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i. V
the war n waaa.
Kignrl Charon, the Jlarderer, Dan
at New York-HM Robberj
at Minneapolis.
Loi'ibvillk, Kv., July 9. Judge
Cole lias reported lo the (.ivtrimr,
after irjvfntin.at.irJR tho condition ol
aflairs at More-head, Kowan couDty,
that the assistance of troops is necfs
Brv to the enforcement oi law in this
county. Tho Jnils has asked the
Governor fcr sixty men. Of thuio
thirtv pi 'rout Louipville under com
mand of Capt. 0. Md'homon. The
others will no inra Lexington, Ky.
The Louisville troops left this evening
lor Kowan county, where the wnrrinu
factions are still runt-linn the law after
having nearly killed twa officer.
Poalolltre Mobbed.
MiHNBAroLifl, Minn., July !). The
1CH'oihYe ws broken open last niht
and robbed of fUO.OOO in money and
stamps. There is no clew tj the
Mr. Laraway arrived In the city on
the early train from Lake Mionetmka
and was not aware of the1 robbery
until he arrived at the office. The lob
by of the poftotlice waaopen all nipht,
aud the sate blowers bad no dilliculy
in opening the stamp windows, w here
one man crawled thrown end opened
the door from the inside. Tne tafo was
near the window, birt at the K'am was
painted they could not he seen from
the street. The work was that of pro
fessionals. They drilled a hole four
inches into the eale between the han
dle of the combination and then
picked the lock. Mr. Lnraway eti
mates that there was about 20,300 in
fi'amps in the rufeand of this amount
f 18,000 were taken, they having left
f 2300 in one cent (tamps. All the cur
rency that was taken in aftor 5 o'clock,
amounting to tlOO, wis taken after
the robbery. Tboy made their exit
through the door of tho office and
took the mail carrier's horse and
Kickey, Middlemeist A Taylor's deliv
ery wagon, and carried the boodlo off.
As near as can bo ascertained, the rob
lisrv was committed bttween 1 and '2
o'clock. The office does not employ a
-watchman, from the looks ol tt
fcUmp department they loft In (,'reat
haste, having left several fine steel
drills and a large stodge hammer and
rjir.kax. a so a ei k nanukerciiiei wan
a mark on It, which will bo a clew for
the detectives. At tho time of the
robbery was done a heavy rain was
tailing, and there was not a policeman
that conld be found anywhere in the
Haalnc Carried to I he Extent of
Alliance. ().. July 9. A case of
basin, which, for cruo'ty, is annam!
leled in the hiatory of college, has
iiiHtcometl Ifetit hero, . W. Mar
shall, of Mark countj,0., being the
victim, tie 18 on lis iirai term in
Mount Vernon Oollega, in this city,
and expressed a desire to become a
member of one of the various socret
societies formed by the studun's. He
was Informed that upon the payment
of $1 initiation fee h would be taken
into the Delia Uami Fra'emlty, a se
cret organization. The night lor tho
Initiation came. About 10 o'clock a
uppoHsd friend called on him, and
both started for the hall. Arriving at
an old abandoned college building he
paid his fee, was blindfolded and
ushered in'o the presence of from
twenty to thirty studento. Once in
side be was at the mercy of
his captors, and the treatment he
received was creel. Bound hand and
foot, he was lolled over a barrel. Next
his clothing waB removed and he was
placed opou cke of ice for a consid
erable length of time. He was then
totsed in a blanket. His persecutors
then placed him on his face and
branded on bis back the fraternity
emblem, alter whiili he was sot free.
The matter has bon bronght before
the faculty, and the students who in
dulged in the hacing will be expelled
when their identity is diecovered.
Civil actions are also threatened.
1'onnd Marderrd la tbe Wood..
Cahthaoe, Mo , July 0. The body
of a dead man was fou nd in the timber
on the vere ol Hie prairie, just south
of this city, yesterday a'ternoon. An
investigation by the Coroner was im
mediately niflile, which revealed the
fact that the man was Thomas 8tmil,
ton ol Capt. Small, a promiuent (tinn
er. Ho had evidently been murdered,
as there waa a bullnt hole in the right
temple and another in the eiint'l of h s
back, and camo out of his left breast.
Hmall was cm line stients yeeterday
morning nml was known t have re
ceived some n nil tit tho post jtlii'B dur
ing the foren.xm, o thai he miml have
been minder, d dining the miihlle of
the day. No di litii e clew bus vet
been iihuiined in t.i l!ie ciiihi of the
inn riler or the perpetrators.
Mard-rer llu.l m o York.
Nkw Yoiik, July I) Miguel I'liiiron,
the Cuban miiro who etrnt and killed
his mistrcPH, l r. Maria Wildnm, on
June iill, 1SSI, paid the penalty of his
c rime lit tlm ToiiihH prin thiHiiuirn
itiir. TIim drup Icll nt 7:10 o'clock, and
. death w.ma iiHiHt ins'.intai eiuiB. Tliro
minutes aft-r ihe rope wes cut tho
dot tors pro: ouii' inl life extinct. Tlii
body waa allowed to bang the full
time p'oteiiliod by law, twenty min
utes, and i thtm loweieii into a
coffin and taken to nn untlertaker's
eetablialimi'iit, from whence it wtut
taken to Calvary Cemetery and in
Uriod at the expense of the Rev.
lather Byrnes, ol St. Andrew's
The execntion was witnessed by
only fnitv-fix people, and was wed
conducted. A squad of 100 police
surrounded the p:is in, but their ser
vices were not r, quired, as very few
people congrt g't'Ml aroutiil the struc
ture. The coiuh mned man slept
pescnfully last flight until nfter '2
o'clock, when he awoke, and after
asking the d.-puiy sherifls in attend
ance on him to call him a' 5 o'clock,
li' turned over iml went, lo sleep
auttia. Sl.o'tlv Htt"r the hitter htnr
he was arou ed aatl dicsied hinifelf,
after which he attended nuts in
the prsou tluipel. lit) madtj the
response in a linn, clear void1
nnd was aitinii l-tcricl commiuiun.
Chacon exprested li iiim'II to
tte prie'ts who inmii t'Med to
him, ai IvMx prtpareil for death
He refused t tike r.ny I rekfiiBt, but
pin took of some choeohite, which was
prepared at his reuiuwt. Toe e'eatd
warrant was read to him in hie eel
when he was piuione 1 and tho nooo
pla(ed around Lis neck. The march
to the stall. hi was then taken up
Chacon waikec! with a tinn tread be
tween the two prieMs who have at
tended him tlur ng h b confinement.
Tue conilemnej man a: p :arcd to txke
no notice of the ualloas, nnder wl ich
he wjs pluci'J and trie uoose adjustuil,
The Ual p-ayec weic BBid by the
priests wl o nto.,d along i le CI. aeon,
the crucifix kis fd, and iha b a keep
drawn, Tten the roje wa cut, and
Chacon's bodr srrune np in the air
and fell back a distance of eight feet.
There was little or no muscular con
vulsions. The neck was broken, and
death must hive been instantaneous.
After the Coroner had examined the
body he gave a permit lor ita removal,
nd it was taken in charge by the un
dertaker. iBdlrlmrnU Aarnlnat Nfilooa Hii.
St. Joskph, Mo., Jnly O.-Tha grand
Jury for the June term of the Buchan
an county Criminal Court has about
finished its butiness and adjourned to
day. The jury Lave returned 104 in
dictments, most of which are against
saloon men who are charged wit a sell
ing liquor without license and with
violating the Hunday law. About a
year sgo all the saloon men in Kt. Jo
seph were arrested on the same
charge, and to Court let them oil
with a fine of fl under the promise
that they would obeervo the law in
future, but now as they have broken
faith, tbe Court, it Is bollevnd, will
impsee the heviest fine possible!.
As Deala-ned by Jnnepb Krhtrlrr-A
Very Urand Affair.
Naw York, .lulv 9. 1'rof. Joroph
Kchteler. tbe Bavarian sculptor, has
r.miiDletcd a modt'l of a proposed mon
ument to Oen. Grant, and has sub
mitted it to tbe Grant Monument A
aociation. He proposes to construct
it of polinhed granite, and it into be
fifty-nine feet square at the base and
seventy-two feet bigh. The monu
ment shows a double terrace, which is
ascended by flights of stairs on the
north and south Htdoi and flanked by
balustrades of delicate pillars. Un
dernoath is the mausoleum, with the
entrance in front. On either side of
the gateway is a column with a Co
rinthian capital, and above are the
initials U. 8, G. On theupper terrace
will re-st a double storied pedestal,
surrounded with groups of statuary
and liik'li relicts.
Around tho base arc the arms of the
various Stales of tbe Union, and in
f oat is a large croup representing the
North and Houtu claHp'ng hands over
a pile of arms of vanous kinds. The
North oilers a palm branch, while tbe
Houth lays a laurel wreath, in token of
tnbmisMon, at the feet of the American
eagle that hovers over both. In
the background are the Htars and
Hiripes. To the left of tbe group is
Gen. l.ae surrendering his sword to
Gen. Grant in high relief, and to the
right is another toilet representing
Cuief Justice Cbase administering the
oath of office to Gen. Grant at his in
auguration as President of tho United
States. In tbe rear is another group,
a negro and negress, whoeo shackles
have been broken, expressing their
gratitude to Gen. Grant, who points
to his sword. The upper part of the
pedestal is octnganal in form, and has
in front a reliet representing Gen.
Grant leading a column to battle, and
tbe rear has another relief showing
him actively engaged with the enemy
The other sides have figures repre
senting Veace and Agriculture, Indus
try and Mechanical Invention. States'
manahip and Justice, Commerce and
Marine. Above all is an equestrian
itatueof Gen. Grant. He looks to
the right, where the Federal army is
supposed to be, whilo with his right
hand he points to the enemy at tbe
left and wheels his horse, in that di
lajnry by ttt Drone, and Ihe
ilaa riy.
Lansino, Mich , July 9. Hit urns
received Irom 7W) correspondents,
representing 622 township?, 527 of
which are from 279 townships in four
tit rs counties, area 18.S0 wheat crop in
southern four tiers counties, 1,357,578
acres; in northern counties, 243,200;
total, l,rjUO,7tH. final corrections
and spring wheat sowing will proba
bly add 25,001) acres. Ks. limited aver
age per acre, i:)tW-lC0 bushels, indi
cating tho probable yield in the btate
( .,.) O'l t HUH l.,,l,u
Wheat has been badly injured by
the tluHiian liy. The presence ol the
lly is reported by ninety-seven corre
spondents in the south tier of coun
ties, by sixty-nine in the second, forty'
four in the third and twenty-five in
the iDiirth.
Partially corrected county returns
show the area of wheat nnrveetAil in
18.S5, 1.4U7.470 seres, yielding 29,1)27,'
5411 bustle's. Final c irrcciiona will
increase this 35,000 acres, and yield
ny yuu,uji.f.
Nuuibtr bualiels wneat repotted
marketed in June, 4ltl),t75; number in
mouths, August to June, 14,014,!0.l
or about 4tl par cent of crop i f 18-6
Mi m tier bushels marketed in lSSl-bo,
lS8,4tW,51;l or 113 per cent, of crop of
ISM For the po months in 1SS4 85 re
ports were received from about 'M per
ceut. and in 1 SS. So about 4.1 per cel.t
of elevatois an I mil's m southern four
tiers. About 2,733 .0(H) bushels of 1HS5
wh' at cni, i in yit in the farmer's
hrtii'li. ('oiidii ion of oth' r noin - in
paretl with vitality and giowt1! of
average year for Ktate: Ohi o, tl2 per
Chill. ; ont.i, Ki. b.uli v, r-.s; clover
mi'tiduws and p:iituit'e, 80; timothy
71. nnil i-Ttiver fl)wiil ill vear. St
Coud tio:i of corn coiup ired with J illy
1, 1SS, IS ll.l. StrVVU per cunt nt t
coin phiiitnl f. iletl to grow. Applrs
in south! ru 14 c 'imtiis jiromiMi !'l per
C' ut ; in uo.ti.em N iier cent
W eatlr r cx'it mely ilty. tlrouili cum
pi (ined !cf geaerallv. Uilnfall liere
in June onlv 2 and 14-10.1 inches com
psred wit i 4 and 37-HK) imlits, the
averugrt fir 20 j care. No rain'all in
July to elate; meadows nn.l pn-slurds
drying up. Oat crop IS injured.
The I'liynloloay of (lie Liver.
The liver in tho laritoat aoorellns organ In
the human t.u.ly. and tho bile which it re
proffli it ntura Ituhln to vitiftliun anil miiiiU
rei'tinn from tin iiroir channolff than any
other ol Ihe annual Uuiila. Luckily for the
bilious however, there l an unlailinit lotiro
til relief front liver niHilaint, na oly. Ilm
telter'i Sloioiiih llitt.rs. a meiliritw tthioh
for ever a nttarier of a century, h been
achieving th rouKh ourea of the above turn
tloni'il mnuuntit, lever and aiue, dyttiieevia
bowel ciuu ilii iTita. rheutuatio an I k'Hney
atlcclion. an.l ilmorderii involvinaloa of ner
voua viuor. It in. ntoreovor, a rrovontive ol
mitiariul tlifouiio, and nflordi i.rfilrction to
tliiiueaiitiH of ipr)t0n rentillna in dttitriolf o!
country whoro lltttt tliro ticnii iie Ip irevalent
An a remedy ndutiied to tho medicinal re
ipiirf mriils of tamiltca, it la eiiiireinoly de
airitliln. and hi a meaniof forttlvtnr a do
lillttated ryptotu, it ia thoroughly to be
dcuunded ut on.
Morocco MnnnfrtCUirera.
Lynn, Mass., July 10 Toe Morocei
Manufai'tiiinra' AafciHtion, which
not i nly includes the nixniifiicturera
of Miu-K'tt'liu-n-tt but also thoee of the
whi le of 'be New Kngliviil nnd tho
Midd e Stts, he'd it Minimal mevting
elect ii 'ti of etlloere and UHnuuet
at rot nt of l'lnca jo-te diy
About lfto of the it. iiiiuetit m.irccco
lnminfa turets of . theso Sia ei as'
eeiiihled. A ie ;o'ut ou was adopt ad
imioising the nianuladiir,'rs in ojipot.
mg ti e strike at ttite morocej lait ru
in VVi niiiig.on, lol.,and Ihoatsocui'
tlon vol"!! to npiiolt) the m by evey
ni'ai s in their power. 11m folio ii.g
oflicars wi rjrl-cted: Fiis vice preei
tli'i t, James H.-ott of Wi niinut n;
s ci n I v en preside nt, J. K Kv. ns of
1'luladnlphi.; s-croary, Fr-iuk Mc-
I'eriuott of New York ; treasurer,
S. Atkins of PbiladelphiR,
Tbe Rights of an Appointing Of
fleer, Under the Law,
Wasuinoton, Jaly 9. On the oc
casion of a visit made by Civil
Service Commissioner Lyman to Balti
more on tbe 21st and 2'Jd of May, to
supervise examinations for the cus
toms samcc, a lenuon Wis CBiien uy
the Civil Sarvice League of Mary
land, to the alleged violation of
tbe c'.v.l sertioe set atd ruls
by Mr. J. Parker Vear.iy, who was
at thnt time postmaster at Baltimore.
Commissioner Lyman considered It
his duty to inqUTO into the founda
tion for the charge made against him,
and accordingly called upon Mr.
Veazey and intoirogated him io refer
ence to the number of change! be bed
made, and the manner in which be
bad filled the vacant positions in his
olli-e. Upon his return from Balti
more, (Jommisjioner Jyman, under
date of Juno 5th, made to the Civil
Service Comms iin a s'a'.emect
concerning the a'leeed violation of
the civil service act and rules by Post
master Yemy. After deliberating
upon Ihe matter the commission
adopted a resolution that a copy of
Commissioner Lvman's report suonld
be forwarded to Mr. veazoy, wbo
had ralincinibhedbifl office on the 30th
of May, with tbe request that he re
ply to the charges on the 3d inst. The
commission received from Mr. Veazsy
a long and elaborate reply, in which
he admittsil the trutlitulnees ol most
of the commifBioner's clia ges, and
justified hiiineK in the dismifsal of
employes of the lia'timore postoflice
on the ground that tboy were Repub
licans. Ho also asserted that he bad
filled the vacancies with Democrats
obtained by him from the eligible reg
isters of Irs postollice after he bad
made inquiries and obtained knowl
edge of their politics. He stated
that he had appointed them
as Democrats, for the purpose of mak
ing his ofhee a thorough Democratic
civil service office. He also asserted
that he had refused to appoint Repub
licans certified to him, lor tbe reeson
that he knew them to be Republicans.
He asceitcu that be bad a light to
make removals for partisan reasonp, or
for any other reasons satisfactory to
himself, and that the Civil Service
Commissioners had no right to make
inquiry concerning his reasons for
suc h remova's. The Civil Set vice
Ucmmisiion, after considering the re
port of Mr. Lyman and the answer of
Mr. Veazey, prepared, and this even
ing made public, their opinion upon
the following questions raised by the
.f"irf lias tne ngnt ol an appoint
ing otlicer to make emovals for par-
t san or other reei-.. n satisfactory to
himself been in an vay abridged or
modified by tho ci eervice act and
rules, and ban th commission any
authority toitiqui.c into the reasons
of any appointing otlicer for making
.Sfctmet Can an appointing officer,
without violating the civil service act
and rules, refuse to eppoint an eligible
applicant regularly certincd ta ntm
because the applicant is a member of
a political party i f which the appoint
ing officer is not a member ; or can he,
without violating the act and rules,
appoint an eligible applicant regularly
c-riiiied to him for the avowed reason
that tbe applicant ia a meinbei of the
political party, to which the appoint
ing officer belongs?
In replying to the first question, the
com mission take th ground that,
while it is contrary to tbe spirit of the
civil service act to remove any parton
from the ctaseifled civil service for
purely part san reasons, the fact re
mains that the power of removal is
practically unrestricted, and the crin
mitsion has no right, except where
removals have been made for refusal
to perform a political eervice or to pay
a political aseeeement, to make any in
quiry or take any action concerning
In replying to the second question,
the commission makes an emphatic
negative answer, and in summing up
concludes that Postmaster Veazey vio
lated both tho letter and spirit of tr-.e
civil service act; first, when, a-i an
appointing otlicer, he Bought for infor
mation conoi-rnipg the political opin
ions nod aihlia'ionnof the person who,
while he waa Postmaster at lliltiuiore,
spnlied to him for eutimico at his
ci Hi tie to tho clHSiitled postal Fervice;
second, when, a appointing ollieer, he
faded to dierouuiunaiico tho dieclo
bu cs made to him concerning tho pn
lit C'il opinions and nlliliii'ionM of such
applicants ; third, when, as an appoint
ing otlicer, ho sehc'ed from a cenili
e;ie sent to him by the Hoard of Ei
Hiiiiners, wiih knowbdge of the fac',
the nn mi' of a Democrat, and then ap
pointed the Democrat because hie wus
a Doinocr..t ; fourth, hen, as nn ap
pointing ' llioe r, he rslused to appoint
a Kcpuli icau regularly certified lohim
hechiise the Republican wi s a Ui pub
Lean. The other questions that have been
raited by Una contention, tho ci.in
niiseien eh es iie.t eeo pr-'P'-r to din'iiss
It is riot blind to tho fa :t tliiit th
chiHsitlt d civil eervice coutnins many
people who are iuetlicient pub'iu sr
vante, and who entered the stervicj
through the wide doorway fiom tho
broad highway of the "fpjils eys em."
Tne c( nnni.-8 on is also consciom of
the fart ti nt thesi peoplo are pro
tect 'd In the poeitiona they occupy by
the frie ndly vc.icva of mistaken (noinls
of civil b -rvico r.-form, mingling with
ttie alarnvng cies raised by un
scrupulous u embers of the po
litic d organiasnou. Under the former
p.trtinan methods of which these peo
p e became at unce the incompetent
and uudutiful serrants of the
people, and the duti'ul, ever
ready, and skilful servants of
politician whje.0 influonte piocnred
for them tiieir place. And the com
miieei'on is not agreed as to the cum nt
nssTti m tlui' the civil service ait was
I irmo.ly administered entirely in the
in I'M est if one politnnl party an av
seition wlrt b, though fonndntiouleree,
is made plausible by ti e fhct thet (ho
civil eervice set waa, until lately, ad
niiii'et' re.i ulino t exclu: ively by mein
bere id one nartv. With these mat-
ter.-e the eonimiseioa cannot deal ; but
itis determined tlat in ttie present
the civil service act and rules Biiall be
cxexut d in their spirit as well i.s in
llioir 1' tier j t at with the knowledge
of it e eomuiinsion no hoard i f exi.in
iinTa ht anv i us oni home or p wtotlire
shall be, i h f imii tIv, composed entiie-
ly of members in tne pany c' liiroi iiiK
ill- etiHii m houss cr p.ietolli e; that
all einiiiinntioiiK, uli ceitiii ati lis
fiom e.igib.o regiettrre all the
krtinn of ex. milling boards shall be
i on-part ean, tiiat uo vio atiou of the
civd eervice act, or run s caueu to me
i.tt ntionof ttie comniiesion ehad cs
cana ita denunciation. In this non-
p. rtisan epint lh commis ion has
con-ieJe e.1 the qnestiou, raised by the
Daltin.oie PoBtullice controversy and
has come to the conclusion stated in
the paper
A. 1 . IUUF.niU.Ti
t'nited Etatea Civil Kervioe Commiition.
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MVCR'Q Hair Vlpor lias given me
nlLlI O jw-rffirt satisfaction. I was
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time 1 emetl many hair prepiiraiimis, but
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I trietl Aver's Hair Vigor. I used two
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Uichiuom) Va.
fer's Pills.
Prepared by Ilr. J.C. Ayer c C., T.owell,'lIaaa,
Bvlu tty an isomere iu Hruiviuc
Forty ears a Sufferer from
FOR FORTY TKARS I have been a via
tlm to CATARKQ-thrae-foartha of thotima
a raflerer from KAUKUUIATirei fAirea
TRILS. The diachara ware ao ofisnaive
that I baaitau to mention it, except lor tna
good it mar do lona other aufferer. I hava
apent a youna fortune from mr eamlnjra
during my fort yeari of aulferins to obtain
relief Irom the doctor. I hare tried patent
medioinea every one I could learn of from
the four oornera of the earth, with no relief.
And AT LAST (57 mn or ual have met
with a remedy that aaa cured me entirely-
made me a new man. 1 wemneiiuspounaa,
aud now weigh 146. I naed thirteen bottlea
of the medicine, and the anly regret I have
ia, that being In the humble walka of lile I
may not have influence to prevail on all oa
tarrh auffarera to uae wtat haa cured me
GoIub'b Pioneer Blood Renewer.
" No. 267 Becond aareet, Macon, tia.'
' Mr. Tlenrv TheTAll. the wrltr of the
above, formerly of Crtwford county, now of
Macon, H merits tne confidence nt ail in
tereated ia catarrh. W.rA. 1HFF,
" Ea-Mayor of Macon."
Galon's Pioneer Blood Renewer.
Curei all Blood andKkin Diaeaaea, Rheuma
tiam, bcrolula, Old Soree. A perfeot Spring
ll not in yonr market, it will be forwarded
on receipt of price. Small bottlea, fl, large,
II 75.
Eaaay on Blooji and Skin Dlaeaaea mailed
neiiu, arorgin.
Foi n y,is " 57 Court Viat", now
4 rrfiiir1? il-maiM aWl l"Hr qufcHNM nh'Htrwi tn
w,.tanrj!ul.MliJ prictitf wIM yrvr
. tt.a f-ti i'f Ptf-hua lb rntri nrit r;.fiiea ,p 4.1 u
ir f 11 a nr eltl.ltl I'tMlfw HI") I twll i'il. Wltl'Di' U' '
niriFiK 'lt: Si v'nn-" . luinni itihn..t (..!.
iii 1- ! it Mill"), l,rnu.'.a r.r .a ht iMTrMtif Wi V. " . V. t
nHiti l'i!iiile.'0 I'o.-t. wr U li Sn-icir tnt t
.tlif, iMl rf Mcna, I. of Writ.al P -ff, ata ., rvtt!-, .,
nai iiH,r trf.i'.-..-ifr or nul .n-in, r th iurit tac tt-.-.'.t.
1. dilv - H''
tr ' . i1 t-a fioithr (.v-i- n Gouorrb
CHtET, tpU'tnr vlitli.lii Rf-uim Kui'V-ji.
an.l 1 . pTl'-Bli itlhnct, .ii.i,'Hl -'urt-i
. la xHf 1-1 Mi' ill 1M l-ht iiunmliiirwv Ijtfntl tB.fi
nOr-jn cf ih'4tji tnl 'rratllt UfimHnil
.11?, nciiiiir-'i (r--eit klll I'hyal 'isn ktn'v, in tM fna '
1. . ti ii."ti. fivii Ha mt lur tt hrb tt i iornvei,t'tii j
1 -l "i - i-l'V 'p- IVtl,l.-Ut, tllMt'lnOI e;a M tM prt' kVt.
n-1 miJ- it tin Hoi n;mii uilirt.
uTidrrtnLMi. , "v
v tlt,l(eit.l) p I ton til If nf ttf fHUJrT f Uil 1 h - 1 -
' l.e-)i4 tMatli'lil-el OOTraJli'ltli J OLfliy.t "nildilCeXl..
if jiki rnf tt, wnl in nr Mlrf-. McvtfflT t ttiB.
III. cm, Mhnuia I fntt kt H'l, idlrnn , BbT
r.n noi.r. w. n r-. u au.i,sur "
ejountorfeila are matie in ht. Louta, Mo.
Thia 1IKLT or He-
gener.tor ia madeex
"" v-i..i.t-'.- L,-: prwaly mr the oure
Z'?. CMEEVI.Hj 1 u ' deaenarateou of
jk,' ' FOR 1 rnimake bou thiain
. yvv. "- ''jr t atrament the oon
I -.'V. riXjl .Itinuoua atrem of
MhO'TT-illV KLtl IR101IY rer-
MEN woSLl tsam'r&&
them to bealtrf action. Do not contoun.1
thu with Klectrie Bill' edreriUed to cure
all lilt treat head to toe. It (or the ON S
apecific puVone. t nircutara (Wing full
nlormatiio, addreaa Cheever Klectrie Belt
Co., 103 Washington Utl, Vblcag
Bow many terrible achea one'a poor beadl
lu and whataufferlBg to cauaed by thea,
Deaejacmea. iteiiei may d uaa iniui nerruus,
Neuralgic, or Kick Headache by the use ofj
atrwvrvAYvvio Which la not a cure-all, but
VttkjjWMVl which ia a cure for Nerroua
Headache. Neuralida, Rbcumatiam, Sciatica
and tiout, No proprietary medicine haa ever
obtained auch strong endorsement from the
medical profession.
A. A. WELLIEff. Bole Proprietor. 7Qfl and
0. C. HEIH.
WMesalg Grocers
S6d Front Street, Memphli, Tenn.
Cotton eonaigned to na will have our careful attention. We oarry at all timea a well
elected itock ot
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liqusrsjobaccs & Cigar,
And Commission Merchants. Hay, Corn Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil-Heal,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Building and lira Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Iloward'g Row, Memphis.
tiKOcessora to P0ETEB, TATL0B C0
t. D. MULLINB. of laU J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. Y0NQE, laU of J. W. CaldweU k Or
Cotton Factors Commission Merchants
No. 1 Howards Row, Cor. Front and Union, Memph.s.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEP'T,160to 174 Adams St.,Memphi
Iroa and mm'tft
Caetinare, jj? 4"
Englnea, JgJL.. ! '
Saw-HUla, f
Clrlat- Bf llla'f
rronla A
p r iinawr , , ra a
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEtf3, 226 and 228 Second St.
(Suooeaaora in thia leoartment toIiOHN MAN0QTJB.)
enrWrite na (or information on ANY IHINCJ i if either line.
81111 In the market,
' Elecanlly-
ml ii Mr, n idi vuiy
itrluklor, Ark.,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, lrens(el Fiemrlnir, (Vilinc, Woallier-Boariling
CjlreMH Matusle, l.alliM, Etc
r0nr fanilitlea are nnaurpa'aed hi any rawmill In the Sonth for 81 inaordorapromrtly.
Kloorina, Colli nir, Hidinn. ttp UuiuWand Crproaa bhiniilea a apeoialtv ; alao.Iramim
Lumber of all iliuionaiona. We mnke the Wholoaiile llu.einosa a aiieoial feature. Orilera
aolioited anil iirompily rilled.
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis. Tennessee,
rocers & Cotton Factors,
rVaa. SOS TKialn Street.. C3vao Rlook.
arTKRMS C i.h, or eaay Monthly Inatallmenta. Writo lor Illustrated Catalogue.aiai
ISJo. OOO IVInlix St., MompUta., Toiin.
N. let l nlaiNlre t. Naaiivllle. I No. lie0 Olive Wlreet. Nt. Lonla.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
MEMPHIS BHAjSCIIj !iyoa"d?eVhonlr.Va
S. ROESCHLR, Agent, Memphis, Tenn.
BaUea Im I8S8. a.0O0 Brrl. a,ir ml Memphle Braaeh, 100.04XJ H(
" Miea la Itaiae, 50,oex) Barrele,
oi I
me. Ft Tim-n.ua l(Ha. I. Mnrnl .rDiun.
in, .. v hw.1 Biiwiue. -
I'm Brrcsu, M. D.. St Paul, afirm.
"H?e Med TomuiDia tn cues of Neumlgie
HeedAcbei i wrtn bucums in almost efety Ineuaue.
In strictljr reeur&ljrio forma it te luieiiiellea.1'
O. I. kobtoh. it D., Cincinnati, Ohio,
M ToKOALma haa already done good rartloe in two
eeuea of habitaal Headacle."
Thxo. UuHjjnf, M. 0.. 8t.Tnomaa Ho.
1 1 1 WABirrNOTOtt AVgelUB WT. rium
K. L. W00DE0S
& Cotton Factory
Bar Iron,
Boiler Ire
J Hoop.Baaal
IBbeea Iroa
SlTTSTl Ii Waaheii
with a fall n.aort.
New and
II Mil
MiaunnicliirerH of
'? Um teiMinrte aehea and peine
- m N& m
No. S323, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty State of Tenneasee lor uae, eto.,
t. Joaephioe Vienna et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
aate, entered in the above cauae on the
22d day of January, 186, M. B.61. pasre l'Ht,
I will sell, at public auction, to the higUeat
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master'e
office, Coiirt-houae of Shelby county, Mem
phia, Tenn., on
Hatardar, Jnly 31, 1886,
within legal hours, the following described,
property, aituated in Shelby county, Xenn..
The north pari ot lot 3, block 38, fronting
feet on the east aideoi .St. Martin atreet.
and running back 2 If foot, more or leae.t bo
north line of aaid lot being 2u0 feet south of
Beale atreet
Part of lot S. block 57,40 feet front by 50
feet deep, northeast corner of Main and in
den atreeta.
Teroja of Sale On a credit of aiz months;
note with (ecurity, bearing interest re
qnired; lien retained; redumption barred.
Thia June 2fl, 1SHR.
S. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk nnd Matter.
By U.K. Walsh, 1). C. and M.
F. II. and C. W. Heiskell, solicitors.
Indlsalcd In the B30AD CLAIM of telngCSr
Most Perfect Cooking Store
H. WETTER & CO., Agents,
Wsmphta, Tenn.
No. 5407, K. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
oounty State of Tenneaaee, for uae, etc.
vs, F. W. Smith etal.
BY yirtue of an interlocutory decree for
aale, entered in tbe above cause on the
2tthdayof January, 186, Minute Book 51,.
page 251, 1 will aell, at public auotinn, to the
higheat bidder, in front of the Clerk and'.
Master's office, court-house of Shelby coun
ty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Satnrday, AnKn.t 7. 1886,
within legal hour, the following described,
property, aituated in Shelby oounty, Tenn..
Part of oountry lot 605, fronting 12 feet on
the eouth aide of Carroll avenue, 44M feet
east of lieo. P. Cnoper'a lot and west of aid'
adjoining Mary Welford'a, by a depth of 170
feet, 8th ward.
Lota 1 and 2 Rembert'a subdivision, front
ing 50 feet on the east aide of Manassas
street, 50 feet north ol ilawley atreet, by a
depth of 140 feet.
Part of lot F, country lot 501, fronting 25
feet on the north aide of Washington street,
62 feet west of B. Babb'a lot, by a depth ut
154 feet.
Part of country lot 493, fronting 75 feet on .
the north aide of Adduia areet, northweat
corner ol Yates avenue, by a depth of 148
Lot 2 country lot 519, fronting 50 feet on
the west side ot' Johcron avenue, and run
ning back west between parallel lines and i
parallel with Auction atreet, VM) feet lo an.
Lot 10, country lot 519, fronting 28 5-6 feet '
on theeastaide of Covington road, southeast
corner of alley aouth of Auction street, by a
death e 1G6 fcet-tfth ward.
Lot 14. country lot 51U, fronting 2) 10-12
feet on theeastaide ol Covington road, 28 5-8
feet aouth ot alley aouth of Auction atreet,
by a depth of 14tH 'eet.
West half of lot 62, country lot 496. front
ing 30 feet on the north aide of Malison
atreet, by a depth of 148 feet-8th ward.
Terms of Kale On acredit if aix months;
notea with good security, bearing interest
from date required; lien retained to secure
aaire, and equity ol redemption barred.
Thia July 7, 18Kii.
8. 1. McDOWELL, Clerk and Matter.
By H. F. Walsh. Deputy O. and M.
i H "
'2 -r'fc"
3 X T
? M
m Ci r- -1
5 Jf - 5
m 9 a- "I
O 2. 2
S 3 2 S-a B 3 S
v; - - rr
S 1
r u
c o ' I
Oa 3 Tt P
Sif 7 f Si
2 E 4 a
ft o
JOHN CANDLE & CO., Agents,
MrroplilB, Tenn.
No. 504(5, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. State ot Tennessee va. L.
Cobb et al.
Bj virtue of interlocutory decreea for aale,
entered in the above cause on the th
day ot June and 9ih day of November, 1816,
M. 13. 48, p. 560, and M. B. 50. pnue 111, 1 will
soli at public auction, to the Whost bidder,
in front of tbe Clerk and Man tor's office,
courthouse o; Shelby county, Memphis, Ten
Saturday, Jnly 24, 1888,
within legal hou-a, the following describe f
property, situated in Shelby county, Tea .'
neasee. to-wit:
Lut S, block y, fronting 50il70 foot, toutR.
aide of (leorgia street,
Pjirt 'ot 1, block 41, beginnirg on routt
aide of Vance atreet 811 oet east of the cornt
of St. Mart.n a net; thence enst with Vance
atreet 70 leet; thence south (io feet: thence
west 70 feot; thouce north 60 loot to the be
ginning. Lot If. block 64, beginning on the west
aide of Hernando ,treei at northeast corner
of said lot; thence "outwardly with the line
of J. M. Wilson's lot 1-ri tcet to the em line
of S. Mosby's lot; thence south with said
line 21 feet; thence eastw;.rdly with Henry
No an'a line to Hernando street; thence
north with aaid atreet 21 feet to the begin
ning. Terms of Sale On a credit of six months,
note bearing interest, with security, re
quired; lien retailed; redemption barred.
This Jun. 18, 1S86.
. I. MrllO 1 L, Clerk and Master.
?r H. P. Waish, Deputy Clerk and Matter.
F, Ii, A Ci W. Ueiekell, (oUciWrt.
fltlFpt' El

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