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Steady Development of a foontrj
Which (.rows More and More In
Titlor Iter Tear,
IcuimcspoXDixn or thi arraaL.I
Mokti.om ns. y Wiiitk grmiui Fi-aixi.a,
MoKTUUMKIIV CiUMt, Va., July 3.
Your correspondent caunta himself
fcappy, alter a gtiltry lonrnoy tliroumi
tbe cotton Hate, to reach this doMeht
fill lesort, mhetc each morning wo are
Tfe'ed by the arrival ci tne aitkai.,
.bich is a wrlt'oms isitor lii'r?.
siiiinB as we do Iram tbe grmt Mia
Jstipi i Val'cy, we find mnun here in
lologieal c.ntrmt to arrest and pos
m tie traveler, wlio e na'ure with
lavish rnuaili :ence bus toniribuk'd a
picst'se o( wealth io soil, ilitnatu and
agiicul ural . refourcm a'most bByond
compntut on. Yisthedaol ore are yet
beinii dev. Icppd, and no county in ihe
State in s been eo canf roualy supplied
wi'li in nernl water as thir,witb Bpringi
adapted to almost every variety of
buu-un disease. Tbrouithout our
recent toar of the fcouth we
weie ruuc'i pleased to note the
marvelous development and projjnsg
inii leiit to the extenaion of numeroiH
new lines of railway, and tho rapii ad
vancement tliie set'lion of tie I'niou
iimakiig in praiitital idias, run Urn
app'oprinte the appi'llttion of "New
Boutb," now in comuioa iisejr Mi lu
pine, Clia'tu.orK and Knuvilli"
astninl a' in.n ed with n re v life intl
rpirit, and tli-i fuitoiirs and imliHtriil
Lt('r( rims Unit aie p kji'iik upte
B;eulc Vtf the run tf i eure ii'id pun
peiiiy li?K'in tidhino in ail it illtil
pro upon iliig linppy m-i: i in of
"Untie H ij'i" d inia;n. At ro point of
our juirmy w ere we n.ore iiiiirtseil
with tliat matt" a! grovt:i ami Ihi.hi
lifW tnerv than yonr own beau
tif.il nielroitt lip, wi ll litr niaj
niliwnt i irl, c build r.", modem
mi le rices and hnii'lfo'i e new betel,
wh'ch pioi'Uimi'J tl at Memphis waj
keepi"ir itp w th the lnouiRMve
spirit of t'ie ti nep, and et'tiaing that
graud disiny Hinting the conim rciel
renters of tlnountry guirantecd by
her many rntiral advant'KR. An
other marked ft a'urec f proureis is tbe
steady tide of immigration the", his set
In to tbe 8juth, anl unlo-s tbe North
Ireiuat) p'ny tumps htr ne'ghbor
will take the tricks. Tue grouudiof
this charming retort are looking un
usually attractive th e season, and the
xijuia te cciuticatim of rnoon'an,
meadow and atreiin prtsenta a pan
orama wbich appea's to tbe imagina
tion with voiceltns elninenre. The
mere rnent on of tbe name of Moot
tomerr Whit kindlis a Tola re
of hallowoj memoriia with
its thousand! of po loin and itvivra
with a sabtle Insp ration happy boar
that cling like tbe haunting tones of
some late melody. Here beneath the
romantic abadea of tbe silver miplea
that gracsfully o'erarch tbe graveled
walksa picture too lovely to paint
lovers aro wont to alt and dia.ust
dreams of tie happy dnjs to come.
The isolation of the cottages here is a
pleasing feature of the place to these
desiring that quiet ropose and retreat
that is realirm here io a homelike de
gree, resembling in architecture, in
finished urronndiOKi and interior
comforts andelaucf s, the patterns
we find along the f nnoua beaches cf the
Atlantic const Here one is do', bound
by those restr'cting conventionalities
that prevail at hirutica and Newport,
but bnvlng defied the fetters of busi
ness enjoys tht freedom of ac'.ionand
of dress and ro-tful re-creation from
which he mwirea int j the cheerful
realms of health. A near and favorite
retreat for thoao who love t) commune
with nature "far from the madding
rr jwti, is Liver a Loup, in t he deep
ebades of the mountain, where the
merry warbleis lend the'r tongs of
toy and exultation to ramblins loverx:
and among thei e nature's songH'er we
find the famons wood thrush, whose
no es ot raio swcftucsa ami melody
di(tin)ruiih this bird as the "pilma
donna" of tho Amercaa forett. In
tbe near distance looms tho celebrated
tSi't Pond mountain and Ita'd Knob
(ttlOO feet nhove the levd of
the lea), wh.sa Imperial ptaks
ieir tneir lofty heads in
Tare and unions ccmhinatioiis
Here the eye rar -s over par s of live
Utatse, ana a bouii'lleas aucceHHlon of
trrac?d mountnins prevents a scene
ot surpassing beaut r and srtamleur.
The ahirv of the noetic sunfo's hra
has become histmie, and tho epactator
from these ctlestial battlements gar.es
wim mute rapture upon the weatern
iior ini radiant with the blue and g ild
oi a goigeous ocunient.
Already the ai rivals heie are sulli
cient to coneti'u'e a pleaaaut company
and by the number of rooms ansainv
thus early a brillimit eeason IsHH iir'd.
HKI.EX t, A Ilk.
An lalrrrklluic Nrrlr of Itnrei llo-
laeea axtritl llorsra.
Ihpicui, to thb arpAL.
HaiiNa, Ahk , July Tl Today has
been a ga'a day for Helena. The
latpt crowd that tver essemblel at
any public gathering were in attend
ance at the ground c f the Helena As
eociaiion and a senea of veiv interest
ing racea wore on the programme.
Firil li'ice. Mile beam, three in
five, f ur ei t i e, free for nil. H'n
KoeenthHl'd Hlack Wa-b, K. Itert .n's
Lady Mar, J. O. Remleit's Kangor
and S U. Tippin'o unki own. The race
was wnn by Black Wmu in tbrce
traight heats.
Srvtrnd AW. Mile lieafR, two boat
in ihree, hnir entr e: T. W. Kfe-e's
Kl iaJaue, Lawren'e Alderman, Leon
Hetton's Star and Hurry diuuiller's
C'all e, The race was wvh by Kliza
Jane in twoetraight IipbIr.
The third and fourth racca were
running on(.S) both ( f wbich were wan
by Co tiiil.
Ua'eball, athletio rpirtp, f..;t rncrs
and hurJle racis were aleo on tbe pro
gramme. The coroner's jury that held nn in
fluett over the body of S. 1. tiilhert,
the declared cxjirees meeienger who
died sudden'y Saturday night, re
turned a vtrdict to the efl.ct that he
met bis death Irom the accidentpl ad
minittering of an overdose of chloro
form. The Deiuimd for Labor l.rclnlnilon.
Washinoton, July 3 -The head
qnarteis of tbe Nutional Legiaht ve
Commi t c of the Knighti cf Lbor
in this city is being 11 oded with peti
tions froaa local assemblies to be pres-
cu.uj iu tuuiirtBn, urging action upon
tbe measire name! in ihn recent liu.s
anbmit ed by the National Oc nimittee.
Pttitions reieivod todny bore about
SO.COJ signatures in t'ie aggregate.
These pftitions re alike in lorm,
having been prin'el and dintributed
to the local assemblies f r s gnatu o
but many of them are aic impanied
by letteis of the rarst vigorous
fort. Italph Beaumon, Chairman of
the Legislative Commit'ce, declares
it to be the purpose cf the Knighta to
teet the lenae of Congresi on tbe eub-
jectrsmei, and to hod ont whether
the politicians mean to pass measures
for tbe relief of the people; and
whether tbe right of petition is to be
respected. Mr. Beaumont expects to
present to Congress withip a few days
petitions beancg at leaet 1,000,000
nuoaturee. i he papers Iromsoniecl
the Eastern States are eaid by tbe
local assemblies forwarding them to
bear the signatures of emir comma
nilies, not alone tlioo cf the Knights
oi Juahor.
Two Live l.onl HBI a Number of
IVmini Injured.
juu AGo, ji.i. , July 5. tire was
diHcovered in the rear of tho baeement
r f the restaurntof iiurckey & MiIbu,
Sos. 152 and 154 Kjnth Clark street,
by the watchman of Kohl & Middle
toii'd D.IH9 Moseuui about 4 o'clock
t'jiH siortiing and an alarm was imme
diately turned in. The fire raDidlv
commucica'ed with tbe elevator, and
by means of it spread to all licors of
tho budding in an incredibly short
time. The .smoke and ilaints rinhed
from the reir to t ie front an 1 wt-r
pouring out cf all tbe windows by
the time the department arrived on
the grounds. The second, third,
fourth and fifth fborsof the build'iige
era occupied by tne Benton Hotel.
whiih was fifed una) a cbean lodg
ing house. The upter lljors wee
former y used ns etoreioims. and were
converted into hotel apartment) by
frame partitions, nuking r veritable
fire trap, in wlii rh thirty live people
were sleeiiinL'. A vounv man iimneil
Chillis Snech, cf the Kiarnrnline
Company, ru-hed np the stAir-j aid
arouied as many as lie ci uld by
Bliojlina and iioumline on the doers.
lie waj very noon driven out ol the
hotel by tbe smoke and llaims. His
efhiita wtra re curded by leeing ten or
uitOi-n people loav.ng the lioiuo for
their lives. Ooo mm. cut olT from
tho ttairway, forced the skylight nid
Ciice cut on the rjof AnotLer tried
the front fira e.s ape from tho fcur.h
tlor;ho wai slightly burned abont
tie hoid. Anottur man es apod bv
iueu e eacapeanu came down throng
another building. It was nt first
illinium inai ten or uiteen peraona
nai ueanuu neato ilca'h, but a sub
eequent s a ch by the firemen re
. i . i . I.
veniBn iwo ucau uoiues. Xhey were
ooth men oi MirJd etou's, who hid
been aloeping fn tbeir bunks. Tnev
were found oa the II ior in the middle
of the ro-m on the fl 1 1 ft )or, and one
was uurneu beyond recog itinn. Nel
ther one had teen Identfled this
morning. In fight eg the flame four
nremen were badly burt. Jobn T,
l Ma ley, of the hoik and laddt
company, was aevfrily cut in the
abonlder by plate glue. The orlg'n
of the fire is a mystery, aa all fire in
we ranges was out. it is probably at
tributab.'e to tbe Fouith of July celo
oration. Ihe low to the reetaurant
owner is about ItKWO: fullv inmrnd.
The loss ti the ho el and building is
Uf by Cuaadia lor VIoUIIbs; lta
rlakerlM Lawa.
HiLiKAi, July 5 Tbe American
schooners, Ueorge W. Cuahlng and O
B. Harrington, were formally teized
yesterday afternoon at Snelburn hv
the captain of tbe Dominion cruiser
lerror.and handed over to ilia CJoiIbp.
tor of Custom", at that port, for viola
tion of customs laws. The O. B
1 Wrrlngtoa was ordered into the hands
of conataWes, who were placed in
charge ol her. The Cti-hingatill rides
at anchor alongside the Terror, but in
charge cf tbe Co. lector. Neither of
the three veesele sei.d at Shnlburn
(thoabovotwo and the City Point),
are charged with violating fldiory
laws, but simply seized for vi jlation ol
the custom laws, by coming to anchor
and allowing tbolr crews to go ashore
before reporting nt tbe custom house.
The Collector has t.legraphed to
(Utiwa for instructions and has re
cei od a reply to detain them and send
further paiticulars which he did and
Is now wailing the decision of
tho department es to the nnionnt
of Hue to be impo'ed in
the several cares Ospt. ij'tigley, of
the Tenor, lays be found tho visseU
under tho circumstances above stated
and the cap! ins of tbe seiuod veisols
admit Biii!h ti be the case hut siy tlipy
purchased no bait alt htm ill ths latter
two Intendud to do ro having learned
from several American papers thnt
they ware entitled ti do so. A Yai
motith iclionicr entered S1" llmnie
yistnnlav afternoon. Cant. ,.igley
ordered her liaiiia'.d per' ufrntryto
be painted on tho sum, wnicti was
immediately done.
Itnl.v'a l.im.iuu Nureraa.
L-min,,Iuv ;t. Mr. Daly's cim
ra v itv h neciil ma'lnee tidav of
VVi. Cuiitrtdirl, with Mies Kenan as
' 1'o.gy." Tbe porformance captured
t'ie andionca from tho tlrat lino ti
M if s Kidiim's clmnning delivery of the
old fudiioind epilogno. She received
threo onthusias ic recal's at the end
and retired amid braves. The Time,
referring to the perfor nanovs of old
comedies by Mr. Daly's comedians,
says they have cultiva'ed in a marvel
ous digree the fn-u ty of tranaporting
themselves f oin ore dramatic fort to
sneak to another. In their hands the
obsolete etagi devices of the last (cn
turr seem to acquire all their original
plauiihility and otlecttveness. In
thee old pieces Messis. Behan and
I.iwis arj humorbui of tho lirst order,
Miss K ihan, in lartinila', has nitylo
which is a 1 her own. It is marked
by peculiarities which are irreeiitably
NrolCa I iiiiiInIoii uf l"nre
Cul l.iver Oil. with hvn-nhoHDbitfH.
ainio t a ppiilii! fnr coiiiumnt on.
lheUiouHO'idsot ti stiinonin's we have
re eived Irom h ilh'rers wh have been
permnt eiitlv enrol bvScott'a l'.iiiiileinn
eatinfloi us that it w'i 1 cure consnnip
turn iu its cany and adevint i if
not cure In i s latter etiges.
The fourth m tJellyabiirK.
(iKTTVUHlHll. I'A . Jill .V Yoitar.
day nho'it IDDcirlo di of exenrs onista
came in over the dillo-ent r .mils, and
all day the S'lVtt lemlina tnltmm
Hancock whs thronirid. At the rc s
'inn in the Nt oual Cemete'V Chap
ain W. K. Knvres nreaehul from tint
tixt, "The 1, rl is With Va. In ttm
evening at t! o'clock there wsa a d ess
panile revieai'l bv (Jen Kiekli u an. I
the ollicera cf 1! i,y C.Thir I United
Mitis Artillerv. Tbe ba tery, under
command of Brevet Gen. K. K. Wer
ner, has hem here in camp reveral
dnys attending the reunion of the
Third corps and will leava todnv. Ti
Grand Army cf the Komihlic Cava ry
post of rtmnd-lphia reached h-re la t
night, having nude the march in three
is BtMovan bv thi ess of oocoasma,
And it etimnlates and promote the
growtb of tbe hair.
Barrett's Flavoring Extracts are tbe
St. Loals Uonge of Delegates How
Certain Corporations Influenced
St. Loci i, Mo., July 5. Chsrg-s of
corruption and bribery, fraod and un
lawful legisla'ion (gains', the munici
pal Hcnse cf Dclegites are becoming
numerous. The cbarKO that twelve of
munbera of the Heine were Ineligible
to ollice when elected bos been par
tially inhsMntiated; thnt tho knowl
edge of this fuit by parsons inteio-tod
iarai road legis'ation has bean iiml
by them to inlluence Ihe members has
been proved, and today chsiges of
open bribery are made, and tbe liniub-
liran tbis mcrning stat' s that a psrron
who speaks whereof ho knows will
testify before the grand jury tbat the
peerage of the Forest I'a'k and Car.in
delet street railaay b 11 wis eflected
by tbe m iet oi;en use cf money. He
will testify, tho paper says, as follows:
'I know that money was UH--d to pro
cure the paaeage of tbis bill so far, at
least, ns tbe statement of the man
who paid tbe money cm go to prove
the asteition. I have heard that one
of the muiibc s (fllielljiuo was
talking about having paid money to
the Ufibond Committee for reporting
tho b 11. Ei Butler, a member of the
Hius, came into my ofllce ono
day, and af er a nie cusuel cb:erva-
tion r quested ;r rntber iiit ruateil
to me tiiat it wou'd be a friendlv act
to got this duligati to quit talking,
and, as bo Dir. it. to kein his moutti
ehut. I wai the gent'eiuan. and nfit r
veiy few prdlim'na'iep. he t ild nm
that he bad p rid 11 MX) t J the lUiliojd
tiommitl'e oi the Homo of Djletat 8
to repor; tbe Fo o-t Bark nn t Caron
iblet railrcn 1 bill, and lie didn't euro
who knew it, f,r the persons w ho bud
taken this money hal gjiie back on
liim on aioilmr occ s'oa subsequent-
1. II.. .1 :u..l . i- .!. ..
iiuuiBtnuru w iiibih llriail ll:o
tiinsac'iop. Idulnotisk him fr.im
wlint sourco tbis money came, because
i nau no uouut, ol it In my own mind.
It is also stated that $1000 in cadi
and loOOO worth of stock was given to
a member ti icllneuce him to vcte
Hgainst the eltctrio railroad lull, and
that tbe prlvileiro of nuninir tba sta
tions along tbe route of that roal was
prqmised to aaotber for the same pur
r. p.
TODD, IEI 1114
trltlalaea lta Praeaodlncs of a Steel.
! by tba People of Hernando
KeHeellna; Ulna Navereljr.
To tba Editor! of tha Ajipeal:
Tbinity Schoolhousk, Miss , Jane
2:1. A mettiog of chizens was this
day held at tbis place, before whom
was lead tbe proceedings of what pur
posed to ba an indignation mee ing
of the citizens cf Hernando and vicin
ity, as well aa some lemarks by D. L.
McKonze to an Avalanche lopoiter,
and indorsed by (aid meetinir, all re
llecllr g upon F. P. J odd, and denounc
ing him as an unreliable man, undem
ocratic and unwcrlhy of confidence,
and characteiis ng this community as
' socially and moially the lowest clats
of c t'zens."
On million a committeo of five was
appointed to coneider tbe sc ion of
said meeting at UernanJo, namely:
L. A. Bunas, J. W. Bunai, I. B.
Bei'ey, W. M. R chardson and W. H.
Clark, and report auggtstirg luch ac
tion ni in their judgment shall be
light and proper. Tne committee re
ported ttie fullowing, which wasunan-
inimBiy adopte.l:
WiiaHKA", The Memphis Awdaneht
oi oune jinn coninns tho repoited
pioieedinis ol what was ralmd an
"iodignnti.n ineet ug' at Heraando,
denouncing F. P. Tdd and st gnntiz-
mg in b ciiminiipiry ai "dicial y and
marally iho loweet c'ass;" and where
as, it the said peoulo of Hernando did
not intend to c!o injustice t) any cne
they were misinfjimoJ, and should
hasten to make the amende honorable,
for their denunciation of Mr. Tcdd is
savige and their ilniiis auainst him
unt'iie. Ther was a meeiimr lul.l ru
t'aniiy rctiooiboiisu mid he
Mr. Todd's article Wiis read and ex
plaice), and win ind.,r-eJ bv evmv
mai tho e, at leaet tiny being pret-ent.
There was neither mlrreprt sent ition
nor fiaud about it, nor was thore niv
unlair means used to procure the a u-
nature of nanus. The author, F. p.
Todd, is not an impo-tor, nor uiiBcni
puU iis, nor untruthful, but he is nn
honest, truthful and co rrt nun.
Stunting isutghfof moral integrity
as any man wo know, his only
crime being that he s a nnnr.
iiulmtrioiiB farmer. W. R It h
b en mentioned as ono of the min i
procured by fraud, aid tho eommitten
oilers the following proof i lint the
charge is fu'se: ' I have known Mr.
Todd two years and I have never
known anvtbiiiL' eira nst liinrh arai't . r
I thi'.k Mr. Todd was juaiilled in usiog
my nsme. W. B. BarCee."
Virnoirrf, That a copy c f thesa nro-
ceodiniis he sei.t to the Memphis Ava
AincApand Memphis Aitkal with the
rquo t that they pml'Rti them as an
act it juetice to Mr. Todd and this
'ihe in -etirit ihn pdjonrnpd.
...... I-I1S STEWART, Chairman.
TAI.L hl'KWAKT, Boorelary.
Now, Mxesra. KJuorp. von bavptlia
proof btfore you that 1 have been
gro sly ni'srepreiptited by a few mei,
and that you have bten a lt.iehvtv
in yonr severe commetitp, iw d I mk
you, iu jus ice to me and ibis commu
n ty, to publish my defense, for be it
Known to you thut i is mh:Ii imoi n.
tho poor iit'mera of this cutty who
are styled by D, 1.. Mi Kmz e'aa an.
rally ami morally the bwest clas.
who nipvort you and till other pmfu--sioiis.
ThenioiHig nt Hernando it
dtsoiibi'd as larai aid eriihus aii.v
comprsed of the cil'r. ma of Hm indo
a id vii inity, to expiess initign ,ti in.
And ni what, fellow-cit isiih? At ium
and my ne gubors f or daring io give
cur reafona why we will not Blip
pirt J. B. M wan for CopgrBS8, r
have he'll told that the me ting at
Heinando did not excel lor y per
eons, and tberef re 1 do not include
any in my nmars bntihoewho
were at that nne ing and took part in
it. They loem to be backers of Judge
MoigMi, ns very slaves to t ini s weie
the neioea to their owners h fo e the
wr. Yi'iu solemn d.claiatioa th t
Juiigs Morgan has ever beeu loyal to
the Demociatic party is n t wrtha
nub in tbe face of facts to
the CJiiirary, and, if he is hon
estly Used by lis past rietorv,
ho will ii'itgtt, nor doe" he drB-rve,
the support ?f a single Democrat in
the dietr ct. They fay 1 cannot write,
but tbe trouble with them is that I
can write, and make my ma-ki loo.
I never P'goed any min'a name to the
article 1 publish d without his con
tent, and no man hue said tbat 1 did
and let his name be known. My
frienda have shown that tbe charges
against me are lake in every particu
lar, and. therefore the citizens of Htr
n ando who met to dec ounce me sbou'd
meet again and do me justice. I am
not a perroual enemy of Judge Mor
gan, but 1 exercise the right ol a free'
tM 11 n Ant a .1. t . i r nru. n klm
bicaiife he divided tbe Democracy of
tuts county, then he and Buchanan
be rayed tbe party, as hai been
proven, and his vote in congress
shows that be is sn enemy ti the peo
ple's best interest. Now, Mr. McKen
z e, as you are so ready, as you always
are, to denoutca a poor man, I am
glad to be able to prove all your
cbarges against me false, elanderous
and wiihout trutb. 1 hold fourteen
cart Ideates from citizens in this i')m
munity, and can get 114, if necessary,
g veo to me for pu'rliratioB. I give
two as a simple of tbe others.
Mb. Todd I have known you for
two years, and I wiph to say, ihst I
nevrr saw, knew, or heard of any tbing
agairst your character, and ter read
ing an a 'tide ii llie Aixdawhe de
nouncing you, I s'ate tint I know
that you were denounced unjustly in
tho worst form by a few citizens of
Hernando. I hir;dy state tint tho
cha-g8 brongbt aaamstyon are fa'so,
malicicus and inhutran. There was a
meeting hell at Trinity s hoilhocee
aid tho article for whim you were de
nounced was real mil indorsed by all
who woie present."
J. A. MILLER, M. I).
Mb. Todd. As I know that you
have fceBn inisrepieient;d by a 'few
cit'spn8 of Hfrnaiulo and one Do mid
Mi Ken.ie. I Le! it mv dutv ti siv 1 1
tlie puh'ic at lurjio tf at Mr. Todd has
hewn misrepresent d 1 htve known
him nine yearp, end I never heard
anything said aiainst bit cbarei ter.
There was a mats meetini; of tlie citi
zens nt Trinity 'pi ho dhmiHe, aid the
art e'e f r whiih you were denounced
vwis iea-1 acd i d used by everyone
there. You can use my un ne iu yiur
defense. j.. m. dhivkh
1 now challenge tin Blaves nt ller
nnndoa"d every hera elsa to bring
snyt iinir naaicst mv chaircter. Tli
farm- rs and pxir men o' Dcs .to coun
ty a'e desiriued by McKei z e and tho
ring meeting as socia l y en! morallv
the lowest c'asp, and it is time tbey
take fomrj stepi to put down the r
About s'xletn men met at Eudcra
and elected of tbeir own number s x
mm to go to Hernando as delega es
Tbis box it is slid, votes 500, and
the 484 staid at home, and by their
acts showed that thy were op pored ty
Morgan, and yet tbe six l.ttle fellowa
went to Hernando to denounce me and
swtar tbat the county is unanimous y
for Mo-gao. B other farmers cf Do
so'o let us rise and put down such at
tpmp's to injure and degrade ns. Pao
plecf Hernando, you are callid upon
to explain to the people of the county.
Why is it that you have tun together
to denounce and make war upon a
man because he dares to criticise the
acts of J. B. Morg an, and do your beet
to ruin him by elander and falsehood.
I now ask far a hearing in your col
umns, not only in the name of the
paople, but in tbe name of justice.
The f'rapa Promising; Terr Finely
Fatal Epidemic Amaai Cattle.
IcoBBXHPoaiiaNca or raa apriaL.I
Lonokk, Ahk., July 3. Farmers are
catching up with tbeir work, and
crops ate prorouaced very fine. Com
is equnl to the best prospects ever seen,
and cotton tbe fame, except that eomo
ay it is running too much to weed
and is toi full of sap. Opinion d Hers
on thip, but I incline to iho belief
that there is bo much weerl.nndua
lesB checked is will prove di-ostrous
in many crops, on rich land espeia'ly.
A great manv cat le are dwntHn
this vicinity, and s'eck owners are
panicky. Ono gentleman had two flue
H'lhteins down, but 1 have not hear!
from them. One farmer Irs' five fine
b.'ef C ittle in a week, while I hoar of
one ranch losing two or three a day
fir sever.l weeks pas.. Kome claim
tho duttbs to ba confined to stock
diivcn out ol the bo'tims cr thiopei
here since the grass pui up, and I ex
pect tba'. ii tho fact, as a'l thesicki.e-3
hat been.sifa'nalliave beard, arntuu'
such cat le. I thiuk Mr. Oclmaa had
better loud his cow corjner here, ai
the death rate was never equaled by
Tex?s fever. Itisagiod opening for
ihe department to solve a problem
unnh discussed here.
Prof. Mokes, of MemDhis. who has
been teaching dancing (or the pgtt two
weeks, gave as ires last eight wh'ch
WrS w-tll attended by his putrons who
expressed great satief .c ion Bt the io
suit i f his teachi.g He speaks of
Bpendingthe summer Lee and will
erganiz i another tession next week.
Ilia wife and t a?o daughters arrived
hut night.
Thore is likely to be a good deal of
building dme here this summer
Three Urge kilns of brick are nearly
ready for nse
Prof. Chs. Ludwig Von Seeger
Pntti-ttar nt Mrdirinr at iho Itnyal Cnieirnilv ;
hmtkl oflht linyal Awtrian Order of Iht Iron
trmcn; Knitiht t'ummamtrr of the Hoyal .Nian
ifh Ordtr of Jmli'lla; Knight ol the koyal
rrumnn irraer if tne r(i r.'ioff; I hevalter
of the Lrffion of onor, A're. , x.'rc, ssyn:
" i.ii.mu 'i.'s'tM iii:i:ptiinic
fli'iulil not be niiileiindoit weh the lionle
ol trimhr curo alli. Ii is in noaenneol the
wii'd a pstnt n tuedy. I nin ihormuhiy
O'liverRunt with it inmie of rreiuiratton.
And anew it to bo otonly a lefrttiumt phrtr
nmcnutienl pr iluot, but nli-o worihvnt Ihe
liicli cniiniiohcU iuii, it Imn r -feivedin ail
pirn of the aorlil It r ntionn eMirnee ol
Hoof, Cooi, Uuinine, Imn and Cal'"ra,
whi'h lire diMmlvnd in nure ironuinA Sinn.
iph iiniorini i rew n i-nerry.
Invniiiahlfi to till who are Run flown. Ner
vous, DyiHitic, llilioii,, Malnriima or af
lli.'lod wiih weak kidney, braarn ul
Her Majealw'a Fnvnrlle Coainellc
f(lf bv Iter Komi Uieltnrnn the Princent of
nnUi and Ihe nm ilitr. Fur tho Skin, Coin
i lfijion, Kiinai o, Cheeiiing, Kouhneta.
SI no. of driik-iiisK.
I.IKHKJ ilt.'H 4Jpiinlni Biyrnp ol
harnrlllM In (uaranteod aa the best
ariarilla in the market.
N !!" P? "l hhit wthi: t: t .
el. i 1I0LST & llUO."
(81 Tt I8SOR8 TO G. H. H0L8T a BBO.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL ai I complete stock of Wood and
MrUllioOases and OaskeU, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Bnrial Hobes always cn
hand. aariOrdera bt Ulerrach promptly
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In the form ol
Kigbt Sweats and Kervousneas, or ba a
acnie cf General Weariness and Loss ot
Appetite, should anggest tne use of Ayert
Sanaparilla. This preparation Is Dost
effective tor giving tone and strength
to tbe enfeebled aystcm, promoting; the
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing tbe nervous forces to tbclr norma)
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years apo my health began to fall.
I was troubled with a dialresiing Coogn.
Klglit Sweat, AVoakncsH, and Ncrvotw.
nens. I tried various rviuedie prescribed
by diflVrtut physicians, but heenmo no
weak thut I could not iro up stairs with
out etoppiiat to rest. Jly friends rccon
mended mo to try Ayer'a Kanaparllia,
whieb 1 did, mid 1 am now as bcullliv and
strong ns ever. Mrs. K. L. Williaina,
Alexandria, .Minn.
I have used Avcr'a Snrsaparllla, In m
family, for Herofttla. and know, if It (
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this turrihlediseasp. I havn nlan
prescribed it as a tunic, as well as mi alter
auvc, inui must say that I bouMlv believe
it to be tho bet blood mcdirme ever
compounded. w. V. Fowler, 1. D. 8.
M. 1)., (jirceuvillo, Tcnu.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would bo Impossible for me to de
scribe what I siitlercd front Indigestion
nml Ilcailuclio i to tlin time 1 hepin
Inking Ayer'a 8urKaiarilla. 1 was under
the euro of various phvMcfans mid tried
u great many kinds of medkines, but
never obtained more tlinn tut lorary re
lief. Afler takiiiL' Avi r'e Sarsniiarilla for
a mori nine, m;- l erdaelie ilisuppeared,
and my stoiniieb p ;foi ined ! 3 duties more
jieneeiiy. io-day my liealt.i is com-
pleteiv restored. Jlary llarky, Spring-
iieiii, .uas.
I have been greatly benefited by the
prompt use of Ayer'a Sai'saparilla. It
loucsaiKl Invigorates thcf.y.slein.reirulates
the action of the digestive and assimilalivo
oreans, and vl. ilizes Iho blood. It Is,
without doubt, tho most reliable blood
purifier yet discovered. II. I). Johnson,
rixi Ati !,....... i 1. 1.... '
Ayers Sarsaparilla,
by l)r. J. C. Ayer !t Co., Lowell, Mam
Prloo 1 : tlx liotllin, SS.
Fortj Tears a Sufferer from
, " FOR FORTY YEARS I have been a vlo
tim to CATARRH three-fonrtha of the time
a aafferer from EXCRUClATINrt Pa INS
TRILS, The discharge! were so offeniire
that I heaiiata to mention it, except lor the
ooo it may ao aome otner suserer. 1 nave
spent a jonni fortune from my earninaa
durins my forty years of rufferina to obtain
relief from the doctors. I have tried patent
medioines every on I eould learn of from
the four corners of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 yeara of age) have met
with a remedy that baa eared me entirely
made me a new man. I weighed 128 ponnds,
and now weigh 146. I used thirteen bottles
of the medicine, and the only regret I have
is, that being in the humble walks of lire I
may not have InBuenoe to prevail on all oa
tarrh sufferers to us what has cured me
Gulnn's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Second street, Macon, Ua."
" Mr. Henry Cheves, the writer of the
above, formerly of Crawford county, now of
Maoon. Ga.. merits tha ennftHAncA nf ail In.
terested in catarrh. W. A. II' FF,
"Ex-Mayor of Macon."
Guinn's rinneer Blood Kenewer.
Curea all Blood and Skin Diseases, Rheuma
tism. Scrolula, Old Sores. A perfeot Spring
II iwi in your market, it will be forwarded
on receipt of price. Small bottles, II, large,
frie"a7 00 B'00l SDJ 6k'n D',ea!0' mal,ed
' Mneon, Urorgln.
The Great Natural Blood Purifier,
Ao Iron Tonic free from Alcohol.
An Infallible llemcdr In
Dyspepsia, Llvor Complaints,
Chronic Diarrhoea, (iotiernl Debility,
Asthma, Female Complaints,
Erysipelas, all Skin Diseases,
Cholera Morbus,
Bots Eres, Nlplit Sweats,
Bilious Colic, Cuts, Bruises, Catarrh,
Ulcerous and Cnnoeroua A flections,
Itheiiiniillsm, Sciirvy,
Weakness from lllneis or Over-Work,
Loss of Appetite,
Sick lleniliii'he,
Pprafna, Tetter, etc., eto.
rorCl'i:r.S and I l lt l l f ICATliS
See free pamphlet.
aoi.it riinpHiirrrmg;
on-Kol(lent "o!lce.
No. rafi, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
bliclhy County, Tenn Louis A. lloehler
vs. Fannie Hoehler
It ai poHrina from hill which I" sworn to in
this rnUFO th it the riVtrmlnnt, Fannie lloeh
ler, is a non-resident of the State of Ten
ne!seo, and that bo- reniilencn is unknown :
It is therofoie ordered. That she make
her appearance herein, at the courthouse
ot Miulliy county, in Memphis, Tena., cs or
before trie first Mondiiy in Auiruat, IS nd
plead, answer or demur to Mini lun
ant's bill, or the ssuie will be'. e J for
confessed as to her end set for hs'.rit ) ex
riarte; and tbat a copy of this ordei e. ab
ished i nee a w ek, f r four sc revive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal, this 22d
day of June, Ids. A copy attost:
8. I. McDOWELL, Cierkaad Mute
By J. M- Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
T. B. Edgington Kol. for oompl'nt
Electric Belt Free
TO Introduce It and obtain aarenta we will
for the next sixty daye fie away, free
of charge, in each county in the V. . a lim
ited number of our Uerinaa UHlra taal
sanlo Ka.prBMry Hrlla. Price $f: a
Enttieandunfailinc cure for Nervous Da
ility, Varicocele, Emissions. Impoteney,
eto. aviO.il) Reward paid if every Belt we
manu'aoture does not generate a genuine
elecirio current. Address at once ELKC
TKIU BKLT AQE-NC1', P. ZQ. iBox im,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
B. J. Semmes & Co.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. It. (JOl) WIN, Pres'U J. M. GOOIHIAK, Yice-rres't, C. II. B.1INE, Casblei
3r3o.x-cl of X)li-eotoro
W. 8. BKUt'B, M. GAVIN,
jun aanimaau, u. i).
AST-A leuiMllOEw of the) Nf nt nf foil
rmmtM unit ts UriwlHl
FOUNDRI & MACHINE DEFT, IGOto 174 Adams St., MempMp
Iron anil
Kepalra. .rH-,..
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 22G and 228 Socond St.
(Successors in this lepartmont to JOHN MANOGOE.)
arWrite us for information on ANY THING in either line.
sew, afla bsjb. aj vuu m crx aaa spnawg n At,
Sicceesori to F0BTEB, TATLOB k COM
Cotton Factors
L. D. MULLIN8, of laU 3. R. Godwin Co.
Cotton Factors &Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor.
E IM Li I. C
op varo-TOr
AWSETN, : : : : :
Snrreniler Talnea Indorsed on Pol Idea.
In the World.
IVo. 2 foUon Esoliwuge Rnlldliig, npinplil-i.
Still in the market,
itipnt r
And Commission Merchants. Raj, Corn Outs, Bra a, Chop Feed, Oil-Meol,
Lion , Cement, Plaster, Baildlng and Fire Brlcit, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row. Memphis.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
IVo. (a Dlsaln SlrMU OnToaua Itlook.
II k H i I
-TERMS Cash, or easy Monthly Installments. Write for Illustrated Catalogue. -
No. BOO XafXAlaa. (St., IVIomplilaa, Teun,
n Ifll I'wlow Wtroet. Siaahvlllc. Wo. IIQil Olive Hreel, nt. Lenla,
And Commission Merchants,
If os, 34 and 3G Madison Street, Kempiilc
J. V.'. FALL8,
A ur wwaiw
ii.Mi. TrnnMAla ..i....'.. i .
tllontion Hi rollcrlle..n
Br Irou,
-C?wf " . V
.SKIieea Jbroi
.' - Jsfeaal - g'" Mopulleaj
JAS. YONGE, laU ol J. W. CaldwaU k Ot
Front and. Union, Memphis.
No Forfeiture. Cbeapeat
Ic fa. 233.1x1. ex.
with a fnll assort
New and

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