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lotlgrlllf ,w OrlMM aid Tnn B'j
and attar May 2. lwi), passenger trains on
thi rjtl win run iqmhwsi
FAbI fit
bouih. I. North.
Lata..... .
Leland ...... ,
Barrison ...i..
4:V p. ml :3fl a.m
:: p.ml 7:21 a. in
10 :(M p.m! 4:07 a. in
1:01) a. in 1:13 a.m
2:44 a.m 11:1 p.m
6:26 a.m 8:.V p.m
lon Hoar..
out a.m 7:M p,
f Orleans... U ' UilP a.m! null) p.m
A With all lines enteringMemphii.
B-With M. IK. W. H. R. lor Helena.
0 for reenville and Huntington, and all
Arkoiif points.
D-Witb V. Jt M. and V.. 8. A P. Railroad.
K-Witb N., J. A 0. B. R. lor flatchoi and
F For Poinu on to Branch.
9 With steamers lor Itaynu Sara.
H With raiiroads divorging lor Florida,
Tim nri'l Ouanli'tiints.
p.uwAKi'h, v. r. anau. ra.
. P. A.
Isslealppl mid Tennessee. Trains
Sieve si lullonm: tiew Orleans mail arrives
daily at 9:' a.m. : loaves daily at fM) pin.
6ard:f accommodation arrives daily nt H-.4S
a.m. i leave daily ut ' p.m. Now Orlenni
ninil train will not Hop at any Hair Million
between Memphis and Sardis. or at White
ha?en, Horn Lake, Nebil and Lovo. Freight
train! do not carry passengers.
Newport News and Mlmlaaiitpl tal
y. Trains mova aa tnllowi: Fast 'Ine
leave! at 10:00 a.m.: bt. Louil fast line
leave! at 5 :3() p.m. i Fast Una arrival at 1 :3U
p.m.; tit. Louis fast lina arrival atV:U6a.m.
Louisville aid Nashville Trains
move as followi: Fast mail arrival daily at
6:16 a.m.: laavas at 10:10 p.m. : mail loaves
daily at 10:10 a.m.) arrive! at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation) laavel daily'
leapt Sunday, at 5:00 p.m.: arrival daily,
leapt Sunday! at 8:60 a.m. (standard tiuia).
Memphis and Little Kock. Train!
mova aa follow! (central standird time):
No. 1 leaves daily at fi:i p.m, s arrives at
9:M p.m. No. 3 leaves at 6:1 a.m. : arrives
at :.') a.m. No. 6 (freiitht) leaves IlopeAeld
dslly (except bunday) at :(, a.m.; arrives
at 7:10 p.m.
nlf Route (Kansas lily, sprlo.
rid and Si emphlsl Trains leave'M. and
I. depot as follow!: No. 4, Kansas City ei
vraas, leaves at W:V a.m.; No. 3, Kaniai
City express, arrives at .1:.K1 p.m. No. 2,
Haniat City mail, leaves atA:00 p.m. I No. II,
Kansas City mail, arrives at 6:46 a.,n. No.
I, Ht. Loaii and Chiraso eipresi, leaves at
$: p.m.; No. 1, Kt. Louis and Chicagoei-
Xress, arrive! at 8:45 a.m. In effect Sunday,
pril 18, lKMri.
fniphli aid Charleston Trains
sjove aa follows: Through expresi leaves
dally at 10:20 p.m. Mail and el press leaves
daily at 10:00 a m. BomerviHa eoeommoda
tlon leaves dally, except Sunday, at 6::)
p.m. Through express arrival daily at 6:1ft
a.m. Mall and, express arrives dally at 4 :66
S.m. Somervila accommodation arrival
ally, axoept Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Innekls, ttlrmlnKham and Allan,
to BoIIt Springs Route Tralni move aa
fallow!! No. 1 leaves Memphis daily at S:4
p.m.i arrives at Holly Spring! at6iSdp.ro.:
No. 2 leaves IMly Spring! dally at 9:00
a.m., arrival at Memphis at 11 :16 a.m. I No.
. 6 leaves Memphis dally at 7:16 p.m., arrival
at Holly Spring! at 11 MS p.m.) No." leaves
oily Borings dally at tna a.m., arrival at
.IBpl.Il t ft4f w.m.
For Miaimjrpi, Jxiuitiana and Texat :
Fair weather in the nortltern portion; local
taint in the nwthrrn portion; itationary
letnpfraturt; mriahh vinilt.
For Ohio, Wirt Virginia, Indiana,
Kentucky and Tcnnrttte: (ItntraVy fair
walker; tiationary temperature; variable
viind generally tatterly.
For Arkanmt: Cooler, fair eeather;
tarialilt vindf.
For Eattern Michigan : lair veather;
tUUkmary temptralure; variahlt. niud
generally southerly.
4rolo(lral Hoporf,
Miaran, Tina., July fl. 188.
Time. Bar. Ther. iWiud.lW'ther
7:00 a.m. 30.110 74.0 N.W.
11:00 a.m.SO.1118 8r..O N.W.
8.-00 p.m. 110.053 fl l.O W.
7:00 p.m. 30.0IH 86 0 N.W.
iokw p.m. ;).o:u 0 0 N.W.
Maximum tempo rature, 00,
Minimum temperature, 72.
Oione, 11 o'clock a.m., 1.
Ralniall, fioa
la (be Veiloa Hala.
Siqmal Slavics, U. B. Abmt,
July 6, 1886-0 p.m.
DfriaJon of telexrams and reports for
the beneflt of commerce and agricul
ture. Cotton region bulletin lor the
wenty-four hours ending July Ctli.nt 6
oylrtck p.m.
Memphle... 90 72 .00
Hashville SI) t .
Grand Junction... !1 (17 .(H)
Ooriutfc H) 64 X0
Tnscnmbia (to H .00
Decatur 1 K .00
Boottflboro H7 ;: .00
iJateeviile ! 70 .00
Grenada Ht) (i7 .iKI
Hernando IU (m .(H)
ArllnRton I t4 .01)
Brownaville 01 OS .00
Milan !': Oil .00
Paris.- V. f4 .(KI
OoyitiKton 01 (: M
Dyurabiug '.Ki (Ki .(10
Bolivar Oil
Holly Springs HI (il
Oxford '.'1 71 .00
8nms ltUO ll'.il .00
Mpana "'
Tiio Liy tUiive Cjuncil meets
Tlic e.iloreil prople ill liuld a
ir.ettitig tin 11 it; lihul' li'ii;y.l t.
A f ipie of Ideal ticket aiientsF.ro
liavimc a litilu wnr on their own n.
Neatly nil fin b:inkn Rnd insur
ance con'pa l ea luivo iiiRilu lmiuey
luring the j Mi-t months.
LiceiiM s lo marry wern issued yev
terdsy to l". W. Corr.m nnd Clurn M.
iri'Ki'iy, W. 11. Martin i;nd Alice
A nwarJ of $200 ban besn cfft icd
by T. J. l'eviiie, o d nmn JumU'r Bin
in Inw, fur t e di teeiion of hie and
Lis wifti's niur ierrn.
TliH poiice y enter day arrest id
John Hif iJ iiR, ehaijr.d idi asiiultin
Hoiutou t'Hii'.nm iili a pistol out on
Poplar sireul i otiU'vard.
Aborst thief nsmed A'ex Belle waa
fjt'Dteneed t Hvd ycum in the pui
tenf a-y yesti -day, and a petty lar
ceniht i.aiue I .1, riy Herrard r.icttived
a workhonse sentence of s.x months.
A few firecrackers were fired
yesterday in honor of the indepen
dence of Aim r;ea. Tho lottt r carriers
had a bolnh y Hiid a few s'.ores clow il,
but there van n j Keneral (IoiuouhIir
tion. The Keeue dramatic Club will
tivea cnmplinientnry henelit to Mrs.
Kosb B. Thoirpson i'r'nlay evening at
Jjsiival l'nrk. Mig't l)itrrim will be
Jirodticed by the c;ub and will be lol
owed by a hup.
In the divorce case of Henrietta
C. Dmightrty vs. John C. DniihiTly,
the Chancery Court of Shelby county
has granted a decree restoring the com
pluiuunt toher nmidon name, Henri
etta O. Toentuiun.
An enormous crowd visited the
toboggan giouiido last evening to tee
t e fireworks and ride on the tobop
pan. Thore present were among ti.e
flrft people of the cltv, who, with their
i tniiliee, had a most delighif ul evening.
The government fleet, anchored at
P uni Point, will arrive todsy at noon
id begin the work of laying the mat
tresses and building spur dikes for the
protsction of the South Memphis
blufle. Capt. Lecb, United States en
gineer, will be in charge of tho work.
Capt. Fuller, who is here in the
inteiest of the Citizens' Water Coni
pnny, whose avowed purpose is to ob
tain a water supply from the Alisjis
wppi above the city, called at I'residt nt
Madden s ollice yrsterday. lie is now
engaged iu milking ehti mates on pre
liminary surveys.
The Printers Pirnic at Ettivnl
Park ton'ht is likely to draw an im
mense crowd. Tho va'inus coinmitteej
hnve made amiile trraugements for
music ami refreshment?, tho brnt of
order will be r-rerprvfil aud tvery
means pos-ihle to make l nose who go
cut enjoy themselves.
A meeting of the lMmorratic Kx
enitive Committee wi'l be held tomor
row lo consider the advisability of ad
vancing the date of the convention. It
Is likely that the dale for holding the
primaries will remain unchanged, the
13th inst , and that the convention
will be held on the l V.h instead of tho
Deputy G. C. J. II. Liebkemann
lait night installed the following olli
cf r In Jonathan Wood lodge, So. Ill),
Kn'ghlBof Pythlai: H. A. Kuther
ford, C. C ; J. K. Kreetsnberg, V. C:
T. K. Hanson, !.; K. W. Ocx, M. of
F.j J. H. Liebkmann, K. of R. and
S.j H. Huntzickcr, M. of A.: Ifador
Weber, P. C. j H. Silverman, M. of E.
There wis an lmmcns crowd at
Pia'oigh Springs Sunday. They went
out in buggies, hacks, fpring wagons
and furn'tnre vans, eonie slopping at
the hotels, but most of them laking
their baskets with them and lunching
in the glen, where tbey could be in
reach of the springs, If so many
people will go through the diflicii'tits
they now hve to encounter to picnic
at Raleigh, what would be the crowd
If a railroad was run out there and a
good hotel built?
Sole Agents for Horace 11. Kelly
to.'s Key IV est Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Uayoso Hotel stand,
Peabody Hotel stand and S10 Main
street, Fresh shipments received
weekly. l. bamkijion a co.
P. Kallaukb has gone to Waukeska,
Miss Lot'isa Goodman, of Memphis,
is vieiling at Washington.
K. L. McKiB and Walter Smith, of
Holly Springs, are in the city.
Mil, Fi.m. Thompson of Tullahoma,
Miss., was in the city yesterday.
John D. Martin has returned from
his visit to relatives in Mississippi.
Mas. Clabb Smith of Little Rock is
visiting her mother, Mrs. S, J. Willis.
Waltkb MiQinHt left last night for
Louisville, Ky., for a three months' va
cation. Miss Julia Moody, of Holly Springs,
is in the city, the gueet of Mrs. R. S.
Dn. Gkoroi Little, ex-SUtc Geol
ogist of Mlssi'Bippi and Georgia, and
Profcseor of Geology at Oxford, Miss ,
ia in the city.
Tri many friends of Misa Alice
Hoffman will be pleased to lesrn that
she has completely recovered from her
recent severe spell of illness.
Mrs. Bayhh.lib, son and daughter,
left list evening on the Chesapeake
and Ohio railro d for Illinois, where
they will spend the summer months.
D. R. Williams, of Chelsea, left yos
terday by the Louisvil'e and Nashville
road for Bowiing Green, Ky., and
Nashville, Tenn., to be absent a few
Mrs. W. G. Taylor and children,
accompanied by her mnthorin-law,
Mr. Helen K. Taylor, left by the Kan
sas City rod last Saturday en route
for Los Angeles, Cal.
Pb. A. L. Kimuko has removed his
ollice to 3H1 Main street, wheie he has
purchased an interest in the K'ectnc
Infirmary, wllh Overall and Knox.
Telephone at ollice and residence, Oils.
iHipi.iY S.Wka ver, ason of one of our
oldrxt families, hns just returned from
the Uoive'si'y of Alabama, at Auburn.
It is grat tying to know that he not
only graduated with the highest hon
ors, but that his conduct bIbo was
eueh while there aa to win the warm
respect and friendship of the faculty
nnd student.". The way to surcesi
nnd honor in now open for him here,
nnd we predict he will achieve both.
Miilnimmcr Itceeptloii.
To the 1W Public:
You are ret p!rtfully invited to at
tend cur foriiinl opening tomorrow
(We'nisday) between the hours of 0
o'clock a.m and 1 1 o'e'onk p m.
I. sa ii:i.siin .v r..
l'roi'i ii tiirsnf tho Cinr 1'alaoo "I ttie South.
'. $. Music and lloisers,
Ulnny l Ilir Ixat rtp of tlie
rll.v nrr vinrliiK YelloUNfoiip lilfa
pn.ls. Tliry mijr tliey nr Ili lr.
iIiIiihn ul Hip Itiixl rT Invtnled.
.TloitoKram itiuicW-M 9Inll'orl
There la n IkIHuk oil In llireron !
I hm kntlx r on i lit. lil ii II lo lienrllie
lihi'lioiiK iKin T-IWn alone lilt.
Isascd A To.'s nnt;uarian back
store and ci'ditating binary has re
moved Ironi No. 310 Second to No. 411)
Main street
Ut Knilpdico A liiTninRreluo to do
your flnaaiilnir.
l'rmiiuionil'g A'atnrul Leaf.
The only genuine "Nn'urnl Leaf"
tobneeo in" the marktt; "two tin tnirs,
one on i neb end of the p'ugj" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't be deceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Priunmond's Natural Leaf"
l.trrj twill' la Invited lo ronie onl
and bear Vrllownlumo HIC.
A I)riiKKtit' Mory.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, drngglst,
Newburg, N. Y., wriies us: "1 have
for the pant ten yesre sold several
gross of lr. William Hall's balsa'a for
the Lnngs. I can bh of it what 1
cannot say of anv other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. 1 have recommended it
In a great many cases of whooping
cough, with the happiest e fleets. I
have used it In my own family for
many yars; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Is'ltliilSllverware at M iilford'
Jacob Fnchs to Wo. Wilson, lots 42
and 43, Peyton subdivision, for $000.
I). C. Slaughter, trustee, to G. V.
Kambaut, lot No. 3 containing 11.78
'iei in the Thirteenth District, for
0 0.
G. V. Rambaut and wifo to R. D.
Jordan, trustee, to secure D. O. Slaugh
ter in the sum of G00, same property
as above.
T. A. Lamb and wife to B. A. Whit
sttt, lots 0 and 10, Lamb's subdivis
ion, for fi'200.
J. W. Arnold and wife to K. D.
MorloR, fifty aercs in Ninth Civil Dis
trict, forfi'S.
W. A. Gjcdyear to Sam II. Cownrd,
lit 1H, Dunn ieubiivisioD, for $1'X)0.
T. J. Latham and wife to F. T. Kd
mumlH in, trustee, to secure H. liich
mond in the sum of H50, part of lots
No. 4 and f, block 45, So'Uh Memrihis.
W. F. Werner and wi'e to T. P.
Sims, et ah, trustee!, lo tecure the
Arliniiton Iiimirance Company in tho
sum of li85, jiart of lot No. 2L', Weak
ly tract, containing one acre.
Dahney Crenshaw and wife to S. I.
Crenshaw, 62 serei in Third
Civil District, fir f 100.
Jacob Koenig and wife to II. Bens
dorf, trustee, to secureU.-rman-Ameri-can
Building nnd Loan Association in
the sum of J.'IWX), part lot 2, block 54,
South Memphis.
There ssi nnolber tola? crowd lo
bar Tellowalone Kit oo Ibe blnir
laat sslabt.
Although we have sold an im
mense quantity of goods in the
neat few ' weeks, we have still a
large as;ortment of summer goods
on hand, wh'ch wewillstill contin
ue to sell at greatly reduced prices.
We would advise all who con
template leaving the city during
tho heated term to lay in a supply
of shoes to do them until their
It Will Rave Ton Money!
It Will (save Yon Timet
It Will Save Ton Trouble t
fWTIn all your travels, North or
South, you will not hnd a better
shoe store, a larger stock, nor goods
better adapted to your wants. And
last, but not leaBt.you will not find
anything at lower prices.
800 Main Street.
Db. C. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
ernbalmer, 65 Madison street.
Send a postal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Laundry, 51 Main street, to
call for your laundry.
Clear Water hot and cold baths,
25c, at the Torkieh Bathhouse, No,
222 Second street, near Adams.
Sxa the gratifying announcement,
elsewhere, of the old, tried and suc
cessful Workingmen's Building and
Loan Association.
Thi Herbal Chill On re, the beet
tonloand anti-nerlodio known. A oertain
and sare ear lor chilli. Prlo 1 par bot
tle. Bend itamin for olroulan. Any ref
erence fiien. Addresi John 0. Kuoker,
Lrnohbert, Va.
Anuosiura Bitters are indorsed by
all the leading physicians and chem
iets for their purity and wholesnme
ners. Bew a'e of counterfeits, and ask
your grocer and drnggiBt for the genu
ino article, prepared by Dr. J. G. B.
Siegert & Sons.
Bon Aqi'A Scrinos will have a good
run this season. A first class mana
ger is in charge. Railroad fare to go
and return, 18 00. Tickets good till
November 1st. The celebrated Ita'.inn
band will furnish the music. Special
rates for board made with families
See J. F Key, resident sgent, No. 44
North Court street. Correspond with
W. P. Riih.'cII, cashier, Bon Aqua
SpriiiRH, Tenn.
Valuable Ileal l.ttate lo Be Hold.
R. J. Black & Co. will sell on Wed
nesday, July 7th, 18H(i, at corner of
Main and Madison streets, the Left
wich house, IW4 Second street nnd
next to Central Baptist Church. Real
estde investors can git nothing of
mors ceittin promise. Convenient to
all titrect cur lines and business.
Yellnwalono Htl'a iad la one nl
llie best luvesillona ol I lie aa.
1. 1'. HAHPI'N. ProKi.lont .
K. (Hil.iK.Vi 1 11, Vica-Pres't.
JAM I'S NATHAN, Cashier.
Int'-rest at 'the rale of 3 percent,
per annum hsu been doc'nred by the
Boa'd ofTni-tses on nil nocounta en
liiled 'here o, payable on diinn'id
lifter SOtli ii a'ant. liiierrtft not drawn
will he credited Jo the dejinsitcr's
ncci'unt, sumi) as a new deposit. De-po-it.s
niiidii ui to July Mh will bear
intereHl frcin lit.
J AMI'S N AT1UN, Cashior,
MxariltSi Iknn., June M, ls.v!.
Mnirord, Jeweler, 291 Main, 80'
llcits orders from the country.
.11 rn. II ut leu berg,
Awninys, tents, cot, mattresses and
tarpaulins made at 231 Second stiect,
Mo lo KallaMlco 4k Ijtcosnaralno lor
fear i"lnmt and Wna-tlttlnsj
Owing ti change of gauge we arc now
prepar.'d to contract for present or
future d livery of Alabama splint coal
nt reduced lates.
Fine Watch repatriate at Mnlforu's.
Montgomery White Sulphur Springs,
This famous resort, recently
eqni pel with all modern improve
moi ts, with capacity for 800. now re
opened for tH recmilion el gil"'ts
Close connecti.in via K.T ,.& G. R. lv.
OrderuMullorl Made Meilalu,"
S. Levy
Is (he o'd rsliable trunk manufacturer
of th S uith, a hive a'l good work ccn
ha full d at low urii e. nu rertidrniiz
done without delay Bt No. 3: 8 Ma u
Btreet, opposite Ptnbody Hotel,
Citizens of Shelby County:
Orricr ov IP Exsccriva Boaid,
MaarHia, July 3, 18H6. 1
The Executive Hoard of the Executive
Committee of the Democratic party of Shel
by county do hcrel.y call a Convention, to
meet In the cityot Mcoirhis at the Exposi
tion buililinx, on Wednesday, July 21, lxri,
at 11 o'clock, fur the purpose of nominating
candidate Inr the following cflioee:
Judit! of Chum ery Court.
Juilsc of Circ uit Court.
Ju'Ik. of Prabate Court.
Judge ol t riuiiiul Court,
Attorney General.
County Trustee
County hi-KiHtor.
County Court Clerk.
Criminal Court Clerk.
Circuit Court Clerk.
Coiiloruiin? to the u&pf of tho ptirty, the
Exccutiio lluard direct that a primary dec
tion be held in the f inhtoen Civil Hi'tricic,
and in the ten U arils of the city, on the nth
day of July, for the purpose of electing
delciriiteii to suid Convention.
Punli? ollice. lire open alike to nil, hut it
behooves a icirtv to put loraiird flf its repre
fontiitives only its he.-t men. To secure pucq
dcpemlii much upon the munnor in whi-ii
the priaarv elections itre conducted. Xre
Executive hoard therefore urges all good
citizens of our city and county to attend
thei-e priiiiiiriei'. and upo their influence in
the selection of delegates, and in so doing
will have a convention of representative
men who.Je action will secuio harmony and
The primary election will be held by a mb
coiniiiittee, coiiiHsed ot three from each
Ward and district, to be appointed by the
Executive Hoard, .the election will be by
ballot, and the polls will be opened in the
city at 0 o'clock p m., and close at 8 o'clock
P.m. ; in the districts at 4 o'c'm k p m., and
close at 7 o'clock p.m. The lub committee!
appointed, the number of delegates ap
pointed to, and the places for holding the
a'eciion in the Wurds and Districts are as
First Ward Number of delegate', 13.
Place of holding election. Main and Jackson
street. Coriimittceuiun. A. Walsh, Assist
ant committeemen, J. K. McKeon, Thomas
Hei-oud Ward Number of delegates, 12.
Place of holding election. Court House,
Committeeman, Wm, tuinn. Assistant
Committeemen, l'at lianagan, Charles
Third Wnrd-Numbcr of delogates, 20.
Place of holding e.ectiou, Uuigley's Ol
lice, Adams street. Committeeman, . J.
Camp. Ansistsnt Committeemen, S. W.
Ureon, Chas. T. Smith.
Fourth Ward Number of delegates, 19.
Place of holding election. No. ;i"7 Second
street. Committeeman, N'. Malntesta. As
sistant Committeemen, E. J. Badinelli, C.
H. Ntewart.
Fifth Ward Number of deletes, 7. Place
of holding election, licale Hh-et Market.
Committeeman, Martin KelHb Assistant
Cnuiinitteemen, 1. N. .SnwBen, U. W.
bi.ith Ward Number of delegates, 10.
Plane of holding election, btreet Car Stable,
Main street. Committeeman, 8. Lehman.
Assistant Coinmitteeuien, A. Verger, IT. S.
Seventh Ward Number of delegates, 7.
Place of holding election, M. Hmith'i
Grocery. Committeeman, Kobt. Armour.
Assistant Coiniuittoeinen, K. D. Jordan,
Sen. llinghsm.
Eighth Ward Number of delegates, 12.
Plaee ot holding election, near Poplar btreet
Market. Committeeman. Al. T. tiarvin.
Assistant Committeemen, 11 ugh For ran, Joe
Ninth Ward Number of delegates. 4. Place
ef holding election, Fifth and ( reel aw sta.
Committeeman, l'at Carlin. Assistant Com
mitteemen, Joa. F'C.gerald, John Hudson.
Tenth Wrd Number of delegates, 7.
Place of holdingelection, opposite Xennessee
Hi pot. Committeeman, bamuol J. Bolton.
Assistant Committeemen, lleniy Kocco, Ous
A. Fleming
First District Number of delegate! 5.
Place of holding election, Ktewartvi ie.Tenn.
Committeeman, H. M. Thomas. Assistiint
Comwitteeiuen, J. 0. McOaila, J. 11. Sink.
beoond District Number of delega'es, 5.
Place of holding election. Millwocd, Tcnn.
Committeeman, John Dwjer. Assistant
Committeemen, J. Ulackwell, Wm. Eaaley.
Third listrict Number of delegties, 6.
Plaoe of holding election, Lucy, Tenn. Com
mitteeman, J. K Douglass, assistant Com
mitteemen, J. B. Fleming, J. F. Williams.
Fourth District Number of delegates, 3.
Plaoe of holding election, Old Union, I'enn.
Committeeman, W. T. Jackion. Assistant
Committeemen, K. M. Vaughn, John Beck
ner. Fifth District Number of delegates, 2.
Place of holding election, Monaghan's there.
Committeeman, Jas. Monaghan. Assistant
Committeemen, B. M. f-tratton, L. B. Saggs.
Sixth District Numbor of delega'es, 3.
Places of holding election, Kaleigh and
Point, Tsnn. Committeemen, Dr. Taylor,
T L. (libson. Assistant Committeemen,
Buck Hodges, Samuel King, M. L.Hhepherd,
E. W. Shackelford.
Seventh District Number of delegates, 5,
Place ot holding election. Bartlett, Tenn.
Committeeman, t)eo. Blackwell. Assistant
Committeemen, W. 0. Edwards, A, B.
Eighth District Number of delegates, 5.
Places ol holding eloctioa, Arlington, Log
Union and Brunswick, Tenn. Committee
men, A. E. Coje, T. P. Adams, R. A Bneed.
Assistant Cominitteomsn, 11. (J. Marley,
Thoi. Armistead, .las. Neoly, J. C. Land,
Wm. Bond, C. B. English.
Ninth District Number of delogates, G.
Place of hulding election, Maaonic llall.
Commltteegian, N. M. Alsap. Aisistunt
Committeemen, C. T. Davis, F. Snowrien.
Tenth District Nnmber of delegates, 8.
Place of holdingelection, Collicrville. Com
mitteeman, J. T. Biggs. Assistant Com
mitteemen, II. L. Iledford, II. Irby.
. Eleventh District Number ot delegates, 5.
PIhcj of election, Gerniantown. Committee
man, J. II. Alsup. Assistant Committee
men, W. E. Miller,!. W, Jackson.
Twelfth District Number of delegates, 2.
Placeof election. Orange U al 1 and Oakville,
Tenn. Committeemen, (i. F. Farrow, W.
W. Alsobrook. Assistant Committee-men,
W. 11 Nelson, John Burke, W.D. Harrison,
W. 1. Tuxulo. '
Thirteenth District Numbor of delegates,
3. Place of election, lloegee's Store. Com
mitteeman, J, W. Levi, sr. Assistant Com
mitteemen, 0. K. Smith, T. V. Nenl.
Fourteenth District Numborot delegu'es,
R. l'Uce of flection, South (late Klmwood
Ccniotery.f' Commitloomnn, Joe Williams.
Assi-tiuit Coiumittceuion, K. A. Keeling, W.
N. Ifuut.
Filteenth District Mumbrr of delegats,
4. V'f' of olcctioa, ncar Brick Church.
Comtrrifftceman, K. F. Pettis. Assistant
L'oinmltteeincn. Wm. Wilkins.U. K. l'owcl.
bixieenlh District Nmnlter of delegates,
.1. 1'iai e of election, Vi hito Station, t.oin
miitiieuian, V . 1.. Harvey. Assistant Com
iinltaniiioii, (!. N Tins, N. C. Perkins.
Snvoiitccn'h Distric- Sunibcr of dele
gates, 2. Place ot election, Md'nanoil's.
I ommittemuan, K. H. Stone. As..it.,nt
Coiiiiiiittecincn, James File, John liudg
path. ' sixteenth tiistrict Number of delegate'.
4 Place ct eio tior, Iliiiilyn Station. Con.
mittoeiuau, .lames Young. Assistant Coin
untioouien, .1 . J. Haley, ileorgo Kutlend
Tho liiecu'.ivo Uo.ird hereby declares that
every citien po-Hessing tiic iiiahfieiitionw ul'
ii voter, tin I w ho dec aro( that it is hti in
tention to -up- ert the nominees of tho con
vention hereby oi. lb d, is eligible us a dele
gate to s.iiu convention, aiul tho sub ccm
lnntees .,ro hereby inMiueied that no person
is aulhoriMoi to vo'o for said dele. tics un
less he is ? caiil' iit Democmtie voter of th i
I. ivil Dp-tri -t or AVard m wlii.-h iio ollrn In
v,.to, nnd o'llosi lie, ton, dec ares that it is
his intiMition to support the nomincrs of
said convention, and tho suH coiuiLitti-es
aie to to tiic sole jud ies as to who her said
applicant i en' itlid loiotc. The t bairiuiin
ot tliosub coinni'lii'iis will appoint a clerk
lo record the names of voters, and make re
tort ot 'be elections to the Executive Hoard
with, lit deiay.
Members "f the various eomuiitts es aro re
iiuesled not to o.xsrei.-e intluunco tor or
against any candtdiUu coining before tho
Convention, and the eiliiens of the county
desiring gtti d goveniu't ni are most f llrnet'y
oliciled to vole lor dclegaics iu thoir res
pective ar,l ami districts.
The Execuiivo 0ourd rocommend! tho fol
1 'w.ng older of biihiness:
1 Judge uf Chancery Court.
2 Jutlgo of Circuit Cioirt.
3 Judge of Proba C urt.
4 Jinlge of riiainal Court.
5 C, u o ty Trustee.
6 Attorney Hetienil.
7 Ciiuniy Hofri-itor.
8 CitcuiiConrlX-lerk.
Criuiiiial Court t'lerk.
Ill County Court Clerk.
II sheritT.
Chairman Executive Committoe.
HOllt. AcVlU'R,
M. T tUhVIN,
I. K. I'tU lltiASS,
.1. T. Bums,
Cinlrn an Executive Board.
By order at the Executive U mrtl.
JOHN II AL-CI'. Secretary.
Young & Brother,
Jlookbeliers and Stationi-rs,
2 IS JtlniM M., rn-lillslM,lni
Lacroix'8 Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
KKAWHITN, N. Y. -Hoard en the Hill.
Mrs 11. C, Howard. M Wa hington
Park. Kn. nis large; location delight. ul;
convenient to c rs to MarihatWn I esci-,
Coney Island Lot Ilea, h and Central l'arkt
alio to lw V'ark places of amusement.
JAMES C. BELL, President.
Saddles, Harness? Collars?
t-uT M'ECIiL riill'ES to Railroad and Levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. "Xtit
lie Played Baseball
His Koine Knn Hit Captured
the Heart of an Heiress.
It was ac'.oreand eioitinj same. Eight
innings had been played, and the score itood
a tie. Memphis had retired its opponont in
the ninth inning without scoring. Memphis
was at the bat. Two men were oat. Two
strikes had been called upon the man at the
bat. The next ball pitched tame straight
toward him. Then it took a sudden ourve.
He swung his bat. Would he miss it? The
excitement was painful. There was a quick,
short stroke. Ah I he hai hit the ball. Away
high in the air it sails. See, the center
fielder ii chasing it. The spectator! hold
their breath. Suddenly there is one tumul
tuous shont. The ball has gone far over the
bead of the folder, who is chasing it.
Around the bases speed! the batter, lie
touches the home plate and the victory is
won. BouQoefs aro showered upon him.
He looks up just in time to see a lovely girl
take a bunch of roiei and throw them at hii
feet. Ai he gracefully pick! them up their
eyei meet. A humble ba-e ball player has
captured a rich heiresi.
"Go," she lay) to him two weeks later,
"go to the Misfit Clothing Parlors, 262 Sec
ond itreet, and order your wedding suit."
Bhe was rich in common sense as well u
If you want the belt of clothing for the
least mdiey, come to the Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second itreet, opposite Court
Extra Attractions tor Summer
Ureal Redactions In Nulla,
Urcat alednetlona In Panic.
The best clothing In the world for really
lest than others isk for poor ready-made gar
menu. This is why it payi to buy at the
Misllt Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite) Court Square Memphis'.
bit Frr 30 days the entire itock of Fine
Custom Clothing wiU be told at a tremendous
Br All alteration! to iniurt a perfect fit,
done free of chrge.
Stiike the Iron While It's Hot
In order to move osr Immense stock we
make the following offer :
Good Straw Hats at .25c, 35e, 50c and 75
Kx'ra Fine Straw Hate at... Jl, II 26, fl CO, tl
Small Straw Bonnets, all colors-. 60e
Extra Wide Brim Hate, for country -..250
Beautiful Rosea, all colon, per doten.......40a
Violet, perdoaen 6e
Buttercups, per dosen ......Ifto
Carnation Pinks, per dosen ...H(MH.15e
Elegant Bunchei of Flowers ,M 25c
Kxtra Fine Bunchei of Flowers ....60o
Imported Frenoh Flowers from. 41 to 15
watrlch 'lips (Sin baneb) for ..S3e
Fruits, Leaves. Sterna, all kindi of ma
terial to make Artificial Floweri.
Bridal and Mourning Ontflta
The Finest Assortment of DOLLS in the city.
Hata Beahaped, Feathers Cleaned,
Dyed and Curled.
GOLDEN HAIR WASH by tke imall or
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Kmplnyinir the best hands in the city, give
our whole attention to it. and we defy coin
petitinn in that line.
WajiMi- .. Now V1. I Hunt rul'd OutaloK lffi
t v'.:' , t- r-..-4 nntiKi evr priiiK!. now rtmiiy,
IfrH.'M :lr1..!i rmitMntMnvarANi Nhw.OHuL
iwi4 -n.ir. T.hini ri.r.
feKfr'fcn BookCaiei, lounges.
if'''1 w'll ladiet' Fancy Deski. AO
wCvj; fij3 McvflOuuraritoed. ilHlAloff
xorin: of
Stocklioldors' Meeting
NOTICRis hereby given that the Bnnual
meeting of the stockholders of the
Ktnsni City, Meinphis and Birminirh im
Hailrond Onmpany will bo held at the omen
nt tlio Mi issipid nnd J'ennesseo Kuilr ml
Cum tinny in the town of Hernando, lie ol
onuntv, in the Muti if Mississippi, at 12
o'ebvk, non.i, July' , .NW, lor tho purino
of olectina lliienlors and for iho transaolion
or urh o: her business as may properly coiue
btforo tho n .celini.
OK.). 11. NETTLKTON, Tros't.
.!. S. Fimn, Soi-'y.
,J r T ' K HtMN V'M'V KM.K'.' i',
'Tilli'Mi 1 !l'::i,"l - t t'iT7i,iT.liin it l ni-i m -4
.,,,n.:..-.--. r.nyl. i aytl,
;hi t. iui.wiit. n i- nf 1 iiin'i U nt.oiil tV.'". Ou t hf v.n ' r-T
" 1,, ,i, .fi - .ii i. - s hi My In I. r I"'-" '' -
H tv c-' ) ft--,il'ir -l'n- all 'rtl--itUK.ri? .liUi-amr
li aMyi l O 1 II'.1' N V - T I'M-nlilal MtTe g
No. 50:d, H. I. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. State of Tennessee vt. L.
Cobb et al. ...
tj i virtue of interlocutory decreet for tale,
) entered in the above cause on the l'th
day ol June andtf'h day of November 18.
M. B. 4H, p.5i'i(l,nd M. B. 60. pave 111. 1 will
sell at public auction, to the hlhet bidjer,
in front ol the I'lerk and Master'! office,
oourthouseoitihelbyoounty, Meiuphii, len
nesiee, on .
Mtlnrilxy, July s, INN6,
within leaal h u s, tho toll wina desorib.
proper ly, situated in Bh .Iby oouuty, let
nes ee to wit: ,
Loi8, block 5, fronting MiliU foot, toul!
side ol Ueorgin ftreet. ... ,
Part lot 1. block 41, beainnli r on 'ontt
side ol Vance street P 'e t east of the cornt
ot Ml. Mart n s r irt; thenoe enst with Vanot
st-ee'.TO leet; thmcesou'h fill fret; thence
west 70 feet; ihence nurth no teet to the be
in' in.
Lot ID, block W, heuinnlna- on the west
side of lloriiimloreei at nor hea'l crnor
or snid lot ; thrnce etwnrdly with the line
of J. M. W iln ni's lot 1 toet to the eist line
ol 8. Mos y's lot: thonoe si.ulh wi'h said
line 21 fet; thence eostw.rdly with Henry
Nnin'i line to llornando strerl; thence
nnnh wiih raid street 21 feet to ihe begin-
"Trrinsnt S,ile-On a credit of six months,
Bole hearina interest, wi'h s.'cutl y, re
quired, lirn retniied; redempt on baried,
Thii Jun; 11, I W
I. Mr DO' KI L, Clerk and Master.
1 v II F. W jih. lruty (Ilfra and .Master.
F. U. A C, W. lleiskvll, lolloitori,
E. F.
James II, Goodbar I Wm. L. ( lark I Engene J. CurrlUKton Frank . Jones
ixiMto.fciiiici xaeo.i
OOTS and
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MI.BCiTANTf ONLY the largest and best stock of Boot! and Shoes we
havo ever brought to thii market, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and
styles by any house in this or any other city. In addition to a complete line of Eastern
made goods, including the rELfcimaTKO HOODBAK A CO. BKOUANtJ, wehanAe
a large and select stock of Custom-made Qoods for Men, Women, Missel and Children. We
oarry a number of the best makes in the country, in ever variety and style, and among
them (the well known Men's Calf Boots and Shoes manufactured by Geo. Hooker for our
Spring Trade. M e also carry a choice line of Ladies' and Misses' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examine
our stock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
S. S.
Wholesale Grocers and Coiton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For Mierlir.
THE recent Republican Convention has In
dorsed me at a oandidate for Sheriff with
out any pledget or commitment on my part.
While I appreciate the unsolicited compli
ment paid me aa a public officer, I hereby
announco myself a candidate for (Sheriff,
subject to the action of the Domocratio Con
vention, and will support its nominees.
For Judge of the Criminal Conrt.
MESSHH. Sapoleon Hill, ilenry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, H. M. Neely, W. I.
Bethe . R. G. Craig A Co.. H. V. Rambant,
A. L. Lowenstein, J. S. Menken and others
In response to your call upon me to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge of Shelby county, with sincere
thanks lor your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the position, subject to the action of the
Semocratio eonvention.
Clerk or the Criminal Court.
KI S are authoriied to announce R. 6.
VV CAPERS (for twenty-one yean Dep
uty) as a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Conrt of Shelby county, lubjeot to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
1 r E are aotherlied to annonnce DABNEY
VV W. OOLlIEHai a candidate for Clerk
of the Criminal Court of Shelby county,
lubieot to the Demooratlo Convention.
County Court Clerk.
TOE Apfial is authorised to announce P.
M. WINTERS as a candidate for Coun
ty Court Clera, subjeot to the actios of the
Demooratio Convention.
WE are authorised to annonnee that
RICHARD A. ODLUM la a candidate
for County Court Clerk, lubject to the action
of the Demooratio Convention.
WB are authorised to announce F. J.
QUIULkYai a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, ruhject to the action of
the Shelby County Demooratio Convention.
Judge of the Probate Conrt.
TO Myrellow-Citiiensot Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge may have
failed to reach many of you, I take thii
method also of announcing myself a candi
date for that office, subject to the action of
the approaching Democratic County Con
vention, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obeaient servant, T. B. MICOU.
TT7K are authoriied to announce J. P.
VV YOUNG as a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to the
action of the County Democratic Convention.
For Trnstee.
WE are authorised to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a candidate tor
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subiect to the aotion of the
Democratio Convention.
WE are authoriied to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS as a candidate for
re-election to the ollice of County Trustee,
nuhicot to the action of the Democratic Con
vention. THE Aprenl is authoriied toannounceMr.
N. K. L KM AST Kit as a candiunto for
the office of Trustee of Shelby county, sub
ieot to tho action of the Demooratio Conven
For trornpy.tloneral.
WE are authorised to announce GEORGE
1). I'F.TbUS, Jr., hi a candidate for
tho office of Attorney-General, subiect to the
action of the Democratic Convention.
nPITE Appenl is authoriied to announce S.
X D. WfcAKLKY a a cnniiulute lor Attorney-General,
subject to the Democratic Con
vention. For IteiclMter.
TO the Voters of Shelby County and My
Friends I hereby announco myself lor
the secund time a candidate for the office of
County Resistor, subie.'t to the Democratic
Convention. 1 am poor nnd nood the ofl'tee,
Feeling that my pa t f ervice ns a servnnt of
the pc iplo h'ts given satihfiiction, and that 1
run come before the people arid ak thoir
suffriiges and - upport tor County IWister, I
am, respco;tull.v, JOHN A. I'UH EL.
E are authorized to announce N. F.
lillVl.'i II 1 1: .'tcull ... ....li.l...
T f IIM'.iyi iiiivi.io'o, no i iaiiuiu.ua
for Regi tor, subject lo the action of the
Deuiocralio Oouuty Convention.
TllE Appail l authorred to announce
i JOHN K. McCALLUM al a candidate
fur Rcgisior, sujoct to the aotion ot the
Democratic Convention.
THE undersigned announces that he Is a
candidate lor Regnter. and asks the
support nt the votom ol Shelby county. It
nlerted. will endeavor lo give suli. wjtion in
pluoeaius claims subject to nijwx'Voji ul mo
C$?.. nfHMLA5TKerrri!le, Tonn., is a
aoSft "f UlCTDrbasiUicTXirveJmon.
TE aicl!!r;.''.'jJ.sol to announca E. A.
VV KVSDKuftiiS aa a candidate for
County Regl'ter. surnect to the aetion of the
Deuioorutio Convention.
THE Apnea! Is authoriied to announce
.IOIIN VV . GOULD as a candidate for
the office of Regis'er, subiect to the action of
the Democratio Convention.
Jndaeof the t'lrenlt Conrt.
WM. 8. PLIP1MN is a candidate for Cir-'
ouit Judge of Shelby County, subject
to the action of a Democratio Convention.
We are authoriied to announce L. H. ES
TKS, JR., oi a candidate for Judge of the
Demooratio Convention.
TAMES L. GOODLOK will be a candidate,
tl before the Oemccrati ' Convention, for
nomination to the office of Judge ot the Cir
cuit Court: and. if defeated, will support
the successful nominee.
We are authoriied to arrounce that JOHN
JOHNSTuN is a csnd dte for Judge of the
Circuit Court oi Shelby County, subject to
aotion of the Demoer.t'c Convention.
lor Irrn'l Conrt Clerk.
WE ere aulhor i"d to announce Mr.
dal for Or nil Court Clara, subject to the
cation ol the Democratic Convention.
the 'li-xchirse ol the duties o, aLVtTi
junty Democratic wvgnia'-ru
Kemvh'is. Marcu,
MEYER, Sec'j and reaa.
VT. B. D0AN.
Importer i and dealer In Gnna, Ammu
nition and riablna- Tackle, Rullders'
Hardware, Kleelrlo Bells and An
nnnelators for Hotels and Residences,
If aln street, Hempbla, Tenn. Eleotrio
supplies always on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
110, 142, 114 Fj-ont, Memphis.
in the South, and the only eompleto
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Works In theeity.
MsuiuilMtarers of keavy plate lroav
work of every description. Special
attention elves to plantation work.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer In
Suns, Fishing Tackle and Sports
men's Hnuplles. ar Special attention
given to MANUPACTURLNtt and &
4ia Hfln WtM!tfesBplilM,Tenn
Suns, Ammnnitlon, Fishing1 Tackle
and Huse-Uall OootlH.
!a4 IK aln Ntreei, Memphis, Tenn!
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gum a
Deviled Crab, Mirlmp,
iiwlnion, Fretiti ( aa Mackerel,
Nardine, l.obalerH,
llrook Tront, Oyatrrs.
Macnerel In loinxto t iilsnp,
Nwcet hi Hired licklH,
Nonr Pickles by the k1. and In Jars,
Pick led Onlona, Hot ReliNh,
Wooater Kimco, lomato CatNnp,
Caper, MuNliird. nrry Powder,
Salad IreHlng, Olives, Olive Oil,
Creimi Chovae, Celery Nhuco,
Celeiy Salt, lie , i:to.
Building &. Loan Association
11 jSierie nialnrert In I '20 months.
Jil Ntrlea maiiiK d In ll inoullm.
Profit In ll SerU'H, HIT I perxharo.
ProUt iu 2l i riev, M per ahnre.
These two Nerlea pttiilolfin full,
Nm iteries opened. Money to I.onn.
Cor Inrttier Inl'ormntlon, cull on
Secretary, ttUH Mini slrri l.
X. W. Mt-tKiiS, Jr., President.
T. II. MCE. Heeretnry.
ON the 1st day of Msy, lRfti, tho firm of
(I H KKR A ADAMS, Attorneys, was dis
solved by mutual consent.
Attorneys at Luw,
So. 10 MsdiionNI , Memphis, Tenn.
Practice in the Bt te and Federal CourU of
Tennsee. A ksnsss and Mis issippi.
Miss. & 'I'enn. K.K. C'o.'s Hontls.
COVPONS ot the Mississippi and Tennes
J see Railroad Company's Bonds, serici
" B," due lt Jul'. lfi', will be paid at the
office of H- II Harriu an A Co., No. 17 Wall
itreet, Sew x ork citv
N H. L MB, Treasurer.
I rnca of )
Mnsraip Cut Fr k an n O kn rn At. Iks. Co.,
Office, IU Mauis, n ritrcct, )
Meuphis, TitN., July 1, lHKri.
AT a meeting el th Hoard ot Directors,
held thii day, a Cah Dividend of five
Per rul. on the capital stock of the com
pany was declared, pay ble on demand.
By order ot the llmird of Directors.
NAIOLK0N HILL, President.
A'test: IIknhv J. Lvmn. Cashier.
Crab Orchard Springt.
LINCOLN COUNTY.KY.-Theeicellei t
ofihecui ine and accommodations chi ,
a-teristic of thi, hotel during the past thiea
yean, shall be hi ly maintained this season,
Kxcursion ticaeu in ihe M-rmiri by Ibe L.
and N. Hailwa) are good via Louisville, both
going and returmn., lo prnc ed on first train
succeeding arr vai in Louisville.
W. T. tf KANT, Pre.'t. J. 0. KINQ.Sup't.

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