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SATURDAY, I I JILT 10, 1886.
On Tuesday next the Democratic
primary elections will be held to -lect
delegates to the County Conven
tion. The interest which the people
are manifesting in the election of
delegate! presigrsa g'orious victory
in Augutt. Democrats in every part
of the county are taking a deep in
terest in the content. The people of
the city wards and civil districts are
holding meetings for the purpose of
selecting the best men to be votad for
aa delegates. In no former contest
hns there he en so much interest mnni
fested. Heretofore only a few votes
were pilled in tho election of dele
gates, but the indications are that on
Tuesday half the party vote will be
polled in the primary elections. Tho
people of Shelby county are law abid
ing, nnd they have aworn in their
hearls tl.ut tho laws passed for the
protection of society shall be enforced.
The pulpit and the press are united
in urging the nomination of the
liEBt men, and this feeling ani
mates the people in every
part of the county. There
will be a general turnout on Tuesday,
and thus a fa'r test of tho will of tho
Democrat y will be ascertained. Demo
crats who fail ti intereat themselves
in the election of delegates on Tuesday
will have no right to complain if the
result does not suit them. Let the
bett men In each ward and civil dis
trict be prerent and take an active
part. A full vote at the primary will
give us a good convention, which will
nominate a ticket that will carry tve
county by a largo majority. The first
atep in the direction of success or faiU
tire will be taken on Toes Jay. Let it
be In the right direction.
KiiHsia is the mott dangerous power
in tho world. O.her countries have
learned moic or less to rrgard the pres
ervation of penes aa the beat national
policy. Ituuia alone followp, at this
day of changed ideas, the maxims of
barbaric and semi civilized nations.
It seeks aggrandisement by making
war and by seizing tho possessions of
others the good old plan, they shall
tako who mny, and they may keep
who cm. It is ever In mischief; now
it bullies Turkey, then it worrioj the
people of the Ilalknns, then it is sub
duing B3ine hordo in the deserts, and
it is continunlly extending its pro
vinces and adding to it already for
midable power, llu'gria is kept
in continual hot water, owing
to the Czar's dislike of Alex
ander, it) King. Rim ian agents are
reported as swarming hi Macedonia.
The peop'e uf Servla are in a state of
Bemi-rebellion against their King,
Milan, whom they compelled to fight
Bulgaria and now refuse to meet the
expense by opposing the payment of
the war tnxej. They nro lees patient
than wo, who tamely submit to pay
war taxes a quarter of a century after
the war is over. That Russia is help
ing the disturbance is likely, While
thus making or encouraging disturb
ance at the very doord sp of Turkey,
Russia is mercilessly dunning the Sul
tan to pay money owing for indemnity
it incurred the latt time Russia In
vadrd it. At tho conclusion of the
Crimean war Russia agreed to keep its
Jleet out of tho Black tea ; come yeara
ago she announced that sho would no
longer observe thnt pat of tho treaty,
and sailed her warships there as before.
At her last war with Turkey shesoized
theouly good harbor in it, Batouin;
the treaty of Rerlin unsigned thnt port
to Russia on its engagement that the
place should ha a free port, open to
all nations. filio has now broken that
pledge, nnd has made Cntoum a close
poll. Hho is alto massing her troops
ard is expected ti make war on Aus
tria, while tho cloture of Baton in is
believed to be aimed at Knglnud be
cause thnt country favored Bii'gvln in
opposition to Russia. It loofah u,
time that the l'uoiieau luliuis, lor
tbe'rown s f ty, ahou'd unite to put
down this bloodthinty, treaty break
jnglpower, and putting it down as they
put down Bonapaite when ho disre
garded hit engagements. Russia
wants serving as we Bhould like to
aerve tho vast estates smuggled by the
monopolists dividing tip.
A better demaud for merchandise
and the proipect of a good fall trade
has increared the demand for labor.
This, with the miction that follows
struggle, has caused a lull in the label
ngitation. It is but a lull, and not a
cessation; to believe otherwise will
he to err. Tho hst thing that can be
done during the lull is to prepare
against the renewal of agitation by
providing a safety valve that will rn
ducs tho number and decreoaa the
virulence of strikes. Thosa who have
had labor troubles to deal with much
longer than th a United fstatcs have
found conciliation and arbitration tho
only means of satisfying discontent
and allaying etrile. Conciliation is
brought about by the mesting
together of the representatives
of the employers and the employed,
who together discuss diflerences, and
where possible make mutual con
cessions and so arrive at a fair decis
ion, acceptable to both parties. If the
' process of conciliation fail arbitration
is resorted to. The lmdon corre
spondent of the Hjfcton Admliter
writes to that paper the result of In
vestigations be has been making as to
the construction and working of the
reconciliation and arbitration bodies.
He has received valuable aid from the
president of the Board of Trade, Mr.
Mundella. Mr. Thomas Burt, for
merly a miner, now a member of
Parliament, has supplied him with in
.formation reporting lubor dispute
settlements, in which ltiista ed that
in the north of England coal trade op
to twenty yeara ago strikes were very
numerous, but for many years pant
they have been practically unknown.
When diflerences arise at any paitica
lar mine, six representatives each from
employers and men meet tcgetber
with an independent person as chair
man, who has the casting vota in t&ta
ol a "tie." It hss resulted as one set
tled point of this calm way of settling
disputes, that the best way of arrang
ing wagfs is by the sliding scale, wages
rising or falling accord ng to the au
thor'zed quotations of the colling price
of the material produced. Where tho
nature of the business admits of this
plan, it is found more eatisfactory than
any other. In same trade departments
in this country the scale plan has
been adopted. In the north of Eng
land they have no permanent board
of arbitration, but many think one de
sirable. Only ones of late years in
Northumberland has there been a
strike, tho employers refusing t9 agree
to arbitration. When arbitration
Is resorted to, each side ap
points two arbitrators. If these
fail to agree they appoint an umpire,
whose decision is final. In that
country and in Durham there bave
been only eight resorts to arbitration
since 18711. The awards there were
Invariably accepted, not a mino Stop
ping work for a day. In other parts
of England there aro some variations
cf detail from this northern system,
but the general mode of proceeding
Is about the same everywhere. There
is an investigation of the circumstances
in dispute, points of agreement are
brought oat, and where employers
and men aro on amicable terms, fair
c oncost ion settles the rest. Where
there is a general question of the rise
or fall of wages, the proceedings are
conducted with special care and do
liberation, and usually without undue
exci'oment. The men continue J
their work while the repre
sentatives settle the matter. If
no settlement can bo arrived a', then
a strike Is reported to. In ono district
tho judge of a court is the umpire.
When conciliation fails the men who
know having been unable to decide
the ma'ttr, they ask the man who
does not know to decide it for them.
While there is no angry or excited
feeling mnong ourselves, and men and
omployers are working in harmony,
our manufacturing and transportation
people Bhould agree upen come (iich
plan es the English bave found to an
swer, so as to avoi J future stiikes and
Fkrtinint to the water qucition,
which has been opened nunin by
President Latham, comes the news
that th s corner stone of tho new wa'er
works of Amsterdam is shoitlytobe
laid, much of the work having been
done. Tho water is taken from the
river Vocht at a point three miles
from the site of tho pumping and fil
tering works. "At this point," mys
the IOihIoq Timet correspondent,
"the water will be lifted into deposit
ing reservoiis having a united ca
pacity of 18,000,000 gallons. After
haying m filtered through filter
beds of novel construction, the water
will pss into a series of covered pure
water reservoirs. From these it will
be pumped up a stundplpe 232 feet in
bight, and convoyed tlier.ee through
two lines of parallel mains, twenty
seven inches and twenty-four inches
in diameter, respectively, into tho city
of Amsterdam, a distance of about
seven miles, The separate system of
Biipply will involvo the laying of up
ward of 1-0 miles of distributing
pipes, including the exceptionally
difficult work of crossing u:.dor no
fewer than 100 of the uiuals with
which Amsterdam abounds, some of
which are of grot width and depth."
H w ill thus he seen thnt to gst pure
water and cl nr much of costly work
has to be done. But in the saving of
life ami health it is worth every cent
of II.
Why the t'nllle Bill Fnllrd to ls
I ho Holms.
CiiicA(.(i, III., July 9, In conse
quence of the prospective adjourn
ment of Congrees without considering
the bill to authorise the Bureau of
Animal Industry to extirpate p'euro
pneumonia, the llrtrdrrt' ilivette, of
this city, charges the Hon. Wm. 11
Hatch, tho Chairman of tbo llouss
Committee on Agriculture, with bav
ins obstructed its passago and delayed
action upon it until too In'e to sunire
consideration. Ilia lion. IK W.Minuli.
rre i lent of the ConsolidatodNationiil
Cattle lirower' Association Bnd tho
Horse and Cattle Growers' Association
of America, who wasone of a onnn.t-
tee maintained at Waslilnitton to nor
feet and urge tholegMiiti in, publishes
a c:rd in the Urtedtrs' Uuztlte of this
week to the etlect that no open hos
tility aa encountered in W aldington,
ami tuat the committee only tailed in
its mitmon through the policy
of delay adopted by tin Chair
man of the llouee Committee
on Agtieulinra. lhe (la&tte
contends that the uisappcintiutnt
among cattle men is very g.eat m con
sequence. It sla'es that an appropri
a'iuii was ma le in one of the appro-
prUtion bills authorizing the purchase
and destruction of annua actually
disced and to revent tho spread of
ttie disease from any one St to to
atiothtr: but tlM this is not satisfac
tory, as there is no authority given
for compulsory inspection or timiran-
line, or lor preventing the sprfiid of
lne Uir-eaee lnsule a Male, ana no ma
chinery or details provided for under
taking the work of extirpation in a
systematic and tuect.ve way.
yalrrlons llrire.
Jackson, Mien., July 9. Military
chc'ei here are excited over the dis
appearance of Alexander Brown, jr.,
second lieutenant of Company 1). He
was one of a c omm-tt'e appoin'ed to
pay the bills incurred by the celebra
tion of the Fourth of July, and had
about fl'JH) in his pcssi B.ion. He
has not been seen since Wednesday
lie wa the founder ol the defunct
Doily Telegram, In which he sunk con
sult rdiie money, His relatives f ar
foul play,
The Number of Unionists So Far
Returned 319, Against 210
Low now, July 9. Up to 2 o'clock
this afternoon 202 Conservative, fifty
four Unionists, 133 Gladstonians and
sixtv-soven Parnelitcs had been
elected to tho House of Commons.
'I he Torle have won Chippenham,
Wiltshire, Maldon and Essex from the
Liberals, Lord Henry Bruce defeating
Bannister Fletcher (Uladatonian) in
the former, and C. W. Gray beating
E. B. Barnard (Gladstinian) in the
latter. The two accersions make the
total Unionist gains thiity-three.
The Tories aid today carrying the
English connt es by sweeping ma
jorities. The Unionists to-day succeeded in
returning Inverness buns, selecting
Robert Binnatyne Fin'ay; Forfair
shire, where they reelected James
William Barclay; Falkirk burgs elect
ing W. P. 8inc:air, and Hartlepool,
they re-electlr g Thomas Richardson.
M. Conway (Parnellite) baa been re
elected tor Noith Le'trim, and T. It
Gill (Parnellite) for South Louth.
At 4 o'clock this afternoon the To
ries had electfd 2(33 candidates, the
Unionists fifty-four, the Gladstonians
133 and the ParnHllitas seventy. The
Tories say they are confident of elect
ing 320 candidates.
Mr. Gladstone telegraph?, with refer
ence to the I Huh question: "Wales
nnd Scotland have seen their duty
quickly. Eng'and will have ti learn
hern, but slowly and painfully."
The total Unionist vote polled np
to 6 p.m. today was 1,01(1,281, and the
totd Glad-ftordan polled wan t) l!l,-VJ2.
Herbert ( ilad-tone, speaking at tbo
Liberal Club this evening, said it wns
strongly probable tbat there would be
another elect. oa within twelve
Mr. Sobnadhort writes: "Tho tide
Ins turned Conservative, but there
will be ano her election in six
The Earl of Aberdeen, lora Lieu
tenant of Ireland, has intimated that
he expects to leave Ireland on the
change of government.
At midnight tno torn manner oi
Unionists returned is 319, and of (ilad-
Btmiaus 210.
The Dailxi Neit " says that If Mr.
Gladstone li nils his part v inn minor-
l'y in Parliament lie will itouutte'S re
(torn Pvnrl ll.
PAnis. Ju'y 9. The death of Cora
Pearl, wno expired ye?tardav, was
caused by cancer, Btie died in com
plete poverty
4 hnlrrn In llnlf.
Uom k July 9. The cholera returns
for to Jav are Blind si, 127 new costs,
seventy deaths ; Gatiano, fifty-two new
cusps, twenty-two dta lis: Fontano,
forty seven new . rases, foriy one
deaths. Minister Grmaldl is visiting
and Bii:coiing the BurJererH.
Brilliant Ititnqnrt lo Mr. needier.
London, July 9 Mr. Gillag gave a
brilliant banquet to tho Rev. Henry
Ward needier this evening at trie
Metropolitan Hotel. United Slates
Minister 1 no'ps. Justice etamey
Mathews. Com til General Waller, Dr.
Parker, the Rev. Mr. Haines, Canon
Fleming, and a distinguished com
pany, wore present, Mr. Beecher,
who was in line nenttn ana spirits,
ma le an eloquent speech which wns
enthusimtioilly applauded. He made
no rrferance to Ireland. Mr. Beecher
will t'oliver his first lecture at Exeter
Hail on the 19th inst., the subject be
ing ' The R:ign of ilie Comaioa Peo
plo." The app'ication for seats is
0 '.ormous.
Moling the Tori of Balomn.
St PuTiiasiicRO, July 9 It is offi
cially s'nted that the cloBing of the
port of Batonm does not constitute a
violation ol the Berlin treaty. Ba
t mm wts undo a free port under the
inlliienee of circums'nnces which
have entirely changed; tho present
condition of tin nll'iirj of the poit is
or erouB on the Tr.'BMiry. Tne cus
toms cordon on the land side is pre
judicial to thn materiftl nnd commer
cial development of Batonm and the
district incorporated with liuseia alter
the Russn Turkish war, and the naph
tha t'ado, which is an important one
for TrnnBcaiHMs a and foreign con
sumers, has been Beriou-dy afi'ojted.
The people als complain nt the octroi
duties. Considering all ttioie c rcum-
s'auces, Kiis ia cannot O7erlook tho
fact that article allot tl'0 Uorlin treaty,
is an exception, inasmuch as it was not
the result of any understanding, but
of a free and spontaneous declaration
that KtiKsm was willing to make
Hutou m a free port. Too ndvnntages
which wore then contemplated on a
guarantee of the contiaUing powers
cannot longer be considered, bs, sinee
tho abolition of Caucasian transit,
Batonm has ceoaad to be an entrepot
for foreleu eoods between Europe
and Persia, and tins only retained the
import trade, .therefore, external in
terests no longer induce Rusiia to con
tinue to ninke sicntices to the detri
ment of the country around Bntoum.
Kight years' experience has shown the
injury result. ng from making Bitoum
a five no.t. There is no reason to
doubt the necessity of ending the ar
rangement. SPOUTING NEWS.
nwlitrrd Oil' on Aocouul of Ilml
V rHllirr.
Chicago, III., July 9. In conse
quo; ceof bad weather today's racesat
Washington Paik bavo been dictated
The rains today had so much cflert
on the track thai owne s wdre afrnid
to mako ent. ieu f r tomorrow. With
a continuation of the weather as it is
torigbt, however, tlurs will probably
be wood lacing. K.i'rici nnd weiyh's:
Fi rt A'cnv . O n e in i le. W i t li ro w ( 1 03 ) ,
Ira K. B-id i (10-11, Margo (107).
&Toni ii'iic'. Ons mile and a quar
ter. Lijeio (US). This will be a walk
Krlra liver Selling purse, seven
e'ghths of a mile. Kutries will close at
noon S -turday.
Third Jiiirf. The Columbia stake.
Mile and three-qnarteis. Binnttte
(1111, Grv Cloud (110), Lir..ie Dwver
( IDS), Modesty (118), Luckv B (122),
Volants (US).
Fourth KKf. Mile beats. John
Snibvan (112), Lotipo (1221, Ktlie H.
(110) llooibiaek (113), Biduv Bowling
(110), Bicvet (113), Irish Pat (113),
Fifth A'air. Steeplechase. Ascoli
(IV)). Jim Carl sle (1-M), Sun Mar
(140), Rnshbrook (112), Birepalns
(140), Claude Brauiion (BCi). R ry
O'Moira (H7), R ck (140), Ernpiie
llrlgblon llrarh Karra.
Bhiohtok Beach, N. Y., July 0.
Fir ftact. Three qiiartnra ol a mile.
Joe Murray won by hull a length;
Marsh Redon second, Adela third
Time-1 :17.
Second Iiact. fselling race, three
quarters of a mile. Charlie Russell
won by half a length ; Goblin second,
Emraet third. Time 1 :17.
Third toe. Selling race, eeven
eighths of a mill-. Berlin won by half
a length; Herry Rnesell second, Lord
Coleridne third. Time-1 :29J.
Fourth Race. Selling race, seven
eighths of a mile. Broughton won by
a length ; Miller second, Keokuk third.
Time 1 :30.
Fifth Race The Btulevard stakes
for two year olds, three quarters of a
mi'e. Daly Oak won by half a length;
Daphine second, Magyar third. Time
SLith Race. Handicap, one mile and
an e ghih. Ernest won by half a
ltngth; Kentinpton second, Malaria
bird. Time-1 :57j.
Seventh Race. One mile. King Vic
tor won by a length and a half; Santa
Clans second, Lookout third. Time
lie la the Hun the Democrat
Hhonld nominate for Uovernor.
Brownsville State l)emcrat: Our
readers will find elsewhere in the
States Demoirat today an interesting
personal sketch of Col. Robert F.
Looney, of Memphis, Wet Tennes
see's candidate for Governor. He vie
ited Brownsville this week, when be
met many of our citizens, who ex
tended him not only a cordial wel
come, but gave him substantial assur
ance cf hearty snppoit in his canvaes.
Col. Looney has visited various
portions of the State, and every
where be has been received
with the kindest consideration. Bs
ing the only candidate from Wist
Tennossee, and in every way fitted for
the high position, be inures as one of
themrst formidable candidates now
in the race. His own coutity, Shelby,
with its seventy-six vote", will go into
the convent'on solid for Col. Looney
being instructed to vote for him so
long as his name remains before that
body and with his own eoction prac
tically unanimous and with a Urge
following from Middle Tennesee and
some strength in E tat Tennessee, he
wi l, at the outset, hs the tt oogestman
presented. Col. Loooney is no chronic
office seeker. He never held office
but ttill he bas always eivon his time,
energy and means to the Democratic
party. Ho believes that the tendency
of the Rmublican party is to foster
monopolies and thus to make thn rich
richer and the poor poorer, and that
tho Deniosratx party is the party for
the people. The party cou'd not se
lect a better man than Col. Looney es
its standard b.arer in the coming
race. Ha is able, worthy, eloquent
and ablo to cope with the Republican
Fire at llitvcrlilll, Man.
JIavkiuiii.l, Mass., July 9. Fire
broke out in Longfellow & Co.'e dining
room in the Saltonttall block, No 65
Merrimack street this afternoon. The
flames quickly eprcad to Sheldon &
Sargent's clothing store, the Pacific
Tea Company's ttoro, G. F. Cleveland
& Co.'s ahoe store aud C. C. Morse &
Sons' bookstore in tho fame block,
and completely destroyed the con
tents of three of them. The
upper floors wore occupied as
offices, and all their contents were
destroyed. Loss, $00 000: insurance,
about half. While this fire was in
progress another, of incendiary ori
gin, was ditcoveicd in the Delaware
Houee stablo, which, together with
some other wocden buddings, was
consumed. Loss about $10,000.
Ilrl I'roteatlna Hla Innoceuae.
Knoxvii.i.k, Tknn., July 9. Jack
Lambert, a painter by trade, was exe
cuted at Charleston, N. C-, today, in
the presence of several thousand peo
p'e, for the murder of Dick WiLjon,
twenty months ao, in J.ickson county
Lambert had been drinking heavily
the dny of the ki ling, and had a
grudge against Wileou. Ha left a
s'a'cment pr-t sting his innocence and
charging another parson witli the
Nenantlon In Nrw York.
New Yobk, July 9. At 1 o'clock to
night a woman 50 years of age ran
through Suydtra street, Brooklyn,
shouting "murder," nnd pursued by
thre men. At the cprner of Elm and
Suydam streets she fell dead and her
partners eecared. The woman's ldft
wrist was frightfully gashed. No clew
to her identity nor to lnr asndants
is known.
Nlnbned 1 1 In Noil.
Baltimokb. Mo., July 9 Henry
Myers, an agad shoemaker, quairoled
touight with his ton, Henry, ir., over
a small amount of money. The eon
8 ruck his father and the latter picked
np a knife nnd stabb d bis Bin, killing
him. The futhcr gave himsall to the
The Iw Torn Hop t'rop.
Utica, N. Y., July 9. Report from
Montgomery county t the Jlrald
show that the bop crop in that county
will be almoat a total failure. Mauy
growers say tbat it will not pay to
pick the vines. They are confident
that good hops will command 2o
cents, or more.
Republican Knllllcailon Storting at
BaowitgviLLK, Tknn., July 9. The
Hon. J. J. Litt'eton and otherj will
a (Id ret a a Republican ratification meet
inn here tomorrow.
Committees of roception, etc., hnve
bf en appointed to reeeive the delegntes
to the Domiicintio C-mgresnional Con
vention, to meet here September Nth.
In the Drar ! Day.
We ditler in creed and politics, but
wo are a unit all the fame on the de
sirableness of a flue head rf hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Barker's Hair Balsam will make you
look as you did in the dear Id days.
It is worth trying. The only standard
50 centa article for the hair.
Died In Hnrrllile Agony.
Kaksas City, Mu , July 9 Milton
lnns, a fa'in Itibi rer from Southern
Miwourl, di.'d in great rgony from hy
drophobia at the polictt etation, in lb s
city, this af'ernoon. A mad i-tme
was ai'P'ied hut night and apparently
took eh't, hut bs owner sa il the pa
tient had come t'-o ltn.
Lpnobobo's perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Vlole.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of the
Lnndborg'e perfume, Marchal Kiel
nrrllna to be Manchtared.
Momi.E, Ala , Jn y 9. M. D. Wick
eraham, nominate;! for Stat Auditor,
mil) (i, ne;al (1. M. D.iskin, nnmin:it?d
for AsH.xi'e Jndge of the Supreme
C'-urt, by tne Republican Slate Ex
ecottve Con ni t e at Hirmhwhhuo
yectordxy, ata e tliat they were not
candidates, arid ar no' caudidates for
Iheto or any other offices.
Acconnt of a Strike by the Em
ployesThe President's State
mentLabor Notes.
Augusta, Qa., July 9.- The hands
in the picking room ol the Augusta
factory s:ruck today for an advance of
ten per cent, in wagp, President
I'henisey having replied to their de
mands tba . he could not grant the cd
vanre, that trie mill has lost in two
years and a ha f nearly $100,000, and
it was impos-ihle, w.'thout further
loss to tbe stockholders, to increase
tbe wages of operatives. He si) a:
''To ask us at this time to advance
wages would be to isk to con
tinue indefinitely, not non pay
ment of dividends, but a pro
cess of consuming the permanent
investment of the company, for w-
tell you sincerely that tbe earnings of
the ompany will not hear any in
crease of wages. Master Workman
Maynardier as ei ts tbat the strike in
the Augusta factory was n"t ordered
by the Knights of Labor, He says be
did cot know tbe picker hanos had a
grievance, and tht he is opposed
to strikes, In cous-quence of tbe
ttnke the mill shutdown this eft r
roon and will be clcscd tomcrrow
The strike throws over 600 hands out
of employment.
Ten Ilonr a Itnjr'a Work.
Chicago, III., July 9. The 1200
employes of the Rook Island shops, in
the Town of Lake, have been notified
that the ten hour rule wilt go int
effect Monday, and it is undeiBt od
thit tbe wages will be p'Oportionately
increased. Tre increase from eight to
ten hours a day is siid lo have been
oidered on a count of the great pres
sure of business. Some of the employes
are dis.-ati.iied with the arrangement.
Strikers Acquitted In Texas.
Galveston, Tax , July 9. A e pecial
fiom Paltstine to the Newt Beys: In
the County Court this week six of the
la'e striker were acquitted of unlaw
fully assembling aud noting, and the
County Attorney nolle proreqnied
twenty othor cases. Thn partita ac
quitted have eha'g-a pending agaimt
toein in the Dist.ict Court lor killing
an engineer and obs tructing ti attic.
The Window Diana Workers.
riTTsnuBa, Pa., Ju'y 9. The mo:-t
impoitant matter c iinidoted at the
Convention of Window CLvs Workera
today was the question of reducit g
the aseessment for the deferse fund.
The E n ern ddlegatrs favored the re
duc'.icn, but the meauire was defeat
ed by the Wes ern delegates. Ihe
fund amounted to about $25,000 latt
la it year.
Penuaylvanla IMInlng Troubles.
Pittsbuko, Pa., July 9. At a large
mass mee'i :g nf the miners t mployed
alorgthe Baltimore and Oh'ora lrcad,
at Scott Haven tcday, it was decided
to foree a'l rf the operatives to sign
the Columbia cca'e, by makiig tue
strike gsieral. A committee was ap
pointed to call upon the miners work
ing and pereuale tlietn to come cut
for the demand. Tbe managers of
Scott'smines offered their men 55 cent
per ton f ir a year's contract, but the
men refused to accept the proposition.
Important Action t'oncernlDar Fire
New York, July 9. The Commercial
Bulletin says that the New Yoik fire
underwriters have jutt agreed upon
important action concermrg fire in
surance. All the companies and
agents doing business in New York
and Brooklyn bave signed an agree
ment to stiblisn raMngs on all prop
erly in the metropolitan district and
to reduce b-okerj commissions to 10
percent. The lest s'gna'ure wa3 ob
tained by the committee th s morning.
The Tate Plantation Troubles at
an End.
Littlb It -CK, Ark , July 9. News
from the Tata place today is that peace
has b en re-established and the men
hnve returned to work, a man named
Walker, n-s'd'ng six miles out on th
Ta-e r. ad, fou..d a nota pinned to h s
gate ro.-t 1'uenday warning him that if
bo did not quit objecting to the
Kniglit of Labor talaing to hia hands
he would be taken in hand and put
where Sntritf Wo.'then could not got
at him. lie de iros that officer's pr i
tection. Th ncto was evidently the
work t.f some of the i egroes there
on a strike, and Mr. Roberts feels per
fectly eisy over the mat er.
shot bv Deputy Sheriff Kinkead on
the Tats place Monday, and brought
to th s c'ty nnd placed in jail, I ad a
pr'imiiia y hearing today and was
(lifcharged. Sheriff Woithen and
Deputy Kinkead were examined, both
witne s s giving an acc unt of the
prieoner'a act ons the morning he was
shot, and w Inch led to the shooting,
but Judse Y e-er thought the negro
was e xc.ired ht ihe time, tnd he b ing
the only one hurt, and tl;o trouble
over which bo received his injury now
being settled, thought he could with
eafe'y li t him go. The action of the
Juetice will be generally indoised.
Will rue for Damage.
Dic.hv, N. 8 , July 9.-Ni tico was
of cu'tonis of this port, t. day, by tho
Att rn y of Josse L.ruis, owner oi tne
(iien(estr, Mass, fidiing schooner
David J. AdamP, seizal by the
Canadian nnrhorities ln.t M-ty,
i-.n 1... y...l.1 timiln an H' t.w.ll
li IIP
ag.nnst him (Vie's) in the court nt
D g.iy, h ying his damngos t $12,000
reMihii.g frjiu the seizure. It is un
derwood tnet the Canadian Govern
ment has abandoned 1 er case agiinst
the Ad ms, and it is rujiored t'oat her
reicasd lias ueen oroer. u.
Emcllement Over the Whlnhy Qnes
tlou at Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga., Ju'y 9. When the
t il 'i,.nn. Iiipnuii prnireil in this
county, Jane Itt'th, Bi'veral wholeea'e
lueusts were in tore, b min iu iun
three mo .ths. The Kimh.a'l House
J.-mpary secu ed an inte'i tt in one
ai d rppued a room for the sale cf
liq iors and beer by the quart. One
otner fiim did likewise and gre t ex-citm-nt
was created. A thousand
miiD ci niro wtsd aronndihe Kimball
House 10 dis' ubs tben at'er. Appli
cation was made for an injunction re
strainiiig th police aad a temporary
order a . granted for a hearing on the
17tn. Meai.time, the sell ng has been
jonlsvllle Vameat.
rurtoxi rcinoc. '
Foundations, col'.awi'Ji'aad baild.
ngs subject to overaorinoaldibs ecii
strncted with LouierUlgCisiuiU Xi u
the standard.
PotMh Victim.
Cored by 8. S. 8.
S.-S.S. vs. POTASH.
I hare had blood poison for ten jnt. I know I have taken one hundred bottles of
Iodide of potaah In that time, but it aid me no good. Last summer my face, neck, body
and Umba were covered with sores, and I con Id scarcely use my arms on acconnt of rheu
matism In my shoulders. I took S. 8. H., and it has done me more good than All other medi
cines 1 havo taken. My face, body and neck are perfectly clear and clean, and my rheu
matism Is entirely Bone. I weighed 116 poands when I began the medicine, snd I now weigh
169 pounds. Vy first bottle helped me greatly, and gsre me an appetite like a strong man.
I would sot be WlUwut S. S. 8. lor several times Its weight in gold. .
(j ,C. B. MITCym, W. ad SU Ferry, New TortrTv;
How Ihfy Ilnve done From Bnd to
Worse Tne Folly er a Dual Njs
tem of Government.
To the Editors of the Appeal:
Oifobd, Miss., July 8. As your
paper h?s a vary wide escalation in
Mississippi, I nhh to call attention to
an article which lately appeared in it
in regard to tbe rxtraordinary action
of the Board of Trustees. Perhaps the
woid extraordinary wruld be inap
propriate to tliis board, though it
would apDly io any ottier. I do not
know whether to cdl it an experi
mental or an e.tperimtnling b ard. Our
corernots seem ta bave thought that
lawytrj alone were cumpetent to or
ganize and conduct an ins'.itntion of
learcicg, and they have tried tbe ex
periment of making our body of tuis-
e' s adore corporation d lawyer), l be
ieve that by tbissnus arcidenial side
wind, two pt-rsonp, not lawjer', ha7e
been drilled mto tbe board, and one
of them is rf ported to have ntd es toon
as he learnea the material of whi'jh
the body was compoEed. Now lawyers
are very ntcastary perrons, si to
speak, ii dispensable in some casee,
our Governors rjera to think in all
catcs yi t they would hadly Belrct them
as arch tect', or n'anagers of a farm or
railroad coramisrioners, or indeed
intiu-t to them any of thtir private
interests except their busicess before
the courts. This experiment of our
Governors i f iutruS'tinn our inhtitu
tions of learning to lawyers alone has
been a most egr. gioua failure, f s is ap
parent t) a 1 ni :n. As the boaid was
an experiment it was but natural that
it should be an experimenting body.
l.Vrr open to innovation?, and regard
lers of the reasons of experience, ihty
tried the "beiictk" p'an built cabins,
sent nut missionaries, and set all the
machintry in motion to produce a
failure. Then thty wete eaten up
with the coeducation sjfitem, which
has become 'Vmall by degri es and
beautifully leps." The girls are invited
to Oxford, but the boys are not wel
come in Columbus. Than came an
experiment of reducing te salaries of,
tie prifesso s, in orJer that their
efficiency mipht he onbanced. The re
sult of this experiment was the expul
sion of all the proles. ors in a body,
and en experimeDtal rer raniz 'tion.
The only paiadel cife i the Keely
mo'or. which claims wonderful occult
pgwer of ueefnlnew, but thus far has
only developed failures. I may a 111 ict
you wi h another exper mental ar
tice. msBissiri'i.
Intcrunllonnl IllinetalilNt Eeaaoe.
Cincinnati, O., July 9. At a meet
ing of the Intjrna'ional BimeWlitt
Le gue.held here yof.tt-rday, the Hon.
William 8. Groesheck p'i siding, the
following resolution was unanimously
Rttolvtd, That the compulsuy coin
age of silver by the United States,
under the Bland law, as a measure to
na ore si vr to its old historic posi
tion, is now, af'er eight years of trial,
a demonstrated failure. Therefore
we, as bimetallism, ask that tbe coin
use of silver dol ars by tho United
bta'es be suspended, waiting concur
rent action among ihe great commer
cial ii a ions, as the only means of se
curing tt o purpose of this league,
namely the restoration of both gold
and silver to their proper rlaces as
full legal tender money, with free
Telephone Unit at I'hlcnao.
Cuicaoo, III. July 9. Jndge Blod
geit entered a decree this morning in
the raw of the Am?riran Boll Tele
phone Company against Fredeiick W.
Baird and Frank Dillon. The court
hold that (he Bell patn.ts cf March 7,
1876, and Jamnry 30, 1877, were valid,
ai d tbat tho deiHndants had infringed
the 6fili clsi'ii of tbe firs', and third
andtixihand eighth claims of the
last pitent. Toe cmiphiinants hav
ing waived a right to a mietiT t.i de
cide dimnges, the couit 8'iFBed a
pomina' Cue of $1 and pcrpetudly en
joined the do'endants from furlher
use of tho claims net lorih.
Aril ice to MottieiM.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrup
ahould always be used when children
are cutting teeth, it relieves the l.ttle
siiflerers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes aa "bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty
five cents a bottle.
The Panama Canal Scheme.
Paws, July 9. M. de Lsps bas
reqnt s;ed Prime Mini sti r de Fr? cinet
to withdiaw tbe I'anan a canal lottery
bi'l, but he reserves the right of ap
pealing to the vublic to subscribe to a
special iseue cf Panama canal shares.
infer. The Panama Canal Com
pany has decided to itsue bonds in
stead of raining lottery loan.
lowers I
Consumtri ihould not confuse our Sptrtjl;
witA Vu numerout tmitaiioni, rubttituttt,
potath and mercury mixturet which an got
Un up to $eU, nol on their oim merit, but on
the merit of our remtiy. An imitation U
alvayi a fraud and a cheat, and they thrive
only at they can iteatfrom the article imitated.
TreatUe on Blood and Sldn DUeatet mailed
fret. For tale by all druggUU.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
Politics anil Boycotts.
To the Editor! of the Appeal :
Why wan not Mr. Hook nominated
by the Republicans? Too much boy
cott; and tbe Republican party of
ShelDy desorvps the thsnks cf all con
servative citizens fcr putting its foot
upen such prescriptive and intoler
ant doctrine. Freemen will not allow
any associa ion to diitite terms of la
bor between employeis and operatives ;
and it Is a source of sincere gratifica
tion to find the more intelligent and
C3DSfrvat;ve of the Knights of
Labor promptly and boldly ignor
ing this odious dogma of sime of tbe
fanit c3 of tbat crder. Their action
was timely, too, as several courts have
ju;t decided that boycotting is a crime
against the rich's, privileges and liber
ties cf the people egiicst whom these
crtzy lerdais would ftait this engine
of cowardice and oppression. Shame I
ishamel eternal shame upon any so
ciely that will say to amanwiih a
hungry family, "You can work if you
w.ll agree to work on nur terms; but
if you wieh to contract with Mr. A. on
t9rms tbat may tuit yen both, then
we will do all we can to
keep you and your family hun
cry." Let these chiefs of the
boycot'era look over int) Arkansas,
and see what their negro allies are
doing there. They are on a "strike,"
and declare that they ill not work
tbe crops unless at h'ghor wage, and
tbat no one else shell -tlo bo. That's
the boycotters style, is it not ? Sup
pose the d' etrine was practically car
ried out What would become of the
crops over there? How would the
negroes iive except by depredation
and pil'age? Ate the boycotters o
Memphis ready to encourage tbe ne
groes to continue tbo strike? Are
they leady to snd aid to tbe negroes,
to keep the wolf from the dcor while
the gras nnd the weeds are growing
and a'l hands hungry? Now's the
time for the boycotters of Memphis
to stand by their colors.
Indianapolis, Ind., July 9. f?nm
Archer was banged at Shoals at 1:13
o'c'ock this aftetnoon.
Cleveland, O , July 0. T!.e conven
tion of sewer pipe manufacturers
closed a two day's se sion at the Forest
City House this afternoon.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 9. Tbe em
ployes of all the blast furnaces in this
dis riot have decided t denund aa
advance in wags of 20 per cent. The
matter will probably be arbitrated.
Omaha, Neb., July 9. The Bee will
tomorrow print reports fn-m thirty
coumies in Nebraska and Western
Iowa, which show tbat tbe drouth is
proving damaging to both small guiin
and corn. The dry spell has extended
all over the 8 ale, no rain having
fallen in some portions fir more tban
a month.
Cincinnati, O., July 9. Night
River 16 feet 10 inches on the gauge
and tailing. Weather c'ondy and hot.
Saw Orleans, July 9. Night Ar
rived: U.S. snugboat Chattahoocbie,
Louisville. Departed : City ofNat'.hez,
St. Louis.
Louisville. July 9. Night River
rising, with 8 feot in the canal and &
feet on the falle. Weather clear and
hot. Business dull.
St. Loois, July 9. Night Biver
fallen 2 inches, and stint's 12 feel 6
inches on the gauge. Weather clear
and very hot. Arrived: Annie P. Sil
ver, New Orleans. Nodsfaiturcs of
regular packer.
Caibo, July 9. Night River 23 feet
2 ' incheB on tho gauge and fal ing.
Weather fair and Lot. Arrived: Iron
Ag and tow, Memphis, norm; City of
St. Louis, St. Louis, 0 p.m. Departed:
Iron Age and tow, St. Louis, 0 p.m.
Sennallun In thf rrrnrh Chamber
or liennltrn.
Paris, July 9.-In the Chamber of
Deputies todav a man.who is supposed
to be insane, fired a flint from a re
volver. The bullet passed elope to the
bead of the President of the Ol amber.
The man was arres'ed. When ques
tionedasto bis motive he said he
wished to attract the attention of the
pjhlieto hinmisTy.
TamsmY PitiMRTMitNT, July 2, 1886.
SEALEU PROPOSAL will be received at
the Cu'tom House building, Memphis,
Term .un'il 12 o'clock, nom. Monday, July
a;, 188fi, for supplying inel, gas, ice. water,
and miscellaneous articles reauired theretor
durinn the fiscal year ending June 30, 18s7.
blank forms and detailed nforraation may
be had upon application to the Custodian of
the building. , .
Bidders for supplying fuel will be required
to deposit ten (10' 1 er cent, of the amount of
tbeir bid as a guarantee of good faith.
The Department reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids, or parts of any bid, and.
to waive defect,. g jrAIRCIIILD,
Acting Secretary.
Blank Book Manufacturers

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