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VOL. XL VI NO. 163.
"Thk Moabitiih woman o! expedi
ency" is Senator Vanca's tarm fir civil
service reform, and th9 5s "migbty
en-eet" to bII who believe in sustaining
our patriotic President.
The rjDk and file of tbe D?ru3critic
party are earaorous for the adoption
by the cou:i!y convention of the old
ord?r of bii'in'ss. They don't want
any of the candidates "killed cff."
Col. BouniNCT, tbe well known
Cherokee Indic, whi ia in Washing
ton, hat had himself shorn of his long
heir. Bat his r-a'ural force is not
abated, neither is he Eho.n of his
etrenftth. He is the tame old "B judi."
Is the tirit s'x months of the year
there was laid new rai rands in the
United Stales pmounting to 1755 milef
and it is probable that 5000, or even
6000, may be laid during the yean
which would be more than in 1884
or 1885.
The first city in Europe where elec
tricity lies been entirely subsii uted
for gas fir street lighting is the town
of llerncssnd, in Sweden. The mo
tive piwer is water, which is very
plentiful there, reudering the light
cheaper tlisn yaw
A new portrait of the Pope, by a
young Iri:h ort'bt, will ehortly be
p'astd oa exhibition. The likeness
is said to be very etrikicg. Tbe pic
tura present kirn. 'clad in white,"
sitting "ia hia f ivcriti -jarmchair, pen
in hand, with his hi ad bent slightly
forward, Rfl though lit-.tsning to some
literary inspiration.
Tub Collector of the Poit of New
York has ordered the 1E00 ckrkp, in
spectors ond weighers of his depart
ment to be uniformed by the end of
this month. There is a loud outcry
agiinst against it, bat the dudes and
"d d literary fellows" who form the
bulk of tbe tribe will have to yield.
Collector Hodden is inexorable and
means banners.
Chauncky M. Drpkw, a wit and hu
morist, a great lawyer and very able
political speaker, presidiiit of the New
York Central railroad, considers Glad
stone and Bismarck the only really
great men now living. He ssys be is
going to try and see them daring bis
tour through Europj and get some
points for a.lectora, which ho intends
to deliver for the benefit of the hospi-
ciuuo mro.
Labouchbre, in London Truth, pre
dicts, as a result of the Parliamentary
elections, that Lord Salisbury will be
installed in office and be supported by
Hartington's friends and tae mem
bers for Birmingham. In which case
he declas it will be the duty of the
radicals to render it impofsib'e f r
anyone else tbaa Mr. Gladstone to
carry on the government. This they
can easily do by a etiict alliance with
the Irish members nnder Parnell.
A letter in the New York Herald of
Widnecday from Rio Janeiro, de
scribes the present political agita
tions in Brazil as including all the ele
ments that enter into the strife in
Great Britain and Wand. There is
the same demand for an enlargement
of the number of electors to which tbe
British' Parliament has been forced to
yield in its various reform bills, and
there is the same clamor for autonomy
of the provinces and their municipali
ties as that which under the name of
home rule is the outcry of the Irish.
The Philadelphia Timet reports a
significant interview with ex Gov.
Poster (Rep ), of Ohio. "I tremble
for Gen. Beaver and the Republican
party cf Penn?ylvania in (he coning
campaign," said he, "I know Bi&vtr,
and like him, but I sea by the plat
form adopted last Wednesday that the
Republican party of Pennsylvania is
going to wrostlo with the prohibition
question. Ttie Republicans of Ohio
tried it in 1S82 aid got wiped out."
And thin we must conclude, inferentl
ally, is to be the fa'e of Beaver. It
will be if Channcey Black is the Demo
cratin nominee.
The London papera ere puzzled
to know whether to praise or blame
Henry Ward Bcecher, who they think
very reprehensible formaking bis con
gregations laugh heartily and out loud.
It is difficult for the Knglith at any
time to understand American humor,
but from the pulpit it really alarms
them. The Xem says of his la-.t ser
mon in the temple that "with, per
haps, one notable exception, it is un
like anything wo are accustomed to
hear. In its s'rength and tenderness
and humor, above all, its self-confidence,
runnirjg sometimes into a kind
of irreverent audacity, it has all the
qualities of the spiritual to 1 from
which it springs."
Announcement is made that Mr.
James J. Chepman.Wafhinnton, D. C,
solicits subscriptions for "Ihe Stat
utes at Lsrgs of the Provisional and
Permanent Governments of the Con
federate 8ia'e3 cf America, from the
institution of tbe government, Febru
ary 8, 1861, to Mnrch 18, 1865, inclu
sive, arranged in chronological order,
together with the Constitution for the
Provisional Government, and the
Permanent Constitution of the Con
federate S:a'.es, and the treaties con
cluded by the Con'ederate States with
Imlien t'ibes," eriitud by Rtrluel P.
Thisn, Chief Clerk Adjutant General's
cilice, War Department. The volume
will be a royal octavo of about 1200
pats, lounu iu e luep. Tbe prlcj has
been fixed at $10.
The Oatlonk far the It Ivor and Har
bor IM1 Tery Discounting
Hasliinijtou otes.
Washington, July 9. Th number
of hills introduced in the li mse thio
sFsion is over 10,(100; f these over
3200 hills have been toniMered by the
onmmiitei'S and reported to the
Hoose In lioth sefsinus of lie Forty
eighth Co Dgrews only 2500 bills were
acted upon. De cgwe Joseph, of New
Mexico, heads he list a fie most pro
lific ittrod icer of bil s with lm.s. The
Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and
Tenneissa delfguions haven't been
far behind in tnis respec', ts will be
sew from the following rat)!, show
ing the bills introduced by each mem
ber fiom those S a'e:
Alabama Jonrs, 15; Herbert, 22;
CM", 9: Davidson, 2; Sidler, 2; Mar
tin, 8; Forney, 13; Wheeler, )i.
Arka' Bs Dunn, 21 ; lirt'ehioridge,
33; McKae, 22; Rogers, 55; Peel, 58.
Missssippi Allen, 0; Morg.n, 21;
Catchingi, 10; Ba'ry, 5; 8ir;rBt0D, 33;
Van Elton, 23; Bnrktidalu, 24.
Tenoefsee-McMiliin, 23; Richard
sen, 50; Neal, 38; Caldwell, 31; J. M.
Taylor, 87; G'oss, 14: BnHeuiine, 15;
Houk, 97; Puliibjue, 83; Zstc'a Taylor,
Xiue-ten lis of all tho bills intro
duced aw private bill", principally
bills fr.'in Noitht-rn Sia cs for pensions
on antount of sarviues ten lered dur
inathtt war, anil bills from tin South
ern States fir compensat oa to South
ern loyalists whose proper y was
eeizd or destroyed by Uuitsd Sta es
tn 0)8 duiing the wa'.
is in great danger cf d feat by being
ridden to deitn by b'g Senalo amend
men'a and by being la.d on the table
in the Hous. This view obtains in
w-dl informed circles, and it wouldn't
fce mrprijing if the bill was defeated
by its former f iends. In fact, a very
prominent Western member said to
your correspondent today : V wouldn't
be much of a calamity if tbeb II wasn't
parsed. Should it pass the President
would veto it, owing to the fact that
it inc udes a number of much
larger appropriations than tbe
public interests really require. Sach
are tbe Btatenents geatmly made as
o the fat9 of this bi 1. It is an open
fact that; Cr hie, Morrison, Randall,
Hoi man and other prominent perty
leaders a-e very lukewarm iu their
support of this mearure, and it is not
denied that thoir action will have
gret influence on the rest cf the
House. They think it will be a good
campaign document to go before the
purple, and say: ''We saved you $15,
000,000 by defeaiingthe river and har
bor job.' It ja even e'attd on good
autho ity that' WTOIs, the"' chairman,
ia nui'e indifferent ts to theDBseagw
4'1 tbe jr. aaui,nd has been whipped
into tne ttacea dv tne party tain ana
undemocratic cry of economy
and ref orm. Mr. Dunn, of Arkana s,
one of the firm supporters of the
measii'e, is apprehensive, and ex
prases grave fear j that the bill will
tail in the Hou-te. He is bard at work
among hie culleagues and will use
every endeavor to save the bill, which
includes the absolutely necessary ap
propriations for the Mississippi liver
and its important tributaries, finch is
tbe present s'-i tua of the bill, and tbe
surface indications for its passage are
indeed discouraging.
Fourth Ciess Pos1 masters Commis
sioned Samuel P. Young, Dry Creek,
Tenn. j John R. Woort, Saoderly,
Teon. ; Thomas Orgill, Bond, Tenn.;
H. Still, Dobyville, Ark.; James M.
Phillips. Halls, Ark.
New Offices Martin Mclnnis, Mc
Innis, Barbour county, A'a. ; Wm,
butt, Janesburgh, Walker county,
Ala. ; G reen B. Games, Lo wery, Blount
county, Ala. ; Wm. B. Harper, Olney,
Neshoba county, Alias., Joseph K.
Hitt, Flummo's Chapel, Hardin coun
ty, Tenn.
Special Servici Diecontinued Ala
bama: Betts, Conecuh county, from
Burnt Corn from July 3d; Bonne:te,
Conecuh county, from Evergreen, from
July 3d.
Star 8prvice Change Alabams:
Cas-ada Station to Rrbins Springs,
from Auguet 1st, increases eervics t
eix trips a week. Teaoe?eee: Fair
Garden to Emert's Cove, from July
7.n, for change of si e of office of Erst
Fork, ircrefse distance two miles.
Pototlices Diecoutinued Alnbamn :
Oakley, Benlon ciuuty, mail to Paa
Rid;o. TBnmsee: Piior, M,riou
county, nuil to Inman.
was a grfrst on t m 11 or of the Snats
today and wai tbe recipient ot much
attention from prominent men in tbat
AnollKT Veto.
Washington, July 9. The Presi
dent has vet ied a bid providing f ir a
public buPdint? ht Dayton, O. The
Pr. stdent dos nr.t think the public
business of the city is large enoogh to
warren' the expenditures.
In his metsae upon the subject the
President sayi: "It is not claimed that
tba gverumcnt has auy public de
p ait men t or buninef s which it should
quarter at Daylon, except its p st
office and internal revenue office. The
former is represented as employing
ten clerk?, sixleen regular and two
(ubstitote letter carriers, and two spe
c al delivery employes, who, I sup
pose, are boys who only occasionally
act in eervice. I do not understand
that the present postofflce quarters
ere either insufficient or inconvenient
By a eta'ement prepared by the pres
ent postmaster, it appears that ttey
aie runted by tho government for a
period of ten years from the 15th day
rf Octobfr, 18S.I, at an Annual rent of
$2950, which includes the post of heat
ing the seme. Tho office of the In
ternal Revenue Collector is claimed to
be inadequate, but I am led to believe
that this officer ia fairly ncommo
datidat an annu.il rental of fOCO. It
is not imporsible that a sugest!on
to chang) the area of this revet u
d Btrict may be adopted which would
relievo any comp'a nt of inad'quacy
of office room. With only these two
r.flk'es to provide for, I am not satis
fied that the expenditure of $150,000
for thir accommodation as proposed
by this bill is in ace rdanco with
ectind business principles cr consist
ent with that economy in public
alViirs which bai been promised to
the people."
The I'njne IavwtlKfttlOB.
Washington, July 9. Th Senate
Commhtee on Piivilrg sand E ections
belli a meeting this morning, at which
the report of the majority and minor
ity in the Payne care were wad, but
no time was auVrded for discussion
and considers' ion and naoth?r meet
ins will be held before they are made
Senator Ura, Chairman of the Com
mittee on l'rivibgos and Elections,
furnishes, with a request for publica
tion, the following: 3
To tue ri'iiLtc The published
statement thtt Senator Logan re
queued that thnvot s cf tbe mem
bers of tb comniit ce on the question
as to the iuvestiaiion as to whether
improper meens were used, if any, in
the election cf Senator Pay re, should
be kept secrdt, is without any foun
dation whatever. Senator Logan made
no euch request, nor did any Senator
on the committee make any such ra
queot. I do this by tho unanimous
authority of the committee.
Chairman of the Commutes on Privilegol
and hlecUoM.
Solicitor Uencrni CloiMle'a Mouiln
null Mrjrrtod.
Wasiunoton, July 7. The Senate,
in executive session today, rejected
the nomination of Joha Goide to be
Solicitor Genera'. Toe case had been
reponed adversely from the Judiciary
Committee, aud was taken up as soon
e s the Senata went into executive ses
sion. Mr. fiiddleberger made a long
speech in favor cf contirmt
tion. Mr. II oar and Mr. Ma
hone replied at oneid arable luniith,
ami then Mr. Riddleberterepoksaiia n.
The burden of tbo ddba'o was the
tissue ba lot in politics. Mr M.hr.uuis
said he bad leuors which inculpa'ed
Mr. Goodo in a dicker for toritirma
tion. Tnesa letters slated that if he
Were confirmed certain of his Repub
lican subordinates would be retained.
The le'tets were demanded by Mr,
Riddleberer, but Mr. Edmunds de
clined to produce them. Mr. Riddle
berger a-ked that the final vo'.e be
postponed until tomorrow, and, assent
beieg refused, he made two or thrae
dda'ory motions. Tbe vote wnt taken
at 0 o'clock, retultina; in Mr. Uoode'd
rejection 25 to 28.
A Lively Night Ncanlon.
Washington, July 9. The night
session of the House was not thi j
evoning the dull ses ion which gen
erally coaracter z s Friday nights. It
was tnlivent d by a speech from Mr.
Wallace, of Louisiana, in opposition to
a p ivato pension bill, and - tbo
facetious remarks of memcers who in
terrupted him from time to time and
induced in comiderable badinage.
In the midst cf it there was a litt'e tilt
between Mr. Wallacs and Mr. Crain
Tex. The latter intimated that
Wallace was elected by accident, and
Wallace retorted that Crain secured
his election by bulldozing. Oil was
finally thrown npon the troubled
wattrs by the withdrawal of
the bill to which objection bad
been made. The Coinmitteo of
the Whole then proceeded for half an
hour without trjuble, when another
snag was struck, Mr. Wallace raisin
the point of no quorum, upon a bi 1
granting a pension to Fridoline Glas
teltar. .A call of the committee and
Bubjeq 'ntl a call of the House were
ortiureA AtU-i J!i hour and a hall
bad been consumed in melees roil ca l
the House, at 11:30 o'clock, adjourned.
Cation gMl Oil Mills C'OBNOlidntliiK
-Sew I'omprcsH Contemplated.
Montgomery, Ai.a., July 9. An
other compress ia to be etirted here
for the approeching cotton season.
The UnioD Warehouse and Elevator
Company have contacted for Gabau
ry's patent simplex compress.
The Montgomery Oil Mills and the
Alabama Oil Works here have consoli
da'ed into the Am rlcan il Company.
Eafaula follows suit. It is done for
the purpo e of nnifom prices, Other
similar establishments South are fol
lowing suit.
The Capital City water works were
tost)d today, eight gigantic streams
from two plugs, without an engine,
proving a gtand tuccers.
Private Tom Soay, the next Demo
cratic Governor of Alabnmi, opens the
can vara, assisted by Maj R. II. Shorter.
They speak at Annistou Monday, and
at Birmingham Toes lay.
General Freight Agent Welch left
for New Orleans tonight.
The Prohibition Klortlon Kennltft
In a Victory for Wblnkjr,
Grenada, Miss., July 9. The local
option election held yeiterday resulted
in a whisky victory by a m jority of
354. Trie vote, however, showed
Grenada to be a prohibition town,
notwithstanding the county's defeat.
A prand prohibition meeting w.ll be
held tonight. The Women's Chris
tian Temperance Union, which num
bers nearly 300, met this evening and
unanimously passed th o. lowing by
a ri-ing vote:
Jiesolved by tht Laditi Chriitinn Tern
pr ranee Union of the Town of Grenada,
That we are di termined to renew the
fight for prohibition in Grenada coun
ty, and that we intend to keep up the
fight unceasinxlv, in season and out
of seas in, until G renada comity is re
deemed from the blighted curss of the
liquor traffic.
Remind, furllm, That wo invite
every man in Grenada county who
has the welfare of his people at heart
to join us in our effort to save the
manhood and womanhood of this
county from the blighting eflects of the
liquor trallic.
Acquitted of the Chnrge of IN artier
-Prohibition Election.
Jackson, Mies . Ja'y 9. After a
thiee days' trial Daniel Nichohon, jr.,
was acquittad by the jury on the
charge of the murder of Elbeit Victor,
near Terry, last J inuary.
The Board of Supervisors have or
dered an election to be held in Hinds
county August 10tb, nnder the local
option law. Tbsy appointed as Com
missioners fif Election Messrs. J. W.
Peyton, of Raymond: D. Y. Howol, of
Learned, and J. W. Logley, of Jack
son. The two ft'st named are Prohi
bitionists and the last an anti-Pro-hihitionist.
Over four hundred rsilroad tickets
were sold here today to parties going
to the cejshore camp meeting.
AcnUlnnt SwrMnry jHnldrow Re
covering. New Oklkass, La., July 9. A spe
cial from West Point, Miss., to the
riemjune rays: Assistant Secretary
of ue Interior Mudrow is reported to
be convalescing from a very severe
attack cf cholera morbus, at his sum
mtr residence, near here,
Business Situation Since Last Wei k
The Money Mai kets-Lead-lug
New York, July 9. The inteiven
tion of what amounted prnc:icjlly to
a double holiday, at this, the dull ps
rio t cf midsummer, tended to specie ly
reduce tho total volume of nmrcban-H-e
distributed during the week.
Yet some trade f-atures reported by
wire to Jiradstrtet't are encouraging.
The bank clearings at tweniy-niue
c tic s, this week, sgsreSBte i 837,1 83 448
(five, days only) a!;ain6tl!K58,570,2y7 one
week fg and ts compared with
$762,858,030 the second week in July,
18S", (six days), a hvorablo exhibit
There is a conspicuous absence of
labor troubles throughout the country,
aud leading textile and metal indus
tries are busily employed. Mercan
tile collections have notable improved
at i early all diftribating centres, Tho
demand for funds is active at New Or
ients and Boston, where money has
baeu light a -id tho interest
ra'e higher, and it is incr, a ing at
Pnibuielphia and St. Louis. The Hip
ply exceeds the dmmd at Chicago,
and Kansas City, but the visible e'gns
of tbo r ported improvement are
found in the hardening tendency in
grain, pork, lard, wool, c ,tton, brown
and bleached coitons and print cloths.
I ion and B!eel a'0 firm, and while
net Irgher aro not likely to go down.
In fnc , there is some fraiu iu the toue
of the market.
HUher prices fir wheat were bved
largely on r-pitted damage
to tbe sprirg wheat cro,rs
from d'ontb. Chicago operatorj
magnified the damage, and with others
unduly advanced quotations. Sales to
realize profits alter a gain of nearly (1
cents per bushel, backed by the ef
fects of needed rains on 'Ihursday,
c -fined a reaction. No. 2 red closed at
New York at 8Gjff,a?ainst 85Jn a week
ago. lleivy reduutioos in stocks of
wheat here and abroad (65 000,000
bushels wheat and flour in the United
Kingdom and the United States sinco
January 1st) and les favorublo crop
pro-meets abroad helpedjthe alvance.
Coin sympathized. Oats are higher
oa poor crop propec e. 4
Pork and lard have lest some of
their advance on speculative Biles
under cover of tho advance in grain.
R iw co ton is J ; hi ther on better
demand and unfavorable crop reports
in the Hnuth Atlantic S ates.
Wool is firm at previous advances,
and manufac urrs are baying more
freely. Higher prlc'S for now makes
of biown and bioached ehirticgi and
sheetings and for print cloths charao
teii.s the firm tone and confidence
shown in dry goods. The unfavorable
wheat crop reports,with the continued
war of rates among the granger
reads, end a judicious manipulation
of both by interested parties, checked
the advance in railway shares on the
New York fStot-k Kxataiige. The de
cline s, aside from a few stocks, were
not marked, and the market irives evi
dence of being held in hand by cliques.
Bonds are firm, pitticularly govern
ments. Call loans are 2) to 3 per
cent., and exchange is weaker.
Settled 1'P and Renamed BwdneM.
New Yohk, July 9. Messrs. J. & A.
Bea l & Co., extensive operators in
cotton, whose suspension waa reported
a short time ago, have resumed busi
ness at the Cotton Exchange, having
settled up their accounts in full.
FollarCN for Ihs Week.
New York, July 9. The business
failures durim the last eeven days, re
ported by telegraph, number lor tho
United SUtes 159 and for Canada 20,
a to'al of 179, which is above the last
few weeks.
Industrial Urowtn or I ho Month.
Baltimore, Md., July9 The Jimu
fw turen' Record of tomcnow, in its
eemi-aunual review of the industrial
giowth of the South, shows that dur
ing the first six months of 1880 the
value of the manufacturing and min
ing enterprises of the Snu'h have been
increased by about $63,618,000.
la an aqueous solution of the ol
utile matter In a mineral earth
found In Choctaw county. Alii.,
near tbe famous Mladon mineral
springs. This earth hHd fjreat lo
cal celebrity as "lloners' Itarlh,"
from the namo of the discoverer
of the bed or mine, now owned by
the Acid Iron Kartn Company, of
mobile, Ala.
For Dyspepla,all derangements
of Ihe Digestive Organs and the
I.lver, Hkln Diseases, t ills, Hums,
Mcalds and Hruises, At ID IKON
K A It'll! Is a specific. Hheuma
Usui and other chronic diseases
yield to Its curative power with
out fail.
Entirely (rse from Alcohol or any drug whit
var, ACID IRON EARTH fully dassrvei the
words smbraced In Us trademark, 'NATURE'S
PWN BEMEDY." Sea free pamphlet, lo be
had of all Druggist!.
At wholesale by Van Vleet dr t'o.
ear-171 IT IE flKIIfF. IIOO.HN
on the southeast corner of JMnlannd
Union streets. Apply to
UUC.ll A. HAMILTON, i Ailnttn nt. .
ONthe1l diiy of May, lrtW, the firm of
OREER k ADAMS, AUurneya, wa dia
,hr.d byIuutu.lcon..nt.j M. GREEK,
I. f. 4DAMB. LiiaaKOI l.illll.
Attorneys at Law,
wn.lfl Madison Ml.. Memphis, Tenn.
Practice in tbe Stite and Federal CuurU of
lonDemPO, AtltsMaa ana j.ia isiipi'i.
1)1 HI.
UHKKN At ths residence, No. lisj Mmli
on atreet, on Kriilay. July:', 1', nt it i in.,
Mrs. Lot t. Ubkhn, wileut ciimnn V. llrcrn.
Funeral from the rc id once thii (SATl'lt
DAY) afternoon at 4 o'clock. Hervicea ly
the Bcv. N. M. Long. Friends and n?
quaintanccfi are invited toattand.
MOXAN-Frtday mominr, Ju'y !, at
tho rid''nce of her dHimhcor, Mrs. Mnr
IUwlini.'s. curncr Hill and M.by streets,
Maky Mukan, nired sixty ;oar.
Faueriil from the resilience this (SATl'K
DAY) umrnint at 9:30 o'cli k. llik'h Mil's
at St. Peter'i Church at in. Friends and ac-
Therefore, we Sell Our
Fana Vorv OHonp !
3 Very Large Lots of Fans
AtliOcenlr, Al no renin, Al 9I.OU,
All worth triple.
sa Ooutat
Buys Kloirant MISSES' i CHILDREN'S
TRIMMED II ATS. About of them,
ON SATURDAY', will be sold.
SO Conta
SATHRDAY. Pongee Parasols
J.t 7D Oonta,
at taQ.-a.rx.
ASOLS at 70 t'enls each.
Suturdaj's Seasonablo Selections t
Dissolution Notice.
THE partnership heretofore existing be
tween Albort Hoso and Josoph Rose,
undsr the style ot ROSK ,v BltO., is this day
dissolvod by mutual nonont, Joseph Hose
niaumtnit the payment of all linb'litiea mid
is rIomo autnoriioii tn eollent all dobta due
the flrin, and will continue the buxtne-i tin
dortbeoidflrmnameofROHHR jo-inruTnosE.
Memphli, Tenn., July 8. WW.
HOLDKR8 of Masonic Temple Bonds will
presnnt their July Coupon! at First
National Bank ot Memphis for payment
when due.
By order D. P. I1ADDEN, President.
Bu x F. Phick, HecreUrr.
The Security Bank
about July 15, 18.W, where IU faoilltlei for
doing business will be oonsldorably In
creased. Besides neneral banking, it will do a BAV
POSIT boslneir
arOn acoount of other engagement! re
quiring my entire penonal attention! I have
concluded to quit the mercantile part ol my
business, and now oflor my entire stock ol
foriule. Will rent or lease to purchanor, if
desired, my two-story iron-front building,
containing stock, on rensonnble terms. Any
one wishing to go into business can secure a
bargain by calling on ill.lt. I.AHK,
TUB firm of OHUILL HHOl 1IKK3 4 CO.
is this day dissolved bv liiuiliilion. Tbo
eurviviiiK imrlner-, KUMIIND OKUILL and
.IUIIN T WIIjLIN i. have nssocialed with
them FHKbEKICK OH(llM,,nd will con
tinue the buiines umler the old firm name
ol OKU I Lb. 1)K( I'll KHS A CO.
Memphis, Tenn., Juno M, imi.
have an inlereKt in Ilia urnliti of our bu.il-
ness from this date, Julv 1, 11.
Mrmphih, Tknm., July X W.
WE, the Examining Committee, have
made a Ihornuuh examination ot tbe
hooks, businossand asseta of tho llliill !lly
Insurniiee 4 oiiiiir , and find the same
in a correct, active and satisfactory condi
tion, and ronommend that acash dividend of
five l'er 4'eul. be declared out of the net
earning, of the past six -.
Examining Committee.
To the Board of Directors of the Ulufl City
Insurance Company.
OrriCROfTHK Bi.urrt.'iTT InanaAKO Of).,)
Memphis, Tenn., Julv !, ;
rAt a iie'iHl meeting ol tne uoara oi v-
rectors or this Company, nehi run uay,
cash dividend of FI VK PKR CENT, was de
clared, payable on demand.
W. H. M"URB, Secretary.
German Bank of Memphis.
TUB Board of Dlrcoton this day dnclared
a cash dividend of Va mskI lie-
hair 17) l'er t:esil. out ol tne net earn
ings of the past six months.
KDW . (IDliDbMITH, Cashier.
Mkmfhih, July'), IhhiI.
Orrici or )
MgHKHIf ClTT Fl ! llXMSKAt. Ins. Co.,
Oflloe, lit Madison tilreet, I
txsrHin. Tk., July :, lwtfi.
AT a sieeting of the Hoard ol Directors
held this day, a Cash Dividirid of fli
rer ent. on the capital stock of the com
panvwaa deolared, paysble on deiaand.
Uy ordor ol tbe Hoard of Directors.
NAPOLEON HILL, l'r aident.
A'test: IUnrv J. Lynn. Cashier.
Dividend Notice.
Ornrr. Home IKi7aAsrg.CoSPA!T,l
Memphis. Tenn., July li, lHSi'. I
AT a meeling of the Director ol the iloms
Insurance and Trust Company, held at
their office on Ibe abuve date, a dividend of
was declared, and ordered credited on tht
stock nou s. E. L. Mi'UOWAN, I'resldtut.
1U V- Fhich, Seorelary.
OFI'IIE KiMim 1 (new) Cotton xr hungc ItitilJInir. ToIcihone 605.
Asst r i. i
Xorlli llrlllali and Tier-
ealillle Inenrlvl H t VOOO.OIKI
Wealchealertif new York I
I nlou sit t'alilorulH I.Un.Wttl
Aiuerlt-HU Nnrrly l einpaey,
All classes of property Insured. Speclnl Attention nivea to insuring Country Steree.
New York Life insurance Go.
ASSETS $66,800,000.
SI cam Engines, Uoilors nntl Tank Work, Cotton (Jins, Cotloa
Presses, Wood Pulleys, Shall Agricultural
and Plantation Work,
Oom and Sel"w n3Cills.
- We have the l.AHdKSX WORKS of the kind in tbe I'nited Stutos. and will meet
prices forrumo quality of work, hond fur t'ntuloaue, Price-Lists
and Testimonials. -uu
iTfeniphiM, -
39 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.
Cash lotl,"Hs! S3
Sight .Khan. aw.HH 81
Loans and discounts tK(l,.ri.M i'i
Uankinihouse furniture and flx-
tutoi 27.IMM) (Xl
Other rol estiito M.WKI IHI
btooks and bonds - HUM "
Total Jl.WU.3tl7 81
I. Edwanl JoliUmllli, I'Busiler of the (Jermnii llnkk, lo snleiiiuly swear
bt .1.. bwe s..e.u.nl .. eurree! fmuu uohmMnt
Bworn to and .ub.erlb.d befor. this June 30. j HBD0H CARV NUr, p.,,,,..
We, the undersigned, having rarefully eiamlned the Hookl, Aooounts, Tltlll and Cash of
the tlKKMAN BANK, report the above statement corroot and latlsfaolory. Vtereooiif
niend that a Cash Dividend of Keven and Ono hall (7'a) l'er Cent. b deolured out of the
earnings of the past six months, and that the further sum of psj) out of said earnings be
sot aside for Contingent Fund. it, C (1 11 A V KS,
Mnwriin, Tuvk., .Tills 1. IHUi).
- o
Cash on hand and In bank I 27.t"H4 W
OITice fixtures - .,"" '"
Dills discounted ilM
Bonds and investments (market
value) OIU'10 20
KW1). HOLDSMITII, Vice-President.
J AH. NATHAN, Cashier.
I14II.III4 7H I , . ll.l4 7
-We, the undersigned Committee, hereby certify that we have examined the abov
"taUment. and Cash. Bills and Investments, and find ib.m al oorreot and satisfactory.
We Commend that the sum ol 1:1500, from the .arniins of past j x mont ,, bo credited to
Surplus Fund. , ,, , i ii iiAMnwVlirVlfB
It! 1'. 1IADDKN, President. ' . I ANDWbRKER,
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Noi. 326 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
UOoWwhich we oflor to the Trade upon the most favorable) term, Our pries
will oompars lavorably with those of any market in ths United States. We are AgenU for
Tennessee Manufacturing Co.'b Fluid, Drills .Sheeting;, Klilrtlna;, Ete.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J.K.HODIX,IWt. J. . aOOUlUK, Vlee-Preg'U C.U. RAISE, CmW
Bonrcl of Qireotora.
T. 11. H1RLEY. i, m- '0''AR. Jy IWTF'1
?' m kmith I ' CIIARLKS KNBY. R. J. BLACK,
Cotton iPaaLciosrs
And Commission Merchants,
SToa. 34 and G MadlMOU Ktreet, Memphto
OrvioorPi.fiTSH Fihk ahd Marihs In-"!
ht usacK Oosi-av or Mksi'hih,
Me nphi-,Tnn .July 7, 1N )
A T a meet n ot the Board of t,r0..""'
.f hel l ihi day. a cash dividend of Il
Per t cai, was dec ared. payable on de
uaud. J. U. bMlTH, Beoietuiy.
I'qnllnhle r Voollvllle 197, W
Uuosvllle of ltlMsllle... I03.64M
l'liteuim of HriMiltlyu Ma
rine lepirlmont) 4,910, 4M
Mnklnic IIiihiIs of Hnrelyiililp.
Capital st. ink
Surplus fund
..(rJvi,(Ki no
.. 1I0.UI0 Ml
I .fHl.lsst 00
n.:,Ht m
Net prolti past six
months WvM 111
Fronts previously un
dividod I.IHI8 40
28,M M
Total l,:ti,W HI
J. T. PKTTir.
KTsmlninr Pownilltee.
J uly, XOOd.
BI NIMENS, JI).K SO, 1886.
Capital an.ono )
Hurplus 1.SM 00
I'rohts (net A months) 3.SIU (l
Fund for taxes (
Kfamlnlnif Committee.
I)K. 11. L. LASKI,
rhjsiclan, Sr.rgeon nd Accoucner,
313 Main street, XearZCulon.
TolophoD ila. SI.
Deposits r

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