. W. Miller nd wire, 0. L. Byrd and
wife, W. H. Bates and wife, B. K.
1'iicesnd wife, A. D. Alltn nnd wife,
and a few ether gentltmen and Indies
whose names tho Appeal representa
tive failtd t ham. Many of thue
C'tiules were sccampunied by their
children. There wre also present J.
S. Tjnf, S. C. Toof, John Graham, N.
J. Forsdick, 0. O. Johnson,
J. S. Diako, Barney Hughes,
J. H Sullivan, the Uov. J. B. Brinoy,
Con. Gwyn, and a number of others.
The train loft the Chesapeake and
Otiio dopot at. 10 o'clock, ntid arrived
at the grounds In about twenty min
utes. Those who weio not nlready fa
miliar with the attractive place A-era
grea'ly plessed with its appearance.
There are about 2C0 acres of rollirg
ground, with two excellent springs,
an orchard and a residence, which is
on tbe hill fronting tho railroad track.
Just what the medicinal properties of
there srwirgs are is not known, but
the water is very cool, has an excel
lent tRste, and seems to be liked by
all. Todd A G whin's band was in at
tendance and discoursed excellent
music, which was appreciated by
everyone present. The opening dunce
was par ticipated in by the following
named young gentleman: Napoleon
Hill, I. N. Snowden, J. S. Toof and A.
K. Ward. Tho names of the lady part
ners were not obtained owing to the
carclessiu s i of a goat Ionian w bo was to
htve obtained them for the Appeal.
While nwny of the grown people were
dancing most of the children were in
the boats on the lake, having a great
deal of amusement. A lew expert
gunners amused themselves shooting
at clay pigeons. When it wis discov
ered that the average of mif s?s scored
above ninety-tlvo the tally sheets were
lost, and those who would have en
joyed reading them will have to wait
till we g"v a oelier cnuncis iu priut
them. The dinner was one of the best
ever lerved up In barbecue stylo.
Tbere were all the varieties of good
things that one could well think of.
The barbecued mutton, pig, chickens,
etc., were prepared to Buit the taste of
tne most i:r.ticai juogps. au were
positive in the praise of the food, the
mannor in which it was prepared and
the style ol supplying it. Mr. snd Mrs.
Galloway were unremitting in their
attention to their guests, all of whom
left thoroughly convinced that the
barbecue, In every detail, was all that
could be desired. Just before leaving
tbe grounds to return home, l.
H no bus called the audience to older,
said some pretty things about tbe
affair, and proposed three cheers and
a t unr lor Mr. and Mrs. uaiioway.
The whole nartv responded with en
thusiasm, and went to tho train tc re
turn to Memphis. ( a arriving at the
linnot omnibuses were in waiting to
convey Hie gnosis to tneir names, hu
through the determination of Mr.
r - , , . . -- ,,
Galloway to look after the pleasure of
his guests from tbe time tney came to
bis place till tneir return nome.
Will Be lllt Toil ny nt the Vttrioas
Chnrchra sit the llonra 8inl,
tioiritual UtM.-VM Sooond street. Meet-
ngatl li.ui.
Avrrv Iknp'l, A. Jf. &. f,nrc. lleso
streot, near lleulo.
(hrintinn (Vmr' a. Near corner of vuno
and llosoto streots.
Sidrm Itnoti't I hurrh. Carolina streot. The
Kov. L. W. W illiams, pastor.
St. Pitlrr't Bomnn Otlkulio (.hurrh. High
muss at 10:30 a.m. I vespers at 7 ::! p.m.
n ftntkntml Ponlar street, cer-
vioos at 7, U:Ui and 11 a.m., and 8 p.m.
0 tor Hia titrwi Mttkadut.Tht Rev. I. U
Moore, pastor- 1'roaohini at II a.m. ano
H b.m.
Immanwl (,Aurr.-o. HA intra street, oe-
tween Jefferson ana tourt. eorvioes at ia
a.m. and sj p.m.
first Hiiatinl.- Servlees at II a.m. ana
8:16 p.m. All seiils Ireo. All are inviiau
lliiv. n. A. veuitow, vmwi,
Evangel irat Luthtran Innifv I rA Jfer-
man). WaSnillKlO" ,hbw,, iifii.nDgu u,.
na IfOUTtn. DOrviua au;; m.m.
Firtt Jlfi-flodt'sl. Corner of Second andlPop-
larstreets. Kev- H. a. Bteel, ij. v., l
tor. I'reaohlna at.ll a.m. and 8 p.m.
numhrlnnd Prnhvtma. Uourt street.
Hacraraental servie-e at 11 a.m. No aer
vl, at n nut. uev- ii. fl.uonos, i'wi.
tkrtinn 'AnA.-Corner of Llnuen ana
Mi, herrr stroats, me ivoy. a. it. ,
..i,,r. Services at lU:30.a.m. ana B p. in
"first Pr-hyleriai. Corner of Third and
"oplar streets. rleryl.-s at 1 1 a.m. and K
p. IU. Dy InO ivot. i-- '""""I r--'--
Preai'hina- at 11 a.m. ana et7:40 p.iu.,ny
ifijuritv i"'' . :l ;:
h. iter. A. W. l.amar, pastor, au seats
n.r.,ln Strrrt H'lkixlitt Ihurrh. Corner
Linden and llornundo. Rev. J. M. bponee
i.astor. Soivioos at II a.m. and Sp.ui.
Ii Mulllni. superintendent.
LnuderdnU Ulrrn frtthfUnitn tAurca.
Corner Lauderdale anu leal. siree.
Prearhina t 11 a.m. and 8:15 p.m. by the
Rv. S. 0. Caldwoll, pastor.
Crural Mrtkndiit cviurcA. union stre.i
R. II. Mahon, 1- ?"'; Bu,."i!,.('t,i
"The Duties and Responsibilities oi Civil
(imrs." Nosorviuo at night.
Alabama SlrtH Prubyttrinn Church. Cat
, n.Umi street and Jones avenue.
Rervioes at 11 a.m. and H p.m. by the K.v
J men. L. Martin, U l., pastor.
. r..r Corner of Second an
Adams streets. Karly oonimunion at 7 a.ta
hervioesatlla.m. and S p.ru., the, lUr
Davis busums, rector, onoiating.
m a . ia. final Hkuhmd. Mill street,
r-i... Morolm urarer. !:!) a.m. I the
Unl Kucharial. Il ..t ov.nina prayer
a m. Kov. R. C. loung, reotor.
.vtrtrt' Church Union streat. Tha Rev,
w u i.nn. i.astor. Hervioes at 11 a m
'J,.. B,,h,nt at nishti "The Un
Tarsal Brotherhood." Repeated by request,
Oraes Caro.-Corner vanoe ana uw'
dalestreeU. Th. R.v. Geo. Patterson. I.
U.,reotor. Barly pray.r.atT .m i morn;
Ina service, eerowa and communion at II
a.m. I evening payer ands.ru.va et p.m.
r' ... PORTED,
Will Filch Tomorrow at Nash
ville In the Afternoon Game
Games yesterday.
IsrscrgL v tut APrgAL.)
Nashvill, TivK July 3. Tbe
game between Nash ite and Memphis
today was ntojtd by. rtein while Mem
phis wis at the hat lorher third in
ning, the score then standing 3 to 2 in
favor of Nashville. SoAsd umpired
the game and was so Obtain that per
sonal collisions btween the players
were narrowly avoided, and the crowd
became a mob yirllii t to take tineed
out. It k fortunate that rain came
up, for if it bad not d. graceful scene
would certshily have ot 'trred, Baker
andSbellhase were the local battery;
O'Ltarv and Colgan for Memphis.
Nashville made four hits, cms a three
bagger, and Memphis two hits,
Alblallee ve. C'olnmbla Bed.
Monday sfirnoon the first game
between the Columbia Keda and ,tlt
lotlr", of this city, will be playeq. at
the Citlzsns' Pork, beginning it 4
o'clock, and both sides will present
their strongest taams. Admissidh. 25
cents . As one who is familiar kith
the rehtive strength of bothclubseays,
"It will Iks no I'uinfat amateur game.
They w'll play ball, and goad bull,
too." Wiir.1, tho vls'.tors's pitr-her,
Wits w'th the regular Nashville league
team at the b 'gi lining of thostvon.
Following a: o pi vera anJ positions:
M t'HBIA .
lt Hse,
.'d II use, V
M Uiie,
atsi KTtra,
mi n ion,
I.rtt Kiol.l,
Middle l-iold. tlrillln.
Itinlit Field, Dunnegin.
hnrleeton Vines On .tiitrnala l'ad-
1 81' ('t A I, TO TRI API-SAL.)
CiiAiiLEiTON, S. 0., July 3. Charles
ton, with Warner nnd I lines as their
balery, defeated Ang'iHt, with liar-
bridge and Toy ns battery, by the de
cisive score ol tl to 1, in the tlrat of tho
eferred i.' lines today, lsaaw hits-
Charleston, 12; AugiiHtn, 3, F.rrora
Charleston, 0; Augusta, 7.
Charleston........! 0052010 0 9
ugusta ..0 000001001
ttnnlst Allow Macon to wla Am
Kahlbllloa uaias.
Ibpscialto Tin arriAL.l
Atlanta. G A.. July 3. Exhibition
game today .between Atlanta and Ma-
eon, resulted in a snut ontior Atlanta.
Score by innings:
Atlanta 0 0 t) 0 0 0 U -ti
Macon 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-3
liatteues tor Atlanta, Welle nnd
Williams; for' Macon, Chamberlain
nd Iinniels. B.iso hits Atlanta, 5;
Macon, 4. Errom Atl:iula,3Mocou, 1.
'i .. i
Msieeiil Rrra to Nell ltiioatT te
Wet roll.
Narmvilli, Tbun., July 3. While
the Memphis club was In Macon
Manager Watklus.of the Detroit club,
who wits in Macon negotiating for
Smith and Decker of Macon, made
Manager Sneed a handsome oiler lor
KnouJ, which' Siyeed promptly re
fused, sayisg tbat he would not let
him go. under uoy ciicumstances.
Knoutl did not pi'nta here today on
accoivnt ol s'cknwsv The battenea
for Monday morning will be lirynan
and Broughton and Billy Taylor and
Hellman; for the afternoon, KnoufI
nd BroDgbton, and Baiter and Miell-
hosue. Manager Sneed la trying to
secure Hoover, an outfielder, recently
released by Baltimore,. heavy hittsr
and the best bos ruQirer in that club.
Earle will not be able to catch for two
or three weens, an win prooaoiy
have to have a finger amputated. It
was hurt in Macon.
Ilnswball Netes,
Detroit, 7; Boston, fl.
New York, 7; Chicago,
St. Louis, 3; Washington, 2.
Pittsiiuho, 3; Baltimore, 12.
Cincinnati, 8; Athlotlcs, 3.
8t, Louis Browns, 4 ; Brooklyn, 0.
Tn Drmrurlsts defeated' the Dry
Goods Tearers, alias Wm. R. Moores,
by a score of 26 to 1'.).
The Court Street Browns wore de
feated yesterday by the Adorns btroet
li8ds by a score of 10 to Vi. ) be
Browns attribute their defeat to tbo
umpire. .
Tim Eel use C uh of Memphis, the
champion club of the colored South
ern League, will play today at Olyrapio
Park with the lilac riocKa, a picaea
nine of this oily. As Rent will
pitch for the Eclipse, tho game will
doubtloss attract a large crowd.
The Stationers defeated the l-owen-
dtelns yesterday score 7 to 3. Ihe
Lowenstein would have been sum
out but for rotten umpiring. Battor
ies leases and Baum for Stationers,
Miller and Hurst for Lowem-tains.
Struck out by Isaacs 11, by Miller 7.
Game called after live innings. Only
one hit was made off Isaacs's delivery.
TiiKAugiuta club has about given
np the gho:t. Henry Kappel, the third
baseman, has been sold to Charles
ton Tnv. first base. Marr Phillips,
shoitstop, and Sylvester, center field,
are sold to tho Metropolitan Club, and
negotiations are pending lortne saie
of Hogan, loft held, ami Uallaelier,
pitcher, to anoiner American nsiuua
tion club.
Report of E. B. T.a Hache, on the
game of baseball, Octton ractors vs.
Cotton liuyets, lor tno oeneui, ui hjd
To John W. lliil.rd. W. A. flage and W. J.
Urawlora. finance vorouinwei
Kmn Hum Herewiih I beg lo sub
mit for your kind approval ths follow
irg statement on the game of baseball,
Cotton Factors vs. Cotton Buyeis' for
tho buuelit of the orpahns:
By ca.h r.colved for tli'kots 'VJ 2
ily cash received at the sa'o, lnoiud-
Uy 0nh recuived from Meinihit Buta-
ma mi irnm J. ii . rnun
Uail tlUO-nlO VI umutuiis
Total 78
Dixbursoin.ntn, none.
Before clrsing my report I desire to
tender my ginceio tbsnks to ail vne
gentlemen who aided in uio em u.
tickets, particularly to Capt. Ed. K.
Hart, who said 201 tickets. I also
think tho FscIoib' and Buyers' nines,
that prince of umpires John Overton,
ir. ; Yellowttone Kit, who gave me f-0
for one ticket, and the various com
mit'ees. As you will ote we have no
disbursomenta, for which I am in
debted to the following
To the city press, a 0. Tool A Co., H
IowensteinA Bros., ChrisUan Bros .
College RsuJ, S. Munsfcrd, Herlaog
Bro" llook & iAMjrlll, Bohlen HuCf
& Co,, P. M. Pitterson A Cfu
Memphis Baeeball Club, Dr. IM
ber Jones. No mishaps oceurrS
to mar the game excepi . 5
and Robt. Jones', Jr.'s sprained anksti,
Respectfully o UBACHB BfCf,lv,.
' jWIBIUWivmntvi

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