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VOL. XLVI NO. 100.
The Outlook for Gladstone Very Dls-courazing-Biir&hs
Against Home Kale.
Likddk, July 6 The issue ia be
coming definite. Thepoiticn atpres
ent presages a crushine defeat for Mr.
Gladstone, unlef a he obtains a larger
county vote tban in November. The
burghs are declaring against home
role. The moat ominous is the revolt
)l the Gleagow Radicals. Of the
seven clubs in Glagaw the Unionists
carried four.
Glasgow returned four Gladstonians
and three Unionists not four Union
ists and thiee Gladstooiana as before
Mr. John Morley, Chief Secretary
for Ireland, has been re-elected for
Newcastle-on Tyne, by a vote of 10,
681, an iDCie3se of 552 in his vote.
Mr. lames Craig has been elected as
a Gladftonian t3 succeed Mr. Joeeeh
Cowen (who hai' retired from publio
life), for New. ast e on-Tyne, by a
vote of 10,172. which ia 317 less than
the vote given Mr. Cowen at the last
lectin n
Sir w! G Armstrong and Sir Mat
thew White Ridley, the Conservative
candidates who opposed Mr. Morley
and Mr. Craiir, received, respectively,
9657 and 9580 votes.
The corrected leturns from Lon
donderry show that Mr. 0. E. Lewis,
Consstvatlve, received 1781 vote,
against Justin McCaithy's 1778. ,
C. E. Lewis, Conservative, has been
re-elected i a Londonderry, over Jus
tin McCarthy, Parntllite, by a vctB of
1826 to 1724. In the last election
the sime candidates contested the dis
trict, when Mr. Lewis won by a vote
f f 1824 against 1795, obtained by Mr.
The Right Hon. George J. Goschen,
one of Mr. Glads:one,s bitterest Un
ionitt opponents, hes been defeated
in the Eiat division of Edinburgh, by
' Mr, Wallace, the Gladstonian candi
date by major.tr of 1339 in a total
poll of 6937. Ia the la:t election Mr.
Gcschen was elected as a Liberal by a
majority of 2408 in a total vote of 6266.
Then Mr. Goschen received 4337
TOtss, this time be polled but 2249.
Mr. J. Wilson, Unionist, bas been
defeated ia the Central division of
M. T. Sutherland, Unionist.has been
re-elected from Gieeaock by a dimin
ished majority.
Mr. H. C. Childers.IIome Secretary,
has been elee'ed by a vote of 3778
against 2191 over Mr. Purvis, for the
Southern Division of Edinburgh,
The Tories continue to gain. Their
-victories it elude Cieiter, East Btad-
ford, Ciapham, Mile End, atlinaton,
Somblington and Bow and Bromley.
The Gladttoniana have gained Wol
verhampton. The net Conservative
, gain at midnight tonight ia twenty.
one. . " ' -' v-
Means. Barry and O. zhe, Parnell
it?s, have been returned without op
position in Wexfo d and Doneeal.
In Nettry J. H. McCarthy, Parnell
ite, received 1183, and his opponent,
Mr. Saunders, 716.
Messrs. Ashmead Bartlett and How
ard Vincen Cocservativea, and A. J.
Mundella, Glads onian, letain their
seats for Sheffield, and Messrs. Islin
worth. and Shw-Lefvre, Gladeton
ians, for Bradford. R. Coamberlaia,
Unionist, brother of J. Chamberlain,
retains his seat fcr Islington by 1200
P. J. Foley, Parnellite, has been
elected for the We6t, or Connemara,
Division of Galway, and J. D. Payne.
Parnellit9, for the West D virion o1
J. S.ock, Parnellite, bas been elected
for the Northern Division of Kerry;
J.J. Jordan, Parnelliie, for the West
Division of Clare ; James Lahy, Par
nellite, for tba fcouthern Division of
Kiliiare; E. D. Gray, Parnellite. for
St. S.ephen's Green Division of Dub
lin. Mr. Gray received 6008 votes,
while his competitor, Mr. Sullivan,
received only 2568. '
Among tue other cnlidates re
turned today fro Capt. James McCul
nort, Corsaiva'ive, for Antrim; John
Dillon, Parnel i e, for the Eiat Divis
ion of Mayo; E. Warren, Parnellite,
for the North D.vi ioa of Kilkenny.
They were all unopposed. Messrs.
D.'Sheehy, Parntllite, for the South
Division of Gulttay; Tbotnan Mayo,
Parnellite, for the Middle Division of
Tipprary; Oil. Nulen, Parnellite, f jr
the North DiviVoa of Galway, have
also been eleUed.
The Tory candidate f,r Dudley,
Worcestershiie, Mr. Brooke Robinson,
carried the d s'rict by a majority ot
2000. Ia the Inst campivga the Lib
eia's carried the dUtiict by a majority
of 1166 in atoial v te ot 1588. The
cee a (Tor la the ins'ance of the great
est poli i al cluno in so short e tims
in any elec'irm of record in Eag'and.
At 3 o'clock th;s af'emo-in the i'ories
had made a net paiu of thirteen setts,
and had elected 187 candidates. Ths
Unionists at the same hour hai elected
41, the Giadjtouiaua 83 and the Pur
neliites 34.
The Pall Mall Qazrllt (Liberal), com
men tin g on the lesult of the election,
says: "We are heaten. The total of
the vots polled sivtu a clear majority
againBt the Min:st'y. The oaly ques
tion remaining is whether the Marquis
of Salisbury will not Bweep the
A1MTBD. The London divisions are going
wholly UninnV. All four seats in
Islington, hitherto a Radical strong
hold, have leturned Unionists. In the
working c!a. districts of Lower Ham
lets five Unionist and two Glad
stonians have been returned. E ec
tions were held today in twenty-four
county leafa. The result! of most of
these congest will be known tomor
row. The autive stumping of the
Unionists is napping the r-trengtb. of
the Gli'duinuian vo e in the farming
difttic's. Tbo Pall MM Uazetlc says:
"The outlook ia the coudU- s is be
3miog worsa on Uie Gl dstoaian side.
The Ministerial party can have but
little hope of holding its own. Yet it
miiBt win msny seats in order to es
cape a dispst'on dt-fAt."
Ifl attributed t ) the local popularity of
bis opponent, Mr. W a lace. The lat
ter has been a proftwuor in Edinburgh
(!-1Uxp,a mininti?' at Gray Friars and
ed t.ir of the Sivl'tnan lie fa now a
'airisier. Mr. Goechen will conteet
Lei'h if Mr. G'u !nt me electa to sit for
Jest the Cooeervatives out tin an inde
pendent working majority. The Con
servatives hava g lined Portsmouth
and Monmouth and the Gladstonians
have gained We inesbury. The totals
now are. Conservatives 210 : Unionists
43; Gladstonian,99; rrnellites, 43;
today addressed .000 electors at L'an
nelly, Wales. He implored them to
refuse to submit to a rupture of the
union, to truckle to sedition or to
surrender to apsa-eination and ou'rice
pioneers, to whom the Liberal govern
ment had submitted. He likened the
land purchase scheme to the Emma
mine and the Honduras bend schemes.
He said that Gladstone bad become a
man of myetery. springing concealed
designs and shattering his party. He
urged the electors not to concent to bs
l tiled from America.
Lord Sal sburyhas contributed to
The Quarterly Heview an uns'gned
articlejwhich harbten eagerly awaited,
as bis final manifesto. The anthor
does not, however, state the Irish
policy of the Conservatives. He
indicts Mr. Gladstone ts ''a'persistent
political apostate,discardingby whole
Bale doctrines solemnly advocated and
adopting totally new doirtrinee when
ever the shifting mlmls of popular
favor seems to call for them." He
states that he once beard Cornwall
Lewis say that if Mr. Gladstone should
ever became Premie r he.would lead the
Liberal party to perdition. Referring to
Mr. Chamberlain, the author declares
it childish to think that tbe Conserva
tives end Radicals will ontinne to act
together, except in union against sep
aration. In ronclu ion he says:
"Whether Mr. Gladstone eacceeds or
fails in his present enterprise, he will
still leave a legacy of woe to the coun
try. If bis plans be carried a civil
war will be certain, as sure as an ex
plosion follows tbe application of the
torch to tbe magtsine. A foreign war
is also poss ble. If his plana be re
jected we shall forthwith pass into the
most critical stage of Irish and English
history." 1
The Daily Newt (Liberal) says: ''It
would be absurd to igaore the fact
that in the boroughs, especially in
London, tbe government has lost
fairly. The moral to be deduced from
the defeat is that the electors require
time in whkh to digest hnm9 rule."
The Standard (Conservative) (ays:
"It is impossible for anything to bap
pen in tbe rural districts to convert
the Gladstone disewter into a success.
The judgment of the county voters Ib
awaited with keen anxiety, mainly to
ascerlain to what exienttbny will add
their voices to the national verdict."
Gladstone to tbe F.dlabargt
Edinburgh, July 6, Mr. Gladstone
has telegraphed to the Liberals of
Edinbu'gh, congratulating them on
having tbe seat belonging to the cen
tral division from J. S ilson, Unionist,
and that belonging to the east divi
sion from Mr. Goschen. The Pre
mier's telegram reads : "I rejoica that
the capital of dear old Scotland his
shaken off the chains and onee more
epoken with a voice whoe e sound will
ring throughout tbe land in behalf of
justice and piece for Ireland." ...
' latease Exeltemmt at Dablia.
Dublin, Joly 6. The lord Mayor
has issued a proclamation entreating
the people to preserve order. Crowds
are gathering in tbe streets tonight,
and the excitement is intense. Will
iam and R bert Long, brothers, and
Archibald Crookshanks, members of
the Dnblin Conservative Working
men's Club, have been remanded on
charges of firing upon and wounding
Catholic processionists yesterday. The
other prisoners were di charged.
There were three counts in London
derry. The second made tbe election
a tie; the third gave Mr. Lewis a ma
jority of three. Mr. Justin McCarthy
has given notice that he will demand
a scrutiny of the poll, and, if neces
sary, a recontest of the district.
Joba Bright' Reply to Mr. Glad
stone. London, Jaly 6. John Bright has
replied to Mr. Gladstone ss follows
"I am sorry that my speech irri ated
you. It has been aa graat a grief to me
to speak as I have spoken as it can
have been to you to lis en or read."
Mr. Bright then argus thst Mr. Glad
etone's aeking last November for a ma
jority ts enable him to be independ
ent of Parnell was by the country as
well as by the Liberals understood to
mean a m jority to reti3t Parnell,
and not make a comp'ete surrender to
Rjferrlng ti Mr. Gladstone's objec
tion to his qu- tation of the phrase
describing the Parnellitcs as marching
through apiretj the disruption of the
Empire, Mr. Bright says he believes
the Irish movement is now such a
conspiraov, and that it is expecting
and seeking its further success through
Mr. Gladstone's meaeures.
Concerning the laud purchase bill,
Mr. B.'inht thinks that both Mr. Glad
stone's friends and enemies throu h
out the country have a right to know
the Premier's inte:itiocs conce ning
his future action on the measure and
adds: '"Yonr language seems to me
rather a puula th;:n an explanation,
and tbe language of you' colleagues is
contradictory, though a litt'e clearer."
In conclusion Mr. Bright says: "I
have urged no man in or out of Par
liament to vote nga;n',t you. I ab
stained from speaking until I waa in
face of my electors. 1 adhere, to what
1 said. I s all besurpri-ed if tbe new
Parliament be more favorable to your
Irish measures than the one yon
thought n rc ess. ry to dittsol ve. Th on zh
I thus d'fier from you now on tlris
ques'ion, do not imagine I can ever
cease to admire your great qualities or
to value the grat services you have
rendered to the country. Very sin
cerely yours, john bright."
All Quiet at Horrhead.
LocisviiLB, Ky., July 6 A Courier
Journal Fp.cial says: All is quiet at
Morehead, in Riwan county, today.
Businem bouses nie open. The pa-tits
who fired upon the She riff and deputy
are still at laru, making their heal
quar e's at the Lngnn ll iuee. The
wounded Sher lis w 11 both recover.
They were ro.uoved today to their
homes, about five miles from this
place. More trouble istxpectcd when
the Logan party is arresttd, and, per
hspt, before then. Nothing has been
done relative to sending troops to
Kowia county by Gov. Knott aa yet.
Torrt no Gale la Florida.
Jacksonville, Fla., July 6. News
bas jnst reached ttie 1 imet-Union of a
terrific gale at A naUrhicola on Wed
nesday, the 20 1i ultimo, uprooti'g
trees, unroofl-g homes, and caa ing a
lots of $40,000. I'lm txlog'aph wiies
were blown oown, aud six persons
four white aud to colored who
were caught ia the bay during the
storm, lost their lives.
And the Negroes again at Work An
Interesting Runaway Conple
laricuL ro run appial.I
Little Rock, Ark., July 6. The
Sheriff's poise of ttiirty men left as a
guard last night on the Sam Tate
place, nine miles below this city, to
protect the interests of the leesees, re
turned at 8 o'clock this morning, it
being decided by Ham O. Wil
liam", the deputy in charge, that the
danger was pasted. Tne lateness at
tending latt night's repoit of the aflair
forced the omission of several facts
tt at otherwise should have been
stated. The posse started on their re
turn af, 1 o'clock ye-terday evening,
but before they got oft the plautition
a eqnad of negroes came on them
from a corn field, and it looked as
though the war had opened np ih Af
rica for a few moments, between
forty and fifty shots being
exchanged before tbe enemy ciuld
bs routed. The posse returned and
were posted around tbe place for the
night. This morning all "the foreign
element" had tbe plantation, and
quiet reigned. The strikers are mem
bers of a colored ledge of Knights of
Ibor, of Young township, and it is
s.iid provisions were tent to tbe dis
gruntled negroes Saturday in order to
keep up tbe strife. But a needle gun
in tne bands of a deputy sheriff looks
like a man des royer ti the average
darky, and the men all started to
work at the break of day.
The police today overhauled an in
teresting couple on the southbound
Iron Mounta:n train, which reaches
th.s city at 12 o'clock. Chief Bottsford
had received telegraphic instructions
from Newport, Ark., in the morning,
to arrest a ceitain looking conple, a
full description being given in the
message. The train arrived and the
officer bearded it and toon brought
to the depot platform a man
named McKoigbt and a lady,
Mrs. Vincent by name, and a
little daughter bearing tbe woman's
name. Olal man Vincent had sent
the telegram, and on further inquiry
it wes learned that McKnight was
running away to Texts with bis wife
and baby, the villain having in
gra'iated himself into her good graces
Dy constant aseociation, he being a
nephew of the old man. Mrs. Vin
cent is young and qnite gocd looking,
and said she learned to love John by
being thrown into h:s society at home.
Her husband came down on tonight's
train and the matter waa fixed np by
McKnight promising to go to Texas,
while Mrs. Vincent and ber little
daughter returned to Newport with
the old man.
as lani-rsTutB bwae sot
Iteport of tbe Ag-rlealtoral Bureau
for JTaoe Htatcmeat of State
laraoiAL to tbs ArriAL.I
MoktgomerYj Ala., July 6. A
damage suit being tried at the State
Circuit Court, Judge Habbard presid
ing, has licited much interest. The
plaintiff, C. H. Way, a catton export
er from Savannah, formerly raeiding
heie, sued the Western Union Tele
graph company hr, for $50,000 dam
ages sustained ! r having received from
him a cahlesriuu, directed to Johannes
Roth, in Bremen.iiiV jiving aT impor
tant cotton transaction. Said cable
gram having been misplaced at the
telegraph oflice here, bad never been
transmitted. The case went to the
jury today, who rendered a verdict in
favor of the plaintiff for $3000. J he
defendents will take an appeal to the
Supreme Court cf Alabama.
BAMA bas iasned its Jnne report. Tbe cen
tral prairie regions, embracing twelve
of tne most produc'ive counties in
A'abama.producing 40 pr cent, of the
cot'on rn:ed in the State, show the
following unfavorable result as com
pared with bst yosr at tbe same date,
1885 8fl: Stand, 89-74: condition, 90
60; prospect, 90-57. The report a a t s
that these rg!ons (termed the Whire
ngions) suffered sericu ly fiom
continued exessive raioBduring June
preventit g proper cuhivit;on of the
crops, lociuulrg corn. Many sections
could not make their usual supply of
corn. A number of farmers nlnn
donrd the 'orn crop in making a des
perate effort to save the cotton.
Note Above ropurt is up to the l6t
ins an'. S nea tliun rairs have con
tinued dai.v
gives the milowiiig favorable state
ment of fie r-toue finances: The
revenue ci thelait tax year, ending
September ilOth Jai t, euiuunted t
over I,000 K0, of wh'ch baiely $2500
only rem -in uncollected, sguirs;
about iM, uO uncollected formerly.
The finctno I of khe State are iu sp'en
did condit in and the improvem- nt
Bieady. The revenue officers generally
are settling prompter than heri-tof jre.
The Audrti ' stares that taxat'on can
be material y redaced without danger
to the pun c credit if a full atssss
ment is mac e.
The Ex otive Commit ea of the
Ctlera Oha coal and Faroare Com
pany left for l atere to lecite the site
of the plant of the charcoal furniicvj.
They will bi met there by President
Smith, of t le ixiii s vule ana JNiiau
ville railroad
For Clevcrreoi of Wrorcla Annr-l
by Tatrdijr'a Election.
Atlanta, July 0 The result of the
elections in Georgia today insures the
nomination of Gen. Gordon for Gov
ernor. The Democratic Convention
meets on July 28th in Atlanta,
A Mardrrcr'a Escape.
Albary, Oi:e., July 6. W. W.
Blunders, " --- indictment for bill
ing CharKB U mpbtll lat Noverabrr,
was cnvicccd lustnig'ctof murder in
the flrjt degree. Ide Judge an
nour ccd thwt he would senen e the
firisoner ou Wednesday. Tfcis morn
ngtbe dUroviy was made that he
had escaped from the count jail,
lluring bis contiiumen!, ir ing given
tbe liberty of tbe c crrid r, he hid
sawed off tbe rivets fiom the bo ts of
the lock of his ceil aud replaced them
wi'h dark wooden ones, which were
such close imitations that the jailor
did not snepect the substitution. It
was, therefore, little trouble, having
once gained the corridor, to make his
escape. One thoussnd dollars reward
lms been offered for his recavory. The
Sheriff and posee are in pursuit.
Bit 11 I'D ItY M II KOIS
Flu Flabt aud Paalllitlc Eiiooun
ttrf-rienly or I n", bnt No
body Berloaaljr Hart.
ItriCIAL TO TBI iff Jit,. I
Helena, Abe., July C The Fourth
of July did not commence in real
earnest in Helena this year until last
night titer dark, when a number,
whose pa'riotic sentiraeuts had been
aroused by copious draughts of beer
and other patriot: era producing bev
eriges, begau to celebrate. R ghtor
street, between Main and Cherry, at
about 9 o'clock, was a scene that
vividly carried one's thoughts back
to the hard fought battles of our
forefathers at Valley Forge and other
E laces of revolutionary nots. For
ere belweenUieee two streets a crowd
had assembled to witness the pugilis
tic patriot sin of some citzins ami to
hear ever and anon one of them bit
the ground soon after c. nilngin con
tact with some other citizen's fitts.
Tbe fights seemed to be general and
oticcould, if be was so d sposed, ba
accommodated in that line by merely
request ng bis newest neighbor to
walk in. The police were nut dis
posed t disturb any one so long as
they confined their opsiation to a black
eye or bloody nose, and wliea one
ot them walked out in the street with
a tavy six, they swooped down on
him and cairied him off. One of the
most ludicious scenes. of the evening
was that of two cit;zns who seemed
to have taken -a violent fancy for each
o her, and were, as a coneeqnenca,
affectionately embracing and calling
each other uQptiearing names, while
two others .with opposite feelings
were soundly, pummeling eadi
other and evincing their idea of how
the glorious Fourth Bhou'.d be cele
brated, t
It has been current repoit on the
streets of Helena for some two weeks
past that thijallinois Central bad pur
chased theXobi'e and Northwes'ern
Riilroad, and that they would put a
transfer at Helena and build a branch
line to the Texas and St. Louis.
Tbe Flabt oa tbe Prohibition tni
tloa A Dlaeonraln outlook.
larsoui. ro tbi irriiL.l
Birmingham, Ala., July 0 Prohi
bition got rather a bad start here to
dy for a State campaign. A conven
tion wss assembled nnder a businees
like car that was prepared especia ly
to meet tne views ot th' se who were
in favor of going tquarely into poli
tics. The cbairxan of the State com
mit tse was put into tbe chair and
ruled tbat nobody had any ripht in
tbe convention un ess he would snb
scibetothe call on the understand
ing tbat it meant a parly organization.
There were only about fifty men in
the gathering, and only about twenty
three of that number would sign.
The others being i tiled out of order
when they at'empted to speak claimed
the ball as against the straight. ut,
aad the latter adjourned to tne hotel,
whuremostof them were slopping
Here thc-y re j noted compromise prop
ositions from the other side and pro
ceeded towad tbeorgm zationc f their
party. A committee was appointed to
draft a pla'form, and tomorrow as
soon ss the 1st t'r is adopted a fu.l
ticket will bs nominated for the 8 ate
officers. It is thought there will be
several Republicans on it. The Re
publican Bute Commit'ee meets here
tomorrow, and the membi-rs who are
here now are openly encouraging the
n?w party movement.
Ti e UiV. J. B. Hawthorne, the wild
tompe.-nace man of Atlanta, ' is
here taking part a: aintt the
new party movoment. Bing
hooked for an address tn ihi
bef. re tin split he retire J to d.riiver it
Udtil a n solution wan pamed freeing
h.mfr:mall eonst aii.t. He spike at
the Rink toi.iht, and the meeting
adoi t.d a rmolution in favor of an
e.ctive fight io th Leg'slutu-e for local
opt oi. Foveral mg i.eHwere among
th: n.ugwumps who hmd tin Kink to
nighf, and tne wg itd the ttilwart
obl.g ti.io. Hevertil conn'icH ware rep
reiei.t d among he tt it thtont ,hnrd -ly
e h many among the kicker. John
1. Tanner, of Athens, is cheirminol
'he etivlwarc org.tmV.tt ion, and J. C.
Orr, cf Morjau c mictv, of tho otlic H.
F1KK 1.0s"f0 JUNE.
TlioLofi ririjr prr Cent. Above the
Nrw Yoke, Jnlv 6. Tho New York
daily Commetciiil JlulUlin of Ju'y, eti
males the low by (i e In Jnrin in the
United Siat-eand Canada at 40,7oi),
000, an a'iioirit 50 per cent greatoi
than thee. vernije less i'i Juno formcny
years. The number of large flies in
Juno was excei tional for tout month,
there Imving been t'enty-one fires,
wt.eie the reported )m was between
$100,000 and $;00,000, the eggr.'gte
lots al ine by then twenty-ono firm
being $ 1,000,001). There were J54 fires
iu which the. reported lose whs $:0,0(0
and upward. The minth was a se
vere one for the fire iusu-ance com
panies. Bloody FlKht at a IMrnte.
Eobton, Mts, Jaly 0 The New
York aud New England Railroad
Comr-aay a r.nged a pu nio at High
land Ijike Or ive yesterday. A rmiwh
crowd was in atiendance. Large
ono'jtities ot liquor was drunk and a
ligiit ti.ok p ace, in wli eh one officer
w.s seriDCB.y aad terhaps f.'t-.lly
hurt and over twonty BtU-nda-i's wore
badly be. tea or cf e.-iH irju-cd.
Isriout vo THi irrit..l
Tine BuiKr, Ahk , Jnlr 0. Lait
n'ght in an sflrcy J. T. Uodifor I, with
a knife blade, d.H.'a.i.oA'eKd a r ilrotd
htattem'n r. rntvt Tlcr- c v.
TBK-rT IMc-aTKIIT. July 2, liVUi.
SKALHU i'l'.OI'USALi "id bt revived at
tba Cu torn llouna builuiuir, Mojipni".
Tbdd , nncll U u'nluck, noi n, Moodny. July
2t, 1886, fur iuiiljln oel, (aa, waiter,
and niin ollaDevua artio'an required the-fcior
du rinar the Uol ear endiur iun. :tu, 1H-7.
HIiLtik liirm. end data. led nfurinrfti n niaV
be b-U ui.c.o iplioatioa to tue tu t' dina of
tue builiiini.
llicldirt lor npplylnr fuel will he required
to deico.it ten I Jo per eeui ot tha irnouot ot
thefr hid ut KUcraule i.f (ood nic n.
'I he l ejictrtuicnt reaxrvoii the rixhtt i re
ject or ell ii.df, or icarti ut au old, and
U cfalio t.e0!i. .wi....
Actiug tleoroury.
HOWE At renidenceol areita, enrnnf of
Cummin and Wnlker aveuuefl, Tut-sday
micrnliip, Jul6, laxi. at 11 iV.'c o'clock, K tik,
itlanl daughter of AfcirT E. and K. U. Howe,
aged five uirntht and fifteen daya.
Funeral from retidence this (WEDNES
DAY) afternoon at 2 o'clock. Frienda of
tbi family are Invited to attend.
TAVLOR-At Bailey 8irings, Ala., Laura
Asms, oldeKt child of Frank W. and Flor
ence tioyer Taylor. tDuo notice of funeral
wit! he r'ren tn tnmorrow'ct pmtrcT
Repeated Today
93 Oote hurl a una MISSES CORSET
worth II. HO.
85 Out bny a hunch of handsome 03
TKIC'U Tll'd, 3 in bunob-all color..
OOO One Milan and Fancy STRAW HATS
at 85 ritula eatt'li,
at 5 ceit la tpray.
At50c! Atl! At$2!
Complete Dreai Patterns and nhort lenithi
of Dreei Uoodi and Silk, worth three, four
and five timee tha oonalderatlon.
About twenty-five of thia lot. They will
go, and go quick at thia prioe.
1YI Will mnt in mauler nnnTen-1
tion. at their ('ante Hall. 25 Mainlf J. fcl
etreet, thii (WEDNESDAY) nlsht.Cjay
July7ih, atso elook, lor worn in cue
Pane' Hank and inata lation ol ofli-
cera. A oordial invltatt n la extended to the
membera of Noa. 23. IK, 20 and :W to loin with
us. By order LK W18 PHlTC'll ARD, C. 0.
Atteat: E. L. Mooaa. K. K. and 8.
F.A A.M.-Wlll meet tn atated
ccunmunication thia (WBDNKS-V
DAY) evening, July 7, at 1 o'olock,
for diapatoh of buaineai. All M.al.'a' '
fraternally Invited.
By order U. F. CAVANAGH, W.M.
Atteat: A. 8. Mvaaa. Becretury.
or On account of other angagementi re-
qulring my entire perional attention, I hava
ooncludcd to quit the mercantile part ot my
bualnau, and now offer my entire itock ol
for tale. Will rant or leaae to purchaaer, If
deaired, my two-story Iron-front building,
containing itoek, oa reaaooable terma. Any
one wlabing to go into bualneia ean'aecnre a
bargain by calling on UKt. JLAKE.
JulyS, 1886. GRENADA, MISS.
X3ixricieaict. Itfotioo.
Baki or Couaaaox, I
Memphie, Tenn.. JulyO, 1HH0. I
TIIE Board ol Directvraof thia Bankave
thia day deolared a dividend of t'lvo
(O) Pvr )nt. out of tha earninge ol the
paat aix montha, payable on demand.
J. A. OMBBHU. Uaahter.
German Bank of Memphis.
TfJE Board of Dlrectori thia day declnred
a cnah dividend of lvtai laead ttnivo
hlf 1 71 Per tent, out of the not earn
inge of the paat aix montha.
KI)W. rtOLDsMlTU, Caabier.
Mimpbib, JulyO, 1H80.
Dividend Notice.
Omen IIcimb TanuBiNnx CoiiPAkT,)
Memphie. Tocn., JulyO. IHSti. I
AT a meni ing of the Director ol the I ome
Inxurancennd Truat Company, held at
their office on Ihe above date, a dividvnd of
waa doclared, and ordered credited on the
atook notra K. h. MciliOWAN, I'reaident.
Una F. Prick, Secretary.
Dissolution Notice.
MaurHiB, Tknn,. JulyO, 1XKA
THE cepartuerahip herrtotoro exia-ing be
twren U. K. Prn't tend J. M. Smith un
der theotvle of PoATT (UN CO , ia thia day
diajolved by limitation, J. M. Hini'h aaaum
iug the rayn ent of all lluhilciioa, end la
alone authorized In collect all debt) due the
firm, and will continu the huainecca undr
the nemo and itylo ol PHATl'UIN C(., on
bia own acoouut. J. "4. fc-VIiril.
TjOR the Iriah Ho ne Rule Ticnic will be
J" aold at the Kniahta of I n ti ixfuil II ill,
corner of l-ecccnci unci JLfffiratin atruita,
lliiarailay aiivlil li il. Ili la in
Muni, at 8 o'clock, to the h gbort auii lie-t
rpiJE firm iifdKiUl.li UHO ' II KRH & CO.
A ia this duy JiMaolvccI hr llimtntion. The
aurvivina pirt.nnri, EirMUM) OKOlliti and
JOHN T WII.l.INi, have aitaooiulcd with
thorn FHHDEKICK OK(iIIL, and will con
tinue the hciriiicB un. lor the old firm name
ot liKUILIi BltorUKKS A CO.
Mempbia, Tenn., June M, lfil'i.
JN0. Q DAVIDSON and (1. n. D F.N IRON
have an interest in Ihe icrolcla of our buai
ea from tbla date. July 1. lWc
OltUlLi, guOl'iiKRS A CO.
mvioiNu no i hi:.
Itwvicm nr
Mkmphip City Fick ano MaKtatt. 1st. Co
()IT,,.. IU Mdiann Klroot.
Mkmphiii. Trrn., July ., im.
AT a meeting ol the Uunrd ol Dirccc.ra,
held thia day, a t'a'h Divide nd cf I ve
Per cut. on tbe capital atock ot ihe com
ftany waa declnred, pay ble on deo-and.
By Older ol the Board of D rector.
N AHOLhlKV UILL, Pr aidont.
A teli; I1HT J. LTNN. Caaliler
MaaPRia, TeiK., July .1, 1H .
WE, the Kxainining Committee, bare
ina-'e a thor- uah examination n1 the
hooka, buineaa and mucota of the ll'iill 4'liy
likMiintitne 4:imipMH, and find the amice
in a cornet, active and aatcaleotory oondi
tin, and recommend that aciiah dividond of
ClvnPi r tvni. he declared out of tbe net
earuiuga of the paat aix montha.
J. If. FRNK,
Exnminlna Oommittee.
To the Board of Dtreotora of the Blutt City
Inauranoe Company.
Orrica orrnt Buippt'trv iNat tAura Co.,)
Memphie. Tenn..Jul5, 1MO i
arar At a apecial meetiog of the Board of Dl
rectora or thia Con pin, held thia day, a
oaah dividend of FIV B PKtl CENT, waa de
olured, payable on deintnd.
W. 11. M cQRK, Secretary. .
UxioK Ago Pi.iKTa B.ax op Mkphib,1
t'.emphls Tenn , Jjl 5. im f
TUE Dlrectorr Ihia . ay declared a Mix
'r-r Oat mtl-eiil, to be paid on
d mand out of the aarnihaa af ihe paat ail
monthf. 8. P.KEAD, Caehier.
BarpiD Festlral
OFFICE Room 1 (new) Cotton Exchange Building. Telephone 005.
North Brllleh nl ' KqnltablA of NiMliirlll ia7,9
rnnttlo (nearly) 83.1,000,000 KuoKtiile r Htiox vlllr .. iaa,et
WtHiirbratrror Ncew York 1, 144, net flioc-nlm nt Itrtiuklyn (Mtt-
l ulouuft altlorailN ,... l,iaa,Vl rine Department). 4.S10.4S3
Aiuerlrioa HarfiJ t'oinpauj, Making; Honda of Nnrrtyalllp.
All olaaaoa of property inaured. finciul Attention given to inaurlng Country Stored.'
New York Life Insurance Co.
ASSETS $66,800,000.
Bight exchanire
..tH'6,789 52
... mm 81
Loana aiiu ulacoanti -
Bankinihoue furniture and tx-
Other real eatate
htocka and bondt m
Stt,r61 to
87,m0 00
;l,5cKI IHI
Totat.1V - I1.W0.3W 8t
I. Kdward Uolitctinllli, Onaltlor of tta Uccriumn Baak, do aolcmnly aarai
ttaatt (lie above italrmenl la oorrcrxcl
inWIRD UOLDSMITII, l italilnr.
Swora to and tubicrlbed before ma Ihla June 30, 1KS0
We, the underalgned, having carefully examined the Hooka, Aooounte, nil la and Caah of
tbe tiKHMAN DANK, reiiort the above etaletnent correct and aatiafactory. We recom
mend that a Caih Dividend of Seven and One-half (7'i) Per Oent. be declared out of the
enrnlnca of the paat aix montha, and that tba
aet ancle for Contingent Fund.
Mnui'itte. Tuvx., July 1, 18Kt.
Caah on hand and In bank I 27,084 OA
Oflice fliturea. - . M)0 00
flllli diioounted 41,6tlt) tU
Bonda and InveatinenU (market
yalua)...- 69,010 80
1140,104 78 I
rfi. tha nnderalined Committee, hereby
atatement, and Caah, Ullla and Inveatinenta, and find the in all correct and eatlafactory.
We recommend that the aura ol 1600, from tha tarninii of aat ill nonthi, be oredited to
Surnlua Fund. NAF01.KON llll.b,
V P. IIAUDKN, I'realdent. -I. U. li ANDWTIKAeR.
KWU. UOUlSMITH, Vloa-Prealdent. M. UAVIN, ,
J AH. NATHAN, Cnahlcr. Kvemlnlni; Committee.
' Burjauil m-4.
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 326 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
wlH, which we otter to tha Trade upon tha moat favorable terma. Our prioag
will oompare lavorably with thote of any market in the United btatoa. We are Agonti for
Tennessee Manufacturing Co.'i PluldH, Ilrllls, Shooting, NfilrtlrirT, Etc.
. J. S
a m of i
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,00?.
J. K.0DWI!r,rres't. J. M. wlfiuit, "Ttoo-rrea't. CU.KALVK.CasSlti.
Hoetrrt of Dirootom.
T. B. TCRliEY. J. M. OOODBAR, J. J. q.OnTrW.T
YilWi ? jv.V.unVvani,
j M.' BVITIIl CHARLltS NET, II. J. Jll;At:i
W. N. VVILKfeRSON. d" Siav'i'iP' AWNKWsi.M
P Hei.. aa- lawil rtwm Nnrl.t Altiit.. lo a H-li -
And Commission Merchants,
Jtfoa. 34 and 30 Mnillson Street, McniphU
DU. K. L. LA&KI,
rhjalcian, harceoii and Acroutberi
813 Mali htreeU Kear I'nlon.
Telephone No. W,
KWicio no
Ho.miu uo
8711,144 !
Net iirolta aat ilz
inontbi tX,m 16
Profile rirevloualy un
divided l.WS til
2S,i"3 5(1
I Total Il,aw,!7 H4
lurthar aum of ontof anid earning! bo
lie) HANAllKlt.
Rxaminina Committee.
fuly, lOOO,
Huridua -
Profile (net 6 montha)
Fund for taxea ....
boyoaita ..
... 20,000 (
1,0 0
... 3,810 -jO
... 114,2.15 43
140.104 7ft
eortilr that wa hava emmlnecf tha abort)
Hanulaoturat'i Agent for
Daniel Pratt Cotton din,
NMILEY, SltllTn at CO,
Manufaoturert of
Trait tllpM Holler !, rewl.
ere auad Uln NeaMtlrfira,
08 to 104 Poplar Nt., Memphla.
erPratt Revolrlng-Hend dim one-
;inulcd. Btook now complete.
ii.i ...
- Treiluced.
and rdeit
Old (i
.line Repaired in FiraU
olaaa Order All
work guaranieea.
,i'a r;
HOLDERS of Maaonle Temple Votii wil
proaent their July Cuupona at tire
Nm.onal Uank of Memphia for paymeo
"iTy oMar D. P. TJADDEN, President.
Sen Jf. Phick, Seoretary.-
Cepital Itock....
Suriilui fund...,

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