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'Jtht President's Pensloa Vetoes Dig
cussed In the House Bills
and Resolutions.
' Washington, July 6. Home. Pe
titions were presented from Pennsyl
vania Knights c Libor lusking legis
lation t3. promr te tne intertstj of la
bor. Bel'irred.
Mr. Taulba Ky. called up ih re-
foit ol the Committee on Invalid
ecsions upon the veto mescage cf tbe
Pretident on the bill granting a pen
sion to Catter W. Tyler. He, dis
avowed any purpesa of criticising the
President in the exercise of his con
s itutional r'ght, or of raising any war
on his methods or style in tee veto of
pension bills. He tnen proceeded to
stale the facts in the cafe, (osbow that
' the President was acting under a mis
apprehension when he bssd his veto
on the ground that the claimant was
not dependent npon his son, on whose
accaunt the pension is claimed, for
. support. He alto quoted from affi
davits to show that while it was true
that the son was borne on the rolls as
a deserter, be was at the time that
the charge was made againt him coa
' fined as a prisoner in Ander;onville
prison. He admitted that the Presi
dent bad acted honestly upon the
facts before him, but since the veto
additional facts had come to light
showing young Tyler's hospital record
at Andersonville.
Mr. Warner I Mo. inqnired whether
these additional words had not been
accessible to the President.
MrTaulbe replied that the records
were accessible to anybody who wonld
take the trouble to go to the War De
partment and search over the musty
prison recoidj of the Confederacy;
but the President had acttd on the
written etatenifnt of the Adjutant
General that there was no f tich record
found in his office. Subsequent to
the veto the recotd was found, but the
veto cnuld not be withdrawn.
Mr. B?ach N Y. suggested that it
would not bs proper for the House to
override the veto cn tbe strength, of
facts which the President d d not have
before bim at the time he withheld
his approval from the bill. The proper
thing to do was to introduce a new
Mr. Matson lad. moved that the
further consideration of the matter be
postpone! until Friday next, and for
a few moments there "as much c in
fusion in the hall, Mr. Mats an and Mr.
Willis Ky. vainly endeavoring to
state the reatons why they desired the
postponement and tbe Republicans
demanding immediate action. The
motion to poitpone was agreed to
.yeas, 117; nays, 113.
The moroiog hour having been d's
pen'edwitb tbe II jueo went into Cjeo
niitte of the Whole (Mr. Himmond
U a. in tbe chair) on tbe general da
hciency appropriation bill.
Mr. Butterworth O offered an
ameudment making appropriations to
meet the claims of cmxia insurance
companies of Cincinnati, but it was
ruled oat upon a point of order.
Tbe end of tue bill having been
reached the committee, in accordance
with a previous arrangement, re
verted to the paragraphs relative to
the State Department.
Mr. Cannon III. criticised the bill
for its sics of omission, which he de
clared were extraordinary. It omitted
to appropriate for Ministers and
Charge d' Affaires for 1835 and 1880,
the deficiency amounting to $30,858,
and fir deficiencies amuuniing to
$53,000 for the contingent expanses of
C n' u'ates. This; made an aggregate
of $90,000, and . other minor itsms
would increase the omission to $100,
000. He inveighed against the prac
tice of making mcajer appropriations
for the contingent expenses of con
sulates, and pointed out tbe dierepule
into which tbe United States ;foll
among c mmercial natioos by reason
of drafts drawn by Consuls upon tbe
United States Government being re
turned protested and dishonored on
account of there being no fund from
which to pay them.
Mr. Belmont N. Y. oiled atten
tion ti the laci that the dip'omatic and
-consular appropriation b ll carried an
appropriation of $150,000 for contin
gent expenses of consulate?, as against
$110,000 made in the bill of last year.
Mr. Burns Mo. said that the Com
mittee on Appropriations had doubts
as to the legality of expenditures,
which had given rise to the deficiency.
The fault was nut the fault of the
Secretary of State, bat of the accursed
system under which tbe department
had been operated for twenty-five
years, or more. Thero never ought to
be a deficiency in the salary of a Con
sul or Minister, nor should there be a
deficiency in the cnnticg'nt expenses.
This unbridled department of tbe
government felt that it was not in ac
cordance with the d'gnity of the Re
public to live on $110,000 for the con
sular service, and, therefore, regard
lens of tbe appropriations, it spent
$150,000. He would have every de
partment of the government live
within the money provided for its sup
port by the Congress cf the United
Mr. Cannon offered an amendment
appropriating $37,(108 to meet defi--ciencies
in the ra ariea of Ministers
and Charge d'Affaires. Agreed to.
Oa motion of Mr. Balmont N. Y.
the appropriation to supply deficien
cies in the contingent expenses of
consulates for the year 1886 was in
creased from $'.'2,000 to $40,000, and
: f r the yea's 1884 and 1885 from $492
to $37,145.
On motion of Mr. Belmont amend
ments were adopted appropriating
various small sums to meet special de
ficiencies in the consular service.
The committee then rose and re
ported the bill to the Houfo.
The first vote was taken on the
. amendment for the payment of the
' Old Colony and Pacific Mail Steamship
Companies for transportation of ma
rines to Asjinwall in 1885. It was
agreed to yeas, 117 ; nays, 93.
Pending further action the House
The Senate.
A very large number of petitions
were presented by various Senators,
praying for the p&psae of tbe bills
lorteiting lailr.rad land grant. Toe
petitions are a 1 uniform, and are those
that have been got up and signed
through the extrtiuts of the Knights
- of Labor.
Senator Cockrel', from the Commit
tee on Military Affairs, reported a bill
to regulate tbe pay of army and navy
officers who reius- or neglect to pro
vide for their families. Calendar.
Senator Ingalls, at tbe requ( of tbe
Social Pnrity Allinnte of tne District
V" of Columbia, introduced three bills for
e protection of woman and children
in 'the District of Columbia, Re
ferred. The Senate took op the bill to se
cure to the Cherokee fretdmen and
others their prop oitijn cf certain pro
ceeds of lands.
Serator Irgalls, from the Committee
on Indian Affairs, reported a substi
tute for the bill. It appropriates $75,
000 for the purpose, and directs how
the amount sball be drs'ribnted. The
substitute was agreed to and the bill
The Senate then proceeded to con
sider tbe amendments to the river and
harbor bill.
The first amendment that was qnes
t'oned, was an item appropriating
$530,000 for the purchasu of the
Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan
Ship Canal and harbor of refuge.
Senator Ir, galls made the point of
order that tbe pa'agraph was new
le g'slation. It was not a bill to buy
canals. The item was general legiela
tioo not connected with the bill.
The Chair over ruled tbe point cf
of order, holding that as the amend
ment was reported by a s andirtg com
mittee (tbe Committee on Commerce),
and in pur-uance of an estimate of
tbe head of the War Department, it
was in ordr.
Senator Edmunds made a new point
that this commercial transaction (tbe
buying a Lot of private property) had
nothing to do wi.h tbe general scops
of this Dill, which was for improving
rivers and barbors. It was therefore
The Chair submitted the question
of relevancy to tbe Senate and tbe
amendment was decided to be re'e
vantand in order yeas, 31 ; nays, 9.
Senator Edmunds eppoced the
amendment. He said that at least 200
acres of land in that region (and be
did not know bow much more) had
been granted to the State of Wiscon
sin to build this cbdhI, and now the
government was asked to buy the
property which it ' bad already paid
for, for tbe reason, as he supposed,
firt, that it would bs a refuge to mr
inets, end, seond, a refuge to tbe
stockholders. He pat it in that way
so as to be polite.
A long discustion ensued, but, with
out arriving at any dec;sion, the Sen
ate finally went int ) executive session,
and, when the doors were reopened,
adj outned.
Now In Prison la Washington on a
Charge or D.ltbeiate Attempt
at Arson A Hard 1'a.e.
To tha Editor! of the Appeal :
As I am a dead man, and as com
munications from the other wi rid rto
looked for with interest by surviving
friends, I hope my old fritnd, the
Appeal, unless it is afraid of ghosts,
will print th's communication from
the grave where lies much, if not all,
that was once honorable in tbe Demo
cratic party of Mis issipp1. ,
In the canvass of 1882 the Appeal j
bad a correspondent in Washington
C ty named Mary McBride, who was
then an officeholder in tbe Treasury
Department, and wboss cemmuoica
tions to the Appsal were all aseanlts
npon your dead friend. She is the
same who was tried in M'ssiBeippi for
complicity in the Cunningham bi nd
frauds; the same who I attempted to
have removed from ollic1, and who
was retained, as she boosted, by the
influence of Sena'or Lamar; the
same who introduced Ler.-elf to tbe
secretary of the Republican Con
gressional Committee in 1882 and to
show her importance raid, "Senator
Lamar calls me Mary," and who it
seems retained sufUcifnt influence
over Secretary Ltmar to obtain an ap
pointment in his department without
giing through a civil service exami
nation. Permit this voice from the
tomb to barrow up yonr soul, which
shrinks at injustice, by showing von
the manner cf correspondent you had
while yoa were. J)usily engaged in
cutting up the body of your now de
ceased friend.
a woman's doings.
Washington, July 1. Special to
the Chicago Inter-Ocean: A woman by
tbe name of McBride, a clerk in the
Pension Office, is under arrest for
arson. She rented a house, put in a
few hundred dollars worth of furni
ture, got it insured for $2000, and then,
moved ont tbe best of it, sent a col
ored servant f r turpentine and pe
troleum, soaked the beds and carpets
with the stuff, eet it on fire at 10
o'clock in the morning and went over
to a neighbors to see it burn. But it
was discoveied and extirguisbed, and
the clum y manner in which it was
done led early to ber detection. The
colored man whoa'sist'd tier made a
confe-sion, and both are now under
arrest. Tnis woman came boro from
Mississippi, a few years ego, where it
is said she has a enmir al record, but
she has been kept in office. She has
been repeatedly dismissfd f.ir incom
petency and bid conduc, but .has
always managed to get tuck sgtin.
Only a few mouths ago she was d s
charged from the Bureau of Khtiatics,
but at once received ano her appoint
ment in the Pension Office without
passing a civil service examination.
Attentron was called to the fact in
theEe dispatches at the time.
Why tbe Bnllivitn-Hltchell Mill was
Uf-clarrd OAT.
Chicaoo, III., Ju'y 6. Pa; Sheedy
has returned from New York. He ai
t'ibutes Mayor Graoe's refusal to per
mit tbe Sul.ivan-Mitchell fight to the
jealous? of the County Democracy to
ward Tammany. 'Tammany," said
Sheedy, "was my friend, and it is the
only political society in New Y rk
that has ever given anything to the
Parnell fund, consequently they were
getting praised for it at all the Parnell
meetings. When I was making ar
rangements for the 8ullivan-M t hell
match at tbe Polo Grounds some of
the Tammany people came to tne and
asked if I would give an exhibition at
tho Madison Square Garden for tbe
benefit of the Parnell fund. I said I
would if Sul ivan was willing. I went
to tea the cbamp'ou and be agreed at
once. As foon up the count; Democ
racy heard of this they were joilous,
and go ng to Mayor Grace, g it him to
refuse a license on account
of a decision rendered on the
27 ih of June that all places
with platforms mii't hive a
theatrical licanse, and if they have
that it does away with the liquor li
cenee. After the letter was Bout to In
spector Byrnes, tellirg him not to per
mit me to bold the extiibi'ion, a depu
tation from the County Dttrnoitcy,
composed of the regular henlfrs,
called on me. They otit-red to get m
my license if I wou d givn them 10
per cent, of the prccaeds I told them
I would tell them in an hou',and then
consulted my friends cf Tammany
They advised mn to go a'e d but I
was not going to let the C unty De
mocracy have the langb at them, so I
went and told the hee erg that I would
have nothing to do with them, and
that is the whole rensm why I did not
get my license in K'W. Yo'k."
-t ..,
Mrs. liuMeuberg.
Awnings, tents, cots, mnttrppaes and
tarpaulins made tt 231 Second street.
Henry Ward Beechcr at London An
other Eloquent Sermon by tbe
I' lj month Pastor.
Dublin, July 6. The riot at the
Conservative workmen's ciubhoute
bere laet evening was provoked by the
men in tbe club, and they committed
nearly all the breaches of order. A
Catbolic procession paved the club
house, wbich ' was crowdej with men
at the time. They attneked the pro
cession with bottles. This attack was
answered with threats and eome stone?.
Tbe c'ub people then literally show
ered boitlf s at the procession, and also
fired a number of shots into it from
revolvers. The police surrounded tb'e
house, getting control of the premiers,
and final I v arrested seventy of the in
mate?. It has not yet been ascertained
how many of the processionists were
hurt, but three of tbe injured Catho
lics were in a dying condition this
morning, and twenty others were lying
helpless in hospital?, all suffering from
wounds inflicted by tbe botties or
bullets. There is a general feel
ing of indignation against the
Orangemen of the club on account
of tbe attack. Joseph Uyland, one of
tbe injured men, was seen by an
Associated Press reporter in tbe hos
pital to-day, and aked tor a history of
the riot as he saw it. Mr. Hyland
said: "I was walking quietly along
in the procession down York street,
when suddenly and without the
slightest provocation, a lot of bottlts
crathed down npon us from the c'ub
window?. This at'ack with bottlts
was kep' up coctinuously for a long
time until the police formed a cordon
around the ciubhoute and got the
upper band of tbe inmates. The club
men did not stop at bofles they shot
revolvers at us a'so. Tbe people in
the s'reet retaliated i s well as they
could with stones and other missiles
they rou'd find, and in this way broke
in tne club's window's. A bottle struck
me in the ribs and then a bullet
pierced niy thigh. I fell to the
gound. This was just as the police
stormed the building. I wag after
wards carried to the bospital."
A riot followed the firtt announce"
ment of the result of the contest be
tween Mr. Lewis and Juet'n McCar
thy, at Londonderry, today. The
cause of the disturbance was the dis
covery, after the election had been de
clared in favor of Mr. Lewie, of a bal
lot box, the contents of wbich had
not been counted. A recount fol
lowed, which almost made the elec
tion a tie, giving it to Mr. Lewis by a
majcity of only three. The ponce
interfered and attacked the Loyalists,
who bad assembled in front of the
hotel where Mr. Lewis was staying
and were makirg a demonstration in
celebration of his vlctoiy. A large
number of persons were Iniured.
There was much excitement in the
city over the affair. I
Another Srrmon by the Ply month
l'aat . r Melore a Large Andleure.
London cable to the St. Lonis Glob
Democrat : A flutter went through the
cburch as an elder solemnly issued
trom the vestry with a basket of red,
white, yellow and blush roses, eet in
maiden hair and adcrned with small
American flags. The elder p'aced tbe
basket a floral tribute to Mr. Beecher
from tbe ladies and gentlemen of the
Ciiy Temple "Band of Hope" cn a
tab e before tbe pulpit and retired.
As 11 o'clock rang ont from a chuich
opposite the Old Bailey, Mr. B -eerier
atcended the pulpit steps. "Four
and twenty maidens" in tbe org in
loft immediately behind him rose
eemi circularly as he entered, and
burst into song. Seen from the front,
they seemed to compose a balo mind
bis bead. He reminded one strongly
just then of '"Mr. Casby" in Little Vur
rilt, and as thus surrounded "Bun
tborne" in Patience. Three thousand
necks craned f orward, 6000 eyes grew
fixed as Mr. Beerher got on his feet
and began hi 8 sermon. He looked in
tensely patriarchal, with his long
white fcaif and black coat, bis turned
down collar and upturned eyes.
"Isn't hs beautiful," murmured a
lady near me, fanning herself into a
del eious fever.
He certainly was extremely deco
rative. A trine more unctuous, per
haps, than the preacher's one is ac
customed to in this cut and dried city,
but decoritive. . Announcing the well
known tet about "Love," taken from
Corinthians, he showed some initia
tory nervousnsss, but soon his voice
acquired its old ring and clear enun
ciation. The subject was admirably
euited to an Independence Dnv, and
he treated it in his own inimitable
manner, contrasting what be called
pale mooishine sentimenttiity and
the "mush,1 of love a human love
which spe -talizsd its object with the
divine lov of Christianity, and bum
ming up f verely against the "mush."
By tne way, this word ' excited much
cuiio-ity in the brtnst of John Bull.
Americans bardly need a descrip
tion of Bee her'a sermon, which is fa
miliar to them. It was eloquent, if
familiar I a tone, it-very now and then
the preacher fired off a joke. This
was at first rather alarming to the
congregation, though Dr. Parker has
accustomed them to some pulpit hu
mor. Some'iow, Beecher seemed to
have conqui red their prejudice for
every five n nutos the houee I mean
church wa convulsed with laughter
by his qu: int, if to English ears
"shocking," tallies. '1 he sermon was
a long and airy commentary on the
text, once o twice rising to rhetorical
higbts, mo 6 often keeping within
the limits ol humorous and familiar
Toward tb i oloss, talking about tbe
uncharitable nature of Pharisaical
Christians, hi got off a mosquito story,
which Bet tl e congregation into fits.
After likenn g the Pharisees to hypo
critical and ildtHrrying mosquitoes
who always say a grace before they
put their siini s into yon, ho energeti
cally exclsimi i:
" I hank Go I, we are not all insects."
lie nude another point by attackirg
those selfish people who call them
selves by holy names and live like
devils. Then, gradually dropping
banter, be returned to the original
subject Love and wound np with
an exhortation to b's hearers to cast
r fT tbe bondage of fear and enter into
the reanrrection of the love of God and
sobriety. Iteeeher's gestures seemed
to atonieh people round me even
mora than his very bread comedy and
familiarity. I doubt whether EdglMi
men would relish much of Beeeher's
el quence, but today bo unquestion
ably t ad a success as a humorist.
bkkcbeb'n impkishions op his aupi-
After tho services I drove to Dr.
I Parker's hcuse, near the B itish Mu
seum and interviewed Beecher. 1I
i i . . i r
'Was lulling unci, uu a auiasiiiKui
called, rt sting after his labors, for tbe
day was hot and the divine bad
brought ns an American July. His
resemblance to Mr. Cosby was strong
er than ever.
"What did you think of your audi
ence, Mr. Beecher?" sid I.
"Oh, I was well enough pleased
with it "said Mr. Beecher. "It wan
very like my own audience. But I
don't thiok the English are used to
pulpit humor. For my part, I don't
think it is unworthy to use ny of my
talents in the service of the Lord."
"What plans have you formed?"
"I have no plans, I leave all that to
my aent, and he fires me off when
ever he thinks tit. I shall lecture cr
preach at different places not alone
un religion, but also on political econ
omy, morals. No, I shall avoid special
political subjects, and say rutbing on
the burning question of the day. I
think it wonld be a mistake and out
cf p ace to medole with local politiis"
In tact, it would be what wo Ameri
cans call 'tad' poliiica."
More .Honey for larn-ii.
DiiTRotT, Mich., July 0. Kav. Dr.
O'Reilly, trensurer of the National
League, today cabled 3000 additional
to tire true ties of the 1'urliami ntarv
fund in London. This makes 20,000,
or ICO.COO, remitted by tbe League
within the last ton days.
Prof. Chas. M. Gayley.of the Michi
gan University, is to stump Ireland
for the Na ioualists. 1'iof. Gaylcy is
au Iiishman, the b on of a PresbyUrian
minister now reeidirg in the west of
Ireland. He left bera two weeks ago
and is now in L-ndon.
Taxable Wealth of Mew York.
New Youk, July 0. The Tax Hoard
has made a report cf the valuation of
real and oerscnil estate in this city.
The repoiffixed the total valuation of
real est its ht ra at $1,0:1.041,(1(15, an
increase over the sum fixed laet year
of $35,4t)7,!)'.'8. The valus of personal
property this year is $'.'17,0L7,2'.1. an
increrse over last year of jl4,il5;i,355.
I'oiNunrit by t'.ntlns lee Cream.
Sr. Loi'ih, Mo, July 0. A special
from Coultersville, III., to the Pott
Dispatch states that eevonty persons
were poisoned there yeiHrday by
eating p:enic ice cream. Four hava
a'ready died and many more are in a
precarious condition.
DUantrona Fire.
ConoEs, N. Y., July ". North's
storehouse, containing cotton, wool
and manufactured knit goods belong
ing to numerous manufacturers, in
cluding Parsons & Co. and Silliman,
Brooks & Co. was destroyed by fire
late I "it night. Tne loss reached
Dlseaatft, from Plmitlea to Hrrnftila,
('urea by utW'ara.
Hundred! of letter in our poiteation,
oopisi of which mny b had by return ot
mull, repeat thia itory : I hare been a terri
ble auBerer for yetra from Diaesaea of tbe
Bkln and Blood; have bean obliged to ahun
ublio ilnoea by reaaon of my diafliurini
lumo'i; have had the beat phjaioiana; have
pont hundreda of dollari, nnd (ot no relief
until I uaed tha Cuticiik Khrpik8, which
have cured me, and left uiy akin and blood
aa pure ai a ohild'a.
Cuticuri KauaDirta are the rreateat medl
oinca on earth Had the worat oaae of Halt
Kheum in this country. Mr mother had it
twenty years aao, and In fact died from it.
I believe Cutiouri would have saved her
life. Mr arms, breaat and head were cov
ered for three yeara, wbich nothing rol eved
or cured until luaod the Ciitwdk Rism.
vatiT, internally, and Cuticura and Cuti
ci'Rt Soap, externally.
Hewark, 0. J. W. ADAMS.
I commenced to uae your Cutiourj. Kkus
Diiea last July. My head and face and some
parts of my body were almost raw. My head
waa oovered with scabs and sores, and my
suffering was learful. I bad tried e'nry
thina I bad heard of in the Kaat and V est.
My case waa considered a very bad one. I
have now not a partiole of Hkin Humor
about me, and my cape Is considered wonder
ful. MKS. B. K. WUll'PLB.
Deentnr, Mich.
Charles Kayra II inkle, Joney City II ahta,
N. J., writes: "My son, a lad of twelve
years, was completely cured of a terribl
oase of Kcsima by the Cuticura Rkriuiks
Are sold everywhere. Price: CuncnaA, SO
cents; Cuticura Soap, '2fi cents s Ciitioura
Rksoi.vrnt, ll.oo. Prepared by the Pottrr
Drug and ChkmicalCo., Boston, Mass.
Sendfor"HowtoCareNbln Dlaeaaea."
HRIIRQ Pimplra, Skin Blemishes and
viiiwwvry jjaby 11
luin or a cured by Cuti-
Cuba EoAr.
Weak Backs, Pain, Weakness and
Inflammation of the kidneys.
Shooting Pains through tbe Loins,
.Hiu and Side Pains. Lack of
KtreiiKth and Activity rellevl In one
minute ana anocuny cured nyihe
rnra Anll-fMlu flaalrr, a new, origin
al, elopant and infallible antidote to pain
and inflammation. At drusKiar, 2Sc. : five
lor 8l.(i; or poatiino free of roller Drug
and I liemleitl Co.. Hnln. !
" H fi, w 5"0 -r 0 ,
" S. p jr 9 '
s.sd?s a
i M 6 Ci
? -
JOHN E. HANDLE & CO., Agents,
MmihlN, Tenii
Notice to Contractors.
St. Loom. Arranrar akd Trias Railway,
Urrii-R or thr Liinr bNiiiNRita.
Ttiiimii. lis.. June IV. 1880.
QKALEI) propoaala addreaaed to the Chief
O Engineer ol the St. Louis, Arkanaaa and
Texas railway, no. i maraec street, Di.
Louis, Mo., will be rereived until 12 o'clook
noon of tbe 7th ot July, ltSd, for the con
struction of a Koundhou-e and machine
bhops at Pine Bluff, Ark. Proposals to have
the envelope iuuorsed, "rsopoanls for
Koundliouiio and Machine Shops at Pine
BlurT." The following is an approximate
statement of quantities :
4,110 cu.yards ot Excavation.
ZV,(IH. II. M. Lumber,
l.aftO.ii'Ollrick.l , . .
600 Squares of Gravel Roofing."
Plans and specifications can be seen at the
Jcneral offi.e of the Oonipnny, eorntr ol
ourlh and Market street", Ht. Louis, Mo.,
at the office ol P. li. lloulahan, Master o
T'amportatlon, Pine Bluff, Ark., and at this
The Company reserves the right to reject
any or all bida.
R. L. VAS BANT. Chief Engineer.
W. E. Cau mi-tor, (Jen. Sup't.
ill m
mums Z,
a 3 N .
3 eg. z
3 O
9 W
K. M. JONES, President. I. T. PKTERS, Vloe-Presideat.
W. I), t. SAW RIB, Secretary and Treasurer.
(Hneer ore te) Peter t Bawrle,)
30, 3S and 40 Jeflersoii Street.
S7o Tlie Trade.
-We have sold our entire business to tha FETEBS NAWRIE CO., and aak
for them a continuance of trade so kindly extended to
3Fjr TIE IHS cart SAWniD.
N ArOLEON HILL, PresldonU W. N. W1LKEUSON, Tloo-fresldoa
U. J. LYNN, Citshler.
1 if 1
111 AiMithiH I li tt limn II linn
Olllce lO SlailiiiAit Street, Menplild, Tenn
330 Second Street, Memphis.
Materials, Pumps, Drive Wells, Iron, Lead and dtone Pipe, (las Fixtures, tllobes, Kto
Cotton Factors, Wholpsals Grocers,
No. 11 Union Street, t t HfempltU, Teue,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Colling and Cedar Tosts.
SLEDGE DB08.,of Como, Miss. F. M. NOBFLEET, Resident rartner.
No. 385 Front Street
Cotton Factors and Vholesale Grocers
Front fit., Hemphin, Tenn.
Cotton Factors. Commission Merchants
IS a. HO Wonlli Main St.. Ht. Lnli.
ra i mi
'mmer TflornaB
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. 00 Front Mftrret. t UTeniuhlw. Tenm
1 nj ly
Old Stand, No0 Union St., Mompliis.
lVboleaale IXmltjra and lalllataert
Bole AtenU followlna First-Class InitrnmenUi
Steinwav nml 3B-Yzlo&
PIANOS " tlliSt.S: "A" e
OIiOAN " ja Jo " orv A is'o iIIj r WAK"M' CK1
Wrlta for OatAloirnB.. Vinm. aa:i santl aart lKrHVI NT.. WFff PWI
376-378-3SO-3W-384-380 Second street, south Ot Uayoso.
Doors. Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shinglet
Moaldlug, Laltaa, C'fMlar Puet, nnd Picket..
. E. WITT.
Memphla" Tenneauntf
E & GOi
Clara Conway Institute,
will aEorKX
Monday, October 4, 188G.
Enrollment Lut Term, 822.
A SCIl "Ot tor tbe development of sitor
ous, thoufhn'. noble womanhood.
This ru: It reaeheil by breadth anil
thorousbn.. ,f insiraction and the awaken
tnfr of iiRtictii, .wnest endeavor. A new
and oouimoun n hoarding department hat
Ju.'t been cou.i l.ud.
The departunri of dross making and mil
llnerv is added lur the (rat time.
in the alifeito- ,.f the Prinoipal. who Is in
humpe fi r the sj.n ur, eatnloaaes will b.
lurni hed on aiiii,-.uoo to Mrs. K. P. Mor
ton, -.( Ad,lln tirt-at, or theT will be found
ut any of the oii7 I o, iuru,
liH. H Aliu s M.llI.AltY,
A' Naahvlllr, T. ua. Real Southern
Home lor Hirls. U ft this year. A non
sectarian school. Pair, ilsed by men of lib
eral minds in all ohm 'I. Unsurpassed in
Music, Ait and l.slH'unr t. For OiUhIoru.
address !. T. v.. Rli,
stau,to, va.
miss mary j. baldwin, prix.
Opens 1st Septemher, 1SH1. Closes June, 1W,
Unsurpassed looution, huildints, trounds.
apiioiotutents. Full ooris teachers; unri
valed advantages in Musio, LantuaRes, Klo
oution. Art, iiook'Keeping, Physicsl Cul
ture. Board, etc., wilh full English Course,
Knit per entire session. For full partiou
ars aoply to principal for catalogue.
Prlvat flaleot School of Hlsh Orndofor
limited number of YOUNG LADIIS.
ItAratftd ut Woodland, In vitw of Ht. lmt. Thm
111 In 'olulmeiitnof t.llfl lt"3 rliilir It in KlJe)
l A NT iiouk. OiukiiUinI Im71. Kor ymtrv all mom
huva hwn takmt n:trlir. Ouiirtta of I nt ruction U
vtrx Ihorouuh. Munioi Vmul and Inaitruniftutnl.
L(tiiiiiHiwi! Auclnt una l.lMttrn, Art: rusutliua
hihI Drnwtntf. Kwril of liiHtmi'tlon: Bwriii, ll
li(.rhl iiiiilI.iiimI fur ttittlr rMiiM'l (vrt ilmiHtl mmtA.
lt iwciut rtHstn niiliOHtton mamt Im nurt) aarLr
Or t HtlM"tri''- Htl'IrWaxM tU ITIUCMtlt
T. BLKWCTT, Lt.O. , JonnlrtRS. Mv
Uolfe (Jrammar School,
100 NarNliHll Avenne.
IjALL TKRM OPKM8 8K1T. 27tm. Nu
.1? bcr ot pupils limited. There are lew
vftpniipies, - nit those desiring to enter pupllt
should make early applioation, either to tho
"Advisory Committee," or to II. M. HOLKK,
Vrinolpal. Luke W. Pinlay, Dr. I). 1.
Hnundors, Uon. K. 8, llamuiund. Advisory
0F MUSIC Boston, Mass.
WORLD lUIInrtrurtor.'.i.lStii.l.'iiIt lt Tr. Tho.
0m litprtf urtiitn lii VorBlaixl ItittruiiipnUl MiimIi'. ridnnat-J
OrKftnTunuif, FltM Art. Oratorv, l.ltT-tura, Frnttrh, (
ma nd lUlUn lnrtiiftM, Utillah Hr-ni-inf,(ljrniimitlr.
Id. Tuition, A to I'll board utl room w It h Hitum llrt and
Ci no isiuiii.jMinf fOtvrirnii. f nil I miMiiH rwpa
inbt-r , Ifm Fur llhittrntwl ('.UmUr, with fSill Infonnitlloo,
eildraM, K. l)UIUa-K, Ulr., IVmiklm Hu,., Uus iON, Mm
Elmira College, For Women
Designed for such a limited number that stu
dents may enjoy the p easant associations of
a model Chri tian heme. It bat superior
4'nllra". (sums ol'.lndjt also, Kclarw
llti and Pr.staratury departments, with
exceptional advantages In nn.le and Art.
The building hat all modern Improve
ments, Including steam healing andapaa
teecer tvlrvalor. Address KKV. A. W.
CUVVLKH, D.D.. President. Klinira, K. Y.
HI'AiTMi U.1.K
seventh Ktssion begins Wednosday, tie
temher 1, lHHtl. A desirable school for yout
daughters in all Uoparlm nts ol Female KiW
unation. Hiipplied wlh new lnstruinenta.
tne Apparatus, and a full Faeulty. Chargoc
reasonable. For catalog ue and terms, apply;
to A.B JON KSjJ).1i . . bL. a , Presiden tj
TliSJ alat Asinnal Npasilon Oprua Rcj.
Irmbrr in, inhu.
For ostalogne or special Information, ap
ply to Mrll.t isa P. s Vn.
W. It. AHHOT, l'rin. lpwl.
K N U I N si t. H I a U al I ll. Kr nwtalaaar
Poly Irolmlo Inalllnlo, Troy, fi. T.
The oldest engineering school in America.
Next term boiini Heptemher lMh. The Ueg
istor for lKHK contains a list of th. graduatet
for th past (II years, with their positional
also, course of study, requirements, ex
penses. etc. Candidi tes from a distance, or
those living in distant Htatos, by tiiecial ex
aminations at their homes, or at such tchoola
as llioy may be attending, may determine
the question of admission without visiting
Troy. For resistor and full Information, ad
dress DA V III M, (tUKKNK, Director.
No. 17 Jefftrson Street,
(Botween Main end-Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKstabllshedln IStiO.I
DR. JOTINSON Is aoknowledged by all par
ties interested as by far th. most suo
oessful physician in the treatmentof privata
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
guaranteed in .very caso, mal. or female.
Hocent cases of Uonorrhea and Syphlllt
cured in a f w days without the unc of mer
cury, cbaniie of diet or hindrance front
business, taecondary riyiihiiis, the last vet
tige eradicated withoutthe use of mercury.
Involunsiiry lost of somen stopped in short a
tlmo. Hufiorera from impoUiiiny or loss of
sexual puwors restor eto (roe vigor in a few
weeks. Victim! of a .-abuse and excessiv.
vonerv, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the XJisnases of Women, and
euros guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
withoutthe use of onuntinor the knile. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by .xprest to ull parti of Ih.
oo tin try.
nea cured at half tha nsnal
rates. Omct hours from K o'clook a.m. to II
rs from K o'clook a.m. to
o'clock p.m.
t'OmilN.NIO.i:il'N NILE
No. 2H6.1, R. D -Cha-ory Court of Hhelbf
County -0. W. llarbort, adinlnisLratoi,
vs. L. 8. Bond et al,
IN pursuance of (he terms of a decree IB
the above stated cause, I will, at Special
Commissioner, iroceed to sell, at publla
auction, to the highest bidder, at the south
west corner of Main and Madisou streets, it.
Memphis, Tonn.. on
Tnnailay, ISIIs alar Jnly. IsMfl,
the following doscibed real estato. in bheloy
county, namelyi Lott Nos. 4 and22ol lh.
Ilarbert subdivision, at made in the case ol
John Ilarbert vs. K- A. II inks et al, lately
pending in the Second Chancerr Court of
Bhelby County, to which reference is made.
Lot No. 4 of said subdivision, fronting HI
feet on touth aide of Jackson street by 150
leet to an alley.
Lot No. X! of said subdivision, fronting t
foot on north tide of Alston avenue by 150
loot deep to an alley.
tiaid property will be sold on tha followiing
terras, namelyi One half of the imrohaso
money to be paid 'n cash and th. balance a
a credit ot six months from the date ot sal.,
the purchaeer to execute notes with approved
pcronal security lor the deferred psyinept.
and a lien to be retained on the property sold
as a lurther security, tbe notes to draw in
terest from date.
I reserve the riant of making one bid on
on each lot sold.
Hale to oommencB at 12 o clock noon.
rJi'eciul Commissioner.
NMSPAFER '.b.00b.s0ttteo,;
ICmV,',"i"1u oontalns lists of
newspapers and estimates o th. oost of ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend)
one dollar, dnds In it the i lulorrnetion be ree
quires.while for him who will invest on
hui dred thousand dollart In advertising,.;
t"heme Ifi ndloated which will meet hit
every requirement, or can b. mad. to do I
by slight ohanse easily arrived at by corre
tpondenc One hundred and Bfty-thro. .
editions have boon issued. Sent. MtiMid..
to any tddross lor ten o.aJ. Apply (o QIU.
VKHTISINtJ BU RE KV, Spruo.it. (Frint
Sl Home Wouare .Nw York
Tbito lebrated Uolslein-Friesian Bull
will be at 1K0 Jcflerson street lor the ns xt
llftcen days. His sire is at the head ot Smith
A I'owell'i hero), and it regarded as ore ol
the best milk ard nutter b'1,u $ d

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