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X15. Tf haterer Ibe FanHa of the Great
Tennesson He Was a Pore
and Upright Patriot.
Km YoiX June 30. The .Star pub
lifbestliutollowing: Last atitiimo no
Utile eiipweot woe created by the
ittuiviit which occurred in a "peecli
mdaiy llie Hod. Ctiaoncer M. De
pew Jteiore the Now York Chamber of
Coruuiena to the elTect that Cien
G.-tnthad sVed theUiiioa twice: I hut
after the war be hivi (Ideated a plot of
Andr w Juhueon to tliraw the itovtrn
merit into tbe tatdsof the ex-nbsls.
Tliia fnae'ifal charge cf treason
againat Air. Johnson wis an o'd atorjr,
and bad long aince been trampled out
of existence in the minds of men not
waiped by partisan lute t y the retu ta
of tbe impeachment trial. Hut ever
since that lime certain prominent rad
ical Republicans bad beon wagging
their boat's fagely and whispering
maligna'. t 1 inta that there was tetti
monyin existence which bad never
been raado publij, tr'.umphaotly prov
ing Johneon's guilt, buuh men as
Blairc, Logan. Botitnel), ft Id germ
omne, did not hesitate to intimate this
in private conversion. Among tbe
irtttea whose testimony could be
evokea to blatt the memory of the
dead Andrew Johtson, it was clalme.i,
waa Gen. W. T. Sherman, who had an
active part in the imbroglio betwefn
Grant, Wanton and Join bid, though
hlmstdf not Implicated in any way as
a principal.
. Mr. Dopew'a eprich and a sabse
qaiut ne-wppapor publication brought
ttiia private talk ts a lirair, and mdi
it a matter of kern publio at'.ention,
for Mr. D.'pew professed to have bad
tbe fac e at 11 st hand from no lew
grca an authority than Grant himtolf.
Of tbe accuracy of the Dapew quo a
tion. there can be no doubt, aa Col.
Fred Grant and tbe Hev. Dr. Newman
afterward told tbe writer of this that
they had oftaa heard Grant make
practically the name statements in
cotivereation. Tbe readers of this
journal will perden the writer if he
raatatta briefly Ihe.subctancs of Gen.
Grant's accusal on, a utteiod through
the a outhpleoe ol Mr. Dapew.
F ritly Andrew Johnson, ss a firm
believer that tbe SUtea had never been
e-n tltntionally or legally out of tbe
Union, was strongly of tbe opinion
that, inetintly the rebellion was nub
dued, ;the lately acceded titates hid
tbe right tieend their normal Oon
rresaiocal delega'ioti to Washington
to represent them In legislation.
Beojndly Mr. i Johnain's political
course, from the beginning, shaped
it ell to effnt this raault.whicb, if sac
cersful, would glae the ptrty ol treason
and dieanion, Sorth and South, tbe
numerical majoritv, and enable the
Bjuth to carry eat by peacoful means
whnt she brut failed in doing by arms.
Thirdly Tlio. president attempted
to secure Gorf, Grant's co operation, ss
the General 'tsmmandlng tbe army,
that the barking of Federal bayonets
mlcht bo at Ma brck in case there was
a Korthrrnvevolt against this mon
strous re vernal of the results of the
war, ss there would almost surely be.
Gee. Grant1 'Indignantly rolnsed and
imiinaltd tbat the bayontt of the
United (Hates would bo ranged on the
other sidq thould such an exigency
1 Fourthly Mr. Johncon, Boeing tbat
m. Grant would be a deadly oppo
mt to his plot, sought to remove
int from tbe scene by (ending him to
fexico oiva eomi-dlplomatic mission,
'has piitaog Gun. Mhermsn in com
mand of the army. Grant penetrated
the motive, and refused to go, de
termined to be on hand to battle the
incipient treason. It was this action,
coupled1 with Stanton's iron firmness
in tbo War Department fight, which
re vented Mr. Johnson from proceed
iff further with his plot.
Bhortir alter Mr. Depew had stirred
tip thV old issues tba writer was in
the West, atd took oocslon to call on J
Gea Hlierman at St. Louis, as this
emiuBot man had been ntenlonod as
neol those having unpublithed
ro ale of Johnson's treasonable plot
The gallant old aoldior, on being ap
prised of the motive of the vis t,
burst into a loud laugh of derision,
and said that iticb. rubbish was not
worthy of being discussed; that the
matter had been Bottled loog aince.
and Hint co man with two grains of
enee in his skull really believed that
Andrew Johcson, whatever mistakes
he might have made, was animated
byamihtbut pure and upright mo
tives. As to notes were taken of tbo
convocation, and the wrltor has only
bis memory to trust to, It is not
claimed that anything but the sub
stance ot ben. Hner man's remarks is
'How then do yon account for Gen.
Grant's stuctra b. lief llmt JohrtBon
was (lotting agaiiut the Union,"
"That's Very simple," said Gen.
Sherman. "Mr. Johnson sometimes
drank a little tcomuJi, Tnero'sno
doubt that in come ol their fiiendly
cbati over a bot la, as often cccu s be
twain two gnntli'niep, Johnsju may
have made eoine r.iah Bta'ements ts to
constitutional recouslruction, not
clearly grasping tbe drift of bis own
remark, and that Gen, Grant may
easily have misUkea the purport ot
them and o got very wrong impres-
tiona. It was only at tbe lat during
the Stanton-Johnion imbrig'io that
any ill feeling grew up betwetn Grant
"Had Giant bolioved from the ft'-.t
tbat Pien'dent Johnaon was ha'chirg
such a pl. t, would it not have made
Uiem eiiemies at oncer
"Cor ainly it would." was the Gen
era's reply, "That goei without ray
ing. 1 uo not bslieve tbat ueueral
Grant at the outset, wben the aliened
converhal ons were held, thought of
tliouifpetm lyaa being out of the coop
mon, even tt ouch be may have at
tril ii ted to Johnson a predispreition
to tbo Llncdn plan of reconstruction.
It is pericitiy well known that the
theory ol rronatritc ion fnvor.'d by
Jolnx n mas that which Mr. Lincoln
pr-pjed to r nrv out in c, se he had
lived. N' t only this, but miny of tbo
leading No-tin rn r-enators aud ether
iDllnou.iai poliiiclans had tutthec-
Helve on recrnl rs In a cord with it.
, Hven Sn:itir Moit'D, rft 'rwtri the
rxo)t tntt r acd radical cf Johaton's
em -hi'i e, in d a eperch fh .rtly after
Licctdii'e doi l 'i, i-tioniily favarirg this
p'a i." (Tun wrt ir would mus'k.m
paKuril ilut on'yto aeeka ru!'n
U I t to this tlii lion. I.ieiph lie
Doiui1 roil tiatol t'jiHft lnd:nnapilir,
and g.vo t iui ua old copy ot th
epu- h, wlic i fo.x'icnio . n.l down
ruht 1 in' n i'c do, trins aVout recon
kIiii tn ooul i not have been attr
pa eed b miy a.-i'Ailcd Copp rhead in
tbe roji tvj .)
"Vou b live, ilen, that Grtnt's
ensai i xi re-hidto l'cpe were art
rt o -R .I '!"
'! 1 o-i!J no' fry th t. but 1
ie . (i Kiit, whe.i !n uf er tim s
i u nioie acina ( iiitical psi
tj fut a didditnt co i btnu
ioi m bis memories of the U'ka with
Jntioeoathat .he entertained at the
time." i i
7 "Ihfrecanbe bo doubt I aorpcee,
tHat Mr. Jobnaon would have carried
out, if practicable, what may be called
tbe Lincoln plan of reconstruction,
afterward denounced by llepnbiictna
as rank treaion against tbe Union T"
"fo doubt wnatso-verl" answered
Gen, bheimao, "Dut it would naver
have lean by an) but through strictly
1K1 and cocstiiuiional means. I
don't believe any Btttsman ever lived
n America who understood the con
stitu ion and all its powers and lioii
intions bitter than did Andrew Jo'm
ton. It waj Ms iiible, and be studied
it its sucb. Ho loved the Sjutn as
ra a onitely an be ba'ed slavery and
tlavc holder but be was rot tbe man
to take any teis unless be believed
Irrvently that be had good coattitu
tiotal grounds fcr it."
"What do you think concerning
Gen. Grant's s'.a'emant tbat President
Johnson aktd him if he would sup
port bis policy, should it be necessary,
witi the power of the army?"
"I believe that the Piesident may
bave asked Graat in an incidental
way, and in one of his most careless
moods, whether be would give him
the support of Ihe army in ca e there
should ne any desperate collision be
tween himtelf a ad tbe Republican
faction in Coogrees. Bat this does
not presoppese any plan or plot or
even serious purpose on the part of
Mr. Johnson. It was one of tbess
tentative questions which any man
In tbe President's place might have
asked without any arriere peruee. I
should cert inly a tach but little im
portance t it.
"Now as ta t'ie a'timpt tj get
Gen. Grant out of the wy Ly sending
him to Mexico with Minlntr Camp
bell. It seems ta me that this charge,
If enbetantia'ed, Is one of tbe moat
dangerous of tbe whole eerier, as Im
plying vicious motive."
Geo. Shermtn laigbod long and
"That part of tbe business, Bid he,
"is one of the most extraordinary
farces in my whole exper'oncs. I havi
seen much roaring fun on and off tbe
stage, but that beats it all. Tbat wa
one of Howard's jobs. Johneon bad
but liitle to do with it. Seward was a
shrewd old fox, and he u ed Johnson
to nnll his chestnuts out of the Ate.
Tbe facta are simply three:. Seward
had be: n beaten eveiy time as a can
didate before the nominating conven
tion of the Republican party. lie was
mad for tbe I'reeldeocy. lie knew in
18041 that Grant was the man t) whom
all minds wore turning b the most
available Republican candidate, and
that his own chances wonld be ts a
feathei'a weight, unless Grant did
something to diminish bis own popu
larity. Seward reasoned tuat II Grant
could be sent out on this farcical mie
slon, tbe importancs cf which be had
artful'y exaggerated to the President,
the chances were he might da come
foolish or impolitlo tiling which
would kill bis Presidential cbancee.
Grant unquestionably saw the
1 Ua
li myi BUU WUU1UU u u
felt the importance politically of tUy
leg at heme just th n, though not, in
mv judgment, because he lea rod at all
on account of any Jobnuin plot. To
gat Gen. Grant out of the dilemma of
refusing to obey the rreeiuent a otuor,
I volunteered to go in bis place, Ou
priposlng this to Mr. Johnson, he
eald: '1 am glad to bavo you go.
You'll no just as well lor the purpose,
which Is simply to glvo tbe mission
addition! dignity by having a very
liigQ oltlcer ol tlie army associated
with it.' So I went, and Mr. Seward
was terribly chaarioed. As for tint
mirsion. thorn nover was such an ab
surdity.' I had a glorious junketing.
flone ct us went near toe city ol
Mexico or JUirts. and wesimolr bad
a first ta'e vacation. When I got back
Congrats pasted a solemn rs)iution
thanking me in glowing terms for the
admirable talent for dip oniacy and
discretion I had shown. The whole
thing was worthy of tbe Grand Ducby
of Gerolsteln. So much for Johnson s
des're to got Grant out of tbe coun
try." ThrlUr it th lima IU iillorltllv
Annntntfiil with 111 Nurtk Amorirnn ltrvietet
and anus ttoobtsin rnrUin linporUot a-
twra lor publication. un. Bnrmn rsiuiM
to allow thlt, but Darmtltsil hit friralt book
to ba taip-otad, which oonUlmd th doon
taanta In qaaation bear In on thia aubJeot.
(Ian. Bbarman talkad froolj, on oondition
thathli reuiarka ahoold not ka rukllhd
Aa ha tt about to iutltah now in th Aorta
Amrrican Ktvirm th doouraantl than ra
fuiad, th writer bolda btuiiolf fraod from
hit tiladgt.
A Dea)riita Ralllitii.
New York. July 3. Louis Sohn, 20
yoais old, was acting In a boii-torou
maunor this morning on the Mrcet.
when rtllccr WcUauloy remof-strated
witlililm. lie struck ttio ollii'eraad
reaUted arreet fleeing ta bis house.
The otlicer followed him to his apart-
mente alter obtaining the services of
two othor policemen. Tue women la
i ho house and Sohn attacked theol
(kers who received Blight injnrlts.
Sohn fled to the roof al'er firing a re
volver at the ofllceis without fl?ct.
There he was found nnroatci jus iiotn
the clubhlrg bo received. He wis re
moved to a hcspital and the two women
ariested. They wore afteiwtrds dis
charged, however.
aj'bouevau Roua mt 8)1. l.oala.
St. Lot:i, Mo., July 3 O'Donovan
Roifa will arrive in this city from New
York th e evening. Ho will bB met at
the railwav station by a committee, of
prominent Irish citizens who will es
cort bim to tba hotel, a ud (mm thence
to a fpociitl meeting of the Irish Land
league, at which sul surlpiions for trie
Irbh I'arlwmentary fund will bo solic
ited after speeches by the guest of the
Leaguo and loral craters. Fx'engive
preparat ods luve been made f r the
meeting, and it is expected that a
latge amount of money will be raised
to aid In tii elcciiot of Home Kule
randid taj to setts in the Eugli-li Par
liameot. Hallioad War at Hi. Leal.
St Louis, Mo., July 3. A morning
pipers i)s: Theio is a war brewing
between the Alton, Bu liDRton and
Wabaah roads over passi-ngir but i
noes which promists to brtak fcrth in
St. Louis aud spreaj ad along the lino
Chims ami counter claims of uol ir
tiraitices in securing businPia are
made and an occasional threat ol cut
ting loose f'oni the o tsbliabed UriQ
Is heard. Yet the llueatened warta
only smoldering a'.d may not brtak
out, hut there aioeven cnanres tta
it will, nnlesn explanstlons of ara'is
factory charec or can lie mado Tl.o
rx'luiiona bttwteu the e .nipriiies are
becoming more st u nud every (ay
ai d en opn ruptuio may be IcokeJ
for a'. a y time.
fatally Ivjurrd by m (anaaa,
Pittsiu rq, Pa., July 3. A Warren
(O ) tp ciklsays: Jutt biforo nron,
whil- firing a cannon nt ar the park,
Ctiatl-B lijjbert and Jake Wavl wi re
mvere-ly aud, p rh..js, futa'ly b ju nl
Tho rumun luit g lire, nr d tlcytt
t mptvd to rm i. egiin, when it went
If, iMirning Wixn nt huiy .hai l.u Ii
hainis ill have to be amji it i (.,
K'"t's injinis ar.i ul out : e I It
hrti'.in Hint arm, nud tr so 1 a 1 tin l
he may lose an rrm.
Senate Committee en Pensions-
Why the Evidence Does Not
Aiwa a igree.
Washington, D. C , July 3 The
Senate Commit e on Pen ionp, in its
report n con ni' nding the press itte over
the Preaidrnt's veto ef tie b.ll graot
ii'g a poLscn to Mjry J. Ncttaire,
says: "So g eat his bi come the num
ber of Hicli vetoes interpo od by tbe
prrsnt Exe u ive, all within a few
weeks past, and so extrac rd.nary the
cen ure, some t mos rudely expr-esed
and la teany evtry icstancei sivertly
implied of the action of the two
houses of Congrats and of their com
mittees, upon which has devolved the
wearitome and generally unappra
cUted labor of lnveetigaling tuete
c'aims, atcompanied in many caes
by such ridicuie, of evident disgust,
with the claims themselves1, tbat your
committee feels that they are juitifhd
in a brief review of the circumstances
involved. In doing tbir, a etrong
tflort will be made to restrain a not
unnatural feeling of indignation,
which, if permitted to assume the
proportions which tbe provocation
justiflsf, would wholly destroy these
repeitful forms of expreraion wbich
muet te maintained in official inter
course between the different officers
and depattmen'a of the government.
This becomes the more necatsary in
propoition ts it ia rendered the more
difficult by rea-on of tbe unjust and
unexiimpled ttyle In which some of
tbe meteag'S of the President are ex
pr.Bstd. It shall be the effort of tbe
(ommittt e to get on this difllcult m it
ter without violatiog the courtesies of
official in'.erc 'ursi by imi'ating an ex
ample which, so for ts we are aware,
is without precedent, and which, to
tar as we ate concerned, shall remain
so." The committee ptoceeds to show
that 0 por cent, of the t-'eoate hi Is,
and only 8) per cent, ot the House
bills subm tted ta the President, bave
been vetoed, and it bsjs it is uo. in
ecnsible to the special condemoa ion
whioh this disparaging contrast in
flicts. "Much crit cism," the report
continue, "bts been indu'gfd iu by
the President of the methods of legis
lation porsuod by the two houses of
Congreee, and however uninformed be
may be upon the subject, and however
unintentionally, by reason ol want
of knowledge, ho may bave misrepre
sented to tbe country the methods ol
legislation which have been pursued
In like cases ever tines Congresses and
Parliaments bave existed, and which
have, since Parliament became free,
been safe from Kingly and Presiden
tial interference, all tbe same, the peo-pl-j
are misled by the nn warranted
statement of the President as to the
manner in which legls'aton upon pen
sions, claims and tbe like, is and of
ot necessity muat be conducted.
Tbo pens'on businers of the Senate
has never been belter done than dur
ing this s ss!ou. Those members of
tbe committee who have performed
tho most have been as careful as any,
and derition of their patieni, consci
entious and exhausting labors to help
the nohleit and best ton ion cf good
poor and tbe country's benefactors,
tau originate only in a wise and nnble
nature which is misled, or in one tbat,
formed, sadly needs teconst ruction or
The report embodies a copy of tbe
instructions by tbe Assistant Secretary
of the Interior to the Commissioner of
Penaions, as follows: "Please cause
the tame ta be critically examined,
and report to thia department whether
in your opinion, any objections to
their approval are known to exist. In
cases where objections exist they
should !) specifijally tot forth."
Thus indicates, the committee eays,
unmistakably that the President relies
upon the Commissioner for tbe facia.
The report continues: "Wby the
President should initiate this game of
sbnttlecxk and pelt a cc-ordmate de
partment ot tbe government with
vo'.ota baso npon thejeview of the
action ol Congrees by some subordinate
of ihe Commtseioner of Pensions is a
topio which will bsar thought, bnt
perhaps may be left without discus
sion. Why thefindingof the two houses
of Congress should be discredited
and attributed to unworthy motives,
indiflerence, or Incapacity while the
rcos eition by the Poosion C.erk that
he ia right and Congress wrong, is ac
cepted as the basis of fact in these
numerous vetoes, it is hard to per
ceive. Bat all ttirough. these vetoes
tbero seems to run the fallacy tbat the
power of Congress to grant pensions
ia limited to what may already be
done by the Pension OtUoe under the
general law. It is difficult to write in
that rud.mentary way upon the natuio
of ptnslona and the various grounds
of compeiiBttlon, charity ami public
policy win h ii necessary iu order to
remove this impression. It is suffi
cient to observe that the jurisdiction
of the legislative power of this gov
ernmoot is lrgr tban that of tbe
Commissioner of Pemion, and that
eoonor or later, although it may coat
the ccun'ry a prolonged and steady
etlor'.t'jis truth will bstonie apparent.
Put its mil :d bs rcmouabeied tbat in
a very large number cf thtss bills
passed by Congress important original
written evidence Is followed with the
comin'ttees or presented verbally, as
in hearings before other cotrmutiee
upon all publio quei-tions which come
before legisative bodies; and olten
the appluant Is protent with his ttate.
irient and his palpable J i abilities.
Tids evidonce is not availablo tithe
Ex cm ive, at least without l he asking,
ant ' never has been in possession of
tbePeneion Glllce. Consequently in
nearly ev.ry caas the Congiescional
btiteni'Dt stands upon stro: gar proof
than the finding of facts wt iih the
President sets up in diapproval ol tbe
A ad ailll Aaolaer.
WAanisoTOis, July 3 The rreel
dtnlt tlav vttoeidttie Her ata bill f r
the relbf of Mar'in L Untidy. In
the veto niowajo the President says
that the r aitnant, who was a nnartxr-
ma?tr, after the settlement ol his ac
counts was found to be indebted to
the gnvammen'. Thereupon lis pot
in a cla m for foraga for boroa more
than eullicient to otlsat his Indi-h'ed-no
a. There ia no auirg' stlon tiiat be
1 a I or used any botsr., and if ha l,d
and Iui ej to make a claim ft r forage
at tie t'ne bo nett ed hi account,
tben, rays Ihe l'retlJent, be preaenU)
irtin ol increillbln iiinorrincn tl Ins
righia or a woriiUr.'ol )a:kil ihatds-
p s tion to gain every ro s.ble ail-
vaiitRgn wlicb is nni.illy lojii'l am' ng
1'ioem who ileal ton Koverumeni.
Thee a in l n-it alio wed on the grounds
ttit It won il s-t a preceilrnt which
c n il ba-illy b Igi.fired, and which,
If hlU.wd, wou'il furnieh a'lother
rnri eF( at a k npen tho Treasury
(ju ti a rfln tireaa many winch are
now In t ir'n nt.
A . ( taatittltil niirdvrrra.
t (wr pt a w. July J.,Kjhlne
Cm a, a In aj girl aa'i 15 yeatn, wai
killed yesterday by Felix Al vex, aged
lSyeuft, Thschildree were playing
together, wben tbe girl commeneed
t'aiitg the boy. who became ansry
and hurled a pair of scissora at the
airl, one blade entering the carotid
artery, inflicting a wound from wbich
she bled to death in forty minutes. In
a fiyht between two colored b"y,
Joseph Ellis, aged 14 Tears, and Zp
time Ferguson, aged 11 years, the
former was stabbed ta death by the
PoaKIoa on I ho Irlnti Borne Bute
Kaw Yohk, July 1. A mfetinit f f
the Americsn branch of the Liuh
Loyal and Patriotic Union wan held at
Mo t Memoiial Hall. Mr. J, bn C.
O'Connor was in the cha r. Among
other important busiiiFes uf the metl
iog the stcre'ary rm.ii the following
loiter from Mr. Matthew Arno'd:
Thb Eoitalo Ci.un, )
EcFKiwi, Juno2rt, um.f
To J. 0. O'Connor, jr. i
My Dkab Km I cannot pessibly at
tend your meeting tomorrow, but I
am glad you srj go.ng to hold it. I
hope you will make clear cne point
in especial. Mr. Gladstone Bays that
be icsieta on the "principle of giving
Iraland en effective government by
Irishmen," and wou'd gladly, bave
the worlu believe that all lii oppo
nents are hostile to this piiociple. Oa
the contrary, all the bot of them are
favorable to it. Put they think his
propossd mode ot giving ed- ct to it a
bad and dangerous or.o, Mr. Bright
is as favorable as Mr. Gled-toce to
"the principle of permitting Ire
land, with prcp r limiiatidnr, ti gov
ern herself.' Lut the Question is
what these proper limia ions a e.
Mr, Bright believe.), ar.d the tes. l
tbe Liberal pa tv believe, that a Na
tiobal Irish Par i iruant would be a
sure source of tioul.Uin the future,
and that seme plxn f jt Irieh self gov
ernment must b found which does
not involve thoes t.blisbtnent tf euoh
a Parliament, II Mr. UUd: tone' were
twenty or perhaps teu jeits touugtr,
tie wonia triiiiK ana trtv trie same.
But he is in a harry. He wants to
settle the Irith question at once, and
be tbinks he sees bis way to settling it
fjrthe moment by a curing the Par
nellite vot', which can be secured
only by conceding a National IriBh
I'aiiinuiortt. llie tiouble in the future
he will Set live tote?. Let Ameii-
cans ask themselvea wl at they would
nave tbougni ot a B'etsf man wbo as
sumed tbat ihe only way o! giving
the 8oitbern ' (States an effective gov
ernment bv Bout hero era was to create
a general Southern Corgresi at It ch
mond. With the talent which South
ern men ' bave f r politics and
oratory such a Congress would
inevitably have grjwn into a
power confronting tbe Waehington
Congress, and embarrassing it, how
ever, sinoerely the Southern men
might have proteased, in nrat asklna
for it, that Into thia it should never
grow. Sj as to Ireland. The very
talents of the Irith for politics and or
atory will inevitably make an Irish
Parliament grow into a power con
fronting the Imprrlal Parliament and
embarrassing It, however sincerely the
Irish msy now pro less that they do
not mean their Parliament to grow
into anything of the kind. I by no
means blame thorn for asking for such
a Parliament Bat I tay tbat an En
glish Minister wbo concedes it may be
a dexterous politic un and parliament
ary manager, but he ia no statesman.
Lot, however, "tn principle ot giving
Ireland an effective government by
Irishmen" be your principle as firmly
as it is Mr. Gladstone's. Very faith
Grand Ialeralala Competitive Drill
for VoIommI Troops.
faraoiAL to'tbb appeal. I
VicKsnrjBO, Miss.. July 3. A grand
interstate comnettive drill for colored
t'oops will be held in this city on
Saturday, August 7th. Extensive pre
parations bave been made tor tue en
tertainment for al who may attend.
Low rates have teen secured on all
the railroads, while no entrance fee
will be cLsreed competing companies.
The following attractive list of prizes
will ba ottered: Jrlratnrise. company.
$250; second. JlOO; third, $50; beat
captsin, hancscme swora; beet ser
geant, gold badpej beat private, gold
badge. Wesley Harris is the manager
of tne affair, to whom all communica
tions should b addressed.
Two Good Utlaena for 1 wo Wood
, Oflieea.
looaaasposbiaos or tbi appiil.I
Woodstoci, Tbnn., Ju'y 3. There la
no man in rShelby county whr has
done more fsttbf al work for the Demo
crat psrty, or who would more faith
fu'lyfill tha posi loa of Clerk of our
Criminal 0url tbfta Cnpt. Ha E.
Dooglaes. o)i Lucy; and the country
outside theiity, and a great nianjr In
side are claporing for hia nomination.
Carrol Back also would make an
efficient clerk of the Circuit Court, and
and his personal popularity among all
our peoplrwould bear him in triumph
to success With the:e two popular
men ia vow, will tho convention hoed
the voicecf their countrymen?
Proanatiro Eaploaloa of rireworko.
St. Lauis, Mo., July 8. The fire
works which were to have been need
for the fouith of July celebration, and
which wra stored in the clubhorjm at
the UrUou baseball park, sxploded
Lit nlirlif Ddtliriff flra to
the hoi, wbich w.e damaged to the
extent of J.nuu. me loss on iuo ure
works is $1500. Insured.
Philadxipbia, i a., ju'y o.-uum
P. Smith died yesterday at the age of
05 year. He baa ooen nurnu puu
.-'.... ,r k Pbiudnlnhia library
lirnnuir. . x . . -
since 1849. He wai widely noted for
educational qualities ana ss a diuhok
rapher. He was editor ol Ltppn(vtt$
il'wmint Iroui 1808 to 1874, when ho
American FlaMnar "choowra t'a
tured. HaurAx, N. 8., July 3.-Tb emitter
Terror capiutod two more Atnorican
fishin schooners last night at Sand
Point, near fchelburno, aud took Ihem
np to the latter harbor thia morning.
The schooners captured are the Geo.
W. Ctiahing and O. B. Harrington,
both of 1'on land. Me.
Vt lllCont tho stoartay t loaloaj
IUmoN, Mass., July S.-About forly
five bfss .arbors orpania:d laet even
Irg to conte-t the order c oeing barber
Bhops on Sunday. Teslcieos will be
carried to tbe higher conits. r
atpoele porta. ,
Kiw YoBK.July 3.-Tha total ex
ports Of specie from this rfrt during
!i. t ir Si .044.5 85. The
total imp0'"' cf eP8l:i ,Le p0lt
during the wck w ra 177iOi).
MaIcrllo lor th APPel.
The First Sign
Of faffing health, whether In the form of
Klfbt Sweats and Nervouaneaa, or In
acnae of General Weariness and Lota of
Appetite, thould suggest tne me of Ayerr
Earaaparilla. Thus preparation la most
effective for giving tone and strength,
to the enfeebled system, promoting the
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing the ncrvoua forces to their normal
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
aud vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years a.tro my benlth began to faS.
I was troubled with a dilresiug Couch,
Nlgbt Sweats, Weakness, snd Nervoua
neu. I tried varioua remedies prescribed
Ly different physic-lana, but became so
weak tbat I could not go up stiilrs with
out stopping to rest, lly fricmls recom
mended ma to try Ayer's Bursnparilla,
wbicb I did, nud I am now as henlthy and
atroug a ever. Mra. K. L. Williams,
Alexandria, Jlinn.
I have, nacd Avcr's Sarsaparllla, In my
fitinlly, for Scrofula, and know, if It a
tnkmi fnithfully, tbat it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I bave also
prescribed it aa a tonic, as well as an alter
atlve, and muat aay that I honestly believe
It to be the bent blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, I). D, 8.
M. i)., Clrcenvlile, Tenn.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would bs Impossible for me to do
tcribe what I autlcrcd from Indigestion
and Headnche up to the timo I begun
taking Ayer's Sarsaparllla. I was under
tba care of varioua physicians and tried
a great many kinds of medicines, but
never obtained more than temporary re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarenparilla for
a short time, my hecdache disappeared,
and my stomach performed V.i duties more
perfectly. To-day my health is com
pletely restored. Mary Hurley, Spring
field, Mass.
I have been greatly benefited by tho
prompt use of Ayer's Sarsaparllla. It
tones and invigorates the system, regulates
the action of the digestive and assimilative
organs, and virilizes the blood. It Is.
without doubt, the most reliable blood
purifier yet discovered. II. D. Johnson,
863 Atlantic ave., Brooklyn, K. Y.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
by Dr. J. C. Ayar k Co., LowoU,
Price SI all bottles, SIS.
Forty Years a Sufferer from
" FOR FORTY TEARS I hava bean a vic
tim to CATAKRU three-foartna of the timo
a tafferer from EXCUUCUTINO PAINS
TRILS. The ditoharget war to offeativ
that! haiitata to mention It, aieept lor th
good It may do torn other aufferer. I hav
spent a yonns fortune from my earn inn
durint my forty years of nuderini to obtain
relief from th dootora. I hav tried patent
mediotnes every on I eould learn of from
the lour eornera of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 yeara of are) have met
with a remedy that baa onred me entirely
mad me a new man. I weighed 128 poan da,
and now weigh 146. I mod thirteen bottlea
of the medicine, and the only regret I bar
a, that being In th humble walka of lit I
may not hav influenoe to pravail on all ea
tarrh tuffareri to tue what haa eared me
Gulnn'g Pioneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Seoond ttreet, Uaoon, (la."
"Mr. Henry Chevea. th writer of th
aove, formerly of Crawford oonnty, now of
Maoon. Ga., merits tb oonldenoe of all in
terested in catarrh, W. A. HUFF.
Ex-Mayor of Maoon."
Galon's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
Cures all Blood and Skin Dtaaaa, Rheoma
tlim, Borotula, Old Sorea. A perfect Spring
If not in yonr market, It will be forwarded
on reoelpt of prio. Smalt bottlea, U, large,
II 75.
Bttay on Blood and Skin Dtteaaea mailed
Wacea, tlK)it la.
The Great Natural Blood Purifier,
la Iron Tonic Tree from Alcohol.
Art Infallible Kenaedy !
Dyspspala, Liver Complaints,
Cbronlo Dlarrhixa, General Debility,
Asthma, Female Complaints,
Erysipelas, all Skin Diseases,
Cholera Morbus,
Bora Kyea, Night Sweats,
Billoua Collo, Cuts, Bniles, Catarrh,
Uloeroua and Canceroua ABeetlona,
Rheumatism, Scarry,
Waaknesa from Illness or Over-Work,
Losa of Appetite,
Blok Headache.
Sprains, Tetter, ete., eta.
Baa free pamphlet
pertoat seeking Oorernmant Em
ployment la any oi vn aeiiarimenu a
Waahinaton, or any other potitiont nndeJ
. V . i .... T 111 ..... A .nil lB.l..lknnl
at to how to rNMl to obtain the tame,
ana - - " ..
receipt of On Dollar. Add re J OHM
(aurcKssoBs to o. h. holst a beo.
Funeral Directors,
AFCLtj at 1 oomplat ttoek of Wood and
M.i.llUi!uai and Oatkets, Cloth-Oor-
r...i, .J Burial Ho baa alwayaen
thand. aanOruar t UUarapk promptly
TnSiTilusaiiTijMS f) V
K TO A Mi m t
Uiccesaort to POETEB, TAILOB A COn
'i n ( ts ix lei nt h .
L. D. MULLINS, of laU i. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. TONQE. lata ol J. W. Caldwell A 0
Cotton Factors StCommission Osrchants
No. 1 Howard's Ilow, Cor. Front and Union. Memphis.
TH1ALL1 1. CO.
RICHARD A. McCTKDY, t I t t President.
Burreaider Talaiea Indorsed on PollolM. Bo Farfeltnr. CbeaBeat
ia tbe World.
J TiH3C. XmBSISy"!, TVX.X3.. a i BxMmlner.
; IVo. 3 C!oton Fo1inge Itnlldlng, Memplilx.
Still In the market,
Aad CommlsBlon Xerohonts. Haj, Corn OatKraa, Chop Feed, Oil-Heal,
Hat, Cement, Floater, Bolldlng and Fire Brick, Ete.
Cor. Front and Union. 1 Howard's Row. Memphis.
aronnnd 1
aw-niila, IP'
'-n i"T wnf-f att'ii'
(Snoouaora In thlt lepartment to JOHN MANOOUB.)
Writ nt for information on ANY THING in either line.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Wt. SOa UfAln Stre!, TtvM niofk.
ltrlnkley, Ark., Manufactnrers ef
Doors, Sash, Bllnix, Dressed Floorlns, Cellluir, Weather-Bonrdlng
Cypres Uhlnglcn, lAtbs, Ktc.
xarOnr fadlltlet ar ananrputed by an tawmill in the 8onth for fllnnt ordertprompUy.
Ploorina, Ceiltni, Sidlnt". Btep Lumber and Cvpreee Bhinirlee a apeoialtyi alto, Framin g
Lumber of all dlmntiona. We make the Wholesale Butineaa a apeoial featar. Order
tolloited and promptly filled.
GEO. KA JiIIal.i:i:, AGENT,
No.124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
o. o. nsnr
ITMesdo Grocers
tfit Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton eonatcned te aa will bay our careful attention. W oarry at all timet a wU-
aeleoted atook 01
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Winas, Uquersjob&cso & Cigars,
MoC. Fearce & Co
Cotton Facters & Commission Llerch'te,
rtattna Warfhrnr-RM at) aaMtnao. fwto Wtr
I. W. COCHHill.
Oanfr aad I'roprleCora,
On lloro Luke Road, 8 Miles from Ce-J
SUFFICIENT raKturag for 500 he (
lock. Charrat Iroin II Ml to 15 t
month, acMirdlnr to earo and kind of pwt
utaae. lloxt, ratl, eulve, theep and
lamhefnrtala Pnrtiel denirHg patiuraae
for ttook, or to purohat or tell ttock, will
correspond with .
W. S. 1 ACKFON, Agent, or. th Place.
r ar- n w
with a fall aort
New and
160to 174 Adams St, Memphlc
Bar Iron,
Boiler Iraa
Hoop, Ftand
.1 V an
, 7! Sheet Jkroai
- sltl
DEFT, 226 and 228 Second St.
E. L. W00D80B
& Cotfon Factory
Non-Keyldent Notice.
No. (M, R. D. In th Probut Court ol
r-helby County. Tenneatee. Bernard Dan-
riae et al va. the Unknown Ileira of Ara-
I ella M. Baoqu(-t, deceased.
It appearini from original bill Sled in thia
eauta that the nametand retidenoe of th
beira at law of Arabella M, Bacqnet, de
ceased, are unknown, but they nrebolieved
to bt non'retldenta ot the Stale of Tenneaae;
It it, therefore, ordered that they make
their anpearanrr herein, at the Court-Iloua
of Shelby county, in Momphia, Tenn., on
or I olore the Ami Monday in Jnfy, 18Jf, and
plead, answer or demur to complainant bill,
or the tame will be taken for contested aa to
them and tet for hearing ez parte; and that
a copy ol thit order be published one a
week lor four sucoeoive weeks in the Mem
phH Appeal. Thia li.th day of May, 1886.
A copy Attest :
Bytli. 0. Mc?enali, Deputy Cle'k.
John League, aulicitor for compl't.
m it u v k-.
R. A

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