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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, July 10, 1886, Image 8

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l0i!sTtn,irew Orlf bbi Mid TnuR'r
and after Mai 1. 1HM. puiMW train oa
. 4 ill i,.invi:
bo nth.
4: p.m
AfAi n.m
9tS0 a.m
7:21 a.m
4:17 a.m
1 ilS a.m
0:K P.m
l:lsj a.m
2:44 a.m
t:'3 a.m
6:14 a.m
Hilt) a.m
B ami on ..
11 :M p.m
B::ir p.m
7:M p.m
6:ll p.m
h&Iaii Hnnn
Few Orleen.
WI,W 1l lla nLarln ftlTnTh1i.
'-With M. k N. VV. H. R. lor Helena. .
I For Ore'eovllie and llantington, and all
manias iioini.. ,
lV-IV'th V. i M. and V.. 8. A P. Rallroadi.
S-With N.. J. A C. 11. R. lor Natch! and
jsckson. '
F For IV.nU on th Branch.
ft With iteanieri lor llayoo Sara.
ti With nllrosdi diverging Ivr Florida.
Texan and Cotir.olnt.
J AS. M. HOWARDS, V. P.andQ. M.
A. J.KNAl'P. fl. P. A.
Mississippi and Trwdeiisee. Tratm
mora ai folluwi: Ijewtfrlrxn mail arrival
daily at 9:'J5a.m! Ieveilily at 5:00 p m.
Bardis accommodation arrival dally at K:4.'
a.m. i leave! daily at ":&) p.m. New Orleans
nail train will not itojl at any flag station
between Memphis and Sardis, or at Wh lie
haven. Horn Lake, Nliit and Love. Freight
traim do not carry paesengori.
ewnort Keaiind Mississippi al
ow. Train! move a lollowi: Fast line
lsavs at 10:liU ai. ; St. Lonli faat line
leave! at 5:30 o.mJt Fait line arrive! at 1 :3U
p.m.; St. Louli fait line arrive! at V:05a.m.
Lontsvllle iuiiI Nashville Train!
Fiora ai follow! : iFast mail arrival dally at
ills a.m.t Ieaveatl0:10u.m.s mail leave!
daily at 10:10 a.m.! arrive! at 4 :00 p.m.
Brownsville accommodation! leave! daily
eiospt Sunday, at AMU) p.m.; arrival daily,
axoept Sunday, at 8 .VI a.m. (standard time).
Hemphill and IJItlo Hock. Train!
nova ai follow! (central standnrd time):
No. 1 leaver daily at 4:'J' p.ui,; arrive! at
'Yip.m. No. 3 leares at 5:M a.m. : arrive!
. H:hOa.m. No. A (freight) loaves llopenold
vlly (eiceptbundny) at ti :l. a.m.; arrive!
7:10 p.m.
Jnlf Bnnfe (Ksnsas CHy.Sprlna;
Id atnil Memphis) Train! leave M. and
lepot a follow! No. 4, Kansas City ei
II, leave! at 10:41 a.m.; No. 3, Hansni
eipress. arrivel at 3:.H) p.m. No. 2,
liu City mail, leave atli:00 p.m.; No.ll,
osas City infill, arrivel at K:45 a.,n. No.
it. Loan and Cliicavo eiprois, leave! at
0 p.m.; No. 1, St. Louis anil Chicane ei
, arrives at 8:4') a.m. In effect Sunday,
aril 1H, 1K.
Memphis and Charleston Traim
ova ai follow : Through axpren leave!
ally at 10:20 p.m. Mail and eipreel leave!
ally at 10:00 a in. SomerviHe accnniinnda
iod leave dally, except Sunday, at &:.'tfl
j.rn. , Through prs arrival dally at 5:25
a.m. Wail and expreii arrive! dolly at H:40
p.m. Somervilla acootnmodiitioa arrival
dally! except Sunday, at 8;30 a.m.
Hempbln, lllrmlnghaitl null Allan,
lie Holly BprlnKi Route Train! move a
lollowi: No. 1 leavei Memphis dolly at 3:4ft
a.m. I arrivel at Holly Spring! at f:iH p.m. t
So. 3 leavei Holly Springs dally at :00
a.m., arrivel at Meinphti at 11 sl6 a.m. I No.
5 leavei Mempbi daily at 7:15 p.m., arrive!
at Dolly Hpriniri "t 11:41 p.ui.i No. 6 leavei
Solly Springs daily at 2:15 a.m.! arrival at
amphll at .. m.
WiiiiiNOTon, July 10, 1R80, 1 a.m.
Indications: For TonnimHeo, local
ujne.follcnoJby (air weather; station
arjr temperature,
For Arkausas, fair weatlior; station
ary temperature.
For Mititipi, Ijuuiiiana Arkanmt
and Texnt: generally (air weather; varia
ble wind, ijennally nouthrrly; tlathnnry
For JViiiirwrc: IakuI ruiit follomd by
fair Wfolher; ulaticnnry trmjieraiure; vart
iMf v imU.
HetHtrolKloeil Upart.
Mrhpris, Ti., July 9, imi.
1 n'"
- ..C...,
1 IL...
Thor. Wiml. VV'tlier
77.0 8.W. Olonr.
87.0 W. Clear.
IM)0 W. Clear.
811.0 W. O-ear.
810 8.W. Cluar.
7:00 .ni. :t()0:U
I ' "" a.m. mn'.'d
. n.m. h.(70;
i p.m. 2H.)f)7
. ) p.m. l!!UWi7
aximum tempurature, 112
linimum tmperaturo, 75.
'tzine, 11 a m., 1.
Rainfall, 0.00.
In the Uoitoa Healou.
gioNAL Sertk-b, U. 8. Armt,
July U, 1880-6 p.m.
Division of teloxrams and reporta lor
ths benefit oi commerce and agricul
ture, Gottou region bulletin for the
twenty-lour hours ending July t)th,at&
o clock p.m
"8 Pi P S?
Memphie 02 75 .00
WaBhville Hi 70 .00
Grand Junction... 00 71 .00
Oorinbh 94 .00
Toacnmbia IM 70 .(H)
Decatur 07 70 .(HI
Bcottsiioro ":i 62 .01)
iiateevllle 8t) 71 (HI
Grenada 02 (18 .00
Hernando 02 tw .00
Arllnxton 07 07 .00
BrowuBville 05 72 .(H)
Milan 07 70 .(H)
Paris.- 07 50 .(H)
Covington 05 70 .00
Dyersbarg 00 71 .(H)
Bolivar 01 07 .00
Holly Springs 02 71 .00
Oxford 05 72 .00
Snrrs 1770 1250 .0(1
MuniiB 01 0(1 jla
- -"5 K w
Dnyraic-n,. agg-ffgg- H.
?' P
Wilmington 02 07 .10
Charlealou 01 00 .02
AugunU 09 00 .28
Savannah 02 72 .04
Atlanta. !D 07 .07
Montgomery 02 (18 .():i
Mobile :: 70 .01
New Orleans 02 00 .00
Glventon 02 70 .02
Vickabtirg 01! 71 .10
Little Kotk 01 00 .01
Memphis 01 00 .
Pnms 1105 827 1.08
Meann.. H2 70 .01)
Tt -.0 Cocn'y Court il! conveno
again today.
A nw supply of Burglar in J'urn
ditf at M 1.11 fold's.
' Calif nn'n can be visited at prtK
ertl fur 10 for the rtitid trip.
A ruavt'iii'iiit is tnid to be 0:1 fot.t
in Meinp! e to okr: a . )Uvo coniany.
.nTiietre.t rni r ad 1 - ick oil Shelby
Btrett h: s ro cltoJ the ti ijo o House.
J. if. Mollins and MaUic 10. 'io
Baa orj 1'cetFed I) mt riy yiB'o.-Jn;,
'Th Botto:iilnsj I'.inls l'itliim;
OiU1! Kl.l MfO thll I'VCLlllg at AUitll
Tl-n iV1 p'rort niilwnv roiiiininv
row tin a cow lino di uhlB trauk out
Vaii' g;ri el to tu. 1 toimiiiu:!.
Ycs.'iii'ny wnt a scorcher. 'J'ho
iliern'omn i-r djuie.l bt wetin 00" at:d
10( 'ii t i tluui , rr.nniiig up to 110
in tho tun.
- Plenttira of Irinb pota'oc, whof-x-pec;cd
.0 r;'iip a t ig b. ns za this sia-
aon on tubers, wear long faces over
tbe diacoaragingly low prices. Po
ta'ooa are only worth $1 per barrel,
and in balk only 70 cent! per barrel.
Offices of tha Southern Kipress
Company have been opened at
Fewmee, Tenn., Monteagle and Tracy
City, Tenn.
The Sairament of the Lord'a Sup
per will be administered in the Ala
bama Street Church next Sunday
morning.! P praory aervices this
aficrQooii at 5 o'c'ock.
In nparly every ward in the city a
number ol the beflt citizens f ate con
sented t3 89ive ts delfgate? t) next
Tnnrsilay's coaventi tn, aud the thing
to do ou Tuesday evening next is to
go to the polls aud elt ct ihem.
C. M. M11.1.KR, of Pniladelphia, is at
the (iajo-o Hotel.
J. B. Tistbm, of New Orleans, is
at the Gsyoso Hotel.
J. II. Collins, of Mimissippi, i
stopping nt tho GaynsD Iiotal.
Jamkh MaiiTiM, superintendent of
the I'ul inan I'a ace Car Company, is
topping at the Uayoso Hotel.
Artuub and Louis GntHON left last
night to snerd three months in Pough
keepsie, N. Y.
P. M. Pattkiuion Co. were award
ed the contract for 3000 barrels of coal,
on which eeveral parties had been
Miss Ahni S'iibron. who has been
spending several weeks in Memphjp,
leu rriuay morning lor ncr uuiiib iu
Hickman, Ky.
At a priva'e raity given by Mr. R.
P. Grant to bis (laughter, Miss Mattie,
the following young laiiits were pres
ent: Mimes Kelu Jackeon, Tillio
Morris. Kdith Pendieton, li ttie Arm
strong, Mai'gie Williams, Jennie and
Margaret llrinkley, runnlo I'ettic,
Birdie Cnrrie, Katie Jauuba, Minnie
Malone, Mattie airs. Kalo Cor
nell, Mrs. StoverH, Mim 8 Mamie
Meshley, Mamie Grant, Mry Slielue,
Mts. IVntleton and ompany, and too
many more to mention.
Fat M( Hi .h, of Aherdeon, Miss.,
hss sent us $5 as a conttibu'iou'ta tho
Irish l'trliaineninry lund, which will
bo turned over to (he proper commit
tee here in Memphis, Any others of
the readers of Iho Aitkal who desire
to subfcrihe to tlrs fund through us
can do so, aud it will bo acknowledged
in tlieee columns. Mr. Mcllugh
makes this subscription for himself
and wifo, and Bays, "1 wiRh we could
send more, but owing titbo limes
being eo dull th s is all we could d
just now." Commendable patriotism,
worthy of emulation by every liieh
man and woman in America.
Me Agents for Horace It. Kelly
Uo.'a Key West Cigars.
The trade supplied at New York
prices. A full assortment constantly
on hand at the following stands con
trolled by us: Gayoso Hotel shind,
Peabody Hotel stand and 810 Main
Btrcot. Fresh shipments received
weekly. 1. sambijon a co.
Dr. 0. D. Smith, Veterinary Sur
geon, No. 01 Monroe street.
P. M. Stani.kv, funeral director and
embalmer, 55 Madison street.
Da. fl. J. Bai.i., veterinary surgeon,
No. 878 Main street, at KJwards'a
Ci.kab Watku hr.t and cold baths,
25c, at the Turkish Bitthhouso, No.
222 Second street, near Adams.
Ski the gratifying announcement,
elsewhere, of the old, tried and suc
cessful Workingmen's Building and
Loan Association,
Thb Herbal Chill Onre, the beet
tonic and antl-ferlodlc known. A oerlatn
and lure cur for chilli Vrioetl per bot
tle. Sand itamp for droulan. Any rof-
trence alien. A,ddrn John 0. Hooker,
lynchbera. Va.
Tin Women's Kxchange will fur
nish lunches ou short noti e to parties
going away for the summer; they have
always nice beaten biscuits, cake,
pickle aud homo made bread and
Anoohtuba Bittkhs are indorsed by
all the leading physicians and chem
ists for their purity and wbo'esmie
noes. Bewate of counterfeits, and ask
your grocer and drugKist for the genu
ine article, prepared by Dr. J. G. B.
Siegert A Sons.
We ate aithorir.'d to announce
Henry P. Hanson as a candidate for
thoo&icoof Ciit uit Court Clerk, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
Montgomery Wbita Sulphur Springs,
This famous rssorl, recently
equipped with all modern Improve
ments, with capacity for 800, now re
opened for tbe recplion cl gutts
CloBe unmet tion via K.T ,V & G. H. H.
Fine Watch repairing at Kulford's.
Kihk Ai.i.km iV Co., ou Front str. et,
have hint recelvid a coiiMgnmei.t cf
largeaod fut Firing chickei.s, which
w.ll btt H'i'd at tholowis m irki t rates
lions: 'keepers t rj invited ta cll and
rcaWa purchwes.
Isaacs & Co.'s anti(narisn book
store and ci'culatipg lib ivy has re
moved from No. 810 Second to No. 419
Main Btteet.
Owing tn change of gauge wo are now
prepared to contract for present or
future delivery of Alabama splint coal
at reduced lates.
Nolld Ml prtt tare nt Mulford'a
No In MntliHtae i.aiomanlaa tow
jouw rininiilna end Ja-l UMua
S. Levy
Is tbe o'd reliable trunk manufacturer
of the S tutU, w bero a'l good work CBn
bo found at low prices, nnd repiiir ng
('one wilhout delsy nt No. 318 Mam
street, opposite I'eabody Hotel.
Orderulnllurd Naile MtMlHlH."
"Au i:xollcut 'iiralle."
MmirmH. Tin.. July 2, 18HU.
Arid Iron l'.nrlh Company I
Gknti.kmxn I beg Uuva to ft.ite
fiat 1 have ti'ed the Kxtrect Acid Iron
ldrth on liorroa olll cted w th old
sons and galls, end have ound it elli-
c cut as a cure in u:tn wb'S. i ieei
wsrran'od in ptonpuntiig it an excel
lent c.iri.tive article for ll c ttible.
.1. L. HALL,
To tho Pciiincratlc Voters of the
Tenth Hard.
There will be a meet lug held at
Giant's Hall, corn-r of Sixth end O r
(.-lira streets, Saturday evening next
at 8 o'clock. Kvery Deinocra in vo'er
in tb w rd is eami'S'.ly reouo ieu to
attend. Thin met ting is I. r Darno
cals or.lv.
oi u m sixens noins
I'roni S A.N. to P.M.
It shall always be a special point
wiih ns to make Saturday an inter
esting day for customers and em
ploye, by giving tbe public such a
list of
as will keep us very ousy. All are
much happier and better content
ed when bur-y propiietor, cus
tomers and clerks and to bring
about that complete s'ule of good
ftoliog and hurraony, wo oll'ur
Tho Following ltarguliia:
We Lave played havoc with our
jersey jackets.
AVo have over 15000 worth of Jer
st ys which must be old.
$1 10 will buy Ooatback All Wool
Jerseys, never before oflered for
ltKH than $1 50, and considered
extra clieap ai that.
$1 4:1 will buy the best Coatback
All Wool Jersey that ever was
nllVred here or anywhere else
for $2.
$1 85 will buy the Inst, Plain and
Fancy Braided All Woal Jersey
tbat was ever oflered for f :).
LADI don't miss this chance.
Como early, but you can get them
all day up t) W p ill., when we
Clilldrcn'g JerHcys.
300 dozen Children's All Wool Jer
seys navy, wine and green at
87o EACH, 87c.
Never sold for lees than $1 25.
Is there anything prettier, more
comfortable , or more economical
than a Jersey? If there ls.it has
never been urougbt to this groat
tity of the South.
We don't promise these unrival
ed bargains any other day ONLY
LADIES, remember when we ad
verse to do a certain thing wo in
variably carry out the promise. We
have astandard; we liavenohuck
s'ering wth customers; we assume
tho public know what they want,
and we never attempt to force peo
ple to buy, or, in fact, attempt to
do anything that is not in complete
harmony with that high
Nlandard of Eierllenca
which all should aim to reach.
Hail Be Hold.
We aro going out f that bianc.h
of buciness.
Come Yourselves and Bring Your
and fit them out before all are
Corsets and Corset Covero In the
greatest variety all marked low.
Wo succeeded in gotting another
lot of those lot: Haudkerchiu's, 83
that we can
Only 200 doren on huad. Come
250 doz Gents' Colored Borderod
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs
Get Your Thin Clothing.
Got Your Straw Ha's.
23c will buy Men's Summer Coats
(goad for otlice and other use).
9Sc will buy Boya' Fancy Odd
60c will buy Boys' Mackinaw S raw
Hats and baseball in hut.
All our fine Parasols ate marked
down boiidie we ofler TODAY
600 Sa'iti Cojchlrg Farasols car
dinal, black, blue, beige and
brown at W3o each, would be
a bargain at f I 60.
1000 Straw Hati and Bonnets, latest
designs at half price.
250 Wlrgn, just received, at '2Zi'.
New S u'lore, ra-row brim.
0cii at N a.m , C Ioho at
A I.iu.
li. lowexsteis a iinos
Close Promptly at 1 p.m. Today.
All of the bargain in Par.'sols r.f
last week will be duplicated agaia
tcdey. We havo ma;ie a dta t on
tbe unlimittd reserves of tbe
wholeta'e department, and today
wid place on our cluap table. 1000
:ow priced Pa:asjle, is follows:
250 Mifs-s' Fif;ur(l Suteon Paa
so:p, 25? each.
150 Clildren's fine Satin Para
8olr, 50 each.
150 La-iies' Stamped Foulard Par
atol, canopy ten, hce trimmed,
$1 25.
150 Ladies' finest Satin Ccnchicg
Parasol, canopy top, $1 05.
100 Lidies' finest Satin Paraeols,
lined, no lace, $1 55.
100 Ladies' Black Sa'in Paraeo's,
lined, lac a tiimming,! 1 05.
50 Ladiee' 21-inch Silk Sergs Sun
Umbrella", whito bcndUs, $i 45.
50 30-inch Silk Urabrelles, black
end brown, $2 E0.
100 finest 2(i-ini h a'l Silk, druble
face Laventice Umbtel'a', f4 25.
Iliindkcrclilefs. Ilandkerchiefs.
100 doa L'dif s' Colored Bordered
Htmstitetn-J Ilandkercbiefa,
O den I a Kucli.
230 dcz Ladies' nil Linen Colored
Hemstitched Hamlkcrchiels,
worth :15c, we tlTcr them to
day at
13 C'rnln Knell.
Bargains in Ribbunp,
Bargains in Lace',
Bargu'ns in Gloves,
Bargains in Hosiery,
Iijrguins in cvory department.
Onaton'a Hotel.
W. II. BINGHAM Mahaokb.
European plan. Eolnrued and rofurniihed.
l'rioei according to ilie and loca
tion of roomi.
II llolze, Mo M 13 Lukcn Aw, Miea
J Iturko, La J T Barbee, Ky
N H Mooro, Tenn II Parker, Tenn
C M Stowart, Tenn Mri S Lake, Tenn
Mil A titowart, Tonn Mis M Stewart, Tenn
J O Stowart, Tenn T O Porter, Tenn
II 11 Cullen, Tenn S J lieom, Tenn
Dr H Bushy, Tonn L O Iluiby. Tenn
H W Uwen Aw, Mt8 P O Dalo, Tenn
1 N Snowden, Tenn K Urnok Aw, Tenn
(i Arnold. Tonn 0 Pe'lurrii. Tenn
V 1' Still, Tenn .- J W TaU. Mill
J K Kpocd.Tonn , NMJonei. Tenn
J V Panders, Tenn.' T V Kdwardi, Miss
Mrs KdwardK, Miff (1 C Chandler, Miss
C S linr.lewood, VI Mr C d ilazlewood.Va
8 Nail, Tonn M Iluntin, lnd
K Dunlin, lnd Y (1 VMr, Tonn
W OKtiioklanil.Tena C Jones, tt C KK
WE Blank, Tonn J M l'mno. Tonn
B K Darlintonfnx tl F Ccmpton, Tex
l C Weis, Jr, Tenn - L J Irwin, Tenn
.1 li Richards, Mini Mri .IK Kicliardi.Tenn
iviisi M Whalca.Tonn J (1 Moore, Tenn
W C Jonoii'lenn B Miller, Ttua.
To lfv,tlnoo.
Rnte, 12 5(1) to $1 pie day, according to looa-
i lion Of roouii.
W O Trad-, ',nn F W CIhpp, jr, Tenn
A W WillJami, Ky HI) Connor, Ark
BNhroioi'NJ. C N Kaichcn. Ohio
U 1' Vurfliy. Ark 8 Morianthal, Ohio
R K UuwWtoH. Tcnnll W lloiton, Mo
Mri Aruitron,4i),Kim.l Ravson, La
T 11 Collmi. Miss M Askew, Misi
O h (luWoy.Miii J Martin, Ohio
J B Tristram, La U 11 Roian, Mill
T J Colo, Ohio L B Stanton, Ark
h d Mmith, Ala ti 0 Jooes, Mil
T B Nelson, Ark A M Perkins, Ark
T J Adams, Tenn H L Mono, Ark
H P Jackson. Ark T A Divine. Tenn
HCLewo, Tenn Capt A B fimith, Tenn
V A Hoiiif, Tens M 1, Mandlebaum, Md
N W llennegan. Ark W (1 Bakor, Miss
W II Forrest, Tenn C A Foote, Mo
Chaa Foote, Mo CM Miller.Pa '
Kiloly. Mo 8 V Wall, Tenn
R J Kelly, Tenn L E Simpson, Tenn
0 O Faarson, Mill K J Dillard, Mill
K R Martin, Ark.
Peabody Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO.. PanratsToB,
Ratos2Mand$3 per day, according to
sin and location of room Special
rates made.
OA Wood, Mo CtdenAw.HY
L KaUenberc, Mo J Donnelly, Ala
II lloclibotm, Ar ll ll rwniiK,iio
O W Siniinon. Tonn MrsLCllwuipsc
W J Cherrv. Tonn W Cai
11 M Cole, Ky Mrs Stephenson, Tonn
J J Kisman. Va .Wado Wood, Ky
W Hrinlel, Ky . Mrs L B Lear, Ark
Mias 8 Lock hart, Ark J B Leidlg. Boston
11 .1 Lane, DC W MocMiwIer, Oro
0 M tlreine. I.a H E Orawnw, III
J V 1'intr.a, Mi.-s W M Caldwell. Mo
W M Ilaltoin.'renn J A Wilder, Tonn
A J llrief. Ill JiO HMinnick, Tenn
Jus FlomitiKi Tonn W L Boyd, Tenn .
F W J inlroti, Mo KK Thomas, Md
VV U l.vnian, Mail J Haines, Mass
Mi? h Miller, Tex M 1) II. moll. Mo
11 low, Tenn J M Crows, Tonn
W 11 Washburn,Tonn J A Oenio, Tenn
M C Webb, Ky W II llradloy. Tenn
J Carrol Aw, Ala A M Jones. Ala
I) 0 Jamison, N C A AIton, N C
J Chuuulor, SO E B Hon or, Ark
Dnfljr'a Enropeita Hotel.
Corner of Adams and Main streots. Rooms,
boo, TCo and 11 "er day: American Plan,
t2 per day.
Firt-clau Restaurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DtFFV (10 years with Poabody Hotel)
R T lltitton, Mich M T Roland, Mo
W V Alexander. Tex R L Warner, Tenn
C C William. (!a M M Penny, lnd
T J Pntlon. Mo
It U lloberts, Art
(1 M Cavanauxh, 111
J C Vauthan, Tenn
Mri Hose Ac, Tex
T Smith, Pa
II J Morgan, Tonu
L Williami jr, Tenn
R O lioiter, Kas
T K Wilson. Ark
F J Caldwell, Tenn
N T Shotwell, Mo
II Moftett. (Ja
(I Salyardf. Miss
(! 1. Nolon, Tenn
W W Trout. Tenn
S II Braly, Tenn
Win Pell, Pa
W r Hubbard, Mill J H Renal, Sliss
A Y Fulton, ienn J Nlithan, Miss
W C S rii klunil.Tenn at Lacy. Tenn
R K Folk, Tenn J Folk. Tonn
M T Merchant, Tenn T Hinitham, Tenn
1, Ilurley, Miss W 11 Brown Ad, Tonn
J M MoLcni'ek.Tenn P (1 Edmonds, Tenn.
Mnlfitril, Jeweler, 204 Main, so
Belts oricra from the country.
Drum uoiid's Natnral Leaf.
. The only genuine "Natural Leaf"
tobacco in'tbe markit; "two tin tags,
one on fach end of the plug;" a mild,
elegant chew. Don't be deceived into
buying imitations. Take none but the
original "Drummond's Natural Leaf"
'tobacco, .
And it ptiuula'ca and promote the
growl :i nl thn hair.
fnrneli'g FlaToricg F.vtrt are the
Xlonoraiu HhiikIch Mnllord
lIr. MultculHTff.-' i-.
A wtiingstents, cut', mitttrefNcs and
tarpaubtis made at 231 Second street.
JAMES C. BEIX, President.
Ho Played Baseball
His Home Ilun Hit Captured
tho Heart of an Heiress.
It was a close and exciting game. Eight
inning! had been play el, and the score stood
alio. Memphii had retired its opponent in
the ninth inning without I coring. Memphii
wai at the bat. Two men wera out. Two
strikoi had been called upon the man at the
bat. The next bull pitched came straight
toward him. Then it took a indden curve.
Heinunghis bat. Would be mils It? The
excitement was painful. There waa a quick,
ihort stroke. Aht he hat bit the ball. Away
high in the air it sails. See, the center
fielder ii thasing it. The ipeolators hold
their breath. Suddenly there Is one tumul
tuous shout. The ball hai gone far over the
head vl the floldor, who is chasing it.
Around the bases speeds the batter. lie
touches tho home plate and the victory Is
won. Bouquets are showered upon him.
lie looks up j mt In time to see a lovely girl
take a bunch of roses and throw Ihem at his
feet. As he gracefully picks them up their
eyes meet. A humble bate ball f layer has
captured a rich hoiresa.
" dp," ihi lays to him two weeks later,
"go to the Misfit Clothing Parlors, 2G2 Sec
ond street, and order your wedding lult."
the was rich in common lensa as well as
If you want tha best of clothing for the
least muney, oouie to tha Misfit Clothing
Parlors, 262 Second street, opposite Court
Extra Attractions tor Summer
Great He luellonJ In Nulla,
Urent Heduettona In Pan la.
The best clothing in tha world for really
less than others isk for poor ready-made gar
ments. This is why it pays to buy at ths
Misilt Clothing Parlors,
262 Second Street,
Opposite Court 8Oire Mem phi.
- Frr SO day the entire stock of Fine
tustnin Clotting will be sold at a tremendous
Ar All alteration! to insure a period lit,
done free of charge.
r'PiTAi. pkizk, j7B.ooo.-Ta
. Tickets only 81. Nharea In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
"Wt do hereby er rtify thnt ice siprrie the
ami narmeoli or u'l the Monthly and (Juar
ttrly JJramnpi otl Lowtana lHate Lottery
tony any, and in persoa manayt and control
A LrcMinae themeelvet, and that the earn
an conducted with honesty, fairnen and in
pood faith toward all rartiee.and w author ft
the Company to uee Chit eertilieate, teitk ao
eimitee of our titnaturee attached, in iU md-
We, the mdereigned, Bankt and Bankers,
mil pay all Prieee drawn in The Louieiana
State iotteriee which may be preeented at out
J. lI.OOI.E8BT.Prca. Im. Kat'l Bnnk.
J.W.KIl.BKE-riI,Prea.StateIiat'l B"
A. BALDWIH, frrm. Jf . O. Hat. Bk.
Incorporated In 1868 for twenty-tre yean
by the Lefiilature for Kduoaticnal and
Coaritable purpose with a capital of tl,
0(10,0(10 to which a reserve fund of over 1550,
000 hai lince been added.
By I an overwhelming popular vote IU
(ran oh ise was m ade a part of th present State
Conititutloni adopted December 2d, A.S.
The only Lottery ever voted on and indorsed
by the people of any Stale.
It never eoalee or posfpons.
Its Grand Nlnacle MniHber llrnwlnaa
tAko plsv) monthly, and thA .a
IrHorKllnnry llrnwlnita rra-ulnrly ev
ery three moutliN liiNlond of Neinl
Aunnnlly hh lieretolore, tiealnnlng
March, 1H.HH.
a kPi.KNnin oppoKTrwiTT to
July 1.1, lsMtt-iailh Monthly Drawing.
CAPITAL ritlZE, 875,000.
100,000 Tickets nt Five llollnra EncB.
1'raotlonn, in t llllii, In
list or ritizKS.
1 Capital priie ,.t 75,010
.-- 1 Capital priio 25,1)00
r capital priie .,
2 Pniei of liumi
5 frit of aK .,
10 Priics of ltKKl
20 Prise NX)
100 Prises ot
300 Priies of 100
600 Priies or bO
1000 Priies gf XV.
9 Approximation prises of (750
9 Approximation priteof 500
9 Approximation priiei of 2d0
1967 Prtaei, amounting to 8265,6C0
Appltoaticn for ratei to clubs should be
madi only to tha office of the Company at
New Orleans.
' For further Information write clearly,
givin full address. PONTALNOTKM, Ex
press Money Orders, or New York Bxohang
in ordinary loiter. Currency by Bipresi tat
our expense), addressed
M. A. lsAVPHIlt,
liw Orleana.ia.
Or M. A. nAI PllllK,
WanhlnKton. D. C.,
or at West t'onrl Nt., Memphis, Tenn
Mako P. 0. Money Orders payable
ard addrpag KcRisloretl Letters to
New Orleans. I.a.
No. IW22, B. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
county State of Tennessee for use. etc,
ts. ftary E, Asbford etal.
BY virtue ot an interlocutory deoree for
sale entered in the above cause on the
4th day of January, I8i, M. U. M), pais
till. 1 will sell, at publio auction, to the
highest bidder, in Iront ot the Clerk and
Master! office, courthouse of Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn., on
rtnfnrdny, Jnly SI, InM,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed property, situated in Shelby county,
Tennes.ee, to-wit : The south part ot lot 6,
block HH, fronting S5 feet on the east side ol
St Martin street by a depth of 21!' teot, said
lot being lMi feet north ot Lind.n street.
Terms of bale On a creditof six months)
notes with security, bearing interest, re-
Inired; lien retained; redemption barred,
his June 2ti, IhSri.
S, I. Mt-DuWKIiL, Clerk and Master.
Py 11. K. Walsh, Depu'y C and M.
i". li. and C. W. Ueiekell, Sols.
Harness? Collars?
ant Levee Coat r actors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. "&$
Jamei M. Goodbar I Win. I., t'lnrk I Kng-ene J. Carrlnaton Frank G. Jones
IXSaxtAlalliailxect 18GO.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
WE offer to MKRHH AlfTS OSLY th largest and best stock of Boots and Shoes ws
have ever brought to this market, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and
tylei by any house in this or any other city. In addition to a complete line of Eastern
made goodi, including the S'tl.r.BKA'I Kl GOOIIBAK A t'O. BKOWANN. we handle
a large and select stock of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Misses and Children. Ws
carry a number of tbe best makes in the country, in ever, variety and style, and among
them tthe well known Men' Calf Boots and Shoes manufactured by (loo. Hooker for oar
Spring Trade. M a alio carry a choice line of Ladies' and Mines' Custom Kid, Goat and
Calf Goods, manufactured by Krippendorf, Dittman A Co. We invite the trade to examine
our atook before buying eluewhero, and we guarantee everything we sell to give satisfaction.
S. S.
Wljlesale Grocers and Cotton Faoiors
Hos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
For Sheriff'.
TUB recent Republican Convention hastn
dorsed me as a candidate for Sheriff with
out any pledges or commitment ou my part.
While I appreciate the unsoli.ited compli
ment paid me as a public officer, I hereby
announce myself a candidate for Sheriff,
subject to the action of the Democrntio Con
vention, and will support its nominees.
W. 1). CANNON.
For Jnilice of the Criminal t'onrt.
MESSRS. tvapoloon fill . Henry J. Lynn,
John W. Dillard, 11. M. Neely, W. D.
Bethe , R. 0. Craig A Co.. (1. V. Kambaut,
A. L. Lowenstein, J. S. Menken and others
In response to your call npon me to be
cotoe a candidate for the oflice of Criminal
Court Judge oi Shelby county, with sincere
thanks lor your kindness and oourtesy, I
hereby announce my. elt as a candidate for
the position, subject to the action of the
Demooratio convention. . ..
Clerk or the mutual Court.
WE are authorised to announce R. B.
CAPERS tfor twenty-one years Drp
nty) as a candidate for Clerk of the Criminal
Court of Shelby county, subject to the Dem
ocratic Convention.
WE are authorised to annnnncoDABNEY
W. COLL IE K as a candidate lor Clerk
of the Criminal Court ol Shelby county,
ubjeot to the Democratic Convention.
Couvtly S'ourt Clerk,
TBE Appkal is authorised to announce P.
M. WINTERS as a oandidate forCuun
ty Court Clerk, subject to tie action of the
Democratio Convention.
WE are authorised to announce that
RICHARD A. ODLUM Is a candidate
for County Court Clerk, subject to the action
of th Democratic Convention.
VXTK are authoiited to announce P, J.
V V QUIULhY as a candidate for Clerk of
the County Court, subject to tbe action of
the Shelby County Democratic Convention.
Judge of the a-robate t'onrt.
TO Myrellow-Cititeni of Shelby County
Fearing that my ciroular announcing
my candidacy for Probate Judge may have
fatted to reach many of you, I take this
method also of announcing myself a candi
date for that office, subjeot to the action of
the approaching Democratic County Con
vention, and respectfully ask your kind sup
port in my behalf. I have the honor to be
your obedient servant, T. B. MIC0U.
TTTB are authorlied to announce J. P.
W YOUNli as a oandidate for tbe office
of Judge of the Probate Court, subjeot to the
action of th. County Demooratio Convention.
For Trustee.
WE are authorised to announce JOHN
M. BRADLEY as a oandidate for
Trustee ot Shelby county at the ensuing
August election, subject to th. action of th.
Demooratio Convention.
WE are authorised to announce AN
DREW J. HARRIS a a oandidate for
re-election to the offioe of County Trustee,
ubieot to the action of th Demooratio Con
vention. THE Appeal ts authorlied to announce Mr.
N. F. LFMASTEK ai a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Shelby oounty, suk
lect to the action of the Demooratio Conven
tion. m
For Atloruoy-General.
WE are authorized to announce OKOROE
B. PKTKRS, Jr., ii a candidate for
the office of Attorney-General, subieot to the
action of the Demooratio Convention.
THE Appeal is authorised to announces.
D. WEAKLEY ai a candidate for Attorney-General,
subject to the Democratio Con
vention. For Kea Inter.
TO the Voters of Shelby County and My
Friends I hereby announce myself lor
tbe second time a candidate for the office of
County Register, subject lo lb Tlfraocratid
Convention. I am poor and need tbe lOliice.
Feeling that my pat forvice as a servant of
the people has given satisfaction, and that I
can oome beforo the people and ask their
suffrages and support for County Register. I
am, respaotfully, JOHN A. P0WEL.
WE are authorised to announce N. F.
(BUNK) HARRISON as a candidate
for Register, subject to the action of th.
Democratio County Convention.
THE Appeal Is author'ied to announoa
JOHN F. MflCALLUM a a candidate
for Register, suiject to the action of the
Democratio Convention.
THE undersigned announces that he ti a
oandidate tor Register, and asks the
support ot the voten of Shelby county. If
elected, will endeavor to give satisfaction in
the discharge of the duties of the office, and
81 a ces his claims subject to toe action of the
Memphis. March 8. 18H6.
SA. noiJisLAS. is" herrville. Tenn., Is a
. candidate for REGISTER, iubjocttothe
action of tbe Dtmocentio Convention.
WE are anthoried to announce E. A.
EOMONUS'IN a a candidate for
County Register, subject to tbe action of the
Democratic Convention.
THE Appeal ts authorlied to announce
JOHN W. GOULD as a candidate for
the oflice ol Hegi'tor, subjeot to the action ot
the Demoeratic Convention.
J mice of the Clrenft Conrt.
Wit. 8. FLII'PIN is a candidate Tor ('ir
cuit Judge of Shelby County, subject
to the action of a Democratio Convention.
W. are authorised to announce L. H. ES
TES, JR., as a candidate for Judge of the
Circuit Cou't, subject to tho aotion of tbe
Democratio Convention.
JAMES L. O0ODLOE will be a candidate,
before the Demoeratii Convention, (or
nomination to the office of Judge i t the Cir
cuit Court; and, if defeated, will eupport
tbe successful nominee.
We are authorised to a-rouneethat JOHN
JOHNSTON is a candid kte lor Judge of the
Circuit Court ol Shelby County, subject to
aotion of th DemoorM'o Convention.
t or Circuit t'onrt Clerk.
WE are authorised to announce Mr.
date for Circuit Court Clem, subject to th.
cation ol the Democratic Convention.
WE are authorised to announce tho csn
didai y of DAN SCHLOSS for the office
of Circuit Court Clerk, subject to th aot.on
of the Democratic Convention.
F. METEB, Sec'y and reaa.
W. B. D0AN.
lES & CO
Deviled Crabs, Shrimp,
Salmon, Fresh Can Mackerel,
Snttllnrs, Lobsters,
Brook Trout, Oysters,
Mackerel In loinaln Catsup,
Sweet Stutred Pickles,
Sour Pickles by the gal. and In Jars,
Pickled Onions, Hot Relish,
Wooater Sance, Tomato Catanp,
Capers, Mnntard, Curry Powder,
Salad Dressing, Olives, Olive OU,
Cream Cheese, Celery Sance,
Celery Salt, Kte , Etc.
Importer and dealer In Gnns,Ammn
unloosed Flshlud Tackle, Builders'
Hardware, r.leesrle Bells and Au
nnneiatorsior Hotels and Residences, 848
Haln street, JHemtihls, Tenn. Eleotrlo
lupplie alwaya on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McCABTHY.rropr'g,
140, H2, H4 Front, Memphis.
In ths South, and ths only eomplst
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Work In thecRy.
Manufacturer of heavy ttlate Iron,
work of every description. Special
attention given to plantation work-
Frank Schumann,
Importer aai Daal.r la
Sana, Fishing; Tackle and Snorts,
men's Supplies, aar Special attention
413 Main Mtltfempbla. Tens
-L fW?v J
rtiis, Ammunition, TiBiiIng Tackle
and HaHi'-lfall Uoodg.
9!M Main Street, Memphis, Tenn:
Manufacturing ind Repairing of Gun a
J.F. 1I0LST&BK0.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL nnd oomplet. itock of Wood and
Metalno Oases and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and Rnrial Robes always on
hand. aorOrden by Ulecrash promptly
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers.
313 Main St., Memphis, Ten
Lacroix's Mineral Colors,
Artists' Materials,
Sas. likrt ttie lesl ;
th.Mm ! Ihal flu
remedies. Bns hl ftc-,
airausi eairmal ssoat
B-VnmriiY broj.
CITiuwoa the f.ra
tea fublic and n. rt
Ifliirulnl .ol m
, J MwBuimra.
. Clnotnnu,rr'T
Mut the oi Mora.
SollUTT tlrujifuts, .
J'.wi.io, '
uiUTrn AOKNTS.Menand Womei
WAIl I tU to 111 " TUK CHILD'
BIELK " Introduotion by He" l..Via .
cent, D.D. On went ha sold 8 ! tretowt.
of 674 people; one 73 in a villa i:f tt;oai
new aient 86 in 10 days; one ii !r.4tnec.
live weeks ; one 40 inJIFiatl, oil I e rent
tlme.t'jtprience no lnst!tl 5 ddre.
to liatboia stritl .'waco.
tk rjs-vi. ; : '!
.7. . -' .i'-y Jl"ri

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