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The Fields Clear of Gram and Well
Vtltkfd-1h fVefklj Wieat
-' Suuiniarj.
Israelii, to tmi arriii..l
Moktuomiry, Ala., JnW 5 Maj.
C. J. CamilH'l), secretary of Ilio Mont
gomery Cct!fa Kxchengn, lini jtiHt rev
turned from an extended trip. South
Carolina, tieo'sia, North and Central
Alabama repoit the crtton crop in
jtrod condition morally, except in
Dio lowlacdi in fckiuh Carolina. Thny
are clean and e!l norkcd. Upland
plantfra in tirO'K'ia report 1 lie condi
tion roo.1. They only need a faw
days ti get rid of grata in a lew places,
from Koine to Selnia and Montgomery,
lie couti iters the ciop above the av
erage. Tbe condition of corn in (ieor
(ria ar.d South Carolina is splendid, in
A lab. ma poitions aio fair to good.
Yonng corn is not up to the standard,
bnt old corn Is doing well.
The Condition of lba Wheat Crop.
Cim-Aoo, III., July 5. The follow
ing crop summary will appear in this
week 'a issue of tbe Farmers' lirvUw:
The detailtd reports from tbo spring
wheat States, together with tbe actual
resnl'B from tbe winter wheat harvest
ing, in.l tt that (he rllicial estimate
of the probable yield will not be real
ir.ad. Tlie get vial injury to the cron in
Minnesota is already serious, wnilo
the average of the reports from Da
ko'a, Nebraska, Wiaconsin and Iowa
Jndicacthit many sfctions have felt
the High, and that the average ield
bas already been considerably ks
eaatd. Although an analysis of the
probable rrnp yield Ym not been at
temp'ed bv the Jlirinv, a study of
tluMieUiltd rtporlswh'cn have cov
ered evry cDiinty o( the Northwest
during the post time Wf eks, does not
give the promise of to ezcred 60,000,
000 burhels in excess of the final
, figures made by the government hmt
llutb the out and flax crop have suf
fered teverelr from the prolonged
drouth in;tho NorthwwUrn BUtes, and
tbe prospective yield of oats will be
short of an average yield per acre.
Kains in Ohio, Indiana and portions
of 1 l'nois haver delayed bat vesting
and caused same injury.
In twenty ieven counties of Illinois
which retu'n ri ports ai ti tho actual
results of the wneatharveit, the yield
bas vatied widely from five to eighteen
bushels to tho acre. The range of the
wheat yield is from eighteen to twenty
Keporta from eleven counties of
Minnesota indicate that the preccnt
whtat outlook docs not promise to
exceed one-half to three quarters of
an avtrage when the full effects of the
drouth have been felt. In Faribault,
Sberbain end Chippewa counties the
outlook ia declared to be unusually
pi or.
Tbe reports from Indiana show that
the wheat harvested is of excsllnnt
Soality, though the yield will fall
tort of an average crop.
The need ol rain for all the growing
crops is indicated through Wisconsin.
la Dakota the need ct rain is brgin
ning to be felt throughout tbe entire
Territory. In Higbee and Clay coun
ties tbe drouth In savore.
Rauaace to b Hop Crop.
Utii a, N. '., July 6. Sorlouj dum
ge ia being done to the hop crop of
Central New York by vermin, and the
blight known as hnney dew. Tho
hops are not yet in the blow, and the
full extent of tbe damage cannot yet
be told. The grower aicconaiderably
alarmed, and the price of old hops, of
which there are a good many in store,
has donbled within a month. .
av4 bjr NMtaonable Kalaa.
8t. Fan., Minn., July 5. Special
crop reports compiled for the Pimter
I'm state that the rain of Saturday
night ixtended ovor the northern por
tion of MinnMotaaod Dakota is far
sout'i is the Hastings and Dakota rail
mal. It insures a crop without lur
ther damage to the harvest. In Sou'li
ern Minnesota an i Hmi'hweetotn Di
tto's the weather is Intensely hut and
dry and tbp crops are drying up, but
toiiightthe indentions "are for ra'n
throughout tbe Northwest. Crops in
tbe latter sc ctions are already sei iously
injured by the drouth.
A Uloomjr Pronprrl far 'roe
Denth or Jo.riih Mitchell.
IcomiiiBroNDtKon or thi irri.. -Mavd,
Coi.hkrt Co., Ala.. July 6.
The crop outlcok in this section is tbe
gloomiest ever knoirn. We have
ben visited by rain and high waters
nearly all this month. Our creeks
have" been higher than have ron
known linee September, 1S75. Thi-re
bis been tut little faun wcrk doits in
this month. The bottom have liwn
Hooded, Hit lands drowned and rolling
lands bad y witsbe 1. Some rotten
crops are mtiro'y mined mid there is
talk of plami' g corn in the would be
citton lielde. Thy any they would
rattier risk cun phmtej ni'xt wefk
than what ij led them. Yesterday
and today are I'm and piouiiite farm
like weather, and we me taking rare
of our nmall cropa of oat, which is
better than e;u'd liave been expo.tej
two weeks iico, but we cantv t expect
more thin ht'f a nop ef cjru or
Joseph Mib-hel', who had been tick
cf pntutnonin for ueady nine months,
died on the 'J!t!i ( Jnn. lie was a
Brent sufferer. Nearly the wln.'o cl
his left Bide tbu ia away, occasion
ing much p.tin and nhtnea. Death
wiu a happy r.'lict for him.
iiekxanbo, miss.
The AfisM'fil AkuIu lutloracit t;ru
i balmrn l H Hurled hj
To the K lit. rf of the Appeal:
Hkbnaxih-, Miss., July :!. In your
issue ol t'ie-.l iuai. arp'aied an t d,
torid uui'er the (' tion "A Voiie
Fruiu the Grave " l'ion liv.if.hiDg
theiernsal t ere if a ilioinand luaUj
brea bpd on', a long and d;p nmen.
A i a rwii lent nt z n of t' e Second
Conirre sional Dis riet of Mirsisxinp1,
permit nif, on bvhnlf of the pople ot
a id d'ftri t, 'oexpnss n genuine up-prf-e'a'.ion
of t!ie iraths aiul soiiti
moi ti expies cd in that editoiiul and
tottiie toe f r;ber fn1', that every
woid ia the a t cle will receive the
umiualit'ud inder-einent ol t- birgo
majority of t'e voters of this d itrict.
Kul few. other tlun tin nHlc and f -ai-lcs
eCitir d 'he Aitkal, im'iI
h Ti" spoken the (ruth in to
forcible in I (Ugant a style, and
we ftrs proud to feel that
lh right rnn of the public p-etsin
ihii s ction of the Union the Aitical
iievr r ady to rififli i'B migbtv
voie in li iis of iruth, jait c. aud
tieaacred riuls and lilert'ei of il.o
p op'e. The nowtr of ihe ha lotaloae
Kiuls the ir (linnce o' tlie jints in re
c jriug and perpe'uaiing go.d noveiu-
mon, and tbe power of the one,adld
iu the infloenee of the other, bas
tsvar lieen irres'st b e in affecting the
accomp'i-hment of deiirtd reenlta. I
have often thought, sines reading the
editorial referred to, bow appropriate
it was, following upon tbe vry bee's
of Gen. Chalmers's announcement of
bis candidacy for Conirrt ss from this
district. He is not a ttrangtr to this
ptop'e. I tell you they know bim,
and all his tricks, ((-hemes, plans and
premeditated dark designs iq entrap
ar.d deceive them will prove
of no avuil. They thought
they had "laid bim away" two
years aio, but he his revived
just enough to uV.tr lis dying groans
f i r a bri-fseeson. On the morning of
election diy in November next liis
lan political death m riiL''e wiil begin,
and ers that clay's sun shall set his
feeble heart throbs will surely catc,
and the modern C'u'i ine will be ro
more. If the then ihc awd should
not have friends enoiifih to give his
remains decent burial, victiriuus and
magnanimous Morgan mysfely dele
gate from bis splendid armiiH a de
tachment of folditri to discharge that
duty who will not fear to perform it,
because the loathsome disease which
causes Ihe demise, bowevercontagious,
never lays bold upon men eo dittln
guisbed for tideiity, patriotism and
boner. It a fitting rimtic slab mark
the s.lnt spot, bearing th;n inscrip
tion: "lie strayed t o far from his
mother we have laid him away."
0. U. B.
holly srimus, MISS.
The Commeiieeuierat Kaerelne at
Ibe Haory Inalltote.
fcnRaiaroKDiaca op trs appeil.I
IIollv Si-hiros, M ikk,, J one 30.
It was my good fortune ti be present
during the two evenings devottd to
the closing txercises ol Maury insti
tute in this place, and s'nes the pub
lic, is interested in all our educational
institutions, doubtless sumo of your
rsadeis would be glad to tee foma
thing rt spotting this Ecbool, (or it has
its patrons in various fans ol noun
Tbe brjt evening ws devoted ti
the primary claws, and tbe excellent
taste uisuiavKiin every pan oi i lie
exorcis's rillsctrd tbe highest credit
upon the ladies in charge, whilst tbe
pupils aeuuitteu tnemsnivrs aomira
bly. These oxerciFoj, occupying le'S
than an hour and a half altogether,
wero beld ia the study ball cf ihe in
at tutf, in the prejenre of a fall and
most a p eciative audience.
The next evening the closing con'
crrt was given in the Masooio Hall,
and as on the previc ui evening the
various exercises evidenced tbo x
cedent taste and intelligence of the
teachers and the tuperior training of
the pupi's. There was an air ol re
flnement and ledyllke propriety char
acterletie of both evenings that was
in moit pleading contract with inuun
tbat we see in tins last ago.
Where all did si well It would be
unkind to make special mention. The
reeltatinns wore very fine, revea ing
tho fact tbat much attention bad Deeu
given to the dppaitment of reading.
Tbe sflectlon from Schiller's "Mary
Stuart" was well rendoiod in brautful
costume, and that element which in
these conotrU we always look for wiib
so much interest, tho music, was of a
very high order not the noisy, eoul-
less mueio we sometimes near on eucn
occasions from youthful performors
aUooling all manner ol bodily contor
tions, but trulv classic, full ol expres
sion, and ins'lnct with loflnemont of
feeling. A taiga and delighted audi
ence tillod tbe ti all.
As 1 came awav one thought filled
ray mind a tchool that n Meets its
acnnolrooiu and home me in sucn
fzra'oful diuiortment.Mich suporior reci-
UtloDsand such admirable niuic,must
beuoder the fostering caroof excel
lent principal and teachers.
MIbs Watson and her corps of faith
ful Insiructora have abundant reason
to congratulate themselves on the suc
cessful cl(ss of another session. May
this superior school long live and pros
per. Sl'BNCKB.
Under bor bonnet ara hrUht bluloy.
Anu flim.n o.ir oi in. iruiiivu..i sum,
IteJ liii ai fir i itrawlierriui.
And dimMch.oka offnuUI.il mold.
I' Deter her bonnet a toft voioa crooni
1 b anna ol lure thai Ihrilla Ihe h.art
I btiftr you, A I, till Ilia tcnk.r luneii
bwott inufiicof mi lilo bocouie a rt.
Under her honn.t the forehead fair
bpk of a mind that in all at petro.
And orowna a youth n free from rare
Aia bird tbet npurtnlii the treei.
Under hr bonnet a may cheek
neif-untM ine loucn tl vwo ir.nr.nt vurie.
Oh. retly ui.lden. no dear anil meok I
Uli, on. ol a lliuumnd oounlry alrli I
Under her bonnet I look and lean,
Uewil.lereil, no hiipiim, now half afraid;
Knr who ox ii tell wlmt irl may mean,
Or reed th. thounbla of tbe timuleal uiaidv
Under her bonnet l rent my hoi e,
Thither 1 atruin my enuor eyeM
And now 1 Irluuiph end now 1 itroie
In the durk ea I think of the vriru.
Under her bonnet I ray and plead
And place my lip', for what do you KUeaaT
I i'lfip li'-r hand, ahe ia mine, indeed,
tor undi't her bonnet ahe whWer " Yoa. '
Tim copartnership of Tainlnr Ilros.,
Merrill iV Co , edtii'iithu nl puhlieheri',
expired by limitation on July 1st.
MefHis. t'barli'R N. a d J. L. Taintor
nr.d Mr. K. 1. (iates Hiicceeded the
old firm, nuder the tiile of laintir
lirrs. A Co. Mr. Charles K. Merrill,
tho retiring pnrlnt-r, nmi cd for Knrope
on the Biitlnuc i n Thuredty, July 1.
Hi) l ai purchiniil the int.rist of tbo
late thm in The Critic, and rs presi
dent ol The Critic Coinpnny will, rn
bis return, divoto h's energies for
some time to tho irawirg interest of
thst jimrnni. J. L and J. 11. (4 lder
continue in editorial charge of thi
paper, and retain tiieir inttrest in its
IViNAi.n (. Miuhki.l tlk Marvel)
I' the twentieth in The Crilif'i aeries
of Au hors at Home. His "chron
icler" :s I'rof. 11. A. Bfers, of Yah-,
whosasM'tcli of tho genial o sayisd's
h- in win! h'Miie life at "Kilgewond,"
near ew Haven, sppeari in llitVrilic
of July :M. In ttie same ii'iiuhcr is a
time ronm t oa "Independence
Dnv, ly I'.lward J. Hur.liig, nn
Anglo-Auuriran p et and litterateur.
.1 Triiutr finof II i'f.
Lnrnl of th prniriea. land of riilliner mere
Thai f-otintt'rieit Ihu iinrrem uratilo main
(Inlurfo, aii.1 t'nyima. and hampiain,
llu"nn. Oneida, and a arnre llioir peeraj
.Noi mine a Ipnita wtiere Maripoaa rrnrt
Her tree lonern, mir amid aomo aiuilinu
In Mnric.ii'i L.iur.try or in Paul I'evore'a,
'Mealh Texan mull crriea, nor the pinoa of
ct Ki iild I ulriki' nn alien harp (or thee
Among thy liiyal nna thia holiday:
Frei men are nil coinpalr ot, na Ihe aea
Hptaka the aauie tougue from twdea to
Cathay; t
And fr yun ali'rinufi (lav of Liberty
A Hampden bled, a .Milton pourod the Iny .'
V.Avnt&J. lltirdinu, in Tht Cn'lir.
Arrlilvntnll? Killrtl.
Sr. 1.01-tH, Mo., July 4. At Madion
I.iud'iiii Ill's afcrnoon, whither l'a'
t'ick He'hti and John Kibari bad gone
with t'eir f:niili'S to celebrate Inde
pence ce I),iy, John, the sou of ti o
la'tv, whi e iiriifticii n with li s re
volver, (.hot and ins'auily killed Will
iam, the f rnie. 'a son.
I.lstei to Speeches by O'Donovaa
Rossa and Anarchist Gorsnch
Sunday Afternoon.
St. Louih, July r. A small but very
entlim-ias ic audience of Fenians gath
ered at Lindell Park yesUrday after
noon to celebrate Indeeendecca Day
and listen to spef cht s by W. J. Otr
such, a social et of Balt;miii', and
O'l'jDovan It :ssa f f New Yo'k. Tue
tocialirt spoke fi st, and said tbat so
cialism, as it exist) in this cour.try,
was a distinctly American institution;
it wes not tbat form of (ocialitiu or
anarch'Bio, cr whatever that form of
perfect freedom might be culltd as it
exists in France, or Getmany or Kus
ais, but a combination of tbe better
features of them al'. The sptakur ad
vocated this form of government, and
expressed sympathy tor i's persecuted
adherents in Chicago and Milwaukee,
lie denied I hat they badbiokentbe
law. It wa? the police, those salaried
minions of monopolies, tbe enforcers
of alleged law, who were guilty of tbe
murders wh'ch bad resulted from the
labor agitation in those cities,
o'donovan aofsa.
spoke exclusively of Ireland and Irish
ad airs. Uo said there was no use oi
granting a parl nment or local self gov
ernment to Ireland that was litt'e
better than than tbo present method
ol government, but was on'y a step
toward the poal deelrtd, entire inde
pendence, lie said tbat if tbe present
F.rl amentary election ehou'd result
in a victory for Gladstone, and home
rule as proposed by him should finally
be granted ii Iieland, it wonld be on
account oi tbolr fear of the frith rather
than on account of their love for jus
tics or duty to humanity. He would
not advocate an open declaration of
war. There was a mode of warfare
more certain and far lees expensive
both as to men and money tbe war
ftro of dynamite in the bauds of pa
triotic I r ibu men. He could name to
day 100 such men in New York City
who wore more than willing to (how
to the world their patriotim and were
only waiting lor the word to go to
England and work out Ireland's inde
pendence. The Engllsa people bad
already exprrionced in a mild form
tbat kind of warfare, and before many
years complete home rule wonld be re
luctantly granted, or these 100 men
would be otdored to obtain it forcibly.
It wou'd be an easy matter to place a
fsw pounds of dynamite in the House
of Lords, for instance, where it would
do tho mrgt good, and in the hotels
and rej-ido.no.es, where the oppononta
to independence and advocates of co
ercion resided.
Cheers greeted tbe speaker's re
Ihe Paat Week at London and on
the Continent.
LonnoM, July 5. Discount was In
active during the past week at one per
cent. lor throe months, anu one-nail
per cent, for short. The Stock Ex
change loan rato to next account is 2
(r)'Jj. Business on the ritock Ex
change cont nned animated during
tho week. Trices nowhere receded,
wbilo in most instances there was a
decided rise. The cheap money, good
earnest prospects and hopes of a re
vival in trade influenced the rise.
The movement bas parsed beyond tbe
limits of speculation, and the public is
now investing la-gely. In English
railway securities ihere war a sriarp
r'ss, the average for the jvoek boing
ljtol!. American railway securities
were irregular. Saturday prices wero
unsettled but there was a fair amount
of dealing.
At I'nrla.
Paris. July 4. Business on tbe
Bourse das been quiet during tbo past
week. Tbe first quotations were a
frac ion hotter than last week's figures,
tia'uid.y three per cents rose 10c and
ciedit fonc.ier 71 5c. Sn'z canal
shares (Inclined 30f and Tanam canal
shares 2i 7be.
At Berlin.
llmti.iN, July 4. --On the Bourse
prices wera firm and business steady
until the cIobb Saturday when there
was a relapse, prices closing wenker
than on any other day during the
week. Austrian gold rente cloted at
tiO.UO, Atis rian credit at 44 til), ehott
exchange nn London nt .17.2, long ex
change on London at 20.32, and private
discount at 13.4.
At Frank fori.
Fbankkokt, July 4. On the Bonro
during tho past week priivs wore llrra
and ('oingn limi'ed. Thcio was a frac
tional advancement in international
Bicnritiof. Austrian fcold rente clofed
at 1H IH), Hungarian gold rents at 65,
Atif-trian credit at 22 2, Unit id States
funded Is at 123.60, sltc.rt exchange
on London at 20.3(1, exchange on New
Yoikat 41!l, and private discount at
: It ia reported that at. a conference
of (it rni an and EiikIibJi bankers it was
rgieod to grant a loan to Bulgaria.
A MONT l.lHt.Rtl. OFFKItt
Trnt Voltaic Bsi.t Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voi.tau' Bklts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted w ith Nervous 1 Vbility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
. i
Window tJlitfaa Worker.
riTTsiuiRd, Va., July (v Tie su-
nal Convention of the WinJow Class
Workers' Afsaciaiion will be held in
this city beitniimg tomorrow. About
ninety delegate from all over the
oiiiitrv wil. be present. It is under
let od I hey will demand the simsscuio
'or next year Willi au a lvance in the
wagde of gatherer.?.
Aa They annul 1'imalMj
make a poroua nlaatrr havlnv anrthine like
tho Medicinal iiualitice of llenaon'a, ttie
eamp lo lowera ot the pharmaceutical prn
feee.on produce tona ol wnrtMe.-e plaatera.
and fiive them nainoe which reaeinbte in
print thai ot the genuine, aud, when care
ieardy anoken, aound like it. tor example.
Cheap John rlrunirifte will offor you traah va
rioufly alylod " Cnpfii um." " Capaioin,"
Capaioine" or ' ( apuein " plaatora, pre-ta-el
aoinetimea with tbe name "llent tn'a"
or ' Uunon' ." Wo earnoatly caution Ihe
P'lhlic aiiainat the whole tribe of them.
They are absolutely ueleas aa remcdiea lor
diaeaae. To ho aure they are cheap, but
plain luualin ia cheaper, and juat aa elhca
uioua. Aak lor llenaon'a. watch the apell-
inir, anil Iook tor tho "lhroepenia trado
mark, end Ihe word Oanetne." which ia
cut in the center ol tbe aenuine.
onl Nlrike i:uilol.
PiTTsntiHu, Pa., July 4. Tue general
tfttiko along the I'altimore and Ohio
ini r.iad, in which or finally all of the
minerj in Hist section were out, is now
f .iily ended.
IMdn'l Waal le Hear Hint Sneak,
Wti kk.miaRKk, Pa., July 5. The
third attsmpt of John Duly, the "re
formed Catholic," t speak ia River
Park yesterday a'tarnoon proved an
other failure, as tbe immense crowd
present pnsbed him towards the liver,
and in a minute be and the police
were shoved over tbe tank to the
water's edge He made no further at
tempt ti t tlk. MaDy of Ihe persons
who were piesent. although in no par-
t'cnlar tbe advocates of Daly, ate of
tbe opinion that be is being rather
hsrsbly treated, and it is believed tbat
any further a tsmpt to silence his
speech will be met with obstit ate re
s'etaocn. f)sly had fo be escoited to
ri:s iesiuen e by the police.
euttona Hotel.
EuDi-ean pIhs. Knlnrjred and refnrniabed.
i'ricea according to eiae and loca
tion of rooma.
I) T JlcDonouxh, III E M Cul, III
M M.-Tmhe. Ark
I M liurtrh. Icnn
J V Filler. Id -V
J L Malone. Ark
J ii Msoro, Tenn
W W Wielby, Mna
C Urneee, city
II H llridln, leni
H Miller, Tenn
J Ii Chupline, Ark
II M Kca. Tex
W 11 Flitihe, Tenn
Mr J L.Malone, Ark
II Iluithca, Tenn
N M .lonea, Toon
14 W lllakey. Ark
J M Crewa, Tenn
J K Keonce, ArR
It E llncliai.an.Tex
J C McLeuiore. Tex
(J Little, Miaa
u A bharpe, Mis a
Mra 1) A 8harpe, Hint K J Lyiea. Mica
Miaa l.ylea, Miaa J t; iiale. lena
J T Mnbry, Term MA Jay, Tenn
J A Murray, Tenn J 11 Farmer, Miaa
J O Uuintihreya.T'can A Myers k, Miaa
it v MonuirK, Miai ASKina, Miaa
A Myera, Miaa
W K Kutrell, Mill
II 8 Ynunir, Pa
N liKnbertann.RR
T W Cravilord, Ark
J K (Speed, city
A A Iiiyermore, eity
J Ii lllocher, Ark
J Van Zinlin, N Y
II LuU, Miaa
J O Kerahnw, Win
W C McCroy, Misi
W W Hink.e, I'a
T W heytulda. R R
K Woodward, Tenn
U Uobaon, city
M A FUher, Miaa
A B Bradford . Ark
K If Vance, Ark
W L Rhodna, Alias
L (iann. Miaa
b U Niabet, Miaa
ti II Uurrol , Miaa
li u Daniel, Ara
I ltloninenthal, Miaa J V lluwphreya, Tenn
ii I. ur:i: nv if n if...:-.
m U IT I1IIUIIIR, iUUU J iiniiiio, ou"
I r wei.-n, lenn
T I. Jac-kann, Ark
T J Itamaor, Ala
W T Coata, Tonn
W S Scott, Ark
Mra llicka, Tenn
J J f letoher, Miff
T It Crawford, city
II M hherwo 'il, Tenn
J II Kainy, Ara
M N McCoy. Ark
Ueo A bawyer, Ark
A K llAinpton, Miaa
T F Komuaon, Tenn
J H Franklin, ciiy
R I' Lowe, Tenn
F Freeman, Mo
H J Haula, La
R V Payne. Tenn
Mra 1 V Welch, Tenn
L M Wagoner, Ark
V T Kuinaer, Ala
J 1. adiuna, Ark
1 K Callahan, Tenn
.1 J Cox, Miaa
li M t'uip, M P R R
.1 Fain, lex
T U Rihertaon, Ark
A A Rniinniville.A rk
Mr MNMeCoyjio.Ark
R churd Jackaon, Ark
It A Williauia, (in
Will Maya, Tenn
R A H'illiama.city
11 11 Crowthon, Mo
A C Springa, (S C
FM Worrall, Mo
K M Midgut', Tenn
Cliaa II My era, Ark
tv t; htovenaon, J.enn
Mra Kievenaon. Tenn W K Tnvliir. city
Watih Nor veil. Tenn F X ilndden, Mich
8 O Turner, Tenn ii K Howell, Ark
J K I'helan, eity A l Walk, oily
John T Flynn.Tet J Hook, Miaa
Ii M Houston, Tenn R V butt a, Miaa.
Peabody Hotel.
C. B. GALLOWAY A CO PaupaiKTiia.
It a tea i !) and 13 tier day, acrmr.iina to
aiae and location of room Special
ratea made.
W L Iloyd. Ky K F Fu"er, N Y
H W Bradley, Ky Mra W II Harris, Miai
II Utile, Miai M Stern, Pa
W II Uaakina, Ark U ( Kent, Jenn
J I Perry, Ark J U Mings, Ha
A 1 Sprioga, 8 C 8 J Buna, La
T W Plumb, NY A Ilodgo, N Y '
J I) Driver, Ark A Driver, Ark
W G Mutely, Va W I) Ru.el, III
n D VU1B1D, miaa vrnifu, iy
K 0 Horner, Ark ' W O Williinnaon.Tcnn
li Martin, Ark JHUowe, Ark
C D Winafield, La 8 Iluerger, Mo
O K Heott, Tenn ' W llodgea, Mias
A M Stevena, Tonn A Sutherland, Mo
L Bailey, Miaa E P Albea, N O
I) Delta, NY' CM Chamber!, Ohio
Mra Certwrlght, Miea 11 a Mcueiiee, miaa
J Levy. Ky
M Hinai. Miaa
R II Toy, Va
M Ilnrke, Tenn
C It Morrow, Teon
M Schwab, J) Y
K M O'Donnell, Mo
W RCiuly, Mo
KTBanke, Tenn
W II Flynn, Ky
J W Fowlkaa, Va
A Lona, Ky
A Dunlap, Ark
It L Moaely, Miaa
I, W (laldherg, Pa
W llrtngel.lTenn
A 8 Baldwin. Tonn
11 Murdoek, Mo
J II Churchill, La
J D Smith, Miaa
L Kataenbori, Mo
II Knuahein. Ohio
K Dreylua, N Y
II P Farrer, Tenn
J R Cohen, Tonn
C W llrenaol. Ky
J OTiohnor, Mias
J K Logwood, Ala
J T lluK,'fenn
J RScatea, Ky
rt W Curtia. Mo .
E8traub, Ohio
W C Hullineton,T6nn
J O Terry, Miaa
R PILowe, Tenn
Mra 1) Y Dunlap. Ark
Andrew Jackaon, Ark
J J Km in, Itlira
W II Bister, N"Y
Al Childera, Ky
W B Lobson, Tenn
J L Alcorn Aw. Miai
Max ivieyaea, Miai
K 1. Smith, Miaa
W Pulaski, Ohio
8am Popper, Tenn
W K Still Aw.Misi
J Kdol, Va
Zeno T Hnrria, Tonn
L White, Ky
J M Hny.tw, Ark
a u nimn, MO
M D Howell, Mo P 11 Uger, Tenn
W H Caldwell, Ky.
The Hew Unyoao.
Rates, 12 BO to l per day, acoording to loca
tion of rooms.
K L illumline, Mi R Fink, Tenn
J M Phil ips, Team II O Parker, 111
II A Hiirlh, ti C N A Moore, Ala
M MUler, Mia M F Danheiaer, 111
R M Leech, Tenn C A Foote, Mo
W II llaynea Aw, Ark O L Hurley, Miss
II K Leug-lleld, Mlsa II I'. Lnugttield, Miss
Mra 8aharbrouub,Tenn B K I'ullen, Tonn
0 J Finloy, Ark B L Perkina, Tonn
II B lloldmanjiliia T B Lnckwood, Ark
R L Carbrighl, Ark C L JetTeraon, Tenn
L (i Huoker, Miaa T B Mibsnn, Mias A
L U lliackbum, Mias R h Portor, Miai
1. U Campbell, Mias A 8 Jonea, Ark
II J t'riap, Mine II Loeb, Tenn
J W Morria, ire on W 8 Powell, Ky
O K Humes, Tenn 8am Priclielt, Tenn
Van Prichett, Tenn K F Tato, Mias
Hugh llryaon, Miss J M Molt. Mo
Mutt Cron, Tenn J II Jacnlii, N Y
I'M llnr, linn, Mi's I" Elliott Aw, Mils
I) T lliirgrovoa, Ark J 0 Pritchett, Miia
A F Illuko. N Y
8 8 Sullivnnt tl
R II Templer, Va
L K Warren, Ark
II T Hiiinci, Tenn
w Mcaicli, 'I'nnn
Then M ii, Tenn
II A Tutiiin, Tonn
A (1 Buahman, Mias
L N Thuler, Tenn
1 Mook, Tonn
W E Love. Tenn
J r Morpa, oio
Judge MoCorry. lenn
MnaterMclVirrv.Tenn I, Wolf. Ky
W W Wood, Ivy R l VVhitoomb, Ky
0 T ltoaedale. Mo C 1 Brown, Mo
R T Thotiipiion. Miai L K Siinpion, Tenn
L B l'ollot.-k, Tenn 8 K .Mm roll, lenn
b.M Clark, Ark.
Ilillly'e tliroprnu ltolel.
Corner of Adams and Main streets. Rooms,
60o, T;o and II per day: American Plan,
ti per day.
Firtit clnss Heataurant in tho Hotel.
J, M. DUFFY till years with Peabody llotol)
8 II Stewart, Tenn W C Hall, Tenn
V J Caldwell, Tonn J L Bennett, Tenn
II W Ki-klea, Ark 'K Ciinniiiaknin, Md
.1 N CaruthorH, Ark JM Fieri, Ara ,
Mia J II Baxter, Ark Mra Krider A c, Ark
K II KniRht, Ark J Crr, Tenn
F Fogor.y, Mifa W Redmond, Tonn
II W t'urroll, Tonn W Cunningham, Tenn
K Schloaa, Tonn V C llcrmc. Tenn
Ml) Williama.Tonn J F Welch.VI, Tenn
.1 A Kirkwood.Tenn P M Morria, Tenn
C M Hammond, Tean L V Williama, 'lenn
A T Lacy. Tenn
d jicnn. mo
A Dickeraon. Ark
C A Morritt. Tenn
C C lledrick, ind
W A Hall, Tenn
It (I Kdmonde. Tenn
B Movona, hy
88 Alexander. Ky
C I) Williamson, Ark
J V Taylor. Tenn
Miss 'Cuiiiininga.Tenn
A Wesson, Ark
J W Kurle, Tex
T J Morria. Ark
S J Wilkinson, Ark
W U tiuidor. Ark
J Brett, Tenn
(i W Patterson, Ind
J Bhmith.vf, Tenn
8 I) llann, Icnn
II 8 Weakly, Ohio
L II Figurine, Tenn
D Bonne, Tenn
11 J Lung, Tenn
A Dii kinsoii. Ark
II Came, Ark
8 8 Alexander, Ky
J P W alt, Tenn
J 8 Weir, Tenn
W (1 Atnilh. Tex
K II Knight, Ark
U' .1 Slienhiiril. Tenn I. tlerslcv. Alisa
T.M Bondoriinl, Tenn B F Neville, Ark
,1 M Follaa, Tenn J tl Jenkins, Tonn
W R.lcniu,Teun H '. Rider, Tenn
II .1 Morgan. Tonn R C I. Harris. Icnn
P Kearna, Mo A R F'liilge. Mo
Leltoy Fudge. Mo J 11 Wrisht, Ohio.
A Promliicot l ariiier Writes I
RoiiaaT Sttid, Jones eounly, (la., June
'.It, IWI-By tho recommendation ot the Rev.
C. 0. Davia, 1 naed Dr. Moaloy'a Lemon
Klixirfor indigeation, debility and neryoua
prostralton, haung bconagreat auffererfor
years, and tried all known remedies for
these diseaaai.nll ot which failed. Hvebot
tleiof Lemon liliilr made a new man otme
end r stored my atrcnglh end energy so thar
1 can attend lo my Iann with ell ease and
comlort Refer any one ,nt.
Yourfriend. s WM. B. EMERSON,
from a Promlaent Lady.
1 have not been able In two yeara to welk
or aland with nil auflorini great pain. Since
taking Dr. MoiW's Lemon Elixir I can
walk ball a nillo without loo least inconven
ience. MKS. R,,U. BLO:iDW01lTll.
Uriffln, Ucnraia.
Sold by driiirsists. M cents and ! ill cr
bottle. Prepare by 11. Moiiey, M.D., At
lanta, (Jeorgia.
NntMcrUte lor tlie MAppaV
Every strata ar tM atUria that weak kack
aaa Beaxiy rusvnus joe.
Htrenffinena tbe DimtcieM.
Hteadlea the Nri-rest
I - nrlrbm the Blood, New Vlnor.
Da. J. L. MTKBaS. Fai ribald Iowa, uvar
" Brtmn'e Iron BitUira is the besi Iron tnedicfm I
have known in my !iy yesra practice. I have found it
pttciauy uenenciai m nmrwon or pnymrM einaujit ion,
and in all dbilitMin ailmenta that bear aubeavaiy
on W9 ByBwin, jtw n mwiy in nij own iamu,
ay: 'I wan ootnpletttly broken down In health and
troubled with paina in my back. Brown's Ixua
Uitin nunJj retiorea me (o umnn."
Oennine han atiOTft Trade Mark andOTowaod red ae
on wrapper. Tuke do otlinr. Blade only by
Preaident of the Oreat LOTJISVIL, COU-
njn.n-juun.TiAL, w., tells nat
ha knows of
Wint8r3mith'8 Chill Cure.
Or rica or tbi Cora-ai-JocRL,
Innvii.r.i. Kv.
Dr. W-jnitt tmitk. Sir I aiife a ruin I havs
observed lot many years, the Talne of your
remedy prompting roe to say, in reply to
your refuel what I know of your Chill
Cure. Tbe irivate assurances of iu efficacy
a uu . nnu ma Ktitiu reauiui oi lie eneoia i
had observed on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen years, bad been fore
man of lay office, induced me to teat it in
my family. The results have been entirely
satisfactory. Tbe first oase was of two
years' standing, in which I beliove every
known remedy bad been tried with tempo
rary relief the cbills returning periodically
and with seemintily inoreated severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there has
been no recurrence of them for more than
six monthe. The other case was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; but the ohills would return at In
tervals until your medicine was used since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. From ihe opportu
nity I hivve had tojoilje, I do not hesitate to
expreaa my belief that your Chill Cure 1st
valuable sneolfic, and performi all yon
promise ror it. neapeouuiiy.
ARTHUR PKTKR k CO., Agenta, Looia
ville, Ky.
nTT. Aim T riurw
vL n o- u Q
et thai CJennlnei Arllrle) Thoareat
popularity of "Wilbor's Compound ol Ced
Liver Oil and Lime" bas induced some an
principled persons to attempt to palm off a
simple article or ineir own manuraoture;
but any person who ia saflering from Coughs.
Colds or Consumption, should be careful
where they purchase this article. The re
sults of its use are its beat recommendations)
and the proprietor has amDle evidence on
file of its great success In pulmonary com
plaints. Tbe Phosphate of Lime pceseaaes a
moat marvelous hraling power, as combined
with the pure Cod-Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbor.
It is prescribed by the medical faculty. Be Id
py A. u. wilbob, unemist, Boston, and
Ita titiiibl Remedy lor Liver CoraplainUandiUacaiu
by adflranrnl or toriitd oomlition of tbe Liver, a Dyi
fepnia, Conatipntloo, BihoiiKtifM, Jnumlice, Hendanhi
Malaria, Hbrinn atiKm. etc. It r cnlatea lUn bowel, put
tm ins nirwMit nimm,fn,nsi me nFTernt lr aRTtrioi
rhousandsof teatlmonials prove Its morr
This famous remedy most happily meets
the demand of the aire for woman s peculiar
and multiform affliction!. It ia a remedy
for WOMAN ONLY, and for one SPrVTAL
CLASS of her diseaaea. It is a specific for
certain diseased conditions of the worn
and proposes to so control the Menstrual
Function as to regulate nil tbe derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Its propietors claim for it no other medical
property; and to doubt the fact that this
medicine does positively possess such oon
contrcllin and Tabulating powers Is simply
to discredit tho voluntary testimony of thou
sands ot living witnesses who are to-day
exulting in the restoration to sound heallb
and bappiness.
Female Regulator
is atrlctly a veirotnble compound, and ia the
proituet of medical aeic nee and practical ex
perience directed toward the benefit of
It Is the studied proscription of n learned
physioian, whose specialty woe WOMAN,
and whoae faino became enviable and bound
less beeauae ot hia wondertul aucceas in the
treatment and cure of female complaints.
RbM&DY known, and richly desorves its
Woman's Best Fuiexd
Because it controls a class of functions the
various derangeiiK uta ot which cause more
ill health than all other causes combined.
tnil thua rascuAB hne rrnm a lona? train of
atUictions which aorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her exiatence. va, wnaca
multitude of living witnesses can testify to
its charming eflootsl Wiiaia. take to your
confidence this
It will relieve yon of nearly all Ihe oom-
ttininfa tiAnnliae tn vnnp i.i. Re: nnon it
aa your satoguard for health, happiness and
long life.
Bold by all druggiata. Send for onr treat
iaeon the Health and Happiness ot Woman,
mailed free, which gives al 1 particulars.
I'll U n'l 1I1DIL1. l U L'l tl.lTOU llfl..
ltoi at. Atlanta. Oa.
And Iron Roofing.
Flrr. Wind. Water nntt I Itfrhtnlna
proor. Suitable f r all kinda ef buildings.
Knr pricea and estimates at factory rates,
oall on or address
4.W A 440 Main St., and 21 A 23 Mulberry at.,
fleadnuartera for Iron Fences and Creating.
OalvauisedlronCornice.Tin Roofs Attovea.
lEU I I I 11 I J aW
- W l-fl I - I aaw
11 XJ LLliiii
Bow many terrible ache onea poor beadl "Fw the mderlnfta aehee and peine of uemjuaj
baa, and what auffering la caused by Uiose !'?ntt,J'iNOil-u',.,i" JnfrK,r
neadacnea. Relief may be had from Nervous. 1, i. ,i. . .,,f "
Newslfiie, or Kick Headache by tbe use of i Pau Rrrotnx, M. D., 8t Paul, Mhta.
fiJyAftOJiWf9 Wn'0! fa not a cure-all, but I "Have seed 1vjhold. tn'oaaee of NeanlfM
srvmjvwvvA v. h ioh la a cure for Nervals Headchee with hoooom in alaiat every 'T-iira
Headacb Neuraliria, Rbemnatiffln, Scmtito"trNr'',,i i,T?,,tod-"
andOout. No proprietary medicine bos ever ., Df? "S?
obtained auch strong endorsemeut from tho iei ,Dt,rtc,tawo
medical profusBlon. I tarx) Bermanh, M D., 8. Tbomaa, Mo.
A.A. WELLIER. 8Je Prt'pnetOf, KH and 711 WASHrNOTO?t AVKITK HT. LOUlnt
H 6. CRAIG & C0.,39Uuion st.,Hemphis
I. OsTlra.
Jonra S.Balltvasi.
Wholesale Grocer, Cotton Factor
And Commission Merchant,
232 and 234 Front St, Memphis, Teno.
Mr. L N. KALNBT devotes his whole time to the wetahlns and Bale of all Cotton entrneWd
to onr cnave. gotten waronnnsa. yi wyaninaTin atriwiT.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
MEMPHIS BRANCH, Depot and Icebuaae, eor .Maln A Aui'tl
S. ROESCIIluR. Agent, Memvhis, Tenn.
Sale In ISS3, 1100,000 Hnrrvla ..Snle
Hftim iwt at..
t H- .aJ
IF1. !0 A. X Hi Li X TP
proprietor or TUB
FlaTorluff Eiliact. Sjrup, IJitkln? rowdcru, Tllt Articles, Etc., Etc.
n n JtTTaei
:Crab Orchard Water
Mm . n n I O.I.. In M.nlafl Fn.an
H peaitnsrHiao " 1 TEFt CO.. prop'ra.
J. d. BAT,
of J. 8. Day A Son.
Lata of Meacham A liorton.
360-362lFront Street, Memohia LTenn.
Tomlin & Benjcs,
179 Main St., Memphis.
Offer special indnoemtnta In Open Bnggiea
of onr own make, at to6 Top Buggies ot
our own make, at $120. All work war
ranted. Call belore you buy.
ajar Having disposed of onr entire stook ol
Vehicles and the Manufacturing Depart
ment to Messrs. TOMLIN & liKNJhS, we
bespeak for them a continuance of the
patronage so long eifcended to aa.
Cliickasaw hcmvorlif
98 Second St. Memphis, Tenn.
iielnets, Boilers, SawmillM,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill,
Cotton Pre, Cotton Ulna,
Shafting, Pulleys, tic
SPECIAL HOTICK-We are prepared to fill orders,
on snor notice, for the oelei rated 41eir Pssm
Wronsrhi Pollcij. We oaiTT in stook over
Two Hundred Assorted hic s.
BUrHend for Catalogne and Price-Hat.'
rtioa. Clark.
I. J. Claa
Manulacturer's Agents for
Daniel Pratt Cotton Gins,
Manufacturers of
Frntt Eollpae llnller Gtna, Feeil
era and Uln Kepnlrera,
08 to 104 Poplar St., Memphis.
rPratt Revolving-Head Gina nne-
,B;:si Ann. Ind. Ktnck now oomnlote. Pnoea
vrednced. Corroanondenoo and ordera
- - "aolioited. Old Gins Repaired in First-
class Order. All wora guaranieeu.
ot Stomtthla Brunch, 100,000 Kef
.... . . t-.
Latest Novelties in Footwear
bTPKRIOR workhamship
W. L. Douglas $3.00 Calf Shoes
In Bolton, Lace and Congress.
Illustrated Catalogue and Price-List
Mailed Free on application. "ajai
- i - Htroot.
BYsrtrsiA, I
Consucaliou. I
A Bcmr-ilvfiirall Plawiacaof tlicl.lvr.Kll.
.im r.ir liTunalL .WH Haadai
nn n
li 1 1 11 V!T
1 I t
00 2 af.y..
l,w yn.lni.llMi. le, I to tawaiuiitiila.l
.rkaimat loanlv" rt. No m.noIrM' ealte ankl in taila.T
riiviiiN . JovFo. M'r'n lauwilip. y.
i. W. BAII.r.Y.
Lata of Bailer Covingtoi I

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