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VOL. XL VI NO, 150.'
AT Dl XOEi:.
A Number of ParnPllItcs Returned
AVIlhont 0posilion-The Lat
est Election Returns.
Losdox, Jn'y 5 The G'atonians
a-e lttd over the deriVive oliarau'er
of their vie O' e i in Dundee They
are coiilident the wil nwntiin tlieh
hold in r-cotlauU. Tf e Giailttonian
agents repori that tho agricultural
ro'e is safe for the Min:strialist party.
They lay tbaf, tl"e laborer' mt-etinga
show unabated fiith in Mr. fr'adntone
ndacoucurrsr.ee ia the bel'ef that
the eraniing of hems rule to Ireland
would relieve the EDg'isli market tf
Irish labor. Mr. Jesse Oollinj.8 will
s'.ump the mid and counties and try to
persuade the laborer! to the contrary.
The Gladstouan prrsppcts in the me
tropolis ere dark,as the Liberal Union
ists are giving a warm tupport to the
Conservativt s.
The fjllowing Parliamentary candi
dates have been returned without
oppo-ition: W. J. Lane, Parnellite,
Kast Division, Cork: J. F. Finucane,
Psw-tieiiile, E-ist Division, Limerick; 0.
D. Reilly, Parnellit-, North Division;
John O Connor, Parnellitn. South Di
vision, Tipperary; John Hooper, Par
Tjellit", Southeast Division. Cork;
T. Saiton. Parnellit", South DiYeion ;
John E. H'dmond, Parnellite, North
Divifion; W. E Ford. W. E. Harring
.ton, Parnellites.West Division, Keiry;
M. Harris. Parnellite, East Ballnasco
Division, Galway; J. Cox, Parnellite,
East Division; Cla-e D. ChaDnen,
Parne'lite, Middle Division, Cork.
In Northmntnn Mr. L&houchere
And Mr, BradlauchjGladslonians, wfra
eiected over Mr. luruer, Unionist,
and Mr. Lets, Conservative. The
vote wa: Lboti'here, 4570; Brad
laugh, 4353; Turner, 3850; Lefs,
343U. Thus far Mr. Bradlaugb
13 the only candidate who has
polled more votes tban at the last
elee'ionjbU vote lass au'umn was
Up to 10 o'clock to-night the to'als of
members elected were 156 Conserva
tives, thirty Unionists, fifty-nine
Gladetonians and twemy-nine Par
nellitee. The Conservatives have
gained ie7enteen seats, the
Uniorisls one seat and the Glad
Etonians nine seats. The Torei
unexpectedly won in Sinth Lincoln
shire, where the Glads'ontan candi
date, owing to sudden illness, failed
to qualify.
During a fracas at a polling station
in the St. Stephens Green Division of
Dublin, Messrs Dudgeon, James and
Sullivan, solicitors, and agents of the
Conservative candidate, were ejected
by the Sheriff's orders. Mr. Dudgeon
will sue the Sheriff for asiault.
has written a letter in which he says
it is impofltible for British legis'ation
to proceed until the Irish question is
Monater Htm Kule Heeling at
.w York.
Nkw Yobk, July 5. A meeting at
tended by about 20,000 persons was
held this efterno m in Union Square
under the auspices of the Central
Labor Union. The gathering was of
workingmen, and the purpose was
to appaal to the workingmen
of Great Britian end Ireland to
support by their votes candidates for
members of Parliament who -are
pledged to the cause of home rule.
Among Hie organizations that attended
in bodies were 10 000 members of the
Ale and Porter Brewers' Asiuiiat'oD,
3000 members of the Shoemakers' Pro
tective Association, 3000 Progr?ssive
Aesembly No. 2 ot Laborers, 2000 of
the AfSDciatron of Wood Carvers',
2000 of the United Operators' Union,
1000 of the Unitsd Pressmen's
unions, 1200 cf the united tailors
unions, 4llJ of tbeatswation of long
shoremen, 20,000 unitsd brass work
ers, 10,000 uni'ed tailors of children's
jackets, 000 orjcr&t'Vd plasterer?, 1000
tin and s' ate roofers and 1000 marble
workers. There was speaking from
four etande. F'orn one of them
Grand Ma.tflr Workman Powdcrly
was t") have delivered nu address, bat
was forced to send at.Iegiaru of re
grat at his inability to do so.
An eppeal to th wo kingmen
of Great Britain and Ireland was
adop ed. It expretwd in'enfe inter
est in the home rule ..movement for
Ireland, referred to tf e sympathy of
the Britirh working classes with the
United States in i s recent struggle, of
the happily restored sood feeling be
tween the North and S.tith, the resu't
of hjme rule for the States,
and calling rn the vot:
rf Great Prita.ri to grant to
Ireland the Tihrrn) autonomy fs most
certsinly calculated tje ng. iu.lcrast.irit
of love for and pairoiic pride in tho
mother country, and build up a com
munity of fnohr.K :t the people ol
the I'nited S:atef, making a union of
the English apeakirg rmti mn with un
told powrfor j,ood ia its inlluence on
ihe world.
Among thesa who spoke was Henry
George, who wan received -with great
enthusiasm. Ilarefirrd t) tho pol
icy of horns rule in allaying sectional
strife and animoeity in this country.
The people of tbo Uuited S.atta were
believers in home rule because they
had tried it. Trie autonomy of Ireland
was desired as much tor England's
eake as .'or Ireland's. Ho p . id warm
tiibutas to Glarstr.no and Parnell.
hvvretnrf Cordial Wei.
coin by ii freattfeut.
WAsniKOTON, July 5. Secretary
alanninir, ace nipan ed by his wile
arjd daughter, Irs private secretvv,
Mr. Brennan, and Mr. Miller, Coai
laiflsioner of lniernal Bsvenue, ar
rived jnthis city on "he late 'rain last
night from Hot Spiinpn, Va. The
Secretary stord tie long carriage drive
of twenty miles over the mountains
and the snbsequ ntrai'r. ad trip with
out fatigue or inconvenience. The
train bearing the Scrita y and his
pirty was boarded rer t u pppf r by
United Sia'es Tieasmer Jordan, who
brought With him t ,e la'eit depart
ment news and a har'net .. che'ee
flowera f jr the Secrotary. The train
was about an hour behind time in Ar
riving here. The Preeident, P. stress
ter Geneial and Mrs. V.laa, Afis aut
Secretary and Mrs. Fairchild, Private
Stcretary Lamont and a number
of olliele.ls of the Treasury
Departraint were awaiting ita arriva',
and boa led the Seer tvy's ia'.
Quite a jeeuptir n fo lowed, the Secre
tary shaking bands with, and receiv
ing the contra'.ulat ous of the visitors
for about tsn minute, offer which he
retired with the PresideLt to one of
tli9 eta'eroom, where the two had a
lotg talc. When the Pr-sidett lef:
the car it was attached to the New
York train. Tre'snrer Jordan aoeom
ptuied the Secretary to New York,
where Mr. Vanning and hie family
wi 1 remain for two tt rc dnys b
fore going to te S.-creta'e 1. MS.
Albany. Tha Pr.sident's va'et carried
ti the" trEin a magnificent barkt of
llowcrjfor the Secrttay. Mr. Man
ninr eepmstil aw a nmst entirely
rccovere 1 !mm lrsro;cnt severe ill
nes, en 1 'a t night appeared to be in
excil.ent Et irits.
Bf Hon Oalbrrak A mo us ibe Hnnd.
ob Col. Knin ThIc'h rinn
Little Rock, Abk., July 5. About
6 o'clock this evening, as Col. D. A.
Blower, managing editor of the
Arkansas Guz Ue, was ttanding in front
of Wilson & Webb's Main street sta
tionery store, conversing with a num
ber o! fiiends, a young man,sevent3en
or eighteen years of age, approached
him, armed with a heavy bludgeon
and demanded that he (Brower) re
tract certein ar.icles published about
"my father." "Who is your ia'hei ?"
was asked him. "Dr. Winfield," was
his rep'.y. ' Then the controvercy is
with your father and not with you,"
remarked Col. Brewer. On this reply
being given the youth made a
deadly pass at Mr. Brower but
was 'r )s'.rated in his purpose by being
caught by the ahoulders and poshed
backwards. Then followed a regular
cat and dog fight for a few moments,
neither party, however, setting an
opportunity of doing the other
eerious injury. Y'onng WiDhe'd
is, physically, larger than h-'s
antagonist, and bad the chance
been given him would undoubtedly
have lorlicted some painful wounds
with bis club, bat Mr. Brower was
too quick in bis actions and personal
friends interfered and leparated them.
The trouble grew out of etrirtures pub
lished in bunday s Ga;rtU condemning
certain charg-s printed in Dr. Win
(isld's paper last week about
the Gazette and its management.
Winfield edits a Methodist orjtan
here, but bs left his position as
lender of bis flock to dabble in poli
tics, and in h's futile efforts made
a'lusion to the past courre of the
Gatette, which caiiff d Col. Brower to
literally burn the old man up on Sun
day. Yoong Wicfie'd waa put under
bond to keep the peace.
This city was thrown into the wild
est excitement about noon today on it
being learntd that the hands on Ool.
Sam Tate's plantJtion, Some nine
miles below this city, on the Arkansas
river, were on a strike f jr higher
wages, and a posee of cit'zxrs had
been ent for by Sheriff Weithen,
who went to tne scene oi tne trou
ble at an early hour this morn
ing. A poese of thirty or for y
men, all armed to the teeth,
were eoon organized and left in trans
fer wagons fir the fighting ground'.
On Toursday thirty ot the forty ne
groes employed on this plantation
?uit work, telling their managers, the
'ox brothers, that their cotion was
extremely dirty, and that units tbev
immediately raised their wages to 11
per day tbey wou'd quit work, and no
other hands wou d be permitted to go
to work. Themeo weregetting75cents
p- r day. The thirty belligerents used
every known endeavor to induce the
remaining ten men to quit work, but
without avail. All day Sturday and
Sunday they argued with them, but
no argument that could be
presfntsd had any e2ect, and
violence was threatened. Tne
trouble got noised about adjoiuiug
nlanttions and its force of dis
gruntled darkies began to grow
mrger. Whisky wao used, and ILrgh
Gill, a big burly negro, addressed his
fellow Jcn-labcrere, tel ing them that
they had gme intr the trouble for the
purpose i f winning, end that if
sheriff Worlhen cinie down to quell
ticrn he would not net banc alive.
Gill, Aubrey, Larkin and He ry IMI
were the leadfnof the trou'ile, and
hail siibjeited the bancs on
the plantation ir.to their way of
thinkiiit', when a courier wis dis
pa'ched to this city for Sheriff Wor
then and a prafie to rept.ir to tho
place and put down the impending
rict. This nio Fergcr reached here
'a;t ninli, end th Siieiifi'and two nr
three deputies reached ihe a' g'ound
a( 5 oYIock tliis nmrning. and Hugti
Gill's threat wnit.dd thi-sheriff, and
i hat i" llrer bavin a fond' esn f ot tne
hie, at oni'e uvule for (Mi's cab'n.
Ha kn ckd nt the Conr and was an
swered by U e burly darkey o eninc;
the door. "Worthen is my rnme,"
said the Sheriff of this county, "and I
want you to come wi.h ma now," was
the salu'a'ion giwn the astonished
negro. Bu"; Gill never quailed,
on the contrary, ho made fir
his fhotcun whii h stw-d in tho corner
of the cabin, but tiHiiff Worthen got
a bead on him befoehe could rch
hia weapon, acd 8 nr, a ballet crasu
in through both ol the negroe's arms.
Gill fell, and in less than it takfS to
tell it, the (dlicer had him shackled
and madeGillV house h's headqi-arter.
He immediately tent ti the city for a
freah borse and m: re m"n. It looked
tomething like a sure enough war was
on hand. The p' ss , all armd to the
teeth, went through the r-tiests be
cause the wagM B c wained raoBt of
Litila Kock's (load same men. The
Sheriffs' arrival cr--at;d contternati'in
in the camn, and the negr.M s instnnt
ly bfgan moving themselves About
this time tbe Warthen recui sroleop
and at once Wfnt to t e bieged
Sheriff's reliaf. Your carre prr dent is
the only pereon who returned from
the front t iLiaht, and tnubltt wf mo
mectirily expected when he lnft, at
10 o'clocki Tue po se has charge
of the Fox reaidence, wnere
they are securely barricaded.
Trouble was inst gate l by tho colored
Knights of Lnboi, aid it is fared that
a raca war is brewing. Then-goes
have been urged to drrnar d tht-ir
right, and it is thouht this is only
th9 precnr. or of toui' thing worse tuat
is eoon to follow.
Have nsed Tonnaline, with marked
benefit io neuralgia, and obtalr ed re
lief when a nnmier of tbe ordinary
remedifs had fitihd.
O. E. .MATTHEWS, M D., Hingwood, N.C.
Volante and Ed Corrlgnn Among
J . ""JKunors The ltrightou
Beach Meeting.
CmcAiio. III.. July 5 The weather
was asa'n very tine, but ru ber warm. I
The racing was fir.tclfss; t!ie litre I
... uil.ti.Ui... Innmr
nty inn',ciiia tiiu .ii:iuibi a
than ever sten on any race track in
the country. Kveryihing pass'd off
without accident except i.i tLes'e pie
chase, in which M. Daley cot si gutly
irjured. It was regrettsd that sj
roony fell, or it would lavebetn a
good rao. The public left tbe tra''k
highly pleased. The bettirg was good.
first rack.
Three-ouattera of a mile. S;rleri:
Ma-go (102), O'Hara; Sisea'o Boy !
('05), Johnston; Alimony (itci,
Weaver; Ira E. Bride (105), Fuller;
Truant (102), Cooper; Wuhrow (lu5),
Tom Pdrkina.
Betting. Alimony, 1100; Tiuant,
$70; Margosy, $-50; Clou J, $75.
Truant wus first away, lapped by
Withrow, Sailor Boy inird. There
was no change to well up into the
atretch, where Irnnnt and Wiihiow
quit. Margo then went to thr Irout
and won easily by one length ; Ira
E. Bride second, one length in front ol
Truant, third. 'Jime 1:17. Mutuala
paid f .'3.
One mile and a half. S!artere:
Warrenton (105), We6t; Buchanan
(110), Jones; olanta (118), Murphy ;
McElbird (30), Covington.
lietting. Volante, $100; Buchanan,
$25; field, $15.
Warrenton str!edtwo lengths in the
lead, and mai'e tl 6 tunning for one
mile, with Buchanan and Volante
even. On the lower turn Volante
went to the front and was not beaded,
and won eaeily by two lengths, Buch
anan secono, Myrt'e third. Time
3:21). Mutuals paid $6.
One mile and one-fourth; Sberi
daa stakes. Starters: YA Corri
gan (118;, Kelly; Jim Gray (118),
O'Hara; Pure Rye (118), Stoval;
Kaloolah (120), L. Jonea; Silver Cloud
(123), Murphy.
((mo.-Slver Cloud, $250; Ka
loolah, $175; Jim Gray, $75; field, $i0.
Ed Corrigan at once went to the
front by two lengths, w ith Silver Cloud
and Jim Gray ilose together. Tney
were soon joined by Pure Bye. When
they had run three-quarters Pur Bye
look cecond place. Ed Corrigan was
never headed and won handily by
one length; Pure Bye second, three
lsngths in front tf Silver Cloud, third.
Time 2;19. Mutuals paid $51.
One mile. Starters: Vulcan (87),
Allen; Handv Andy (89), Johnssn;
Heliauthns (85), Fuller; Night (104),
Cooper; Kildair (76), flollis; Fred
Wooley (108), Seaman; Ligan (9.t),
Covington; Luke Sjort (8o), Ford;
Alamtd (92), Myeis; Virgie Haarne
(95) Mathers.
Belling. Handy Andy, $125 ; Helian-thu-,
$100; Login, $50; field, $85.
Frtd Wooley at once took a lead cf
three lergtbs, followed bv Handy
Andy and Helenthus, the. field
bunched. There was no change of
rotsequence to the stTe'.cb, were Fred
Wooley gave it up. Here V.rgia
Heatne came through and j iued
Helian thus and Handy. There was a
very close race to the finish between
those three. Virgie Hearoe won by a
neck; Hel'anthus Sfcond, a neck in
front of Handy Andy, third. Time
1 :42J. Mutuals paid $'K).
One mile. S'arttrd: Skobeloff (110),
Wheatley; Boo-black (108), West;
Warrington (107), L. Jones; R siere
(95), Fuller; Jim Nave (89), Wtsm;
Taxgatherer (101), ; Mary Ellin
(82), Ba-nes; Waraign (100), O'Hara;
Bn-vet (92), Johnst m.
Letting. Warrington, $100; Eoo'.
black, $90; Taxgatherer, $!?0; field,
Warsign led iu front frr three
qnartjrs of a mile, with Bosiero ai.d
Bootblack clcse up. In. tie ft 'etch
Ros er took a slight lead. Jim Navu,
Bootblack, Warigu an t Taxgatherer
clo.cd up making a vny cIcbh finish,
iive of them being a had mart.
Ro ieie won by n lla: Jim Nave
Sfcond, Bootblaik It.ird. Time
l:41i- Mutuals paid $40. There was
no advance on the eut; red selling
price forthe wiener.
Tbrseqnartes of a nii'e heals,
three in liv.i. Sturtets: Aibe (U0i,
() Hara; JOlUi H. (llll), Gihljs; J: hu
SnlliVuii (112), Covington ; Gleunt r
(112), WeBt; Sovereign Pat (112), L
Fir.-: Heat ISt-tinqiiVanot, $100;
Sovereign Pat, $30; tie!'1, $7 i
Srv. reign Pa. K-d, tol:ocd by A il.e,
Elbe li. and Glt aiier tl.jae ( gather.
G eam r w.dtsd int the etrit di, then
t ok the lead ami won easily by lira, f
a length : Aile s oond, S iere gn Fat
third. Timo 1:1-3. Mi.tjals puid
$!) 10.
S cuiid Hmt Veiling. Gleaner,
. Alice lea l for ba'f mi. e. Glnaner
then wint to ttie front an 1 won easily
by a lciig'h; Ailee sscnnd, Sovcrei(iU
Pat third. Time 1:111. Mutuus
pa d $!'.
Thiid Hat. No betting. G:nnner
led frcm the start to tin finish, and
wen ea-e'ly by two hng lm; Aili o sec
ond, Srvcreign Pal tli'rd. Time
1:15J. Mulna s paid id.
Steep'ecbas', fu'l curse. Starters:
Chmticeur (137), Wi igVjrns; F,;x-h-'U-.d
(148), Storms; J" g Bum. tt
(137), H' listen; Rorv O'M n (147),
J. Mafc ns; Bc.sh'irook (115), I)fk
nuns; tunstar ( 14 0, it. Daleys; Wel
lington ! 103), Gr Ilia.
lietting We'bnutnn, $.'0: R-y
O'Moore, 32; Fothojnd, $20; field,
Wel'ingtm wai tl o only one in the
race hat did not fall er g out of the
course, vvellingio.s tntted in fiitt;
K.ry O'Movre suio.id, Chamicleer
third. .Nj time. Mutuals paid $10.
The t" lowing are the entries and
weights for today's races:
y'lr.t liice. Ono mile, Gov. Bate
(105), Wandott CMf (10h), John
Alexa;ide; (105), B b Ki-hi r (K'8), Jos
Lodge (105), Revenue. (11H), Hattie -C.
(l(tt), Anuawan (108) Lewel.ark
(108 )
Scond Vi'uct'. One m'lo and one
eighth. H;ihK insr (118), Hopei'a e
(107). Hilarity (1 15), Red Stone ( MM),
Joquita (100), Exile (108), Tartar
(Uti) I'unk . (li7).
Third Aii. Th's Kenwoid rtak s,
fiye-eighihs of a mi.e, Wallace (105),
Vinseant (105). Bin Bowman (lO'i),
Rigtitawav (105), Pendennis ( 105),
Lar.lo (111), Dodfs'.o (110, htsve
Jerrini (110), Janbert (110), Cery
(113, Jim tiire (113), Duke o! Bour
bon (llo-, Lombard (102 Poteen
Fnurth Hurt. One mile, sa ne con
ditions as tiret race. Mamie Hunt
(lfii1, King Bob (KM, Sr Joseph
(IIP, Anna P.ron (113), St. John R
(liM, Porter Ashe (117l, Ada D (10n,
Srotish I.a'S (ll'Ot.
! ',ih y.W. - One o;l). Ee'conf-li-1,1
(1J0', Lh:-.im117). Jim Do g
las (120).
.Miiimioiiih fHrli It iem.
Mosmh'th Park, X. J, July .".
Firrt Ktce Three-qiiaiters cf a mi'e.
P.mMse wen bv to Inuthe; Litt e
Minch second, bhfektroy third.
Time 1:15J.
Stcund y.'iice. Indep?ude nee s:akcs
for two year eld, th'ee-qnariers of a
mile. Lake Jkve won by half a
length; Agnes feroud, B.'fs'e June
tcird. Time-1 : 1 5 .
Third Jiiu-e Fonith of July handi
cap, one mi:e. tjdanty wou d.v one
length and a half; Banana second, Joe
Ccttrn third. Time 1:43.
Fourth A'aoc Lorillard stakes for
tbrfo veer olds, one mile and one
half. Inspiration won by ale gth
end a baf; Q'ito eecond, Winfred
Tlmrndyke thiid.
Fi)th Kace. Handicap, one mile
and one- ourth. Favor won by six
lengths: I'ltinutum se?ond, Ponlose
third. Time 2:13.
Siith llace. Sallirg ra-)e, seven
eighths cf mile. Mies Daly won by
a lei.g h; Witoli second, Muike third.
Time 1 :31.
S'-enth AW, Handicap steeple
cha'ie, free course, Abraham' '.in;
Major Pickett second, Pat . mis
third. ' ime 5:11.
Brighton Brnrh Hurra.
Brighton KsAtn, N. Y., July 5.
Firtt Rate. Vol two year 0M9; three
quaiters of a milo. Alrod won by a
neok; Magyar lecond, Bellona third.
Time l:17i.
Second Ra e. Forimaiden three year
o:ds;eelling allowancep. iteie v. woo
by half a length;. Virgilia tecond,
Thscdora third. Tl
ime 1:33J.
Third Race. For kll ai;es; selling al-
lowances; one mile,
Cnanlilly won
by a short head
Montague second,
Harolina third. Time 1 :45,
Fourth Rare. Selling race, one mile.
Rd Buck won by three lengths;
Wcael second, Harry Ro:e thiid.
Time 1 :45.
Fifth AW. Selliplt race, one 111'le.
Bonnie S. won by a length; Kensing
ton second, Ascoli third. Time l:43i
Sixth Rare. The Independent e
stakes, for all agea; mile and a quar
ter. Hartford won by a head: Santa
Claussicond, Olive.te third. Time
And Tbelr Attitude on the Liquor
Boston, Maps., July 5 A State
conference cf Mataichueetts Republ
cans is called fir Monday next to d s
cuss the at'itude .which tbe Republi
can party should be asked to
maintain with - reference to the
temperance question and to consider
the propriety of sending delegates to
the National Anti Saloon Convention,
called at Chicago. Tbe call, which is
signed by a large number of the
roost piominent Republicans in
tbe State, approves cf the resslutions
adopted by the New Jersey Republican
conference ol May 20th, and the Ver
mont Republican State Convention of
Jone 0th, which call upon the Re
publican party to "take a positive and
nronounced attitude of uncompromis
ing hostilit to Ue orgar
ized power cf the liquor
selling interest of the country,
to everywhere reject all overtures fur
an open or eecret alliance with it, and
to lavor and promote all practical
measures for the ref trie ion of the
liqtinr traffic within tko narrowest
limits end for the enforcement of all
laws i.;r the suppression of the sa
lons s."
DlnnMlKlifil Fnilillern.
riTTfiii'iid, Pa, July 5. The piid
dbrs employed at Everson's rolling
mill at Sco tsdnle, Pa., have refused to
ratuin to work tomorrow unless tbe
firm grant tho amalgamated scale.
The pu.ld'er.s are non-union men, but
demand union waui s.
Ltwmoiio s perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpino Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's perfume, Marcbal Niel
Another lll'xiilr flflil In Ilnwaii
C luuly, lir.
Livisvii.i.k, Ky , July 5. A Courier
Jii'innd special iavs: Another blm.dy
chapter in fie Rowan county funional
war was added t lny,"m tho at en.pt
to kill the whole She r ff'spoe. Giv.
Knott has baen telegrapnnd to icnd
tro 1 s ti Row.aii cnuniy atorcr, where
all is f 'nr and e.' i:e;'.enl.
( hiili rn In Aiixlrlii.
Viksna, July 5. Cholera has ap
peared lit Fin iiie, ai d tho j ecple cf
Croatia sra panic .itricl e 1.
MttMPira, Tnsw., July 'I, lsi.
WE, tha Kxiiiiiininir Cuininitted, Imfo
niA'to a truir iikIi exiiininiiliiin n tho
hiiokK, huiinw.iiml nnetii of tho IHiill t'Hy
litMiirMii'w ( iiiMr , hii'1 Gnd tho .nine
in a ....rroot. llt-tlVfl llTlll .lltl ff UlltOt V rolltti-
ti' n, 11 rul roninmen i that a cmli divulend (if
frlv.ivr avail, builemu'eii out 01 too net
eurniriRS of tbe mi"t ix nioiitln.
.1. Y. fRANK,
K.inniinintr C'nmMilttce.
Io the Hoard of Directiiri of the liluB City
Iinumncu Company.
Okick oPTiir. Bi.en t'iTy iKaeaancr fo.,1
Aieiniitns. Teun., Jul5, 1MB j
M-At a .ii.rial meotii k of the Hoard of Di
rcjt .ri of tills Compan., held Ihi. day, a
ranh dividend of FIVK PKtC CENT, wai de
clared, payable on ilnmand.
1 1 M'iORB, Herrotnry.
Union aD Pl.ktkhs B.nk lie Mkmpiiih,
Moiuphi-. Tenn., July 1 HK (
rpHR Dlrnrtnrr thin eay ilooUred a rl
J. Ft i-nt lnvldeiul, to ho raid on
d' mnud out of the earning, of 'he pat til
monlh. y. KK "aihier.
TUERK will be a meeting ol tho member,
ol the lenn" fie Clu'i, to r on aider the
report of tho ilu'ld nir Ceintnittee XLKti
KA Y, July lUh. at s o'clock p.m.
JJy oidor ol the ll.ir rninu Committee.
it. II. Ll'NNlNOH AM, Secretary.
a HtnuiEit Tun
I. a question tint ran he eaily an.werod al
ter an eiarmnnti'in of 'tie eleiiant Illuf ir.Ud
Uu.de to Die re.orM of Mmne.nraand Da
kota, which ia now being tublrnd by the
3t. faul. Mioneitp'illa and vlanitoha Hall
way Bent free on receipt of two cent .lamp,
"ddrem O. 11. WARRKN,
Ueneral Pasenger Asent, Sr. PavL, Mink,
SKKLY Yesterday morn'nii at 7 o' 'ock,
at the fam'ly renidence, near lierinan!..wn,
Tonn., aired einhiy-one ynrt, Mr. .Ianh
l'lKs Niai v, wife n Mn'fi Ne. ly and
uii'tbcr of J. 0. and 11. M. Neelr.ot Veui
I'hia. Funeral Fcrviicn at tho reaidou.'e tbi
(Tl'ESDAY) nt 12 o'clock, after wbi -li the
remains will be interred in the cemetery at
Mount Moriah t'hur.-h.
LOW At Ss'.i!it""y, Tenn.,on Sunday,
July 4, ISS'i, at 4:IH in., alter an illne- of
.! rhiecn e-.ontS.. K. K l,.iw.
TAKES l'l.K Il
.p-Vell aware are we that 'tit lato in the
eaaon. therelor do we leavon your antici
pation, by otTcrlnt still greater induce
ment.. LIST, OH, LIST I
.1 (ral bum a fine MISSUS' CORSET
worth ll.tv.
3S Ont bur. a bunch of handnome OS
TRICH Tll'J, a In bunch- all color..
IOOO fine Milao and Fancy bTRAW HATS
at Kt renin encli.
at 0 rents .pray.
At 50c! Atl! At $2!
Complete Dre.i Pattern, and short leniith'
of Dre.i Uood. and Silk, worth three, four
and five time, the consideration.
About twenty-live nf tbli lot. They will
to, and so quick at tbii price
10,000 Yards of Fine Laces
In wide, narrow and medium width.. Ori
ental, Spanish and Thread at lOr a yard.
These good, only at tlin price Tuesday,
Flotinclugs and Itomled Lrcoh.
The balance of our
Jerseys and Spring Wraps
doing for a ballad no, for a long. TUKS
DAY will be the only day on which the lael
ndy and fine ona-oan bo learned 01 enjoyed.
The finest quality Bilk-pure Bilk
In WhiU, Cream, Black and Tan
At CO Cents per Pair, Worth $1
New style. In our
Do not miss our great
Bargain Festival
Tuesday, .Tuly Cth.
WorkltiKincn's II. and L. AwHoclutloii.
TUB regular monthly meeting, for the pay
ment of duo. and the loan of money, will
be held this (TUKhilAV) evening, July lith,
at 8 o'clock, at Secretary's nllice, 2VH Main
street. Fine, acorue thereafter. Second Se
ries paid in full. New .cries oponod.
N. W. SPKERS, Jit.. President.
T. II. Ric, Secretary
Grand Army of the Republic.
THE (Jrand Army ol the Ropnblin will
meet llii. (TUESDAY) night at It o'clock
at "'il Second street.
Ily o-der W. J. SMITH, P. C.
M. T. Wii.i.Umhon, Acting Adjutant.
Dissolution Notice.
Mkmpiiih, Tknv., July il, Is'.
THE cftpart.Tiernhip lierclolcrc exinlui; lio
tweon .M. K. I'r.ut mi l .1. ,M. Mmilli un
iler tlio.lyle of I'll A f T UIN CO , i. this day
ilisiuiiod by limitation, J. M. Sin i i h iissum
iug tbo payment of all liiihiliiies, nn.i ia
at. me authi'rir.od lit collect nil debts duo Iho
linn, nod will cnntitiu" thn hiinine.. und..r
tho name and stylo ol PRAT I' DIN Co.,
his owu account. J. 1. SMITH.
M. K. I'KVf l'.
l ilt. X WKjSH SaVlIa.VlHv",
" .h.IitII1p. 'I'fiiti Hcul Southern
Homo lor Uirls. ;i .O ilit this yenr. A ii'.n
sc'turian schiiiil. Piitrnriij'.eil by umn of lib
er, il inindu in all I'hiiri'ln'K. I nsiirpuHpod in
Music, Art and Luiii-nngr.. 1'or C.il iba-uo
ddre's : W '"
TjOR tho Irish Ho ne Hul. Picnic will be
J. s.ild nt tbo Kiiiiihta of 1 n j i j ia i I II ill,
1'i.rnnr of faeend mid .K.fliTi.iin Hlre- t'',
'I liurMlfiy inulit in at. Him Hill iii
Mfniif, at H o'ol'ick, to tbe highest .o.d be.it
HlIE firm ofdKHILI. HttO I'll EUS 4 OO.
.1 is this day ili?solvcit bv limitul ion. 'J'bo
surviving partner", EDMt'N 1) OKI I I.L nod
JOHN T W I LI. INS, have Haaiciiin with
tbein FREUER1UR OHO ILL, und will c. n
tinue tbo bimine. under the old firm nuuie
Memphis, Tonn., June 1, lih".
have an interest in the profits '-(' our busi
ness troni this date, July 1, IHS I.
Vli. It. L. LASKI,
FbTsiclan, Snriroon and Arcnnclinr.
3 lit Mali relrt, .'nr Union.
Telephone No. W.
HOLDERS of M. sonic Temple Ilond wil
prosent their July Coupmis nt Kir.
National llank of Memphis for pay men
when due.
By order D. P. HA UDEN, President.
Dun K. Pnicg. Secretary.
linlghl or Honor I'lririr ( oniiiill
Iftesi. TUB Kiecutive and sobcominittees of our
late celebration will meet at mir hall
TUE - DA Y KVKNINJ,Julyth, lit "o'clock,
to make settlement and final report. Ry
order ol Chairman
Stockholders' Meelin
NOTICE Is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stuckhuli'ers of tho
Memphis and Southeastern Raiirnad Com
pany will he held at Ihe office of tho Kansas
City, hprin.field and Memilw. lU'lroad
( pmoany, M Madison street, 'taxing Dlstriet
of Hbelby oounty (eoinmonly known as Mnm
phls) In the Slate of Tennessee, at In o'clock
a in , July 7, lowl, for the purpose ot electing
Director! and for the transaciion ol such
other business a may properly come beloro
the meeting.
' J. B. f obd, Sec'y.
Tho Croam of Tartar mi in DR. PRICIS'S
CREAM BAKINd POWDER in tho pnnvt, in tho
world. Tho crystal arc from Iho finost (Urapos, im
portod dirtrt irom tho vineyardu of Franco.
Waxhinuton, K C, April 2, 1SR5.
Jiavc a natural the Cream of Tartar val in, Dr.
Price's liakina J'oinhr, and find it of the h'mlmt Jtyrca
,,f imritu PETER COUfEH.
' ' ' Chief Chemist for tho United States-Department of Agriculture.
Tho following, 1 loads of thoGroat Univorsit ios and '
Pnhlio Food Analysts, lind Dr. Prico'rt tho jxirost and
utrongost. Froo from Ammonia, froo from Li mo, froo
from Alum, and recommend U uso in ovory family.
IVrsorKili'iilitiiictlir'tnitlifiiliii' nf tliln run wrilo nnv of tlu Clu'itiisN iiiuui'il:
fmf. li. OUDKV nOUKMUS. M. !.. I..
l'ruf. II. O. Will i K, NuUiCliomist, I'liivcrslly I
l'r..r It IV KKDZIb. I.iilti rifNiilfiit, Statu Hoiin
l'mf. II. M. iSCIIW' r I'.n, Ariuiviioiii iii'iuist, mi, i,oiih, au.
l'ruf. ('IIAHLlvS K. DWKilll, Aimlvtlral Cliciuist, Wliwliiig, W. ViU
l'mf. .lAMl'.H V. ItAIKHtCK, Slut Assiiwr, lliistun, Mils.
Dr. K.I. IAS II. ItAKTl.KY, II. H., fluuniV.!. In llm lh pttif Ilnilth, Knxiklyn, X. .
l'ruf. Cint TlS C. IIOWAUlr, M. Sc.; WuiHn Mcilliul Ciillfiji', Coluiiibua, Oliio.
l'ruf. M. lKUKONT.MK, Aimlytinil Cliciuist, Clilnw. III.
l'mf. II. S. li. 1'ATON. l,iilo'lii-iiilst lli-iillli Di'iiiirtiiii'iil, Cliiniirn, 11L
l'mf. JOHN M. OKI WAY, Mush. Inititiit.uit Twliiitiliury. Itoitim.
l'ruf. II. A. WITTUAUS. A, M., M. 1., University ot Uuil'uin, N. Y,
l'ruf. A.ll.SAIIIM Nnt. Iii'iuist, Urn Huston, Yt.
l'ruf. JOlS HOllI.ANDKIt, Jr., A. M., M. 1., l'mf, Clwmlstry ami Toxlnolonr,
t'lillriro Mi'ilii'lnnniiil Siirp'ry, Ciiii'lnniitl, O.
Profs. Al'S'l'p"N.iVlliltKlt,l.fs.Clii'itilslry.ltiit'rinlli'pvXi'wllninsw
l'rut. (IKOUtiK H. H.UUiJiK, l'rot. t'Uumlblry University of lViiiisylvimii, 1'liil-
Tnif. rETKit'cl l llKR Tlilcf Thwulst for Uio UnlUtl SluU-s Dt-piirtmcnt of Agrl-
nillun. WnslilncliMi, I). O. ... . . '
I'rofn. llRYSItlOK, 1'pufs.rin'inlstry, Ontario School I'liiinnnfy.Toronlo.Ciiiiiula.
llr. JAMKS AI.ItltKt'u r. CliimWt lit llm UulM HUiUe Mint. Now Orloiins, m.
l'mf K1M1AK KVK.KUAItT, l'mf. Chi-mlstry, Unlwrslty of Tcxiis, A ustin, TtyuU.
l'mf K W IllUiAKU i'nil' Oliimilstry Uulvorslty Cul'Toinlm lk'rkuloy, Qui.
OFFICE-Kuum 1 (new) Cotton Exohang Uoildlng. Tcloiihone 695.
Norlh Rrltl.h Mini Sfer." rq-lnblf nf Nihwlll....f l7,a
ci-nlll (nearly) 815. OOO. OOO Hsiomvllla or Knolll .. lr)3,eS
Hralrbnleriif It.a tork I.Mii.nrl I 1'lioenla of llrMkly n (Ma-
Unloaor t'alilurulit I,I4S,UI rlne Department).. 4,10,4SS
Amrrloa Nnrety 'oni)Hay, Mnklnic Bonds of Bnrelyahlp.
All classes of property Insured. Pieeliil Attention given to Insuring Country SlorasC
New York Life Insurance Go.
ASSETS : . : $06,800,000. V
Typographical Union Picnic!
TUESDAY. : : : : : .IUI-iY , 1880.
Arnold'a Full I3nnl,
!!" A Hold llo.del O.ne will tie voted to f lio most popular candidate ,.,,.
or A beuutitul Mold Cuuiiiosing Ktlck will be awarded the most graceful girl Waltier un
der 10. iTA tiilverOim fur the best Marksman.
Cnnh IMil.TiW T.2
Sight exchange 81
1 :l7!i,M 3.1
tuans ami discounts il,,V,l 4
Iliinkinghiiiiso furnlturo and tlx-
turns 27,iilin IK)
()ticr rcil tiite ..i i
blocks and b.inil l'.'.'.fi'J ii
..tl,:".l,..il HI
I, Cilnnril Uoliliiillli. 'ulsl-r or llio J'rmiiu llnhh, li aolcinsily sacar
Hint list nlmwB hihK iiK'iil In forrwl
IIIW tUH 4JOI.li! HI I I II , 4'iixlilrr.
Sworn to and siihscribod bofoie me lliia J uno imj ., . ,. , ,.
HUNHDON t AUY, Notary Public.
Wn, thn on.lnr.iirnmt, Inn ing cnrilully oxiiiuinc 1 the Hooka, AncminU, Hills and I'nsh f
Ihn ill.ll.MAN HANK, n-imrt ilin iilmvn t itcuicn' correct nnd satinlm'tiry. We rocom
ini.nd Unit .i Ciidi ilivi.li'iiil of Sovon und nc li ll(7'.il I'nr Cent.. I il'-lnrcl out ollliei
enrnina. ol Ihe punt nix months, -inil Unit tho lurlho.r -uni i f -'"ni (.-il nt .iml onrninit Ita
ml niiilo lor Uontiiigcnt l-'und. i.Ul' IS H AN U 1.1. ,
11 il. (I ll. V hh.
Jnil.N I' KIM.-.T,
j . r. fKi'in,
Mciii.in.. Ti" v.. .lot 1. I"''. I' vi mi on. r fommittce.
Orcmiixet 1
Oimh on hand and in bank J 27, I'M 1W
IJIli.-o llxturcn , 111 1 I'"
Hills disnounled -H,t)) 'i
jlomls and iiivostiuunta (market
,aluo) tW.'.'IU 20
aim ir.i 7n
i-We. tho iindorsigncd Coinni'llne. hereby ccrtit" thit wn h :vn evi mncl ili i al va
stiitnment, and Cash, Hills and Investments, and lh.. I .limn all c irr..c uin riin ':"''
Werc oiniiiend that the sum ol XAX., from tho tarniuns of loit six remit h-. oo cro.lr.e t t
Soroliis I'un l. N AI'UI.I-.'IN "II. .
l?.T. IIaI'iIKN, IV.-ld.nt. (i . M N DV Lit kLll.
KWU. unl.DSMlTH. Vice-l're.ident. M.UUIN, ,
IA1 NATHAN, rhmler. '' """nt
Dry Goods, Notions,
Nos. 320 and 329 Main St., Memphis, Tonn.
0lr,whlohweotlertotheTrade upon the most favorable terms. Onr prieai
will oompar favorably with those of any market in the tinned outes. We are AgenU for
TeunPHHoe Munuructnrlng Co.'a Tlulils, lrllli, Sliciitlii?, Shlrtluy, Et,
Tjl-UVriVrOTSr ri a-. XaTPI.
U I)., ItiMli'Vliii.Miilii'iil ( nlli'm1, iNOW XoU.
r Ciiiioi;!. At hiis. till.
i ltimril of lli'iiltli, Lansing, Midi.
rni.itiii stock rrf).iHi no
Surplus fund IIO.(SK) mi
t :v.m,oim oo
Nil profits past six
tilhs 2ii,?l 111
l'roiils iireviously un
diviilml 1.1111 40
21,1 ',(
l,.iii,:i!'T Hi
uno mux
July. lOUH.
l" KI'S1.KSS, .U'.B-' UO,
i.i .i: i in i: .
l'rt.fitH (m l ii month')..
Vunil for til
Dtpi nils
t -j i r'(i rt
" l, ii. ln
, J, K'l n
i,"' 71
1 1.'. l'-l 7t

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