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Candidate for Goernor-Tl Tax on
WhlHkj la Iavidsoa-. Hew
koll for ConrreM.
M. Turner, or Memphis, bit. Et f-liaw
threaten to inrmlo the Iiepnblican
pirtT of that mt'TopoliB. Turner, out
of consideration, for Gov. Bate's psr
don, which raved him swing some
months in tho chain gang, onght to
Blick to the PemocTa's. nuaw was uui
a few brief moons sir the stout and
stalwart Democratic cimlidHts for fcnr
veyor of the port of Memphis. Not
tl,.t wnnlJ ilnlnln filht?r of the
worthiis; Ooi forbid. Let them go
and staod pot en me oruer 01 uieir
dopartuits bnt what a comment those
late Deiribcrats, by seeking Republican
nominations, r making on the Dem
ocratic potentates who need and in
dorsed tbctn in tha near a&tl
They Do Tlioaa ThliiKB Belter la
KaJii'Wf Union: Tuesday Chan
cellor Merritt decided an important
case in Nashville, and, by his decision,
nnlots reverted by the Supreme Oourt,
dragnets become retail liquor dealers
nnd Lave to pay licenre taxes accord
ingly, evuu i! they only sell tinctures
with l:iiior in them and do not deal
in liquors. This is a wire roachlng
decision, and will shut up a cumber
of drug Mtort s and cause drop," to be
Bold In conniction with regular liquor
dealing. The science of taxation is
not won nndeistoou ny our law make
Hob. H. V. llelekrll for CoBCrraa.
KnoxvillH Triliinr, Sunday : Yes
terday the Knox county Democratic
Convention elected delegates to the
Second Conart Hioual District Unnven
tion, which will meet in Kuoxville on
the 7th of August, and the delegntea
wore inst ructed to vote for the lion, 8.
G.Heiskell as tho Democratic candidate
for Congress. The resolution Instruct
ins the delegates to vole for Mr. Hois
keil psrsod by a unanimous vote. It
nee med to bo conceded on all tides
tbat be was the best man in tho uia
trict to ffiuke the rsce. and his in.
do'sement was hearty and enthusi
' antic. Mr. lloiskoll is one of tho most
noceatfnl young members of tho
Knoxvtlle bar. Ho man of his age In
the State has a more profound know
ledge of the law, and wa know of no
man who is his superior as a logicsl
debater, lie is one of the active
workers of the Democratic pirly
in Knox county and has served sev
eral terms as chairman of the County
J'xecutive Committee. He is now
Chairman of the County Committee.
Two years ago Mr. Ueisksll was tha
Cleveland elector for this district. H I
rou'ed bis opponent in every county
in the district and triumphantly carried
the Democratic banner to victory. Ha
met in debate one of the bett stumpers
the Republicans, could trot out, and it
was conceded by friend and fos, that
the Blaine elector was worsted In every
fight. The Knox coun'y Democrats
now ak the Congressional Conven
tion to nominate Mr. lieiskell for Con
gress aa Honk's opponent, and we
have no doubt the requeHt will be
The Hob. Tnamaa L. William for
Yesterday the Pomocrats of Knox
unty assembled in mass convention,
, hioh meets in August, in Nash ville,
id Instructed them to cast the thirty
ive votes of Knox county for the
Hon. Thomas L. Williams for Gov
ernor. Tho indorsement of Mr. Will
iams wa by a sweeping majority and
bis thousands of fnendH throughout
the State will bo gratified to hear tbat
bis homo county has given him such
a tltttsring recommendation to the
Democracy of tho State. The action
of the convention will be most heartily
Indorsed by ninety-nine out of every
hundred Democrats in Knox county.
Tnoy delight to honor one who has
been a boid champion of the Democ
racy from bis boyhood. Mr. Widiams
is a gentleman in every way worthy of
the honor which Knox county has
done him and worthy to be honored
bv the people of Tennessee as their
Chief Executive. He comes of a
long line of lkmiocratlo ancetlry
and has ever been ready to con
tribute his time and his money to the
cause of his party. He has fought
the battles of his party, and In his
hands the banner of Democracy has
novrr betn dishonored. Wo know of
no man In Kast Tennemee who has
made greator sacrifices for his party.
He has di no nothing grudgingly, but
bis woik has been dono through pure
devo'ion to Democracy. Six vhhih
a no the Democrats tent Mr. Williams
forth to meet tits bona of Kspubliran
ism in tho Second Congrers otml Dis
trict, and to preach the doctrines of
pure Democracy in tho Ucpublhan
ptroiittholilg cf this section of the
Stu'e. No abler cnnviifs has barn
ma le In Kit Tenuesteaaincethe war,
and Honk faiind that Mr. Williams
was mora than his matoh in debate
before tho ttiiukii'g people of tho dis
trict On every stump lie expounded
thed ctrines of Democracy and ft ar
lrRsly laid bare the fiauds and corrup
tions of the Republican party until
the boss had no reply, save oft told
iokts ind duty anecdotes. Of cou ss
Sir. Williams did lint accept the race
with any hi pa of an election. He ao
cep'ed tha nicd for the sake cf keep
ing the pa ty together, and though de
feated ha cut down the majoiiiy
of his oopouont aud ran n'iod
of the Domocriit'o ticket. Now,
the Demner.M of tho Second Con
gro'sional Dis r ct ars for the Hon.
Thomas I.. Williams for Governor.
We b?l:evu be has tha strennth of
nine-tenths of the party in tho district.
Indeed, it is a'ready known that more
than eigU'y of the ninety votes the
counties ( f this district will cant in the
Gubernato ial C.invoiilion wi!l;be for
Mr. Wtllia'iis. Why tire they fir him?
It'caiiHO the pnipio know him and
can trust him. They kuow he is ali o
o meet aty ruaniho lipublicau party
-suie and moie than able to tin
- lii.n nominated by Honk's
nti(m. Mora than al
' 'in lo ba a man of
-ft, of thorough
':ona of tho
for a
gate folly and carefully tha various
okianoa masttt aVMntlv SMtnili mrlAill
members of tha House of Delegates.
iLe cnarges wciuoe won oi uuuvij
in connection with the past age of the
bill granting a franchise to the Forest
Pa'k and Carondelet Street Railway
ana tne aereai or tue eiecinu iaun
kill wall KiaA oalnnt ptoht
the members who it is alleged wers
. .... . ... i i
lneiigiDie to oince wiien eietieu
swore fa'scly as to their eligibil
l..n in.nnnnlii TllA -Til 1CTR
structed the jury to return indictments
against all of these members, if the
evidercs brought btfjre them should
to warrant,,
The 4'linuee aa They Appear lo Oae
I'aiullinr Wllb itaeMtalna of
IB Cardlaals.
One can form an idea of what was
required from a loyal member of the
Sacred loilege. from the famous alio
cution of I'ius II.. pronounced in tho
Cathederal of Sienna in 1040. "My
sons," says he,";ou have just received
the moat exalted dignity on earth.
Called to the Sacred College, you will
bs with us, the arbitrators of the
earth. You will have to distinguish
between cause and cause, between
blood and blood. Succewors of the
apostles, you will be seated with. us on
the papal throne. You will be the
Senators of Roms, the true binges of
the earth npon which tho doors of the
church move. Contidttr. tnerelor. in
your hearts, what minds,what genius,
what integrity is need to fill this dig-,
dity; bomility.not pride; liberality
continence, not license; w idom aud
learning, not Ignorance ; in a woid,
all the virtues end no vice, is what
this honor exacts. If you have
hitherto been very v;g lant, you
mutt he more now than ever. If you
havo been generous, be doubly so n jw.
Give alms abundantly, and, above all
things, help and feed the p-jcr. II
you have been abstemious, be bo still,
and even more to than ever. Drive
from vour souls a'l trace of cruelty
and arrogance. May the holy books
be constantly in your hands, both day
and night iMtuer learn sometbing,
or (each others, and do such work
tbat your light may shine forth before
tho whole world. In fine, be ench as
you wished the Cardinals to be, before
you yourselves were elevated to that
iiigti rank."
ii,ectkd porrc.
Baltimore American: ''Is there a pos
sibility that Cardinal Gibbons will be
elected Pope upon the death of the
present l'ontid ?" was asked a distin
guished prelate yesterday, who an
swered in tho following language,
solely on condition that his name
would be withheld:
"The College of Cardinals." said he.
"is the seed snd germ of the piracy,
and the greatest act that one of its
membe's can perform is to lake part
In a papal election. It is, cf course,
impossible to forooe the rosult of any
papal election, eepecially at the pres
ent time, but some surmises may be
hazarded, which may or may not turn
oat true. The exireine sga of the
present fops and his groat labors make
it extremely probable that he will
never see another decado of years, and
the question suggests itself, who will
be bis successor? For years an Ital
ian has always been elei'tttd, owing to
the temporal power Of the papacy, but
now that the Topes have been deprived
of their patrimony, there is no rea
son why this cuatom should be fol
lowed. OI tne Cardinals creatad by
Pins IK. many are so advanced in
years that their chances of election are
well nigh hopeless. The tame holds
good even of several smong the crea
tions of Leo XIII., and it would iom
that of the Italian Cardinals the selec
tion wonld bs from among the fo low
Ins: Cardinals Monaco. La Valet o.
Oreglia, Martlnelli, Parocchl, Jaco
bin!, AKOStinl, San iellcc, Zigliar,
Ricci. l'aracclani. Versa and Macoila.
01 there, Jacohlni Ir, undoubtedly,
the mnst influential at present, but
4gos'ini. Man fence snd Mazaila
would adorn the chair ef St. Peter very
acceptably. Cardinal Cztcki, though
a Pole bv birth, is a lied to one of tho
noblest Italian families, and prss'B"
in a stronger degree than any member
of the college those governing powois
and that acute foroaight which has
madojs j lit any l'opos t'ua leaders of the
church. Unfortunatoly his health is
vu ry poc r, and this serves to keep
mm much lew occupied witu the ex-
tornnl world than be would otherwise
ho. Suppose, however, that the
choice should not be from the Ita'iano,
as seems probable, bnt fiom tho for
eign Cardinal, on whom would the
choice fall? Cardinals Howard, Bu-
liaviiti s, llcrKcnroether, Ledoi nowski
and O.ni'ki wi uld immedia ely come
to the uiiuda of all. In reply io your
oik Bt ion as to Cardinal viibbomt's
chnnces, I should say that it would
teem to eugnest a negative answer on
account ol the immei se uiBtance ef
U ltimo e Torn Hi tne, and yet. so
Htrange y have ppal etoctions turned
ou', that we cannot help fiincjli g the
Hiiionnecninit bom the lips ol tho
tirat Cardinal Doacon: 'I givo you
tidings (if great joy. We have s
lope me most eminent and
reverend T'rd ' Juns, Car
dinal of the Holf Roman Church,
G.bbons, Arcbl hop of Bltlnio e,
Americat' It is, of course, I must
repeat, not exactly probable, bnt it is
po'Hbla. And an American would
ho far more accoptablo to the I'alians
than ay other (oioigner, though Car
dinal Howard is loved and revi rod
like a native of tbowarm Italian c lie.
instead of cold England. Tho o who
have watched the rapid piOKress of
our eminent Archbh hop cannot bolp
reeing that there is but ono more
crown to garland his brow with 11 t nti
reward for a life of g nt e xal and un
wearied devoti m to h i church, to his
people, and to li s country."
Attempted Iknnbl SI order Canned
bj Jrloity.
PitovihKNci, R. I., July 6 -About
fl:;K) o'clock In t tven'rw, while Agnes
l.vno and Kato Kerian, both gn
17 yeap, were sittinii in a vacant
I' tin tha northern part of the city,
they w re appronchrtd by an acquaint
ed o named Joseph E. Nolan, aited
S'xteen yeaf, win deliberately poiuud
a si glx bar eltd shot gun at thorn.
They beiomlng alarmed, sprang to
ho r fo t, crving, "Dou'l shoot." No
"tilled ihe trigner, d'scbnrging a
id ol bird she t irt i tin bices
- Thev fell bathol in
an, dro ping bis (itin,
i girls were conveyed 'o
Agnes Lvon was found
rlr us'y injured, ar-d will
e bo h eyes. The Kernan
i iullVriig groat ptin, was
irnusly hurt. Nolan was
leg in tho O'.d Ho set bury
ir tU. When loiki-d up he
d h s Innocei c, ulaiinina that
miiiiK W'S accideninl, but there
W-i ih't, joilou y of one of 'he
cans d h'm to commit tbo deed.
Tbe Relations Between the Anar
chists and Knights of Labor
A Libel on the Latter.
Chicago, III, July 6t Anarchist
Parsons has addrecsed a lett rr, dated
"Cook County Bastille, Cell N'o. 100,"
to tne editor ot tho Vauu to, in re
grrd to tbn action taken by District
Aiaemhiy iso. 34, Knights of 1-abor,
of Cuicagj, denouncing him and oth
era as advoca'es cf riut and murder'
betauso tbey are anarchittx, and com
manding that Pontons be expelled
from thn Knights of l bor. in com
pany with every other workinxman
"who follows the red flag and upholds
the doct rinoa of socialism,"
Pardons claims that the objects and
aims of the Kr.tghts of Labor and an
archist land socialism are precisely
identical. In tuppott of this state
ment he quotes from tbe principles
adopted by the recent convention,
and says. In addition to tho abovo,
the order also proclaims that among
the higher duties tbat should be
taught in every local assembly are
man's inalienable inherit ince and
right to a share, for use, of the soil,
aud that the right to life car
ries with it the means of living;
and that all statutes (laws) that ob
struct or deny theae rights are wrong,
unjut, and must give way." After
reading the above I tubmit to a candid
and intollig nt public to decide
if these ars not the precise objects
and i ni! which socialists have pri
claimed for the pas' thirty years, and
advocated by toe aliats and anarch
ists all over the world? Such being
the case, tbe Knights of Labor is sim
ply another same far socialist?, a fact
which intelligent perrons understand
fullv. As to the red flg, the wage
workers who march to tbe mutic of
labor's economic emancipation, what
ever the r na'ionality or creed, are
repudiated and outlawed bv every flag
save the rod one. As to riot and mur
der, what are the facts? Let the rec
ord of the "International," which is
anarchist orgiuixation, answer for lt
celf. The hay market meeting was
a protest against the murders which
had been committed at McCormick's
the day btfjre. If this looks like
murder and riot, then put us down
as such. Tbrongh the gra'ed bars
of my prison cell tbera comes from
the etreet" tbe noise and din of tho
Fourth of July; that day which 110
years ago was made memorable by the
proclamation of the immortal declara
tion of tbe inalienable rights of man.
Uy ancestors helped frame the declar
ation, and aacriilced and fouitbt to
maintain it. They held tbat 'Vesist
ance to tyrants wasobedience toGod."
II they lived today they would be on
trial for "riot and murder," and the
scaffold would be thrust in their faces
for disloyalty toward established
wrongs. The District Assembly im
putes to the anarchists the responsi
bility for the bay market tragedy of
May 4. iney do not soem to compre'
bend that that affair, like those of
Ka-t St. Louis, McCoiurck's factory,
Bayview, Milwaukee end elsewhere,
were the natural outgrowth of the class
struggle ot the wege system. So like
wise the spread of anarchism and the
growth of the Knights of Labor result
Irom tire inevitable collisions Detween
the privileged class and the oppressed
Accidentally Shot.
Naw Yohk, July 6. William G.
Towusend and William F. Cou.ins,
sixteen year old boys snd fast friends,
were ebojting at a target at the home
of he, former, on Bneca Vista avenue,
Yon kern, late yesterday afternoon,
when the weapon, while in the hands
of Conz'ns, was accidentally dis
charged. The ball struck Towneend
In the eye and inflicted a wound,
which proved fatal two hours later.
Coron r Mitchell was notified, and
bold an inouei-t. when a verdict ol ac
cidental death was rendered by the
jury. Tbe Couzlns boy Is greatly dis
tressed over the afln r.
Iit'trnclora of tbe Blind.
Nkw Yohk, July 6. One hundred
and twenty-Uveteacbors and superin
tendents attended tbe opening session
today of the Ninth Biennial Conven
tion of the American Association of
Instructors of the Blind. The sessions
a o iiein h-ld at the Now York Insti
tution for the Blind, on Ninth avenue.
Superinteudent William B. Waits
made tbn address of welcome, which
was rf,po ded to by Rev. E. W. Phil
lips of Jacks invllle, III., and otbeiH.
J F. McFlroy of Lansing, Mich,, read
a paper on "Architecture, Ventila
tion, etc, wntcii was then dmcu7sed.
They Are Bol Horry.
There is ono thing nobody ever re
grets that is, the day ttiey first adopt
ed Purker's Tonic as their regular fam
ily medicine. Its ranee is so wide.
and its good effects so sure, that noth
ing oIho, except good nursing, are
needed in a irretit majority of cases.
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise rnra us.
Cremntpd nt Monnt Olivet.
Lono Ihi.and City. L. 1 . July 0.
The b dv of Mrs. Emily Codinan, the
wile oi u. w. uodmtn, a retired ttew
lork merchant, reaidinir at Brent
wood, L. I , w h i died on Friday, was
incinerated this morning at the Monnt
O ivet Crematory. Tins tho third fe
male cremated at Mount Olivet.
Horrible InlHnllelde.
Mpfkalo N Y., July 0. Yes'erdav
aft- moon Nicholas llauman, a German
living In the Eighth Precinct, lifted
his infant cbi'd from its cradlo by tho
legs and d -shed its head againBt the
wall. Buuutan then fled and lias not
yet been rat lured. He was employed
in a lumber yard on the inland, and
but recen ly came her from Pennsyl
vania. Banman is repnttd by his
nolghbois as having been on a spree,
but, Ms wife denied that he was drunk.
The police are reticent about the case
and the parilculais cannot be learned.
The child will die.
All About HneeeiMral llnnl la
Mr. William Hunt of Vineton, Au
tauga county, Ala., came to town to
forward his ticket, which drew ono
tifthuf the li rat capital prize of $75,
IMH), amounting to l,r,lX)0, in the
I. mis ana H'ate Li'tery ut New Or
leans He is a merchant and farmer
of Autama, and will bo 40 years old
in St'ptmiher. He s)s he has been
buying lickrts for the punt twenty
years, but h-s always wou more than
be ai'cnt fcr tickets. In twenty years
ha ha- paid nut i 435, and received
(inc luting tbe la it prize) f l"i,!)00. Ho
is HHtitllmi tliHt the drawing is straight
and liiir. Sihna (Ala) Time, May
lSli. '
Two More f nrrlera nt Nt Lanla.
St. 1ifia, Mo., July tt. ihere were
a tu t (I en B'-otsli'ed laat mailt in
front o No. J3H Atlantic street, a
tenement honae, which were not In
tended as a celebret'on ot Indepfiid,
ence Day, and resulted in the proba
bly fatal shooting of Emma McGea,
colored, and Ed Snores. John Perkins
ws talking to Rose Black, a yonng
when Henry Perkins approached and
told him to step away or be would
knock bim down. He refused and the
aggressor attempted to carry ont bis
threat, when a general melee ensued,
which was, also, participated in by
Andrew Trawley and Ed Shores.
Henry Perkins and Shores drew their
revolvers end fired. Emma McGee,
who was watching the fight from the
doorstep, received one of the 'bu'lets
and Shores tbe other. Neither are ex
pected to live. The others were ai-
Tbe Academy or Mull nt Denver
Destroyed by Fire.
Denvbb, Colo., July 6. At 1:15
o'clock this morning fire was i"s-
covered in the Academy of Musin ana
before the fire dm artment could get
to work tbe rUnaej Were leaping
through the building In bait a dozen
n'aceB and in a few minutes the bui'd-
ing was one mass of flames The heat
was so intolerable tbat tbe firemen
were driven from the front of tbe
building, being unable to ttand tbe
intense beat. It now became evident
that the acadamy was doomed and the
firemen devoted themselves to saving
the Rocky Mountain News Building and
the Goode & McClintock Block, which
were aioin'ng, and which are now on
fire. The flames spread so rapidly and
the beat became to intense that in
Uss tban fifteen minutes, altar the
discovery ot tbe lira the wires of
the Wf stern Union xeiegrapn uom-
panv, whose olhca is in tbe block di
rectly across the alley from the Acad,
emy, werj melted in two and all the
service was destroyed. The operators
managed to save the Wbeatetone and
other valuable instruments, tboujh
several of tbe relays were de uoyed.
The flro was the quickest ever wit
nessed in Denver. A hundred en
gines could rot have caved the build
ing, which was a ma'H of ru'ns within
an hour afier the a'nrm wts given.
The ground floor was occupied as
business bouees, in which several men
were sleeping at the time of the Are,
all of whom were reecmd by' the fire
men except Tim Eniishr, an old
roustabout, who worked , in the
saloon of John Kineavy. En
right retired at 12 o'clock last
night in . an intoxicated condition
and was forgotten until too late
and be perished in the lldmos. The
cause of tbe fire is at present un
known. As near rs could be learned
the losses areas follows: P.F.Hnghe',
on Academy of Music, $125,000; in
sured, $50,000; Rocky Mountain ,New,
125,000; insurance, S350Q,; John Kin
eavy, saloon, ftiOOO, insurance, $1000;
Solomon, clothing, 12000: insurance,
$1200; Lazarus, tailor, $3000; no iosur
snoe; Goodebiock,$10,(XX); ininrance,
$7o00; Joseph Meskew-$2OO0; no in
surance; McClintock, 2500. Smaller
Irsws emimoted t S.WJO
Prepared with npeclnl regard to boftlth.
No Ammonia, Umo or Alum,
B-PITAL, PRIZE, 7!J,000.-l
Ticket only .. Mtanrea In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
atranprmrnii or nil the Monthly and Vor.
terly Dratpwp of (A iiouitiana Utatt Lotten
uujni'Oiti, ana in ptrton manag ana control
th4 bralrinoK tkrmtelrtit and that th Mm
ar conducted toithkonuty, fainuu and in
good faitk toward all vartim,and anlAoruH
(A Ikmpany la tu (kit MHtiealt, ml ao
timiU ol our tignaiurt aUatktd, in it sd-
W. Am tnwfarffiAitMf . Bnnla and Banlura
vili pay all Prite draen in TA Lauirian
Aiatt Latter wik-a May M prtnua at our
J. II.eSLMBT.Prm, La. Kal'l Bank.
J. W.K I I.BRRTII.Prpa.S)IMe Nat'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, Pre. JR. O. Hat. Bk.
Iaoorporatad la 1868 for twentr-tr yaart
br tha Lanialntnra for Kdneational and
Cnaritabla porpoiet with n capital of 81,
OOtl.OOU to which a roerva fand of 0Tr6&0,
OKIhaj line been aiidoil. .
Br an ovorwhslmlns pointar Tola tti
fruaehice waa mipnrt of the preientBUt
CnnntltutioD, adoptsd Deocmbar Dd, A.D.
Hiconfy lottery trxrr vottd on andikdord
by Um ptorU of any .Stat. 11,
it nsver fcatf or jponvonm.
ItaClrMnINiniil luiHtM-r ItramliVara
lk plamt moaSltly, aad Ihn .
traordlBMry ItrnwlHata ranlnrlT -vry
lbr uwnllli lnnlal or Memt
Anannll.r aa bvrrloloro, bcslnulna;
March, lrta.
Jnly 1.1, Js-latU Monlhlr Drawiig.
CAriTAIi rilIZ 875,0O.
100,000 Ticket at FIT ollnraEacfe.
IFractlnna, In lltl, In
1 Capital prlc...............-.......l 75,000
1 Capiul priu.,
2-., ;,')
1 Canital
2 Priieiof0,
srnor yn......
in Priici of HH) .........
30 i'riim oil M' -
1(10 Prim of 2i - -
SCO Priioc of ll
m Priin of M
9 Approximation prlioi of rw......
Approximation prinoa of
( Approximation priias of 260.......
1)7 Priaaa, amountlns to..............8.5c0
Applieatlon for rates to ctuhi (honld b
mJ- only to tha offioa of toa Company at
htm Orlean. " ,, ,, , ,
Kor further Information writ elaarlTi
i,in, full aJ.lr..(. .vrAI. NOTKN, Kx
lre Monar Ordan, or Naw ork Kxohansra
In ordinary lattar. Currancy br Expraes tat
oaraxpanra), ddrad
ai. a. nArpHin,
ajw urleaaa, la.
Or M, A. nArpsnar,
Waalilnalon. D.
or at Weal Canrl .. M empbla, Tenn
Make I. 0. Money Orders payable
and add rest Kettirtlercd Letters to
Mew Orleans, La.
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
QL?fyk va seoona t. JS3.empnu. xenr
Ij fy
H. Gavla
Jobs S. Salllwaa.
TTholesale Orocer, Cotton Factors
And Cam mission Merchants,
232 m& 234 Front St., Memphis. Teni
Mr. I. N. KAINEY devotes his whole time to the woightnt and sal of all Cottoa entmsted
to onr nharr. t;nt.r,en warennniie. m wafninaroTi "1.1,1.
B. G. CRAIG & C0.,39Union st.,MempMs
wi nmiGLASs
on a &
nw . 'J X"
. n ill cs i'
WAHRAM toy w
3S Tx" ttVw TJt
Tb, ' y i VA LI
awn MwTTPr!Tniiii:ii mf at.t. KINDS OP
FlaTorlnu Extracts, Sirups, Baking
a ai nlT W H. HORTIIt. J. W. BAILET.
Late of J. 0. Day A Son. Late of Meaoham
360-362:Front Street. Mernvhis 'Tenn.
Cotton Factors & Commission erch'b
mtlim WaMliMnrSM ! 'tut. ftttnm
W. Ao GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
JTo. OOO Front Street. : Memiibts. Term
No. fOT, R. D.-Chancer Conrt of Shelby
county SUaU of Tenneuee lor uae, eto.,
Tu. Joephine Vienna et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
rale, entered in the above cause on Ihe
22d day of January, lHrtti, M. B.61, pane lti,
I will (ell, at publio auction, to the hifthent
bill Jor, in front of the Clerk and Master's
office, Coiirt-houie of Shelby oounty, Mem
phis, Tenn., on
Hatnmlajr. Jalf SI, 1886,
within legal houri, the followinrr doncrihed
proiverty, situated in Shelby oounty, Tenn..
to-wit: , .
The north part of lot S, block 38, fronting
Cfect on the earn eideol bt. Martin ttreet,
anil running back 219 feet, more or laaa.t be
north line of laid lot beioi 2U0 leet south of
Brale atreot.
Part or lot .1, block 97, 40 feet front by 50
feel deep, nortneant corner oi Main and in
don rttreeto.
Terini cf Sale On a credit of tlx months:
note with security, beariux interest re
qnirod; lien retained; redemption barred.
Thin June !W, lss.
rA. J. MrtXJWET.L, Clerk and Matter.
By 11 K. Walh, t. 0. and M.
Y. 11. and C. W. Ueitkell. tolicltorn.
"LonrJon" Trouser Stretcher
Patented in En row And Uni
ted Stales. ol AirornU In
S nllrtl otniea for oelebrated
John Hamilton k Co. Strwtok
er. Takei ttaaalMK vat ef
hnm reitorea pantaloons to
original shape. Only patented
Stretcher combininx screw red
in oouihination wnn clumps.
All otherf Iniriniemenli.
Original and ea y MttrrlviK-r
v-BSlriifn. use. Bt
txnreai securely packed. Prior, f2 Ml. Write
nr circular". Afents wante'i in every city.
U. W. MJIMOSJ tO.,Bilo,Slaa1
A I I r i 1
Tomlia & Benjes,
179 Main St, Memphis.
Offer ipeoial Induoementi In Open Borriai
of onr own make, at Top Banmei 01
oar own make, at 1120. All work war
ranted, ball betoro Jon bay
KV Havlnt dloposed of onr entire stock 01
Vehiclea and tha Manufacturing llepart
n,ot to Menn. TOilLIN k EKNJtS. wa
beiae for them a oontinnanoe of the
pa'.ronaira ao lonx extended to as.
O. W. TOatLOT.
Chickasaw Ircuworki?
i a .ngineB, uouert, hswiuuis,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mills
Cotton Press, Cotton tiins,
Shafting, Pulleys, tic
SPECIAL NOTICR-We ore prepared to fill ordern,
on inor notice, for the oelo.Trttea USedar Paleni
Wfonabt '... Pulley. We oarrT in itook oyer
Two Hundred Aworted Man.
-Send for Catnlngne and Pr1"-11t.
ruoi. Clark.
M. JT. Cluk
Latest Novelties in Footwear
W. L. Douglas 83.00 Calf Shoes
In Button, Lao and Congress.
Illustrated Catalogue and Prioe-LUl
Mailed Free on application. -
Powders, Toilet Articles, Etc, Etc.
A llorton. Late of Bailey CoTingtoi
No. 6016, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. State oi lennosteo vs. L.
Cobb et al.
Bj virtue of interlocutory decrees for sale,
entered in the above cause on the Uh
day ol June and Hi h day of November, 1885,
M. B. 48, p. 600, and M. B. 60. page 111, I will
tell at public auction, to the highest bidder,
in front of the dork and Master's offioe,
oourthouse 01 tihelby oounty, Memphis, Ten
naiseo, on
fatnrday, Jaly , IS",
within legal hou-a, the following desoribc.
proierty, situated in Shelby county, Ten
nessee. to-wit :
Lot 8, block M, fronting 60x170 feet, soul!
side of fleorgia street, ...
Part lot 1. block 41, beginning on fontl
side of Vance street 80 est east of the corns,
of St. Martin stroet; thence east with Vanco
street 70 reet thence south HO feet) thence
west 70 foeti thence north 40 foot to tha be
ginning. Lot 19, block ei, beginning on the west
side of Uernando ttreet at northeast corner
of said lot; thence etwnlly with the line
of J. . W ilson's lot 1-e leet to the eist line
ot S. Moitiy's lot t thenne south with said
line 21 font; Uence eastwnrdly with Henry
No en's lin-i to Hernando street; thence
north with said street 21 feet to the beginning-Terms
ol Bale On a credit of six months,
note bearing interest, with security, re
quired: lien retained; redemption barred.
This June 1H. ISSti.
f. I. MeDOW lit Ii, Clork and MasUr.
Tiy H. K. Walsh, liepaty Clark andMarJ.
F. H. A C. W. Ueiskell. solicitors.
peneat aeeking Oovernmer.t Em
ployment in any t the departments as
Washington, or any other portions nndeJ
thedovernioent, I willsend lull ir.itruotioat
as to now to rosfs to ontarj the same,
and BlaBk l orioaof ApnMcailois on
oeirt ol One L'ollar. tima jvasre
Is a question that can be easily answered af
ter an examination of t he elegant Illustrated
Guide to the resorts of Minnesota and Da
kota, which is now being pablished by the
6t. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Rail
way. Sent free on receipt of two-cent stamp.
Address 0. II. WARREN,
Ueneral Passenger Agent, St. PaOL, MikK. ...
Kockbrid Co., Va. Iligh up in tha
Virginia mountains. Picturesque surround
ings, extensive and beautitully shaded lawn.
Gas, electrie bells, and all modern improve
ments. Two daily miis. post, telegranhand
express offices on the premises. Table tha
very best. Luxuriously lurnished rooms:
surerb band of music. Rend for illustrated,
pamphlet. Charge" moderate. Open for vis
itors, June 15th. Water.: Alum, CkalybtaU
and Iremtone. R. T. W ILSJLSOM.Miin'gr.
Old Point Comfort, Virginia.
TERMS for the season of 1866, beginning
June 1st, reduced 25 to 60 per cent,, but
the highest standard of excellence main
tained. Send for Illustrated descriptive pamphlet
and terms.
. F. N. PIKR, Manager.
East Tennessee.
CELEBRATED as a oure for Dyspepsia,
J Chronio Diarrhea, lndigestien and all
Kidney Affections. Beautifully situated oa
tne banks of a crystal mountain stream.
Fine fi'liins, beautiful drives and romantla
soenery. Climate unsurpassed Hotel and
oettages remodeled. Excellent garden,
flenty ot fresh milk and cue butter, fifty
miles north of Chattanooga. Only seven
hours run from Atlanta. No fogs, malaria
or mosquitoes. Board reasonable.
T. B. OORMAN, Proprietor,
Formerly of Warm Springs Hotel, N. 0.
ae-Send for Descriptive Ciroular.
Hurricane Springs
THESE Sprinrs are situated on Hurrloana
Creek, Franklin County, Tennessee, and
npon the western bench ot the Cumberland
In DysjppNla, Dlnrrhea, syaenlry
Liver anil Kidney Trouble is founded
upon actual cures. It is against these dis
eases that the conquering influence of tha
water is direoted with perhaps the best suc
cess. It relieves with Ortataly and Ce
lerity inflammation and ulceration of tha
bowels, and removes all likelihood of their
Its liyapepsilit. It carries off the acsu
mulated mass ot acidity.
las Liver and Klitiiry Complaints lha
water has a specific action. It eradicates all
malarial poison from the system, and is a
certain specifio for all diseases having their
origin in malaria.
bend for pamphlets containing analysis.
roar dally malls. Telegraph or telephone
and express facilities per'ect.
MILLER BKO., Proprietors,
Resident Physioian,
Hurricane Springs, Tenn.. via Tnllahoma.
Among the Northern Lakes
of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, are bun-
areas or dolightlul places wbere one can pass
the summer months in quiet rest aad enjoy
ment, and return home at the end of the
heated, term completely rejuvenated. Each
recurring season brings to Ooonomowoo.
Waukesha. Beaver Dam. Frontenao. Oko
bojt, Minnetonka, White Bear, and innu
merable other charming luoalitiss with ro
mantic names, thousands of onr best people
whose win ter hemes are on either side of Ma
son and Dixon's line. Elegance and com
fort, at a moderate oost, oan be readily ob
tained. A list ot summer homes, with all
neoessary informa ion pertaining thereto, is
being distributed by the Chicago, Milwad
isji add St. Paul Railway, and will be sent
free upon application by letter to A. Y. II.
Carpenter, Senegal Passat ger Agent, Mil
waukee. Wis.
IS formallyopencd, under the new manage
ment of A. W. king, of Columbus, Miss.,
assisted bv George W. Duy. This well
known watering place is directly on tbe line
of the Louisville and Nashville R. It., thirty
three miles north of Birmingham. Hot
Baths and Sulphur Baths a speoial feature.
These waters are too well known to need
further notice- For oiroulars and further In
formation apply to General Manager, A. W.
K1NM. Board reasonable.
ker park aud Oakland-On
the crest of the Alleghanles, within the
famous Glade Section, direotly on the line of
the B. and 0. No Stage lU,'es or 'Bus Trans
fers. All Limited Express Trains Stop.
With the new and unparal eled fast sched
ule on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
these lovely twin resorts are beyond all com
parison the most advantageously located,
both as to train service and surroundings, oi
any east of the Rockies.
rwasen Open Jane) 23d, No Flies.
No Mosquitoes. No Huy Fever No Malaria.
ri 1 i 1. 1 . 1 1 . 1 - i : 1
vnr rara sou v.ai.uu, vua uuv uoiug dqi
six miles distant irom the other with tha
most charming drives connecting them will
be tinder the manaaement of Mr. W. J.
WALKER, who. in h a three seasons' man
agement, has made many enthusiastic friends
ot the glorious resorts. All communications
should be addressed to W. J. Walker, Queen
City Hotel, Cumberland, Md., up to June
15th. Alter that date, either Deer Park or
Oakland, Md.
KATES 860. 175 and 190 per month, ac
cording to locations.
Tha B. and O. Company has spared no ex-
f ense In rendering Deer Park and Oakland
he leading Mountain Resorts of the East,
and for the season of 18K6 the attractions wil
be of a character not hitherto equaled, and
tbe cuisine ot both houses unexoelled.
First-cUss Laundry. Fine Livery. Ele
gant new Bathing Pools.
ine nnest place tor unnuren in tne iana.
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KY. The excellence
of the cui'lne, and accommodations char
acteristic of this hotel during the past three
years, shall be fully maintained thie season.
Excursion tickets to the Springs by tbe L.
and N. Railway are good via Louisville, both
going and returning, to prooced on first traia
succeeding arrival in Loum-ille.
W. T. GRANT, Pre 't. J. C. KINO, 8np'U
WILL be pened June 1st. This noted
watering-place is situated six mile
from Minn, Furnace, on tbe Nashville and
Tuscaloosa railroad, in Hickman connty
Tenn. Hack will meet all trains at Jitna
and will convey guests to springs at a very
low rate.
Baard, 920 Per Month 1 l Per Day.
Piperita! scaira f amine.
We invite all who wish to spend tbe most
Bleasant sea on of their lives to come to
eaverdam. especially seekers of pleasure
and health. Good water and pure air in
Liverymen, Centreville, Tenn.
R. A. DKN, Prnti'r Centreville Hotel.
U Urn 1 -AU'Ufla-i
For tf yean j- vi Court PUc, bow ai
r-coUrh KloMtrd tad l-rJlr qtutilflnl rfrtMo tod Uki
oat auonsunnil, m nut pracuoe win pr-m . .
&poriiutorrtiusBV Iiiipolesnoya
La thrrrfsinlt of aelT-strniasl IB nwb, MTttsu XCm 1C M
rwrftin.otcA.'iir otumt, u4 prortoclB oratnf u. Im
kiwioit fttfct. Nrr7vuK, 8oilual KioUitje, iukm
loon (lydrfssirui. Dinar f H in lit, Dftc(lvf Uttu ; Vixf-H-rnl
Oooi , Pirui'rM on Kr hrvmico h Soout oi Ttmt'm,
'onruakio of lilt, Lou of BfliuAl ftmtt, tc rendrt ia
narriAtie imiitxfr r onlipij, r thorwijth V pecm
errnUy Wrr4 YpHII IS
GI.XET. fttriotur, Urdiitlt, Iflerau, (nc JmilrUit
H wv yy alOIAa w no pyi rrrTa UetBM)
MlthrrftT US" M-BAUilTOt, ri)rMAHDr AnJl Mat rje-iVBJn
unimL:jviif ptiBif vr try tetic "fv mvl s-'nV,
;hAJa "-' r" TTTTTntfn 1 itnotiT ratiilTr-,ifiJ
WAWTrTI AQKNTS.Men and Womea,
iiiuLin introauction By niw via
oent, D.D. One aeot ha sold 6 Mt towj
of W4 people; orAi7H in avillai tcl"M;ont
new agent 8n in 1(1 days! one 21 : Itlvicoee
slve weeks) one 40 in 3 Uiiatlf oil Keren!
tlmas.lCxporience no tie-.-ttiil s 1 ddrees
to Dcatbotn strtet Slutsgv

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