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mm id comm.
Firm-Middling-, 9o Sales
Yesterday, 250 '
Money in f ir demand at 8 per cent.
Local aecaritej dull.
The cotton market clossd firm;
middlin?, 9e. Sales, 1125 bales.
There ai co market at New YorV,
New Orleanp, St. Loais, Cincinnati or
Chicago owing to a general obt eiva-ice
of the 4th of July holiday festivities.
At Liverpool cotton wa3 firm and
active and 1-161 higher, middling, 5JJ.
In thelocil market the staple was
firmly held at higher prices for low
grades, middling, 9t9Jc; sales, 250
bales. The position of cottoa h daily
growini ttrcngsr, and 10c fcr mid
d'iog in Ausjnet ia free'y predicted.
The Jew York Commercial Bulletin,
in a recent sriic'e, thus describes the
situa'ionin thai rxarket:
"A great amrinnt of pernlpx'ty and
hf s t ition hai Tava'led on tne cin
tract marker, all this week, owing in
the main to the somewhat enatic
movsmects tf thi reprdser.ta'.ivej of
th "bull" t ool, who sem 10 have
been quits sacie.sul in prevpr.ting
any f.remat :ie d velcpment cf the r
plana. It is quits cenaia they Wi w
greatly clisipP'in ed in the number of
July ntiiea iticivtd, but it :s thought
in a measure overcame tlie dilliuilty
and lave tiuce bten Bp'lliug our
somewhston August, though aprar
entiy not en irly iosin.' aiv.ti.it -g.
Indeed, as a mut'.er of Let, tin bears
have beu k p" cn the defeuiive
throughout, leading to a pre:ty c e.n
winding up tn this nionrh and a va
amount cf civering on next, with
the same course pursued on sone of
the laier options and new buyinit
intrrductd, the latter iccluJing
a little of the brg 1 oiei for
outside element. Bsyond tbe power
tomanipulaie the marktt asm.tttrj
Btand the bulls have made esculent
use of ceitain unfavorable weather
conditions in the Atlantic and a por
tion of the Gull S ates, and apparently
with fair justification, t-sthnrdios that
a week iga were only threatening
have by remarkable continaatirn be
come aangeroasaadit looks ai though
a portion ot the crop may have re
ceived some damage. There has, how
ever, been a noticeable, and to some
of tbe tade a suspic ous, tagamets to
disfeminate tbe worst reports f-ossible,
without rtfenirg to the excellent
conditions in IVxus atd adjacent
Etates where the influences era per
fect and not only a libtral but an early
growth promised. Port receipts have
natu'allv been falling oil' locne what
bat the Siuth continues a freetelierof
cotton and a grtat many opera'ors still
fail to become educa'ea to tbe belief
that Eogland will d-aw upon our re
maining ttocks fast enough to rause
any terioui inconvenience. Today's
market was somewhat Ubs set ve,
bnt more or lees feverish, aod on the
whole showed a pretty strong under
tone, more particularly on the new
crop months. Indeed, Aogmt wan
really somewhat tame by comparison,
owing, apparently, to the unloading of
the pool; but bryond tba' a 1 months
after a little ope. ing br.akreacedarjd
were well soppo.ted during balance of
the day. Tue demmd on the new
crrp months was said to ba in part
from Europe to caver, but a'so em
braced a great maty calls that were
evidently new deals, some coming
from local oncators and tome from
the South. The stimulatii g fea ur,
in brief, were a r-i era'Ln of xpre-i-eionscf
a'nrm regarding conditii n of
crop, anl in the abs.nce of public ac
counts (Liverpool hai a holiday) j ri
vate advices rtcsived by the bu U
asmm'ng a rowing d- c (led change f r
the better abroad. The showiogs ou
the oh r oit.'e were a decline in riivor,
and telegrams from 8'tjw Southern
localit'fs reporting better cr p weath
er. The close was quia, but well
main'aioed at the highest figure of
the day. Spots were rot sc ive but
firmly held, and an advance cf 110c
made on qur tatio-s."
Notwithstanding the Eoniewha' be Ir
ish tone of the above Liv-rp)ol ad
vanced l-16d on spots ycsterlay ai d
the market was described ts fiim and
active at that figure.
Eight br's appl'S, 2G2 eks bran, 92
brls beins ami peas, 5 pkgs but'er, 154
pkes bacon, Oil pkgs boom and ahr e,
080 bu corn, 91 sks coffee, 2349 ckn
crlton tend, 150 brls c.tton reed oil.
39,000 bdlsol ton tie, 109 pkun 1ry
good p, 52 pkg ppgs, 1170 br;n ilour, 115
pkgs bats, Vi hd ho: s, S2 I'd rattlf, 40
kgs lard, 147,500 ft lumbar, 39 pkgs
liquors, 195 brls meal, 6 brl-" milats-K,
1375 kgs nails, 8 bis oiiO'S, 9 br s tn
tatiep, 3 cara poik tides 44 br's auca-,
595 pkgs tibacco and 2500 bu wteat
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regular elevators, as reported to
the Merchants' Exchange today:
Corn received, 3099 tin : withdrawn,
86S3 bu ; in store, 38 744 bu Oats re
ceived, il 70 bu ; withdrawn, 5402 bu ;
in store, 10,554 bu.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenu.,
OIL Till NT (1 imi'M'illS,
Money in gio l deruaod at 8 per cent
The Clearing Uoaae report is as fol
Monday, July 5, 2H 505 38; ratlin
time a-tt Wtek, 2i'5 209 !0; ciire
sponding time in 18S", $172,504 8 i;
co'rcspouding time in 1881, fl(i7,
217 57.
!" Mondey, Ju'y 5th. S:i,S44 17; sara
time last week,79,395 5H; cor'espoml
ingtima in 1885, J20.90! .r6; n r.t;
sponding liuie in 1884, $29,122 97.
New York sight on all points, tar
baying, 1 premium selling; New
England demand, J discount buviiig ;
New England sight, discount; New
Orleans,! discount buying, par selhug.
Bank of Commerce..l49 bid, 152 anked
First National 149 bid, 155 asked
German Bank 192$ bid, 200 anked
Btat National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters.,151 bid, lrl afkerl
Mercantile Bank. ..135 b d, 137) asked
Bluff City
Home -,
Memphis City...
100 bid, ... asked
Vdi bid, 105 asked
72 bid, 75 asked
...1021 bid, 105 asked
82 bid, 86 asked
100 bid, 103 asked
105 bid, ... asked
21 bid, 22 asked
30 bid, ... aBked
20 asked
M. and C. R.R.sharue..37 bid, ... asked
M. & T. R.R. sbar8....47 bid, ... asked
M. & C. consilB, 7... 12 ' bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. lt tn. 8s... 105 bid, ... asked
Miss.iT.R R.es A. 117 bid, 119 asked
Miss.&T.R.Rcs,B...110 bid, 111 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. C 97 bid, 98J asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D to J..82 bid, 85 asked
8helbv Co. 6) -107 bid, ICO asked
Tax. D st. 4, 6i 94 bi.l, 94 j asked
Tax. D:et 6s'. 103J bid, 104 asked
Mem. (-ins bonds 15 bid, ... asked
Mem. WaUr bonds 96 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 31 bid, 3J atked
Pioneer Coton Millp 22 bid, 25 asked
Mem,8tor.Com.Oo101 bid, 104 a3ked
Mem. Gas stork 80 bid, 84 asked
The follow, ng table, compiled from
special disn trhfs to t!.e Post fmm the
manager of tiie laadirgclea'ing lnuees
of thi United S ates, shows tr.e clear
ancescf ihs wek ending uly 3, 1886,
as compared with t' osa of tiie cor
resnonding week 'est y- ar:
New York, (i(),02ri; inc., 40.3.
Boston, Si",9."5 :i24 ; inc., 34 3.
Philadelphia S'i,V-'sl,tiOI ; inc., 39.7.
Chicag 56,209, Hl; in ., 18.4.
St. Louis, $!f..:!';9 0 0; ii c , 16 6.
Baltimore, $12 9:i ),2S2; inc , 10.4
Cincinnati, $10, 0,0 0; nc, 3 76.
San K ancisco, rl3,12l ,6iti; inc., H.6.
Nhw Or oavf-', 5,(14,50; inc 3i.5.
Pttsburg, i7,850,676; iric, 17 1.
Piovidei.ce, 4,41:'. 6.0; inc., 12.9.
Louisville, i5,l03 401 ; 'no., 15.9.
Kaus s Ci y, .719,159 ; inc., 3i.l,
'Milwaukee, f3,'( O.t'Ot); (he, 1 8.3.
MmropotiP, i2,600,UtiO;inc, 17.4,
Denver, f3 193,72
Omaha, S 3,680.! 21; inc , 70 1.
Detroit, S3,'.56, 3' 1 ; inc., 316
Galveston, $911,183.
Clev, land, i 2,354 723; 'nc, 30.3
Indianapolis, 1,314,1 80; inc., 33 4.
Oolumtu.s, $i 575,651 in , 3 7.
Memphis, $1 250 651 ; ire, 50 1.
Hartford, $2,298,875; inc., 22.5.
New Haven, f,30,736: ire, 38.2.
Peoria, if 960 00; inc, 0i.5.
Portland, $800 090; inc., 41.
Spiingiiuld, 1,076,718; inc., 80.2.
St Joseph, $9 .7.000; inc., 11 6,
WoriA-ter, $1,171,018; inc, 66.6.
L-iweiiV.548 8H6; inc., 39.
Syracuse, it-M 623; inc., 27.
Tot4s, $1,003,684 480; in-., 3V9.
OutMneof NewYoik, $323,424,455;
inc., 27.5.
Denver and Galvf ston net Included
in totals. Milwaukee and Minnea
polis partly estimi'ed.
London, Ju'y 5 Coneols, 101
5 16 for both m ny and the ac
count. The am runt of bullion gine
into the Bank i England oa balance
tiday is 14,000.
Havana, July 5. Ppmisb. gold
2 262 26 ; Ex -harge firm ; States
shore sight gold 3 premium.
Paris, Jnly 5. -Three per' cent,
rentes, 83f 17 Jc f. r the account.
The local cotton market opened
fi'm, and close! firm, middling and
above held b'gher; middling, 9c
Hales, 250 bales, 50 to spinners and 200
to exporter'.
Yester lay. Saturday.
Ordinary 1 1
Good Ordinary.... 8 8
Low Middling 8J 8
Middling 9 9
Good Middling.... 9J 9J
Middling Fair....10J 10J
Fair Nom. Noin.
Dusty 6jj..8J 68J
Stains, tirgijs 7 1 of 8 7i8
No New Y rk or New Orleans mar-kets-h
At Liverpi ol sno'B were firmrr and
pctive and 1 16d higher; midd ine,
5Jd. Slrs, )2.0.0bies,cf wbich 9100
biles wer Am ri"".
London, Ju'y 5. The Murk Lane Ex
prm, in itn r. vw of tbe British gra n
trade during the p s'. weekdays: The
linllant and unbroknu (ummer
weather is opportune, aad is improv
ing tin eurviv ng cmp?. If there is
ro lain the 11 itrut possible eamples
will be obtained. Tnde still lavors
bnyers The sales of Eigbeh wheat
during the week we' 36,243 quar ers
a-31, egiinrt 38,f37 quaite'S at 33
durinitihe c rrespiLdiog period latt
year. Flour l ai lieeu depres ed, snd
eRppc;a )y American. Two carrots of
wheat arrived, which were told, four
wr wi.hdiawn undtwo remain. The
trads is forward. At today's mirket
whe taid fliur wtra quiet aud un
ch ing d.
Havana, July 5.-Sugar Owing to
favorable news rce vrd from forriun
maikets durinir 1km a t week, the de
mand was no d. h .t inconquence of
trie fi niner s of holders little business
as naniicted: prices are better; the
ra rkt-t irlortd firm but qu;et, but mo
hs'e', 'a'r to sool p Uriza ion, $1 75
to2 18jg 11 pr quintil ; Mnsovd ,
lidr 'o g od r. tiniiiK, 85 to 90, $1 871
2 12J; contrt'u.'H,2 ti 96 io:arizi
ii n. $2 Ylh('i- '3- St cks in ware
tmus s -I llnvdi adnd Ma'ar z's. 32,000
hxH, 796,000 liogs and 19,5C0 beds.
R-c i:itn for tl e wnek, 705 bxs, o9,000
' aiis and 11,5 0 bh lf. ExpTiB during
,h we.'k, 868 IX', 50,0(10 tags and
40.(0 1 h lc, of which 44,0:10 bas and
3500 bh Is 10 tt e United iS at .-e.
Live NI'dt'u,
Roreip's f ratt etiio past week have
been fur. Pr c were fim at laet
qU'ilat onj. Xmlay ttiero U on'y a
mo lera'n s:ipp y of medium graces cn
int. Prc.sfir ii. Pre-pectj f ir tlie
c rtnin week ra qui e favrrdble.
Hog receip s 1 ght. Light weights in
mo Icrr.to derriH! d. Pricssfi'in. Mar
kit ovrrst" eke 1 witb h ep and dull.
Pfc.8 ihclinmg. Chohe lambs in
ig'it snip y hi d in f nir demand.
Pints firm. C mun nslep and lambs
in tub s pplv. U'lsaiab.e acd not
w n o I. Qu U ' i s:
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed,
909 to 1(150 pounds, 4J''4cj good,
3J4Jc; choice grass ft d, 3J(5)3jcj
good, 3m.31c; fair to medium, 2i(o
2e common, li(n2c.
Hogs Choice, 3J4cj good, 3J
3 jc; common. 33c.
Sheep Choice, 3j(54c; medium, 3
(3!ic; common, $1(1 60. Choice
lamtis per pouud, 5ftt5Jc.
CnicAGo, III., July 2. Hogs Re
ceipti, 19,0"0 head; market seady;
heavy, $4 0'K;5: light, $4 5!)4 90;
ndxd, $4 604 75. Cattle rect-ip s,
8,5i!0 lietd ; market weik, lCftUoi;
lower; D' or to f.ncy beives. $3 90
5 50; b Ut her-i, $2 254; Tex ins,
J2 6.V5j4 30; f-tockers and fetdxiT,
2 60f.i;4 40. Shefp recsip'8, 1000
head; rnax. t stea !y and unchanged;
Texars. $2(3 25; nitiveB, $24 60;
lambs, $1(2)3.
' ITCAHEM a. bavins
Arkaniu River.-. R. L. Cobb. 5 p.m.
Bt.FraneU River ...Ku. Fount, S p.m.
New Orleans Cirror Baton Roli'.k, 12 in.
St. Louii Bii.i.i Mxmphis, p.m.
FrUra Polnt.....jAins Lie, 5 pm.
White River Chickasaw, S p.m.
0iceol...........CoAHOKA. S p.m.
Arkaniu City Kti Adams, S p.m.
Tiptnnville Otvoo,5 p.m.
Cinoinntti ...Hi i kkvii State. 5 p.m.
j4rriW Kate Adams, Arka'is's
City ; James L e, Fiiara P. int ; li. L.
Co"ib, ArnsnsfH river; Chickasaw,
Whit liver; Cjahoaia, ;0 coh; Cay
ow, Tiptonvill.; Jamrs V. tiafl, Ci j
cinneti; Ciiy cf Natch z. tit. Lou'8;
Arkansss City, St. Lcus; City cf
Providence, Sc Lcuis.
Departure -City o( Natch z, New
0 lean; A'k.ms.;s Ci'y, Vicksburg;
James W. tiau", Citicinnaii; Oayoso,
T ptonville; Coahom, Osceola; James
Ltt, Frisrs I'oiot: Ktte Adams, Ar-ka-s's
Cify; City of Provid-nc.
Boalt in Port R L. Colli, Kl Foa
ler, tjhiettps w a- d Kjn Micr?sdy.
Jlontt Ihi Dnim-Citv of Provi
dence and Citv of Bat in Kouga.
Boats Ihte Up liel e Memphis.
Hrt'Cliil TelrrtliT.
Jsnies W. (i iff 250 tons ni'icc'la
nermfra'ght Coithoni i, 2) sks Sf d, 36 br's potu
t es snd :o; t f sundries.
James Le, 2 talis cott ui, l.7 sks
seed and !ot sundries
Kte Ad in s. :! bales cotton, 811
fks Feed, 2 head of st.ckand 00 jikgs
Chicki saw lba e cotton, 1 , t;l
40 i!ii,;a sjrdr es.
Ony fo-lbaU cott in, 14 hd stock
and 40 pkgs sundries.
K. L Cobb 12 ba!s cilttin, 27 helps
liLt, 995 sts sei d, 8 ernp v I arrel, 67
hd cattle and 18 pts tuiulri js.
C.ty of Pro.ideiice -75 tus m.r
chanuite. FUl'l'KK JIIIVK1IKM.S.
The Ki Fo.er, Capt. O. K. Jnidin,
is the pa ket th s evening at 5 o'clock
for St. Fiancii liver.
Tue lee Lino packets tonrrnw
eviinjt are James Lue for Fiiai's
Point and Coahoma for Oscola.
The Belle Memphis, Cipt. Geirgs
Bktr, is the Anchor Line packet tlrs
evenii g at 3 o'clock f ir Cairo and St,
Louis. Al Simpson is htr clerk.
Tub Chickasaw, Capt. E. C Poftal,
isthepackt tomorrow evening at 5
o'c'ock lor Woi'e liver. C. M. l8'al
and John CbildrcS ate htr clerks.
The Gjjos Capt. W. P. Hall, is
the packe: Thursday evening at 5
o'clock for Tioionviile and all way
points. B. O. Mitcbe 1 is in her otlice.
The Anchor Line stmer City of
Baton ltouge, Capt. K. T. Wbitledge,
will pss down today at 12 o'clcck for
New Orleena and all intsrmeaiate
points. Wm. Maseon ia her clerk.
The Kite Adams, Capt Mark R.
Cheek, is tbe United Stat -s mail
picket Thu'sday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Arkan ai City and a'l way
landings. W. C. Blaoktr has charge
of her office.
Thb R L. Cobb, Capt. E. B. Sm'tb,
is tbe packet this evening at 5 o'clock
tor all points on Arkansas rivtr, giing
through to Pins Bluff, ditties M us
(clcnaa hs charge of her office, as
sists d by Ru us FostBr.
Tni Buckeye S!ae, Capt. H. J. Vin
ton, is the pneket Thu'sday evening
at 5 o'clock for Cairo, Louisvil'e, Cin
c nitti snd all way landings rn the
Oldo river. Geo. W. Houdricksin
ami Cbai Vinton are her e'erka. The
Buckeye S at will g've cluap rates to
a'l points North and Ea-t
Blviness quiet.
Weahikb clear and hot.
Thk Lf e Line packets wers in and
out oa time yettetday.
Tub ia(Ri chared on time last
evenir g for Tiptiuville.
Rtciiii'Ts bv river yesterday 76 bales
cotton aad 2013 sacks sed,
The Poit Eadi snd Varge passed up
Snnday night for St. Liuis.
Thi Ed Foster poesout in place of
the Rene Mtcready for St. Francis
The Ch'ckasiw anived from Whits
rivtr yes erday evening, aud returns
t-iraorrow eveiiir g.
The John A. Wood and John F.
Walton, with big tows of coil, pasted
down yeatsrday morning fir New
The City of Providenrn pwssd
down late las' niiibt, for V ckebiug.
She diicbarceil herd 75 torn of freight
acd added 20 tors.
The river at this point marks 21 feet
3 tenth by tbe gauge, or 22 feet 4
tjnths above low wa'er mark, a decline
of 4 toLthd in 24 boars.
The Kiite Adams arrived Sunday
morning from Ark ansa City with 3:!
bales cotton, 841 satks seed, 2 bead
cattle and lot sundries, and returned
1 tt v ning for Arkansas City with a
fair tr p
Tub . L. Cobb arrived Sunday
n:ght from Arkannrs rivr with 12
bales of coiton, 27 bales of lint, 99 )
sa'.ks of teid, 57 h(ad of cattle, 85
empty brre!s and 18 packages of sun
dr.es, and r toroa this evening fjr all
poin s on Arkar.fas river.
Tub James W. Gaff arrived yester
day niornit p from Cincinnati with 250
tons ot miSL olaneoiH frtight for this
p'f ee, acd ii tnrnf d l-tst evening for
Ciucinra i vith 331 bales of cottoo, 31
bBljs of raj:, 3d b.igi of pper, 85
empty bn 10 toas of old iron atd
a fa r lis of ,'eaijlo.
Offic-b Si inal Skkvicb, TJ. S. A.,
Mi XPniB, July 3, 1 p.m.
The follow ng observations are taken
at all station named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis tin e:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet 10thB lOths lOths
Cairo 26 4 9
Chattanooga . . 11 3 3
Cincinnati 22 9
Davenport 4 2
Dubuque 5 8 1
Fort Smith 4 6 2
Helena "
Keokuk 4 4
La Crosse 5 8
Leavenworth... 11 5 -
Little Rock 4 9 2
Louisville 9 4 2
Memphis 22 4 4
Nashville 11 3 ........ 2
New Orleans... 11 3 1
Omaha -
Pittflburg 1 8
St. Louis 13 8 7
St Paul 4 6 2
Shreveport 2 6 3
Vicksburg 29 5 6
DiBtrr LI da Feet and tenthi of a foot
above tero of gang :
Cairo, 40 feet. Chattanooga, 33 (eet.
Davenport, 15.
Fort Hmllh, 22.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20.
Luuiiville, 26.
New Orleeni, 13.2.
Piltuhuri , 22.
St. Pul.7.
Virktburg, 41.
Yankton. 24.
Evansville, Isd., Jnly 5. Noon
River falling, with 18 fet 3 inches on
the gauge. Departed: D. P. Schenck,
Cincinnati, 11 o'clock lat night.
LouisviLLK, July 5 Noon River
filling, 9 feet 4 inches in the canal and
7 feet 2 inches on tho falls. Weather
clear ad pleasant. Buhuprs dull.
Night Kiver falling, with 9 feet 3
inches in the canal and 7 feet 1 inch
onthefalla. Business dull. Weather
char and pleasant. Arrived: Mary
llous'on, Cincinnati. Departed : Ohio,
Memphis; Thomas Sherlock, Cincin
nati. A OAnD
To all who are luffering from the erron an
indiicretioni of youth nervous weakceoa,
earl? decay, loaa of manhood, eto., I will
lend a recipe that will rare 70a, FREE 01
CUARUK. Thil great remedy wai diieover
eil by a missionary in South America, Send
elf-ail.lrojsed envelope to'.the Kev, J inn
T. Ivm,. Stntinn li, IVi. V.,-
Memphis & Cluriunatl r'k't Ca
FOK 90 1AY8 M.T
Bxouralou Zlntoa:
Commencing -i The Klecant
.May 1st. i 8toauiora
BiKkeje tate, Ohio tt Jas. V. (Lift
r Thi iCompany will fell HOI ND TKI1
Hi Rttl'.t iruiu Mtuuphi to Liui5vtlle
Cincinnati, and nil habtcra Citios, a'.
Kroittly Koiluced Rutos.
es- TiekiU include Meritu and Rlute roonra
Hoturn tiekettt good on any boat in tlie Linv
Kaoh bout carrion a I ine bmnK Pnnd.
Moudajs aud Thiirsdiivs tit 5 P.M.
For information inquire of C. 1!. KIJ8
SELL, Agent, 12 Mudison truet, Miinihil,
Tonn. K. W WISH, Siiy't.
Kl. I, on In Hint N 'W OrlpHim Ani'hot
City of Baton Rouge VS&,
R. .1. Wkitledi0...ninMor,
Will loavo th lilovntor IDElSllAV, July
ntb,atl2m. For freight or HHjunito Rly
O. L. Hi.r., Pam.Ae't. Al PT"HM. Sni.'t.
HI linli nufl Nrw Orlraiia Anchor
Ma-l!. W. Mill-CIKJ4 bT. LOUIS.
Belle Memphis, jf
Geo. Baker master ."Wrjftii
Will leave the Elevator TUESDAY, July
6th, at 3 p.m. For freight or pnMRgo apply
C li. H ' 1 1., Pann. Af't. Al) STURM. Sn p't.
For Oioeola. Unlet Point, Caruthenvilla,
liayoio and Tijitonville The new iteamer
W. P. Hall mentor I B. 0. Mlchell... clerk,
Will leave ' above, and all way point.
Hemphl,rrlnra Ptrtm l ml Mrmiitui
Bad Oali PaftoeHlomnaair.
For Helena. Glendale, Fri&nuPolM and all
Way Landinge titeamer
James l.ce, r.Cft
J. H. Cooper, maiter....J. W.Sniitneri.oioira
Wilt leave ai above on every MONDAY,
WBDNH8DAY and FRIDAY, at 6 o'oiock.
For Randolph, Faltor, Oioeola and Wai
Latdinil Steamer
Coalioma, jHasi
E. T. Clai?)U...roit-r Piatt Hbouo.oi.rl
Loaree every MONDAY. WKDK1.BUA1
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boaU of thi
line renorve the right to pant all lao'iij
tbenaptam mar deem nnR.'.r'e. ODioe, N;,
Ma4l ,1AM I" liPK!. .!.. Hnr't.
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
Str. R. L COBB, m
E. B. Srnlth....mafter. P-i355
Leave! Meinihil bvory TI'FSDAY, at 6 p.u
11. C. LOWE, Agent,
Office, No. a Madimm t. Telephone No. M
Memphis& wliito BiTerrktOc
For I luroiiildii, (lotnlla lllnir. Urm
Arc, AuiiUJta. t-enrcy, Newport, Jiiokson
port, llato'ville 'ind all Way Landing
NTH. (HllliAltiW, ,n
R. C. 1'oltnl ' ,'ijt '
Will loave EVERY WEDNESDAY at & JTdfi
HTU. AI.nKKTAK4 , ' .fp '
Albert B. Smith nter ! :"Tj
Will lonvo K.VK11Y KA1HRDAY at 5 p.m.
Through ratoH given to all pnintn. Frolght
conniitncd to the Mcnii-his and White Rivor
Packet Co., at Monipbis or Terrene, will be
forwarded proinntly. For aonoral informa
tion apply at oflico, No 3 Madison et., orv
Cull Telephone '2. It. (I LIIWK. A't.
Freddie Robinson, .cj
M. R. Harry nianter
For Ilelena, Terrene, DeValli UlutT, Doi Are,
Anguata, Searcy, Newport and iiatenville.
Will leave aa above SATURDAY at 5 p.m.
Through rates to all nointa. Freight cor.
igned to Milt Barry Line, Memphii, will b
promptly torwarded. W . J. P. DOYLK.
Office 12 Ma liiini . Tilenhono W .
Tbe St. Francis River 1 ranoportallor
Co.'i Fine Side-W heel V. ti. Mill Steamei
Ed foster,
V Iv tl Ul'i 111 nirt-inji ,
at 5 o'oiock, for Marianna. the Cut-Off, anl
intermediate landing on St. Franoil river
The oaniais rerorvoii the right to pan a!
landinirii he doom unsafe. JAH. LRE, Jr.,
S-iT.Wrrt.' ItfiS.'rt. Wo. 4 Mnd'on .t
Mctnphla and VicfiHlmr? Packet Com
jinny U. S. Mail Liuo.
For Helena. Concordia. Terrene and Arkan
lai City Ihe elegant pataenger atoamer
M. K. ChocV...raaitor I W. C. tllauaur...oleri
Loaves Meori hi
p. in., reserving the rii;lit to pan all landing)
theciipuin may doom unpule. 1'ur aonerai
in.'.inuation apply at Od er. Nn,4 iVfa lisor
sireot. K. WALW'JHTH. Agent.
lli(W f!l?P,P.'r T.'.i.hone !W
.1 . . . ...
r v 1.. ..w ,.....
Crab Orchard
A "l'OSITlVK CUtlK Full
Sick Headaoht. w
IlitsK : line to two tcaeptM'iifnls.
uuiuti bult. ld iu bulk.
Crab Orchird Watir Co., crop ra.
S N. IONFS. Mi.-r. I.n,il"k-. Kr
Pennyroyal ' Fills.
Th Original and Only Uffnulae.
Sale and always Reliable. Bewareof worlti
li KIuiiiationi. Indisiiensabtnto 1,4 III KM,
your llruKKlwl lur ")hlr.liiir'e
Y.ui- "and take no other, or inolose 4e
(stamps) to us for parttenlari in r.aTTia by
relnrn mall. N . 1AP1.H. Cbl
rknlerl ha-mlfAl 'o
Nndlaou HquHrr, Phtlnwln., I",
TKAUHiopplied by GK0.C. GOOD WIS
C'i ,
WholMitJe Ageaaa, Bawa, Haaa,
Cincinnati, SO.
Keokuk, 14.
La Ctoom. 24.
Little Rook. 23.
Memphis,. t4.
Nuhville, 40.
Omaha, lit.
M. Louii, 32.
Shreveport, 23.
4 1
Ticket aly n. Hharea la
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
W do certify Iftdf r tMptrf th4
mrranotmtnt for all tk Monthly and (Juur
teriy ivrairtno- ojtk Louisiana Otai Lotttry
Company, ana in pertonmamifff nnd control
tks iJrruine tkrwelpttt and that tk urn
art eond rttii ititAkonfty, fame$ amt in
good faith toward all r a ', a Mt4 tM authvritt
th Company to tt thi ctrtitouHt tcith Jac
timile of uur tionaturts oUnAdt in ii nd
vrtitmmt. VTc, lh narfcrsitfaed, Hanlu and Brtnfccre,
ictlt pay alt Prwi drarm in Th AoHwitina
Stale Lolleru-t tcAtcA may 6e prtarntrd at our
J. II .oai.KNBT.Prra. Rnt'l Bank.
J.W.UIMIUE'ril.Prra.fiiliile Niil'l Ilk
A. BALDWIN, Prra. N. O. Knt. Ilk.
Ineorporated In 1868 for twonly-Bv year
by ihe Legislature lor Educational and
Ctiarit.ible pnriiosos with a capital of f 1,
iSM.mx.1 to which a reserve fund oi overtWrtl,
"' has atnee been adtled.
lly an overwhelming popular voto It
franchifo wim uralea part of tho preseut State
Cnnstitutioo, adopted Decouiber 2i, A.D,
The only Lottery cocr polerf' on and tmtorir,
H th people of any Stale.
It never trait nrfofronc.
lie (JrniHl Siinirl. riiiiiti'r llriiwl..te
liikt. iklrtt tiKiiillily, ikiitl III
Irtmrtlliiarjr HrHwtiiicN rfanlarly v-
l-ry llir.'t. IIIOIIIIl lB.tlt'l lf Kl1!!!!-
Auminlly n li r-lolor', bi-nluulnic
.tlnrcli. IHsn
A M'tlMllll OPPOHTI'WITT '!'
Wis. A KlKl imt. SEVENTH GRAM)
July i:t, 1- luaili Monthly Drawing.
DAI'ITAL lMtlZi:, 975,000.
lOO.UOOTIrk! nl Five llnllnr Knrh.
I'rMrlloiiN, In Flfllia, In
I Capital prise t T(X)
1 Capital priie . iri, IM1
1 Capital prise lll,lll
S Priaeiof WMiM la.iMKJ
5 Prises of liooo M.ml
10 Priioi of KNIO 1(1,(10
211 Pritei oi (Ml) lo.iKI
lim l'rises ot HDD a.HK
31) Priaei of 111 l,K
Ml) Priies of (Ml K,m
llKJU Priies of 2f aS.UX,
Approximation priaei ol f?Ml 8,T'0
9 Approximation prises of Nil 4,VI
0 Approximation priaea of 250 i,2M
1967 Priies, amounting to tattS.fitX)
Applloation for rate) to elnbi should be
madi only to tn offioa of the Company at
New Orleans,
For further Information write clearly,
giving full address. PONT A L N OT KM, Kx
press Money Orden, or New York Bxohange
In ordinary letter. Currency by Express (at
our exiene), addreued
New Orleans, la.
Or II. A. nAI'PniW,
Waahluifloai. D. C,
or at WcatConrlMt., Heuipbl,Teaa
Make P. O. Money Orders payable
and address Kegintered Letters to
Maw Orlaana. I. a.
This BELT or Ra.
genen tor li made ex-
ureialv lot tne euro
of degeneration oil
VW ClWy - Thar. i. no
1feFORl--1 mistake abou thisln
a W-!- i 'trument the oon
I aXCja-JV .if tlnuoixa atream ol
th. ..n.r.MU. np
KbeLiniuii i per
moatln through the
iarts nu restore
them to health notion. Do not oontound
thia with Kleotrio Bella advertised to cure
all ilia from head to toe. It is for the ONE
apeoifio purpose. For circulars giving lull
nformattion, addresa Cheever Electric Belt
Co., lul Waxhinirtnn street. Chlcair . III.
A Valuable Patent.
llanry's (Horae) Corn and Pea Plan,
a A VINO perfected my Invention, I wish
o plane it before the public especially
mxnnfaoturera. Al a Corn Planter, It la a
perteot sucoess opena the drill, distributed
ihe aeed accurately, oniniured, and ooverd
the same, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Ther have been used in
thia section for over a doion years wilh per
fect satisfaction, fan give reapoLaible tosti
monlala. Address
JOHN li. DANCT, Danoyvllle.
Ilavwnnd conntv. 'IVn
i - . . . I- A book of ino naves.
ItWSPAPEK 'i "oat book for
.-. v
Iniirnmnisij.iult, bo he e'neri.
AllJVLiil iolNla onoed tt otherwise
" ' It oontnina lista ol
new? papers and eatimatea o the oust of ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to apenr
one dollar, fin la in It the information he ro
quires, while lor him who will invest om
hundred thousand dullara In advertiaing,
acbeine iai ndicated whioh will meet hi.
67cry reqn' anient, or can be made to do ac
by alight ohangor easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and 0 fir-three
editions have been Issued. Sent, postpaid,
to any addresa lor ten eerie. Apply to GEO.
VEHT1SINO BUREAU, 111 Spruoeat. (l'rlnt-
nff limine Honere , New York
C. 0. I1KIH.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
169 Front Street, Memphii, Tenn.
Cotton eonalg nod to na will have onr careful attention. We carry at all tlmea a well-
aeloctod atock ol
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liquorsjobaccn & Cigan
And will eell aa l.nwr aa lli l,l
Cotton Factors & Commission Merch'k
r W.nbnH.NM HH .e.l'iui. I'alnn
Brlaklei Car Woris a Ma nnfact'tt Ca
Itrinkley, Ark., IttHiiufiicf urcrM aI
Doors, Sash, Blinix, nrcaxril Flooring, rlll'if, Weuthf r-lldardlng
CjvpreHH IiIiikIi'm, LhIIim, I'Av. "
aa-Oar faellltlea are unsurpassed by any sawmill In the South lor ul ing riders promptly .
Flooring, Ceiling, biding, Htep Lumber and Cypress bhinalea a spealalf 'j alao, Framing
Lumber of all dimenaioni. We make the Wholesale Business a special feature. Orden
olioited and promptly Dlled.
No.'124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee.
W. A, GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
No. SOO Front Street, : JlecipliU, Teua.
rS2l m
3 S
3 S3
p 53 o
lI5? H H
5 O
i z
ft " & 3 P-'O B
2 O
r. O
JOHN K, KVM I.K k (U, AffPiit.
It r. Ali ESTATE.
No. SltJU, It. I). Chnncory Cnurt of Srelby
counlv Sltilo of 'l'oiinoifco tur use etc.,
vs. I'ury r.Arlifoid etui.
"I ) Y virtuool an Inlcrlncutory decree for
J J sale entered in th nhovo cnine on the
4th day of .lunmiry, IMS;. M. II. f0, piue
iVi7. I will sell, Ht public unction, to the
hiKnrnt biddir, in fr.ml ot he t.'lork ami
Miisrer's oil co, courtliouso of Shelby county,
Moiuphrs, Toi. n., on
Mnlunlii), Jul)' 31, IHHO,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed pioperty, situiilrd in ISiielhy countv,
Tcnnea.ee, to-wit : The rou'h part ol Ut IS,
block Ml, fronting :IT fro! on Ilia east aide of
ht. Mariln srreel li) a depth ol 2IH feet, said
lot being 1,M feet north nt Linden alroet.
Toruia of Sale On a credit ot aix months!
notes with security, bearing interest, re
quired; lion retained i redumption barred.
This Juno at, 1KM.
t. I. Mulio W ELL, Clerk and Master.
Ily II. E. Walsh, Oepu'v C. and M.
f. II. and U. w. llelskell, BolS;
olkssisVu (be lesSta
Ibatslrl ol .t l ilts M
ter.4its. sal tori givas
eitnuet ealmial ismae
""kuRfttv rnto.
Pari.. -TaC
tiuweo th. f.m ee
OBe public and ettw r.aha
Nf (ne i.iamg Mesa
JlrsilfuiA!, n
CoMby Ti,u(.iita. ,
No. 6321, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
eounty. State of Tenneiseofor use, etc,
vs. Joseph Haines et al.
BV virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
aale entered In the above cause on the
22d da) of January. Matt, M. B. 61, page ltVI,
I will aell t nubllo auction, to the high
erLbldder, In front o the Clerk and Master'!
offfre, courthouse oi Hue by oounty, Hem
phia, Tenn., on
NHlurdny, July HI, INNA,
within legal boura, tbe following described
property, situated In bhelby eounty, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
Lola IV and till, Kemhert subdivision, front
ing 75 feet each on Ihe west side of Hoaa ave
nue, and running back H'-. leei. Hold us
properly of Asa solby, Jonnie Talbot and
Lot .11, R. P. Rtewarl'a subdivision, Iront
ingtk) leet on the east ride ot Mississippi av
enue, aud running I ui k betweon parallel
lino on the north line 26:1 leet, and on the
south line 21'.i'.j loot In an nlby, being the
third lot north of Chupin avenue.
TeroiJ of Halo On a ere It ol aix months
nolo with security, bearing interest required :
lien retained; redemption barred. Thia
June 2d. lni.
H. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Muster.
By II. K. Wnlsh. Doputy Clerk and Master.
lib A I. ESTATE.
No. FbT.i, It. !. Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty Klulo of Tennoaaoe, etc., va. tia
rub Armstrong et al.
BV virtue ol an interlocutory decree lot
salt, entered in the above cause on the
4th da; rt Juno, IHMl, M. B. 611, page ir.H,
I will soil, at puhlio auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Mas
ter'! ollice, eourthouae ol bbclby oounty,
Memphis, Tenu., on
Nitliirdiir, Angml 7, INNfl,
within lea.i' houra. the following described
property, aitiinlcd In t-helby oounty, Ton
nosHee, to wit: A certain lot beginning ut a
stake on the west aide of Ninth streot t3.r
feet north of the north sido of Carolina
street; thence went and parallel with Caro
llnaslreet IM'4 foot to a rtuao; thencenorth
2f foot to an nlley; thonro oust V leet o
west aide ot Ninth streolj thence auuth 2;
leet to the beginning.
Terms ol Nale-On a credit nl six months)
nolo with security reoulred : lien rotained;
rejemption burred. '1 his Julv 1, lHii.
S. I. Mi'UOiV ELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. V. Wals , tleputv Clerk and Master.
K. II X 0. Ileukell and John John
ston, Solicitors.
E. L. W00DS0
f jOsrti la I
ff f I TO I DAVa.J
. yo.arH.Me e.l tail
ft jf eamairuwie.
t HraNiykyae
noeaoridge v;o., va. uigb op in the
Virginia mountains. Pletareeqne surroond
inga, egtenaiveand beeutitully shaded lawn.
las, eleolrto bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily mails, post, telegraph and
eipren offices on the premises, table tho
l.r. It. I.ninrlnn.1. fi.vnl.h vnnn.a.
..I'r.r. uuiie. uil lul troun.e.. LaolO mo
very beat. Lniuriously furnished rooms
luierb band if musio. Send for illustrated
pamphlet. Charges moderate. Openforvia-
uors, June intn. nnrm: A'i, t haliitoaU
and fr.r.i,.nr. R.T. WlLJj ISnN.Man'gT.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
tors, June 15th
HYtitlA HUI tL.
TKRMS for the aeason of Ihm;, beginning
June Ut, redured to M) prr root., but
the highest atuadard of exoellence main
tained. Send for Illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and tonus.
F. N. PIKE, Manager.
East Tennessee.
( 1RLKHR ATKD aa a rnre for Dyspepsia,
V J thronio Oiarrhra, lmligesiinn and all
Kidney Afiootinna. Ileautitully situated on
ttie Imnks of a crvstal uiountain stresm.
Fine n"hmg. beautiful time, and romantie
scenery. Ulimate uusurpnssett Uutel and
cettiiges reinodeliMt. Iirellent garden.
Honty ot fresh milk and l n e butter, rilty
miles north ot Chnlttmooi-u. toily seven
huurirun from Ailntta, ro (o -a, malaria
or moii'iuitoe. Hoard reafoir lde.
X. H. till KM AN. Proprietor,
Formerly of Warm -prings Hotel, N. C.
ewSend for le s t ijt i o Circu I h it.
Hurricane Springs
THESK Sprinssaro situated on linrric.ine
Creek, r-ranklin Coonly, 'IVnuo.-MMMind
upon the western ben.'h ot tho Curplienuiid
Tin: VAM K of Tin: ,v vn u
In Ujr-itn, IHiirrlirii. Im ulo-y
l.lvi-r niiil ftiitlui-v 'rrmilil n in founded
upon ai'tual euros. . It is auninst llu'.o dis
eases tlnit the comim-mir intliiomvi of tho
wator is directed with perhaps ilie lirsl suc
oess. Itriiliovns Willi I'm'Ihiiii.v and '
airily intliimiiiiition and ulceration of the
bowels, ami roiuove ali likelihood of their
In iy nxinIii, it oirrioi olf tho accu
in ii Intel mass ot acidity.
In l.l ci niiil Klmiry Coniplainls Ihe
water bus a specille action . It eradicates all
malarial poison Iroin Ihe ryslom, and is a
certain speoillc for all diseases having their
orisin in inaliiria.
rend for pumplileta containing analysis,
Four daily iniiils. Telegraph or telephone
nndcipren fucilttie per eot.
M1LLKK A IlttO., 1'roprietore,
or DK. AMUIIilSK MOillllSDN.
Kesidont rinsicinn,
Hurricane Springs. Tenu.. via Tullnhoinii.
Anions the Northern Liikos
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are hun
dreds of dolightlul places where one can pasa
the summer months In nuiot reH and enjoy,
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated term completely rejuvenated. Kaoh
recurring soason brings tn Ooonomowoo,
Waukesha. Heaver Dam, Frontenao, Oko
bojl, Minnetonka, White Hear, and Innu
merable other charming localities with ro
mantie names, thousands of our best people
whose winter nomea are on either aide ot Ma
eon and Dlion'a line. Kleganeo and com
fort, at a moderate coat, can be readily ob
tained. A list ot aummer homea. wilh all
neeeaaary Inform, ion pertaining thereto, ia
being distributed by the Caituuo, Mit.wau
aaa aku Ht. Paul Raiiwav, and will be sent
free upon applieatliq by letter to A. V. II.
Cariienter, Ueneral Passe ger Agent, Mil
waukee, Wis.
IS formally opened, under the new manage
ment of A. W. King, of Columbus, Miss.,
assisted bv (Jeorgo W. Duy. Thia well
known watering place ia directly on the lino
of the Louisville and Nashville K.R., thirty
three mlloa north of itlrmiiigham. Hot
Hatha and Sulphur Hatha n special feature.
These waters are too well known to aeed
further notice. For cireulara and further In
formation apply to Oeneral Manager, A. W.
KlNU. Hoard reasonable.
the crest ot the Alle.b.nlea. within the
frtmoua Olade Section, directly on the line of
the U.and O. No Stage KiOos or 'HuaTrana
lers. All Limited Knpreae Trains Hlop.
With the new and unparal eled fast sched
ule on the lliiltimore and Ohio Railroad,
these lovely twin resorts are beyond all cora-
mrison the moat advantageously located,
loth as to train service aud surroundings, of
any east of the Rockies.
Netwoii Upon Jane U.'lil. No Files.
No Mosouitoes. No llay Fever No Malaria.
Deer Park and Oakland, the one being but
aix miles distant troui the other with tbe
mostcharming drives oonncoting Ihoiti will
be unilor tlie uiananement of Mr. W. J.
WALK KH, who, in li s three seasons' man
agement, has msdoinnny enthusiastic frlenda
ol the glorious resorts All ooinruunieationa
should be uddrossed to W. J. Walker, Queen
City Hotel, Cumberland. Md , up to Juno
l.'ilh. Alter that date, either Deer l'urk or
Oakland, Md.
KVl'KS-iOO, 17'' and 1K) per month, ac
cording to locations.
The 1). and O. Company has spared no ex
penso In rendering Deer Park and Oukland
the Lading Mountain Resorts of the Kast.
and for the season of IHXtlihe attractions ail
be of a character not hitherto equaled, and
the cuisine ol both houses unexcelled.
First-olasa Laundry. Fine Livery. Ele
gant now llnlhing Pools.
The linest place for Children In the land.
WILL be r poned June 1st. This noted
watering place ia altuntod aix milee
Irom AUna Furnace, on the Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman county
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Ktna
and will convey guests to apriuga at a very
low rule.
Ilonr.1, ftito I'or Monllat SI I'rr llay.
.-lnl Hnli'a lu t'amlllra.
We Invite all who wish to spend the moat
pleasant aeamn of thoir llvoa to come to
lleaverdam. esiiecially seekers of pleasure
and health. Uood water and pure air la
m illll.KNI'O HKIIN.,
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
VS. A. P K A. N . I'roo'r Cenlrevllle lintel.
'or iv yinit on rt 11 ar uOw J.(
riUrlf evtupatit.1 sad ! I j .iu.iifi.. ttift,n, w9 th
allUKMrul, ft- Ilia l.l Wlitft Will (TOFf
sfimriV ab"iMHv15!:
Sirrinutorrhoto And tmpotnuuf r
a tlirull l t-lf iliut lb jfutb Mitift pwia .a aiv
Atri rirft. r Utl i-a iaci ') i(atii iui ajunirs J
I'ftlUK i-lTtVla Nl VitiMOfa JHflllintil mtaT. ut fttaV
tl'itii In lr-nt. llliHiiran of Muclit. Hrf-fiUc I"---D-
i-aij riiiiilanD av 4iiir'iiH'iHt'iTi. t'ymi'tt,
nirt'ls.a or il. , !, o' iHa iUal l'rwrl Al . trilJr ia.
UHtilMK" ln)iriirr or itit,niT r tiionniKiilt tt. jira
..nil. .-.r-.l SYPIIIMS WMJS n,1
lr.'l",rj r"m r '""' Oonorrhx,
QLEjLT, Wtrklurft (iruUnU AfTuia of Hui-HrfS,
T". ni l "ItuT prlwUi .aa)na.taj (tit, kit rtUrtjil
l .t hWr ot l.-nl Hint ft (.hy alfUli tm (iftjatji-tlft: in,0
- it oni'ilit t ilifaan ti1 irri'lui: tl. M-u-1 luj..
Mf ar,)i,rf r. aktll Chfta laoa hliowiut th1' " J"'"
t ii;i)i. i,rl 4t .i.tia Is. in .)fti- W hr. '. t Vtiit rtlflt U
Iklf M.i i t fn- trajalliis ill U.KiH'tlli'a "ftl Wt t ftHAia
" I Mi.ly ti, Uttnlui ftr"a atiTwhcrT
flut'ctt Quarintc(t li. li Cutxnc
' 'i.-iiiiaii u peivitiaiM r f "H f lu '.n'-trf
'iiU'i "wm nin dt (-. els .j.. -,'.. 'am.'1 U .oa!
i ((, w-m hi n evtf rH'tirit ftaftiavi, fm t-
'ii mil "hfujlit )- lit t-ii. iJtn 1 t-4
.an... m U ut W Jfa.nlawa La n M
'London" Trouser Mretcher
till I 1 7 Patented in hurona nmt uni
LLklV 1 ted Stales. f,.n Arnl. Iu
I iilt'l Hlnf.-v lor celebrated
John Hamilton A Co. Stretch
er. Takes bnaaluir l
kutra restores pantaloons to
or ginal shape. Only patented
Stretcher combining screw rod
in combination witn ciamps.
All nttiam infrinaeinentrr
Driginal and on yslreleher
i.,r v..lllra,. iiwa. lly
tTxpresa seourely packed. Price M. Write
'or circular'. Atents wanted in every olty.
II W.MltaiUNit 'Q., Baaloia.Waea.
BIBLK " Introdaetion by Ite
oent, O.l). One agent hai aok 0
of 074 peoplei one 73 In avillWk i
new agent in 111 days: one S3 .
slv. weeks; one III in il Uriatt,
timea.Kaperience no lae-stnj
Ml llrmrhoin street
d Womeli
, Via-
; r I laceee.
Oil l.renl
1 ' ddreea
prrwoue seeking Government Km
ployment in any ol the depaxtmenU a
Waahlngton, or any other P1"lt"n, "'f
theUovernment.I will send lull Instruction!
aa to how to prime! to obtain the same,
and Blaaai Irarmeof Ao.IU4.loa i on
receipt ot One Dollar. Allraei Joaiel
n TV )
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