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1 1
and after May . I. ienMT train on
this roJ'l wm ran M
" Bast MAIL. Soots.
. North.
toe phi
9:3B a.m
7:21 .m
4:C7 a.m
1.-1.H a.m
"r.ZT. : P.m
....C. p.m
L...-. I i:w a
J:44 a.m 11:16 p.m
U:i a.m :! p.m
lt.11 a m ! 7 fi1 n.m
Ktbl. ..
Baton Rone-..-"
I 8 :00 almi 5:" p.m
-W!h all ttna ntojrtn: Memphl.
With M. k N. W. R. R. for Helena,
-for Wreonvill. and Huntington, end all
Arkansas point.
T-With V. A M. and V., 8. A P. Railroad.
IPwitb N.. J. A C. R- R. lor tfatche and
Jackson. .
With ilwrneri lor Bayou Sara,
H With railroads diverging for Florida,
M. kuwaklib, v. r.anau. v.
KN APr, , r. A.
Mleelaelppl and Tennfcsaee. Train
noil u follow: NewOrleifh mail arrival
daily at 8:25 a.m.: leavoa daily at M p
fierdis accommodation arivi daily at 8:16
a.m.: leaven daily at 5:2UJ.m. New Orleans
nail train will not atop. .at -any flag """lion
between Morapbi end pdis. or at White
haven. Horn Lake. NeeWk-id Love. Freight
train do not earry pasyu;er.
KwHriltwiMfl jiianiaeippi
ay. Train move aa tollowit Fait in.
leave at 10:00
a.m.; at.
Utiu at 5:30 a.m. : 7tt Una arrival at 1:JU
a.m.tbt. Louis fast Mae arrival at :0ft a.m.
Laalavllle ann,Hiaauviiie Traini
ova aa follower Fart mall arrival daily at
6:15 a.m.: leavei atlO:10 p.m.i mail leave!
dally atinai) a.m.) arrival at .-00 p.m,
Brownsville aconmmodatlom leavei da y
leapt Sunday, atft:00p.m.i arrival dally,
oept8uodav, at 8:50 a.m. (standard time).
Meaaplito ud Little Koeh.-Traln
move aa follow' (central itandrd time):
No. 1 leav.i daily at 4 :l p.m.: arrive! at
ViMp.m. No. j leavei at S:M a.m.! arrive!
at 8: W a.nu No. 5 (freight) leave! Hopefleld
dally (exeept Sunday) at 6:00. a.m. I arrival
t 7 :10 p.m.
Half Renla-IKaaMi 'lty, JprlBC
cld and Memphla) Traini ieave.M. and
T. depot ai follow! : No. 4, Knnsa City express,-
leavei at 10:4ft a.m. I No. 8, Kan
City express, arrival at 8:M p.ia. No. i,
Xante City mall, leavei at6:00 p.m. I No.ll,
Kama City mail, arrival at 8:46 a.m. No.
f, Ht. Loala and Chicago expre.s, leave at
1:00 p.m.) N. 1, Bt. Louli andCbloagoax-
y-en, arrivei at 8:15 a. in. In effect Sunday,
prll 18. 1884.
tenphla land Charleston Traini
nova aa foHowi: Through axpreii leave!
i ally at 10 : p.m. Mall and axpreii leavei
ally at 10:00 a m. Somervllla aooommoda
tion leavei dally, axoept 6nnday, at 5:30
W.m. 1 DrovcD fliira.i irnf uhiit
.m. Wall and axpreii arrival daily at 4:66
p.m. Bomervine aooommodatioo arrival
daily, axoept Sunday, at 8:80 a.m.
anrmpnin, m. p mmm
tl-Holly Bpringi Route Traini move a
fallow! : No. 1 leave! Uamphil dally at 8:46
p.m. t arrive at Holly Bprlngi at 5 :58 P.m-1
No. 1 leave IMIy Bnrlngi dally at 8:00
rm., arrival at Mamphli at II lift a.m. I No.
laavai Hamph it d ai I y at 7 : 16 p . m . , arrl vei
EUolly Bptinxi at 11:46 p.m. I No. leavei
oily (Torino daily at 3:14 a.m.. arrival at
empbil at ft -4S a.m.
WiiHiKOToK, July 7, 188fl, 1 a.m.
Indications: For Tennessee and
Arkanaaj, local raina, Btationiry tem
perature. '
For ilittittippi, LouUiana and Texat :
Looci raint; variable windt; ttationary
For TeimettKX, local raint; ttationary
temperature; variable iW.
iAorolog-lcl Kepart.
Time. lW. Ther. Wind. W'ther
7:00 m.m. 30.001 77.0 N.W. Olear.
11 .OO u. .-m.MO-t OO.O H. w. oi..
8H p.m. !J.04 91.0 N.W. Olear.
7:00 p.m. 20 0!H J 72 0 1 N.K. trm.
10.00 p.m. Stf.(94 72 0 N.W. Olear.
Maximum temperature, 92.
Minimum temperature,.70 3
Oione, 11 o'clock a.m., 1.
Balnlall. 0.00.
la toe Cotioa Kawloa.
Signal Smvica, U. 8. AaiT,
July 0, 18800 p.m. J
Drrisloa of telexrama and report for
the benefit of commerce and agricul
ture. Cotton region bulletin Inrthe
Iwentr-Iour houn ending July 6th,at5
oVlock p.nv.
Memphis.. 92 70 .41
HashTille 87 (it) .00
Urmad Junction... '91 08 1.40
Oorinbh H) 61 .
Tnacurabia 88 U .19
Decatur 93 70 .00
tteottebaro 8 . 00 .28
JtatesTille VI 73 .00
Grenada - 89 Oil .22
Hernando DO 67 .00
Arlington 91 68 .
Brownsville......... 91 70 .12
Milan 94 Oti .
Paris.. IK) f5 .00
Oovington.......... 92 68 .5
DTersburg.H 9(1 08 .01
Bolivar . 91 (17 ,;U)
Holly HprinKS 89 (ID .75
Oxford 91 70 .09
Sums 172:t 1291 G.21
Means 91 (IK .83
rg'l h
Wilmington 87 (18 ,(19
CharleMou 88 69 .'.'7
aminata 87 69 :jh
Ba.vaunn!i 91 69 .07
Atlanta 81 6,8 .SS
Montoinery 8S 68 .48
Mobiie 91 68 .17
Hew Orleans. 92 70 .19
Oftlvefiton 9& 72 .12
VickBburg 9 J 71 .
Little Kock ;i (is .00
Mempbin 91 68 ,33
Bums 10"9 8'J8 2.83
Meana IW) 69 .24
Jtalnrall la 'oia It-H for Wrrk
Kudlnxt Juue !, IHH.
Augmi, Go
hrltton, O ,
CUarllott. N. O.-
Jacksonville, Flu
Savannah, On
tSmltbville, N. il
Atlanta, Ga
Moiitfj-'mtry. Ala
PonacoLi, FU
Vickahnrn, hin
Kew 0:4e! s, la
Cedf.r Kys, Fla
Mobilo, Ala
Fcit Smith. Ark
GaWeeton, Tex
Indianola, lex
Little Ituck, Ark
Palestine, IV x
Plirevt'i orl, La
...6 02
...1 57
...2 99
...3 69
...3 42
...1 K(
... O.Ht
...1 21
...2 03
Cairo, 111
t'hatta'ii o,m, 'I t nn
Clnoinuai', O
Inilian no in, Ind
Knoxvillo, Twnn
Louis villa, Ky
Memphis, Tt-no M
Naahville, Turin
rittBbiirjr, l'a
47oumbin, O .....
..0 63
,..0 9
..() 00
..0 24
..0 04
IIonosT.-tm rtRnglr llallord
J ra1l til Co lia A h AM I.9
Licecse to marrv wJ iBfued yes
terday to B. H. Joues and Mies A. B.
Midsummer issue of tbe Londou
Graphic and Illustrated Newt can be
bad at Maneford'i.
The entertainment to be given by
the Keene Dramat c Club Friday night
at Estival Par promises to be well at
tended. The toboggan did not run last
evening, owing to threatening wtnther,
but will be goirg this evening at 6
Tbe obstructions pnt ih the way
of the pastage of tbe bridgo bi'.l are a
snbject of a great dtal of censure on
A New Orleans paper says that
Capt. Scurry, of the Houston L'ght
Guards, w'l known tere, has re
moved t9 Dallas, Tex.
Tbe man, name unknown, who
was stabbed by James Magtegor Sun
day night in Fort Pickering, is about
to die. The stabber is in jail.
After tomorrow the accommods
tion trnin on tbe Miutiaaippi and Ten
neesee Railroad will be discontinued.
The regular mails will leave ss usual,
6 p.m.
The Courthouse Baseball Club
will play the Collicrville nine at Col
liervil e next Thursday. A good big
delegation of candidates will go out to
see the game.
Squire Sumner, a backman, was
arrested lait night for assault and bat
terv. He had a row with another
darky named Lewis, on Gayoso street
near tteaie, ana nocaea ins eye out,
Archie Miller wai sentenced in
the Criminal Court yesterday to pay
$10 fine and serve thirty days for
tteallng a plow. For stealing a ring,
James Gadsden was sentenced to thirty
days and fined 10.
Mollis Moore went to Perrv Na
gle's bouse on Causey and South
streets last nlaht. and called Peny
bad names, lie hit her on the head
with a club and waB arrested. Dr.
Graves sewed tbe woman's head up,
The dwelling, No. 4!)5 Pontotoc
street, that was destroyed by lire Sat
urday night at 10:10 o'clock, was
owned by Mrs. E. 0. LeHache, and
was not occupied by her, as erroneous
ly stated by some tf our contempora
ries, but was occupied by Allen Asher
ana was luny covered uy insurance,
-General Tracy reports singular
circumttance in connection with the
balloon business. Laat year nearly
every one be Bent op was waited
n..t.B.-i mnA 4Am v.ar ttiav talr an
UUI.UDH,, uu iuj,h, vv,
opposite direction. He hai succeeded
in tending but one over the city eince
tbe toboggan began running.
Norab Bell, a negro man, was
killed while attempting to jump from
a train at Love s station on tae Miesis
sinni and Tenneesee road, Sunday
af ternoon. Bell was a it ctlon hand on
the road and was riding on a pass w.th
f iiir others, and had been put off the
train by the conductor, was tain,
ing at tbe timo.
Justice Holeman, who lives south
of tbe city, was in good spirits over
tbe rain yesterday. He said it would
do grow log corn, which would bave
safltred severely in a few days, a great
deal of good, and while it migat maxe
it mora dillicnlt to kill the grass in
cuitou, la wvwla da a great daal oi
The switchback did not switch
either war last night on account of
I be rain, bnt on tbe night previous
tbe crowd was immense. Hundreds
went out who were unable to get a
eat on any of tbe cars, tbongh tbey
were sent dashing out at the rate of
three every two minutes. Tbe spec
tacle was an amusing one.
Tbe musical flziof the sola fount
which was pnt up a short time ago at
the Courthouse no longer wake the
ecbooi in the rotunda. Tbe proprie
t it counted upon tbe campaign, for a
rich harvest, but he counted in vain.
The avt-raga solid voter wan a some
thing more invigorating about this
time of tbe year.
The home rule picnio will be one
of the moat eh gant afi'.iiis ever given
in this city. Tiie committees having
the arrangements in charge are doing
tbetr best to that end, determined
that there shall be no cause for com
plaint. It is expected that tho at
tendance will be very large, that
everybody will bs present who can,
but the provisions will be ample for
The jury in the case of Herbert
Mendi'l, cliHrgt-d with assault to rapo
Mrs. Oliver Kanlne, returned a verdict
of anaanlt And battery in tbe Criminal
Court ye.-to day. The testimony of
R'Cino'a negr, servant was th'.tMoo
di'l wataeeu by lior in Mrs, lvalue's
room sit irm in a cha;r wlrlo sue was
in bed, tii r Inland bning absent in
Little K ok. When sha wulked in
Mrs. Kacine aiked httr to pnt Mt-ndel
out, nu l she aosvieri'd tiiat stie had
ne: Invi'rd b:m in and would not t ut
him out. Mrs. Hirina tea ifled tint
MtuuKl enb rt'd hr room, seined hor
iu bia arms a-d drew her down upon
Ida knres. Hie said not! ing to her
iiuibnnd until bo had nlrmiy been in
foinud by the negro wo'tmn.
Bole AgoutH for Horace It. Kelly
t o.'s Key West (igars.
The trmlu supplied at New York
prices. A lull aortmont constantly
on hand nt the following stunds con
trolled by us! GuyoHo llotvl stand,
Pealuxly Hotel stand and 310 Main
street. Frt'sb sbipiriHiitfl received
weekly, i. hamhi-hon d co.
Mum K, T, Babton has returned to
the city.
Mrs. AnniLL will bo absent from
the city for several weeks.
Miih Flormncb Dbryvi'h loft Mon
day ovtMi-ng It r Biimiig!ium, Ala., to
spend ti.u summer.
MHSW. S. AltKRHSTHY, of N-i, 47
Va.ce t tret t, s making a (our among
Ih i wntermg p acesof Aikan-as.
Ma. L- vis Fiiii, as on Mondny
tiih', tMntored a I.to II serenade by
m. uib.itR t.f tie Ca in in antii:ipa.ion
of l.iti enrly fit paitue f jr Kturpf.
Raiiiii Samkih.d, editor of the Jrv:ih
Sjircttitiir, li.li fo Clevlnl, Ohio, ves
teday iiioiiilfR.t") attei d a nu n ii g of
the itti ttm ot i ho Jewish Orphan
Av um of ibat pLC4.
Tux I?t. 11. A. Jinf, prslor of tie
Cnu Ik-iI in t Prmltytfr an Ch irch,
who 1 ph been indiaprscd for some
tini", I m been giauird leuve of ah-eem-e
fur M-vergi weeks. He'lov S
'oday for a br'ef vi'it lo hla home in
Kiumi.d. ywtoripyqnio a pi a ant
mrpri c w a t uulcred him l y a vinit
Iioiii a nn nit'cr of li s ro R tgaiioti,
ah) hambd him an envelt pu cm tin
ini;aeveril hnntlred dcllar and a lot
d r i xprrosjng the kindly uppipi nitlon
of ihetionoM. Thtre is no m nis er
In M'-mpt it that is mrro I oloved by
hia e n gt-eat'ou t!ia:i tlio K v. H. A.
Join h, at, d this sflet lioa is wortl ily
be-t e!, ., ,
Tm lemalrs of Mrs. Jane PrVs
Ntvly, ti. other of J. C. and II. M.
Nealy of this city, were laid to rest
in: the cenrtftcrr of Mount Mori ah
Chnrcb, near Collierville, yeeterday
Mrs. Neely had reached her eighty
first year, and had lived to see her
sons hr nored as among tbe mofit dis
tinguished merchants and citizens of
the State, which she and her surviv
ing huHband helped to build to its
present pre portions. She was indeed
a mother to Israel, whose works do
follow her. Her children tell what
he was, for are they not as the woric
oi ber bands. They sceak ber praises
in every good act of their lives.
Tbe Event of tbe Heaaaa.
To the Hear Public:
You are respectfully invited to at
tend oor formal opening, today be
tween the hours of 7 o'clock a.m. and
11 p.m. Lsdies are especially invited
to attend, and no pains will be spared
to make our fair friends enjoy them
selves. Prof. Arnold's full orchestra
will discourse their most beautiful
concert music between the honrs of
5 o'clock p.m. and 9 p.m., for the en
tertainment of our guests.
I. 8AMEL90N k CO..
Proprietor of the Cigar Palaoa of the South.
Mrs. Josephine Hargraves et al to
W.N.Brown and J. S. Day, lots 1, 2,
3, 4 and 5, Cannovan's subdiviaion,
north side of Union street, for 13847 60
Elizabeth Topp to Mary W. Folkes,
lot 7, Topp subdiviaion of lot 1, north
side of Jessamine street, for $2310.
. Wolf et al t) Henrietta Schwarz
vnberg, weet half of lot 3, Bradford's
subdivision, south side of Poplar
street, for f 2000.
T. A. Lamb and wifo to Ashton Ty
ler, lota 5 and 6, Limb's subdivision,
east of city, for $2000.
White Goods Department,
100 pieces large Plaid India Lin
ens, sheer, beautiful goods. We
think they are better value than
any 12Jc goods in the city, but we
wiil let yon be the judges of this.
We have placed them on sale
7H Ceata Per Yard.
200 White Crochst Qnilte, full
104 wide, price very where is
$1 25, but this is c r bargain month
and we have roar ! them at
MB t eats 4ach.
Handkerchief Department.
600 dnsen Ladies' Colored Bor
dored Hemstitched Linen Hand
kerchiefs. We know that these
are far better value than any line
of handkerchiefs ever offered in
the city, bat as this is onr bargain
month we have placed them at
0 Ceata Each.
200 dozen Gents' Colored Bor
dered Hemst tched Handkerchiefs,
precisely the tame quality, bnt dif
feient borJera from the lot Bold
l.st week. These we offer at -10
Ceata Each.
Xo.ll Flonnclig.
All of our fine Mull Flounci.igs
reduced to 05c, 75c, 85c, $1, $1 2c,
$1 50 and $2 per yard.
Lace Department.
500remnanH of King's Tucked
and Lice Trimming (for skirt
trimmings). We have cut the
prices in htlf, and now offer them
at 10c, 15o and 25c per yard.
Our Wholesale and Retail Ehtab-
Close promot'y on Saturdays at'
1 p m. and the remaining days at
0 p.m.
Fine Watch repairing at Jlulford's.
Owing to change of gauge we are now
prepared to contract for present or
lutnre delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced rates. I
Ho to Rntlrttic A LnKoninralna tor
your aMomlilna" and Una-i li ting
Montgomery White Sulphur Spring,
This famous rtwnrt, recently
eqninpod it!i a'l nindm improve
ments, with rapacity for 800, now re
opened for tl o rt-ciiniion rf guts
Cioee connection via E.T.,V A G. Ii. K.
MulJbrd, Jeweler, 294 Main, 80-
uciu oruers irom me country.
S. Levy
Is the old reliable trunk manufacturer
of the S nith, , hero ai good work can
be found at low price?, and repair. nn
t'nne without. dulty at No. 318 Main
street, epposite Pcabody Hotel.
Isaacs A Co.'s antiquarian book
atore Bud ci'culatit g lib ay has re
moved Irom No. 316 Second to No. 419
Main Btreet.
Hotel dcOrellns,
Hitiift'ed at Tullahbma, Tenn., sixty
n no mlloa from Na hvil'e on a bt nch
i.f fie Cumber and mnunta'rs, p sses
eos eup r.or adva'itagt'S atf a aomiuor
ro.ut lor pefaons ii 8 arrh of If a tb
mid reccut'on. Tt e hotel is lin- ly
locat d immed nt-ly on alit.e with (he
Nt S tv l'H and Chntttinrogii railrond,
w.tb qu-te a nnmbor f ni e'y f uistietl
Hnd forntshed coitaifs, v,it(i bonu'iftil
shade t-eei and wa ka in evtrydirtc
t on. The water splendid, and trie
lare the beat tbe count y can atlord.
IU tonveni) me is auiion r to any
io t in the Sia'e. The c iniRto is mi d
nitd invigorating. Bo.rlnrs io (btwt
and (ios.i totnnuipi, ntioa with tht ir
lnnl es ai.d lr,0'tds, with iU telt
yr li rxpitttt and ticphnre illi
ci s an I iHi il tiiH. lVr it B exempt
'roin back hue and trunk han-lling,
F r further rait culars would refer
vou ti Mr. T. K Tnrley, Col Eil
lUtrrrmd Col. Haiti Ta e, i f Mem
puis, Tena., and otheii atquaiuted.
The Sew Uavoeo.
Rate, 12 K to U per day, according to laea-
tion of roomi.
JT Farfiiton, Tnn P R Burnei. Tann
W M BiniDiune. Teon C L lUrrir. Mm
Mn 8 Hunt, Mini Mn Cole, Mm
W (i Kubinionjr, Mo J W I)(an, Ala
E H B.libett. Ill W L Scott, Ky
J R Weitbrook, Ky J B Jones, Tenn
J K greed .Icon Whit ftuMell. Mo
Jno E Morris, Va E Chraman, Mid
SC Stone, Ark (J L Oirley. Mill
ULLandi'.Ky OPJamn, Tenn
A E Clark.TeDn K J Pilmer, Tjnn
M L Fiher, Ark 1 1 (irlen. Ark
A J (iravei. Ark K P Worth, Mi;a
L J Prenton.Tcnn J T Htbbard. Mo
J P Cooper, Mo h E Ciiu-, Ind
T J Carton. Ala Mi. Clupman, Tenn
E K liranefortl, Tenn E A liemlnx. Mo
R U Million, Tenn P V Laster. Mil
A W illiarni, Ky I H Vtebb, Ky
LE Heath, Ky C U Foto. Mo
Zath Bocxs. Tenn C A Nelson, Oblo
MJHrown.Tiid E J A',kimon, Misi
1'J Jttblo, Min V Keuy. in
J T Wilion, Ark"
H J Ihouiai, Mill
C P WriKht, Ark
0 F Monroe, Tenn
CuIod'i Hotel.
W.S. BINGHAM ...LMiiuaia.
Eoropeaa plan. Enlarged aid refurniihed.
Price according to liiiand loca
t tion of roomi.
E L Cammock, Mini Benj Bnickam, Tenn
John Edward, Mis A J llarni. Tenn
M Meriwithor, Mo H Lew, Ky
Mill ACreoahaw.Ark E J Ituihanan, Tenn
Jen Harrett, Ark AASbarp, Mill
J B Franklin, Tenn' O J Deivouri, Ark
J J Caiey, Mia Thoi Uluian, county
H C Bowdre, H a B Sauls, r. . Tenn
J D Hauls, Tonn MCoy.Ark . .
EMCulp, 111 I T MoOnnongh, 111
J C Nelson, Mini Heo I'utisice, lenn
W A Faires, Tenn J M Crewi, Tenn
A L Gnritaro kf Miss J M MiCartney, Mill
Misi Mcl'artney.Mia R M Lrch, Xex
J W Little, Ky . ArthurLittle, Ky
Wm B Levy, La J P Dnan, Mir
ABSwft.Miiil J N Wbwler, Tenn
5 C liono, Tenn F M Ilmblet, Miai
Pcakody Boki'l.
C. B. OALLOWAV A CO -PaoraiiToa.
Ratei (2 50 and (3 per day. iocorJini to
ii and location of roou-Spacial
rate made, i
A J Kerley, NY L H Teilf banm, Ga
W 11 Chafur, Ga . E Dorr, a
F White, Ga ' 8FColt,7
O H Trimble. Tenn F A Cosaiove. NT
6 W Ae. Ark W W Oaitivrma, Wil
D T Jlararavei, Ark R Gibsoa, Tenn
W L Cominirs, NY W A ltonter. Ark
0 B RindskotT. N Y Ir Crutrlor kw, Tenn
W F Reiner, Tenn (i L Harrison, 111
Mr L L Alcorn. Mill J L Alum jr, Mil
11 K Brawner, 111 O W ltiiriow. Va
W 8 Slaugh'er&w.La Mrs VVL Nelson, Alk
R ninm.nlhnl. Mi.a- M Stefn. Pa -
B Leland, Mis
M oanisrs, Alii
J L ll
. Fraiier. Ky
EStrilier. N Y
W L Boyd.Ky
11 C fishar, Tenn
1 E Morris, Ala HA anv. Miss
(1 V Tatam. Ky H HMallock, Ky
MD Howell, Mo , A IXiiffln, Mo
I W White. Mo C RMorrow.Tenn
J F Miller, Ky W i Moore, Tenn
W W ilson, Ohio I) JAndorson, N C
H How, Tonn A JLanKtalT, Tenn
W Mellon, Tex A3 Treadwell, Tenn
WCMcClure, Tenn AjN 8iai'kinion,Tenn
B Wolfe, NY. ALamb, Ala.
Daffjr'a Euneeaa Hotel,
Coraer of Adam and Haln itreeta. Room,
60o, 75c and II per da: American Plan,
ti par day.
Flrst-clam Reitaannt in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY (IU yearswithPeabodf Hotel)
Proprietor. .
Ja Buchanan, Tenm . Nawba, Ark
, Ark t . vt enaier, flra
u uiti, i.on
am. Mo
E J Scanlan, Ark
S L Wilkinson, Ark
J V Brickey, jenn u m uwviiiiiia.
8 J Alexander, Ky Mn Spencer, Tex
0 D Wiiliairtion, S C P Meath. Tenn
8 G Dowas.Tenn . B Reynold, Ohio .
W E Reddit, Tena W B Vlcker. Tenn
J H Diokwn, Tenn G B Shelton Aw, Mo
P K Mattkew iw.Mls" E Cearlev, Mis;
L Harria Tenn W E Uolliday, Mo
M T Georae. Mo . h T Perryman, Ind
WCAnderion.Md P L Taylor, Mm
w C Lam.tt, Mo R H Harrison. Tex
M 0 Williami. Tenn P L Phillip, Tex
W Mfkelton.Kf KCDaott,Ky
AD I un, Mo J Paine. Tenn
A ASbarp. Mis R B Paine, Tenn
W R McDouaal, lena
Db. 0. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 61 Monroe street.
P. M. Stanlxv, funeral director and
embalmed 55 Madison street.
Send asoetal to the Memphis Collar
and Cuff Lrandry, 51 Main street, to
call for yrur laundry.
ClxarWatkr hot and coM baths,
25c, at (be Turkish Bathhouse, No.
222 Secord street, near Adams.
Seb thj gratifying announcement,
elsewherg of. tbe old, tried and suc
cessful Vorkingmen's Building and
Loan AsfOciation.
Tma Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonieand tntl-perlodto known. A certain
and; aura lure for chill. Price 11 per bot
tle Send temp for oirculan. Any ref
er.ere tlxen. Addras John C. iiuokor,
Lyashbertr. Va.
lld Silverware nt Miilford'a
D. I HADDrN, fresldnnt..
E. UOLU-et ' Til. Vice-Prei't.
Intfrost at the! rate of 3 per cent.
Ser annnm-hfs been duc'ared by Ibe
oard of Tru tuos on all nccounta en
titled there o, payable oa d. niaud
nftt-r 30tti iesiant. Interest not drawn
will be credited to the dopisitor's
nccmiut, sme a a now deposit. De
potits muBa un to July 5th will bear
interest Ircm 1st. ...
J4.MES NATHAN, Cashier,
Maarnia, Tcts,, JuaoM, 1W86.
OrderwM nlford Made Medals."
Drnmmond's XittnruF Leaf.
The only genuine' "Na'brSl Leaf"
tobacco in the market ; "two Gn tags,
ono on each end of the p'ug;" a mild,
plrgant chew. Don't be deceived into
buying imitations. Take none butthe,
original "iyuuimond's Natural Leal"
tobacco.. .
A DruKKlHt'eJ Mory.
Mt. Isano 0. Chapman, drutgist,
Ntwburg. N. Y., writes us: "I have
for the piuit ten years sold several
proas of lr. William Hall's Baba'A for
tbe Lunga. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a cnatomer epeak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I bave recomniendod it
inagrea'. many cases of whooping
cough, with tho happiest effects. I
have used it in my own family for
many years; in inur, always nave a
bottlo in tbe medicine cloaot rondy fo1
New Orleans, July 6, Nich'-? De
parted: Ciiyof New Orleans, 8t.Louia.
Pittsbdro, July 0 Night River 2
feci 2 iuCin s cn the ia:iga and falling.
Weather clear and wi riu.
CihCiwuATr, O, July G. Night
River lf et 11 inches e n the gnugeand
lailii.g. Weather clear and hot.
OaikO, July C Night River 25 feet
5 inches on the gauge and fl ing.
Weather clear and hot. No arrivala
or depa tur?s.
St. Lons, July C Night Ritf
fa'len 4 im lies, and sttnils 23 fool 4
hit hoa on t:se gauge. Weather char
and very hot. No arrivals of renl ir
paikes. Departed: Uty of Cairn,
Locisvillx. July 6. Night River
falling, with 9 fnet 10 inches in the
canal and 0 feet 8 inchrs on the fa.'!.
RiiHinen dull. Weather cl'&r and
pleasant. Arrived: Mary Houb'oi,
Cincinnati; U. P. tBchenck, New Or-
W Aiinpan
.1 Kl. ' .nn
L Uallis. Tend fBtallord,
Miss L Daniel. 7enn .FCunnlrah
1 V n.Mw.lK Tnnn K K I. Uarr
JAMES C. BELL, President.
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
tfST SPECIAL PRICES k Railroad ant Levee Contractors for Wagon, Serapcr and Cart Harness.
Ho Played Baseball
His Homo Hun Hit Captured
the Heart of an Heiress.
It wu a e'.ot and exoiting game. Eight
Inning had been playel, and the score stood
a tie. Memphis had retired it opponent In
the ninth inning without icoring. Memphis
was at the bat. Two men were out. Two
strikes had been called upon the man at the
bat. The next ball pitched came straight
toward him. Then it took a sadden curve.
Ha awnng his bat. Would he miss it? The
excitement wis painful. There waa a quick,
bort atroke. Ah 1 he ha hit the ball. Away
high in tha air it sail. See, the center
Solder 1 (basing It. The spectator! hold
their breath. Suddenly there li one tumul
tuoui ahont. The ball has gone far over the
head of the fielder, who 1 chasing it.
Around th baiea meeds the batter. He
touches the home plate and the victory 1
won. Bouquet are showered upon him.
He look up juat in time to see a lovely girl
take a bunch of rose and throw them at hit
feet. A he graoefully picxi them np their
eye meet. A humble base ball player ha
captured a rich heiress.
"Go," she lay to him two. i later,
"go to the Miiflt Clothing Pan ri 262 Sec
ond atreet, and order yourweldl fgsult."
She waa rich in common lens a well as
If you want tha best of clothing for the
least Sidney, oome to tha Misfit Clothing
Parlora, 262 Second atreet, opposite Court
Extra Attractions for Summer
Great Red act lone la Nulla,
fjireat lleductlona la Pan I a.
Th beat clothing in tha world for really
lea than other ask for poor ready-m ade gar
ment. Thli it why it paya to buy at the
Misfit Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite Const Sqnate. Meniphl.
Mar Frr 30 da the entire stock of Fine
Custom Clothing will be sold at a tremendous
far All alterations to insure a perfect fit,
done free of ehurge,
Strike the Iron While It's Hot
In order to mova oar Immenae stock w
make th following offer :
Good Straw Hat at JSC. 35o. 50c and 7ta
Extra Fine Straw Hat at... Jl, tl 26, II 60, 12
Small Straw Bonnet, all color-.......... 50o
Eit Wide Brim Hat, for country Oa
Beautiful Rose), all color, per doen.....40fl
Violet, per dosen. M
Buttercup, per doien .........10a
Carnation Pinks, per doien ... .16
Elegant Bunche of Flowers........ 26c
Extra Fine Bunches of Flower .......60c
Imported Franoh Flowers from. -.41 to IS
Oalrscb Tips (8 In baurb) ror.,.....85
Fruit. Leaves, Stems, all kind of ma
terial to make Artificial Flower.
Bridal and Mourning Outfits
The Finast Assortment of DOLLS in the city.
Hata JBeuhnped, Feathstra Cleaned,
. lryvti and C'arled.
GOLDES IIAIR WASH by the small or
large quantity.
We Make a Specialty of Millinery,
Employing the best hands It the city, give
our whole attention to it, and we defy com
pelition in that line.
notice or
StocUiolders' Meeting
NOTICE Is hereby glvon that thaannual
meeting of the stookholden of the
Memphis and Southeastern Kailroad Com
riiny will be held at the offloeo ,) ikansaa
'Uity, Bprinafield and Memi i Railroad
Company, 31 Madison atreet, C. ill (Distnot
Of Hhelby county (commonly k lasMem-
Jhls) in the State of Xenne.see i I Of olook
m , July7,lS8tl,forthe purp'. at leleotmg
Mrecton and lor the transa: ii efauch
other businesi as may properly -. i le belore
the meeting. , . '
3. S. Ford. Ken'v. '
ONthol?t day of May,lB8, the Urm ef
GhKKK k ADAMS, Attorneys, wis dia
aolved by mutual consent. j M flRIjERi
K. V. ABAfilS.
u-A.TVIt3 5 X---.I-t-3,
Attorneys at Law,
So. lO Itliull.ou SI., IHK-mphla, Tpna.
Pructicfl in the Stnt and Federal Court of
Tennse. Arkansas and Mis issippi.
J. h 1I0LST & BU0.
V . Ti -i't W
funeral Dircclors,
320 MAIN ST., Mt llHli
VlILL si I complete atool 01 WoW and
2 V'.tallicCa and CaakeU, Clotl-Cov-ered
(Ciukets and Burial Robel alwsyi rn
hnd. :irderl by telaaraok promptly
ai.'d. ;
W. H. H4TE9. S. . TOOF
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayre Block) I
New and Latest 8tloa Ntotk.
Type, hew -aculneir.
E. F.
Jamca M. Coodbar 1 Wm. L.. Clark Entreno J. Carrlnajton rrank 6. loaaa
I3E3tca.3llBl-ct. IOQO.1
319 Main Street, Memphis. Tenn.
WE offer to MEKCHAHT8 OSLY tb. largest and beat (took of Boots and Bhoe w
havo ever brought to thi market, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and
tyle by any house in thi or any other city. In addition to a complete line of Eastern
made goods, including the ( KLtBUaTKl) SOOUBAR CO. BBOOAMa, wehande)
a large and aeleot stock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Misses and Children. W
carry a number of the belt make in th country, in ever, variety and (tyle, and among
themtth. well known Men'a Calf Boot and Shoe manufactured by Geo, Hooker for onr
Spring Trade. V). also carry a ohoic. line of Ladies' and Missel' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman at Co. W. invite th. trade to examina
our (took before buying elsewhere, and w. guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
Z. N. ESTE3.
S. S.
WLalesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For Short IT.
nnTlK recent Rennblican Convention basin-
J- dorsed me a a candidate for Sheriff with
out idv Dladres or commitment on mv part.
While I appreciate the unsoli ited onmpli
ment paid me a a publio officer, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for Sheriff,
lubject to the action ot tbe Uemooratic von
vention, and will support it nominees.
For Jndare) of tho Criminal Coart,
MESSRS. Iiapoleon Bill, Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard. H. M. Neely. W. D.
Bethel. R. G. Craig ACo..tt.V. Rambaut,
A. L. Lowenetein, J. S. Menken and other
In responae to your call upon ma to be
come a candidate for the office of Criminal
Court Judge ol bbelby county, wun aincere
thank for your kindness and courtesy, I
hereby announce myself as a oandidate for
the position, subject to th. action of th.
Democratic convention.
Clerk af tha Criminal Court.
TTTE ara authorised to annonnca R. S
W CAPERS (lor twenty-on. yeara Dep
uty) aa a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, aubject to the Dem
ocratic convention.
WE ara autkoriied to announoo DABNEY
W. COLLIEK as a candidate for Clerk
of tha Criminal Court . of Shelby oounty,
uojeoi M UH if.ni.or.uo VVSI.UUWO, ,
Connty Court Clerk.
TBE AppkaIi is authorised to announce P.
M. WINTERS es a candidate forCnon
ty Court Clera, subjeot to the action of th.
Democratic Convention.
WE sr. authoriied to annonnca that
RIClIARD A. ODLUM Is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, lubjeot to th. action
of th Democratic Convention
TTTB ara authorised to announce P. J.
VY QUIGLKY a a candidate for Clerk of
tbe county court, snnjeot to tne action oi
tb. bbelby County Democratic convention
Jndre of the Probate Conrt.
TO My rellow-Citiien ol Shelby County
Fearing that my circular announcing
my candidacy lor i-rooate juage amy nave
failed to reach many of you, I take thi
method also of announcing mvalf a candi
date! for that office, subjeot to the action of
tbe approacbing Democratic county ccn
ventien, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I hav. the honor to Be
your oboateut servant, X. B. A11CUU.
TTTK are authorised to announoa J. P.
VY YOUNG as a candidate for the office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subject to the
action oi iue county rniuorauo vouveuuvn.
For Trnalee.
TTTE ara authorised to annonnca JOHN
VY M. BRADLEY aa a candidate for
Truatee ot bbelby county at tbe ensuing
Auguat eleotion, aubieot to the action of the
Democratic Convention.
WE are authorised to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS aa a candidate for
re-election to the office of County Trustee,
lubject to the aoliun of Ih. Democratic Con
vention. THE Appeal is authorised to announce Mr.
N. F. LKMASTKR as a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby oounly, aub
ieot to the aotion of the Demoorutio Conven
tion. For AUorney-Oi-ne-ral.
W .4f authorised to announce GE0RGB
J.FKTtKH, J a., as aenndidate for
the) ffi JAttorney-General, sub.ect tothe
aotion ftb. Demooratio Convention.
TH jppealli authorised to announce S.
D. h.AKLEY a. a caudidiito for Attorney-General,
subject to the Demooratio Con
vention. For K-irBl-r.
TO the Voters of bhelby County nnd My
Friend I hereby announoo myself lor
the aeoond time a candidate lor the office of
County Register, stibii-ot to the Demoorutio
Convention. I am poor and need tbe otTioe.
Keeling that my pa t tcrvicc ns n servant of
the people has given latiufuctinn, nnd that I
can come before the people aud ask tbeir
lufTrnires and iuiport for County heirister, I
am, respeoifully, J0UN A. l'OWKL.
WE are authorisod to announce N. F.
(RUNK) HARkISON as a candidate
for Reiiiator, subject to tbe action of the
Demooratio County Convention,
THE! Appeal la authorised to announce
JOHN JF. McCALLUM as a candidate
for Register. lU'jeet to th. action ol th
Demooratio Convention.
THE undersigned snnouncel that he Is a
candidate tor Register, aud asks the
snnoort ot the voters of Shelby county. II
eleoted, will endeavor to give skf;xtion in
tne discharge oi tne duties ot ifrta ioiw ana
BlftMkluii claims subject to cruiDcaiai of th.
ounty Democrat c Cvilveuii!L-
TliOf!. B. ClifSiiiAW.
Memphia. MarcbTR, 1K6.
VI. TMUiRASo kernrlHe, Tenn., Is a
at: bt (Jii?Suiiina.o CT-dVMlUuu.
i .1 X-' r" M V" v y to toe
Cf? -i
axtrstavriajd to announoa E. A.
' V a - .1 L'rvn r.uuiuBio iur
C 3t 'i Reei.'er, subject to th. action of th.
Kb ,'ittUConvention.
riTi Appeal Is anthorlst-d to announce
J I I hW. GUULli a a candidate for
th o. . ri ol Keaisior. snnieot to the action of
th. Democratic Convention.
Jnlsr of the cirenlt Conrt.
WM. S. Kl.lPPiN is a andidate lor Cir
cuit Judge of Shelby County, subjeot
to tha aotion of a Demooratio Convention.
We ara authorised to annonnaa T.. It. H9-
TK-. JR., as a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Cou't. subject to th. action of tha
Democratic Convention.
JAMKS L. O0OPLOK will be a candidate,
before the Democrati-" Convention, tor
nomination to the outce or Judge ot tbe Cir
cuit Court: and. If deivateu, will support
th suooessful nominee.
We are authorised to arronnc that JOHN
JOHNoTuN 1 a cand-d! forjudge of th.
Circuit Court ol Shelbv County, subjeot to
action of th Diae"" " Convention.
tar Clrro-l Coart Clerk.
WE ere amhor-i'd to announo. Mr.
GKORHB J. CaMI'HECI.s' o.ndi
date for (' rcoit Court Cl.-rk, .ubie t to th.
cation ol th. Democratic Convention,
METEK, Sec'y and Xreaa.
W. B. D0AN.
Importers and dealer In 6ans,imaa.
nlslon and Flahln Taekle, Bnlldera'
Hardware, Ivlfwlrle Bella and Aa
nnsaelatora for Hotel and Residences, Mtt
Haln atreet. Hempbls, Teaa. Electria
supplies alway on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
HO, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in th. South, and the only complete
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Work in th.eity.
Maaaiaetarera of heary tjtlate Iroav
wark of ewer description. SpedI
attention livaa teplantaiion work.
Frank Schumann.
Importer and Dealer in
Gnaa, Ftablnar Tackle and Raorta
sstea'a Nnnpllea. mr Special attention
413 Main Nt., Memphis, Tenn
Gang, Ammnnltion, Fislilng Tackle
and RnBP-llftll tJooiIh.
994 nalu Street, feniplil, Ten-
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gun a
Deviled Crab, Mirlmv,
Salmon, Va-eah I an Mnckerel,
Sardlnea, I obxtem.
Brook Trout, Oyalera,
Mackerel In f omiio Cataap,
Sweet StnsTrd PirlilvN,
Soar Pick leu by Iheital and In Jars,
Pick led Onions Hot Kellfth,
Wooater Snre, Toiualo Cnlsnp,
Caper. Jtlaatnrd, Cnrry Powder,
Salad Dremlnit. Ollvf-a, Olive Oil,
Crenin t hee.e, IVI. ry Nunce,
Celesy Suit, l.(c , Ee.
Building & Lean Association
Il Sprla in ii in rod In 196 l"inlhs.
3d CttrlvM suaiiired lu ll moiilbs.
Profit In IM Snrlen, f74 prrahare.
Prolil 1m Ud h rl. n, HH4 p.-r allure.
Thete two Nt-rloM p ild on In Inll.
McwHorlemcpi-nrd. Money (oLoun.
For forthrr iiformnllon. cnll esa
Set-retnry, SiUM Mwisi Hlrvet.
N. W. aPf-EHS, Jr .President.
T. H. HICK. sHrretwry.
0!i-lti'siilciit Nollce.
No. 6205, R. D. In the Chancery Court of
bneiuy county, icuu. i.oui A. noouier
v. Fannie I'm-hle
It aenenrinff lr nn bill which 1. sworn to in
this cause th it tbe ilufcndant, Fannie Boeh
ler, ia a non -resident of tbe State of Ten
ne'see, nnd tbtit !:ie: refiilepoe is unknown:
It is therolo e ordered, That she make
her appearance herein, at the oourthouse
of f holby county, iu Memphis, Tena., on or
before the firi-t .Monday in Augu.t, ISefi, and
plead, answer or iiemur to complain
ant's bill, or the a. me will be taken for
confessed as tn her and ft for hearing ex
nsrte; and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a woe , fr lour stsoesriv.
weeks, in the Vm-jit-ln Appeal. Thi -id
day of June. A copy attest:
By J. M. Bred' i y, liepnty 0. and M.
T. B. Kdimrt.-'i. o tor comnl'nt. wed
lartiMTEO Tt AllRI. FFFr.KTES-
I'lM NltFH.kl, HAI IK. rKU.U
FAMiuii Us? RUdMMliND
bill HY TH K
HlnheKt Uxileal Aulborlllea. .
Sole rs for Memphis,
JA.ttHSA 41 A It H I.TT.
Young k BroUur,
lookseUrri nnd HtatiorTS,
219 Main M ciupbisreni
Lacroix's Mineral P'ors,
Artists' Matrials,

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